1. Roku TV Review – What is Roku TV How does it Work – What Does Roku TV Do What Is Roku For Explained
  2. Roku Streaming Stick 4K | Full Tour & Review
  3. Onn Roku TV 55 Inch 4k Review
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Roku TV Review – What is Roku TV How does it Work – What Does Roku TV Do What Is Roku For Explained

hey guys welcome back for todays video,where Im gonna do a very basic,beginners explanation in guide into what,a Roku TV is so if you have a moderate,or advanced level of knowledge about,this type of media experience with your,television then you might not get a,whole lot out of this basic tutorial,guide so the structure of this video is,Im going to compare Roku TV to Roku,streaming players and the advantages,that you have but then beyond that just,walking you through the basic experience,and what you can get with a Roku TV and,how it just differs from a traditional,television experience so starting off,the big advantages to Roku TV in,comparison to a Roku streaming player,and a Roku streaming player looks,something like this in my hand this is,one of my old Roku 3s but basically with,a traditional television you have to use,one of these separate streaming devices,to access what youre currently seeing,on the television screen but Roku TV has,this operating system built right into,it out of the gate so you dont need a,separate streaming device to get this,great operating system thats provided,to us by Roku so thats just out of the,gate a big positive there that you dont,have an extra streaming device I have to,hook in to your television but beyond,that another big positive is you can,access things like turning your TV on,and off as well as changing the volume,for instance with one remote while a,traditional television youre likely,going to have to have two remotes one,thats gonna power your TV on change the,channel things like that in a separate,remote to work with your Roku player so,it simplifies it into just one simple,remote experience so thats another,reason why a Roku TV is superior to just,a traditional Roku player now beyond,that just going through the basic,explanation of what you can access,through this operating system so its a,smart TV that means youre going to be,able to first and foremost connect to,your internet to this television and,youre going to be able to find a lot of,free and premium,streaming channels so just going through,the content here theres a lot of free,applications Im just going to go over,to some of the recommendations the roku,channel has a lot of great free content,that you can access,obviously pandora has both free and,premium options but the list goes on and,on and this is just a small sample of,the thousands of different applications,that are going to be available so lets,go down to the most popular Netflix,thats a paid for service a monthly,subscription fee to get that video,content but YouTube you can get tons of,content there for free Amazon Prime,video is if you have an Amazon Prime,account of course and the list goes on,and on theres a lot of great free and,premium content on here and you can even,get a more traditional television,service through these types of,applications like YouTube TV for,instance or PlayStation view theres a,handful of other ones as well that,caters a more traditional cable,experience into a more affordable,package you download these applications,that purchase that subscription and then,you have just traditional live,television like you get with cable or,satellite TV and on top of that you have,access to all these other different free,and streaming video content as well so,when you download these applications you,go back to your home screen and its,gonna pop up these applications right,here on the main page so you can just go,ahead click on them and access all that,great content but the other difference,here with Roku TV is you can add inputs,so if you have antenna TV you can add,that input if you have you know a VCR a,DVD player gaming system you can add all,of those different inputs into the Roku,TV operating system so you can access,all of those options as well just right,here from your main screen just,selecting them and then itll take you,over to that input so it really,simplifies the Smart TV experience and,Ive got to say Ive had this Roku TV,for over half a year and its just been,great its a 55 inch 4k television and,it was around $300 you cant beat that,price and usually Roku TVs are very,reasonably priced for what you get,access to so thats basically gonna wrap,this video up guys I touched on all the,things I wanted to comparing the,advantages of Roku TV to the Roku,streaming players that you have to hook,into a traditional non smart television,and also just running you through the,basics of exactly what you can,accomplish,with your Roku operating system so,thanks for stopping on and consider,subscribing for more and I hope to see,you guys back here for future videos

Roku Streaming Stick 4K | Full Tour & Review

its kind of crazy really how can,something so small bring you so much joy,and no im not talking about anything,trousereal im banging on about the,fresh new roku stream and stick 4k which,has just hit the uk for 50 quid so its,not just dinky its pretty bloody,affordable too the roku stream and stick,4k is more powerful than ever before,its got better wi-fi support and youve,got full 4k support as the name kind of,suggests complete with dolby vision and,hdr 10 plus and lots of sexy surround,sound all of your shenanigans and if,youre tempted but you want to know more,well im going to get the roku stream,and stick 4k all set up take you on a,full on tour of all of the various,features and specs and give you my,initial impressions to see whether its,worth it and for one the latest and,greatest tech please do poke subscribe,and ding that notifications bell cheers,so first up what do you actually get,bundled in the box with the stream and,stick 4k,well theres of course one stream and,stick and basically all of the,accessories youll need to get up and,running this includes one power adapter,with both two pin and three pin plug,heads got one usb power cable to plug it,in as well and if youre wondering what,this big chunky bit is thats actually a,wi-fi receiver more on that in a bit,youve got one roku voice remote control,and happily you do get a pair of triple,a batteries to power the remote youve,also got yourself a roku stream and,stick 4k quick start guide which is,mercifully short because theyre,generally pretty simple to set up and,even randomly some some roku stickers,and thats your lot there is no hdmi,cable or anything because it does plug,directly into an hdmi port so nice and,simple and straightforward all righty so,lets go bang this bad boy in and see,what we got so the design of the roku,stream and stick 4k nothing,revolutionary like most streaming sticks,it is long and thin the main thing to,consider is that this thing needs to,plug directly into your hdmi port uh any,free hdmi port on the back of your,telescope and make sure youve actually,got room to accommodate it and not just,the stick itself but also the power,cable that then juts out the side of the,thing once you get it connected but it,falls hunky dory then setup is nice and,simple basically just plug that roku,stream and stick 4k into the back of,your tele and get it connected to power,either via an available a plug point,using the usb adapter otherwise if your,tele does have powered usb ports you can,just plug directly into those and then,just switch to that hdmi port on your,telly and run through the setup menus,which are very quick and simple,basically just connect to your wifi got,to sign in with your roku account,perform the inevitable software update,that you always have to bloody do and,then thats it congratulations your roku,streaming stick 4k is all set up and,ready for action now this stick comes,with the fresh new roku os 10.5 which,just got released a couple of months,back it will look very familiar to any,roku fans youll be right at home but if,you are new to roku there is actually a,brief help video right there on the main,desktop which you can watch if you need,some simple pointers and the roku ui,isnt exactly perfect you do get ads,popping up and things like that but it,is very simple and straightforward and,easy to get to grips with from your home,screen youve got immediate access to,all of your apps which can be sorted,into any order you like so you can stick,your more favorite ones up towards the,top so youve only got a couple of,button pushes to actually get there and,yeah the default theme isnt exactly,particularly exciting you can actually,change it up if you dive into the roku,stream and stick settings youll find a,variety of different wallpapers and,shenanigans like that in there gotta,admit most of them do look like clip,arts straight out of the 1990s though so,dont get too excited thats for the,actual roku channels there are tons of,apps here so pretty much any stream and,service you could possibly imagine is,supporters got all of the standard stuff,like netflix disney plus bbc iplayer all,four etc quite a lot of up-and-coming,services as well the likes of shutter,which you might have heard of anime fans,have got crunchyroll,but seriously you could spend hours,browsing the roku channel store theres,just so much stuff packed in here,including yes some some decidedly dodgy,options and some just frankly baffling,like what who even would create this let,alone watch it and basically if you just,want to lose faith in humanity entirely,then just browse the roku channel store,for more than about five minutes youve,got to wonder what the future holds for,our species and of course one of the,exclusive features of the roku streamer,is the brand new roku channel which,houses all kinds of absolutely banging,films like white collar hooligan three,and of course a classic bit of steer,them action for but even though the,rocky channel is pretty fresh though,youve got some respectable content on,there to be perfectly fair to it youve,got sir some good comedy shows from the,likes of kevin hart and my own personal,favorite bill bear as well definitely go,give that a watch now the roku voice,remote control hasnt changed up at,already from before its very dinky and,comfortable to wield super super light,and it has all the controls that you,could possibly need including good old,media controls as well for pausing and,playing and skipping through your media,although i did find that the rewinding,fast forwards didnt work particularly,well at times in the likes of disney,plus for instance if youre watching a,feature film sometimes youll press fast,forward and then youll press play to,resume play and itll actually take a,second or two for it to stop fast,forwarding by which point youve whizzed,miles into the future and yes you do,have the usual shortcut buttons for,netflix spotify apple tv plus and,rakuten tv as well which cant be,remapped to any other services youre,just stuck with those but the best part,of the roku voice remote control is kind,of hinted at again in the title of it,the fact that youve got that voice,search on there just press and hold that,microphone button and you can search for,whatever you like using your mouth all,instead of your fingers the voice search,now supports even more services than,before you already had disney plus you,now got netflix support and spotify on,there as well so yeah it is now proper,cross platform with the likes of the,spotify on there you can search for,music as well as tv shows and movies and,all that and in all my testing i,found that the voice search did work,really well as a friend search for,cowboy bebop youll get an option to,stream the anime only the netflix or,disney plus it is available on both the,only problem i noticed was when i did,search for cowboy bebop it did bring up,the live action uh reboot which has just,hit netflix but unfortunately it didnt,have a link to the netflix series thats,probably because its only literally,gone live the day im shooting this,video so i hadnt quite paired up there,but certainly when i was using the roku,remote control despite the fact that the,streaming stick was buried away behind,my tv absolutely no issues with the,connectivity between the two every,button push from there registered,absolutely fine apart from as i say the,media controls when using some of the,streaming services and if youve got an,android smartphone or an iphone youve,got the option of using the roku mobile,app as well and this is really really,good youve got the new home screen,which basically gives you fast access to,all of your major channels you can check,out recommended content recently added,movies all that kind of stuff you can,even have a browse for new channels to,add and then if you tap the remote tab,this basically just brings up a virtual,version of your remote control complete,with all of the usual options includi

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Onn Roku TV 55 Inch 4k Review

come on,come on,why,got him oh my gosh,hey everyone today in this video Im,gonna be checking out the on Roku TV,this is the 55 inch 4K version I did,purchase this product myself and any,opinion expressed in this video is,strictly my own that being said if,youre interested in this 55-inch 4K on,Roku TV the link to it will be in the,video description heres how it comes,packaged too in this nice retail box in,packaging right here with the great,overview picture of the main menu that,you get with Roku built in very easy to,navigate comes with all of your favorite,streaming apps works with apple AirPlay,Apple homekit and Google TVs assembled,in the USA and we have a nice sample,picture of the remote control let me go,ahead let me flip it around to the back,side very very similar as well here this,TV features three HDMI inputs 60 hertz,display,2160p full 4K resolution free mobile app,you can use wireless streaming its a,dled display they have some additional,tech specs right here as well Visa Mount,400 by 200 if youre putting this on a,wall or you want to use your own mount,it does have legs included for its own,built-in stand now lets go ahead lets,take a look at the side right here,you can see our connection options so we,have left right video for AVN composite,three HDMI ports the first one is going,to be your Arc Port USB port headphone,jack built-in Lan this also has Wi-Fi,but if you want to connect an Ethernet,cable you can coax and optical audio,they have the dimensions for you on the,side of the box as well lets see whats,on the other side right here anything of,use to us not really so without further,Ado lets go ahead lets open this up,and look at the contents here are all,the contents first up we have our,product literature featuring our,compliance and safety information,followed by a registration QR code we,also have our quick start guide this is,a handy helpful guide showing you,everything you need to know about your,TV right here so what do we got with it,well whats in the box how to install,the stand your remote control connecting,devices setup and activation and if you,have any questions comment are concerned,they have their customer service and,contact information right there for you,on the back next we have our two stand,legs right here for the TV theyre,identical to each other and they are,made out of metal and they actually seem,to be pretty high quality I have the 50,inch version of this TV and the legs,were plastic back in the day so nice to,see with the 55 inch version or maybe,just upgrades throughout the years we,now have metal more high quality legs,next we have our screws for the stand,two AAA batteries and we have our lovely,Roku remote control pay attention to the,four streaming apps that we got here,Netflix Disney plus Apple TV plus HBO,max volume buttons and mute are on the,side and our back compartment here is,where were going to install the two,included batteries lastly we have the TV,itself lets check that out heres where,the legs are going to go youre going to,screw them right in place one on each,side you may notice we have a power,button here we have the on branding,rokus branding we gotta peel off all,this plastic our energy guide sticker,but there it is the TV looks great lets,go ahead lets finish setting it up and,powering it on all right the legs have,been installed the TV is standing on its,own we took all the plastic off and the,screen looks great we also got the,batteries installed in the remote,control heres our side profile look and,view so you get an idea for how thick,this TV is the thickest point is going,to be at the bottom here gets a little,bit thinner here but its still the same,thickness at the center of the display,and then its not until the very top and,after this portion where our inputs are,that it gets a little bit thinner again,here are the inputs we have to work with,on the side we have a reset button we,have two HDMI ports HDMI three right,here is our Arc Port then we have HDMI 2,optical audio and then we also have our,headphone jack the rest of our ports can,be found at the bottom here we have our,coax cable antenna Port we have our HDMI,one port then we have our av component,video here so we have video on the left,to right audio if youre a legacy user,we also have an ethernet port if you,guys want to use a lan connection you,can hook that up right here this also,has built-in Wi-Fi so dont worry if you,dont want to use a hard wire we also,have a USB port looking at the very back,of the TV we have our Visa Mount option,right here this is a 400 by 200 Visa,Mount if you want to attach this to the,wall or a different stand you may notice,too we have our integrated power cord,right there with some additional Cable,Management options right here built into,the TV now lets go ahead lets power it,on and set it up hey setting up your,TVs simple and straightforward youre,going to follow the prompts on the,screen youre going to select your,language youre going to connect it to,your internet connection youre also,going to create or sign into your Roku,account you can choose which apps you,want to download you can also upload,your payment information this is,optional but if you do want to take,advantage of signing up for additional,streaming services or purchasing any,content to stream you can save your,payment information but keep in mind,this is optional you dont have to do,that step during setup and be careful,not to fall for any sort of Roku,activation scams out there you do not,need to pay to activate or set up your,Roku TV so youre looking at our setup,TV lets go over the menu so on the left,hand side we have all of our menu,options on the right hand side we have,our home screen with our tiles here of,all of our streaming apps and we have,our live TV watch as we hover over live,TV itll actually give you a live,preview and sample of the content there,which is really nice this will look,different for you depending on the apps,that you chose during the setup process,and we can press the star button and we,can rearrange and move around these,channels and apps as needed or we can,check for updates that sort of thing so,really nice easy to navigate next up we,have what to watch this will give you,recommendations for content and channel,so feel free to endlessly browse this if,you want to next we have featured free,there is some free content available,from the Roku Channel and some other,networks for you to watch,so just browse again endlessly a lot of,stuff to look through live TV zone right,here live TV channel guide different,streaming apps you get the idea look at,how nice and clear and organized,everything is then we have the buzz this,is new so discover whats hot and Jump,Right In,basically probably like a trending page,it looks like for Content then we have a,search option so browse popular movies,TVs whatever youre looking for you can,find it right here by searching,moviestore TV store enough said there,heres all of our streaming channels,featured free right you can search and,browse,whatever youre looking for youll be,able to find it here from the channel,Store and download easily my feed,section so learn about how to get,updates in your feed with a nice welcome,video browse movies to watch and follow,TV shows movies coming soon you get the,idea and then we have our device,settings right here well just quickly,go over each one so Network remote and,devices theme accessibility TV picture,settings TV inputs so heres all of our,inputs and you can see which ones are,used or not being used,very easy to configure and change,everything here audio settings parental,controls home screen if you want to add,a payment method or update one you can,for you Apple users out there heres our,AirPlay and home kit settings legal,notices privacy help and our system,information where we can change and,access all of these settings as well,power settings USB media CEC is,important if you want to link this up,with another d

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REVIEW ONN 65″ QLED ROKU TV 4K UHD Walmart 100071705 Unboxing & How To Setup

hello everyone this is just a dad today,im going to do a review on this on roku,tv 65 inch this is their qled,this is the box that comes in im going,to unbox it and im going to show you,how to display looks,im also going to do a second video im,going to do a side-by-side comparison,with the on 70-inch tv,im going to show you exactly what each,one looks like side-by-side,so i have not seen this in walmart,stores yet i got it online they had it,in stock it shipped right away for 5.78,okay so anytime youre unboxing these,its going to have these little things,right here youre going to pinch these,tabs and this rotates then pull it out,because the box is going to lift off as,a one big piece so its got them on both,sides again just pinch rotate and take,out theres going to be four of those,okay so if you do everything right you,dont have to cut any tape take those,four things out and it simply slides up,be careful,have somebody because the tv if youre,holding it it could fall out when you,lift that thing out,there i didnt have to cut any tape i,just had to take those four things out,okay so when you lift the box off,theres probably going to be that that,top styrofoam is going to stay in there,your legs and remote control are in that,top styrofoam piece so you got to take,that top one out,okay so heres everything that comes in,that bag you have you got two feet two,aaa batteries these are the screws to,mount the feet youve got a nice remote,with volume control,you just press right there and it slides,off thats where you put the batteries,in,and a power cord we got to plug this end,into the tv,and then heres looks like some,manuals quick start guide and some other,things,okay so ive got it unboxed and i took,the plastic off the front,now the first thing i notice is this,thing is heavy uh it seems a lot heavier,than this 70 inch led display,but the feet ive got the feet installed,and the feet are approximately 51 inches,apart,and then the feet are approximately 13,inches wide so youre going to have to,have something 51 inches long 13 inches,wide to set it on,and this piece of plastic was kind of,snapped out a little bit and i just kind,of pushed it in again,okay so heres the back of the tv,i plug the plug in you can see it plugs,in it only plugs in one way,looks like its pretty flush with that,you do have some holes for mounting a t,mounting it to a wall mount,okay so weve got a reset button if you,need to reset the roku,theres hdmi 3 it says its arc or its,enhanced arc,hdmi 2 we got an optical headphone,output,down here we go weve got four hdmis,you can even put the old antenna cable,in two more hdmis,looks like its got video left right a,lan cable and a usb,and theres what the close-up looks like,and heres the other ones,[Music],so the tv is relatively thin,there seems to be a lot of weight down,here in this thicker part,okay so on the bottom left-hand side,seems to be the infrared re-sensor right,there,thats where you got to point the remote,at,the bottom left-hand side of the tv,okay so i plugged the tv on and this is,the first thing that comes up,make sure youve got your batteries,installed,there is a pairing button on the back,here and were going to press that for,five seconds,and it says its pairing the remote so i,press that button and this little green,light starts flashing until it says,pairing remote,okay now youre going to use these,purple keys,im just going to hit enter or this,middle middle one says okay united,states,set up for home use,im going to connect it to the wi-fi,set up a wireless,okay so its going to scan and find your,wi-fi,theres mine,now you got to enter the password youre,going to enter the password using this,thumb wheel youre going to and then,youre going to enter your password for,your wi-fi,okay when youre all done hit connect,and its going to check your wireless,connection see if its fast enough and,if its good,and of course its got to do a software,update,click okay,so this might take a little bit,okay so you got to enter an email,address if you dont have a roku account,looks like you got to create a roku,account,okay so this is the part of roku i dont,like its got to install a bunch of,channels i only use about four or five,channels but its hard to kind of go in,there and tell it which ones to install,only,you got to use another device and you,got to log into your email and therell,be an activation link and you click on,that,and then it takes you to the roku,webpage and it sees this roku and you,gotta click,activate it and then,and then it should change to this screen,where its installing the channels,okay so finally we get to see the,picture quality,i think the red seems to be a little bit,towards like magenta a little bit,im not really sure,ive watched some tv really quick now,that i can see more black in the,pictures,okay so heres one of my videos off of,my just a dad aviation channel,the video looks very crisp,it definitely seems like it has more,color like more,light,and this is in a pretty dark room right,now,but the reds looking pretty good right,now,okay so ive got a red airplane lets,take a look,so the red doesnt seem,maybe off just a little bit,im gonna see if i can change that in,the settings or something,it doesnt look too bad though but i,like how bright the tv is the tv seems,very bright,okay so heres now the oranges the,yellows the blues look really good,um,if i had anything to question it might,be the red and im just not quite sure,about the red but,the tv seems very bright the colors seem,very vivid,the orange the blue seems,yellow seems spot-on,okay so lets look at this little dark,this was a night,now the image,the video is not the best,okay so lets watch this video,so the image seems very clear,again the blues the greens everything,looks really good,again i got all the lights off in the,room and its very bright,okay so heres a red fighter jet,[Music],now see here the red,the red looks perfect,absolutely perfect,with all of thats a very clear picture,[Music],okay so here weve got some more red in,there now this red looks really good,okay so one thing im starting to notice,is is the remote,when i want to pause it it doesnt,always pause it right away,so lets,okay so something im noticing is is,when im playing a video and i try to,pause it you can press the ok button or,the pause button it seems like it lags a,little bit before it pauses it,so lets,lets play this now this looks really,good,the volume on this works really well,i like the speakers on it,yeah the reds the greens the silver blue,everything looks good,[Music],yeah the sound sounds really good,the blues look really good,which is just from mach one,to thirty thousand feet at only three,minutes,im gonna turn it up,okay so the sound sounds really good it,doesnt sound tingy like some cheap uh,speaker it actually sounds now does it,have a lot of depth to the sound no but,it actually sounds pretty good for a tv,speakers,again heres some more i remember being,there this day and this is this is what,it looks like,its got very good color representation,so again here sometimes the interface is,a little glitchy but,[Music],that all looks real realistic,[Music],okay so lets try some night videos and,see how it looks,[Applause],yeah that looks really good fedex colors,can be kind of tricky,the tail looks a little orange the front,looks a little darker orange,yeah im very impressed with the the,black,part of this picture it does seem a,little more,in-depth,if that makes any sense like im seeing,more in the black area,now those colors looked really good,okay so lets try a fedex plane in the,daytime these colors can be hard to,reproduce,but the orange of the fedex looks,spot-on,the purple looks good,yeah i remember this day very well and,that thats exactly what it looks like,now the reds look really good in this,that stop sign,that that picture is very clear very,bright,but its not overpoweringly bright,yep,the blue looks good the ground was kind,of brown that

TOP 4 STREAMING DEVICES 2022 – (Apple TV vs Fire TV vs Roku vs Chromecast)

[Music],given the popularity there are tons of,different streaming devices offered from,a lot of companies but today were just,going to focus on the four biggest names,in streaming apple google amazon and,roku by the way ill have everything,linked below so you can check them out,yourself,[Music],at number four we have the amazon fire,devices while these are my least,favorite of the bunch thats not to say,theyre bad devices at all theyve been,around for a long time and theyre,really popular for good reason the fire,series used to offer a broader range of,devices but theyve been narrowed down,to mostly the fire sticks along with the,fire tv cube but today well just focus,on the fire sticks pricing ranges from,30 dollars up to 120 but these things,are frequently on sale the base models,offer 1080p while the pricier models,support 4k with doublyvision hdr the,builds are decent small plastic devices,that plug directly into the hdmi port on,the back of your tv one issue that i run,into with these a lot is the thickness,of the device often blocks other hdmi,ports another issue that i have with the,build is that the micro usb power cable,plugs directly into the middle of the,fire stick often leaving it sticking up,and in the way of my other cables behind,the tv the user interface is good if not,a little cluttered movie and show,recommendations are up front and center,but amazon pushes their prime video,choices to the front of the line even if,you dont have prime which is pretty,annoying half the time i click on a,video to watch only to realize that its,not included in any of my streaming,services and is only for rent or,available to buy with no designation,until you click on it they do offer a,live tv tab that integrates with certain,apps which is pretty cool updates are,pretty frequent so the device is well,supported and should be going into the,future the remotes are also pretty good,with nice rubber filling buttons that,you can control your tv with use alexa,for voice search and some models have,buttons to directly launch apps from the,remote the click wheel at the top works,well enough and you can scroll through,shows and movies with minimal lag you,can also download the fire tv app and,use your phone as a remote if you need,to on the ecosystem front you can play,audio through connected echo speakers,for left and right channels and you can,also connect bluetooth devices such as,headphones and game controllers amazon,has a cloud gaming service called luna,that is supported on the fire tv devices,similar to google stadia note that you,can also side load android apps on this,device as the launcher is a modified,version of android as with many of the,devices on this list you really get more,of the fire tv devices if youre an,amazon prime member,[Music],at number 3 we have the roku streaming,stick roku offers more devices than any,other on this list and you can pick,these up for pretty cheap with prices,starting at thirty dollars and going up,to a hundred dollars note that these are,also on sale pretty frequently like the,amazon devices i have the streaming,stick and the roku express here the base,model roku express offers 1080p video,while the more expensive versions like,the streaming stick offers 4k with dolby,vision hdr the streaming stick is,similar in size to the fire tv but a bit,smaller and doesnt block any of the,hdmi ports it also uses a micro usb,power cable the roku user interface is,by far the most plug and play friendly,on this list its a very simple,interface with an easy to navigate home,screen large tiles and a simple settings,menu i really like this interface as,its easy to find what you want to watch,and the roku pushes pretty regular,updates to the device ads do show up on,this device but they arent very,intrusive the remotes are decent if not,little bare bones with a voice search,button tv controls and a volume rocker,on the side it feels a little cheap but,its nice and thick and shouldnt slide,down between your couch cushions more,expensive versions offer remotes with a,headphone jack for private listening but,its not available on all other devices,like the fire tv you can also download,the roku app and use it as a remote if,needed theres no side loading apps on,these devices though so all you get is,what is offered in the roku app store,[Music],at number two we have the google,chromecast with google tv this is an,updated version of the chromecast that,google has always offered with the new,user interface layered on top google,only offers one version at 50 but it,does come in three colors white light,blue and a reddish pink color the,chromecast offers 4k viewing with dolby,vision hdr the build looks similar to,previous chromecast with the hdmi port,extended out from the unit i actually,found this works better than the,previous streaming sticks as it doesnt,block any of the ports on the back of,your tv and its kind of out of the way,this is powered by a usb-c plug in,contrast to the previous micro usb,streaming sticks the user interface is,clean with movie and show,recommendations based on what you,watched previously and theres also a,live tv guide that works with certain,apps like youtube tv and pluto tv if you,want to quickly browse and see whats,going on without opening the actual app,movies and shows to render by are also,shown on the home screen along with your,downloaded apps everything is pretty,easy to navigate and theres minimal lag,except for right when you start the unit,up unfortunately there are ads on the,home screen but thats no different than,any of the other streamers on this list,google assistant is available with the,press of a button on the remote its by,far the best voice search function on,this list for the ecosystem as,previously noted sports bluetooth,devices wirelessly connect headphones,gaming controllers and even speakers,setting up a bluetooth connection takes,a little bit of time but it works great,once its up and running it also,supports google stadia googles game,streaming service allowing you to play,games without a console since its,running android tv you can also run,pretty much any android app available on,the play store people have gotten xbox,game pass working on here even though,theres not an official app and i,frequently sideload apps like cody on my,google chromecast and since it is a,chromecast you can still cast anything,to your screen that you like from your,phone or tablet,[Music],and finally at number one we have the,apple tv 4k this is updated for this,year although the device is pretty much,identical to the previous models with,the 4k and hd version being offered with,32 or 64 gigabytes of storage available,starting at 179 and 199 respectively,ill go ahead and throw this out there,dont buy the hd version for such a,small amount go ahead and get the 4k,version even if you dont have a 4k,television at this point because odds,are youll have one in the future and,this thing will still be supported,the device itself is small about four,inches by four inches and one and a half,inches tall unlike the others its not,designed to sit behind your tv but there,are third party mouse that you can buy,if you want it out of view the apple tv,4k offers the most premium remote of all,four devices with a new design this year,apple ditched the old remote with the,trackpad instead added a click wheel,that you can still use the swipe,gestures on if you like that its a nice,aluminum build with really clicky,buttons and apple moved the siri voice,search button to the side this year its,also the only rechargeable remote of the,four devices charging up with an,included lightning cable i actually,prefer the rechargeable battery to,having to keep a bunch of disposable aaa,batteries around the user interface,offers a clean look similar to the roku,with large tiles and by far the,snappiest performance of all four as is,powered by the a12 chip first found in,the iphone 10s the apple tv 4k also,offers much deeper settings

Top 3 The Roku TVs in 2022 ????

hey guys taylor here with another video,now if youre familiar with roku you,know that theyre typically known for,external dedicated smart tv boxes and,streaming sticks that being said tcl has,recently decided to launch a new line of,tvs that have smart roku tv interface,integrated right into them now this is a,great thing for consumers but there are,tons of different options of tcl tvs,available and today were going to be,breaking down some of our favorites and,going through some of the benefits and,features of each to see which might be,right for you in your particular,situation now as always i will leave,links to each of these roku tvs in the,description below so you can check them,out there if you want to do a bit of,your own research also if i happen to,find any discounts deals or coupon codes,ill drop those down below for you as,well,so first up we have the best overall,roku tv and thats going to be the tcl,six series r635 2020 q led this is a,very versatile tv its well suited for,both dark and bright rooms and it has a,really great contrast ratio and it also,has a full array of local dimming,features it also has a great hdr,experience thanks to its impressive,color gamut and high peak brightness,also for you gamers out there it has,fantastic response time which keeps,clearer images during fast moving scenes,it also has a great 120hz panel but just,note it cant display 4k at 120 and it,doesnt have any hdmi 2.1 ports so it,might not be a great option for those of,you looking to connect a ps5 or an xbox,series x of course with this tv you do,get that roku interface that i mentioned,which runs very smoothly and theres,tons of available apps that you can,download straight to your tv through the,app store also if you do like using your,voice it does have a microphone built,right into the remote control so you can,speak commands as needed this is,definitely a very great tv and it,handles nearly every type of content,very well making it our top pick of the,day,next up we have the best cheap roku tv,and thats going to be the hisense 43r,6090g now this is definitely a great,budget option for those of you who dont,want to spend a ton of money on the tv,but it still has some great features,here it is well suited for a dark room,because it does have excellent contrast,ratio which really helps to produce,those deep blacks it also has a great,minimalist design and it will fit easily,into most settings just note that it,doesnt get very bright so it is best to,avoid placing it opposite bright lights,this tv will also upscale lower,resolution content without causing any,artifacts and it has great color,accuracy out of the box,this one doesnt have a great viewing,angle so definitely note that it should,be viewed straight on so if you dont,have that option in your living room it,may not be the best tv for you this one,does handle motion pretty well as well,and there are reasonably clear images in,fast moving scenes again this tv,features all that roku has to offer,including those great apps that i,mentioned previously and it does run,seamlessly and smoothly on this tv this,one doesnt have a microphone built into,the remote but you can use hysenses,mobile app which does let you use your,smartphones microphone instead for,voice commands so guys like i said if,you arent really concerned with some of,those high-end features and you just,want a great tv for a great price,definitely check out the hisense 43r,6090g,next up we have the best small roku tv,and thats going to be the tcl 32s 335,now for those of you interested in a,32-inch tv this is a fantastic option,now this tv doesnt have that 4k,resolution that many people are looking,for but it still looks nice and clear,with its 720p resolution theres also an,s330 variant that has a 40 inch 1080p,model but it does come with android and,not roku now this is definitely a very,simplistic tv and its best used in a,small room,having roku built in is a great feature,because it means you dont have to get,an external box and itll help keep your,setup nice and clean the roku interface,here is also easy to use and smooth in,terms of the tv itself it has a va panel,that helps display deep blacks for dark,room viewing and it displays 480p and,720p content without any visible issues,it also has decent reflection handling,but its definitely not the best choice,in a well-lit room because it doesnt,get extremely bright theres also some,narrow viewing angles here to note so,youll definitely want to keep this tv,right front and center theres no hdr on,this tv as well but that is to be,expected for a tv of this resolution but,honestly generally with a 32 inch tv,youre going to be sacrificing a lot,more and even having just the roku built,into it alone makes this tv more than,worth it so if you are looking for a,fantastic 32 inch tv and you dont want,to have to deal with external boxes for,all of your roku needs then definitely,check out the tcl 32s 335 roku tv,anyway guys thats a look at some of the,best roku tvs on the market if you are,fed up with having to buy external boxes,or sticks and you just want to have all,of your apps built right into your tv,hopefully this video was helpful for you,if so please feel free to give me a,thumbs up as i always appreciate that,and just a reminder i will provide links,to each of these products in the,description below so you can check them,out there and do a little bit of your,own research,also like i said if i do happen to find,any discounts deals or coupon codes ill,drop those down below for you as well,also if you guys do have any questions,or comments please feel free to drop,those below as well i do love getting to,answer as many of those as possible,otherwise thanks so much for watching,today stay safe out there and i cant,wait to see you in the next video

Roku Ultra Review (2022) | What to Know Before You Buy!

the roku ultra remains the fastest and,most powerful roku streaming player ever,but is it worth the upgrade stay tuned,to find out,so when roku first came out with their,latest iteration of the roku ultra in,2020 it delivered high quality 4k video,with superior audio formats and the,user-friendly form that we know and love,from roku the streaming players from,roku have been some of the most,accessible out there,kids can use them adults can use them,seniors can use them it doesnt matter,if youre tech savvy or not tech savvy,roku players are made for anyone to pick,up and use and they are great for first,time cord cutters the roku ultra,delivered a high-end product that didnt,sacrifice this level of accessibility,and at less than a hundred dollars it,was significantly cheaper than the other,top of the line streaming players like,the apple tv 4k or the nvidia shield tv,fast forward to 2022 it seems like roku,is sticking with the old saying if it,aint broke dont fix it the current,roku ultra has the exact same hardware,as their 2020 model its still their,fastest and most powerful streaming,player ever,but now it comes with the impressive,voice remote pro its still at that,price point of 99.99,despite the inclusion of this accessory,which retails for 30 bucks on its own so,not a bad deal and on occasion they do,offer discounts as well for example when,im recording this video the roku ultra,is 20 bucks off for fathers day now,when it comes to the voice remote pro i,will say as someone who has a soft spot,for gimmicky technology i am a big fan,of the voice remote pro it responds to,voice commands either with a,push-to-talk option or a completely,hands-free option as well,just say hey roku turn on the tv and,boom your tv boots up,and if you cant find the remote call,out hey roku find the remote the remote,will make a sound until you locate it,pick it up and press a button theres no,need for batteries as its rechargeable,if youre watching tv late at night it,has a headphone jack for private,listening so you dont disturb the rest,of your household and theres two,shortcut buttons you can customize to,any app or channel as roku calls it as,for me i have them set to youtube and,discovery plus but enough about the,remote the device itself runs video up,to 4k at 60 frames per second,it also supports dolby vision and hdr,the device features rokus best wi-fi,available and it also has an ethernet,port for a wired connection,if you have spotty wi-fi or live in an,area that has slower internet access,this can ensure that you get the most,out of your internet connection by using,a wired connection instead of wi-fi,theres also a usb port and bluetooth,connectivity for audio streaming,although for some reason theres not,connectivity with bluetooth headphones,however there is a workaround for that,more on that in a minute the audio is,compatible with dolby atmos and dolby,audio it has audio leveling features and,a night mode if you want to limit the,volume of loud music or explosions while,youre watching a movie you can also use,your phone as a secondary remote using,the roku app and if you connect,bluetooth headphones to your phone you,can use those for private listening,hence the workaround that i mentioned,earlier as for the roku interface youll,be able to download virtually any major,video streaming app which again roku,calls channels these include netflix,hulu hbo max paramount plus apple tv,plus you get the drill built into the,main menu is the roku channel this is a,free to stream selection of movies and,shows,most of it is supported by advertising,they also have live channels similar to,pluto tv or to be where roku lags behind,is in gaming,there are some games here but its,nothing to write home about,the hardware is built for streaming tv,movies music and podcasts and it does a,fine job at that but for functions,outside of those categories youll need,to get something more expensive like the,apple tv 4k with its support for apple,arcade or the shield tv pro and the,headphones that it comes with arent,really anything fancy either,they really make a lot of noise when you,jiggle around the cord even just the,slightest movement you get kind of that,echoey sound so personally i use my,apple headphones with my voice remote,pro so on to my final thoughts,when it comes to the roku ultra it,delivers streaming video at really,eye-popping high quality and but the,voice remote pro it is loaded with cool,features like that lost remote finder,just like the other devices and the roku,product lineup it is easy for anyone to,pick up and use as an alternative to,high-end streaming players from other,companies it offers a good value but at,99.99,its still an investment for that reason,if you want 4k video streaming and the,voice remote pro but are willing to,sacrifice some of the features like,dolby atmos or the ethernet port id,also recommend the roku streaming stick,4k plus it runs about 30 dollars cheaper,you still get the voice remote pro and,the same video quality otherwise the,roku ultra is a great device if you want,something that is fast that has high,video quality and isnt going to wear,down quickly if youd like to purchase,the roku ultra or check the latest,pricing go to shall i stream it dot com,forward slash roku ultra or you can scan,the qr code on your screen,i also have a roku buyers guide on my,website that compares all of the,different streaming players from roku,and ill have a link to that down in the,description so have you tried out the,roku ultra what were your thoughts let,me know in the comment section down,below if you liked this video make sure,to give it a thumbs up also subscribe to,this youtube channel for more streaming,service reviews tech reviews and other,cord cutting tips i want to thank you so,much for watching today and i hope you,all have a good one bye,[Music],[Music],you

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