1. Is Rolling Cart com Legit (April 2022) – Is This A Genuine Website? Check It! | Scam Inspecter
  2. Rolling Cart Website Reviews (April 2022) [ with Proof ] SCAM or LEGIT ? ???? Rolingcart.com Reviews
  3. How to Tell if a Website is Legit & Online Shopping Scams | Tech Tip Tuesday
  4. Online shopping fraud: How to spot a fake site and report it
  5. ⭐The Best Rolling Storage Carts On Amazon – Top 5 Review
  6. ✅ Best Rolling Cart For Teachers In 2022 ✨ Top 5 Tested & Buying Guide
  7. TEACHER ROLLING CART | Smart Cart Review

Is Rolling Cart com Legit (April 2022) – Is This A Genuine Website? Check It! | Scam Inspecter

hey guys hope you are all doing well so,do you want to know about is,rollingcard.com legit so here we are,going to update you with this unbiased,review in this video so please stay,connected with us,and if you wish to buy any product from,this site then please to watch this,video and if you have already,experienced any fraud over this website,or if you have not received the product,or got a damaged product then please,watch this video till the end to find,out how to get your money back,we found out that people from the united,states are very interested to know about,this site so next well discuss about,the full details of this website so make,sure to watch the video till the end,first well discuss about the websites,type and the products they offer,so this is an e-commerce site which,deals with batteries camping water,purifier solar controllers motor,appliances boats and many other related,products so if youre interested visit,to the official site,next well check the other details so,lets start with its payment method for,that you have to scroll it down till the,end and theyve given a tier so the,payment options are visa paypal stripe,mastercard american express apple pay,after pay google pay and so on next,were going to check their shipping and,delivery information,so first of all they imagine that the,deliveries occur within three business,days and you have to allow approximately,up to 12 business days for the products,to arrive also they have given some,delivery timing according to different,countries and the tillery timing differs,according to different quantities so if,the quantity is over 1800 it will take,one to three days and if the quantity is,540 it will take four to seven days if,the quantity is 46 it will take eight to,eight to 11 days if the quantity is 11,it will take 12 to 15 days and if the,quantity is three it will take 16 plus d,so you can check this out,next guys before going further it is,requested from you all to like share and,subscribe to our channel and also please,do share your viewpoints the comments,section now well talk about the,legitimacy factors with the help of,which you can judge whether this website,is alleged rs campsite so this website,is secured by the https protocol and ssl,integration to keep the details and,transactions safe which is a good sign,of this website now regarding the domain,information we have checked and we have,found out that the registration date and,the expiration date is unknown it is not,available only the last update was,available so this website was last,updated on 10 of january 2022.,next well check their bodies details,first so scroll it down and then go to,their powders,but when it comes to their about us,details they have not mentioned about,their business establishment here or,about their founder idt,now lets check their contact details so,in the contact paid section they have,given their contact number and some kind,of mailing address but let me tell you,that the mailing address does not match,it does not seem genuine,same with the contact number it does not,seem genuine next if you want to know,about the email address go to the terms,and privacy scroll it down till the very,end,and here you will find the email address,so the email address name matches the,domain name so this is a positive sign,next if you want to know if they have,any social media presence or not we have,checked and we have found out that this,website does have social media presence,it has got social media presence over,facebook and over instagram also we have,checked the number of followers so on,instagram it has got only 76 followers,and on facebook it has only 811,followers,next well check their written elephant,policy,so here about the written timing they,have mentioned that if you want to,written the product you have to contact,them within 60 days,and,if you want to know about their refunds,so they have not given their refund,timing out here so do comment about your,experience in written orifice of the,product for written or refund issues,check our description area there you,will find the link through which you can,solve your many issues so now talking,about the is rollingcard.com legit fit,and find in a single customer view of,this website anywhere and the trust,score of the site is 60 but the trust,ranking is only 23.4 percent and the,content quality is also plagiarized so,in the conclusion of the is,rollingcard.com legit this website,appears to be very suspicious though,they have got social media presence but,there are no customer reviews available,up till now and this website is very it,does not have its dopant information the,the domain creation date and the domain,expression days is not available so this,website seems very suspicious but we,also recommend you to make a right,decision after exploring well,so if this review is helpful for you,then please to comment your thoughts,about this video we are always active in,answering your comments and thats all,for todays video do not forget to like,share and subscribe and have a nice day,you

Rolling Cart Website Reviews (April 2022) [ with Proof ] SCAM or LEGIT ? ???? Rolingcart.com Reviews

hello guys welcome to all today talking,about,rolling card,website reviews today in this video,well get to know about the legit messy,of the website friends this is not our,website in case if you have experienced,any fraud over this website then watch,this unbiased video till then we will,share the way your money back friends i,request to like the video share the,video and subscribe to my channel lets,talking about website legitimacy,the identity of the website owner has,been hidden this may be done for a valid,reason as spammers use this information,to email website owners,unfortunately is also,makes identification of the honor,difficult we prefer if the website does,show his true identity,webshop reviews the alexa ranking of,this website is low this can be,considered low injack,relation to other website from the,website country,if you think this website should be very,popular please invest additional time in,researching,the company as this suspicious,for a smaller or starting website a low,alexa ranking can be considered normal,this site has now built up many,references from other website,this could be a negative signal website,cannot build up links from other website,fast,having pad links from low traffic,website does not help,the website linking to this site,have to have a good reputation and lots,of traffic,if they want to add link authority,this website was set up recently as a,result we advise you really take the,time to check this site,out before your internet with it,you can use,our video,how to recognize a scam to do so this,campsite,are often very young they are removed,from the web,after a couple of months as too many,consumers leave negative reviews and,social media comments,till that time they will try to scam you,we identify an ssl certificate meaning,that the data shared between your,browser and the website is encrypt,and cannot be,read by others ssl certificate are,always used by legit and safe side,website,at first,unfortunately scammer,increasingly also use ssl certificate so,it is no guarantee that you are visiting,a reliable website,guys this website,may be scam guys is this review helpful,for you then do comment like share and,subscribe to my channel thank you guys,take care

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How to Tell if a Website is Legit & Online Shopping Scams | Tech Tip Tuesday

Hi, I’m Dani from FCCU and welcome to another Tech Tip Tuesday,,where we show you how to use our technology at FCCU,,as well as some advice on how to stay safe in the digital world.,Today, we’re going to talk about online shopping scams (2020 edition!):,the red flags that should concern you and what you should do if you you’ve fallen victim.,I’ll even take you online shopping with me to show you what I would verify before making any purchases.,This video is an extension of the one I released last year about 9 online shopping safety tips.,Additionally, I have another video posting at the same time as this one about porch pirates and how to prevent package theft.,Check out those video links in the description and in the YouTube end card after this video!,Let’s first go through a list of online shopping red flags—,but first a disclaimer: Many legitimate online businesses may display some of these red flags.,However, it is your responsibility to take extra precaution when you do notice these red flags.,Beware of merchandise sold at significantly discounted prices.,I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times, forever and always, until I’m gone:,If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.,Always further investigate a website promising a sweet deal before entering any personal information.,Beware of websites with certain top-level domains.,In layman’s terms, top-level domains, or TLDs, are the letters in a URL following the “dot.”,For example, our full domain is www.fortcommunity.com and the TLD is the “.com” part.,“.com” is the most popular TLD used on nearly half of all domains on the internet.,While fraudulent websites can use legit-looking TLDs, a huge red flag in online shopping is obscure TLDs.,In a PSA released in August 2020, the FBI identified “.club” and “.top” as commonly used TLDs on fraudulent websites.,Check out the description for an infographic on the top TLDs to avoid like “.buzz,” “.live,” and more.,If you are perusing a large online retailer— like Amazon, Kohl’s, Target, etc.—,and you notice that the TLD is not “.com” or another commonly TLD,,then you might be perusing a fraudulent website.,Scammers often copy content from legitimate websites to lure you into entering personal information, namely your card information.,At this point, I would check for a security certificate, but we’ll talk about that in a second.,Beware of shopping from websites found on social media.,Online shopping scams have capitalized on the attention brought by social media to drive traffic to their fraudulent websites.,Take additional steps to investigate a website to potentially uncover even more red flags.,I realize a lot of this sounds like complete overkill, and you just want to buy stuff, ,but I promise it’s worth it to protect your information.,Check the website’s domain registration information. ,Go to whois.com/whois and search the website’s domain.,For example, let’s search “uwpzpoc.co,” a URL I acquired from a sketchy email from my spam folder.,Let’s first look at the domain registration date.,For this website, the domain registration date is July 3, 2020.,Beware of websites registered in the last 6 months. Red flag!,I also notice that the registrant contact is a private domain registration service.,This allows the domain owner to hide their personal information from this directory.,A private domain registration service is not always used with malintent,,however in this case, in addition to the registration date being less than 6 months ago,,I would consider this website to be sketchy.,Check the website’s contact information.,Does the website have a physical address? Phone number? Email?,Send that email a message and see if it delivers or if it bounces back.,Additionally, beware of companies that use free email services like Gmail or Yahoo.,More legitimate companies will use branded email domains like [fortcommunity.com]…,you know, that one.,Conduct a business inquiry on the Better Business Bureau’s website. ,I want to put a giant asterisk on this piece of advice.,Just like any online review, there’s are good reviews and there are bad reviews.,However, the amount of bad reviews and the content of those reviews can be very telling for a business.,The BBB is an informative and trusted website to conduct these types of inquiries.,For example, we can see that the LuLaRoe business profile lists an ongoing lawsuit.,We can also read customer reviews and complaints submitted to BBB.,Try saying BBB with a straight face. BBB.,All of this information should be used to inform your purchasing decisions.,Additionally, the BBB has a scam tracker tool where you can search scams and submit your own.,Now that we’ve discussed a slew of potential red flags, let’s review a website together!,So, Facebook pegged me as a person who is currently redecorating their home office,,and they served me an ad for a company called Felt Right.,Apparently, they sell stylish sound-dampening felt tiles— so let’s check it out!,First, I’m going to check if the URL includes “https” instead of “http.”,Semantically, the only difference between these two is the ‘s,’,but security-wise the difference is huge.,The presence of the ‘s,’ which stands for “secure,” means that the website has an SSL certificate.,If you want the meat and potatoes on SSL certificates,,I’ll leave a link in the description down below.,What you do need to know about SSL certificates,is that they verify that the traffic between you and the website is encrypted.,Many web browsers have even begun to flag websites without an SSL certificate as being “not secure” or “unsafe.”,But luckily, Felt Right has an SSL certificate, so let’s move on!,While we are still on the website, let’s scroll all the way down to the footer and find the “Contact Us” page.,I see that they have a physical address and a custom domain email,,but I don’t see a phone number listed on the website, despite having looked for quite a few minutes—,but I’m not going to show you that because that would be boring.,Next, let’s check out the WhoIs Domain Lookup. ,I see that the website was registered on November 21, 2003—,which is far older than six months, so we’re good.,The domain is registered to Panama,,which I find a bit odd for a Salt Lake City, UT based company. Red flag?,Let’s check out the Better Business Bureau next.,So, I couldn’t actually find a business listed under “feltright”,or “felt right” with a space between “felt” and “right.”,I did find a business related to felt in Salt Lake City, UT,,but that business is listed under “retail light fixtures?” Red flag?,Since I encountered two potential red flags,,I googled the phrase “FeltRight customer reviews” with [quotation marks] around “FeltRight”,to ensure that the phrase is included in search results.,I couldn’t find any reviews apart from those on the website itself.,I did find an interview with the CEO, which was promising.,I also found a page about FeltRight on a website called FindGlocal,,but that website isn’t secure so I’m going to take that with a grain of salt.,As a last-ditch effort, I went back to their Facebook to see if anyone had submitted a review there.,There are literally none.,Honestly, this is a great example to show on video because the answer isn’t clear—,and it might not always be clear for you either.,If I truly felt like I needed these exact sound-dampening tiles,,then I would continue to scour the internet for reviews to lend legitimacy to the company.,If I just wanted to say, “to heck with it” and buy some anyways,,then I would 110% use Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, or PayPal,,or any other mobile wallet to protect my personal information.,Shameless plug: Check out our Mobile Wallets video linked in the description for more information.,Keep in mind, I would be submitting other types of personal information to complete the purchase,,but my credit card information would be safe.,For the record, I don’t recommend saying “to heck with it” and making the purchase anyways.,I ju

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Online shopping fraud: How to spot a fake site and report it

[Music],did you discover a new website thats,running a massive sale,a new laptop at half the price close at,90 percent discount,sounds too good to be true right thats,because it most probably is,[Music],people are increasingly shopping online,over the past few months because of the,lockdown,and not just your regular amazon,flipkart or myntra,tons of new websites have cropped up,each offering a better discount than the,other,but beware a lot of these websites are,fake,and those shoes that you got at 90 off,will probably never reach you,and the worst part you might not even,get your money back,scores of online shoppers have been,victims of such fake websites losing,thousands of rupees,these fraud websites are taking,advantage of the covet 19 pandemic by,not offering cash on delivery,and making users pay in advance for,orders and once you fall prey and place,an order,customer care numbers do not work emails,bounce back,and in many cases the website itself,disappears,and with the festive season approaching,there will be massive deals and,discounts,everywhere giving these scammers a,higher chance of making a quick buck,and while there are ways to report such,online shopping frauds the chances of,getting your money back,is next to zero so its really important,that you keep an eye,out and spot these fake sites here are,some tips the first thing to keep in,mind,do not fall for unbelievable deals,official websites may announce sales,but they will never send you a message,claiming deals on a specific product,check for prices it is almost always the,deals that lure you to a site,if the prices of different products are,same regardless of the material used,that should be a red flag check for,spelling mistakes,look at the name of the website a,product description,words like quality these are usually,spelt wrong on fake sites,and for websites like flipkart amazon do,not shop on any other website apart from,flipkart.com,amazon.in or amazon.com check out,these fake websites and be careful,flop cart a facebook page that exposes,such fake sites suggest,that you look at the privacy policy of a,website most of these scam sites use an,e-commerce platform like shopify to run,their sites,which offers a standard privacy policy,that you can edit and use,most of these campsites will not bother,doing that and leave parts of it,unedited,there are also free tools like a domain,aid checker or an email id verification,for you to check how new or old a,website is or an email id,if you smell a scam dig deeper run a,search on social media for,it overall stick to shopping from,well-known websites,or only from sites where you know that,someone has placed an order and received,it in good condition,but if a website really looks legitimate,and you want to shop from there then,place an order for a small amount as a,test run,usually a cash and delivery can save you,from such a fraud,but flop cut says that they have seen,instances where a product that is,delivered is wrong,and returns are refused despite all this,if you do get defrauded,you can report it to cybercrime.jov.in,and file a complaint,but remember in most cases it is highly,unlikely that you will get your money,back,this is because these amounts are too,low for officials to take notice,so report it to the cyber cells talk to,your nearest police stations,because we may think that the amounts,that we have lost might be small,but these add up and scammers are,getting away with a lot,so report report these sites expose them,so others dont fall prey to it this is,shilpa rani peter for the news minute,if you like the video and the reporting,that we do do become a member of the,newest minute,the link is in the description below

⭐The Best Rolling Storage Carts On Amazon – Top 5 Review

the best rolling storage carts on amazon,top 5 review,a rolling cart is one of the best ways,to add more storage and organization to,your kitchen bathroom or office,before buying one of these handy storage,carts think about all the different uses,you could find for them in your home do,you need it to hold dishes pots and pans,toys sewing tools or hold bathroom,supplies,this list will help you decide which,type of cart is the best fit for your,needs,whether you need a cart for the kitchen,or a utility cart to help organize your,office or den weve got the right choice,for you,we have analyzed 3045 customer reviews,and looked at 89 products to give you,this top five video review,the items mentioned in this video are in,no exact order so be sure to stay to the,end so you dont miss the perfect model,for your needs,at number five is the base tops,four-tier bathroom storage organizer,the bestop four-tier rolling storage,utility cart comprises high-grade,plastic and stainless steel that is,sturdy and durable lightweight and,flexible this option is perfect to,utilize tight spaces in your home for,storage and organization,the cart features four adjustable and,removable shelves that you can use as,either a bathroom storage cabinet or,laundry cart,it has a sturdy steel frame and wheels,that make it easy to maneuver in narrow,spaces,the slim storage shelves are very easy,to install and very convenient,you can use it as either a two three or,four shelf unit for the bathroom or an,extra kitchen countertops organizer,without the casters this gives you a,wide range of applications for this one,many of the users that have reviewed,this like that,the wheels move smoothly and each has a,lock on it thats easy to operate,easy to put together looks like the,picture,for a small space where you need storage,its a great option,only a very few customers had problems,with it,its not particularly sturdy although it,does the job of holding my cake and,cookie decorating supplies,unfortunately the color is a dingy white,almost cream looking compared to my,white sink,you will find all the links to the,products shown in this review in the,description below the video,number four on our list is the three,tiered rolling utility card from dan,pinera,this rolling utility cart is specially,designed to help you get rid of clutter,and maximize space utilization in a,small space,it has three tiers of basket shelves and,you can put anything in it like,toiletries towels plants groceries food,sewing supplies art supplies baby,clothes toys and other storage items,it is equipped with four 360 degree,freely rotating wheels and it is more,durable and stable than other options in,this price range,with a high quality steel frame and abs,plastic material this card is made to be,sturdy and durable,and the basket shelves are removable,which means you can adjust the cart from,three tiers to two tiers when needed,it is also easy to clean and you can,just wipe it clean with a soft cloth if,it gets dirty,there are four colors to choose from so,that you can use them in different,decorations for home office kitchen,bedroom bathroom classroom salons and,more,customers who bought this item,especially like that,this was easy to put together and look,super cute holding all of my cleaning,supplies,its exactly what i needed,their customer service is amazing as,well,and some customers were unsatisfied with,the following,i thought the whole product was metal,its not,the baskets are plastic which to me did,not seem sturdy,my only complaint is it was a pain to,put together mainly the bottom shelf and,legs,moving on to the next rolling storage,cart on our list the three-tier slim,storage cart from space keeper,the space keeper three-tier slim storage,cart is designed to be used in tight,spaces in your home for storage,it features four easy glide durable,wheels that make the storage cart smooth,and convenient to pull in and out from,narrow spaces,and the four side hoops provide more,area for your storage,the cart can be adjusted to two or three,shelves for bathroom and kitchen,countertops without the casters so there,is a wide range of applications,the plastic surface blends well in most,spaces suitable for offices mailrooms,cubicles classrooms dorm rooms and,libraries,the snap together assembly is quick and,easy and you can assemble the entire,unit within minutes,it features a durable steel frame made,from plastic and stainless steel this is,a durable and stable budget option,here is what customers love about the,three-tier slim storage cart,perfect for small space,offers a nice amount of storage easy to,assemble sturdy great for price,definitely recommend,super easy to put together,it comes with hooks so you can also hang,things off the side,some customers did not like the,following,it is smaller than i expected but making,it work,its a little flimsy but if you just,plan to put lightweight items in it then,it will last you longer,up next in the second place is the,rolling storage cart and organizer from,honeycandu,this rolling storage cart is an,excellent option for any crafters with,many supplies to store,it has two columns of six pull-out,plastic drawers mounted to a sturdy,metal frame,the semi-transparent plastic drawers,make it easy to see what you need,and the wheels have a locking foot brake,to keep the cart from moving,it is easy to assemble and comes with,all the tools you need to get it up and,running,the only downside is that some customers,have reported that the drawer sometimes,comes off the track,but we think its an excellent option,for any crafter teacher or student who,needs a lot of storage space for many,small items,customers who bought this liked it,because,love that it rolls around so it can go,where im working,it was very easy to put together and,sturdy enough for what i am doing,it was well worth the price,only a very few customers had problems,with it,the drawers can hold a lot but the stuff,inside it cannot be heavy or the drawers,will come off the track,i use this behind my desk in my,classroom and it is wobbly and not,sturdy,number one on our list is the whitmore,kitchen and microwave cart,a microwave oven cart can be a great,addition to your kitchen if you need,extra storage space,this card has plenty of storage space,and it is easy to roll it from place to,place,the chrome steel frame and the shelves,adjust so that you can fit items of,different heights,this card also has plenty of spots for,hooks that you can use to hang kitchen,towels and other utensils,the top can be removed for cleaning and,the shelves can be adjusted to fit items,of different heights,whats more the cart has a removable,butcher block countertop that can be,used as a cutting board,if you need something to hold specialty,foods this card can also be a perfect,option,it has plenty of storage space and is,stable enough to keep items in place,the wheels make it easy to move from,place to place and have a locking,mechanism,this card also has enough room to be,used as a microwave or toaster holder,here is what customers love about it,this is a nice unit to have near the,kitchen sink,i found it to be sturdy and attractive,the product was easy to assemble and a,sturdy,i like that you can adjust the height of,the legs,customers who bought the microwave oven,cart did not like that,its a little small like its meant for,the kitchen in a tiny house,the unit while stable enough is still a,bit wobbly,we have placed the link for you in the,description box below this video,thanks for watching,did you find this video useful,like it to let us know or write a,comment below thanks,and to stay updated in all the latest in,home and kitchen products remember to,click the subscribe button now,finally here are some more videos we,thought you might like,you

✅ Best Rolling Cart For Teachers In 2022 ✨ Top 5 Tested & Buying Guide

hello guys,in this video we are going to give you,an impartial review when we are covering,five best rolling carts for teachers in,the market which are the best for you,considering some unavoidable factors,that you might miss out without watching,this video,here we are trying to help you out to,find the best from a plenty of,irrelevant products,if you want more information and updated,pricing of the products mentioned in the,video be sure to check the links in the,description below,so lets get started,number one,our overall best for the money pick is,office depot mobile folding cart,want a budget friendly option,want a simple cart that is designed for,hauling things from one place to another,with ease,looking to store all your different,teaching materials in one place,then you may want to check out the,office depot mobile folding cart,pros,heavy duty,you can store a lot of items in this and,it will allow you to haul anything with,ease,simple design,its a box with a wheel and a handle but,its built to last,comes with a lid that can be used as,additional desk space when teaching,number two,our second best pick is memory store,universal rolling cart,leading off the list is the ecr4 kids,memory store universal rolling cart,this rolling cart is designed for the,busy teacher in mind,with an excellent organizational layout,for arts and crafts books and other,sorts of teaching material,the memory store rolling cart is a solid,choice for any teacher looking to get,organized and be able to take their,class on the go,pros designed with teachers in mind,the layout is good for various types of,teaching material,over 30 different compartments with this,tote bag,has wheels and a handle making it easy,to take with you on the go number three,our third best pick is quick card hand,cart heavy duty cart,the quick card hand cart is ideal if,youre looking for something to keep all,your teaching materials in one place for,those times when youre wanting to pick,up your classroom and go or if you want,to keep your classroom nice and tidy by,putting away all your teaching materials,in one item,pros,lightweight and heavy duty,this thing folds up nice and well for,easy storage in a closet of the back of,a car when not in use,number four,our fourth best pick is ecr for kids elr,two zero seven zero two four tier metal,rolling utility cart,this is your standard three-tiered,rolling cart that can allow you to put,numerous supplies on the cart,it comes with a handle and wheels,its perfect for the online teacher who,wants to create a professional home,classroom and needs that extra storage,pros,easy to assemble,well-made material and your choice of,colors,its a simple sturdy well-made hand cart,ideal for adding extra storage to your,classroom,cons,not designed for mobility,perfect for mobility at a school or,within your home but this item is not,designed to be thrown in the back of a,car or on an airplane like other items,on this list,number five,last but not the least our fifth best,pick is designer three-tier rolling cart,a highly functional rolling cart,specifically made for teachers,if youre teaching online or in the,classroom at school this rolling cart is,a great choice,it has three tiers for storage and three,mesh holders for easy access to whatever,you need at the moment,lastly it comes with magnetic circles,that double as storage as well,more of a gimmick but it makes the cart,look great,cons,its ideal for a home office or,classroom setting,if youre looking for something that you,can take with you on the go this cart is,not it,so grab this while you can,be sure to check the links in the,description below,thats all for this review,feel free to share your feedback,like comment and share our video do,subscribe and hit the bell icon to get,more videos like this in future thanks,for watching


are you looking for a rolling cart my,wife is a teacher and shes had a few of,them over the years and so far I think,this is the best teacher rolling cart,that she has ever had and I want to talk,to you guys about it today first of all,hi hi doll the new dads out there this,is dad views this is where I give you my,unedited hopefully more authentic look,at the products that I like use and have,and my wife uses so every student that,you might want to consider clicking that,subscribe button,excuse me so what so what we have here,is the smart cart my wife found this on,Amazon Ill link it up down in the,description below you guys can go and,read other peoples reviews about it but,weve been using it she started using,this back in like August or so whenever,school started so shes had it for a few,months I want to show you all the wheels,they seem to be holding up just fine she,uses this on gravel so Ive expected to,get a little banged up I did notice that,there is some scuffing that happens,right here on the the metal pole right,there that holds the aluminum rod so,that you have the Rolly part handle this,is all nice and aluminum right here as,well if you dont remember the original,video guide I did kind of an unboxing,and first look review of this card Ill,link it up right up there you guys can,go and check out that out but I really,like the aluminum on here because the,aluminum is pretty sturdy and,lightweight so it helps take down some,of the weight especially whenever you,pack this thing full of books now,another feature that I really like about,this card is that it also had this nylon,handle right here so if for any reason,you need to pick it up off the floor you,does have a nice handle here that you,can grab I dont see any rips tears or,dings or anything in it just yet so it,seems to be holding up for the past few,months that we have had it already one,thing that I do wish that they although,this is a very soft nylon one thing that,I do wish that they had on there was,some kind of like just like you know,they put leather straps on like,briefcases or whatever so that its a,little bit more comfortable in the hand,thatd be a nice and addition to this as,well it does have all this basically is,has a nice flap on the top here and its,got the extras coming off the side so,that it makes for a rain flap so if it,if it is raining in your,going to your car or whatever the rain,has a harder time than getting in since,it does have these flaps and they velcro,down as well right there so if its,windy,it wont go fly and open and all your,test papers or whatever your papers you,have them there dont go flying out or,anything if its packed to the max now,it does its just a big giant deep,cavity in there it does have this nice,pocket on the side which I highly,recommend anything to have a pocket on,there all bags I think should have these,outside pockets because its just a,great use of space right there another,feature about this card is that if its,empty it does fold up flat which is,super nice if youre traveling or,carrying anything you know you need to,bring it with you but you dont have it,full you can simply fold it up and you,can probably fit this into a bottom of a,decent-sized suitcase I can do want to,carry it with you all at all its,holding up very well I dont see any,stitching coming undone with the velcro,all the nylon still seems to be intact,the handle still seems to be holding up,well and I pull this thing up a lot the,only thing that I can say about the,really bad thing is that whenever I,extended the aluminum rod recently I,noticed that it has a slight bend to it,and thats because the weight of the,books whenever youre going to bend it,is is being bent back and so theres a,little bit of a give right there so note,that the aluminum might start bending on,you a little bit as you use the smart,card,but it hasnt broken a break-in hadnt,messed up anything everything seems to,be still intact everything seems to be,doing well so I can definitely recommend,this product especially if youre a,teacher because thats what we use it,for or if youre just a profession,business professional and you got a,bunch of stuff that you have to carry,around maybe even a lawyer who carries,like a round a ton of paperwork or,something like that it definitely might,be right up your alley I really really,think that this thing is doing its job,by the way its made by DB Rd best,products if you guys want to go and,check,that out again Ill link this thing up,down in the description below dont just,take my word for it go and read other,peoples reviews about it make sure that,this is the the perfect thing that,youre looking for whenever it comes to,getting some kind of cart to haul your,stuff around in if you guys want to see,some other organization products Im,gonna put those right there on the,screen and Ill see you on some of those,videos if you guys want to check out,some of those and thumbs up as always,appreciated let me know what kind of,briefcase or cart type of thing you use,what brands are you guys using let me,know that down in the comments below,thank you dads for watching and dad out

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