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Startup Roman Diagnoses Erectile Dysfunction and Sells Meds—All Online

[Music],as for mens health companies seem to,have taken over the subway recently,Morris is here to introduce us to the,men behind Roman Allison hi there guys,yeah their ads are everywhere and they,are pretty funny you know though,according to the Cleveland Clinic more,than 50% of men experience some sort of,IDI but because of embarrassment or the,stigma associated with it many of those,men arent seeing their doctors and they,could be ignoring even more serious,medical problems and thats where Roman,comes in during my stress test as soon,as I actually start to run my heart,Peaks to thirty to forty nine clacks,running the treadmill something that,never would have happened in zakaria,Ratana hadnt talked to his dad about,his erectile dysfunction,my first experience edy at seventeen,which is a shockingly early age now for,me it was actually the first sign of a,far more serious underlying heart,condition I was incredibly lucky in the,sense that my dad was a physician and an,expert in sexual health for other men,who might not have a doctor for a dad,Zecharia saman Rock Banyon,and Rob Shutts created Roman a,direct-to-consumer mens health company,that diagnoses edie and delivers meds,right to your door something that most,people dont know is that Edie is often,the first sign of a far more serious,underlying condition diabetes heart,disease high blood pressure high,cholesterol commonly associated with,obesity and depression so what we do,actually is we work with them to treat,them for further ad and then identify,the underlying cause and improve their,overall health the brand handles the,sensitive subject matter with some humor,I mean I dont get it the tubs in the,mountains I dont get it we realize,theres 20 years of ridiculous edie ads,you know guys throwing footballs through,tire swings and couples and bathtubs,that dont make a lot of sense that we,can kind of poke by that but they take,the medical side of things seriously,with a leadership team of 10 doctors,that includes former Surgeon General,Jocelyn elders and licensed physicians,handling every online visit when people,come to our sites they have a doctor,visit so they havent they have a,conversation with a physician and that,physician follows up to make sure that,you know like the treatment is working,well if theres any side effects if,theres any question,online doctors visits cost $15 which,Romina will refund if youre not a,candidate for meds prescriptions average,30 dollars a month and ship for free,when they get the box it doesnt say,anything about Roman you know like its,only when you opened the box that you,actually see thats like the Roman,medication and that discrete approach is,resonating with a lot of men our first,month and a half we did more volume than,we anticipated doing for the whole year,and I think on a daily basis right now,we do more than what we had projected,for our first few months Roman launched,in four states covering about 25 percent,of the population its now in 31 states,covering nearly 90 percent they,prescribed viagra cialis and levitra for,men if safe and appropriate and guys I,think just theyre huge messages so many,people dont know that its not just,Edie youve got a lot going on that,youre embarrassed to get checked out,and guys are you know put themselves in,a bad spot indeed yeah I saw that at all,that subway everyone saw that theres a,little bit of a perfect backstory the,founder I mean thats a really great,thing NZ is really awesome about talking,about not an easy thing to talk to you,know a lot of people on TV about hes,gotten really comfortable but hes doing,a great job good deal

A Mens Health Subscription Showdown | HIMS vs Roman | Pricing Page Teardown

these companies are probably deploying a,cost-plus pricing schema sure where they,are basically looking at the cost,because thats a very prescription,driven business and they are not looking,at a value-based pricing scheme and this,is probably the number one problem,welcome to pricing page teardown where,Patrick and Peter break down the pricing,pages and strategies of subscription,companies from all corners of the market,[Music],this week,Kyms vs roman to subscription box,services focused on mens health and,wellness both of these companies attempt,to combat the same inevitable effects of,aging but how does their pricing stack,up patrick and Peter take it away,well Im gonna pricing page showdown Im,Patrick Campbell Im Peters Auto and,this week we are talking about mens,cosmetic health I guess I would say the,inevitability of losing your hair Nevitt,ability of having bedroom problems as,you get older thats whats interesting,about this space is that they are d,stigmatizing sexual health for men were,squaring off hems and Roman two of these,new prescription companies that have,come in kind of the wake of pill pack,and some of the other online pharmacies,but theyre specifically targeting hair,loss sexual health and I believe just,wellness like vitamins and minerals of,games and skincare as well so first up,is hims I love this website I think they,did such a good job because keep in mind,all of the things that these folks are,offering are not revolutionary because,theyre offering things like viagra,theyre offering generic hair loss,medications cialis Lodos Olav but what,I love about this website is they really,kind of contextualize it with plants so,here you have oh the plant is losing,some of its leaves so you can go in here,and shop hair its very very like bright,very very colorful its just kind of,interesting because like I dont want to,end up with Peters hair and literally,search for this and I got him this,website hey you got the straight hair is,in the drain hairs not losing shape and,visible thinning okay thats what I,dont have to get ahead of it we got,some other things here as well they,offer up like on the sex stuff which is,interesting,edie medication how they use cacti in,order to show this off a lot to penis,thats that is what that is yes Peter we,dont really talk about it like viagra,obviously come out and yes theres this,whole discussion about none of the focus,has been on women for this type of stuff,I love how they set up this journalism,their pricing is pretty rock bottom but,the complete hair kit is $44 per month,the non-prescription is 30 the,prescription is twenty eight fifty its,kind of interesting that the,prescription is cheaper than the non,prescription hair kit $30 per month $20,per month for a spray like thirty bucks,a month right around twenty to thirty,bucks per month yeah and I think its,because its daily usage or daily packs,and then Roman is similar very very,similar product these guys are competing,against one another but theyre a little,bit more like medical and I think both,of them have this like this is like a,legit script calm for like online,pharmacies interests now on the pricing,here particularly for Roman youre,looking at entry point about seventeen,dollars per month which is super,interesting again theres not a lot of,like revolutionary pricing here if that,makes sense but you know here you got,prices per dose and so this is super,interesting you have the viagra cost per,dose holy cow as expensive no thats the,oh the generic viagra whole holy cow,brand seventy dollars per dose thats,insane you want some data okay so to me,when I compare these two one is a little,bit more like medical the other ones a,little bit more like lifestyle I would,argue and I think the data like reveals,some of the problems with this so first,off I wanted to understand what is the,monthly willingness to pay based on need,hair loss much higher yep than what they,have the low end is basically 25% higher,than what they have and then it spikes,up as you get older and as this becomes,a problem that willingness pay becomes,higher the edie premature ejaculation,world huge range and this is kind of in,the range of like okay interesting,because there were some like monthly,options for 30 bucks a month,obviously the viagra is much much higher,here but basically on their entry level,product theyre also under both of them,are under price,but basically these two you know very,you know sexual wellness as well as kind,of cosmetic both of those are you know,definitely where the money is to be made,and even the herpes side I dont we,didnt check the price again the herpes,side on their website now its really,kind of fascinating when we break this,down by age so what youre looking at,here we looked at the premature,ejaculation Edie side as well as the,hair hair loss and care as you get older,it gives you give less willingness to,pay for your sexual health yeah if,youre in your you know prime years if,you will you know for for sexual health,which is kind of as eighteen to fit in,its not to say people over 55 you know,dont have great sexual lives as you get,older like the sexual side like,obviously the frequency and I dont have,data on this but I imagine frequency,would go down and all of a sudden youre,looking at a world where like people who,have those problems they they basically,are kind of taking care of and their,willingness pay goes down because thats,not a driving force within their their,lives at that point now the hair loss,side very very similar as well basically,the younger folks like if theyre seeing,that hair loss theyre willing to pay is,higher over 55 as you are basically you,know youve given up and no longer need,your hair back because its already gone,basically yeah I do think the one thing,to think about its like look how high,these ranges are yeah and like both,hymns and Roman are underpriced yeah I,think people pay and theres none in,this particular may not be a difference,between men and women but but people pay,for the idea of on some level vanity and,feeling looking good which I think,equates to a lot of people with,confidence right either in the bedroom,or outside of the bedroom so um super,bright I will say the one thing thats,really kind of fascinating about this is,that in both cases these companies are,probably deploying a cost-plus pricing,schema sure where they are basically,looking at the cost because thats a,very prescription driven business and,they are not looking at a value-based,pricing schema and this is probably the,number one problem with both of these,all right lets look at the value matrix,and for those you dont remember were,looking at the relative preference of,these different features or in this case,like outcomes against the willingness to,pay so what youll notice the fact that,these are prescription products is,ranking very very high thats important,and people are willing to pay more for,prescription products thats why I was,surprised at the prescription product on,him,for the haircare was actually cheaper,accreditation certification is just,something core discreteness that was,really interested,youre probably sending it in a plain,box and even the branding of like the,packaging is probably very light even,though the branding of the company is,not so much given the fact that they are,D stigmatizing I think a lot of what,what weve been looking at today is,there some sort of evolution here where,eventually like part of what makes him,special I think that we saw on the,website is like they have sort of a fun,board people dont necessarily want to,be associated with some of these things,but at the end of the day like its,grand,I like there I like the logo I like the,way they present themselves I dont care,so much yeah so viewer a customer whod,you choose I probably actually I spent a,little bit more time digging in because,I this was my first look at either of,these two but the simplicity of hims was,was certainly eye

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Roman ED meds Unboxing / Review

all right getting right to the point you,like me youre watching the game you saw,the commercial youre wondering if this,whole Roman thing is on the up-and-up,can I really pay $15 have a physician,contact me by phone and if Im you know,eligible can I really get my meds,shipped to me in a nice discreet little,package to my home or office this is a,fairly new thing its never been done,you usually have to go to your urologist,or your physician and explain your life,away embarrassing questions and then,they determine how much you can take or,whatever its fairly the same thing you,speaking to a physician who is licensed,the position I spoke to is licensed in,my state I did my little background to,make sure everything was on the,up-and-up,the physician determined that I am a,good candidate for the program after I,spoke with him and said hey look I have,experience taking so dinner Phil which,is the active ingredient in viagra,anyway I let him know that hey Ive been,taking so dinner fell off and on Im a,fairly younger guy Im not suffering,from erectile dysfunction however I do,go to a lot of swingers clubs swinger,parties and so dinner filled that the,pills are wonderful when it comes to,these women one marathon sex multiple,rounds of sex they come in great anyway,Im not toot my own horn here but anyway,so I decided to give Roman a try I paid,a $15.00 had the physician call me which,was maybe two hours after I signed up,online he determined I was a good,candidate like I said and I was billed,for the medicine that I chose I chose a,generic sildenafil that 20 milligrams I,know I can take two maybe one and a half,and you know rock the rocker world all,freaking night long so anyway they build,my cart for the medicine that I chose,you can choose your own medicine once,you sign up and the package came like,this nice discreet package it doesnt,say anything hey theres pills in here,and it comes from shipping department it,doesnt say anything about whats in the,box so when you open the box and its,also taped up,theyve already opened a box and this is,the only way youll know that these are,from Roman once you open the box and the,box comes like this theres a little box,on the inside you open it up from the,side and it comes like this now on this,side if I can get my focus okay we go on,this side it has the documentation that,tells you about the medicine you chose,so then the fill is what I chose the 20,milligrams let you know about the,possible side effects and everything you,know read this in its entirety before,you take it your name will be here,address here more information to see how,do the pills come while the pills come,one in every packet now again I chose,the 20 milligram sildenafil and I only,ordered now the way I think the way they,dont sit is if you are good with 60,milligrams you pop three DS but however,I ended up ordering 12 20 20 20 30,milligrams,you know Im rocking the tricks world,all night long so they come one of the,pack the pills come like this now if you,ordered the brand-name viagra it,probably saved BIA or something like,that but I ordered so benefit its the,same thing so little Phil is in,brand-name viagra anyway so you probably,want to know what the pill looks like,Ive already opened up one for your,viewing pleasure,alright c89 if you look up see 89 round,pill that lets you do us from the cloud,pharmacies and it is 20 milligrams up so,didnt fill citrate if Im saying that,correctly it looks like this Im,familiar with it our my other so dinner,fill pills look exactly like this these,are not fake you know how you order,pills online and youll probably get rat,poison or something like that theyre,not fake theyre the real deal took to,last night an awesome time is it only up,and up is it real yes Roman is real,is on the up-and-up theyre not paying,me to say none of this you know I just,took a shot in the dark say hey lets,order some Roman and there we go spoke,to a physician nice consultation paying,for the consultation just fifteen,dollars and I guess they got a trial,running a new member,set up where you get a huge discount off,of your pills on your first order so,give it a try theyre not paying me to,say this Im just a regular dude you,know saying I dont care I dont shame,anyway any comments questions put them,in the comment section happy huntin,fellas

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Roman – Mens Health Rx Review

well lets talk about boners,[Music],Ohio babies I am so excited right now,because I just got my first delivery,from Roman my name is Ricky Lee Barnes,please follow me and share and like my,stuff as well as foxy heart because it,tells the internet that Im not a total,piece of garbage,Roman is essentially a site where you,can get Wiener pills Im just gonna put,it all out there okay before I go any,further I am not condoning the use of,drugs recreationally or prescription,drugs or party drugs or anything like,that I dont even do drugs Im well I,dont like a lot of drugs because I,dont like not knowing how Im going to,react to something which is why I have,always been more of a drinker,which reminds me I dont put hair in,your dick I am a lady of a certain age I,do not need viagra to make things happen,but you know every now and again she,likes to take your vacation so heres,the tea my friend comes up to me the,other day and he hold his hand out and,hes like here and Im like what and he,gives me this blister packed and he says,its a viagra like ultra or extreme or,something which I dont know what that,is Ive never taken one before its like,150 milligrams which is kind of a lot,because after researching it Im,realizing that the average dosage is,like 20 milligrams so Im like what so,Im nervous right Im like usse my head,gonna explode am I am I am I gonna get,this boner that just doesnt go away for,three days like whats gonna happen its,my way youre gonna die so I take like,half of it and I dont know how to,describe it its kind of like this,whatever is already your thing is like,the way it was when you were like 14,again or 16 or 18 or however old you,were when you were really like I mean,for like two,I am on top of the world Im like oh,yeah Im manly the first night I had an,intimate moment with a person that I had,known for a very long time and,afterwards may or may not have found my,way over to the heterosexual interracial,section of tumblr three times so,needless to say it was a big night for,me so Im interested right Im like okay,like I see why this stuff is kind of you,know the [ __ ] so I go online and you see,ads all the time but I never click on,them because Im not like in the market,for that stuff so anywho I look at a,couple different websites and some of,them seem kind of sketchy but I come,across Roman they advertise on scruff,which seems legit I check it out but,then I dont buy it and I get an email,and its like you get $50 off your first,purchase and Im like okay well thats,kind of a lot so let me go back and,check this out so you go online and you,fill out all your information and,theres like this questionnaire and its,not really a short questionnaire you,cant just go online and be like Im a,boy and I want my wiener to work more I,need pills you have to fill out all,these questions like can you walk up and,down a flights of stairs and not get,winded why do you think you need this,medication can you function without it,do you suffer from depression are you on,these medications do you take these,party drugs do you do this this this,this and this your responses go to a,doctor who has to like look at it all,approve it and then you get a response,back saying whether or not your,prescription has been approved I,actually listed on mine because I am a,sufferer of depression issues and,anxiety and I put that in my information,and the doctor actually like responded,back they approved my prescription and,he talked about my anxiety it was like,here are some resources like if you need,some things for self-care or like,whatever but oh well thank you doctor,blah blah blah,Im at work tonight and I get a call,from my call box and theyre like ups,and I buzz them in meanwhile I live in,Chicago were close to Christmas and,there have been people getting a lot of,their packages stolen so Im at work,like oh [ __ ],I just buzzed some person in whos gonna,come into my entryway and steal all of,our packages which happened to me last,year [ __ ] I hope you like that,back massager that was not for you thank,you for leaving me the box and the,packing material,you son of a [ __ ] anywho I come home,finding this I think that its my CBD,gummies that I got on Black Friday from,Groupon but equally as good look at this,box this box is cute no matter whats,inside of it no wait,its magnetically sealed to a healthy,manhood and then look at this you open,it again its whats on the inside that,counts,thank you for that mantra and that,positive affirmation Roman heres all,your medication information and then,look at this a message from my doctor,you know take this one hour before,sexual activity do not exceed this many,tablets or this many hours and here is,my little sealed box with all my,individually packaged little pills its,so cute,ahh I literally set this stuff up to,blog something else but I was like this,is I am so happy with this I dont love,this so much oh and heres the here is,the biggest T of it them all Im getting,really worked up so to send your info to,the doctor its $15 because its,basically like an online copay for a,doctors visit,whatever $15 for a copay short I dont,even have health insurance Ill take it,um so the prescription itself was 60,bucks I got $50 off so I got six doses a,hundred milligrams each for ten dollars,perfect and and I know that this,probably sounds like I worked the system,oh Im like doing something to get,prescription drugs but lets be real,viagra,kind of like um okay for some people,its probably something that they need,because they are older and they want to,please their partner do I need it Im,not gonna say I need it but Ive noticed,some things as Ive gotten older Ive,you know had moments where Ive had like,performance anxiety Ive actually had a,lot of conversations lately with my,friends who are like my age or older and,their 40s and theyll said things like,you know I get really nervous and I,cant I dont feel like I can perform,and the thing about that is is that it,only has to happen to you once or you,only have to kind of let someone down,once but Im not saying that this is a,band-aid Im not saying that like you,have to be masculine and you have to,have this rock-hard boner or youre a,piece of [ __ ] but Im saying that,sometimes having something in your,Batman belt that gives you confidence,that you might not always have is a good,thing I was recently with two people,that were younger than me and they were,talking about how theyre having male,problems and this is a really really,great way to do it because I thought to,myself like well if I want this like and,I go to my doctor are they gonna be like,youre too [ __ ] young but you do not,youre not getting this prescription so,to be able to do this in a very discreet,way is I think really powerful and I,wanted to talk about this because I feel,as though this is something that a lot,of people dont talk about because there,may be embarrass or maybe theyve been,made to feel like [ __ ] by somebody or,theyre just self-conscious and they,dont really know if theres a resource,out there thats legitimate that they,can use so I will say like no pun,intended I have like a huge heart on for,román legit your packaging is awesome,your website is great the experience was,great,my prescription got approved within a,few hours and I had my pills within like,three days so if yall are into it go to,their website and try them out if you,have any questions comment on this video,or DM me or whatever I really love this,experience and I am not really easy to,impress Im super judgmental about a lot,of [ __ ] online because I feel like a lot,of it is garbage I am sold on this,company I think theyre doing good work,I think theyre awesome I think theyre,legit and yall should try it so thank,yall for watching,oh also just side note if you ever take,my Aggra do not do poppers for those of,you who dont know what they are theyre,amazing but it will drop your blood,pressure and you can have a heart attack,a stroke and you c

Everything you need to know about Sildenafil vs Tadalafil for erectile dysfunction | ED pills

Do you know the difference between sildenafil and  tadalafil or viagra and cialis? Well, today thats  ,what were going to talk about. Im Dr. Rena  Malik, urologist and pelvic surgeon, and here  ,we talk about all things sexual education, bladder  health, and much much more. If you like what you  ,see make sure you dont forget to subscribe  and share this channel with your friends.  ,So before we get into the actual treatment with  these medications for erectile dysfunction its  ,important for you to understand how an erection  happens so the first component of an erection is  ,arousal you see something you smell something  you hear something or you feel something that  ,gets you aroused that causes your body to release  something called nitric oxide and nitric oxide is  ,like the ignition for erections so in order to get  an erection you need arousal and you need nitric  ,oxide so once you get that nitric oxide and that  arousal what happens is your body starts releasing  ,a number of chemical messengers and one of these  is called cgmp or cyclic guanosine monophosphate  ,and as these messengers are released the muscles  or the smooth muscles in the penis relax this  ,allows blood to flow in and at the same time the  veins of the penis get blocked off so that blood  ,flow stays in the penis causing a firm erection  and then what stops the erection well theres  ,three major things first that nitric oxide or  the stimulus for arousal goes away second is that  ,chemical messenger cgmp starts to degrade or break  down and lastly your body has a nervous response  ,to ejaculation so when ejaculation happens your  nervous system revs up and causes those smooth  ,muscles to now contract forcing the blood out of  the penis and into the rest of the body which then  ,causes your penis to become flaccid so all of  these medications for erectile dysfunction they  ,work by blocking the breakdown of that chemical  messenger cgmp and they do so by blocking an  ,enzyme called phosphodiesterase so before i  get into the difference between sildenafil  ,and tadalafil or viagra and cialis i want you know  there are some side effects that are common with  ,all of these medications that includes headaches  flushing nasal congestion heartburn and sometimes  ,vision changes also there is one medication  that if youre taking you absolutely cannot  ,take these medications and thats called a nitrate  medication or a medication with a nitrate in it  ,something called nitroglycerin is very commonly  prescribed to people who have chest pain or angina  ,is the medical term for it and what that  is is its usually a pill thats given to  ,you to take and put underneath your tongue if  you have chest pain that wont go away so if  ,youre on that medication you cannot take any  of these medications for erectile dysfunction  ,the reason being is if you take both of these  at the same time your blood pressure can drop  ,so low that you may actually have a risk of death  or dying also there are certain medications that  ,can cause drug to drug interactions and if you  have kidney or liver problems you might have to  ,change the dosing of the medication that youre  receiving so you definitely want to get these  ,under the care of a physician you may find  some over-the-counter supplements even though  ,theyre not supposed to have these medications  in them that do have them and those are dangerous  ,because you need to make sure that youre not  getting too much or too little of the medication  ,theres also a couple of very rare but very  serious side effects with these medications  ,one of these is called priapism and priapism is  an erection that lasts longer than four hours  ,and that is actually not a good thing when you  have an erection that lasts longer than four hours  ,it actually starts causing damage to the tissues  in the penis that can cause irreversible damage  ,if not treated right away you can learn more about  priapism in a video that i made reacting to greys  ,anatomy about priapism right here but this is  fortunately very very rare with these medications  ,especially when taken appropriately the only time  we really see it is if someone overdoses on these  ,medications takes too many and then can have  this problem the other rare side effect that is  ,potentially dangerous is hearing loss i have never  seen that in my career but it has been reported as  ,a very rare but serious side effect the success  rate for both of these medications is about 60 to  ,80 percent so if youre looking as far as efficacy  theyre both about the same and why am i talking  ,specifically about viagra and cialis or sildenafil  and tadalafil well because at least in the united  ,states there are the cheapest options for erectile  dysfunction and because they are equally effective  ,i tend to prescribe these both most often as  far as sildenafil is concerned the origin story  ,of how they came up with sildenafil is actually  really interesting so it was originally made as  ,a treatment for high blood pressure so they did  these clinical trials on patients to see if it  ,would improve their blood pressure and what they  found was that it didnt do anything for blood  ,pressure but in fact people started reporting  stronger and firmer erections and so thats  ,how viagra was born so specifically talking about  sildenafil it is the oldest medication available  ,for erectile dysfunction so it has the longest  data on its efficacy and its use so when you take  ,viagra you need to take it about 30 minutes to an  hour before intercourse and on an empty stomach  ,if you have a lot of high fat foods before taking  viagra it reduces the efficacy of the medication  ,so ideally you want to take out an empty stomach  or if you had a very light meal it lasts in the  ,bloodstream for about four hours its available  in different dosing starting from 25 milligrams  ,all the way up to 100 milligrams and its only  offered in what we call on-demand dosing and so  ,what that means is you can only take it at the  time prior to intercourse you cant take a daily  ,dose every single day it wont work like that  the side effects that are unique to viagra are  ,that sometimes people who take viagra get what we  call blue green discoloration or changes in their  ,color vision if that happens you have to stop  the vigor right away and talk to your doctor  ,the other side effect that we sometimes see in  viagra and not into dala fill is nose bleeds  ,although it is in a small percentage of people  tadalafil is a more selective phosphodiesterase  ,inhibitor meaning it more selectively inhibits  the enzymes that are responsible for erections  ,and it was released in 2003 so we dont have as  much data on tadelphil as we do on suldenophil  ,similar to sildenafil it needs to be taken about  30 minutes to an hour before intercourse but  ,you can take it on an empty stomach also it  lasts in your bloodstream for up to 36 hours  ,so if you want to have multiple episodes  of intercourse on a weekend well this is a  ,great medication option for you its also  available in a low dose that you can take  ,every single day and some people like that  because they like the spontaneity associated  ,with taking one pill every single day and then  being able to have intercourse whenever you  ,want the on-demand dosing is available from five  milligrams to 20 milligrams and you might notice  ,that thats less than the sildenafil dosing it  doesnt mean that its less effective its just  ,different also the other interesting thing about  the low dose daily tadalafil is that it also is  ,useful for men with benign prostatic hyperplasia  or bph you can check out my video about bph that  ,i made before to learn more about that but  what it does is it helps men who have symptoms  ,urinary symptoms associated with bph specifically  having difficulty emptying your bladder straining  ,waking up at night to urinate maybe having some  urgency gotta go gotta go or

Using Sildenafil For ED Treatment

all right guys uh this just arrived in,the mail this is my uh,ED medication I got from Roman,pharmacies and were gonna unbox this in,a second,but uh before we do that I just kind of,want to go over,um,a little bit of information about Roman,pharmacies about my whole issue with uh,erectile dysfunction yes I do uh,I guess you can say suffer from uh from,Ed so,real quick just about me,um about a year ago I noticed that I was,having problems uh,maintaining uh my erections during sex,and I didnt uh,didnt bother seeking any kind of uh you,know,treatment for it or anything like that I,found out that the vast majority of guys,who uh experiences dont ever get help,dont ever see help so,I guess I was in I was in that majority,so just recently and Ive been in a a,very committed relationship Ive had,these issues,with her and to her credit she was like,look I dont care about this you know as,long as were together and you love me,thats all that matters but that chorus,my ego and my uh you know self,uh self-centeredness Im like no I gotta,have you know,uh hard directions like I used to when I,was younger I am 48 at the moment and,from what I understand,guys over 40 uh you know 52 percent of,them are going to experience uh,some sort of erectile dysfunction at,some point so,I am definitely in that in that,percentage so uh,I experimented with you know the dick,pills from uh you know the liquor store,and those kind of worked but not really,uh to the extent I wanted to or tried a,horny goat weed,hypnosis affirmations all this stuff and,nothing really uh nothing really worked,until I decided to uh,you know look online and I found this uh,website is Pharmacy Roman pharmacies and,they seem really legit,um,during some of my research I found out,that like 70 75 or 80 something like,that of all the you know the the Viagra,and stuff on online is counterfeit so,maybe a little a little trepidatious,about this but the more I looked into it,uh Roman pharmacies that is when I,looked into it the uh uh more confident,I felt I was going to get the uh the,real stuff so,went on their website and then uh filled,out this or took a,an online evaluation and they go into,some really really detailed uh questions,about your health right you know not,just about your sexual health whether,you can maintain erections or you get,them how long you know do they last,throughout the uh you know the sex,session but also you know blood pressure,family history,um all that stuff,you know what kind of sleep are you,getting are you you know mentally how,are you are you down are you are you,feeling okay you know its a real real,thorough uh,online evaluation it gets reviewed by a,licensed physician and once you are,approved again its got to go through a,physicians got to review it,once youre approved uh theyll ship out,your uh your pills so,they offer uh Viagra right brand name,Viagra they offer the uh the generic,version uh,sildenafil thats what I got,uh Cialis and uh something else I forget,exactly what it was but,it comes in different Doses and um I got,mine just the other day,so lets take a look at it shall we so,you can see nice packaging right,I suppose they could have made a joke,and said hey nice package but uh,at the Roman name at the logo right,there,and thats how it opens up all right,so this is what it looks like,right here,is the,little information about the medication,again mine is a sildenafil which is the,uh,what do you call it uh,generic version of a Viagra and this is,basically just your product information,you know medical or uh,yeah your your uh drug information so,you know your cautions how to store this,this drug what are some of the uh side,effects well get into that in a second,uh so then we have here,this little section,is the,medication itself and it comes in these,little,packets already uh with your dosage so,the um,the doses come in uh 20 milligrams 40,milligram which is what I have 60 and I,believe 80 as well now,my dosage is 40 milligrams so thats two,tablets of uh 20 milligrams each so,thats how its basically how they do it,so if I had a 60 milligram dose it will,be three pills uh 80 milligram dose,would be four pills so I get two uh 40,milligrams a 40 milligram total,and uh,so I gotta say of course I uh have,already tried this uh a couple nights,ago,and uh and it worked it worked uh it,worked really well I thought um,maybe I was going to need the 60 but I,decided to try the 40 and you can change,the uh the the dosage is uh ending time,you got to go through back of the,website you gotta put in a request to,either increase or decrease your your,dosage it gets reviewed by a team over,there and then theyll contact you and,ask you some questions about you know,well,what we were experiencing that award did,not work where you know it worked too,well if you want to you know decrease it,did not work well enough if you want to,increase it so,Im pretty good with the uh with the the,40 milligrams so it says take it uh an,hour before uh sexual activity and I did,that,and at first I was kind of like I I,think I expected it to just happen right,I was going to get this uh you know this,this huge erection like all you know all,of a sudden so I was waiting around,waiting around waiting around for that,to happen and it wasnt happening so I,kind of thought oh my God what if its,not working what if you know Im just,beyond help and no amount of of drugs,that are going to uh you got to help me,but uh once I started getting you know,into it as they say,um you know getting aroused uh it worked,and it worked really well so,girlfriend was happy I was happy,um,Im going to be using this again,tomorrow,so uh yeah thats the only thing is you,know you got to take this uh well the,the so then a film way you got to take,it uh you know at least an hour before,uh before youre gonna have any kind of,sexual activity and that means you know,youre gonna have to plan a little bit,but,um,yeah it works,works really well and I get uh I got the,eight dose,per month plan,so,on the seventh of every month Ill be,getting a new shipment and I gotta say,this came really quick,um from the from the time I was approved,to when I came in the mail it was I,think,three days,you know it was really really fast and,this is coming from from Florida and Im,in California so its across the uh all,the way across the United States I got,it like three days or there maybe it was,two days okay no it was three days it,was three days from the time I got,approved and I got to prove fairly,quickly uh they say it usually takes,about uh two hours to get approved right,for uh a physician to to look at your,your evaluation,prove it and I got mine approved in like,maybe,25 minutes half an hour at the most so,it was a very fast approval process now,youre not guaranteed to be approved but,um,again it was it was pretty quick so um,yeah Im really uh really happy with the,results,um,Im changing my diet as well one of the,things that uh that I found out was,erectile dysfunction could be an,indication of cardiovascular disease,right so you get the narrowing of your,arteries and the arteries in your penis,I guess are obviously,smaller in diameter than the ones in,your rest of your body in your heart so,if you get that Ed,could be an indication that theres some,uh you know blockage in the rest of your,uh the rest of your body so Im changing,my diet Im going more vegan because,that was a,one of the things that they were saying,well reverse this so,Im not sure if Ill need this for the,rest of my life,um,if I do you know at least at least I,know it works so,again Im gonna try to uh uh switch up,my diet less red meat more,vegetarian and vegan dishes hopefully,thatll thatll uh,make a difference,um but in the meantime,thoroughly happy with this stuff Im,going to put a a link in the description,below that way you guys can you know go,to the the Roman pharmacies website take,the online evaluation and uh you know,see if you get approved there is a uh a,15 fee,for the onl

I CANT GET “IT” UP!!! (How To FIX Erectile Dysfunction FAST)

[Music],foreign,[Music],great to see you so the other day I read,a mind-blowing statistic 52 percent of,dudes experienced some degree of,erectile dysfunction this only happens,to old dudes right thats where it gets,even more surprising 26 of dudes under,40. so one in four like one out of four,of us is gonna have trouble at some,point getting it up 20 percent of dudes,in their 20s 30 percent of dudes in,their 30s and 40 percent of dudes in,their 40s experience erectile,dysfunction,and this this freaked me out erectile,dysfunction is a humongous issue that,some of us are dealing with now and a,ton of us will deal with it at some,point and so today I wanted to talk a,bit about erectile dysfunction why it,happens what to do if it does happen and,how to fix it so today your boy Alpha is,doing you a solid so there are three,things that constitute erectile,dysfunction number one is having trouble,getting it up number two having trouble,keeping it up and number three reduced,sexual desire why does it happen theyre,really two different categories when it,comes to erectile dysfunction number one,is physical somethings up with us,physically and the second one is,emotionally theres something going on,up here first lets talk about the,physical reasons why you may be,experiencing or will experience some,form of erectile dysfunction AKA,impotence heart disease high blood,pressure high cholesterol diabetes,obesity tobacco use certain medications,Parkinsons disease and alcohol,personally Ive experienced alcohol like,you drink too much and youre trying to,get freaky and freaky just aint,happening because youve got well I call,it whiskey dick Sleep Disorders an,enlarged prostate or the treatment of,prostate cancer can sometimes cause and,effect some issues with big ass so those,are some of the physiological reasons,why you may be experiencing issues,trying to have and maintain an erection,but there are some other psychological,issues and reasons why as well,depression anxiety stress or youre just,having relationship issues and youre,thinking youre in your head so Ed or,erectile dysfunction usually has a cause,it pretty much always has a cause youve,got to treat that youve got to figure,out whats going on that is causing you,to have the adverse effect of impotence,um but while youre treating the cause,and figuring that out its important,that you also treat the symptom meaning,you need to be able to get it up so that,you can sort of get it up so how are you,going to treat it what are you going to,do one of the most dangerous things that,you can do is just go online and like,search for like Viagra right the reason,is because 80 theyve done a study,eighty percent of the Viagra that people,buy online counterfeit you dont know,what the hell youre actually putting in,your body it is so incredibly important,to be diagnosed and treated by a,physician but one of the issues with,going to a physician is its its not,necessarily something that a lot of guys,feel comfortable talking about 75,percent of guys who experience Ed dont,do anything about it thats why I am so,excited to tell you about todays video,sponsor,getroman.com Roman is changing the way,that men deal with erectile dysfunctions,their goal is to be the safest the,easiest and the most affordable way for,guys to get help its convenient its,discreet and its affordable its its,cheaper literally you can get these same,drugs the same medications cheaper than,you can go into your Pharmacy and go,into your doctor and getting them,prescription and the beautiful thing,about Roman is that theyve got doctors,and Physicians that are there to review,all of your information to make sure,that youre a candidate because,unfortunately not everybody is a,candidate for the treatments but the,good news is that there are a variety of,different treatment options out there,for dudes you go in all youre going to,need to do right you go and you,basically will let them know if youve,got a medication preference if youre,already somebody who is taking something,let them know youre also going to then,meet with the physician youre going to,talk to you about your medical history,your sexual health if youre on any,medications you have any allergies then,a licensed physician will basically,review your information and prescribe,something if its appropriate and,because Roman is a sponsor of this video,If you hit that link down in the,description,www.getroman.com Alpha theyre going to,give you your first month of treatment,absolutely free theyve also got member,support,365 days a year so if you ever have any,questions youve got any issues you can,always reach out and theyve got,somebody to help you you deserve to be,happy you deserve to be able to have sex,you deserve to be able to experience you,know sexual gratification and all that,good stuff and then that this makes me a,little uncomfortable talking about but I,really feel it is it is its important I,mean the statistics the numbers dont,lie most of us is going to experience,this at some point and so I just wanted,to do a quick video tell you sort of,what the deal is on erectile dysfunction,to let you know youre not alone if,something is happening and you cant,its not necessarily something that you,can fix just like that its nothing to,be ashamed about youre not weird youre,not broken you just need to figure out,whats going on and and you need to fix,it and and while you fix it there are,things that you can take and and places,you can go like get roman.com Alpha to,actually have somebody help you then you,dont have to actually go talk to your,doctor and like I get it right its,discreet its cheap you got to take care,of it somethings going on and think of,it like your check engine light right if,you cant get it up if something else,going on that you got to deal with with,and while you deal with it you still can,have an enjoyable sex life and so I just,want to do this video guys you know and,let you know that its nothing to be,ashamed about you just gotta deal with,it I need you to understand that that,you can do something about it and um do,it because you deserve it and I think,youre amazing guys thanks for watching,and Ill see you next time

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