1. Everything Wrong With Rons Gone Wrong in 19 Minutes or Less
  2. Rons Gone Wrong Review
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Everything Wrong With Rons Gone Wrong in 19 Minutes or Less

[Music],look im going to send the 50 seconds of,logos of course but im also going to,take the time to send this dumb smashed,up s and t in the word sister here im,sure theres some dumb story about why,its supposed to be that way or some,dumb reason some dumb executive thought,it looked cool but it isnt its dumb it,looks ugly it looks like a mistake i,hate it whats up with movies thinking,tech companies design completely,impractical buildings like this why does,this path to the big bubble wind around,the lake instead of going straight,towards it why is there all this wasted,space inside the bubble why put it on a,dam in a lake in the first place you can,make fun of the apple park ring building,all you want but that thing was designed,for efficiency and workflow not,masturbatory aesthetics,[Applause],well at least the animation on these,characters looked pretty good for 2005.,whats that this came out in 2021 oh,dear god no my garage folks my garage i,mean you can act surprised at all mark,but clearly he was supposed to say this,at this time since the sound person had,his invisible mic on and turned up for,it also who is at this release usually,these things are reserved for the press,investors and maybe a couple of,celebrities but this is a crowd of maybe,10 000 or so people mostly children who,what bought tickets won a lottery were,easiest for the computers to render of,course yes,andrew discount steve jobs my algorithm,for friendship well it used to be yours,now its on the screen so everybody has,it i love coo maybe you should love,distinguishing your os from your ds,this very popular highly specific,repetitive beard pattern so on the one,hand we have technology so advanced that,an ai robot can find friends for you but,on the other no one has created cell,phones that can record clear images in,low light mode an app dedicated entirely,to the monkey this coding is basically,just repeating paragraphs and i dont,care how many times you tell me i refuse,to believe there is anyone who likes,both vegetables and chocolate not a,single person has existed with those,qualifications not one also hair dark is,red hair dark hair i thought red hair,was its own special category like,unicorns infinite downloadable skins no,not infinite the possibilities might be,infinite but there are not infinite,skins currently ready to be downloaded,unless youve said infinite sins which,by the end of this seems much more,possible,no lets make friends with nature,because nothing is outside of bubble hq,but trees and bears yay,i mean why have the handprint outline on,the robot if it doesnt matter if the,hand stays in the print and the director,said lets put an apple in the lunch box,in case feeding him a chicken claw for a,snack wasnt sign enough that gran is an,[ __ ],no youre taking pictures of each other,those are not selfies words mean,something damn it the robot stops the,little person from walking when its,unsafe then creates a pedestrian walkway,wherever it wants to did the bubble,company work with the local government,to redefine jaywalking or something the,movie thinks that we needed to see this,underwater 3d immersion moment with the,bee bot to really showcase how cool the,bots are and how sad it is that barney,doesnt have one but in reality all the,adults are wondering why barney would go,down the embankment under the bridge and,then back up the embankment to get to,the bridge again to go over the bridge,to go to town to get to school were,good barney just go to school we didnt,need to see the 3d water thing were,good ah seriously i know right they,dont come with protective outer boxes,youre transporting them loose in the,back of a van and the vans back door,just happened to come open so the plot,could start so crazy huh,the entire street is filled with,children crossing the road theres no,look left look right when youre,surrounded by a crowd of people who are,already crossing the road these robots,are bad at context clues,to,disney whips out their eye penis and,waves it around in a movie they now own,cliche wheres the camera that is,shooting this angle if it were on the,bot wed be getting double chin and,nasal cam for sure this section of the,school is relatively empty until the,movie needs to point out that barneys,really awkward and then it packs in,children and robots to immediately judge,him for extra emphasis im in your shot,thats so sweet but i havent voted for,that but youre already streaming live,does your filter travel back in time too,this basketball court only has one hoop,even though its a full court paint job,and theres not even a hole on the other,side where it should be it was never,there why paint the whole thing if,youre only putting up one hoop i forgot,my uh,inhaler got it you need to sit down,sitting down does not solve an asthmatic,attack even a fake one this adult should,be fired from adulting hugging a child,with your breasts without consent what,is this dinosaur doing to this other,dinosaur and why do they look so happy,about it this is a cat movie you pervs,also looking over the stall wall for any,reason whatsoever this is not how you,space your computers if youre trying to,work this is how you space your,computers if youre trying to make sure,you have a clear sight line to the,camera angle for when you talk to your,son who just got home from school,standing in the doorway you left open,while in the midst of an important video,chat i always strive to send beaded,curtains it brings me comfort hanging,your laundry directly above where you,prepare and eat your food if a birthday,candle can ignite a tablecloth this,quickly they really should stop dousing,the fabric of lighter fluid i find it,hard to believe that a robot which has,been programmed for perfect friendship,does not have a warning system in place,for bullying these robots are not only,helping a child become isolated but they,are also videoing the taunts and,rejection for live entertainment you,want ipod hot chicken back down your,pants this is a very specific and,unsettling threat that grand casually,makes to children here and im giving,gran a warning sin were watching you,gran if his mom were alive,shed have known that we got a dead,parent in a kids movie cliche i throw,in goat goat for the bee pod why is the,goat in the truck at all does it go,everywhere with them as a possible form,of payment is it like me and my wallet,do they ever get halfway to the best buy,and realize they forgot it at home and,curse for the next five minutes as they,turn around and go back and get it ah,that one fell out of my van earlier,which of course means im just going to,leave it by the side of the road or some,so someone could easily snag it yeah i,thought it was weird too but apparently,the company just doesnt care or even,ask any follow-up questions i might even,sell it to this dad staring wistfully at,me so he can take it home to his kid and,hijack it too its a level 15 easter egg,man youre mine for an hour level 50,[ __ ] who steal your bubble bot,because tech [ __ ] somehow thought,device theft was a feature not a crime,man is 78 a former anti-communist oh,sure this b-bot malfunctions on almost,every level but the exposition chip,appears to be clearly intact this,extremely normal plate being displayed,as if it were decorative once i mend my,own hernia with bread knife and vodka,rose is pulling my head off which is,really strange considering rons little,paddle arms appear to be attached to,richs hat not only does no one see,barney doing this somehow but this store,apparently went with eye scanners as its,single security measure as opposed to,you know monitoring live cameras or,something outside the box like that is,anyone else concerned that the bubble,store is a crusher built into the wall,just on and ready and why is the room,bathed in moody red light instead of,proper lighting needed in a clearly,important storage room no crushing is,not fun it means pushed flattened barney,will now have to figure ou

Rons Gone Wrong Review

[Music],[Music],hi insert registered name,the title may allude to a malfunctioning,robot but little has gone wrong with the,subversive new family film irans gone,wrong which takes a hilarious swipe at,big tech and social media while it asks,an important question do kids today,spend too much time online that doesnt,dampen the fun making for an offbeat,quirky comedy where lasts come in thick,youre supposed,[Music],six,[Music],jack dillon grazer voices barney,podowski whos the ultimate high school,weirdo a geology obsessed nerd from a,poor bulgarian immigrant family growing,up in small town america adding to his,struggles is the fact that his family,cant afford a bee bot the new must-have,toy that follows its owners around plays,games helps with homework and chronicles,just about every moment on social media,thankfully his dad voiced by ed helms,finds a way to get one of these bee bots,on the cheap but as the title notes the,defective robot he gets ron has gone,horribly wrong although ron may be a bit,rough around the edges hes also exactly,what barney needs sure thats a story,weve seen in kids films many many times,before but the addition of social media,and other thoroughly modern pressures,stops rons gone wrong from feeling,stale instead this contemporary twist,tackles growing up in the social media,age like nothing weve seen before,barneys old friends are so obsessed,with their bee bots that theyve,forgotten what its like to really live,recess revolves around bot fights,streaming and publishing memes to,millions of followers but ron has a,better way copy him find that code,id better look into that,at its heart rons gone wrong is a,brutally cutting examination of the,effect big tech has had on childhood,innocence the savage one-liners and,hilarious mishaps often have the same,message the kids arent kids for long,anymore throw in some genuinely,hilarious gags and a touching,relationship between a boy and his bot,and rons gone wrong has all the right,settings it helps that ron is so,strangely adorable zach galifianakis is,excellent as ron a weirdly robotic voice,role that provides endless opportunities,for goofiness comedic timing is the name,of the game and with a steady stream of,quips and cheerfully brutal asides ron,provides comedy gold by the terabyte,olivia coleman as rons maniacal cleaver,wielding grandma is a stroke of genius,too its not the kind of role you expect,to see her in but after a stint in the,mitchells versus the machines it looks,as though shes something of a go-to for,kids films about crazed robots aside,from the heartwarming message at its,core rons gone wrong also takes the,opportunity to poke fun at silicon,valley with justice smith voicing a cool,hip tech bro ceo and rob delaney as his,right-hand man who has some darker,ambitions rons gone wrong is much like,the quirky bee bot at its core a bit,wonky with a whole lot of charm what,begins as a laser targeted precision,engineered family film soon becomes a,bit more unhinged and thats definitely,a good thing the jokes are as unexpected,as they are in genius and with a,heartfelt story at its core rons gone,wrong sets up belly laughs with,surprising regularity youll never hear,the old dial up modem tone the same way,again,[Music],rons gone wrong is a weird quirky,family comedy that pushes all the right,buttons unexpectedly poignant it asks,some big questions about growing up in,the age of social media alongside some,wonderful voice performances from zach,galifianakis and olivia coleman rons,gone wrong offers a heartfelt story of,friendship thats up there with the,likes of e.t and short circuit for more,check out our reviews of ghostbusters,afterlife and no time to die and for,everything else stick with ign,[Music],you

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Rons Gone Wrong – Disneycember

[Music],[Applause],[Music],if you saw the trailers for the movie,rons gone wrong you probably thought,the same thing i did this looks,fine,just in our story about a boy and his,robot those are surprisingly common how,theres something wrong and theres a,secret that needs to be hidden and,theres a friendship thats gonna grow,youve seen the story a million times,truth be told i probably wouldnt even,check it out if it wasnt released by,fox and well fox is a part of disney so,i have to do it for disney summer but i,am so glad i did because i am really not,joking this is a great movie,not perfect but pretty damn close,i went into this film with no,expectations and i found something that,was funny clever heartwarming,surprisingly earning its pg rating and,containing a lesson that i think is more,relevant now than its ever been the,story centers around a kid named barney,an awkward middle schooler who doesnt,have the latest toy a small robot who,will not only be your friend performs,their personality around the kids,personality can take pictures change its,design and of course post all of it,online because thats what really,matters even though that wasnt the,original plan of its inventor he really,wanted a toy that will give kids a,permanent friend for those that cant,really form that many friends but,another owner of the company and more,the businessman who wants to see profits,turn this new toy into an addiction an,addiction that kids cant get enough of,that is except barney who gets a,defective toy he names ron ron was,dropped off a truck and therefore,doesnt work quite right he gets names,wrong he cant always connect to the,internet he doesnt always process,information that great he doesnt really,know how a friend acts so he just kind,of goes off of whatever barney says and,takes it sometimes literally sometimes,abstractly to a fantastic degree,at first the kids dont like ron but,they start to appreciate him because he,does stuff the other toys dont like,break his safety features so he can oh i,dont know beat up kids buy alcohol and,sometimes kidnap people yeah like i said,this movie really does earn its pg,rating as youd imagine though through,rons malfunction he starts to show how,everything else is technically,malfunctioning as its the flaws and,differences that have people interacting,off each other and forming strong,friendships and not algorithms that say,whether or not youre more likely to get,along causing kids to shut others out or,mainly be alone forcing them into a,depression about getting more digital,friends than physical actual friends,okay so if youve been watching me for a,while you know im not a big fan of,social media particularly twitter i know,thats the thing now everybody makes fun,of twitter but even when it was invented,i said it was a bad idea i was even,joking about it on nostalgia critic,episodes still trying to take over the,world with that little twitter invention,of yours,tell me its not making people dumber,tell me its not making them easier to,conquer so clearly im gonna like the,message this film has but whats so,clever is it isnt just showing its all,bad because ron is made by the same,people and he accomplishes what the,original inventor wanted its just his,vision got lost along the way so without,giving away too much the ending isnt,just get rid of all these toys thats,not the answer theres a compromise,thats really pretty damn brilliant even,if it does take an extra third act to,get there yeah okay let me get to the,one problem with this movie and yeah i,wont lie it is kind of a big problem,the film looks like its going to wrap,up it had a third act it had a climax it,looks like everything should be winding,down but nope theres suddenly this,extra climax where they need to break,into the place where theyre made and i,guess i wont give it away but it,involves a lot of sneaking and corny,slapstick and it could have been,integrated into the story a lot better,but like i said the conclusion it comes,to is very smart and very heartfelt this,is another one of those endings where a,sacrifice is made and its actually a,sacrifice something important is lost,for the greater good but even taking the,message out of it the comedy is,hilarious the dialogue is just as good,as anything in the best pixar flick the,toys are also really creative im,thinking to myself man if i was a kid i,would love one of these things i love,all the various things they can do and,different designs and yeah did we,mention yet that disney bought fox,theres a lot of tie-ins there thats,kind of annoying but to its credit its,not free guy bad the acting also,fantastic thats jack dylan grazer as,barney who after shazam and luca is,another incredible young talent you,should keep an eye out for and zack,alvin neckes as ron i kept waiting for,him to kind of slip back into his stage,character you know cynical and snarky,acting like he knows everything but then,comedically its shown that he doesnt,but we never get that he is 100,convincing as this computer thats,growing and trying to understand and the,way his personality grows is totally,believable and likable theres this,running joke about saying the name,alcazar they must do it like a dozen,times in this movie but every single,time they do it i buzzed a gut i laughed,so hard it honestly wasnt until i,started doing research that i realized,what this movie reminded me of because,it was the same director this is one of,the same directors of arthur christmas,one of the best christmas movies ever,made the animated equivalent of hot fuzz,theres so many jokes in it she,literally hasnt directed another film,in 10 years and by god this is a great,return and yes there are other directors,who worked on this and they deserve,credit too but im sorry so much of,arthur christmas is in this movie and i,mean that in the highest respect this is,also apparently the first film from a,new animation company and by god i hope,theres more i could not believe not,only how much i was consistently,laughing with this movie but how,emotionally invested i was in this story,that ive seen a million times but it,really feels like a new and exciting,spin has been brought to it so yeah if,you had the same reaction i did to sing,the trailer oh that looks cute but ill,probably skip it see it man i cant,guarantee youll have the exact same,reaction i did but this isnt just,another forgettable kids movie this is,really well done its funny dramatic,looks great has a wonderful message,memorable characters if they just found,a way to tighten up that other third act,they suddenly slap on id say its damn,near perfect give it a watch and see why,this is a glitch you wont want to fix,[Music],you

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Rons Gone Wrong Review (+ Inside Job – Maya and the Three)

initially i predicted that foxs and,locksmith animations feature rons gone,wrong was going to get a lot of,comparisons to sonys mitchells versus,the machines i pronounced it right but,while there are some similarities even,direct ones like both showcasing minor,dust dustups around an all-encompassing,technology corporation in a world where,that is the only one that everyone uses,with no competition and features robots,where getting broken gives them,personalities making them ultimately,both rip-offs of xr from buzz lightyear,of star command but thats pretty much,it run is absolutely its own respectable,entity and much like the plucky little,robot itself the movie has its own,unique and lovable charm but ultimately,does worse when it tries to fit in with,everyone else barney is the only kid in,his school who doesnt have a bubble bot,a product advertised to be your best,friend but in function really is just a,walking talking tablet after barneys,teacher does something that should get,her fired and his father showcases the,frequent parental hypocrisy of not,wanting his child to become reliant on a,device when he himself needs it to do,his job he manages to get barney a,thrown out broken bee bot that barney,nearly instantly dismisses for not being,able to do everything that he tells it,but soon warms up to it when its,revealed that its parental controls are,off and ergoit can beat up his bullies,for him and thus starts an endearing,story of friendship and questioning our,reliance on technology for it at its,core the growing bond and interaction,between barney and ron is fantastic,showing a lot of growth between the two,as they navigate what it takes to be a,good friend highlighted by the theme of,friendship is a two-way street barney is,your regular shy boy but in a nice,change for the practical outside of one,a-hole its not because every single one,of his classmates is unnecessarily cruel,to him hes just on his own and his,insecurity keeps him from reaching out,to others unless he feels like he has,something in common with them or in hope,that technology will replace all of the,emotional risk of putting yourself out,there while also highlighting that just,having the newest hit product even when,it functions correctly doesnt guarantee,that its going to solve all your,problems or erase all possibilities of,loneliness and in the realm of adorable,fictional robots ron certainly is,another one of those hes a good one but,he is another one hes certainly,adorable with a lot of great repeating,gags when the movie is just on the two,of them the movie is great but then,everyone else in the film tends to be a,bit one note barney does have his loving,connections with his father and,grandmother who admittedly leans a,little hard on the russian archetype but,then at school its the popular girl,vlogger who thankfully they do not try,to pull a romantic arc with and of,course the jackass prankster bully and,as mentioned it does occasionally have,to do with the movie thing where we need,to break away from the genuinely,engaging character moments for more,bombastic chaotic forms of conflict we,need ron to create a massive crisis at,school which leads to the company,needing to recall him and of course the,third act breakup and an elaborate heist,to break into a massive technology,corporation but as it tends to be,following the beats doesnt make it bad,it just makes it regular and the breakup,felt just a little bit more fresh by,happening just a little bit earlier in,the film and not lasting very long it,has its share of the lowbrow kid humor,but not to an obnoxious cringe level and,otherwise a lot of the comedy works,there really is a lot of good setup and,payoff in this film that shows off how,generally well its constructed and i,dont think i heard a single piece of,copyrighted music that i can remember,but if there is a low low point it is,the movies antagonist where the hip,young hoodie wearing friendly face of,the mega tech conglomerate is totally,pure of intentions with the customers,best interest at heart and totally owes,up to his mistakes not to be confused,with the older corrupt evil business,partner who communicates solely in,sentences involving the word,shareholders profit and data mining and,was also just willing to let a child die,for absolutely no reason at all this is,where mitchells unabashedly succeeds,where the friendly face of the company,was also a bit of a corrupt idiot and,the world conquering ai had the barest,amount of sympathy and at least had a,sense of humor yeah this is the kind of,one-dimensional villain that makes me go,yeah lets go back to the twist villains,at least there i know that the writers,thought about this character for longer,than two minutes in comparison erica is,like top tier 1d antagonist now quick,beef one particular negative review,dwelled on it being very anti-technology,and saying we need to put down our,phones and go play in the woods to which,no it really wasnt saying that and bt,dubs the sentiment of blaming technology,for kids not playing in nature may be,mildly accurate but really its because,now were much more set on this idea,that children should be supervised when,they go outside and adults dont want to,go outside with them parents give their,children this technology so theyll sit,still and be quiet besides the scene,where barney and ron go into the woods,is because theres no cameras and they,cant be followed and in the same scene,it showcases exactly why we dont send,kids into the woods alone if there is,anything this movie is critical of like,mitchells its the all-powerful data,mining tech corporation which yes be,critical of that but it is more about,regulation and not relying on that,technology for everything because yes it,is suggesting that this technology has,made making friends slightly more,difficult but its more intricate than,just owning the hip new thing that,everyone else is into which has always,been a thing the films opening scene is,the initial demonstration of the bee,bots during which the bots takes the,childrens likes and uses that to,introduce them to other children in the,same room with similar interests and,thats a decent idea and its not too,different from how many real friendships,starts with some sort of common ground,but the implied drawback is that,assumedly every child uses the bebops,friendship algorithm solely to choose,their friends for them and if barney,doesnt have a bee bot and hence hes,not in the beebot system thats why he,doesnt have any friends and even the,friends he had before no longer hang out,with him supposedly since their,algorithm sent them in the direction of,other friends that they had more in,common with practically it is a tad,hyperbolic but metaphorically it does,highlight the danger of the algorithm,especially since there are kids with bee,bots that apparently just didnt get,matched up with anyone that tied with,its two-street friendship philosophy is,also frowning on the algorithm that if,it only sends you what you already like,youre never challenged and you never,learn to compromise but then theres its,ending which is just one of those yeah i,get what you were going for thematically,but practically it makes less and less,sense the longer you think about it,aside from the thing that happens feels,very similar to a thing that happened,earlier in the film only then it was bad,but now its okay i mean there are some,differences but i just feel like they,kind of want it to end on a bittersweet,note and as said the company advertises,the bot like its a friend but kids,mostly use it as a product how it kind,of should be used but the entire point,of the film is to treat our products,like theyre our friends um that feels,kind of backwards i mean itd be,different if this was a story about,whether or not to give ais free will,but since we are far off from producing,self-aware ai this is about teaching,children how to be real friends by,giving their iphones the ability to sa

Defective, But Enjoyably So | Ron’s Gone Wrong Review

[Music],rons gone wrong,where would we be without our technology,for better or for worse our society has,adapted to become pretty dependent on,them to go through our everyday lives,even you right now consider the device,that youre using to watch this review,and how much you used it as your source,of entertainment or for other,resourceful needs in fact weve pretty,much come to the point where now our,entertainment is taking notice of this,dependency and use it as material for a,new generation of storytelling you know,what this is our last night together how,about we make 10 seconds family eye,contact starting put your phone down now,now youre allowed to blink its just,eye contact and as you can guess many,are not fans of this technology but then,comes rons gone wrong an interesting,animated feature that wants to put its,piece in the discussion that is brought,to us by a newcomer to the animation,scene the london base studio locksmith,animation,but like i said several movies have,already talked about this and some went,on to become highly beloved and,considering how the industry is often,not so kind to newcomers theres a lot,of pressure on locksmith to make a great,first impression with this one,so now that well be seeing the movies,latest tech in action will its audience,have a strong connection to this like,barney and rons or is this movie as,defective as the starring bee bot,lets find out,the story,at first glance this kind of looks like,your boringly typical animated family,film,sure its got that funny baymax-like,robot roaming around but other than that,a lot of it feels like the generic kids,film that tells the same story with the,same message about friendship and to be,very honest a lot of it is,the one big criticism with rons gone,wrong is that its concepts are very,dependent on recycling overused tropes,to tell its story and developing its,characters which the latter ill get to,later for the most part the story is the,same type of et and iron giant-like plot,where a boy grows a bond with the title,supernatural being which in this case is,a broken bubble bot and does everything,they can to protect him from a powerful,entity which here is the apple-like,megatech corporation bubble with that,said the narrative follows the same,footsteps as those similar types of,films from the ups and downs of the,friendship to the runaway chase to,saving the title character to return to,their former selves regardless of what,it tries to do theres no hiding that,this is a very predictable feature,especially when its noticeable that the,storytelling isnt the top priority of,this movie or at least not the most,important aspect to make it its,strongest feature,it does take away a lot of fun when you,can see everything coming of what the,scene is building up to,well almost everything,six,[Music],so if the movies storytelling is not,the movies biggest priority then what,is what else can be more important to,focus on when the materials it has are,so weak,well as it is the case with these types,of stories even if they can repeat,themselves the core of it all is the,bond between the kid and the title,character and this is where all those,problems of its recycled nature actually,dont feel that bad,despite its poor plans it manages to,execute it enjoyably well by carefully,crafting the relationship between barney,and ron,to have their friendship generally,flourish throughout the movie while,delivering a message about what being a,friend means it allows the movie to grow,a strong heart that helps make the movie,more engaging to see not what will,happen to the characters but rather to,the bond and to ultimately see barney be,happier because of the whole experience,fighting you need a stick is this one,good,let me hurt you thats way too big of,course since i did mention how this does,have a heavy theme of technology that,aspect cannot be ignored in this feature,and while it is not the most prominent,component to the point of being all,about that it does supply a commentary,on big tech companies and how their,inventions affect our society,its not the cleverest use and they can,be a little too on the nose on who are,the good guys and bad guys with their,intentions but it does have something,interesting to say regarding our,dependency on devices that can provide,something to think about after the,future,the story is the kind that many have,most likely heard of before and it is,told in the same predictable way that,others have done it but it is not a bad,example of that trope,the animation for many animation fans,they will pay the closest attention to,this element as it is coming from a,first-time potential major studio that,will release their movies on the big,screen worldwide and for locksmiths,theatrical debut,its pretty good,nothing spectacular in the levels of,disney pixar or sonys recent works but,it does present that it has a team that,is capable of making some nice looking,content,im not saying that the visuals have,some real downsides here and its,overall a pleasing looking film to watch,that is very well rendered and the,components like the effects the textures,and the lighting are solid to present,the movies world its just that a good,portion of the picture is well,generic the characters have a typical,design thats more round on their,features and most of it is set in a,typical suburb like barneys house that,has a strong connection to the familys,foreign roots his little shed where he,tries to hide ron the woods where the,duo gets to hide in one scene and his,school that displays barneys lack of a,social life,i have no mega safety controls and stuff,copy him find that code,[Applause],again its not that theyre bad they are,done fine on their own its just that,theres nothing memorable to see in most,of this ill admit that maybe this is,just me because i regularly watch a lot,of movies especially animated films and,we are at an age where having a lavish,visual style has poorly become key to,grabbing the viewers attention and to,get immersed in those features and,because this movie lacks a little,pizzazz in their style it wont make the,movie look bad but its nothing worth,writing about in the long run,now hold on despite the comment i just,made that doesnt mean there isnt any,creativity featured here,in a way the animations unique aspect,and the most interesting ideas to,present have all been encased in the bee,bots,introducing the bee-bot it connects you,to the world like never before,express yourself,sure the human world is boring and feels,like a bland version of real life but,the bee bots and all of their,functionalities help give it full of,life by being this colorful living,smartphone complete with games social,media functions and a wide variety of,downloadable skins,and since this is distributed by 20th,century dont be surprised if you see,disney slipping in some marvel and star,wars onto the box but the most fun part,of the animation is to see run in action,where the animators make the most out of,playing with a malfunctioning version of,their creation and have him carelessly,roam around for the sake of being,barneys friend,funny enough ron actually gives more,believability to the bee bots to show,what they can do and what could go wrong,with them okay great let me look into,that no theres nothing wrong with him,it assaulted a child it didnt assault,him i hit rich belcher it was awesome,but terrible but awesome see,also the elements that are connected to,the bubble corporation like the,headquarters and the stores also have,this vibrant and futuristic look to make,them stand out from the rest of its,environment and to really play around,with the round geometry to build its,overall look,it may not be the most stylized,animation but it is noticeable where a,lot of hard work and a lot of love was,put into,the characters,i can look past it incorporating an,overused story yes it makes it look like,a generic kids flick but at least it,makes up for it with a heartfelt,ex

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