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Roof Maxx Roof Rejuvenation From Start To Finish

hey this is mike with roofmax,technologies and so were on a job today,and i want to show you kind of from the,equipment,to the roof what we look at to determine,if roof max is a good fit for the job,all the way to spraying the job,completing the job so this will be a,really cool video give you a real,good quick understanding of what roof,max is,so this is our spray equipment just a,simple spray unit,not pressure this goes out about like a,garden hose,so this is a 50 gallon drum,and then we have a hundred gallon tank,in the back as well,so that we can do 150 squares per day,one gallon per square,battery operated very simple and weve,got 200 feet of hose,so everythings just pumped from the,ground up to the roof,so let me just show you this is very,simple pull it up to the roof,and there you go this is an older,shingle thats become brittle,lost a lot of degree theres a lot of,degranulation,and the asphalt when you bend it back is,not flexible,it just creases and cracks the shingle,is now broken,so its just lost its ability to,contract and expand,and you know its pretty much at the end,of its life so youll see,once we treat with roof max that well,come back 24 hours later,and youll see that these shingles are,nice and flexible again,so were back here 24 hours after,treating the shingle,so as you can see a lot more flexibility,in this shingle,basically the shingle has restored the,flexibility and,you can feel the gumminess down in the,shingle,so as were spraying this on,its getting a nice even coverage,within 30 minutes this will spray or,soak into the roof itll penetrate into,the shingles,all were doing is replacing the dried,out petrochemical oil thats caused the,shingle to become brittle,with an all-natural bio oil soybean oil,which is called soy methyl ester,within 24 hours this shingle that is,brittle,and snapping off in your fingers the,corners as i showed you earlier,this product will bring it back to,flexibles will show you,tomorrow when we come back out to look,at the roof and it will continue to,rejuvenate the asphalt for three days,at 72 hours thats the maximum,rejuvenation that you get itll become,no more flexible than that,so well like i said all were doing is,replacing all natural,or petrochemical oil with all-natural,bio oil,no overspray issues anything you get it,on it just rinses off with a garden hose,very easy to work with,can apply the product within a half hour,of rain,because its already down into the,shingle,as well as anything over 33 degrees,well thats all there is to it roof max,treatment is quick easy,and affordable

Roofing pliability test: Will Roofers love or hate Roof Roof Maxx technology? Vote in comments/likes

but yes we do have dealers call us back,and say hey you know its been six,months or a year ago and the roof has,come clean because this one you cant do,it right now you cant,theres really not any storm damage,storm chasers is gonna absolutely hate,you most people dont know to have the,roof maintained,and they could have gone another two or,three years wait for some heat,[Music],here one of the jobs with the roof max,in progress we actually,just came down from the roof they,applied product,on the right gable here and actually,seen half and,half next to each other definitely it,looks oily looks,more pliable as advertised go figure,i mean hes been here what for 15,minutes yep house like this how long,will it take,from the time we pull up the tune up the,treatment everything on average,hour and a half depends on the um if,its a steep roof or if its a walkable,or,things of that nature the age of the,roof but notice on the right side how,its already soaking down into the,shingle compared to this left side,its like a sponge its pulling it down,into that into that asphalt,so the tune-up is done beforehand come,in and do all the tune-up work,rubber gaskets around the plumbing boots,if they have rubber gaskets because they,always dry rot,and were just looking for cracked or,missing shingles just general,maintenance to that roof because most,people dont know to have the roof,maintained the big thing with roof max,is if a roof has not been problematic,and its just at end of life or nearing,end of life,even if you think theres another five,or six years left but you havent had a,roof thats had,multiple leaks you know the skylight,leaked and then three years later the,chimney leaked its not a leak solution,when i started in the roofing industry,there was a product called globe,and they made a 20-year product and we,would go in and tear them off that were,25,27 years old and they could have gone,another two or three years i mean there,were pure organic asphalt shingles lots,of asphalt so its all about the asphalt,today because theres less asphalt its,all about keeping oil,in the asphalt petrochemical oil dries,out we put a bio,oil a plant-based oil back in its that,simple and they marry up with each other,perfectly,on the hydrocarbon backbone so another,another thing we do for quality control,is we know how many square feet the roof,is from the warranty,and we can of course easily measure a,roof with satellite or eagle view,whatever,so base it on product versus square,footage sprayed,if you have heavy algae strikes will it,help,to see less of them yes to some degree,at this point,our second patent the one that we have,currently thats thats active in the us,is for uh cleaning functionality so,rejuvenate and beautify,right rejuvenate it and clean were,still working to get that dialed into,where we want to make that claim into,the market,but yes we do have dealers call us back,and say hey you know its been six,months or a year ago and the roof has,come clean,we just dont want to make a broad claim,yet until we know that we,have it dialed in to a certain degree so,this roof,is about 18 years old this roof as you,saw up on the back side that,starting to degranulate on the southern,slope but weve caught this,well get five more years out of this,roof and theres a very good chance,well come out in five years and be able,to treat a second time what does it mean,five years five years no,leaks five years of what were giving,that roof five years more of flexibility,and then well come back out and treat,that roof again,test flexibility yeah so theres an astm,standard,and its called the 45 degree bend test,so thats within our warranty so you,come out and you have to bend it so many,times,uh before it would crease so and thats,what they do for dinner storm chasers is,going to,absolutely hate you because thats a,brittle test youre talking about it is,a brittle test yeah,wait for some hate so insurance,companies,and homeowners will love you guys who,are really thinking outside of the box,and who are green has a green mentality,and theyre going to love you,theres a tool called roof snake its,pretty much so you dont have to lift it,all the way up and you can nail,like re-nail it right so i did a review,of that and,amount of hate came to my channel from,that its horrible so,heres what i want you guys to to do i,want you to vote with your likes or,dislikes,if you dont like this technology and,playability i want you to dislike this,video,and if you like it i want you to like it,i just want to test my audience,absolutely,is it good or bad that you can actually,lift the shingles up and down,for five more years because this one you,cant do it right now you cant,after treatment you will be yes and ill,tell you the,if you are a storm contractor and,theres so many storm retail contractors,or a mixture of both today right so you,get a call from your customer hey i,think ive got storm damage or somebody,told me i have storm damage so you show,up to the home and you come down and say,look,theres really not any storm damage but,let me show you whats going on with,your roof,and you get tons of those calls every,year where you just walk away from the,customer,now you come down and show them whats,truly going on with the roof show them,the southern slope,gutters have two inches of granules,right a crack shingle,exposed nails lifted flashings rubber,gasket on the on the plumbing boots,crack,and then sell them a package for twenty,five hundred three thousand dollars so,they can get more life out of that roof,now it becomes a profit center and,youre doing something that helps the,customer,thats the type of customer that refers,you to neighbors when you become the,roofer thats not in the business of,replacing roofs unless they absolutely,need it,you end up replacing more roofs but you,have to have long,game mentality absolutely so many people,are just coming in,one year one market out of it dont care,love it thank you so much michael,you

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RoofMaxx Field Test

okay tough spot here now got those,marked and soaked already you can see,making this down here how Bill they are,easy and dry it out pretty brutal and,well see how our test set this new say,easy that broke right here,you got a trip right next to the test,subject well try out these tabs let,them soak overnight then see how they,turn out see if they have the,flexibility back and well see if rough,max 45 later a little test site lets,see how were doing flexibility wise,thats pretty good up here,yeah,its like we get some flexibility back,in those shingles,up here this one that broke that one,broke that off and this out here,let me come down there and these lots,more flexibility more years plenty of,life left with these being treated these,last few more years this way theres one,to get a little runoff on it and its,still flexible its got a corner here,breaks this thing almost fold-over wont,break but it did crack going all the way,over,Id say looks like it does make a,difference,the corners we got some runoff Im gonna,only treat these so Im soaking but I,got some runoff from above down here,ribs dried out most flexibility in there,looks like we got some evidence here,that the roof max is maxing out the life,of these shingles,you

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Roof Maxx Treatment Quote


exam this is any with multi man services,talking about the roof max conditioning,treatment what you can do to help extend,the line from your current rough so,heres your roof we went ahead and,measured it and based on the 86 cents of,square foot,where our quote is at for the full,service the 33:39 and that includes a,full roof tune-up and the conditioning,treatment was the roof max oil so we did,come up with like a marketing ambassador,discount theres a few things in your,quote here youll see if you allow us to,leave a yard sign social media post and,then it tells some of your friends and,family and help us out with the video,testimonial we can take about a thousand,dollars off the service to be able to,help you out with the cost and help us,out with marketing we could do we could,spend a lot of money on marketing this,product and service but we figured what,we do is you know make our clients,really happy with their service and then,extend that discount to you with you,helping us out with our marketing so,when we get to your property to do the,service were gonna do a full inspection,were going to look for granular loss,Im like a pic you the pictures you see,here any soil type problems we may have,to do a replacement like this one here,or we might have to do a chimney repairs,and all of this isnt included when we,do a full roof tune-up we fix those leak,prone areas and these are all jobs that,have been at and you know would help fix,so this is an example of what happens to,a roof over time the the shingles start,to lift up the seal tabs start to fail,the shingles are in great condition and,the benefit of the conditioning,treatment for roof max is actually what,it does is it reef reactivates these,seal strips under each shingle and,allows the oil to help glue those,shingles back down heres an example of,what we would do if we found a crack in,one of your soil pipes instead of,replacing that whole thing we can,actually put a new rubber collar over,the top with some sealant and that,youre good to go and save you about,$350 there were going to also look for,nail,throughout your roof and pound those,back down and seal them up that can be,an entry point for water so oftentimes,as the roof grows older this is an,example of a thermal crack and a shingle,is so this can be an entry point for,water were going to seal up any of,those thermal cracks we see and you can,also take a look at a lot of the photos,we hear in many reps we see we will even,do a tune-up on your chimney oftentimes,flashing will start to separate itself,and were going to want to go ahead and,get that to end up as well and these,shingles you may have that are missing,thats included in repair and will if,you have any gaps in your chimney were,going to go ahead and get those sealed,up for in with that roofing sealant yeah,all right its going to move through,this here heres an example of what it,looks like when were doing the roof,treatment and essentially when its a,its a topical its a penetrating oil,its not a topical sealer so as the,product is being treated into the,shingle it looks white and then it seeps,down it looks like normal and there is,an example of what the treatment looks,like theres a hyperlapse one right,there trying to get to a specific photo,here if it will cooperate thanks for,your patience with me right towards,specific photo now heres a couple,examples of what a roof will look like,after treatment the top photo was before,it looks kind of dried out and the,bottom one is after conditioning so you,can kind of see based on the color,difference a little drier and it looks,more hydrated so thats thats a nice,feature of the conditioning treatment,but keep in mind the only thing that,this does is,is rehydrate your shingles and helps it,remain flexible its not going to do,anything for cleaning for you I mean,over time it may help out with the algae,but the main purpose of this product is,to rehydrate your shingles allowed to,expand the contract and it adds that,five-year life to your rough so thanks,so much for taking a look at this,product we look forward to working with,you if youd like to take advantage of,this thousand dollar discount wed love,to work with you and and and provide,amazing service for you my name is Eddie,itll either be me and my father-in-law,Stan thatll do the service for you,otherwise do you have any questions,about the service I dont hesitate to,revisit this video I filmed itll be,right at the top of your proposal here,and well take good care yeah thank you,so much and well talk soon,[Music]

Worst Roof Ever Roofing Scammer!

do you homeowners looking at getting an,estimate for your roof if youre,looking at getting estimates and getting,your roof project started watch this,first to the end,check this video out it might help save,you a lot of money so i get an online,request for the company to give an,estimate for a house right over here,ill show you here in a minute,i see the email come through its kind,of in the area where im at so i called,the guy because i had a question in the,description he said that,it was some areas needed finished that,there was already a previous contractor,here,the guy didnt vet the guy didnt check,him out didnt dig into it to make sure,so a couple little pointers,if youre going to get somebody to do,your roof dont just shop by price,and also you got to vet them you got to,go through read the reviews dig,into them see if theyre legit see if,they register with the state,see if they have to have licensing in,your town or city or wherever youre,looking and watching from,if theres any special codes that need,to be followed if they need to be bonded,or insured in your area thats kind of a,misconception theyre not everywhere is,hell in my town you dont even have to,get permits or inspections but to the,point of the video,the guy was taking advantage of ill,show you some things up here i just,got here and i can just see from the,ground this is gonna be a good one get,the gopro out put the,cougar paws on because its just a,little pitchy so were gonna go up there,set the ladder up if i can find out,later when i talk to this guy in my,findings who did this and might try to,i dont know i got to be cautious i,dont my intent is not to slam people,and ruin their reputation their,companies but this guy did a damn good,job of that by himself,so let me put gopro on and were going,to go up there its a,a nice warmer day,mid december 2020 right now,during the whole pandemic and i just,didnt want to come out next,week it was an area like i said i wanted,to just lay eyes on this,ill work the rest then later and,communicate to him,got some debris here,[Music],gutters already dinged up so just,pulling up from down the road there,i noticed there were gables uncut there,were,ridge is undone theres material left up,on the roof,so im just gonna just get an overall,glimpse of whats going on here,a few things just kind of catch my right,now lets see,something raised up right there got a,nail right there in the drip groove,it doesnt appear to be actual starter,because you got the seal strip on the,shingle nothing on this the nails,see right here let me get the camera up,in there,you got some under driven nails right,there,you got another one here on a hot summer,day this will pop up and break,but theres just a few right here thats,a couple of big strikes instantly,if you look you can kind of see some,others raised up i guess thats,probably more of them theres another,big one right up there,so is an installer,ive installed a long time when you see,nails raised up theres few remedies you,simply change the depth of your gauge,you turn up the air pressure or you pull,the good old hammer hatch it out you,smack it down,theres three right there this im gonna,bet right now,willing to bet a paycheck on it its not,just this its probably throughout the,whole roof or at least where,this roofer was lets check out some,more stuff here,pretty bad quality on,the actual install,looks like it was a left-handed roofer,the powder or they just decided to go up,the valley that way,not cutting your lead i mean nowadays,the cost of material right now why,wouldnt you pre-cut your lead it saves,material it saves debris going into our,landfills,its just overall a bad way of doing,things especially nowadays when square,edge or,cost of roofing is so high right now i,mean 70 80 90,a square depend upon your brand pre-cut,your lead saves a lot,boy they just careless on this install,never finished it,iko cambridge dual black,box of nails just sitting up here,hip was never put on,theres another shingle right there with,the nail busted up so what you,end up is all the water up here,gathering wow look at this,theres a raised nail theres a raised,nail theres two raised nails theres a,raised nail,from this angle you can see them,everywhere the gopro doesnt have a good,optical lens it doesnt even have one,but look at that,i mean how do you not know that that did,that on a hot summer day this is going,to break right through,theres another one and theyre,everywhere theyre scattered all over,the place,this is going to look like crap right,there but anyway so you get the water,run off comes down,now you got this big stream of water,running down and it hits this nail right,here and its gonna,cause an issue theres another one i,dont know when this roof is installed,but these are obviously,its gonna be an issue its around the,whole roof lets check out some flashing,i dont know why youre lazy and just,shoving some really thin mill finish,flashing up in here like that instead of,going behind it,cutting it adding it sawzalling it shove,and hold it whatever,thats a buggered up mess piece of,flashing missing,it doesnt even look like they may even,flashed it right theres old flashing in,there then heres some new,its up high this piece should be slid,down to here,thats a rotted piece of wood under here,theres also a hole,theres a helicopter i need to tear that,just to get into here show you,this roof is bad its got to come off,there you go without tearing shingles,see that slit in that piece of flashing,this one was carelessly just shoved,right too its not extending at all so,water is just going to be coming into,here thats not good,look at this theres a shingle butt,right here with a,starter butt right there again theres,no,tar on it which shingle starters,have tar on them,no ice and water on the bottom thats a,bad sign when you get water waking up,that high on a steep pitch roof,lets just check a few other little,areas out here,lets check this chimney out,no new flashing added it appears,anywhere they use the old flashing,nails and holes theres a hole right in,a really crucial area,nothings extended i would wager to say,theres probably water going to be,gushing in through this thing,the chimney needs some attention,yeah this is nails,this is bad if you get low look at this,raised nails everywhere,my god how do you not know your gun is,not driving them down i mean thats i,get my finger under there,thats 3 8 of an inch up,blue theres one ray,real high,pipe boot the cheapest you can,absolutely go plastic,drip groove near it not good nails are,not in good spots because the water,running down those areas,they did a really bad job cutting the,shingles around it its like they just,butt them in and whatever you probably,dont have any nipped corners water,trickle over just,not good,riser pulls unfinished shingles missing,you can get retro split boots to,actually go around this and not even,have to kill your service,uh not even tar around it i mean ive,seen guys with gloves and a bucket of,mud smear on there better than that,this looks messed up,see what we got going on here it looks,like a shingle just thrown in there,now thats part of this shingle crossing,over the flashing i mean again my,goodness we just lets nail it right to,the face it looks like crap,why couldnt you just hide it behind,there slice it put it behind it whatever,or even get a piece of white coil stock,and go all the way up under your apron,or edge metal,instead weve got a gaping hole right,there,and a cut shingle right here where water,is going to go in this is going to be a,leak,got a section here its completely,unfinished no flashing nothing,just not good,some crazy shift work here so you,probably havent i guess it doesnt,matter,you have more issues than that to worry,about,again lets just ram the,edge metal all the way up in there lets,leave it out here lets use old,flashing lets leave the piece missing,you can see siding right there subsiding,same thing down

Roof Maxx Quote South Beloit Wisconsin

okay were doing a quick roof inspection,here in south beloit this roof here,um is,starting to show signs of the aggregate,falling off the gutters im into the,gutters and,you see the black asphalt being exposed,here with,less asphalt when we do a roof,inspection we look for granular loss,seal tab failure,and then we also look at the deep,flashing details all the leak-prone,areas,um you know for the most part it seems,like,the the shingles are glued down really,good the seal tabs are staying,starting to glue up a little bit here,heres an example of the,the seal strip under each shingle,essentially what that does is ensures,that when it gets windy,the shingles are like one solid piece,and over time,those will start to release and dry out,but,the benefit of a conditioning treatment,is that it,ultimately will prevent the,seal taps from drying out and will help,re-adhere those,heres an exposed nail i dont really,like the position of its like right in,a valley,um but well go ahead and pound that,down and put some roofing sealant,over that um for the most part it seems,like the,the flashings are about normal,for an older this is definitely a,replacement these are original,um but uh we could uh put a little more,sealant in,and some of these places over these,nails here,now the benefit of the roof max,conditioning treatment is it actually,extends the life of the roof by another,five years rehydrating the shingle,allowing it to expand and contract,remain flexible and well go over there,and inspect that roof there quick and,see how we can improve the life,of these roofs so by the time i get over,there,if you could watch this brief,informational video that explains of,ultimately how roof max can help extend,the life of your roof,okay doing the second roof inspection,here on the property got the two,uh roofs um the rest of this roof,um a lot of things going on with this,roof,uh this is definitely worse than the,last one um so before we get started on,doing any maintenance to this roof wed,have obviously have to get all this,debris off the roof,um and while were up here you know,cleaning the debris off we can easily,clean out these gutters those are pretty,full,um got some things going on with the,shingles if you,take a look from this angle here you can,kind of see the waviness,of the of the roof,so and then were starting to get some,some nail pops here,uh where the nails are popping up the,shingles are glued down really good,nails pops are starting you know you can,see that one really popping up,so um its pretty rare to see a roof,this condition where the,its definitely a savable roof and its,definitely worth treating,um but kind of taking back on all of the,the waviness to the shingles its really,only on this small section right here,its not everywhere you got a lot of,granular,aggregate still left to your shingle,here,definitely signs of of wear and tear,you see closely here with the aggregate,the fiberglass and the asphaltic being,exposed,um really this is the worst part of your,roof right here,this side isnt too bad so when you do,go to replace your roof i,definitely suggest to re-sheet this side,and this side,these are really only worst shingles you,have on the roof,basically they have lost a lot of,of their asphalt super easy just to lay,some,new ridge cap over those and just call,it good until you replace the roof,i believe you can get another five years,out of this roof i mean it looks really,bad and looks pretty rough but,um ultimately what were going to do is,help rehydrate the shingle,to be able to expand and contract and,prevent those future nail pops,so when we come to do the service the,first thing well do is obviously blow,all that stuff off the roof,and sweep it off and then um clean out,the one gutter there i dont think you,have any more gutters on the house,and then well do a full roof tune up,and nail down any,nail pops that we got and seal those,shingles down,and then proceed with the the the,treatment,uh were gonna need to uh update some of,the uh,the flashing uh sealing on here,let me know if you currently have any,leaking in this roof thatd be good to,know,see some pretty extensive tar patching,in this valley here,not sure how far it goes up due to the,debris on the roof,but um im going to encourage a,tune-up treatment on both on these three,roofs here,and then a secondary price to,to do the the other roof over there,thanks for having me out here uh not,only do we do,you know roof maintenance roof,preservation and roof rejuvenation but,we also do,siding cleaning low pressure soft wash,cleaning uh theres various spots on,your house where there,could be some better flashing some,better siding that might be,but for the most part a good start would,be to get the house soft washed its a,low,detergent based cleaning process low,pressure cleaning process no high,pressure,they can put our hands in front of all,the tips that we use to wash the siding,and the detergent does most of the work,for us essentially when you,when you get algae and growth like this,really thats going to need to be you,know killed with an algae,and a,algaecide and well get all that rinsed,off on all,all the sidings off at fascia gutters,and get that cleaned up for you,so the house will be nice and pretty,once again the siding will will be clean,and,free of any of this lichen that can,cause permanent damage so,be nice to see a nice clean house so,uh my name is eddie multi-man services,uh we offer the roof max uh,roof rejuvenating product and uh,i hope this video was was helpful in,explaining some of the things that are,going on with your property,look forward to working with you please,call my personal cell if you have any,questions were a small,locally owned business autobeloy we,actually live five minutes from here,and uh we really look forward to working,with you and networking with you on,future projects thank you so much,take care

Should I Become a Roof Maxx Dealer?

welcome my name is mike feazel im ruth,maxs ceo and im real excited to tell,you about our dealer opportunity and why,its such a unique program compared to,anything else offered in the market,roofmax is really unique,because of the simplicity of the,application,you know with with most home service,businesses and like my old roofing,company,it was 20 25 get the business,and you know 75 lets say get it done,the aft the application or replacing an,entire roof its you know its very,labor intensive,ruth max is about 95,getting the business and only about five,percent getting it done its very very,simple its just a simple spray-on,application the product does all the,work,so it really doesnt take a high skill,level,the majority of our dealers are not,contractors,a good percentage of a good percentage,of our dealers come from,the sale sales and marketing backgrounds,so um its just very unique from that,from that aspect so its very scalable,our average job takes less than two,hours,and our average ticket is 2500.,with roofmax we set it up to where we,only make money when you buy product,from us so if we dont support you we,dont win,and thats it its just really that,simple i feel its a more fair business,model so were very incentivized to work,together as a team what weve built out,with roofmax and why its so unique is,weve built out and all of the tools all,of the departments all of the support,that a successful franchise would offer,but without the royalties without the,monthly,advertising fees and all the other costs,associated with the successful franchise,the process is very simple you become a,dealer you go into our onboarding,process which takes we have dealers that,get onboarded in literally within two,weeks,but on average were within 60 days once,youre onboarded,then you go to the next level which is,you become a certified dealer and then,our dealer support team our dealer,success team takes over,we have regional events we have,ongoing,online training,and were always you know just a phone,call away so weve really set up a very,strong support network we also have a,facebook group for all of our certified,dealers where theyre asking questions,amongst each other,we really promote,unity,so we see,all of our dealers dont see each other,as competition,together we collectively build the brand,and and thats extremely important we,want,we want the team aspect and weve done a,great job,as our dealers have and its just really,one big family and its its very,very important aspect of building this,brand,every day there are 18 000 roofs,approximately replaced in the united,states every day and thats just,residential homes its not,condominiums thats not churches and all,the other commercial structures that,have asphalt shingles,85 of all steep slope,properties do have asphalt shingles in,the u.s so its just a massive massive,market one percent just one percent of,roofs to be treated in the u.s,residential homes would be a 2.58,billion dollar new industry,and if we catch a roof early enough we,can treat it as many as three times so,literally doubling the life of a roof,and i believe well be there in a few,short years three four five years down,the road as we continue to grow this,market,roof restoration is here to stay weve,proven that without a doubt,todays roof on average cost over twelve,thousand dollars,our average treatment is twenty five,hundred dollars so were just a fraction,of the cost,todays roofing products weigh one-third,less than they did when my brother and i,started in the roofing industry back in,the mid 80s,my brother todd and i have been in the,roofing business for over 30 years and,so we watched the market change and so,we decided to do something about it and,thats how roof max came about,were the fastest growing roofing,company in the united states today and,we dont replace roofs and were also,one of the fastest growing business,opportunities in history we literally,went from within a 12-month period we,went from zero,to over 250 dealerships,in over 700 locations for us the perfect,partner is someone whos highly,motivated,very excited and passionate about what,they do,they dont need roofing experience they,really dont need construction,experience of course they would have to,be comfortable climbing a ladder and,learning some just very basic roof,maintenance but,again our average project were in and,out in an hour and a half,the majority of the job is just spraying,the roof with roof max and again roof,max does the rest of the work,[Music],the technology is very simple its a,soy-based treatment that penetrates when,we spray applied it penetrates down into,the shingle,and restores the shingles flexibility,petrochemical oil within the asphalt is,what keeps it flexible and waterproof,when its manufactured during new,manufacturing shingle,but that petrochemical oil dries out it,dries out over time and for the same,reason you get a pothole in the road,its why a roof needs to be replaced,ultimately the oil dries out,the shingle becomes brittle,it blows off cracks leaks,100 natural its plant-based its safe,for people pets property obviously for,the environment which is very important,so its real game changer for the,roofing industry and and whats unique,about it is you can start off small with,one territory or two territories and as,you grow,and the opportunity can grow with you,you can add more territories you can,continue to grow your business if you,choose so again very flexible business,model which is very unique,the ability to start a business,literally with buying a trailer,wrapping a trailer and and our spray,equipment being installed in the trailer,its very very simple that upfront cost,is its not expensive its not a big,commitment,especially for the dealer whos just,wanting one location or one territory,the roof max opportunity really has two,tracks you know one track is the,individual whos wanting to start a,business,maybe has never started a business in,the past,doesnt have a lot of capital,and we offer all of that support and,help you build the business uh and,youll youll grow and have that,experience of being an independent,business owner which is very exciting in,itself,but then we also have the other track,the other side which is we have very,large companies that come in,by multiple territories our largest,dealer has over 80 territories,and has a very successful business,already and hes adding ruth max to that,and and building the brand,alongside his other company,you know what excites me about our,business model and its stories from our,dealers different dealers like kenny,robinson for example,kenny came on he was a police officer,his wife was a dispatcher and he just,wanted to replace his wifes,income so she could quit her job she was,pregnant with her with their fifth child,i believe,and they were able to replace her income,within two weeks and now theyre,building the roof max business together,and its really just been life-changing,for them i would say that tells the,story of ruth max and the potential of,what what this opportunity brings for,the right dealer for the right partner,of course in the early stage of building,any business theres a lot of energy,that needs to be put in theres a lot of,focus that needs to be put on it and all,of that is simply because of the,opportunity that roof max provided to,them,so if youre interested in learning more,the next step is to schedule an,appointment with someone from our dealer,services team theyll walk you through,everything step by step and answer all,of your questions and help you decide if,ruth max is a good fit for you,thanks for watching so in 2019 the,profit that we made was approximately 50,off all the money that we generated from,the roof max sales which was 500 000 in,2020 our goal is to do a revenue of 2,million,in 2020 my goal is to spray 400 000,square feet and 300 000 in revenue if i,keep my margins where they were the,first year and keep tight ship on that,ill be ill be reall

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