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  3. Roomba e5 Review
  4. iRobot Roomba E5 review
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iRobot Roomba E5 Review

this is a review for the irobot roomba,e5 the e5s airflow was measured at 8,cfm,its suction was measured at 0.06 kpa,unlike most other robot vacuums on the,market the e5 has two brush rolls,instead of one the extra brush roll,increases carpet agitation but also,increases the overall surface area of,the brushroll compartment,this extra surface area effectively,reduces the airflow and suction through,the compartment,largely because of its extra brush roll,and despite its low airflow and suction,the e5 performed very well in our carpet,stress test it didnt have any trouble,picking up any of the debris types used,for this test,in our carpet deep clean test the e5,picked up six grams of debris after,three passes over an area of carpet,embedded with 30 grams of fine debris,the e5 performed very well in our hard,floor stress test and once again didnt,have any trouble picking up any of the,debris types used for this test,despite having only one side brush the,e5 also performed very well cleaning,edges this robot utilizes random padding,to move around when cleaning and this,padding allows it to approach a lot of,edges head on which is good for cleaning,them it also does this unique circular,movement against edges to clean them,better and it also did this parallel,movement close to the edge more,frequently than most other random,padding robot vacuums we tested which,further helped it clean edges better,over time,the e5 did not perform well in our robot,vacuum crevice test even after extensive,run time it still could not pull most of,the debris out of the crevice used for,this test,in our human hair pickup test the e5,picked up all the hair but most of that,hair wasnt pulled into its dustbin,fifty to seventy percent of the hair it,picked up tangled around its side brush,and around its brush rolls and had to be,cleaned off manually though it was,extremely easy to remove the brush rolls,and it was also extremely easy to remove,hair from them because of their unique,bristles design,in our pet hair pickup test the e5,picked up and collected most of the pet,hair used for this test in its dustbin,though it did have more trouble pulling,certain types of air underneath it than,most other robot vacuums we tested,and certain tufts also got stuck,underneath it instead of being vacuumed,all the way up into its bin more so than,was the case with most other robot,vacuums we,tested tested the robots cleaning,efficiency and coverage in two different,environments an empty room and a,cluttered room,in our empty room testing we see the,e5s random cleaning pattern,demonstrated quite well we also see very,good even coverage across the whole room,in our cluttered room testing we again,see the robots random cleaning pattern,and we again see very good even coverage,a special note is the fact that the e5,gets especially good coverage underneath,the chair frame used for this test many,other random pathing robots we tested,did not get as good of coverage in this,especially challenging area of the room,other important specifications and test,results we considered for this review,are summarized here,note especially how there are no,boundary accessories included with the,e5 though you can buy irobot virtual,wall barriers separately and use them,with the e5 to keep the robot out of,certain parts of rooms and or certain,whole parts of your house,also note the e5s run time bin volume,and noise output and how those,specifications and test results compare,to the average for all the random,pathing robots weve tested so far,lastly note the robots diameter and,height,these dimensions make the e5 an average,sized robot vacuum,moving on to what we like and dislike,about this vacuum first lets talk about,what we like the e5 picks up most debris,types very well on both carpets and hard,floors it also cleans edges very well,its bristles brush rolls dont tangle as,easily with longer hair and its also,very easy to detangle its brush rolls,the robot also gets excellent coverage,even in challenging cluttered,environments moving on to what we,dislike about the e5 it did struggle,picking up pet hair more than most other,robot vacuums we tested its,considerably louder than the average,robot vacuum we tested and its one of,the more expensive random padding robot,vacuums on the market in terms of,general recommendations the biggest,obstacle keeping the e5 from being,recommended is its price the e5 is a,random padding robot and as such should,be compared to other random padding,robots and in comparing it to other,random robots the one thing that stands,out about it is its price the e5 is,usually at least 100 more expensive than,any budget random padding robot we,recommend,for that higher price the only thing the,e5 does considerably better than those,random pathing robots we recommend is,that it doesnt tangle as easily with,longer hair,and that one positive is not enough to,justify its much higher price,so we generally do not recommend the e5,and recommend you go with a cheaper,alternative instead well have links to,those alternative options as well as all,of the robot vacuums we recommend in the,description of this video thank you for,watching

Roomba E5 Review [The Best Entry-Level Roomba?]

hi welcome back in this review we will be  looking at roombas latest entry level option  ,the e5 ive been testing this robot for the  past week and im excited to share with you  ,the results and much more i robot released the  e5 to address some of the issues plugging the  ,older 600 series robots one of which is the  amount of hair that handles on the main brush  ,so instead of reusing the traditional brushes the  roomba e5 now has the same rollers found in the  ,higher end i-series models like the i3 and i7  these extractors dont require as much upkeep  ,and surprisingly did well cleaning embedded sand  on carpet which ill share later on first ill  ,quickly go through the features before moving to  the pros and cons most of the upgrades with the e5  ,are cosmetic the button interface is different  from the 675 and 690 with three separate round  ,buttons for the home clean and spot functions the  robots size remains the same at 13 inches wide  ,and 3.7 inches tall so it will fit under  furniture with at least 3.8 inches of clearance  ,the dust bin still loads from the rear but  the release latch is at a different location  ,and pops out when you push it may look smaller but  the e5 dustbin is bigger with a 0.5 liter capacity  ,with the motor out of the way it is washable  but the hepa filter isnt underneath it has  ,the same layout as the 600 series robots but  with one significant difference the rollers  ,these rubber extractors are a huge upgrade  not only because it requires less maintenance  ,but it provides better agitation which  brings me to the pro section of this,product,despite the low airflow the e5s ability to pick  up debris is one of the best ive seen at this  ,price point it will make clean passes regardless  of debris type this robot will clean stuff like  ,sand dust quinoa pet leader and even large stuff  like cheerios these rubber extractors have deeper  ,grooves than the roomba 980 giving it better  agitation in fact it had one of the highest scores  ,of all robot vacuums ive tested for deep cleaning  carpet with an average of 89.66 percent in three  ,tests its the best budget robot ive tested so  far for cleaning embedded sand on mid pile carpet  ,its also great at cleaning sand on hard floors  where it picked up a thick patch with one pass  ,compared to more expensive robots like the s5 max  the passes were cleaner again the excellent design  ,of the rubber extractors is the primary reason  for this high score however extra large stuff  ,like froot loops could potentially clog this  area before the dustbin and latch holding the  ,extractors in place another benefit of the rubber  extractors is it resists tangles better in small  ,doses hair strands will not wrap on the rollers  only on the axles removing hair from this area is  ,easier than cutting strands from the brush however  longer strands of hair six inches and above will  ,wrap on the rollers the dust bin is larger with  50 more volume than the 675 and 690 plus it has a  ,hepa filter so it sifts allergens better even with  random navigation coverage is decent i scattered  ,quaker oats all over the room and the e5 picked up  most of it only missing spots on these areas and  ,it took 22 minutes to clean this 128 square foot  zone climb ability is decent as it went over rugs  ,0.5 and 0.8 inches tall however it had to approach  the 0.8 inch rug at an angle to get over it,one of the most significant drawbacks of  the roomba e5 is the lack of airflow it only  ,recorded 6.97 cfm in its one power setting lower  than a 675 that had over 8 cfm i saw the effect  ,of this during the cleaning tests on several  locations it left a small portion of debris on  ,the cleaning head module granted these tests are  extreme and not likely what youll encounter daily  ,but its something worth pointing out if you  have to use this robot to clean bigger messes  ,the next issue is the fast spinning side brush it  was one of my pet peeves with a 600 series robots  ,and the issue lingers in the e5 its most  prominent on hard surfaces where the side  ,brush scatters debris to a larger zone youll  encounter this issue to a lesser degree on carpet  ,but fibers provide more friction so the spread  isnt as wide i was hoping for a better result  ,in the hair tangle test with the rubber extractors  but it was below my expectations after the 1 gram  ,5 inch test hardly any hair wrapped on the  rollers but this much wrapped on the axles  ,with 7 inch hair there are three possible outcomes  hair wrapping on a side brush rollers or axles  ,another wrinkle i added to the test is weighing  the amount of hair on the bin and brush  ,the e5 picked up forty percent  of hair after the five inch test  ,and thirty percent after the seven inch test  these arent great numbers but much better  ,than the roomba six seven five and six nine zero  where most of the hair wrapped on a brush roll  ,it tends to bump into obstacles hard youll  see in this overhead shot the e5 pushing the  ,alcohol dispenser towards the bunk bed unlike  higher end robots like the s5 max that slow down  ,the roomba e5 does not slow down as much so  theres a higher risk of scuffing furniture  ,next well look at the other facets of  the e5 that are neither a pro or a con  ,first is the dustbin i like that its washable  has a decent capacity a hepa filter and a more  ,secure latch with a release tab but emptying it is  a bit more challenging than the 600 series because  ,of the smaller opening youll need a wide trash  bin to empty this to prevent unnecessary messes  ,while it can navigate around cramped zones  decently the roomba e5 can get stuck on furniture  ,like this office chair i had to lift it for the  robot vacuum to resume cleaning if you have a  ,chair like this i suggest removing it before  running this robot this robot isnt absurdly loud  ,but its not quiet either i measured noise levels  at 65.6 decibels so its not something youd want  ,to use at night the e5 is compatible with the  irobot home app but you wont get much in terms of  ,features it provides remote access and scheduling  the latter is limited as users can only schedule  ,cleaning once a day for additional cleanups  youll have to press the clean button manually  ,edge cleaning is a mixed bag when i used coffee  grounds it actually picked up a decent amount  ,but with heavier debris like pet hair  it had worse results to conclude this  ,review the roomba e5 is in my opinion the best  alternative among our robots entry-level options  ,because of the upgrades that address two  critical issues with the 600 series robots  ,the rubber extractors dont require as  much maintenance and deep cleans better  ,it has a larger washable dustbin with a hepa  filter so it holds more dirt and filters better  ,if this review has been helpful to you please  give it a thumbs up and subscribe links are in  ,the description for more information thanks again  for watching and ill see you in the next video,you

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Roomba e5 Review

hoy a nosotros mezclas de la aspiradora,roomba 5 que hemos podido probar es muy,muy fácil de utilizar pues estáis,pensando en comprar una aspiradora arroz,esta es muy buena opción,os voy a enseñar un poco cómo funciona,tiene aquí dos cepillos de silicona que,se mueven al lado contrario uno levanta,la suciedad y otro la recoge luego este,cepillito de aquí ahora veréis cómo,funciona sirve para ir dando a las,esquinas y bordes como veis la,aspiradora es redonda si tenemos por,ejemplo que limpiar esa esquina con,estos bordes va sacando la suciedad y,luego la recoge y luego tiene estas,ruedas que como veis pivotar y que,sirven para que pueda ir por toda la,casa y seco no tiene es una alfombra y,tiene que levantarse pueda acceder a,esos a esos lugares que están un poquito,más altos entonces la aspiradora viene,así la sacamos directamente de la caja,viene con esta base que es la base en,carga,la ponemos aquí estallar esta está,cargada se viene con un poquito de carga,y una de las cosas que más me ha gustado,hay dos cosas fundamentales que me han,gustado entonces una de ellas es que,viene con una aplicación y ves la,aplicación,nosotros podemos programar por ejemplo,si queremos que los sábados a las 6 y 4,de la tarde por ejemplo o los lunes a,las 9 de la mañana a las 10 de la mañana,se ponga en funcionamiento entonces,nosotros lo dejamos así programado y,directamente la aspiradora se pondrá en,funcionamiento que nosotros no estemos,en casa que quiere decir que estamos va,a permitir que por ejemplo si no,queremos que la aspiradora funcione,cuando estamos en casa ella limpia,directamente,la programa mus y se va a poner en,funcionamiento otra de las cosas que,esto funciona eso a través del móvil de,entonces el instalar la aplicación es,muy fácil porque va con el wifi de casa,tenéis que que en el post que os explico,porque a mí me la dejé en un sitio que,no había buena cobertura me costó un,poquito cargarla pero luego descubrí que,era que la porque no voy a cobertura y,pues muy fácil entonces directamente la,mousse aquí y la aspiradora empieza a,funcionar,[Música],cuando la máquina,con ella,[Música],como veis puede acceder al vales debajo,de la cama,la prensa,el lobo funcionando y va limpiando pues,también dependiendo de la sociedad que,tengamos del pasado pues va más rápido y,detecta que una sociedad pues se va se,va montando a la sociedad,luego hay otros modelos,a pie en la casa,y por qué hacer,[Música],me ha pasado en la aplicación también,hay un momento,[Música],de la aplicación,también podemos ver por ejemplo aquí se,conecta y podemos ver la basura cuánta,cuánta basura tiene ya acumulada para,poder limpiarla y,para los cuidados que necesito es pasar,y él a ti para localizarla por si acaso,mi casa como una pequeña localizada pero,por si acaso no,no queremos saber dónde están otra cosa,importante es este botón que tiene una,casita entonces si nosotros queremos que,link de la casa que directamente se vaya,al cargador donde no lo hemos puesto le,damos aquí,el robot hace toda la limpieza y luego,se va directamente a la zona de carga y,en este acceso es lo que viene que es,una pantalla virtual qué quiere decir,esto que nosotros yo por ejemplo,imaginaros que tengo en aquella parte de,un jarrón que no quiero algo bueno que,no quiero por ejemplo que acceda a la,cocina le pongo este esta pantalla,virtual que puede ser tanto como,horizontal como lo hace en círculo y,directamente no va a pasar de aquí yo me,gusto aquí y la aspiradora,a veces sí,yo lo puedo enseñar,la aspiradora vamos a poner y ahí nos va,a pasar

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iRobot Roomba E5 review

hey everybody welcome back to the,channel and today we have a robot vacuum,cleaner the irobot roomba e5,and what im going to do im going to,share with you my experience,of buying it owning it and using it for,about seven weeks and also you know my,overall thoughts and impressions and,would i recommend this to you,lets talk about it,[Music],okay so lets just kind of take an,overview of my ownership and how i came,to own this robot,i was in sams club and they have you,know several different of the robot,vacuum cleaners and they had this one,for sale and it was for sale for 199,now right before i filmed this video i,went back and got on amazon search for,uh,roomba e5 the cheapest price i could,find was 250 bucks,so even,seven eight weeks out still got a really,good deal and i dont know if this is,something that was particular to sams,club but you can see here it included,three,extra,hepa filters now the roomba,comes with one already installed but you,got three spares,so i dont know if thats something that,was the same exclusive or you know,whatever but you got them,so,who needs something like this,and,to answer that question,first let me explain my environment okay,all the common areas of my home are lvt,flooring,and tile,i have two dogs,one of which is a golden retriever,and i have three girls in my house,so,we have a lot of hair,pet hair,so yeah it gets pretty rough around here,and,this vacuum cleaner,does in in my experience with it in,about seven eight weeks,it does awesome it does an awesome job,okay,so,i guess first lets just talk about what,you get,okay this is a picture of the actual,robot,okay,and in the box,what you get,is the roomba,you get,this which is the charging,slash,home base i guess it has these two,charging tabs on it and it has a sensor,up here,so that when you tell the roomba to,return home,it will try to pick up the,signal from that and try to drive its,way back,to,that,and of course i got these three free,little hepa filters,okay,so,let me get the actual roomba and this is,the actual roomba,this is actually what it looks like of,course i know you you know maybe youve,seen one maybe you have one,maybe you have a competitive product to,this,but let me just say,this okay,this being the e5 this is not like the,what i dont know they have one like,called an i9 thats like a thousand,bucks,the way that this guy right here,navigates,is strictly off of some kind of,algorithmic formula,that uses these bumpers on the front of,it it runs into everything it just,drives along hits something and,i guess through some kind of computer,programming that is embedded in it,it will change directions and it does,these patterns,so,its not like when you when you tell it,to clean its going to detach from the,base,turn,and start doing like these you know,rows its not going to do that its kind,of a zigzaggy,kind of,way that it you know it vacuums but,believe it or not even though,it is somewhat random,it does a really good job,we like to laugh when we tell the roomba,to do a cleaning job because in our home,it likes to go,to our dining room,and get in the corner of where the,chairs are because we dont pull the,chairs up,and,itll start hitting the chairs and going,every which away and itll spend a lot,of time over there,which you can suspend it its cleaning,pick it up move it to another spot tell,it to keep going its not real its,really not that big of a deal,you control these things by,they have three buttons on the top a,home button,it has a little house on it a clean,button,and then another,little function button up up there on it,okay,the way we,control it is with the irobot app and,for,this particular e5 model because it,doesnt have all the sensors that you,know it maps your your house and it,scans the rooms and all that,basically the app when you when you go,into the i the irobot app you just tell,it to clean,itll clean you can tell it to return,home,and,it will try to return home now weve had,a couple issues of where,it wasnt able to return home,and,we have the home base set up in a very,long hall,that goes between our formal living room,and the formal living room the formal,dining room and the formal living room,sorry about that,and,from the formal diet formal living room,it can go into the breakfast area in the,kitchen,and from the formal dining room it can,go into another little hallway and it,can go into another,section of our house that has two more,rooms,so it does have,a pretty good,amount of area,where it can go,so i give it a little leniency uh since,it doesnt have the mapping and its,just kind of random of where its going,to tell it to return home,in my house it can kind of be hard to,find that signal because theres it can,get to where it can be a couple walls in,between it so i dont know how strong it,is but thats really not that big of a,deal,but overall this thing does an awesome,job,i love it,and im probably gonna down the road,upgrade to the higher end model,so,lets uh lets go ahead and talk about,maintenance and how this thing works,and all the little intricate parts of of,how it does the jobs that it does,all right so ive already described how,it navigates it uses the little bumpers,on the front so obviously that whole,front is going to get pretty nicked up,because its driving around your house,running into everything youre going to,get scratches here you can hopefully you,can see those along the sides along the,bumper,this is caused from it,driving up under our sectional in our,living room it gets these little nicks,and scratches,on the top,you have a handle here that you can just,pick it up with,no big deal,the back there is the the collection bin,and lets go ahead and get into,the,the main parts of this thing,all you need to clean it is a flathead,screwdriver why do you need a flathead,screwdriver you need a flathead,screwdriver to pull this,baseboard wheel off,and to pop this little guide wheel right,here off,because those will get,a lot of hair clogged up in them and,its not that big of a deal to clean,them,the wheels the drive wheels here are,spring loaded,so that if it is you know i guess thats,more applicable to if it you know being,on carpet and rugs and stuff like that,to clean these uh these two wheels here,its very simple,you just release this,and you can pull the little,brushes out,not very hard,and,from what i understand these are the,upgraded,brushes so,this is really good to have these and,the hair will collect on the ends,and its very easy to get it out you can,see theres actually some hair in there,and you can just pull the hair right off,of it no big deal you can actually put,these in your sink,with some warm water and some mild,detergent or just mild,dishwashing soap and you can clean them,off,not that big of a deal,the way i clean the roomba,and if you can see down in there you,dont have to worry about remembering,how they go because if you see the ends,this is,the shapes there,are different you can see there,so it tells you,which ones go where so you cant really,i guess you could try to force them in,there wrong if you just dont pay,attention but down in here theres a,little sensor in here that i think that,sensor tells the roomba when the bin,gets overly full and it will kind of,stop vacuuming i think thats what that,little sensor is so,i tend to just wipe all this out with,some isopropyl alcohol,and you know get to get it all cleaned,up and also,i tend to do the same thing up here at,the front with the the two little,charging pads i just kind of wipe those,off with alcohol and i tend to clean,right here on the front theres two,theres two little sensors right there,and i believe,im not sure but i think that those,those,i dont know if those are sensors or not,but somehow,the roomba has sensors to tell it,when its a,real dirty area and itll like itll go,back over and itll do like a slow,circle so theres sensors somewhere i,dont know where but anyway i tend to,just keep everything as clean as,possible and like i s

iRobot Roomba Buyers Guide 2021- Roomba 675, E5, i3+, i7+, S9+ M6

hey everybody welcome to vacuum wars so,theres a lot of black friday,and cyber monday deals out there and it,can be pretty confusing trying to figure,out which robot vacuum,is the best one for your exact situation,and budget since ive tested and,reviewed a whole lot of irobots products,irobot asks for my help in assisting,people to make the right choice for,their homes,in this video ill walk you through our,robots current roomba robot vacuum and,brava,jet line and explain all the technical,sounding specs and features and recap,some of my,personal experiences i also have it on,good authority from irobot that there,will be some great offers across their,line this holiday season,so links in the description for current,prices and lets get started lets start,off by talking just about the robot,vacuums i have them lined up here from,least to most expensive the 675 being,the cheapest,and the roomba s9 plus being the most,expensive there are certain qualities,and features that all these roombas have,for example every single roomba has the,patented tube brushroll design,that makes roombas basically,unparalleled with cleaning carpets if,you look at other types of robot vacuums,on the market youll find that they have,one brush,roombas have two it doesnt sound like a,big deal but what ive found in deep,clean test,after deep clean test is that even the,cheapest roombas like the 675,outperform high-end robots from other,brands with carpet deep cleaning,its a huge advantage and every roomba,has it and others dont,more similarities include basic features,like drop sensors they all have them,and they prevent them from falling,downstairs they also,all automatically return to their,charging dock automatically they all,have a feature called,dirt detect which is a sensor that can,tell when theyre vacuuming a,particularly dirty area,and so they will give it extra attention,all the robots on this list are wi-fi,enabled meaning that you can control,them even when you are away from your,house with your smartphone with which,you can also schedule cleanings they are,also,all able to be controlled with voice,commands using amazon alexa or google,assistant there are a lot of other app,features that only the more expensive,roombas have but well get to that in a,minute,the final things ill say before we move,on to their differences is that theyre,all really sturdy theyre really,well-built machines that do their job,which is picking up debris from hard,floors and carpets,really well they all have a one year,warranty and theres a huge selection of,parts filters brushes and all those,things available for sale which is,really convenient,and not as common with other brands as,you might think,lets move on to talking about their,differences now so you can find out why,you might choose one of these over,another starting off with the hardware,one of the most obvious physical things,that make these different from one,another is that three of these roombas,can be used with irobots clean base,which is an automatic bin,emptying system where when the robot,returns to the clean base a motor in the,base,automatically kicks in and it sucks the,contents of the dust bin into the clean,base irobot says these bags can hold up,to 60 days worth of debris before,needing to be replaced and i think its,just a game-changing feature that for me,takes the experience of having a robot,vacuum to a whole new level you can buy,the i3,i7 or s9 separately without the clean,base or you can buy the robot and the,clean base together which is where the,plus,in the name comes from so for example,the i7 plus,is the i7 plus the clean base and so on,another hardware difference is the,suction power a robot measures suction,in relationship to the standard suction,of their 600 series like that of the,675.,they say for example that the e5 has,five times more suction than the 600,series,the i3 and the i7 have 10 times more and,the s9,has a whopping 40 times more now part of,what i do here at vacuum wars is,test these vacuums in various ways and,in my experience,while you can notice a very slight,difference in the cleaning performance,between these robots because of the,suction,difference its not as though the 675,isnt powerful enough to do the job in,fact in my test the 675,outperforms robots two or even three,times its price,because of that two brush system that i,mentioned earlier,really the main difference ive noticed,about suction at all is with the s9,because of that huge 40 time suction,number to this day ive not seen a robot,vacuum come,anywhere close to the s9 test results,with regard to carpet cleaning the s9 is,also the only roomba that has a,different shape,designed for improved corner cleaning,also its main brushes are about,30 wider than any other roomba so it has,a bigger cleaning path and so it cleans,faster,in fewer passes theres a few more,hardware differences that apply just to,the 675,for example its the only one on this,list that has a standard filter as,opposed to a high efficiency filter,the 675 is also the only one on this,list that has the older style brush,rolls with the bristles,as opposed to the newer style main,brushes which are a little better at,resisting hair tangles,one of the biggest differences though,between the cheaper roombas and the more,expensive roombas is the way that they,navigate around your house the roomba,675 and the e5,both operate using reactive navigation,where they use various sensors like,their bumper and,ir sensors as well as an algorithm to,clean more or less randomly whereas the,i3,through the s9 all use various,technologies to navigate,in nice neat rows but more on that later,one thing to point out is that the,reactive navigation is actually pretty,efficient for what it is ive tested,roombas random navigation over their,smart navigation,several times and in different ways and,the cheaper random bots,usually achieve the same near 100,coverage of a single room,and about the same time as the expensive,ones the reactive navigation bots like,the 675 and e5 will also navigate to,multiple rooms in your house on their,own which they do by making turns in a,specific way so it may seem random but,its actually pretty smart at getting,around,obstacles and getting where it needs to,go the next three robots the i3,i7 and s9 as i said all navigate by,cleaning in more or less straight lines,the big difference here is that they,create and use maps of the house,the main benefit of this besides,ensuring better coverage,in every room for every cleaning is that,the robot knows where it has,and hasnt cleaned in your house so it,will systematically clean the house and,it wont stop,until its cleaned every area of every,room even if its battery runs out before,its finished it will return to the base,to recharge,and then resume cleaning right where it,knows it left off it basically makes,battery life irrelevant for these higher,end robots the 675 and e5 do not create,a map and so they have a fixed,90 minutes or so to clean as much of the,house as they can,if you have a smaller area or an,apartment its usually more than enough,time to do that but if you have a larger,space or you just want to ensure perfect,coverage every time then you probably,want either the i3,i7 or s9 the final thing ill say on,navigation is regarding the difference,between the i3,the i7 and the s9 the more expensive,ones the i7 and s9,use cameras to create an interactive map,what irobot calls a smart map of your,house which unlocks a ton of advanced,features,the i3 will also systematically navigate,but it does so without a camera,which means it doesnt support certain,features enabled by,imprint smart mapping like directed room,cleaning and virtual keep out zones,however like all systematic roomba,vacuums the i3 does produce a clean map,report with details of the cleaning job,once its finished cleaning the i3 is,the perfect option if you want the clean,base and you want the systematic row by,road navigation and all that comes w

Review: iRobot Roomba e5 robot vacuum

through my blog and youtube channel ive,had the chance to try,possibly a dozen robot vacuums including,some of the most expensive,and high-tech those can be cleaning,lifesavers of course but it got me,wondering about the efficiency,effectiveness and reliability of robot,vacuums in the more,budget-friendly range can you still get,a good clean that doesnt cost quite as,much,im erin from techgadgetscanada.com and,thats why when i had a chance to review,the budget-friendly roomba,e5 from irobot i was really glad to put,it to the test,in this review ill tell you about its,cleaning prowess its effectiveness,and what it cant do when compared to,those more expensive robots,and whether youll be wishing you maybe,had some of those features a quick heads,up that if you end up liking this video,and finding it helpful to please hit,that like button and give me a sub,because it does help me keep making more,videos that i hope everyone out there,can watch,enjoy and learn from this robot vacuum,is a wi-fi connected remote,app-controlled,voice assistant connected home sweeping,and vacuuming device,its about the same size as other,roombas but without the price tag,this one is round while some other bots,are more square or d-shaped,the e-5 sells for about 449 canadian,making it one of the most affordable,roombas out there,it works just like any other roomba it,feels its way around your room by,nudging into things and then avoiding,obstacles or blocks and moving on cliff,sensors prevent it from falling down the,stairs,inside the box youre getting just the,basics here your bot and a power cord,and the dock to charge them up,so what is missing from other higher,cost roombas,one key difference in this robot over,the more expensive ones,is that this one doesnt have mapping,and intelligent navigation where it can,see around obstacles so you might say it,navigates maybe more by touch than by,sight,that navigation and home mapping allows,you to do things like create a map of,your home so you can clean specific,rooms or you can set cleaning schedules,for those specific rooms of the house on,certain days for example too,the roomba e5 offers less suction than,the s9 plus for example,but i will say it is quieter theres,also no cleaning or suction boost on,carpets with the e5 as there is on the,s9,even so it still gets the job done,with the e5 you need to manually empty,the dust bin when its full while,higher-end roombas have an optional,automatic dirt disposal feature,and while a robot like the s9 for,example will run,then recharge itself and then go back,out again to automatically finish the,job of cleaning your whole house,the e5 here has a maximum run time of up,to 90 minutes,one other thing to point out is that,despite this being the budget model you,still get,voice control with google or alexa,to the big question how does this less,expensive roomba clean,i found that roombas cleaned quite well,and this bot is no exception,theyll pick up a lot of different,things from pet hair to crumbs,from fine dirt or flour to grittier bits,like crackers,i would say the e5 here might need an,extra pass to get as clean as the s9 or,the i7,and it wasnt as good as they are at,getting dirt out of the spaces where the,grout has worn away in my old floor,roombas including the e5 transition,really well from tile to hardwood to,carpet and rugs and clean each surface,well,and while ive found folks on my youtube,channel complain that it doesnt handle,taller transitions well,in my home it hasnt been an issue in,short i would say this roomba does a,good job sweeping up,overall i was not unhappy with how this,robot was able to clean and the spaces,he was able to get into,but yes corner areas and narrow areas,are sometimes a challenge,in my testing the e5 would go out and,clean about two or three rooms of the,1000,square foot main floor of my house on a,single charge,the robot would sort of go from room to,room and find his way through doorways,and around beds and furniture really,quite easily,roomba also has a very handy spot clean,mode and the buttons right on the device,and it works really well,if you spill something on the floor or,have a particularly dirty or dusty area,you can bring the roomba over and select,that button,and the device will begin a series of,swirl patterns and sweep up everything,in that small area,does the roomba tend to get stuck i will,say i have come home a couple of times,to find my roomba,stopped at the edge of the stairs or,stuck on a rug or a stray sock,thats because if the robot gets into a,spot he cant get out of hell just,shut down and wait for you to rescue him,he also has a built-in ability to,untangle himself from any cords he may,get caught in which is,super handy even so i find roombas are,the least likely of all the robot,vacuums ive reviewed to,ever get stuck keeping the roombas,dustbin canister clean and emptying it,regularly is important to keep your,robot running well,irobot recommends you empty the dustbin,after each use and while i tried to do,this,sometimes i forgot the roomba is,supposed to let you know if the dustbin,is too full to continue cleaning,this however has never worked well for,me personally,i never get the alerts and it never,shows up on my app screen,to that end my desk bin is usually full,to bursting after just one run,with debris lodged inside the suction,tube and that needs to be manually,pulled free,id say this lack of alerts is the,biggest problem with the roomba that i,have ever dealt with,that issue aside the app works really,well letting you manage your bots adjust,their settings and,turn cleaning on or off its easy to get,set up and connected and a handy way to,manage your robot army and their,schedule,and speaking of scheduling this feature,in the irobot app lets you choose which,days of the week and times of day youd,like your robot to clean for you,similarly if youve dashed out,unexpectedly and would love a quick,sweep up before you get home you can,just hit the clean button inside the app,from anywhere,and the robot will do a pass of your,floors before you arrive,one of the concerns many consumers have,when shopping for a robot vacuum is,will it be noisy i can say with,confidence that most robot vacuums,are noisy where we can debate is the,degree of noise,most folks would not be able to sleep,through a robot vacuum cleaning cycle,and you probably wouldnt want to take,on a zoom call when its running,i did feel like the e5 though was,marginally quieter than the s9 for,example and that may be due to,differences in the suction power,one last point on noise the great thing,about your robot housekeeper here,however,is that you can schedule him to do your,bidding while youre outside in the,backyard,running errands or otherwise not at home,if youre worried about the noise,bothering,you tell roomba to start cleaning one of,the great things about irobots roomba,devices is that they work with both,amazon alexa and the google assistant,and that means you can just ask your,personal assistant to send it out send,it home,pause the clean and more ive found the,digital assistant features on these,robots work really well,and theyre really convenient starting,two vacuums,can a roomba replace an upright vacuum,this is a question i get asked about,these devices all the time and the,answer is,that depends while a roomba is a great,way to keep that regular maintenance,down,it cant go everywhere for example it,cant do baseboards it cant clean,furniture or get into really deep,corners and the e5,in particular here isnt going to power,dirt out of your thicker carpets like an,upright will,if you have a lot of carpets you might,still need a solution for those but if,youre trying to go with something a,little lower key,or have sort of a couple of different,and more versatile devices,getting a roomba and something like a,handheld or a small,vacuum could bridge any gaps overall i,think this is a really good robot vacuum,at a fraction of the cost of some higher

iRobot Roomba e5 vs i3 – Comparison Testing and Analysis

the first big difference between the,roomba i3 and roomba e5 involves mapping,functionality when we initially tested,the i3 for review it did not offer any,mapping functionality but irobot has now,via an over-the-air software update,added the ability to label rooms and set,the i3 to clean specific rooms using the,irobot companion app,the 5 does not offer any mapping,functionality and it will also not,receive any update to add such,functionality,another big difference between the i3,and e5 has to do with how each robot,navigates,the i3 is equipped with a gyroscope and,an optical sensor on the bottom of the,robot which gives it the ability to,clean neatly in rows,the e5 doesnt have these same,components and so it cannot clean neatly,in rows instead it paths randomly,in our clutter room test we also see the,i3 moving more carefully and more,precisely around obstacles we see the e5,bumping into obstacles much more,aggressively moving the chair frame much,more than the i3 over the full duration,of the test,we do see both robots cleaning the room,with similar efficiency they both are,able to get mostly complete coverage in,the room in a similar time frame this,was a very small room though only eight,feet long by eight feet wide over larger,areas the i3 should be able to clean,more quickly than the e5 because its,able to clean neatly in rows,over larger areas the i3 also has,another advantage over the e5 recharge,and resume,the i3 has the ability to clean part of,a very large area return to its base to,recharge when its battery runs low and,then resume cleaning where it left off,the 5 doesnt have this capability it,will return to its dock once its battery,runs low and if you set it to clean,again it will start back up from the,beginning which could keep it from,cleaning areas far away from the dock,over time,the i3 does have one big disadvantage,compared to the e5 edge debris pickup,the i3 only picks up edge debris by,moving close and parallel to it and it,doesnt do the best job picking up edge,debris in this way,the e5 on the other hand as part of its,random pathing also moves parallel and,close to the edge but adds this circular,movement against it which goes a long,way in improving its overall edge pickup,performance and gives it better edge,pickup performance than the i3,the last difference of note between,these two models involves self-emptying,the i3 is compatible with a,self-emptying dock and the i3 plus,actually comes with this dock,the e5 is only available with a standard,dock it cannot self-empty,outside of these differences the two,robots are very similar they have an,almost identical brush compartment with,almost identical brush rolls both robots,were also measured to have right about,the same airflow and suction,and so they both performed very,similarly in all of our debris pickup,testing they perform similarly in our,carpet stress test,our carpet deep clean test,and in our hard floor stress test,outside of edge debris pickup of course,both robots performed well in our human,hair pickup test their brush rolls dont,have any bristles so they dont tangle,as easily with longer hair,both robots did struggle a bit in our,pet hair pickup test they both tend to,push around the pet hair a bit and or,get some of the hair stuck underneath,instead of quickly picking it up like,most other robot vacuums we tested,both robots have below average battery,life compared to other robot vacuums of,the same type and both have above,average noise output compared to other,robot vacuums of the same type,when it comes to general recommendations,we definitely recommend the i3 over the,e5 the i3 is often for sale at close to,the same price as the e5 and it is the,better robot vacuum overall,it offers room labeling and room,specific cleaning navigates more,efficiently at least in larger spaces it,features recharge and resume and its,compatible with a self-empty docking,station,see the description of this video for,buy links for these robots and for a,link to the latest updated list of all,of the robot vacuums we recommend and,thank you for watching

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