1. Harry and Meghan’s Netflix series is a declaration of war on royal family | correspondent review
  2. Royals Review – with Tom Vasel
  3. Is The American Royal Series Good?………………..
  4. Young Royals: Season 2 Gave Us a Love Story for the Ages… Lets Discuss! | REVIEW
  5. Royals Review – with Tom Vasel
  6. Analysing Young Royals | Teen Drama Is Seldom This Good!
  7. Takedown of Prince William! Royal expert reaction to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Netflix finale

Harry and Meghan’s Netflix series is a declaration of war on royal family | correspondent review

so weve just had the final three,episodes of Harry and Megans Netflix,documentary and Id say that they are,far more explosive for the first three,the first three kind of built this,picture of their relationship and,spoke to their conflict with the media,and indeed with the family and kind of,quite opaque tones whereas I feel volume,two first time the the penny dropped for,her em and I spend the night in a room,in Buckingham Palace after an event,where every single member of the family,senior members of the family had been,including the queen and on the front,page of the telegraph Megan,foreign,oh my God,kind of a declaration of all-out war,against the institution of monarchy and,those in it there was a real kind of war,against Megan,and,Ive certainly seen evidence that there,was negative briefing from the palace,against Harry and Megan to,suit other peoples agendas,I mean its deeply personal there are,moments in it where Harry talks about,how at the Sandringham Summit where they,worked out the details of the divorce,deal the so-called mexic deal,that he was terrified because William,was screaming at him he accuses his,father the king of,making statements that simply werent,true,that couple are very much trying to say,that it was a case of them and us that,they wanted to do things their way but,that the institution colluding with the,press conspired to effectively Turf,Harry and Megan out this barrage of,negative articles about the breakdown of,the relationship with her father was a,final straw in a campaign of negative,nasty coverage about her now obviously,Recollections may vary about that,version of events but you look at the,documentary and think what are you,actually trying to achieve here are you,really at the end of the day Megan talks,about wanting to find peace but as you,watch these three quite explosive,episodes youre getting the distinct,impression that the intention is to,not necessarily tear down the,institution of monarchy but certainly to,destabilize it but theres real estate,on a website homepage there is real,estate there on a newspaper front cover,and something has to be filled in there,about someone Royal theyre trying to,say basically that the Royals are in,cahoots with the media and its wrong,and its corrupt and that is,extraordinarily incendiary its quite,something to say that about the,institution that your father,is now at the helm of and that your,brother is going to succeed in being at,the helm of when someone whos marrying,energy should be a supporting a,supporting Act is then stealing the,Limelight or is doing the job better,than the person whos born to do this,that upsets people it shifts the balance,theres a number of key quotes in there,with regard to the Queen the late Queens,role in things and I think the couple,are trying to say that she she was,overridden by her advisors that the,advisors came in and stopped Harry and,his grandmother having this meeting,about them wanting to leave the country,or have a hybrid role in the Royal,Family,and that in itself is controversial not,least because its only been four months,since Queen Elizabeth IIs death but it,seems to be contradictory Megan talks at,another point about how disgraceful it,was that she was excluded from the,Sandringham Summit as a woman and as a,mother and then Harry seems to be saying,that the queen having been on the throne,for 70 years didnt know her own mind,enough and was convinced to do things,from advisors that were acting against,her interests I mean,anyone Ive ever spoken to about the,late Monarch says that shes somebody,who very much knew her own mind and,although she would take direction from,others ultimately she is the head of,state and the head of that family,one of the most Stark accusations in the,documentary is the suggestion by Harry,that he believes that the male caused,Megans miscarriage because of the legal,action between both parties obviously he,doesnt have any concrete evidence to,back that up thats just his feeling and,one can be sympathetic with that view I,think but equally,that characterizes a lot of this there,are lots of feelings and lots of,accusations,but not all that much evidence to back,any of them up were happy to lie to,protect my brother they were never,willing to tell the truth to protect us,Prince Harry and Megan Markle the Rogue,Royals the media is treated in the round,so you have the so-called Royal press,pack which either is a PR arm of the,palace or has made his life a misery,those two statements cant exist in,tandem so its hard to work out whether,we are in the pay of the palace or not,but regardless like Im not in the pair,of the palace the idea that the palace,handles the stories on the plate if only,it were that easy so you have the whole,of the media in their minds that,includes,the Royal press pack the broad sheets,the tabloids anyone on Twitter all of,the foreign magazines the American,Paparazzi the UK Paparazzi actual,Twitter trolls are apparently theyre,the fault of the tabloids so the whole,attempt is to just tar everyone with the,same brush there is no Nuance there is,no difference between legitimate Royal,reporting of say his Invictus games,initiative and somebody online writing,something about avocados,but then thats the intention its like,to kind of scattergun everyone its the,same with the Royals you know tar them,all with this brush that they are,institutionalized theyre responsible,for institutionalized gaslighting at one,point Harry says,we are on the freedom flight,to see this institutional gaslighting,theres one particular moment that I,think is quite intrusive into both sides,privacy in a way when they are talking,about the aftermath of the Oprah Winfrey,interview Megan is talking and then,shes talking on the phone and then,suddenly,she says oh Harrys just got a text from,his brother and then Harry needs to be,consoled because he doesnt know what to,do and you think goodness me youre,getting quite a glimpse behind the,scenes here from a couple who well they,now claim it wasnt ever about privacy,but there is something contradictory,about that,I suppose they want control over the,invasion of their own privacy they dont,mind their privacy being invaded,provided its on their terms and on,Netflix,[Music],the couple talk a lot about the mental,health issues theyve suffered and I,think well Garner a huge amount of,sympathy,for the extent to which they claim to,have been terrorized by the tabloids I,was being fed to the Wolves they were,actively recruiting people to,disseminate disinformation,Megan talks about significant mental,health problems that led to her,contemplating suicide you then have her,mother Doria backing up that account and,we heard a bit of that on Oprah but to,hear it from The Duchess so directly,its obviously quite Stark and shocking,but then if one looks at the other side,of the story and there are always two,sides to every story and this is just a,one-sided View,the other side of the story might beg,the question how is this going to affect,the mental health of those that youre,pointing the finger at how are the,prince and princess of Wales going to be,dealing with this documentary how is the,king,and maybe thats not a primary concern,um for the couple right now Meg became,this scapegoat for the palace and so,they would feed stories on her whether,they were true or not,to avoid other less favorable Stories,being printed all of the voices in the,documentary like the beginning are all,loyal and in support of them they have,bought into the Sussex premise which is,that they were victims of an institution,that operated against them,they just wanted to be free,they wanted to be free to love and be,happy,I applauded that theres no alternative,narrative at all theres no narrative,from the Press saying well actually it,wasnt quite like that and theyre just,because a headline is negative doesnt,make it wrong or indeed racist that,actually a bullying complaint was issued,against you because pe

Royals Review – with Tom Vasel

and now its time for another diced our,review with Tom vassal hey folks today,were taking a look at rolls this is,from arcade Wonders and its part of the,diced our essential line now what the,diced our essential line is is they are,games that I think are amazing games and,deserve to be reprinted or printed for,the first time in this case I found,Royals from Peter Halls it was done,only over in Europe and I love the game,so I worked with our cane wanders and,they got it printed so yes you might say,vassal theres a conflict of interest,well there is to some degree but the,fact is I thought the game was amazing I,didnt design it I found it and I got it,published and so here is that finished,product and so I think the game is,amazing you already know that ahead of,time I just want to use this video to,tell you why,the goal of Royals is to get the most,victory points and pretty much,everything in the game which is a tile,is worth a certain number of victory,points theres squares down here theres,tiles all over the place each player is,going to have some markers in their,color and players are going to have,actions on a turn the first action you,must take some cards now the first,couple the first turn the pit players,will take less cards but normally on a,players turn they will take three cards,they can take them from the face-up,cards with a facedown one they can take,three of these influence cards these,cards are going to match the four colors,on the board the red english blue france,green german or yellow spain or they can,take one card and one intrigue card and,each intrigue card shows two different,countries so this one here happens to,show Germany and France on it and can be,used as an intrigue card of either color,now after players draw cards they may,play card so you must draw cards and you,may play cards now when you play cards,youre going to be playing it your cubes,in the different areas on the board when,you play a cube into an area theres a,number next to each Noble that youll,drop it on show you how many cards you,need of that color so for example this,one here needs one blue this one needs,four blue now this one needs two blue,and because were in the blue section if,I have a blue card I could discard it,place a cube of my color on that,gentlemen here if Im the first person,in a city I will take this tile here,which is worth victory points at the end,of the game so if someone else came in,later on and won here theyre not going,to get the points for that City I,already have if I come here I would need,two blue cards and I would get these two,points you can use any three cards so,maybe two Reds in a yellow if I wanted,to as a card of one color so I could use,those as a blue when youre filling it,up but you do have a hand limit of 12 of,these influence cards you can hold from,turn-to-turn,so players can be doing that now as,players are placing those cubes out you,will also be placing a cube on the,matching person so if I place one for,example you saw that one I place at the,beginning was a Marshall,so I will drop one here on the marshal -,if if a player puts one on the countess,they will put one on the countess,portrait here and at the end of the game,these are going to be given to whoever,has the most cubes on each one so if I,have the most cubes on the Duke for,example Ill take this which is worth,ten points if theres a tie for whoever,has the most cubes and a Duke we turn it,over and we just break them in half and,give half to each player who was it part,of the tie and they will get five points,each now if you want to take a spot that,somebody else is in you can do so you,have to pay the cards for that person,plus an intrigue card that matches that,persons color so maybe Ill take this,spot when I do the orange player goes,here now the reason the orange player is,not removed from the board is because,the first person to control someone in,each city of one of the countries will,take this shield to show the control of,that country the second person will take,this second shield and players want to,have control of these people for,end-of-round scoring as you place cubes,out you will also be placing cubes on,each of these portrait tiles next to the,board if youre the first person to get,a cube on every single one of those you,will get this 16 point tile the second,person to 12 the third person 8 points,as you place those out now as players,are drawing cards from the influence,deck eventually it will run out which is,the end of the first round and these,point tiles are going to be given out,for the end of the year 1648 and to do,that players will measure their,influence in each country so lets say,were looking up here at the German,States and lets say purple has the,Cardinal here and they have him and,White has these three characters and,black has here so black were going to,look at the second number at the after,each of these different nobles so thats,how much influence they have so in,Munich purple has four of those power,points white has three power point so,forth and black has four so Bacchus the,King for white has four and purple has,four its a tie so its tie we go to the,single highest person which in this case,is the King so black would break that,tie had,weiter purple had gotten one more out,there then they would have won that so,the highest person is going to take a,tile equal to the first in that one,today we get six points here in germany,ii would get five youll notice the,difference between first and second and,germany isnt so great but in france the,difference is much greater ten and four,so there will be three scorings over,the course of the game each time when,the influence deck runs out after the,influence deck has run out three times,you would look at all these tiles that,you have taken from all over the board,you will split the portrait tiles over,here and whoever has the most points,after you add up all your tiles together,is the winner now you might wonder why I,like a game thats is simply just,putting cubes on a board and getting,points I mean really thats all it is,getting points but I like the game,because it plays so smoothly and so,easily by the way kudos to arcane,wonders the artwork on the board the,original board was fine and functional,but the new board looks much nicer the,pieces are good and thick everything,just has a good feel to it and this game,just has the if its in that same,category for me as games like Ticket to,Ride where you are drawing cards then,playing those cards you want to save up,cards and get the big people the kings,which will get you more points and also,score points at the end of around but,the same time maybe you want to play,things as quickly as you can to get some,of those early points and control the,the smaller nobles like the count and so,theres a area control method where,youre controlling the different nobles,on the side theres a speed method,theres area controls for the different,kingdoms,theres trying to have one on every,different noble theres a lot of,different things that youre thinking,about and the game has a very discerning,shift too as youre playing the game the,first part of the game youre just,putting out people as fast as you can,then eventually like oh I need those,intrigue cards so you dont need the,intrigue cards at the beginning then why,would you fight someone else when you,can just take easy to take areas but,after why you want to start moving in,and taking other people especially,before a round ends and so its back and,forth its not necessarily a mean game,youre replacing people in different,areas and moving them out but its that,just is basically for you to take,control and they can come back and take,control again from you if they so desire,but,I think that the game it just has cut,its one of those games I like because,its sitting there and going hey draw,some cards play some cards where you,play the cards is where the game I think,shines the best and how it plays so,s

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Is The American Royal Series Good?………………..

so you guys i want to do a 72 hour,read-a-thon,so if you know maybe you watched my,video where i talked about books that i,need to read by the end of the year or,theyre getting unhauled these two books,were in the mix i own both of these,books this is the american royal series,this came out years and years and years,ago theres actually some novellas now a,third book theres just a lot going on,but i bought american royals when it,came out and then for some reason i,bought the sequel but i never reached,for these i never read them and i said,the time is now im going to see what,this series is talking about because i,believe that i like books about royalty,i dont know if i like books about,royalty younger me love books about,royalty but i dont know if newmie likes,books about royalty so i dont know how,im going to feel about this series when,i bought it i was all in but my reading,tastes have shifted now i i want to know,if i will appreciate this book so i,decided in the next 72 hours im going,to read both of these books but we have,a like we have a little mystery here,because if i like these two books in,this video i will go to the bookstore,right away and i will buy the third book,i dont know if i need to buy the like,novella that also has come out about,these i dont think i do do i you guys i,dont know if im gonna do that lets,see if we even like the books but i am,going to read both of these books and,then i am going to see if we should buy,the third one so i have not done any,reading since you guys,have last seen me,i have not i dont even know what my,book is i do not even know where,my book is but what i did want to come,on here i was um i just worked out,thats why i look like this but i was,about to um put some books away on my,bookshelf try to find some room child,some room by the way you guys the book,club pick for this month if you guys do,not run i am the proud owner of the,lilly reads book club and our book for,this month is fake it till you bake it,by,jamie wesley we had so much fun with,confessions of an alleged good girl i,cannot wait to talk to you guys about,this book at the end of august but yeah,thats the book club pick but i was,about to put some books up on my,bookshelf and i said before i do that,let me haul them for you guys so like,im still buying books like an idiot but,like i havent i havent showed you guys,books that i bought,that often i have so many im not gonna,go through all of them throughout the,month ill go through,um,and tell you guys some things that i,bought but,i bought love and marriage i dont know,what any of these books are about to,really tell you like i said im not big,on trying to get people to buy books im,just going to show you what i have,purchased and you can decide what you,want to do with that but i have love and,marriage by monica ali,i decided to finally pick up black cake,both of these books ive been going back,and forth on if i wanted to read them,but i decided im going to read them so,i picked them up um i was at the,bookstore and i found by the way barn a,lot of these books the hardcovers i have,when barnes and noble had that like buy,one get one fifty percent off um sale on,hardcovers thats when i got a lot of,these thats definitely when i got this,one i got new york my village by yoon,akpon,i dont i dont even know like its,about someone who lives in new york city,i dont know and so i purchased this,this was like one this is part of that,haul in the video in my summerween video,the video i did before summer when i,said i was buying some books and i,bought these books then i bought you,have a friend in 10a by maggie shipstead,some other books that i bought i have a,ladies guide to fortune hunting,what else i picked up yes i did i picked,up another otessa moshfay people think i,dont like otisha moshfay because i,didnt like my year of rest and,relaxation and thats not how it works i,respect that i believe there is an,otessa book out there for me whether it,be this whether it be death in her hands,whether it be a lean one of them is for,me but i this is called la la la lana la,vonna i dont know this is i think her,newest one and yeah ive heard mixed,reviews on it,yall know i always like to decide i got,i purchased cleopatra and frankenstein,um ill show you guys a few more i got,love in the city,loving the big city by song,song young park,interesting interesting,i bought before the coffee gets cold yes,i finally got a copy of before the,coffee gets cold like wow,pizza girl,pizza girl by jin kyung frazier,interesting enough i forgot i bought,some of these books um ill show you a,few more um i bought magma,and then i told you i told you i guess i,i bought sometime,in summer do i want to show you guys any,more ill show you guys the rest of,these paper bags i finally purchased,allegedly by tiffany haddish which you,guys know tiffany had its just one of,my favorite authors i was introduced to,this year,i finally bought a legendary i kind of,want to read that now but anyway okay,ill see you guys peace oh i have a,confession to make,i have not read any of the book since,the last time you guys have seen me i,have not even opened this book up,havent sat down with it havent even,attempted to read and when i started,this video in the intro this was,supposed to be a 72 hour vlog baby i,aint even attempted to read it,therefore were gonna have to start the,72 hours now so it still is 72 hours,its just not 72 hours from the intro,but i havent read a single thing yet so,were going to start our 72 hours now,like i said im going to read the first,two books because i own this is the,second book because i own both books but,i dont own the third book and im,trying to like you guys know i say it in,every video im trying to read through,my back catalog all the catalog of the,books i bought over the years that i,just never got into those are the books,im prioritizing,this year and so im gonna read i know,im gonna read both of the two books but,if i like the two and i have to like,both of them i have to give both of them,at least three stars both of them so it,cant be i gave this two and the next,one for any even that no both have to,get at least three then i will move on,to the third book so anyways i will see,you guys soon so,i am about to take a nap but i have been,sitting here and i have been reading,american royal and i believe you guys we,may have a hit,on our hands i am enjoying the hell out,of this book im on page 57 and like the,only reason why im putting it down is,because i want to listen to renaissance,and then i want to take a nap like i,have to get my renaissance in for the,day and then im going to take a nap but,i am enjoying the hell out of this book,so this book takes place in an,alternative universe where instead of,george washington becoming president in,like,america not having a monarch,they make it as if george washington,became the king of america so basically,america has the same monarchy as like,the british do so george washington,became the king of america and we are,watching the descendants of his throne,so the person who is next in line to,become king which will actually be queen,is a girl named beatrice beatrice is,next in line to become head of america,because,the washingtons um got rid of the idea,like only men can take the throne so,therefore beatrice will be the first,woman to be head of america and,basically she has been groomed her,entire life to become,this uh queen basically shes a goody,two shoes and yeah she never really got,to have a childhood um she doesnt date,because she doesnt want anyone to like,you know,make her out to be like this [ __ ],[ __ ] she doesnt really want the,pressure of people only wanting to date,her because she,is going to be queen so she doesnt,really date but her parents have been,pressuring her into finding a husband so,we start her story with her basically,being set up on blind dates in order to,find herself a husband and her just,feeling like shes an outcast i

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Young Royals: Season 2 Gave Us a Love Story for the Ages… Lets Discuss! | REVIEW

hey guys welcome to my channel I hope,youre all doing very well so I just,watched young Royals season two lets,talk about it,so before there was hot stuff on there,was young Royals okay and young Royal is,basically like a cross between Heart,Stopper and the crown okay and the first,season introduced us to Young Prince,Wilhelm who is made to go to a,traditional Elite boarding school after,his royal family finds out about his bad,boy partying ways and its when he goes,to the school that he ends up meeting,Simon who is one of the few students,there who is there on a scholarship,because hes actually from a regular old,working class family now these Two,Worlds Collide and we end up with this,Whirlwind gay teen romance they end up,falling in love only for their love,story to come to a tragic end when,someone ends up filming them having sex,and the video gets leaked online for the,world to see dumping a ton of Shame and,controversy and Scandal on the Royal,Familys doorstep which of course cannot,stand which is why wilham ends up being,forced to deny that it was him in the,video leaving Simon to deal with the,Fallout of the video all on his own and,of course putting a strain on their,relationship and the plots become still,okay because at the end of season one we,see uh wilhelms elder brother Eric who,is the Crown Prince at the time end up,dying due to a car accident which puts a,Wilhelm in the position of Crown Prince,instead thereby increasing the stakes of,protecting his reputation so that,scandalous video yeah thats not gonna,help the situation now as Im explaining,the plot of season one to you guys you,could probably sense my enthusiasm you,can probably sense my joy my happiness,because guess what this is one of the,very best and most underrated series,that Netflix has ever given birth to,certainly young Royals is it young rules,is so my jam I believe believe I,mentioned it last year and then maybe,what Ive been watching or in some,capacity I mentioned this show last year,but it is so excellent and I was so,happy to see that we were getting a,season two okay I canceled all my plans,and I binged this thing all in one,sitting and Im here to tell you my,thoughts on the second season of young,Royals but before we get into all of,that good stuff as per usual if you,havent already please be sure to,subscribe to my channel and make sure,you turn on your notifications so that,you can be told when I upload next and,be sure to give this video a thumbs up,it really helps the channel out and,itll let me know what kind of videos,youd like to see okay now without,further Ado guys lets get into my,thoughts on season two of young Royals,so when were reintroduced to our,favorite Swedish teens unfortunately,Simon and Will are on the Rocks were,still dealing with the Fallout of season,one with the scandalous sex tape coming,out but of course because people arent,sure of the identity of the second party,in the video its only Simon thats left,to deal with the consequences of this,huge Scandal because will has denied,that it is him and that led to Simon,breaking up with will because he was,left in the dust to deal with his,scandal alone and not only that but he,was also sick and tired of being Wills,Dirty Little Secret you know he wanted,to be with someone who would be open,about loving him and caring about him,and thats just not something that will,could do especially in the position as,um Crown Prince so for the first few,episodes of the new season we just see,Will and Simon trying to navigate,student life like around each other but,its just not working because they have,that undeniable like electric chemistry,with one another and its just that that,emotion and that love is undeniable they,cannot refute it no matter how hard they,try and its this tension its this,chemistry that leaves us as audience,members just like frothing at the mouth,like guys Simon and Wills chemistry is,off the freaking charts I remember that,what first episode when they meet again,like after the long break that they had,and theyre just standing on opposite,sides of a room with um Simon trying to,find his sister Sarah whos gone through,his initiation process and she set fire,to the flag and everything shes up to,all sorts well talk about her later but,Simons there looking for Sarah and its,only will who Sarah will respond to,theyre standing on opposite sides of,the room and yet it seems like no one,else is there and I know that its all,because of the you know cinematography,and the playlist and all that but in my,mind Im like this is the power of Simon,and will period absolutely like these,two are just a match made in heaven its,crazy and of course I give all the Jew,and respect and admiration to the actors,here because they just delivered every,single time every single scene every,single episode yall absolutely but,heres the thing as much as I am,frothing at the mouth whenever I see,Simon and will on screen together,unfortunately for the first few episodes,of this new season that screen time is,spent with them running around in,circles having the same old argument,which is you know dealing with the,Fallout of season one with the tape,situation you know the fact that Simon,cant really trust will because of that,huge betrayal after season one,um of course its a very valid reason,for Simon not to want to jump into a,relationship with will again even though,the feelings that he has for him are,clearly undeniable and very much still,there,um but it does make a very frustrating,watch for us audience members who just,want to see them get back together again,because ultimately of course theyre,gonna be end game of course theyre good,if theres any sense in the universe if,theres any justice in this world of,course theyre gonna be end games,theyre like what are we waiting for,does go over it okay just get over it,and fix it up and then just get back,together again because thats when were,happiest and then the second season had,this added storyline of this love,triangle between Simon will and this new,character called Marcus who shows his,interest in Simon you know almost,immediately and he seems to be the,alternate um kind of boyfriend that,Simon wants and deserves someone who can,be open about being in a relationship,with him and is open about showing,affection to him like I said thats,absolutely what Simon deserves and,theres definitely less toxicity to his,relationship with Marcus,but at the end of the day theres no,flavor at the end of the day theres no,pasta the chemistry isnt there so the,whole time Im like yes you know it,would be so great if Marcus and Simon,dated Marcus would you know show him the,shooting range and they would go on,dates together and out in the open,because Simon shouldnt be anyones,secret okay but the passion isnt there,the chemistry the fire the Flames the,electricity its just not there so like,what can you do what can you do at the,end of the day theres this massive,wheel-sized hurdle standing in between,Simon and Marcuss relationship and,Simon just doesnt get over it and he,cant because at the end of the day will,is the love of his life you know,according to the writers and the,on-screen chemistry sorry dont make the,rules but from the audiences,perspective you know this love triangle,grows increasingly frustrating once,again because we know that Marcus cannot,possibly be end game he does not pose as,a viable alternative to will because the,chemistry and the the love story worry,its not that so for the majority of the,Season hes just standing there as this,hurdle between will and Simon and,instead of us being invested in a,Simons relationship with both will and,Marcus instead were just waiting with,baited breath until Marcus gets the,fudge out of the way so that will and,silent and get back together again on,the bright side at least Simon has,another storyline that doesnt center,around his relationship with will,because unfortunately the same cant be,said for will himself who

Royals Review – with Tom Vasel

and now its time for another diced our,review with Tom vassal now I know youre,never supposed to judge a book or game,by its cover but I did that when it came,to Royals I saw the cover I was like,okay why and then I saw the game setup,and I thought okay,but Peter halls is the designer and,Peter is a really has designed a Francis,Drake and triassic tear and I like his,stuff I heard that this was a redone,version of heads of state but I never,played heads of state so I sat down to,play this game and Wow was i blown away,I know Im giving my opinion away before,I I show you this game but Im really,fascinated by it because I like area,control games theres not many,straight-up once let me show you this,one Im well Im trying to do something,trying to hook you in here because I,want you to look at this game and just,anyhow its really fun it doesnt look,as fun as it is anyways let me here,on the board there are different,countries that are shown here we have,Spain France the German States and,Britain and theres different people in,each of those and those people are,represented here on the side of the,board – you have King princess Cardinal,Duke countess Baron and Marshall and,theres various of those folks around,the board now what you do on your turn,is you must draw cards you can either,draw three of these influence cards you,can draw from to face up ones or from,the face down deck or you can draw one,influence card and one intrigue card now,these influence cards match the colours,up to four different countries out there,and youre only allowed to have 12 in,your hand and after youre done drawing,you can buy them so you only you can,only have 12 in your head at the end of,a turn after youre done drawing you can,play cards that you have so lets say I,have five yellow cards and I want to,play those who Im going to play yellow,cards down in this region here and so I,have five of those and I have some,choices that I can do it costs three,cards to put a princess I mean to put a,cube here in the countess it costs two,cards to put one here on the Baron but I,have five cards so Im gonna put one,here on the Cardinal here in Barcelona,now when I do that a couple things,happen first of all since Im the first,person put a cube anywhere down here I,get to take this this is worth three,points at the end of the game hooray I,also since I put my Cube on a cardinal,well put one Cube on the Cardinal over,here to show that Ive taken one,Cardinal nobody else can just take that,Cardinal unless they play an intrigue,card for someone else to take this,Cardinal from now on theyre going to,have to play one of the intrigued cards,and there are different color cards this,one can work in Spain or in Germany so,all youll see that many of the cards,are dual color cards so I can play this,and then they I would also have to play,five yellow cards to take your spot so I,have to play five yellow cards and a,yellow intrigue card and then I would,move your cube here and put one of mine,there and take that Cardinal away from,you I wont get the points for being,there first but I will get to put a cube,here on the Cardinal now players are,going to be doing this eventually the,deck is going to run out when the deck,runs out we are going to see who has the,most,influence in each of the different areas,now the influence in each area is very,important because thats gonna be thats,gonna show you whos going to get points,that round so lets say that the arch,person had cubes here and the purple,person had cubes there and white and had,a cube here and a cube here now were,going to look and see how much influence,each of these people have so here the,orange player has two nothing here for,the purple player has six the King gives,four and the Cardinal gives two and the,white player has two so the purple,player is first so we go over here and,the purple player will take seven and,the orange player will get four and,these are again point tokens and you,would do that three times over the,course to the game scoring in each,country also the first person who gets a,cube in each spot even if youve been,ousted from your spots you see orange,has one here here and here,if orange can oust the King and get a,cube there then orange will have a cube,in all four spots and theyll take this,point token here the second person to,get a Cuban all four spots will get this,point token there if you also managed to,get a point token on all the different,percentages so King princess Cardinal,Duke countess Baron and Marshall if you,get one cube on each one of those then,youll take this 16 point token the,second person to do that gets 12 and,then eight you can also when placing,cards out if you have three cards of the,same color you can use that to you know,three Reds can equal one yellow when,putting cubes out you can also use to,intrigue cards to put out an intrigue,card of any color and it takes two,intrigue cards to this place a king,after the third time the deck has been,run through and you take these tokens,again you simply will score everything,youll take all the tokens that youve,got the first person to go to each area,gets a token the first person to get a,cube in each area gets tokens all these,tokens youll add together and these,tokens over here plus whoever has the,most cubes on each percentage will take,it so orange would here would get 14,points for having the most princesses,theres a tie here so this is kind of,cool youll take the Cardinal break them,in half,and give each person six points and you,add up all your points in order as the,most points is the winner of the game,see the thing about Royals here is that,its like multiple levels of area,control going on its very simple I,teach it to people theyre like oh its,kind of like tickets right as an area,control game they can go that is exactly,what it is its you are sitting there,and youre trying saying okay do I want,to do easy short stuff first you know,like quick put out a whole bunch of,cubes and take all those point tokens,thats a very valid strategy get a lot,of these small point tokens were do Im,going to go for the really big point,token thats all Im concentrating on,another valid strategy or do I want to,have the majorities over on all those,people over there then theres different,things youre doing and its simply,collecting cards rummy style and playing,set to those cards and you want to,collect a whole lot of one color to go,for the big one or do you want to,collect smaller amounts and go there,first do you want to take something from,somebody else not which is it as,negative as it sounds because it doesnt,really hurt you that much when someone,takes something away from you except,when theyre trying to control those at,the end of each round and those points,are not insignificant theyre very neat,and I like how all the numbers its,mathematically sound like anyone first,place is eight second place is three,while in Germany first place is six,second place is five so Germany is a,more solid bet than England but anyone,has that really big you know its eight,so should I waste a lot of my red cards,and put them up in there solid solid,game man Ive played this game many,times Ive demoed it to many people and,I havent seen people who were super,excited when the game started but always,I havent have one person whos disliked,this game yet this is like a gateway to,era control games it is great its easy,to add up all the stuff at the end you,to sync all your counters and Adam,theres no all right we need to do the,money bonus none of that you just add up,all your stuff and I mean as silly as,this is where heres the princess whos,worth 14 breaker in half each person,gets 7 thats a thats not some that,needed to be in the game but it works,again so when youre walking by and you,might see whereas you might go,doesnt look that interesting what it is,theme yeah its kind of there I suppose,this game is all about the,scroll of countries the control of,people I might say well I

Analysing Young Royals | Teen Drama Is Seldom This Good!

im an avid fan of the teenage drama,genre i watch it all from supernatural,drama like buffy teen wolf and vampire,diaries to your modern teen drama like,elite and riverdale,and none of them have ever been this,relatable,hi all my name is ryan and welcome to my,channel what the pop where we discuss,pop culture in general and buffy a lot,i debated for a while whether i would do,a video on young royals after i binge,watched it the moment it came out,but ultimately ive decided its so good,it needs talking about why its so good,and clearly by the amount of little,interview and compilation clips popping,up on social media im not the only one,who thinks so,one of the common themes in the reviews,of young royals is how real the,characters are how they portray fully,fleshed out extremely relatable,characters,so how then does a show about a royal,prince at an elite boarding school,managed to be so damn relatable,first lets talk about what the show,does i dont want to say badly but i,suppose unoriginally and get that out of,the way,and there isnt a lot to talk about here,the main issue is that they embrace some,normal teenage drama tropes you have,simone our gay socialist outsider,protagonist,august our popular jock bully antagonist,and wilhelm our central protagonist who,falls for the outsider you have high,school love entanglements with felice,wanting phil help wilhelm wanting,someone august wanting felice and sarah,wanting august needless to say like most,teenage drama it gets messy you have,students backstabbing each other parties,drugs alcohol first love first kisses,sex and the fallout that usually,accompanies those things,none of these plot points are terribly,original weve seen them done in teenage,drama time and time again,but thats where the negatives for this,show end,at its heart this show is a love story,on the developing relationship between,villain and simon,and despite the elite boarding school,setting and the main character being a,prince,their relationship feels authentic,and that authenticity lies at the heart,of why young royals is so good,i mentioned in one of my recent buffy,videos that joss whedon said about buffy,i pitched the show as the ultimate high,school horror show very basically taking,the pain humiliation alienation and all,the problems of high school and,ballooning them into horrific,proportions the show only works if it,resonates thats the most important,thing,and i think young royals embraces that,mantra without the supernatural,trappings and use of metaphor the way,buffy did and as a result depicts,characters that are very much human with,various issues and motivations flaws and,failings that you would see reflected in,people you know,and its this aspect of familiarity that,enables us to connect to these,characters and ultimately why they,resonate with us as joss said it only,works if it resonates,so why then make wilhelm a prince and,base it in an elite boarding school why,not just have this story play out in a,regular high school,what has just said you want to take,these things and balloon them to,horrific proportions,fiction often depicts a hyper real,setting to increase consequence when the,potential for a fall is greater the,cathartic release in emotional moments,is also greater resulting in increased,empathy and therefore resonance with the,experiences of the characters,in other words we increase the stakes to,enhance the drama and the subsequent,payoff from the eventual emotional,release,the drama at the heart of young royals,lies in two main aspects classism which,is a wedge between simon and wilhelm and,social status which places restrictions,on what villain can do,and the first episode of this show does,a magnificent job of framing those,issues in the context of this elite,boarding school and how that will play,out through the season giving us,reference points for whats at stake,classism is a fairly topical subject for,today with the growing divide between,the top 1 and everybody else whats more,its a common theme in love stories a,means of creating conflict between two,main protagonists without it being,directly about their character,from jane austen to bridgeton fifty,shades of grey and many rom-coms the,class conflict conflict between main,characters has been a mainstay in,literature generally and romance,specifically for almost as long as weve,written stories its known as,assortative mating and basically means a,relationship with someone outside your,class,simon has left his old school and,entered an elite boarding school to,support his neural divergent sister who,was having issues at their old school,he comes from a working class,single-parent family the son of a latina,immigrant mother and a father they have,little to do with,at the start of the series wilhelm is,the second in line to the throne and has,been sent to the boarding school as a pr,move because of some incidents that made,news and were a bad look for the royal,family,so when philip and someone meet the,difference in their social status is,shown immediately upon wilhelms arrival,at the school,as the prince the epitome of the one,percent his entire lifestyle is at odds,with the socialist leaning samoan,wilhelm arrives with his brother crown,prince eric in a ferrari an expensive,sports car,image and social status is a major part,of this environment and is established,through visuals subtext and character,interactions,after august greets wilhelm he calls,over alex,investments,the fact that social status is so,important in this environment is,established in a few lines august,introduces alex and then immediately,gives him legitimacy in this environment,by detailing who his father is and what,his father does,basically hes part of the one percent,he deserves his place here,we see what they think of simon shortly,after in this scene,august and the children of the other,modern nobles hold fairly traditional,conservative values the students in,philharms class advocate to lower taxes,but admonish the welfare scam,in response,immediately it places simone and wilhelm,as adversaries the haves versus the have,nots,but when we first saw simon singing in,the choir villain had this reaction,[Music],[Music],so we know that wilhelm is already drawn,to him and the opening scenes let us,know that wilhelm wants no part of the,establishment he is a part of he just,wants a normal life,when wilhelm and someone officially meet,for the first time we get this exchange,foreign,we can see in this first moment that,wilhelm holds values closer to those,held by simon but his destiny his,birthright as a prince prevents him from,pursuing and expressing these ideals,earlier in the episode august had asked,simon as a non-resident student if he,could get booze for wilhelms initiating,party,simon was thinking about it so his,sister could have some fun but after,wilhelms brief interaction with simon,that we just saw simone wants to do it,he is similarly drawn to phil hell,august x is a gatekeeper between them he,wants villain to make friends that he,deems appropriate i o i.e those that are,within his class,august says your only mistake was that,you hung out with the wrong kind of,people i understand that you want to,feel normal go to a normal school meet,normal girls go to normal parties but,how did that work out,the problem is that normal people will,never see you as one of them,but as i said earlier simon and wilhelm,are both outsiders simon is a his,working class and suffers from that,classism in the way his school peers,generally treat him but wilhelm is,equally an outsider hes in a very small,class the royal family hes essentially,an outsider to everyone else because he,will always be treated as a prince and,seldom as a direct peer we see this in,his initial meal at the boarding house,when he has to tell the other guys they,are allowed to have their own opinions,around him,when he becomes crown prince that,increases dramatically he is further,isolated and distanced from those aroun

Takedown of Prince William! Royal expert reaction to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Netflix finale

well we all suspected the gloves would,come off this week but Harry and Megan,have really come out swinging I think,the overall impression of the Netflix,finale today is its an excoriating,takedown of Harrys brother Prince,William but also portrays his father,King Charles as a liar and actually I,think most shockingly suggests that the,his grandmother the queen was almost a,puppet being manipulated by her family,and the staff around her one other thing,Harry suggests is is that the palace,very much conspired with the media to,put Megan back in her box as they say,because senior Royals were jealous of,her success and the enthusiasm with,which she was greeted onto the,international stage and there are some,pretty shocking specific Revelations,Harry says that when they sat down for,the infamous Sandringham Summit to,thrash out his and Megans future that,his brother screamed and shouted at him,and that his father told several,untruths while the queen just sat there,and watched them,I think one of the noticeable things,that running throughout this series were,particularly the last three episodes is,how Harry and Megan had either a,photographer or camera crew capturing,them along every step of the way over,the last couple of years and I think one,of the particular standout moments was,their last week in the UK which was,documented heavily by the couple and and,Harry talks of of covering or attending,an event with his family which was,actually the Commonwealth day service,and talking about how cold it felt to be,sitting amongst them once again and,their relief actually leaving the UK,really for the final time to start their,new life in North America,one thing Harry is Keen to hit out at is,what he sees as the misogyny his wife,faces uh face during her time as a,member of the royal family and he makes,very clear that he believes it was his,decision for them to leave he claims for,the safety and the sanity of himself his,wife and their family Megan is portrayed,very much as the as the Catalyst as to,opposed to him who is the decision maker,I mean the couple make clear their,frustration that they think the royal,family missed a trick in terms of being,able to use them use the unique uh,nature of their biracial relationship,within the kind of confines of the royal,family on the global stage but of course,Ive also spoken to people who said over,the last few years that actually they,didnt really want to work with the,family that it was either going to be,their way or the highway and obviously,in what is quite a hierarchical,institution with a CEO the queen at the,top you cant really do that,while the entire series is is very,clearly Harry and Megans attempt to get,a lot of grievances off their chest,theres also some very Charming aspects,to it and the footage of them with their,family enjoying their new life in,California,um is particularly sweet theres also a,really moving moment as we hear more for,the first time from Doria Ragland whos,Megans mother and she shows a tear as,she talks about her daughters mental,health battles while she was a member of,the royal family and her frustration I,think which is understandable as a,mother not being able to protect them,but of course the overwhelming feeling,from this is that it is a hatchet job on,the royal family from start to finish,and it does beg the question where do,they go from here and I wrote In The,Daily Mail at the weekend that friends,fear William and Harry are never going,to be able to repair their relationship,and that was even before they were aware,of the content of this last three,episodes and I see see that as being,doubly true today,thanks for watching on Thursdays dont,forget to tune in to Palace confidential,your weekly look at all things Royal

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