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Best budget rifle n scope Ruger American Go Wild .308 & Truglo Eminus16 review n accuracy must see.

welcome back boys and girls and i have,another great rifle review for you but,before that i have a little length,introduction because this rifle belongs,to my new hunting buddy daniel now,daniel found me through youtube and he,watched all my hunting videos including,one-on-one and he practically memorized,everything so as a new hunter he reached,out to me and wasnt you know he only,lives 30 minutes from me and he became,hunting buddy and partner where he,wanted to pay half of the lease for our,hunting ground and we also partnered up,to buy the dreamland that we just bought,last year october and this being his,first year season he shot five there and,at first his family wasnt too sure,about the venison,theyre over the hill with venison they,just cant get enough of it so im very,proud to have hunting buddy like daniel,and it was my honor to introduce him to,his first year season and even though,this is only his first season he has,learned a lot in the woods and i could,probably say his experience hunter now,so first year he shot it was 708 and i,told him 708 should be more than enough,for dear honey but watching my video he,wanted something more to make a high,shoulder shot and drop them on the spot,and something that has a little bit less,recoil so he got himself ruger american,gold wire camo,with a muzzle brake now watching my va,he was really interested about the,muzzle brake because this reduces the,recoil but at the same time this puss is,a sound where deal doesnt know where,the sound came from and many times i,experienced where the deer actually gets,shot and runs torn because theyre a,little confused where the sound came,from and then it told me it was really,quick to see the deer after getting hit,running tall and passing him and,dropping where he could see where he,dropped and when we heard in virginia we,got a lot of brushes and we have,different property lines and we really,want to see them drop on the spot so,hes going with 168 grain to make sure,it does its job now if you ask what is,the best entry hunting rifle or rifle in,general youre gonna hear three names,ruger american savage axis and thompson,sander compass and i am lucky enough to,have all three guns in my hand today but,ive done three series of savage axes in,308 so you can watch that so its time,to move on to ruger american and yes im,going to be comparing this with my,thompson sound compass on next video,okay i could tell you right now this is,a good looking rifle and if you buy a,basic black ruger american msrp is like,579 and you could get it for about 450,but in this go wild camo and,server-coded msrp 769 but he only paid,546 for it and you could usually get it,for about 600. now this rifle only,weighs 6.6 pounds so i think thats,really great for honey and overall,length and this is 42 inches and the,barrel length is 22 inches and has a,muzzle break on it,all around the barrel so if you were to,shoot this off the ground you could have,some dirt flying into your face and he,told me with this muzzle brake it did,reduce the recoil but it was way too,loud for him after the last one he still,has a ringing in his ear and the doctor,told him that he might have the ringing,for another three months or so but he,didnt lose any hearings and actually,that could be my fault because he asked,me do i wear ear protection when im,hunting with the muzzle brake and i told,him no because i dont have the ringing,issue but everybodys different so,thats advice the issue where the ear,protection at any kind of shooting at,all so as for the muzzle brake its got,pros and cons and i dont know if you,could tell now but this barrel is not a,regular thin barrel its slightly,thicker and it feels like a semi heavy,barrel so they should help with accuracy,and this is free floating barrel now he,did tell me that a lot of ruger american,has an issue with free floating so he,had to send down the left side of the,star to make sure it was free floating,and it wasnt touching it comes with a,picatinny rail and this has 70 degree,bolt rod,so it gives you plenty of clearance with,the scope right here,and the action,is quite smooth,now you could see a little bit of,locking and unlocking of the boat right,here but not better,savage and it is empty now he did at the,excess of picatinny rear in the bottom,and on top of the scope because,sometimes he goes pig hunting at night,and the recoil pad honestly little,disappointment is pretty hard it could,be softer and the length of the pole is,13.75 inches i feel like its a little,bit short for me so adding a recoil pad,would help with the recoil and also with,a length this comes with three round,magazine but you could buy five round,magazine and 10 round magazine im,little disappointed theyre selling it,with three round magazine i think they,should sell it with at least five round,magazine now theyre all single stacked,three round magazines,okay honestly im not too happy about,the magazine release because that gets,in the way putting it in and it does,take some pushing to get it in there,lets see the release,okay i was hoping it would pop out it,doesnt you actually have to push it,with one hand and pull it out with,another hand now this five arm mega,thing is a pmag,that pop little better camera magazine,by ruger,again not bad but none of them popped,out now if i had the choice ill be,carrying five round magazine or even,camera magazine for two reasons reason,number one after the hunt when youre,dragging the deer out you cant have,your rifle on your shoulder so you,usually have to create by hand and this,makes it so much easier to carry reason,number two as you know open the tree,stand arm rest i usually say very low so,having delivered extra height really,helps but 10 rounds would even make it a,little bit better this comes with,two-stage tank safety there right,theres a bolt release now push that,button it will come right out,now bring it back you dont have to push,the button,i like the ball release that little,stainless right there theres an,indication that means its loaded and,ready to go,now the trick is very similar to accu,trigger where its got a blade in the,center for the safety now he told me he,did replace the trigger spring because,this comes with adjustable trigger from,three to five pounds but the lowest he,could get down to was four pounds and he,didnt like it so he replaced the,trigger spring he told me its between,two and a half to three pounds lets,check the trigger,wow,very clean it feels like about maybe two,pounds lets try again,yeah also about two pounds,its one pound,and 12.5 ounce one more time,two pounds and zero three ounce,so i want to say this is two pound,trigger and it breaks really clean i,like it a lot for the scope he bought a,true glow e eminence 16 power from 4 to,16 and it does have a parallax,adjustment and it does illuminate,now honestly im not a big fan of true,glow but i think he bought this for the,night hike okay im really excited about,this gun so lets hit the range and see,what we get beautiful day like today i,cant believe theres nobody out here,today,except for me well im gonna enjoy it,daniel had decided in a 75 yard with a,score power of five just like me but,today im not gonna make any adjustments,to school monitors im going to go for,three shot group 100 yards and first,were going to start with a feather,power shot 180 grain but lets hit the,gun first,okay first shot at left low target,try the 12 maybe inch high which i,expected,and honestly the liquid soft even with,180 grain,[Music],okay the single filling with softness,was not easy it keeps nose diving and,getting stuck,wow buzzer,photoshop,[Applause],its hitting above at 12 okay this time,im going to be shooting match grade,federal premium 168 grain and low middle,target,okay single feeding was easier with five,round magazine i dont know why but this,is not a ruger magazine this is p mag,11 oclock the trigger is really nice as,expected,second shot,wow its touching each ot

Tested: Ruger American Rifle Go Wild in 6.5 Creedmoor

[Music],hey there yabba-doo here from ultimate,realtor.com were here at the shop Im,most of my good buddy Eric Peterson you,got a new toy didnt you picked one up,Ruger American in 65 Creedmoor its an,American predator yep pretty good value,absolutely its in the go wild series,like we talked earlier I have the low,end of the spectrum the high end of the,spectrum I have a 243 to 7 yeah and I,was looking for that gun that was right,in the middle the all-around long-range,rifle low recoil some of my kids could,shoot this basically stacked up to all,my demands mm-hm,it was kind of a no-brainer so how about,this heres a game plan we could unbox,this I havent seen it you took it out,of the packaging I just dont like,couldnt help myself,and this is actually your third Ruger,American this is my third yeah youve,got like you mentioned the 243 in this,seven yep and maybe then we could,compare it with some of the other rifles,that we have here absolute opposite,center compass Ive got an RP are in 65,Creedmoor we could kind of put them,side-by-side lets do it take some,laboratory measurements with the trigger,scan with a digital scale and with the,Lyman Bourque am that Im excited to see,look at the gun from the inside and out,and then take it to a hundred yards to,see what may be my hunting mode is gonna,do with it 143 eld axis is a good match,load its a good hunting load I took the,bear with it right that kind of thing,yeah absolutely cool so lets get the,Box open and then we can do up some more,sound good,alright here we go have you been having,any Christmas story moment oh and then,all I can think about every time I turn,around look at that dude just want to,shoot it nice okay cool,here we are so the go wild gets you the,camo it gets you the seracote its got,the break comes with a break the sarah,coating and the camouflage stock but,Ill kind of hold that up while yeah we,get acessories out okay comes to the,pick rail thats good,yeah that fair code is actually really,cool its kind of a kind of a metallic,look its – it kind of got that burnt,look it looks good I think its gonna,blend well in the field yep,hopefully I dont lose it if I set up,against the tree but other than that,nice its pretty sweet-looking gun lets,see what kind of alright its gonna come,out there yeah and this is set up for a,ICS mags did you say correct yeah which,is a new thing for them and Im really,happy they did it because theyre rotary,mags setup was great initially until I,got dirty and once it got dirty I had,problems feeding and then you had to,take it apart and clean it so yep its a,little frustrating well this gives you,more options and then I always like,something good to pull on I agreed drop,the mag you can get larger capacity,magazines as well cool which is really,cool anything else in the box Ill see,what else we got here just with a safety,lock is the other thing that comes with,thats that its pretty much what you,get here very good okay so why dont we,lets take out a couple of other rifles,okay and lets kind of put them,side-by-side to see what we got here so,this is your 7 yep here we go 7 yeah I,got my compass this is my compass in 308,and I think you know well the compass,was one of the rifles that you were,thinking about right yeah the compass,was when I looked at initially I was,trying to do a comparative analysis,between three different rifles the,Thompson Center compass the savage axis,and the Ruger American mm-hm and after,all my research what I found was its,not bad is it no not bad what I found,was that for the money the best gun that,I could afford was the Ruger American,and I all and the other reason I went,with it is because its reviews it has a,lot of really good reviews people really,like this gun its becoming pretty,popular pretty quick it does everything,its accurate it looks cool the price,points awesome I picked this up for five,hundred dollars yeah which I thought,five hundred dollars for a long-range,rifle thats allegedly,well youre hunter right yeah when,youre in the woods quite a bit whether,it be varmint hunting or bear hunting or,dinner hunting this is this is a big,upgrade as far as I see it as well as,the barrel you know it looks kind of,like maybe a stick or a tree branch,whatever,absolutely and thats to get it up that,price point so a couple other things too,free floated stock right and its got,the adjustable three to five pounds,three to five pound trigger yeah renod,Mazel this of course comes with the the,muzzle break correct and thats where so,so this is a little bit higher in the,lineup this was kind of the base models,that car this is a base model this is,just your Ruger American 7mm REM mag has,the Magnum magazine I set it up with a,Burris optic its been a great rifle,shoots really good I havent had any,issues with it not one yep and and so,this price what would this price point,be I think this was I think this was a,little closer to $600 if I recall about,in todays dollars like if you went from,this a while back down to the base model,oh man this was 500 so yeah man oh man,are you gonna be out like 350 probably,probably close to fifty four hundred,dollars thats where the compass comes,in so these Ive seen guys theyve,commented on my video so so this this,meter here I went I did the unboxing to,600 yards we you know took it out hit,some steals that we screwed on a,suppressor yeah this guy Ive seen for,as little as 175 Ive seen the base but,you know it it doesnt quite have the,same level after aftermarket support is,wondering correct and you know if if you,just want a beat it around in the woods,hunting rifle thats gonna be Hathaway,boom I mean its hard to beat that value,can be but with the Ruger America and,you have what do you get a new chassis,you can pick from the magical hunter,stock I mean the options are plentiful,theres a lot of companies that are,getting into making aftermarket parts,because the riggers become so popular,they have drop-in triggers after market,stocks different both configurations,they have literally everything,mm-hmm match great barrels now too I,mean theyre just coming out of the,Woodworks with stuff for the,Americans so for me I wanted something,that potentially down the road I could,modify or capitalize on and make it even,a better rifle mm-hm and with as much,stuff as theyre making for him I,figured what a great option yep and Ill,point out my friend Bill Maher from,rifle shooter comm if you have it,checked out his website you definitely,should hes done some pretty cool rifle,builds with the with the Ruger American,and at that price point and with the,inherent accuracy you know that theyre,capable of its its a pretty compelling,platform with with again the aftermarket,accessories here too yeah,all right so heres what Im thinking,lets lets first Im gonna take out the,heres my Ruger precision rifle so these,are two different Ruger options mm-hmm,and so the Ruger precision rifle is you,know hovering you know around the,thousand dollar price point or whatever,and its also chambered in you know 65,Creedmoor is one of the popular options,theyve got about two other changes they,just announced the Magnum 300 Win Mag mm,338 Lapua,- two new rifles and a little bit higher,price point sure but the thing is for,what youre after you know for hunting,rifle like I I personally like these,stocks a lot theyre not theyre,lightweight theyre not gonna you know,get marked up its already got the camo,on it yeah youre not even gonna notice,if youve been around you know and its,just its just a completely different,price point but Im betting that you,know based on the results Ive seen,were probably gonna be able to get,similar accuracy out of the Ruger,American compared to the Ruger precision,rifle similar similar you know I mean it,might be the difference between a half,inch third age group or something like,that but but good results okay so a,couple of side-by-side comparisons,casually here lets get this thing in,the trigger scan and

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Ruger “American” Go Wild Camo 22 Magnum Rifle (accuracy testing)

this rifle performed very very well with,one of my favorite ammos being the,Federal 50 grain jacket at hollow points,[Music],0.3 of an inch for five shots at 50.,what more could you want,foreign,[Music],[Music],thank you hey guys and welcome to Aussie,reviews today Im checking out the Ruger,American Rimfire rifle in the go wild,camo finish now guys I have to start off,with the review with please check your,subscription to me that you are actually,subscribed because YouTube is actually,unsubscribing people from me and please,make sure that the Bell icon is enabled,so you actually get my updates,now this one here Ive got is in 22,Magnums so lets show you what it comes,with weve got the Ruger manual,[Applause],got the Ruger lock,and last of all the sticker and some,promotional gear from Ruger,so just go ahead and clear it and lets,give you a run by of it now obviously,this one is in this go wild camo finish,which is quite nice weve also got this,really nice burnt Bronze cerakote finish,to it as well overall length is 38.4,inches or 97.5 centimeters and the,overall weight of it is 5.9 pounds or,2.67 kilos,so lets start with the barrel,um weve got 18 inches uh cold Hammer,Ford steel barrel its free floating so,by 45.7 centimeters in metric at the end,weve got a muzzle brake thats um put,on it at the factory its a standard,half inch by 28 TPI thread on this and,422 Magnum which this is Its A 1 in 14,inch twist,coming back to the action weve got the,extended mag release and just a standard,nine round rotary magazine there for 22,magnum okay so well I do find that a,little bit annoying but,we are blessed here in Australia weve,got the 25 round in the 15 round Victor,Precision magazines for the 22 magnum,and 17 HMR also 22LR as well but um yeah,that just adds a whole new realm of,blinking fun now the trigger on it is,just a single stage trigger it is,adjustable from three to five pounds so,like all the Ruger Marksman adjustable,triggers you know I find them quite good,theyre quite acceptable but you know if,you want to increase that with quality,then you can put a custom trigger in it,if you wish uh weve just got the,standard tank safety at the back here,pretty straightforward the bolt on this,one the bolt knob is more of a,semi-tactical type style to it and the,degree of throw is 60 degrees so you,know nice and short there its,definitely enough to clear the scope and,rings on top it comes with the picatinny,rail on top now what Ive done here,allow usually I put the loophole VX,Freedom Rimfire three to nine by 40,MOA scope on top however the ones that,Ive got Ive got actual zeroed on,rifles that Ive got so I grabbed my,Schmidt and Bender here with some,one-inch Trijicon rings I had that spare,so thats why Ive thrown it on this,rifle you certainly dont have to go to,the degree of Schmidt and Bender to,enjoy using this rifle however obviously,the scope on top is the schmitten Bender,2.5 to 10 by 40 Summit scope and,absolute beautiful scope now I have,reviewed that individually as well guys,just do a search on YouTube and you can,have a look at that if youre interested,now the synthetic stock is in this go,wild camo finish weve got their sling,stud at the rear and also one at the,front here,weve got the standard stock insert so,with the raised comb there its for,obviously shooting with a scope or if,you get just a straight one there its,four open sites but this version of the,Ruger American doesnt come with open,sides so it is made in the US of a,um at the time of doing this review 699,dollars is the price here in Australia,all right guys lets get out on the farm,now and just see how this rifle shoots,okay so the ammo Im going to use here,today guys is the 30 grain horny V-Max,then well go up to the CCI 40 grain,jacket at hollow points then Ive got,the Remington 40 grain jacket at hollow,points and then the Remington 40 grain,pointed soft points,and then last of all well go to the,Federal 50 grain jacket hollow points so,you know Ive seen all these ammos,perform very very well in various,different 22 Magnums even different,models of the Ruger Americans so itll,be very interesting to see how this,model goes and which ammo it favors so,Ive got a Target up there at 50 yards,and then a fire five shot groups for,each ammo and then whichever one it,really performs with Ill then take that,out to 100 and see how we go but as you,can see weve got a pretty still day a,little bit of wind here and there coming,up but really nice conditions so Im,hoping we could get some really good,accuracy out of this,foreign,[Applause],foreign,foreign,off with the,uh horny V-Max and I really thought we,were on a winner there but we had it,blow out a little bit to about 1.2,inches,then the CCI 40 grain jacket and hollow,points,weve come in at about,0.9 of an inch,then we go up to the Remington 40 grain,jacket at hollow points,same story there 0.9 of an inch and then,we go to the 40 grain pointed soft,points from Remington,down a little bit more,weve got,about 0.7 of an inch but the clear,winner of the day and Im absolutely,stoked with these results is a 50 grain,jacketed hollow points from federal and,were down to,0.3 of an inch for five shots at 50.,what more could you want,so guys Im going to take the 50 grain,and now out to 100 and see how that,performs,foreign,going to,on point I would say probably 1.2 inches,there,then I thought oh well lets try a,second group see how we go a little bit,better,1.1 inches so letting the nine round,rotary magazine is pretty,straightforward just like their 10 round,22LR rotary mag you really have very,little problems with them they are time,tested and you know just work very very,reliably,[Music],thank you foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],thoughts on the Ruger American Rimfire,in the go wild camo now 22 magnum is a,favorite caliber of mine I really enjoy,using it and this rifle performed very,very well with one of my favorite ammos,being the Federal 50 grain jacket at,hollow points you know 0.3 of an inch,for five shots there at 50. I dont,really know what more you could ask for,there out at 100 you know were hovering,around that inch which is still okay you,know Im still happy with that but yeah,I would have loved to have got that down,a little bit more but who knows maybe,with a bit more uh,um you know practice or whatever we,could get that under that as for the,actual rifle the things I love about it,are these stock inserts I mean if youre,starting off with a junior and their,length of pull obviously isnt you know,as great as a fully grown adult well you,can put the compact insert in so its,going to be that little bit more,comfortable for you know youngster or,even a smaller framed person as they,grow well obviously you can put the,standard length insert in and you know,still keep the same rifle you know and,its good to go the only thing I would,like to see is I really wish they did,the stock insert in camo as well to you,know to suit the rifle I just think this,just looks out of place to me it looks,unfinished,as for the trigger you know the standard,Ruger American,um,trigger is is fine you know its,adjustable there you can put it down to,a nice light weight you know is it the,best trigger in the world no its not,but its more than acceptable and it,gets you out there having fun and just,enjoying plinking with this rifle,the magazine compatibility obviously,here in Australia were very blessed,with the Victor Precision 25 Round And,even 15 round magazines for 22 magnum,also 22LR and one seven HMR but you know,that allows just even more plinking fun,you know like you saw in this review,the finish on it in general I really,quite like it um you know I do like the,go wild camo I like the bolt knob here I,mean that was very comfortable in the,hand no cycling issues there at all you,know the muzzle brake on it I mean not,that you need it on a 22 Magnum but it,just looks nice you know its just a,different look and I quite enjoyed the,overall finish and look

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8 Problems with the Ruger American

whats up you guys thats right today i,am thrashing the ruger american and,talking about all of the problems with,it but before,this video is lit up with negative,comments i want to talk about why,i love the ruger american i mean its,got a hammer forged barrel its,lightweight its cheap as dirt its got,a good recoil pad theres a lot to like,here for the price point than it is the,reason i wanted to do this video though,is because often when i review more,expensive rifles the comments are just,why would you buy this just get a ruger,american and i think some of the people,dont appreciate the differences and the,problems that youre just not quite,fixing at this price point so today the,problems with the ruger american a,little bit later im going to tell you,about this mamba mag from mdt,so lets go first to the thing that is,difficult for me to even talk about with,my son so i have a 13 year old his name,is ruger and he used this exact rifle on,his very first deer hunt,ill show you some of the clip here of,what happened so a decent little buck,comes out,ruger gets set up were getting all,excited in the little box blind this is,in texas,he goes to take off the safety and,listen to this,yep that loud nasty click is the safety,going off it was loud enough that about,35 yards away this deer immediately,hears it look up and it threw him off,enough that he wasnt able to get off a,shot before that deer ran out of there,so,its not a big deal its just a safety,but it is,very clicky,theres kind of no way to do it quiet,maybe if you really put two fingers on,it and kind of slow it up,but a lot of people the way they hunt is,theyre going to hunt on safety and then,theyll flip off the safety so it,actually can be significant when youre,hunting pretty easily solved just kind,of use two fingers and slowly move it up,its not that big of a deal but it did,cost us a whitetail number two this is,an accuracy thing,its,not very well free floated though,often because of the just polymer stock,here it you know made the design be,perfect to fit in the barrel but like,this one the plastic is just kind of,warped over enough that the stock is,pretty much always contacting the barrel,and a lot of times youll see that on,kind of a polymer stock,but there is enough flex up in the front,that pretty much always if youre,shooting on a bipod,theres enough pressure especially if,youre kind of leaning into that bipod,that the stock is going to contact the,barrel,so i have found the ruger american to be,a very accurate rifle especially for its,price point,but you can see some unexpected flyers,and things when that happens,so i do wish we had a little bit stiffer,of a four,forend and a little bit more generous of,a free float number three i would,consider the feeding reliability of the,ruger american to be about 90 percent,usually its going to work fine and in,some specific cartridges you may get it,to work 100 to 100 percent of the time,and so im sure a lot of you will come,and say oh ive never had feeding,problems with my ruger american i,totally get it but there are a lot of,different variations of the ruger,american a lot of different cartridges,and all you have to do is search on,youtube for ruger american feeding,problems and youll see a long list of,videos,it feeds most of the time but not every,time and in fact that exact situation,with my son ruger he tried to take the,shot the deer kind of moved moved away,and then he took a hail mary and i was,like no no dont dont shoot when the,deers running away but then he tried to,chamber another round and couldnt the,magazine was just kind of blocking the,bolt he couldnt get a second round in,i would consider the achilles heel of,the ruger american to be this guy this,magazine some of them have a straight,magazine others come with the rotary mag,and i do tend to see more problems with,this rotary mag style on the ruger,american in some cartridges,by the way this is a little bit of an,aside from this video but,i wanted to show you something cool from,mdt this is called mambo mag,youve heard of mambo number five this,is mamba number 10 because what you do,with this is they come for remington 700,patterns so you know your,bagara b14 thats going to work as well,it works with tikka t3x,works with remington 783 and 7600,so these are oh look at that thing,thats sweet so this is a straight,10 round,incredibly solid,magazine that you can put in so this is,my tikka t3x super light take out the,magazine,put it in backwards,mambo mag goes right in and now on this,65 creedmoor i have a 10 round magazine,and you can even get the bottom metal,like on a remington 700 they have it for,howell 1500 so that you can convert if,you have you know a hinged floor plate,on one of those rifles you can get the,bottom metal and then youre good to use,the magazine its a really big upgrade,especially if youre taking a rifle that,you know you could use hunting for sure,but especially i think at the range is,so helpful to me,when i dont have to constantly be,reloading im also excited about using,it on some rifles i have that just,arent super reliable have kind of,really cheapy magazines this one is just,super high quality and so,i really like it this is mambo mag from,mdt give it a look number four,so if youre buying an inexpensive rifle,its nice to have the ability to kind of,build on it over time and kind of,replace something,that could improve your rifle over time,as you kind of save up a little bit of,money right,well the ruger american is not a,remington 700 pattern theyre using kind,of their own action here this is a three,lug bolt,instead of you know a two lug bolt like,you might see on the remington 700 which,is nice it gives you a short 70 degree,bolt throw instead of the 90.,there are advantages to it i like that,it has that,shroud on the bolt even though its just,kind of chintzy plastic,and so theres a lot to like about this,action,but i would consider the value in this,rifle to be right here in the barrel,theyre giving you a cold hammer forged,barrel in a very inexpensive rifle and,thats why theyre pretty accurate ruger,americans,and so i would consider to be less value,in the action and usually if theres a,rifle youre wanting to invest in,improving over time you want the value,to be in the action because you can,build everything else kind of around it,okay that the next one i get is very,petty i mention it because,i think there are enough people on this,channel and we get enough views for,rifle reviews that if we start talking,about some things we might get the,industry to start finally catching on,and,you guys know i hate sling studs they,are the bane of my existence,who designed this seriously its a,terrible design to have a sling stud,here and here i know its on every rifle,and i totally get that but its a,terrible design,we have cutie flush cups now that are,you know just a circle in set that you,can just clip your sling right inside it,and so when youre riding the bag when,youre shooting with this sling stud,protruding out when youre shooting,during recoil boom its kind of moving,the rifle around thats a terrible idea,for accuracy plus it means when you put,a sling on like this is on your back,well this is whats hitting your back,these sharp points its a terrible idea,a much better idea would have cutie,flush cuts,cush flush cups there and there because,then everythings flat against your back,and not digging into you all day i would,just love to see some cutie flush cups,taking off on more of these inexpensive,rifles it cant cost more than a nickel,to switch from a sling stud to a cutie,flush cup mount and i think its just a,better mounting system next up is the,trigger now i would not consider this to,be a bad trigger i have confirmed that,were empty here its kind of this,bladed style but when you are pulling,the trigger there is very noticeable,creep i mean nobodys going to be under,any illusions that this shoots like an,expensive trigger its not its a v

Budget Hunting Rifle? Ruger American Go Wild 6.5CM!

hello everyone hows it going,so today im going to talk to you all,about my new hunting rifle,my budget hunting rifle pretty much uh i,didnt want to spend a whole lot of,money,and im going to show you what i decided,to go with,and talk about it why i picked it not,so here in front of you you have the,ruger american and 6.5 creedmoon,this is the um the one that accepts ai,style magazines thats why i have that,10 round mag,im going to zoom in on it so you can,see it have that 10 round metal mag,it only ships with a 4 round magazine,its a pretty good magazine its quality,made ill show it to you,real quick so this is the mag that the,rifle ships with,nothing wrong with it i just prefer the,10 round when im hunting im actually,gonna have this one,so yeah if you buy this uh youre on a,budget you dont really need to buy the,extra mag i just chose to buy it,so as far as optics goes i decided to go,with the loophole optic,and um i got this optic on sale,its the loophole vx3i,3.5 to 10 by 40 cd sdl,so this thing pretty much you can get a,custom dial mate,for your rifle by a leupold you just,send in the information,i think you need the muzzle velocity of,your firearm and a um,the height overboard but then after that,all you have to do is,set your turret to the desired number of,yards you want to shoot and youll be,able to hit,for the most part in the environment,youre going to shoot it im going to,give you a closer look of how that,turret works,real quick im going to show you real,quick how this turret cap works,get it to focus real quick,[Music],so after doing a ton of research i,decided that the ruger was the one that,best suited me,i had all the features that i wanted for,uh affordable price this one was about,450 dollars,and they had a threaded barrel already,medium weight barrel so,its not like a super thin profile its,actually pretty thick,it holds um ai style mag like i,mentioned before,and it came with the nice sling swivel,studs on it theyre not molded plastic,theyre actually like screwed in,to the stock and um i like the bronze,cerakote as well,its pretty nice it actually comes with,a um,muzzle break and ill show that to you,all right now so this is the muzzle,brake that comes with it,its nice i mean it has um all the ports,and thats thats actually uh,this will fit a 30 cal rifle as well in,the lens of 65 i measured it,and i think they just go with the,universal um 30 cal muzzle brake,so it fits all the rifles in their,lineup but i went with a specific,kind of muzzle brake i went with the,vg6 precision a model 65 gamma,and its for six five creedmoor or,grendel i love this brake and,ive used them on a couple of my ars and,other rifles as well,so thats why i just changed it out but,you dont really need to change it,the stock is also a nice color pretty,happy with that um go wild camo,their ruger put out on these rifles and,it came with the picatinny rail ready,for the scope,i went with some budget um monstrum,tactical rings,for it and theyre one inch because i,put a one inch scope on it,the bipod was also thirty dollars on,amazon it was a cheap um,bipod i can put a link to that and then,i bought a,ruger swing for it as well im just a,cheap little 20,ruger sling so when im hunting with it,bolts pretty smooth,check its clear and then you can see,the trigger real quick,one more time very smooth very easy to,pull,i like the safety on the lefty i didnt,buy a left-handed um bolt action gun but,because the safetys right here its,very easy to activate even though im,left-handed,overall this rifle was about 450 bucks,and the scope was another 400,20 rings 30 dollar bipod so for me it,was,a pretty budget build but theres other,places you can save money if you just,bought the rifle you dont have to buy a,loophole,scope you can buy like a cheaper vortex,or something,or really any scope thatll get you,through your hunt,depending on where you want to hunt now,im going to show you how the muzzle,break real quick,just a closer look has the three ports,on each side,has the ports up top as well,[Music],it was pretty easy to install it comes,with the crush washer,i do recommend having someone to help,hold the rifle while you do this,i dont have a vice and it wasnt,necessary to install it but some of,yall might,find that its easier to install a,device,this is my little um cheek pad i bought,for it,again something i bought on amazon ill,show you a better look at that real,quick just,um its just a cheek riser that you,strap on your rifle,and it holds a couple shells as well a,couple of your rifle rounds,oh yeah im looking forward to zeroing,this at the range i havent been able to,go to the range because of covet they,closed it,but i cant wait to give yall guys a,range report and let you know how,accurate it is,and then hopefully i have a successful,hunt but if youre looking for,a rifle that wont break the bank,you can find these for anywhere from 350,dollars to 450 dollars,depending on the model i highly,recommend the ai one,it holds these mags,you can buy ruger mags magpul mags,original aics mags all kinds,this is a mdt meg,and it has a nice little bottom metal,down here,snaps right in very secure,so some people were complaining that the,ruger american predator didnt have,a straight picatinny rail i didnt have,any issues mounting this,they say that its like a weaver slash,picatinny rail,but my scope rings mounted right on,heres a quick look at those monstrum,tactical rings,theyre very nice rings for the money,less than twenty dollars for the pair,theyre holding this thing on here,pretty secure,i had no issues leveling and tightening,down the scope,it is mounted a little bit high but,thats,mainly because of this rail i could get,lower rings,but im not going to worry too much,about it i just bought the cheek riser,and i should be fine im also looking,forward to testing the scope out,has a zero lock and i might have,loophole make me a turret,custom turret but at the moment this is,how it works,its in moa adjustments so im just,gonna use a ballistic calculator on my,phone,to tell me what my drop is in moa,and then ill have to do is dial it on,here and then return to zero,its nice positive clicks and zero luck,as well,i just really wanted to show you what i,chose as my budget rifle for hunting,this year,and this is what i went with i hope,youll like it,and also if you find yourself looking,for a rifle,your next rifle you consider the ruger,american predator,these things are pretty nice they make,them in different colors as well if you,dont like the camo,but the bolts come nice and slick,very easy to actuate,all right everyone thanks for watching,please like and subscribe and ill see,you next time

in grandpas day a rifle with a shiny,wood stock and barrel combined with an,old army filled jacket was just fine for,hunting today hunters demand a lot more,and just as they want to camouflage,themselves they want to camouflage their,rifles one of the great new camo,patterns is go wilds IM brush its,specifically intended for hunting the,semi-arid regions of the West where,mesquite scrub oak manzanita coyote,brush sage and yucca dominate the,landscape if youre in that landscape,hunting game like antelope coyote or,mule deer,youll want a cartridge that will reach,out bucking Prairie winds on the way,theres nothing better for that than the,6-5 Creedmoor a cartridge whose flat,trajectory and mild recoil have made it,one of the most popular rounds on the,market today youve chosen a great,cartridge an effective camo pattern now,all you need is to put them together in,the Ruger American rifle the barreled,action here coated in bronze seracote is,snugly supported by Rugers power,bedding integral bedding block system,which positively locates the receiver,and free floats the barrel for,outstanding accuracy the hammer forged,barrel has a 1 turn an 8 inch rifling,twist to stabilize all six point five,millimeter bullets and a Ruger exclusive,muzzle break to keep recoil mild the,one-piece three lug bolt with 70 degree,throw provides ample scope clearance and,utilizes a full diameter bolt body and,dual cocking cams for smooth easy,cycling you can adjust the Ruger,marksman adjustable trigger from three,to five pounds to get your own ideal,trigger pull the marksman trigger has a,central safety lever that prevents,trigger movement unless its depressed a,natural part of firing this helps,prevent the rifle from going off if its,dropped youll quickly mount your,favorite optic with a convenient,aluminum rail,that is one dead deer mark you could,certainly go wild with this,great intro this is the goal while camo,Ruger American rifle good-looking gun I,think this is gorgeous,yeah so its a go wild camo we also do a,bronze seracote on the receiver in the,barrel so it really really sets off the,camo its a good-looking gun so the,Ruger American rifles been out for a,while then a super seller for us and for,good reasons got a lot of good features,its a great shooter so we start off,with a nice soft rubber butt pad we had,a lightweight composite stock so,one-piece bolt its a 70 degree bolt,throw so its really easy to run we got,dual cocking cams and makes it even,easier notice we have a Tang safety here,so thats kind of ambidextrous as well,you know I think its the right place,for him on this model now has an AI,style magazine so the 308 style,cartridges dont come with this ai style,this ones in 6 5 Creedmoor which is,its hard to make a cream or shoot,poorly right these things shoot great,and theyre just really hard on deer -,yeah itll wake the neighbors – yes sir,we have a power bedding system which,locates receiver and free floats a,barrel its a cold hammer-forged barrel,and its top of the muzzle break so this,is an all-around great shooting package,its super accurate its light its,hard-hitting and it looks good too so,its not the lichen gorgeous lightweight,versatile this is a fantastic hunting,rifle mark I really appreciate you,coming down and talked to me about my,pleasure thank you,if you have a place in your gun safe for,this rifle go to gallery of guns comm,and click on the gun genie just in your,zip code and the gun genie will display,a list of gallery of guns affiliate,dealers in your area with the prices,theyll ask for your new gun order with,a major credit card and you can begin,shooting your choice within a few days

Blackbeards Armory reviews the Ruger American, Go Wild Edition

so let me get my [ __ ] together go on,party people let me hear some noise dcs,in the house jump jump for joy,party over jump jump rejoice jump jump,or joyce is that what it is,see i always thought it was jump jump,for joy theres a party over here,theres a party over there shake your,dairy hair,shake your derriere,what up party people robin ollie back,with you again blackbeards armory,uh doing a gun review here with this,beautiful thing,what is this this is a ruger american,is that a cerakote on there yeah that is,beautiful finish dude thats probably,one of my favorite rifles that youve,that you own well its a cool its just,i bought this for a,new deer rifle because i dont have a,308 deer rifle,and i wanted one so,i decided to go to ruger america because,its a very um obtainable,budget wise its very obtainable im a,big fan of ruger anyways just because i,think they make a quality,i mean they make a quality product at a,reasonable price sure,its okay yeah they make okay stuff you,know its not,by any means top-of-the-line stuff you,know but,i believe i believe its really,considered more instilling to your,budget,rifles but i mean you know these these,this particular model its the go wild,version which they come it comes with a,cerakoted,um barrel and,with a break muzzle break and all that,stuff so,other than that its their own type of,camo here,other than that the action and,everything like thats the same as any,other ruger american out there,so its really its really no great,shakes,but youre paying a little extra money,for that server coat and im sure youre,paying a little extra money for the,stock,but other than that its its uh it,shoots really nice,its very comfortable to shoot this is a,nikon four and a half by 14 scope i,threw on there,uh the scopes probably in the um,im sorry its a loophole correction um,this this the scope is probably in the,500 range you know its all you really,need for a 500,gun you know yeah its not its crazy,its not a precision rifle so,right you know uh youre fine with that,kind of,thing but the action is super smooth on,these i was actually really happy when i,finally took it to the range,finally and its uh,for the money i mean youre getting a,really smooth short action rifle,the trigger i think its set at about,three and a half pounds,which is pleasurable to me,so its uh it definitely,im not used to the trigger yet so it,still surprises me,absolutely every time i pull it the,magazine which is right over there in,front of you,i only got four or five rounds i think,its a three round,really yeah so you can put one in the,chamber and then put three in the,magazine,so it itll meet most criteria around,the country as far as,capacity for hunting florida its five,so i know without a doubt in my mind,when i go to the woods to deer hunt,im well within the limits of the law,not to worry about it,so theyre theyre cool rifles its uh,the the,the factory stock is a little short for,me,personally i like a little more rob,likes are long,i like them long but i just i just,prefer a little more um,a little bit longer stock by an inch,inch and a half longer,than this just just from this thats,just what feels more comfortable to me,but,theres not theres absolutely nothing,wrong with it hence the reason why i,left it on for right now i did buy,magpul american,stock i bought a bipod from from magpul,and,uh they make they do make a lot of,aftermarket parts for,rugers so uh including a magazine,and then and when you buy that you get a,five round magpul,308 magazine so you can bump it up to,from a three to a five,im going to leave it off until after,hunting season because i dont have any,more time to get to the range between,now,and the next few weeks when i have,actually have a deer hunt to go to,so but its pretty simple,and its its but it shoots nicely,though,it really does it actually i dont,remember what the thread is on it but it,is pre-threaded so you can take this,break off,to put a suppressor on okay oh really,cool if you want to so its right as,long as you get the same thread pattern,as,on the suppressor is actually on the,barrel its free threaded so,your money right you know um,yeah so i mean its pretty much just,like the rest of the ruger americans,that this looks a little prettier and,and all that now the ammunition i used,when i,zeroed it i had to do a quick zero for,about 15 minutes i had 20 minutes the,most i didnt remember how much time,to get out there and zeroed i used the,six hour,308 winchester 165 grain,elite hunter,ammunition varies as you know in every,rifle,this rifle actually functioned pretty,nicely with it i got a,what i wound up being i have it over,here,what it wound up being after all the,the planking right here look let me ill,hold it and you can walk,no thats really not necessary because,my final three shots,are these three shots right here and,thats for a quick zero,obviously it can be pulled to the right,and down a little bit,but i mean for 500 450 500 rifle,and a quick zero i mean you you can get,them tighter thats about a half inch,group,off a quick zero so you could probably,tighten that up to,shooting through the same damn hole if,you take your time,you know actually with your trigger,press and your breathing and your,and and you know dial it in correctly,right but im im not hunting any,farther than about 100 150 yards,for the deer so for this year,thatll thatll do the trick so,awesome time-wise money-wise dont have,a whole lot of it right now,so overall thatll do overall good value,and,yes absolutely theyve been theyve been,around for probably,got 12 12 years now but theyve done,subtle changes to,i believe the trigger and theyve done,subtle changes to other things theres,different barrel links you can get,theres probably about 10 11 12 calibers,that you can get these in,so uh and this is a 308 winchester,but you can get it from 30 odd sixes,270s,i believe they they had you have a 223,version,so um,theres an array of versions out there,but very very simple easy to clean take,apart obviously,um all in all im probably pretty happy,with it,its uh you know and if i scratch it im,not gonna,cry myself to sleep that night because,its not a 1500,deer rifle yeah and then you got a,thousand dollar scope on it or something,stupid right now,so what youre saying is you still got,money in the bank for,a few more accessories to take out on,your hunting trip maybe youve been,looking at that new deer stand or,whatever,yeah and uh you got a little bit of,money in your pocket so you can get that,stuff so you can actually go out and,have a good trip so thats yeah thats,cool,yeah man final thoughts on this deal,thats about it man because that its so,simple these bolt action rifles are so,simple theres not a whole lot too,simple and they last forever,sure good stuff man yeah all right well,thanks for that and uh,i do want to add um if you guys i ive,been getting a fair amount of questions,people call up um call me personally,or or through the website uh have,questions,feel free to shoot them out there but,let me tell you something this is the,guy right here hes got all the,knowledge and whatnot so i usually,ill get the question and then ill ill,quickly ask him so,fire off those questions if you have any,questions about gear,uh guns you know rifles or whatever um,whatever it is that youre looking for,we can probably help you out with it or,point you in the right direction,we definitely want to make sure that our,our viewers and our customers are happy,with uh with what we got so all right,well thats it for this this round,hope that was informative for you guys,if uh if youre interested in snapping,one of these up,uh well put a link to where you can,find one of these um,and along with some more specifics on it,and uh thats it,we will see you next time dont forget,to like share and subscribe,see ya,you

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