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Ruger GP100 Revolver 357 Magnum Review

the Ruger GP 100 lets check it out,[Music],as in 1985 the ruger GP 100 was,introduced and that was when revolvers,were king law enforcement carry,predominantly revolvers in 357 Magnum,and of course backups in 38 but the,revolver was reliable and during that,time the 357 Magnum was an excellent,round for self-defense,so Ruger replaced the security six in,the revolver lineup with the GP 100 and,taking a lot of cues from the Ruger,Redhawk this is one of the strongest 357,magnums in the world there are lot of,features on this revolver that make it,super strong its built like a tank and,were gonna take a look at the reasons,why and this is one of the earlier,models with the wood inserts on the grip,these are still being produced today,with Hogue grips but Ill tell you what,guys this to me is the one Ive been,looking for for a long time so when I,found it and my local gun shop I,immediately had to pick it up and,honestly it was twice the price it was,in 1985 even used GP 100 has been,produced again since 1985 so its almost,30 year old design and this is actually,the second generation to the security 6,which was Rugers standby 357 magnum,revolver but this is a much more beefier,much stronger action and well take a,look at some of the reasons why of,course push button here to release your,cylinder and the gun is definitely,unloaded and one of the big things about,the GP 100 is that they wanted something,that would withstand really high,pressure rounds I mean you can shoot any,kind of 357 Magnum in this handgun,because of the way its designed one of,the big reasons we would look at that is,when you open up the crane typically the,crane was held into place from a small,detent here at the front of the ejector,rod and that was fine but it didnt give,it as much strength as it does if its,right here inside the crane you can see,this little push button this locks the,crane into place so as you close it down,it gets the action or the retention,back here toward the cylinder and so,that gives it a much stronger action,here with your cylinder with the crane,fit and so that makes it just a much,more superior design now one of the big,things about the GP 100 is it actually,got its inspiration from the Red Hawks,the river Red Hawks and the super red,hawks are just phenomenal I mean they,can handle any load that you could about,put in them I mean theyre just built,like tanks and a lot of those features,came to the GP 100 and for that matter,the SPO one its one of the reasons why,it looks like to me a little bulldog now,this is the four inch model did come in,a three inch which is not quite as,popular and then they have the the six,inch 6 inch is gonna give you more,velocity its gonna allow you to kind of,shoot long longer ranges better really,for a hunting pistol but for me I had,one of the 4 inches back in the early,90s and so I wanted a four inch model,this is the older version so it has,these grips theyre called santoprene,and its just really a soft recall,absorbing material and for those really,high pressure loads this really absorbs,that recoil really nice and it gives you,a good firm grip on the handgun and then,with the wood inserts which there were a,couple of different kinds and I believe,this ones rosewood but now theyre made,with the Howe grips and guys I was,really looking for this model because,this is just the one that I had before I,like the full shroud that goes on the,barrel gives a little more weight at the,front and so when youre shooting it it,just makes it that much more comfortable,to shoot this one does have the,adjustable sights which some did come,with thick sights but I love the,adjustable sights on the rear and the,course just black outline on the front,this is a double action revolver and,that means that when you pull the,trigger,you see the hammer come back now you,cant fire it single action in this,position here and its a really crisp,trigger pull but there are some things,about the trigger action to me,on the ruler that are really appealing,now really the proper way to shoot a,double action revolver is to pull the,trigger through with the hammer down but,one of the things about this is,its long and its typically heavy when,you pull it back for single action its,a really short very easy to get more on,target youre not going through that,long pull and so for target or if I,really want to get a long shot just pull,that hammer back and then I have that,really light trigger pull but one of the,beautiful things about the Ruger in,particular is that when you pull that,hammer back its long its smooth then,it kind of goes into a click about right,here which would be like single action,and then you can fire it so it almost,gives you the best of both worlds with,the trigger action and man again it is,super smooth smooth like butter now,pushing your cylinder release and just,pop your cylinder out right here is your,ejector rod and this is going to get,those spent shells out fairly quickly,one thing of course with a revolver is,you know the magazine capacity or,obviously the capacity of the cylinder,is only six now they did make the 44,special with five and they went all the,way up to 22 with ten rounds and then,theres some in between theres a number,of calibers that this was made in and I,think even ten millimeter which I think,would be a really cool option in fact I,think its seven rounds of ten,millimeter but you can get speed loaders,and if you really practice you can get,pretty quick with them and a lot of,force to improve that over the years now,this handgun was actually issued to the,Border Patrol and to the Immigration and,Naturalization Service in the early 90s,this was their issued sidearm and then,of course they went to the 40 caliber,about 1996 this was also used by a,number of different countries for,Special Forces with Greece Serbia in the,UK and so this handgun has a lot of,popularity worldwide and one of the big,reasons is just because of the strength,of the action now as far as safety goes,number one it is a double-action pistol,so youve got to really mean to pull,that hammer back but if youll notice,right here there is a transfer bar,youll see it coming up and it blocks,the action of the firing pin and this is,going to keep this drop safe as well,you know if you drop this farm and it,hits on the hammer if it has a firing,pin thats on the hammer which really,they kind of did away with that back in,the 70s if youll see a lot of the older,Smith & Wessons that have that firing,pin that come out and so this actually,keeps the firing pin from breaking which,is also another problem with the exposed,firing pin of course the heavy shroud,here and at the top it really gives this,a solid look and you can look at the top,now and there are sir a shions right,here they cut down on glare and then of,course the black with this sight these,have been around again for 29 years,theres a ton of holster options theres,theres a ton of site options grip,options I mean you can get a lot of,different things a lot of aftermarket,support now the GP 100 not only came in,this stainless but it also came in a,blue version as well the blue version,was actually discontinued if a number of,years ago and the stainless again is,still available now one of the big,pluses of the GP 100 is the grip design,and were gonna go ahead and remove,these grips thats a real small screw,right here it just drops the actually,the panels out then we have a plug and,you can push it through well take our,screwdriver just pop it and that keeps,the grip into place,now once we take this off we have a,rectangular peg design now the big,advantage to this is that we can put on,a square bite but we can also put a,round butt grip on here especially for,concealed carry if you want to kind of,bring that down this allows you to,transition a lot of times with the Smith,& Wessons they were either square butt,or round butt and so you were kind of,stuck with either one with this if I,want to get around but

Ruger GP100 357 Magnum First Shots & Impressions

[Applause],whats up guys this is the honest outlaw,here and today i want to do another,first shots video,uh were trying to rush this video a,little bit we just had a chance here,where its not so windy i dont know if,you guys are aware but im in iowa and,iowa is a wind tunnel,24 7. so we try to fit in filming when,we can,based on lighting weather and wind,conditions so,ive been wanting to shoot this guy for,a while this is the ruger,gp100 this is a four inch 357 38 special,and if you guys arent feeling familiar,with revolvers 357 revolvers can usually,fire 38 special 38 special plus p so,theyre actually a really good,option especially for the ammo scarcity,that is today,ammo is a little bit harder to find as,of right now,in november 2020 than it has been in,quite a while,due to some of the issues in the united,states but,38 357 is mostly available at least 357,defensive ammo ive seen available quite,a bit and thats really what you need at,the end of the day anyway for defensive,purposes so,it gives you a wide variety of,ammunition and it also gives you a,classic very reliable,easy to use platform the ruger gp100 is,one of the most reliable and trusted,weapons,that has ever been made really ruger,revolvers have a reputation and a track,record,for being extremely reliable going all,the way back to their,origins they kind of had to do it better,since they didnt have the opportunity,to go first so,this one has a four inch barrel as i,said chambered in 357,but it does have seven rounds as opposed,to six so it has the seven round,cylinder as opposed to the six,giving you one extra round if you only,have six one more is a big help,it has adjustable rear blacked out and,then it has a front fiber optic sight,which i think is pretty cool,i got the stainless model the black one,was there but the stainless for,revolvers for me just looks good,it also has this rubber inlaid wooden,grip,to help with that texture but still give,it kind of a classic look i like,rugers cylinder switch there,and i like the fact that it opens in a,similar manner the smith and wesson,because im so used to reloading it like,that,colts a little bit in reverse and,sometimes i get confused when im,running it quickly,so i like this option the undercut of,the trigger guard here is cut nice so,you can get up and high,on the gun i like that a lot you can go,double single action with a revolver so,your safety is this long trigger pull,that you see here,and then if you need to be accurate you,can put that into,a single action and get those very,accurate shots revolvers are inherently,very accurate,and the single action trigger pull on,this gun is pretty impressive,uh all that coming in at right around,500 to a thousand depending where you,get it from i got this guy for about,700-ish 675 dollars i think,out the door at mr guns in waterloo one,of my local gun shops and i like to,support them when i can,overall though i think its a cool gun i,think its a great gun for a beginner,shooter i think its a great gun for,home defense and for concealed carry,and for a [ __ ] at the fan type situation,if that,happens to arise so before i we go shoot,it i want to mention my patreon,supporters thank you guys very much for,supporting the channel,if youre interested in joining the,patreon squad you get exclusive content,i try to answer all your messages if i,can all you got to do is go down to the,link in the description and,hit that link and sign up also on that,link or also in that description is a,link to the t-shirts,and a link to a shelter in ames iowa,its a youth shelter that i really like,to support,so go over there and support those kids,here at honest outlaw we like to be as,tactical as possible,as super ninja as possible thats why we,brought our tactical bowl of bullets,here,and thats my speed loader for today is,just a bowl that we took out of the,kitchen,and threw some ammunition in it because,i just happen to have,kind of a mix of 38 special this is,actually 38 plus p,so well see how that runs,not cool enough to hit it in double yet,that plus p you can actually feel that a,little bit more than the standard 38,[Music],quite the fireball coming out of there,flinch there a little bit to eject our,shell casings they didnt all come out,very well but im not very much like,either so bear with me here,well load a few more of these,and everybody gets mad at me because i,dont have uh,speed loaders and i do have a couple,speed loaders but they are for an eight,shot,uh 357 and a six shot 357 not a seven,shot 357 so,even if i did track them down i wouldnt,be able to use them with this gun,try some double action here oh we got,her,going a little left,well we missed almost all of those so,well have to uh,get a little closer and see where were,hitting,if youre a little recoil sensitive a,revolver is a nice,uh firearm to try because often you can,load them with soft uh 38 special which,can be very soft recoiling,and with the size and weight of a,full-size revolver even this four inch,revolver,is going to be more than heavy enough to,absorb a lot of that recoil,so if youre worried about that thats,pretty nice,see those pmc uh 38 special there have,very very little recoil,[Music],so,not super quick but not slow thats for,sure more than do the job,youre too fast for my camera to focus,sometimes,oh really i dont think thats because,im super quick,revolvers are thats the reason why,jerry mitchell likes really so,impressive,honestly because revolver has such a,long trigger reset,and i know he gets his work done he,obviously isnt shooting competition,with a stock,gp 100 but it is still impressive how,fast this trigger finger really is,[Applause],its kind of fun to see the uh,explosions,through the cylinder at night its,getting a little darker so i can see the,pop of fireballs out of it when i shoot,it,its not a revolver video unless i get,my wrist grimes on,[Applause],[Music],i want that guy,there we go,i think im out yep,i had a lot of trouble getting those to,eject,there we go i want to end on a mess,so the ruger gp100 i think,lives up to the name as far as,reliability goes i gotta say,right out of the box i think i prefer my,smith and wesson a little bit more,because i like the longer barrel gives,you more sight radius easier to hit,at long distance although for concealed,carry or something like that youre not,gonna have to worry about it much,also the ruger gpu 100 comes in a six,inch barrel and longer as well,so thats not a knock on that its just,a knock between the two pistols that i,cur,that i currently have as far as the,controls go,theyre easy to use just like the smith,wesson is maybe even a little bit easier,that push,button inward is a little more,uh how do i want to say that just a,little more,elementary school like if you see that,button you wouldnt want to push forward,you would want to push it,and its just easy to pop that cylinder,out and pop it back in,so i think even new shooters can figure,that out really easy theres obviously a,reason why rigor stuck with that design,some of the internals at least from my,personal experience,i have heard at least that they are,higher quality than most other revolver,companies,although ill have to do some research,on that for the full review,these ruger pistols have passed a lot of,durability tests that other revolvers,have not,i like the grip a lot i like how it,looks and i like how it feels i really,like the look of the wood grips but i,prefer the feel of the rubber grips,the full rubber grip on the smith wesson,gives me a little bit more recoil,control a little bit more contact on the,gun,because the sides of these are a little,bit slippery however you do have more,than enough here so i think its a good,balance between,looks and functionality i didnt have to,adjust the sight,to hit at 50 yards so thats not a,problem at all it has serrations up here,to prevent glare although im not sure,youre gonna need to worry about that,too much one of the issues i was having,is t

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Ruger GP100 .22LR 10-Shot Revolver

foreign,[Applause],Ruger GP100 22 long rifle revolver 10,shots were going to shoot it were,going to talk about it some stick around,[Applause],thanks for dropping in while we spend a,little time with the Ruger GP 122,caliber this is 22 long rifle only not,22 mag 10 shot stainless steel revolver,five and a half inch barrel and uh a fun,little gun to shoot uh were going to,start out with just some basic CCI,standard velocity ammunition here at 12,yards just see how it works weve had,some issues with this gun with cheaper,ammunition lets see how the CCIS work,here at 12 yards,and this is being loaded out of a speed,bees thats a s p e d b e e z speed Bs,loader Ive got them for a variety of,22s its also got a loading plate that,makes it easy to load 50 rounds and very,handy to,just punch those rounds in and the gun,is loaded,quite as fast as a semi-automatic but,pretty close all right 12 yards this is,not going to move the uh the plates a,whole lot but lets just see what itll,do starting with the lets do the white,with the orange Center there on the left,and lets just run the plates,uh could I hit the little three inches,below it here at 12 yards,foreign,I think that is 10 shots right,that is,full extraction unloads 22 cases real,nice,this gun has uh rubberized grips on it,with wood inlay panels the rubber gives,a a really good grip even without gloves,on it get a good grip with it the,cylinders uh counterclockwise rotating,just like a Smith and Wesson opposite a,Colt cylinder release is a push button,push in cylinder pops out trigger on,this the double action trigger I bought,this used so its probably well used I,bought it a while back when prices were,more affordable and well talk more,about price in just a minute trigger is,about seven and a half pounds double,action its got a nice smooth double,action pull there is there are no,striations grooves on the trigger which,makes it nice because my finger likes to,roll around the trigger when Im,shooting double action single action on,this comes in at just over two pounds,which is really nice talk about the,sites in just a minute but I want to,take it over to 25 and see how it works,over there,all right with these uh with the speed,bees loader on this again the loading,block will hold uh five sets of ten so,50 rounds just drop the loader on to the,uh the rounds and push,and voila 10 rounds are there just got a,spring that holds them in place when you,press this into the revolver uh the uh,gold colored metal part pushes in on the,rounds releases them for the spring and,it is loaded,very quickly so these are mini mag,varmints,and again just pop the rounds in push,let go and voila youre loaded 25 yards,since these are varmint rounds lets,start over there on the right with a,raccoon it doesnt show up real well on,the main camera hopefully the secondary,camera will pick it up,and a dead round,all right lets go next to it to the,wood truck,way over there to the crow between the,two silhouettes,ah lets see it this is not going to,move the head Flipper on the silhouette,much lets just do the 12 inch black,with a white center,eight inch next to it,six inch theyre a white plate High left,ah come on,there you go,uh lets see I like the sound of the uh,of the woodchuck lets go back to the,woodchuck,[Applause],why did that dead round,yeah it goes off on the second hit,every now and then typical 22 ammunition,even with a good stuff will have a fail,to fire but the nice thing to worry,about a revolver just keep on pressing,the trigger and or stroking the trigger,running revolver and eventually that,round is likely to go off you dont have,to do an immediate action drill like you,would with a semi-automatic so,um advantages to a revolver again five,and a half inch barrel stainless steel,this thing weighs 43.7 ounces fully,loaded has fully adjustable sights a,fiber optic front sight which is nice,except well talk about that here in,just a second fully adjustable rear for,elevation and for windage so good,Accurate Gun not too many of these on,the on the market right now it still,occasionally shows up in the Ruger,catalog I do like it but lets see how,it works at 50 yards before we do our,wrap up,GP 122 10 shot,revolver again with,speed bees loaders putting 10 CCI Mini,mag varmint rounds in there and these,are,36 grain hollow points,lets just see if I can make something,ring now its not going to move these,targets much but lets see if I can make,something ring out here at 50 yards,starting with the,rectangle silver rectangle on the left,of course it makes it rain how about the,16 inch high right white with a green,center,foreign,[Applause],heres where it starts getting a little,tough with this fiber optic front sight,green is nice it definitely jumps out at,you but when I want to shoot Precision I,really like black rear not a goal post,type almost a Glock type cider some old,Smith and Wesson type uh and a fiber,optic front just doesnt work well for,me at 50 yards when I want Precision I,want black on black it is the easiest to,get your equal height equal light with,your side alignment so might be a little,tough when I get to the smaller plates,lets try the uh the 12 inch,down there in the bottom next to the,solo its white with a red Center,okay how about the 10 inch,uh white with a black Center,no,[Applause],there we go how about the eight inch,white with the red Center below that,[Applause],finally I think it was the last shot,and it was,you know I got to try the six give me,your second two load up some more rounds,and were gonna try the six inch,at 50 yards,all right were still shooting the uh,mini mag varmints out of this one thing,I did uh I want to mention is the fact,that the chambers are actually counter,board just a little bit so that the,rounds fit flush in the chamber they,dont protrude from the cylinder nice,touch on that you dont see that on,every gun hopefully its more common on,the 22s it is a nice touch on this gun,lets try it at 50. I want to get that,six inch plate the problem is that green,fiber optic covers the entire plate,makes it hard to get my precise aim,foreign,[Applause],[Applause],number five was dead well come back to,that one,[Applause],all right six shot seventh click got the,six all right got a few rounds left in,it lets just stick with that,uh the silver rectangle there,[Applause],and again generally goes on the second,hit Ruger GP 105 and a half inch barrel,stainless steel gun fully adjustable,sights 22 caliber 10 shot they make,these also in 357. I believe they just,came out with the GP100 in 10 millimeter,also,MSRP on this is running a little over a,thousand dollars theyre hard to find on,the uh on the Open Market at this time,if you do expect to pay pretty close to,MSRP occasionally you can find a,pre-owned one for,um Ive seen them going anywhere from,750 to thirteen hundred dollars,but again theyre kind of strange or,kind of kind of rare I paid a whole lot,less for this several years ago but,thats when Firearms are a little more,affordable all right GP100,22 caliber 10 shot its a fun little gun,thanks for stopping in and joining us,while we look at this gun

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Ruger GP100: “American Steel” by Nutnfancy


and,Oh,GP 100 speed rules five yards,shredding it,yeah Im up here at LP blood up,we gotta focus on the basics,TP 100 Ruger run in the trench Im,diggin it shooting really good has a,trigger job by Terry G from impact guns,diggin it Im working on my speed,reloads,I guess it was my destiny that is to,become a gun-toting free GTF for sure,check out this picture of me aged 6 this,is what Im talking about,rocking the then pistol only weapon,system note the goggles and the overly,large BDU pants scored those from,dumpster diving with my brother there in,the background we did that all the time,Eglin Air Force Base its about the only,way we could score any cool gear I was,actually amazed what I found those two,items being a good example and it,started me on the road of I guess where,I met today gear reviewer of things,which are tactically worthwhile in your,system hello everybody this is nothing,fancy running the nutnfancy project TMP,for short and even at that young age I,had my sights set on the guns I wanted,for life my family Arsenal so to speak,one of those by the way was a Ruger,security six 357 Magnum somewhere I have,a picture of me sitting in my bedroom,probably around the H 10 or so in the,background you can see my cork bulletin,board got a security 6 pin to it one of,the musket items as I got to adulthood,is taking me a while to get there guys,Here I am in my 40s finally scored me a,Ruger 357 and man does it rock welcome,to the detailed tabletop review of,another full-size quintessential combat,357 revolver GP 100 love this thing and,guys youre looking at the end of a,year-long test for this gun and I cant,tell you how much I love that when Im,able to do it because I bring to the,table a lot of experience,with the gun that Im reviewing and a,lot of data that I can share with you,some of it may be good some of it may be,bad I do my best via this talking about,the gun,check out this combat masterpiece I,dont think I cleaned it once during the,review in fact I know I didnt but the,thing is battle-hardened man all kinds,of carbon deposits on it that is a,sweet-looking GP 100g p 100 fans if you,already own the gun youre going to be,nodding your head during this review,youre going to be going yep,yup yup know it this gun is so awesome,its going to get get rated extremely,high my likability scale lets jump,right into it actually not quite pou yet,let me back up this is a successor to,the gun I I had on my bulletin board,those many years ago and that is a,successor to the security speed and,service 6 line that Ruger used to do my,understanding is a GP 100 is an,improvement in that it is stronger its,a thicker frame thicker cylinder its,heavier duty than the previous versions,security service speed 6 and also has a,full under lug under the barrel some,guys may look at that is a good thing,somebody look at it as a bad thing I,personally think its mostly good,although I really like to see Ruger pop,out a GP 100 that is a throwback to the,lighter weight and probably faster in,hand old-style revolvers of their former,models that would be cool it could be,just a limited edition I think it would,sell like crazy GP 100 though is a,successor introduced I think around 1985,or so been extremely successful youre,going to hear all the details at least,as I see them sorry if I forget a few if,I get some wrong I do my best you know,how do we go okay theres your history,thats all I want to say pou philosophy,of use Im going to pop out of the gate,right here and say full philosophy of,use that I like best is a recreational,revolver its chamber for 357 but if you,run 38 special in it especially if you,are committed to hey,loading those 38 specials youre going,to have a very economical practice,revolver more or less I mean its not,like rimfire recreational gun and you,bet was it fun shooting absolutely all,the crew members that had a chance to,fire the TM PGP 100 films in by the way,this ones wearing the Terry Gardner,trigger job from Impact guns and that,just helped immensely well talk a,little bit more about that in ergonomics,recreational pou number one secondarily,I would say home defense gun it is,lacking one thing that I really really,advocate you have on your home defense,gun and that is a way to mount a light,so you can identify mr. bad guys he,decides for whatever reason to come into,your humble abode and to do bad things,okay it would be good to light him up,with a flashlight or a weapon light,prior to lighting him up with six rounds,of full power 357 if you catch my drift,it doesnt have a light so youre going,to have to integrate a light with your,other hand of course and theres,techniques to do that,they all suck if you ask me its better,to have it on the gun especially when,youre in a high-stress environment but,its a very simple easy to use home,defense gun sans light great option next,one truck gun actually a vehicle Gumm of,whatever kind you want the boat could be,a TV could be truck anywhere you can fit,the size and weight great option,probably not a great law enforcement,option anymore I think six rounds is,just too few sorry,it just is maybe back in 1972 it rocked,Dirty Harry Simba deep do pretty good,with it I know but I think nowadays we,just have so many awesome reliable,hard-hitting semi autos on the market,I would not handicap myself with,revolver your mileage may vary,now theres other guys you know like,Jerry Miculek very fast with revolver it,really doesnt handicap them at all if,you practice that level or if youre,that gifted I think youll be very well,armed with GP 100 so it doesnt really,matter,I would say its probably not my first,choice second third or even fourth for a,Rahl gun without rule of law its just,too darn heavy guys way heavy and again,firepower limited theres too many other,options but those the P I use as I see,them incidentally it comes in various,barrel lengths as good points talked,about this comes in 3 inch 4 inch 6-inch,barrel lengths this is my favorite,actually its a 4.2 inch barrel length,this is catalog number k GP k GP – 141,satin stainless steel GP 100 probably my,favorite I also very much love the blued,version thats catalog number GP 141,either one I could be extremely happy,with there have been some limited,edition 5 inch barrel GP 100s those are,also awesome and in some peoples minds,thats the ideal barrel length I must,say Im pretty happy with a 4.2 inch,really happy after seeing how its,performed and running gun accuracy,testing over a years period and TMP,yeah its been great also comes this is,a 357 38 special of course holding six,rounds it also comes in a seven shot 327,federal Magnum version so you might want,to opt for that thats going to be even,more expensive and less your hand,loading than you could probably afford,to shoot it morning here we go into size,and weight huh what to say its a bad,mamma jamma youre looking at a full,sized 357 Magnum if we go back to when I,was age 10 on that bulletin board thats,what I wanted,I mean back in the 70s like if Ive,talked about some other reviews that was,the go-to cartridge to getting the job,done and I was thinking back then hey,357 thats it it is a fight stopper its,proven you know theres State Police,even back then they were having such,tremendous success with 125 grain,jacketed hollow point load I mean thats,what I wanted I wanted that in my buy,arsenal if its a heavy gun that,launches it whatever still want it I,still love it Im just realistic about,the application of P I use of what the,gun can do its chunky man its 40,ounces,there is some bad to that that makes it,very difficult to carry especially if,youre integrating it into other systems,like if youre hiking a long way if you,have a backpack all the other stuff Im,always preaching about I dont know man,probably not taking the GP 100 with me,sorry,because then Im taking a 40 ounce gun,Im taking speed loaders that are loaded,up speed loaders weigh a little bit that,way you know what Im saying it is a,good t

7 Best .357 Magnum Revolvers In The Market Today

[Music],im not surprised that many gun,enthusiasts are looking for the 357,magnum revolver after all this piece of,machinery has a simple yet powerful,performance it has a tested and proven,reputation which you can adore through,and through the six rounds embedded in,this handgun can deliver impactful shots,they have the power to quell threats and,protect you from demise furthermore the,357 magnum has a simple construction and,operation this means that even new gun,owners would have no difficulties using,them but even if you are an experienced,shooter youll never get turned off by,this handgun its just that good aside,from that the 357 magnum has diversity,when it comes to ammunition youll never,run out of options youll even find,something that suits your preferences,overall there are many reasons why,getting a 357 magnum is a good idea but,if youre looking for the best one i got,you covered hello everyone i am bodhi,from click clack and in this video we,will take a look at some of the best 357,magnum revolvers in the market today,before we start make sure you hit the,like and subscribe buttons it helps the,channel a lot now lets get back to the,video number seven ruger super gp 100,competition 357 if you want a high,capacity magnum revolver you should pick,the ruger super gp 100 competition 357.,try saying that 10 times fast this one,is a far cry from the standard 6,shooters it can shoot 8 rounds which is,truly astounding moreover it doesnt,lose its power even if youre using 38,special or 357 cartridges youll also,love its accuracy despite having a,significant recoil,the ruger super gp 100 has a triple,locking cylinder system the ladder locks,the rear front and bottom parts of this,gun as firmly as possible as a result it,can provide optimal alignment through,its primary parts at the same time it,increases the reliability and durability,of the firearm furthermore the internal,components of the ruger super gp 100,have been polished in this way they can,have optimal functionality even after,prolonged use meanwhile the revolvers,double action trigger is quite crisp i,also noticed that the trigger features a,predictable take off every time you fire,the gun with the inclusion of the,centering shims on its hammer the,fluidity of the ruger super gp 100 is,already cemented,the ruger super gp 100 competition 357,has the super red hawk 2 spring lock,mechanism it enables the fires double,action cycle to become more prolific at,the same time it optimizes the guns,ignition,number 6. smith and weston model 6357,magnum right from the get-go the smith,and weston model 6357 magnum presents,itself as a j-frame revolver it features,a d-a-s-a five-shot construction,allowing it to provide exceptional,performance in the field this gun,features an exposed hammer together with,it together with its 2.25 inch under lug,barrel and black synthetic grips as a,result holding this gun is pretty,convenient it has a moderated recoil too,which is downright impressive moreover,the smith and weston model 6357 magnum,features a fixed rear sight and front,blade sight they allow users to shoot,the gun with utmost accuracy by the way,this revolver is designed for concealed,carry its my perfect recommendation for,individuals who are looking for a,powerful ccw,number five ruger lcr the ruger lcr or,the light carrier revolver is available,in both 357 magnum and 38 special this,gun has many accolades primarily being,one of the best concealed carry,revolvers that you can get today the 357,ruger lcr features a polymer grip frame,while all of its parts require support,that are made from steel its cylinder,has been fluted to reduce its overall,weight similar to any handgun this light,revolver has a strong recoil especially,since it delivers a hot cartridge,fortunately its weight and size balance,each other in this way the recoil and,blast would remain fierce without losing,accuracy,number 4 chip a firearms rhino 40ds,handgun you should go with the rhino,brand if you love to test unconventional,firearms but of course youll never get,disappointed by its performance and,price for instance the chip of firearms,rhino 40ds handgun offers a strength,that can rival the strongest 357 magnums,out there this six shooter has an,offshoot appearance from the classic 357,magnum revolvers youll automatically,notice its awkward proportions its,barrel position is quite different from,the standard placement specifically its,barrel is low and thats not for the,sake of appearance since its barrel is,low it becomes aligned with your hands,as a result you will not experience any,muzzle rise,drawbacks arent that much because your,hands will negate the force the recoil,is tolerable making it a great choice,for beginners while its true that this,revolver doesnt have too many,customizations due to a limited,aftermarket you can still tweak it you,can try its different grips moreover it,has a rail where you can mount different,accessories thats a pretty unique,feature for a revolver you can attach a,laser sight to this gun overall the,stability and user from the performance,of the chip of firearms rhino 40ds,handgun are commendable you can never go,wrong investing in this gun,number 3 cough mongoose 357 if the,classic revolvers dont suit your taste,then you should consider modern 357,magnum revolvers specifically you should,take a look at the koth mongoose 357.,this high-end revolver is manufactured,through the efforts of the nighthawk,customs and koth waffen as expected this,revolver has a performance that dwarfs,its counterparts you can see its finesse,in its shrouding frame the craftsmanship,is there and youll appreciate every,inch of it interestingly its front sight,has a gold dot that adds to its overall,sophistication on its rear youll get,two adjustable sights that let you work,its elevation and windage however let me,tell you that its grip isnt for,beginners when you hold this gun make,sure that you hold it nicely not too,tight and not too loose either in this,way youll be able to shoot it properly,when it comes to its power i can say,that the quartz mongoose 357 has a,moderate punch even on extended ranges i,can still deliver some serious blows it,comes with both single and double lever,action that enables a light pull on its,trigger the biggest drawback of this gun,is its price its expensive and im not,even gonna lie about it but if you have,the money i recommend you should invest,in this revolver number two taurus model,66 magnum i would not deny that im a,huge taurus enthusiast this brazilian,gun manufacturer is always up to date,when it comes to producing high quality,top performing revolvers specifically,its model 66 showcases an upgraded,version of its previous 357 magnum,revolvers and sure enough the model 60,doesnt disappoint at all virtually i,have no complaints about its,construction and external architecture,its stainless steel frame is already,adorable but its been even further,amplified by its matte finish meanwhile,its rubber grip is quite impressive of,course many would say that they would,prefer wooden grips to rubber and thats,understandable however let me remind you,that the rough texture of its rubber,stabilizes your grip it wont make,things slippery even if your hands are,wet meanwhile its fixed sight adds to,its overall durability the model 66 also,features the patented transfer bar it,lets you carry it without having to,worry about possible accidents,interestingly its 4-inch barrel doesnt,dwindle its power well its not as,powerful as a bigger 357 magnum revolver,but its more than enough to protect you,from danger and finally number one shipy,arms mandarin mr88 if you love,french-made guns then the shipy arms,mandarin mr73 is the perfect choice for,you the manor and revolvers are in a,class of their own they are legendary,especially if we talk about the mr73 in,fact the manufacturers factory museum,features an mr73 equipped by the gign,also known as the most elite tactical,police unit of the f

Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum Quick Range Review & First Impressions!

whats up yall as you can see Im out,here at the range again Ive been out,here having some fun and this one right,here were checking out a new tool for,the channel That several yall out there,have mentioned that yall got and seem,to like and its the Ruger GP100,.,[Music],lets go over and check this thing out,and then well have some more fun with,it all right so lets take a quick look,at this thing so like I said were,looking at the GP100 from Ruger a four,inch 357 Magnum Revolver now this is,definitely nothing new on the market,these things have been out for quite a,while Im not sure exactly when they,were first released onto the market but,theyve been out there for a while the,reason I picked this one up is several,yall have mentioned in my comments when,I do 357 testing that yall have a Ruger,GP100 and that you really like it so I,was actually in a local pawn shop the,other day and they just happened to have,this thing in there and I got a pretty,doggone good deal on it and from what I,can tell been used very very little its,the four inch blued model uh The,Unfinished hammer and Trigger there,stainless nice Hogue type grip on it,with the finger finger grooves on it,really comfortable grips they fit my,hand almost perfectly it has a six round,capacity on it and one thing different,from all my other revolvers is its got,a push button cylinder release its the,first one Ive got thats got a push,button cylinder release so I thought,that was pretty neat something else also,Im curious about yall GP 100 folks out,there let me know my little ejector Rod,here is it supposed to have that play,Im assuming it is because of the,Locking System at the front there but,let me know I just want to make sure,its supposed to have that little wiggle,like that as for the sights on it the,rear is fully adjustable for windage and,elevation and then on the front youve,got an inset ramped there looks like it,is replaceable if you want to change,that out as far as the trigger pull on,it the single action pretty nice trigger,there and you know not super glass like,like some of the really really high-end,revolvers I have but really nice single,action trigger pull on it and then for,the double its actually got a really,nice double action no stacking much to,it at all really smooth pull all the way,through on the double but thats really,about all there is to say about it just,your standard four inch 357 Magnum,Revolver looks really nicely made from,what I can tell so far feels really nice,in my hand and so far with that first,little Boom Out The Gate there it looked,like it was pretty on as far as the,sights but well do a little test,session with it Ive got a couple,different 357 Magnums here Ive got the,PPU hollow point 158s and then Ive got,these uh saw jacketed soft point 158 PMC,bronze and then Ive also got a couple,of 130 grain 38 specials here but for,today Ill probably just do some,planking out to about 25 yards see where,its sighted in at Ill probably go out,to 50 mess around a little bit see what,I can do out there and then Ive got,some more boom booms and some pumpkins,this is getting that time of year so let,me get it set up and lets have some fun,with this thing all right I think the,first thing Im gonna do is run a,cylinder 357 Magnum through it right,there at this 10 yarder just to see,where my point of impacts at if I need,to do any kind of a little bit of,adjustment I feel like it was a little,bit left based on where that impact was,from that very first opening boom boom,but I wont fool with it just yet so I,got six of these PPU 158 grainers I,think Ill run three single and three,double,Ill go straight for the middle there,all right,all right lets try double here,that low was probably me on the double,I believe I was it wasnt it yeah that,was it so not too bad at all this all,pretty much right there towards the,center let me take a look at and see if,I need to adjust anything all right,yall that actually aint looking too,bad down there I would imagine any,deviation from Center on those shots is,likely me pulling so Im not going to,make any kind of adjustments to these,sites Im gonna leave them right where,they at so what Im gonna do now is run,a cylinder full of 38 Special Ive got,these 130 grain of gilas loaded up,um Ill probably take one shot in single,at each one of those 15 yard rounds and,then do the last four as double right,there in the middle so lets see if I,can hit these 15 yarders out here yall,all right got that one,all right got that one lets do this,double action here,[Music],[Music],all right that was it wasnt yeah I got,a bad habit of pulling my doubles low,like that for sure I need to work on,that all right I gotta swap back to some,357 Magnum its nice to be able to run,38 special for sure but that aint the,reason I bought this thing so I got six,more rounds of these PPU 158s Im gonna,run three of them at 25 yards this is,going to be the yellow Target yall see,and then depending on how that goes Ill,move us out to 50 yards at the green,Target and run those last three so who,knows whatll happen with my first time,with this thing but well see what we,get lets try three right there at the,25 yall,foreign,I brought it down some,all right looking good at the 25 lets,press our luck out there at the 50.,I believe the wind about blew me over on,that one yall,there we go,one more,all right two out of three aint bad I,swear that was the winds fault on that,first Miss all right Charles since its,that time of year I guess were,obligated to start popping some pumpkins,in some videos so lets take a couple of,them out I got two more uh jacketed,hollow point 357s we got a little one,and a big one lets take that little one,out first and hopefully we dont knock a,big one off the shelf down there,[Music],I believe I just winged that one lets,try to get a better one on this big one,here,foreign,[Music],but it didnt even bust it really just,popped the top off of and send the water,down well after looking at them those,were both actually pretty good hits,pumpkins just aint near as exciting as,watermelons usually if you add some,water to them they do a little better,but these just they just wasnt doing,much but lets put one more round,through them see if we can break them up,at least a little more,see I went right through that pumpkin,let me put one more and well call the,pumpkin done,all right were gonna end it right there,on the pumpkin all right yall send some,more pumpkins didnt want to put on a,show I brought the boom booms back out,lets see what these things will do for,us,we dont need no stinking pumpkins,all right yall Im calling it right,there for the 357 Magnum Ruger GP100 I,definitely have to call this a,successful first outing no kind of,function problems whatsoever accuracy on,it seems to be really nice uh all the,way out there at 50 I was hitting two,out of three of them out there and like,I say now I just did barely hit them,ones out of 50 because it was climbing,but now I know its going to be climbing,once I get out further but so far Im,definitely happy that I picked it up and,Ive got some plans already to do some,testing against some things Ive already,got but yall let me know what yall,think about the Ruger GP100 those yall,out there who do have one how do you,like them and has it been nice and,reliable for you let me know down in the,comments what your thoughts are if you,did enjoy this video as always reach,down and hit that Thumbs Up Button,subscribe to the channel and make sure,you click that Bell notification icon so,you can get notified when I upload new,stuff take a second to check out my,affiliate links down in the video,description you know the deal with that,Amazon if you shop through there anyway,hit that link up first and you go,straight through Amazon just like normal,from there and anything you buy after,that I get a kickback from them towards,the channel same goes for those,excellent if youre in the market for,some really nice ear Pro h

Ruger GP-100 .357 Magnum

yuck old obsolete revolver what a chunk,of iron oh well of course that was close,maybe it has potential,oh that was double action I mean a goat,double action okay you know who it is,its Hickok 45 fooling around with,another crit vulvar this time a Ruger GP,100 with a three inch barrel yeah I was,bad-mouthing the thing there but you,know me I still like a revolver it long,range short range it will still do the,trick even with a three inch barrel this,is again the Ruger GP 100 you dont see,these with three-inch barrels very often,and this one actually belongs to a,friend of mine the same friend Dave who,let me the Ruger Vaquero hes really a,Ruger guy has some Smiths too but I had,one of these in fact I think I had one,first this exact gun and he really liked,it so much he bought one and then an,interval I traded my for something else,or sold it you know how we gun people,are but I had one I kind of miss it and,asking if I could borrow this to just do,a video because its one of one of my,favorite guns actually Ive never had,particularly in a Ruger lineup so,three-inch GP 105 had you dont see many,rubber revolvers I know its not because,Ive never owned them let me close up,can get a good look at it there the Ive,had the Alaskan a bit of whatever it is,a 2 inch barrel and 44 Magnum Ive had,this gun in a 4 inch barrel hammerless,model Ive had Red Hawk well back in the,80s I had a Red Hawk at a 5 inch barrel,44 Magnum what else Vanderburgh I had a,4 inch 44 Magnum I guess it was a,regular maybe it was a Super Redhawk it,was came out a couple years ago the grip,never didnt feel exactly right to me,and didnt have any replacements at the,time and they may now but Ive had,several of these so I know I do have a,lot of Smiths and I shoot Smiths most,often when I shoot a double-action,revolver but nothing wrong with a Ruger,theyre built like tanks you know they,really are and this little gun is,definitely a little tank I mean that,thing you could use it for a boat anchor,and its just tough it really is it,absorbs recoil pretty well for such a,short barrel and one thing that,attracted me to the three inch barrel,was the fact that it is built so so,heavy I mean its a thick little little,love I was think of a tanker its a,bulldog its just a tough little bugger,got a lot of metal in it but its not,excessively large its just built really,really strong and does have some weight,so even with the three inches probably,its palpable to a four inch or maybe,even a four and a half inch say a tape,frame and a Smith or something because,its got some weight to it and the other,thing I have to admit I like about Ruger,and I didnt realize it for a long time,but their action double action is pretty,nice,just about everyone Ive had he has a,really smooth right out of the box,double action and just before it breaks,theres a little stop or a click there,so you really almost can fire a single,action without touching the hammer its,just a interesting action that Ive,noticed over the years this ones the,same thing right here and feel a little,click boom so you almost not even have,[ __ ] if you wanted so 357 Magnum very,popular gun the GP 100 youre used to if,youve seen it much probably in a 4 or 6,inch configuration this gun is kind of a,counterpart to the Smith line the 686,through the 586 which I guess is no,longer made the hell frame probably this,and the L frame Smith over the last 20,years I guess its been around that long,were the most popular 357 magnum,revolver,I remember my father-in-law when he was,living he wanted a good pistol he didnt,have a handgun of any kind I guess and,one Christmas he wanted a handgun and we,ended up all getting him he wanted,actually he wanted a GP 100 he specified,what he wanted and as a six inch barrel,just like this there a gun just like,this with a longer barrel so nice gun,357 cant go wrong with that caliber if,you like a revolver at all if the again,it Ive gone through some of us before,you can see 357 Magnum you can see 38,special which I dont have with me out,here,its very versatile gun you can shoot,some really hot 357 magnums in pretty,heavy bullets if you want to 180 I think,even 200 grain bullets you can shoot,some lightweight 125 grain bullets and,38 special so very very versatile,nice nice caliber and a nice gun many of,us have been shooting for several years,have these be hard to find someones 40,or 50 years old its been shooting a lot,that doesnt have a 357 Magnum around,somewhere so now what Im going to shoot,I brought this out right Im about out,of 357 and thats about it right there,in a couple of boxes here and there when,it was loaded I have been bad I have not,reloaded any I used up all my powder Im,just going to switch powders and Im,kind of investigating what powder I want,to use and bullets them so Im about to,launch into a new 357 reloading project,been putting it off and thinking about,it Ive got a quick lesson from about,out of ammunition so coming to load all,that grass up this winter with something,okay so let me take a few more shots,here now these Im loading a very,moderate loads you can probably tell,theres nothing really hot thats what,makes this gun fun and I had some speed,loads I tossed around theres one and I,dont really need them Im not going to,do a lot of speed shooting here but I,will load that so I have it on me,revolvers these wonderful planters,theyre just or for any purpose Under,the Sun actually but theyre especially,fun to go out to the range or the,shooting table and just maybe some ammo,or pocketful ammo and shoot them,the labrats doesnt go flying all over,the place revolvers have any kind of,good for woods walk type shooting I know,a lot of you dont get that opportunity,but hate to rub it in but you dont lose,your brass when youre out there or,walking them through the woods come back,with every piece of brass you fired okay,let me just take a few more shots here,see how it goes,now since this is not my gun I just,spotted that other speed loader since,this is not my gun I have all kinds of,alibis dont I terms of not shooting it,well belongs to my buddy he was out,shooting this weekend and he left it,here he has a different grip on his,other than that it was just like the one,I had,alright lets just take couple shots,here play a little bit this holster by,the way is his holster its made by,Black Hills leather its a paddle,holster slips down inside your pants,there and a pretty nice little holster,he really like,as you can see revolver will do just,about whatever you need a handgun to do,its just you dont have 15 rounds or 17,rounds and that sort of thing and those,are fairly like kicking rounds so you,know pretty pretty much fun to shoot,doesnt really hurt you to knock you,around you can shoot these all day long,lets try a couple of these warmer ones,these are factory rounds I picked up,just for the video,these are pmc 158 grain jacketed soft,point rounds lets take a few shots with,with those noticed I put my speed,loaders in my pocket normally if youre,in a gunfight with a bunch of terrorists,youre just working on getting that gun,reloaded you see me on the range,something like I catch flack its funny,people think its horrible that I throw,magazines around you really cant hurt,them block magazine especially then most,of this equipment but when I know Im,going to be reloading a magazine or one,of these I try to stick it in my shirt,pocket or something by can so dont go,fishing for while the camera is running,right okay lets just take a few shots,these are going to be warmer stick these,somewhere Im obviously oops not geared,up for competition Im just out here,fooling around they make little ammo,pouches for these that you can put on,your belt and really be combat-ready,right turn the knob theyre falling out,on me there now just put it right there,okay,oh well weve got this hot mo lets see,what we can knock down if we can hit,anything this little bitty three inch,barrel right interesting sheets above,po

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