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  2. Ruger LC9s: Part 2
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Ruger LC9s Review (GREAT Compact 9mm Handgun)

[Music],welcome to firearms of america today i,am back here at shooters in former,florida and i,have this lc9 s,ruger for a review a compact gun,chambered in nine millimeter very slim,feels great i already like the trigger,lets do some shooting,and see what it can do now,9 millimeter,in a 3.1 barrel,interesting i am very curious to see how,it can handle the recoil,now one thing that i wanted to mention,right out of the way,is that the slide the spring i can tell,it is,pretty tough its not one of those,lighter slides so what that gives you,it gives you a better recoil management,but at the same time for people who,prefer lighter smoother,slides is a little bit of a,problem not a problem for me,but lets see how a small gun,like this with only 3.1,inch barrel can handle,the 9 millimeter all right lets do some,shooting,see what it can do,all right magazine goes in,not too bad ill start with that yellow,circle in the center,see if i can get it,all right so,getting the grip of it lets do five,more rounds,and see if i can hit any of those flappy,paddles,alright so first impression as you would,imagine,of course you do feel,the recoil even with a tight spring like,it is here,3.1 inch barrel expect some,jumpiness now of course,considering the size considering the,overall dimensions i mean its compact,its going to be very very easy,to conceal carry,i think that is worth the sacrifice with,that,recoil management right if you practice,enough with this gun,if this is your main concealed carry,weapon lets do,uh five more rounds,see if i can hit those fluffy petals,not the last one almost made me proud,but it did,all right so lets start with the grip,first of all you have your,polymer framed body right you can see,it is fairly aggressive,grip and i do like it both on the back,and on the front we have pretty good,serrations,i do respect,ruger for implementing here,this uh mag,pinky extension i think it does help a,lot,in handling the recoil so its very good,now magazine itself its very easy to,load,it is fairly easy to get it in,just make sure that you get it all the,way in,all right uh back to the grip however,i think ruger have done pretty good job,here now the mag release button,is not ambidextrous right its only on,one side so uh lefties,not very appropriate for lefties but it,does work very very well,compared to some other ruger models i,have,seen a few where mag release could have,been better now there is no,serrations on the fry on the front of,the uh,trigger guard i kind of wish there were,i think they would have been helpful,especially considering this is a,one of those micro guns where sometimes,it helps,to have this sort of uh this sort of a,grip,right not not like this you get the,point with your uh,pointing finger at the trigger guard but,not here,uh there are no rails so there is no,option,for mounting a laser or a flashlight,which i think would have been a plus in,a small gun like this i think people,would have,appreciated that uh the serrations to,wreck the slide,or only on the back now the slide itself,like i said the,guide rod and the spring they are,pretty tough although its one of those,one of those newer guide rod designs,which you can find today in similar to,uh,um glock generation 4 models,all right now lets talk about the,trigger i think the trigger,in this gun is one of my favorite,things just check out how crisp,it is take a look now you have your,little safety pre-trigger which again,you can find,in a few other ruger models including,the,sr9 that i have kind of gives you the,feel,only here i think it does,especially a good job because it is so,light,but it gives you the sense that aha im,touching the trigger i like it i like it,a lot,now the trigger itself you have about,well its about like four millimeters of,some familiar,safe travel right and then you have,probably about two millimeters of,unfamiliar unsure travel,and then probably about two millimeters,more before it snaps,overall it is pretty crisp and i,think overall it is a pretty good,trigger especially for people who prefer,to carry the gun without the safety,engaged,now lets talk a little bit about the,safety uh first of all its uh your,standard,thumb safety which engages,up and what i like about this safety,is it does not engage this,way so counter clockwise right it does,not,engage clockwise it engages,counterclockwise,which might sound like a little thing,that doesnt really matter to you but,but it actually really helps what it,prevents you from,accidentally engaging the safety,whenever you are,getting the girl because think about it,in situations where you do need to use a,gun,all of these little details they do,matter one little,slip up and it might cost you your life,or somebody else some innocent life,right,so you want to make sure that you dont,have these little design flaws,i think its great that ruger,implemented it,specifically this way another plus is,that,besides engaging counterclockwise right,up it also engages up which is really,important again because if your safety,engages down which ive seen,on some rugers if your safety engages,down,some people they have the grip resting,on the thumb safety and accidentally,they might engage that safety so i,actually do like,this safety so for people who prefer to,carry their concealed weapon right,um without the safety engage this is a,pretty good option,and for people who prefer to carry their,guns with the safety engaged,this is a pretty good option pretty good,option overall,all right so lets talk a little bit,about the sides the sides,are your standard three dot sides,which i mean basic i like basic,i like easy you know straightforward uh,easy,to adjust to these sides so,um i think lets do five more rounds,and uh we will try to come up with some,reasonable conclusion for these guns the,things that i do like about it and the,things that i dont like,about it which so far i mean the,magazine is great,i like it its easy to load it does have,the pinky extension which i think is,great especially considering,that its a small gun a compact gun,the as you can see there are holes,on it so its nicely numbered which is,by the way seven,plus one in the chamber if you carry one,on the chamber,now for a nine millimeter,compact gun,yes there are options out there with,a bigger capacity magazine like for,example a springfield hellcat,thing is 13 capacity magazine which is,uh pretty much just as small maybe tiny,a little bit bigger than,this pistol right here there are some,blocks out there that are,fairly compact maybe a little bit bigger,a little bit heavier,but with much higher capacity magazines,so,it really really comes down to the,personal preference do you want,something that is,um slim,right lightweight easy to conceal,pretty much anywhere you want with a,little bit of lower capacity magazine or,you want a,more capacity magazine with something,that is harder to conceal,personal preference all right so lets,do,[Music],our last five rounds well try to come,up with a reasonable conclusion now i,will try to get that,finish up that yellow in the center,all right lets uh there you go rack it,this way too,works this way as well lets see,all right going a little bit low,but thats because i am uh,anticipating that recoil,all right so ruger lc9,overall i think it is a pretty good,option for a concealed carry,it is small it is slim it is very very,lightweight,now uh if you are not a fan of those,guns that,are harder to rack keep in mind this is,on the tougher slide side,not very applicable to lefties because,the mag releases on not ambidextrous the,safety is not ambidextrous the slide,release is not ambidextrous,nothing is ambidextrous,you get the point right i think,it is the size wise being the fact if,you want a nine millimeter to be able to,conceal carry,i think this is a really good option uh,out of,all of the more compact smaller guns,that are available out there so,pretty good job ruger,lets get ready for the next review,thank you gu

Ruger LC9s: Part 2

you,ruger lc9s Pro going to work it out some,more with lots and lots of different,ammo Im out today to do more of a deep,dive on this gun were going to run a,lot of different ammo through it Im,going to try and see if that problem,presents itself again a note which kind,of ammo it does last time I have two,magazines and last time it happened once,with each magazine but Im going to,start off today with Sig Sauer elite,performance V crown 124 Green full house,defense ammo this trigger is pretty,incredible so my objective today is,really not to try and shoot accurately,although I do want to continue to,observe the guns accuracy but Im not,going to try and test it for that it did,that pretty much in the first hundred,this thing is extremely accurate I,forgot just how just how delicate and,light that trigger is Ill tell you what,with this with this full house defense,load you do feel it with this little gun,youd have some snap okay lets try some,spear gold dot 124 grain again jacketed,hollow point full house defense load one,of my favorites actually spear gold dot,okay we got through six of those so,heres a deeper dive on the ruger lc9s,Pro nine-millimeter small self defense,carry pistol single stack after having,two stoppages during the first hundred I,want to get more rounds through this,lc9s and see if I could replicate that,issue and maybe learn more about it and,I think I did Im almost a little,embarrassed now that didnt occur to me,right away but the problem seems to be,operator error yep thats it operator,error that would be yours truly not the,gun it didnt occur to me at first,because I never have this problem with,pistols I really dont so I didnt,expect it it wasnt even something I was,considering but it would appear that I,was causing the slide to lock back,prematurely by engaging it with my thumb,even though I couldnt feel that,happening so to determine that this was,what was happening and to prove it out I,spent more time at the range shot many,different types of ammo through the gun,including some high velocity,self-defense loads which caused the,pistol to recoil a little bit more,violently sure enough the hotter the,load the more frequent the problem why,well the pistol jerks more my grip slips,more increasing the likelihood that my,thumb is going to accidentally bump that,slide stop all right the other Sig ammo,Sig Sauer elite performance hundred and,15 grain ball Full Metal Jacket,lets try a couple mags of that,well maybe it doesnt like say gamo,Ruger is deliberately sabotaging 6-hour,ammunition,exactly the same situation the slide is,locked fully back as if it were an empty,magazine so this is the second second,malfunction today I had to bring my,first 200 for a total of how many four,so far I will say this if youre going,to have this is this is a self-defense,gun right we all can agree that this is,being sold and marketed as a personal,protection pistol so malfunctions of any,kind are not something that I would be,very fond of if youre going to have a,malfunction in a self-defense handgun,and hopefully youve done at least a,little bit of training youve done,malfunction drills thats very important,this is about the nicest malfunction you,could have because all youve got to do,is that all right so your tap rack drill,is going to get you right back in the,fight so I guess the only saving grace,is that its not a stovepipe its not a,double feed its not something that,requires a great deal of intervention,and manipulation you dont have to drop,the magazine or any of that kind of,stuff you just have to run that slide,again real quick so small consolation,but thats that,again two in a row two rounds in a row,were up to three for the day okay,and again this is 115 grain ball ammo,six-hour elite performance,moving on to some herders select sort of,one of my go-to range rounds relatively,inexpensive can be easily found in bulk,quantities associate Cabelas and Ive,found it to be very reliable and very,acceptable accurate so here we go 115,grain herders select this is the flush,round magazine and I dont like this one,as much because of the way it hits my,pinky especially with a hot room like,those defense rounds be a little,uncomfortable just the bottom of that,bottom of that grip just just starts to,dig into my knuckles which I dont get,as much with the pinky extension,magazine for obvious reasons okay get,this trigger as Ive said before its,surprisingly good its quite amazing,actually but its got a long stroke and,its one of those things where until you,kind of get a really good feel for it,you can you can sort of miss the reset,as youve probably seen me do a couple,of times so far this morning but again,thats just a matter of getting,accustomed to the gun shooting it enough,to where,really used to it but its almost a,surprise break every time but its got a,nice smooth pull theres no grill no,grid at all in this trigger I would say,out of the pistols in its class this is,probably the best trigger that Ive felt,and it fits beautifully in the DeSantis,nemesis pocket holster to ammo steel,case this is 115 grain while this is,relatively hot stuff has been my,experience that see how we do with some,Tula ok so far so good,that was the flush mag by the way just,to note it was the I will refer to these,two mags as the flush mag and the pinky,mag it was the pinky mag in the gun when,I had my failure although again the,first time during the first hundred I,had one failure with each magazine so,unless we get more data points no,conclusion to be drawn there,this trigger is quite amazing I do like,this trigger a lot but man I sure hate,me I hate reloading these magazines,constant K more our Tula ammo the site,picture is nice this gun youre not,night sights its a great three dot set,up very easy to pick up these sites and,theyre tight so they hold you to a,pretty nice a pinpoint aim spot and just,just a great sight picture Ill show you,that alright whats up next next we have,aluminum taste laser long as Im,shooting stuff where I dont have to,pick up the brass lets try that I do,like this pinky rest magazine its a lot,more comfortable to shoot actually okay,alright so far so good,that was a blazer aluminum cased ammo,115 grain pretty much I think with the,exception of the Sig V crown and the,spear gold dot everything Im going to,shoot is going to be 115 grain PMC,bronze 115 grain,another good range staple ammo while Im,talking about it before I forget to want,to comment on the ejector on this gun,this thing really flings the brass like,10 feet puts it in a pretty consistent,area but but it really throws it like,like I say about 10 feet away so a lot,of small pistols you know just kind of,lay it next to you but this one does,fling it so if you like a good strong,ejector you dont like that the gun,charge is nice,charges easily the serrations in the,slide are very good theyre cut well,they give you a good grip theyve got,just enough forward slant on the angle,but they really allow you to rack that,slide just just very easily very,smoothly so I like that PMC bronze,the magazine release is not the best but,thats sort of my experience with Ruger,handguns their magazine releases spotty,sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt,trying to drop the slide with the slide,stop slide lock usually doesnt work too,well with a Ruger or either it doesnt,work too well with the with the lc9s so,you pretty much have to charge it using,the slide thats the thats the best way,is probably the way they recommend,theres a lot of fun to shoot when,youre shooting a heavy load youre,going to feel a lot of recoil and that,can be a little bit uncomfortable after,a while on your hand because its such a,thin pistol you know it really focuses,all that energy in into a narrow party,in your hand but aside from that its,not bad at all its a lot of fun to,shits its a very enjoyable trigger its,a good sight picture,ergonomically it feels very comfortable,in the hand and I really am enjoying,shooting it

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Ruger LC9s – Premium Review (HD)

[Music],[Music],greetings folks this is chris and,welcome to yet another in my series and,you can consider this video a checkup,say its a,year year and a half checkup on dissie,here ruger lc9s and to discuss how,things are going with this handgun so,far and i can tell you right now my,feelings on this ruger lc9s have not,changed i still love this gun and im,seeing other single stack 9 genres of,handguns coming out fitting in 10 rounds,and everything like that and does that,change my mind about the ruger lc9s,no it doesnt now i still stand by what,i said about the trigger on this ruger,lc9s when i said that this is one of if,not the best single stack nine,millimeter self-defense handgun triggers,out there and i do stand by it and i,have had a lot of single stack nine,millimeter handguns,continuing on,what a trigger,man i gotta tell you the trigger on this,gun is stupid good i mean well while,were out about it lets just go ahead,and do it right lets stop talking and,start chalking now i gotta tell you that,a lot of people are going to expect that,loud deck noise that you get with the,glock reset with this handgun and that,just does not exist with this handgun,but you can tell when its resetting and,the trigger pull is absolutely abute and,its light and crisp but here is the,trigger pull theres some take up,and then it glides into its crisp break,[Music],one more time,heres the reset,sorry glock fans but this is not the,glock reset here but you can tell a tree,setting,there it goes,and then,now thats a great trigger and this is a,self-defense handgun so dont make the,mistake of comparing this trigger,to your competition guns and your race,guns,this is not that kind of gun this isnt,a competition shooter this is a,self-defense mechanism for you to get to,safety and to protect your life,and most likely if youre in a,self-defense situation youre not going,to be standing around admiring the reset,on your handgun nor are you going to be,staring down sights,and the only reason i put,this here true glow fiber optic sight,and no i am not aiming it at myself,before the first person says it is so,that at the range,i can actually see the target so im,practicing with this handgun a lot,and i want to be able to see the target,and see how i can do with my trigger,control and my aim,[Applause],and thats why i put this true glow,front sight fiber optic right here on,this handgun,so the new fiber optic site,so none of the other guns that have come,out lately have made me want to trade,this in for a different gun i still love,this gun especially the thin profile,0.9 inches,so its not even a full inch that makes,a difference in your comfort throughout,the day for comfort purposes the thinner,you get the better and for,concealability purposes the shorter the,better which you can see this is not a,very tall handgun and it is quite easy,to conceal and at only 17 ounces its,not very heavy,[Music],point and shoot first,[Music],[Music],so im happy with the ruger lc9s it is,carried well its positively reliable,and i havent had a single problem with,this thing,uh not to mention i think that the ruger,lc9 series handguns now that they have,dumped the lc9 standard format and went,with the lc9s,as a lot more attractive,remember on the lc9 platform the,original platform they had this big ugly,loaded went up plank,posted right here for when you had a,round chambered,and they got rid of that and that,improved the overall appearance of this,handgun i consider the ruger lc9 to be,one of the most attractive single stack,nine millimeter handguns out there too,its very sleek looking very nice,designs the glass nylon grips look,really good theyre not easy to scratch,its not all marred up,and it is,a great looking handgun and the only,real complaint that i would have about,the ruger lc9 and the lc9s pro,is that they still take down the way the,old ruger lc9 did with the little pin,inside the trapdoor here,that you have to knock out from the,other side,and push it out before you can take the,thing apart i would have thought that,ruger could have maybe made an,improvement on that and again like i,said in my prior video im not spending,all my time taking this thing down and,reassembling it im spending my time,shooting it and carrying it so here it,is folks the ruger lc9s the s stands for,striker fired its no longer hammer,fired and,it is also mine is the safety version,had i gotten the lc9s pro,it would not have had the safety on it,and the magazine disconnect safety would,not be in here as you can see i could,pull the trigger,with the magazine in,but with the magazine out,even if i rack it,nada that didnt matter to me im still,satisfied with this handgun well thats,about it folks and folks make sure you,please hit that like and subscribe,button that would help so much i was,looking at my statistics not too long,ago and i noticed that well over 90,percent of my viewers arent subscribing,that bums me out it could really help me,out if you would do that hit that like,and subscribe button and why not because,you can get alerted when i come out with,new content and theres going to be more,the more my health gets regained the,more content ill be able to bring but,please hit that like and subscribe,button that would be absolutely perfect,and i am chris my email address is,scrolling across the bottom of the,screen as we speak right now thats to,improper,gmail.com,write and i will answer you provided,youre going to be polite about whatever,it is you have to say,and if i have the time,thanks for watching folks god bless,america and keep on protecting your,families yourselves your country its,flag and your countrys honor,its the patriotic thing to do and its,the right thing to do,[Music],oh,[Music],you

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“Bet Your Life? The Ruger LC9” by Nutnfancy


its about 19 degrees outside a,beautiful area out in the desert Ruger,lc9 bug at Nestor look at that thing,whats this thing like a claymore dont,you hate that chamber indicator shes,dumb you know,god I hate thee but they couldnt have,put something a little more unobtrusive,like I dont know an orange cone or,something up there,shes bug its never shot this gun no,preconceived notions at all nope about,seven yards or so oh you know what,youre not square to the plate come on,over here dude this is square to the,plate,evil ROI mini torso plate go whatever,distance you want knowing how you shoot,pistols you ought to probably move up on,it I know Ive been so bad lately this,guy was just shanking it at 400 yards on,this target,where is it with an m1 garand,lets see what we got here all right,move on up dude always taking the gloves,off hes getting serious,and I dont do not like double action on,the autos I just dont but it shoots,good once you peel the glove off you,dialed it in ninja yeah,its reliable I will say that about the,lc9 very reliable he shot it much a fair,amount at this point yes a lot here too,very flat huh its very flat it is,Ruger lc9 it is May 2012 this is a none,fancy tabletop review about a year after,the guns introduction and yes that was,on purpose I guess Ive been in the gun,business since the 1970s and when I say,in the gun business Im talking about,studying and using and shooting all,kinds of guns all that experiences and,always has been rolled into the tabletop,reviews of all the guns and youll,really see it when I talk about pio use,Ive seen a lot of trends come and go in,the gun industry most dont survive and,yet when theyre introduced they have a,lot of hoopla they got a lot of media,coverage people are falling all over,themselves saying how awesome the gun is,now dont get super excited the lc9 has,a lot going for it this will be a mostly,positive review and Im really not going,to intro with LC now Im going to intro,with a current trend going on right now,the beretta nano theres a lot of sales,going on in the concealed carry pistol,market and its been that way for quite,some time Ive helped that with my,reviews over the last four years here in,the net fancy project I hear a lot of,talk about the Nano you cant find it,well I handled it the other day,and I wasnt overly impressed with it it,felt kind of like a Glock 26 it was as,thick as a Glock to me not quite as,heavy but I the whole time Im holding,on like this is kind of a Glock,now I havent shot it yet and my,opinions may change on it if I did or if,I choose to shoot it and get one but my,point is this is that I think what will,happen with the Nano is that itll come,itll be accepted and then it will,stabilize,probably to the point of the lc9 dont,get me wrong lc9 is still selling great,I think its a good seller for Ruger but,Im generally a little bit reluctant to,just jump on board with I dont know the,groupthink of the day and say yeah this,is a greatest pistol in the world loved,it,and I have delayed this pistol review on,purpose I did a shoot off,the ruger lc9 a year ago against this,gun which is going to be shown again,throughout the review because its a,standard setter and thats the kel-tec,pf9 well there was some comments said in,that video that kind of were shocking to,me seriously Im not sure what people,think theyre going to get here in the,net and fancy project but if youre,looking at for a carte blanche fanboy,softball appraisal of a weapon youre,probably in the wrong place and theres,lots of places to go for that in fact,pretty much everywhere else especially,in print media I mean theyre buying,advertising from these magazines theyre,going to say very few negative things,there are a couple exceptions of reviews,reviews out there magazines that are,great youll see the same thing here in,YouTube softball reviews you know its,all good theres any criticism theyre,going to really a Miller ate it so they,dont offend anybody so to get more,views so they get more thumbs up I dont,play that way so when God is saying [ __ ],non-fancy I cant believe you had,anything negative to say about the LC 9,Im leaving I was like SIA sorry thats,just the way I do gun reviews you know,they think Im in the pocket of kel-tec,or any other manufacturer for that for,that matter to me thats laughable its,just ridiculous I say negative things,against all the manufacturers I offend,everybody equally here Im not anybodys,hip pocket Ive said negative stuff that,about Katie about Smith & Wesson about,Ruger but wait theres a history on,Ruger I sold them thousands upon,thousands of guns with my reviews about,the LCP the LCR the mini-14 the Ruger,10/22 the sr9 how many thousands were,sold through my videos lots and lots and,so yeah I took offense when so-called,guys in the nutnfancy project I dont,think there were many I think theyre,just flybys to the video to be honest,yeah man I see it Im like well you,might want to take the whole body of,work into account when were talking,about Ruger,and be real and dont be brand myopic I,thought that was a glaring example of,brand myopia that they couldnt stand,here anything negative about their,chosen pistol that they spent money on,okay so I was just like uh okay,controversial Im not going to put this,at the forefront one also a suit I was,not super excited about the lc9 and,shooting it several times that has,improved somewhat over the last year and,have several hundred more rounds through,the pistol and youll see me change on a,couple things and youll see a lot of,the same criticisms criticism surface,again on the lc9 and theyre,well-founded theyre not made up theyre,not myopic and theres no attempt to I,dont know sell more P of knives or car,PM nines or Kimber sellers or whatever,the heck you want to say I dont care,Im just showing you honest data points,take it or leave it,Honda philosophy of use home defense gun,for the lc9 I would say probably not for,me,only because well theres two reasons,one it lacks an accessory rail so you,cant light it up theres no way to,attach a light on here what about in,fancy you dont need a light for your,home defense gun oh I like one Ive,always said that I think every gun,should have an integrated light into it,well you have flashlights well thats,difficult to shoot that way youre,probably not going to be able to do it,when youre half-asleep anyhow have a,light on your gun thats the first,reason second reason is and you guys may,be using this for HD and thats totally,cool Im just throwing out some,philosophy to you again based on that,experience I intrude with its hard to,shoot well its a small and lightweight,pistol marksmanship fundamentals are,critical I think youd be better served,by something a little bit larger and a,longer sight radius easier to hit with,granted your distances and a home,invasion would probably be within seven,yards look at the statistics but what if,what if you have to make a shot across,the room but my wife my girlfriend it,fits her hand really good she loves it,I say rock on and it can totally be put,into that pou but you might want to,consider some other larger guns,like the walther ppq and nine or 40 that,has a very adaptable grip and it has a,light rail on it so thats how I see,home defense on the PA topic so you,might say pf9 Im talking to LC 9 its a,primary role of course is carry gun and,in that role I think it rocks its slim,relatively speaking and its lightweight,well talk to that here in just a second,thats what guys and gals are buying and,using this gun for that trigger on that,maybe a vehicle gun too and in that role,I still like to have a light on it,especially if I can blind the opponent,and never have to make a shot I really,really really really dont want to make,a shot if I can so if I can intimidate,the bad guy intruder whoever it might be,then awesome but as a vehicle gun its,going to be compact slim stowing easily,and if for some reason your vehicles,broken into and you lose it yo

Ruger LC9s Pro 9mm Review Budget Carry

the ruger lc9s pro lets check it out,[Music],okay one of the things I love about,Ruger is they make really good quality,firearms a lot of times theyre simple,but the prices are excellent so it gives,you a lot of confidence even when your,budget is low and thats one of the,things about the lc9s the EC 9s and the,LC 9 Pro that we have today were going,to be taking a look at this small little,single stack 9-millimeter pistol perfect,for concealed carry also for home,defense and again if youre on a budget,this makes a great option instead of a,hammer fired internal hammer that they,had before which made a really long and,heavy trigger pull the lc9s,is a striker for our pistol and even,though the triggers long its very,smooth that was funny but I was having,trouble finding one of the lc9s pros so,I got on gun broker comm and I found one,it was $275 plus shipping and it was at,Nicholls Outfitters and those guys are,down in Alabama right outside of,Birmingham and they were great in fact,when I called them to make payment the,guy realized that I was SOOC and was,really excited about it it was pretty,cool but I really think those guys are,doing a great job in getting this to me,lets go and make sure the gun is,unloaded were going to drop our seven,plus one round magazine and the chamber,is empty one of the big things about,this pistol is that it only comes with,one magazine which you know is I just,hate when they do that I wish they would,at least have two magazines but thank,goodness for a gun mag warehouse,they sent me a few extra magazines it,made it much easier you know to get,these mags in and out especially at the,range and during a review now one of the,things I want to show you is that they,have in the package ace just a small,abbreviated base plate really easy to,switch out just press down with a punch,and then this will slide right off and,then you can put either magazine base on,here this is excellent for concealed,carry but this,gives you a little more for shooting at,the range now comes with a glass filled,nylon frame which is polymer but it,really is smooth and well finished its,one of the things about the polymer on,the Rugers theyre typically well done,the checkering very tight very,aggressive as far as the feel but its,not rough on your hands now one of the,things about this grip is how thin it is,it is super super thin almost too thin,in fact to the point that Im gonna get,some talon grips to put on here to give,it just a little bit of extra and you,know for a concealed carry you know,thats one thing to consider but one,thing about talon grips that can be just,a little tacky so you know you want to,decide if thats what you want for,concealed carry its still very suitable,and so you know its just a very small,compact pistol the little finger,extension on the magazine baseplate does,give you that little bit of extra room,when firing im gonna take it out and,put in the flat base plate and you know,youre just hanging off a little you,still get just a little bit of your,pinky there so i dont see that really,is a problem one thing i do like are,theyre extended nine round base pads,and so you know you can go with nine,rounds it just hangs out a little bit,more i dont have one with me the,serrations are nice and the grippy very,easy to get of course it doesnt have,the front serrations it does not have,any kind of accessory rail this is,really for a concealed carry piece it,does have a slide stop and it will hold,open on the last round and then of,course you can hit that slide stop to,bring the slide home has a curved,trigger guard then lines on this handgun,to me are very smooth its a very thin,handgun the barrel length is three point,and 1/2 inches or about three and a,quarter inches it is a steel slide is,hardened just has kind of a matte finish,to it you see the lc9s on here now this,one again is the pro and there are a,couple of things about the pro that I,really like and to kind of show you a,couple of the differences I have one of,the ec9 ss now this is the economy,model its the same,exactly as the lc9s but it has sites,that are integral into the slide there,actually milled into the slide so you,cant change these out but it makes the,gun less expensive it is a nice three,dot site on the probe and then here with,the EC nine its just a blacked-out back,and a front dot which is still very,effective but having the ability to,switch out your sights you know thats,kind of a personal preference some guys,love to change them out of course,obviously if youre gonna put night,sights on there but what designates the,Pro and Im gonna show you first with,the EC nine we drop the magazine make,sure the gun is unloaded it has a,magazine disconnect and thats one of,the things I do not like here I can drop,the magazine or check the chamber this,does not have the magazine disconnect,another feature with the pro that I like,is that it doesnt have the external,frame safety like the lc9s and the ec 9s,so thats pretty much the differences,between the pro and the standard LC 9 in,dc-9s,if you want to spend less go with the EC,9 now the EC 9s I bought this at,Palmetto State it was two hundred and,forty nine dollars and I think for the,standard without the Syrah code it was,239 so its a very reasonable option now,I did a full review of the EC 9s on get,zone.com Ill have a link down below in,the description just go into a lot of,the details about this pistol but that,led me to purchase the lc9s pro one to,go up a step from just the regular lc9s,which is a great little gun and thats,one of the things about Ruger is that,three guns are different each have their,own and of course the price goes up with,the features so it makes it a budget,option but yet if you want these kind of,features its still again well under,three hundred dollars a really great,choice for someone thats on a budget,and yet you get good Rooter quality but,one of the big things about the EC 9s is,the trigger the trigger is really smooth,here we have our trigger safety so,unless youre depressing that trigger,safety its not going to fire but here,we have a fairly long take up,here we hit a wall and then its,resistant up to the snap so its a,little different then a lot of your,striker fire pistols were gonna check,reset and see the reset comes out pretty,far as well but the big plus for this,trigger over the standard lc9 is that,its just a very smooth trigger and that,made a world of difference at the range,I had a little video on Instagram where,I was shooting this slow-motion very,rapidly and a couple of the guys,commented that I was trigger slapping,and that I needed to be a little bit,more close to the trigger but the,problem is is this is a long trigger you,have to let it all the way out for its,reset and so thats the training thing,if youre gonna carry this you,definitely need to train anyway but that,could be something if youre really used,to shooting those really short reset,striker for our pistols were gonna,check our trigger pull weight with our,alignment triggering age from Brownells,so just safety check the pistol four,pounds fifteen point nine ounces five,pounds point six ounces four pounds,thirteen point one ounces so right,around just under the five pound range I,want to do a couple of comparisons with,some of the Ruger options this is the,LCP – of course they had the original,LCP for years which I really liked that,gun but there are some improvements with,the two you can see that its definitely,a little bit longer in the frame and in,the slide but probably one of the,biggest differences is the width with,the nine-millimeter you have a little,thicker slide with the 380 on the LCP -,its really thin in fact a lot of times,if I really need to be discreet this is,one that I do carry then we have the,security 9 which is a lesser expensive,option than their American series its,really based a lot on the LCP – it is a,internal hammer fired pistol but the,trigger is actually pretty good my,review of

My Ruger LC9S (Red Digital)

whats up guys and so im back here,again today and today id fair id go,and do another uh little gun,talk video uh i got snowed in today so i,figured wed go and uh,just do another one,uh and today we have the ruger lc,9s,red digital camo,so this guy is a gun i picked up a few,months ago now,i just happened to be going in my local,gun shop,and,you know,obviously it caught my eye,and uh,you know in modern warfare 3 this is my,most used camos red digital camera so i,was like i had to pick it up so,here it is today um,in the last couple months ive had this,honestly ive,probably only took it out,two maybe three times and shot it so it,really doesnt have a whole lot of,rounds put through it,but the time i have had it its,definitely been a overall,decent gun,this is something ive carried with me a,few times,but really it hasnt got hasnt gotten a,whole lot of attention lately,but i gotta go ahead and show you guys,kind of a unique kind of cool looking,gun you guys,and,so as you can see this is a little bit a,slimmer style,handgun here um and i definitely if you,are looking for a concealed carry weapon,this is definitely a good one not you,dont have to get in this uh little camo,here,but,um to me i figure its kind of one of,the more perfect concealed carry weapons,the reason i say that is like some of my,other ones that are kind of like,concealed carry style or ones i have,carried is um this one has a little bit,more safety to it and if youre one,person like,kind of prefers to carry one,live round in the chamber id consider,this a little bit more just because its,got a little bit more safety,i guess precautions whatever you want to,call it,so the first one here is what i consider,a split trigger um and,basically what it is is this little,lever right here,has to be pushed down for you to,actually be able to pull the trigger,back and fire,the second one here is a,oh right here,its a manual safety here,and the third one you know you consider,it safety or not but the magazine,actually has to be inserted for the gun,to truly fire,me i never trust having a round in the,chamber no matter how safe the gun is,because you never know what can happen,you know certain things can fail or,you never know you never want to truly,trust that so anytime you ever get a,firearm you always want to check to make,sure theres nothing truly in the gun,and make sure if you do handle it that,youre following all safety,precautions and if you do give it to,someone make sure that you educate them,a little bit on it any time ive ever,handled you know give someone a gun,always tell them where everythings at,just in case,um,so definitely be careful,but its one of those things where like,my my sig my kel-tec,they have kind of the more internal i,dont know i dont remember the proper,term for it uh safety so its one of,those to where alls it is is pulling,the trigger and they do fire,um so if you do have this in a hole so,you never know what can happen,uh so it just depends how you carry,where you carry,you know what you do you know and it,depends you know keep one in the chamber,or not,um i like i said i dont,but if whatever you guys do if you do,handle these obviously,you know use your precautions or,whatever,but overall pretty unique looking gun,i thought i definitely added to my,collection,i consider my collection starting to,look like a call of duty collection,which i really dont have a whole lot,that youd really consider like call of,duty except for maybe like my ak,this you know because the camo i dont,really have anything you know unique,from call of duty or anything,um but i think its kind of cool you,know combining two of my hobbies,together guns and video games,so definitely a cool little ad to the,collection,um the one thing i will add the thing i,dont like,about it so far is the mag,which is the same thing with the ak,i like a little bit bigger mag,especially if im carrying,i dont carry more than one on me,so this ones only a seven round so its,definitely not that bad you know,compared to like a six or you know,whatever else,so i upgraded to,a nine round and it also has a little,bit more of a grip here so if you got a,little bit larger hands i definitely,recommend this nine round mag,this was uh 45 dollars at shields so a,little bit higher you know like my sig,it came with a,15 round and two uh 12 round mags,you know with the gun this i had to buy,separately and this is the only when i,bought it this is the only one that did,come with it most guns i,usually get it to come with like two,sometimes three,but definitely not a big deal,just depends,you know what youre doing with the,firearm more or less if youre carrying,or just kind of home defense,so i think were going in there guys um,and something to keep in mind why i do,do these little gun talk reviews,whatever you want to call them,youll see me call different things like,different terms that you may not call it,uh its just some either i just kind of,made up with or i heard other people,call it so it may not be the technical,term but its just what i call it like i,said this isnt really more of reviews,more of a talk,about them,and obviously if you guys do,handle these with care and you know,follow all your,rules guideline laws when handling these,i am in illinois so it is a little bit,different than the other states a little,bit more stricter so just you know look,up your local laws before,if you guys do want to see more uh kind,of like you know me showing you guys in,my collection let me know down below,its something that,like i said with my content i wanted to,do a little bit more of my hobbies and,guns was one of them so i figured id,kind of do that a little bit more,but if you guys do enjoy it please like,subscribe ill see you guys

Ruger LC9s Pro

Hickok 45 here you know sometimes it,does prove really convenient to have a,smaller thinner pistol especially if,its one that shes pretty well and also,because you can have more than one if,you want to buddy maybe of the same gun,hows that yeah lc9s you know about them,now probably and you know that theres,the lc9 theres the lc9s theres even an,lc9 one out of their lc9s,pro model they made that specially for,me because I was the only pro they were,aware of right only I am allowed to have,this gun you have to be a professional,gunman dont try to buy it just kidding,yeah its called the pro model though so,I guess it is for pros who heard the,pros out there but yes this is mainly,one to show you these youve seen this,one see Kentucky gun tough he gave us,that pretty cool and Hickok 45 gave me,this one because he bought it at guns,and leather about a week ago okay found,out that the pro model existed and you,might have heard me bad-mouthing a,couple of things about this one mostly I,have praised it because the lc9s as some,of you have discovered as a marvelous,trigger doesnt it and thats what the,lc9 needed desperately rigor fixed it,was really really sweet trigger both of,these theyre equally good okay problem,is I think they probably got a lot of,criticism well you always get criticism,up about thumb safety some people hate,its own safety worse than a root canal,they really do on a pistol and this has,the thumb safety for me and this is the,lc9s the thumb safety is not as big a,deal if its a really positive one that,you can engage in disengage,mainly not engage it and just forget,about it and it doesnt exist and then,its not a problem this one is a little,its pretty positive I dont think it,would engage just from rubbing against,the holster but then again it could you,know so you know if I had a safety like,that I just knew was not going to,inadvertently be engaged when I thought,it did not have that it was off and I,would be bad when like that one bit I,know you wouldnt either I could live,with it was extremely positive,you wouldnt want so stiff you couldnt,turn it off get it off or anything but,or on but that ones kind of marginal,its in that gray area right there so,but I just got carried this gun a lot,and I just left it off okay so pretended,it wasnt there okay this one you dont,have to pretend,on the lc9s Pro they have taken that out,of the equation there is no thumb safety,okay so I go either way on that you know,maybe the big improvement on the lc9s,Pro is you are trusted with this firearm,not to have the magazine disconnect,still fires whereas with this baby which,can be very annoying up trigger will not,pull okay thats why you have again the,new jersey say fact the New York SAFE,Act recognizing there put it in and you,can pull the trigger okay so that comes,with with the gun those are really the,the two differences I think those are,the only differences okay so literally,is one kind of update you on it let you,know it exists if you are not aware of,that because partly you need to know and,it is a nice gun it is a gun a lot of,people are looking at I see a lot of,comments about it and people you know,looking for it and planning to buy it so,I want to make you aware of that I guess,its not like this one is jumped now but,if you dont want the magazine,disconnect and you dont want the thumb,safety the pro model is the one you want,okay now Ive looked around and I didnt,see a lot of them in shops so I stumbled,upon one guns in leather and I scarfed,it up so they,out there though okay and again it has,the same great trigger as this one does,and take a couple shots go back and,check out the video on that one and I,think youll see from my slobbering all,over I got my shoulder my shoulder my,pocket holster you know Alabama holster,I like a lot also south gear USA sent me,one you know one of their onyx holsters,for it so thats cool,I tend to go with a little bit bigger,gun if I go to my belt because its kind,of a why not if youre wearing a belt,gun but then again there are advantages,to that the smaller holsters thinner the,firearm is thinner than say a Glock or,either 1911 or something MMP you name of,all its a thin gun and you do kind of,forget you have it so anyway how you,carry its up to you as long as you have,one you have to have one you realize,that thats a requirement but this,trigger is just sweet,who whos the next target here cowboy,mr. gong I dont think Ive shot the,gong with this thing still havent have,I,Ive got some more magazines in my,pocket theyre all the long mag they,just come with one magazine so but,others are available,yeah ones getting up high enough okay,pretty nice that is a single stack so it,doesnt shoot all day like some other,firearms we are aware of you know the,pro model no magazine disconnect,lets make sure it doesnt have a,magazine click disconnect lets uh lets,pretend were an engagement here and we,have fired,lets see 1 0 2 3 4 rounds in that,magazine so lets say I fire 3 in the,heat of battle and my magazine comes out,inadvertently I push the button Oh,wheres my magazine oh here comes a,rhino at me I can still defend myself I,will get a Miss malfunction we have a,video on that by the way when theres no,magazine in there your your last round,will very likely do exactly that thats,not a gun problem thats some issue with,physics there right yeah we do we have a,video 1 ok so you have no magazine,disconnect and then in you have no thumb,safety and so thats really all I wanted,to show you so why are you hanging,around so long and taking so long with,this video the only other thing I guess,I have to add is again I guess praise,for these guns there now I dont have my,Ive got some talent Chris for this one,on the way this one has the full grip,this one I had to cobble a little bit,together there it does have all the,negatives of the gun I think I talked,about any other video is the grip really,small its really small ok yes its very,small in fact after i cobbled this other,one up like that,and then I got the real Talon grip to,put on it I just put them on over that,so just a little more meat there and it,feels perfect to me it really does but,when these as these come out of the box,the the grip is very very very thin to,me and I think it would be the people,with average hands perhaps but just so,far a wonderful little little pistol,great trigger and last point,it the trigger is very light and very,good so make sure you are youre ready,for it if youre if youre going to,carry one of these maybe you want this,thumb safety uh just just be aware it,has a really nice trigger very light,trigger and a lot of experts which I,dont claim to be will tell you you may,not want to trigger that light in a,defensive pistol just depends on you,its up to you okay keep your finger off,the trigger unless youre going to shoot,it on an issue maybe but anyway its,very light trigger almost too light for,carry wonderful that really is so anyway,the pro model in the lc9s,is out there and its essentially the,same with those those few changes if I,missed something in terms of changes,somebody throw that in there for me and,clean up for me okay but anyway I,thought you might be interested in that,in a really fine carry pistol in todays,world when single stack nines are what a,lot of people are looking for life is,good

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