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Ruger LCP Review (One of the BEST Concealed Carry Guns, Ruger LCP 380 Review)

[Music],welcome to firearms of america today im,back here at shooters in fort myers,florida about to do the review,of this ruger lcp,yes the very popular ruger lcp wanted to,do a review on this for a while,chambered in 380 out of the barrel only,2.7 inches as small as it can get i mean,look how,tiny it is now if you want something to,[Music],to be able to conceal carry as easily as,possible,as unnoticeable as possible without any,weight without any exercise i mean this,is pretty much,the size of the wallet very impressive,now 2.7,inch barrel raises the question how good,does it handle the 380 auto well lets,find out,lets do some shooting now the mag,capacity here,six and as you can see no no no not on,the other,only on one side we have it nicely,numbered,lets put five rounds through it see,how it can handle now of course,of course for a lot of you wow this is,really easy to,load this magazine this is a really good,magazine i like it a lot,i mean its super easy um for a lot of,people,only six rounds six plus one in the,chamber might,seem like its not enough but,heres the thing if you dont carry your,firearm because,it is too big because its too bulky,its too heavy its,hard to conceal and and you will carry,this one,because its light its small its very,easy to conceal,its better to have something than,nothing the end of the day so keep that,in mind,so 380 out of personally im a fan of,that round i think its good,in fact a lot of uh a lot of,compact micro guns that you will find,they,are most of the time chambered in 380,out so lets do some shooting,see what it can do practically no grip,here without the magazine in and with,the magazine in,your grip is only enough for two fingers,so no grip only 2.7,inches barrel and lets see what it can,do,very easy to wreck the slide i will try,to hit,ill try to hit the top orange over,there why not why not,all right all right all right all right,get a better grip here,[Music],all right as you would imagine,as you would imagine this ruger lcp is,definitely on the jumpier side so if,youre considering it,make sure that you practice with it,often enough,to get used to that jumpiness because,380 auto is,fairly powerful round for a 2.7 inch,barrel,now the slide is on the tighter side,not too tight compared to a lot of other,guns however it is on the tighter side,which they had to make,because obviously they wanted to make,sure that,it can it has enough of the resistance,to handle,uh that recoil from,380 out of but lets talk about the grip,the grip,this is all the grip that you get now,there are some serrations on the back,which you dont really notice that much,and there are the same on the front uh,as well a little bit,different pattern now,let me get it locked,back and ill show you heres the front,uh i think overall,the aggression on the grip is pretty,good,uh its just that there isnt much of,that grip your your pinky will be,hanging out in the air so make sure you,practice that grip pretty good,um the slide itself like i said there,are some serrations in the back,nothing on the front it is fairly easy,to rack,although the spring does feel on the,tighter side,the mag release is not,ambidextrous the slide release,is not ambidextrous and you probably,already noticed that there isnt really,any safety,in here no no thumb safety so,if thats what youre looking for in a,gun keep that in mind,uh lets talk about the trigger i do,like the trigger overall,as you can see you have about,three and a half inches of very safe,very familiar treble and then after that,you have probably about millimeter and a,half two millimeters,of kind of you know its going to break,next,so lets see if it will nope,there are three more millimeters of,another unsure travel,and then a break so two travels i kind,of wish that there was just one but,considering considering for people who,want to carry this,with one in the chamber considering that,it doesnt have any kind of safety,any thumb safety i think the trigger is,pretty good,um for those people to keep in mind as,additional,not additional but as a safety feature,right,so it doesnt accidentally go off lets,talk about the sides because the sides,are here,here not are here they are obviously,here but the size here are fairly,i wouldnt say unique theyre very,similar to a caltech,micro pistol uh fairly,same system as you can see its just a,three post,side its not hard,to hit the target to be pretty good with,the side,however you do need to practice with it,to kind of understand,where where you are aiming,uh one thing as a precaution i want to i,wanted to mention here is that,on this firearm make sure that youre,careful very very careful,with this side of the slide right here,because this,is extremely extremely sharp,uh honestly if this was my pistol i,probably would have,filed it but if you are gripping,like this which i do see a lot of people,do,please dont do it anywhere especially,here because,you will hurt yourself with how sharp,the slide is all right lets do uh five,more rounds,through this pistol and uh we will try,to come up with some more or less,reasonable conclusion uh,again i love i love how easy it is to,load the magazine is great the spring is,so nice and so soft,you noticed probably that it did not,like back on the last round,in my previous,[Music],im not sure if its this the design,feature if its supposed to be like that,uh but lets see if it does this time,all right lets try to,lets try to hit those flappy pedals,over there,because uh if i cant hit them with this,considering how jumpy it is,might not be that bad after all alright,so,lets see if we can get it,all right,so only one out of five,i definitely do need more practice with,this particular gun,and and it did not lock back,on the last,round once again which,ill have to see if its a design,feature for this or if its uh,some sort of tiny malfunction going on,here,overall overall i think it is a pretty,good option like i said in the very,beginning,uh for people that dont carry just,because they feel like its,guns are too bulky and its too hard,its hard to conceal them,stuff like that i think this is a good,option for those people um,if you are getting it however obviously,you will have the benefit of,a tiny pistol that is small,very very compact very very lightweight,very easy to conceal but make sure that,you take it on the range,regularly and practice so,ruger lcd hopefully this was a helpful,review thank you very much guys for,watching,this was firearms from america see you,guys in the next video

Ruger LCP 380 Review

this time on bulletproof tactical were,going to go ahead and take a look at the,ruger lcp chambered in 380. i know a lot,of viewers have been requesting more,concealed carry videos so i left a,comment asking what firearms you guys,wanted me to review a lot of comments,said the ruger lcp chamber in 380. so i,got my hands on one were gonna go ahead,and take a look at the details so,continue watching,[Applause],[Music],all right so lets go ahead and get,started with todays review the ruger,lcp chamber in 380. were gonna go ahead,and take a look at whats inside of the,box when he purchased a firearm were,gonna get the firearm in this pocket,holster lets safety check the firearm,before we get started nothing in the mag,nothing in the chamber,okay were only gonna get one magazine,included,were gonna get one mag plate,and one pinky extended mag plate just in,case for preferences theres people that,like to have the regular plate for,concealability were gonna get our,booklets and some stickers,so lets go ahead and get that out of,the way were gonna focus on the firearm,the first thing i noticed when i got,this firearm is the width you guys can,see the width of the firearm is really,really slim,heres my thumb for reference it comes,to less than an inch so really really,low profile firearm you guys can see,obviously the sights,were sacrificed you know theyre fixed,into place no fiber optic no fancy,sights probably hard to see at night but,then again you got to make sacrifices,when youre talking about concealability,so lets go ahead and take a look at the,mag capacity we are going to get a six,round mag capacity single stack,obviously 380. so,it comes to a total of seven rounds if,you carry one in the chamber so as far,as capacity goes seven rounds of 380 is,not bad for the size of this little,firearm to be completely honest with you,so now lets go ahead and take a look at,the,the grip texture,really nice sticky grip,but then again,i only get a two finger grip and thats,including the pinky extended uh magazine,plate my pinky is pretty much hanging,off so if youre someone with a larger,hand this is definitely something youre,going to want to consider but,nevertheless,i like how you have this finger rest,groove here,where you can rest your your thumb to,not accidentally hit the the magazine,release as far as the uh the the slide,release lever thats something i did,notice,they did a lot of sacrifices theyre,really really small,kind of hard to,grab you know but then again it has a,nice texture to it,so thats good also we do have a 2.75,inch barrel you guys can see it really,thin barrel thats obviously good for,weight savings and you guys might be,asking yourselves how much does this,firearm weigh it does weigh a total of,9.4 ounces so thats a really,lightweight firearm and the total length,of the firearm is,5.16 inches so you guys can see really,really tiny pocket pistol,lets go ahead and talk about the price,you guys are always asking bulletproof,tactical how much does one of these sell,for right now,in the new market youre likely to uh,pay anywhere within uh 269 259 all the,way up to 319 dollars plus taxes so,thats obviously depending on your,location so do have that in mind,as far as the trigger goes it is kind of,a heavy trigger ill just say that well,go ahead and do a trigger pull right now,it is kind of a heavy trigger were,going to go ahead and take this firearm,down to the range were obviously going,to do the trigger pull first,so continue watching,all right so were going to go ahead and,do an average of three trigger pulls,lets go ahead and get started,with the first trigger pull,thats a total of four pounds 7.6 ounces,three pounds 11.5 ounces,and,four pounds 8.5 ounces so you guys can,see we get an average trigger pull of 4,pounds 3.8 ounces so pretty consistent,not the best trigger but then again it,is to expect with these little firearms,that dont have a manual safety pretty,much their safety is a heavy trigger so,now lets go ahead and take it down to,the range continue watching,[Music],oh,all right so what was my experience like,down at the range let me go ahead and,address everything as far as how,comfortable the firearm felt in the hand,as far as recoil accuracy how easy were,the sights to use how did i feel the,trigger reliability lets go ahead and,start with a reliability i was using,nothing but steel case ammunition which,is obviously not the most reliable ammo,to shoot,zero failures,the the gun ran flawlessly out of the,box,with the lube that comes from factory so,i havent cleaned it havent lubed it,straight out of the box it ran like a,champ,let me go ahead and tell you guys as far,as the sights go,they look like theyre pretty useless,but actually theyre not that bad,so,youre really not making big sacrifices,there the trigger obviously its a heavy,trigger but it feels really good,shooting the firearm as far as recoil,goes,coming from a 2.75 inch barrel it really,doesnt feel snappy its a really,lightweight firearm you would imagine,its snappy but with the amount of,weight you can put onto this little gun,it really doesnt snap on you so i,really do think its a good concealed,carry option once again six plus one if,youre carrying it with one in the,chamber the capacity is not bad at all,the price i mean 259 dollars if you can,get it,plus taxes is really,a good budget pistol in my opinion a,good starting point for someone that,just wants,to feel a little safer out there,so let me know what you guys think did,you guys like this review what other,firearms would you guys like me to,review,and uh,dont forget to subscribe to bulletproof,tactical like the video leave a comment,ill reply as soon as possible,and thank you for watching,you

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Ruger Max 380 First Shots: Pocket Carry Done Right

foreign,[Applause],whats up guys this is Chris here and,today were coming at you on this dreary,day in Iowa to give you a little bitty,Mouse gun today were going to be,talking about one of my favorite 380,pistols the LCP Max now the Ruger LC Max,has some pros and cons lets put it that,way this is a tiny little gun and its,going to have tiny little gun problems,but I think its one of the best tiny,little guns you can get uh were doing,the first shots today however I actually,have a lot of experience on the previous,version of this and I do actually have,some experience on this one as well I,have already technically shot some four,just not on film the Ruger LC Max is a,polymer frame striker-fired pistol with,a three inch barrel and an overall,weight of a shockingly low 18 ounces,very very lightweight very very small,handgun super thin as well you can see,it there but it does come with pretty,decent features it doesnt have too bad,of a trigger the grip is manageable for,how small it is and its got some pretty,excellent sights which I like a lot we,have I believe the True Glow front here,a tritium and HD front with a blacked,out rear a u and I actually like the U,for a gun like this because this gun is,not all about long distance accuracy,this is a this is a close CQB style,firearm this is meant to be like carried,in a pocket or very low pro carry and,its meant to be used up close and,personal and in that I think it does a,pretty good job it is a 380 which I,believe is the lowest caliber that you,should probably use for self-defense,although bolts a bullet and put in the,right spot they all work that being said,3D has reasonable penetration so if you,are going to have to shoot a target from,the side for example wearing a winter,coat youd probably get the job done,with 380 whereas other calibers you may,not headshots a headshot but for uh most,use I would say the lowest is going to,be a 380. now its nice that this is a,380 because even 380s can have recoil,with a very small gun and this is an 18,ounce polymer frame pistol so its very,very small so you do actually have to,have a little bit of control to shoot,this the smaller gun you generally get,the harder they are to shoot thats why,its always so funny that guys will get,their wife you know this gun for their,first gun or something like that because,these are very difficult to shoot but,they are very very easy to carry and,its always better to have a gun than,not have one regardless of what it is so,for me personally when Im like running,or I do a long hike or something like,that and I dont want something heavy,sometimes I still the LCP or the LCP Max,so every gun certainly has its uh Niche,although this might not be my personal,favorite overall carry-on now the Ruger,Max the other perk about it is it comes,in at about 300 and its very available,you can find it pretty much anywhere and,its made by Ruger which is a company,that backs their stuff up so if you have,any problems youre good to go there uh,today were gonna go out and shoot it,and were going to shoot it a little bit,long distance although Im not confident,were going to do well and then well,shoot it up close and Im probably gonna,have my wife shoot it as well just,because you know I think that her small,hands might better use this tiny little,baby before we get to noisy Cricket I do,want to mention my patient supporters,thank you guys very much its because of,you we have guns like this I got this,gun at Mr guns with the patron dollars,so thank you for that if you want to,support the channel its the best way to,do it just go to the link in the,description below and sign up I also,want to mention YouTube super thanks you,guys that dont want to use patreon,thats fine people have been sending us,super thanks uh we appreciate that it,helps out we buy guns and ammo either,way also in that description is a link,to a local shelter in Ames Iowa its the,yss they could really use your help so,please go down and donate to those kids,oh,foreign,[Music],I dropped the magazine,I think Id get one by accident,Barrel,s,well shes no Sharpshooter but shes,reliable,okay all right so we got the LC max out,here at 50 yards which may as well be a,thousand this this guns so small that I,seriously doubt were going to be able,to hit with it from here but well have,to see Id be impressed if I could hit a,building from here,foreign,speechless,but youre not because youre talking,see no matter what you can shut me up,fail,trigger control,[Applause],the thump is just so so demoralizing,because its like theres no sound out,here so like I heard that loud and clear,like you suck I did want to mention that,Ive changed my grip on the LC so,instead of doing a semi-automatic grip,it was actually making me super nervous,I was gonna get my finger in front of,the barrel because the Barrels so short,so now Im doing the uh thumbs over uh,revolver grip to keep my hands away from,the barrel,that gives me a little more ump on my,wrist Ive noticed because my left hand,is doing essentially nothing but uh,makes me feel better about my phalanges,good Barrel,[Music],better than I thought of 50 yards look,at this thing thats the smallest gun I,own,all right so were at a little bit more,manageable distance of about a 30 35,here and I just want to see at what,distance I can kind of keep them all on,the target,this little mouse gun,apparently not 35 because I already,missed,oh this thing hurts to shoot,okay now were at the distance where all,the doofuses wont get mad well were,still a little far for that wed have to,go to seven yards for all the doofuses,to not be mad which is like a,two-year-old could shoot that so what TV,show could shoot that like Jerry,Mitchell like maybe when he was two,Im just throwing [ __ ] I weirdly,pictured a baby with his old face yeah,yeah,yeah yeah,sometimes you have to do one-handed,drills,what if someone cuts off your hand or,something like that or maybe youre just,like giving somebody a massage and you,dont want to stop because youre,getting somewhere okay,this thing is so small yeah its real,small,[Music],10 yards youre a little beast with it,though,that is painful yeah you say its more,recall than youd expect youre like ah,380s got no recoil well yeah sure two,ounce gun it sure does that is,unpleasant but effective yeah I bet it,would be effective,were shooting Full Metal Jacket through,right now but you kind of argue itd be,hard to argue thats not what youd want,I prefer penetration me too all right,fail Barrel,[Music],[Applause],shes a reliable little hoe though huh,my poor little hand,its just because its super cold,they cant tell by your breath,all right you look like a career smoker,I kind of want,to see hold on hold on,okay see what you got sexy ready yep,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],I dont know why you look so gangster,when you were doing that honestly more,comfortable one-handed thats why I,dropped my left hand because the grips,so small Im I figured screw it I might,as well have a full grip with one hand,yep you know thats what I was doing too,lets go up there and talk about it its,cold down here okay all right so overall,my first Second third-ish Impressions of,the LCP are its a tiny little 380 and,its got tiny little 380 problems that,being said out of all the tiny little,380s this is the one I choose its,reliable its durable its time tested,its cheap about 300 bucks its got that,three inch barrel itll fit in about any,crevice you want to Stow this bad boy,and overall it does what its intended,to do you know what it doesnt do its,not an atlas Gun Works its not a,staccato you cant shoot it super fast,cant shoot it far away if youre,looking for very shootable 380 Id,recommend the EZ series maybe the Glock,43 or sorry Glock 42 my bad uh this is,going to be an ultra concealed pocket,pistol and it works in the manner that,its designed its got a lot of recoil,its a little bit hard to shoot its got,a small grip its got a little bit,heavier trigger but becau

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NEW! Ruger Security-380 | Guns & Gear First Look

[Applause],all right,[Applause],new from Ruger is the security 380 light,rack Rim tell us what light rack is all,about light rack is all about easy to,manipulate easier to rack and easier to,shoot so in this case the 380 less,muzzle blast allows you to shoot all day,you can carry it as well all right so,shooters that lack that hand strength,really are going to gravitate this,because normally theyre going to start,out with the 22 and think thats enough,but you guys built in features on the,slide just for those people yep increase,from the security 9 adopted from our LCP,in 22 light rack weve got some cuts on,the front that allows you to manipulate,the slide from the front as well as,enlarged the cuts on the back for easy,manipulation and I love the wing on the,back its you dont really notice it but,man once you grab it and you rack that,slide its so easy and now more,texturing around the grip and what,really stands out to me is a bright,fiber optic front sight yep it comes,standard with that front fiber optic,sights and weve obviously got our,lights and lasers which allow all of the,security nine lights and Laser,accessories as well as holsters and it,comes standard with both a 15 round,steel mag as well as a 10 round carry,magazine as well perfect if you dont,have that hamstring to run a higher,power gun the Ruger Security 380 light,rack is just for you and Ryans got a,great demonstration,[Music],the Ruger Security 380 light rack is a,gun that has a solution in mind this is,a gun that could be really good for,people who are sensitive to recoil or,have trouble running a semi-auto gun,this light rack system really is light,to Rack but a lot of people in the past,when they were sensitive to those issues,would pick a 22 for defensive use so we,thought wed compare shooting a 22 and a,380. so first off,this is an lcp2 its a Ruger lcp2 in 22.,now at 22 obviously smaller rounds the,bullet is only a 40 grain bullet,compared to a 380 these are 95 grain,bullets so like twice more than twice,the weight bullet weight so lets shoot,it on a plate rack lets see how the,plates react as far as knock down power,and then also take a look at the recoil,[Music],so obviously the 22 didnt knock down,most of the plates,that first ones just an easy one to,knock down but lets take a look at what,the 380 does,[Music],foreign,packs more of a punch but I will say and,you can see it on the video The Recoil,for this is very manageable and maybe a,little bit louder but the recoil is not,bad at all so I think that this could be,a really good option for someone looking,for a defensive gun youre sensitive to,recoil youre not used to running the,slide on a semi-auto the Ruger Security,380 light rack may be a really good,solution for you,[Music]

Ruger LCP 380 Pistol Review (380 Auto Pistol Guide)

today im going to be giving my review,of the ruger lcp,the lcp is a,small,uh 380 caliber handgun,um its 380 i mean theres a huge debate,on it im not really going to get too,much into uh you know debating whether,380 is an acceptable,ammo for protection,because i like to think that any time,you carry a gun,and pull it on someone whos an attacker,or,whenever youre in a situation where you,fear for your life,any type of gun is going to be you know,normally a good thing to have um,you know if you pull a gun on someone,they still continue to attack you or,something like that just imagine what,would happen if you didnt have it so no,matter what caliber it is you know id,rather have anything instead of have,nothing,so the 380 for those of you who dont,know,is basically a nine millimeter round i,think theyre the same diameter but the,380s casing is a little bit shorter so,it doesnt have as much powder,meaning it doesnt have as much power,for the most,part um,you know im sure theres certain ammo,types in each thatll you know be,comparable but,you know the power youd get out of a,380 i think is sufficient enough to make,it a uh definite,daily carry,weapon,or a daily carry ammunition,so,thats why i was kind of interested in,the lcp um you know first of all let me,start by clearing the gun because i know,right now it is loaded and one of the,cool things about the lcp is theres,this little window right there that kind,of lets you see the brass,peeking through so you can see that,theres currently around in the chamber,and this gun has no safeties at all so,if you pull the trigger theres nothing,to stop it from firing,so im going to take the magazines put,them off the side a little bit and im,also going to,take the round out,helps if you pull it back faster so the,round doesnt,get stuck like that,but now,we can see that theres nothing in the,chamber,if you want to lock it open you just,push back on the slide theres a little,um,button right here a little action you,can push up on itll lock it open,well get into that in a little bit but,for the most part,um,the gun does not actually lock open once,the last bullets fired,um just as a heads up so,when youre shooting this at the range,or whatever um it does not stay locked,when its,empty so itll just reset itself and,youll just pull the trigger and hear,the little click so,that is interesting to know another,thing to know,um about this gun,unlike the uh,the 22 caliber pistol the sr-22 that i,just reviewed this one will fire,um,without the magazine so you can load,around the chamber take the magazine out,and this gun will still fire so thats,definitely something,important to keep in mind when handling,this pistol is even if you take the,magazine out it can still fire so thats,why you always want to make sure,theres nothing in here,now this is a center fire pistol so you,can technically dry fire this,without worrying too much about damage,you dont want to sit there and,excessively fire the gun empty i mean it,can still damage the gun and stuff like,that so if you do want to practice,firing it get snap caps,380 does have snap caps for it theyre,basically um solid metal bullets but on,the back they have,a little piece of rubber which i,actually have so let me grab it real,quick so i can show you guys,all right so ive got the snap caps here,and uh,got some 22 ones in there as well,but you can see its just a regular,looking bullet but on the back you can,see a little clear part in the center is,actually rubber so when you dry fire the,pistol,um,its interesting because,this,will allow you to dry fire without,damaging the gun so thats why i like,these its also good to practice with,these loading it up unloading it,racking ammunition into the slide,so its it definitely helps with that,because,one of the only things that takes a,little bit to get used to on this gun is,it is kind of hard at first to get used,to trying to uh,wreck rounds into it just because if,youve got any oil or your hands are,sweaty or anything like that,it does take a lot of force to pull back,on that,so if you just try pinching it you know,a lot of times you can slip um its,harder a little bit harder to pull back,just because its a small gun theres,not much to grab onto so usually what,ill do is ill kind of bend my fingers,sideways and press it up against the,side of the gun here and then take my,thumb and pinch it and that usually,gives me enough,grip to pull back on it or ill take my,tips to my fingers put it here and then,take the inside of my thumb and press it,against that part of the barrel and grab,the whole thing and pull it back and,then let it go um you never want to walk,it forward because you can pinch your,fingers and your hand inside the,in between the barrel,and the slide,so usually if i do that i just pull back,and let it go it seems to work pretty,well,but does take a little bit of getting,used to just because it is so small,and i guess speaking of size,um,it is,a little small as you can see i can only,get one finger on here and the second,one kinda you know falls off i tried,gripping,and uh as youll notice just like the,sr22,this also comes with the little bases,that you can either have them straight,across or like this one here itll curve,out a bit so that i can really get that,second finger,on the gun so it gives me a little bit,more grip,now i do have relatively,large hands and you know it still fits,its still comfortable to shoot at the,range,so it does fit my hand pretty well,so i like it,some people prefer without the little,extra extension on the magazines but i,kind of prefer it with it so,ill usually keep that on there,anytime i have the magazines and i,always like to check to see if theres,a round in the chamber or not um,so thats as far as the outside goes the,uh,magazine releases right here its a,little button,um its only on one side unlike the,sr-22 which had it on both i think you,can flip it around im not sure actually,uh no it doesnt look like you cant,this sides bigger than there i dont,know,it might be maybe some theres some,conversion but,im not sure,um this is the model without the laser i,think there is a model that comes with a,laser that you can get built onto the,gun but i think it is like an extra 100,bucks or something so i figured you know,what this things not very accurate at,long ranges so when its close up,targets you can aim pretty well,so its not really,necessary to have a laser on there if,you want and you have the extra money,and you dont mind then you can,definitely you know feel free to get it,but i just got it without it because you,know if youre gonna conceal carry this,weapon,um you know you want to be able to pull,it out your attacker is usually going to,be relatively close anyways,um,so theres really no need for me to have,it but like so thats just my personal,preference,um,you know one other thing that id like,to note on the outside of the gun,is uh,as you can see on the top you can see,those little orange dots,because i got one on the barrel,and two on the back of it um,so the reason i did that it does not,come like that its just normally black,but i put that on there myself,so that when youre at a range a lot of,times indoor ranges are a little bit,darker and stuff and,you know these black sights on like a,black target or a darker target is a,little bit harder to see so i put those,on there to give a little distinction,from,uh you know the rest of the gun since it,is all black,so i put that on there,and,you know it helps out a lot,and then also on the outside this little,pin right here,is how you tear it down for a quick,cleaning ill do another video of how to,tear this down and field strip it just,to give it a quick cleaning and stuff,its relatively simple,so ill show you that in a future video,but as far as the external stuff goes,thats pretty much it like i said there,are no safeties at all,on this gun um,the only real safety is the one between,your ears,meaning use your brain whenever you pu

Ruger LCP

hey he caught 45 here at the compound,gonna look at a different type of gun,today one youve probably not seen,before in my hand its pretty small gun,and in fact Im not sure where it is,right now but I think I can probably,find it I need it,yep this is a Ruger LCP most of you,probably familiar with this guy very,very very common,probably Ruger has sold a million of,these things okay already its a little,380 polymer gun two and a half inch,barrel designed for the carry permit,license holders and its a nice little,gun let me take it apart real quick here,while Im kind of telling you about it,its so now Im gonna double triple,check because Im going to take it apart,theres no rounds in there theres no,grass theres nothing in there a reason,I want to be doubly sure is you always,are anyway is Im gonna put my finger,thumb in front of the slide here take,some of the pressure off hit this little,in out and then the slide comes off so,its a lot like a its like a miniature,Glock most guns have kind of copied that,design these polymer wonders over the,last couple decades though not much to,it and that would just blow away in the,wind like a potato chip its very small,will barrel nothing to it,380 caliber I say nothing to it of,course the manufacturing these is very,very important in the quality control,its just theyre so small and so light,you know they just seem almost like a,toy so to put it back together you,reverse order,and I same of course make the pressure,off that and put the pin against that,little wire theyre popping back in and,there she is,so these are double action only it,doesnt become single action after you,pull the trigger you know the trigger,returns and were stuck there so its,always a double action to make it safer,most people carry them in and its,highly advised some kind of small pocket,holster or even a belt holster but that,way the trigger guard is covered it is a,long trigger pull just like a double,action revolver so theres no other,safety on this gun its a Safetys,always between your ears,and then you have a long trigger pull,all right and then you have it in,holster with the trigger guard covered,so thats pretty much the Ruger LCP,there are other specs it doesnt weigh,my think its nine ten eleven ounces,doesnt weigh much basically this is a,whole class of guns you got the tars,youve got the the car the Celtx in,these little 380s theres theres not a,lot of difference in the size or the,weight theres a little difference here,and there but theyre all about as small,as you can get I think in a real gun,still get a hold of it and you know and,shoot it you know and hit something I,will say easily but you know hit a,target hit something without a whole lot,of really trying to your hand I like,some of the little North American,derringer the little of the what they,call it well 22 caliber guns if North,American Arms made years ago and still,makes I think some of those are pretty,cool or difficult for me to get a hold,of and these arent too easy actually,but theres a whole class of guns like,this and a whole array of them you see,gun shops filled with them and then gun,shows and the Ruger LCP,been out just a few years very very,successful very very nice gun it works,these guns generally tell you that you,need to fire a couple hundred rounds for,the break-in period but oh no this ones,probably had 75 rounds through it maybe,a hundred not any malfunctions so lets,see this belongs to my sons birthday,present to him for me and so far its,worked flawlessly so maybe today well,see our first malfunction lets load up,a magazine here and take a few more,shots now this gun is definitely not a,long-range gun youre not going to see,me with this gun in a video shooting it,at 230 yards believe me,probably even 80 yards and its just,meant for close up and personal and it,does pretty well at that where its,intended purpose is a nice gun,magazine holds six rounds and you get,this little optional I wont know if we,call that an extension,but it gives you just a little piece of,plastic on the bottom that I kind of,like normally I hate extensions but on,this gun you know what nothing to grasp,so its difficult to get even two,fingers on so what Im going to do is,put these in in chamber one,okay so well have seven rounds and Ill,just take a few more shots with it Ill,put it back in the holster,Im just gonna take a few shots as I,talk about it Im not gonna try to,possess you because Ive really some of,you might be able to shoot this gun a,lot better than I do because its just,so small in my hand but Im happy with,how you know I can handle it you know I,just wanted to show you – you think a,Glock 26 or 27 is a small gun look at,the difference there this is like wow,night and day I mean that little Glock,27 looks like a mammoth next to this gun,so if youve never seen one of these,that should give you an idea most people,are familiar with the Glocks and thats,not even the biggest thickest lock as,you know in the 40 caliber so thats the,same size as a nine-millimeter in a,Glock that tells you a little bit about,that really really small really small,its just interesting what the advances,in technology have allowed today that,they can make things like this that will,withstand a fairly powerful little round,this is not chicken feed you know a 380,is a short nine-millimeter basically and,its come a long way over the years and,it has some really nice loadings,available in the 3e thats the most,people will say are comparable to you,know some of the 9-millimeter rounds out,there so its not that far behind the,nine-millimeter just load a few more,bullets it takes just a couple more,shots so again its a double action only,easy to break down easy to clean not not,very expensive they run in the,neighborhood of $300 and pretty,convenient,pretty convenient take a few more shots,of our babies,lets try a couple from right here have,the old cowboy the Ruger LCP if youve,looked at these I dont know if that,helps you at all or not I just want to,come and come out and play with I,havent done it yet and give you a,closer to look at it did we get plenty,close-ups of it its it is what it is a,small grip but it fits most hands if,itll fit my hand I dont say it really,fits it but I I can manage it you know,for most people it probably feels pretty,good double-action 380 very very light,very very small and nothing not to like,about it unless youre looking for,something to shoot at 100 or 150 yards,so River LCP quite an interesting little,piece of hardware so yall come back and,see me a life is good

Ruger LCP MAX .380

hey [ __ ] 45 here you know its,really convenient to have a lightweight,pistol,with six or seven rounds at your,disposal at almost any time,like this,just comes in very handy a really light,pistol reliable and pretty effective,380 not bad not bad six plus one,but you know what its even better,if you have virtually the same,firearm at your disposal,yeah almost any time about the same,weight,that has 10 plus one rounds in it right,oh man,i just couldnt resist could i yeah but,about the same weight very close close,enough for government work,and have ten plus one instead of six,plus one and you know why were here,dont we,we have oh i ruined my shores look at,that,look at that the sacrifices i make for,you people,wow okay itll come out in the wash,probably,uh so yeah were going to talk about the,lcp,max today the lcp max 380 ive recalled,about,30 different things but it is the 10,round,lcp okay it says lcp max right on the,side,lets just call it that uh but i do hear,a lot of people and i see it labeled as,the 380 just as a reminder,i dont know so most of us know if,youre familiar with the lcp,it is 380 thats the the caliber and 380,for those who dont know i wont go into,this too but,its the same diameter as a ten nine,millimeter,but its uh its a shorter a little bit,shorter cartridge its uh,and usually theyre about 90 grains 95,grains on the standard american eagle,around this uh thats 99 grains on the,hst so,you have between 90 and 100 grain ammo,so thats,pretty light and you dont have quite,the energy and everything but,historically it comes in smaller,packages nowadays we can find a nine,millimeter in pretty small package right,but you can still,if you can get a nine in a package this,size i dont care what,decade were in and youre going to be,able to get a or make,manufacture a 380 in a slightly smaller,package arent you because were getting,better and better than manufacturers,at doing that so we got them both here,and i appreciate budsgunshop.com for,sending us this one i requested it and,here it came from budsgunshop.com,appreciate their help,and ive got some ammo thankfully some,380 from federal premium,been a great help to have some food so,we could show you these firearms,and give you our opinion and then of,course the sonoran desert institute,sdi.edu take some distance learning,get certified and gun smithing learn to,work on these things if they need it,right so check them out appreciate,everybodys help,well if you know the lcp there theres,not a dramatic difference between these,two,theyre set up kind of the same way you,know the action the trigger,system feels the same to me pretty much,not a lot of difference ill take the,mags out,and uh and uh the triggers are,very similar they even look alike dont,they and,uh they kind of are what they are they,dont have the feel of a,like a really expensive pistol,theyre you know theyre lightweight but,they work,they really do i have been fairly,impressed,as you probably uh know and recall if,youve seen our video i guess on,on this one the lcp2 especially,for again for having such a large hand,i am able to get hold of this thing and,and really get it on target reasonably,well and i wouldnt want to,you know have to bet my life on hitting,the gong maybe,but if i shot the lcp at the gong in the,last year or two id probably not maybe,well do it today,one of them but but i mean you can just,you can hit what you need to hit up,up close and dirty and now we have,basically the same gun,instead of six rounds in the mag flush,mag,we have it with ten rounds and a flush,mag okay,and i i talk in terms of the flush mags,you can have any number of rounds you,want somebody can make a magazine,thats you know extends that far and,will hold 100 rounds if you want to,right but in terms of the flush,flushiness there you go now one reason,it hold more,ammo is its longer so even if they were,the same,uh thickness you know youd have at,least one more round you know in that,one,itd be a seven plus one maybe an eight,plus one i dont know,but by making it a little wider as well,a little thicker,they got that staggered magazine uh,going that thing going thats so popular,today right,and you get 10 rounds in there uh,if you havent seen the mag,unfortunately there it is,so youve got a staggered situation,funnels down to,a single uh funnel and,uh you know easier to load because its,pointed in there,and everythings a little thicker and,thats the biggest difference you notice,in the firearm and then size-wise at,least okay,and then its a little more deluxe on,top of that the sights are,better and uh well take a look at those,first i want to thank again also,silencercentral.com dont have a,silencer out here because i dont have a,threaded barrel for one of these,so dont have a suppressor to put on but,we want to thank,silencercentral.com for their support of,the channel,great people great supporters check them,out theyll take care of your,business for your paperwork and ship it,to you when youre approved,unless youre a hardcore felon you,probably will be approved,if you live in one of the free states i,think theres 42 states is that right,something like that where you can,legally own,suppressors um,hopefully you wouldnt have to work on,one of these that they were i dont know,that ive had,ill tell you the only trouble i,remember having with an lcp,is when i got the longer mags in fact,that might have been about a year ago i,meant to do a video,on that uh and explore that a little,further and just have not done it hope i,could even put my hands on those mags,but you know they do make,a an extended a longer mag i dont know,what are they like a,eight round or ten round mags or,something and i was having malfunctions,with two different ones uh in this this,firearm and i think in the other ive,got a standard,lcp this is an lcp2 and im not sure,what that was about,uh it bothered me a little bit but ive,never had a malfunction out of a call,with this magazine with the standard,magazine so i,and thats you know what i carry so i,worry about and i i carry this thing,sometimes,ill say theres a time when a little,lightweight 10-ounce uh,firearm uh is just what the doctor,ordered,okay and i know a lot of you feel the,same way and some others dont feel the,same way,if you dont have a 10 millimeter you,feel unarmed youre just not macho,enough i know,but its nice to have a firearm and uh,so anyway,the two okay look at the sights look at,the big difference in the sights,all right youve got a tritium a big dot,up there,fairly big okay and then youve got a,youve got a,dovetail so this will take sites for the,uh,smith and wesson bodyguards so if youve,got some other sites that youd rather,put on here,if they will uh you know fit a smith,wesson bodyguard,380 then they will fit on this as i,understand okay so if you dont like,that rear side or the front sight so you,have some,some choice there uh so,i dont know my first inclination weve,had this for,uh several days and ive shot it off and,on is wow its a lot of,a lot of sights one of the attractions,of this thing is its just like a little,nothing you know they put in your pocket,and and uh theres no snag its very,snag free and everything,uh thats one of the attractions of it,this is more like a real pistol you got,some sights sticking up here,some uh some edges not too bad,uh but you do okay so if that bothers,you,again you got the dovetail you can uh,drift that rear,sight for windage you know with the,front sight as well,uh and i one thing that i was very,pleased,about is this little holster pocket,holster for the lcp,fits the lcp max the same way,okay because your slide in the front,part of the gun is the same its just,your grip gets a little,thicker right there all right so pops in,there,just the same and uh no problem so,thats,alabama holster i dont expect theyll,make a separate holster for just that,gun i dont see any reason,they might they have my permission,but uh so the sights are a big,difference a bi

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