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RUGER MINI-14 RANCH: review & shooting

today on gun news and reviews were,going to take a look at the mini 14,ranch made by ruger right here in the,usa in new hampshire,this is a beautiful rifle thats been in,continuous production since 1972 when,bill ruger first brought this to the,marketplace its been some changes made,over the years to improve the accuracy,as well as a number of different model,types to appeal to various shooters,this particular one is kind of a bare,bones affair,basic wood blued steel,not a lot of accoutrements so to speak,its a riflemans rifle and if youre,somebody that has all-around needs,556 caliber works for you,this is a great rifle to have,mini 14 ranch 5800 series is the latest,in the line a hardwood stock,an adjustable rear sight a one and nine,right hand twist barrel blue steel and,seven pounds,well hey guys welcome to gun news and,reviews im david drake today were,going to talk about the ruger mini 14,and this is kind of a a take two video,in that um i reviewed the the stainless,version and older configuration of the,mini 14 a couple years ago and uh well,point to that and you can you can click,to to watch that old video its going to,include some things such as taking down,the rifle and examining the bolt,configuration some things like that that,were not going to get into today rather,detailed video of the inner workings and,so forth its 27 minutes long so you,kind of get the picture but if youre,interested in taking a look at that i,strongly suggest you do so and hope,youll enjoy that as well going back to,uh really the early 70s when when the,ruger mini 14 came out,what you ended up having was a situation,where people would were always talking,about accuracy with relationship to this,firearm in particular that,because of the configuration of the,barrel,it being a pencil thin type of barrel,configuration back then,and uh when it would heat up youd get a,lot of barrel whip a lot of harmonics,things going on which would cause a,situation where,you didnt get very tight groups at all,so the version i had that was stainless,was pretty decent for accuracy but,everybody said you know you want to get,the 5800 series because these are the,ones that have a thicker barrel profile,tapered as you go up and you know we can,kind of take a look at that,and you can see,that it tapers up to a thicker barrel,and then it even tapers,tapers back as you go so a lot a lot of,changes were made,in order to make that,make that a more accurate rifle what,people used to do in the past,they would actually put accurizing,accessories on them,and heres an actual example of that you,see a stabilizing strut which was,added to the barrel,obviously something like that you just,soon have something shoot well out of,the box,so um ruger addressed that and came up,with,what well see when we shoot today,is what i would consider a fairly,accurate firearm now keep a couple,things in mind when you watch me shoot,today youre not going to see me,shooting off sandbags or a sled,or anything like that youre not going,to see me shoot with an optic now i will,say this,this firearm does come,with integral mounts and they also,provide ruger one inch rings where you,can put a scope,very easily mount a scope uh in in the,receiver and the older ones did not have,that either you saw a lot of workarounds,with,putting stuff here or guys doing,drilling and tapping so,personally,i dont i dont shoot most of my ars or,aks or other semi-automatics with,optics of any kind,other than a red dot sometimes on an ar,this i will shoot the same way so uh,its just how i like to shoot if if,ruger said hey dave what would you,change about this rifle,it would it would basically be one thing,and it would be,to put sites that you dont need a tool,to make an adjustment so this basically,can be adjusted for both windage and,elevation with the rear sight but you,need to use an allen wrench and loosen a,set screw to make those adjustments,the front sight i think is awesome as is,i wouldnt change a thing about it this,came to me out of the box pretty much,cited in after shooting uh a hundred or,so rounds through it today i may want to,do some some fooling around with the,siding arrangements but im still,understanding the sight picture so,before i i start tweaking stuff i want,to get used to the the trigger i want to,get used to the rifle and see how it,shoots,so how does it shoot well youre going,to see me taking my very first shots,with this today were using 223,winchester,55 grain ammo at 50 yards to start and,you see that weve got elbows on the,bench but thats about all the support,that we have,the trigger is very nice and predictable,i would uh definitely if it were an,adjustable trigger or aftermarket,trigger,you know that might help you be a little,bit more accurate but i definitely dont,think this this rifle needs it to be,good to go,just overall in terms of the way it,balances the way that the sights line up,very nice,so my first five shot group is right,here,and i did not make any adjustments i did,realize that i was probably pulling a,little bit and thats getting used to,the trigger,i did shift my point of aim down,to get this next result with 10,i shots,wed take a,aim at a,lower target smaller target and,believe that i was uh aiming right you,know just in terms of determining the,big picture,and still didnt believe that i,necessarily needed to adjust the site,so i came back and shot this,which tells me i may not need to adjust,the site well find out at 100 yards,but the point is is you know its pretty,decent 50-yard open sight freehand group,now going over to a hundred,using my point of aim the same point am,i realized that as small as this,actually looks with the naked eye at 100,i could actually cut this in half and,when i did that,these are the results i got,and id say thats pretty good i mean,youre youre talking about uh with my,best effort there this group in here and,and,this right here,was the concentrated five shot group,its about two moa at a hundred what do,you think i could do with magnified,optics guys,by the way this is what one of the,nicest aks you can get with open sights,does it 50 yards,so,you know you want to see how a ruger,mini 14 compares its a hell of a lot,more accurate than an ak at least in,this shooters hands,being that this is a semi-automatic,rifle i thought we should do a mag dump,lets watch,just overall the workmanship and the,quality of this is beautiful,why do they call this the mini 14 real,simple the m14 which uh is in 762 by 51,nato which was the us main battle rifle,that was,kind of between the end of the m1 grand,era and the beginning of the m16 era,that that was called the m14 and the,mini 14 looks and functions very much,like,the original m14,its its a slightly smaller rifle and,it shoots a smaller caliber originally,two two three but they have got around,the shooting actual five five six,stamped barrels so,um good thing there but just everything,about this is nice um one thing if,youre wondering about the magazines,these are not ar magazines these are,proprietary to ruger,i live in a state that doesnt have,magazine restrictions so what shipped to,me,was two 20 round magazines just like,this and this is,this is a very nicely made magazine,i had reported in the past by the way on,my last review that id had trouble with,some of the aftermarket magazines and it,had chosen to just buy ruger magazines,i did see comments from some of the,viewers that said,theyve had pro mags and other types of,magazines work just fine so i guess its,all comes down to personal experience i,know if im going to get a 30 rounder or,additional 20 rounders im going to buy,them from ruger,so,a little bit different system though,because it is proprietary its got kind,of a a rock into place scenario thats a,little bit more like an ak,and what that involves is basically the,circle you see here,lining that up with an internal pin,and once that clicks in you rock it back,so,there you go,in place very nicely and i i do l

Ruger Mini-14

sweet sweet rigor this of al Hickok 45,right this is a gun from Ruger and Ive,not had one these before and it reminds,me of ones that gun these World War two,the Koran,yeah the garand very very similar except,then they they improved it and tore it,would take a box magazine like that I,recall this guy resembles it I mean when,I pick it up it just seems to be kind of,a miniature version of it you know but I,dont know what mini-14 on it Im not,sure that stands for but anyway Ill,trust Ruger they got the name right its,kind of an interesting piece of hardware,Ive never had one its also got ranch,rifle on it so that makes sense to me,because we sort of have a ranch here I,guess you could say no horses no cowboys,except for me and in this kind of a,ranch and this is kind of a rifle so,fits right in doesnt it not had one of,these in my life in my shooting life you,would think I would have had one of,these guns oh thats right mini-14,thats what its called in mini-14 you,would have thought that Hickok 45 was,somewhere along the way had a mini 14,particularly where for three years,people have been asking me about it,but let me tell you I have had,flirtations with it over the years Ive,looked at them picked them up its kind,of neat yeah because you know really,they are patterned after Oh what is that,gun in Fort King I think that might be,any morning it is patterned after that,design isnt it,and you know if youre kind of a,traditionalist in a way you cant help,but like it for that reason it really is,like a miniature in 14 and I picked them,up Ive read about them I get in my head,Ive gotta have one and Ill do a little,study Ill do a little research you know,and Ill hear a lot of great things,about it and then someone will be,complaining about the accuracy or,something you know or some issue where,the magazines were not available you,know for a long time as far as higher,capacity magazines were just not very,easily available you know to come by at,least the ruger magazines because back,back through the years bill Ritter was,he was he became a little bit unpopular,by his stance on that if you recall you,know the history on that when the the,high-capacity magazines were yelling the,news and everything uh and I will go,into all that right now but Ruger has,changed their philosophy and their their,direction on that and theyve made these,30-round magazines widely available now,easily available and so things have,changed a lot of Ruger but anyway,theres always some reason I just I,couldnt trip over from they are you,know most of us know they are platform,it works its designed for the military,it just works well and is accurate even,under rapid-fire and even when its hot,the still cranked pretty well and when,these things used to have a slimmer,barrel configuration less steel in the,barrel you know particularly youd read,how after a certain number of shots you,know youd get a deterioration of the,accuracy I dont know you know the,accuracy issue Ive done a video called,accuracy and who knows I picked up one,of the first ones in 1974 I might have,been able to get everything I wanted to,hit after firing 200 rounds rapid fire,and you know I dont know so I always,take with a grain of salt when people,talk about accuracy but but still for,all those reasons I just havent quite,made the commitment thrown down the,cache and gotten one well this is a,teeny gun from Ruger and I requested it,I wanted to shoot one I have picked them,up in shops many times recently but you,know that feels good to me you know I,have also read about how to improve them,suddenly lay it down here for a second,let you look at a little bit closer I,have read some good things about it,in recent years about the improvements,the barrel is stiffer and heavier,theyve added some meat to it a lot of,changes have taken place over the years,since 1974 when it first came out and,Im not going to go through all of that,just various improvements along the way,but in the recent decade I guess since,around 2000 particularly theyve done,some things Im getting improved the gas,system as Ive read that theres little,bit less barrel vibration the barrels,been as I said heavy heavy duct and you,always gain from that of course all,tighter tolerances Ive read better,sights that our scope mounts you name it,theyve just improved the gun in a lot,of ways there are lots of stocks,available for it,so you can do whatever you want with,this thing its like a Ruger 10/22 and,like a lot of other very popular guys,this gun is extremely popular I dont,have to tell you this I yeah this guys,gone around a long time a lot of people,know a lot about it a lot of you know a,lot more about than I do because youve,had one two or three times and youve,done some things in terms of modifying,it working with them you have the,experience you have opinions about the,accuracy that are more valid than mine,youve had more experience I dont have,any experience shooting one of these,things,other than than this one Ive shot it,enough to theyre gonna like it its fun,just got it in well actually Ive had it,in a while and I have actually made,comments you may have seen some of those,but it came with a really tactical pull,it unquote stock and Im not gonna trash,that stock verbally but I just I just,didnt like it and and Ruger was very,kind in sending me a more traditional,stock and finally got the the heat,shield and everything along,and so were finally able we got this,gun in one piece with a stock and are,able to shoot it and do a video with it,but I I just I would have been,bad-mouthing that stock a lot because it,just didnt feel good to me when I,picked it up in the pistol grip the,trigger guard was in an awkward position,and everything and and thats just me,its my bias I dont mind an AR but one,of the attractions Ive always had to,this gun even though Ive not owned it,one of the reasons its Ive come close,you know thats a really neat gun shoots,at two to three five five six and its,just kind of a normal gun you know its,more like the old-school you know Id,say the garand or something and not as a,little scary looking to people its just,kind of neat range rifle you know just,pick up and go you get a five round,magazine for ten round magazine whatever,you want or a higher capacity I just,this appealed to me for that reason Im,not as interested in tactical lean,newark one up you know if I want to,attack the cool gun like this the shoots,of 5.56 Im more interest I was good in,a are yeah thats just me though so I,like this configuration plain old stock,plain old Jane pretty good sights and,ready to go,alright so interesting good and lets,shoot some more we have some magazine,now what were firing here some ammo,this is five five six and it is American,Eagle and I got this from I had this for,a while too because I knew I was getting,this gun and one of these I was shooting,off of off your from my ammo for sale,donated this and weve had yes in,waiting for the the Ruger so we could,use it so we appreciate the ammo for,sale about fine donating this ammo and,look in the description of the video for,information on that seems like good and,its five grain nothing exotic I have,read on this rifle enough to confuse me,I have read that it likes,have your bullets then the 55 grain now,Ive also read reviews where people got,great accuracy,out of this 55 grain bullet even after,repeated firing you know lots of firing,barrel hot still doing fine so you know,its just that you just gotta try it,yourself and see what happens now I am,NOT going to [ __ ] rest this with a,scope on it you know and and Ill be the,first to admit thats one of the,criticisms of this gun that I have read,which again that doesnt scare me too,much if when you put this in a vise you,lock it down and you shoot at 300 yards,and after 50 rounds the groups open up,more than an AR you know this much or,this box dont know thats generally not,the kind of shooting I do so it doesnt,scare me so as I understand what

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Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle – I Love Mine But Is It Really Worth $1200?

laughs,[Laughter],hey good morning from you know where,Southern Nevada man what a beautiful,morning I figured here it is the very,end of November got a nice day gonna,break out the ATV maybe one last time,this year,just go out for a nice ride and I,thought well if Im gonna go for a ride,got to take a rifle right so bam I,decided on my mini 14.,so I grabbed this I also grabbed my,Taurus TX 22 which I absolutely love,So today were going to take a look at,my mini 14 were going to put some,rounds through it,and then Im gonna give you my opinion,on whether or not these are worth,1200 bucks so you know what lets get,started,okay so my rifle is a NRA edition which,came out in 2009 which is when I bought,this,now I paid 780 dollars for it,which at the time I thought was pretty,high and I debated whether or not I,wanted to get it but as you can see I,did buy it and Ill tell you what Im,really glad I did,NRA edition now this one came with a 16,inch heavy barrel,and the standard mini 14 has a 18 and a,half inch barrel and I like short,barreled rifle sole thats one reason I,bought this,and being an NRA edition also came with,the uh well with two 20 round magazines,and this whole stock and it also has a,NRA Medallion here in the uh in the,buttstock,and a special NRA uh serial number,and I did Mount this uh,uh bipod adapter made by b-square and I,think its the model 14.,yeah,but Ill tell you what I really love the,Mini-14 Ive owned two or three of them,over the years,I think my first one was about 350,dollars,and you know they got traded or sold,over the years but when I bought this,one I said you know what Im keeping,this one so this is going to belong to,my,son one of these days,so you know what lets just kind of take,a close look at the action,now this is gas operated,it has a fixed piston right in this area,and of course it works the slide comes,back and it,really quite neat how this works just,like the old M1 Garand,sight on it,and you know what this is Ruger Ranch,Rifle on it caliber 223,even though this is Mark 223 if you read,the owners manual it says its,perfectly safe to shoot 556 ammo through,this but Im going to be using,20 round magazines today Ive got some,Lake City Ammo,and I also have some PMC ammo the safety,its this little switch right here now,thats on safe,use your trigger finger to take it off,safe and its ready to fire,hey real quick before I start shooting,just so you know I always wear double,hearing protection when I shoot this ear,plugs and ear muffs so let me get set up,and well start shooting,foreign,thank you,foreign,[Music],[Applause],Ruger Mini-14 accuracy you know I have,shot this from the bench at 100 yards,with a scope on it and,its a typical Mini-14 it will get,between a two and a half and three inch,group,and you know some people absolutely hate,that,some of us are like yeah okay it is what,it is and thats the thats how I feel,now you know what its accurate or,semi-accurate and extremely reliable so,I have no problem with a two and a half,inch Group at 100 yards,back in the 1990s I bought a Ruger Mini,30 which is basically the same rifle,except that it was chambered in 762 by,39. man Ill tell you I really love that,many 30. and about six years ago I ended,up selling it to my friend for 600 bucks,and Ill tell you what Im still,slapping myself for that one,[Music],Im okay Im okay and it wasnt that,funny,okay maybe it was I dont know,[Applause],foreign,foreign,a whole lot to shoot at out here you,know out here on my ATV but hopefully my,video showed you guys that you know,these Mini 14s uh the reliability is,just unbelievable,as long as you got a good magazine a,good ammo these things are just going to,keep on shooting,the question is is it worth twelve,hundred dollars,now you know with the retail of 1200,that means you can probably find them,for right around a thousand dollars,but some places charge full retail so,thats what Im going to base my opinion,on,here in Nevada if I if I buy one of,these for 1200 bucks by the time you,throw in sales tax,bam thirteen hundred dollars for many,fourteen,I would not spend that much for a mini,14.,even a thousand dollars,pushing it for me I think Id rather,take that money by,an 800 AR-15 and have money left over,for magazines and ammo,but,you know really these things should be,eight or nine hundred bucks just my,opinion I know everything goes up over,time but,you know,Ruger used to have really affordable,Firearms but if you look at their prices,today man everything is just way up,there I mean even there are 22 pistols,500 bucks you know anyways I love Ruger,I got plenty of Ruger uh Firearms got,quite a nice collection most of them,Ive had for a while but uh anyways,thats my opinion guys worth twelve,hundred dollars no,if you can find one for 900,maybe a thousand,but you know what theyre just going to,continue to increase in price so maybe a,thousand dollars wouldnt be so bad,anyways thanks for watching my video I,had a lot of fun today and uh hit that,like button,and well see you next time,hey,good morning from Southern Nevada man we,just got a beautiful,uh morning today morning today,yeah you can expect two and a half to,three inch screws from a Ruger Mini-14,but you know I dont have a problem with,that,if I miss Ill just shoot again Ill,shoot till I hit the damn thing,well I dont know if Im gonna put that,in the video or not but uh when you,compare it to an AR-15 yeah 15 is,usually quite a bit more accurate or a,a mini 15 as some would say okay now,cant use that,[Music]

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Ruger Mini -14 Review

[Music],hey alan here for old english outfitters,today we have what you might consider a,classic rifle these days,the ruger mini 14.,now ar-15s are all the rage right,everybody loves their ar-15 nothing,wrong with that but,if you like something that has a little,more classic look a little more classic,rifle look the mini 14 is definitely,worth examining the mini 14,when it first came to life way back when,was not as good a rifle as this one is,it had some issues with accuracy and,sites and stuff like that ruger a few,years ago modified these guns and fixed,all those issues so this gun is pretty,darn good as they make it right here now,i would like you to take a look at those,three holes,you can get these in a couple different,configurations you can get it in a stock,thatll sort of remind you of an ar-15,type stock well thats okay but really,get it with this type of stock get it,with a regular rifle stock thats where,it really shines as a good shooting,rifle we had a lot of fun shooting it,its very accurate,very easy to shoot very controllable no,muzzle break up there just a regular,muzzle but thats okay no problems at,all with uh controllability as you see,in video this particular version has a,walnut stock now they make synthetic,stock versions with the same,configuration pretty much all of them,have this have this top synthetic,handguard which is a nice handguard it,does a good job of keeping the heat from,the barrel from from bothering you,it covers part of the operating rod up,here so if youre holding it back here a,little bit youre not going to get on,the operating rod thats a nice touch,the barrel itself has a a protected,front sight its a simple blade with two,ears in front of it kind of reminds me,of an m1 carbine side the rear sight is,a single aperture peep,the rear sight is adjustable for both,windage and elevation now this rifle is,called the mini 14 partly because when,it was designed rugers idea bill,rugers idea was that at the time the,the m14 we know them commercially now as,the m1a,was the standard us military rifle well,the mini 14 took a rifle like that took,that same design,essentially,downsized it to fit the 5.56 223,cartridge,and made it to look kind of like an m14,its not exactly like an m14 its better,in some respects it has a different gas,system its a little shorter a little,simpler doesnt need what the m14 had it,has a very different receiver assembly,although it looks a lot like an m14,receiver it has the same safety design,as the m14 series guns uh by the way,these are chambered in 5.56 this the,specification of the chamber of the gun,is 5.56 so,5.56 or 223 ammunition will work now one,in nine twist barrels in the mini 14. so,theyre not going to shoot the really,heavy weight bullets in that caliber 55,and 62 grain bullets are going to work,just fine out of this you go to the,really super heavy stuff like 75 77 not,going to group well because that rifling,twist isnt fast enough thats no big,deal 55s and 62s are what youre going,to find most commonly and least,expensively anyway so looking at the,stock like i said its walnut stock its,got a rubber butt plate you dont need,it it doesnt recall much its extremely,comfortable to shoot,mention the safety just like an m14,safety so its that tab right there when,its pushed back into the trigger guard,its unsafe when its pushed forward and,out of the trigger guard its on fire,and ive heard people say oh my gosh,this is terrible you have to put your,finger in the trigger well yeah you do,but nothings going to happen till you,push that lever forward then youre,ready to fire its extremely intuitive,and doesnt involve you moving your hand,at all,to run the safety on this weapon so,theres really nothing wrong with that,thinking,the,bolt on it this all looks like an m14,but its a little different it borrows,from the m1 carbine in that when you,pull this bolt back if the guns empty,you push on this little thing right,there and thats what locks it open and,of course just simply pulling it back,will release it,the receiver is very different than an,m14 receiver this rear sight will come,completely off i can do that with an m14,type rifle but this will come completely,off and youve got two little pads right,there with slots in them and those are,for,the ruger scope rings that come with,this gun,so if you want to conventionally scope,this its a piece of cake to do take the,rear sight off put the rings you get two,of them put them in the slots lock them,down put your scope in,away you go,so i dont want a scope,i want a red dot no problem rugers,taking care of you they also come with,this one-piece rail which will bridge,across this,lock in place and you can put your red,dot up there,so youre all set,lots of fun rifle to shoot now,these things come like i said couple,different configurations this has an 18,inch barrel you can get a 16 inch,tactical version that has a flash,suppressor mounted on the end of the,barrel,thats fine if you like that no problem,this particular one comes with two 20,round ruger magazines,other versions of this come with flush,fitting five round magazines,five round magazines really handy if,youre shooting off a bag or youre uh,youre you know youre varmint hunting,or something like that you dont need 20,rounds hanging out regardless this,doesnt hang out much so thats not a,big deal really,these rock in like an m14 magazine so,they go in at an angle and latch back,like that,the magazine releases right there you,catch it pull it out out they come,so mag releases are efficient and,effective,you can get 30 round magazines for these,things they look basically like an ar,magazine as far as length goes obviously,because these lock differently regular,ar magazines will not work that might be,the biggest downfall of this system is,the fact that you need to use specific,magazines for it,you can get after market magazines,dont,stick with ruger branded magazines you,got guaranteed reliability with those,some of the after-market magazines and i,have seen this dont always work well in,these guns get a ruger magazine youll,be happier,youve got sling swivel on the on the,back of the woodstock here you got sling,swivel up front,so you can sling it pretty,conventionally,this again because its a very,conventional rifle handles like a,conventional rifle which is different,than ar-15 type weapons to a degree,makes it very easy to shoot very easy to,carry,not a real heavy gun,uh,good product,now ruger mini 14s in just about any,flavor are going to be in that thousand,dollar vicinity these days as we say,this,always if youre interested in one of,these check with us for current price,and availability as far as what we have,in stock these dont sell in the numbers,that ar15s do,ar15s have a huge advantage theyve got,tons of accessories and tons of cheap,magazines available for them,a lot of accessories here but magazines,reliable ones are not necessarily cheap,but you know what thats okay if you,like this system this is a great little,rifle its loads of fun to shoot it will,definitely do the job if youre looking,for this type of platform okay well,there you have it the ruger mini 14 a,classic rifle that is still a really,good performer,even in this days of uh,ar-15s everywhere,all right,well uh thats what we have for today,thanks for watching we appreciate it,greatly,until next time well see you im alan,for old english outfitters,[Music],foreign

Why I Bought a Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle

[Music],hey guys welcome back to guns calm my,name is Ben and I have wanted to own a,Ruger mini-14 for a long long long time,since I was a kid and I would just keep,putting it off putting it off putting it,off Id see them for sale and then,finally one day a year ago I saw this,advertised used for $200 and I bought it,immediately but what this is its a side,folding stock its made by Ruger and,what it basically does is that you,unlock it there from this little grommet,lock it back into place and this folds,out and it makes it basically makes a,mini 14 a little bit more compact and,this was made by Ruger when they first,introduced the mini 14 in 1973 and from,what I understand you could get the,fixed stock or you could get this as an,option and you would pay around $40,extra to get this now Ruger stopped,making these side folding stocks in 1989,I dont know exactly why Ive heard a,few different stories but the most,important thing is they stopped making,these and these have become extremely,sought-after in fact Ive seen these,selling online for upwards of $900 so of,course when I saw this for $200,advertised online I jumped on it and,that meant that of course I had to buy a,mini 14,[Music],now as I was doing some research about,many for teens I discovered that in 2005,Ruger had made an upgrade to all their,many 14s they changed the sights and,added the capability to attach a scope,and most importantly they modified the,gas system to reduce barrel vibration,and in around 2007 they added a heavier,tapered barrel these newer mini-14,rifles are referred to as the 580 series,and the easiest way for you to know if,youre getting one of these new modern,mini 14s is to look right here on the,barrel if it is tapered such as this one,it is the 580 series if its straight,completely straight its an older,version it doesnt mean that its bad I,just think that these newer versions,they made some improvements and they,shoot better and theyre more accurate,Ive really enjoyed shooting the mini-14,its a fun gun to shoot its got that,old-school sort of action which kind of,bounces back and its kind of chugs,along its accurate out to 100 yards,with the ayran sights I can hit a torso,side target fairly easily Ill be,shooting it and people will come up to,me and be like hey thats a really cool,looking gun is that from the a-team,didnt mr. t have that gun and Ill be,like yeah yeah he had this and they want,to try a couple rounds I think its just,a really nice looking gun its a fun,sort of retro vintage gun to have in the,vault okay I was gonna do some,modifications to this guy here is gonna,get the old-school flash hider and Im,trying to find some twenty or thirty,round stainless magazines which are hard,to find but then Ruger has just,announced a bunch of new tactical,versions of the mini-14 which come with,all those things already and so I might,just pick one of those up and sell this,guy or put this guy in the back in the,vault for another day also when I was,doing research for this video I came,across a company called Samson,manufacturing out of New Hampshire and,they just happened to be putting the,final touches on exact stock side,folding stocks like this Ruger here,theyre actually working with Ruger and,theyre gonna be exactly the same as,this except for the grip instead of,bakelite theyre going to be using it,even stronger they say plastic and the,best news of all is that theyre going,to be selling these stocks for less,three hundred dollars which is,incredible I think that theyre gonna,breathe some fresh life into an old,school model like the mini-14 and I just,think this is so cool you know so thats,really great news if youre looking for,a mini 14 guns calm has a lot of them,for sale new and used on their site so I,highly recommend checking out the mini,14 its an old-school retro kind of gun,and with this side folding stock man it,just looks really badass hope you,enjoyed the video if you did give it a,like and a share my names Ben get out,there have fun shoot be safe,Ill see you soon,you

Mini-30 Mini-14 Accuracy Tune Up

this is a ruger mini 30 like mine this,do-it-yourself accuracy tune-up also,applies to the mini 14.,these ruger rifles are very well made,and really popular but theyre,notoriously inaccurate,maybe thats because they use the old,guarand action or i hear theres,vibrations through the barrel but,frankly i dont care,i just need it better for a hog hunt,so i took mine to an indoor bench rest,range to tune it up for the cheap,russian bullets i would plan to use and,it was just awful,this is a group fired with the,supposedly better pmc bullets while the,gun was really hot,and its almost five inches,even the best groups were no better than,two and a half that just doesnt work,for hunting,i will never take an inaccurate rifle on,a hunt and possibly wound an animal that,gets away so what to do,first thing was to thoroughly clean the,mini 30 and eliminate any,variables caused by dirt or corrosion,i went to youtube looked up the title,you see here and followed those,instructions,it worked really well,my research indicated the trigger is a,problem for a number of reasons so again,on youtube i looked up how to improve,the trigger this case on the mini 14 but,its all the same,i took some but not all of the steps,youll see the gunsmith taking in there,because frankly i dont have some of the,tools hes got,i also took one additional step by,replacing the factory hammer spring with,a stronger one made by wolf the same,people who make the russian ammunition i,had had the same common problem of a few,misfires caused by a weak hit,and i can say that i have never had a,primer fail to fire when hit by this,spring,i started by polishing the flat surfaces,in my case with a fine stone on a dremel,tool,i did not attempt to polish the fine,edges as youll see in that youtube,video on the trigger because i dont,have the fine triangular stones that the,gunsmith has,i then coated those flat surfaces with,really good gun grease,my trigger started out at about 11,pounds pull and pretty gritty,the polishing and grease helps with that,of course but the springs are also,really heavy,i only worked with that one spring you,see there in the photo,so i reduce the tension on it again like,you see in the youtube video,i ended up with a really smooth trigger,of maybe seven pounds or so,here you see the polished surfaces and a,bit of that grease,so now we get to the loose tolerances,and vibration,my mini 30 has the plastic stock like,you can see,and it really wasnt fit all that well,into the stock it wiggled a bit,this rifle cost five hundred dollars out,of a pawn shop years ago and simply is,not worth a good glass betting job,so i took ordinary electrical tape and,layered it on the surfaces that contact,the upper,i started with two layers on each,surface,fired it a few times which apparently,compressed the tape a bit so i added the,third layer,now we get to the muzzle end,that really took a whole lot more work,than i expected,my research indicates that the thin,barrel i have at least vibrates a lot,and therefore thats a problem so i,bought this,rubber dampener off the internet,thinking well okay thatll take care of,vibration,in my case it actually did not work but,it may be because i added that muzzle,break you can see in the photo a bit,more of that in a second,in for a penny in for a dollar right,so i wanted a muzzle break to reduce,recoil,i found the old school gun shop you see,there in the link and discover that they,make custom muzzle breaks,that specifically means they hand make,each muzzle break out of a blank to,match your barrel,commercial muzzle brakes may work just,as well but since i had to have the,barrel threaded to fit any of them,anyway,i went with this option,so how did that all work out,well i took the reworked rifle back to,that same indoor bench rest range and,tried it with these bullets ill take,different soft point bullets to hunt so,i used these basically to cite in the,scope and to see kind of how they,grouped,i have to say that i was a bit surprised,they grouped right at one inch,now remember this is the cheap 30 cent,russian stuff with steel cases,so i walked the scope into the center,with these brown bear soft points i plan,to use by this time the barrel was,really really hot,and heres what it did,the last group with again cheap russian,stuff was right at one inch and right in,the center,so i stopped there im done


[Music],hey guys welcome to gun news and reviews,we did a review recently of the ruger,mini 14 ranch brand new the,5801 series,we shot at open sights as you see from,the prior video,however um a lot of folks chimed in and,said hey thats great but what can you,do shooting this thing off of some type,of a rest situation with some type of an,optic so,we put some type of an optic its,something that i trust very much its a,burroughs 3×9,and decided wed go ahead and see what,kind of results we can get today now i,will throw out a caveat early in this,presentation and that is i did not get,to use what i would like to have in,terms of quality of ammo to do this test,so looking at these three cartridges,that we shot on the left is a 223,winchester 55 grain offering,all of these are full metal jacket by,the way,in the middle you have the tula steel,case,also chambered in 223,and also,55 grain and on the right you have the,frontier which is the only one thats,actually 5.56 out of the group,it is also in 55 grain none of these are,considered hunting or target ammo by any,stretch,so it just needs to be said that what we,tested this rifle with today,decent conditions is in terms of how we,sat with sandbags,uh decent conditions in terms of weather,not the best conditions in terms of,checking ammo so as more ammo becomes,available of a higher quality definitely,want to see if we can improve those,groups so we decided wed go out and get,this cited in at 50,see what kind of results we could get at,50 and then go to 100 now my expectation,going into this is that i should be able,to get somewhere around 2,to 3 moa with a ruger mini 14 with this,type of ammo again if i had sierra match,king or something of,a high quality type of target round i,would expect i could get two maybe a,little bit less so im interested in,seeing what kind of results we can get,and as soon as im done with this test,i will fess up this scopes going to,go back on the rifle i i borrowed it,from because,this is an open side shooting firearm,for me but in response to what viewers,have asked we will show you our results,so we started out at 50 it had been,boresighted but we did need five shots,to get to what we thought was,about as good as we were gonna get so,barrels heated up a little bit but were,gonna go ahead and proceed with the,shooting you can see the setup that im,using ive got,sandbags built up,got a pretty comfortable shooting,scenario and here what youre seeing is,50 yards now were out at the 100 yard,range and again taking a look at the,ammunition that im using and you can,see the conditions for shooting today,were wonderful so no excuses with,weather,so how accurate is the mini 14 with a,three by nine scope,well we started out with 50 yards and,what were going to show you with these,xs,are zeroing the scope in in other words,we had it four-sided in but we needed,five shots to get it down into this area,so this was our first group that we shot,1.4 inches with the winchester 55 grain,223,next we thought wed try this tula which,is steel cased ammo and at 50 yards it,shot a 2 inch group,moved on over to the frontier also 55,grain this is the first 556 chambering,out of the three,and it shot a 1.6 inch group now you got,to imagine this barrel is heating up a,little bit,we shot another group with the tula and,that was,2.75 inches so clearly not performing as,well as the other two,and the last group that we shot was also,with the frontier you can see two,bullets touching each other two shots,and then this one down here a 1.75 inch,group so,you can imagine were a little bit warm,right now so what do we do at 100 after,letting the rifle cool off a little bit,well our first group was right in the,center we used the winchester again and,it shot a 2.75 inch group,we thought wed try this tula again and,it shot a four and three quarter inch,group its not very very impressive at,all with the tula but it did cycle it,well and its cheap,came back with the winchester once again,and shot a 2.5 inch group on the nose,and then over here we have the frontier,right after that again with a 2.5 inch,group so,conclusions i would draw is that this,shoots consistently,and thats what youd hoped for out of a,rifle thats what youd hope for out of,a scope what other conclusions i draw is,i dont feel like i tried anything that,approaches match grade ammo to really,see what this can do and i think we need,to do that so i would have to say im,not surprised at all with the results i,have to kind of get it out of my mind,that im not shooting,a,a half moa type platform or firearm to,begin with and that when im measuring,distances and trying to get the ultimate,accuracy im typically using something,like my hunting caliber choice which is,270 winchester,and with those types of hunting rounds,and a bolt action rifle i typically,cant achieve one half moa or less so,kind of had to get that out of my head,that i was going to do that with this,what i found is that,this will probably,based on those results at consistently,hitting about two and a half moa,at 100 yards with a warm barrel,im im suggesting that this could be,somewhere between the one and a half and,two inch moa with the right kind ammo,and im going to be very motivated to,show you that at some point,anyway,nothing but good things to say about,this ruger mini 14 i think the main,thing is having the right expectation of,what this rifle,should should do for you and what you,should use it for so if i can get no,better ever than two and a half inch moa,that means i can hit inside of an eight,inch pie plate at 300 yards,because because my pattern then would,would be seven and a half inches so an,eight inch pie plate at 300 yards means,that i can i can take,what ill call humane kill shots on,something like a coyote for example or,varmints of that size out to 300 yards,and most definitely it too,and thats really the type accuracy that,im looking for out of a firearm like,this,uh not the thought that im going to,shoot clover leafs with this and i think,anybody that evaluates a mini 14,on its ability of whether or not it can,shoot three or five shot groups where,all the rounds are touching have an,unrealistic expectation and probably,should be looking at other platforms but,mini 14s done a great job im very,pleased with everything about it and,hadnt had time the last couple days to,really get my hands on this and see what,it can do it cycled steel case ammo by,the way just great just wasnt the most,accurate,for gun news and reviews this is david,drake,for gun news and firearms reviews please,like and subscribe gun news and reviews

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