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Ruger Security 9 Compact

Hickok 45 here with a Luger security 9,compact but I cant talk to you right,now got problems all sorts of stuff in,the way another two litre Im gonna hit,that target,maybe cowboy,I got in were empty yes we have a,compact but you notice just then we had,more than compact capacity didnt,because I put in a longer magazine yes,if youre gonna carry an extra mag you,might as well carry the long version,excuse me not the compact version so yes,many of you been asking about this it is,the compact version of the security 9,and its really compacted its more like,a Glock 26 in size well talk about a,little bit and its not a lot different,than the other firearm yeah theres the,other one but a little comparison will,shooting but you know what to think,about it and lets go hows that sound,okay and of course we appreciate the,help from gut buns excuse me we tried it,again buds gun shop calm Wow,told you Im not smart but anyway buds,gun shop calm provided this on loan so,well see if the Oni gunner one day and,we appreciate their help because its,great to be able to just request these,firearms and get them in and shoot them,and experiment with them through torture,test run everyone with bush hog and test,them before they end up back at ed butts,and and again they go through there a,gunner auction and they all buy them and,10% of that goes through the psyche,Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee,again just a reminder okay alright and I,also appreciate federal theyre gonna,provide someone with food for this baby,shoot that stuff again if youre not a,member of the NRA go to our link join at,a discount all right and theres,something else but I dont remember what,well yeah you know its our new rug here,pretty cool huh,its another I think another Brazilian,cowhide so over here on the golf club,range and if youre in the golf club,hang around and you will see another,all behind the scenes when we finish so,except youll see it whenever you want,to huh okay nothing all that so security,non-compact hadnt been out all that,long and Ive got a hold of one and have,been shooting it I had to say Im not,ready to buy one I still prefer the,Glock 26 over it,but and Ive got it out here for,comparison size and everything and they,are about the same size theres almost,no difference lets put the mag in there,so for those who want to know its a,little higher you know,then the Glock 26,but its about the same about the same,length not much difference in weight,capacity the same its just a bit of a,oh I guess youd say less expensive,Glock 26 as we talked about in the,earlier video on the first security 9,the security 9 is kind of a oh I just,happen to have one of my pockets,speaking of the devil its kind of a,its probably all dusty and everything,Ive been mowing its a LCP kind of one,steroids you know you get right down I,think we talked about that in the first,video you know similar trigger action,and everything and it just its fine,its fine,you notice the youre gonna really come,back pretty far with a slide on either,one of them to [ __ ] it a couple saw way,back and I dont know thats a big,problem but its just something thats,odd,you know youre accustomed to a lot of,different pistols so so when you do fire,it and you see the reset you remind,myself kind of long kind of longish but,not a you know not a deal killer youre,looking for a round three hundred dollar,pistol a little more maybe just depends,where you buy it you know there is one,all right,but compact standard size so just,something to think about another off,thats not a bad shooter its not at all,Im a little bit of a snob because I see,so many different guns I have experience,with you know every cig and you know the,Smiths and all of them and so when one,is a little lower price you can kind of,feel it you know theres the difference,there theres some things about it that,you can tell but its not bad its not,bad what shes a little more okay,because it goes bang it goes bang and,thats the important thing and it is one,of these firearms that we talk about,that you know its its for a little,more money than you know a high point,for example nothing wrong with a high,point they work but you know you can,save up a little more and get something,thats not as big as a brick you know,its just that simple okay well she told,me okay I dont think that pigs been,addressed rope any tank,that feels pretty good not bad,its in bad need of some crystal and,Ill have to say okay malfunction there,we go,but now thats the first thing weve had,and that is with lock the slide back,thats with the long magazine I still,dont like it to get round on the,chamber though lets say thats a thats,a fired yeah I dont think it is I dont,think its fired,lets see yep,okay it was fired yeah now were clear,everybody see that okay Im gonna make,sure were clear yeah theres nothing in,the in the firearm the barrels not,obstructed or anything that was one of,my concerns there there wasnt a squib,load was it it wasnt good on that,so thanks malfunction yeah whatever,happens at a video happens whether its,my fault or your fault could be your,fault youre youre watching too closely,or something so again as with the long,mag sometimes you know people will you,know even the manufacturers will say,unless youve got a sleeve on there that,makes it fit tightly you know you know,youll have that happen and Im a little,cavalier about it because Lisa with the,Glock pistol line I I dont think Ive,ever had a malfunction because I had a,longer magazine and a shorter pistol you,know I dont know if they even make up,sleeve or you know so so Im a little,you know I just go ahead and do it and,dont think about too much,all right lets shoot some more well,lets hit the gong if we can I dont,know if Ive even fired a long-range,this one,thank Im shooting blanks yeah maybe,Ill say yeah I shouldnt here though I,dont think thatll know is again its,probably not anything to the accuracy,the pistol its just kind of figuring,out where to hold and sights and all,that so no problems with that one and,slowed uh lets shoot this this one here,its a long magazine too and again you,know heres a comparison size of the,standard security nine so yeah its just,well shorter put them up beside each,other and you can see shorter and you,know less capacity so you know spending,what youre looking for,wants something though more easily,concealed thats of course where its,shines and like I say I keep along if,Im carrying a small pistol like this it,will handle a longer magazine I carry,usually a longer magazine as a backup,thats what I do,lets do it again so I guess its not,going to be reliable with the longer,magazines at least not a hundred percent,okay so could be something Im doing,there again that one was fired so its,not a squib look okay were back John,had a coughing fit and I was about to,were both suffering from I dont know,pollen overdose or something today and,Im not usually affected as much as John,is but today its been rough Ive mowed,a little bit Ive been working my bamboo,patch and now Im just really getting,hit by it today for some reason so maybe,thats the reason the fire malfunction a,couple of times so anyway we were just,wrapping up their second malfunction,right glad John Dean coughed here in the,malfunction it would look like we were,hiding it right but uh yeah we have to,add it when someone gets a coughing fit,but yeah I malfunction again so thats,two and again its with the long mags,and those looked like a failure to,extract just to let you know and thats,the first problem weve had with it and,I dont remember any problems with the,other one so just and just to summarize,there and I while John was coughing and,you all were taking a break I could,probably ran to get another drink or,something I loaded the two small,magazines that youre supposed to use in,it,okay well wrap up shooting those to see,how okay all right okay just reject it,around that was me had a round in the,chamber already okay cant get two

Ruger Security-9 Compact Range Review – TheFireArmGuy

hey there friends thanks for checking in,a fridge now weve got the Ruger,security 9 compact everything that the,full-size security 9 has but in a,smaller package with a three point four,two inch barrel to 10-round magazines,they do include a extended base plate in,the in the cardboard box I added it with,this one it does come with another mag,with a flat base plate thats how both,of these are shipped I installed this,one but here we go it comes with two,magazines save grip texture II same,trigger Im measuring it right at five,pounds it is a hammer fired gun alright,so does have the hammer in there the,same technology from the LCP to added to,the security 9 line and people are,loving it five power trigger trigger bar,safety in there it does have a thumb,safety right there you need takedown pin,works just fine you notch adjustable,rear sight front dot right there MSRP,379 right around 3:30 well get you the,security 9 compact does have a accessory,1913 rail right there as well nice,little package has a great feel to it a,lot of people love the security 9 I do,as well these are my first shots with,the security 9 compact,[Applause],and I can tell you right now I like it,it just has a feel that is natural and I,dont know if its because I have,experience with the security 9 or not,but it feels really good you can see it,does have a little different there its,an integrated muscle crown if you will,but uh but thats what it has lets go,ahead and put this other Tedrow mag in,with the flat base plate well shoot a,little bit faster this time,thats why to get a feel for it every,gun points different alright Id like to,waive this gunfire so I like the way it,handles and I like the size now its,identical size to the Glock 26 3.4 2,inch barrel 10-round magazines and the,overall feel its a bit cheaper though,its about 150 to 200 dollars cheaper,than the Glock 26 released in jet for,models and I dont know I think this,offers a lot for the money lets go,ahead and load it up again here Ive got,9 rounds of the magazine one of the,chamber thumb safety engaged it does,have a couple witness holes on the top,of the slide and on the side I dont,think the camera will pick that up but I,could clearly see brass there the loaded,weight with 11 rounds 26 ounces lets,sweep down other thumb will disengage,that thumb safety and youre good to go,[Applause],[Music],man I like the security Nightline I,liked the original I was looking forward,to the compact really a subcompact but,Ruger calls to the compact so it is a,compact but I like this lets hit that,rabbit here why am i all right lets,back it up a little bit see if I could,do better than I just did now I was,struggling with the words here,integrated barrel bushing thats what I,was thinking of earlier,lets back the camera up and see how I,do here we are 15 yards away security 9,compact let see how it goes,[Applause],[Music],so there does guys Ruger security 9,compact nice gun I put a decent amount,of run through it not one problem at all,feels great in the hand,double stack 9-millimeter ten rounds it,does accept the larger 15 round mags,from the I want to say compact size the,larger security nine so if you decide to,cure this gun you want more capacity for,your spare mag you throw that your,pocket and youre pretty well covered,there nice gun,it feels great had a great time with it,at the range pretty excited about the,security 9 compact made by true ger this,is a sharp shooter if you like videos,like this please subscribe and share I,always appreciate thumbs up button,thanks for watching and you guys be safe

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NEW Ruger Security-9 Compact – TheFireArmGuy

hey there friends thanks for checking in,today were looking at the new Ruger,security 9 compact new release from,Ruger its a smaller model of the Ruger,security 9 that people love when Ruger,came out with the security 9 they,absolutely loved it Ruger kept the price,down its selling at your local gun,store for right around $300 and the,trigger action the hammer fire mechanism,was all taken from the LCP to that,people really liked they added it to the,security 9 and many people really,enjoyed this gun and Im one of them I,shoot it very well,and for right around 300 dollars at your,local gun store I think its a pretty,good deal but now they came out with a,compact which I consider a subcompact,but Ruger is calling this a compact so,there are no industry standards as to,what is a subcompact a compact or a full,size gun so its Rugers gun so,therefore it is a compact they did the,same thing with the American Series this,is a Ruger American compact and you know,its its its a great gun I love the,this gun but well just do a quick size,comparison with the American Compact,here we have the security 9 compact on,the right hand side and there you go the,MSRP and this is 379 Im seeing it and,gun broker already around 3:30 I think,over time itll be right where the,security 9 is around $300 but check this,out three point four two inch barrel,which is identical to the Glock 26,ten round mags it does come with two ten,round mags both flat base plates they,also add this finger extension in the in,the box cardboard box and I added that,on there because I do like the three,finger contact that that offers it does,not change the capacity at all okay you,can see its not a plus two or plus one,or anything like that but much like the,security nine it does have a sandpaper,ish texturing,nice nice grip there feels nice a little,bit of an undercut there it does have,the thumb safety alright so a lot of,people like that it is it is indented,enough so it will not it should not,engage or deploy at all with regular use,but one quick sweep down with the thumb,makes it available a lot of people like,thumb safeties alright we tend to think,that you know there are pain nobody,likes them they can get in the way a lot,of people use thumb safeties trust me,but the trigger action is the same ok,nice trigger pull there and then your,reset youre looking at almost at full,position not quite right there now it is,a pretty quick trigger it does have a,trigger bar safety it is a hammer fired,gun exact same as the security 9 it does,have drifted just abrir sights you notch,their front dot and with the front sight,it does have front serrations and a rail,an accessory rail or 1913 rail there for,the accessories they did a nice job with,this eye I think they did an excellent,job,also while keeping the weight down I,noted before with the security 9 its,lighter than the average compact size,gun,this is – from what I can see witness,hole their witness hole there to,10-round magazines they did a pretty,nice job lets go ahead and get it out,of the scale I have this one here that,is loaded so well go ahead and check,out the unloaded weight with this mag,here and well see that its weighing in,it one pound five and seven eight ounces,we move that to just ounces were,looking at 21 and seven eight ounces,lets add ten rounds here alright the,mag does have witness holes on both,sides so you see that is a true ten,rounds twenty five and seven eighths,heres your round in the chamber for,carry weight twenty six and a quarter,ounces so that is not bad,I think Ruger did a nice job glass,filled nylon is nice lets take a look,at how it compares with a couple other,guns in the same class well start out,with a Walther PPQ subcompact the slide,length little longer with the walther,about a half inch both of these carry 10,rounds and then here we have the Taurus,g2 see all right this ones a little bit,shorter but about a quarter of an inch,and theres what were looking at with,the grip 12 rounds with the Taurus and,here we have the Glock 26 now these are,pretty identical you will note that it,is very much similar in size and weight,the disassembled process with this is,not hard at all but it does have a pin,there that needs to be taken down so,well go ahead and do that now I find it,easiest just to take a a pocketknife and,to pull that pin on you just have to,give it a little turn there underneath,here we have a captured recoil spring,and guide rod and here is your barrel it,does have an integrated barrel bushing,right there so it looks kind of cool,its pretty tight you know its theres,no theres no wobble with it when,manipulating the slide and theres your,frame the glass filled nylon is,different than polymer its very close,but it has a little different feel and,you those who who uh feel Ruger guns,know what I mean that glass filled nylon,just has a little different feel to it,and here were gonna put that part up,yeah a little different feel to it and,many people love it this is a nice gun I,think it will do well,well for Ruger and I will be taking this,to the range and taking you guys long,check it out should be fun if you like,videos like this please subscribe and,share,I always appreciate thumbs up button,thanks for watching and you guys be safe

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Ruger Security-9 Compact Range Review

[Music],welcome and thanks for watching were,out here at my little mini range today,and we picked up this little,ruger security nine,compact,now,seems to be a pretty nice little pistol,pretty comfortable in the hand,uh,i like the big uh,trigger guards here extends out gives,you a little bit more room for your,finger,and i got big old fingers so it uh you,know its really comfortable,in that way,and it has,somewhat adjustable sights and this is,for windage front and back,and if need to be and,it also has a safety,and,that is pretty hard to get on and off so,youre not gonna uh youre not just,gonna bump it on and off youre gonna,have to push it,and now heres your mag release right,here,uh,it has two comes with two mags,10 plus 1,11 rounds total,10 in the magazine and one in the,chamber and you get two mags with it now,one,is,not extended the other has a little one,more finger extension on there i kind of,like that because,uh i noticed this one,this isnt down four and up and that,little pinky is wanting to slide under,that,but if you was turn it it might be,better and,you know some people might have smaller,hands and this would be great,and uh the ladies out there you know at,this candy it would probably be real,comfortable for them so uh,guys were gonna put some rounds through,this,and,uh,and see how this little pistol does,were gonna load up now be the first,time weve shot it,and these are were gonna put some ammo,incorporated and these are 115 grain,full metal jackets so,were going to try some of those,and then we got some winchester,uh full metal jackets 115 grains also,so well be trying some of those,and like i say were going to just shoot,it some metal and we might take a couple,rounds at the silhouette just to see,about how the little pistol is done and,then just have some fun,so let me get loaded up and were gonna,do some shooting,okay guys uh were loaded up and the,first magazine were gonna put through,it is the ammo incorporated 115 grain,and uh give that a try and just see how,this little pistol cycles,and how it performs and uh for accuracy,and reliability,and if i havent mentioned its got a,3.42 inch barrel,uh so,kind of compact probably easy to carry,this little pistol,so lets put some rounds to it and see,how it does now were going to take a,couple shots of that silhouette,okay it chambered right up no problem,and uh,safetys off uh were gonna try one at,the silhouette,okay that was about where i was aiming,lets try that one more time,guys uh,no problem hitting that silhouette lets,try some smaller targets lets try the,watermelon no problem lets try this,littler one,there we go,thats the putting them in there that,little pistol is doing pretty good with,the ammo incorporated now were going to,try some of the winchesters and see how,that does,now,its a little bit hard to chamber up,there but that might get easier uh after,it breaks in a little bit,all right,lets try,uh the watermelon again,no problem lets try this one right here,no problem,there we go,and lets try the pen,all right lets try this,that little ones hard to hit,there we go i thought we could get it,boy you gotta really get down on the aim,on that one but uh,i think you could get used to that,all right,lets try another,and guys,uh im right there and that to the last,two shots is right in the,center right there its doing real good,all right im gonna run a few hollow,points through this and see how that,does now im not for sure,uh,what grain these is but i think there,was,115 grain also,but these are uh,just hollow points that we had loose and,now i think we got six or seven of them,left here and were going to try a few,of them dont have a lot of the hollow,point round,so uh,were gonna have to try to round some of,those up,but i just wanted to see if it would,cycle these,okay i think we got,actually we had eight rounds so,all right were going to try a few of,those and see how well it cycles those,all right,lets try that watermelon again,its shooting those a little bit,different i think let me try this at the,silhouette,okay,shooting those a little bit low i had to,uh put up my aim a little bit i dont,know why but it is shooting those a,little bit low lets try that,now if the student knows a little bit,different,but,not bad,now its taken me a little bit to,getting used to that uh little short,barrel and especially,with the,the one that dont have the extension on,it my fingers what the fall thrown into,that,but,thats better,so,guys,a pretty nice shooting little pistol i,think im gonna like this one its uh,doing pretty well,okay guys were just gonna,put another clip to it and were going,to see how fast this little gun will,cycle the ammo without fouling up some,guns will,do pretty good,uh shooting normally but if youre,shooting pretty fast sometimes ive had,them to jam or hang up a little bit,were going to give it a try and were,just going to put a bunch of rounds with,that silhouette and give that a try so,uh,all right,lets see what we can do,[Music],no problem guys that little pistol is,putting them right in there,no problem whatsoever cycling good,working good,uh,i think this little,uh,security nines are gonna be okay compact,and i think this is what they call the,compact pro,uh im pretty sure,and uh so guys,pretty nice,guys i had the opportunity to bring this,to you in so,uh we was out here and was gonna wanting,to shoot this little pistol some so we,just went ahead and done the video and,you got to see it right out of the box,shooting it and its doing great first,time ive ever shot it,and so guys as always we appreciate you,watching we thank you for all those,views and comments and subscribe to our,channel so you dont miss anything and,give us a big thumbs up at the end of,the video it seems to help and well see,you all the next time out here at my,little mini range having some fun on a,walk without thank you ever so much for,watching we appreciate you all

$300 Ruger Security 9 Compact vs. $500 Glock 26: Fair Comparison?

hey guys James with tfbtv today on tfbtv,Im at the st. Bernard indoor shooting,center the nicest range in the New,Orleans area and Ive got the Ruger,security 9 compact this is Rugers new,smaller version of the recently,introduced security 9 which I reviewed,and I actually thought was a very good,gun for the money street price on these,things is run in like 300 bucks and it,was a good gun go back and watch that,review I think I was hitting silhouette,targets on steel at like 50 yards like,seven or eight out of ten times which is,great for like a little economy gun so,this is the ten plus one its a double,stack nine-millimeter and when I say ten,plus one double stack compact,nine-millimeter what does everybody,think oh no we got a Glock 26,today on tfbtv which one of these guys,is better,[Music],a lot of you are saying right now,understandably James you are an idiot,how can you compare the Glock 26 thats,like a $500 gun to a $300 street price,security 9 and I think that is a,fantastic question but watch me do it,right now,the Glock 26 versus the Ruger security 9,why would you compare these guns well,the security 9 compact and the Glock 26,are both 10 plus 1 subcompact 9,millimeters that work great for,concealed carry youre also talking,about a $500 gun versus a $300 gun so,can you fairly compare them and my,answer to you would be yes I think you,can make a good argument for either of,them working very well either of them,being better than the other but you have,to factor in cost now before I get too,deep in the comparison lets talk about,what I liked about the security 9 series,you guys could probably remember from,about a year ago I did the security 9,full size thats the 15 plus one its,actually closer to a Glock 19 in size I,did a review that gun and I was like wow,I wanted to trash this gun you know 300,ollar gun I wanted to trash it and I,ended up absolutely loving it most of,all because of the trigger it uses the,LCP to trigger system which is like I,call it a single and a half action,it pre [ __ ] the hammer its a hammer,fired gun unlike the Glock 26 which is,striker fired so I thought it was gonna,be this terrible double action trigger,but actually what it does every time you,wreck that slide it pre [ __ ] the hammer,and your trigger pull its very light,very smooth and actually has a pretty,good reset because all youre doing is,bringing that hammer back ever so,slightly before it releases so its like,its not a single action its not a,double action its like a single and a,half action because it pre [ __ ] the,hammer before it fires making for an,excellent trigger pull,I was hitting seven eight out of ten,times I was hitting a target hey steel,silhouette target at 50 yards with the,security 9 full-size so that was kind of,cool lets see if we can hit it were 50,yards out,ultimately I opined that for $300 this,is probably one of the best values that,you can get in a handgun alright guys,were gonna shoot a magazine of federal,sin Tech I love this stuff a lot of lead,exposure whenever youre a professional,shooter lead-free primers the jacket is,made out of a polymer and so you it,results in like 10 to 15 percent less,heat transfer to your gun less wear and,tear on the barrel less LED exposure to,the shooter most importantly better for,the environment and its still pretty,cheap Ive been shooting that a lot,today huge fan federal Senate and thank,you guys so much an interesting thing of,your shoot federal HST this is tuned so,it will have the exact same trajectory,as your federal HST hollow-point ammo so,its great for practice if you carry,federal HST enough talking lets see how,this murder shoots,Id say pretty well I mean just chunking,it ten rounds and I think were at,fifteen or twenty yards here you know,put it all into three and a half inches,four inches or so lets do another one,so as with most manufacturers that are,making guns where youre dangling a,pinky like the Glock 26 or a lot of the,single stack 9-millimeter compacts out,there the Ruger security 9 compact comes,with a magazine that it came with an,extra base plate great texturing by the,way in this base plate so you dont have,to dangle a pinky did you guys just see,that,just inertia charged so were hot one,pet peeve all manufacturers seem to do,this I really wish that this was like a,plus one or plus two like if youre,gonna add that that additional length to,the but I would really like to see,additional capacity as well but whatever,at least its nice that they include,that in the box so if youre not a pinky,dangler you have a very well-thought-out,grip extension here you can see theres,nothing behind theres nothing,underneath you just have like a little,plate here to rest your pinky finger so,its pretty nice now were shooting,federal HST hollow-point ammunition will,this gun shoot hollow-point well it ever,damn ten yards rapid fire all in a very,tight three or three and a half inch,circle I think thats a three inch,circle up there still dont like its,got one of the nuttiest slide releases,in the biz even nuttier than the Glock,if thats a word so not my favorite I,would probably it will inertia charge,you smack it hard enough and guess Id,go over the top with this one just I,really dont trust this slide release,yep see there you go a little too nubby,for me,got it that time same thing with the,safety you guys know it kind of ranted,about the full-size version safety I,thought it wasnt very usable but this,one actually is better this one seems,like its more responsive the full-size,safety was jamming up a little bit maybe,they fixed that theres no binding with,this safety it works whenever you want,it to so maybe its okay and it provides,a little spot for you to put your thumb,if you so choose even though its a,little bit close to the slide more,federal 124 grand HST in this tiny,little rude earlier inertia lock again,just did it so weird so weird I guess,its because its like a single and a,half action only so it basically,pre-cuts the hammer every time you fire,whenever you chamber around so this is a,hammer fired gun but its not really a,double action only its like a single,and a half action because its kind of,got it praecox the hammer and when you,pull that trigger back its just a,little bit of travel before it travels,forward hitting the firing pin,detonating around sending it downrange,now let us compare the Glock 26 to the,Ruger security 9 compact tale of the,tape you are looking at a three point,four two inch barrel on the security non,compact pop quiz what are you looking at,on the Glock 26 is it larger is it,smaller,enter your guesses phone-a-friend it is,longer but its only three point four,three inches so youre talking one,hundredth of an inch longer virtually,the same overall length six and a half,inches for the security nine compact six,point four inches to the Glock 26,virtually the same slight edge to the,Glock 26 now for weight twenty one point,nine ounces for the Ruger security nine,compact versus nineteen point four,ounces for the Glock 26 now that two and,a half ounce difference is pretty,substantial,I think 22 ounces thats close,like a Glock 19 or maybe even a Glock 17,in weight where the Glock 26 has two and,a half ounces on the security nine so,thats a pretty big leg up for the Glock,26 now what about the width girth how,girthy it is is very important to,concealed carry everybody in the world,knows that the Glock 26 is one point two,six inches thick well how thick is the,Ruger security 9 compact Ill give you a,dollar if you can answer correctly not,really but if I did what you would do is,you would close this video then you,would go to our mate hopefully open a,new tab and you would go to Rugers,website and Ruger clever dogs that they,are they have the width listed as one,inch thick at the slide thats true,albeit a little bit deceptive its true,that the slide is only one inch thick,which is very thin but thats not the,thickest part of the gun the thickest,part of the

Ruger Security 9 1000 Round Review

[Applause],whats up guys this is the honest outlaw,here and today were gonna be doing a,pretty highly requested review a review,of a gun that Ive had almost more,requests than any other gun were gonna,be talking about the Ruger security 9,the Ruger security 9 is a very,budget-friendly 9-millimeter hammer,fired gun with a 4-inch barrel that,comes with 215 round magazines before to,get into the review though I want to,mention my patient supporters thank you,guys very much I really appreciate all,your support it goes a long way buying,guns and gear for the channel 4 review,because of that we do a monthly giveaway,you can be entered in the monthly,giveaway by just being a patron,supporter this month is going to be the,Ontario rat 3 knife and a k-bar knife,this giveaway it should be done I think,next week I also want to mention amo,comm theyre a longtime supporter of the,channel Ill leave a link in the,description below for 20 bucks off any,order of 200 bucks or more now back to,the review it is a nine-millimeter,hammer fired pistol with a 4-inch barrel,a glass nylon filled grip and it comes,with two 15 round magazines and it also,happens to be extremely budget-friendly,making it a very popular pistol not,everybody can afford a thousand dollar,pistol and everybody deserves the right,to defend themselves so I really like,reviewing these budget-minded pistols it,is an interesting action that combines,the trigger pull of the LCP and they,tried to make it a little bit shorter,and crisper and have a little bit more,positive reset similar to a single,action as opposed to a double action,trigger this looks like a striker fired,pistol but it actually has a hammer,right here if you can see that and its,more of a double-action pistol you can,see that when I rack the slide the,hammer is cocked and you can see there,the hammer actually disappears after you,pull the trigger now an interesting,thing about this pistol that makes it a,little bit unique when youre trying to,drive fire its generally with a pistol,you can rack it a little bit like that,and pull the trigger however that is not,the case on the security 9s I go all the,way back and [ __ ] that hammer for the,trigger to go same goes for the reset if,youre dry for are practising all the,way back for it to reset another unique,thing about the security 9 with that,with,that action is that its supposed to,make it easier to rack the slide its,supposed to be easier to rack the slide,than a standard polymer-framed pistol,however from my experience I dont,really see that I think its pretty much,the same or at least on par with all the,other pistols that I felt it doesnt,feel any easier to rack personally in my,opinion if you want to get something,like that going with the smith and,wesson,ez that pistol is actually really easy,to chamber around especially and thats,good for people with arthritis elderly,people or maybe a very small framed,person who just doesnt have the,strength to rack the slide of a normal,pistol totally understand that but if,thats you and thats why youre,thinking about buying this gun i would,go with the easy its a good all-around,pistol it comes in a very light 23,ounces and has a 4-inch barrel so its,pretty good at concealed carry its very,lightweight very concealable you,wouldnt have a problem carrying this,all day,it also comes with an accessory rail a,Picatinny rail so you can put a light on,it so it would be a pretty decent home,defense gun as well so if you have three,hundred dollars to spend and you want a,gun to defend your home with and you,also want a gun you can carry all day,the security nine is a pretty reasonable,choice reliability is the most important,part of a firearm especially for defense,and the Ruger security nine isnt the,most reliable pistol Ive reviewed but,its not the worst either for around the,300 dollar price range youre going to,run into a few little quirks and,problems with a lot of pistols and the,security 9 is no exception it kind of,reminds me of the Kanak and reliability,pretty good but occasionally have a,little bit of bobble I have a thousand,rounds for this gun and I only had I,think I had two or maybe three failures,now well get an accuracy thats not,great either the sights are traditional,Glock sights they look awful similar you,can see there and its got that white,box with the white dot in the front,theyre not the worst sight picture in,the world Ive seen worse sights Ive,seen just regular flat black sights Ive,even seen sights that really dont have,a rear sight just has a front sight so,these arent bad for the price range now,were going to take the route of,security 9 here,shooted at 50 yards all right so not the,most accurate gun Ive ever shot at,least for me I think some of that is the,interface with the trigger a lot of my,shots are going high which is strange,for me,I dont usually miss high so I have to,assume some of that its part of the gun,they just dont have that great of a,sight picture and theyre also not going,to be that reliable over time polymer,sights do break I know that some people,will come on that comment section say,Ive never seen one break and Ive had I,think two sets of polymer sights break,in my time or get loose and come out of,the dovetail so not the best but again,not the worst either the trigger however,is something that Im not a huge fan of,and it gave me some accuracy issues that,I didnt expect because the ergonomics,of the pistol feel really good well get,into that in a second the gun feels,really good in your hand and its kind,of strange because youll be shooting it,at Target and you just wont be hitting,it and youre not really understanding,why the sight picture looks good,everything looks good but then when you,pull the trigger for some reason it,doesnt go where you want it and I dont,know if thats me not getting used to,the gun or if thats you know sometimes,you just dont vibe with a firearm what,can I say,but I really think a lot of it is that,trigger it has a very spongy trigger and,then it has a big wall here that you,have to overcome that I would say is,probably around five and a half six,pounds it feels stronger than a Glock,trigger it feels a little bit heavier so,maybe even seven pounds I kind of guess,in here with my little finger way its,just a weird trigger its got a lot of,travel all the way through it as you can,see there because it is kind of a double,action so its got a little bit longer a,little bit spongy or trigger youre just,gonna have to eat you,sooo I mean if you dont like that there,are other options that Canada is the,same price and it has a significantly,better trigger,however Ruger is an American company no,get in to shoot ability now I said the,accuracy wasnt awesome and the shoot,ability really wasnt that awesome,either it was a little bit snappy part,of that is because it has very very weak,texturing on the grip I like the grip,angle however the grip feels a little,bit small to me as you can see there I,can cover almost all of it up with my,single hand it doesnt have the back,straps to adjust that and I know a lot,of people dont care about that and,think its a gimmick I actually like the,back straps and every gun that I review,I put the large back strap on but it,just feels a little bit weird in my,hands when I shoot although it was,definitely suitable it was definitely,usable like if I had this as a carry gun,and I knew it was perfectly reliable,would I be okay with the accuracy the,shoot ability I think Id be fine with,it I can still pile off some rounds,close range and I can still hit at a,decent distance so for three dollars I,think its pretty reasonable,[Music],now given the ergonomics as I said the,grip texture is not the best Ive seen,worse but its certainly not the best if,it were me I would put a town grip of,some type on this the magazine release,works okay its just fine I wouldnt,change anything about it trigger,undercuts pretty reasonable,I like how they slice the slide here to,match i

NEW Compact Ruger Security 9mm !!!

[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],alright guys well Im back today with,the brand-new Ruger security 9 compact,and Im really excited about this,because Ruger makes some high value and,budget 9-millimeter handguns that wont,break the bank but that you can actually,trust your life to if you follow the,channel you know I reviewed the full,size version a while back and Im super,excited to get the compact one out for,the channel I want to give a huge shout,out to American pawn and gun located him,in Rome North Carolina right off 74 on,the left,if youre ever in there swing by and,check them out and tell them 7:04,tactical sent you over these guys,actually picked a few of these up to,start carrying they wanted to know how,they did so greg over there actually,sent one with the channel for us to try,out do a first shots in forward view,video this is just the first shots video,and I will do an update and a full,review in a while but Im gonna go over,the specs and features and how performed,at the range the price on this generally,is about 380 retail and American pawn,and gun has them you can see here for,339 and they include a free box of ammo,with every new handgun purchase also the,cool thing about American pawn and gun,and since they use Davidsons they have a,lifetime guarantee on all their guns,even if the customer service of the,original company isnt that great now,Ruger on the other hand has great,customer service but if you pick,something else up from there again they,have that lifetime warranty and they,give you a free box of ammo but enough,talking lets open it up see how it,comes and talk about the specs and,features and then its performance down,at the range the gun itself comes with,the manual the pistol which does not,come with the old light I actually added,that to there we will take that off for,now and Ill talk about that in a minute,two magazines a gun lock and everything,else you need one of the magazines,actually has a flush fitting baseplate,that holds 10 rounds and then the other,one has a pinkie extension baseplate,that still holds to ten rounds lets go,over those specs and features kind of,from the grip back to front and then,well talk about its reliability and,performance so I brought it in a little,bit closer to show you guys the subtle,details of this,or handgun the first thing that I want,to mention is we already talked about,the fact that this carries 10 rounds,this directly in my opinion competes,with the Glock 26 being a very similar,size stay tuned to the end of this video,we will be doing a size comparison,between this gun and a few other,double-stack as well as single stack,compact 9-millimeter handguns the price,though is significantly cheaper than the,Glock 26 and you still get a ton of,features including the fact that it,ships with two mags and those different,pinkie extensions this particular model,has a safety and its its a decent,safety its a little bit difficult to,put on which is not that big of a deal,and fairly easy to remove but you arent,going to accidentally bump it off,actually fits in a good spot or you can,wrap your thumb overtop while shooting,or slightly underneath it while shooting,so its fairly out of the way safety but,pretty easy to actuate the texturing on,the grip itself is actually very nice I,do like the texturing on the back strap,and the front strap as well as the grip,extension it allows you to get a full,purchase especially with the grip,extension of the full three fingers on,here and then it makes it a little bit,easier to control this pistol almost has,an integrated beaver tail which,definitely keeps your hands away from,the slides you can see youre not going,to get any slide bite if you grip this,properly also the fact that its got the,front and rear cocking serrations which,is nice if you want to do front or rear,Press checks or operate the slide,its got an indention right here for,your thumb to rock over and depress the,magazine release and indention over here,that allows you to get your trigger in,the trigger guard its got a slight,undercut in the trigger guard which,allows you to get a higher grip on the,pistol and some slight texturing on the,front of the pistol if you decide you,want to grip it in front of the trigger,guard I personally dont want to do that,the first biggest con of this pistol,when its kind of frustrating is the,fact that this slide release doesnt,release the slide now I know a lot of,guys are gonna say well thats a slide,stop or a slide lock its not a slide,release but every other pistol that Ive,used this works really well and in the,security 9 I cant even its so tight,you have to take the pressure off it and,when theres a round in the magazine,its still really difficult although you,can do it so maybe the load the mag and,slingshot method will be a little bit,better on the security 9 then using the,slide lock or slide release one thing,though Ruger absolutely nailed was the,fact that this has a Picatinny rail,section with multiple rails up here,something that the Glock 26 does not,have and they nailed it on this and,thats well bring up the old light,again this is the new PL to the pl mini,to Valkyrie and this is actually,adjustable and on a slide Ive got some,full reviews on that so go check them,out,this actually clips on here very nicely,you can actually adjust it accordingly,to whatever section of this rail you,want lets slide it back just a little,bit thats what I love about this guy so,you can see it slides up there or you,can put it a little bit further out or,all the way back in there and lock it,down so the fact that you have a weapons,light option for such a small compact,pistol is a definite plus because now,this can double as a car gun a truck gun,a nightstand gun a home defense gun,because of the addition of the weapons,light especially is particular ol light,since its almost got infinite,adjustability and a quick charge,magnetic base the takedown is fairly,simple you actually slide this back and,you can use the back of a spent shell,casing or screwdriver to pop this pin,out and Ive got a takedown in the,initial security 9 video Im not gonna,waste my time with it right now because,Im not gonna take it down to clean it,Im just gonna keep running it and Ive,got about 150 rounds through it and,well start talking about that,reliability after we finish up the slide,itself the slot itself has a witness,hole right here so you can see if there,is around in the chamber the extractor,and ejector seemed to work great that,throws the brass in a nice pile,somewhere and it throws it far and then,it also has a witness hole in the top of,the chamber to indicate whether you have,something in there or not this is,actually a hammer fired gun and not a,striker fired gun and well talk about,that when we talk about its performance,the sites themselves do a pretty decent,job and they seem like theyre a little,bit adjustable although they were,hitting right out of the box so no need,to adjust those in my opinion in summary,thats pretty much the ergonomics and,feel this pistol lets strange,to the performance and accuracy as we,talked about earlier this is a hammer,fired weapon but its not double action,its single action only so when you,chamber around that actually [ __ ] the,hammer back and when you pull the,trigger the hammer goes forward and,there is no second strike capability,something like this is just different,than a striker fire but it allows you to,get a nice trigger it also has to drop,safety built into the trigger itself,which is a nice touch,it doesnt really interfere with the,trigger pull in fact the circle on this,guy is very nice,it does have some sponginess and then a,fairly light and clean break the reset,on this guy is a little bit long you,have that smooth take up some sponginess,and another break so a very decent,trigger not the best I felt but not the,worst but it does really well and that,kind of leads into accuracy even with a,3.4 inch barrel and a rea

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