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hey guys welcome back to oka boat oh,were so happy youre here were so,happy youre here,okay so ever since we had one of our,photos chaired by Rumble weve been,getting a lot of questions about our,ruggable rugs and whether we think,theyre worth it how theyve held up,over time all that good stuff theyre,gonna start fighting now we have to,rumble rugs,the first one is underneath me Ill show,footage of that in a sec and the second,one is way back there a little bit dirty,at the moment since I got a lot of deals,about our ruggable rugs how theyve held,up how we like them I figured Id just,make a video really quick when sort of,the major points to hit Ill tell you,straight up that there are pros and,there are cons to rug allure rugs this,is not a sponsored video a lot of the,ruggable content youll see out there,especially from bloggers is sponsored so,its not a sponsored video this is just,us being totally honest about the rug,little rugs there are again there are,pros there are cons youre just going to,have to decide if the pros outweigh the,cons for you and your familys lifestyle,before I go too far into this Ill,mention that we do have a blog post,written on our rubble rug review so if,you guys want to just click the link in,the description itll take you straight,to the lists of the pros and cons and,you can read it maybe a little bit,faster that way but well show some of,the stuff in action on this video to,make sure its nice and clear okay Ive,got my handy dandy notes here okay so,the first thing well do is just go,through the pros of ruggable the good,things that we love about ruggable,number one is obviously probably the,most important ruggable rugs are machine,washable we can confirm this because,within probably two days of putting down,our brand new ruggable rugs freya,decided to puke on one normally thats,kind of a stress,you have to run and get the carpet,cleaner and soak it and clean it your,house smells and youre not really sure,if the stain is going to come out all,the way well we just threw it in the,wash we didnt use any stain remover and,we were actually kind of excited about,it because you wanted to see if the,regular rugs are gonna hold up which,they did so we can affirm it is totally,machine washable the process other than,moving furniture was pretty easy and,Ill go a little bit more into that in a,little bit because there are some cons,in the process,okay pros inaudible number two is that,they have interchangeable designs so one,of the first things youll notice when,you go on the rug bull website its,probably the price because ruggable rugs,are a little bit more expensive than,maybe your traditional polyester rugs or,what have you whatever material youre,going for obviously if youre going for,a high quality wool thats going to be,more expensive than ruggable but for the,general population of consumers we just,go to t.j.maxx,or Target or Wayfarer whatever is gonna,have a design that we think is decent in,an affordable price which is for an 8 by,10 usually around $200 now for a rug lo,system youre gonna be buying the design,itself which is going to be about $200,then youre also going to be buying the,mat for underneath the rug this is what,keeps the top one in place so the top,cart is the one that you wash the bottom,part stays the same but like I said even,though its a little bit more expensive,at the beginning you might be paying,around 400 for the whole set for an 8 by,10 if you get tired of one design you,can switch it out in the future,and that top portion is only about 200,right now for the 8 by 10 so you know,its about the same as switching up any,regular rug that you would have in your,house however its me machine washable,which means its gonna be nice and clean,which is huge ok another awesome thing,about ruggable is that it is easy to,vacuum I think this is one of the,biggest questions when we think of a,washable rug we think of like a blanket,were not really sure what its gonna,feel like,but since basically the bottom layer is,basically a giant piece of velcro it,holds everything in place really nicely,we havent personally had any trouble,with vacuuming its not even like a pile,like with normal rugs you talk about a,high pile or a low pile its like an,ultra low pile so its not going to get,caught in your rug we find it easy to,vacuum I will say that some negative,reviews have said that the edges frayed,over time with lots of vacuuming we,havent really seen that on our rugs and,we do vacuum a pretty pretty decent,amount but Im wondering if that has to,do with your vacuum specifically or what,but Im giving them vacuum ability and a,were not worried about anything at all,there another Pro I will throw in here,too is that our rubber balls do not,slide on our hardwood at all our,eight-by-tens are all underneath some,furniture so that might help but even,the traditional rugs that we had before,this our dogs love to like jump on to,each rug and slide it or try as hard as,they can to at least and we havent had,any sliding problems with our bubbles I,think that bottom portion since its,like a rubber basically it grips the,hardwood floor really well we dont,worry about sliding issues at all and I,dont think were gonna have that,problem even with smaller rugs that,arent underneath furniture just because,it is basically like a really quality,underlayment in terms of grip on the,hardwood floor if that makes sense,so obviously theres a bunch to love,about ruggable those are the biggest,things that stand out to me in terms of,the great things about ruggable,now were gonna go ahead and get into,the things I dont like so much about,our audible rugs and this is really just,gonna be in how they differ from,traditional rug designs Im not gonna,really talk about the fact that a lot of,people dont really like the ruggable,designs that much personally I didnt,have a huge problem finding some I loved,but I definitely went through a lot that,I didnt like before I found the ones,that I like alright so getting straight,into the ruggable cons Im gonna start,with the biggest ones the biggest,complaint I have,ruggable rugs and I know a lot of other,people do too ruggable rugs do curl on,the edges and the corners and I mean a,lot like Ive never had rugs that curled,this much now and I will say Im pretty,positive its because of the washable,design so the top layer is very thin and,it has to be thin obviously it has to be,thinner than a traditional rug in order,to be able to fold it up and throw it in,your washing machine however from what I,can tell thats also the reason that,its been curling up on the edges and,Ill show you guys it curls up not only,at the corners but along some of the,long edges too its actually kind of a,big problem it drives me crazy I have,tried everything Ive tried ironing it,Ive tried fooling it underneath and,having heavy objects sit on it for a,long time nothing takes out the curling,except washing it again and then even,then like I dont feel like it dries,totally straight so as of right now,were gonna keep these rugs were gonna,deal with the curling but I have to say,this is a pretty big issue Im gonna,probably look into things that we can,add underneath the edges to hold them,down but it is a pain in the butt and I,do wish that people would address this,issue as sort of an added con,RocketBallz customer service doesnt,seem to be awesome I will say that we,didnt have any issues ourselves but if,you go on their Facebook page and look,at their Facebook reviews theres a lot,of people telling a lot of horror,stories it sounds like they guarantee,their rugs for a certain amount of time,I think its 30 days theres like a,return window where you can return the,rug for a fee and like after that youre,basically totally out of luck what,happened with us is our edges didnt,start curling until well after that,return would know it was probably about,two months when they started curling you,know again we like having washed floor,rugs enough tha

Ruggable Review Update | One Year Later

theyre gonna be featured today because,i mean,i bought these rugs because of them,what is up guys welcome back to my,channel im tatiana if you guys,dont know me and if you love fashion,and interiors and,lifestyle stuff then be sure to,subscribe to the channel and,click on the notification button so that,you guys dont miss out on when i upload,a brand new video,so theyre just chilling in the,background dont mind them today we are,talking,all about ruggable rugs one year later,i did a ruggable review one year ago,and i was just so excited to get them,a rug that could be washed i was in,potty training,phase and stage of my life and,needed something that could be,durable that i could wash keep clean,because,my little pup was peeing on everything,so i have a whole list of,pros and cons and i,need to share them with you if you,watched my first video,you would go and buy a ruggable right,now im,here to tell you guys otherwise and tell,you exactly why,im over them so without further ado,lets get,right on into this review im going to,start with the cons just because there,are more,than there are pros and i want to end,this off on a good note so,lets go ahead and start with the cons,the fact that it is washable,is fabulous fact that you need to move,everything,off your carpet to wash it is ridiculous,my little self tried to move my bed,my king size bed to try and wash,my damn carpet and um,full sweat just it was not,a good day and its not realistic to be,doing that,you know if your puppy potties or if,youre trying to,wash them on a regular basis it is,so inconvenient to be moving,everything to get my rug,into the washing machine when i need it,i feel like it would almost,be easier to get a vacuum,and just like wash your carpet whatever,once a month once every six months,whatever you feel is necessary so thats,my con number one,is i didnt put two and two together,when i,was so obsessed with having a and so,excited about having a rug that could be,washed,that there is a lot of work that goes,into,having to wash a rug like moving all of,your furniture and just,having to move it all back it is very,disruptive,my second con would be that it does,for me does not fully dry in the dryer,so,when i do move everything out of the way,and get my,rug in the washing machine i,then have to pull it out and drape it,over,chairs and wait like 24 hours,so my house is pretty flipped upside,down for at least,the full day until i can get my rug back,in place and the house back together so,thats another con which makes me not,want to wash it which then its like why,would you get a washable rug if youre,not going to wash it,also because i have washed my rugs quite,a few times,each i feel like somehow someway they,have,shrunk they are not the same size,because,now im noticing that on this side um,the velcro pad that the carpet lays on,is noticeable,on the sides so it doesnt sit even,and it just doesnt look aesthetically,pleasing to be seeing,that velcro rug sticking out from,underneath,as well because of the fact that i have,washed it so much,ive noticed that my edges have started,to fray,my little stitching and threads that,hold,like the serging if you will of the,carpet have started,to fray and it just looks terrible,not only have they frayed but its,absolutely everywhere where my carpet is,curling up so its not just the corners,anymore like it was when i first started,washing them,and yes i do use the tape still but then,when i do go to,wash it i have to rip up the tape and,then do it again so,its a lot its a lot of upkeep if,im trying to put it simple its a lot,of upkeep,i swear im not hitting on ruggable,right now it is just,my honest honest opinion and what am i,here for if im not gonna be honest with,you,you guys need to know before you invest,in something like,a big old carpet i think the last,major con of mine with these rugs,is that they bubble within the middle of,the rug so they dont,lay completely flat ive noticed in,every single one of the ones that i have,they bubble in the middle its almost,like an air bubbles in them and,i you know the only way you can get it,out im assuming is if you,fully un velcro it and then try and lay,it out flat again but,i mean i did that initially putting them,down so i just dont know if its over,time,as people are walking on it it bubbles,up but it doesnt,lay flat and because theyre so thin,its very noticeable the bubbling,so i dont like that the few pros,that i have still on these rugs is that,yes it is washable,and if you were to spill whatever on,your rug that you could,throw it in the washing machine and it,will probably come out,but that being said you can probably get,the same thing from a vacuum cleaner i,hear the bissell one is really good,i would probably still recommend,a ruggable rug if youre going to be,using it in a spot like,a kids playroom somewhere where theres,not much furniture on the rug and,it is very prone to get like paint or,marker,or food spilled on it and stuff like,that,where and where there are children,playing constantly where you want to,maintain,and keep it clean and fresh otherwise,personally i can tell you i will be,tossing or donating or giving away,my rugs um im,im over them theyve lost their,character for me they dont look,neat or tidy or luxurious and feel like,a rug is supposed to,ground the space and really you know,ground it so when it the rug is like,shredding on the edges its like,flipping up its very flat and thin,its just its not appealing its not,doing its job so for all of those,reasons i can,say personally that i do not recommend,getting the ruggable rugs if you just,have a normal,everyday today life and are just looking,to buy a new rug,i would go to home sense or you know,wayfair has a great rugs and just,maintain them,with a really good vacuum cleaner i know,they cost maybe a couple hundred dollars,but thats going to last you forever,and you can use them on every single one,of your rugs and not just rugs you can,use them on furniture ive seen,people use them on their um couches like,on their ottomans,so its a multi-purpose tool so,that is that i hope i didnt offend,anybody if you guys have a ruggable now,and you love it and its working for you,then thats amazing if,you are like me and youve had a,ruggable and it just didnt work out for,you,i understand you and i feel you if you,guys have any,questions or comments leave them for me,down below i answer to,absolutely everybody and i know you guys,are going to be,wondering and waiting to see what i,replace my ruggables with so i will keep,you updated,over on instagram be sure to follow me,if youre not already,i post a lot of interiors fashion,and just lifestyle content i hope you,guys have a lovely,rest of your day and ill see you in my,next one,you

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whats up guys welcome back to Oak abode,today Im gonna be doing the final,ruffle update in this sort of miniseries,that weve been doing if you guys,havent been following along there are a,few videos that are precursors to this,video a brutally honest ruggable review,the follow-up when ruggah will send us a,free rug after we reviewed their rug and,came up with a few problems and then,this last one is the main one where we,are gonna answer a lot of the questions,whether or not rug will fix some of,those issues that they had or some of,the issues that we had with the rug that,we originally purchased as always this,is not a sponsored review if you guys,have been following along already on,instagram are in scam handle is oak,underscore abode then you kind of know,what were gonna talk about already so,when we did our original ruggable review,kind of the biggest thing that we talked,about was the curling that we,experienced on the rug we got a lot of,comments and feedback on the video,probably about 80 85 percent of them,were people saying that they experienced,the curling as well other people were,also saying some issues that they had,experienced that we hadnt personally,experienced but like the edges fraying,on the rug from vacuuming by and large,most people were saying that they,experienced the curling some people were,saying that they were putting rug tape,down I pretty much said in the last,video that thats not something Im,gonna do just cuz I dont want to hurt,our floors over this its not worth it,to me without further ado lets just,check out the rugs okay see I can get,this camera off the tripod okay so what,Im gonna start out showing you guys is,the older ruggable rug so when ruggable,sent us the rug they sent us a,replacement for one of the two,eight-by-tens that we got the exact same,model as before so this is the older one,that was not replaced with a new rug by,ruggable so what I am going to show you,guys here is basically that there is,still something of a curling issue and,what I wanted to show you guys you look,really close here as long as my camera,is able to focus what were gonna see is,a lot of kind of fraying of edges and,this is what a lot of people were,talking about I think with how their rug,or how their vacuum was tearing up the,rug we did not experience this at first,this kind of took Id say about a year,before we started seeing some of this,fraying on the edges here it probably,took us up,out a year before we experience any,major fraying on the edges ideally I,think in the past the key is that most,rugs that I have got like regular area,rugs that I have purchased typically,lasts me around two years,obviously theres wear and tear in the,meantime I think by purchasing regular,rugs I had thought or been somewhat,under the impression that they would,last longer than a traditional rug in,terms of not talking about the curling,in terms of regular wear and tear,now that weve vacuumed them pretty,regularly I would say probably that,two-year mark that regular area rugs are,lasting is probably pretty accurate for,the Ruggles as well I wanted to show you,guys the curling as well so what we have,is on the edges this just sort of,general curl along the side again this,is the older rug happens usually along,the corners here too we did not get the,ruggable x with pockets ive heard that,there are some pockets in some of the,newer models on the corners but thats,not something that we were able to get,from the people who I have talked to a,little bit who have the corner pockets,on the rugs Im getting mixed responses,whether or not they actually fixed the,curling problem as you can tell the,curling is kind of all along the edges,of the rug so Im not sure how much of a,difference the new corners make but if,they make a big difference for you and,your rugs definitely comment below and,let us know okay okay so now Im going,to show you another thing that weve,noticed since weve had the rugs since,purchasing them and drying them in a,dryer a lot of people said you need to,hang dry for them not to curl thats,actually completely not true they curl,whether you dry them in a dryer or,whether you dry them on a clothesline it,makes no difference however if you do,try them in a dryer I think that is,probably not as great of an idea number,one because it takes longer for us at,least with our dryer but number two,because what people are reporting now is,that they are shrinking the rugs a,little bit and the problem is that it,doesnt fit the underlayment exactly,right when I shrink a little bit so Ill,show you a little of that what Im,talking about kind of the regular rug,here and then if you go to the back,you can see that it actually doesnt,reach the unset edge of the underlayment,anymore and we have tried many many,times to even out the rug so that as,long as possible,but this is kind of an issue its not,the hugest deal in the world for us,since we just put that part that is,showing underneath back where most,people can see it but you know for a,$400 rug maybe this might be an issue,for you now as Im walking back to this,other rug Ill say we have nothing,against ruggable like a lot of people,left some really snarky comments about,ruggable and we dont have to be rude,theres still people behind that company,like our goal is definitely not to hurt,them as a company already shut them down,as a company shes got a lot of,questions about this product I think a,lot of people were really curious so,were just being transparent with you,guys I think still be conscious of the,fact that there are people Im guessing,its a start-up not positive but,startups have a lot of issues they have,to deal with so I dont think theyre,bad people by not making these,Corrections but I think as consumers,that we do want to be conscious of where,were spending our money right okay now,the question of the day the new rug they,sent us did it end up curling too and in,the same way was it as bad was it any,better,long story short its exactly the same,as the other ones so all you people,saying that I shouldnt put it in the,dryer because thats what makes it curl,weve never washed this rug okay it,never went in the washing machine we did,have one dog throw up on it once and we,cleaned it up the old-fashioned way with,Natures Miracle this rug has never been,washed never been dried obviously and,the same thing happened okay so this is,the curling on the edges so you can get,in folks here let me just walk it over,for you so this is the curling the worst,part of the curling right here again,what happens is just sort of comes up,right there and I have to come back and,press it down and it just kind of,doesnt stick I can really easily slide,my finger under there so this is about,as good as it gets and then what happens,is when the dogs run and they play they,push it up again and it just,straight up so so that is the worse edge,now Im going to show you something,interesting because thats the worst,edge and we over here its pretty much,no curling right here this is really,really good,theres no curling here thats kind of,ideally how we would like to see the rug,all the way around and really no curling,going on here its nice and flat so,question is whats causing this curling,right here right so that kind of begs,the question what causes the ruggable,rug the curl right because its not,happening on all the edges you would,think if it was just the product that it,might happen all around but its not,its only happening well at least for,that new rug anyway that we have not,washed its only happening kind of on,one main edge I will say with the other,rug that we have had for a longer time,you can pretty clearly see that it is,eventually happening everywhere so its,causing it so my personal opinion is,that I think the dogs playing on the,rugs back and forth has a lot to do with,where the curling is caused okay so what,I think happens is I think when theyre,moving at a high speed high intensity,they are kicking the ru

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What I wish I knew before buying my RUGGABLE || My Honest Review

hi everyone my name is lizzy,welcome to my channel and today were,going to be talking about,my ruggable review so i did a lot of,research when we first bought our house,and decided i have two german shepherds,so i figured,it would be beneficial for me to have a,rug,that i could throw in the washer and,that was kind of,what triggered me to research rugs and,i knew i needed rugs for the slippery,floor for them but also to make it a,little bit more homey,and so i figured i would start my,research and,my research led me to ruggable as many,of you may know theyre extremely,popular,and have been kind of on the rise and um,theyre sold towards,pets owners and parents because,kids are messy too so so i have,both my doggos in here,to help you guys understand the amount,of,hair and wear and tear i didnt mean for,that to find,so first things first were going to get,into,kind of how they work and what i have,and then im going to talk to you guys,about the pros and cons,and just kind of give you guys the,details if you have any questions below,im happy to answer so just comment and,well jump in,so im going to put my overall rating,at the end so stay tuned ive got three,ruggables three different sizes,and the first one that ive got is this,one that im actually on,and it is a 9×12 and it is called,the cameron coral and its one of their,best sellers,i honestly picked it because it goes so,well with my,couch and the pillows that i had already,chosen so,i was excited um it kind of tied,everything in,and so that was one of the main reasons,that i picked it,so okay bye athena and anyway i love,this rug i think that,it ties the room together as you can,kind of see this room is pretty big,so it helps tie the room together makes,it a little bit more homey,then the second rug that i have ill,show you guys,here and it is the,thalia black and it is the six foot,round so the reason that i got that one,is for my,entrance entryway and you may have,recognized it it was in my first video,on how to decorate your entryway,and i love it for my entryway it takes,up the perfect amount of space im,pre-measured obviously definitely,pre-measure before you order these rugs,all right so the second rug that i have,is,the marlharas cream rug,ill put that here and it is the,two and a half by 10 foot runner,and it is awesome love that one it is,more muted,i chose that one just because it was,going in a hallway and so,it works perfect well talk about that,more later,okay so lets get into a little bit of,the nitty-gritty with ruggables im,gonna go through some pros and some cons,all right so first things first a pro,obviously you can wash it which is,incredible,weve had accidents whether its guest,spilling things whether its,dog accidents anything you name it,we have actually thrown the biggest one,this bad boy im on,in the washer and its done amazing and,so,weve had it for about six months now,and,im really impressed it has held up and,it comes out looking brand new,so huge prep so the second pro that ive,got,is that it doesnt hold on to hair so,earlier i mentioned i have two german,shepherds so,as you know you may be able to see one,of them hes right here,you may be able to see him i dont know,but they shed,they shed so much so much and so i love,them,theyre my children but um i dont love,the hair,and one thing i love about these rugs is,they come clean,they uh they dont cling to the hair so,theyre i guess i should say the hair,doesnt cling to them,so essentially what i mean by that is,that,when i vacuum them or when i wash them,theyre the perfect material that does,not,keep hair in them where if youve kind,of seen like if you get a rug from,marshalls,and theyre plush and theyre great and,you know theyre comfy,they hold all hair and dirt,and crap and so those really arent,beneficial for me,with dog hair of any type theyve never,been good,short hair long hair anything so i love,that this material,does not clean the hair,the next pro is probably my favorite um,i dont know if any of you guys have,bought rugs before but the number one,thing that annoys me about a rug,is that it slides everywhere and when,you have pets,probably children too they slide i mean,its nuts you cant keep them in one,solid place i remember we bought rugs,from like target or home goods or,something and as theyre,very cute they slide everywhere and,its whether its theyre sliding out,from my feet or theyre sliding out,anywhere they move so the best thing one,of my favorite things about ruggables is,that,the mat and im going to show you that,later it just grips the floor,and they never budge so its amazing,for kids dogs heck even me when,im just clumsy so it is awesome for,that,all right so lastly i think uh the last,pro,it would be that it comes in so many,colors sizes,patterns everything please excuse teddy,but it comes in all sorts of colors,sizes,patterns shapes everything that you can,imagine to pick from,and its just so nice to be able to pick,something theres got to be something on,this website that will go with your,decor,so i would definitely encourage you im,going to put their link down below,i am not affiliated with them in any way,so i dont get any of these proceeds im,just trying to,help somebody else out if theyve got,kids dogs or,maybe theyre just messy like me lets,move on to some of the cons okay,so a couple of cons is that theyre a,little bit pricier i,noticed it myself i saw that in some of,the reviews,i kind of caused me hesitate a little,bit,but they do have a promotion where you,can save,a percent whenever you just kind of sign,up that initial that a lot of websites,do that initial percent,off that will help offset it i do,really believe that this is something,that would be worth your investment,because they have held up and they are,so durable,i mean i i really do i think that they,lived up to,my expectations,secondly the big downside to ruggables,is that,they are not plush i read that in some,of the reviews and i kind of,thought well thats okay im not going,necessarily for,all that comfort as i am them to,make the place homey but also to give,them,as you can see a place to lay because,they love laying on rugs,so i didnt really need it to be super,plush,but i do feel like its a necessary,thing for me to include,as a con because theyve got two options,because,it comes with a pad so theres like the,rug and then it attaches to a pad,i like that it does that because i think,thats what keeps it from moving,but its not super cushy,they have a cushy pad which we actually,got under this one,but i truly dont believe its super,cushy,um and so i just want to say that as a,warning for you,if you want to get a ruggable i got them,for i love the patterns i loved the,durability,and the ease of being able to throw them,in my washer,so those are my cons now lets jump to,actually showing you guys how i put them,on,because its kind of confusing when they,come apart,all right so here is what its going to,come in,and its going to be all rolled up and,as you can see i already have the black,mat laid out where i want it and what,youre going to do is youre going to,take the rolled up,rug and youre gonna smooth it so it,acts as velcro,as you can kind of see im smoothing it,out,and what you want to do is you just want,to make sure its as smooth as possible,because,that black pad grips,to the rug and again the pad is what,makes it not move,but it needs to be velcroed securely so,you want to smooth out all those,surfaces,okay so overall,i give ruggable drumroll please,4.8 stars overall,they have a couple cons but all in all,out of five stars,im gonna give it a 4.8 so thanks so,much for watching hit subscribe below,for more home decor tips

HOW TO FIX RUGGABLE CURLING | We finally found a solution!

I truly never thought I was gonna be,making this video I know I said I was,gonna give you guys the final ruggable,update with the last video but something,pretty major has happened we have,finally found a cure or a fix to the,ruggable curling problem which is a huge,game changer so I would be remiss if I,didnt update you guys on this kind of,changes a lot of things for us and we,are sold on ruggable once again,you guys might hate me because the,solution is so simple I know you guys,are sick of ruggable videos and frankly,Im tired of posting them too but I,wanted you guys to have this solution,because it is huge and we love our,rebels once again in fact I dont think,Im getting anything else from here on,out because the fix is so simple we,didnt tie anything down we didnt stick,anything down basically its a little,bit of maintenance I do every couple,weeks but check this out that is a,ruggable rug remember how bad it was,curling before it looks pretty good now,so if you guys havent already watched,our videos on ruggable you might be a,little bit confused so you can always go,back and watch those are brutally honest,ruggable review and a few ruggable,updates I posted since then basically,one of the biggest problems we noticed,with ruggable is that we saw the long,edges curling up so it wasnt really,just that it was the corners it was all,along the edges and in the most recent,video the final ruggable update I showed,you guys why I think thats happening,and it happens to some people it doesnt,happen to others basically with us I,think it was because our dogs were,playing they were sliding their feet,underneath the mat when they would slide,the home base and they would kind of,fold it upwards and then there would be,a curl and the rug not to mention that I,think the rugs are kind of prone to,curling a little bit in the first place,so after I posted that video I actually,got another message from ruggable and,they sent us an actual totally new free,set which was really really generous and,I have to say before I go any further,that ruggable has been really really,really nice to deal with this whole time,I cant even stress to you guys how kind,and how accommodating really theyve,just been very generous with us so thank,you ruggable,have been a fantastic company to work,with and to deal with even though were,not doing sponsored posts they really,are invested in how people see their,product and just making sure that their,products work well so they actually,reached out and they knew it was the,last video I was gonna post but they,kind of said here have another rug and,mat because they put these corner pieces,in to prevent the corners from curling a,little bit which is something that they,implemented after we posted our first,video where we were talking about the,curling a little bit and we hadnt tried,that solution yet so frankly I havent,had this new rug thats this black and,white one here I havent had this new,rug for long enough to know whether or,not the corner additions are working,basically it looks like it just makes it,a little bit thicker so theyre less,likely to curl on the corners so far so,good if you guys been following along,you know that in our experience we kind,of notice that curly usually around six,to eight months is when it starts so I,cant say for sure if thats gonna fix,the problem not again so far so good,and really huge props to ruggable for,listening to feedback and trying to come,up with a solution Im hoping that that,makes a difference for the curling even,if it doesnt heres what Im excited to,tell you guys about again if youve been,following along you know that Im not,gonna put anything sticky on the floor,right now some people are saying put it,on the underlayment not on the floor you,guys should see how fast my dogs run,like theres some power behind them any,kind of tape is gonna come up again and,its just not something Im looking to,fiddle with on the first video we posted,someone actually commented something,about a steam mop and I had tried the,steam mops the guys saw the most recent,update is that it kind of released it,for 24 hours it would be less curly but,basically I just think I wasnt doing it,right so we have actually found that the,steam mop creates a solution thatll,last like that for two weeks when used,correctly so before I was kind of,passing it over and using it like an,iron and I have tried ironing the rugs,by the way but it has to be used a lot,more slowly than you might think so Im,gonna show you guys some footage of how,I use the steam up on the ruggable,basically I take it over the edges,really really slowly even when it was,curling up a lot like I mean a lot if,you remember from those past videos I,would really,taking it really really slow this is,gonna sound bad but almost soaking the,rug with the hot water not completely,soaking it but it would get pretty wet,from the amount of steam that was going,through there I would do like three or,four passes to break the most intense,curling and when I took it that much,slower like that you guys it made a,world of a difference so instead of just,mostly suppressing the curl for 24 hours,if Ive used it like an iron when I,really got it soaking wet with that hot,steam that hot water what happened is it,actually flattened the rug Im talking,for days if not weeks so since we mop,our house we vacuum and mop like once or,twice a week now thats just part of my,cleaning routine I dont let it get to,the point of a really intense curl,anymore so when I do it every week even,every two weeks sometimes Ill notice,those edges starting to lift up which is,what Ill show you guys but then I just,take that floor steamer over the edges,really slow really let that hot water,and steam sink in and what do you know I,mean we have flat rug full rugs which I,never thought we would again the curling,isnt a problem for everybody,I think its a problem for people with,more active pets or maybe more active,kids so thats definitely kind of the,demographic I think that ruggable,attracts so I think it is important to,have a fix that being said after dealing,with the company I mean we had already,really liked communicating with ruggable,really felt like they were very generous,and really interested in having the best,product they could we already felt,really good about their team and about,their company and I know thats,something I talked about way back in the,first review where there were kind of,some mixed reviews on the customer,service obviously I know it can be,different when you have a YouTube,channel and when you have a following,but I have to say the person that I was,talking to was so respectful and so,genuine and so friendly so we dont,doubt anymore at all that ruggable as a,company is really interested in having,the best possible product and listening,to feedback doing what they can but as,far as this curling goes we started,using the floor steamer in this way and,seeing this success probably actually it,was before the quarantine started so,about 6 weeks ago and so far so good Im,honestly kind of amazing this been,working as well like I said I know,ever expected to find a solution so huge,huge props to that person on the first,video who suggested the floor steamer,because for whatever reason its nothing,like the iron the iron didnt even make,the tiniest dent in improving the curls,so we actually have a whole another,video on using the floor steamer on our,hardwood floors and how that has worked,for us personally so you guys want you,can check that out as well but what I,would really really love is if you guys,who have a floor steamer and who have a,ruggable that might be curling if you,can leave a comment below your,experience and Im talking really,getting that taking that steamer over,the edges nice and slow I would love,love love to hear that other people are,having success with this method – I,dont think were a weird,one-in-a-million case because it has,been working so well so long and

Ruggable Review: Testing the washable rug

hi everybody Im Tiffany and thank you,for clicking on this video before we get,started will you subscribe go down there,hit the subscribe button and while,youre there,ring my bell so you can get notified,whenever we post a video about a product,that were testing todays product is,the ruggable if you ever heard of this,its a rub that can be machine washed it,comes in a variety of sizes up to an 8,by 10 and these things go in your,washing machine I have one that I,ordered ok so this is it its the 3 by 5,I got the 3 by 5 just to be sure it,would fit in the washing machine and it,does and the other reason I got this,particular design is because its light,enough that if we got a stain or,something on it which we do youll,actually be able to see it but it also,has some pretty distinct colors because,I wanted to see if they were going to,fade or bleed we recruited help from,Hilary Graham a friend of mine and,together we got kind of messy with the,rug watch were unboxing the washable,rug it is the new rattleball with Hilary,Graham like it its a two-piece system a,rug cover attaches to a pad so its like,one big giant velcro but theres also,specific velcro corner pieces but it,takes some practice,definitely two-person job now comes the,fun dirt imagine kids and next Hilary,spilled some coffee,here come the condiments do we need some,mustard after wiping off what we can,write our rugs going into the washer,its only an eighth of an inch thick,thats in there no problem all right,lets start the rugs are waterproof and,stain resistant so the washer is done,lets see how it turned out but as,hilary pulls it out though mustard it,doesnt pass our extreme test ketchup,mustard i see the dirt on this side dirt,over here so I take the ruggable home,later I have pre treated the ketchup and,the mustard this time the rub comes out,looking like news back with Hillary we,talk price the total for bottom and top,ninety nine dollars,oh thats cheap especially for the,convenience of being able to clean you,get to select what you want and really,kind of customize it but remember the,struggle attaching the top and bottom at,the beginning thats the reason Hillary,says Im a little off you wont find a,ruggable Im like an inch over at her,house,in the end hillary was just not a fan of,the ruggable and it was because of the,way it attaches it really is like a,piece of velcro on the bottom this pad,on the bottom is really like velcro and,you have to attach the top so she just,didnt have the patience for it and that,and I get that because for me it was,kind of tricky as well but once you do,get it all smoothed out and you work,through your OCD with making sure there,are no wrinkles it does the job and it,does it well and the fact that we got,all kinds of stuff all over this thing,and the second wash with spot remover,got this thing looking as good as new,its something to consider I dont think,Im gonna run out and buy one but if I,am in the market for one I will,seriously give this some thought,if I find a pattern or a color that I,really really like

Ruggable Review | Everything you need to know before buying a Ruggable

spoiler alert,yes,im brienne mom to many desert dweller,and reckless renovator i sometimes nail,it the first time i often get in over my,head but i never regret,fostering design,lets talk about rugs specifically,ruggables this video is not sponsored i,bought all of these drugs with my own,money and lets figure out if you should,do the same thing if youre not familiar,with ruggables the idea is that its a,two-piece system one part stays on the,floor and the other part comes on and,off and you can wash it just for,reference i bought indoor rugs,on a classic pad,ive had my rugs for about five months,now and heres what i learned theres,some things i love and some things that,ill just live with because i love clean,rugs,first thing of course its the fact that,i can throw it in the washer,i use a little green machine to clean,the rug thats in front of our garage,door,now this rug has not been cleaned for,probably five months,a little embarrassed by that,and this is what came out now i dont,know about you but i dont want that,dirt taking up residence in my house i,have enough small children doing that,and for curiositys sake i wanted to see,how stain resistant these rugs are can i,put one under my dining table or would,it be easier just to,throw my money in the garbage,i gathered together all my arch nemesis,nemesis,nemesis,and then i let them sit for 24 hours,because you know your three-year-old is,not going to come get you when he,spilled kool-aid on the rug,hes gonna go to the sofa grab your nice,throw pillow,and cover it up after 24 hours i washed,it and here it is theres a little bit,of kool-aid and a little bit of,chocolate stain i could probably get it,out by pre-treating it another thing i,like that they stay put,where i put them so one thing i like,about them is how they feel they have a,nice chanel feel to them theres no nap,to grab on and trap all those little,crumbs and fish crackers,theyre flat,printed rugs theres a variety of styles,and colors and patterns and all the,things,the thing i dislike the most is that,theyre a little bit frumpy theyre just,not as heavy,and they dont lay completely flat like,a traditional rug and after you vacuum,theres some lumps where the pad and the,rug have come apart now i gathered a,bunch of different kinds of vacuums,because,i have trouble vacuuming these,the stick vac did the best,the upright did the next best and,anything with,really heavy duty or strong suction just,pick those things up like a flying,carpet as much as i love the rubber,backing for not moving on my floor it,also traps crumbs and dirt and cleaned,as well i do this simply vacuuming it,another thing that im willing to live,with is a little bit of fading after,washes but i did,wash on warm which is not recommended so,it might be my fault heres a comparison,of a dirty rug a brand new rug and a rug,that has been washed two times you can,see that the rug definitely did its job,and caught all the dirt and grime and,you see that the washed rug has faded,from its original coloring another wear,and tear issue that ruggable has is,slight pilling on the binding of the,edges another thing to consider when,purchasing these rugs is their return,policy at the time of this video a 25,processing fee per rug if you end up not,liking the pattern and wanting to return,it for me any of the problematic issues,with ruggable are overshadowed by the,fact that i can throw them in my washer,and always have clean fresh rugs thanks,for watching this review of ruggable,rugs and i hoped it helped you make your,decision

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