1. Rustoleum Rust Reformer Review
  2. MOST Rust Converters Are A JOKE! Let Me Show You. (Eastwood, KBS, Corroseal, Ospho & More)
  3. Best Rust Converter? POR-15, Eastwood, Rust-oleum Rust Reformer, Gemplers
  4. Rust Reformer vs Primer on Rust
  5. Revisited: Rust Reformer vs Primer on Rust Part 2 – One Year Later
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  7. Rustoleum Frame Paint 2 year Review

Rustoleum Rust Reformer Review

hey there youtube aj here,and i got a project little project today,im going to be taking,this old tractor seat that i garbage,picked,im going to be using it to make a stool,for my workbench in my garage,im going to be trying out a product,ive never used before,its a rust-oleum rust reformer,and its to convert rust to a paintable,surface,and and then,paint it with another type of paint,now ive used a lot of rust-oleum,products before and im generally very,happy with them i like using them ive,never used their rust reformer before,though this tractor sheets pretty rusty,so one of the reasons i want to try this,one out is,to see how it works,for potential use of my hot rod project,this is a nice easy little project i can,try it out the seats pretty rusty,so i think itll be a good test for it,plus i get i another reason i want to do,this test is i want to try another paint,out for the color to see if i want to,use that on my hot rod wheels,anyway,instructions are pretty simple it says,to wire brush everything down,get all the loose stuff off,and then,uh since the wash it with soap and water,and let it dry before you use it so,lets see what happens,so uh give you a look at what it looks,like before i start,heres the,seat bolts theyre pretty rusty,i dont know how hard it is going to be,to see those but,apparently this was a green color at one,point,yeah,you can see the,you see the green up here on the,seat,its pretty rusty,the cracks down in there is what im,kind of worried about in here theres a,lot of grime in there i cant take this,plate off without,undoing the spot welds so were just,gonna let it go and do our best to get,in it and well just paint over whats,left,this isnt in restoration,[Music],[Applause],[Music],okay so before we uh wash it and then,paint it,with the rust performer first thing,were going to do is kind of get some,video evidence of what it looked like,before,i tried to make,different amounts of surface prep across,the whole thing,so i could kind of see how it performs,with how much prep you actually need you,saw i was wire brushing some parts i was,using my uh four inch grinder four and a,half inch grinder with a wire wheel on,it for some parts,you can see i dont know if you can see,in there but its a lot more crusty in,the in the uh where the two pieces meet,i just cant get in there to,to clean that very well at all,and then we turn it over,on the seat side,you can see some areas actually have,bare metal,some areas still have some of the,original paint on it but its smoothed,up with the wire wheel,so i think its going to be a,pretty diverse sample here for me to,look at,then i also,wire wheeled the original nut,carriage bolt for the seat,locking washer,and the um,big flat washer you can see one side of,this was pretty pitted,the other side still hasnt still had,original paint on it so,were gonna hose this stuff down im not,gonna use soap i dont have soap,i do have some place probably but im,not going to go through that much effort,again,this may not be a completely fair test,because im not following their,instructions to the letter,but well um i think its going to be a,reasonable test for,the way a lot of people are going to use,this thing,so lets wash this off,and get it drying,[Music],okay so post roots,got everything,sit out here in the sun to let it dry,got my hardware pieces over here,drying so well come back a hour or so,and see how were doing,[Music],okay so i think i got it dried enough,here,i am kind of worried about downing that,crevice between the plate and seat,itself,its really crusty in there,im just gonna,slather in a bunch of paint and hope for,the best on that part,but uh,yeah the rest of it,looks pretty good i think,good for the test,and then i got,the hardware over here,all the original old hardware so i want,to try to reuse that,so,gonna break out the paint and,see what happens,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],it seems to cover very nicely,i like the way it goes on,seems to flash off pretty quickly to a,flat black,looks almost dry,[Music],so you can see,i mean the already looks kind of dry it,doesnt look wet at all i havent,touched it or anything,covers very nice,[Music],now in terms of how much coverage you,get out of the can i dont know,im going to give these a chance to,flash and then well flip them and,paint the other sides,basically going to be using this as a,primer,[Music],yeah it doesnt feel it doesnt feel,tacky,kind of like that something you can move,quickly,[Music],and this is not a precision,uh,project,[Music],i guess i could talk about the price of,this uh three cans,[Music],uh ten and a quarter ounce cans so,theyre kind of small cans,i feel like ive used,a half to,two-thirds of it so far i dont know if,thats accurate or not but thats what,kind of feels like,anyway three cans 10 and a quarter ounce,cans,was like 18.50,i bought them in a three pack off amazon,ill put the link in the description,see there im covering,pretty much bare metal,[Music],supposedly,i was reading the,some information on this the system they,use on this can,to uh spray with,is designed to spray at all angles,upside down included so,its kind of a nice feature when youre,working with something like this,here in the future,if im using if i like how this works,out,ill probably be using a lot of this,on the hot rod project,which means i could be like laying on,the ground,painting upwards,being able to spray at all angles would,be a comfortable uh thing,all right,i think im gonna let it go with that,supposed to let it dry for 24 hours,after 24 hours you can top coat it so,gonna let this dry and well come back,tomorrow and paint this okay so its,been 24 hours,yeah everythings dried,i like the feel of the texture,seems to have covered very well,looking at the,bolts,even the threads are painted without,like filling up the threads with paint,so thats nice,the seat is really pitted,so thats not the texture of the paint,that you see there that pebbling thats,just the pits and the rust,its pretty smooth right here,lets see where,you can see i like this edge here,that was a pretty smooth edge almost,bare metal i think around this part here,so yeah it doesnt add any kind of,texture to the metal,so overall im very happy with it i like,it,i guess the next step is to uh,top coat it and see how it works with,other paints,ill be using this rust-oleum,painters touch,two times ultra cover paint and primer,also bonds to plastic,it says gloss real orange,but the cap isnt really glossy or,anything,i kind of want to test this out just to,see how it looks i think its going to,be too orange for what i wanted for,but uh,well see after it dries because paints,tend to dry different colors and,the caps and the cans look,its really until you do an actual spray,out with them its kind of hard to tell,what their true color is,[Music],so far im not really impressed with the,uh,rust-oleum painters touch its first,time ive used this,i only had like a half a can it wasnt a,new can,um,i honestly dont remember where i got,that can from or,if i used it on something oh i remember,using this before,the color,isnt too bad its a little too bright,for what i want so its not what i wont,be using it for my wheels and my heart,rod,but the coverage is not good at all i,just like laid on a lot of paint i can,still see spots through this it doesnt,spray evenly the pattern,isnt good,coming out of the can,so im not impressed with that stuff,so i dont even know if im going to,have enough to paint the other side once,the stress,and like i said the bottom is not even,you can still see,blotchy spots in this,its good enough for what im doing here,but,im not thinking id want to use this,for,a project i really,wanted to do something a nice coat of,paint on,[Applause],okay well,the painters touch paint is dry,but my opinion of the paint doesnt,change i hate it the way it coats the,how thin it is the way it covers it runs,it doesnt cover well and it takes way,too much of a can of paint to co

MOST Rust Converters Are A JOKE! Let Me Show You. (Eastwood, KBS, Corroseal, Ospho & More)

whats going on guys today were talking,about rust converters and specifically,why most of them are a complete joke,let me explain,[Music],so those of you that have followed my,channel for any length of time know that,i am a big believer in fluid film wool,wax blaster surface shield,those undercoating products for your car,and,one of the common questions that i get,is my car has existing surface rust on,it should i treat it with some sort of,rust converter and then spray the,undercoating on top of it now me never,having used any of these rust converter,products i really didnt have a good,answer so it was in my best interest to,educate myself as to how these products,perform what works what doesnt and what,you should use,um so i subjected all these products to,some testing and were gonna go over the,results that testing in this video,spoiler alert,the vast majority of these products guys,there is no way that i would use them,so the way that i perform my testing is,each product has its own test panel,each panel is the exact same material,and what i did was i created my own rust,on each test panel each test panel has,the exact same amount of rust on it,what i did was i took each test panel,and i sprayed it with a mixture of,vinegar salt and hydrogen peroxide i mix,everything together put it in a spray,bottle,spray each test panel with it let it sit,and dry overnight,so each test panel has the exact same,amount of rust on it,the rust was formed the exact same way,then what i did after i let everything,dry,was,i coated each test panel with each,product now i coated it in accordance,with the manufacturers instructions,thats written on the back of the can or,bottle,waited 48 hours and then i started doing,my testing,my best friend,is literally a coatings chemist,so what they do on a daily basis is,literally develop paint polyurethane,floor coatings exterior coatings,interior coatings as far as,paints and you know whatever you would,have around your house or on your car or,anything like that they literally their,job revolves around paint and coatings,what im dealing with here,so what they suggested,was,an adhesion test using,astm method d,3359-09,so my adhesion test is loosely based on,that astm method its not going to be,exact but that is what my adhesion test,is based on i also then ran a chip test,using a four pound steel ball,drop from four and a half feet onto each,test panel to simulate a chip or a large,impact,the next thing that i tested was,actually flexibility so i took each test,panel put it in my bench vise and then,bent it,once the product cracked i stopped,bending it,and we can get a good visual,representation as to how flexible each,coating is,the last thing that were gonna test is,ultimately whats most important and,that is,does it actually convert rust,so were gonna you know chip some of the,coating back look underneath the coating,and see if theres actually still rust,underneath the coating or did it,actually convert rust,like its supposed to,so im going to bring you guys closer to,the bench here behind me,were going to go over each product,individually but i have them broken down,into three different groups uh the,aerosols the brush-ons and then the,phosphoric acid products well go over,each product individually and ill show,you what i would actually recommend,spoiler alert its not much,so taking a look here these are the,three aerosol products that i tested now,starting over here in third place its,going to be the kbs rust converter and,if you guys take a look here as you can,see the the adhesion wasnt that great,what was left underneath the product,theres still a fair amount of rust,underneath the product the chip testing,the results of the chip testing were,marginal at best,and as far as the flexibility i got just,under 90 degrees on the test panel,before it cracked and flaked off so,that would be my last choice for rust,converter in all honesty guys i dont,even know this is a rust converter even,though it says it is on the can,um the msds or the sds sheet doesnt,show any acids in it,so i dont know if its actually a rust,converter or just some some sort of,primer with rust converter written on,the can,it is like 17 a can and the for the,performance that you get out of it its,absolute garbage,next product were going to talk about,here is going to be eastwood rust,converter so this is going to be second,place out of,the aerosol products as you can see the,adhesion testing again really was not,all that great the chip testing did okay,um the flexibility on the product was,actually really good um i could bend the,test panel 180 degrees before it flaked,off here on the edge,as far as the conversion of rust out of,any product that i tested,especially with the aerosols the,eastwood by far did the best at actually,converting the rust into,iron oxide into iron phosphate,now,the one thing i will say about the,eastwood product is if you have any,existing paint,that is on the surface if you spray this,eastwood product on top of paint,the eastwood product will not dry on top,of paint,so you have to remember all of these,products are designed to be top coated,so if you spray this over top of,existing paint,the eastwood product does not dry,therefore,any paint you spray over top of that,is not going to stick either,so,the surface that youre dealing with has,to be 100 rust like what they show on,the can,for this eastwood product to work,correctly,the last product were going to talk,about here in first place for the,aerosols is actually going to be the vht,now the vht,really did about as good as it gets as,far as adhesion and the chip testing and,the flexibility now as you can see,hardly any came off on the adhesion test,chip testing,nothing came off and as far as,flexibility i was able to bend the test,panel 180 degrees and nothing came off,now the one downside i do have to the,vht is i dont know how well it actually,converts rust,because if you look in some of these,little spots here on the test panel,theres still rust underneath the,underneath the coating so how well it,actually converts rust im really not,that sure but at any rate it does bond,extremely well to the uh to the surface,that you spray it on and it is extremely,flexible,so taking a look here these next three,products that im talking about these,are all brush on products so i have the,rust-oleum rust deformer loctite extend,rust neutralizer and probably the most,highly requested product that i get the,most questions about,is going to be core of seal,so taking the look at the three test,panels i have here this one is the,rust-oleum,the bond strength was terrible the chip,resistance was terrible the flexibility,was about on par with the kbs,all in all,its a its just a crap product,taking a look at the loctite,rust neutralizer pretty much the exact,same performance the only difference is,the loctite is more flexible i was able,to get a full 180 degree bend out of the,test panel without any flaking or,chipping,but as far as the bond with the surface,and the chip resistance again,absolutely terrible,taking a look at the chorus seal core,seal,the bond was a little bit better than,the loctite or the uh the rust-oleum,but,the chip resistance was better,it did flake a little bit here along the,edge but strictly based off the fact,that none of these products bonded that,well with the surface,i cant consciously recommend any one of,them,the way all these products are designed,to work is all of these products are,designed to be a primer for some sort of,paint so each one of these products is,designed to be top coated,my issue with each one of these products,is the fact that they do not bond that,well with the substrate so if you top,coat any one of these products with some,sort of paint,adhesion failure is going to occur,between the primer and the substrate,they may work well between the primer,and the paint but chances are,the top coat is going to fail because,the primer failed,i cant in good consci

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Best Rust Converter? POR-15, Eastwood, Rust-oleum Rust Reformer, Gemplers

have you ever tried to deal with rust on,an object only to see the rust return,after a few months or a few years the,question is can rust encapsulators or,rust converters permanently stop the,rust today well be testing eight,different brands to see which brand is,the best well see which brand does the,best job at preventing rust then well,see which one does the best job,protecting against rock chips well see,which one is the most scratch resistant,then well see which one provides the,best adhesion to metal the least,expensive product well be testing is,definitely not a rust converter but,rather a spray paint which well be,using as a control at only four dollars,for this 12 ounce can or 33 cents an,ounce is this rust-oleum 2x rust-oleum,2x claims to be both a paint as well as,a primer the rust-oleum 2x is made in,usa remove loose paint and rust with the,wire brush or sandpaper the metal for,the testing all came from the same old,rusty frame the instructions of several,the products worn against removing all,rust since most of the products dont,work without the presence of rust and,will not work on bare metal,i cut out 27 pieces that are five inches,in width this allows for three test,pieces for each product,were just about ready to begin applying,the products the final step is to clean,all the test pieces with brake parts,cleaner shake can vigorously for one,minute after mixing ball begins to,rattle shake can often during use hold,can upright 10 to 16 inches from surface,and spray in steady back and forth,motion apply two or more light coats a,few minutes apart after a few minutes i,applied a second coat of rust-oleum 2x,at a price of only five dollars for,10.25 ounces or 49 cents per ounce is,this rust-oleum rust reformer stops rust,instantly converts rust the rust-oleum,is made in usa shake can vigorously for,one minute after a ball begins to rattle,keep the can in motion while spraying,the applied surface will turn black one,coat is sufficient at a price of 17,dollars for 32 ounces or 53 cents per,ounce is this rust cutter it claims to,stop rust were going to test that rust,cutter stops the oxidation process to,prevent further rusting the rust cutter,is made in usa before using rust cutter,clean the area to be treated so that is,free from oils grease and grime remove,any loose paint or rust with a wire,brush or sandpaper do not grind to bare,metal apply rust cutter to area and,allow to dry at a price of ten dollars,for 10.25 ounces or 98 cents per ounce,is this permatex rust treatment destroys,rust on contact assembled in usa with,u.s or global components spray a thin,coat on a rusted surface eight to ten,inches away until surface is lightly or,evenly coated apply two to three thin,coats final application should dry to a,black finish i applied a second coat of,permatex about a minute after the first,coat at a price of fourteen dollars for,ten point two five ounces or a dollar,thirty seven cents per ounce is this vht,rust converter sandable for a smooth,even finish ideal for rocker panels,paint blisters and all metal surfaces,the vht is made in usa prepare surface,by removing loose paint dirt rust grease,and wax remove as much rust scale as,possible using 50 grit sandpaper or wire,brush to spray hold can parallel and 8,to 10 inches from surface to be coated,and use an even sweeping motion apply,two to three light coats i applied a,second coat of vht about a minute after,the first coat at a price of 18 for 13,ounces or a dollar 38 per ounce is this,gemplers aerosol rust converter,chemically converts rust to an inert,protective barrier that can be painted,over the gemplers is made in usa hold,can 8 to 12 inches from surface and,spray a thin coat onto the surface after,the surface is dried apply a second thin,coat at a price of sixteen dollars for,eight ounces or two dollars per ounce is,this plastic coat rust converter,transforms rust into a protected,paintable surface remove loose rust and,paint flakes using a wire brush or,sanding apply rust converter directly to,the rusted area and brush on evenly,at a price of thirty dollars for fifteen,ounces or two dollars per ounce is this,eastwood rust encapsulator applied,directly over surface rust topcoat with,almost any paint or use as a top coat,prevents rust from spreading ensure the,surface is free from all loose rust,scale and paint hold can 10 to 12 inches,from surface and apply medium coat to,ensure maximum adhesion overlapping,surrounding paint by at least one and a,quarter inches the eastwood is made in,usa after two hours i applied a second,coat of eastwood rust encapsulator and,the most expensive product well be,testing at 33 dollars for 16 ounce or,two dollars and six cents per ounce is,this por-15 seals rust permanently,professional use only no need to remove,rust before applying we know what,permanent means por-15 is the only,product that really stops rust,permanently por 15 drives to a rock-hard,non-porous finish that wont chip crack,or peel it prevents rust from occurring,by protecting metal from further,exposure to moisture the por-15 is made,in usa after several hours i applied a,second coat of por 15. all the products,have had 24 hours to cure but im allow,several more days for each of the,products to fully cure before exposing,the test pieces to the elements to avoid,confusion i went ahead and labeled each,of the test pieces its been right at,four days since i applied each of the,products so for one of the test panels,on each brand im gonna go ahead and use,some rust-oleum 2x apply two coats and,then well put each of these panels to,the test since applying rust-oleum 2x to,one-third of the test panels ive,allowed the paint to cure for 72 hours,ill apply a very aggressive rusting,agent which consists of hydrogen,peroxide vinegar and salt im also going,to place the panels outside where they,can be exposed to the elements its been,right at 60 days since the testing began,on these panels and theres already a,huge difference between the brands so,lets take a closer look all the panels,were kept outside it exposed the,elements in addition to exposure to the,elements only the top two panels,experienced hydrogen peroxide vinegar,and salt five different times heres how,the rust cutter panel looked before,exposure to the elements coming in ninth,place is rust cutter after only 60 days,theres quite a bit of rust thats,formed on all the panels even though the,bottom panel did not experience any,corrosive agents you can see theres,still some rust the gemplers provided a,pretty nice finish before exposure to,the elements finishing in eighth place,is the gemplers unfortunately guppers,experience quite a bit of rust,especially on the two panels that,experience the hydrogen peroxide vinegar,and salt exposure and even the panel,that did not experience the hydrogen,peroxide vinegar and salt has quite a,bit of rust on it the appearance of the,plastic coat looks very similar to the,gemplers barely finishing ahead of the,gemplers is the plastic coat,unfortunately the plastic coat also,experienced quite a bit of rust,especially on the top two panels the,pallet was not exposed to hydrogen,peroxide vinegar and salt still has some,rust vht looks very similar to plastic,coat and texture and overall appearance,finishing in sixth place is the vht,unfortunately all three panels,experience quite a bit of rust,especially the bottom panel which did,not experience exposure to hydrogen,peroxide vinegar and salt the permatex,seems to have a less glossy finish than,most of the other products finishing in,fifth place is the permatex the permatex,actually did quite a bit better than the,other brands with regards to the top,panel however the middle and lower panel,did experience quite a bit of rust the,rust-oleum 2x has the most glossy,appearance of all the products tested i,have to admit im really surprised that,the least expensive product beat five,other brands the rust-oleum 2x actually,did fairly well the top two panels we

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Rust Reformer vs Primer on Rust

just for fun Ive got a rusty piece of,metal here its fitted pretty bad and,its pretty rusted its not just surface,for us it looks like this is painted at,one time but thats really in this area,all this looks like rust and its dirty,so what were going to do just because,Im curious is Ive got this rust,reformer and I bought I dont know what,I was it on I just figured Id check it,out and see what happened but were,going to check out this verse is just an,automobile primer over rust now its a,both rust-oleum so should be a pretty,pretty fair test I guess if you have,rust always you want to treat the rust,the best thing is to cut it out if you,cant cut it out then use something like,this so the poor 15 or something like,that dont just spray primer over it,because it wont go away itll just grow,underneath it and next thing you know,youll have holes and itll just be a,mess so per the instructions of this,preparation says remove loose paint and,rust with wire brush and sandpaper,lightly sand glossy surfaces thats fine,I got a wire brush clean with soap and,water,screw that and something about linen and,shape can bow lavage regular hey how you,see this break then Im just going to,brush it off with the wire brush a,little bit not going to do it back this,I was smart I just used my grinder with,a flat list,but were following the instructions,I think thats good enough,just to keep some kind of division and I,put a couple of a couple of strips of,this tape Id never find the end of it,that also give us a comparison to,untreated I dont have any wide tape but,this will work for what for what I want,it to,Im not going to take the cold panel,because useless,all right first well start with this,stuff its supposed to its called rust,reformer its supposed to change the,rust into a pretty much a primer surface,so you can paint over it if you want to,it doesnt say that you have to it just,says that you can its got a picture of,a metal chair like a yard yard chair so,lets see what happens Ill spray a,little bit of it already shaking it up,and thats good sit this comes right off,okay Im not going to put too thick of a,coat because I want to see what it does,I ended up painting the whole panel,anyway and I said I wouldnt but I dont,care about getting paint on the table so,lets spray just some primer on the new,side,I can tell you right now the Palmer,sprays a lot thicker than the rest,reformer,all right well you can definitely tell,color difference quartz cuz theyre two,different colors but well let this,rough reformer dry,of course we got our control,all right well let that dry well check,it out in a little while,all right its been about 25 30 minutes,of letting it dry the automobile primer,says that lets see it is primed,preparation priming dry and Rico Times,says dries to handle in 15 to 30 minutes,so were about at 30 minutes the rust,reformer actually says allow to dry for,24 hours so it doesnt even say anything,about dry to touch or anything like that,I will show you however at about the,same time they appear to be drying about,the same Im guessing that the 24 hours,is for the time it takes to actually,chemically react with the rust Im going,to show you a close-up now after 30,minutes and then Im gonna let it dry,overnight and then tomorrow about,lunchtime or something you know its,10:30 at night now about lunchtime,tomorrow Ill probably hit it with a,fold flat disc I have just to kind of,get some of it off and see kind of,whats underneath it and Ill record,that and funny enough Ill show you the,the ghetto selfie stick I took a picture,of it Ill put it in the video,I really need to make a mount for the,camera,so theres surface that the rust,reformer was sprayed on,you see its still pitted obviously,because I guess it doesnt feel that,good there is our control actually all,three of them right there,its like Neapolitan ice cream almost,and here is the primered surface over,rust,its kind of hard to hold the stick,still,all right so tomorrow,tomorrow well hit it with a flat disk,and see what happens see what we can,uncover you know I might as well show,you guys regular paint over rust not,primer or not rust reformer Ill show,you just regular paint what happens so I,said you always want to treat rust so,this is this is just a big spider web,that Travis made lets see we painted it,with that green paint no primer didnt,sand it prep it anything and you can see,the rust is actually coming through it,and that was it was only a few months,that we did that now right there in the,middle you can see its pretty good but,when you come down towards the edges you,know we only have one can so we actually,didnt get the coverage we want it,either but I think it still looks pretty,neat but just as a heads-up of what will,happen if you dont prep it and actually,put some type if you dont treat the,rust if you just put primer on it yeah,it will last a little bit longer but,youre still going to have the same,result all right well see you guys,tomorrow,all right its been about 12 hours since,we sprayed with rush reformer on that,side of the panel over rust versus just,regular automobile primer on that side,what Im going to do Im gonna take my,grinder and Im going to grind a little,bit with the flat disc and see if I can,uncover some rust without going too deep,well see what happens safety first,all right my initial,and prescence,now say you want to get up close I,applied the same amount of pressure,barely any on both sides and I did a,little more here in the middle just to,show you how rusted through it is my,first impressions is this this showed a,lot less rust,whenever I round it off whereas the,primer you know it went right back to,pretty much missed,now I still see a lot of rust in here of,course I didnt let it cure the full 24,hours either I dont know if it would,have reacted or not tell you what let me,show you guys for yourselves,take my mutant selfie stick out but my,boss calls a face II so theres the,primer as you can tell it came right,back theres our control and theres our,rust reformer area and the camera it,looks a lot more rusty so I dont know,if you can tell the difference,Ill let you guys judge,so does rust reformer work better does,it actually do anything different than,primer,I dont know anybody cares let me know,what you think well catch yall later,you

Revisited: Rust Reformer vs Primer on Rust Part 2 – One Year Later

[Music],welcome to the moment only a couple of,you have been waiting for this is rust,reformer versus primer on rust,part 2 the conclusion on a little,backstory first okay on May of 2016 I,posted a video just a little experiment,I did for myself I found a rust-oleum,rust reformer in the store and a home,depot I think it was and decided to give,it a shot so you know if see see if it,held up to any claims that you know it,prevented rust or stop the rust,and that one video alone back from May,2016 accounts for roughly 70% of my,channel views I did not expect that,video to take off I got a lot of good,feedback prompted me in October of 2016,to kind of redo the experiment a little,bit so thats what I did,that was your rust reformer versus,primer on rust part one,now after I set up the peace,which Ill put the link in the,description youre welcome to go down,and watch that video but Ill try to,explain things as we go here that is an,annoying motorcycle or whatever that is,Ill try to explain as we go along what,we did in case you havent seen the old,video Ive gotten a lot of new,subscribers in the year in the past year,that original video its got over a,hundred and ten thousand views which Im,lucky if any of my other videos Ive,ever posted since Ive been on YouTube,have gone over ten thousand so I dont,know what it was I guess I hit the,youtube lottery on that one its its,helped me out,so I appreciate that but,so October 6th is when I posted the,revisited video I did the test piece,I used rust reformer rust-oleum Russ,reformer rust-oleum Sanibel primer and,just some regular rust-oleum enamel and,I had a test piece I divided it in half,and one side I did no prep at all,the other side I prepped as far as with,the wire brush now theres no solution,there is no spray solution for rust that,that really works 100% the best way to,do it really is just to get rid of the,rust whether its its grinding it away,or replacing the the metal if its too,far gone but that wasnt really the,point of this test the point of this,test was more of a cheap and quick way,to maybe get a couple two three years,more out of something like for instance,that rusted through crappy dump trailer,that I welded on for hours which is,working great by the way,so the point of the test was not to fix,the rust really its its to see how,these products well mainly it was to see,if rust reformer held any held any juice,to its claims I think we got some,surprising results after I did the test,piece I set it out in the yard,I was a concrete slab in the yard but,its been in the Sun in the rain in the,Huracan a doze and you know I just when,I went to go get it a few minutes ago it,had dead grass clippings on it I mean it,it was subjected to quite a bit just as,you were to have anything sitting out in,the yard over a prolonged amount of time,so I can sit here and keep bumping my,gums about it or I can just show you,what happened,lets check it out,so heres our test piece I took it out,in the Sun that way we could see a,little bit better if you watch the first,video youll know this is a trailer,hitch bolt on trailer hitch that came,off of the Firebird twenty-five years,worth of rusting,so on this side,I hit it with a wire brush knocked all,the loose trust and scale off the middle,I didnt do anything to I left it as a,control and on the left side I didnt do,anything but throw paint on it so it,I painted right over that scaly rusty,crap and I think we got some interesting,results that we can conclude from this,but Ill get ate up by mosquitos all,right so here is your rust reformer on a,semi prepped surface as you can see,there are rough spots coming through,after its set for a year,for the enamel I think the enamel did a,little bit better I really dont see a,whole lot of rough spots coming back,through I see a few but thats it and,then the primer just the regular,sandable primer it did better than the,rest reformer but I dont think it did,as well as the enamel but not not by,much and if we move over to the non prep,side I didnt do anything but spray on,the products and look at that,that tells you one thing right there,when youre painting something if you,dont prep it it doesnt come out near,as well and lasts as long so thats the,unprepped side rust reformer you see all,the rust spots coming through the white,spots really accent it so youve got the,unprepped side versus this prep side so,you can see the difference the prep side,did better but now Im not sold on the,rust reformer now on the unprepped side,for the enamel pretty much the same,thing it did worse than the prep side,and when I say prepped again Im not,talking prepped like I took it down to,bare metal all I did was knock off the,loose rust and same with same story with,the primer,all right Ive been posting updates on,this on Instagram and also in the,comments of the the part 1 video and I,know a couple of you have been following,along waiting this was a one-year,experiment so wasnt anything that you,know we could we could hurry up and do,overnight or anything like that so lets,go back over to the truck and have a,little chat about the results alright,guys and girls so Im not sold on rest,reformer it actually did worse than the,primer and the regular just rust-oleum,enamel is it worth the extra money,for the rust reformer no I dont think,so like I said this has been a tenure or,not a tenure a one-year test of out in,the elements,and if I had to draw a conclusion you,can draw your own conclusion but if I,had to draw a conclusion I would just,buy the regular just buy the regular,enamel just coat it and go to town,obviously if its something that means a,lot to you take the time do the proper,prep work replace or get rid of the rust,any way you can before doing anything,with it so that pretty much wraps it up,one year later rust reformer versus,primer on rust part two the conclusion,all right guys if you like this video,like comment share subscribe let me know,down in the comments and,well catch you guys later on Cass,garage

Rust-oleum Rust Reformer Comparison

[Music],hello everybody i wanted to make a video,on comparing rust-oleum rust reformers,these are two,actually theyre quite different,even though they look the same,so starting off with this one this is a,spray on,where it sprays on,matte black and then dries matte black,it dries pretty quickly,its more kind of like a rust,encapsulator in a way,the one over here,is a white paste that you paint on with,a brush,um,kind of looks like you know milk,anyway,uh you can get this one over here for,about ten dollars and this one over here,for about six,um any local walmart menards,uh the thing is ive used both of these,over the last few years and,i would say anytime you do any bodywork,on a vehicle or anything like that,definitely go with this one because,um ive sprayed that on more of as like,a primer in a way,before i would have put paint or,anything and,i did not really have any rust come back,after about a year year and a half out,in the weather on a vehicle,this one over here though,ive used and this kind of will turn the,metal slightly in like a a black or,grayish color,um,but,it kind of seems to flake off,um,when it dries,and ive noticed that when ive painted,um,rust repair area and used bondo and all,that it the rust did come back after,um,six months to a year,and uh so i i havent had best luck with,this even if youre doing some like,little,you know rock chips or anything to turn,to rust,um,i mean,the point is this,is better than nothing,but,i can just tell you from the experience,that this,is a lot better,and uh,better to use than the other,and it is a little bit cheaper too this,ones kind of hard to find in the store,this one you can find,pretty much anywhere any hardware store,or they sell paint or any of that,um,so,yeah,thats just my thoughts on these two i,think you should definitely go for the,can instead of the,uh paint panel bowl bottle,uh so yeah thanks for watching if you,could please subscribe and everything i,do a lot of videos on car reviews any,paint stuff but just my opinions you,know um nothings you know really,factual i just you know want to put my,input out and on everything so,thanks for watching have a great day,[Music],[Applause],[Music],you

Rustoleum Frame Paint 2 year Review

hey guys redneck computer geek and today,were doing a follow-up video on one of,my most controversial videos i ever,posted on facebook,when i posted up the rust repair video,using this primer rust,and this rust-oleum paint in order to,fix up my frame on my ranger,it went ballistic on facebook and,youtube with people telling me it would,never work it was a waste of time and,that me spending a grand total of eighty,dollars or so was never even going to,last a single winter let alone ongoing,winters,so were two years later im in,underneath here in order to do a fuel,filter because i just did the fuel pump,so i figure well do a follow-up on,whether investing to do this was worth,it there was also a frame repair in that,video that was a little bit,controversial as far as what the,internet thought and well make sure to,take a look at that also,so lets get started,now to put this into perspective i would,like to point out that these,are dorman springs that are only a year,old,and as you can see the factory paint has,been absolutely obliterated off of them,heres the other side,the salt and corrosion off of the main,roads has utterly obliterated them but,if you look at this,the rustoleum paint is still here for,the most part next to this one-year-old,part,now our first frame repair,is right in here,as you can see the splice and everything,is all sealed up with the rust-oleum,perfectly fine,that takes quite a beating from mud and,grime so that needs to be repainted two,years later,that seam weld there is perfectly fine,everythings holding together,just for those who want to go and argue,and complain well check the outside of,it too,as you can see,rust-oleum is holding together perfectly,fine in one of the most abusive sections,now there is a spot that had to be,slightly repainted and i actually,covered this in the video,in the video i noted that the rust,converter that was along this area,when i went to spray it was not quite,dried off entirely and i should have,given it more time,that ended up actually being absolutely,correct and as you can see,i went back later and i spray painted it,with this horrifying silver,because i wanted to mark the area,now on the outside you can see that from,the splash from the front tire coming up,through you can see that it ate into,that section there,which is normal and then you can see,where the splash zone backs off,over here on the other side we should,find the same exact thing,youll see the rate from the tire you,have your splash zone,itll come back through and then back,here where its not getting impacted the,rust-oleum is still perfectly fine,so i need to,redo that section no big deal and ill,probably go back through with the needle,scaler,and needle scale everything while i was,at it i also rust-oleum painted the,entire bottom of the cab after washing,it and rinsing it and that definitely,helped out,i do have one spot,that i have noted if i come around to,here,and this is a known fort ranger problem,is this spot right here if i can get the,light to focus,right here i have a crack that has gone,through in the frame,and this is a noted problem with these,ford rangers its not uncommon,whatsoever to see a ford ranger with a,piece coming from here to here that has,been welded in,and then welded on this seam in order to,bind this back together which is,probably what i will end up doing,now these are always rusted out where,the hanger is and that one definitely,needs to be replaced but luckily because,i have a flat bed with just boards on it,and stuff up above i can pull that out,and i can redo that easily,now if we follow the exhaust up through,were gonna come to the controversy,point,the controversy point,is right there where i patch the frame,right there is my frame patch i put in,with my cheap little fourney welder,as you can see it is solid,the rust-oleum has held even with the,heat issue right here and this is a,known failure location for these frames,and if i reach up above it everybody,told me up above it would rot,that is perfectly fine,and what i do is every spring i take an,air hose and i put it in these and i,blow out everything down through,and then i take a sprayer and i load the,sprayer full of some of that and i stuff,it into those holes and i spray it full,of that rust protector and that usually,does the job,now if we come to the front of the unit,right here,this is a spot that has been re-sprayed,thats why i use silver to make it,obvious,for some reason this ends up getting,nicked and messed up and everything and,these are known to be rusted out on like,10 year old trucks let alone one thats,pushing into its 20s,if we come around to the front,let me spin around here,if we come around to the front,this is the two-year-old paint,doing perfectly fine does it need a,refresh yes,is it perfectly fine,other than needing a refresh yes,now lets come around,and as you can see,you know the rust eats into the wheel,wells here that needs to be resprayed,this is just,regular good old-fashioned,autozone bed liner spray,and i didnt,scuff the paint enough so it has chunks,where it didnt quite hold you can see,her coming off so i need to re-scuff it,and redo it,but theres our frame rail,after two years,and the side that takes the most abuse,in a mean winter,so,does my furball assistant and my,non-furball assistant need to help me,with redoing it this year sure,is it to cost the same 90 dollars to do,that it did two years ago,probably not and itll be a lot faster,my bet would be that itll probably take,about two cans worth of full coverage in,order to be able to do what needs to be,redone,and im betting probably whats left,over of the original rust converter will,probably work for the areas that have to,be sprayed down,hi,feel free to controversy this video too,have a good day,say bye bye

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