1. Ryan vs Pirate Daddy Underwater Challenge in Box Fort Maze
  2. Noodle Challenge with Japanese Bamboo Noodle Slide and Trip to Japan for Family Fun Vacation
  3. PUCKER POWDER Custom Candy Kit! Sweet and Sour Kids Candy Review! Ryan ToysReview
  4. Ryan vs King Daddy underwater Obby Box Fort Challenge!
  5. Dont Wake Up Giant Gus Challenge!
  6. Ryan vs The BOSS Penguin Christmas Challenge!
  7. Ryan Pretend Play with McDonalds Toys and cook toys food!

Ryan vs Pirate Daddy Underwater Challenge in Box Fort Maze

last time on Ryans World Ryan and I,were about to Game On when suddenly my,teleportation advice kind of didnt,really work,whoopsies,now Ryan is in a different part of the,ocean helping this guy find a giant,Pearl,will Ryan get through the depths of the,ocean stay tuned and find out on todays,Ryans world,welcome to Ryans world,[Music],whoa,whoa can I get past here,hey cool whoa it almost fell off,[Music],what is this place well this is a good,Ryan is headed straight into the dark,abyss we are already losing signal,whats in this dark abyss anyway the,dark abyss is way under the sea let me,tell you about it the dark abyss or the,deep sea is categorized as the deepest,part of the ocean its so far down but,little to no light makes it down there,that also makes it very very cold down,there the most interesting part of the,deep sea are the creatures that live,down there this is the anglerfish this,fish is named after its predatory Wings,it has a bioluminescent fin that is used,as a lure to catch its prey this is the,viper fish it has fangs so big that its,mouth cant close over them instead it,just traps its prey and its teeth oh,boy I really hope Ryan doesnt run into,any of these guys oh jellyfish,that was scary Im glad Ryan was in and,out of that place,[Music],is that a sea monster no its just my,stomach Im super hungry dude no worries,a penguin is always prepared hello,whats on the menu,its my famous superfish sandwich with,extra fish,no thanks Ill starve okay more for me,oh no look Ryan is about to run into a,pirate,foreign,this is oh my treasure dont touch,anything here,are you that pirate who everybodys,talking about of course my name is,pirate bridge Im pirate and Rich okay,Mr pirate Rich uh do you happen to have,a big pearl because someone stole the,sea Kings Pearl of course I have big,pearls Im rich I have everything around,the world its safely saved inside here,in my chest,but its locked and nobody can get to it,its the hardest lock ever look at this,you can never crack this how about I,battle you for it if I beat you can give,me the giant Pearl challenge accepted,not only Im Pirates and Rich Im also,strong but if I win I take your sword,okay challenge accept here we go let the,battle begin,[Music],girls hes so stronger,now I have two swords wait a minute,three swords surrender now fine I give,up but if you find me giant gems Ill,give you the code to open the chest okay,challenge accept,where are the gems,here,wait a minute whats this,whoa Its a gym,okay wheres the other gym,where is it can you find it,its the hardest place you can never,find it I have a good feeling about this,wait a minute I see something its red,I see it,I got two giant gems oh fine give me,those gems a Deals a deal all right,fine Ill give you a code it is one two,three one two three one two three,[Music],didnt work it didnt work,not only Im pirate strong and Rich Im,also a liar I lied about the code,what do you mean you lied about the code,you dont need a coat you just need a,key and I lost it somewhere Im gonna go,find it huh wheres my key oh no how am,I gonna open the chest,wait a minute I remember I got a key,from the Dragon,okay lets open it now hopefully this,will work,[Music],whoa thats a giant Pearl oh and lots of,gold too,whoa,whoa now I should definitely go see the,Sea King awesome Ryan was able to find,the last Pearl the Sea King will surely,help him out now,thats great also I was able to power,this phone to reach all the way to Ryan,it took a lot of work but its finally,done the only thing is that it only has,enough power for one call so thatll be,two pepperoni pizzas extra cheese extra,sauce,oh yeah and my friend here likes extra,fish on his pizza thanks kill you wasted,one cool what I cant search for Ryan on,an empty stomach,can Ryan do it ah can you do it Im not,sure,taking so long sinking seeking look I,got a giant Pearl oh let me see let me,see,oh,this is like exactly what I was looking,for giant Pearl yes good job Ryan okay,well can you help me find my friend gill,now but before I tell you what Gail is,let me give you a reward for such a,doing a great job finding a big pearl,here let me announce you,oh see Prince yeah all right now time to,tell you what Gil is there is actually a,secret path behind this seashell I mean,CCO all right right here,see if you can find it,it looks like a wall,all right it looks like the Sea King lit,Ryan threw a secret tunnel Im,connecting to a nearby submarine theres,a phone in there Ryan can use that phone,to contact us all Ryan has to do is get,to that submarine no no look what is it,who are those men eating sharks oh no,this is just my cousin hes pretty,annoying he always has his hungry kids,around lets just say family reunions,arent that fun oh boy I hope Ryan can,get past him with ease,foreign,[Music],[Music],sharks theyre really hungry,and Im so busy thinking of these baby,sharks can you please feed those kids,sharks one fish each,oh thats easy wait but they love,challenge so you have to go really far,and throw the fish at them okay,thats far enough,all right now beat,the show me some muscle ah dont hit my,kid oh sorry I havent done this in a,while,oh so close youre chasing them,oh theyre getting upset theyre hungry,oh hey dont hit me,good job one down two more to go oh,yeah theres two more to go,yeah good job first try all right next,one Im gonna close my eyes,you missed try again,nice Ryan you fit all my kids sharks I,think they look all happy now thank you,yay no more skill actually Gil is at the,opposite side of ocean so dont worry,there is a submarine take you straight,there its over there go,oh,[Music],I hope he finds his friend girl,whoa this is so cool,wait I dont even know where Gills,house is,I better call them,whoa I think thats Ryan this call got,through hey Gill uh where is your house,Ryan Im so glad youre safe you know I,accidentally teleported you to the other,side of the ocean Im sorry about that,its okay Gail I got myself a submarine,just tell me the direction to the house,sure man all youre gonna need to do is,take a look at the Great Barrier Reef,past the old shipwreck to a twisty,turning in the Atlantic not too twisty,though because then youll get lost then,just follow this into Pizza we got your,favorite okay girl I think I got it see,you soon,okay well see you back at my house,off to girls house we go,awesome Ryan is finally coming thanks,Beck he should be here any moment,thats him that was such an adventure,see you next time remember to stay happy,and rise up hey guys real quick check,out these new Titan Universe toys that,Ryan helped make my super family and,friends won many fun adventures and,defeat bad guys all new eggs and Mecha,Titan toys available so you can create,your own Titan Universe Adventures at,home open surprise bag micro figures,build your robot,Titan Universe toys at Walmart Target,and Smiths but lets get back to Ryans,world

Noodle Challenge with Japanese Bamboo Noodle Slide and Trip to Japan for Family Fun Vacation

hi guys today were gonna do the noodle,scooping challenge,hey guys or should i say konnichiwa,today were going to do something,different on our video were going to do,nagashi soul man,you guys know what that is its a family,fun activity we do in japan during the,summer time so this is the rig that we,have,so basically just look at like water,slider for the noodles so you have the,noodles and you let it slide through the,waterslide,with a chopstick and you can eat it its,really fun and sometimes its difficult,because they slide down really fast all,right you guys up for the challenge yes,yes all right lets do it all right so,guys for nagashowmen you have to use,chopstick to grab the noodles so mommy,has chopstick and for ryan since hes,little he can use pork,so once you grab the noodle you dip that,into this ball,with the soy sauce okay im excited all,right the first ones coming,i missed it,i got one bite here yay,zero,im hungry,lets go again,oh,i got it i got it,oh i got some noodles,oh my gosh im down baby,baby noodle,yeah this is fun,oh and one note when you eat noodles in,japan its polite to make a sound its,kind of weird but you have to make a,sound,im gonna go lower because i havent got,any okay,i want to get the leftovers down here,were gonna get yeah im gonna get all,before we mommy gets the mommy,oh its so fast,oh no,no,oh no mommy got it i got some,all right its okay keep it going,whoa oh no,rubble on it i got a lot for me,all right guys lets eat more keep it,going,oh i,oh this one i got a lot look at this,all right its the final round guys,make this cup,no make this count,all over your face,okay ryan since you did so well in the,previous round ill give you a bonus,round,this time only you get to do it ill,give you 30 seconds all by yourself,unlimited noodle you ready,three two one go,oh this big one coming right,boom,oh no,yeah,ready,so thats how much ryan got lets see if,i can beat that all right daddy ready,for your 30 second noodle challenge all,right im so hungry im so ready,[Laughter],all right keep it going mommy go go go,go go no stop no stop stop got it i only,have 30 seconds,whoa,oh got it go go,oh no got it oh no its stuck in there,no,mines stuck right 10 seconds hello,five,four,three,two,one,times up,all right guys lets compare how much,needle we got so heres what i got for,my round,and heres what i got,ryans have so much,oh mines bigger all right i guess ryan,wins,i didnt know hes really good at,soul man ryan all right now lets eat,i hope you like our video bye thank you,for watching remember always stay happy,and rise up bye,oh no give me some give me something,looks realistic doesnt it look real,just like ryan,toy yeah so thats what were gonna go,to next were gonna see how they make,these and make our own so thats pretty,cool whoa were at this,food sample place what do you see ryan,that looks super real that looks super,real like a giant burger look at that,fried ketchup will you can you eat that,yeah,whoa look at theres sample fish,octopus,some yummy,soup and rice oh wow,were at a sample class yeah so today,were going to learn how to make this,right here tempura you guys ever tried,that before the store just opened,oh look at the food,i cant believe all these are not real,macaroons,but theyre fake look at the,whats food you theres spaghetti,theres lobster huh,what do you see,oh ice cream,its like a whole wall,okay wow,sell all these small pieces separately,so you can build your homes,theres a kit so you can build your own,over there thats pretty cool well they,look so yummy makes me hungry,hi,all right so were here were going to,make some yummy food,thats what were making,your chef apron,he goes all the way,shrimp okay what else are you gonna pick,what do you do with this youre gonna,put it in here thats how you make it so,which one whatever other one you want,ryan,whos that sweet potato,i dont know,what are you getting ill pick eggplant,okay eggplant,what is that oh its talking mushroom,okay so i guess i will pick,what is this,pumpkin okay,no im gonna get this lets see what,this one looks like,[Music],daddys holding it we couldnt really,film when we were there so we have some,pictures to show you and we will also,open this when we come back to the hotel,to show you the final product,lets see who did the best yeah you guys,judged ryan did a pretty good job huh,ryan,yeah maybe ryan wins,yeah arcade machine,oh this is so cute,oh you should have let it go right now,oh you let it go it messed up already,thats it,now you know,did i get it no way do i get it i dont,know,daddys gonna try yeah,okay,let me see,oh,i,we need one more,[Music],oh,[Music],but yes you did it you got it,theres so many capsule machines,power rangers,[Music],what is that,trumps been inside here oh is it a cake,there it is the trumpet thats so cool i,want one of these so ryans gonna get it,for me,what is it,is it a rice cooker it looks like a rice,cooker oh,super cute we got our little rice cooker,hey hey hey,we found a little squishy stuff,what do we get,strawberry,[Music],thats what it looks like whats regular,[Music],theres stuff inside,all right,i think i think i can do this,[Music],what,next we found a gundam cafe,heres the gundam cafe menu,theres zero pages,heres all the food there daddys into,it,because its my favorite series guys,youre gonna win um this is my favorite,season this ones cool because it looks,like a gundam its right here,it looks like this yeah oh,yeah yeah oh yeah thats so cool i have,a surprise for you,what do you think,its big huh its big gundam yeah yeah,all right our drinks came,this drink is named after my favorite,condom character really heroes,its okay what did you buy,this one,[Music],this,is what we made we were not allowed to,film there so we just only took a,picture so they only they said we can,take pictures so we did so were gonna,showcase what we made there,[Music],whoa it looks exactly like real food,heres the lettuce,look at that lettuce and heres the,tempura,shrimp shrimp look at that ryan did a,really good job,and this was sweet potato right yeah,looks good ryan did a really good job,daddy,[Music],lettuce,[Music],nice this is mommys creation,[Music],i did the lettuce too it wasnt very,good oh you brought it in and you can,tell it broke these are almost like the,same material that they use to make,candle wax we melt it in the hot water,okay and heres mine,i got what is pumpkin,thats a bell pepper ooh bell pepper,very cool so whatd you guys think did,it look real yeah the way this technique,to make the food sample,it was used until 30 years ago and they,changed the whole method because its,made out of the same material as candle,so if you put a spot right,and shine it it gets heated up and it,start melting melting,colors oh,very cool ryan had so much fun he wanted,to go back there again right,yeah except in order to go back there it,took us like an hour on the subway and,on the train and we were really tired,let me show you what i got from rk today,so daddy did a really good job he only,did one time and it was about one dollar,right i only spent one dollar yeah,someone tried to do it and they gave up,yeah spending lots of lots of money in,front of me and somehow that i got super,lucky and you only spent one dollar and,got it i know i was so people,hey guys im in japan and theres so,many cats and machines got some coins,here,and were gonna see what we can get out,of the capsule machine,lets go,[Music],forgot your coins,[Music],anyway we see,capsule machine,castle machine,oh thats so cute,[Music],[Music],is,[Music],[Applause],a baseball bat,daddy can have money you can try,wow,[Music],[Music],[Music],that looks impossible,[Music],okay so daddys gonna try this,oh,oh,[Music],its tiny,how much money did we spend on it like,500 yen,all right,[Applause],oh,oh,[Music],oh,oh,um,oh,[Music],[Music],i got it,oh,[Music],this kid so much,[Applause],[Music],now ryans playing mario kart mario kart,ryan,look its your face brian put your

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PUCKER POWDER Custom Candy Kit! Sweet and Sour Kids Candy Review! Ryan ToysReview

so what you guys playing with today,youre gonna play with the pucker powder,make your own candy,yeah wow thats super cool it is great,for parties it says,[Music],oh you can have a,candy making party,kids i know how to open rocks is really,easy yeah yeah oh,cute,yep,theres strawberry,[Applause],theres strawberry lemon and bananas oh,yeah these are the flavor,oh okay,strawberry so it comes with strawberry,yeah,lemon lemon,and all of them its a sour fruit punch,yeah,all right lets build this,oh and heres the sticks theyre the,straw sticks oh they look like straws,yeah thats the way you put the candies,in oh okay,welcome to ryan toy reveal,[Music],so were gonna put the powder in,and then were gonna eat them out with,these straws oh okay like this so were,gonna fill the sour punch into the sour,punch container,im gonna make sure im gonna make sure,none of this falls out it wont fall out,ryan oh,nothing thats good all right so next we,have to pour in the strawberry,like like one blue and one red its,gonna make purple and that,that ones yellow so this one and that,one theyre gonna make green oh,its not brian but now were gonna put,the yellow one into the yellow container,or lemon flavor sorry yeah right yeah,yeah lemon flavor,[Music],[Music],tell me when you need some more sticks,all right so lets make the first one,lets see how its going to come out,you all you just press the button on top,right is it coming out,oh yeah,some blue and then we get some,yellow yellow,oh yeah i see the yellow,[Music],lets see its gonna work,is it working,is it working im washing okay is it,green a little bit oh yeah its green,[Music],i see green,sorry the cap is opened up i see green,is it green the blue is turning into,green,maybe too much yellow,[Music],whatd you think,what tell you,the mega ray for mommy what does that,mean mega ray all three,some yellow some strawberries,nice oh a lot of strawberries,three flavors,[Music],cure,oh my wonder what oh they make brown,really,all the primary colors,[Music],we still have a little bit of yellow,all right what about daddy eat yours i,will i will can you make me,you want this,uh yeah,lemonade flavor for daddy and a little,bit of strawberries,its so good daddy okay thank you yeah,okay,there you go thank you ryan,wheres the uh did you kiss you you see,a red little bit tiny bit and a bit red,and on the other side,a little bit yeah,yeah,ill mix it up,i got some lemon you got some,lemon not too bad not too bad,sour,[Music],gotta taste it okay,[Music],taste it,[Music],kid sour candy this is what it looks,like eat it for real eat it okay for,real,all right so daddy said he has a cool,idea lets see,what his cool idea is,what a millionaires,[Music],many different layers,oh youre doing it like a pattern yeah,oh thats cool daddy i see that yellow,yellow red blue yellow red blue yellow,[Music],yellow red blue yellow,what do you think,a powder can i try yeah you can try it,oh cool i like the pattern ones thats,awesome,[Music],orion i got a little bit brown at the,top yeah it looks mixed in a little bit,thats cool,bye dont forget to see you later but if,you liked the video please subscribe,if you want more candy,videos bye,please click on one of these videos for,ryan toy review more fun,[Music],you

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Ryan vs King Daddy underwater Obby Box Fort Challenge!

hey guys Im so bored lets see whats,on TV,Brian my man whats up dude oh hey girl,whats up whats going on Im so bored,oh that stinks but I have an idea do you,want to come over and play some video,games yeah sure awesome well to make,your trip a lot quicker I made a,teleportation device this was my science,project from last year dont worry it,totally works I even got second place,anyway let me start this bad boy up,there we go,now I just have to set the coordinates,to my house and and there its set,are you ready Ryan okay here we go in,three two one,uh-oh thats not good,welcome to Ryans world,oh no where did Ryan go well I need help,ah just a relaxing day no interruptions,pick pick I need your help what is kill,Im kind of in the middle of something,well you see I kind of lost Ryan I think,you meant to say that you lost her Ryan,in a video game you cant possibly mean,that you lost Ryan uh,really kid in the world you see I aint,trying to teleport in and say no more,well Ill be right there,huh so much for relaxing,whoa this is definitely not Hills house,hey who are you whered you come from my,name is Ryan and Im looking for my,friend Gil have you seen him,whos Gill well I know everything about,this Kingdom its my kingdom Im the,king of sea okay the king of the sea I,need to go find girls so we can play,some video games at this house oh the,big deal I know where he is hes a great,shark yeah I can tell you if you help me,out,help you out with what well Pearl,collection is my hobby lately,collected all the pearls except the,giant Pearl somebody stole it from me,can you help me find it giant Pearl huh,that cant be too hard oh yeah its,horrible right the sea monster sharks,and Pirates are you gonna be okay sea,monster nah I got this Im right ah I,still dont trust you let me test it and,see if you qualified to do this how,could I prove it to you,how about I throw these pearls and you,catch with this net if you catch five,then you win the challenge challenge,accepted bring it CK here we go,Oh see its not that easy wow hes,catching it oh whoa whoa this is harder,than I thought,come on Ryan you can do this this is,easy compared to sea monster sea monster,what,this is not even a pearl oh thats my,starfish friend Im sorry hey whats the,big idea I thought we were friends just,one more so you can bring it hmm,foreign,congratulations Ryan you completed this,challenge as a reward Ill give you my,legendary sword,you may need this I cant see monster I,mean sea monster whoa thank you CK,wow,now I have to go dry cleaning sorry,seeking Ill get you that Pearl,for a hurry I dont know about this pack,this is really gonna work oh yeah I,found him he just defeated the Sea King,whew that was a close one oh no Ryan is,about to walk into a room full of,jellyfish jellyfish oh no lets learn a,bit about jellyfish so we can help Ryan,defeat them jellyfish have been around,for millions of years even before,dinosaurs some jellyfish are clear but,others are vibrant colors of pink yellow,blue and purple jellyfish have no brain,heart bones or eyes these incredible,invertebrates use their stinging,tentacles to stun or paralyze prey,before gobbling it up like jellyfish,diet consists of fish shrimp crabs and,Tiny plants so it seems that if Ryan,could just sneak around his tentacles he,could avoid being stung we have to let,him know oh no theres another problem,we can see him but we cant communicate,with him none of our singles are going,out oh no I cant watch what is it is it,jellyfish whoa,whoa,spinner,what are you doing here this is my home,I didnt invite you to my jellyfish,party are you a squid Im not squid Im,tired talking about squid and Squid,games enough of those Im a sea monster,lets see,okay Mr squish speed monster have you,seen a giant Pearl because Im looking,for a giant Pearl giant Pearl I dont,know where a giant Pearl is get out of,here this is my jellyfish party,get out squid ink,split in lets go over here,get out of here get out of my house,foreign,I was close Ryan maneuvered dead,perfectly but we still cant talk to him,ah and theres the Sea Dragon we have to,warn him now my God what if we,communicate with a notion creature to,warn Ryan do you mean I get to use my,super sea creature telepathic Powers Im,afraid so here goes nothing I just have,to dig deep into my mind think think,think,[Music],well I need to control it Im almost,there hey octo what up a big girl you,like a legend around here oh stop it can,I get an autograph,sure let me just wait I cant get,sidetracked I have a friend thats down,there his name is Ryan Ryan hes gonna,be coming through here I need you to,warn him about the Sea Dragon thats,down here dude,octopus got me no oh wait,its not that bad hi octopus,hey ride big fan by the way I was told,to warn you about the Sea Dragon turn,around turn around,what is it that I hear this,is my kingdom now okay,Dragon get it,who are you what are you doing here Im,Ryan Im trying to find a pearl for the,Sea King,not the Sea King ah hes my worst enemy,weve been fighting over this Kingdom,for years if youre on the Sea King team,that means you are my enemy,Ill go away if you help me find the,giant Pearl never I will not tell you,where the Pearl is go away Mr Ryan,ah,Fireball in the ocean,well I have more of that comes from,Firefly,two can play at that game,[Music],do you give up now okay I give up since,you proved to me how strong you are,there is a dangerous pirate out there,who has the giant Pearl but this is the,key to unlock it if you can find it,okay guys lets go,Ryan did it he got the key from the sea,dragon oh thanks to me oh sure well,anyways this is a good Ryan is headed,straight into the dark abyss we are,already losing signal whats in this,dark abyss anyway the dark abyss is way,under the sea let me tell you about it,the dark abyss or the deep sea is,categorized as the deepest part of the,ocean its so far down but little to no,light makes it down there that also,makes it very very cold down there the,most interesting part of the deep sea,are the creatures that live down there,this is the anglerfish this fish is,named after its predatory ways it has a,bioluminescent fin that is used as a,lure to catch its prey this is the viper,fish it has fangs so so big that its,mouth cant close over them instead it,just traps its prey and its teeth oh boy,I really hope Ryan doesnt run into any,of these guys,whoa,whoa can I get past here,hey cool whoa it almost fell off,uh-oh will Ryan make it through the dark,abyss and find the giant Pearl stay,tuned to Ryans world to find out to be,continued,hey guys real quick check out these new,Titan Universe toys that Ryan helped,make my super family and friends won,many fun adventures and defeat bad guys,all new eggs and Mecca Titan toys,available so you can create your own,Titan Universe Adventures at home open,surprise bag micro figures build your,robot,toys at Walmart Target and Smiths but,lets get back to Ryans world

Dont Wake Up Giant Gus Challenge!

this video features Ryans world toys,that Ryan helped create,hey guys this is all the candy that I,got from the past Halloween,having candy is fun but I think I got a,little too much so I think its time to,share hey gus are you there,hey Ryan,would you mind taking this candy and,sharing it with the others oh sure Ryan,Ill tell everyone to come over here you,go Gus,oh and dont forget to brush your teeth,after you only have two so it shouldnt,take long well do,welcome to Ryans world,[Music],hey guys you gotta come over and help me,eat all this cake,whoa did you hear that combo oh yeah,free candy and Guss Place lets go get,some candy dont have to tell me twice,Ill take this candy for myself but,first My Little Giant size it,oh giant gosh now and I still have my,candy,no no no,I get to eat all the candy now,I feel a little tired now but at least I,have candy,[Music],I hear someone hey help over here no,made it huh is that Gus whoa what,happened to Gus he does seem different,somehow but look,got the candy,lets go,oh hes sleeping Ill just grab some,candy real careful hey hey are you,really asleep guys,dont worry Ryan yeah I got this we just,got it,you okay Im just gonna go for it yeah,I do Ryan oh these cant be good Ryan I,just got a brilliant idea why dont I,just go in super spy style we might not,have any other choice go get that candy,combo all right everyone super spy combo,is on the case okay lets see the candy,one I just got it in a little,Im sorry,[Music],okay okay,this time a little bit more careful I,can do this,Im combo panda,[Music],thank you,[Music],okay that didnt work so obviously we,gotta wake him up using his feather,hopefully I can wake him up,yes,now its time to play some music and get,Gus dancing,huh,[Laughter],wow very random sleepwalking but sleep,dancing yeah hes getting wild oh,[Laughter],yeah,shut the music off,whoa,[Music],candy candy,that was a close one no I have the,perfect idea Ryan,yeah Im getting nauseous over here,hurry up,yes gustier youre late for school,huh why is everything so tiny,hi Im no more sized again,[Music],I truly despise all of you no no no no,no no no no no no no,hey packrat oh candy my turn I think Im,all candied out save some for me yum yum,yum,Im going on a diet hey guys how did,everything go,um well everyone got some candy and I,think even pack rat got some,hot crap well as long as everybody got,some you did a great job,sharing is caring all right well thank,you for watching remember always stay,happy and rise up bye hey guys real,quick check out these new Titan Universe,toys that Ryan helped make my super,family and friends won many fun,adventures and defeat bad guys all new,eggs and Mecha Titan toys available so,you can create your own Titan Universe,Adventures at home open surprise bag,micro figures build your robot,Titan Universe toys at Walmart Target,and Smiths but lets get back to Ryans,world,this video featured Ryans world toys,that Ryan helped create

Ryan vs The BOSS Penguin Christmas Challenge!

what a nice house you guys got here,what happened why is it so,we decided to stay here and make a,penguin Empire,our house so you need to get out of here,[Music],[Music],welcome to Ryans world,[Music],yay,[Music],what happened,[Music],I need a blanket look over there,what a nice house you guys got here,dont you think my baby penguin come on,oh hello guys my name is Bob oh penguin,whyd you make it so cool,[Music],uh hello its because oh Im penguin,a penguin lets keep it cool right,[Music],and Ive got a lot of my friends here,you know my friends and I really like,this house so we decided to stay in this,house,but this,well I came from topical using this,magical igloo,and I bought this great rookie house and,we decided to stay here and make a,penguin Empire,well this is our house so you need to,get out of here,youre right I should just leave right,just kidding Ill leave you if you catch,me,get back here,[Music],[Applause],[Music],hello,come on yeah,hi,you cant catch me,[Music],All Right,freeze,freeze,I have this special Hammer I can freeze,anybody,[Music],[Music],you cant catch me this is just too easy,bye bye,guys were wasting too much energy how,do we get here,lets go yeah,oh no,over there,we can use it to freeze them lets go,um,[Music],do you know what penguin likes,it doesnt look so big,hi what would you,the boss Penguins Unstoppable I found,something what,cool I can use this to fight,balls Penguins,good idea at my butt maybe theres,something here you go first okay,whoa,wait and then there is something inside,I just found a little blue piece oh keep,trying,okay let me give it a try,more blue oh yeah yeah,okay let me try guys,[Music],okay so theres a fingerprint scanner,here so I think we should put it in and,then maybe,put the combo right here,he did something wait a minute,[Music],[Music],maybe the up button,wait guys I think I know what the remote,control does let me try,lets try the down button this time,[Music],[Music],wait guys I think I finally understand,it so this remote control controls the,penguin really let me drive,here you go thank you Im gonna try this,button it looks pretty nice,foreign,we havent tried this big button yet,lets try okay,[Music],boss penguin is launching in t minor,three three,[Music],two,one,take off,[Music],whoa that is gone,[Music],[Applause],but wait our house is still frozen,hmm do you guys think that one of the,buttons holds our house back to normal,maybe we should,we should put buttons oh yeah Ill press,these two Ill press these two and Ill,press these three three two one,more school yeah bye,hey guys real quick check out these new,Titan Universe toys that Ryan helped,make my super family and friends won,many fun adventures and defeat bad guys,all new eggs and Mecha Titan toys,available so you can create your own,Titan Universe Adventures at home open,surprise bag micro figures build your,robot,Titan Universe toys at Walmart Target,and Smiths but lets get back to Ryans,world

Ryan Pretend Play with McDonalds Toys and cook toys food!

hey ryan hi,i want some um mcdonald hamburger today,okay thatll be,185,okay,here you go heres my mcdonald credit,card,one hamburger coming right up all i need,yeah i cant wait,theres a hamburger button,oh,what about me i want some hamburger too,today okay,and itll be,41.,here you go 41.,heres your change back oh oh change,back,what is this let me see,zero dollar change back,what is this,okay were gonna make some hamburger for,cookie monster mr shark,yeah i cant wait,okay we have a mcdonald hamburger snack,maker yes it is super old its a classic,version,open it yeah lets open it lets see,what the parts are,yeah,whoa i see some parts already,whoa,oh some mustard ketchup,this looks quite easy to build,theres three step four stuff wow yeah,what is that oh i think this is the,spinner to make the french fry,ingredient heres everything thats,included im gonna tell my dad to build,it for me,[Music],heres what the hamburger maker looks,like put together and also comes with,some powder that is super old,so we got some ourselves,thats right we got a new one the other,one expired in 1996.,what yeah super long time ago we cant,use it,heres all the things we need to make,some yummy hamburgers,[Music],its like a giant tower oh dont fall,make it taller oh no,oh okay,lets just get started,first lets fill our ketchup and mustard,with icing,lets take this out,[Music],so,since our frosting is white were going,to use red food coloring,and yellow food coloring,lets do red first thats right were,gonna use red to make ketchup,and our yellow for mustard,next were gonna stir it together,im gonna stir this one first because,this one didnt last oh it looks like um,yellow stuff is going around everywhere,what,lets press it a little bit yeah its,spilling,okay this is our hamburger,next we need to place peanut butter on,this side,get some peanut butter,there you go,well thats fine,all right so theres our peanut butter,now lets do another spoon of one,chocolate powder,just one yeah thats too much ryan okay,there you go,and this little hole,[Music],in here,okay looks good right now,lets see what it tastes like,does it taste like chocolate,[Music],turn turn turn,whoa,now now i cannot even see the butter,next we need two scoop of brown cereal,thats enough now i need more,oh its getting crunch,crunched up,just like someones eating,second scoop,now its time to mix it 20 times okay 20,times,1,2,[Music],19 20.,now lets add one teaspoon of water be,careful not to spill,thats quite,thats fine,i think its ready,okay lets go make the meat,[Music],the chicken is coming,we got some meat going,wow,like a giant,food monster,okay is it gonna become meat hamburger,meat in the back theres a hamburger,sizzle sound,we gotta turn it on,[Music],oh i think its ready that was pretty,fast,oh,wow,it looks real yeah it does how do we,take it off oh use a spatula i guess,[Music],nice,lets,spread out for some ketchup,some mustard,okay,next were just gonna use red for tomato,tomato tomato tomato oh it looks good,lets put it on the red spot in the,orange pot,green for lettuce,tomato,lettuce,or green beans or green beans,yellow for cheese im eating a little,bit of it,[Music],oh,[Music],a cheeseburger another bun,oh nice our cheeseburger is done lets,get slanted too,lets do this,like this,lets go tell the shocking cookie,monster its done,its done oh i want some,okay you both have to share we only made,one,okay hope he doesnt eat the whole thing,cookie monster dont eat the whole thing,yuck yeah can you share with me,oh,he didnt even cheer,hey what about mine,cookie monster whered it go,oh,[Music],oh,[Music],i finished it that was some good,mcdonald food thank you another one huh,whats your another one okay we made,another one for you cookie monster oh,thank you,and after cookie monster poop it out,were going to give it to daddy,[Laughter],poop it out right here,lets give it to daddy,lets go,he hes gonna be like,spit it out,thats what he wants for mcdonalds,i want cheeseburger oh thats what we,made oh you made cheeseburger,oh thank you,lets see,oh,this cheeseburger oh,it got a little messed up though it,looks yummy,wheres the cheese,its inside its inside okay,hi today were gonna play with donald,toys,monster,and mickey mouse ooh theyre right over,there theyre waiting for their food,and look cookie monster loved cookies oh,yeah,so we got this awesome mcdonald cash,register,and were gonna try to feed them lets,see what they want,mickey mouse what would you like to eat,today,um lets see theres so many food on the,breakfast menu um i would like a hash,brown,and some pancakes,so,mickey mouse want hash browns and,pancakes,that will be 185 okay here you go i got,my mcdonald credit card,thank you,okay so we have to prepare hash browns,and pancakes,can we find the hash browns,okay,hash browns,we found the pancakes,there we go and hashbrowns,we go,[Music],oh wait oh wait i forgot something can i,please have some,milk do you have some milk,milk coming right out that will be one,dollar here you go,thank you,[Music],[Music],i put milk in this already,heres your breakfast mishmash enjoy,thank you ryan,mommy and what about me,is it lunch time yet and i would also,like a cookie,okay breakfast is over now lunch time,lunch menu,okay mr ryan im super hungry i want,lots of things i want a cheeseburger,some french fries some chicken nuggets,and some ice cream please,that will be 7 41. okay,heres the credit card for 7.41 thank,you,some cheeseburger,[Music],some cheese,[Music],some lettuce thats good yeah,it is its a goldfish thats funny,oh that was not a chicken burger,here we go,all right so we got a cheeseburger ready,now were gonna put in french,[Music],some chicken fries,heres some vanilla ice cream with,strawberry,and a special cookie surprise for cookie,monster when its all done nice,cookie monster your food coming right up,[Music],some yummy food there cookie monster,mickeys still eating vicky youre still,eating over there,its already lunch,you still eating your breakfast food,[Music],all right cookie monster lets eat,um,its a big cheeseburger can you eat all,that,um,oh,it went away whered it go it took down,pooped down from where,lets eat some french fries okay,eating ice cream,okay ryan i would like some make donald,happy meal please okay thatll be six,thousand dollars whoa,this better be some good mcdonald food,here you go,six thousand dollars,for mcdonalds happy meal,[Music],dont look ill put a special surprise,toy inside for you okay,you mcdonald happy meal,theres so,many mcdonalds well i got a mcflurry,what else did we get,here a phone,a phone french fry,whos calling,mccombo gaga what is it coco gaga,oh we got bagels,hi miss neon mojo,what are you talking about,watch this abracadabra,whoa how did it become a big one,oh whats inside,we got trolls,[Music],oh,troll toy its just a troll head,trailhead toy,it has a pencil yeah okay lets open,this and then what,hows it become real food,[Music],and then,real nuggets,oh,it was,fake,no its real thats awesome ryan,hey,a troll head,[Music],oh shes cute shes cute,she is cute,activity book,oh its for your pencil,thats cool,oh and it comes with stickers,an activity book,[Music],cool lets do this together,whoa,what,too hard can you do it which i dont,even know which way you go,the starting is there and you have to go,all the way here hold you have to make,all of them go there no just one,what you got stuck,but there,hi everybody today were gonna do a,french fry maker and last time we did,the hamburger maker now were gonna do,the french fry bacon,all right french fries snack maker,and it is no cooking easy to make and,easy to clean,this is easy because all you need is,bread,sugar and cinnamon thats right just,three ingredients we have to do it a lot,of times,[Music],not a lot of stuff yeah this will look,simple and easy lets see,lets see,[Music],oh theres something,instruction coupons,yeah i think you get this coupon one,when its in here oh,and heres the base all right lets put,all this t

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