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How This 7-year-old Grew a Multimillion-dollar Empire With ‘Ryan ToysReview’ | Sunday TODAY

[Music],most seven-year-olds are lucky if they,make a couple of bucks in allowance,taking out the trash and doing the,dishes but most seven year-olds dont,have billions and billions of views of,their YouTube videos leading to tens of,millions of dollars in their piggy banks,in our Sunday spotlight NBCs Jolene,Kent sits down with Ryan YouTubes,wealthiest little star and his parents,in their first ever family interview is,Ryan at first glance he seems like a,typical first grader seven years old he,loves soccer the dog and his family,though Ryan is also the face of a fat,throwing toy Empire it sprung from its,wildly popular YouTube channel,Ryans toy review whats it like when,you come to a store and you see your,face on a toy a bunch of toys theyre,really excited because and makes me,surprised out of my toys over there Ryan,rose to stardom at just three years old,his YouTube channel which shows her,unboxing and laying of toys Home has 17,million subscribers and Counting the,videos have been watched 25 billion,times when did you guys start realizing,that Ryan was maybe a thing on YouTube,what did it start happening maybe I can,four months after we started yeah you,start seeing a big huge spike on the,views were like we dont have this many,family members Forbes named Ryan,this years highest paid youtuber,bringing in an estimated 22 million,dollars,thats not so concise paycheck is,expected to get even bigger with his toy,line slime slushies and bikes the,states front and center,the hottest of them all Ryan and mystery,golden eggs usually sold out in stores,now fetching big bucks on eBay she wants,to meet Ryan every day and shes always,watching his videos all day every day,Williams the CEO of pocket watch the,group that represents Ryan and helped,broker his toy deal,the secret to Ryans success its,identifying with him off the bat they,see themselves and Ryan in a way that I,dont think they do with stars that come,from TV and film his success has stores,rethinking which toys go on their,shelves and online too theyre very,dependent on social media so if you,think of things like Hatcher moles and,shopkins or lol surprise they are built,to foster an ecosystem of kids making,videos of those toys because thats how,you reach kids and families,experts say Ryan is something of a,pioneer one of the first youtubers to,successfully go from amateur YouTube,star to toy tycoon and retailers,perpetually concerned about losing,shoppers are snapping to attention,thats huge for brick-and-mortar,retailers because its driving families,into stores its driving parents and,gift givers to seek out those products,and theres more coming down the road he,has a new game book and of streaming,series oh and some growing up to do -,what do you want to be when you got,Ill be a game developer thats so cool,Im gonna do videos and develop games,expanding his empire no kidding around,for Sunday today juggling heads perfect,22 million dollars and hes seven,what a story Joe thank you very much by,the way mom and dad dont make Ryans,last name public in order to keep some,semblance of privacy for their son,you


hello everyone welcome back to another,episode of celebrity Network on this,episode we will be going over Ryan kgs,network make sure to stay till the end,of this video to find out how much this,celebrity is worth if youre new to this,channel or if you havent done so yet,make sure to hit that subscribe button,and smash the like button in this video,we will be talking about a young,youtuber he started from just posting,videos for fun to being the most watched,kid on YouTube,meet YouTubes highest earning star Ryan,Kaji you heard it right ryan Kaji from,ryans world we will talk about his net,worth and how he spends his money before,we get into that who is Ryan Kaji and,what is Ryans world ryans world,formerly known as Ryans toysreview is a,childrens YouTube channel featuring,Brian Kaji who is 8 years old as of May,2024,Changwon his father and his 35 year old,wife Hugh low on who calls herself blow,on and twin sisters Emma and Kate before,going live on YouTube the family,replaced their real life surname Guan,with the on-screen surname Koji Ryan,began making YouTube videos in March,2015 after watching other toy review,channels like evan tube HD and asking,his mother how come Im not on YouTube,when all the other kids are cockys,mother decided to quit her job as a high,school chemistry teacher to work on the,YouTube channel full-time recently the,channel was renamed after a consumer,advocacy organization truth and,advertising filed a complaint with the,US Federal Trade Commission about it,truth and advertising accused the,channel of not clearly denoting which,videos had been sponsored meaning brands,paid for the video to feature their,products at the beginning of September,YouTubes parent company Google agreed,to pay for a 170 million dollar fine,after the FTC accused the internet giant,of collecting personal data from child,YouTube users without permission,according to the FTC the platform used,the data to ensure the advertisers were,able to target children the channel,usually releases new videos every day,one of the channels videos titled as,huge egg surprise toy challenge has over,1.9 billion views as of May 20 20 May,king it one of these 60 most viewed,videos on YouTube as of May 20 2012,scribers and videos have garnered a,thirty billion views the channel is one,of the top 100 most subscribed YouTube,channels in the United States The Verge,has described the channel as a mash-up,of personal blog and unboxing video a,blend of innocent childhood antics and,relentless often overwhelming,consumerism,according to Forbes Kaji earned 11,million dollars between 2016 and 2017,and was the eighth highest paid youtuber,and in 2018 and 2019 was listed as the,highest-paid youtuber earning twenty two,million dollars and twenty six million,dollars respectively from his videos and,product line at Walmart as of July 11th,2019 he has released his own branded,toothbrushes and toothpaste in 2017,cockies parents signed a deal with,pocket watch a start-up childrens media,company that was founded in 2016 by Kris,Williams and Alby Hecht pocketwatch does,the marketing and merchandise for Ryans,YouTube channels in 2018 ryan toysreview,in cooperation with pocket watch and,wild works created an app called tag,with Ryan an endless runner game,targeted towards children for iOS and,Android,at the Toy Fair 2018 in New York ryan,toysreview announced a line of toys,branded as ryans world in cooperation,with pocket watch and bonkers toys the,toys were first released exclusively at,Walmart on August 6th 2018 the toys were,later released at Target and Amazon the,Ryans world bright colors slime is sold,for $4 five per inch $9 per Ryans,action figure and french fries shaped,squishy toys for $18 likewise his other,toys like shiny silver glitter gold and,molten orange cost $5 per piece,his Aladdin themed Ally and Abu,build-a-bear cost around $60 in 2019,ryan toysreview in pocket watch produced,a 20 episode television series for,preschoolers titled Ryans mystery,playdate on November 1st 2019 outright,games released a video game titled race,with Ryan a racing game featuring Kaji,and characters from Ryans World brand,for PlayStation 4 Xbox one Nintendo,switch and Microsoft Windows in addition,to the merchandising Kaji and his family,have started making a name for,themselves in the entertainment industry,outside of youtube theres a magazine,called Ryans world ultimate,Gide it definitely sounds like LaLanne,Kaji has big things planned for her,family business on top of that Ryans,online fame has also translated itself,into the world of TV with the 8 year old,now starring in his very own TV show on,Nick jr. as a result of Ryans huge,online following and the advertising and,sponsorship money that has come,alongside his YouTube channel the eight,year old is the highest earner across,all of YouTube for the second year,running beating even the likes of,PewDiePie it was estimated by Forbes,that in 2019,Ryan Kaji would earn a remarkable 26,million dollars thanks to his YouTube,fame since 2016 it is estimated that,Ryan has earned a total of 59 million,dollars from his YouTube work,Ryans incredible success would not have,been possible without the work done by,his parents mother Lowen and father,Shyam in 2015 when Ryan enquired why,other kids were on YouTube and he wasnt,his parents decided to help him set up a,YouTube channel and they began creating,videos Ryans first ever video which,just shows him playing with a Lego train,kick-started what would become an,internet phenomenon the video in,question now has almost 50 million views,since it was posted in 2015 an,impressive figure that nonetheless pales,in comparison to the number of people,watching kgs most popular uploads which,sometimes surpassed 1 billion which,started as an unlikely Enterprise has,earned Kaji and his family 26 million,dollars in the last year alone making,him the single biggest earner on YouTube,welcome to Ryans world a place that,mesmerizes children and mystifies adults,try not to step on any toys as you,wander around it was an inauspicious,beginning 15 minutes of grainy video,footage showing a cute kid picking out a,Lego train set at the store and then,taking it home to open the box and play,with it why do you want this his mother,asked because I like it he replies,uploaded in March 2015 that earliest a,video on Ryan Kajis YouTube channel,filmed when he was just three years old,today,Kaji divides his time between making,multiple videos a week for his YouTube,channel Ryans world wearing Kaji,unboxes and reacts to new toys starring,in his Nick jr. TV show Ryans mystery,playdate which has Koji and his parents,completing challenges and solving,puzzles,and you know going to school the,production value of his videos has,increased but the content hasnt strayed,far from the original concept of a cute,kid,opening and playing with toys now eight,years old kanji is a grizzled industry,vet compared to the guileless toddler of,those first clips,Ryans mystery play date has a big crew,working together and I love to see the,team work he says via email describing,the differences between his two main,gigs well,Ryans world videos are special too,because I filmed them at home with my,mom and dad and theyre pretty fun to be,around research suggests that the,earliest memories we carry into,adulthood from when were around the age,of seven meaning that Kaji might grow up,not knowing a time before a,multi-million dollar success and stardom,but for now he still remembers making,that original trainset video which will,live in profit-generating perpetuity,even as the original memory faith quote,I remember going to target with my mom,and she bought a LEGO DUPLO Train Set he,says when we got home she recorded me on,her phone just so my grandparents could,see me the channel also evolves as Ryan,ages now offering more educational,videos in addition to the toys Ryans,world has spawned 1,000 products in,75,000 stores and will rake in one,hundred and fifty million dollars

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No More Ryan ToysReview….

hi guys today i have bad news and good,news,so the bad news is,there will be no more ryans toys review,but the good news is that were still,gonna make videos yay,were just gonna change the channel name,and now its gonna be called,ryans world were changing the channel,name because we dont just do toy videos,we do science experiments,oh i like the orange one too it looks so,cool,i guess im bigger so i can make more,look at this,[Music],and we do,challenges like the floors lava hey ryan,five four,three,two,one four,roll the clip,on your head,good job ryan,yes hes spilling it,we also,do educational videos like why do floods,happen,[Music],a tornado is a rapidly rotating columns,of air that form during the storm,and the eyes produce reflex tears to,protect itself we also do music videos,[Music],be my best friend im gonna build a,robot grab some tools and lets begin,skits last night,i wish to be daddy and be grown up so i,can play games all night,is that,why no,last call for the school bus anybody no,okay i guess nobodys going to school,today,lets go,lets go to the next stop school wait,for me dont leave me were hiding shh,and lots more,hey its spicy whatd you put ryan uh,ketchup,i also want to share all my friends from,ryans world with you like combo panda,hey combo crew and im combo panda and,im ready to play gus the gummy gator,[Music],hey litigators,oh yeah what up gil gang alexa whats,going on alph assassins ill collect it,here sheldon,penguin greetings and salutations peg,pals grovo combo,[Music],greetings it is i robocombo im ready to,game on,dark titan hey its me,titan,and so much more,hi everybody and welcome to,ryans world,welcome to ryans world,[Music],we also launch a new rhino espanol,channel check out the first video of me,and pac-man gus,the link will be in the description,below,thank you for watching,remember always stay happy and rise up,bye,[Music],[Music],you

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Ryans World: Net Worth & Earnings! (2022)

Ryans World Net worth and earnings 2022,on YouTube one of the most popular,entertainment channels is called Ryans,World it has 33 million subscribers,which is an impressive number the year,2015 marked the beginning of operation,for the YouTube channel known as Ryans,World which has its headquarters in the,United States the questions that,everyone is dying to know are how does,Ryans World make money and how much,money does he have so in todays video,we will answer these questions so stay,tuned till the end lets first talk,about Ryan and how he became a YouTube,star on October 16 2011 in the state of,Texas Cheyenne and lone Kaji became the,proud parents of Ryan Kaji his,Vietnamese mother and Japanese father,met as students at Texas Tech University,and he is the son of the two cultures,taji and his two sisters Kate and Emma,who live in Cypress Texas when Kaji saw,the proliferation of product review,channels on YouTube in March of 2015. he,wondered why he wasnt joining the,movement gaijis mom recognized a huge,opportunity for profit with the channel,so she quit her job teaching chemistry,in high school and devoted herself to it,full-time it started with Ryan toys,review and then it became Ryans World,popular videos on the channel feature,Kaji opening,playing with and reviewing a wide range,of toys most of which are sent to him by,sponsors virtually every day a brand new,video is uploaded to the channel huge,egg surprise toys challenge has more,than 2 billion views and is the most,popular video on Ryans world it is also,one of the top 60 most viewed videos on,YouTube overall the content of the,channel has widened in recent years to,include Snippets of his daily life such,as when he gets a haircut or spends time,with his family Ryans worlds,popularity skyrocketed over time by the,end of the year 2020 it had over 28,million subscribers and 45 billion video,views this caused Forbes to rank Kaji as,the highest paid YouTube personality,kajis family insists on donating most,of the promoted Goods to non-profits as,their son was raised to do despite,complaints about the Channels emphasis,on materialism some are nonetheless,gifted to loved ones by launching,numerous apps TV series video games and,other things Ryans world has expanded,and Consolidated its Commercial Success,kajis parents signed a contract with,the in Innovative childrens Media,Company pocket watch in 2017 to handle,the marketing and product development,for Ryans World in 2018 Ryans parents,worked with pocket watch and wild Works,a game Studio to make the childrens,game tag with Ryan Ryan,s room I guess yeah why are we so small,Nick Jr aired the first episode of,Ryans mystery playdate a 20-part,preschooler TV series created by Ryans,World in pocket watch the following year,the same year also saw the launch of,race with Ryan a racing video game for,the Nintendo switch PlayStation 4 Xbox,One and windows Platforms in 2020 Ryans,World released super spy Ryan on Amazon,kids plus a live action animated hybrid,series based on the Ryans World comic,books a Ryans World game developed by,Roblox was set to launch the next month,the channel also features a line of toys,made in partnership with pocket watch,and Bonkers toys the line exclusive to,Walmart debuted in the summer of 2018,and features slime action figures plush,animals t-shirts and more if youre,enjoying this video please hit the like,button and subscribe to our Channel if,you havent yet to show us your support,now lets continue,net worth lets talk about his net worth,and earnings wealthy Ryan Kaji is worth,a cool 100 million dollars with over,33.4 million subscribers and 52 billion,views Ryans channels are among the most,popular on the internet Ryan is among,the highest paid YouTube stars in the,world each and every day Ryan Kaji,releases a brand new video his most,popular video huge egg surprise toys,challenge has been seen over 2 billion,times and is one of YouTubes top 40,most popular videos overall more than,270 million 559 thousand dollars is,spent each month on Ryans World on,YouTube each thousand times a video is,seen generates revenue for a channel,that uses advertisements to monetize its,content earning three to seven dollars,per one thousand views is typical for,YouTubers based on this information we,estimate that Ryans World pulls in 1.11,million dollars each month and 16.66,million dollars annually from,advertising some channels on YouTube,make much more than 7 dollars per 1000,views in the best case scenario earnings,for Ryans world might reach 29.98,million dollars also YouTubers typically,dont rely on the platform alone as a,means of support its possible to make,more money through things like,sponsorships affiliate commissions,product sales and speaking engagements,than from ads alone,well thats all for todays video tell,us in the comment section how this one,was I hope that you found this video,interesting if you want to see more,videos like this please consider,subscribing for more and dont forget to,give comments and provide us with your,valuable feedback well see you in the,next video with some more interesting,luxurious facts and stories until then,stay tuned,[Music]

How Much Does Ryan Kaji Make on YouTube?

how much does ryan koji make on youtube,hi guys and welcome to todays video,my name is nathan from here at money,matters and today were going to be,looking at the child youtube star,ryan kaji to find out how much he makes,off of youtube,and other ventures be sure to watch,until the end as we reveal how much he,makes per second,ryan kaji is a nine-year-old youtube,star that started his channel in 2015,as a toy review channel since then hes,grown to a total of nine channels,and has the highest earning youtuber of,2020 making 29.5 million from his,youtube channel,the following are his revenue sources,adsense,for kaji to top the 2020 youtube earning,list he has amassed a huge following on,his two main channels,which well take a look at in this video,his first and main channel ryans world,has over 28 million subscribers,and gets over 24 million daily average,views according to socialblade,his other channel kaji family has over 6,million subs and gets a daily average,viewership of 7,million to find out how much these,numbers become income,we need to find the cpm or cost per,thousand views,according to income streams we can,estimate his cpm is about four dollars,we multiply this by the total daily,average views of 31 million,and divide it by 1000 to find that he,averages 124,000 every day however youtubes cut is,about 45,after which hes left with slightly over,68 000,multiply this by 365 to find that he,earns over 24 million dollars annually,from adsense,branded toys according to the guardian,ryan generated over 200 million in sales,from ryans world branded toys this,includes a deal with marks and spencer,for branded pajamas,as the most popular child youtuber we,believe this figure is real,video endorsements as a youtube child,influencer,kaji has worked with several huge brands,on his videos such as nickelodeon and,markson spencer,unfortunately how much he was paid is,not public we will however use a,well-researched rate of ten thousand,dollars per every one million,subscribers,with over 36 million subs on his main,channels we can estimate kaji to be,making around,and sixty thousand dollars per sponsor,assuming he gets,four endorsements each month it would,mean he earns roughly 1.4 million,monthly,or 17 million annually tv series,in 2020 the star signed a multi-million,dollar deal with nickelodeon for his own,tv series,the amount he was paid is however,undisclosed adding these sources,together,ryan earns about 241 million before tax,and expenses,expenses with such high quality,production we can estimate the star pays,a huge chunk of his earnings to salaries,for his production team,there are also travel expenses and more,all these may come to about 20 percent,of his earnings or about 48 million,this leaves him with 193 million liable,for tax,taxes according to bankrate.com u.s,local income tax is 37 percent,this translates to 71.4 million leaving,the nine-year-old with about 121 million,to his name annually,so how much does he make per second to,find out how much he makes a second,we needed to divide 121 million by 365,to find out how much he makes every day,we get about 331 000 every single day,13 700 hourly and two hundred and thirty,dollars a minute,this is roughly three point eight,dollars every second that means at this,point in the video hes already made,over nine hundred dollars,how would you spend all of this money,share with us in the comments section,below,if you enjoyed this video be sure to,like and subscribe for more income,breakdown videos

The Dark Side Of Ryan ToysReview

i think the important thing is just make,sure to put the kids first,the kids first get the kids first,[Music],nothing more than a tool for marketing,to bury young children zero value to,kids its straight up dangerous and,should be blocked by most,parents i hate this channel everything,about it seriously awful,its a giant commercial and they are,always talking about freaking mcdonalds,young brains are impressionable and this,is completely not what i want my child,to witness as fun,garbage pure garbage just another way to,manipulate kids to make money from this,type of parents it has no,educational purpose why does a child,need that many toys hes gonna have girl,issues because everything is about,me and me ryans toy review was like a,trash reality tv show for small children,it seems to be addictive for kids,[Music],according to forbes throughout 2020,ryans world took home an approximate,income of 29.5,million dollars making him the highest,paid youtuber for the year,above the likes of mr beast and jeffrey,starr,the most significant part which im sure,many of you are already aware,is that ryan is only 9 years old making,him younger than the angry birds mobile,game the film avatar as well as the,legal working age for a mcdonalds,employee,29.5 million isnt exactly a bad wicket,for anyone whos yet to go through,puberty,considering in every episode it looks,like ryan is having the time of his life,on the surface it seems as though the,ryans world channel is the spitting,image of perfection,itself however like all things in life,the ryans world channel has a dark side,thats rarely talked about in the media,we try not to capture,any moment orion in distress legal,battles to do with not fully disclosing,paid sponsorships within videos,the exploitation of ryan for the,financial gain of his parents,and most surprisingly the criminal,history associated with ryans mother,luanne caggi,who in her younger years actually went,to prison seven seven-year multi-million,dollar youtube star ryan coggys mother,has a criminal past in june 2002 when,ryans mum was 18 years old she was,called shoplifting at a jc penney,located in her hometown of houston texas,the security of the store discovered,that shed been trying to steal six,items of clothing,totaling 93 dollars which is equivalent,to around 135,today after being taken back to the,police station she will be fined 150,for the theft given 40 hours of,community service as well as being put,on a six-month probation,period on top of this she had to carry,an offender identification card while,also attending an anti-shoplifting,program however heres where it gets,interesting rather than simply showing,up and doing her 40 hours of community,service,she sat around and did nothing luanne,didnt report to her community,supervisor,didnt pay the fees she was supposed to,pay and didnt even show up to any of,the community service when scheduled,for this reason she would be arrested,again and instead of 150,fine and a slap on the wrist shell be,sentenced to two months in the houston,harris county jail she will remain in,jail for 30 days after which shell be,released and from the information,available managed to stay out of jail,from that point onwards,now making a judgment about an,individuals character based on what,they did at the age of 18 is perhaps a,little unfair,people change a lot in 18 years so her,going to jail could be totally,discountable but at the same time i,think itd be unwise to pass off,altogether as all she was just,young and dumb its not exactly like she,was 13 years old stealing some food,because she needed to eat and didnt,have any money she was 18 years old and,going out of her way to steal expensive,clothing,something thats more of a luxury than a,necessity then as mentioned she would go,on to double down on her mistake by,failing to comply with the consequences,she just ignored them giving us an,insight into her character at a younger,age,perhaps this is a far-fetched assumption,but maybe we could also say that it,showed us she had an innate willingness,to cut corners in order to get what she,wants which will be an important factor,for later parts in the video,after this whole prison saga was over,and done with luanne would meet her,future husband cheyenne with whom she,would later have her first son ryan in,october 2011.,in march 2015 at the age of only three,and a half ryan asked his mum how come,im not on youtube when all the other,kids are i was watching other,people and i was like why am i not on,there,following this statement ryans parents,would create the ryan toys review,channel and begin making the videos with,him shortly thereafter,lets go get it then you want it uh-huh,okay put in the car,in july 2015 only four months after,creating the channel they would see,their first piece of viral success with,their video,giant lightning mcqueen egg surprise,[Music],which gained 20 million views after only,one month following this success the,channel began posting new videos daily,and while this was great for the growth,of the channel it began the discussion,about whether the channel was really in,the best interest of ryan or was a,borderline abuse to have the child doing,so much work with the money ultimately,going to the parents,theres always been a question of ethics,in any discussion relating to kids,channels on youtube,what are the labor laws about putting,your kids in videos like,what how do you quantify the value that,theyre bringing to the content,are there is that value going back to,them but is the criticism towards,pre-teens making more than a million,dollars a year on the youtube platform,just pure jealousy from other people who,might be in their 40s making 60 grand a,year or is there a legitimate case for,concern,its an extremely difficult topic to,determine for a few main reasons,firstly thered be channels where the,child being the main star legitimately,wants to be a part of the show,which is apparently the case with ryan,what was special is that he wanted his,own youtube channel,and you have a lot of parents who like,come on pushing their kids out there,however there are other channels on,which you can tell the kids clearly,dont want to be involved in the videos,and the parents are forcing them to,appear in order to gain ad revenue,so in order to determine whether ryan,being involved in the videos is a part,of the channels,dark side we have to first determine a,few different things,is it voluntary involvement is he being,held at gunpoint to perform does he have,to deal with the difficult parts of the,channel like editing criticism and,innovation how much of the spoils and,rewards actually go to ryan in the,present and future,we see comment after comment talking,about how they are exploiting him which,would be awful if true but simply having,him appearing in the videos isnt really,exploitation we need to ask more,questions now the first thing we have to,establish here in order to determine,whether ryans appearance is,a part of the dark side of the channel,is whether or not ryan is being forced,to appear in the videos now ryan stated,that the channel was birthed because he,personally wanted to be on youtube and,it wasnt because his parents forced him,however its also important to question,this statement with a healthy level of,skepticism ryan was only three and a,half when he was first put on the,platform its hard to believe that any,kid of that age would already be keen to,personally appear on any kind of public,platform but i could be completely wrong,with that as shown in the same video the,number one most desired job for kids,aged 8-12 is youtube star followed by,teacher professional athlete musician,and astronaut however if you did a study,on the most desired jobs for kids aged,0-4,they probably wouldnt have an,understanding about the concept of,working a job,for this reason id make the assumption,that the idea for the channel was more,than likely from ryans mom,and the story of ryan just seeing

Ryans World Biography,Net Worth,Income,Family,Cars,House & LifeStyle 2020

[Music],biography landfill am Ryan Guan and his,nickname youtuber I am professional,youtuber ran natural height 3 feet 9,inches and his weight 32 kg ran I color,dark brown eye and hair color black,personal life brandita / 12 August 2010,H he is currently 9 years old,ran birth bless Texas United State run,birth sign Libra nationality Fran is the,only nationality of a country that is,American ran favorite actor joins,ensemble and his favorite movie mana,Nadal there was not enough information,about Irans property value but it has,been estimated that his total assist,could be from 50 million to 60 million,dollar family there are four members in,his family his father name Shyam Kazee,and his mother name Wonka G Frank have,two twin sisters Emma and Kate carrier,as of June 2020 the channel has over 25,million subscribers and its the videos,have garnered over 30 billion views the,channel is on of the top hundred most,subscribed youtube channels in the,United State,[Music],according to Forbes gauzy and 11 million,dollar between 2016 and 2017 and Asda,eight highest-paid youtuber and in 2018,and 2019 fan followers is currently,Instagram followers 85,000 and YouTube,average subscribers twenty five point,eight million ran all amazing facts as,of 11 july 2019 he has released his own,branded toothbrush and toothpaste his,channel ran salt launched in 2015 by his,parents is only three years old in 2018,his toy channel inter rated the Guinness,Book of altar records he signed to a,multi-platform deal with pocket watch in,2017 his favorite hobbies is playing and,traveling car collection house this,stunning modern home located in the,America wall cloud a design created,every store like home with subtropical,atmosphere the fire cups tonal and again,clink over the glass walkway with water,features provide some of the unique feel,of the house,the interior is decorated in neutral,tones with shooting musical influence,throughout thanks for watching please,like comment and share and dont forget,to subscribe

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