1. AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Review, Maybe… Dont Buy It!
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AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Review, Maybe… Dont Buy It!

[Music],welcome back to harvard unboxed,today were testing the ryzen 7 5800x,the new 8 core,16 thread model now yesterday i checked,out the extremely impressive ryzen 9,5900x then the day before that,the 5950x so that means weve already,ticked off the 12 and 16 core models,and thats also why i currently have,very big bags under my eyes,and also bloodshot eyes but thats all,part of the fun,so lets continue to work our way down,at the product stack,now this probably isnt the best way to,start this review but ive got to say,the 5800x looks to be the,least compelling processor in the new,ryzen 5000 series,theres certainly nothing wrong with an,8 core 16 thread processor clocked up to,4.7 gigahertz with high ipc,in fact right now you could certainly,argue that is a sweet spot for gamers,the problem though is the price 450 us,is just 100,cheaper than the 5900 x and while that,is almost a 20,saving youre also getting 33 fewer,cores,that means whereas the 5900 x costs 46,dollars per core,the 5800x cost 22 percent more at 56,per core hell thats even 12 more per,call than the flagship part the 5950x,now if youre wondering why amds,position the 5800x so poorly,the answers simple it just doesnt make,sense for them to sell it any cheaper,as im sure many of you are aware the,ryzen processors consist of multiple,chiplets or smaller dies,rather than a single monolithic die like,what we see with the intel processors,in the case of zen 3 a ccd or core,complex die,packs eight cores so a cpu like the,5950x features two ccds,with all cores enabled for an eight plus,eight core configuration,then theres a third die called the io,die which houses the dual channel ddr4,memory controller,pci express gen 4 root complex and a,number of soc features such as,sata and usb ports so making up a cpu,like the 5950x are two ccds and a single,i o die the same configuration,used by the 5900x but the 12 core,version doesnt require fully working,ccds,rather defective silicon with one or two,failed cores can be used,with the 5900x each ccd only has six of,the possible eight cores enabled,resulting in a six plus six,configuration,making it a 12 core processor and that,makes these six core ccds less,valuable as they cant be used in the,more expensive 5950x,or the epic3 cpus so you see where this,is going,the 5800x and 5600x only use a single,ccd,but the 5800x requires top shelf silicon,with all cores enabled,whereas the 6 core 5600x receives the,same lower bin silicon used by the 5900x,if the 5800x was to come in at roughly,the same cost per core,as the 5900x itd cost just 370 dollars,but for the sake of this hypothetical,lets bump that up to 400 to price match,the 3800x which,already wasnt a good deal sitting next,to the 330,us 3700x but lets go with 400 anyway as,that is half the price of the 5950x,at this price amd would be making a lot,less profit on their highest quality,silicon,so rather than sell it at a lower margin,with a 400,5800 x theyre better off saving it for,an 800.5950 x,or alternatively selling the 5800x at an,increased price,which is exactly what theyve decided to,do as amd still wants to offer an,eight-core part,it does appear as though these,eight-core chippers are very valuable,and i suspect theyre also wanting to,save as many as possible for epic three,server processors,where the margins are even greater all,of this does leave the 5800x in a bit of,an unfortunate position,where it ends up costing more per core,than any other ryzen 5000 series,processor,so for that reason i feel most of you,will either end up being up sold to the,5900x or opt to save some money,and go with the cheaper six core 5600x a,part that i will be looking at tomorrow,anyway its time to test and then well,re-evaluate the value of the 5800x,towards the end of the review,for testing the amd cpus the msi x570,godlike was used along with four eight,gigabyte g skill trident z ddr4 3200 cl,14 memory modules,for a 32 gigabyte capacity and then,cooling all test systems is the corsair,iq h150i,elite caplex io finally please note that,for all the productivity testing were,using the geforce rtx 2080 ti,but for all the gaming benchmarks ive,gone back and updated all of our numbers,with the rtx 3090,and ive added some new games in the,process so lets get into the graphs,as usual well start with cinebench r20,the 5800x scored at 5982 points in this,multi-core test and that meant it was 22,faster than the 3700x thats a serious,performance uplift,and its what weve come to expect from,zen 3. also for those of you wondering i,didnt bother investing the time to,re-test the 3800x this is a process that,i dropped ages ago,as its really no faster than the 3700x,in this test for example were talking,about a 3,performance boost so if the absence of,the 3800x is causing you great,discomfort,please feel free to add three percent to,the 3700 x result,now when compared to the 10-700 k it is,20,faster and that is a big performance,uplift given both cpus dupak,8 cores with 16 threads in fact the,5800x is just 7,slower than the 10900k so thats pretty,amazing stuff given the intel cpu,features 25 percent more cores,before we move on with more blue bar,graphs heres a look at how the 5800x,clocks in each of the cinebench r20,tests for the multi-core test where,all cores are heavily loaded the 5800x,clocks at around,4.55 gigahertz which is well above the,advertised 3.8 gigahertz base clock,frequency,amd also advertises a max boost clock,frequency of 4.7 gigahertz and this,should be achieved in single core,or lightly threaded workloads in the,center bench single core test for,example the 5800x typically operated at,4.85 gigahertz,so thats 150 megahertz over the,advertised spec,the 7-zip compression performance is,also very impressive here the 5800x even,managed to edge out the 10-900k,as it was 24 faster than the 3700x and,22,faster than the 10700k so in other words,the 5800x is now the fastest eight core,desktop cpu,by a country mile decompression,performance is also very impressive,though the margins do shrink a little at,least over the 3700 x as the 5800x is,now 19,faster that said its also now 31 faster,than the 100k,so a bit of a brutal 8 core smack down,there,aes performance has improved by 12 over,the 3700 x,and that made the 5800x a whopping 54,faster than the intel core i7,10 700k were looking at a 16,performance uplift over the 3700x in,blender making the 5800x 12,faster than the 10700k it was also just,16,slower than the 10 900k and 31 slower,than the 5900x,which makes sense given at pax 33,percent fewer cause,we saw previously with the 5950x and,5900x that the gains for zen 3 over zen,2,in the v-ray benchmark are quite extreme,and here were seeing that once again,the 5800x which was 30,faster than 3700x is not a great deal,slower,than the 10-900k performance gains in,the corona benchmark have also been,strong and here were seeing a 26,performance uplift for the 5800x over,the 3700 x,then when compared to the intel,competition were talking about an 11,boost over the 10-700 k code compilation,performance gains,arent quite as extreme though a 12,performance uplift is certainly nothing,to sneeze at and it means amd is now 15,ahead when comparing the 5800x and 10700,k next up we have davinci resolve studio,16 as seen previously the cpu doesnt,have a huge,impact on performance here but were,still looking at a six percent increase,for the 5800x over the 3700x which,historically would be considered a very,strong generational leap,its a similar story in premiere pro,though here the 5800x is more impressive,beating the 3700x and 10 700k by a 14,margin while it was just two percent,slower than the 10900k,as we found previously photoshop relies,heavily on single core performance and,with zen 3s,massive improvement here the 5800x is 27,faster than the 3700x moreover because,the 5800x 5900x and 5950x all feature,very similar single core performance,they deliver comparable results in this,benchmark,after effects is another program that

IS THE 5800X FINALLY WORTH IT?! | AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Review

So I’m pretty sure none of us need a reminder of just how monumental the launch of AMD’s,Zen 3-based CPUs were.,AMD has been making major waves in the market ever since Ryzen first swaggered onto the,block back in 2017, but it was only really until the Zen 3 chips arrived that things,reached peak interestingness.,With the launch of Zen 3, AMD wasn’t just the best bang for the buck chipmaker anymore,,they actually, legitimately managed to dethrone Intel where it mattered most: gaming.,But out of all of the chips that reviewers wrote love songs to back then, the Ryzen 7,5800X wasn’t really one of them.,But that was then, and this is about nine months later, and if biology taught me anything,,it’s that nine months can change… a lot of things.,So, let’s see whether the 5800X really is still the black sheep of the Zen 3 family,,or whether you can finally buy it without reviewers making you feel bad.,But first, if you want to pick up the 5800X or any of the other parts I’ll be mentioning,in this video, go ahead and do it via my Amazon affiliate links in the description down below,,or if you’re in South Africa, grab it all at Wootware also linked below.,Now, AMD’s Zen 3 architecture brings with it a ton of improvements and for those of,you who want to get clued in on all of the juicy details, I’ll drop a link to those,down below.,But because we’ve watched these chips in action for a while now, I won’t be digging,into all of those in this review.,What I will do, is mention that Zen 3 is efficient AF thanks in large part to the teensy 7nm,process, it comes packed with dat sexy PCIe 4.0, and a very healthy generational IPC or,Instructions Per Clock boost.,That last part being the most important here, especially for us gamers.,As for the chip we’re working with here, the Ryzen 7 5800X comes packed with all of,those goodies packed into 8 cores and 16 threads with a base clock of 3.8GHz and a very tasty,max boost clock of 4.7GHz.,It also ships with 32MB of L3 cache, has a TDP of just 105W, natively supports RAM up,to 3200MHz (though you can obviously go much higher than that), and like every other Ryzen,chip that I know of, is fully unlocked for overclocking.,So, with tech and specs like that to back it up, why wasn’t everyone singing the 5800X’s,praises back when it first launched?,Well, I say “everyone” there, but I’m mostly just referring to reviewers.,Regular folk and scalpers bought this thing and the rest of the 5000-series chips up like,I buy cases of Monster when it goes on sale Checkers.,The reason why certain reviewers didn’t bend the knee to the 5800X was pretty simple,in most cases.,Sandwiched right between the beastly 5900X and the extremely impressive 5600X, the 5800X’s,pricing just didn’t make it all that compelling.,At launch, the 5800X came in at $150 more than the six core 5600X, and an upgrade to,the 12-core 5900X would only cost you about a hundred bucks more.,This made it very easy to recommend the 5600X for gamers, and the 5900X for people who also,use their systems for work, or even their Intel counterparts, seemingly leaving the,5800X in an awkward middle of the pack position.,But that position has changed now that things have stabilized a bit and scalpers have had,their fill.,Now, the 5800X is a much more compelling chip for gamers and creatives alike at $394 (or,R7,600 at Wootware).,Which means there’s only about a $121 premium going from the 5600 to the 5800X, and surprisingly,(and sadly), going from the 5800X to the 5900X will cost you between $164 to $216 more at,the time of filming.,Of course, AMD doesn’t have the only horse in this race.,Intel’s similarly specced (and impressive in its own right) 11700K also lands at around,the same price point as the 5800X, but that’s only really on paper.,Because Intel’s latest chips are still based on 14nm, they tend to need more juice to run,properly, which means more expensive motherboards with beefier VRM configurations, and that,definitely tips the value scale in favor of the 5800X.,But let’s shelve all of that for a minute, and get to what matters most here: performance.,During testing across all of the systems, I ran a 32GB kit of Crucial’s Ballistix,RGB memory at 3600MHz CL16, MSI’s RTX 3070 Gaming X Trio, MSI’s MAG CORELIQUID 360R,to keep things cool, Antec’s 750W EAG Pro, and Crucial’s P5 M.2 for the main drive.,The AMD chips were socketed into MSI’s MPG X570 Gaming Pro Carbon, while ASUS’s TUF,Gaming Z590-Plus handled Intel, and for the first round of tests all chips were run at,stock settings.,To kick things off, let’s take a look at productivity.,And first up is good old Cinebench, testing both single and all-core performance, and,to absolutely no one’s surprise, none of the chips could best the Core i9 10900K with,it’s extra cores when it comes to the all-core run (although both the 5800X and 11700KF came,pretty close).,That’s something we definitely don’t see playing out when it comes to single-core performance,,where, while it was a close race between it and the 11700KF, AMD’s 5800X managed to,come out on top by a pretty decent margin.,Next up is the Blender benchmark, running both the BMW and Fishy Cat tests, and because,this is an all-core-heavy workload, the 10900K takes the crown.,But even so, the 5800X and 11700KF weren’t too far behind, with the latter taking a slight,lead over the 5800X.,As for gaming, let’s kick things off with two synthetic benchmarks in the form of Unigine,Superposition and 3D Mark’s Time Spy.,Curiously, it seems Superposition seems to favor the AMD chips, with each edging out,the competition from Intel, while in Time Spy we see the opposite play out with Intel,coming out on top.,Moving on to actual games, instead of clearing up, the fierce battle between the 5800X and,11700K just keeps getting messier and messier.,In the majority of the titles tested, the two chips seem very evenly matched, with one,or the other just barely managing to squeak out a win.,But even so, in certain titles like Hitman 3 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the gains,coming from the 5800X are impressive.,Impressive enough that even though the Intel chip did come out on top in five of the nine,games tested, and so technically came out on top, AMD’s combined average FPS was higher,by about 2.7%.,Clearly the 5800X has some serious gaming muscle behind it, some of that coming from,its max recorded single-core boost clock of 4.85 GHz.,It’s also not all that hungry, only hitting a max power draw of about 142W, compared to,the gluttonous 11700KF’s max of 184W.,That lower power draw meant that the chip (with an ambient temp of 23 degrees) only,hit a max of 77 degrees during testing while the 11700K ran a bit toastier at 85 degrees.,I did play around with overclocking the 5800X for a bit, but only managed to get a stable,all-core overclock of 4.7 GHz, and with that speed applied, gaming performance actually,suffered a little.,Which makes sense since an all-core overclock stops AMD’s Precision Boost and Overdrive,from automatically boosting higher in games.,A per-core approach is definitely the way to go if you want to overclock this bad boy.,Now, clearly the 5800X is a gaming powerhouse, and pretty damned decent for productivity,too.,But is it actually worth picking up?,Well, if you’re picking between it and the 11700K, then yes.,While there are some arguments to be made for going with the blue team here – integrated,graphics being a pretty big one among others – the 5800X just has too big of a value,advantage here.,Even though both fall into the same price class, once you factor in the 11700K’s higher,power draw requiring pricey motherboards with beefier VRM configurations, and higher temperatures,possibly requiring a heftier cooler, then the value proposition just isn’t there for,the 11700K.,As for the rest of the stack, including AMD’s own 5600X and 5900X, along with some real,competition from team blue in their latest i5 lineup, it’s still a hard choice to make.,Sort of.,If you already

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Revisiting The Ryzen 7 5800X – Is This 8 Core Zen 3 CPU Now Worth Buying in 2021? 18 Game Benchmark

when amd launched the ryzen 5000 series,late last year,the 5800x was seen as the least,desirable part of the whole stack,however after having used it for the,last couple of months in my test bench,and seeing its price drop across,multiple retailers while seeing the,5900x still relatively hard to get,i believe a good case can be made for,why one should choose to go for the,5800x now,lets discuss that in this video,hey if you enjoy content like this drop,a like make sure to subscribe and smash,that bell so you never miss another,video,hey what is going on guys danny here,welcome back to the channel and i hope,youve all been doing well,in this video well be taking a look at,the ryzen 7 5800x,think of this as my late review of this,8 core zen 3 cpu,although the advantage of doing a review,several months after release is that you,get to look at parts with a,different set of eyes or perspective,after the initial hype or disappointment,has settled down,and the market itself has gone through a,few different changes,at launch the 5800x was a cpu that,didnt necessarily get the most positive,feedback from the press,due to having this part receiving a,considerable bump in msrp over its,predecessors,along with that being 150 more expensive,than the 5600x and,only a hundred dollars cheaper than the,5900x it put the 5800x in a bit of a,weird spot,ill admit i was also in the camp that,said that the 5800x was just too,expensive,and i would have liked to have seen it,released at 399 or 429 at least,however the 5900x was extremely hard to,get and most often when it was in stock,retailers had,it priced up significantly higher than,msrp in todays pc hardware market,msrp holds very little merit so when,people started to realize that buying a,5900x was quite the convoluted task,they set their eyes on the 5800x now,with the cpu market starting to,normalize and supply catching up,the 5800x has seen a considerable drop,in price where at places like newegg or,amazon,you can find it for around 420 dollars,and if you live near a micro center,you can even find it for around 370,dollars which is a really nice discount,so what ill do is cut the preamble,short well do a quick rundown of the,cpu specs,to test system specs well jump right,into the benchmarks and then we can,finally do a conclusive discussion,the ryzen 7 5800x is based on the same,zen 3 architecture as the 5900x,built on the same seven nanometer,manufacturing process from tsmc i wont,bother with an overview of the zen 3,micro architecture as ive covered,that already in the past so feel free to,check those videos out what differs this,part is that its got 8 cores with smt,that gives it a thread count of 16.,it has a base clock of 3.8 gigahertz and,a boost clock of 4.7 gigahertz,it has 32 megabytes of l3 cache which is,half the amount that youll find on the,5900x,mainly because this is a cpu with a,single ccd and not two,in terms of power its got a 105 watt,tdp but well go over power consumption,in more detail later on in the review,with the cpu specs out of the way i,wanted to do a rundown of the test,system that i used to test all these,processors,all of the cpus were tested on the msi,x570 unifi motherboard,i also tested the cpus without precision,boost overdrive and auto oc,as those are overclocking settings and,what were trying to see is how do cpus,perform at stock,the cpus were all cooled by a corsair,h159i pro xt,280 millimeter all-in-one liquid cooler,for the ram weve got eight gigabyte,sticks of,patriot viper steel memory which i had,clocked at 3 600 megahertz with manually,tuned primary and secondary timings with,the memory controller clocks equalized,for a one-to-one ratio,for the graphics card weve got an asus,rock strix rtx 3090,the storage devices are a two terabyte,samsung 970 evo plus,and a one terabyte wd blue sn550,powering all these components is an evga,1000 g3,80 plus gold certified power supply,well first take a look at frequency,behavior of the ryzen 7 5800x this will,allow us to see how the processor,operates under a given scenario,such as gaming and help us validate the,boost spec of the product,and whether or not it meets whats,listed on the box the first scenario,well take a look at,is shadow of the tomb raider this will,allow us to see the boost behavior of,the cpu in a gaming scenario,and one that is particularly thread,heavy and can be cpu bound,here were seeing some pretty good,figures where all of the cores are,hovering around 4.75 to 4.8 gigahertz,which is slightly above the stock boost,clock of 4.7 gigahertz,and it seems to maintain this pretty,consistently this boost behavior is,better than what we noticed with the,ryzen 9 5900x,as that cpu with its cores averaged a,boost of 100 megahertz less but do keep,in mind it has four more cores and,in a thread-heavy game like this this,will result in lower figures,nonetheless it was impressive to see the,5800x boosting pretty aggressively,exceeding expectations like this and if,this is any indication of its,overclocking potential,then that seems promising so get,subscribed because i will be making a,separate video,exploring pbl2 and auto oc with this,chip now another scenario that i wanted,to take a look at for this chip,was its boost behavior in ida 64. this,is a pretty heavy stress test that loads,up all the cores to 100,and this kind of load is what you can,expect out of a very core heavy workload,like,video rendering or blender so here were,also seeing some pretty good figures,from the 5800x,where the cores are hovering around 4.6,gigahertz for the most part,with some cores boosting to 4.6,gigahertz or above occasionally,its impressive because in a workload,like this youre usually dealing with,fairly high temps,and that can lower the overall boost but,even under these circumstances the 5800x,averaged some pretty good boost figures,and near what it was advertised for so,its excellent lets move on to thermals,where well first take a look at how,warm the processor ran during a gaming,workload using shadow of the tomb raider,the 5800x,turned out to be the hottest chip from,the bunch its nothing drastic but its,a measurable difference,it averaged 61 degrees celsius and,peaked at 69,at one point compared to the 12 core,5900x thats a 5,increase in average temps but do keep in,mind it was also boosting higher too,compared to a previous gen 8 core cpu,there is a noticeable difference,between the two about a 12 degree,difference so there is a significant,jump there but once you see the power,usage figures itll make sense as to why,that difference occurred,when we shift our focus to another,workload like ida 64,where we are now dealing with a scenario,where all the cores are loaded up to 100,which puts much more stress on the cpu,we see higher figures across the board,though the cpus are all pretty much,within a few degrees of each other,there arent really any differences here,that puts one cpu at a severe,disadvantage over the other,in this workload we can see the 5800x,averaging around 72 degrees which is,fine and totally acceptable in a,workload like this moving on to power,consumption well take a look at how the,cpus perform,in shadow of the tomb raider here we can,see the average power consumption of the,5800x to be around 106 watts which is,close to the 12 core 3900x so its a,little bit higher than where i was,expecting it to be,compared to the previous generation 3800,xt that is a significant bump,and almost 36 increase in power usage,which is interesting considering that my,5900x,wasnt that much more power hungry than,my 3900x so i was expecting the 5800x to,be a bit more in line with the figures,we saw from the 3800 xt,when it comes to ida 64 we obviously see,much higher figures from all the cpus,but just like in shadow of the tomb,raider the 5800x is hanging around the,same area as the 12 horizon parts,and seems to be significantly more power,hungry than the other 8 core cpu in this,chart,so when it comes to thermals and power,consumption

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Friendly Fire: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X CPU Review & Benchmarks vs. 5600X & 5900X

we saved the worst for last were,reviewing the amd,r75800x cpu now its one of the four new,cpus that came out today at time of,filming anyway and that means weve,already reviewed the 5950x 16 core,5900 x which is a 12 core part at about,550,and then the 5600x which is the cheapest,of the new cpus at 300,thus far amd has put itself in a pretty,strong position it now has the best,gaming cpus and most of the games that,we test thats the first,in at least a decade at this point and,its also in the top of the production,benchmarks so now we arrive at the 5800x,which is positioned poorly against amds,own components and struggles to make as,much of a value argument considering,its 150 more than the already strong,5600x and its 100 less than the very,strong 5900x before that this video is,brought to you by arctic cooling and its,liquid freezer 2 line arctic is actively,restocking its liquid freezer 2 coolers,that rank among the top performers for,cpu coolers right now including on ryzen,cpus the liquid freezer 2 series is,focused on high throttle performance and,value featuring a blackout design and,including a vrm fan mounted on top of,the pump block to help provide airflow,over neighboring vrm heatsinks arctic,has also started selling its p-12 120,case fans learn more at the links in the,description below this will be probably,the shortest of the four reviews were,doing for the cpus because by now if,youve seen any of the previous three,youve already had all the explanation,of the charts so were cutting a lot of,the explanation down to simplify things,and focus on the cpu itself and if you,need additional information you can,check our testing methodology,documentation thats linked below,theres been some updates for this,generation like new ffmpeg tests and a,3080 ftw instead of a 2080 ti but,otherwise you can check the 5950 5900 or,5600 reviews to get uh further,explanation on the tests were doing so,the 5800x positioned such that it is is,sort of reminiscent of the 3700x that we,reviewed previously the 3700x when it,came out we said it was in a no mans,land and it sort of was it was between,the extremely well positioned 3600 and,later the 3300x even made potentially,more sense for gaming builds and then,also between the 3900x at the higher end,so,when you have a a core count increase as,large as an eight core 16 thread cpu up,to a 12 core 24 thread cpu,with a price difference that in this,instance of zen 3 is only a hundred,dollars it does kind of look like amd is,trying to position the 5800x almost,intentionally poorly so that it forces,an upsell in the market right now of,course theyre going to sell out of,these things regardless they could have,priced all of these 100 more and they,still would have sold that from of them,because the demand is so high right now,that you can get away with that thats,why like a strix 3070 for example will,fly off the shelves despite being 100,over the 30 70 msrp because its the,only thing people can buy then theyre,going to buy it just by nature of it,being the last one available so amd,whether or not it set its prices because,it knew all of this it did have an,argument in the performance increases,where it was able to increase the,performance disproportionately for the,price the incline of the price was less,than the incline of the performance and,it overall looks pretty good as a result,of that lets get into the benchmarks,again were cutting out some of the,gaming tests and some of the production,tests to just really get straight into,the 5800x results and uh well talk,power at the end and then conclusions,well start again with frequency,validation to determine the behavior of,all core frequency under load using,blender to produce the workload the r9,5900x plotted around 40-50 megahertz,after 600 seconds although it started 20,megahertz higher and then had some,natural decay from precision boost 2 as,a result of the temperature increase the,5600x plotted out about 4400 to 44.25,megahertz sustained followed most,recently by the 5800x plotting about 45,75 megahertz sustained after steady,state or about 4 600 megahertz at the,outset thats the highest of the,sustained frequencies so far and will,assist in stock performance heres the,maximum single core frequency per,interval in cinebench r20 single,threaded the r9 5950x maxed out at 5050,megahertz with the 5900x followed again,at 49.50 megahertz and again for the,5900x the dip in the middle is just,noise from background test behaviors and,can be ignored the 5600x plotted at 46,50 megahertz dead steady as shown in our,review of the part and then the 5800x,mostly followed except at 4850 megahertz,but it was still a mostly flat line and,so were seeing less core switching,between the workload well start games,again with civilization 6 as measured in,real time with turn time benchmarks the,amd r7 5800x stock cpu required 27.8,seconds to complete each turn has,averaged against 20 total turns with the,overclock improving only by 0.6 seconds,this is outside of the standard,deviation for this test and is actually,real change its just not one that,anyone will notice the 5900x out did the,5800x by 3,while the 5600x allowed the 5800x a lead,of just 6.8 percent considering the,5800x falls between them but is priced,at 450,it is difficult to justify compared to,the 3700x it is improved by 17,but what really matters here isnt the,generational improvement but rather how,it does compared to its flanking,counterparts that also came out the same,day it makes more sense to buy one of,those instead of this thing the 5800x is,kind of like the 3700x was at initial,launch its in a no mans land for most,people and it wont emerge from that,place until amd inevitably drops its,price by 80 because it wont sell enough,of these although for now thanks to the,high demand on the market theyll keep,moving them intel isnt really in the,conversation that much at this point,because weve already talked about the,positioning in the last three reviews,and it has not changed and these pulled,ahead including in most games and will,remain there until probably first half,2021 and maybe even still then time for,intels one time to shine and its in,red dead redemption 2 which is the one,game that has intel cpus holding top,ranks still for the game although,generally by four to five percent the,r75800x plotted at 157 fps average stock,right between the 5600x and 5900x in the,very least thats a neatly arranged,stack of cpus and exactly the order wed,expect its just that it doesnt make,sense to spend 150 more for a cpu that,gets you 2 percent higher performance,unless maybe theres value in non-games,and you cant afford the 5900x but for,games thus far the 5600x does look like,the best value and its not even much of,a sacrifice normally the word value has,more of a negative connotation but here,its fine the 5800x outpaces the 3700x,by about 20 fps average here and thats,in line with previous comparisons,between the 5600x and 3600 meanwhile the,10700k competitor maintains a lead over,the 5800x of 4.8 percent in this game,while also maintaining better lows in,red dead 2 at 1080p high settings the,5800x cpu operated at 147 fps average,but youll notice that the rest of the,amd 5000 parts also hit this wall like,we used to see in the last round of,reviews it seems like this game,maintains a separate ceiling for,performance on amd and intel which may,come down to how the game code interacts,with the gpus more than anything else,the 5900x the 950x and 5800x are all,functionally equal here due to this,barrier in three kingdoms and its battle,benchmark at 1080p the amd r75800x stock,results had it at 206 fps average right,alongside the r95950x the g900x and 5600,x stock cpus overclocking plotted within,run to run variants of the amd r5600x at,4.8 gigahertz for that one which makes,sense because there isnt much of a core,difference between these and frequencies,are now equal in this scenario it still,makes more sense to just buy t

VORSICHT: 8-Kerner mit BRACHIALER Leistung! — AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

vorsicht heute geht es um eine glühend,heiße 8 kern cpu die auch noch brachiale,leistung einen tag legt ja und damit ist,nicht einfach eine multi core,performance gemeint sondern auch sehr,sehr gute gegenleistung und heute kommen,wir tatsächlich zu dem was ich in meinen,letzten zwei weißen 5906 und 5.950 ex,tests angesprochen bzw,angedeutet habe und zwar dass man allein,für geben auf jeden fall die spürbar,teurere reisen neuen mainstream,oberklasse vernachlässigen kann es sei,denn man ist auf der jagd nach mehr als,nur einer geilen gaming cpu meine damen,meine herren das ist der amd weisen,sieben 5806 ausgestattet mit acht kernen,und sechs netz auf neue sen drei basis,weil ich jetzt gerade zum zeitpunkt,dieses videos in den preisvergleich,schaue mir ein preis von so circa 460,bis 480 euro für den 5008 106,ausgespuckt das entspricht sogar,ausnahmsweise einmal ungefähr der vp der,unverbindlichen preisempfehlung wenn ich,mich nun nicht ganz erde,laut amd beläuft sich die uvb nämlich,auf 449 us dollar was für eine nette,überraschung,weniger überraschend hingegen ist die,tatsache dass amd ist benannte,marktposition als derzeit führender cpu,hersteller zumindest was wollt ihr,training angeht voll auskostet und,ähnlich wie enter lässt so vor,schlechten jahr für jahr gemacht hat die,preise langsam aber sicher an hebt,während beispielsweise anweisen 73 1806,theoretisch noch 399 dollar vp gekostet,hat sprechen wie im falle des heutigen,5806 von genau 50 dollar mehr also 449,dollar,laut vp angabe von amd im vergleich zu,gebotenen leistung vielleicht nach wie,vor kein schlechter preis doch es dürfte,uns allen klar sein wie wichtig gesunde,konkurrenz ist ansonsten nehmen die,preise künftige reisen generationen ganz,andere formen an,nun gut darum soll es heute aber auch,nicht gehen wie auch in den vergangenen,videos von mir,der heutige 5806 nicht nur gegen seinen,direkten vorgänger 3806 an sondern,ebenso gegen amd es teuren,leistungsfähigeren 5906 und 5.950 reißen,19,selbstverständlich werden wir auch in,auge darauf werfen wie sich ein solcher,5806 gegen cpu cent als zehnter,generation so verhält eine schon mal,vorweg der zehn kerner in 19.900 k,bekommt konkurrenz,und das wohlgemerkt von einem acht kerne,dann alle auf in den spaß wie auch in,den letzten videos will ich freiwillig,meinen dank an den flinken spartaner,krieger jahres vom adler schoppe körper,zum ausdruck bringen extrem free konnte,mir die wahl beschafft werden so dass,sich quasi einen ganzen monat lang mit,meiner riesigen test systemumstellung,widmen konnte mein alltag hat also aus,testen testen und testen bestanden alle,die arbeiten konnte ich aber wie ich,finde,erfolgreich abschließen somit ein,erneutes dankeschön an jahres ein,steckplatz band sind,ich nehme an niemand von euch hat sich,hier ernsthaft weiteres zubehör für den,5800 erhofft oder erwartet der,verpackungs inhalt besteht tatsächlich,nur aus der nackten cpu und dem üblichen,papierkram,wie steht es nun um das kern layout wie,ich in den letzten reihen 5000 es schon,erwähnt habe haben amd mit seinen 34,kern ccx fürs erste komplett,verabschiedet vorher mit sind zwei war,es zb so dass eine acht kerne aus,zweierlei gruppen vier kerne bestanden,hat das wurde dann ein ccx bzw,kern komplex genannt beider solche ccx,einheiten hatten ihren eigenen 16,megabyte level 3 cache auf denen sie,zurückgreifen konnten,allerdings war hierfür ein kurzer,ausflug zum eu sei notwendig damit die,kommunikation zwischen den verschiedenen,kernen stattfinden konnte bei sein 3 ist,es also zur vergrößerung der ccds bzw,cpu dice gekommen was irgendwo heißt das,weniger zwischen kommunikation,stattfinden muss wenn man es denn so,vereinfacht ausdrücken will und kann im,falle des 5806 erhalten wir somit nur,eine einzige cd einen 8 kern bei der,nicht geteilt ist der kanzlei hat somit,schnellen zugriff auf den ganzen 32,mbyte großen l3 cache unterm strich,heißt dies wiederum dass die latenzen,dadurch erheblich reduziert werden,das wirkt sich somit auch spürbar auf,die leistung aus insbesondere endspiel,dem architektonischen gründen ist somit,auch diese stark überarbeiteten layout,grund für so große leistungssprünge von,einigen nation auf die andere,bevor wir nun zum takt verhalten kommen,stelle ich euch kurz man frisches,testsystem vor kernstück ist dieses,feine ass roddicks 570 pg belasteter,oder vertikal mainboard was tatsächlich,derzeit mein favorit unter 65 70,brettern ist technisch mehr oder weniger,auf spitzenniveau während der preis fürs,gebot nicht doch noch human ist so,ausgedrückt gekühlt wird die cpu dann,mit der gewohnten die kessel 240 eu,wasserkühlung und als grafikkarte,spricht die schweine teure aber für,diesen zweig gut geeignete nvidia rtx 30,90 1 für immer die von asus in der tat,geben edition belastet nun alle acht,kerne des 5806 erreiche ich zunächst,einen takt von circa 4567 megahertz,dieser hält sich auch ziemlich stabil,bis erhalt von der längeren testdauer,minimal runter gedrückt wird und zwar,4542 nicht schlecht nicht schlecht was,denn los tag betrifft werden von allem,die offizielle maximal 4,7 gigahertz,angegeben bei mir liegen mit maximal,4841 megahertz,sogar spürbar mehr an es kommen dabei,übrigens keine hilfsmittel wie p geo,precision büßt overdrive ins spiel,dies würde nur weitere variablen spiel,bringen die wir hier erst mal nicht,wollen im spiel share of the tomb raider,erreiche ich dann im durchschnitt,maximal zwischen 3220 bis 4840 schwankt,stark je nach berechnungsart wand so,genug um den heißen brei herumgeredet,jetzt müssen wir auch mal zu den,testergebnissen kommen,viel spaß,[Musik],[Musik],[Musik],[Musik],[Musik],[Musik],[Musik],wie ich auch in meinen vergangenen tests,zu den reisen 19 ps mds neue,fünftausender serie gesagt habe ist hier,nichts anderes als ein großes lob für,die großen und definitiv spürbare,leistungszuwächse auszusprechen was amd,mit seinen drei aus dem hut gezaubert,hat ist nicht ohne und lässt nicht nur,die eigene 3000 vorgänger generation,sondern auch intels noch bestehende,aufstellung der zehnten generation,schwitzend in einigen produktivitäts,aufgaben wie rensing macht der acht,kerne weisen sieben 5806 dem nt 19.900 k,die über ganze zehn kerne verfügt,ernsthafte konkurrenz entweder klebte,5806 den 10.900 dichtern den fersen oder,die amd cpu übernimmt sogar ein wenig,die führung,dazu muss aber fairerweise gesagt werden,dass es ganz aufs anwendungsgebiet,ankommt nicht jedes programm zeichnet,das selbe bild ab davon abgesehen werden,5806 und 10.900 k gar nicht einmal dafür,bestimmt und miteinander verglichen zu,werden,die momentane preis lage allerdings,scheint einen solchen direkten vergleich,aber zu verlangen jedenfalls heißt das,auch dass amd einen erheblichen abstand,zwischen neuem und altem modell,entstehen lässt der 5800 es ist einfach,so viel schneller als 1 3806 und dies,gilt nicht allein für die multi core,leistung nein will ein grund dafür die,gema und tausch dürfte noch der,fantastische zuwachs seien 5800 ex,katapultiert sich selbst fast an die,spitze und hängt ein toter dann 5906 und,5.950 scp nicht weit hinterher,weißt du überhaupt denn manche spiele,berücksichtigt werden der durchschnitt,aller von mir getesteten spiele sagt,viel aus,ich will also echt nicht lange um den,heißen brei herumreden 1 5800 ex stellt,eine hervorragende gaming cpu da,der mann aber auch prächtig aufwendige,arbeitslasten bewältigen kann natürlich,nicht im reisen neuen leistungsniveau,aber dennoch sehr anschaulich was mit,diesem flotten acht kerne alles möglich,ist dass stromverbrauch sie dabei auch,gut aus da kann man nicht meckern,wobei wohl das effizienteste modell der,line up auf den namen 5950 expert das,flaggschiff modell etwas unerwartet für,manche dürften dann aber wohl die,temperaturen seien,man würde sich wohl von einem 12 oder 16,kerne höhere werte erwarten doch,tatsächlich läuft an acht kerne von amd,erheblich wärmer tatsächlich würde ich,sogar das wort kleiner hitzkopf dafür,den mund nehmen wer also plant sich,einen

Intel Core i7-12700 vs. AMD Ryzen 7 5800X, Best Value CPU?

[Music],welcome back to hover on box today were,finally getting our first look at some,affordable lga 1700 motherboards,designed to support intels latest,generation adelaide processors perhaps,more specifically the new locked non k,models such as the core i7 12700 that i,have on hand today for testing and i,also have on hand for testing is the new,creatively named rm1 box cooler so quite,a few things to go over but lets start,by talking about motherboards as usual,msi has been on their game and theyve,sent over the mag b660m mortar wi-fi,ddr4 and as it stands this is the only,b60 motherboard we have on hand for,testing so we are very happy to have it,the rest of intels partners seem to,have forgotten that this launch is even,happening but no matter the b660m motor,wi-fi ddr4 is a great starting point and,is ideal for showing off the new core i7,12700 speaking of which lets start by,quickly going over the nine new 65 watt,parts minus the f variance of which,there are four,the only core i9 model is the 12900 and,when compared to the 1200k its clocked,just 100 megahertz lower and this drops,the maximum turbo power rating from 241,watts down to just 202 watts thats a,significant 16 reduction in power usage,for just a two to two and a half percent,drop in frequency,theres also just a single core i7 model,the 12700 which well be testing today,and its clocked just 100 megahertz,lower than the k sku for the p cores but,200 megahertz lower for the e cores this,sees the maximum power dropped from 190,watts to 80 watts so not really a big,change there,then for the core i5s we have three new,models which includes the 12600,500 and the 12 400 and apparently the,only f skew will be the 12 400 f the 12,400 clock up to 4.4 gigahertz the 12 500,4.6 gigahertz and the 12 600 4.8,gigahertz which is just 100 megahertz,below the 12600k,now the parts that we can consider to be,truly new are the core i3s pentium and,celeron models there are two core i3s,the 12 300 and the 12 100 both pack 4 p,cores plus smt support with no e cores,with a 12 megabyte l3 cache the 12 300,that clocks up to 4.4 gigahertz while,the 12 100 clocks to 4.3 gigahertz and,that model is available as an f skew,then we have the pentium gold,g7400 now this is a dual core so two p,cores with four threads as it does,support smt technology but there are no,e cores it has a six megabyte l3 cache,and it runs at just 3.7 gigahertz then,finally the celeron g6900,and this is a lowly dual core packing,just two p cores with no smt support so,its a two core two thread processor,with a four megabyte l three cache,running at four point three gigahertz so,this is a web browsing and email edition,outlet processor,now for the chipsets were getting b60,which well be looking at today along,with h670 and h610 so with z690 that,means theres four 600 series chipsets,and all support integrated intel wi-fi,6e intel rapid storage technology 19 and,pci express 4.0 focusing on the b660,since thats what well be testing today,when compared to z690 it is quite,heavily cut down which i suppose makes,sense and of course intel being true to,form cpu overclocking is off the table,with any of these cut down chipsets but,at least you could overclock the memory,which is more useful these days,from the cpu just four dmi gen 4 lanes,are supported essentially halving the,pci express 4.0 connectivity when,compared to z690 but i dont feel like,this will be an issue for most users but,this does mean the chipset pci express,4.0 loans have been slashed from 12 to 6,while the pcie 3.0 loans have been,reduced from 16 to 8. as for the usb,ports theres half as many 3.2 20,gigabits per second ports at just two,the potential 10 gigabits per second,ports have been slashed from 10 to four,and the five gigabits per second ports,from 10 to six the only other noteworthy,feature is pcie raid which isnt,supported on b660 or b610 boards,now whereas the default power mode for,k-sku cpus sees them maintain the,maximum turbo power or pl2 state,indefinitely so pl1 equals pl2 the,locked processors like the core i7 12700,work as previous generations have that,means the pl2 is a temporary boost state,and after a certain period of time the,cpu drops to pl1 which in the case of,the 12700 is 65 watts,that said as always with intel this is a,complex and messy process thats,anything but consumer friendly basically,intel fixed this issue for the k skus,but with these locked parts the power,usage is all over the place for example,if you install the 12700 on any z690,motherboard with maybe the exception of,some entry-level azroc models it will,run in the pl2 state indefinitely so,maximum power there despite the fact,that this is a locked part but making,matters worse is the fact that this can,also happen on some b660 h670 and h610,boards for example the msi b660m motor,wi-fi ddr4,runs without any power limits by default,and this means that the 12700 can,consume as much power as it likes on the,b660m mortar and typically this should,see package power up around 180 watts,but if you were to install it on some of,the more entry-level b60 motherboards,the default there would likely be for,pl2 to hit 180 watts for a limited,period of time before dropping to pl1 so,65 watts,what that does to clock speeds depends,on the workload and for todays review,ill be testing the 12700 at the maximum,power state as well as the 65 watt spec,in short though this means that the,12700 could be over 30 percent faster on,some b660 boards depending on the power,state and this mess gets even worse if,you use a k-sku cpu with a 125 watt,based spec anyway well probably dive,more into this in future content for now,lets go over the test system for this,one i havent done any ddr5 testing that,just seems like a waste of time right,now and we really know all we need to in,terms of ddr4 versus ddr5 performance,you can either refer to our day one core,i9 1200k review,or my more recently released ddr4 versus,ddr5 content covering 41 games,so for testing the core i7 12700 im,using the msi b660m motor wi-fi ddr4,with 32 gigabytes of dual rank dual,channel ddr4 3200 cl 14 memory so the,same stuff i use for all of my ddr4,testing and it is typically faster than,single rank ddr4 3800 cl18 memory in,terms of performance,the kscu adelaide cpus theyve been,tested on the msi z690 tomohawk wi-fi,ddr4 using the same memory and all,boards were updated to the latest bars,revision ive also updated my ryzen data,using the msi x570s tomahawk wi-fi,motherboard i should also note that all,gaming data has been updated for the am4,and lj 1700 cpus with resizable bar,enabled the plan was to do the same with,the intel 10th and 11th gen core,processors as well but performance went,backwards in all instances with rebar,enabled so for now ive left this pci,express feature disabled on those,platforms,finally the last test system notes worth,mentioning is the fact that all,application and gaming data has been,collected using the amd radeon rx 6900,xt graphics card and the operating,system of choice was windows 11.,okay i think that covers everything,lets dive into the results,starting with the cinebench r23,multi-core results we find that the,12700 is capable of producing a score of,21,407 points when paired with a quality,cooler on a b60 motherboard and that,meant it was just six percent slower,than the 12 700 k moreover it also meant,that it was able to match the ryzen 9,5900x while crushing the older core i9,10900k,now when using the rm1 box cooler,without any power limits the 12700 was,thermally limited to a score of,19714 points so an 8 reduction when,compared to what we saw with the corsair,h170i,then finally with the 65w spec enforced,the score dropped to 16 017 points which,is a similar level of performance that,of the ryzen 7 5800x and core i9 10900k,so very respectable given how little,power the 12700 is using here,now when it comes to single core,performance power and thermal limits,arent an issue as the 12700 can clock,to 4.

AMD Ryzen 5800X & 5900X Review: Incredible Performances

today is another product launch day and,actually we have another wave of,cpus coming from amd at some point here,in the near future so uh ask the wife,weve been super busy with benchmarking,today though weve got the 5900x and the,5800x,this one here is the 12 core 24 thread,variant and this one here is the eight,core,16 thread variance this is more in line,with like a modern intel core i7,and this one is uh just a bit beefier,than a core i9 now dont get me wrong,these chips they really need to impress,i mean how much better can things,really get on the same or what is,essentially the same seven nanometer,process from tsmc,well if you havent already be sure to,check out our previous video which,breaks down the key component,of zen 3 architecture that sharply,reduces quarter core,memory latencies uh two two key factors,quarter core latency and memory latency,uh that,many games rely on so its important,that we that we stress that going into,this,because youre going to be impressed and,if amd can do just that again steal,the gaming crown from intel whos been,basically grasping at straws at this,point to keep it in its corner,then id say this is a huge win for zen,3 and then at that point we just need to,discuss,price so lets get started stay with me,this video is brought to you by,ridge wallet a sleek light and compact,solution for buggy unorganized messes,fellas be honest does your wallet look,anything like this right here ridge,wallet hold up to 12 cards plus room for,cash you can choose between over 30,styles,and enjoy a durable build backed by a,lifetime warranty and peace of mind,thanks to rfid blocking tech baked in my,favorite designs are these two right,here the carbon fiber model and the,forged carbon model this ones,especially cool and you can find both,via the link below just visit ridge.com,forward slash gs and use code gs for 10,off with free worldwide shipping and,returns thats ridge.com,forward slash gs and use code gs,so without rehashing all the details,weve already discussed in previous,videos you should know that our test,bench for every cpu youre about to see,tested,has remained exactly the same save the,obvious,necessities the obvious differences uh,in motherboards so we went with a z,motherboard for our intel platform and,then we went with a b550,motherboard for our amd platform uh we,updated to the latest available bios i,should note,that amd did not want us testing at,least out of the gate,with a b550 board they intentionally,directed us to one of the four or five,you know big boards from the,manufacturers like azeroth gigabyte and,asus,i dont even think i had i dont think i,have one of those,on hand to test with as i figured all,right well,b550 seems like a pretty promising uh,chipset i think a lot of people are,gonna be upgrading to something like,that because its just a bit more,affordable than x570 you dont have that,chipset fan either which is super,annoying even though you can usually,tweak it in,in the bios so b550 it is keep that in,the back of your head that,might slightly change a few things and,ill get back to power and bios settings,in a second but i do also want to stress,that we used a 2080 ti from msi,as our graphics card course thats going,to remain the same throughout all of our,tests the cooler was an actual nhu12a,and we used a carbonate pad,from thermal grizzly to make sure that,there werent any variances,in how thermal paste otherwise would,have been applied so,carbon pads are typically going to,perform about on par maybe,slightly worse than traditional thermal,compound certainly not as good as,premium thermal paste,but this allows us to keep testing,consistency we do have,cpu thermals to show you as well which,is again going to vary from chip to chip,but now you get an idea of where things,fall in line,and of course i encourage everyone to,watch more than just one or two reviews,or,to read one or two reviews you want to,read more than that you want to watch,more than that,i expect other tech youtubers and,websites pair their cpus with,different platforms and different,graphics cards both of which,as you im sure you all know can have,substantial impacts,on how the cpus perform so feel free to,pause this video,for a closer look at our specs every cpu,in this list was measured at stock,conditions with precision boost enabled,for amd,and mce disabled for intel now mce or,multi-core enhancement,pushes intel cpus far beyond stock tdp,levels for long durations thats the key,distinction,by heavily modifying voltages whereas pb,allows for temporary boost spikes within,acceptable windows of elevated power,draw so in essence one is,like a factory sanctioned overclock so,to speak,and the other falls more in line with,like turbo boost from intel its about,as,clean cut and dry as i can describe that,to you without,elaborating and youll see this,reflected here in our power drawn,temperature chart so,under an ida 64 load for the coors cache,and fpus,our 5800x review uh review sample pulled,112 watts at its peak,this is with pb enabled while our 5900x,pulled around 140. now contrast this,with intel offerings like the 10900k,which already pulls 210 watts alone with,mce disabled,which in case youre wondering shot up,to 100 degrees celsius with our noctua,nhu 12a,after about five seconds of running the,same stress test with mce,enabled and yeah this is why we leave it,unselected now moving on to our,cinebench,r20 scores we reveal here a major upset,in single core,performance both our zen 3 chips,absolutely demolish,intel competitors i mean look this is,this is night and day in my opinion 616,and 622 versus what,530 or so for the core i9 granted this,is a stock core i9 but still,these frequencies get up pretty high,even at stock amongst a single core,especially,and im just im kind of in shock it,hasnt fully,set in yet i mean this is a massive leap,i dont even think i could hit 620 on a,single core if i,manually overclocked my 10 900k sample,so,thats saying something power draw and,temps aside it its its a pretty,phenomenal,feat so amds doing pretty good so far,but will this translate across the board,thats the big question traditionally,the answer is,no but well see anyway geekbench 5 is,up next which contains a cluster of cpu,intensive tasks and,well we see our zen 3 chips still,dominating the competition across the,board,i mean heck even on our multi-core side,right look at the 5800x which only has,eight cores mind you,its outperforming our 10 900k which has,10 cores right thats how big of an,efficiency gap zen 3 has,bridged here but now on to 3dmark,in time spy which is a 1440p dx12,synthetic,the 58 and 5900x actually lose,to the 10900k in our physics test which,ended up,affecting our overall score as well and,i reran these benchmarks several times,to ensure nothing strange was taking,place maybe like a random background,process,popped up thats why you want to run,multiple times but sure enough,intel is still favored here when paired,with the exact same graphics card,but how about actual games maybe you,shadow of the tomb raider look amd,actually showcased this one in its,zen 3 keynote so i was keen to test,things similar to how they had im not,sure exactly what,platform they used exactly what whats,in-game settings they used,uh but i actually found coincidentally,uh fairly similar frame rates for,my 5800x and 5900x samples my 3900x,actually ended up doing quite a bit,better,than they revealed but again im not,exactly sure how things were run,the small delta between zen 2 and 10th,gen intel however,has been closed with the release of zen,3 and amd is now,on par with intel in this title,what do you know f12020 and dx12 is up,next here both 5000 series processors,clearly dominate the competition 232 fps,on average in 1080p thats the high,preset with a dab of anti-aliasing i,think taa,and this is 15 fps more than the 10 900k,this is a title that the 100k has been,dominating in uh and i feel like im,i feel like im kind of kind o

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