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  2. Sable One Secured Credit Card Review | Best Card For Building Credit?
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  4. SABLE ONE CREDIT CARD | The Very Best Credit Card For Beginners Or To Rebuild Your Credit Score |
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  6. Sable Credit Card Review 2022: Best Secured Credit Card?
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No Credit Check No SSN Credit Card – Sable Credit Card Review

with this card right here you can build,credit without a credit check and no,social security number so is this card,too good to be true lets find out,whats up winners my name is nam if,youre new to this channel welcome here,we talk all things personal finance and,credit start now by subscribing so you,dont miss out on any future videos so,first lets talk about the company,itself so the reason why this company,came about was by the ceos wanting to,great banking for all american residents,immigrants students citizens and pretty,much everyone as we all know if you,dont have a social security number or,credit those determining factors can,make it much more challenging to get,credit cards cell phone plans and even,rent an apartment now lets hop on the,website and break it down a little bit,they say that theyre here to help you,with the worlds fastest and most,premium path to financial freedom im,not really sure what the premium is so,lets just hope that youre not paying a,premium for this down below they show,that this is an all-in-one platform they,allow you to get a card for credit,building a bank account and also a debit,card within five minutes they do this,all without a credit history credit,check and theres no minimum deposit,required you also get unlimited cashback,and premium rewards this is pretty nice,because a lot of entry-level banking,systems or credit cards really dont,offer any of these benefits this also,allows you to get two percent cash back,on your favorite brands and also give,you two percent cash back match within,the first year additionally they give,you perks such as car rental insurance,and cell phone protection we will also,dive into the fine print a little bit,later in the video they claim that they,are also the fastest ones to graduate,secure credit cards to unsecured credit,cards than anyone else out there they,can graduate you in as little as four,months which is a major perk because you,may or may not be aware that there are,other secure cards out there that can,take up to six months possibly more than,a year to graduate you to an unsecured,credit card so sometimes once you build,a credit history it may be a little bit,easier to apply for an unsecured credit,card from somewhere else in the lower,last corner here it says that bank like,a global citizen this means that they,welcome pretty much anyone if you are a,non-citizen in the us but if you have,documentation such as a passport or visa,you also can still get approved,additionally you can send money to over,55 countries cheaper than anywhere else,now lets break down the secure card a,little bit more so how a secure card,works is usually by putting down a,security deposit and that amount will be,your credit limit so for example lets,just say that i were to put down a,thousand dollars this would be my credit,limit so i cannot put more than a,thousand dollars on that card whenever,you apply for this secure card theres,also no credit check and they also say,that 98 of all people do get approved,additionally theres no minimum deposit,required so this means that you could,deposit as low as 50 100 or whatever you,feel comfortable with now lets break,down the benefits of the secure card a,bit more you can get two percent cash,back on a lot of subscription services,such as amazon netflix uber hulu and a,few others you also get an unlimited one,percent cash back on other purchases and,also within the first year they would,double your cash back other protections,are pretty straightforward their cell,phone damage protection car rental,insurance a liability policy price,protection and purchase assurance so,lets go a little bit deeper into the,fine print for cell phone damage,protection the only way this will be,covered is if you pay your monthly cell,phone bill with the cover card and it,only allows you to have two claims for,12 months and each claim has a 50,deductible as for the car rental,insurance this is very basic and only,covers rented vehicles for 15,consecutive days or less it only covers,physical damage of the car up to 50 000,all this insurance is secondary,insurance to your primary so honestly if,you were to rent a vehicle id probably,pick a different car now you know whats,everything thats going for this card,lets break down the application process,a little bit further so if you do have a,social security number they will require,it but if you do not you would have to,have your passport a us address and your,us visa or non-tourist i-94 so just make,sure that you have all those documents,before you get started i do have an,affiliate link down in the description,that you can use if you like to support,the channel if not its totally cool but,the easiest way to sign up for sable is,through your phone because if you were,to do it online they would just redirect,you just to do it on your phone setting,up is quite easy it actually took me,less than a minute to actually go,through it all you really got to do is,just plug in your own personal,information they identify who you are,then approve you i think this process,was quick for me because im already a,u.s citizen and have a social security,number so if you are an immigrant or new,to the us it may take up to three days,for them to verify your documents so,once you have done that they will ask,you what kind of account do you want you,can have just a checking account or if,you want a debit and a credit card,account so since the whole purpose of my,channel and this video is to build,credit it is in your best interest to,get a credit card account as well the,thing about sable is that it is a pretty,seamless interface and very user,friendly once you set up your account,and transfer some funds thats when you,can start funding your secure credit,card account as i said before there is,no hard cap on this but if you want to,reach your graduation milestones it is,best to start off with at least 500 or,more so once youve completed all the,necessary steps you should receive your,card within the next 10 business days,but they do also give you virtual cards,and you can add it to your apple wallet,or google pay if you want to use it,right away now that you know that sable,starts you off with a secure card now,lets go a little bit deeper on how you,can graduate to an unsecured account,much sooner like they said it could be,as fast as four months here are some of,the key things that they look at for,graduation on-time secure car payments,every single month transactions of at,least 250 on your secure card every,single month a credit limit of at least,500 on your secure card for at least,four months monthly payroll direct,deposits of at least 500 per month of,the last four months and 15 plus,transactions on your security card per,month there may be other factors that,are not listed but these are the main,things that they are looking for so with,everything listed it really comes down,to making sure that you pay every single,month on time and actually use the,account rather than just opening it and,just let it sit as i mentioned before,you can get started with a secured,account with a much smaller security,deposit but the ideal number that they,want to see is at least 500 or more now,once they graduate you to an unsecured,credit card they would then use a risk,model to determine how high of a credit,limit to give you but based on their,website the most common amount is,probably two thousand dollars but,depending on how you use your credit,card and if you meet other criterias it,can be much higher than this but theres,no exact numbers that i could find,online now this wouldnt be a review,unless we compared to other similar,credit builder accounts or unsecured,credit cards all the comparisons that i,will cover will require you to be a us,citizen and have a social security,number so if you are new to the us its,probably best to stick with sable the,first one that were going to talk about,will be chimes credit builder kind of,similar to sable you will ne

Sable One Secured Credit Card Review | Best Card For Building Credit?

hey everyone and welcome back to my,channel or if youre new here my name is,josh and in todays video im going to,be reviewing the sable one secured,credit card so im going to be going,over some of the main features of this,credit card in addition to some of the,pros and cons of this credit card so,lets go ahead and dive right into it so,just starting out one of the really good,features about this credit card is that,they will not be checking your credit,score theres not going to be a hard or,soft poll whenever you go to apply for,this credit card and they also say that,98,of applicants for this credit card get,approved so just by those percentages,alone theres a pretty good chance that,you will be getting approved for this,credit card if you do apply for it also,on top of that according to stable one,there is a chance that you can take this,from being a secured credit card to,being an unsecured card as fast as four,months which is extremely quick,considering that with other secured,credit card companies its going to take,anywhere between six to 18 months and in,most cases its going to end up being,one year before youre able to graduate,from being a secured credit card to,being an unsecured credit card so if you,are able to graduate as soon as four,months that would be an extremely quick,process okay so if you apply and get,accepted for the sable one credit card,at that point youll have an opportunity,to set your credit limit so how this,works with any secured credit card is,that youre basically putting down a,deposit for this credit card whatever,youre comfortable with it could be,fifty dollars it could be one hundred,100,it could be 500,as far as the maximum that you can go up,to sabo will allow you to go all the way,up to 10 000,if you have that amount available to put,down and if youre comfortable with that,amount you certainly can they do allow,that sc maximum and then as far as the,minimum amount goes you can put down as,little as ten dollars however i would,recommend putting down just a little bit,more just because this is going to be a,credit card and youre probably going to,have higher transactions than ten,dollars however if ten dollars is the,maximum that you do feel comfortable,with putting down that is the minimum,amount that you can definitely put down,then whenever you decide on the amount,that you would like to put down in the,future if you would like to increase,that amount you can certainly put down,more in the future to increase your,credit limit again this is going to be,coming from your checking account so you,are going to be working with your own,money or if perhaps in the beginning you,put down just a little bit too much and,you would like to decrease your credit,limit of course you can decrease that as,well so youll have some more,flexibility there as time goes on then,as far as getting those funds back into,your checking account youll get those,funds back once the credit card goes,from being secured to unsecured you,close your account,or you decrease your credit limit and,whatever you decrease it by you receive,those funds right back into your,checking account okay so now that i went,over some of the main features im going,to jump into what i would consider to be,the biggest pros of this credit card so,jumping right into it there is no annual,fee with this credit card which is a,really good thing because if you look at,other secured credit cards in the market,you do have to pay some sort of annual,fee whether that be thirty dollars,whether that be forty dollars there is,an annual fee on top of that youre also,going to be receiving two percent cash,back on purchases made through amazon,spotify netflix uber hulu and whole,foods and then on all other purchases,youre going to be earning one percent,cash back then as far as spend bonuses,go unfortunately theres no real spend,bonus per se where you have to spend say,500 within the first three months to,receive a spin bonus of 200,however how stable does it is pretty,similar to how discover does it where,they will match whatever you earn in,cash back at the end of the first year,so if you earn 100 in cash back at the,end of the first year saba will match,that and youll be receiving an extra,100 in cash back at the end of the first,year as sort of your spend bonus another,really great thing about this credit,card is that there are no late payment,fees with other credit cards if you do,pay late you are hit with some sort of,late payment fee such as 39,however you definitely still want to pay,on time just because you will be getting,hit with interest and we do not want to,be hit with any interest on any of these,credit cards now as far as the interest,goes fortunately that will be pretty low,because the apr will be starting out at,6.99,plus the prime rate so its not going to,be a huge amount of interest that you,will be receiving if you do pay late,however you should just be paying on,time because we do want to be paying,this credit card on time we want to be,keeping our credit utilization low just,so we can increase our credit score take,this credit card from being secure to,unsecured and move on to bigger and,better things as far as the credit card,world goes now some other really great,features about this credit card is that,you will have cell phone damage,protection rental car insurance a zero,liability policy which basically means,that you wont be held liable if,unauthorized purchases show up on your,card so if someone steals your credit,card and uses it you will not be liable,for those charges youll also be,receiving price protection which will,reimburse you for the difference in,price on eligible items should you find,the same item for a lower price and of,course on top of all that youll also be,receiving purchases assurance which,basically stable provides you coverage,for most new items purchased with your,stable credit card that are damaged or,stolen within 90 days from the date of,purchase okay so just to sort of sum all,that up the main pros with this credit,card that youll be receiving from this,credit card is that first off there is,no annual fee this is a great thing,because with other secured credit cards,where youre looking to build your,credit you will have to pay an annual,fee of anywhere between 30 to 40 so not,paying any type of membership fee is,definitely a good thing on top of that,youre also not going to have a credit,check and 98 of applicants at least,according to sable are accepted for this,credit card so there is a very strong,chance that if you do apply for this,card you will get accepted so there is a,credit building opportunity with this,card as long as you pay on time and keep,your credit utilization low and then,thirdly youre also going to be,receiving a pretty good rewards rate of,anywhere between one to two percent cash,back which is something thats pretty,rare with secured credit cards not a lot,of secured credit cards give you any,sort of cash back or spend bonuses this,one does so that is a pretty good thing,now as far as the cons go with this,credit card you will have to put down a,security deposit of course with any,other secured credit cards youre also,going to have to put down a security,deposit and again you will be getting,this money back as soon as this card,graduates from being a secured card to,being an unsecured card you close the,account or of course you can always,decrease your credit limit and whatever,you decrease the credit limit by you,will get back into your bank account so,those are pretty much the pros and cons,with this credit card to sum things up i,would say it is a pretty solid card if,you are looking to build your credit as,long as youre paying this card off on,time keeping your credit utilization low,its something to build a pretty good,credit history with and as far as moving,this card from being a secured card to,being an unsecured card again as i did,mention in the beginning it said that,you can graduate this card as so

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Sable Credit Card

welcome back to the radical marketing,youtube channel where we talk about how,to leverage credit how to leverage,social media and how to make money,online so if that interests you smash,that like button punch that subscribe,button and knock out that bell,notification button because i make,videos daily matter of fact three videos,a day and you do not want to miss it in,this video we are going to go over one,of the best credit building products in,the game sable,you guys dont want to miss it guys stay,tuned for this review im going to try,to keep it between 8 to 10 minutes long,but before i dive right into sable,because its going to blow your mind if,youre trying to rebuild credit or start,credit or youre an immigrant here for,the first time just trying to figure out,how does the credit thing even work,im going to go into it with you but,thank you so much for my first time,viewers watching right now ladies and,gentlemen i appreciate you so much i,promise to give you all stuff and no,fluff rock with me the entire video,because i drop,organic conversational data points all,over the place tips and tricks are all,throughout the video these are very,conversational organic spontaneous and,it is what it is so hopefully if you,like that type of transparency this is,the channel for you drop your comment in,the comment section whether you have a,question on credit you have an opinion,on stable would love to hear from you,today smash the like button and the,subscribe button you can always,unsubscribe if you dont find value in,it but youll love it anyways welcome,and all my radical marketers out there,double salute you guys are blowing up,the channel with your likes and comments,its always awesome to see you guys,blowing up the channel with that and,this this channel is becoming crazy huge,on youtube and its all because of you i,also have a private facebook group and,an instagram you can send me your credit,questions to my instagram page at,radicalmarketer spell it with a k links,in the description below but ill be,doing a lot of giveaways and a lot of,content on instagram coming soon so you,want to make sure that youre already,there prepared,in the private facebook group im always,like approving people left and right,credit tips and tricks are going off the,hinges in that group you guys want to be,a part of it totally free to join,totally private no spam allowed make,that happen all right guys without,further ado lets jump into the sable uh,credit builder product so basically this,is going to be a no credit check and no,impact to your score whatsoever to apply,this is not going to be a soft pull this,is not going to be a hard pull this is,going to be a no credit check product,now this is going to be the only thing,theyre going to do is verify your,identity thats it but if you just came,here from america and you dont have a,social security uh if you,dont want to give your social security,whatever the case is you guys can get,into stable without having to,use a social security and build credit,now,youre like well how will that happen,they will actually sable will report it,to all three bureaus with your date of,birth with your name and with your,address and then you can always update,that later if you obtain a social if you,dont but its going to be your way of,building credit,um and having a credit card um,so its really helpful okay now the,approval is is as quick as three minutes,uh no minimum deposit required but ive,also seen data points from ten dollars,but you can fund this secured product,all the way up to ten thousand dollars,people ten thousand dollars for this,credit card and you can you can set,those parameters so if its a five,thousand dollar limit you want you gotta,put five thousand in if its a you know,100 one you got to put 100 in i would,recommend when youre starting off your,credit journey fund it as high as you,can because theres a thing called,utilization and thats one of the,biggest impacts to your credit score for,those of you new to credit you only want,to have three to seven percent stay,under 10 percent the banks will tell you,30 but the real truth is is under 10 if,you can so if you want to spend a,thousand dollars on your card a month,then you want to have a 10 000 limit,right thatd be ideal but if you cant,do that you cant do that but just make,sure you know about utilization,all right,they actually have a graduation promise,with sables path to unsecured credit,you can get unsecured in little as four,months,so once you fund it it will unsecure,with stable you are given faster and,clearer path to unsecure credit via,milestone while helping build your,credit score immediately transparent and,well go over that so this card will,unsecure people that is huge when youre,getting a secured credit card you want,to see if it unsecures uh so basically,you spend responsible hit your,milestones,each month theyll notify you whos,eligible for graduation through the app,the app is pretty sweet as well once you,opt in to graduate you will receive 100,of your secured funds back as a credit,balance and there will be no credit,check or impact to your credit score for,graduating,salute sable im loving this,uh and it goes over how um your credit,works see 30 is your utilization 35 is,payment history so you using sable could,be 65 right there length of credit,history you really cant,manage that unless you as long as you,dont close down cards and then you can,also do authorized users in piggy bank,but you want to be careful on that and,then you know the other you know what,the other two are i dont got to get,into all that add funds and set your,credit limit spend money make on-time,payments watch your credit grow flash,and graduate to unsecured no fees or,minimum deposit whatsoever there are no,fees no foreign transaction fees you can,use is done mexico i love mexico and no,late payments okay,no credit check or impact to your credit,score to apply,build credit fast,and i love this the rewards and benefits,also if you guys are loving this throw,fire emoji in this send this video to,somebody that doesnt have credit,somebody just came to america say hey i,know the perfect solution for you to,build credit check out this channel i,have playlists all over so people that,dont have credit they can watch those,videos this is all free content um i,mean,be a good human and help somebody out,these videos can really help and then,they can read the data points and learn,credit from zero to hero and be a to z,rewards and benefits you will love two,percent cash back netflix who doesnt,use that spotify hulu has live sports,ask damian lillard amazon uber uber eats,whole foods i think everybody really,likes this is like the millennial card,right this is like the immigrant,millennial card student card,be a good human card its amazing earn a,limited one percent cash back on all,your other purchases so its a cash back,getting two percent back on the the apps,you use one percent back on that get a,dollar for dollar match on all your cash,back youve earned at the end of the,year of your first year,whoa,2x,get a dollar for dollar,match on all your cash back youve,earned i dont know how theyre doing,this phone insurance,car rental insurance new purchase,insurance price protection zero,liability travel assistance,extended warranty,auto payments to never miss a payment i,mean look at this guys they actually,show you,the,stacked up against the discover it card,capital one bank of america city and,chime,look at this,so theyre going to graduate with a,promise no other people promise that yes,discover it and all these other ones can,graduate never do capital one people,never do capital one and stay away from,chime as well theyre not the greatest,no annual fee okay most of these have no,annual fee rewards,some of them dont city doesnt look at,that you can look all over that,its amazing now,you guys can also look at the unsecured,fast path,the qualifications ill put this in the,link in the des

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SABLE ONE CREDIT CARD | The Very Best Credit Card For Beginners Or To Rebuild Your Credit Score |

are you guys so ive searched far and,wide high and low to find you guys the,very best beginner credit card possible,so then that way you could start your,journey of building your credit score,from basically zero all the way up to,850 or also if you are someone who,already previously has established your,credit but maybe youve run into some,credit struggles and you need to rebuild,your credit dont worry this is the,video for you and im going to share the,very best credit card for you to start,building your credit and rebuilding your,credit with in this video so with that,being said hit the like button on this,video down below find that thumbs up,button give it a quick tap for me and if,youre new here to this channel and you,enjoy really great finance content like,this look on the bottom right side of,your screen tap that red subscribe,button and with that being said lets go,ahead and get right into todays video,are you guys so the name of this credit,card that youre going to want to get if,you want to either start building your,credit or that you want to like rebuild,your credit well the name of this credit,card thats going to be the very best,credit card for you to start out with is,going to be the sable one credit card so,this is how you spell it s a b l e o n e,so stable one credit card and dont,worry about it ill put the link down to,this credit card in the pin comment,below as well as in the description box,so if you didnt catch that you could,either rewind it and you know write it,down or like i said ill put the link to,this credit card down in both the,description box and the pin comment,below and no like i have no financial,incentive to like you know share this,card with you guys i just its like the,video is not sponsored by staple one or,im not an affiliate of affiliate you,know marketer of them or anything like,that i just think that this is the very,best beginner credit card you know for,someone whos looking to start building,their credit score or someone who wants,to rebuild their credit you know if you,run into some problems and now you got,like you know a low credit score or a,bad credit score and you want to start,rebuilding your credit well this is,going to be the credit card for you so,like i said the link will be both in the,pin comment below and the description,below so with that being said now that,you know the name of the credit card let,me tell you exactly why this is going to,be the very best beginner credit card,for you all right so the very first,reason why this sable one credit card is,a really great beginner card and really,just overall the very best credit card,for you as a beginner to start out with,is because there is no credit check when,it comes to the application process and,you getting approved for this credit,card so virtually about 98 of people who,apply for this credit card are going to,get approved and that is just one of the,very many reasons that im about to list,to you in this video about why this is,the very best beginner credit card for,you so with that being said lets go,ahead and get right into the next reason,why this is the very best credit card,for you all right so the very next,reason why i really like this card and,why i say its the very best credit card,for you as a beginner or rebuilding your,credit is that there is zero dollar,monthly fees associated with having this,card and there is also zero dollar,annual fees so as long as you pay off,your credit card saving it in full each,and every single month youre not going,to have any fees associated with having,this card and like i said thats a,really great reason to have this card so,now lets get into the very next reason,why this is an awesome card are you guys,so the very next reason why i think that,this is just an awesome card for you,guys is the fact that this is a secure,credit card which means whatever dollar,amount that you deposit onto this credit,card is going to become and act as your,available credit limit for this credit,card right so what really is cool about,it is most credit card companies even,when its a beginner you know credit,card theyre gonna start you off saying,okay well you need to deposit a minimum,of like 100 or 200 or more just to get,started with using their credit card,well for this one your minimum deposit,amount is just ten dollars so as long as,you deposit ten dollars onto this credit,card then you just do your normal,shopping like you would with any other,credit card well then there boom you are,instantly like using your credit card,now and you are working on building your,credit so because it has a very low,minimum deposit i really think that this,makes it a bonus and a win for you are,you guys so the very next reason why i,really like this credit card is because,basically you can use and shop and spend,with this card anywhere that mastercard,is accepted so if you see that,mastercard logo there or you ask them,like hey do you guys accept mastercard,and they say yes well then you can use,this sable one credit card to go ahead,and make your purchases there and youre,not gonna have any problems whatsoever,all right you guys so the other really,great reason why i like this save one,credit card for you guys is because,although its a beginner credit card,they still offer you guys the option and,the availability to earn,two percent cash back so i mean thats,awesome the fact that you are as a,beginner starting now on your credit you,know building journey and that you could,start out earning cashback on your very,first credit card thats just awesome,right so this is why im saying i really,like this credit card for you so what,exactly type of cashback can you earn so,if you use your stable one credit card,at companies like netflix amazon hulu,uber or ubereats or even whole foods you,can earn unlimited two percent cashback,using your card to make purchases at any,of those companies that i just mentioned,and if that wasnt enough you can also,get one percent cashback on all other,purchases so i mean if you guys think,that thats awesome do me a huge favor,hit the like button just letting me know,that you guys think that this credit,card is a really great awesome you know,beginner credit card for you guys all,right you guys so this is the very next,reason why i really like this credit,card and i believe that its the very,best beginner credit card for you guys,is that sable one is going to go ahead,and match you dollar for dollar on the,cash back that you earn on all of the,cash back that you earn for your very,first year so whatever dollar amount,that you earn in cash back for that,first year theyre gonna match you,dollar for a dollar so if you earn one,thousand dollars a cashback well then,hey theyre gonna match you one thousand,dollars for the cashback that you earned,during that first full year of having,your sable one credit card so hey if,that value alone that i just gave you,right here by presenting this card to,you was not enough to earn you to,subscribe to my channel i dont know,what it is so lets go ahead and make,sure that we take care of that right now,find the red subscribe button right here,on the bottom right side of your screen,tap that red subscribe button so we can,continue to just grow this channel and,you can get notified each and every time,i upload a video so now lets go ahead,and keep getting into these rewards on,this credit card because it doesnt stop,there all right you guys so this is the,very next reason why i really like this,sable one credit card for you guys so,basically if you use your sable one,credit card to pay for your cell phone,bill each and every single month well,then sable one is going to go ahead and,cover your cell phone with cell phone,damage protection and in case youre,wondering oh does this include like what,if my screen gets damaged or cracked yes,it does so this is just another really,great bonus of having and using disable,one credit card all right you guys so,another really great perk

No Credit Check $10,000 Primary Tradeline! New Fintech Credit Builder! Sable One Master Card!

[Music],whats up youtube welcome to the credit,plug channel where we talk about how to,build credit how to establish,relationships with banks and financial,institutions and most importantly,how to get you access to high limit,credit funding if youre new to our,channel or if youve been checking out,our content,make sure you hit that subscribe button,as well as smash the like button it,really helps our content reach a wider,audience and we greatly appreciate the,support so the other day somebody told,me that building credit is hard i,couldnt disagree anymore,now building credit is not hard but it,does take time in 2021 building credit,is,easier than ever before gone are the,days where you have to rely,on predatory subprime credit cards in,order to establish a credit history,now you have dozens of fintechs that,have teamed up with financial,institutions to offer,creative products and services to help,consumers build credit,so in todays video im gonna be sharing,yet another fintech credit builder,account that you could use,to build up your credit profile so in,todays video were going to be,reviewing the sable one secured,mastercard,so sable one has teamed up with coastal,community bank,this is the same bank partner as one,finance so sable one offers a checking,account as well as a secured card,account,so the checking account theres no,minimum balance no monthly maintenance,fees no foreign transaction fees,now with the secured card you do have to,fund the deposit,it goes as high as ten thousand as low,as ten dollars i have no idea why youd,get a ten dollar secure card limit but,they go that low,theres absolutely no hard credit check,they dont even do a soft check all,theyre doing is identity verification,the application process takes about five,minutes to complete,and then youll be set up online the,sable one secure mastercard is one of,the few secured credit cards that,actually offers,a virtual car so you can issue virtual,cards from the secure card so thats,pretty unique,as i mentioned theres absolutely no,credit check in fact you dont even need,a social security number in order to,apply so lets say you dont have a,social security number,what theyll do is theyll use your name,your date of birth and your address to,report the account on the major credit,reporting agencies,once you do finally get your social,security number then you would just,update that information with sable,sable one will even give you a 25,statement credit after 12 months,if your credit score rises above a 700.,another great benefit about sable one,secure card is that,eventually they will drop an unsecured,version but,if you have the secure card first and,youre making those payments and youre,developing a relationship with them,itll be easier for you to qualify for,the unsecured account,eventually when they do unroll it but as,of now,its just a secured card that is,indefinitely secured unless you close,the account,anyways lets jump over to their website,and ill walk you through some of the,details,so here we are on sablecard.com now,again sable is a fintech theyve teamed,up with coastal community bank to be,able to offer debit and credit cards so,for right now they just have the debit,card in the secured credit card but they,may eventually come out with an,unsecured credit card,you dont need a social security number,and you can build up your us,credit history lets first go over the,sable bank account and debit mastercard,so,one of the great things about this,account is that theres no monthly fees,no minimum balance requirements no,overdrive for insufficient fees and no,foreign transaction fees,they also offer zero liability,protection on purchases,and there are some cash back benefits so,you do earn one percent cash back on all,purchases,when youre using disabled debit card on,eligible purchases,now lets go over the sable one credit,card so this is a great way for you to,build credit,they actually reward you so once you,sign up for the credit card,after 12 months if your credit score has,gone above a 700,then you get a 25 statement credit bonus,in addition the sable one secured card,earns rewards so,up to two percent cashback on amazon,netflix spotify,hulu uber ubereats as well as whole,foods one percent cash back on all other,purchases,it also comes with mastercard car rental,insurance cell phone protection,including cracked screens,as well as zero liability on purchases,and much more,theres absolutely no annual fees no,hidden fees and no foreign transaction,fees,the sable one card is also compatible,with multiple mobile payment platforms,such as google pay samsung pay as well,as apple pay now the process is very,simple first you fund your secure,card account and then you just use it as,you normally would,and make monthly payments and thatll,help you build up your credit,now another thing about the sable one,card is that you can,assign the limit from a minimum of ten,dollars all the way up to ten thousand,but unlike some other secured credit,cards where your limit is locked,you can actually reduce your limit if,you want to at any point all you have to,do is reach out to their customer,service,and you can reduce your limit so lets,go over some of the frequently asked,questions so,how is the credit limit established for,my secured card they offer a secured,card with a credit limit against the,amount of money you deposit in your,account for example if you deposit one,thousand we reserve that money in a,secured deposit account,and give you a one thousand dollar limit,you can spend the same amount by,charging it on your sable card,now why not just use a debit card,because unlike a debit card,our secure card will build your credit,history now heres another thing i want,you guys to pay attention to,right here it says we will launch an,unsecured credit,soon and increase your credit limit,based on responsible use,of the secured card i.e on-time payments,so basically if you get the secure,credit card youre at a much higher,chance of getting approved for the,unsecured card because,they already have some payment history,and this is what i talk about all the,time when it comes to relationship,banking,sometimes you might start off with the,easier account to get like a secured,card once they have that internal,history,then they may start to offer you,unsecured products now another,frequently asked question is will you,run,a soft or hard check on my credit,history so they dont do,any type of hard credit check or solve,credit check its just identity,verification,and again this product is designed for,internationals who may not have a social,security number or a credit history in,the us,but its open to anyone another,frequently asked question is will i be,able to build my us credit history with,stables card,so yes theyll begin reporting your,credit history three months after you,start using your card and will,retroactively report your credit history,beginning from the first time you make a,payment using your sable account,so basically what theyre saying is that,theyre not going to be reporting this,account,until three months after you use it but,they will back,date the history so thats just one,thing to keep in mind this account may,take a while to report as theyre saying,right here,three months after you first make a,payment so,thats just something to keep in mind,another important consideration is how,to go about,modifying your credit limit so one of,the challenges i think with traditional,secure credit cards is that your money,is locked up,in the secured account now usually to,get your money back you have to close,the account,but they actually allow you to modify,the credit limit so,how do you modify the credit credit,limit you can increase your credit limit,by navigating to the card,screen in the app swiping on the image,of the cart until you see the sable one,secure,credit card and then you could just,choose set your limit and you can get a,limit up to ten thousand dollars,to reduce your limit

Sable Credit Card Review 2022: Best Secured Credit Card?

if you have bad credit and want a,secured card with great benefits keep,watching,you can get help from the sable credit,card,its a secured mastercard that helps you,rebuild your credit and it also has some,great features that most other secured,credit cards dont offer,with disabled credit card you can get a,physical card and a digital wallet that,will help your credit score,also theres no need for a credit check,in this review of the sable credit card,youll find out how it can help your,credit score in 2022,so whats the biggest problem with,credit cards you want a credit card but,you dont want to get one that will hurt,your credit score,many people are afraid to apply for a,new credit card because they think it,will hurt their credit score,single credit card is not like the,others its a secured mastercard that,helps you build credit and gives you,money back,do i recommend sable one credit if you,have poor credit and no one to apply for,other credit building tools then i would,say yes to sable,why,all you need is a minimum deposit of ten,dollar to open your account and build,credit so try it out for yourself and,just put in the lowest deposit,just make sure you go through the entire,process without skipping a step or,misspelling any of your personal,information,what is sable credit card,disabled credit card is a secured,mastercard that helps you build your,credit,it also has other great features like,letting you set your credit limit and,get two percent cash back on purchases,every month youll get a bill for your,credit card purchases with a due date,youll have to pay it off with money,from your checking account,your reserve amount will stay the same,so wont be used automatically to,protect your credit limit,what bank is sable credit using,sable credit works with an eptic insured,bank which goes by the name of coastal,community bank they also have partnered,with a y combinator backed fintech,company to help deliver a modern and,mobile first experience,sable one credit card features,for those that dont know this secured,card isnt your average credit card in,fact its quite different for starters,there are the ability to set your credit,limit you can whatever limit youd like,whether its 10 or one thousand dollar,no credit check required no credit,history is required when you apply so,dont worry about impacting your credit,report,two percent cash back on most,subscriptions online or most stores such,as netflix whole foods uber eats and,other related places,one percent cash back on all other,purchases it rewards back your bank,account with one percent cash back,rewards,zero liability protection sable protects,you against charge of acts fraud and any,other problems caused by fraudulent,activity on your credit cards,dollar for dollar match get all the cash,back rewards at the end of your first,year sables double cash bonus offer,extended warranty,sable doubles the manufacturers,warranty on eligible purchases for up to,one year,identity theft protection with sable,youre protected against any fraudulent,activity that may occur on your credit,card,graduate to an unsecured credit card if,you make four consecutive payments to,your secured card you will be eligible,to get an unsecured credit line,to get sable app you can now download,the sable app which allows you to view,your account activity and track your,progress and rebuilding your credit,score,the app is available for both ios and,android devices,have features the app allows you to,easily see your account activity and,credit score in one place,you can also see how much money is set,for your credit limit set goals and,transfer money to your sable bank,account from your linked checking,account,here are all the features you get when,you download the app schedule recurring,payments,freeze and unfreeze cards instantly in,the sable mobile app view instant,transaction notifications,set up payroll direct deposit,view your credit history online,refer a friend program,produce section offers guidance and free,online resource tools so check out the,sable app and view your online account,to make better credit decisions,sable debit card,savelle offers a no fee premium cashback,debit that anyone can apply for,even if you do not have an ssn you can,use a passport disabled debit card,offers one percent unlimited cash back,on your favorite brands and premium,perks like purchase protection,price match on foreign transaction fees,hit multilingual customer support,no minimum deposit to get started send,money internationally to 55 plus,countries integrate with venmo cash app,robinhood and coinbase free online,account access with pdf bank statements,no overdraft and insufficient funds fees,get incoming direct deposits to your,account,opportunity to fix damaged credit with,their credit builder disable debit card,is a great way to build a brighter,financial future for your you and your,wallet,how does the stable credit card work,with sables secured credit card you can,start to increase your credit score and,receive many benefits that other,beginner credit tools dont offer,disable secured credit card works by,reporting your payment history to the,credit bureaus,this helps you build credit over time,how to get started with sable,ready to get started with a secured,sable one credit card here is exactly,what you need to do,visit disable one credit website and,click apply now,enter your personal information,including your name address date of,birth and ssn,choose how much you would like to,deposit for your credit limit the,minimum security deposit is ten dollar,graduate to unsecured credit in as fast,as four months and get one hundred,percent of your secured deposit back,with no credit check is sable credit,card legend,yes sable credit is a legitimate company,that helps you improve your credit score,they have partnered with a solid,financial institution coastal community,bank and you can feel safe knowing your,personal information is secure,is the sable credit card safe,yes the sable secured card is completely,safe to use,sable is available to u.s residents and,non-u.s residents,you can view their terms and conditions,which outline their commitment to,keeping your information safe and secure,can i get a stable credit card if i have,bad credit,yes you can get a credit card with poor,credit in fact the sable secured card is,designed for people who have bad credit,or no credit history at all when you,apply for the sable card your credit,score is not a factor in the decision,process,so if you are looking for a secured,credit card that can give you money back,on all your purchases disabled credit,card is a great choice with no fees and,the ability to improve your credit score,without good credit history required,this card is a great option for anyone,who wants to start building their credit,or for those who have bad credit its,very simple to apply and youll probably,go through a quick account review,process after that you should be able to,start using your new card right away,since they provide you with a digital,and physical card so get that stable,money and enjoy your secured credit card

$10K SABLE CREDIT CARD. No Credit Check/Credit History. Graduate to Unsecured Fast ???? CREDIT S3•E32

i want to talk to you now about,something very interesting we are going,to review the ten thousand dollars,stable credit card is it the scam or is,it for real dont go anywhere youre,gonna love todays conversation i,guarantee it,[Music],do,[Music],welcome back folks to another edition of,the awesome city kiwi show how are you,today i hope you are doing fantastic im,doing marvelous if you already asked me,if you are doing as great as i am go,grab a cup of coffee rt or vodka and,lets roll,[Applause],in todays conversation i want to talk,about the 10 000 stable credit card,and uh the question is is this card a,scam or for real one thing you need to,understand here and this is the overview,i want to say that this stable card the,company behind it everything is legit so,when we talk about,civil card you are talking about a card,that has no fees no credit checks,no more barriers to building credit what,im trying to say here is that this is a,card that allows you to build credit,okay it is basically a secure credit,card so when i talk about ten thousand,dollars that ten thousand dollars is,your own money its not a credit its,not an amount that the company grants,you no this is the money that you have,to put yourself and this this civil the,card is basically,issued by coastal community bank all,right so with this uh civil card you are,basically are building credit history,you are building uh your your improving,your fico you can graduate to,traditional credit three times faster,based on analysis you can actually,graduate after three months and in some,cases within five months okay its all,about how you play the game but the cool,thing here is that you have to be,financially responsible you have to pay,your you have to make your payments on,time okay you can earn unlimited cash,back and premium rewards with a stable,credit card,we love that for example you can earn up,to two percent unlimited cash back with,the 2x first-year match top-of-the-line,rewards and practical features like cell,phone protection now you might be saying,well i dont need cell phone protection,but guess what,you never know and you might you might,as well have it because if youre like,me or people that i know and you buy,iphones and you have and the iphone,costs a thousand dollars,you better protect that that iphone you,better insure that iphone so if you have,a credit card that offers cell phone,protection take it okay and we love the,fact that with a stable credit card,no social security number is required,theyre not checking your credit this is,a secure credit card theyre not,checking uh your credit and they just,allow they just help you build credit,okay and everything is super simple you,put money down you build positive habits,with sable as your credit coach then you,graduate to traditional unsecured credit,in as fast as three to four months okay,so,and uh based on our analysis you have a,98 approval rate,no minimum deposit required and you can,actually get two percent cash back on,amazon netflix whole foods and more,so the bank behind the whole service is,called coastal community bank ive,already said that okay so what are the,pros and cons just to recap here pros no,annual or monthly fees your credit,history is reported to credit bureaus,all three of them,no social is required for non-us,citizens,and both cards debits and credits earn,rewards so thats if youre interested,in getting disabled debit card what,about accounts,well you can get higher rewards,elsewhere and there is no sign up bonus,[Music],let me talk to you about eligibility big,decision time big decision time talk to,me right now are you interested in this,credit card,are you in a situation in your life,where you want to build credit or,rebuild credit talk to me about that,if the answer is yes then here is the,eligibility,criterion the first one that you need to,have is you need to be employed,at least three months so first thing you,need to be at least 18 or 21 years of,age that makes sense depending on the,state to where youre applying from,number two employment three months okay,you gotta have a job for at least three,months they pay attention to that and,you gotta have verifiable pay so here,im talking about what w-2,1099 tax return dont tell me that you,make uh 20 grand or 30 grand a year but,you cant prove it you got to have a way,to prove it not to me you have to prove,it to sable okay so the way you can do,this is that,you have to have a w-2 if youre not,paid electronically or youre not paid,uh from you know youre not paid via the,standard channels you can get a 1099 at,the end of the year or even better you,can just show your tax return,you can also stable your bank,and even better if you open a bank,account with sable thats a lot better,remember when we talk about opening a,bank account with sibo youre talking,about opening a bank account with,coastal community bank and your cash is,fdic in short so,the youre insured up to,a quarter of a million okay,you always have uh one percent cash back,on eligible purchases,and we love the fact that this is this,card is good for um for international,transfers if thats what you want okay,and you can even get instant virtual,cards this is totally up to you,and one thing i want you to pay,attention to if you want to have the,eligibility you want to meet the,eligibility please work on your dti,and youll see you are,so your dti your debt to income ratio,trying to make it trying to break it,down just bring it down okay simple is,not going to ask you for it but for,yourself if your goal is to build credit,over time and to build credit quickly,get an account with stable thats fine,but also work simultaneously on your,debt to income ratio,in other words the amount of cash that,you allocate to that servicing should be,low and there are two ways to do this,either you reduce your debt or you,increase your revenue,thats what it is because if you reduce,your debt then uh the numerator of the,fraction,goes down which makes sure which makes,the fraction the result of the fraction,go down or if you increase your revenue,that way the denominator of the fraction,the dti fraction goes down i mean goes,up rather if you increase your your,revenue the,the formula for dti is that,the amount that you allocate to debt,servicing over your disposable income,also think about your cur your credit,utilization ratio,lets dig a little deeper,into sybil what is sybil because this is,something that people have been asking,and people theyre having some theories,around but sybil is the story is very,simple and theres nothing complicated,about civil basically here is a company,that here is a fintech company that was,funded by immigrants to the united,states and what happens was,a lot of them and this is this story by,the way is kind of similar to tomo the,tomo credit card okay this the cup the,tombow is also founded by immigrants so,the whole thing is the whole thing is,they came here and they had a lot of,barriers in the financial system they,had no social security number they had,no credit history so they realized hey,listen we really need to find a way to,uh,to solve this problem,you know because without a social,without credit history you cant get a,credit card,youre gonna have to have uh you cant,get a loan,everything must be secured even to rent,a house to have an apartment you need to,have exceptionally high rental security,deposits because of the app because they,have,no credit history so they thought about,creating a,a credit card that would allow,immigrants and also folks here in the,states who have a thin credit or no,credit or of poor credit to qualify to,improve their credit worthiness this is,really good and we love that and,nowadays civil is way more than just a,credit card issuer,they have partnered with financial,institutions,prominently the what i just told you the,coastal community bank and theyre,offering other products okay,they also also they have the secure card,to build credit histor

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