1. Sailun Inspire Summer Tires Review After 6 Months & 25K Kilometers
  2. Lets talk all about SAILUN TIRES!!!
  4. Top 5 Best Cheap Tires Review in 2022
  5. Are Your Sailun Tires Recalled? | Detreading Tire Blowout
  6. Sailun Inspire Review: Blind Comparison Test
  7. Long Term Review: How Long Did Our Sailun Ice Blazer Winter Tires Last?

Sailun Inspire Summer Tires Review After 6 Months & 25K Kilometers

foreign,new tires and summer tires on the car,today,and uh were putting some new I think,theyre Salem Inspire because we were,super happy with the uh sale and winter,tires were running some Firestone right,now and theyre okay I actually like the,sailing ones better,um and previously our summers which are,currently in the back of the car right,now youll be able to see them probably,when I get in here there they there they,are back there,um those were uh Continental I cant,remember what theyre called Continental,true contact true contact theyre a,touring Tire,um and,they they were uh,they were they were theyre okay,um,I dont think Id get him again,so uh I went looking at uh,salens website and they have this new,inspired tires and I went and looked at,some other videos and some reviews and,the reviews on everything and theyre,just like yeah these are really good,especially even in comparison to some of,the brands out there so uh were gonna,get them put on the car,and this is going to be like a part one,I guess because unlike winter tires,where you can kind of take them out and,give them a good test in a day or two,really just to see how they grip,summer Tires you really cant like these,are all seasons touring tires but we,have a lot of uh trips Mary drives this,car like daily and she puts on like 150,kilometers driving to work so youre,gonna get a lot of kilometers on them,um,so this will be part one well give you,just an overview of what our thoughts,are just on a quick drive versus what we,thought of the Continentals and uh,therell be a part two probably uh at,the end of summer yeah all right Im,going to get my my tires put on,[Music],all right so were here its at Millers,thats where the tires were delivered,and thats where Im getting my tires,put on so uh hopefully this shouldnt,take too long,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],all right guys so theyre on theyre all,on that wasnt too bad too bad at all,and initially uh theyre great,well I cant really tell you much from,from this,but I will say,100 theyre way quieter than the winter,tires for sure,and based on my memory of the,Continentals,uh I would say that theyre also uh,quieter than those so a lot of the,rattling you guys are probably hearing,is that old winter tires and the bags,back there,but yeah the uh,they have they have a good feel so far,at least for sound a feel for sound you,know what Im saying you have a good,sound and uh well be testing them,well for the next few days and then,well finish up that video for for for,that in a couple days after Ive driven,him for a little bit and then we will uh,do a follow-up video in the in the fall,okay so Im driving driving now on the,highway its the same day same stain,trip I guess were driving on the,highway and these are,two things uh way smoother than my well,my winter tires for sure and uh without,question they were way smoother than the,Continentals because I always remember,uh complaining how I thought they were a,little a little rough for a touring Tire,these though I know theyre brand new,but super smooth and uh surprisingly,like surprisingly quiet so far so right,now Im traveling about 95 kilometers an,hour,so not crazy fast I think these tires,are rated I cant remember I think,someone had told me around 190,kilometers an hour again these are not,like uh a sports Tire or a theyre an,all-season Tire they are designed for,small and mid-range cars and like small,SUVs like the Tucson uh and things like,that so I think I think its a really,good fit for this vehicle and uh,yeah its uh so so far in the,10 minutes that Ive driven it,definitely pleased but well be back,after weve got some different weather,and different conditions to to drive it,all right my friends so uh it has been,it has been I dont even know what is,now,its almost its its right around,November uh so it has been like lets,see March April May June July August,September,between six probably between six and,seven months and weve put now on the,Salem tires uh,over 25 000 kilometers,and uh Weve ridden it from the,beginning really of spring all the way,now to just before winter season hits,Its actually quite quite lovely out,today being that its were currently,about six degrees Celsius but we we,should hit a high of about,14-ish somewhere in that range,you know after having these and driven,driving driven driven on these tires now,or the whole summer months,um,theyre honestly theyre great they,probably are one of the quieter tires,that Ive ever had now thats to say,theyre the quietest tires out there but,from all the tires that Ive used I,would say that these definitely are some,of the the quietest tires that weve,driven on,um,handling,you know what good uh really smooth ride,actually you know once we get on like,the highway uh which is normally where,you especially in our vehicle our,vehicle is not a quiet vehicle by any,means uh its a 2015 Hyundai Tucson,um usually you get a fair bit of road,noise and not the not that the road,noise has gone awake completely of,course because the car is moving but uh,its really smooth handles bumps well,and uh,again really quiet,we have written it in pretty torrential,rainfall for those of you that are on,the East Coast this of course was is,being filmed in 2022,weve of course gone through like,hurricane Fiona and we were riding or,driving our car in pretty crazy winds uh,pretty crazy the rainstorms in this this,year in general I would say uh weve had,probably the I dont want to see the,worst rain but weve had when it does,rain it comes down like its really,coming down no problem with traction uh,no problem with handling again during,the rain and winds weve had no issues,so Im gonna give these Im gonna give,these my cameras bouncing all over the,place Im going to give these like full,marks uh,my my 2012 Sonata,Sonata also requires new tires so,um we just bought it used of course and,the Summers were good enough to kind of,last through this year,but Ill be honest with you coming from,this vehicle to back to my my Sonata,like you can tell the difference like,without question you could tell the,difference of just how well they ride so,you know what 25 000 kilometers in the,tires dont even look like theyve got,much wear to them which which they,shouldnt shouldnt really at 25 000,kilometers but,um yeah pleased thats thats really all,I can say I think if you can get these,tires you know a good price if you can,if they fit thats one of the things you,know just make sure that they have the,right tire size,they dont have all the tire sizes out,there,and if you have like a I want to say a,small to Mid SUV this is kind of really,good for them or if you have like,probably a,mid Id say a mid,midsize like sedan type car these would,be really good for that theyre not,going to be a Performance Tire Id say,theyre more of like a touring Tire just,because of their characteristics but,yeah no its theyre good Im uh,these these I think I think uh will be,the tires that I pick up,for for my Sonata so,there you go guys uh,little little uh little how do I feel,how do I feel after,five ish six-ish months somewhere like,that 25 000 kilometers of the uh Salem,Salem Salem,inspire,inspires I think thats what they are,inspires yeah,full marks happy super happy all right,guys thats it,links down below to Salen uh,and uh let me know if you use these,because Ive now used their winter tires,Ive used their Summers and uh,there in my opinion just just as good as,some of the high-end brand names right,so all right thats it like comment,share subscribe hit the notification,Bell and uh if you if you have other,tires that you think maybe we should,look at in you know not crazy because if,I buy really expensive tires Ill be,just like yeah theyre good but I paid,the good money for them right so all,right guys Im out later

Lets talk all about SAILUN TIRES!!!

so today guys were gonna talk about one,thing its all about fires and,this is courtesy of siloon tires,philippines guys lets go,[Music],so before anything else,when it comes to cars uh this is one of,the essentials that well be needing it,is very important,uh tires are very important with cars,its its its like a,positive negative effect on cars,it came through a good,background so,theyve experienced the tires itself so,important,uh it holds our life,ground so its really important,its really important for you to have a,good tires good set of tires so uh,uh we are very very very,lucky to have uh silent tires,philippines,uh sending these,tires for us um punya in the imported,island family family and cylinders,philippines so im really really,grateful and im really really excited,on these these tires so all of them will,be installed on our cars personal cars,not not friends cars,so its a really huge thing um,meron ma pina del anang saloon guys im,really excited,yep,so there you go uh we have the the this,terra max mt courtesy of siloam of,course,uh 265 75 16 will be going on a tall and,thin,uh,design for the lc70,parallel,so were thinking of using this,well discuss well discuss or steal the,mad stain so thats the thats a huge,huge,uh chunk,and i like the side wall,still it looks really nice when,installed so,im really excited and then we have the,cylon this is an atrezo zsr for the,previenamento um,so well be using the c28 for the previa,and then this is what i really like,this is the cylon,im really excited this is a 195 55 15.,this is very very very,sick,r01 sport so im really excited about,this but were still contemplating what,we what rims well be using so were not,sure if it if well use this uh,sprintart r theres a two piece,construction sprintheart r or this villa,kuma so um,we havent used the rilakkuma as far as,i know this ones this one set uh of,ridakum is pretty much one of one here,in the philippines but not yet sure if,you if youve seen,uh other people who have who has this,one so please comment down below,so im really excited im really excited,so yeah,so,yeah,shout out to zedgar for uh helping us,install all of these tires so and,well be sending it off there,habit,so mounting is very very very delicate,which zid car can provide you on a good,good good machine so you,so again thank you very much cylun,thank you very much so young so bryce i,did how to use these tires lets see,lets see lets,see so today guys uh well be,doing a tire mount day and saloon day,since,well be using it for our cars for our,personal cars so,really really excited with this one but,we had some slight change of plans,because,the last time,we were supposed to put the c28 for the,previa and then the sprint heart r or,the,rilakkuma for the 15th which is the,battery or sakurola but we had some we,had some slight change of plans uh well,be using we bought new sets for the,previa and then for the,corolla so new sets,so we really were really excited to say,we want this uh episode to be really,special for us because,this is a huge major sponsor and were,really really excited with the brand,xylous,actually we also bought a new set of,wheels for the land cruiser,empty tires,so well be doing a vlog for the for the,two tires muna for the,street so this is a street episode for,the tires so next time ill do an update,for the land cruiser including the new,including the new wheels and then the,new tires from xylo so ill let you see,so we bought this set of wheels uh its,a regular master 17 by 835 offset the,5×114 this is going to the previa which,is really really exciting thats it,this set is really,sought after,when i had the brz this is the perfect,spec now perfect spoke perfect lip for,the seventeens,so this is the perfect,so perfect perfect so its a set of five,thank you thank you very much,so im happy hook this up for us so,since,um i mean medium,we had some quite,some real snagalings like the ronald the,this regular master i had the chopita,the last time that that he provided so,young,mafi thank you thank you very much i am,happy so,this is going to the previa,and,uh,this is a street tire,of course from cylon to 225 55 17,csr im really excited for this so well,be going to zidkar in a while and then,said loon for the 15th cylon,r01,then i gotta go up and in tao for that,for this wheel so that was my boy so,really excited really excited,one one piece muna,is that toms dna,and it was its refurbished and,re-colored,to a bronze face then black anodized lip,we call uh he called it,toms devil so there you go,um,im pretty sure,uh,is very delicate so yeah uh well go to,zid car in a while so put them in,you know ill bring the jeep,[Music],on,thank you thank you very much guys,[Music],hi guys uh were currently on our way to,zidkar were using the jeep this is the,jeep of our good friend kevin,um,hes gonna drive up there,[Music],going there so yeah uh,really excited really excited especially,with the previa and the toms casino,uh personal,sometimes theres that incident,so lets see im really excited what,what what will be the outcome with the,corolla wagon later,[Music],really excited to vlog this cartoon so,please do watch this vlog for the jeep,actually,ill compile two,uh jeeps in one vlog because hey uh ill,be helping another friend,friends cheap,the parts are here already,[Music],currently here at our,of course,so guys this is the shop again uh zid,car were here,i,am so by the way my backup machine ill,let you guys see later im really,excited about it so yeah,which is its already here,so bina banana tna from this car and,then the reggae is from the jeep,so,exciting exciting day so yeah morning,game,morning bro morning morning morning,so ill fit the regula,hit this tna,first,well do a freaking shout out to,of course tyloon guys uh cylon gave the,tires so all of this the max natto,uh,some of the tires are really okay uh for,example the previous running on a good,good set of stairs but uh,good brand so again shout out to saloon,thank you very much tylen for trusting,us but i let you see,damn so yeah uh saloons i learned,everything is island guys,its not lowered or what so,young peniley nothing specs of tires for,the day for daily use which is good,because,somehow hindi magazine,so yeah cy loon of course,it looks really really nice,look at that,so im really excited to fit the these,uh wheels,and by the way the jeep looks really,nice right now oh yeah,and guys uh,theres a zit car painted,uh alignment is there so you can do,alignments here,[Music],i mean familiar one time,here and us but our boy is here of,course,yeah and street elite for this year,okay,[Music],dynamics of course is here,jdmu is here be spectacular oh yeah body,is here also so yeah magic collar is,there so yeah,good good good good moto papalayan so,again uh,zid car is really a good place to,fix your car because,all the equipments are new,all the,people are experienced,alignments its really nice,and by the way um,machine,this is really important,to,so theres a branded one its a word so,um this is,quite expensive im pretty sure this is,quite expensive,usually,[Music],um,sometimes were busy,its really nice,maxima is not in time nothing for are,they even though pirates,so im really excited with this one,oh,oh crap,oh yes,one series there,and numbers,transmissions,so you can check out uh zidkars page on,facebook uh he posts,up in benton garnet there so you can,check it out so if ever you need one and,just check it out there message them on,facebook or instagram they might rep,they will reply to you guys so check it,out check it out so whos waiting,later,[Music],for the r01s guys its really meaty,which i like,right now there are people that prefer,meaty tires rather than your major,thank you very much soya,mountain balancing everything is here,already,and again thank you very much,for,watching do you want me to vlog this car,soon so guys look at it,guys look at that static,so again ill let you guys see later so,guys,im really excited

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yo yeah whats going on your boy am i,here were doing the entire video today,so today we got salem tires,versus the legendary michelin tire all,right lets have proof here so,sailing right there sailing i believe it,is salem terramax all-terrain,chinese-made tire,versus the legendary lets go on this,side theres more light,the legendary michelin latitude x ice,all right lets get down to a little bit,of history about both we got saline,right here,saline which is completely 100 made in,china,is one of the upcoming most biggest tire,manufacturers and suppliers in north,america right now at the moment salem,has fact has the strip uh distribution,offices in toronto and all over canada,so right now theyre big and trust me,they got the inventory to back it up,so right there for used cars as you can,see,excuse the noise guys im outside today,were doing a reel next up today weve,got the mission latitude excise,legendary michelin everybody knows,michelin michelin is in is on somebodys,uh,vehicle in their driveway right now so,you guys know those facts so lets get,down to amar your people probably ask me,why are you comparing a known a chinese,tire brand which is somewhat known to a,major manufacturer sailing doesnt stand,a chance or maybe mission doesnt stand,a chance well lets get down to it guys,thats why were in a head-to-head,competition baby right here live,heavyweight contender versus the,lightweight contender or whichever way,you want to call it 275 55 20 245 75 16.,both are bread and butter sizes and both,the real deal holy field so now sale in,the trezzo,salems got a great cut right now these,are 50 worn used tires thats one with a,real review,this is a common size for pickup trucks,now look at the sail in here,sidewall right now is totally intact,no weather cracking no wear no dry rot,no damages no cuts no scrapes so right,now for being probably about 40 000,kilometers on this tire right now its,currently in very very good condition,like i said the sidewalls are not beat,up no dry rot,and none of that jazz moving on to,michelin here,thats this tire is probably at least,three to four years old its got dry rot,and its got weather cracking,look at that,sidewalls are be chewed and absolutely,destroyed but the tire itself hasnt,been abused by the customer its the,overall wear and tear and the life of,this tire has kind of seen better days,so now,people are saying amar but youre maybe,comparing,a newer tire to an older tire so wheres,the fairness in that well,im giving the furnace that salem is a,no-name tire lets say perhaps,sorry guys had some mr noodles versus,michelin excise here which is actually,known tire so now which one should i,choose which ones the best amar well,lets get down to your budget salen is,going to come in at least minimum,50 less cost than the michelin x ice or,the michelin latitude tire so thats a,given right there if you need a good set,of brand new tires at a fraction of a,price you can go get these assailants,all right,theyre probably priced uh to the public,at 199 were posting michelins which,will probably be 250 in a smaller size,so now its a really tough competition,how we can decide you know which is a,better tire,well michelin lets say perhaps,michigans got more technology michelin,has been around for many many years,theyre probably the number one leader,in tires at the moment they have a lot,of money endless supply of money,great p materials branding marketing is,all their sale in,which is made in china distributed all,over canada not so much in the u.s,market well technically in the u.s,market may be under different names,theyre produced in some of the same,factories as triangle and hercules or,iron man private tires now both are made,with the exact same specification met to,transport canada they are sold all over,they are driven ive driven on both,so whats my cup whats my final,ultimatum going to be well,lets get down to it guys im going to,have to go with the sale and tire just,for the fact of matter because the price,point economical point uh where it sits,competitive told the rest of their,brands the actual tire quality itself,which ive sold many of these ive sold,brand new tires and ive also replaced,them when theyve worn theyve worn very,well but my biggest thing that i hate,the most is dry cracking or dry rot,which the michelin has a hereditary,disease built in its genes and until,michelin cant correct that,my votes going to be with salem but,that the day michelin does correct that,hereditary disease,its going to be a different view thanks,for watching guys salem versus michelin,this is your boy amar from hillary,dreamlines follow me on facebook,instagram youtube and twitter comment,below you know what it is we doing it,heal your dreamlines located in hamilton,ontario canada the number one wheel shop,and the biggest tire and wheel youtube,channel in the world check me out

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Top 5 Best Cheap Tires Review in 2022

[Music],if you are looking for the best cheap,tires,here is a collection you have got to see,lets get started,number one most popular westlake rp-18,touring radial tire,when you are looking for the best budget,all-season tires you will probably get,to come across the westlake,rp-18 tire it is one of the best sellers,all-season budget tire,the tire comes with an asymmetric tread,which ensures steady and high traction,on both dry and wet surfaces,its tread pattern ensures that the tire,easily removes water from the tire,improving its handling capabilities,while also reducing the chances of,hydroplaning,the tire comes in a variety of sizes,including 13 to 16 inches,and t h and v rating,number two hankook h-737 kinergy pt,all-season radial tire,the tire comes with impressive features,that will blow your mind,the new han cook kinergy pth 737 uses a,specially formulated compound that helps,to increase traction while still,reducing rolling resistance saving you a,couple of dollars on gas money,it also comes with a new tread design,that allows the tire to retain maximum,traction on dry surfaces its wide,grooves also help the tire to maintain,high traction on wet surfaces,for a more comfortable ride the tire,uses a joint less belt and highly,strengthened bead filler which also,helps to improve its handling,number three milestar ms 932 sport,all-season radial tire,when it comes to the best budget,all-season tires the milestar ms-932,takes the number one spot,it is the best seller when it comes to,budget all season tires,it uses advanced technology to enhance,overall performance on wet,dry snow and ice conditions it uses a,tread compound that is long lasting,its wide grooves allow the tire to,easily evacuate water allowing the tire,to retain traction even on wet surfaces,available in 66 sizes in t h,and v speed ratings the ms-932 sport,performance touring tire,is sure to cover your high performance,needs,number four summit gta all-season radial,tire it uses high-quality material which,not only ensures durability but also the,value of every dollar that you spend,the use of advanced tire construction,enables the tire to give your ultimate,performance,its lateral grooves and tread design,help the tire to retain maximum traction,on wet surfaces,while also maintaining high traction on,snow surfaces,the tires also come with a rigid,construction increasing its handling,capabilities even at high speed,the symmetrical four-rib pattern,provides superior ride and stability,number five kumo solus ta-11 all-season,tire,the kumo solus ta11 is one of the,cheapest tires on this list,grip and traction are excellent on dry,tarmac and the tire is also very,responsive,wet performance is another area where,the ta-11 scores highly,it isnt on the level of the best in the,category but its still completely safe,one of the best things about this tire,is that it is very quiet on the highway,and comfortable over uneven surfaces,the 75 000 mile tread wear warranty is,pretty good for the price,too,thanks for watching the video

Are Your Sailun Tires Recalled? | Detreading Tire Blowout

do you have saloon tires with date codes,between 2020 and 4120 which is may 11,2020 through october 11 2020. if so your,tires might be recalled because the,treads ready to separate and now youre,wondering whats going on these are the,saloon tires made in a particular,factory between may 11th october 11,2020.,these are the all steel radial tires 16,inch tires either the 235 80 r16s or the,235 85 r16s the all steel radial tires,are the rib tires like this and the,tread separates off the top of them even,if you have a tpms sensor it will not,warn you of a blowout because once the,tread separates off these tires they,still have the same amount of air in,them as it did before they blew out but,does cause a lot of damage it can cause,you to go in the ditch cause an accident,and all sorts of issues salem is,replacing these tires on them they will,contact you if you registered your tires,or theres number you can call them to,get your tires replaced and now let me,show you how to determine if your tires,are recalled the first thing to look at,is a date code the date code has four,numbers on it the first two numbers are,the week of the year it was made and the,second two numbers of the year it was,made our tires are made in 24 20 which,means the 24th week of 2020 ours are,made around june 8th 2020 so theyre,right in the middle of the recall,next were going to look at the tire,identification number that is right,before the date code on there the plant,these were made at was 1 y j then after,that is followed by either 2 1 or 2 7,and a few other numbers after that on,the chart and the information down below,you can look to see your date code your,particular tire identification number,and what range of date codes that tire,has,the next thing youre looking at is the,size of the tire youre going to see in,a side of the tire an st,235 85 r16 or 235 80 r16,and the last thing to look at is a name,on the tire,some will say saloon on the side theres,a few other brands on there such as,black lion or rodex you might have an,aside your tire so it might not say,saloon but theyre made by the same,factory with the same recall,if youre like me you didnt know you,had to register your tires to be,notified if there was a possible recall,ill put a link in the description down,below if you want to register your tires,for possible updates also link in,description down below for the national,highway safety traffic administration,theres a recall information on there,with a phone number and all the details,determine if your tire is in the recall,i have the recall tires in our fifth,wheel rv right after i bought our tires,exactly a week later i saw people,posting about issues they were having of,de-treading and one persons date code,is really close to mine so ive been,keeping a really close eye on these,tires we have around four thousand miles,them so far were getting ready to take,a cross-country trip which is three,thousand miles and i definitely do not,trust these tires going cross-country,because this seems to be around the 5,000 mile mark when the treads start,separating off of them i have to leave,in four days i contacted a tire dealer i,bought these from they do not have tires,in stock that are new enough to be out,of the date code range without the,recall so ill be buying different brand,tires to put on in the meantime and once,saloon has new tires in stock that are,not recalled ill replace the ceiling,and tires put them back on the rv when,the tires im gonna buy next will need,to be replaced if you just come across,this video and dont know who we are we,make educational videos for our viewers,if you want to follow along hit the,subscribe button safe travels and well,see you next video

Sailun Inspire Review: Blind Comparison Test

[Music],can attire be all things to all people,and still be a great value that is the,goal of the salem inspire all-season,touring tire,billed as balancing premium comfort and,advanced performance the inspire is a,tire designed for a multitude of,machinery from compacts and sedans to,crossovers and suvs its available in 63,sizes for wheels ranging from 14 inches,to 19 inches in diameter,salens goal with the inspire is build a,tire that is quiet and comfortable while,still delivering good performance and a,long tread life it comes with a sixty,month seventy thousand mile or one,hundred and twenty thousand kilometer,warranty so that should give you an idea,of how long the company expects this,tire to last,[Music],the special compound found on this tire,is what salen calls serta grip and it is,intended to increase traction in both,wet and dry conditions while keeping,long-lasting tread life salen also,incorporates the brands silent tread,pattern that features a variety of,tuning technologies to keep the tire,quiet during operation,to see if the inspire is as good as,advertised we are here at homestead,miami florida conducting a blind tire,test a high priced high quality tire has,been installed on one of the accords but,the name and badging have been scrubbed,off lets just say its a good tire that,is on sale this year,on the other car next to it salen,installed the inspire,we put both cars through a variety of,tests including acceleration,panic braking,emergency lane changes and slalom,the point of the test course wasnt to,see how fast we could complete it but,rather how well the tires performed,during real-world regular consumer,driving and whats more real world than,testing them on a mainstream honda,accord sedan,although the driving was done blindly,without me knowing which tire was which,i made notes during my time behind the,wheel and was informed after the fact,which tire was the sale and inspire in,which was the,competitor under acceleration and,cornering the difference in tire,performance was nearly indistinguishable,both were composed through corners with,predictable grip and didnt suddenly,drop off,i found the competitor tire did break a,fraction quicker but that could be due,to the vehicles brakes being overheated,more than the tire itself,when it came to road noise and comfort,the inspire was quieter at various,speeds the difference may not be a lot,but it was enough to be noticeable to me,[Music],in the wet the two tires featured,similar levels of traction and braking,ability,[Music],the competitor tire had a fraction more,grip under extreme cornering but thats,when the car was pushed beyond,reasonable limits,in day-to-day driving the wet weather,performance would be indistinguishable,[Music],so after the testing was completed it,was a wash a virtual tie between the two,tires this may seem like a waste for a,manufacturer but it is exactly what,salen hoped to achieve to show that,their value tire can perform just as,well as a higher priced tire from a tier,1 manufacturer,[Applause],you

Long Term Review: How Long Did Our Sailun Ice Blazer Winter Tires Last?

all right so this is this is kind of,going to be like an update video and im,just doing this in the house but,five years ago five years ago uh we made,two videos in regards to winter tires,and,these were the salem ice blazers now,they were two different models one was,the,wsl2,and the other one i think was the,wst1 i believe it was,but we bought them for both our,tucson 2015 tucson and our,fiat 500 which we had at the time,and when we bought these tires,one of the biggest questions was or one,of the biggest concerns when you looked,at the comments was,okay so you bought budget tires which i,did and i and i actually liked quite a,bit um,but theyre like yeah theyll never last,you know whats the point of spending,less money if youre only going to get,like two years out of them,which is a completely valid point,without question if i could only get two,years then i might as well spend twice,as much money,on,better tires,and it would it would equal,out,over over the four or five years,but,but lo and behold uh,that video those videos came out in,2017,uh it is now,february february almost march of 2022,its like the future,and uh we dont have those tires anymore,so lets just get that out of the way we,dont have those tires anymore but,theres reason theres reason for it,[Music],number one,is uh,our fiat,or fiat when we we move so we were in,ontario at that point when we got those,we are now in uh nova scotia,uh and when we when we moved here on the,fiat,the fiat decided the the trip to nova,scotia was just too much for it and it,died and so we sold it,uh but those tires which again were the,wsl2s i believe,we we took that car into the shop,because we were actually going to get,those tires put on and we wanted to,verify that they were going to be good,because the car had to go through,like a,test to make sure like its got to go,through a test every two years like an,in,an inspection i guess it is motor,vehicle inspection,and we were like well other winter tires,gonna pass and they were like yeah those,tires are fine,so uh the wsl twos uh on the fiat would,it would have gotten five years this,this,current winter that were in would have,been year five,and they would have been fine they,actually said those were good they may,even last another year so now the fiat,didnt get driven,a lot,i basically drove that car,to work,and that was it it was like a work car,so not a huge amount of kilometers but,they lasted they last they would have,lasted five years,um now the tucson which is my wifes,daily driver and,its the card that we use all the time,again the fee it was only used for me to,get to work,it got,four years it got four years on those,tires and the reason it didnt get five,years is and this is kind of my opinion,uh is that,um,a lot of kilometers we put a lot of,kilometers on those tires and again we,took them in to get looked at when we,moved to nova scotia and they said ah,its probably you probably want to get,them replaced,so they made it four years,didnt make it five but,but,we actually drove on those winter tires,from ottawa ontario,to florida,so,we drove it all the way down there,drove around uh for like two weeks and,drove back on winter tires now again,winter tires are usually i believe a,softer compound,so driving them in not winter they,probably wear a lot faster,so you know we left,ottawa,in blizzardly winter conditions,which is why we kept our winter tires on,and when we got you know,half a day,south of us a full day half a day south,uh we really didnt need winter tires,anymore and and at that point in time,the tires were probably getting,uh aggressively worn versus what they,should have been,so uh they they took a much bigger hit,so we got four years,and we probably would have got five if,we didnt take them on that trip,uh so would i buy sale and tires did i,buy sale and tires again for uh when we,had to get them replaced and the simple,answer is no no i did not,but the reason is is that i needed to,get tires put on because again we had to,get our,car,through uh motor vehicle inspection,and we were doing that in october so we,were like lets just put winter tires on,it now and get them done,and,because,i would have needed to give them a ship,because theres no place around us that,sold sale on tires,that meant that uh it would have been,another week or so to get those tires in,and i needed something right away so we,ended up getting what what,they had in stock,but i would have 100 i would have bought,them because four years five years out,of these tires that are really really,good price now what we are thinking,about doing is our tucson is gonna need,new summers,so,im going to see if i can find,some salem tires,that are summers and and well try those,out,but we do have a different brands of,tires now on our equinox,and our tucson which our fiat is gone,and we have an equinox,and uh two different brands so weve had,those on now for uh all of this winter,and im gonna do another follow-up video,or a new video to let you know about,those two tires,and what our thoughts are in regards to,them,but the salen ice blazers,yeah i was pleased as a budget tire,performed really well in winter,you get the odd little slip but i think,thats just part and parcel,um if if you buy a much heavier duty you,probably get away from that but,they were a very uh quiet tire,surprisingly quiet for a winter tire at,least in my opinion uh good grip,smooth ride,and and did well in a good,in a good majority of the,types of snow covering that you can get,so i id recommend them i thought i,thought they were really good,and thats after almost five years,all right guys uh we will have some more,videos coming out we will have some,videos coming out in the next week or,two in regards to the new winter tires,that weve uh spent using over the past,this winter the 20 21 22 winter,and uh thats it for today,like comment share subscribe hit that,little notification bell and well see,you guys in uh the next video later my,friends,you

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