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  2. The Many Saints of Newark Review
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  6. The Many Saints of Newark Review – Soprano Theories
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The Many Saints of Newark – Movie Review

all right sopranos fans rejoice but,first this portion of the video is,sponsored by hamilton watchers more,specifically their hamilton khaki field,far cry 6 limited edition watch featured,in the game far cry 6. in the game the,watch gives you better defense while,sprinting in the real world it gives you,an amazing conversation starter and a,quality timepiece its an automatic,watch so no batteries needed its,powered by motion and speaking on the,style i love the fact that it doesnt,feel like a watch from a video game the,watch in the video game feels like a,watch in the real world because it is it,helps the world of the game feel more,real and helps you appreciate the,quality of the timepiece itself and,hamilton watches have been a favorite of,filmmakers for decades their watches,have appeared in over 500 feature films,custom pieces playing a pivotal role in,the men in black franchise tenet,interstellar jack ryan cinephile watch,thats for sure its a limited edition,watch there are only 1983 of these,timepieces being made so click the link,below visit the hamilton watch website,discover this quality timepiece again,that portion of the video is sponsored,by hamilton watches and now on to the,review,so the many saints of newark is a,sopranos prequel movie i say that with,my own prequel movie tone because it,does its part to stand as its own film,it largely follows dickie maltasanti,whos the father of christopher,maltasanti from the soprano show follows,the goings-on of him and his family as,well as some tension rising in the world,of crime also racial tensions rising in,the area and the time alessandro nivola,who plays dickie moltasante the movie,largely rests on his shoulders yeah it,being a crime movie of sopranos world,movie uh there are a lot of support,characters who also have a big role and,a big part to play and how the movie all,comes together but hes the star hes,the main character i thought he was,great in the movie hes electrifying,hes magnetic hes charismatic you kind,of feel for the guy it the movie all,right well this is my big confession i,havent seen the sopranos i planned on,catching up on the series before this,movie came out i got through season one,really enjoyed it like i got through,season one sounds negative i dont mean,it that way but i watched season one,wanted to watch more but then life,things happened and it kind of set me,back on that but what i really,appreciated about the sopranos is a,thing that i thought they nailed in here,in terms of oh yeah thats from the show,which is this worlds ability to go from,all right family drama crime they never,hide that but you know you get to the,point where youre empathizing with some,characters youre like you know there,there are some good people and oh my god,that was horrifically violent the movie,does what the show does which is get you,to the point where you forget that these,are,hardened gangsters and criminals who are,capable of doing really horrific things,to people and also there are some,standout performances in here vera,farmiga plays tony sopranos mother,which even in season one youre like is,she just a cranky old lady or is she,emotionally manipulative,and an and yeah you even get,that in the trailer where the school,administrator whoever is like oh your,son hes really smart shes like,rolls her eyes i thought she was great,also ray leotas in this movie which at,first i just appreciated the fact that,ray liottas in this mob movie and its,kind of hard to talk about his character,and who he plays but at first he didnt,really stand out to me but then at a,point in this movie ray leota steals the,scenes hes in hes a man of few words,but hes more of a presence hes the,person in this movie hes probably the,smartest and wisest of all the people in,the movie and he got to that point,because of the life hes lived because,he has learned from the mistakes hes,made hes a man who just accepts the,reality of his situation i just i loved,him also young tony soprano who i didnt,know was james gandalfinis son playing,him but when i saw the trailer i was,like,thats his son or his clone pick one,james gandolfini in the limited amount,of the sopranos that i have seen is,undeniably incredible on that show i,thought michael gandalfini i mean those,are some big shoes for him to fill i,just thought he was really good in the,movie and i thought the movie was also,really good for tony sopranos character,it would have been so easy for it to,revolve around tony soprano but hes not,in the game yet at this point in his,life so it really wouldnt be a mob,movie it wouldnt be as interesting its,better to have tony soprano be a support,character in here and kind of show,the way he kind of gets interested in,this world it also makes it feel much,more real you know its like tony,soprano became tony soprano,but he didnt mean to its not like the,world was just parting the shoes like,hello tony soprano we have table right,here waiting for you because youre,special and because this is your life,for most of us out there if a movie was,made about our lives itd either be,boring or youd have to concentrate on a,more interesting element thats around,your life in which you would be a,supporting character thats just the,harsh reality of life and it feels more,special the fact that he becomes much,bigger in his adult life than he ever,expected to be i thought that was a,smart play on the movies part make tony,soprano one piece but a larger picture,at hand leslie odom jr in this movie is,also on the rise it but thats the part,where im like i dont feel resolution,with that arc and thats where as much,as i feel like its an advantageous,thing for me to watch this movie from,the eyes of someone who really hasnt,seen the sopranos its a good metric to,be like do i have to have watched,sopranos in order to enjoy this movie or,not um i dont know if theres,resolution with that arc in the series,and largely i felt like the movie,abruptly did end it was just like oh and,its over,okay it leaves it open for like a sequel,could happen that concentrates more,around tony soprano sure or its a,one-off that completely abruptly ends,you just pick up years later where tony,soprano was tony soprano but i have my,answer now do you need to watch the,soprano series in order to enjoy this,movie i dont think so no i didnt this,movie does its part to be its own,compelling mob story it has easter eggs,and references that you will recognize,if you have seen the series also theres,a spoiler at the beginning of this movie,so theres that i was watching i was,like oh so all right well i have that,answer my own fault i should have,watched it before now but its a movie,if you love mob movies you can enjoy,this movie just on its own merits and if,you love the sopranos youll get more,out of it absolutely and for nothing,else im interested to watch the entire,series of the sopranos then watch this,movie again and experience it completely,differently theres something cool about,that i like that i had a really great,time with this movie no alcohol required,all right so the many saints of newark,have you seen it are you gonna see it,are you looking forward to it are you,soprano super fan whatever you think,comment below let me know and as always,if you like what youve seen here and,you want to see more click right here to,see more,[Music],you

The Many Saints of Newark Review

its been 14 years since we last saw the,sopranos on tv screens but prequel film,the many saints of newark is here to,satiate our appetites for mobster drama,it soars when it focuses on the iconic,characters of hbos acclaimed series,getting the mafia aspects right and only,falters when it tries to add too much to,the sopranos universe in its limited,two-hour time frame,still this should satisfy fans whove,been missing or re-watching the beloved,show over the past decade and a half,pain comes from always wanting things,but who do i know,im a murderer although this is in part,tony sopranos origin story the film,largely centers on the man tony idolized,growing up dickie maltesanti during the,late 1960s to the mid-1970s,fans of the series will recognize that,name as hes the father of tonys,ill-fated right-hand man christopher who,also serves as our narrator from beyond,the grave tonys mostly an observer,dickie is the really interesting cell,here and we learned that he served as,tonys main influence into the mafia,world,the two have a lot in common aside from,just their violent tempers dickie like,tony believes hes the hero in his own,story and justifies his terrible actions,by trying to do some good you know,despite the murders and money laundering,the only problem is that were given,just two hours to get to know this,character versus the 86 episodes we,spent with tony even with the inclusion,of a voice of reason and dickies,incarcerated uncle played wonderfully by,ray liotta it never feels like dickie,could wipe the red in his ledger clean,alessandro nivola is fantastic as the,tormented character playing this,morality push and pull beautifully and,convincingly meanwhile in a much buzzed,about casting michael gandolfini steps,into the shoes of tony the role his late,father james gandolfini made iconic,he does a great job playing the younger,version of this famous character looking,and sounding a lot like the tony soprano,will eventually meet,vera farmingha also stands out as tonys,mother livia and reflects the utter,chaos that we saw in her in the original,series the sopranos creator david chase,and co-writer lawrence connor who,returned for the prequel obviously have,an intimate understanding of italian,mobster stories and the film is at its,best when it comes to the family aspect,of mafia life,its when the many saints of newark,attempts to expand the mobster universe,to include other rival gangs that it,starts to feel disjointed its clear,that harold dickeys muscle and enforcer,played by leslie odom jr is tired of the,italians taking over the city including,the black neighborhoods and wants to,take control by any means necessary,adding to the racial tension are the,1967 newark riots happening in the,backdrop its obvious that this,narrative is important to harolds,actions and motivations but the film,doesnt really follow up on it this,aspect of the plot really just ends up,feeling empty harold 2 is mostly,sidelined in the third act never giving,us a proper resolution for his and,dickys strained relationship the,movies biggest obstacle is really its,lack of time it makes sense that it,focuses more on tony in the third act,after all we want to know how dickys,story connects to the eventual dawn but,as interesting as it is to explore,tonys youth its to the detriment of,dickie and harolds stories the sopranos,thrived by creating nuanced and flawed,characters with rich storylines and,brilliant performances the many saints,of newark has all the elements to be,just as good but falls flat when it,tries to add too many layers to the,story with such limited time,if hbo max decides to take this up a,notch in green lights a limited series,it has the potential to be great when i,was a kid,guys like me were brought up to follow,coach the many saints of newark gets the,italian mafia drama right with dickie,maltesantis narrative at the forefront,led by a superb performance by,alessandro nivola the film shines when,it has its iconic characters going,through morally complex personal and,professional issues but occasionally,tries to stuff in too many new,storylines in only two hours,still it has many of the ingredients of,what made the original great and should,leave nostalgic fans satisfied for more,check out our reviews of halloween kills,and dune and for everything else stick,with ign,as far as your nephew goes,im listening,stay out of his life,oh

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Everything Wrong With The Many Saints of Newark – Soprano Theories

hello everyone soprano theories here and,welcome back to the channel before we,get started if you love these sopranos,and are new to the channel be sure to,click subscribe and click the bell to,get notifications on upcoming sopranos,content as here at soprano theories we,here post sopranos related content every,week and be sure to follow me on twitter,and instagram ah yes the gangster genre,mafia films gangster films crime films,or whatever you want to call them are,seriously one of the greatest genres in,the history of cinema as the genre,itself has produced some of the most,iconic and popular films of all time,especially with titles such as the,godfather trilogy goodfellas casino and,scarface all under its belt however due,to the popularity of the genre and the,reception films received by fans and,critics not all gangster films are a hit,when traditionally thinking of some of,the worst gangster films theres a few,that regularly come to mind of course,who could forget the atrocious 2018,crime drama gotti that was a disgrace to,the legend of john gotti and seriously,put a damper on the career of john,travolta and theres even the more,recent lansky directed by eton rockway,that featured everyones favorite actor,john maguero and depending on who you,ask black mask is a subpar film thanks,to the film being carried by the amazing,johnny depp recently some critics and,fans would say that the gangster genre,has died especially with the recent,letdowns in films such as the card,counter the irishman and now with the,many saints of newark the mixed reviews,of the many saints of newark brings up,the question is it one of the worst,gangster films of all time like i said,in my review of the film with the,sopranos being so brilliant in every way,its difficult for the many saints of,newark to live up to the hype or even,come remotely close to the greatest,television series of all time when i,first walked out of the theater after,watching the many saints of newark i,couldnt really tell how i felt part of,me really wanted to say that it was,great just because the film is attached,to the greatest television series ever,produced and because the sopranos is,near and dear to my heart but another,part of me was just questioning what,exactly i just witnessed for the last,two short hours and while i do think the,film is light years ahead of an,atrocious mafia debacle like gotti,however that isnt necessarily something,to be proud of the marketing for the,film provided so much hype around the,film as fans were finally going to see,the supposed origins and beginnings of,an individual like tony soprano and what,drove him in life to become a sociopath,in the first place even the films,posters supported this narrative with,the bold headlines that read who made,tony soprano however as you all know,this wasnt the case at all as,throughout the films two-hour run time,we basically received the opposite of,the tony soprano origin tale as the film,tends to shine a light on alessandro,novollas dickie moltesanti and how he,was able to balance his work life as a,gangster and his personal life by,mentoring a young tony soprano and,maintaining a healthy relationship with,harold mcbrayer his father and,girlfriend joe supina this eerily,parallels the characteristics and,character of tony soprano where he had,to balance his life as a mob boss and a,family man the films marketing led,audiences to believe that dickie was,held accountable for the awful human,being that tony soprano developed into,throughout the sopranos the film does,follow the early adolescent years of a,young tony soprano but rather the many,saints of newark wasnt the movie fans,were hoping for and it certainly wasnt,the movie fans expected it to be we,never truly saw who made tony soprano in,the first place as michael gandolfinis,portrayal of his fathers iconic,character just serves in the background,for the majority of the film as most,fans like myself were hoping for a tony,soprano origin tale where we actually,got to grow up alongside tony the film,drifted away from the most important and,beloved character from the series fans,never got to see tonys first murder of,really overall that took place during,labor day weekend in 1982 we never got,to see tony playing football or,establishing his relationship with coach,molinero we also never got to see the,infamous card heist that tony and jackie,pulled off as youngsters that solidified,their status as up-and-comers in the,mafia ranks michael gandolfinis,portrayal of his fathers legendary role,takes a backseat throughout the entirety,of the film which is sad because it,feels as if gandalfinis character,wasnt really needed at all the films,three storylines the newark race riots,the narrative of harold mcbrayer and the,narrative of dickie moltesanti all feel,disjointed and didnt mesh well,throughout the films plot at times,throughout the film the three storylines,dont display any sort of connection,whatsoever and made me question the arc,of the film the films extremely short,two-hour run time doesnt support its,cause either as just when the film,starts to get good the film suddenly,ends and leaves you wanting more the,film sort of has this indie movie vibe,to it whether it was some of the acting,camera shots lighting audio quality and,locations it all sort of felt cheap and,rushed its quite possible that this was,an opportunity at a cash grab from die,hard soprano fans who had been foaming,at the mouth for anything sopranos,related for 15 years the acting is,something that seriously tarnishes the,films reputation while the performances,from alessandro nervola as dickie ray,liotta as hollywood dick and even jon,berthnal as johnny boy soprano are fine,its the acting from vera farmiga as,livia and michaela de rossi as joe,subpoena are what really carries the,film in my opinion birth and all feels,underutilized as well as the narration,from michael imperiolis character,christopher moltesanti dickys son as he,narrates from the grave in a brilliant,way but its the beloved fan favorite,characters such as big [ __ ] paulie,walnuts and especially silvio dante that,didnt feel real and authentic and,tarnished the films reputation this is,especially true for the character of,silvio performed by john maguero felt,more of an impression rather than acting,as well as most of his lines and,character mannerisms came off as cheesy,and fell flat from the silvio fans had,come to know and love from the series,but the films biggest acting flaw is,that of michael gandolfini while its,extremely difficult to fulfill any,actors shoes and even more so when its,your fathers most iconic role and one,of televisions best performances of all,time gandolfini falls flat at what made,tony soprano so great in the first place,while gandalfini didnt have the most,screen time throughout the film when he,is seen on screen he can often be seen,slurring his words and delivering a weak,performance most of the time as fans,were not treated to this tough macho and,masculine figure a tony soprano was but,rather audiences were treated to this,confused teenager while i personally,think gandalfini did a fine job at,stepping into his fathers role this is,just what i think audiences thought,about his performance some of my,favorite parts from gandalfini is with,him and livia at the kitchen table which,provides a glimpse into the love-hate,relationship that of tony and his mother,in a way the film feels as if it didnt,need the character of tony at all really,if you think about it without the,character of tony soprano does the,films plot and storyline change the,answer is no as tony feels forced into,the film due to his likability in being,the seriess protagonist as the film,doesnt even focus on tony soprano at,all despite all these criticisms the,film does make you feel as if youre in,newark during the 1960s and 1970s its,costume design and set locations are,amazing from the hair makeup suits cars,and current events and music we so

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Mob Movie FAIL!? The Many Saints of Newark (An Attack Against The Italian-American Mafia)

what im saying i i mean this movie man,if i saw david chase i would call and,say who do you think you are coming,through on there,its obvious yeah i mean i would tell,them what are you trying to prove what,im listening to its like a two-bit,film,its just ridiculous,today i have the very painful honor i,would say an honor only because of all,of you of reviewing many saints of,newark,and i can only tell you this david chase,if i had you in front of me i wish i was,still in the mob watch the review,[Music],[Music],hey everybody welcome to another sit,down with michael francis hope everybody,is doing well all is good on this end,before i get started yes the sammy thing,is happening just gotta have some,patience 22 hours of film it was a big,deal its gonna happen so just relax you,know patrick bet david is really in,charge of this thing at least he thinks,he is no he is and theyre working on it,and youre gonna hear some announcements,soon im getting bombarded with,questions michael you came out too soon,its okay its going to happen and,youre going to love it guaranteed,youre going to want to see the dynamic,between the two of us unscripted,remember that whats today its mob,movie monday that is a follower favorite,of mine and today i have the,pleasure or displeasure of reviewing the,many saints of newark now before i start,and everybodys been asking me about it,just came out you know october 1st,before i start let me tell you this,the sopranos was one of the greatest,series of all time if not the greatest,because not only was it great but it was,groundbreaking it led the way for all,the other series great series i might,add to follow it kind of elevated,television series i loved it im going,to be honest i didnt see the entire,series hey im a former mob guy,sometimes i dont watch all the mob,stuff maybe you dont understand that,hopefully you can but what ive seen of,it i like a lot,i also had the pleasure privilege of,meeting many of the sopranos cast,recently i had a sit down with federico,castellucci the nabolidan enforcer,noticed they picked anomaly down not a,sicilian to be the enforcer because we,were the real strength behind the mob i,know im gonna get wrapped on that one,but hey im not lay down what do you,what do you expect i had the pleasure of,meeting a number of others vinnie pastor,i spent time at sopranos khan all great,people it was a brilliantly written show,a brilliantly acted show some of it,wasnt always tremendously authentic,didnt have to be because the story,lines were great loved it the family,dynamic everything about it i loved so i,want to make that perfectly clear before,we get into the review,now,let me get to the many saints of newark,people i want to tell you this sometimes,you wonder why a film was made,now in this case i can understand,because i understand the business side,of making movies and that is the,sopranos anything thats kind of related,to the sopranos has name recognition,people are interested in it they want to,see it so the many saints of newark is,allegedly the prequel to the soprano so,yeah on a business sense people are,going to buy tickets theyre going to,watch it theyre going to go and see it,i understand that was there some kind of,passion involved in making this movie,hey it had to be done because sopranos,was so great,i dont know,honestly i didnt see that in the movie,and i want to make this very clear right,now,i did not like it at all,i didnt see any redeeming qualities in,this film at all for me it failed on,every level im going to get even deeper,on that personally,i was a little bit offended by the movie,not as a former mob guy,well maybe a little bit as a former mob,guy because so many things that i saw,were not what happened in my former life,but as an italian-american,i feel a bit offended and i think any,italian-american that watches this movie,is going to feel the same way because,they portrayed us as really bad people,italians across the board just really,bad people and i didnt like that i,thought it was unnecessary i dont know,what the writers or david chase was,trying to prove in this he was trying to,if he was trying to say i was thinking,about it was tony soprano so screwed up,because of what he saw in his childhood,thats why he became tony soprano thats,why he went into the mob thats why he,had psychiatric issues he had to sit,with the psychiatrist im trying to,figure that out but even if that were,the case it could have been done a lot,more tastefully,thats number one number two,this whole contrived thing with uh you,know the racial issue that they brought,in the blacks you know rioting in newark,at that time yeah there was some truth,to that but they werent rioting because,of italians or because of the mob but,because of italian americans and there,was no rivalry between italian americans,and the mob and the blacks at that time,didnt happen so why that had to be,created in this film i dont know,you know to me it was almost like are,you trying to create animosity between,you know what former mob guys were in,blacks are you trying to do that i,didnt see any reason for doing that and,it was kind of disturbing especially in,this climate what do we need that for,number one it wasnt true and number two,why do we have to put that in peoples,psyche in their head hey the mob guys,didnt like blacks you know what im,going to say this out front right away,and people are going to knock me forward,yeah italian mob guys were prejudiced,towards blacks let me tell you something,prejudicial exists in every race,nationality just the way it is it wasnt,specific for mob guys against blacks or,blacks against mob guys thats not true,some of my dads dearest friends and,some of my friends were black,african-american whatever,thats nonsense and im telling you that,right now and so i dont care if you,knocked me forward thats the truth that,wasnt my experience growing up racism,exists in the world it will until the,end of time it didnt have to be,portrayed in this movie falsely as it,was i dont know what that was trying to,accomplish you know they even brought it,like it was a war between the blacks and,the italians the mob the same thing they,did in godfather of harlem but it was,done a lot more tastefully there was a,story behind that they worked together,it was different,this it was just defensive it was,unnecessary i dont even know why it was,brought in are they trying to be woke at,this point in time if youre going to be,woke do it the right way do it with,class you know do it with integrity you,dont try to start more trouble thats,not what movies are about thats number,one,number two im sorry when i look at a,mob movie authenticity means everything,for me thats why i loved the hbo gotti,movie with armand asante thats why i,love the godfather even though it was a,fictional movie it was done in such good,taste the dialogue the acting the,writing primo terrific wonderful,goodfellas same thing,donnie bresco same thing,bronx tales same thing these movies are,in a whole different category when i,look at the many saints of newark its,like,painful to go through,you know offensive yes and painful the,dialogue cheesy,the acting it wasnt authentic im sorry,it just wasnt and nobody in that movie,was believable to me in their role just,wasnt john berthnal who i happen to,love hes a brilliant actor as a matter,of fact in the series about my life hes,one of the top names that the production,company frank marshall kennedy marshall,is considering to play my dad he even,looks like my dad hes a brilliant actor,love everything that he does,but when the written word on the script,is not the right words not even the,actor can do it right because it doesnt,appear authentic and john birth and all,he couldnt save this movie im saying,nobody could okay and im not blaming,the actors im not saying theyre bad,actors they got to go according to the,script they got to go according to the,storyline now one thing i do know about,david chase iv

The Many Saints of Newark reviewed by Mark Kermode

well i should begin by saying that i,think that your view of it will be,obviously altered by whether or not,youve seen the series so you know uh,all information i havent seen the,sopranos um so consequently the film is,not aimed at me thats the first thing,to say um,you heard there you know setting up,where the movie sits,and the fact that there may be that,theres still space between the end of,this movie and the beginning of the,sopranos,um,i think what is important is that if i,think of twin peaks fire walk with me,which is um you know i think one of my,one of the greatest horror films of its,decade,i always wondered how twin peaks fire,walk with me would work if you hadnt,seen twin peaks the series and i have,spoken to a couple of people who werent,twin peaks tv fans theyd seen some of,it but not all of it,and they still felt that it held up as a,you know as a superb horror film even,though there was large sections of it,that they didnt quite understand or,didnt understand at all because,obviously its you know tying itself,into the ongoing mythology of uh of the,series,in terms of this my only comparison,point i suppose would be with el camino,which was the,the spin-off movie from breaking bad,although that was a streaming movie,and,im you know i remember watching el,camino thinking well its okay its fine,i mean it feels like an appendage but,im im watching it on a streaming,service having watched all of breaking,bad,and,there are a couple of nice things in it,because it you know it,it gave jesse,his story and there was there were,things in it i enjoyed but it definitely,felt like an appendage it didnt feel,like it was it was absolutely necessary,this is a cinema release and i think,therefore needs to be judged as such and,to judge it as such by someone who,doesnt know the tv series it does feel,like an offshoot of this i mean its,interesting because,um he talks in that interview about the,sopranos universe this feels to me like,an appendage to the scorsese cinematic,universe not least because of the some,of the casting obviously and theres,always been this tangential thing,between the sopranos you know and,scorsese,so it felt like an origin story it felt,like it was spending a lot of time,setting up things that fans of the tv,show would appreciate but which dont,seem to have that same kind of heft for,cinema audiences unless what its doing,is setting them up for further movies to,come but it did feel like it was,spending a lot of time,putting pieces in place,that would then have consequence further,down the line now this is this is,nothing new this is a kind of um,uh you know a regular thing with any,form of you know origins or or prequels,is that they feel like theyre setting,stuff up for stuff that you know already,although of course in the case of the,you know the movie universe i dont know,this already and i would say this again,if you are a sopranos fan a fan of the,tv show you may feel completely,different i can only tell you what this,looks like to somebody who hasnt seen,the series no i havent got anything,against this or i am going to watch it,but um,but i havent,and so there was a part of me that,thought well you know its its its,well done there are set pieces that are,you know solidly done its certainly not,a,not a badly made movie by any means um,however,it did have,the sense that it that it was it,absolutely required you to have to to,know and to love the series in order to,be as invested,as you need to be i mean for me i,suppose the most interesting stuff is,the fact that the you know the riots,that you talked about there,do loom large in the plot and the whole,thing about,you know the schism between harold and,dickie and what matts then setting up,well that is the most interesting part,the fact that the the riots do become a,major plot point and i hadnt see i,hadnt seen those in a movie before soon,no no so i mean i thought that was you,know that was,well done and but that was the thing,that that grabbed me because that was,the thing that kind of made sense in and,of itself as opposed to,leading up to something else the,performances are pretty solid i mean you,know theres nothing that jumps out its,particularly great or particularly,terrible there are a couple of trixie,things in the movie it was interesting,at the screening that we were at at the,beginning in which they said very,specifically theres something please,dont reveal this which i i you know i,havent done nor would i do um although,it was interesting that for me because i,dont know the sopranos it wasnt you,know hes like youre not entirely sure,what it is that youre not supposed to,reveal which is why im being very vague,about the plot and beyond what you know,we were told by by the interview there,but,it did feel like it was a tangential,thing to,that i mean i like the idea of the,scorsese cinematic universe anyway,because of the whole marvel thing,um so its fine its,if anything it feels like any like an,in-joke for which the punch line is some,way down the line,there are some you know good period,details some interesting socio-political,stuff,but,im just not i mean it was interesting,when he was talking you know about the,creator about david chase feeling,anxious about it saying that he was,initially against it and he was still,worried about it and i understand i mean,i do understand that because,because as somebody who isnt ok with,the series it did feel like,it did feel like an addendum to,something that i havent seen,but,also it was you know sopranos is one of,the most popular tv series of all time,so i would imagine that 90 of the,audience do know the sopranos and i can,only tell you what it therefore looks,like from the ten percent who dont,george not in london uh ive just,returned from an opening night screening,of the many saints of newark at the east,dullich picture house as a,self-confessed lover of the sopranos tv,show i was concerned a cinematic misstep,could taint the shows legacy no cause,for concern here is this a film for,those uninitiated in the world of the,soprano family well its hard to say,there might be enough mobster fare to,enjoy for those approaching it cold but,its the knowing nods towards what will,lie ahead for so many of these,characters that will provide the films,highlights for fans of the series the,majority of the characters are smartly,recast,not least vera famiga i mean delicious,fun as a younger olivia soprano at times,the plotting feels a little clunky but,the rich detailing the 1960s and 70s new,jersey means thats broadly by the buy,one for the purists you bet but whether,it packs enough of a punch to satisfy,newcomers is another matter grazia,thats george knott in london mayor,bbc.cody uk,you

The Many Saints of Newark Review – Soprano Theories

the sopranos is widely viewed as the,single greatest television show of all,time as we all know it served as a,groundbreaking series that changed,television forever by showcasing and,bringing violence to television as well,as introducing audiences to an anti-hero,in tony soprano that inspired countless,of other evil characters that captured,our hearts as without these sopranos,there likely arent series like breaking,bad dexter peaky blinders and ozark or,even characters like walter white for,that matter while a majority of the show,centered around its anti-hero in tony,soprano and his battles with mental,health his relationship with his mother,and trying to balance his work life of,being a mob boss with his family life,and yet at its core the series is much,more than a fictional mob drama that,features who gets whacked and who is,fortunate enough to stay alive what,makes the sopranos so special is that it,features themes of family love loyalty,and has its own comedic charm to it the,sopranos featured six seasons in 86,episodes that delivered brilliance charm,and perfection on a weekly basis every,sunday night and with the many saints of,newarks predecessor being so good it,struggles to recapture what made the,sopranos so great in the first place and,while the many saints of newark clearly,pays homage to its roots of the sopranos,greatness with the many references that,we see throughout the film its,disjointed storyline seems to lack focus,as it leaves us wanting more come the,films ending directed by alan taylor,who directed nine episodes of these,sopranos ironically including the death,of christopher moltesanti and candy and,heidi the film is also written by the,series creator and mastermind behind the,sopranos david chase to begin the film,focuses on three major storylines the,first being the film depicting the,newark race riots that took place in,1967,a real life event that we saw take place,in the sopranos flashback while the,marketing for the film and trailers,tended to make this narrative a driving,point for the film it sadly hides in the,films background as the riots were just,briefly mentioned and just feel randomly,placed within the films first act the,riots purpose to the plot and the,films overall progression didnt seem,to provide enough impact within the film,as the riots were only mentioned in,passing with a few scenes highlighting,the rampage that took place in the,summer of 67. the riots didnt directly,impact the films overall progression,and served no purpose towards the male,crime family and its characters like,dickie moltesanti this brings us to our,second storyline in the film that,focuses on the character of harold,mcbrayer mcbrayer serves as a small time,associate of multisantis as early on in,the film the two can often be seen,together with mcbrayer playing the role,of moltesantis muscle and enforcer its,arguable that the character of mcbrayer,is the only character within the film,that we see grow and develop during the,films brief two-hour run time we watch,his character grow immensely after,mcbear becomes tired of the italian mob,controlling newark and especially the,african-american neighborhoods this,results in a dispute developing between,mcbrayer and montesante all while the,newark race riots are taking place,throughout the city which only results,in more added tension to their,relationship throughout the conflict,between mcbrayer and moltesanti there,are a few side plots and intense scenes,that come up as a result of their,strained relationship but theres never,enough to move the overall story of the,film with mcbreyers growth and,development his questionable large,amount of screen time of a character,that has no relationship with the,audience and the conflict between him,and moltesanti all sadly feel forced,into the film and unnecessary resulting,in the conflict between mcbreyer and,dickie montesanti to be anti-climactic,and unresolved come the films third act,the films third storyline that it,focuses on is a mixture of dickie,moltesantis character growth and,development and his relationship with,his nephew and tony soprano much like,his nephew in the sopranos dickie wants,to change into a better person,throughout the film but never fully,comes to this fabrication of doing a,good deed and becoming a good influence,for tony similarly with the marketing,for the film hammering the notion of the,newark race riots being a focal point,for the film the same can be said in the,narrative of tony soprano as the many,saints of newark characterized the film,as an upbringing of tony soprano the,films marketing led audiences to,believe that dickie montesanti was held,accountable for the awful human being,that tony soprano developed into,throughout the sopranos the film does,follow the early adolescent years of a,young tony soprano but rather the many,saints of newark isnt really a tony,soprano origin story at all at times we,rarely get to see michael gandolfini who,is portraying a younger version of his,fathers iconic role and just when we,seem to be getting more screen time from,a rugged soprano the film is over,sopranos relationship with his supposed,mentor dickie moltesanti is displayed in,the films shadows as towards the end of,the film its storyline tended to focus,on the overall character growth and,development of dickie moltesanti we,never truly get to see any character,development from michael gandolfinis,portrayal of the iconic role his father,played however despite all of the,confusion and the unorganization within,the narrative structure the many saints,of newark has its own charisma and,atmosphere from start to finish the film,does a good job at providing a,compelling structure that will keep,audiences entertained a big reason for,this great sense of concentration is the,cinematography and its lighting as there,are numerous moments throughout the film,that are reminiscent of taylors work on,these sopranos the films costumes set,design and music all feel nostalgic and,really make you feel as if youre,growing up throughout the 1960s and,1970s the films introduction and,decision to use a deceased christopher,moltesanti the son of dickie moltesanti,to be the films narrator works,flawlessly and at times is underutilized,there are also some stellar performances,here too as alessandro nivola michael,gandolfini ray liotta and michaela de,rossi are all fantastic throughout the,film but its vera farmigas brilliant,portrayal however of the delusional,olivia soprano that distracts you from,the disjointed narrative of the film as,she reflects her deranged personality,that she displayed in these sopranos,even corey stolls brief role of uncle,junior adds a level of charm towards the,film that is reminiscent of these,sopranos but much like gandalfinis,brief portrayal of tony soprano stoles,role of uncle junior leaves us wanting,more but its the fan favorite,characters of silvio dante paulie,walnuts and big [ __ ] that are most,disappointing throughout the film while,john magueros portrayal of silvio dante,does have a few good lines and,mannerisms throughout the film his,portrayal of the loyal consolieri,appeared more as an impression rather,than acting and paulie and [ __ ] were,simply not given enough screen time the,many saints of newark does enough to be,viewed as its own individual film but,wont be looked at in the upper echelon,of gangster films within the genre sure,its costume designs set design and,star-studded cast make audiences,nostalgic of these sopranos attention to,detail however the many saints of newark,simply lacks a clear focus and narrative,all while running on an incredibly short,two-hour run time the many saints of,newark truly makes us appreciate the,sopranos brilliance charisma and,hilariousness and charm that was,featured in every single episode the,films ending does leave an opening for,a potential mini series if chase does,decide to go down that route well thats,my review of the many saints of newark,if i had t

Every Sopranos Reference in The Many Saints of Newark !!! [Ending Explained !!!]

hey everyone and welcome to wdim plus,where today ill be looking at every,easter egg and reference in the many,saints of newark a soprano story the,movie begins with a narration from,christopher maltasanti who is voiced by,michael imperelli he is speaking from,beyond the grave because he was murdered,by his mentor tony soprano in the final,season of the sopranos in one of the,most shocking moments of the series,christopher is often referred to as,tonys cousin but christopher is not a,blood relative of tony however,christopher is a cousin once removed,from tonys future wife carmela the name,of the movie the many saints of newark,refers to the characters in the film,that shape many of the ones we see on,the sopranos and how the legendary,status that they hold may or may not be,deserved tonys father johnny soprano,played by john bernthal was often,remembered fondly by tony even though he,saw him do brutal things his wife and,tonys mother livia would often remind,others about the legacy of her husband,hey wait no not that club,he was a saint,anyway,we meet christophers father dickie who,is played by alessandro nivola in 1967,with a very young tony soprano he refers,to tony as gagootz which is a term that,tony will use as a nickname for his son,aj we are then introduced to dickies,father and christophers grandfather,hollywood dick muldesanti played by ray,liotta ray liotta was actually almost,cast in the sopranos as the character,ralph sifuretto but relented as he felt,that taking this part along with his,starring role in the movie goodfellas,would lead to him being typecast in,mafia roles his co-star lorraine braco,obviously did not feel the same way as,she was cast in the pivotal role of dr,melfi after starring in goodfellas,goodfellas was also the second movie,role for michael imperelli who played,the character spider in that film,at the dinner table dickey remembers his,father talking to vito ginovesi who was,a real-life mob boss and was a known,associate of lucky luciano this may be a,hint that the dimeo crime family which,is fictional and created for the,sopranos was not only a part of the,geovessi crime network but that its,origins were bred from the relationship,between christophers grandfather and,vito giovesy at tonys sister janices,christening we see johnny soprano along,with a young livia soprano played,impeccably by vera farmiga the actress,has her own history with mafia films as,she was a part of a love triangle,between leonardo dicaprio and matt,damons characters in the film that,departed coincidentally tony and,christopher are listening to a song from,the film soundtrack during the accident,that leads to christophers death,besides janus who is also a major,character on the sopranos and played by,ida tuturo other sopranos mainstays,return such as uncle junior coronado,silvio dante and salvatore big youtube,content stripe bom pincero i loved how,we get to see the evolution of the wig,that silvio dante wore who was played by,steven vanzant and i thought the actor,who played his younger self john magaro,nailed that sourpuss face that he always,had the part of tony soprano was,actually written for steven vanzant in,that role but hbo won a more well-known,actor for the lead of the series so mr,van zant was relegated to a co-starring,role we then see the crew in the back of,satrialis pork store one of the most,used settings on the sopranos in the,infamous back room dick moltesanti is,telling a story about him meeting frank,sinatra whose daughter nancy would later,appear in the sopranos during the final,season at a birthday party for phil,leotardo and when dick breaks out and,laughter at the table i couldnt help,but be reminded of this infamous scene,from his other mafia film,there we also hear junior soprano played,very well by corey stahl say this,infamous line out of frustration,corey stahl stated in an interview that,he would say this line to get into his,character and that he studied the actor,who originated the part dominic,chianessi before taking on the role,speaking of relationships to mafia films,dominic chianessi is the only actor to,have a speaking part in the sopranos as,well as a godfather film as he had a,role in the second godfather movie later,harold mcbrier played by leslie odom jr,comes to speak with dickie and asks if,he is sure he is not part,african-american to which dickey states,he is from the napoleono part of italy,and not sicily which raises the tension,in the room i cannot help but think that,this was a reference to the famous,sicilian scene in another mafia related,movie true romance a love story written,by quentin tarantino that scene also,included a young james gandolfini and it,is said that this part led to him being,cast as tony soprano years later we then,see the beginnings of the 1967 newark,riots that were sparked after the arrest,and assault of john william smith on,july 12th the riots led to 26 deaths and,over a thousand arrests along with more,than 10 million dollars worth of damages,still to this day some areas of the,neighborhoods that were affected have,not been fully repaired next we see a,scene that we actually saw in the,sopranos episode down neck and that is,the arrest of johnny soprano at playland,johnny boy was arrested and ends up,completing a sentence of four years in,jail for assault with a deadly weapon,when dickie kills his father theres a,dark bird trapped in the garage the,superstition is that if a black bird,gets trapped in a house that it,foretells the death of a family member,christopher notices a bird in the window,while he is getting made in the third,season episode fortunate son and he sees,this as a bad omen while things,obviously do not turn out well for,christopher this bad omen was probably,meant for the other man being made at,the time eugene ponte corvo who ends up,killing himself after becoming an,informant for the fbi in a similar,basement as to this one during the,shows final season at dig moltasantis,funeral junior says the words what a,blow to dickie which is similar to what,an older junior said to tony at his,mothers funeral,what a [ __ ] blow not you too dicky,then goes to meet his uncle sally,moltasanti whos also played by ray,liotta this is not the first time one,actor has played twin parts as dan,grimaldi played philly and then patsy,parisi throughout the run of the,sopranos tony is at home reading a comic,based on the ivanhoe series which is a,fictional story about the 12th century,and dickie asks why he doesnt read more,popular comic books like superman we,learned in the sopranos during his,sessions with dr melfi that tony was,always a fan of history,this story also includes robin hood and,later in the movie when tony steals an,ice cream truck he acts as robin hood,and gives away the ice cream of children,tonys foul mouth friend is a young arti,bucco who mentions that his father wants,him to take over his restaurant vesuvio,when he gets older which he ends up,doing tony jokes that his father wants,him to grow up and rob ardys restaurant,and this is not far off from being the,truth as tony is responsible for the,destruction of the restaurant and then,uses the new restaurant already opens,for multiple schemes the two kids are,hanging out outside holsteds which is,where the last scene of the sopranos,occurs tonys two children are also,present in that final scene as well when,johnny boy gets out of jail he has some,harsh feelings about how the,neighborhood his family lives in has,changed tony was shown to be very racist,and i believe that this film tries to,show us that this was a trait that he,picked up from his father during the,meal tony tells his dad that he will be,the starting linebacker for the high,school team this is also the position,that his son aj would grow up to play,after tony tells his father the good,news junior responds that tony does not,have the makings of a varsity athlete,which was a phrase he said more than,once on the sopranos after the meal the,fam

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