1. Samsung Galaxy A03s review
  2. Samsung Galaxy A03s 90 Day Review! Is This Phone For You? (Honest Thoughts)
  3. Samsung Galaxy A03s for Beginners (Learn the Basics in Minutes)
  4. Samsung Galaxy A03s Unboxing, Hands On & First Impressions!
  5. Samsung Galaxy A03s – Complete Review!
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  7. Samsung Galaxy A03s Review

Samsung Galaxy A03s review

hey whats up guys will here for gsm,arena samsung is known for their,mid-rangers and premium flagships but,they also offer phones on the lower end,of the spectrum,this is the entry-level galaxy a03s,at this budget is it still able to,provide a decent smartphone experience,lets find out in our full review,[Music],as you might expect at this price the,galaxy a03s doesnt come with many bells,and whistles but still there is a big,battery and three cameras on the back,the phone is made from a matte plastic,unibody and the back features an,interesting grippy texture,it isnt too light because of the large,battery pack and of course theres no,ingress protection here but its all,solid and straightforward,on the front its a 6.5 inch lcd with a,720p resolution and a droplet shaped,notch for the selfie cam,this screen is nothing special the pixel,density isnt too high at 270 ppi and,you get a standard 60hz refresh rate,colors arent too accurate even rather,dull and you dont get options to tweak,them and max brightness is okay at,around 490 ppi,at least you do get good contrast here,for an lcd,the galaxy a03s has a traditional,headphone jack for audio as well as a,single bottom firing speaker it scored a,good rating on our loudness charts but,as far as audio quality goes theres no,bass and mid tones are lacking,[Music],one thing the galaxy a03s does excel at,is battery life it packs a 5 000,milliamp hour power pack and was able to,score a 122 hour endurance rating in our,proprietary tests,charging speed is really slow though,with the bundled 7.5 watt charger we,were only able to charge from zero to 15,percent in half an hour and its the,same speed even with a faster charger,you can get the galaxy a03s with either,32 or 64 gigs of storage on board and,its expandable through microsd,and you can wake up and unlock the a03s,using the side mounted fingerprint,reader which doubles as a power button,its really fast and accurate,another plus of the galaxy a03s is that,you get android 11 and samsung software,the interface is one ui 3.1 core which,as the name suggests provides the,essentials of the one ui experience but,it is missing some of the features youd,get on more expensive samsung phones,these include knox bixby the game,launcher and music share among others,but still you get handy features,provided by android 11 like notification,history,and advanced media controls,there is an edge panel handy for storing,your shortcuts in,and there are samsungs proprietary apps,like the dialer the gallery and internet,browser,unfortunately the ui experience isnt,fast or fluid because of this phones,budget level chipset its a mediatek,helio p35 built on a 12 nanometer,process in benchmarks the a03s sits at,the bottom of both the cpu and gpu,charts even in the budget category,playing games is a chore and the phone,feels sluggish even when just scrolling,around or doing your daily tasks,moving on to the cameras on the back the,galaxy a03s has a 13 megapixel main cam,a 2 megapixel macro camera and a depth,sensor,in good lighting photos from the main,cam are likable with accurate colors,good contrast and wide dynamic range,the level of detail isnt anything to,write home about though its enough at,this price but fine details are smeared,the depth sensor is meant to help with,portrait shots these come out decent,again the detail level isnt great but,there is good subject separation and,nice colors and,contrast close-up shots from the macro,cam are pretty good the dta level is ok,considering the resolution and the noise,levels are tolerable,low light photos from the main cam are,dark with blown highlights,there is no night mode but if you turn,on auto hdr you will get an improvement,in the dynamic range,it introduces more noise though,you can take selfies with the galaxy,a03ss 5 megapixel front-facing cam you,get good colors and contrast but a very,poor level of detail,videos can be recorded with the main cam,and up to 1080p resolution at 30fps,these clips arent good they have washed,out colors and a mediocre amount of,detail theres no stabilization,available here either,so thats the samsung galaxy a03s its,an entry-level smartphone so were not,expecting a lot here but you still get,good battery life and a large screen a,modern ui and an okay camera experience,the problem is this sluggish chipset is,really noticeable and for the same money,you can find phones with better,performance so unless you find the a03s,at a discount or you really need an,entry-level samsung it might be better,to shop around,thanks for watching guys stay safe and,see you on the next one,[Music],you

Samsung Galaxy A03s 90 Day Review! Is This Phone For You? (Honest Thoughts)

whats going on guys my name is wade,with tech daily so ive been using the,samsung galaxy a03s on and off for the,last couple of months now on the,spectrum of samsung smartphones this,device is on the low end its not quite,the cheapest device available but its,pretty close and for those of you who,just need a phone any phone thats,familiar easy to use and affordable this,is probably a device you should consider,but like most budget phones the a03s,does come with some compromises and,depending on how you use your phone and,what aspects and features you value you,may or may not be okay with that in this,video im gonna go over everything you,need to know about the samsung galaxy,a03s,all the good and the bad and hopefully,by the end youll be able to decide if,this is the right phone for you now to,start off i think the first and likely,most important thing youll be looking,at with the a03s is its price and,depending on where in the world you live,this could vary a little bit but,generally speaking youll see this phone,selling for no more than a hundred and,seventy dollars here in the us the major,carriers and prepaid networks all seem,to have it and ive seen it selling for,under a hundred bucks if youre a new,customer either way you go thats a,pretty enticing price point for a big,name brand 2022 smartphone so i can see,the appeal already and by the way if,youd like to do some comparison,shopping of your own ill leave some,links down below in the video,description to where you can buy this,phone at its cheapest current price so,like i alluded to a moment ago one of,the first big features of the a03s is,its big display this is a 6.5 inch,device thats the screen size and in the,hand you absolutely feel every bit of,that size granted youve got some,borders and bezels to cope with too,including a noticeable bottom chin that,seems to keep coming back to these,budget devices but if you like to watch,movies and tv shows on the go this is a,great sized device to have with you also,i consider the a03s to be a relatively,complete phone and what i mean by that,is physically there arent many features,or add-ons that are missing the build,and form factor is mostly plastic but,even samsungs thousand dollar flagships,are shrouded in plastic nowadays and,while you dont get any form of water,resistance or wireless charging you do,get a dual sim and sd card tray which is,great the configuration options on the,a03s are either 32 or 64 gigs so youll,definitely want to throw in an sd card,anyway theres a headphone jack down at,the bottom as well it charges via usbc,which seems unnecessary to mention but,even last year a couple of samsungs,budget phones were micro usb which was,weird and that power button on the side,doubles as a fingerprint sensor again,this is something similar budget samsung,devices lacked the a02s didnt have a,fingerprint sensor so adding it on this,new device is great and honestly it,should just be a default thing on every,smartphone still this one is relatively,fast and accurate and really im just,glad to have it by the way theres face,unlock too itll get into the phone,quickly as well though on this device,the fingerprint sensor is my preference,one other thing to just quickly mention,the a03s offers a single downward firing,speaker for your out loud listening,experience and while its good enough,for what it is i think it could be,better adding dual stereo sound even on,a budget phone like this should be a,must nowadays and heres a sample so you,can hear it for yourself,[Music],jumping back to the display lets dive a,little deeper into the specs and viewing,experience here because theres both,pros and cons with this like i mentioned,already the a03ss massive 6.5 inch,display looks great on its own but,analyzing some of the details you can,tell this is a budget screen display,comes in at just 1600 by 720 resolution,it packs 270 pixels per inch and its a,60 hertz pls lcd panel collectively,these specs are what youd find on a,smartphone from maybe five or six years,ago honestly and its not exactly the,prime samsung screen technology you,might expect especially with some two to,three hundred dollar devices offering,significantly more right now still what,you do get is a surprisingly bright,display for what it is and a nicely,calibrated default color profile that,offers again bolder brighter,punchier-looking colors than what you,might expect surprisingly even at its,relatively low resolution for its size,its also kind of hard to pick out the,pixels unless youre really looking up,close and the off axis dimming is,noticeable sure but not the worst ive,ever seen altogether the big display on,the a03s is a mixed bag theres no doubt,plenty of budget elements to it but for,casual movie watching social media,scrolling or website browsing i think,most people would be okay and like i,said there are even some elements that,are better than average but it just,seems like out of everything this is,where samsung could have offered a bit,more inside the a03s is no doubt powered,by some budget specs but like i,explained at the start of the video,depending on what you use your phone for,this may not impact you as much you get,the familiar mediatek helio p35,processor and either two three or four,gigs of ram mine here has three gigs and,while those components dont sound like,much i think there is enough to work,with now one of the reasons to lean,towards this phone versus maybe a,similarly priced moto g pure for example,or any other random prepaid android,device is samsungs software experience,i think out of all the lower end lower,spec devices you could buy at least here,in the united states getting a samsung a,series phone offers you a better,optimized more frequently updated,android experience with all the apps and,features youd want now i say that and,you can see this device for whatever,reason hasnt yet gotten the android 12,update which is coming eventually,according to samsung but even as it is,this phone for me has offered a decent,user experience there are some limits,with a device like this though day to,day app to app task to task youll,experience a blip some lag an extra,second or two of wait time if youre,used to less powerful less expensive,devices its not really a big deal and,it shouldnt come as a surprise and if,phone calls text messages youtube,instagram web browsing the usual stuff,like that is all you really do then i,dont really think its gonna be an,issue this phone is more than just a,bare bones budget core device though you,can certainly push it a bit but ill say,that when you do push it all the way,like with games for example thats where,it reaches its limit now actually you,could play your favorite titles on this,phone if you dont mind waiting a minute,and a half or more sometimes to launch,the app once youre inside youll get a,smooth gaming experience which is great,but i dont know that id buy this phone,if graphics heavy apps were a big part,of your day jumping up one or two,notches in the a series lineup will,actually get you a significantly better,device than this thats specifically,better for gaming all in all i think you,just have to sort of analyze your,day-to-day workflow and the apps you,utilize most and deciding if this device,is right for you to stay connected to,the world and communicate to browse the,web use google maps and joystick videos,or movies this is a perfectly fine phone,for all of that stuff but for folks who,need their games who need to play them,often and without hassle youll want to,look at something more powerful now,actually one aspect of the a03s that,benefits from less powerful specs and,more casual usage is the battery life,inside this big phone has a massive 5,000 milliamp battery and because you,dont have crazy powerful top of the,line specs and presumably since you,arent gonna be pushing this phone,particularly hard you can easily get two,full days of use out of this device on a,single charge and in fact the a03s

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Samsung Galaxy A03s for Beginners (Learn the Basics in Minutes)

in this video were going over how to,use the samsung galaxy a03 for beginners,welcome back to another video im your,tech guide wayne and the video today im,going to walk you through everything you,need to know to use the samsung galaxy,a03 and my goal is to just educate you,on how to use this phone were going to,go over everything from how to make,calls how to answer the phone how to,send text messages the layout of the,phone,how to download an app how to sync your,email account with the phone,how to control the volume,and how to save a contact those will be,some of the main topics covered in the,video today so stay tuned all the way,until the end so you can get a full,rundown of how to use this phone,and also after you watch that link,now before we get started i just want to,show you this really cool wallet that,ive just started to use its called a,code 118. it is an rfid blocking wallet,which means that scammers cannot,hack into your credit cards with their,hacking machines because the material,its made of is blocking those signals,so they cannot,attack your wallet,its very sleek and slim,you hit this button here to pop up the,main cards that you use to pay,and you have the strap for a sort of,money clip and also to hold some of your,membership cards and ids,ill have a link below for this in the,description fathers day is coming up,uh at the time of this video so if,youre looking for a gift for uh the man,in your life this is a cool gift,in this section were going to go over,how to make phone calls and also how to,answer the phone when someone is calling,you so lets start with how to make a,phone call what youre going to do is go,to the green,phone icon in the bottom left corner of,your screen,and tap on the little phone button there,and for us to make a phone call were,going to enter the phone number,so just the area code and the phone,number,and then were going to tap the green,button here to start the call,and youll see this is what itll look,like when youre dialing,and if youd like to put the phone on,speakerphone you can tap on the speaker,button here and that will play it loud,if you dont want to hold it up to your,ear,and then if youre ready to disconnect,the call you can simply hit the red,button here and that will end the call,so thats how you make a call,next i want to show you how to receive a,call,and its going to come through a few,different ways so if someone calls you,this is what youll need to do,to answer the phone,so first im going to go over if youre,using the phone and someone calls you,what is that going to look like,so lets initiate a call,and youll see a little pop-up at the,top of the screen its going to show the,phone number,and i can either tap on the answer,button to pick up the call or tap the,decline the red button to,decline it im going to tap the green,button and this is going to pick up the,call and allow me to begin speaking to,the person hello whos there,and when youre all done hit the red,button,and that will end the call,now,if i were to,turn the phone off lets say your phone,is on the counter and its not being,used,the when someone calls you its going to,look a little different when that call,comes through its going to look like,this,so im initiating another call now,so this is what itll look like youll,see these two buttons green circle and a,red circle,to answer it you have to put your finger,on the button,and then you have to drag it,thats how you answer it so really,important,um you dont tap the button you have to,put your finger on it and,and drag,drag it across the screen and thats how,it will pick up the call and when youre,all finished same thing just tap the red,button to end the call,i want to show it one more time,just so you guys can see the motion,so call is going to come in,youll see the pop-up,this time im not going to answer it i,want to decline the call so im going to,put my finger on the red,phone,and then im going to im going to drag,it across the screen and that will,decline the call so,now,that its not going to answer the phone,okay so that is how you answer the phone,if someone is trying to call you,[Music],in this section were going over how to,navigate the phone and were going to,start with,how to navigate the exterior button so,im going to go over all the buttons,youll see on the outside of the phone,and then well go over how to navigate,the home screen,and the different sections of the phone,youll need to know about so,first things first,theres no buttons on the left side of,the phone,no buttons,all youll see on the left is a sim slot,and thats where,you would uh put in the sim card for the,phone and also if you had a memory card,in your old phone you would insert it on,this left side here,on the right side of the phone,youll have a volume up,volume down,and a power button and also for those of,you that would like to take full,advantage of the phone the power button,also works as a fingerprint reader that,you can program,to unlock the phone simply when you put,your finger on the power button so,thats an important thing to note now i,have a link to another video where i go,over,setting up this phone and i show you how,to set up that fingerprint sensor so,that video will also be in the,description so make sure you check out,that one after you watch this video,okay,at the very top of the phone,there is nothing just speakers,and then,at the bottom of the phone,youll have an auxiliary jack here and,sorry its just a hair blurry,lets just fix that,so you will have two things there we go,the headphone jack here so you can plug,in your wired headphones,and youll have your charging port now,this phone uses a type c,charging uh type so if you needed to buy,a new charger make sure you look for a,type c charger,so thats the exterior of the phone,and next were gonna walk through,using,or just navigating the screen in general,okay so lets talk about navigating the,the home screen so theres three main,buttons on the phone that youll use to,navigate the screen at the bottom here,youll see there is three buttons a,recent apps button,there is the home button and the back,button,now lets start with the home button the,home button is used to take you back to,this screen which is considered the home,screen,so if you tapped on any one of these,little icons known as apps,apps is short for application,think of an application like,a program on a computer computers have,programs,phones have applications or apps,if i tap on one of these apps lets say,i go to the calculator,and then id like to go back to the home,screen im just going to tap on the,little circle or the home button at the,bottom and thats going to take me back,to the home screen so no matter what,youre doing tapping the home button,will always take you back,to this screen okay,next were gonna go over the back button,on the right side,now to to demonstrate this im gonna go,to the settings,and lets say im in the settings and i,were to tap on one of the options,like the uh advanced features,and lets say im looking through the,settings and now i want to go back,one page,im going to tap on my back button here,to take me back to the last page i was,on so here,now it took me back one step or one page,and if i were to tap the back button,again its gonna take me out of the app,and back home watch this,so thats how the back button works it,just takes you back one step and once,its taking you back as far as it can it,will just take you back to the home,screen,now the button on the left is called the,recent apps button,now every time we open one of these,little apps here,when we tap the home button it takes us,out of that app and takes us back to the,home screen,but,the app is still running in the,background of the phone,if you tap on this button recent apps,you can see,guess what i was just in the settings,and its still open here,and i was just in the calculator and,youll see the calculator application is,still open,apps do not close just because youve,gone b

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Samsung Galaxy A03s Unboxing, Hands On & First Impressions!

whats going on guys my name is wade,with tech daily and in this video we are,checking out the new samsung galaxy a03s,now for those of you outside the united,states youve probably already seen this,phone its been out for a couple of,months now actually but here in america,its now officially official and is,going to be available from all the major,carriers like att t-mobile and verizon,and directly from samsung.com as well i,suspect this phone will be a pretty,popular budget friendly option its of,course the successor to the a02s which,is the device i recommended if you,wanted an incredibly affordable but,still pretty solid samsung smartphone,and i suspect this device will offer a,similar if not better overall experience,to that one im gonna go over everything,you need to know about the a03s here in,this video and ill do a bit of a,comparison as well to the a02s so you,can see whats new whats changed and,whats improved first things first,though let me just quickly show you the,unboxing experience so you can get an,idea of what all comes inside the,package when you buy one so the full,retail price for this a03s,is going to be 159,it comes in three color choices black,white and this blue that i have here and,inside the box you first get this,standard stack of paperwork no included,clear case for the phone though,unfortunately underneath all that stuff,is the a03s itself of course and well,come back to that in just a second at,the very bottom of the box youll find a,few more included accessories theres a,sim ejector tool there if you need it,and you also get a usb a to usb c cable,and a 15 watt samsung wall plug for,charging which by the way is the fastest,speed this phone supports and theres no,wireless charging here either just our,first couple indications of this phone,being that budget option with all that,stuff out of the way here is the new,a03s,once again and i think if you have the,a02s,or at least somewhat familiar with that,phone you can probably tell that this,phone looks nearly identical there,arent any major physical changes to the,a03s and in fact the size shape,dimensions the overall form factor its,all basically the same up front you get,a large 6.5 inch display that is still,surrounded by relatively chunky black,borders all around the teardrop notch,and bigger bottom chin are all present,but this i think is still the design you,can sort of expect from a more,budget-friendly smartphone even today,and youve got plenty of screen real,estate to work with anyway around back,this is an all plastic smartphone though,the materials still feel pretty nice,thick and sturdy with a subtle lined,texture a bit of a curve and taper along,the sides to make the phone feel thin in,the hand its certainly a tall device,but the slim form factor allows for,pretty easy one-handed use and again if,youve used the a02s this a03s has,basically got the same fit and feel,taking a closer look at everything else,on the left side is the dual sim and sd,card tray for expandable storage which,is great to have on the right your usual,volume buttons and the only actual,physical change to this phone the power,button is now a fingerprint sensor which,ill demo in just a second down below,the headphone jack remains theres the,usbc port in the middle and one single,speaker for your outloud listening,experience around back the same triple,lens camera setup as before so stick,around till the end because youll see,that image quality from the camera is,noticeably better as far as that,fingerprint sensor is concerned that is,a great little addition to this phone,for sure its something i wish the a02s,had and i guess samsung heard that,relatively fast and accurate its placed,just right on the side of the phone and,its a small albeit very noticeable,add-on that improves the day-to-day,experience of using this device with the,out loud listening experience were,still stuck with just that one downward,facing speaker i showed you a second ago,and in general its fine it works its,usable but its still a relatively low,quality budget smartphone speaker that i,wish samsung had improved a better,speaker setup is probably the last small,addition that this phone could benefit,from,the 6.5 inch display on the a03s,is a 1600 by 720 ips lcd panel packing,in around 270 pixels per inch so once,again the exact same spec and setup from,the a02s and we dont really see any,major improvements here unfortunately,overall though the viewing experience is,decent for what it is from a casual,distance things look bright and colorful,enough though youll miss that extra,sharpness at its lower resolution and,theres also definitely some off-axis,dimming not that anyone looks at their,phone like this but still something to,mention i think the biggest benefit here,with this display is the size of course,getting a big screen like this is always,a plus for casual movie watching web,browsing and game playing this is a fine,display at this price point it is still,one of the cheapest samsung phones you,can buy after all so you should expect,some compromises but at the same time i,do understand that for 50 to 100 more,you could be getting oled 1080,resolution or a 90 hertz display so,perhaps those compromises are a little,tougher to defend now as we head into,2022. i think the biggest improvement,with the a03s and likely the number one,reason to consider it is with the,performance samsung crammed in a better,processor more storage and potentially,more ram too depending on your,configuration all at a similar price to,the a02s and i think this is something,youre gonna notice in your day-to-day,usage powering this a03s now is the,mediatek helio p35 processor and,configuration options include three or,four gigs of ram and 32 or 64 gigs of,built-in storage still budget specs of,course but compared to what the a02s,offered a single gig of ram and 16 gigs,of storage in some cases these baseline,a03s specs are a much better choice if,you care about those geekbench scores,well here you go noticeable improvements,across the board particularly with that,multi-core score and all that means is,that you should be getting a faster,snappier and more responsive experience,with the a03s now with that being said,this is of course still a budget device,i cant stress that enough so you have,to keep your expectations realistic but,if youre a more casual smartphone user,if you just need something to handle the,basics and maybe a little more or if you,dont mind that extra second of load,time theres nothing wrong with the,usability here for just your absolute,entry level samsung slash android,experience its improvement over the,a02s and still plenty capable in its own,right and ill certainly put this phone,to the test for my full review in order,to see what all it can exactly handle,but i think overall this is definitely a,device catered more towards folks who,maybe dont need a whole lot but who,still want to push their smartphones a,little harder from time to time one of,the big advantages in going with a phone,like this once again is actually going,to be the battery so inside you get a,large 5 000 milliamp capacity battery,powering this phone and since you dont,have crazy powerful specs or an,over-the-top display you can expect,better than average longevity out of,this thing thats what i experienced,with the a02s,it was a day and a half smartphone at,least and this phone i expect to be much,of the same if not a little better itll,take more than four and a half hours to,get a full charge which unfortunately,just isnt very fast but i cant imagine,youll be stuck connected to the wall,that often anyway especially if youre a,light user battery life here is going to,be a big plus with this phone finally,the last area of improvement with the,e03s this is something i noticed right,away is with the cameras now hardware,wise interestingly enough there seems to,be the same basic setup you get a 13,megapixel main lens 2 megapixel macro,for super close up p

Samsung Galaxy A03s – Complete Review!

whats going on everyone this is kevin,here coming at you with my review of the,samsung galaxy a03s,so lets get started now this device was,recently launched by samsung and it is a,very low end phone this phone is the,replacement to last years galaxy a02s,and it is being offered at a variety of,different carriers in the us,in addition to being offered factory,unlocked and this phone is available in,a bunch of different regions all around,the world so essentially i have a,feeling this phone is going to be a very,popular device now with the samsung,galaxy a03s were getting a very large,display here at 6.5 inches now the,display itself is pls lcd it is a 720p,display,were getting a ppi of 270,a 20 by 9 aspect ratio say more narrow,but taller form factor and were getting,an 81.8 percent screen to body ratio,now having that 20 by nine form factor,is actually very helpful especially with,the way that people tend to use their,phones nowadays the biggest benefit of,having a display thats more narrow and,taller is that when you pull up a social,media app or a website for example in,theory you dont have to do quite as,much scrolling because its able to fit,more of your feed into a single frame so,thats really the biggest benefit of,this form factor now with this device we,do have a little bit of a thicker bottom,bezel and we also have a water drop,notch up top and in that notch is a 5,megapixel front-facing camera now stay,tuned for later on in the video as ill,be showing you a variety of different,photo and video samples from the phone,but in general im pretty happy with the,quality from the cameras especially,considering that this is one of the,lowest end phones the samsung is,currently offering so as you can imagine,you cant really expect too much from it,but at the same time i think everybody,should expect their phone to be able to,take photos and videos that are at least,usable but when we get to that point of,the video ill let you be the judge of,that now with the galaxy a03s were,getting 32 gigabytes of internal storage,and we also have microsd card expansion,now im really glad that we do have,microsd card expansion because 32 gigs,in 2022 really isnt too much internal,storage at all you can see here that im,currently using 55,of the internal storage and out of that,about 10 gigabytes of it is just the,system software so 32 gigs certainly,wont get you too far and youll,definitely want to get a micro sd card,to pair up with the phone so that at,least youre able to make the most of,the internal storage that you are,getting now with the galaxy a03s there,is no wireless charging but we do have a,fingerprint sensor on the power button,and thats one big benefit with this,device compared to the a02s because with,the a02s there was no fingerprint sensor,at all so at least with the a03s we now,have a fingerprint sensor on the power,button now ill give that a try right,now,and its pretty fast and responsive,it could be a little bit better,but in general its been working out,pretty well for me and actually ive,been getting better results with the,fingerprint sensor on this device,compared to the galaxy a13 5g which is a,step above this phone so whatever,samsung did with this fingerprint sensor,its at least working surprisingly well,for me now in addition to that this,phone does support face unlock so i do,appreciate that we do have multiple,methods for getting into the phone now,taking a look at the camera module on,the back of the device we are getting a,triple camera setup were getting a 13,megapixel main camera a 2 megapixel,macro camera for close-up images any 2,megapixel depth sensing camera that does,assist with portrait mode so despite,this being a very low end phone from,samsung it does support portrait mode,for both the rear and front cameras,which is pretty awesome now heres how,things look on the camera app on the,device then from here we can go over to,the more tab and theres some other,functions here but we also have the,macro camera and with the macro camera,again you can get very close up and have,things be in pretty good detail then we,can go over to portrait mode to get,those nice blurred out backgrounds and,again we can do that with both the rear,and front cameras so heres portrait,mode with the front facing camera,and then of course if you dont want,portrait mode you can also just switch,to take a standard selfie now whats,also awesome is that this phone does,support a group selfie option so it does,crop out a bit which can assist you if,you want to take a selfie with multiple,people in it now video recording with,the samsung galaxy a03s maxes out at,1080p with both the front and rear,cameras which is pretty good now with,this device were getting three,gigabytes of ram and the mediatek helio,p35 now the good news is is that with,that configuration this phone is at,least usable at least in the sense that,you can make calls you can send text,messages you can browse the web you can,occasionally go on social media with,really no issues at all as far as,slowness goes now if you are someone,whos constantly on social media maybe,thats part of your job for example who,knows then i would probably get,something a bit more higher end compared,to the a03s but for the most common,tasks that you would do on a smartphone,this phone does get the job done for,that so thats at least good but if you,are looking for a phone thats a bit,more feature packed and maybe a bit,faster then i would go for a more,premium device maybe even go for the a13,5g since it is technically a tier up,from the a03s but i did run a geekbench,5 benchmark test with the phone and ill,show you the scores from that test right,now but essentially i got a single core,score of 174 and a multi-core score of,888. so what i recommend doing is,running this test in your current phone,and then compare your scores to these,scores to get a better idea of whether,or not the samsung galaxy a03s is gonna,be a performance upgrade for you because,these numbers really dont mean anything,unless youre comparing them to another,device but again for the fundamentals,that youd be using a smartphone for,this phone is fast enough but again if,youre doing anything higher end maybe,you consider yourself a power user i,would certainly avoid this one now with,the samsung galaxy a03s we are getting a,5 000 milliamp hour internal battery so,a very large battery here with the phone,pretty surprising actually that we got,that and the phone also supports 15 watt,fast charging so you will be able to,recharge that battery relatively quickly,now at five thousand million powers,youll definitely be able to easily get,a full day of usage out of the phone if,not two days so again im really glad,that we did get such a large battery,with this device now the software that,were getting here is android 11 and it,does feature samsungs one ui interface,so essentially if youre used to using,samsung phones in the past especially,within the last three or four years then,the experience here with the a03s will,be pretty familiar to you so there wont,be much of a learning curve but in,general samsung always does a very good,job with their software especially,recently within the last couple of years,so it is a very refined software,experience and samsung does make the,most of the limited processor resources,and ram that we are getting here with,the device to at least give you a decent,user experience but now that weve gone,over the various specifications and,features of the galaxy a03s lets take a,closer look at the hardware of the phone,now this device is made completely out,of plastic besides the front panel which,is made out of glass but despite that,the phone at least does feel decently,solid and it certainly doesnt feel,cheap now im a big fan of this finish,on the back of the device because it,doesnt pick up any fingerprints its,kind of a cool wavy look now its,certainly not made out of anything too,premium but it does at least look good,

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Samsung Galaxy A03s Review

What do you call a device with the processing  power of the Samsung Galaxy A12, similar design  ,and camera system of the A02s, but it has a  fingerprint scanner… Yea, its the Samsung  ,Galaxy A03s, that is the successor to the A02s  and oh, it is priced much similar to the A02s.,Wadup guys Izzi here and welcome to the channel.  So this is the Samsung Galaxy A03s, a device I  ,was not really expecting until next year as the  A02s was released earlier this year in January.  ,I reviewed that too so Im going to leave links  to that video in the description so you can  ,check it out. The Samsung Galaxy A03s comes in  two memory options just like its predecessor,  ,three or four gigs of RAM  and 32 or 64 gigs of storage,  ,and it is priced very similar to the A02s; about  60,000 naira for the 3GB RAM option. I have the  ,4gig option which retails for about 68,000 naira.  That should be around 130 to 150 US dollars.  ,While it looks a lot like the A02s, it is powered  by the Mediatek Helio P35, a processor that might  ,not be a favorite as it is pretty old but at this  price point Ill say its a good deal. It is the  ,same processor you will find on the Galaxy A12  and it is usually used on higher priced devices.  ,But lets not get too forward here, what is in  the box of the Samsung Galaxy A03s? Nothing new,  ,you still get a charger, a usb-c cable and a pair  of earphones. No screen protector in the box nor  ,any pre-installed, and also no protective casing.  Not to complain too much or sound entitled but  ,every other device at this price point comes with  a protective casing in the box and it is useful so  ,Id say we deserve to have it, but its a plastic  rear so I guess you could do without a case?  ,The Galaxy A03s is a device not very different  from its predecessor when it comes to design,  ,though with a slight difference in the rear  pattern. It is textured and has this dual  ,tone pattern when you tilt it a little. It comes  in three colors that is black, blue, and white.  ,It is also the same display size and resolution  as the A02s at 6.5 inches. With the A03s Samsung  ,finally adds the much desired fingerprint scanner,  we did not have this with the A01, A02, or A02s.  ,It is a much needed addition as this is a  more secure way of unlocking the device.  ,It is not the fastest however, most  likely due to the One UI animation.  ,It is mostly accurate but it has a  slight delay, about a split second.  ,It has the same camera array as its predecessor,  actually you can pretty much call this device  ,the A02s with a little more juice by virtue of  a better processor and the added fingerprint  ,scanner. The Samsung Galaxy A03s is also fairly  priced when you consider the processor it runs on.  ,For context, the Nokia G10 is similarly priced  and packs the Helio G25, although the processor  ,alone doesnt make the phone but I think youll be  quite satisfied with the performance of the A03s.  ,The Samsung Galaxy A03s is a 4G dual nano-sim  card device with support for expandable storage.  ,You can find the sim slot on the left frame. There  is a secondary microphone at the top frame and  ,a primary one at the bottom frame, where we also  have the USB-C port and bottom firing mono speaker  ,which youll find good enough. The software  experience is no different from what you would  ,expect of a Samsung device at this price point, it  runs Android 11 out of the box and One UI 3.1 core  ,version.You will get most One UI features except  secure folder and smartview. It is currently up  ,to date with the August security patch. I got  a sizeable software update shortly after setup.  ,You can also expect at least two OS upgrades on  this one, that is Android versions 12 and 13.  ,The display on the Galaxy A03s is a  6.5 inches PLS IPS panel with a 720p  ,resolution, 81.8 percent screen to  body ratio, and a 20:9 aspect ratio,  ,with a pixel density of 270 pixels per inch…  Well isnt that some geeky recitation? Basically  ,in simple terms it is a decent display for  its price with good enough brightness levels.  ,It has the waterdrop notch for its selfie camera  or infinity-v as Samsung prefers to call it.  ,It is a good and big enough  display for watching media content.  ,The Samsung Galaxy A03s is a capable device by  virtual of its processor that is the Mediatek  ,Helio P35, a processor which as I mentioned before  is a really good offering for this price point.  ,You will have no problems running your regular  applications and a little multitasking depending  ,on what memory option you choose, I have the four  gig version. Speaking of regular apps as a matter  ,of fact you can access and download Skillshare  classes on mobile. Thanks to Skillshare for  ,sponsoring this video. Skillshare is an online  learning platform which provides you with easy  ,access to learn and develop any skills you  need. Im talking writing, graphics design,  ,video editing, filmmaking, entrepreneurship, you  just name it! The platform was recently updated  ,and you can now select your area of interest and  it will send class recommendations based on your  ,selection which is really intuitive. being an  easy-access platform you can easily access it via  ,web or the app on your smartphone, and download  classes for offline access. I found another mobile  ,video editing class on kinemaster by 60 second  reviews thanks to Skillshares recommendations.  ,You will find this class helpful if you intend  to edit videos like a pro on your smartphone.  ,With Skillshare you can find classes suitable  for your level of learning either as a beginner  ,or a professional. It is always being updated  with new classes, it is affordable and you will  ,get an ad free experience. The first 1000 of  my subscribers to sign up using the link in  ,the description will get one month free access  to Skillshare premium. So where were we? Yes,  ,we were talking about the Samsung Galaxy  A03s being powered by the Helio P35,  ,same processor you will find on the Galaxy A12.  While its a good processor to give you a balanced  ,experience, it is not a gaming one. As a matter  of fact you do not want to game on this device.  ,It will do fair for some light gaming but you  want to keep your expectations at a minimum.  ,The A03s has a 5000mah battery which  will give you up to two days of battery  ,life on medium to heavy use. It charges via  USB-C and it does not have fast charging.  ,The Samsung Galaxy A03s comes with the same  camera configuration as its predecessor that  ,is a 5 megapixel selfie camera which does good  with pictures considering its just a 5 megapixel  ,camera. Id say its fairly good and it easily  stands with the competition. Youll find it to get  ,the job done with the right lighting conditions.  Both normal and portrait shots are satisfactory.  ,The rear cameras on the A03s are a triple  combination of a 13 megapixel main camera,  ,2 megapixel macro and 2 megapixel depth sensor.  The pictures from its rear cameras look good  ,with enough quality for an entry level device.  There is no ultra-wide cameras here so you dont  ,get ultra-wide shots, and also no night mode.  For its price, how would you rate its cameras?,The Samsung Galaxy A03s is able to shoot videos  ,from its selfie camera up to  1080p 30 frames per second.,Okay guys this is a video from the selfie  camera of the Samsung Galaxy A03s, it is a  ,5 megapixel selfie camera, um… it doesnt have  a very wide field of view but I think its okay,  ,its just 5 megapixels and it is shooting at 1080p  ,30fps, does that from both selfie and  rear cameras, no stabilization expected.,The Samsung Galaxy A03s is a worthy upgrade to  the A02s. While it may not seem significant,  ,a better processor, added fingerprint scanner and  also fairly priced is pretty good if you ask me.  ,Actually. if you were thinking of getting  the A02s, this would be a much better option.  ,You get clean software with good  support up to Android 13 at least.  ,

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