1. Samsung Galaxy A51 Review One Year Later: I Still Recommend It, Even In 2021!
  2. Samsung Galaxy A51 Review!
  3. Samsung Galaxy A51 review
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  7. Samsung Galaxy A51 Review | Quad camera beast for £300

Samsung Galaxy A51 Review One Year Later: I Still Recommend It, Even In 2021!

whats going on guys my name is wade,with tech daily so,it might be hard to believe but the,samsung galaxy,a51 is nearly a full year old now it was,released in mid-december,2019 and basically by january it had,quickly become one of the most,popular mid-range devices and its,remained that way,throughout the year in fact i personally,believe,this phone along with the a71 not only,helped,reshape the broader mid-range smartphone,space this year but these a series,devices,likely had a significant impact on the,direction samsung eventually took with,their smartphones,the a51 5g and a715g,after all are heavily promoted here in,the us,and the s20 fe a much cheaper,alternative to the flagship has sort of,made the higher-end devices,irrelevant more affordable but still,plenty capable,devices are what people want right now,and,the a51 is the quintessential example of,that,now ive had my regular a51 here for,nearly the full year,and in my time using this phone and,having compared it to countless other,devices now i still keep coming back to,it,simply because its a solid well-rounded,smartphone that offers,just about everything you could ask for,and each time i look,the price gets better and better so in,this video,im not only going to talk about my,experience with this phone this year,but ill also let you know my thoughts,on the newer a51 5g,as well and most importantly ill share,my thoughts about getting this phone,right now and heading into 2021 and,whether or not well be seeing an a52,anytime soon so to start off i think,its important that we understand the,couple variations of a51 devices that,are available now,this original a51 was released in,mid-december 2019,its the international version but its,also sold,in the us unlocked and through various,networks,i think its what most people think of,when they reference this phone,and while it originally launched for,more than 300,and even close to 400 here in the us you,can get one,unlocked now from places like amazon for,closer to,260 dollars and let me just say,anything under 300 bucks for this phone,is a steal,no matter the configuration you might,get now in the summer,samsung also launched the a51 5g,both internationally and in the us and,for us folks,in particular samsung and the big,carrier networks,have been heavily promoting that phone,too you might be asking yourself,okay besides 5g support whats the real,difference,and really the a515g gets a slightly,larger battery a bump up in processor,and ram,and thats kind of it the whole rest of,the phone is the same,you wouldnt be able to tell them apart,just by looking at them and there,werent,any other additional features or new,things offered with the a51,5g obviously the a515g,is the newer slightly more powerful,device,but the problem in my opinion really is,the price,samsung sells the a51 5g for,499 a lot of the us carriers have it,priced there to,400 to 500 verizon even has it higher,than that and sure,samsung has some holiday deals and,trade-in offers,that might bring the price down and the,networks have sign-up bonuses for new,customers but heres the bottom line,between the regular a51 that i have here,and the a51,5g you get in my opinion minuscule,upgrades really but for literally,hundreds of dollars more,ive said in multiple videos now that i,personally do not think the a51,5g and by extension the a715g are worth,the extra money,especially here in the us when the s20,fe 5g exists and when this,original a51 is just way way cheaper and,i think the whole point of this phone is,affordability anyway so to sum things up,with the pricing and availability,i think the regular year old original,a51 is still the one to get,especially now that its even cheaper,and i think if you have,more money to spend it just makes way,more sense to jump up to the s20 fe 5g,over the a51 and a71 5gs since youre,actually getting,a way better phone from top to bottom,and if you guys are interested,in doing some comparison shopping of,your own ill leave some links down,below,in the video description to all the,various samsung phones that im talking,about so you can see for yourself whats,available what kind of deals are offered,so,check down there so you dont miss out,physically i thought the a51 looked,great when it first came out,and now a year later i still think it,holds up well,to anything released in 2020. in fact i,dont expect smartphones to change,that much next year either youve got a,small hole punch camera cut out at the,top which goes,nearly unnoticed slim minimal bezels all,around,and what i like most about this phone in,particular is how,thin it feels in the hand it has more of,a contoured back and edge,versus some other devices and that,allows,for some comfortable one-handed use if,it fits for you,now at six and a half inches its,certainly not a small phone so it wont,necessarily,be right for everyone but its shorter,and slimmer than both the a71 and s20 fe,and really for folks in the us this is i,guess the smallest mid-range,or higher tier smartphone samsung even,launched this year,europe and asia got the a41 which is,even smaller,the a01 is a budget device so if you,want,specifically a smaller samsung phone,that isnt the flagship s20,i think this is a lot of peoples only,option that was released this year at,least,now back when this phone first came out,i may have been a little critical about,the plastic form factor,the shiny glossy rear housing is,supposed to mimic glass,though you can certainly tell it is a,cheaper material,i still think it looks nice the rainbow,effect is kind of cool and the polished,chrome,sides do a nice job of sort of faking a,flagship design,but with the note 20 having a plastic,rear cover this year and the s20 fe also,being covered in plastic,i guess ive just sort of stopped caring,about materials as much,it probably keeps costs down its,certainly more durable than glass and,for the price,i dont think you can expect much more,than this most importantly,unlike previous a-series phones that,tended to get really scratched up pretty,easily,this plastic has held up way better so,that i think is worthy of some praise,you might notice that the front display,on this phone looks a bit beat up but,dont worry thats just the cheap screen,protector that came,pre-installed on this phone actually,its not the physical screen,i kept the screen protector on just out,of sheer laziness more than anything,its pretty crappy and it got scratched,up almost immediately but,its done the job its supposed to i,guess namely protect the screen,and thats really what matters the rest,of the sort of,physical aspects of this phone are kind,of hit or miss,on the one hand youve got a headphone,jack which is nice some people still,value that,and theres sd card expansion so two,positives but theres no water,resistance rating no wireless charging,support,a maximum 15 watt usbc charging standard,and a single speaker setup which dont,get me wrong,still sounds pretty good but its no,match for dual stereo sound,all in all those physical attributes may,or may not be something,you value in a smartphone i can,certainly look past,some of them but they are an indication,of this device not only being sort of a,cheaper mid-range phone but,also perhaps being a little behind the,times now,after a year one thing i think that,really holds up with this phone though,is,the display the six and a half inch,screen is samsungs,super amoled panel it comes in at a,resolution of 2400 by 1080 packing in,405 pixels per inch and this i think is,probably what most people will,appreciate on a phone like this,this display has been great it offers a,fantastic viewing experience,colors really pop its plenty bright,and for the price especially you have,nothing to complain about,this is what samsung does best on their,more affordable devices,especially their a series but looking,ahead,i think 90hz and 120hz displays will be,the theme,of 2021 and while some manufacturers are,already putting at least 90hz panels in

Samsung Galaxy A51 Review!

so Samsungs Galaxy a 51 is the latest,addition to Samsungs mid-range,smartphone lineup and obviously has a,chance to be your next phone if youre,watching this right now in this video,were gonna be taking a closer look at,what Samsung is offering in the highly,anticipated yet low costing a 51 and,find out if its right for you lets get,started,starting with price at the time of this,video the galaxy a 51 shown here with,four gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes,of storage is around $300 on Amazon,which is a great value for all you get,here there is also a configuration of,this phone with 6 gigabytes of RAM but,many retailers here in the US have been,falsely advertising 6 gigabyte RAM,models and shipping devices with 4,gigabytes of RAM instead so definitely,keep this in consideration when shopping,for this phone the Amazon affiliate link,in the description will be for the a51,which has 4 gigabytes of RAM and is the,model used for this review another,interesting discovery I came across is,that even though this is a GSM phone,meaning it shouldnt be compatible for,those using Verizon and Sprint Ive been,using my verizon sim with this device,without any issues at all but back to,the device itself we have a very,lightweight plastic backed device with,colors bouncing all over the place when,put in the right light on the right side,of the phone we have our power and,volume buttons while the left side is,buttonless but houses the SIM card tray,near the top of the phone which can hold,two SIM cards and a micro SD card slot,for additional storage very nice,and a type-c port headphone jack and the,a 51 s primary speaker are found on the,bottom now the 6.5 inch 1080p AMOLED,display provides an excellent viewing,experience with its vibrant colors and,deep blacks in addition to having plenty,of brightness to be seen outside and in,direct sunlight we have our peephole,front-facing camera here which might,look like a disturbance but honestly it,is significantly smaller than the one,found on the Galaxy Note tendin triol II,interfere with anything you are doing it,has proven to be more helpful than,harmful with incredibly fast facial,recognition to get you into your device,very quickly with the phones raised to,wake feature turned on as well by the,time you pick up your device and look at,it you are already at your homescreen,and ready to go,you can also add the in display,fingerprint reader right to the always,on display which gets you into your,phone just as quick now in terms of,quickness and the phones overall,performance I never had a moment of,major inconvenience or dissatisfaction,with the phone in day to day use for the,past week when opening and running any,of my usual applications despite this,phone not having the latest and greatest,flagship processor when side-by-side,with my no 10 plus of course things will,take an extra millisecond to boot up and,occasionally there will be a small,hiccup in an interface here and there,but overall this phone met all of my,expectations I had for it in daily use,which consists of quickly getting into,the phone watching YouTube playing some,games checking emails and browsing the,web texting and calling and listening to,music,sadly the a51 does not have a dual,speaker setup which you may have been,hoping for but honestly the single,bottom firing speaker was perfectly good,for watching hours of YouTube on end and,it gets plenty loud which is great the,speaker on top will be used for your,phone calls and all of the calls I made,and receive for the past week sounded,crystal clear with no issues at all but,it didnt take long for me to start,seeing small pieces of debris getting,caught up in that smaller speaker so,its definitely something to keep in,mind for in the long term now heavy,usage is no challenge for the a51 with,its four thousand milliamp power battery,which will always get you through your,day three hours of watching YouTube only,took twenty percent of the battery which,equals out to potentially fifteen hours,of YouTube on a single charge and a half,hour of gaming took only five percent of,the battery meaning there is plenty of,room for heavy usage and still having,lots of juice left for your basic tasks,and fast charging is here on the a51,which will get you back up in the 70% or,so range after an hour of charging and,up to full and about an hour and a half,another impressive area of this phone,considering its price point is its,camera offerings on the rear we have a,48 megapixel main camera which takes,great shots a 12 megapixel ultra wide,lens which definitely satisfies the need,for capturing more on your photos a 5,megapixel depth sensor which does a,great job at focusing on your subject,and blurring everything else out and a 5,megapixel macro lens which allows you to,get really,to a subject for detailed shots in video,footage I found I could easily get,really close to subjects without any,issues at all and the cameras will,automatically adjust as needed,relatively quickly and we also have some,video stabilization features here in,addition to filming 4k on the rear and,front facing cameras now that front,facing camera has a 32 megapixel lens,which takes good selfies in my testing,and it also features a wider angle,option itself to fit someone else in the,frame with you we also have our features,seen on other Samsungs and flagships on,the market like the Auto recognition of,what you are taking a photo of in,addition to recommendations of ways to,make your photos come out better we also,have the night mode shooting here on the,a51 which Ive covered extensively in,past videos which works great you can,take photos in almost complete darkness,and they will come out looking like the,photo is never taken at night or in the,dark you will have a much more grainy,finish on these pictures but having a,picture is better than having no picture,at all when you want to capture,something and the cherry on top here is,this device coming with one UI 2.0,installed which features many quality of,life improvements like the fingerprint,sensor added to the always-on display,smoother animations when navigating,through your device my favourite,personally being able to quickly switch,over to previously use apps as shown,here and improvements to many apps you,use every day for a more seamless user,experience in addition to some extra,features like focus mode which can block,apps to help you focus on getting some,work done,or to get a much-needed break from your,phone something else I really appreciate,about the galaxy a 51 is that it comes,with everything you need in the box you,get a clear case which youve seen on,this phone during this video and earbuds,are also included which getting both of,these in the box cant be said for many,flagship offerings out there the earbuds,are extremely low quality theres no,doubt about it but I always see so many,people using earbuds that come with,their phone no matter how expensive or,cheap it was so I know it is appreciated,by consumers regardless of quality but,if you are looking for something of,higher quality the savings you get from,purchasing this phone over a flagship,give you an opportunity to invest in,something like the Galaxy buds which of,course go along great with a device like,this and the Samsung wearables app,overall all things said I can definitely,recommend the galaxy a 51 to anyone out,there as it does all the things you need,a phone to do and the solid build,excellent display great software good,cameras and a hefty battery to power it,all is definitely a worthwhile,investment at $300 but what are your,thoughts on the galaxy a 51 let me know,in the comments below and if you enjoyed,this video then be sure to give it a,thumbs up and please consider,subscribing to the Shane Simons YouTube,channel today and hitting that Bell icon,for notifications I hope to see you guys,around for the next video thanks so much,for watching,take care

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Samsung Galaxy A51 review

hey whats up guys will here for GSM,marina this is the Samsung Galaxy a 51,sort of like the foot soldier of,Samsungs 2020 mid-range lineup last,years a series phones were really,competitive but do we have the same,amount of value the same around lets,find out in our galaxy a 51 review the,galaxy a 50 ones design is no surprise,if youre familiar with Samsungs phones,just like last years model it looks,similar to a Samsung flagship but its,made of plastic to cut costs it even,brings back the same finish as last year,which gives off a rainbow of colors in,certain lighting theres a new texture,underneath this time around to set it,apart other than that the only major,difference is the new l-shaped camera,setup which houses four cameras and the,LED flash one thing that really stands,out to me is how slim and light this,phone is not clunky at all but you know,I was expecting something more flavorful,from a phone called the a 51 maybe,theres an easter egg hidden somewhere,but if there is I havent found it yet,one thing that is no surprise here is,the trademark Samsung infinity display,its a 6.5 inch Super AMOLED with a,1080p resolution and though it isnt,curved it does have some really slim,bezels instead of a notch for the selfie,cam theres a punch hole its not,totally unobtrusive but its alright the,viewing experience on this screen is,great with plenty of sharpness and of,course contrast colors can be set,accurately in the color settings and,brightness is respectable you can get,over 400 nits with a manual slider and,around 613 its in bright conditions,with auto mode toggle theres an OS on,display which will show you the time and,notifications when the phone is asleep,and theres a nother display fingerprint,reader to wake up the phone with its,reliable but not the fastest around,for audio loudspeaker quality is decent,but this single speaker is nothing,special theres a 3.5 millimeter audio,jack on the a 51 for headphones and,actually quality here is great theres a,lot of volume and not a lot of,distortion we also get expandable,storage on top of the 64 or 128 gigs,built in so plenty of space for your,tunes the Galaxy a 51 comes with,Samsungs latest 1uy 2.0 over Android 10,some of the new features include a dark,mode for your menus and a new set of,gestures for navigation here you swipe,from the sides to go back rather than,swiping from the bottom like before,though the old options are still there,if you want,you also have edge panels here which can,be pretty handy swiping on the edge of,the screen will bring you to a,customizable space for shortcuts at the,heart of the a51 is Samsungs new Exynos,96 11 chipset its about on par CPU wise,to the snapdragon 660 but does worse in,GPU tests actually the a 50 ones,performance scores are lower than the,majority of his competitors it wont let,you down with everyday tasks but I,wouldnt choose this phone if I were,planning to do some heavy gaming so then,hows the battery life well the a 51,scored an endurance rating of 86 hours,an hour battery tests not bad but less,than last years model and nothing,special for a mid-range err these days,charging speed using the bundled 15 watt,adapters again not bad but not great,either we were able to charge from 0 to,35% in half an hour the Galaxy a 51s,quad cameras are probably as big as,change from last years model theres a,48 megapixel quad bear main cam a 12,megapixel ultra wide-angle cam a 5,megapixel macro cam and a depth sensor,in daylight the main camp takes decent,pictures theres good sharpness wide,dynamic range low noise and balanced,colors but were not fans of how the,phone renders fine detail you can shoot,in the full 48 megapixels too but these,dont give you much benefit and the file,size is much larger the ultra wide-angle,camera is quite capable for a mid-range,sharpness and dynamic range are both,quite good,making this a significant upgrade from,last years model portraits taken with,the main camera in that sense there are,really good too subject detection and,separation are excellent and the defocus,background blur looks nice the dedicated,macro camera has fixed focus so its a,pain to get your subject in the focus,sweet spot if you get that right the,results can be pretty decent now under,low-light photos unfortunately these,arent grades theyre soft and noisy,with washed out colors dynamic range is,decent for what its worth night mode,gives you a sharper image with better,definition in the shadows the color,rendition is the same though and these,come out cropped at 8 megapixels as,youd expect the ultra wide-angle cam,isnt do a very good job in low-light,these photos are soft dark and noisy,night mode helps a lot though and,reduces a lot of the noise you still end,up with a pretty soft photo the a51 has,a 32 megapixel quad bear selfie cam and,youd expect eight megapixel photos but,for some reason they come out in 12,megapixels instead perhaps through,upscale we dont mind though selfies,turn out good with nice colors,why dynamic range and plenty of detail,one feature you wont find just anywhere,is 4k video recording from the selfie,camera these videos look good with a,nice exposure though I wish the,stabilization was better the galaxy a 51,can also record an up to 4k at 30fps,with this main camera and ultra wide cam,footage from the main camera looks,decent colors are accurate and dynamic,range is wide but it does seem a bit,over processed the ultra wide-angle cams,colors are slightly washed out in,comparison and contrast is a bit lower,but is still alright it does have pretty,good dynamic range to stabilization is,only available when recording in 1080p,from the main can theres a tendency for,focus hunting but stabilize footage from,the ultra wide is super smooth so thats,the galaxy a 51 you get a beautiful and,lightweight build a brilliant AMOLED,display and a versatile set of cameras,just looking at that is a pretty nice,phone but it does come up short in a few,categories which are pretty important,for mid-range errs,battery life and charging speed are good,but not great the chipset is just okay,and probably the most important is the,price this phone is going for over 300,euros right now its a lot especially,since last years model was cheaper at,launch so overall I would say that there,are better options out there for a,mid-range err but if youre dead set on,the Samsung and you dont mind paying,the premium the 8051 will get the job,done thanks for watching guys and see,you on the next one,[Music],you,[Music]

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hey guys its your back girl Mary and,welcome back to my channel yes guys Im,back with another Samsung your view I,know guys had a spirit Samsung Gameboy,and pegida like not in my voice and,February usually Telugu sonnets are not,human a smartphone still a map a,flagship map mid-range device finally,guys,Alan calm sovereign requested need to,actually last month Manhattan luma bus,even country per shot and its a,Philippines neon Paula so this is the,Samsung Galaxy a 51 sadly speaking,dissipating billion Samaha Samsung,stores or so other retailers Padanaram,Sharma who acts smart and blue macaws,vehicle in unplanned Allah so who,measure all mule me around Im a,delicate non-smartphone telephone when a,man money per annum investor completed,in requirements newly so Samsung Galaxy,a 51 guys I remember napping lahat,conquer an on-again popular after Laguna,King Bob and Pam Samsung Galaxy a 50,last year sobre,actually interesting on my own so,Brandon views from Singapore and open or,link somewhere here the nominee ahn yong,conn-young Bango the a 51 manll a,manhattan guys come in a taco but Alaka,made difference by me upgrade by or,Melania Mandela got what I got here guys,is the prison crash,black dingleman shy to let them even,smartphones naproxen Ive been black a,plain black Lam Meem on my diamond cuts,and limbo effects Rizzoli Tamela Mann,yet but young bucks wound and a tenet on,smartphone at all so poke poke a snap,and well anyhoo smartphone case a Anita,shy analyst gonna and anything happens,image actor tool or your hat in my hand,opening dot,Nathan quick start guide in the warranty,card a chambray youre acting easily,case if Im adding 15 watt quick charger,the USBC cable attempt rayon adding free,earphones so I guess not keeping animal,imitating unboxing major Allen en masse,maganda new presentation so Samsung,Galaxy is 71 and Sonoran life we come on,turn 18 para chambray you are paying,less for the smartphone Indian gentleman,first impression me Johnny and Perez,potential Iranian predecessor nay 50s,even the a 50 it has a glass pick back,it looks like glass para plastic engine,im estefanía but from him again,department ignant pero hindi Neshoba,osaka and the rainbow effect and ito,potential guys i cannot get any attack,up at an additional allow peril Im not,bad ito guys is in can reshape or you,mean a hawk Andreea set up of course,theyre gonna get some time área para,ngayong pas le neon canyon shape and,like you predecessor yonder a 50 and the,a 50s not past reply and yes Veronica,infinite on a teardrop notch this is so,2019 so even a night in yawns Im also,my own a punch hole so for the Samsung,Galaxy II 51 maritime Ponchos I get,Nana so bromeliad plant naka to light,now in an etiquette the action is a no,10 series and honestly guys must,estoppel,youngin eaten Pancholi say on Amanda,ozone malaterre drop notch water droplet,from last year he simple Enderman bent,on young predecessor an AFP and a 50s,not apparent even infringer is plastic,but I like how slim and light the,smartphone is and the size is just,enough in Michigan,callate like the Samsung Galaxy a7 to,wonder el mejor manera context dont,know its uncle my little container,although Alanas Avenue if if the early,50s guys no pants and Karina mezzo mezz,neguin slim young bezel suit on a 51,which is good Jam ramos Masaryk menorca,back bezel s in smartphone yo we have,6.5 that just full HD plus Super AMOLED,display with 1080p by 24 hundred pixels,and it also has 20 by 9 aspect ratio,okay,I love talking,neutona pants and pero Muslim okay,yogurt on display site 51 guys 6.5,predecessor Jana a 50 is 6.4 but dont,worry guys for experiments along super,amoled to expect new Nana although,plastic back in Dynamics Rania at least,muster up some Mota Nazareth Minolta,hell super amoled Nisha so of course,expect deep blacks and must accurate new,colors Im Samsung Galaxy a 51 guys,mentioned always on display so good news,yawn and same pattern it has in display,fingerprint sensor as usual guys in,agile enemy and painful apparent upon,registering fingerprints the Samsung,Galaxy a 51 capilla de panamá,predecessor metro map adult allah got,Munira you can display fingerprint,sensor in the manga pagina gamut now me,- ness have stolen mean a monopolist,enough long but women at times now,dilemma from elite and twice or thrice,far along marine nukem echo so id,rather use v unlock days that i mention,must responsive responsive most,responsive your and I hope my solution,and tour in the future updates on direct,part of the phone we have the volume,rocker and then the new adding power,about one on the left side no man and,the new hopping SIM card three Salem we,have the headphone jack USB C port,microphone and the speaker grille,against a bubble magnet IO let secondary,microphone for the cameras we have 48,megapixels F 2.0,main camera 12 megapixels f2 point to,our picture for the ultra wide 5,megapixels F 2.4 for the macro lens and,lastly 5 megapixels for the telephoto,lens vinegar talaga Machado I appreciate,you macro lens probably my manga times,Nana kagamiku Shia,Kappa Lumina basavanna Marie Laveau of,Abu Dharr,agile planning puno dawn maraming,flowers so do not wanted to take nominal,pictures part of my swagger DeYoung but,a close-up but honestly speaking guys,for my daily life day to day he Nico,telekinetic garment new macro lens got,nano smartphone paya but its nice to,have one actually del youll never know,when you need one so often and in,singular on the meadow additional in a 5,megapixels macro lets good news guys at,night mode it works both so wide and,ultra wide so conclusion in the metro,wider your field of view purpose,significant taken picture ok yarn for,the selfie cam even among guys kept on,cutting branch whole marriage from 32,megapixels so so my comment pretentious,a 50 Newton young predecessor 25,megapixels Daniel so theoretically not,improve your hat in front camera and,even the main camera guys predecessor,arena is 20 5 megapixels neon forty,eight megapixel snap Elco toponymy,novofina monument photos taken by the,main camera and youre adding,front-facing camera I am NOT expecting,that much cuz he of course mid-range,device lambda motto so email photos spam,mid-range device the new beanie big I,kinda have gone for the affinity frames,per second and application sampling Ive,been using the pen EPP video with super,steady mode next we have the Exynos 96,11 chipset played 6 gigs of RAM and 128,gigabytes of internal storage,last year guys are having a 50 it has,the Exynos 96 pen theoretically not,improved shot measure must McGee,mobility from e51 but the one degree is,letting samsung kies and samsung galaxy,a 50s same chipset Sam Aiona 96 11 so,gues imagine a disappoint the whole on,this part Parramatta turn on in your own,camasta back smooth Bashar or me by your,dean,performance guys or high dementia it is,good in a couple of seconds but if flex,SuperDuper hardcore cataloging a demon,major Indian columns it provides a noon,and Samsung Galaxy if you wanna come to,see me read malama new adding benchmark,results and guys honestly guys in,Michigan Antipas a mezzo mezz map,aspirin noon again resort mnemonic,Alabama mid-range device known as a same,price segment next marriage from one UI,to based on Android then colleague of my,prenup and Sharkey Samsung Galaxy a,fifty its still using the Android nine,maritime mm smart Kragh application,component eaten and screen shot the a 51,is supposed to detect whats the,important aspect of the screenshot also,guys who mapping default keyboard is,multilingual now by the way married,entire guys new set of gestures for,navigation in terms of the speaker guys,Marin action single speaker and author,lagna mention acting special soap opera,in the cushion I on Samuel,[Music],honestly guys its not the same with the,a-15 a fingerprint magnet so funny my,admirer Puna stole agario and les,McGehee allegation Angelica so happy,Lombardo a series na Magnum and 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Hello guys Selamat datang ke channel,kizami gaje sekali lagi kita berjumpa,kali ini dengan memakai baju buru-buru,ayam jadi dalam video kali ini aku nak,buat review dan juga pulau One,dihubungkan dengan sebuah peranti Jaber,Samsung yaitu Samsung E5 plus satu ini,jadi kalau korang Nak Tahu berarti ini,aku MB save ntar besok macam ragam dia,pasti ekor tengok video ini siapa habis,jadi terluka masih lagi les sekitar jadi,aku udah menggunakan on-off peranti,Samsung E5 bersatunya lebih kurang tiga,minggu lah Adik minggu lebih kurang,pintu soal ini aku letak ia punya Indah,review udah sepanjang ke pegunungan aku,Slamet beberapa ketika nih jadi macam SM,ini kita kembali kepada dua bagian yaitu,bagian kamu aku diam tes sebagai kedua,adalah pemberian tak BS jadi joki,Tunggul karena aku punya MB sedap Ratih,Samsung Galaxy Hei merosot ini dulu Tojo,Hai benda pertama ia Kurasa aku suku,tetap berarti ini adalah ini benda,memang office Lara Kalau Samsung kita,akan suku begini yaitu paparan dingin ya,sama cukur nampak Samsung E5 satu ini,menunjukkan paparan besar 65 inci Super,AMOLED full HD plus dengan password,menjadi Spike ada flash Pilihlah satu,benih Aku memang Suke da syukur game,masih lagi flashlight apa aku belitan,ini sebuah penelitian cantik pendek,Samsung tak kisah rekaman menepati tak,meredam ufud macho atau Samsung juga ada,mensuplai pendek di spidol pada retina,mulai apa kebaikan dengan Pena di Speed,Samsung memang tak pernah memicu kan ada,bakteri needed needed punya Borneo,memang sangat sangat by Brown memang,sangat ke panci kalaupun memang cukup,rasa memang kalau ada ketik boleh,digabungkan terima Telepon Ip,indodisplay aku akan pilih Penelope,Samsung memang menarik tertawan cantik,komen the book pegal gaduh Aku suka,tetap Samsung Galaxy E 20 satunya adalah,dia punya selimbau,10 dislike jadi zainah epoisses aku,rapopo aku agak skeptis kelas babi,adalah sebuah miris Wonder Samsung wis,aku pun ada pengalaman-pengalaman,sebelumnya menggunakan praktik mirip,Samsung Which taala traktus sangat sedih,my design tetapi kali ini ataupun eferen,di home Fredly kali ini Samsung Galaxy,ini pusat umumnya desain yang sangat,nikah dekat tangga di teras leepeesaw,Emang Sturridge Gilbert kalau nampak,kami melangkaui penipisan mendatangi,malenna dekat tangga memora syaikhul,unhena itu jadinya Ayok paling mudah di,mana tuh oleh ndp46 Pak Berat just nice,demi pemicu just nice Devi nippisu,aktris suku nipis bila ditambah dengan,di punya flashdisk PNY dia memang sebuah,pun yang says dan rasul ditanya 5 sangat,perfect berlaku sofa Utara tinggi Aku,suka tentang peranti ini adalah dia,punya of style kemoreseptor Yes masak,orang nampak jadi setup compiler,belakangi gimana dia dcm25 B,the water whitebeard makhluk gaib tumbuh,kembangnya kita perlukan pada tahun 2025,apa aku berikan gambar ataupun hasil,image adalah munasabah aku tak kate,dipercantik tapi hasil n atau menggapai,dasarnya adalah Setiaku SPD flashback,racing racing warnanya panci dia the,movie recording adfasd Edifice,Bleszynski semut memang sofa,collaborating oleh penyedia Mercedez,bukanlah paling bagus nanti tipu belaka,tetapi untuk price review untuk sebabkan,simetris blog bagiku dia adalah sebuah,kem rumpun miris yang ke tebel DVD,Samsung sofa dari tempat yakusoku Tengah,Samsung E12 satunya ada di punya betray,Life masjid.at Yes demo MB fiber,capacity 4000mhz not the biggest one dia,macam minimum standard untuk,produk-produk tetapi api yang,mengejutkan adalah dia punya sot-23,balla diberi kultural,kit tetapi during the gaming test dimana,Aku mencoba gaming si odm plus dengan,streaming ke Facebook kita mendapat,masuk pemain lebih lima jam lesbi mejam,streaming game dengan baterai,berkapasitas 4000 emisi adalah sebuah,Riza ya agak-agak pesen tahu coba Dalam,uji kj.no = berakibat Naya menggunakan,atau menghubungi bttc besar Beksi Merah,MP3 3.30 jam tetapi Betri Pony mencapai,Sigmund Ijab debitur Allah Pak 04.05,samping dekat lima jambret WC sebagai,aku memang sangat lama guys dan kopling,game streaming now kanan ke kota sini,gebyok pelaminan 6 jam Nah si bayi Aku,asli ini nah lashback noisme dia kursi,aku suka tetap Ranti Edi mobil satunya,adalah dia punya prize yaitu banyak,orang tahu Samsung E200 satunya dijual,dengan tanah get sekitar 1269 IG atau,1300 Irak cakap WC sebagai aku untuk,sebuah micro,tiupnya full Itu adalah sebuah,preposition yang agak perfect di tanah,murah di tak lampu Hobo prison jadi dia,membuatkan sekali berlian kurang pada,telephony tidak terlampau heel diminati,pengguna fasade demi ayat harga tuh,kenal Sob jikalau ada apapun kurangnya,aku kecil tetap Betap Betap rajin,dikejar lagi di tak kelihatan kelompok,kurang adil still kekurangan tapi tidak,tahu kurang kalau kita kenaikan harga di,1259 quickies still lagi dalam Grace,sebuah miras yang munasabah la sebab,begitu bercerai MS Explorer sebuah mirip,fudy jualnya tenaga 1039 nawis fudy,berada ditengah-tengah antara Indonesia,ada gak pasaran krisis bagiku sebuah,tindakan MB Jalan Besar sekali ini sudah,habis gitu tentang Nabi MB sentuh,Samsung Galaxy edinburgh saat ini ofcos,ada benernya tak Descent of British,koran atau seniman bedetak best menunda,hantaman Tami sono kita kebagian aku,berniat update tentang Samsung Galaxy E5,pusat unik,Hai Soo yang pertama Bandung yang buka,letak best tapi B yang akurasi kurang,sekilah dan akurasi kurang pun banyak,pengguna kalaupun oke Setuju Which is a,penggunaan soc yang tidak begitu miris,apasih.com tahu Samsung Galaxy ini,bersatu di menggunakan chip prosesor,dapat diedit yaitu chipset Samsung,sendiri yaitu edino 9611 Soul 961,dikalung kekompakan banyak Regency,berada dalam kelas Negeri 675 julak,Which is taala CB taklah tak bagus,tetapi kalaupun a competent dengan,peristiwa dalam kalangan Harjo tersebut,compliment dapat Snapdragon 720 ke atas,dalam kalangan Android jadi metode minta,segitu boleh bermain dalam agensi odm,tuh kalau kau main Kidul Dapatkah media,bunyi setting tetapi meja Buset itu agak,lelah jugalah duduk di punya pencapaian,atau meuphom masih di,agar konsumen lebih lancar Kau,kedap-kedip perlu punya setting pun,still ad kekurangan nasi Lex kasus Cina,Dil awez kurang skela Jadi kalau ada,Ketut berhenti ini mungkin kambing,dengan SMS yang lebih tinggi atau lebih,tinggi itu adalah satu benih yang lebih,bagus lah ada isi pengguna sehari-hari,ada masalah cuma Desi gaming cockatrice,ada kekurangan DC ini Kuningan Pegadaian,kedua akurasi kurang skating peranti ini,untuk tahun 2020 adalah di punya slow,cacing speak Yes masak orang tahu batre,2000 Emis dan dia datang dengan,kemampuan pengecasan sepantas 15 Words,Haji 15 suami dalam usahanya Kamto IMEI,Samsung st100 sung agresif ulkus,multiblue Swatch gangguan z15 word which,is bagianku Farhana hahaha itu dan,dengan spek wet Cambodia codepanda Paula,Kenapa UB tipe mantap,pun oke di Jambu Jati grebek compromise,dekat bagai cacing speed slow better ini,tak mau besar kalian kita beritahu,Besakih Boleh bagi pengecer saya lebih,pantas tak minta banyaklah tak perlu,bagi seperti blower kalau begitu,terlampau kursi tapi kalau kau Boleh,bagi 18watt 22 Enis udah cukup memadai,lah jadi pengecasan hampir Dapil khusus,sahabat penutup di mengambil masih lebih,kurang sejam 40menit ke atas lebih lebih,kuat dekat gue jam jugalah untuk penuh,better ini Jaber kosong Sule Spanyol,jenis benih Aku resepku Rezky tentang,Perancis Samsung Galaxy Edible satunya,adalah dari segi dia punya audio luck ya,itu dia masih lagi menjalankan ataupun,menggunakan mulus Pique hahaha yaitu,single fairing bottom finish bike Which,is bagi aku sebenarnya takde masalah,sangat tetapi kalaulah dilatih dengan,stereo speaker dengan tanda aku ini,berikan kendang mantap,Hai Ken tapi lubang istri Spike sangat,kuat mutasi cukup ad jadi bila Dedes,itunya a mungkin kalau orang cecak gila,prettylittlething pun selesai juga tapi,ada juga ya Aduh contohnya macopo 62ah,grab petak bagi seharusnya tidak ada,terus gitu Dia memang jadi sebuah,mirsyam opo ma Aamir Khan takdut ada,tolok bandingnya tak ada kompl

Samsung Galaxy A51 | স্যামসাং যে ভাবে এই ফোন বিক্রি করবে | My honest roasting

Nana John Nana jaga nanogenes Nana model,in the my samsung galaxy a 51 ricotta,Bootsy no tuned Android no tuned camera,new tone Samsung Galaxy a 55 hello,I mean Samsung and lutein representative,of room among Ive not the same,landscape is cortisol is he Sam Sanger,act of Newton incorrect the phone in,silicon phone cool Udine kono company as,continum Samsung Galaxy a 51 backside a,polycarbonate same design amongst Omni,in display fingerprint sensor gyro,contact rush off phone and shop show my,a skaldak heat again,um I suppose a confused as I eat a,Samsung a cone modular phone key full,copy the Catalan akito-kun shop dictate,oh I eat is shown Dodger Im a,fifth-year a 51 at the castle are slower,fingerprint sensor oh yeah,the HUD there only unlock or attackable,octa-core genus hello Eva Rita Havana,the babe are her to a Roku Mahabharata,Erik to slow fingerprint sensor Casco,Bay bah ok breakers Corvina autobot,shaman incredible bow is super fast,fingerprints and surrogates a car,ownership in Turkey Tabata Gilad me ask,an Asian or morte a metallic a Marigny a,laconically im jania product evolving,the a phoner camera Newton auto key sa,re Im the DHT Newton auto a phoner,camera by oxide on toto actor parts made,of excellent macro lens yoke Aradia,chapter that you know up nabob doe,carbon a wide angle lense Takei Im rock,megapixel by the way if I borrow,megapixel quality up now that you know,shop Kazuko Tamra shops OMeara G they,family from the front side a 32,megapixels selfie camera Samsung Galaxy,II a 50s MOT rigidity via virtual,America media uber a 15 month or twenty,five megapixel credible she shook the up,another death tube Halawa chambre what a,32 megapixel rigidity,Im not a to India tea Im a the shop,take a baroque Arcanist upon Karachi the,India jet away teacher,Im rah rah rah toi Djibouti Tremont a,eco shave,Rakesh a slogan taka and up courtesy,Newton version a Im rockin take a bow,eg through talked about the idea in,katakana is he Im gonna shuffle die,actor for me Pavan they Abner the Janome,reducer eternally a cure for acne HD in,Luton model Samsung Galaxy a 50/50 is a,51 is 70s 70s divine model number J who,got a Sarah Dean Im up natural no shops,Umehara behind babu hatela chalet gota,only shelters eulogistic legacy that the,active specifications da Korea free a,active shop setup be a partner pocket a,camera be she Porsche to lenita Perry,even do has a judicial I am Rashid Hara,bhara kabab Oh Jericho up another April,this treaty hakuna data body,how did cinta Corbin apni the river Boca,banana Joe no Im ready split a display,size shaman nobody the 86.4 in check,expand 5 in C among acknowledged yet to,the north the exterior number that we,could show to North Kudrow nuts the tea,table of the labor Gulfport I would lay,Im rapper actor punch validity her,processor GOP OShea hese Exynos,nine six double one a mother recorded,processor Rosalind Nevada hide al-fatah,Lucia do Carmo to pepper are key among,airport which aguar Govinda looked ahead,Nadia – no Im done ESG out of the box,and retain even shot a another one you,aware aru latest version upgraded,version airport you Daphne Xiaomi real,me banana company Takata can the helican,to Umrah a 51 Isabel I hate phones,actually in a bubble of elam the app,Tara Abu Sri a 51s arroba she Dom the a,key specifications akin in heaven among,schwäbisch a mobile Venera gay,subscribe button Tosh at the be like,enter a like button da x the press corps,elegant the hub reported video they,asked her motto be da

Samsung Galaxy A51 Review | Quad camera beast for £300

while the world is busy fawning over the,all-new super shiny premium Samsung,phones dont forget that you could bag,yourself a galaxy handset for a lot less,cash like for example lets say galaxy a,51 smartphone which costs around 300 of,your British pounds but still delivers a,full one UI experience like those,flagships with some serious media chops,some slick design work and a feature,packed multi lens camera sounds a bit,too good to be true right kind of like,Piers Morgans suddenly deciding to,ditch the TV gig and embark on a fresh,new career in deep space exploration,well Ive been using the galaxy a 51 is,my full-time personal smartphone for the,past week or so and here is my in-depth,Samsung Galaxy air 51 reviews you can,see if its the next blower for you and,for one the latest greatest tech foods,do poke subscribe and thing that,notifications belt Cheers now despite,its professionally the asking price this,Samsung handset still boss a rather,attractive finish you may not get those,premium edge display aesthetics but the,Galaxy a 51 still has pleasingly skinny,bezels and that curved back makes for a,comfortable fit in the hand samsung has,a lonely prism effect of the rear end as,well which basically vomits out a,Rimbaud splash of colour when it catches,the light this definitely adds a bit of,character what could have been a very,boring luck and while the more premium,glass Galaxy phones are of course well,known for their fragile nature basically,do not drop them whatever you do this,plastic chassis is a lot more durable,you can chuck about the Galaxy air 51,with gay abandon no real worries other,149 quality surface is rather,susceptible to light scratching and it,is also a fingerprint magnet so youll,need to keep wiping it off to admire the,attractive design work and no theres no,form of water resistance either so dont,go getting it moist now one of the more,premium design elements that is carried,over from those flagship phones to the,Galaxy a 51 is that in-display,fingerprint sensor its not an,ultrasonic scanner like your finally,likes the Galaxy S 10 but it doesnt,really matter as far as in the split,fingerprint sensors go its one of the,more accurate and responsive ones that,Ive tested plus as an alternative you,do have a proper bit of face unlock,onboard as well which can be set to only,work if your eyes are open for stronger,security security is of course a key,feature of Samsungs 1ui launcher which,here on the galaxy a 51 is slathered all,over the fresh new Android 210 the,combination of Samsung Knox Tech and the,Android 10 smarts means your private,bits are held securely,you have full control of your apps and,everything as well nor dodgy business,and here on the galaxy a 51 you get the,all-new 1 UI version 2 which sure enough,doesnt add anything truly,life-affirming to the original version,but it does tweak a few existent,features for the better so you now have,a proper comprehensive dark mode and,even deeper customization for the likes,of the lock screen and that nifty,gesture navigation Ive done a full up 1,UI version 2 tips and tricks guide here,on the galaxy a 51 so go check that out,for an in-depth look at that software,and some of the best bits on there now,one of the features that I covered in,the guide was the very useful one handed,mode which is an absolute godsend given,the ginormous 6.5 inch ear 51 display,its certainly spacious enough for,enjoying your movies on the go and those,visuals really pop as well thanks to the,Super AMOLED tech you can dial down the,vibrancy if you like but I really,enjoyed these smacky full pelt in the,face colors which are especially well,suited to animation plus that full HD,plus resolution keeps pictures shop,despite the size of that panel the only,feature that will likely divide fans is,the so called infinity or pinhole knotch,thingy which for some reason its,position slap bang in the center the,display just like your typical knotch,most of those pinholes jobbies are,shunted off into one corner so theyre a,lot less obvious when for instance,youre consuming full screen media,content theres no obvious benefit for,some someplace and that thing centrally,for skyping or gaming or anything like,that so not really sure why its a thing,but to be honest at least it is a tiny,little speck so I personally didnt find,it particularly intrusive thats for,your audio theres no stereo speaker,setup here but the edge mounted mono,blaster is reasonably loud and clarity,remains strong on top levels as usual,with some II blows you get a proper bit,headphone jack action and full Bluetooth,5 support as well so for your music,youre basically covered and I dont,have any real proper complaints when it,comes to the performance either although,the Samsung Galaxy air 51 certainly in a,super smooth smartphone I definitely,quite regularly experience the odd,stutter and stammer as Im flicking,around through the UI dodging between my,different apps stuff like that but,nothing too troublesome beyond a massive,camera crash which was kind of annoying,although that said the Galaxy a 51,doesnt seem to be the best when it,comes to sync and Ive noticed that some,of my messages and other bits dont,trickle through until I actually unlock,the smart phone and sometimes they even,open the,and then theyll suddenly pop into,existence seems a bit weird but that,Exodus 19:6 11 chipset in Germany cups,all right with your apps and media and,even a bit of gaming on the side as well,you can even play pub G mobile on high,detail sentence with a reasonably,consistent frame rate plus you still get,Samsungs game launcher tool which keeps,other apps from hogging your resources,and bandwidth while add-on features like,screen recording for those who really,want it and the fact that the Galaxy air,50 ones display is perfectly flat makes,it better suited to give another like,sub pub G compared with those wall,Premium Galaxy phones as none of the,virtual controls are caught up in the,curvy engine and while it came quite,close on a couple of occasions I never,actually drained the Galaxy a 51 in a,full update thanks to the reasonably,sized four thousand milliamp battery,stuffed inside not quite apart of the,five thousand milliamp mega beasts on,the likes of some opera and really smart,phones but itll definitely do the job,even quite intensive days where youre,skyping doing a bit of gaming video,stream and stuff like that likewise,Samsungs 15 what fast charge tech is,beaten by the likes of Motorolas 27,watt turbocharged effort but it still,delivers a few hours of use from just 15,or 20 minutes at the plug definitely,handy in a pinch which brings us nicely,onto the camera tech and most,budget-friendly smartphones these days,come packing enough camera lenses to,choke a donkey and the Samsung Galaxy if,if you want in an exception slapped on,the arse end you get a 48 megapixel,primary lens a 12 megapixel ultra,wide-angle lens a 5 megapixel macro,camera and a 5 megapixel depth sensor,now Ive been rigorously testing that,camera setup as well as of course the 32,megapixel pinhole,selfie camera so go check out my full,in-depth Samsung Galaxy if fifty one,camera review but all you need to know,and that right there is the full skinny,on the samsung galaxy a 51 after been,using as my full-time personal hands up,for a good few days its a reasonably,good mid-range of mobile its beaten in,a lot of areas by some of its course,rivals but as an all-round smartphone it,definitely does the job very few little,pain points in there that would find,particularly troublesome certainly its,got respectable performance decent,battery life the Kara tech does the job,and I do like that rather sleek design,and if youre after a media monster for,a run us or a 300 pound price bone and,that 6.5 inch Super AMOLED screen is an,absolute beast,and it definitely has it in the audio,department as well so if you mean you,the galaxy r51 is your full-time,smartphone definite gorya to hear your,own per

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