1. Samsung Galaxy A11 Complete Review – Watch Before You Buy!
  2. Samsung Galaxy A11 Review | The Cheapest Galaxy You Can Buy!
  4. Mở hộp Galaxy A11 – điện thoại GIÁ SIÊU RẺ của Samsung
  5. Samsung Galaxy A11 In 2021! (Still Worth Buying?) (Review)
  6. Samsung Galaxy A11 Review!

Samsung Galaxy A11 Complete Review – Watch Before You Buy!

whats going on guys my name is Wade,with tech daily and in this video Im,gonna be doing my full review on the,Samsung Galaxy a 11 now this might come,as a surprise but I actually think out,of the entire a series lineup so far,this year this a 11 is the phone that,might just attract the most attention,and heres why,last year in 2019 Samsung came out with,the a 10 a 10 s and a 10 e and all of,those phones but particularly the a 10 e,were some of the best selling smart,phones over all around the world and,including here in the US in fact the,a-10 II is even one of the best-selling,smartphones in 2020 through the first,half of the year that means that,everyone with any version of last years,a-10 will likely be looking at possibly,upgrading to the a11 and that people,even this year are still looking to buy,a simple affordable smartphone to,incorporate into their daily lives and I,do think the new a11 has the potential,to be that device once again I obviously,have a lot of thoughts on this phone so,I wont waste any more time lets just,go ahead and jump right into it and see,what the a11 is all about first off,lets talk about price since I think,thats going to be one of the main,deciding factors for people considering,this phone right now you can pick up an,unlock to a 11 from places like Amazon,for as low as a hundred and forty,dollars this phone has actually been out,for a couple of months now and the price,has started to come down if youre in,the u.s. a number of wireless networks,and prepaid carriers have also started,offering this phone for sale Verizon for,example is listing the a 11 of this,count of a hundred and thirty bucks with,AT&T having this phone as a free device,if you want to switch to their network,anywhere you end up looking you should,likely pay no more than around a hundred,and fifty dollars for the a11 but youll,probably be able to snag it for even,less in my opinion thats a pretty solid,price for a phone like this and I think,its going to fall well within a lot of,peoples budgets and by the way if you,guys are interested in doing some,comparison shopping of your own or maybe,you want to buy this phone for yourself,Ill leave some links down below in the,video description to where you can get,this phone at its,cheapest current prices so be sure to,check down there so you dont miss out,on any good deals right away I think the,first thing people are going to notice,about the a11 is its size at 6.4 inches,it offers a slightly larger display than,last years a 10 and a 10 s which is,great so if you wanted another big,screen smartphone youre in luck in,addition to the increase in size we also,get a slight design change this year as,well with an infinity Oh camera cutout,at the top left corner you do still get,a sizable bottom chin there towards the,bottom which I wish was a little slimmer,but all-in-all this is a design thats,updated for 2020 while still indicating,that it is a budget smartphone and I,guess I cant really complain the thing,worth considering though is that while a,big screen is great the sheer size of,this phone wont necessarily work for,everyone like I said its a big device,and with that you sort of need to figure,out if its comfortable for your hand,personally I do find it somewhat,manageable its a bit of a stretch at,times but I realize I might even have a,little bigger hands than some folks the,extra two-tenths of an inch in size,increase from the a-10 isnt going to be,noticeable if youre coming from that,but if youre used to anything less than,say a six inch smartphone maybe try this,device out in stores if you can first or,draw out the dimensions at least on a,piece of paper so you can get a clear,understanding of what youll be working,with to me though a large screen on a,budget phone like this is still a pretty,big plus and its certainly one of the,selling points now the actual display,itself the screen technology isnt,anything too special its pretty much,what weve seen before its a 15 60 by,720 resolution PLS TFT panel which,basically just means LCD and it packs in,around 268 pixels per inch this is,comparable to what we saw on the 8 10,and a 10 s last year so if you are,hoping for an upgrade you dont exactly,get that here but with the actual,viewing experience I dont have any,complaints at this size while it isnt,the sharpest screen in the world at 720p,resolution I think it still looks good,so long as youre viewing your content,from a normal distance if you want to go,ahead and stare closely at the screen,and try and pick out the pixels its,something you can do theres no hiding,that given the resolution but you have,to consider the price point here,everything else including the colors,look good the screen gets plenty bright,and I think Samsung does a nice job with,their own sort of version of LCD all in,all it is a good viewing experience for,most people like Ive said already the,big thing youll likely appreciate is,just how much screen real estate you get,with a phone like this watching movies,or shows or just browsing through social,media on such a big screen is really,pretty nice regardless of the resolution,and that big screen size paired with the,budget price point make it a great,combination taking a look around at the,rest of the phone youll see that the a,11,certainly isnt trying to hide the fact,that its a lower-end device but I think,the phone does still look good,this light blue color looks particularly,nice and its not something you really,see on some other smart phones the fit,and finish of that all plastic build is,of a little higher quality and the,actual material with that sort of glossy,finish looks and feels nicer than it is,its a good-looking phone in my opinion,and in a couple of months Ive had it so,far its held up quite well even without,a case I do actually consider plastic to,be a bit more durable than glass in the,event of a drop anyway and I only have,just a few minor barely noticeable,little scratches from normal use on the,plastic housing also physically the a11,isnt really missing anything either,youve got a headphone jack,charging via USB C which is a must-have,even for a budget phone plenty of camera,lenses and a fingerprint sensor around,back I like that this phone has a,physical rear mounted fingerprint sensor,I think the lower end phones should keep,this set up for a while its simple its,easy to use its fast enough but most,importantly secure both for unlocking,the phone and using for other purposes,the a11 does also have face unlock which,I always have enabled as well since it 2,is a quick way to get into the phone and,while the week and unlock sequence isnt,as fast as some other devices its more,than good enough for me by the way that,awkward,corner camera placement I feel like,didnt really affect anything either,which is good inside the a11 packs the,specs that maybe werent exactly what,some people were hoping for but I think,theres still enough to work with just,depending on how you might want to use,this phone its powered by the,Snapdragon 450 chipset which on one hand,is a bit older of a processor now but at,the same time it is what we got in last,years a 20s along with a number of,other devices so its kind of like,getting last years slightly higher end,phone specs in this years budget phone,and it is still a Qualcomm chipset -,after all you have the option of either,2 or 3 gigabytes of RAM which if I have,to pick something to change thats,probably it more RAM would have been,better and for storage you get 32 gigs,built in with the option of adding in an,SD card if you want to which I,absolutely recommend you do here is the,antutu score for the a11 for those of,you who like to see some numeric values,but in the real world use some Android,10 feels pretty good even with these,specs and for the most part navigating,the UI and flipping through the apps is,a non-issue everything feels fairly,smooth the only sort of blips or hiccups,I did come across where when you want to,close o

Samsung Galaxy A11 Review | The Cheapest Galaxy You Can Buy!


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Mở hộp Galaxy A11 – điện thoại GIÁ SIÊU RẺ của Samsung

Hi xin chào bạn của người xuống đây cho,mình Bây giờ đang ở trên điện thoại,Samsung Galaxy A10 một và toàn bộ hộp,phụ kiện ở đó đây đây có thể coi là một,trong những chia sẻ rất là rẻ của,Samsung khi mà mức giá niêm yết của nó,là 3.690.000 tuy nhiên khi bạn mua hàng,tại sao ghét ở thì hiện tại thì gọi sẽ,được tặng 1 phiếu mua hàng trị giá là,240.000 trừ thẳng trực tiếp vào giá như,là giá của nó sẽ chỉ còn là 3.450.000,đồng mà thôi Vậy thì với mức giá rẻ như,vậy sau này nó điểm gì đặc biệt Chúng ta,sẽ cùng mở hộp và đánh giá nhanh trong,video này Này nhá thấy là cái siêu này,bạn có thể nhìn thấy đó là đây là một số,có một cái màn hình nốt ruồi đặt lệch,sang bên trái này có 3 Cara và khóa cảm,ứng vân tay bên trong hộp thì không biết,là mấy giỏ nó rẻ thì ông sao Trung có,cắt cái gì không Để hộp thì làm như thế,này nhé phiên bản mới cầm sẽ này là cái,bản ram 34332 ghép nó bên trong này sẽ,có những gì làm cái là có ốp lưng hay,không này không ốp lưng kết quá không ốp,lưng nhưng mà có sách hướng dẫn sử dụng,ở đây chúng ta sẽ có gì nữa nào chúng ta,sẽ có sạc nhanh luôn khá bất ngờ Nhưng,mà với,hình ảnh này Samsung lại trang bị cho,sản phẩm của mình cứ sạc nhanh đây là,sạc nhanh 15w nhé Có thể coi là một,trong những cái sạc nhanh Quốc dừng,Samsung đấy Sáng anh 15 mắt đó chúng ta,sẽ có thêm một cái sợi cáp chuẩn misfit,IC nữa cũng rất bất ngờ luôn bởi vì bây,giờ xanh xông họng cũng không cắt tàn đi,là thành mạch tô vào đây Cái này nó đi,taxi Còn ta sẽ có 1 của acide trong này,hơi đáng tiếc là không có gương thôi cho,tai nghe nghĩ là cũng chẳng cần đâu phải,chỗ này chắc là để ta nghe nhưng mà,không có gì trong này nó kêu mình sẽ bỏ,qua tao bảo qua bên này nó chi tiết hơn,về chiếc máy của chúng ta quay trở lại,với nhân vật chính của ta chiếc Samsung,Galaxy A10 một thì cái cảm giác đầu tiên,khi mình cầm cái giỏ mình sẽ tay đó là,nó khá nhẹ nhàng đấy Cái trọng lượng đó,chị dâu hoặc 177g thôi đối là một trở về,bên pin khoảng 4.000 em bây giờ thì như,thế này là cũng đã là tương đối nhẹ rồi,tất nhiên là nếu mà Samsung vào túi hóa,tốt hơn nữa thì càng tốt bởi vì cơ bản,là trong xong cái Facebook Trọng lượng,như này thì samsung họ vẫn làm được,nhưng bây giờ ở với viên bi 5.000 đến,6.000 cơ rồi tiếng Việt thì chắc chắn là,sẽ có sẵn rồi đây rồi Còn đấy không bởi,vì,nhà hàng chính hãng mà và chắc chắn là,sẽ có CH Play rồi chứ không giống như,những cái thiết bị của những một số hãng,là không có chép like đó chúng ta sẽ,được sẽ đắt một chút nhé bạn nhá ở trong,quá trình chờ đợi cái chuyện thoại này,sẽ tăng lên thì ta sẽ cùng điểm qua một,chút về cái cách hỏi xe máy này thì sao,thế được cạnh trái ta sẽ gồm một cái,khay đây mình sẽ tháo cái cây này ra để,xem ra là đi trong này xin là cái thẻ nó,như thế nào nhé Mà nó rồi Rất là sạc,hàng mới khác rồi sau này sẽ gồm 2 sim,và 1 thẻ nhớ luôn rất thoải mái cho,chúng ta và sức mạnh dưới này nó sẽ gồm,tổng sạc chuẩn ý khi ta sim loa ngoài và,Mic thoại nữa ở phía bên cạnh phải chúng,ta sẽ gồm tính nguồn cũng như là phím,tăng giảm âm lượng và phím nóng lạnh,trên chúng ta sẽ gồm giắc cắm tai nghe,3,5 mm và một cái phụ nữa hơi đáng tiếc,là không có mắt thần hồng ngoại để điều,khiển các vị trong gia đình phía sau này,chúng ta sẽ thấy là sau này sẽ có cảm,biến vân tay một xạ và chúng ta sẽ có bộ,ba cao đẳng cái sau luôn bộ 3 cara này,thì,mã số lần lượt là 13 Mấy vết sẹo của,f1.8 tiêu cự 28m đối với cả ra chính nó,sẽ có 1 camera góc siêu rộng có độ phân,giải là 50 Vết Sẹo Của f2.2 và một,camera hỗ trợ cho thuê chuyển xóa phông,có độ phân giải là 2 megapixel khẩu độ,f2.4 nữa Và bên cạnh đó sẽ cho thêm mà,đẹp phát ở đây logo Samsung thế giới này,nó còn cái phần màn hình nó lại gọi là,hình thấy đó là đây là một sản phẩm màn,hình đục lỗ lệch bên tay trái ấy sang,sông Ai gọi đó là Infinity War và ở chỗ,đục lỗ này thì chúng ta sẽ có một cái,camera selfie độ phân giải là 8,megapixel khẩu độ đã 2.0 thì chúng ta sẽ,có một cái là tại rất là mảnh phía trên,này nữa phần viền thì mình đánh giá là,phần viền trên viền hai bên này làm,tương đối mỏng này tuy nhiên là đối ở,phần viền dưới này thì làm vẫn rất là,dài đáng với văn phòng giá rẻ chúng ta,cũng không thể bỏ quá nhiều được về chất,liệu thì sao chất liệu ở trên giờ này,bằng nhựa hoàn toàn với nhựa nguyên khối,nhé phần sau này mà nhựa này vào cái,phần nhựa này nó nối liền với cả cái,phần khung viền luôn,thế này thì nó sẽ để lại rất nhiều mồi,móng tay và lên bóng mà hãy nhìn không,thì nói nhiều và dùng tay nên là trong,quá trình rụng thì chúng ta sẽ cảm thấy,là nó sẽ tương đối với bám bẩn ấy lẽ ra,nếu là Samsung họ trang bị thêm cái ốp,lưng đi kèm thì sẽ tốt biết mấy thì nó,sẽ giảm tiếp vào đây này đó sạch sẽ hơn,trong lúc chờ đợi cái rồi là sẽ đăng lên,cho mình cũng sẽ nói qua một chút về cái,cấu hình của nó nhá Đấy thì với tầm giá,này Samsung sẽ trang bị cho trên thoại,ra trước lên 450 Tất nhiên nếu mà sao,anh nó xanh với ở những thằng khác thì,chắc chắn rằng con chip này nó sẽ không,thể mạnh mẽ được đấy Nói gì nói ở trong,tầm giá này ra có thể rút gọn là thứ sáu,bảy năm ở trên còn Việt Bắc Ninh rồi,Đúng là nói có chi 450 là một con chứ,không mạnh mẽ đấy ở trong tờ này làm sẽ,là 3 GB bộ nhớ trong sẽ là 32 GB đây là,sẽ có nhận diện vân tay là nhận diện,khuôn mặt để chúng ta thử xét xem lên 34,632 các bạn nhé á,Ừ ok,ở sát từ vân tay luôn Chạy xe xét nói,anh không vào pin của Dạo này thì nó là,4.000 em bây giờ bạn cảm thấy sao về một,chiếc điện thoại có mức giá là khoảng và,dưới 3 triệu rưỡi đang được bán tại sao,ghét như vậy hãy để lại comment cho mình,biết đã bây giờ thì mình sẽ lắp cái cảm,ứng với Thành nó,nhờ các thiết bị Samsung thì có vấn đề,mình không thích đó là cái phần sẽ lắp,vào nó này nó rất là mất thời gian luôn,không giống như là những cái hãng điện,thoại khác đấy nên là mình không thích,điều này một chút nào cả đấy còn lại thì,tổng quan về cái điện thoại này thì mình,không thấy là cái đánh đổi nhiều nhất,đây là đánh đổi thương hiệu cho về cấu,hình là cái thông ca đây là mình nói,thẳng luôn đại dương dương rơi làm sao,phải có gì cho mình đang làm sao với,nhau chứ chả phải giấu giếm lấp Liếm gì,vậy chồng còn cả đó còn bây giờ mình sẽ,cho các bạn xem là cái thông tin điện,thoại và phần mềm nó như thế nào đấy thì,thông tin về phần mềm này rất là may mắn,khi trở lại đang chạy oneui 2.0 và chạy,sẵn phiên bản Android 10 tới đây cũng là,điểm của nó thì xem sao với tổng giá dài,này nó không biết tôi không nhé Biết đâu,lại có lúc nào đấy rất may mắn luôn nó,vẫn có công nghệ thành Đôn viết mốc này,như vậy bây giờ là xong đã sang bị đồn,đến mốc trên tất cả những sao bằng thì,cả giá rẻ là 8 chúng mình rồi Gần như,tất cả các dòng nào mới được xong gì đều,có cái này hết đấy Tuy nhiên Hãy Thúy,rằng đối với mốt của Dạo này nó sẽ không,thể hoạt,ở ngoài mà sẽ chỉ hoạt động đối với cả,tai nghe thôi vì sao Bởi vì đối với mốt,bản chất Nó là hệ thống hang vòm Mà dạo,này thì nó chỉ một loài duy nhất ở phía,dưới này thôi nên chúng ta sẽ không thể,kích hoạt Đông biết mốt với loa ngoài,được nên là chúng ta phải cắm tai nghe,bằng tao vẫn phải nghe được đoạn ghi âm,được chưa ạ Còn mỗi điều này là được rồi,tổng kết lạ thì Galaxy A10 một là một,sản phẩm có một cái thiết kế mình đánh,giá là cũng không phải là có không phải,là thế mạnh nhưng vị trí Cái này nó có,thể thấy gặp ở bất kỳ máy dầu giao thông,nào Nó kiểu nó nói như vậy thôi Màn hình,sao à đây tí nữa thì quên không nói về,màn hình dạo này thì sẽ có màn hình có,kích thước là 6,4 inch độ phân giải chỉ,là HD + mà thôi 720 nhân với cả 1.560,Pixel với thì màn hình cũng là một điểm,trừ nữa của Dạo này và tấm nền thì cũng,chưa tới mày T và thôi nha chứ không,phải like Ghét luôn nhé Tấm mền tết tên,là nó góc nhìn nó đây là tương đối khá,hay gọi nhưng không thấy góc nhìn nó bị,nghiêng đi nó bị thay đổi màu sắc đấy,màn hình thì là không phải là mạnh mẽ,trong tầm giá về trong,hình ảnh ra chúng ta đã thể lựa chọn rồi,màn hình Full HD Rồi con này chỉ HD + mà,thôi cái hiệu năng cũng không phải mạnh,mẽ với chip 450 trong tầm giá này có thể,Cứ cho là cả chíp 6575 rồi thời lư

Samsung Galaxy A11 In 2021! (Still Worth Buying?) (Review)

come back everyone the samsung galaxy,a11 came out,a while ago actually not quite not even,a bit a little bit over a year ago,so lets see how this thing holds up in,2021 now i will tell you,although this phone is an interesting,budget phone it,really is a you know its an interesting,device you know,the thing that it has going for it is,that its very easily accessible,so meaning you can go to best buy you,can go to walmart you can pick this,thing up extremely easily you know and,ive done that time and time again its,a very easy thing to do just pick up,a lot of these samsung galaxy a series,of devices but the thing is,is that thats really the main advantage,you know youre much better off taking,that,80 or 100 and buying you know maybe like,a used pixel,2 maybe you know in some cases you can,probably buy like a galaxy s9 in some,cases too which may be a better deal,than this thing again,youre going to really have to do your,research but thats kind of the spectrum,that i would go for you know,maybe picking up a used android phone,may get you a better experience than,buying a brand new samsung galaxy 11.,now on the outside specifically with the,front,we have a 6.4 inch pls ips panel,now its a 720p panel and this is kind,of a double edged sword so on one hand,it actually looks,kind of interesting mostly because you,know it has that whole punch display,something like the newer galaxies have,it has a little bit of a chin at the,bottom but its really nothing super,crazy you know it actually looks,like a pretty interesting design panel,but the problem is,is that you know ill be completely,honest it isnt quite the most,interesting you know or best looking,panel of all time you know i,i think its kind of an interesting,thing there i wish they did a better job,when it came down to the panel itself,because 720p isnt inherently bad but,when you dont have you like the,brightness isnt that great,it just isnt that great looking of a,panel i will say though when you,turn it on and you know the auto,brightness dims down it is one of the,most satisfying dimming down panels ive,seen i dont know what it is about it,maybe because ive always set it off but,it is something that kind of threw me,off,now you do have usb type c port on the,bottom and you have a micro sd card slot,too which that in of itself is really,cool,like i mentioned you dont really see,that too often on a lot of the devices,that have came out,so we do have it on this phone which im,really really happy about and on the,back you have a plastic back,which kind of looks like a glass back to,some people but it is plastic a,fingerprint sensor right there as well,and a triple camera setup now thats,really it on the outside there really,isnt anything super crazy,again ive seen way better looking,devices but ive also seen devices that,look way worse than this,i think visually the design of this,phone looks pretty good and im actually,really happy about it,because of that price tag like this is,the cheapest galaxy a series device or,one of the cheapest a series devices,that they make,and i think it looks really good for the,most part i just,i mean i kind of wish they took a little,bit of a better approach with that panel,up front but other than that i think,this whole entire phone looks pretty,decent to be completely honest,now camera wise okay although it has,that triple camera setup and this is,pretty much what were working with a 13,megapixel wide angle lens,a 5 megapixel torrid sensor a 2,megapixel depth lens,and i think overall you know its a good,looking camera i guess for the price tag,for how easily accessible this phone is,but again i mean it wouldnt be my first,choice the thing about this phone is,that that ultrawide sensor im really,happy to see,just a couple years ago we only had like,a single camera setup on our androids,and now for our a series were getting,them at a much cheaper price tag so at,least im happy about that,the depth camera really doesnt do,anything im being completely honest but,i think overall the camera itself looks,pretty okay again you can only do 1080p,which im not happy about but theres,really nothing we can do about it so,i think ultimately the camera on the,back really isnt that bad,the front camera is an 8 megapixel,sensor which like i said before i wish,it did get a little bit of an,improvement there,but again if theyre theyre not going,to put like a 4k,camera on the back theyre not going to,put a 4k camera at the front its not,like the oneplus nord so i think overall,this camera is actually pretty decent,camera for the price tag and everything,but again it would not be my first,choice,and i think something like a galaxy s8,camera is probably better,than this thing in my opinion so in,terms of a camera setup that covers it,up there,now software wise this thing does have,android 10 it did get an android 11,update with one ui three,i am not 100 too sure if its going to,be getting the next version of software,so whether it does or it doesnt i dont,really think its going to matter,because,when android 12 you know it looks to be,a good update but it looks like a lot of,the features are still on one ui 3 which,im really happy about,and android 12 you know if this phone,were to get it it wouldnt get it for,like,several more months so i think android,11 is a good spot for this phone,especially for being a budget phone i,wish it would just last forever but,these things you know these type of,things dont happen with it,and i think with this type of phone you,know youre getting like i mentioned an,okay experience with it when it comes,down to the software you know,its a buggy you know piece of software,im not gonna sit here and say its like,perfect but you know itll get the job,done for the most part and if youre,somebody who wants to just get a phone,and use it for the software you know,this is probably an okay phone but if,you want a more stock approach,getting a google pixel may be the better,you know thing for you now it does have,an actual bigger battery size than you,would imagine it has a 4,000 milliamp hour battery and that is a,pretty big size battery to have on this,device,now it is non-removable so you cant go,and like remove the battery and do all,that stuff but i think for the most part,like,its not that bad of an experience like,its a really good size battery on here,its a you know bigger battery,size than the iphone 12 pro max i mean,thats crazy to think,that a phone at this like price tag has,a bigger battery than those but thats,actually the case,so i think thats a really good thing,that this phone is going for it and it,may be one of the best things that this,phone has going forward,in general you know i think this phone,is a you know its a budgeteer phone you,know i,you have to keep that in mind but i do,like these little things where samsung,just puts in you know like a micro sd,card slot,or a bigger battery like those type of,things really add a lot more i think you,know,feature set to these type of budget,phones and it makes me think that,you know why dont manufacturers just,put bigger size batteries in their,devices like this thing has a you know,a really big size battery and i dont,know why the you know galaxy s21 cant,have a bigger size pad and all that,stuff,if it is a cheap part but other than,that that pretty much covers it up there,now lets start it off with the,performance this thing has the qualcomm,snapdragon,450 chipset an adreno 506 gpu,and there are a ton of different models,of this but they range from two gigs of,ram,all the way up to four gigs of ram my,specific galaxy 11,only had 2 gigs of ram and what i can,tell you is is that its definitely an,interesting experience,because like i mentioned visually it,looks like a pretty decent phone it,doesnt look too bad,but it pretty much is a pretty slow,performing phone and it is pretty choppy,and pretty laggy,even for basic things like if youre,just going to go ahead and just like,start texting people and

Samsung Galaxy A11 Review!

what is going on everyone my name is,Kevin and in todays video I am bringing,you the review of the Samsung Galaxy a,11 this smartphone has an infinity o,hole punch camera cutout display a micro,SD card slot headphone jack and to,advanced unlock biometrics which I,really fancy its got a six point four,inch display but dont worry there is a,mighty 4,000 milliamp hour battery to,really keep this thing powered up its,also the most affordable device I have,checked out from Samsungs a series,lineup its previous generation the,galaxy 810 was internationally the,best-selling Android phone of last year,this has gone on sale for one hundred,and sixty-five dollars now if you wait,just a couple of weeks youll actually,see some price decreases and Ill,elaborate on that in just a bit now you,already know this phone is going to be,selling superhot and online stores and,retail stores and in carrier stores but,today you will find out if this overall,package is enough for you as is,customary in my review videos Ill be,answering your important questions about,the phone going over all the main,features throughout the video the pros,and the cons lets start with the,display with a 11 we have Samsungs TFT,panel not AMOLED or IPS TF T stands for,thin film transistor its a type of LCD,panel that brings cost-saving benefits,for Samsung and its more efficiently,cut down in the manufacturing process so,that figures how they got a hole punch,cut out on a phone of this price the,technical jargon aside what you really,care about is the displays colors and,the sharpness the color saturation of,the panel is nice its similar to the a,20s which I used for a very long time at,regular viewing distance the sharpness,here is satisfactory as well when you,start pixel peeping youll clearly,notice that its not as sharp as the a,51 or the a 31 however the lower pixel,density does not bother me and it did,not ruin watching videos on the phone,for me speaking of that a 31 I wanted to,quickly mention that I am working on the,review of this phone and youre gonna,see that popping up on the channel real,soon,6.4 inches at a resolution of 1560 by,720 gives it a pixel density of 268,pixels per inch this whole TFT panel,versus AMOLED topic will be further,explored in my follow-up comparison,videos in my time with the phone one of,the things that really stood out to me,was the responsiveness of that rear,physical scanner its just one top on,the back and youre powered on youre,unlocked theres no need to type in your,password or even do the face recognition,unlock whats really cool about this,scanner for me is that theres no,accidental registrations of the,fingerprint when youre not intending to,unlock the phone so if youre swiping,your hand across the back just casually,its not going to register and be like a,failed attempt at an unlock so for this,I am very thankful on another good note,the carrier compatibility of this phone,is great any GSM carrier will work I,know a lot of my viewers are from the US,and using t-mobile or AT&T so for you,this is good news too I am just happy,that I got my hands on this phone early,literally the morning after its release,I unbox this for my friends in Nigeria,the 811 hasnt quite come out to the,retailer Junia just yet now when it does,and when I see cheaper links in the US,the UK India when it comes to other,African countries and the Middle East I,will be linking those in the description,below with the cheapest pricing I can,find available anyways there are not a,lot of in-depth videos or reviews on,this phone so if you appreciate this,video drop a like on it and comment down,below if you just found my channel or if,youve been a subscriber for a while,the a11 is running android 10 with one,UI version – this means most of the,galaxy phone editions that ive come to,really enjoy are found here such as the,FM radio app ultra data saving mode and,dolby atmos there is even a face unlock,biometric which isnt as technologically,advanced and secure as say apples face,ID regardless its still fast and,convenient the only one feature that I,really wanted to see on this phone that,did not make the cut is Samsung decks,but I can live without it,before we talk about performance battery,life the cameras and everything else,Ill cover the package contents the box,is very similar to every other current,generation a series phone inside is the,USB c2 standard a cable a 2 amp adaptive,fast charger and the stock Samsung,earbuds its worth mentioning there is,no inclusion of a clear case or,pre-installed screen protector now lets,discuss battery life because this is one,area where the 8-11 shines I was ending,off my day of typical smartphone use,with between 20 to 25 percent battery,remaining Im watching YouTube videos,doing some light gaming and checking the,news often all while the brightness is,set to high when I just took it out of,the box I went into these settings and,made some minor adjustments that I,personally think are mandatory in the,developer menu scaled down the,animations to 0.5 and in advanced,features toggle on reduce animations,this prevents a noticeable drag and,hindrance in performance the default,animation scaling ruined the experience,for me with lag but I felt it was only,fair to make these adjustments which are,easy and afterwards you get way more out,of the phone now were on the same page,as to how I am judging the phones,performance my day-to-day tasks ran just,fine on the a Elevens octa-core 1.8,gigahertz processor the chip is paired,with 2 gigabytes of RAM on this model,and there is also a three gigabyte RAM,variant as well with two gigs of RAM on,this phone reopening background apps,becomes slower than my 820 s general,speed and performance otherwise outside,of app switching hasnt been anything to,complain about though gaming on the a11,was about what I had expected the titles,that I like playing are FPS games so,Call of Duty mobile modern strike online,and pub G on Cod mobile for instance the,low graphics setting ran completely fine,without freezing up medium settings were,also playable and I chose to run the,game at medium after my game testing and,most people will enjoy the gaming,experience of this setting as much as I,am – if you take,our gaming a little bit more seriously,lets say you really want to win this,one v1 match in an FPS title against,your friends well I would recommend that,you stick to the low or medium graphics,settings bumping it up all the way to,the top settings on Macs or even high,settings in FPS titles will result in,lag onto storage the internal 32,gigabytes is not a great deal of space,its enough for all of the apps that I,want to install on the phone but movies,pictures and other media should ideally,be stored on micro SD storage as for,build quality its plastic as you can,tell and much like its predecessor the,galaxy 810 the comfort of holding this,phone in your hands is pleasant the,volume buttons have a nice view and,audible tactility I would even go as far,as to rate the volume keys and 8 out of,10,now the power button on the other hand,is more like a 5 out of 10 its nothing,special its definitely less tactile,than the volume keys which is,interesting now we are on to the cameras,this is a breakdown of what these lenses,do and their individual specification,the main lens is 13 megapixels @f 1.8,the secondary lens is for ultra wives,this takes both videos and photos ultra,wide images are taken at 5 megapixels at,an aperture of f-22 the third one is a,depth scanning camera this helps for,portrait blur images both the front,camera and the rear have this portrait,mode option back to that main 13,megapixel lens photos taken on it,actually were not bad,colors turned out nice so was the,sharpness of the images and dynamic,range is acceptable autofocus is very,usable and aside from its lack of oh is,or electronic stabilization the video,capability met my expectations for this,price bracket personally I am not,bothered by the fact that it


hey guys its your third girl Mary and,welcome back to my channel for todays,event occurs another budget phony to,Olive Commerce Casino say it must be,Fred knew this past few days I am gonna,budget phones cocina chambray online,classes clement enormous miami choices,when it comes to smartphones Nogami ten,and speaking of smartphones guys Im,gonna gonna give a big language horrible,but Im meeting him on our smartphones,neon undiscounted cell is added each,Covina file on your casa Instagram coma,that oscillograph on Napoleon sharpen la,una this past few weeks stepped up of,birth double motherless upon existing,atomic on by sailors and up the Kings,Royal Highness arrow I dont know a,powerful guys let me back up and you,getting solicit a except Sunday action,against kasama Samsung Salazar the,meteor bounce capsule Neil address your,life in this is actually guys their,biggest sale of the year,Im pinnacle favorite fighter burrito,free shipping lahat actually miss your,press our signal maritime voucher code,you can just use my BBS 500 500 500,pesos discount for a minimum purchase of,5000 pesos peridot some of our commuters,anyway in the path of an oncoming,Mongoose on a fiery at the martini and,then I swear mobile s mobile yet now,back to the video so this is the Samsung,Galaxy a 11 previously guys zoom in and,possibly live in happiness Im so I made,dreams device its the samsung galaxy,m31 you know battery can grab it Im not,an empathic capacity know if you want a,smartphone now must stand and voice in,your lineup at NASA la busca what you,dont really like bringing mama power,box bearish amplify oh man you even a,limited landing budget so married buying,Samsung Galaxy II 11 I actually got this,unless I dont fingers Ill be putting,down the link below I got that for 7490,and then I wanna enjoy SS never PP and,on Im not sure if its a physical,storing on samsung because Ive been Im,Erin even cool like a to let no white,and red Chevrolet vanilla coil,measurement smokin damn thing man,ceramic shampoo you wanna human must,appealing somewhat as this is the,Samsung Galaxy 11 in blue well Im a new,special deals Ive seen blue lambda,known thicken up and guys surprise to,7490 or 75 Anna Boch I am it because I,hang on Samsung Galaxy 11,Ill be honest guys first impressions,and unboxing long passages that the the,unit I think yes TV oral history veggies,by the usual Samsung unboxing if you,pull up what you can expect,hi guys the usual Samsung unboxing if,you pull up like nothing toe parama,happen at the new Lord we have here the,smaller box lets just pay pending in an,area continued silent pala listener then,we have the Quick Start Guide and a,warranty card so well app Italian jelly,keys for the Samsung Galaxy II 11 but I,think this also known as a series me,free jet is now second and aluminum last,time and we also have the food itself,and guys Im kinda divided impeccable,you know my opinion opinion actually,gets into Samsung Galaxy easy no one you,can unlock Sierra Nevada Mahna Mahna,Mahna box a Chilis tech palenik,induction on and Valera and jelly SEO so,its as you guys know maritime infinity,or display and their attention,fingerprint scanner Maryland Im 15 watt,fast charging brick its good guys the,maritime fast chargers budget phone and,Sun so a chambray USB type-c charging,cables of good news in Yamaha a charge,it from Samsung Galaxy 11 Vitas a studio,and Al Amin Amin are I guess we see its,the norm and must versatile one thing I,like about Samsung guys completo Celica,box of steel and like other brands no,budget phones now most of the time,caligo a linear folds at Champlain were,gonna Allison and oh no I think button,dot or the sim ejector tool so lets get,that out of the way after they fully put,this happen and I think Allison an,Athenian plastic aluminum economicus,thermoplastic yeah thats a sign of,plastic,Im joined calzones and Facebook,community next year dr. Mary Ill be,linking it down below para mas updated,color usually the government for post-op,was gonna propose to you Monica when,your family dont sell and Abu suppose a,comprar got you know small community net,and actually it was active before and,you know McCallum active Olathe,manoharan Vegas and they get known and,easy stick area McNeil of dilution on,work pero I think my on the dementia but,anyway again this is the Samsung Galaxy,eleven I make a case against although,agreements a learning algorithm on a,gradient this I mean it was a budget for,the lab at least in me cylinder to focus,Lancer head and luck actually Mary,nestled among cooling ion and I think,sever country my white a positive,momentum fire on a lemon powder blue,baby blue beetles a fanciful appeals,ecchymotic eaten your dinner amendment,on three both camera setup Mito actually,gauge for the fingerprint scanner,location of a sovereignty issue Machado,may pass I didnt even do much hardness,are given a knock eleven copper me,adjust you the lillico so often I was a,placement actually against nationally,babylonica low-key you knocking,headphone jack gotta be known I you,microphone cell 11,from microphone USB type-c port at the,condom speaker grille 218 volume rocker,and power bottle so I am guys upon,checking dual signature and expandable,via microSD card so I am guys all the,Samsung Galaxy II 11s and and Kappa,setup cool intense onion tobago say im,amanda persico savannah,admin a specific issues and about Norma,lemon and chambray the primary equality,and the gaming performance all of this,our first impressions lahat a based,Sunderland DeMarco Nanyang,I guarantee poet or if you just say,physical appearance guys its same with,some other brands budget phones lastic,back plastic frame yes LLL hack boy made,of polycarbonate plastic which is for,budget for sigani tournament alayka Im,waiting a 10-point 177 camps actually,screamed in Laconia which adds more,grips on device she didnt Cabelas,a champion and oDesk on the maritime,franchise veto finally Maga adapter and,Im on a budget foods about a mile in,the punch will display actually no,account display brightness non-dependent,atonium Pina a maximum and for an IPS,LCD panel its not bad brainy Papa,Segura viudas Concannon pain by you can,dine on this planar outdoor maritime six,point four inches IPS LCD display and,their invention 720 by 15 60 pixels,resolution actually guys managed from,81.6% screen to by the ratio which is,good,open your size 9 for a budget phone,paradise dont Sam a banged-up Rancho,abandon IVA bünyamin Jimmys in bloom,Nepal theyre very mean and Im gonna,coffees gas pedal utility in motion,marquita more at speaking of the point,through displaces and get in a rhythm,entire Canyon camera or front camera is,actually 8 megapixels but in fairness,gasps I know quality of ADA magneto,watch Outlander want a better experience,against Cobra Danza previously no valid,phone in inbox Nathan youre poor even,to Metro Musburger,then quality nominee bigger NATO and,generations you know one who I got all,your cannon front camera heading white,or white there your field of view I go,sample cameras and I totally focus upon,Iran at the new triple time you set up,yet silicon main camera is 13 megapixels,F 1.8 a virtual 5 megapixels F 2.2,aperture for the ultra wide camera and,lastly to make a pizza F 2.4 aperture,for the depth sense or actual occasional,photo Samara Nevada the Samsung Galaxy,II 11 million column shot penetrant Lexy,JSON Yoko they are out of a paper not as,impressive again as I prevented food,cinema Basma in the past measure who,long shots a detail and I will throw a,case major a disappoint the house of,quality so I thread the unit use double,throw in Anna Nagar nor Pasha to Gustav,but Im sure a man gets out the door I,think Samsung Galaxy 811 you can mean,anything it will work the man for as,long as mechanic lighting I will try,again Im against recommend photos now,outdoor Perriman Aminata come in and,different are being a giver back doles,of quality for the colors of the,Namibian beginn

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