1. Samsung Galaxy A21 Full Review! A Great Phone With One Big Problem…
  2. Samsung Galaxy A21 Unboxing & First Impressions!
  3. Samsung Galaxy A21s review
  4. Samsung Galaxy A21 Six months later review: My favorite budget phone!
  5. Samsung Galaxy A21 – Review! (New for 2020)
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Samsung Galaxy A21 Full Review! A Great Phone With One Big Problem…

whats going on guys my name is wade,with tech daily and in this video,ill be giving you my full review on the,samsung galaxy a21,now if you read the title and assumed,im here to clickbait you or prolong the,video for no reason,dont worry im gonna get into the,problem with this phone in like 30,seconds,let me just finish up the intro here and,well get right into it in general,i think the a21 is a solid phone its,going to be one of the most,widely available budget devices here in,the u.s with,countless wireless networks and prepaid,carriers starting to offer it,and i fully expect a lot of people to,buy it and if youre interested in the,a21 you should buy it,especially since its going to be,offered with discounts and deals,even at its full retail price for around,200 right now,thats still a good buy and if you guys,are interested in doing some comparison,shopping of your own or maybe want to,pick up this phone for yourself,ill have some links down below in the,video description to where you can get,this phone at its cheapest current,prices,so check down there so you dont miss,out on any good deals,now the thing about the a21 is this,while its a good phone on its own,i dont think its as stellar of a,device,as the a20 was last year for one reason,in particular,the display last years a20 shipped with,a beautiful,super amoled screen sure it was a 1560,by 720 resolution panel but ill still,take that,since it was a bright bold colorful oled,screen this year the new a21 got an,ips lcd screen at basically the same,resolution,1600 by 720. not only did the a21,drop the amoled screen it didnt even,get a bump up in resolution,that just doesnt make a whole lot of,sense and its a little insulting that,samsung pushed out,this new phone with in my opinion a,worse display than last years model,i truly believe the amoled screen on,last years a20 was,one of the main reasons why that phone,was so popular to begin with,it was a huge selling point on a really,reasonably priced device,this year samsung basically took a step,back and they kind of broke one of the,cardinal rules,of business dont start charging people,money for something they already had,now if you want to get an amoled screen,you have to jump up to the a31,a higher priced different tier phone the,a21s display,on its own is fine at 6.5 inches,its a huge panel and for a lot of folks,getting a screen size that big is great,its an awesome viewing experience,youve got a lot of real estate to work,with,and in general theres nothing wrong,with the lcd panel itself,if you arent coming from an a20 you,wont have any complaints,but if you are coming from an a20 and,this is sort of the whole point,its a downgrade and frankly its one,big reason,to not upgrade to the a21 this year,thats really tough for me to say,because,every other new a series phone this year,was actually a decent upgrade,from the previous years model but not,in this case,now the rest of the phone does have,plenty thats changed,new specs new cameras and a few other,things that ill mention,so thats good at least but its just,tough for me to get over that screen,its disappointing and it kind of kills,a lot of the value that this a series,phone,had and by the way this does sort of,mean that last years a20,is an even better buy this year this is,an instance where going with last years,phone,might mean youre actually getting more,so now you know my biggest gripe maybe,im overreacting but id love to know,your,thoughts in the comments down below too,so let me know what you think in the,meantime lets go ahead and talk about,everything else thats going on,with this phone physically the a21 is,basically,on par with the rest of samsungs budget,and mid-range lineup and thats to say,that its an,all-plastic build though the one color,choice all black,isnt as flashy or as colorful as the,shiny rainbow finish from some other,phones but theres nothing wrong with,simplicity,the build is fine samsung is pretty much,mastered utilizing plastic,while still ensuring the phone it,doesnt feel cheap,and the biggest consideration with this,device really just has to do with its,size,like i mentioned already at six and a,half inches this is a big phone,its actually the biggest in the entire,a series lineup just by sheer body size,its a slim tall phone with that 20 by,nine aspect ratio,which means its a bit of a stretch to,reach every corner,it wont fit everyones fingers but at,the same time getting a huge screen,anyway for this price is probably going,to be a positive for most people,this year samsung moved the camera,cutout to the corner with their infinity,o,setup and kept a big bottom chin down,below,not the best in terms of maximizing,space but overall the phone does,look modern while still referencing the,fact that it is a budget device,taking a look around at everything else,the a21 isnt missing anything important,which is great,weve got expandable storage via a micro,sd card slot on the side,the same familiar button placements down,below theres the headphone jack,usbc charging port and single speaker,which is good enough,it sounds the same as about any other,single speaker setup and across the back,theres obviously a bunch of camera,lenses which ill get into in a second,as well as the physical fingerprint,sensor you guys know with phones at this,price point,i like the rear mounted fingerprint,sensor its simple its fast,its easy to find and most importantly,secure and,for budget phones like this one theres,just no need to move to an in-display,reader,the a21 also utilizes face unlock 2,which works fine,i tend to pair up both unlocking methods,when i use this phone,and i quickly get into the device one,way or another theres no issues here,now when it does come to specs and,performance this is,actually where a lot of people sort of,criticized the a21,they werent really happy with whats,inside with this phone but honestly in,my experience,i found the phone performs better than i,expected the a21 is actually powered by,the mediatek helio p35,processor three gigabytes of ram and 32,gigabytes of built-in storage,with like i said the option to add an sd,card for more,now here are the geekbench and antutu,benchmark scores,so you can get an idea of what were,working with but in,real world use the a21 is a solid device,a year or two ago going with a mediatek,processor,especially in the samsung space was kind,of unheard of,and likely would have been a bad choice,these chipsets had,not so good of a reputation this year,though in a bunch of 20 20 phones,actually the mediatek processors have,performed a lot better,and id go as far as to say that any,criticism you might have had for them,isnt as warranted nowadays this is a,phone that for most,everyday tasks feels fast and id argue,the truly limiting factor,isnt the processor itself more the ram,options that you get,three gigs i dont think is enough,nowadays four should be the minimum with,the option to go beyond that if you want,to pay more but its a bummer because,theres no,other configuration options to choose,from you cant pay any extra to get any,more,and you notice the low ram when you,start to flip back and forth in the apps,things just arent running in the,background nothing stays current really,everything always has to be reloaded and,you also feel that ram limitations,when gaming not as much in game ill get,to that in a second but mostly when you,first,launch these graphics heavy apps they,take a minute or two to get to the main,screen which isnt ideal,you certainly need to have a little bit,of patience but once youre finally,in you do get a pretty good gaming,experience,sure theres a frame drop from time to,time but everything is very playable,this is a phone you can confidently game,with and enjoy,pretty much any titles you want and,thats awesome for a device at this,price point in my time using the phone,there wasnt anything this phone,couldnt handle but i will say this in,2020,you can get a lot of phone for not a lot,of money,a

Samsung Galaxy A21 Unboxing & First Impressions!

whats going on guys my name is Wade,tech daily and in this video were gonna,be unboxing the brand new samsung galaxy,a 21 now this is a really interesting,phone for a couple of reasons first off,here in the United States this is going,to be the most widely available sort of,budget a series phone its coming to the,big carriers the prepaid networks and I,think its going to be a popular device,for folks looking for something,affordable however its kind of sort of,already outdated in a way Samsung came,out with the a 21s a few weeks ago which,is more of an international phone not,really available here in the US yet but,its a step up its a better device than,this one and its sort of weird that,Samsung would release both the a 21 and,a 21s at the same time looking past that,though I do think this regular a 21 is,still a somewhat competitive device on,its own it does fit nicely in the now,very big lineup of a series phone,samsung has released this year so far,and I am still excited to check it out,so enough talking lets go ahead and,dive on in here and see what the new,Samsung Galaxy 821 is all about if,youve seen literally any other a series,phone unboxed the packaging and set up,here with this 821 is basically the same,but Ill go through it anyway just so,you can see what all comes inside,sliding off the outer sleeve here the,first thing we see is a small little,package with Samsung written right,across the front and inside is actually,just some instructions and paperwork and,a couple languages interestingly enough,this documentation seems to be for both,the a 21 and cheaper a 11 which is a,little strange youll notice too that we,do not get any included clear case with,the a 21 either so thats kind of a,shame next we have the phone itself of,course and Ill set it to the side for,just a moment while we go through the,rest of the stuff thats included first,we get the sim ejector tool and a little,baggie here so it doesnt get lost and,then of course you also get a USB a 2,USB C charging cable and the standard 15,watt Samsung branded fast charging wall,plug all in all nothing unexpected here,with this stuff so here is the samsung,galaxy,8:21 itself you can see it comes in this,shiny black color which is actually the,only option available right now and yes,that ugly sticker on the back does come,off cleanly so no worries there first,off lets actually talk about pricing,and availability with the a21 like I,said this phone here in the US is,already available on the big networks,like Verizon t-mobile and Sprint and,its full retail price looks to be two,hundred and forty nine dollars but right,now theres a bit of a sale running with,the phone actually being listed for a,hundred and ninety-nine dollars the a21,is also available on Metro by t-mobile,and should be coming to Cricut and boost,and possibly some other carriers,sometime soon and eventually this phone,should be available unlocked as well for,somewhere between 180 and 250 dollars,thats basically the price range Im,going to use for this video like I,mentioned a second ago if youve seen,most of the other a series phones this,a21 is probably going to look pretty,familiar but there are a few important,things to point out first off the a21 is,a six point five inch device its a,really big phone and even though like,the a 71 has a bigger screen for example,the a 21s form factor its body and,housing is larger because of the bezels,that frame it just by sheer size it is,the largest a series phone in the lineup,and you can certainly feel that in a,hand in one sense getting a big device,with a huge screen like this for 200,bucks is a pretty good deal obviously,theres a lot of screen real estate here,to enjoy your content but this is the,kind of phone that just doesnt really,fit everyone its a bit tougher to use,one-handed youve really got a stretch,to reach those corners and sides of the,phone and Id say if you have any issues,with even like a 6 inch phone this is,probably going to be too big for you,maybe if you have the chance try it in,store before you buy it if you can its,really hard to overstate just how large,of a device this phone is design-wise we,get a bit of a refreshed look with a,hole-punch camera cut out up,thats off-center there similar to how,the a11 looks though down below we still,have a fairly large sized bottom bezel,that does contribute to the phones,larger overall size so while Samsung,made some changes to give the phone a,more modern look it doesnt exactly,compete with the likes of the a 51 or a,71 for example and it still has that,more budget phone design to it though to,be honest as much as I like to complain,about the bezels and borders its not,terrible and doesnt really negatively,affect anything with the phone aside,from adding some extra millimeters all,around as far as the housing and,materials since this isnt a series,device youve got a plastic back that,sort of imitates glass though you can,tell pretty easily that it is a cheaper,plastic material I think it still looks,pretty good I just wish this phone came,in a couple of other colors or maybe had,that rainbow effect some other a-series,phones have I know some people like this,super simple look but I miss having a,bit of character and Colour,one other thing worth noting the frame,of this 8:21 is a matte finish the rest,of the a-series phones have a glossy,frame again it doesnt really matter but,I think it just adds to this phone,looking a bit more basic and boring and,perhaps a little cheaper compared to the,rest of the lineup and by the way if,youre curious here is what the aid 21,looks like when compared to the a 21s,you can sort of see VA 21s has slimmer,bezels around the screen different,camera module around back with better,lenses that shiny shimmering finish and,inside the a 21s is the better more,powerful phone – Im gonna have a more,in-depth comparison video with these two,phones soon so look out for that but if,youre just looking for the straight,answer the 821 s is the better option,obviously and if you have the,opportunity and you want to spend a,little bit more money you should,probably get that phone instead to be,totally honest taking a look around at,everything else on the left side theres,the sim and SD card tray the right side,has the volume and power buttons down,below theres the headphone jack USB C,charging port and the single downward,firing speaker across the back you can,see a whole bunch of new camera lenses,which Ill go over and,just a minute and next to that we get a,rear-mounted fingerprint sensor Ive,probably said this a million times,already but I like having the physical,rear-mounted fingerprint sensor on these,more budget-friendly phones theyre easy,to use inexpensive to include fast,accurate secure and I personally just,prefer them over the in display readers,of even some of the flagship phones in,addition to that the a21 also supports,face unlock which is great I always pair,up both unlocking methods together to,get into my phone as fast as possible,though more often than not face unlock,is whats going to quickly get the job,done and thats exactly what Im seeing,here on the a21 when it comes to the,display its big size is only part of the,story and theres actually something,really important to talk about here with,the a21 the phone packs is six and a,half inch IPS LCD panel with a,resolution of 1600 by 720 and cramming,in around 270 pixels per inch,last years 820 had a six point four,inch Super AMOLED screen which is a,fantastic display it was probably the,selling point of that phone last year,and one of the main reasons why so many,people including myself recommended it I,really have no idea why Samsung went,backwards here with the a21 and offered,an IPS LCD display rather than AMOLED,like the 820 its a bad choice in my,opinion and not even the a21 s has an,AMOLED screen either so I just dont,really get it in general theres nothing,necessarily wrong with the 821 s display,its bright enough its colour

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Samsung Galaxy A21s review

hi everyone the samsung galaxy a21s,is an entry-level smartphone with all,the basics you could want,and a decent all-around camera for the,price theres an hd plus lcd screen,a huge five thousand milliamp hour,battery four cameras,fingerprint scanner and even nfc and fm,radio,all starting at 170 euros so,what else does samsungs entry level get,you in 2020,im ricky for gsm arena and this is our,review of the samsung galaxy,a21s,[Music],just because a phone is cheap doesnt,mean it has to look like it,the galaxy a21s is built with a plastic,frame,and backside and samsung knows how to,make plastic look nice,the bezels around the screen are,decently thin and theres a small sized,punch hole camera in the upper corner,all in all a sleek looking phone theres,a headphone jack at the bottom of the,phone,next to the usbc port and loudspeaker,the sim tray is on the left side and it,has room for two nano sim cards,and a micro sd card around back theres,the quad camera setup,and the fingerprint scanner lets take a,closer look at this screen,its a tft lcd screen with 720p,resolution,and a tall 20×9 aspect ratio,at 270 pixels per inch it isnt the,sharpest screen around,but thats well expected in this price,range we tested 491 nits of max,brightness,which is about average but weve seen,much dimmer,theres a generously sized 5 000,milliamp hour battery here,which resulted in exceptional battery,life we tested 119 hours of endurance,overall,with almost 40 hours of talk time and,between 17 and 18 hours of,video and web browsing with the included,15 watt fast charger,you get a 26 charge in half an hour,charging is a bit slow but the endurance,numbers certainly make up for that,the loudspeaker scored average in our,test and in our experience,it sounds quiet and barely loud,[Music],the phone is powered by a samsung exynos,850 chipset,and paired with three four or six,gigabytes of ram,and up to 64 gigabytes of storage its,performance scores were not,impressive despite being an octa-core,chip playing games,isnt ideal on the a21s but it is,possible,everyday performance is okay but it does,begin to lag and stutter a bit,as you load more apps and content,honestly we expect it better,even for a budget phone the phone comes,loaded with samsungs one ui 2.1,and we have to say that samsungs been,able to consistently match,the look and feel of its ui across,devices,the interface is straightforward,customizable and well organized,of course being a budget phone theres,no edge panel or,always on display but the phone supports,android 10 gestures,and universal dark mode is the standard,setting up a fingerprint is done with a,couple of swipes and it works quickly,consistently and reliably,this quad camera setup is impressive for,a budget range phone,there are four main cameras with a,primary 48 megapixel camera,an 8 megapixel ultra wide 2 megapixel,macro,and 2 megapixel depth sensor,the camera app is quite standard for,samsung and the only thing weve noticed,thats missing is a proper night mode,daylight shots from the main camera look,good although there isnt much detail,everything else is in order low noise,with nice sharpness and accurate colors,dynamic range is quite good as well,thanks to auto hdr,in the ultra wide shots theres still,enough detail with great colors,dynamic range isnt as good as on the,main camera,but its still about average honestly,weve seen much worse,from even more expensive phones so were,happy with this ultrawide camera so far,the 2 megapixel macro camera has a fixed,focus at around 4 centimeters,as long as you manage to get the,distance just right shots are detailed,enough,with accurate colors contrast could be a,little better though,the 2 megapixel depth camera helps with,portrait photos and theyre quite good,theres plenty of detail and great,contrast subject separation works very,well for its class,and the artificial blur looks nice as,well,low-lit photos shot with the main camera,look great,with enough detail and nice saturation,as it gets darker though,noise reduction gets more aggressive and,details get smeared,all in all the pictures are still usable,for social apps,remember theres no proper night mode,for the galaxy a21s,as for the ultra wide camera in low,light details are mostly gone,and it gets worse with less light so low,light photos with the ultra wide,arent really usable the punch hole,selfie camera has a 13 megapixel sensor,which will result in either 13 megapixel,wide shots or 8 megapixel crops,selfies look average and dont have much,detail,colors look washed out and its missing,some contrast,portrait selfies are okay subject,separation,isnt stellar but to be honest it could,have been worse,the galaxy 821s shoots 1080p video at 30,frames per second,and video looks outstanding theres a,lot of detail,and great sharpness colors are accurate,and dynamic range looks natural,contrast is also very good the ultra,wide cameras video is,sharp with colors true to life but,dynamic range isnt as good on this,camera,the samsung galaxy a21s is a,well-equipped entry-level smartphone,but the fact is that there are so many,other smartphones,in this sub 200 euro price range,interestingly enough the samsung galaxy,a20 from last year has an amoled screen,and a faster processor for the same,price even though it doesnt have the,macro or depth cameras from the new a21s,its a trade-off wed be willing to make,so,the galaxy a21s isnt a bad phone,its just that there are better,offerings for the same amount of cash,i mean even samsung has a better phone,for the same price,still the galaxy a21s gets you great,battery life,nice looking hardware and a decent,all-around camera but,its sluggish performance has us leaning,towards alternatives in this price range,im ricky with gsm marina and thanks for,watching take care,[Music],you

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Samsung Galaxy A21 Six months later review: My favorite budget phone!

[Music],hey whats up guys tech tying here and i,am back again with a brand new video so,before i begin this video as always i,want to thank you all so much for,watching this one if you enjoy my,content make sure you leave a thumbs up,also make sure youre subscribed to the,channel for more content,okay so in todays video were gonna be,reviewing the samsung galaxy a21,and this is gonna be my six month review,so,lets get started and were going to,start and were going to start talking,about the back of the phone,so the back is made entirely out of,glossier plastic,which some might call cheap to be honest,it doesnt really bother me,they do try to resemble glass its not,glass however,and the back actually has a unique,feature so if you shine it under,sunlight,at the right conditions you can actually,get this kind of cool,beam effect which some people might like,its,i mean its a nice look however i do,have to say,its best to slap a clear case on it or,a case in general because it is a,fingerprint magnet and also on the back,you have a couple of things,so you have your quad camera set up you,have your led flash as well as a,fingerprint,sensor and samsung make sure to put the,word the,the word quad camera on the side just so,that youll know,and i did an extensive review on the,camera ill leave it in the description,below,im also going to talk about the camera,a little bit in this video,okay so on the front you have your front,facing camera which is,a hole punch which is hole punched into,the screen of the phone,and speaking of screen so this is a,6.5 inch 720p panel so its 1600 by 720p,not the sharpest thing in the world,and to be honest looking back at the,galaxy 820 its kind of a downgrade if,you think about it,however its its a decent display its,quality i mean its samsung it is ips,panel its not oled and it is 720p,but its a large screen and a lot of,people like that so if you also look on,the side of the phone,youll find out that the camera,protrudes quite a bit,so this phone will rock back and forth,if you set it on a table or a flat,surface in general,now on the bottom of the phone you have,couple of things so you have your,headphone jack you have a microphone you,have your usbc,charging port as well as your bottom,facing speaker,now i will now the speaker is loud its,not the loudest thing ive ever heard,but its definitely,loud for a bottom facing speaker on the,on the side you have your power button,as well as your volume up and down,so they are more tactile than the,previous generation which is the galaxy,820,however theyre still plastic at the end,of the day and they,theyre not as tactile as some other,phones with plastic mesh around them so,on the top you also have a microphone,okay so now lets talk about the cameras,so heres how it goes so that you have a,quad camera setup like i said,so you also you first have your 16,megapixel standard wide lens,at f 1.8 you have an 8 megapixel f 2.2,at ultra wide and you have a 2 megapixel,macro as well as a 2 megapixel,depth sensor and the tldr behind the,camera is this first of all,the camera app is how you would expect,from samsung,if you use samsung devices before simple,straight to the point,uh pull up turn on the camera snap shoot,boom,as far as photo quality goes again i did,an extensive review,link in the description this camera,produces nice shots,under great lighting condition so if,your lighting conditions is dim,then dont expect much out of the camera,but overall,its its a good camera for the price of,course,now as far as specs goes heres your,spec sheet,so you have octa core processor so four,cores clocked at 2.3 gigahertz and the,other four,are clocked at 1.8 gigahertz you also,have 32 gigabytes of standard storage,as well as three gigabytes of ram now,this phone is not really meant to be,a powerhouse or anything crazy like that,however it performs,like you would expect from these types,of specs right,samsung also sped up the animation so,the phone would seem faster than it,actually is so opening up daily to apps,uh,multitasking things like that are snappy,and are quick which is,nice to see now as far as gaming goes,and things like that i mean you can game,right you can game but definitely set a,certain expectation,this one will first thermal throttle so,will get hot,the battery will suffer due to that and,yeah,thats as far as specs go now my bottom,line regarding the galaxy 821,so first this phone is if youre coming,from the 820,which by now a lot of people are,experiencing,slowdowns in their devices lagging and,i dont know samsung devices have had a,history regarding that,so definitely i think its time to,upgrade the a21 is not a bad upgrade you,do get a much better camera system,you get a bigger display its not as,good,in as far as quality because the 820 did,have,an oled screen however this ips panel is,still quality,its bigger screen so take it that way,you will,and again overall as far as specs goes,like i talked,its its definitely smooth it will,definitely get you,where you need to be so is this phone,a worthwhile upgrade as far as im,concerned for about 150 dollars,yeah however i want to do a comparison,between,it and the stylo 6 which are currently,the two of the,hottest budget phones out right now,and yeah so with that being said i hope,you guys enjoyed this video,please leave a thumbs up make sure you,subscribe to the channel and quickly i,want to thank you all for the 20,000 subscriber mark point thats amazing,lets keep it going thank you all so,much for watching and i will catch you,guys in the next video,thanks for watching

Samsung Galaxy A21 – Review! (New for 2020)

whats going on everyone this is Kevin,here coming at you with my Samsung,Galaxy a twenty one review so lets get,started,[Music],so this is my review of the new Samsung,Galaxy a twenty one now this phone is,the successor to last years Samsung,Galaxy a 20 and I do have a dedicated,comparison video between this phone and,that phone here on the channel already,so go over there to see everything that,is new with the a twenty one compared to,the aged one II but this video is gonna,focus on everything about this phone so,that you know exactly what youre,getting into you if you do happen to buy,it now the Samsung Galaxy a 21 is being,offered at a variety of different,carriers and is also likely going to be,offered factory unlocked very shortly so,definitely take a look at the links in,the video description to see the most,up-to-date pricing for the phone as Im,sure over time that will change now the,Samsung Galaxy a twenty one features a,very large 6.5 inch display now in 2020,thats a really good thing to have,because more now than ever are people,using their devices to watch video,content go in social media browse the,web and do a lot of things beyond just,making phone calls and sending text,messages so the display on here is there,a large it is an IPS LCD display at 720p,now despite this being LCD and despite,it being 720p I think the phone still,does have a good-looking display so,colors are very nice on here and youll,see more of that later on in the video,but also everything looks nice and crisp,and clear as well so Samsung did a,really great job with this display it is,a bit of a downgrade from the a20 from,last year because that phone had AMOLED,but again I go over all of that in that,specific comparison video now with the,device were getting a ppi of 270 were,getting a 20 by 9 asked,ratio so a narrow but tall form factor,here with the phone and were getting a,seventy nine point three percent screen,a body ratio so not a fantastic screen,Abadi ratio but also not a really bad,one either so at the bottom of the,device,we do have a decently large bottom bezel,and then all the other bezels around the,phone are not necessarily large but,theyre not really tiny either so I,still like the general design of the,phone I also really like that we are,getting a hole punch for the,front-facing camera but definitely,comparing this device to more premium,counterparts such as the galaxy a 51 and,a 71 we do have a design here thats a,little bit inferior now the front-facing,camera is 13 megapixels stay tuned to,later on in the video as Ill show you,photo and video samples from it with the,samsung galaxy a 21 we are getting 32,gigabytes of internal storage with,microSD card expansion now 32 gigs is,not impressive at all especially when,other phones that rival this such as the,LG stylo 6 offers 64 gigs now since,getting this phone I have installed a,variety of my own applications which I,like to use and Ive also taken a decent,amount of photos and videos and Ill,show you right now how much storage,remains on the phone so you can see here,I do have 14 point 2 gigabytes of the 32,available so thats not really a whole,lot now thankfully the phone does,support micro SD card expansion and I,definitely recommend getting a micro SD,card but I really wish this phone did,come with 64 gigs now there might be,other variants of the device that,launched in the future that do offer 64,gigs and if that happens then I,definitely recommend going with that,variant of the phone but all I know is,is that the union I have here has 32,gigs and its not quite enough but at,the same time its not too little that,it makes it a deal-breaker now theres,no wireless charging with the Samsung,Galaxy a 21 but we do get a fingerprint,sensor on the back so well give that a,try right now that was very fast in,addition to that were also getting face,unlock with the phone so you do have,multiple methods,beyond the pain code to unlock the,device now also on the back of the phone,is a quad camera setup so this is one of,the biggest innovations this year with,the a21 is that we are getting four,different cameras so were getting a 16,megapixel main camera an 8 megapixel,ultra wide-angle camera a 2 megapixel,depth sensing camera for portrait mode,and a 2 megapixel macro camera now in,addition to having portrait mode with,the rear camera on the device we also,get it with the front-facing camera and,it actually does a really good job,heres how things look on the camera app,this is with the standard main camera,now Im going to switch over to the,ultra wide-angle camera and you can see,that I can fit a lot more content here,into the frame then from there I can go,to live focus to use portrait mode or I,can go over to more and then from there,I can get to the macro camera and then I,can take very close-up photos of,different objects so definitely a very,well-rounded camera experience here,again stay tuned a little bit later on,in the video as Ill show you photo,video samples from it what I definitely,am very impressed with the cameras on,the device now the Samsung Galaxy a 21,features 3 gigabytes of RAM and the,mediatek helio p35 now 3 gigs of ram is,OK in 2020,I would have really liked to see 4 gigs,of RAM especially considering the price,of this phone and the mediatek helio p35,is pretty average as well now I did do a,benchmark test with the device and I got,an overall score of 1-0 4 4 3 2 so for,most people out there that will get the,job done its definitely a dramatic step,down from the various galaxy s 20,flagship phones but again for most,people out there this device will get,the job done for basic social media,tasks also watching video will be nice,and smooth and then if you want to do,phone calls and text messages that wont,be a problem either but its also not,extremely powerful I definitely,recommend if you can afford it to go for,the Samsung Galaxy a 51 instead as you,will get better performance from the,processor on that device now video,recording with the phone,maxes out at 1080p and that is a,consequence of having the mediatek helio,p35 because that processor does not,support 4k video now the Samsung Galaxy,a twenty one features a beefy 4000,million power internal battery with 15,watt fast charging compatibility so it,is nice to see that we are getting a,large battery with the phone thats,always very much appreciated now the,software on here is Samsungs 1ui 2.0,laid over Android 10 so in my opinion,thats one of the highlights with this,phone because Samsung did do a nice job,optimizing the software for it to,perform and very nicely with the,hardware here on the device another cool,thing too is that with one UI 2.0 were,getting a lot of bonus features,different features that you typically,would not find a stock Android and I go,over all of that in my dedicated tips,and tricks video about the device now,this particular variant of the samsung,galaxy a 21 which I purchased for Metro,by t-mobile does feature NFC however Im,not sure if every variant of the device,will have NFC since some variants,havent been launched yet I have no way,of knowing but my recommendation is to,double check for the specific variant of,the phone that youre buying to see if,it does indeed have NFC well it the fact,that this phone does is a very good sign,now as far as call quality goes thats,been a very good experience here at the,phone no issues to report when it comes,to that so keep that in mind,but now that weve gone over the major,specifications of the Samsung Galaxy a,21 lets take a closer look at the,hardware its already talked a lot about,the front panel here but I am a big fan,of having the hole punch for the,front-facing camera I personally prefer,that over having a notch,I feel like this gives you a more,immersive experience and in general I,think its better but let me know what,you think in the comments section below,now the device has a matte plastic band,right around the sides of it on the left,side with the slot for t

Samsung Galaxy A21 in 2022 – (Still Worth It?)

is the samsung galaxy a21 worth buying,in 2022 well in this video were gonna,find out hi everyone this is kevin here,and this is the samsung galaxy a21 now,the galaxy a21 was first released in,june of 2020 which at this point makes,the device about a year and a half old,and it is pretty amazing how fast time,flies because i remember it really,wasnt too long ago when i first got,this phone and had a chance to compare,it to its predecessor,which was the a20 now of course since,then weve also gotten the a22 5g and,im sure the a23 is right around the,corner now this device since being,launched has been a huge success at the,various prepaid carriers in the us now,the a21s,which i will be doing a similar,follow-up video about was also a huge,success but that phone primarily was,launched in international markets,outside of the us and then the a21 was,pretty much meant for prepaid carriers,and then also for post paid carriers as,a more affordable option now this,particular device i originally bought at,metro by t-mobile and it still is,holding up very nicely now with the,galaxy a21 were getting a 6.5 inch,display so a pretty large display,overall and with that display were,getting ips lcd technology it is 720p,with a ppi of 270 however in general i,feel like the display still does look,very nice it certainly doesnt look like,720p at first glance which makes it,especially impressive considering that,it does have such a large display,typically with a display this big and a,resolution of 720p it would be very easy,to tell that the display is low quality,but in this situation samsung really,pulled it off very well now were,getting a 20×9 aspect ratio say more,narrow but taller form factor here which,is pretty similar to many of the devices,that have been launched over the last,couple of years this form factor is,becoming more and more popular because,it really does work nicely with how most,people use their mobile devices nowadays,typically people are using their phones,less and less for phone calls and more,for video chats browsing social media,browsing the web and especially if you,have your social media feed pulled up on,your device having this taller display,comes in handy because you can see more,of your feed in a single frame without,having to scroll quite as much so im,definitely a big fan of that now this,device features a 79.3,screen to body ratio which overall is,pretty decent you probably noticed,already but we have pretty slim bezels,on the sides and top and then the bottom,of the device does have a little bit of,a thicker bezel here but in general i,think the phone has a good practical,design and im especially happy to see,that we do have a hole punch for the,front-facing camera now the front-facing,camera is 13 megapixels and definitely,take a look at my a21 review that i did,quite a while ago here in the channel as,youll be able to see a variety of,different photo and video samples from,this device but in general with my,experience of using the various cameras,here in the phone it definitely takes,good enough photos and videos that,theyre worth keeping and posting to,social media maybe the only situation,where the cameras would be inadequate as,if youre using your device as a tool to,go along with work so for example maybe,you are a realtor and you want to take,photos of an inside of a property that,youre about to list i definitely,wouldnt use the a21 as the camera to,take those photos but if you just want,to take a photo here or there maybe to,preserve some memories when youre on,vacation for example then this phone is,certainly fine for that now with this,device were getting 32 gigabytes of,internal storage which definitely isnt,too much but thankfully we do have,microsd card expansion so you can at,least add a little bit more storage to,the device now with the a21 there is no,wireless charging which is a bit,disappointing however we do have a,fingerprint sensor on the back of the,phone and this device also has face,unlock you can see right here in the,settings we have facial recognition and,then the fingerprints and then well,give the fingerprint sensor a try right,now,very quick one more time,very fast so im definitely a big fan of,that fingerprint sensor and in general,the placement is also pretty convenient,maybe if it was slightly lower it would,have made things a bit better but,overall it does work well and i am of,course glad that we do also have facial,recognition here now as far as the,cameras go in the back of the device we,do have a quad camera setup which is,pretty impressive theres a 16 megapixel,main camera an 8 megapixel ultra wide,angle camera which allows you to fit,more content into the frame its,especially helpful if youre taking,photos or videos outdoors for example we,also have a 2 megapixel depth sensing,camera to assist with portrait mode so,you can get those nice blurred out,backgrounds and we have a 2 megapixel,macro camera for close-up images so,lets pull up the camera app right now,and give it a try,theres me right there so of course this,is with the front-facing camera we also,have an option here to crop out a bit so,if you do want to take a group selfie it,does come in handy for that we can also,go over to live focus to get portrait,modes so again those nice blurred out,backgrounds that know that are more and,more popular more now than ever well,flip around to the rear camera and we,have the same effect here so you can get,those blurred out backgrounds of course,we can go over to the standard camera,and just take regular photos as well and,then if you do want to crop out a bit we,can go to that ultra wide angle camera,so the ultra wide angle camera,especially comes in handy if you are,like i mentioned a bit ago on vacation,maybe theres a big building you want to,take a photo of its certainly going to,be a lot easier to capture that with the,ultra wide angle camera compared to just,the standard camera but either way at,least you have a lot of different,options here so you can go whichever,route best suits your needs then going,over to the more tab you can see here we,have macro and then with the macro,camera we can get very close up and have,things be in really nice detail so again,you know none of the cameras that this,device has are necessarily the best out,there compared to pretty much any,high-end phone but at the same time i do,appreciate that we do have a variety of,different options and features and,abilities here and who knows maybe if,you get this phone and you find yourself,using the ultra wide angle camera then,you can justify going for something more,expensive as your next device,essentially you know this is kind of a,starter phone in the sense that you can,try all these features see what you,actually like or dont like and then if,you want to take things to the next,level then you can always upgrade to one,of samsungs top phones like the s21 for,example now with the samsung galaxy a21,we have three gigabytes of ram and the,mediatek helio p35 processor now it is,interesting to see you know with this,device and other devices that have been,launched since then samsung has more and,more often than including mediatek,processors with their lower end devices,and in general its not a terrible thing,but typically those processors arent,anything too special either but for,doing simple tasks like phone calls,browsing the web occasional social media,usage and text messaging it will get the,job done but you are going to run into,at least some slowdowns here now i did,run a geekbench 5 benchmark test here,with the phone ill show you the scores,right now from that test but essentially,i got a single core score,of 167 and a multi-core score of one,zero zero three so what i recommend,doing is running this test on your,current phone and then compare your,scores to these scores to get a better,idea of whether or not the samsung,galaxy a21 is going to be a performance,upgrade for you because it is possible,that it wont be n

Samsung Galaxy A21 Review en Español| Vale la Pena El Galaxy A21

y tu bienvenidos al nuevo vídeo de,educar al piloto android y es que aquí,tenemos este muchacho el samsung galaxy,ya 21 el cual ya hicimos lo que es en un,boxing y te lo voy a dejar aquí en una,tarjetita si se me olvida dejarte lo,pues ve tú mismo y búscalo a nuestro,canal este bueno este terminal como,puedes ver tiene una gran pantalla de,6.5 pulgadas y tenemos lo que es un,agujero en pantalla donde se aloja la,cámara de 13 megapíxeles esta terminal,es totalmente construido en plástico no,tenemos aluminio ni tenemos cristal es,totalmente construido en plástico aunque,la sensación en mano pueda darte la,sensación de que el terminal está,construido en cristal pero no lo es está,construido totalmente en plástico como,podemos ver aquí tenemos cuatro cámara,en el lateral izquierdo y tenemos aquí,lo que es el sensor de huella digital,esta terminal no es a prueba de agua ni,tiene resistencia militar igual que,otros equipos que hemos visto por ahí,como te digo esta terminal cuenta con 6,5 pulgadas de pantalla la tecnología que,lleva esta pantalla es la tecnología de,hd plus determinarlo cuenta con una,pantalla amoled,aunque es tan suyo poner una pantalla,amoled por lo menos como tengo este,terminal cuenta con cuatro cámaras en la,parte trasera la principal de 16,megapíxeles el lente gran angular de 8,megapíxeles el retrato el de profundidad,de 2 megapíxeles y tenemos un lente,macro de 2 megapíxeles también bueno el,terminal no tiene vídeo este slow motion,a 30 fotogramas por segundo pero sí,cuenta con varias cosas contamos con un,zoom digital este contamos con,autoenfoque autoenfoque táctil disparo,continuo de ráfaga y geoetiquetado hdr,detección de rostro ajuste de balance de,blancos ajuste del iese o también,contamos con una compensación de,exposición modo de escena y temporizador,automático pues en la parte frontal,contamos con una cámara de 3 megapíxeles,yo aquí en este mismo vídeo te voy a ir,dejando fotos tomadas con el samsung,galaxy a 21 para que tú,mismo ag hagas tus propias opiniones no,está terminal cuenta como te digo con el,procesador helio p 35 3 gb de ram y 32,gb de almacenamiento base eso sí que es,el terminal es ampliable mediante una,tarjeta micro sd,pues bien hablando del procesador el,yopo de 35 demás decirte que este,terminal si te va a levantar cualquier,juego si lo levanta pero el caso está en,que el terminal a la hora de nosotros,jugar a no pagar el lag global solar o,se va a tener su se va a frenar un,poquito pero no tanto tampoco así que,entiende pero lo que yo te recomiendo a,ti es que si tienes este terminal lo,ponga en los gráficos medio y si puedes,sería lo mejor a la mejor opción de,ponerlo en gráficos bajos este terminal,no tenemos lo que es un audio estéreo el,audio estéreo,el que combina el altavoz con el,auricular para llamadas pero eso no,significa que no vamos a tener una,experiencia de audio buena ya que el,dispositivo si el altavoz inferior suena,bastante bien,[Música],el a 21 cuenta con una batería de 4000,mil amperes y la verdad me arroja muy,buenos resultados un día y medio de,carga jugando usando las redes sociales,y usando la cámara y todo eso un día y,medio con los 4000 mil amperios que trae,esta terminal sé que este terminal dura,tanto así con 4000 milán pérez y es que,por su pantalla una pantalla que no es,de una tecnología 2 acá vamos a decirlo,así y tiene el procesador helio para 35,no tiene un snapdragon que te va a,consumir más en tienda entonces por eso,es que esta terminal le dura mucho la,batería a esa terminal está más,destinado para esas personas que le,gusta hacer fotos y que les gusta,también usar lo que es las redes,sociales para una persona gamer que,busca un celular para jugar la verdad no,les recomiendo mucho este terminal ya,que cuenta con el procesador helio p 35,no estoy diciendo que es un procesador,a la hora de jugar no te dará lo que es,la mejor experiencia como te digo este,terminal está totalmente construido en,plástico es un terminal dedicado más,para esa persona de bajos recursos así,que te invito a que nos subimos a,nuestro canal mi nombre es david,hernández de piloto android hasta la,vista baby al vivac

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