1. Samsung Galaxy A71 5G – Long Term 90-Day Review and Unboxing
  2. Samsung Galaxy A71 5G – 6 Months Later Review!
  3. Samsung Galaxy A71 5G Unboxing, Quick Review, Sample Pics and Video
  4. Samsung Galaxy A71 Full Review 1 Year Later: Should You Buy It In 2021?
  5. The Samsung Galaxy A71 5G Is SUPER IMPRESSIVE!
  6. Samsung Galaxy A71 In 2022! (Review)
  7. Samsung Galaxy A71 review

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G – Long Term 90-Day Review and Unboxing

hey guys soccer from saket ticket in,todays video we are going to be,unboxing and reviewing the samsung,galaxy a71,5g now as you know the a71 is samsungs,top tier mid-range smartphones now real,quick i do want to let you know this,phone comes in 5g,and non-5g versions the non-5g,is as low as 400. and the 5g model,in the us is 600,so be aware of the price point as we are,talking about this phone throughout the,video these prices are nearly 800 to 1,000,cheaper than top level flagships today,and also even though im unboxing the 5g,model of the a71 in this video i have,been testing the regular a71,for three months so i will integrate my,long-term,impressions into this video as well so,lets unbox it and see what it is,all about so let me remove this real,quick okay,so theres the phone right there lets,remove this uh,phone over here im gonna put it to the,side ill let you know,it comes in the prism cube black color,which im going to show its a very,interesting color with nice color shifts,so here lets see what else we have so,thats just a box,and underneath here we have a 25 watt,fast charger okay then we have some,guides over here,some terms and conditions and then all,we have,is a cable to charge the actual phone so,you do not get any kind of,earbuds wired or wireless with this,packaging,you get the charger the cable and the,phone with the guides,so lets push all this stuff aside and,divert our attention,to this smartphone all right so heres,the phone from the rear and as you can,see its got a gorgeous little design,now ill let you know real quick because,this is a mid-range smartphone the rear,area is in fact plastic all this is,plastic,but its so well done when you touch it,it actually feels like glass,and theres a two-tone to it so theres,a line here,that separates the top and the bottom,here we have a shifting color,thats the prism color i talked about,okay as you can see and right here we,have all black and then you have these,nice line textures that is running,through the product okay over here,theyre less pronounced,over here theyre more pronounced but,this thing definitely looks,extremely beautiful now lets do a tour,on the rest of the device so at the,bottom so heres a phone as close to a,flagship as possible,it still has a headphone jack usb type c,of course this is a 25 watt fast,charging phone,and of course we get the speaker and we,have the microphone,uh on the side on this side weve got,nothing,on the top got the sim tray and the,other microphone right there,and of course uh on the side is when,where we have the buttons,so we have the volume rocker and the,side key,that acts as a bixby button and also a,power key,if you so desire of course on the rear,we have that quad camera system now we,have a main,64 megapixel camera we have a 12,megapixel ultra wide camera and then we,have two little cameras,each 5 megapixels uh one of them is a,macro camera,and the other one is a depth sensor ill,show you some samples,in just a little bit now lets move on,and talk about the screen and the specs,and see,what makes this phone uh amazing all,right so here we have the phone turned,on it just took me a couple seconds to,set this up,now real quick im gonna talk about this,camera we have a,front-facing camera that is 32,megapixels work like a charm if you want,a selfie,a nice clean selfie you got it the only,thing is it only does,1080p recording at 30 frames per,second but it is a high quality 32,megapixel camera the next thing i want,to talk about,is the display its a gorgeous display,now this thing,is 6.7,inches all right its a 10 atp display,and its a super amoled display so it,has some great brightness,and as you can see we also have some,really nice wallpapers,that come as stock with this smartphone,okay,these wallpapers actually are a little,bit more less boring than the ones we,get on the flashy smartphones,as a stock smartphone as you can see,so a gorgeous screen great to consume,media,watch movies and enjoy yourself and of,course because we have a headphone jack,you can have a full flash media party,now another very important thing with,the smartphone is the fact that its got,a huge,battery this is supposed to be a,mid-range phone but its a top-tier,phone,its got a 4500 milliamp hour battery,capacity,uh which is going to give you a full day,of battery life with no problem with,heavy use,and youre gonna even get some left over,battery life,for the next day and on top of that this,phone charges,from zero to a hundred from a dead,battery,in one hours and five minutes using the,included,25 watt uh charger so great battery life,if thats something youre looking for,certainly this is a good media,smartphone,and like i said with the display lets,go to the settings go to display real,quick,okay youve got all the features,expected even from,a flagship smartphone you know light,mode dark mode youve got,one ui 2.1 running on this device so if,i go to my,about phone and if i go into my software,information,its one ui 2.1 android 10 and its also,got a bunch of,flagship specific software features uh,in the phone and as i scroll back and,forth,on the phone the performance is pretty,good okay,i feel no lag or stutter uh,there we go great okay just runs like,any other smartphone,and of course the processor is a,snapdragon 730 processor you get eight,gigabytes of ram,128 gigabytes of storage and of course,you also get,the microsd expansion slot if you want,to expand the storage,the performance of the processor is very,satisfactory,it has no problem playing the latest,games in,high graphic settings maybe not the,maximum graphics settings,but pretty high and stutter free,all right so next up lets talk about,the camera let me launch the camera,so first and foremost we have the,primary 64 megapixel camera,that surprisingly takes some stunning,photos,as you can see by these samples these,are real nice,almost flagship quality photos taken,with the main,camera now going back to the camera we,also go to the,ultra wide camera which is the second,camera and again you can take,gorgeous ultra wide photos if you want,large sweeping shots you have two,options,and then when i go back here and go to,the more option i can go to the macro,option,and use the macro option i can get as,close as an,inch to any subject and take close-up,photos of small things with some good,amount of detail,so those are the three cameras now ill,let you know when you record video,you do get super steady video,stabilization,which is actually fantastic youll be,able to record video,as if you were holding a gimbal in your,hands,as you can see from the sample and also,if i go back to my camera if i,if i go to my settings and if i go into,the rear,video size you can go all the way up to,4k,recording but youre kept at 30 frames,per second,so these are all the resolution options,with the rear camera,1080p 1080p at 60 frames per second,and 4k okay so thats the camera overall,i would say its a pretty good camera,for the price all right so its time for,some final words,first and foremost i want to say that,the phone feels extremely,light in your hand because it has a,plastic uh construction,and secondly it has a nice bright screen,that is also visible,in outdoors all right so lets look at,the price one more time,you can get this phone the a71 without,the 5g,for as low as 400 im gonna drop some,links down below,and if you want the 5g version which i,dont think,is necessary even that is 600,so almost a thousand dollars to 800,cheaper than an actual flagship you are,getting a lot,of phone gorgeous screen amazing,multimedia experience,a very capable camera even though its,not a flagship level camera,it is very capable to satisfy most,consumers,and all that like i said 400 for no 5g,600 for 5g if you were to try and buy,a flagship smartphone today they are,over a thousand dollars the top,models so youre saving so much money,and getting so much phone so i give this,phone,high approval for most people and that,is the,fin

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G – 6 Months Later Review!

is the samsung galaxy a71 5g worth,buying in 2021,well in this video were gonna find out,hey everybody,this is andre here covering for kevin on,the kevin breeze channel,and in this video were gonna be taking,a look at the samsung galaxy,5g now this is not to be confused with,the samsung galaxy a71 as the samsung,galaxy a71 and the a715g,are completely different phones these,days you can find the samsung galaxy a71,5g factory unlocked for all major,carriers,to get more information on the pricing,availability or to learn more about the,phone in general,be sure to check the link in the,description below this is going to take,you right to the phone on samsungs,website,where they offer a lot of great trade,deals that youre not going to be able,to find anywhere else,now this phone was released in june of,2020 so its relatively new,but what kind of value are we getting,from it today well were about to find,out,this phone has a 6.7 inch super amoled,plus display with a resolution of 1080p,and a ppi of 393. the aspect ratio is 20,by 9,and it has a screen to body ratio of,88.3,this phone has really thin bezels in,fact even thinner bezels than the,samsung galaxy a51 5g,which i personally thought were already,thin i really like this appearance it,definitely,not only makes the screen bigger for,functional purposes,but also has a really nice modern look,to it,we have a hole punch for the front,facing camera right here,now this camera is 32 megapixels which,is definitely a powerful camera,now this phone has 128 gigabytes of,internal storage with microsd expansion,this is a great amount of storage thats,going to give you a lot of space to do,what you need to with this phone,to put it into perspective the iphone,starts out at 64 gigabytes of storage,and its a lot more expensive than this,phone so technically,storage wise this phone is already,better than those entry-level iphones,so youre really going to be getting,great value out of it to give you an,idea of what this storage looks like,i have everything that i use on a daily,basis downloaded onto the phone,and its only taking up 22 percent of,the storage,now this is gonna be great if youre,running larger apps or taking a lot of,photos and videos,or even if you just use the phone for,basic activities no matter what your,situation is,more storage is better and this has a,lot of it now theres no wireless,charging for this phone,unfortunately but there is a fingerprint,scanner,now a lot of phones these days have,fingerprint scanners on the back,most of the entry level and mid-range,phones that have fingerprint scanners,do have external scanners usually,located on the back,instead of on the display even higher,end phones like the google pixel have,them on the back,and then there are some phones like the,iphones that dont even have them at all,but this phone has one right on the,display it really adds to the modern,more,digital appearance of this phone and i,think its really nice,lets go ahead and give the scanner a,try,one more time,this phones really fast and responsive,definitely most of samsungs phones do,have really good fingerprint scanners,with the exception of a few of the older,galaxies where they were still working,things out,i definitely think that samsung does,have really reliable fingerprint,scanners,but this one personally i feel is among,the best,one of the advantages of having a,digital fingerprint scanner on the,display,is that it doesnt have a lot of,opportunity for dirt and debris to get,on the fingerprint scanner and get in,the way of scanning,if you have an indentation for the,fingerprint scanner on the back of the,phone like say the google pixel does,then theres a big possibility of,something getting stuck in that little,hole,and then when you go to scan your finger,on it it might pick that up and not,actually read it,whereas this phone has it on the display,and its a lot easier to keep clean,and as such its going to recognize your,finger a lot more easily,in addition to that if you do like to,use face unlock,this phone has the option for that as,well now taking a look at the camera,setup here we do have a quad camera,setup with a 64 megapixel rear camera,a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera a 5,megapixel depth sensing camera,and a 5 megapixel macro camera the macro,camera is really nice to have,the ultra wide feature is nice as well,although most new phones do have,ultra wide cameras nowadays this one has,a lot higher megapixel ultrawide camera,than most phones ive seen so thats,really good too,now this is the regular photo mode of,course and if you want to go to,ultrawide press this button right here,and there you go the macro mode is,right here and then you can get those,close-up images,if you do a lot of photography then this,is definitely going to be useful for you,and of course the portrait mode is found,through live focus,and one thing i really like about this,portrait mode is you can control the,blur of the background,this is the front-facing camera of,course and we are in portrait mode right,now,i know a lot of the time the quality of,the front-facing camera is typically not,as high as the rear camera but for this,camera its definitely great quality the,image is really crisp the portrait mode,is really high quality it looks,professional so i personally would not,mind using this frequently,if youre doing a lot of content,creation this device is really a good,option its definitely gonna give you,crisp,portrait pictures and overall i would,say its really usable,the video mode of the phone we are,shooting in 4k,right now also keep in mind the audio,quality so that was the video mode of,the phone of course,as you could tell the audio quality was,pretty good this phones able to shoot,4k,videos in both the front and rear,cameras which is really nice,as i said when testing the normal photo,mode of the front-facing camera,a lot of the time the front-facing,camera is significantly lower quality,than the rear camera,but with this phone thats not really,the case not only is the image good for,the photo mode,but its also able to shoot just as high,quality videos in the front-facing,camera,as it is in the rear so i really like,that about this phone,another thing i really liked is the,phones speaker i personally dont,really like to use headphones,and speakers all the time when im,consuming content on a phone,so having a good quality phone speaker,is definitely important to me and when i,turned the volume all the way up on this,phone it didnt really even get,distorted,which happens in a lot of phones but,with this phone it stayed crisp the,whole time,and i really liked that definitely if,youre using this phone for either,content consumption or content,creation or both the features it has,both on the camera,and the playback are really going to,come in handy now internally were,getting six gigabytes of ram with the,exynos 980 processor,now one thing to keep in mind this is,the unlocked variant of the phone,and if you get it through a carrier its,gonna have a different processor,and that means theres gonna be a slight,difference in performance,again this specific phone i have in my,hand is the unlocked variant,in the six gigabytes of ram with the,exynos 980 processor,does apply to the unlocked variant and,not the variance you would get through a,carrier,now that being said i did run a,geekbench 5 benchmark test,on this phone and it came back with a,single core score of 604 and a,multi-core score of 18.75,these are really good numbers especially,if youre in that mid-range doing a lot,of content consumption,some content creation here and there,with photo and video editing its,definitely gonna hold up,even light gaming is going to run well,with this phone the only time i would,say you would have to look into a more,powerful phone than this,is if youre getting into the realm of,heavy content creation like lots of,video editing,or lots of gaming that really requires,an insane amount of processing then you,might want

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Samsung Galaxy A71 5G Unboxing, Quick Review, Sample Pics and Video

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Samsung Galaxy A71 Full Review 1 Year Later: Should You Buy It In 2021?

whats going on guys my name is wade,with tech daily so,its been nearly one full year since the,samsung galaxy,a71 was released and while the a71,definitely piqued peoples initial,interest when it was first announced,this phone would,eventually become not only one of the,most popular devices,throughout all of 2020 but in my opinion,also ultimately became the benchmark for,mid-range smartphone devices,all together this is the phone that most,other 300 to 500,phones were compared to and given how,stellar of a device this,is its existence was also kind of,detrimental to the overpriced flagship,s20 as well in my opinion this phone,gives people everything they could ask,for,and more all for a price thats,relatively reasonable,by comparison and now one year later i,still think this is one of the best,mid-range android samsung devices you,can buy,right now in the summer of 2020 samsung,also pushed out a sort of,mid-cycle update to the a71 the a71,5g which is only marginally better than,the original,you cant even tell them apart and ill,give you some of my thoughts on that,here too,but lets go ahead and just get right,into what i think about the a71 now at,the one year mark,and whether or not you should be,considering it here in 2021,and beyond first off lets just quickly,go over the couple different a71,variants that exist now,theres the original a71 which did come,out in january,2020 and that phone has the snapdragon,730 processor,then in june and july samsung launched,the a71 5g and a71,5g ultra wideband which were updated,slightly with the exynos 980 and,snapdragon,765g chipsets respectively and,5g support obviously but the whole rest,of the phone,physically and feature wise is the same,as,the original you cant tell them apart,so in my mind,no matter which a71 you end up with,nowadays the original or,the 5g version youre basically just,getting the same device that was,originally launched one year ago most,everything,from the designs the materials to the,display to the camera its,all going to be the same now when it,first launched,the original price tag for the original,a71,was around 400 depending on where in the,world you lived,a great launch price honestly at that,time and it gradually got cheaper and,cheaper too,settling around 375 bucks by the summer,but when the a71,5g came out samsung suddenly was,charging,500 for that phone again essentially the,same,phone which you guys know i had quite,the issue with,and because of that i would just often,recommend the standard a71,instead today the original a71 can be,bought for,350 bucks unlocked on places like amazon,while the a71 5g with its slight bump in,processor and 5g support is,still well over 450 bucks for some,reason,and while its great to maybe get a 5g,phone even for that price,today id still much rather just stick,with the original a71 because i dont,think theres anything better out there,right now,for 350 its really just that good of a,deal,and if you guys are interested in doing,some comparison shopping of your own i,will leave some links down below in the,video description to where you can get,the original a71,and the a715g at their cheapest current,prices,so check down there for some deals and,discounts,like i mentioned already aside from the,5g support,and slight bump in the processor the a71,as its known,has remained unchanged since it,originally launched no matter which,model you,choose youre getting the same massive,6.7 inch device,with an amoled display mostly plastic,housing and relatively modern design,that i think still holds up well looking,ahead to 2021,i think right off the bat one of the,most striking things about this phone,has,always been its size 6.7 inches,is a lot to handle in one hand but,getting a phone,this big at this price point i think is,great,and its likely one of the biggest,reasons why so many people like it,the front hole punch camera cutout i,think isnt going to go anywhere,anytime soon the slim bezels are about,as,small as you can go and all in all this,in my opinion,is what android smartphones will,continue to look like for some time,so theres nothing here worth,criticizing really around back,the a71 has a plastic rear cover and,in early 2020 myself and others were,probably quick to classify this material,choice,as being the cheaper budget option that,maybe was even a little,too cheap for the highest end a series,device,now with the likes of the s20 fe,and even the flagship note 20 also,rocking a plastic,back nothing that samsung does with its,material choices makes any sense anymore,but i will say that the glossy finish,the subtle pattern,and the slight rainbow effect all still,convey a sense of,quality even on a less than premium,material,furthermore if you do go with the a715g,like i have here you get a metal,polished frame which does give the phone,just,a bit more weight in the hand also if,you take a look around,the a71 offers a couple little things i,know,some people will still find important,down below,next to the usbc charging port is a,headphone jack,and up top you also get an sd card slot,which i think is something that,does increase the potential value of,this phone,on the other hand the a71 does lack some,stuff,other phones might offer theres no,wireless charging here,no waterproof rating no dual stereo,speakers,you may not care about that stuff but i,think for some people those lacking,extras,are still worth considering now i,already talked about,the size the 6.7 inch display on this,phone is great on its own,but diving a little deeper into the,specs and overall viewing experience,there are a couple of important things,to talk about here,every iteration of the a71 has the same,display technology you get a super,amoled plus screen with a resolution of,2400 by 1080 packing in,393 pixels per inch and ive gone on,records saying,that these a series phones have some of,the best displays,for the price that was certainly true,through at least the first half,of 2020 getting a big bold bright and,relatively crisp display for 300 to 400,is a great value and really heading into,2021,i still think thats the case but with,a lot of similarly priced devices now,both having and being rumored as having,high refresh rate panels that could make,this a71 feel,a little dated this year and that sort,of begs the question,will the a72 get a high refresh rate,screen,i personally dont think that will,happen but,with half a dozen other options out,there at 90 or even 120 hertz for a bit,more money,it might be one of the first factors,that sways people away,from this phone and potentially the a72,as well in the coming months,for a lot of folks though high refresh,rate isnt a huge deal and,honestly this a71 offers a viewing,experience,thats perfect for like 95 of people,its still a great value even today and,after a year,of staring at it now i dont have a,single bad thing to say,so lets get into the specs here because,i think this is what people might,be most curious about i already,mentioned that the original a71 launched,with the snapdragon,730 chipset which in early 2020 was a,decent upper mid-range spec,by the summer the newer a71 5gs,had the exynos 980 and snapdragon 765g,chipsets,mainly for the 5g support but also as a,slight refresh,and bump up ram wise all the a71 models,either had six or eight gigs of ram so,not much to talk about there but in,general,i would say that no matter the a71 model,you might end up going with,this is a phone that is and will still,remain,plenty powerful the a71 has been one of,the devices thats also received the,newest updates a bit,earlier than others android 10 and one,ui 2.5 have been here for months now,and overall i find the a71 to be a fast,and smooth device thats also,improved with each new update now ive,actually had the chance to try both,the standard a71 with the snapdragon 730,and this,a715g with the 765 chipset,and while this phone is a tiny bit,faster and more,powerful the difference certainly is not,worth another 100 to 150 dolla

The Samsung Galaxy A71 5G Is SUPER IMPRESSIVE!

hey everybody welcome back to tech,odyssey so today im here to talk about,a phone that has really surprised me,and i didnt really even know too much,about and im talking about the samsung,galaxy,a71 5g this is a little bit different,than the one i looked at at the,beginning of the year,back in january i went to ces out las,vegas fantastic time i got to see the,a71 while i was there,but it didnt have 5g so this is a more,recent occurrence,running a snapdragon 765 which is,probably my most favorite chipset this,year,its got a quad camera setup with a,macro lens camera the five megapixel one,so you know its good,48 megapixel primary shooter its got a,6.7 inch,full hd plus ammo led display and a,4500mah battery,and the msrp is about 599 but you can,find these things,a lot cheaper all over the place and,were going to talk about this,but before we do i do want to say if,this is your first time stopping by the,channel,i appreciate you being here if you,enjoyed the video please hit the like,and the subscribe button,and the little notification bell if you,want updates when new videos come out,now lets talk about the samsung galaxy,a71,5g,so this is a little bit of an unorthodox,video for me,i did the unboxing and i didnt really,feel happy with it i was trying to do a,live one and,it the whole thing just kind of went it,was pants,uh but ive been using this with my,secondary sim card for about a week now,i have absolutely loved this phone its,been really refreshing,and really enjoyable i get excited about,these mid-tier phones because they bring,so much to the table that,you you get lots of surprises and things,that you dont expect especially because,you know the last couple of years the,mid-tier phone landscape was really not,all that impressive,it was adequate but it wasnt impressive,so this one,facial recognition its also got a,fingerprint sensor,in the screen 128 gigabytes of storage,but you can put a,up to one terabyte sd card in it and,headphone jack on the bottom this one,doesnt have stereo speakers but the one,speaker down here is,definitely very capable 32 megapixel,front facing selfie camera and you see,here its got the,hole punch out cut out pop out whatever,camera you want to call it,but its pretty adequate so as far as,the cameras go on the back of here its,got a 64 megapixel,primary shooter pretty darn impressive,especially at this price point,12 megapixel ultra wide 5 megapixel,macro lens camera so you can take your,really cool super up close national,geographic style photos as i like to,call them,and then it has a 5 megapixel depth,sensor,4 fully complementary lenses,to let you basically take whatever kind,of pictures you want,thats impressive i think at this price,point it is completely like,loaded out for bear they didnt skimp on,anything,six gigabytes of ram its got this prism,black color and i actually think it,looks really good its very cool,whenever i mean you can see the,fingerprints on that something,i wanted to highlight as well this one,doesnt come with the case so youre,going to have to live with,all of that jazz make sure you carry on,a microfiber cloth or clean it off,periodically,get yourself a case definitely from,amazon you can probably get one pretty,cheap,but overall ive been really impressed,with it,this is not my full review ive not gone,out and done any significant video or,camera test stuff yet,but well go ahead and try this here,ill take a picture you can see what it,looks like,ive been very impressed with the,color tone on here ive got a timer on,here five seconds,alright so heres a picture that i took,the colors are actually really accurate,on here i like it a lot its not over,saturated its not the old samsung,experience where,it looks like its been smoothed out and,its overly saturated,all that stuff it looks very true to,life so much so that even,you know my receding hairline looks very,very natural as well too,no filters can fix that but anyway,6.7 inch amoled display,it looks really really sharp crystal,clean and the color saturation on here,is nice,its vibrant theres great contrast,theres great brightness this screen is,super bright,and oled screens are known for being,bright like especially like the iphone,ones people like oh my gosh it blinds my,eyes i dont even like to use them,if you like bright screens youre gonna,love this one and this right here its,not,all the way turned up but you can you,can turn it up really bright,and of course you can adjust that turn,down make it not so bright,uh definitely if youre in a dark,environment make sure you turn it back,up before you go outside because then,youll end up not being able to see the,phone to turn,the brightness up ive had that happen,several times before with other samsung,phones,but its very very nice its very sleek,its,very very thin its not heavy at all 4,500 milliamp battery,so 4 500 milliamps get you a lot of,battery on any normal day of the week,with the flagship phone,but when youve got a snapdragon 765,with 5g,itll get you a really good battery life,so this phone will definitely last you,all day long i do not have any problems,with the battery in here whatsoever,and its not an 8 series snapdragon so,its definitely,gonna go the distance and ive tested,out three other phones this year with,the snapdragon 765,the lg velvet the pixel 5 and the tcl,10 5g uw and i have loved all three of,them,you get a great solid experience you can,play games on here you can,play all the pub g you want with really,nice settings you can play all the call,of duty mobile you want with nice,settings on here,and still have plenty of battery to go,along with it so,this i think is a solid option,especially i wanted to get this out,because,holiday season is here and im not a,salesman this is not so you can go buy,one of these things and i make money,but theres good deals right now so i,got this one through samsung i traded in,my old,dingy pixel 3axl and i got this phone,for like 170 bucks so,thats just crazy this is an insanely,awesome phone for 170 dollars,599 dollars and yeah if youre on,verizon maybe i might would go with the,tcl 105g uw to save some money at 399,or you know look around and see what,other financing options there are but,if you can get a good trading deal ive,seen these on sale for like 399 499,379 whatever very capable very handy and,its very respectable,its one of these ones where its like,you look at it and it looks like a super,premium phone,thats what i have felt like ever since,i picked this up and took it out of the,box,like i ordered it thinking it was the,one that i looked at when i was,at ces and then it showed up and i was,doing some more research im like this,is a different phone this ones newer,and it feels very much like an s series,device like ive,messed with some of the a series devices,before especially prior to this year and,i havent been,like overly impressed with them usually,im always using an s series or a note,series or,like one of the really expensive phones,i test out,budget and mid-tier phones but typically,i use a flagship and to,be able to use something like this and,not really have any,hiccups or anything that really detracts,from the experience,its been really impressive for the,price point and ive really enjoyed,using it so,thats what i thats really what i,wanted to convey in this video,i bought this with my own money they,didnt send this to me im not getting,anything out of it,i just wanted to share with you that i,think that this is a really solid phone,im going to do a full review on it im,going to go take video im gonna go take,some pictures,do some more battery test stuff and you,know ive been focusing on other phones,the last couple of weeks ive had some,ones that i had to review,like the oneplus 8t that i reviewed,loved that phone,but this one yeah i bought this one with,my own money because i wanted to test it,out and it was a good deal and,i have been very very happy with it if,you can get this 500,or less i think youre goi

Samsung Galaxy A71 In 2022! (Review)

welcome back everyone lets go ahead and,take a look at the samsung galaxy a71,and see how this specific device holds,up in 2022 now this phone originally,came out in 2019 so its definitely not,the latest and greatest anymore but it,did come out in the later part of 2019,and i dont even think i got my hands on,it until 2020 and whats very,interesting about this device is that,weve actually gotten a few successors,to this phone and to be honest i still,think its a very interesting device,that samsung has made its still fairly,popular and their a series of devices,are still some of my favorite you know,phones that samsung has ever made i,think theyre very great they have a lot,of quality within them and the more i,look at the future of samsung the more,and more i see their a line up growing,and i definitely do think as of right,now they are super happy that they made,the a line up in general if you want to,pick up some of their phones from their,a line up or some other phones that i,recommend this year links will be down,in the description you can get them from,there you can help support the channel,at the same time now starting off with,the outside of the galaxy a71 on the,front we do have a 6.7 inch super amoled,plus display now with this type of panel,as ive mentioned before these type of,screens that samsung makes just in,general are very very good this one is,still kind of decent before a budget,phone is totally understandable i think,with that you know 1080p display they,put on this thing it was pretty good in,2019 and you have to remember this phone,was kind of announced before they even,started creating the 120 hertz panels on,their samsung devices we didnt get it,until like the s20 which was just a few,months after this so 60 hertz still here,totally okay and the panel with the,whole punch display on a budget tier,phone its actually pretty interesting,that samsung made a phone like this for,this type of price tag and theyve only,gotten better since then which is really,good to see and again if you want the,flagship you go for the ultra lineup or,the plus lineup if youre okay with,saving a little bit of money then this,is still pretty decent in my opinion now,you have that whole punch display too,which is really nice you do have usb,type-c on this thing which is really,really cool no samsung decks but i still,think thats totally okay you also have,a micro sd card slot on this phone as,well and that is the type of i o that i,really do miss nowadays i wish our,phones had that type of capability,unfortunately we no longer have it on,pretty much all of our phones i think,there are still some a-line of devices,that have it but as of right now that is,not quite the case so in terms of the,overall sides in the top of this phone,thats kind of it but on the back we do,have a very interesting plastic back on,this thing now some of these a7d series,you know kind of had an interesting type,of layout on the back which i kind of,liked you know i think they look pretty,good for the most part another big thing,with this type of a series is we had a,very very interesting camera setup now i,will talk about the cameras in a second,i never really understood why samsung,put so many random cameras on their,device when they dont even put them on,their main series of devices but most,people will look at this type of phone,and theyll be like oh it has way more,cameras or just as many cameras as their,ultra lineup so it has to be good not,quite the case but theyre kind of,hitting a different demographic there so,in terms of the body definitely not the,most premium feeling thing in the world,but it still looks pretty good and again,you know what youre getting when youre,getting a device like this its not,supposed to be the most premium thing in,the world its supposed to be something,there thats fairly cheaper now we also,had an inbuilt fingerprint sensor in the,display as well which was really cool,too so you can figure it about those,things in terms of the body that kind of,covers it up now in terms of the actual,camera setup like i mentioned quadruple,camera setup you got a 64 megapixel wide,nickel lens 12 megapixel ultrawide,sensor 5 megapixel macro lens then a 5,megapixel depth camera now personally,the last two cameras that i mentioned,the macro and depth lens i dont really,care for it too much i love the,ultrawide sensor and im super happy,this thing had an ultrawide sensor but i,will never understand why samsung puts,such high megapixel cameras inside of,their budget phones 64 megapixel wide,angle lens im not too sure why youd,even need those many megapixels to be,honest but the 12 megapixel ultrawide is,still perfectly fine now im not going,to say this camera is the best camera of,all time because you know it really,isnt i think everybody kind of knows,what theyre getting again when you get,a phone like this but for their tier,offerings this is a pretty decent,offering i will say you do have the,ability of shooting 4k videos on the,back and you have 4k video recording on,the front as well with a 32 megapixel,wide angle lens i dont know why they,put these such high megapixel account,for these cameras but i do like the fact,that they you know kind of give us a lot,of different capability within these,types of cameras and i think that in and,of itself is really cool i love samsung,for kind of you know thinking outside of,the box sometimes with their bottom tier,a series you know with their a1 devices,definitely not the most premium things,in the world either but i like these,type of cameras because they give us a,little glimpse of what samsung is going,to be doing in the future i know theyre,going to be bringing 4k at 60 on the,front of the back for their a7 devices,in the future which theyve already kind,of done i know theyre going to be,improving the cameras and to be honest,if i look at something like a galaxy s9,which was a flagship in 2018 and i look,at the a71 which is somewhat of a budget,phone i think this camera fares fairly,well against those ones to be honest so,in terms of the camera setup i will say,its a thumbs up for me now in terms of,software this thing did start off with,the android 10. i think right now it is,on android 12 or its going to be,getting android 12 very very soon and,the thing with the a series devices is,its kind of on the back burner of,software updates if you like one ui then,this is perfect for you if you dont,like one ui then youll at least like,long software updates that samsung does,they give you a lot of software updates,too like every single day i open any of,my samsung device i have like random,updates i can install if i want to so i,think thats really cool in and of,itself however it really doesnt make a,crazy amount of sense to go ahead and,buy something like a galaxy a71 if you,want a super long lasting phone it may,make a little bit more sense if you buy,the newer a series devices you know one,that came out maybe last year or this,year that may make a little bit more,sense for some people too but i do like,the software updates that were getting,on something like a galaxy a71 so i,still think as of right now still,perfectly fine but we do have to look,towards the future and kind of improve,in that way as well so in terms of,software that kind of covers it up there,now in terms of the actual performance,of this phone the galaxy 871 has that,qualcomm snapdragon 730 chipset in some,areas most areas that has that chipset,730g and other ones it has the adreno,618 gpu and it has six gigabytes of ram,on the base model and eight gigabytes of,ram on the top tier model now one thing,to keep in mind with the samsung galaxy,a series of devices is that the,performance is never going to be better,than at their flagships of that time the,galaxy s10 of those times definitely had,better performance and everything than,the galaxy a series youre getting now,but i do like that samsung again kind of,puts a lot of different features of,their p

Samsung Galaxy A71 review

hey whats up guys will here for GSM,marina this is the Galaxy a 71 the,latest to come out in Samsungs a series,if youre getting confused by all of,these Samsung mid-range phones I,wouldnt blame you so lets shine some,light on what the a 71 is all about in,our four of you,[Music],if youre familiar with Samsungs recent,MIT Rangers you wont be surprised to,find that the galaxy a 71 is made of,plastic the material looks like glass,and its really dazzling when it catches,lights even though it is plastic the,bill doesnt feel cheap,it seems sturdy and my only gripe is,that theres no waterproofing here the a,71 is a really large phone thanks to its,six point seven inch screen but his,profile is quite slim and is,surprisingly light and comfy in the hand,the screen itself is of course a Samsung,Super AMOLED panel its flat not curved,and has a 1080p resolution plus a punch,hole cutout at the top for the selfie,camera content looks great sharp and,contrast II as youd expect from a,samsung Display colors are quite,accurate too but a bit bland unless you,turn on the vivid mode you dont get the,HDR 10 support you would with the,flagships but unless youre looking for,that content on one of its few supported,platforms you wont miss it the screen,does a good job when it comes to,brightness as well we measured 410 NIFs,maximum with the slider and up to 515,minutes in bright conditions with the,auto mode switched on the always-on,display is the a70 ones method of,showing you the time and notifications,when its asleep and as an optical,fingerprint reader located under the,screen to wake up and unlock the phone,with it feels a bit on the slow side but,its usable something the a71 offers,that the Samsung flagships dont is the,3.5 millimeter Jack sound quality,through headphones is quite good with,above-average loudness m little,Distortion otherwise audio quality – the,single bottom firing loudspeaker is,decent comparable to that on samsungs,other recent mid rangers,[Music],this storage is ufs 2.1 and though 128,gigs is plenty of space for your tunes,and everything else it is expandable if,you need more Samsungs recent phones,are all running 1uy to over android 10,and the interface is even rolling out to,their older phones as well overall is,quite clean and load free you get dark,mode for your menus which should give,you a little bit of energy savings and,there is a new option with Android 10,for gesture navigation where the back,gesture is a swipe from the side at the,heart of the galaxy a 71 is a Snapdragon,730 chipset so one of the best mid-range,chips available right now its a clear,upgrade over the Snapdragon 675 and last,years model the a 71 does a great job,in benchmark scores and it ran all of,the games I tried without hiccups or,overheating now lets talk battery life,the a 71 has a 4,500 million power,battery just like last years model and,it performs just as well – and our,proprietary battery tests is scored an,excellent endurance rating of 102 hours,charging speed has improved a bit since,the a 70 with a bundled 25 watt charger,we were able to go from 0 to 51 percent,in half an hour moving on to the cameras,the galaxy a 71 has an l-shaped quad,camera setup theres a 64 megapixel quad,Bearman cam a 12 megapixel ultra wide a,5 megapixel macro cam and a def sensor,all were missing here is the telephoto,in daylight the galaxy a 71 s main,camera shoots nice 16 megapixel photos,theres good contrast lively colors low,noise and very good dynamic range it,could be better in terms of fine detail,but is not bad for a mid-range er there,is a 64 megapixel shooting mode and the,results look good though the benefits,over the 16 megapixel photos are minor,the file size is quite huge – portraits,taken with the main camera the depth,sensor looked very good they have nice,subject detection and separation and a,pleasing D focus backgrounds at 12,megapixels the ultra wide cam is an,upgrade over last years 8 megapixel one,it has better detail and sharpness in,that one had as well as punchy colors,good name,range and low noise close-ups taken with,the macro camera are okay though weve,seen better fine detail in the,competition,also since focus is fixed here its,really tricky to get your subject in,focus and may shots come out blurry,moving on to low-light photography shots,we took with the main camera have nice,colors of low noise,however they are soft and highlights are,blown out unlike last years a 70 there,is a night mode here and these photos,are cropped down to 12 megapixels the,net mode not only restores have blown,highlights but you get more detail in,the shadows and the skies shots from the,ultra wide are not bad either,even though they are noisier in less,detail than the regular ones for an,ultra wide at night these are still,quite good night mode is available here,too and it really makes an improvement,images are brighter with more detail and,less noise less talked selfies though,the selfie camera is a 32 megapixel quad,bear one these come out in 12 megapixels,instead of the expected aids anyway,selfies turned out good with nice colors,wide dynamic range and nice detail you,can record 4k video with a selfie cam -,these look quite good but I wish there,was better stabilization 4k videos taken,with the main camera are in 30 fps and,these are excellent theres more than,enough detail decent dynamic range and,great contrast and colors the ultra wide,cam also takes 4k videos at 30fps these,are still good though the level of,detail is lower and the colors are a bit,washed out video stabilization is,available on both the main and ultra,wide cams only at 1080p resolution and,is quite smooth theres also the super,steady mode on the ultra wide which is,even smoother sort of like an action cam,so thats the samsung galaxy a 71 4 400,450 euros he had it comfortable and good,looking build an excellent AMOLED,display a powerful mid-range chipset and,some pretty nice cameras in fact its,the chipset in the cameras which are the,main upgrades over the previous model,the a 70 the low-light photography,especially blousier 70 out of the water,so if thats important to you it could,be worth upgrading to this one,now the a 71 isnt the cheapest phone,out there with these kind of specs but,in the a series this is the best Samsung,you can get and it deserves our,recommendation thanks for watching guys,and see you on the next one,[Music],[Music]

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