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Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Review: Lightweight + AMOLED = Must Buy?

[Music],hey guys anthony techchap and there must,be,a good billion or so laptops like this,to choose from,yeah premium thin and light ultra,portable laptop,uh that cost between like a thousand and,fifteen hundred quid or so,youve got your dell xpss your macbook,airs and pros,even the lg gram series this is the 16,which ill come back to later,so the samsung galaxy book pro has its,work cut out,to really stand out and convince you to,drop about 1200 pounds,to buy it the good news though is that,this does have a couple of tricks up its,sleeve,and actually while its not perfect i do,have a couple of issues with it actually,this is one of my favorite laptops of,the year so far,but does that mean you should actually,buy it well lets find out and if you do,enjoy this video and want to see more,from me,a cheeky little like and subscribe would,be lovely cheers,so i had a brief hands-on with the pro a,few weeks back along with its siblings,the much more affordable standard galaxy,book,and the flipping pro 360. but i think,its this guy the pro that ive been,most excited,to get in for a proper review ill tell,you what though id forgotten,just how ridiculously thin and light,this thing is its a 15.6 inch laptop it,weighs,just over one kilogram so about 2.3,pounds,which is insane and of course theres,also the smaller 13 inch version which,weighs even less,and it gets even more interesting,because the lg gram 16,while still holding the title for the,worlds lightest,16 inch laptop very specifically 16 inch,the 15.6 inch galaxy book pro weighs,100 grams less im really really,impressed by this i think the design is,an absolute standout samsung have nailed,it,and my only wish in terms of the design,well the screen really,would be for a 16 by 10 aspect ratio i,think 16×9,is looking a little bit old-fashioned,these days if they just be able to,reduce this chin,make the screen 16 by 10 it would have,been almost perfect i think so thats,one sort of subjective criticism,although some people may prefer that,so this design paired with this gorgeous,amoled screen,which is also impressively color,accurate this is a genuinely,lovely laptop and travel companion,but while i think the design and the,screen are the sort of standout headline,features,were actually getting a pretty good,all-round spec with us as well were,getting the latest,11th gen intel processors either an i5,or an i7,along with 16 gigs of ram and 512,storage so,pretty nicely specd and also as you can,see from this little sticker down here,it takes the intel evo certification,branding,you can see its just click the youtube,video there,uh intels evo so its basically past,all their tests,uh and guarantees you a sort of certain,level of performance,and samsung is pitching these theres,all about portability,with connectivity so were getting the,latest wi-fi 6e,although youll need a compatible router,with that thunderbolt 4,quick share if you want to share files,with your galaxy phone and also a second,screen option if youve got a galaxy tab,s7 or s7 plus,so if you are in the galaxy ecosystem,then you are getting some extra benefits,and also the 13-inch version of this,gets 4g lte support,although not 5g weirdly but not the,15-inch which is a bit disappointing,so ive been using this for a little,over a week now and performance is,snappy and responsive it just breezes,through,pretty much everything youd want to do,on it and while of course were not,getting a dedicated graphics card,we do get intels onboard iris xe,graphics,which are about twice as fast as the,previous 10th gen processors,and you can get away with playing some,fairly demanding games,if you dont mind dropping the,resolution or the graphics settings a,little bit,take rainbow six siege i just about,scraped 60fps with low settings at 1080p,and with high settings at 720p in,fortnite at 1080p,with medium settings i just about got 60,fps,but really i had to drop to low to avoid,the huge frame drops,i think 720p with medium settings was,the most consistently smooth way to play,so you can get away with a bit of light,to moderate gaming on this although i,think realistically,most of you guys probably wouldnt be,looking to play games on this if you,were going to buy it,this is going to be great for students,or as like a home slash work laptop or,just a travel companion given how thin,and light this thing is,or even as a bit of a creators tool i,was actually able to comfortably edit,some light 4k,video on this not your fancy 10-bit 422,stuff that i can shoot on this they,wouldnt really deal with that although,you please use proxies but,if youre just taking 4k video shot on,your phone then premiere pro or,um davinci will easily be able to handle,it although i think 1080p,video is really where this is at or,indeed a bit of lightroom photoshop,general everyday stuff theres nothing,really about this in terms of the specs,that makes it stand out,compared to the other ultrabook,competition theyre still the same,11th gen low 15 watt power chips with,the,integrated graphics but still more than,capable for,95 of what most of us would use it for,i was actually surprised just how good,the sound quality was,its clear it gets pretty loud and has,more punch than youd expect,given the fact it has downward-facing,speakers,what i will say though is that as,someone coming from regularly using the,macbook pro and macbook air with the m1,chip,you do notice the fans were up on this,uh opening a few chrome tabs or doing,some,light sort of light room editing you do,hear them were up,its not particularly loud but its,noticeable and also it can get quite,warm even when i was just,downloading some games to test on here i,could feel it get quite warm underneath,not uncomfortably so on the keyboard so,none of these are a deal breaker just to,make you aware,you can hit the fan and it can get a bit,warm under load,although if you are worried about the,fan noise what you can actually do is,dive into the settings,and change the fan speed to match the,ambient sounds around you so,if youre in a coffee shop and youre,doing something whatever it is on your,laptop then you can adjust it,and keep it to a lower level although of,course that will then restrict,performance,i tell you what though battery life on,this thing is excellent,i got about 11 hours from this as i was,writing my review and using chrome for,my notes,and that was with 75 screen brightness,and using the better battery setting,so this will comfortably get you through,a full work day and maybe even a little,bit more,depending on how you use it and the,other good thing is it charges,reasonably quickly because weve got the,bundled,65 watt chargers,do you hear that just out of the blue i,wasnt even doing anything,it stopped now periodically youll just,hear,but not the end of the world going back,to the design for a second,and personally i think this thing looks,great especially with the slim bezels,and this large precision track pad,samsung calls this mystic silver,although im gonna rename it mostly,white because really its just the top,of the lid thats actually silver,although the blue version is a,consistent color,around the sides we get two usbcs one,with the latest thunderbolt 4 which is,great to see,plus a full size hdmi and on the other,side we get usb,3.2 type as a three and a half mil jack,and a micro sd card reader,actually just quickly you know how i,mentioned the big track pad earlier,its lovely to use dont get me wrong,its got a really smooth glossy surface,lovely very very big it fills up this,entire palm rest,and its nice and responsive its,microsoft precision drivers but,it has one of the loudest clicks,your friends might want to kill you if,you bring this out and use that like,that,in front of them in other news the power,button doubles as a fingerprint reader,and you can see on this 15 inch model we,have this full numpad as well which is,nice,and a very comfortable white backlit,chiclet keyboard no complaints there,and this

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Review – Watch this Before Buying!

so this is the samsung galaxy book pro,not the one that flips 360 degrees but,the more traditional like standard,laptop this caught my attention for one,simple reason everybody thats on boxes,so far,swears by the display they say its the,best display they ever looked at,to me this laptop is a lg gram,competitor,its lighter its thinner its classy,it has that whole gram appeal i do,comment samsung for,trying a different color like this navy,blue is different,than the traditional like silver laptops,youre used to seeing,and more importantly theres nothing,crazy going on you know,its very simple you have the samsung,logo but it looks good,now io is great you know for a thin,laptop we have lots of ports like,hdmi two usb type-c ports one is you,know you can use for data or to charge,your laptop,but only one of them is thunderbolt 4.,then on the other side,you have your headphone jack a full-size,usb,port a micro sd card slot now in terms,of build quality,its a light laptop at 2.3 pounds so,lighter than the gram 16 and 17 but a,bit heavier than the 14.,theres not a lot of lit flex a little,bit but not enough to be super,concerning,but the one area that completely irks me,is this touch pad yes its glass but,i feel like theres a bit of latency,between my finger moving on it,and the pointer on the display it is,using windows precision drivers,and even if you like pick up the laptop,sometimes and youll hold it in your,hand,the touch pad will click,which is really weird like that should,not happen when you pick up your laptop,i just get a lot of false clicks using,this thing,now the keyboard does have a very short,but tactile,travel distance its definitely not my,favorite keyboard to use and because,this is the canadian edition,they had to like make the enter button a,bit smaller,usually theres more of a horizontal,approach to this but they went vertical,and sometimes ill miss click and,ill hit this button over here now of,course you can open up this laptop with,one hand which is,important to like five people out there,but everyone and i mean,everyone is saying how good this display,is and like straight up,yes its a great display the color gamut,is fantastic i even,tested it out at different brightnesses,because its oled,usually oled fluctuates but i think this,is a second gen panel,and the color accuracy and gamut stayed,the same,the one area that this display is kind,of poor,is when it comes to screen brightness,like i was only getting 326,nits thats really low for this type of,display i was expecting something,at at least 400. the one area that i,feel like samsung could improve,is the aspect ratio like were in a time,now where a lot of these vendors are,switching over,to 16 by 10 and then samsung comes out,with your standard,16×9 now two more things about this,display when you open it up theres a,tiny bit of screen wobble,its noticeable but its not massive the,good news though is that if youre,typing aggressively like an animal,on this keyboard its not going to move,the second thing,is pwm flicker this was a big issue on,the previous 4k,samsung oled displays you found on other,companies,laptops the good news though this 1080p,oled display,doesnt really have pwm flicker its so,minimal that i dont think its going to,be an issue,for anybody the other thing is this,camera,it doesnt support windows hello you,have to use the fingerprint scanner for,that,but it does have a 720p webcam and it,looks awful theres,even a beauty mode a clean mode or a,natural mode,these little features that youd find on,their galaxy devices theyve,incorporated,into their galaxy book so i usually,dont go crazy about the software thats,installed on these things just because,windows 10 is windows 10,but sometimes manufacturers get a little,excited about their own applications,being on here,now samsung is one of these,manufacturers and theres at least,eight to ten samsung apps on here and at,first i was like wow,look at all this bloatware but i took a,step back and realized that some of,these applications are actually,really important like if youre someone,who owns a galaxy device whether its a,s21 plus or a tab tablet,then you want these applications on your,laptop too because,lets say youre using samsung notes and,you want it to sync it to your galaxy,book,you need the galaxy notes app on here in,order to do so,now dont get me wrong there are a,couple of apps that are useless like,their samsung,update app because once you go into it,it just tells you to go to the windows,10,update center to do all your,installations there,but the most important app at least to,me is quick share this is samsungs new,airdrop feature if youve ever,experienced airdrop in the ios,ecosystem it works super well you know,just like youd expect,but you can only do it with galaxy,devices you need a galaxy book and a,galaxy phone,or a tab and the laptop if you try with,anything else,it just wont work then theres,performance and this is using an intel,i7 1165g7 cpu its not a bad processor,its four cores obviously it doesnt,have the same,multi-core performance as the amd chips,that are currently available,its paired with 16 gigabytes of ram a,15-inch,amoled display and a 512 gigabyte nvme,ssd at least the one you can buy the,cool thing though is the price this is,12.99,if you were to buy like an lg gram 16 or,17 with similar specs,youre paying anywhere from two to five,hundred dollars more but performance,is interesting you know like its,nothing,special it doesnt come out on top,compared to similar,spec laptops in this category it,actually comes quite below,and you can see this whether youre,doing like your typical synthetic,cinebench test,or if youre compiling code where some,budget amd laptop will only take,30 to 40 minutes now the reason why its,performing like this,is because samsung is being super,conservative and the weird part is,even though theyre being conservative,fan,noise is still kind of loud like this,thing on high performance mode which is,a setting in the software,gets fan noise up to 50 decibels if you,put it on optimize mode you can reduce,the noise to about 45,but if you compare this to something,like the gram 17 which always stays,around 40,that actually gives you better,performance,[Music],now to get inside you have to remove,four rubber pads plus,four screws and once youre in you have,a,fairly big 67 watt hour battery which,got me,really good battery life around 12 hours,of use before needing to charge,but you cant upgrade the ram the ram is,completely soldered onto the motherboard,so is the wi-fi card but this is wi-fi,6e so i doubt youll ever have to swap,it out,but if you want to upgrade anything the,only thing you can do is,upgrade the nvme ssd now the read and,write speeds on this guy are very,similar to the surface laptop because,its using that smaller form factor now,the heating solution,is kind of sparse like theres so much,space here they could have easily put,another fan here,with an extra heat pipe and this would,have gave this laptop much better,performance,so heres the thing the galaxy book pro,has a macbook problem,because this thing is 1299,and it doesnt have the best experience,you know touchpad is awful,keyboard is especially with that enter,key it has a loud fan noise under,performance mode and even,optimize mode and on top of that the,display just doesnt get that bright,the macbook air on the other hand is,significantly cheaper it gives you,just as good battery life it gives you,significantly better performance,and zero fan noise if someone was to ask,me matt,would you rather have this or the gram,for example i would pick the gram,every single time its a better computer,it has a more accurate touchpad like you,dont pick it up and it clicks which is,super weird,and its actually accurate keyboard,feels better to type on,and the screen is 16×10 i think this is,only very appealing for someone,who has other galaxy devices because the,quality compared to the other products i,mention

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Galaxy Book Pro 1 Month Review: Why its the BEST W10 Ultrabook!

are the galaxy book pros the best,all-around ultrabooks to buy,well when i first saw the announcement i,thought it was going to be underpowered,its going to run hot and loud,but once we actually used and compare,them i was really surprised,especially by three different things and,know that its not including,the oled displays and overall i just,have one complaint about this machine,that may or may not be a deal breaker,for you,now lets start out by mentioning that i,have two of these models obviously you,guys can see i have a 13,inch and a 15 inch model these are both,i7,models and between them the performance,is almost identical which is a great,thing,samsung is keeping it very simple with,these machines you just have a few,choices you want a 13 13-inch or a,15-inch,and do you want the base model that has,256 gigs of ssd,and an ia5 cpu or do you want to upgrade,that to get double the storage and,double,the ram and that is great other than,that,the screens are both oled displays and,they are both 1920 by 1080p,and they are both pros and cons with,that screen,but before we dive into performance and,everything else let me give a thank you,to microcenter for sponsoring this video,micro center has 25 stores nationwide,with an impressive variety of,electronics,from gaming vr computer parts like,processors graphics,and everything else needed to build a pc,they also have a huge variety of,desktops laptops and all the accessories,that you need,not only that but they also have highly,trained staff and low prices,check out our local micro center today,to get your hands on a variety of,products before purchasing,or use the link down below to check out,these galaxy book pros,at microcenter.com lets start out with,the design and build quality,i have to say that this 13 inch is,impossibly,lightweight feeling in the hand i know,weve reviewed the lg gram and that,thing is light,but this thing takes it to a whole,nother level it comes in at 1.9,pounds and it is very very slim,a lot slimmer than the other laptops the,gram is thicker,the xps is a lot thicker you guys can,see theres even cutouts,for the hdmi to allow it to fit and then,the same thing for the usb port on,the other side now as far as ports both,these machines are identical,we have an hdmi a usb type-c and a,thunderbolt port and this does charge,with usb type-c,and on the other side we have a micro sd,card slot a full-size usb type-a which,is crazy,and then a headphone jack now the larger,15-inch model,this thing comes in at an unbelievable,2.3 pounds so although it is heavier the,weights a little bit further from your,hand,it is still insanely light for a 15-inch,machine,and with that the build quality is,surprisingly good,for that weight we have a magnesium,alloy shell and even though its so,thin and so light it has very little,flex a lot less flex,than that lg graham now there is one,difference,with the 15 inch model you can flex a,little bit more and actually get the key,the little click pad to click by flexing,it,that doesnt happen with the 13 inch,just because its a little bit more,dense so this one does feel a little bit,better as far as,the overall stiffness of the chassis but,i have no complaints with either one,one thing that is slightly annoying is,just how much of a fingerprint magnet,these machines are both the outside,where i have the blue and then,even the palm area right over here so,keep that in mind youre gonna have to,clean them up getting into the quality,of the keyboards and the track pads we,do have a fingerprint scanner built in,so right there very easy unfortunately,the webcam,does not have windows hello unlock which,thats a bummer i love being able to,just open it up and log in,on some of the other windows laptops the,keyboard itself on the larger model we,have this numpad,and the quality is great has a nice feel,to it,a lot of feedback its fairly quiet the,track pad on the other hand,its just about average its a lot,harder to click up top,almost impossible here a lot easier like,a standard diving board design,it is fairly responsive and gestures do,work well now the other thing thats,about average,with these laptops are the webcams,and the microphones theyre not bad but,theyre not particularly good,go ahead and take a listen this is the,microphone quality of the galaxy book,pros dual front-facing microphones and,this is the video quality you can expect,with the highest settings and now lets,get into,probably the biggest spec sheet item for,these laptops especially at the price,and that is the displays we have,two oled panels on both of these which,is really rare for a laptop,at this price point especially rare for,a laptop that is,this thin and lightweight now oled,allows you to have,uh each pixel that can turn off on its,own and that allows for,perfect contrast where video looks,excellent on there,and that definitely is true for these,laptops if youre watching in a dark,environment then video looks excellent,provides a great movie,experience but unfortunately if youre,not watching in a pure,dark room if youre an environment like,this or especially if youre,outside the benefit of oled gets lost,because of reflectivity now when youre,outside,the screens do get quite bright 400 nits,thats better than,average but its still not enough to,battle that,uh how easily the the screen reflects so,that can be an issue and unfortunately,samsung didnt put on,a you know top of the line coding like,some of the new dell xps are using,now along with that the displays are not,touch screen,so if youre into that if you like being,productive you like scrolling be able to,select things,youre not able to do that with the,screen and the display is also a 1080p,resolution on both of these now that is,both a plus and a minus on the minus,side,if you are watching movies if you select,4k,youre not going to get that full,benefit of that sharp image,and when youre reading text if youre,doing spreadsheets being productive,you can tell the difference you can tell,that its not as sharp as,other offerings especially on the 15,inch model on the plus side we have,battery life which i might as well just,mention,right now it is excellent it was,definitely,a nice surprise um about 10 to 12 hours,on the smaller one and about 9 to 11,hours with the larger 15 inch which is,an,excellent battery life for the a15 inch,in part because,it is using a mobile chip one of the,ones designed for ultrabooks,not a higher end i7 and the display,being 1920×1080,that saves battery plus the oled helps,as well now the last thing i want to,cover,as far as the screens is the aspect,ratio,you guys can see that its wider 16 by,nine,a lot of laptops are using 16 by 10 now,gives you a little bit of extra vertical,space,its not as big of a deal for this,15-inch model as the 13-inch,where it really helps and then some,laptops use 3×2 which is really great,for spreadsheets and other productivity,and now,lets talk about speakers this is really,my biggest disappointment with these,machines,the speakers sound decent not great,probably about,average just like the trackpad is,average and the webcams are average,in terms of windows laptops but if you,are gonna enjoy this ola display to,watch movies or shows,at night or even maybe play some games,and you dont have headphones to use,it is fairly quiet one of the quieter,laptops that we have tested within the,last couple years,so keep that in mind if speakers are,important to you for movies or anything,else,you probably arent going to be very,thrilled with these speakers and now,lets get into the second way how these,really stand out and that is the,performance when i first saw these,machines and how lightweight and thin,they were,i said surely one the performance is,gonna be suffering,because of thermal throttling the fan,noise is gonna be loud,and with that most likely when you,unplug it in order to reach that battery,life the performance is going to plummet,but i was really pleasantly surprised,both of t

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Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 15 – Laptop 15.6 inch NHẸ NHẤT, màn AMOLED,… | LaptopWorld

cho Samsung Galaxy pro 15 mua chiếc,laptop 15,6 inch nhưng mà trọng lượng,chỉ có 1,1 kg thôi vào trong tầm giá 33,triệu đồng mỗi chiếc ốp này nó có rất,nhiều các điểm tương đồng với người đồng,hương đến từ Hàn Quốc để chứng này trước,lg16 mình khá là tò mò xe ôm này và mình,cũng đang đặt ra một câu hỏi rằng là tại,sao các người em Hàn Quốc lại ưa thích,những cái mẫu laptop mỏng nhẹ như này,đặc biệt là phải rất nhẹ vì trên laptop,15,6 inch nhưng mà trọng lượng lại chỉ,có 1,1 kg phải nói đây là người trọng,lượng rất là đáng để anh em ạ ta hãy,cùng mình xem xem với chiếc Galaxy pro,15 này trong rừng rạp 23 triệu anh em sẽ,có những gì anh em nhé ngay lập tức tại,của mình inbox cho nó không phải ra bắt,đầu coi,như em sẽ thấy thì máy nó vẫn còn nguyên,xi ở đây phải của mình ra xương nó ra,nào,What anh cái gì không bên trong cái hộp,lại có một cơ hội nữa,đây cái hộp bên ngoài sẽ chỉ làm cái hộp,bia Ừ cứ cho chiếc máy để chúng ta nó,không bị móp méo nó không bị gãy xương,thôi em ạ Chứ còn bên 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những ngư

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro Review – Keeping it Light!

so last year i reviewed the galaxy book,pro and this year im reviewing the,galaxy book pro 2. its essentially the,exact same design as it should be this,is the second iteration of it theyre,just not going to radically change the,way it looks and i think the two main,reasons to buy a samsung laptop over,other ultrabooks of the standard is for,the ability to pair it with your galaxy,phone if youve ever wanted the,continuity that apple offers in their,ecosystem the closest youre going to,get to it is with a samsung laptop and a,samsung phone the other benefit is how,light this thing is this is a 2.5 pound,laptop thats very light for a 15 inch,form factor now the design is very sleek,it is using a metal chassis the top of,the lid doesnt have too much flex but,if you get the darker version of it it,will pick up a lot of fingerprints and i,mean instantly like you take this thing,out of the box and you put your fingers,all over it its going to get dirty,quite quickly it has a decent amount of,io with a full-size hdmi port you have a,usb type-c port which you use to charge,the laptop it comes with a i think 63,watt or 65 watt brick in the box and,then you have a thunderbolt 4 port which,you can use to connect a dock or an,external gpu and then on the right hand,side you have an audio jack a usb a port,and a micro sd card slot which is great,if you want to add some external storage,now you can open up the laptop with one,hand and just like the previous model,theres a tiny bit of wobble its not,too bad i feel like if youre typing on,this thing the screen will not move it,doesnt go all the way back 180 degrees,but it goes back enough and the hinge is,quite stiff the beauty about this guy is,that you have a full size keyboard,including a numeric keypad now this is,great for those individuals that are,using this for work because i know a lot,of you like that numeric keypad but,the drawback to this is you have to,squish the keys like typing on this,feels absolutely fantastic like even,though theres a shallow travel distance,like pressing on these keys feels great,the only thing i dont like about this,keyboard is the enter button i just miss,it all the time you know like it needs a,bigger enter button so that when my,fingers over here,i can hit it appropriately touch pad,absolutely,massive its very accurate i complained,on the previous version that there was a,bit of a delay it seems they fixed that,and on the previous model if you pressed,on the deck of the keyboard the mouse,would click,but it looks like they fixed it with the,second iteration but the star of the,show continues to be the display its,still using an oled panel like the,previous one its also still,1920×1080 so a 16×9 aspect ratio which,is obviously preferred for watching,content but in my heart i really wish,they went with 16 by 10. its just a,much better aspect ratio for,productivity having that extra vertical,space does make a difference and i have,a feeling in a future model they will,change it now it is brighter the,previous one topped out around 350 nits,this goes up to 407 nits but it also,shares the same peak brightness of 500.,webcam has also been upgraded previous,version was 720p this one happens to be,1080p so you will see an improvement,plus samsung has their studio software,installed so you can do things like auto,reframing or of course blur out the,background when youre on a zoom call,now performance is the other big upgrade,just because the cpus this year from,intel are better than the previous year,and this one happens to be using the i5,1240p,paired with eight gigabytes of ddr5,memory and a,256 gigabyte nvme ssd everything from,the single core clock speeds to the,multi-core clock speeds are,significantly faster than last years,11th gen processor now i do think,samsung could have pushed this laptop,even further if they put proper cooling,inside of here because its still very,conservative at the end of the day like,i dont suggest picking this laptop up,if youre going to be editing videos all,day or if youre going to be crushing,through hundreds and hundreds of raw,images from your high megapixel camera,but this laptop is really geared towards,students people at the office who are,doing a lot of document processing using,the web mostly then this is where this,thing really excels and heat management,reflects that like dont get me wrong it,can hit the 90s but its not going to do,it for too long and then samsung will,limit the power that goes to the cpu to,obviously keep it cooler at the end of,the day samsung is prioritizing fan,noise over everything else like this is,actually quieter than the previous,galaxy book pro i think at performance,mode this one measures at around 46,decibels the previous one topped out at,48. now i know theres going to be 2.5,people in the comment section asking me,if you can game on this this is still,using an iris xc integrated gpu its,starting to show its age so yes you,could if you play older titles things,like league of legends which can run on,anything overwatch if you dont mind,dropping the settings but it can do it,its not going to play any newer titles,comfortably but if you want to squeeze,something thats very well optimized in,it will be able to handle it now,internally,much easier to get into it still has,four screws but the little feet that pop,off are no longer stickers theyre just,like little inputs that you can pry off,and it just i dont know makes the,laptop easier to get inside but they,have upgraded the cooling on the,previous version they only had one fan,now they have two plus a copper heat,pipe running across the middle which,does help with thermals and theyre no,longer using a m2 2242 short drive this,is a full 2280 which should give you,better read and write speeds depending,on the drive you buy but the one theyre,using here doesnt give you the best,read and write speed so if you want,something faster and more storage you,can upgrade it yourself theres also a,second slot on the right hand side to,add a second drive if you want more,storage in the future,wi-fi 6e card is soldered onto the,motherboard and of course you have a 67,watt hour battery which is very similar,to the previous one im getting about 10,hours of battery life before needing to,charge so this is about two hours less,compared to last years version in all,fairness the 11th gen processor from,last year was more efficient than the p,series this year so i think the big,question is who is this laptop really,for like if youre looking at this to,crunch out 4k video edits and do 3d work,this is not the laptop for you if you,want to do a little bit of light,compiling it can handle it but this is,for the individual thats doing a lot of,productivity like you live in a browser,youre using,office and word and it has the,processing power that you could play,some games very lightly but youre,nowhere near being a hardcore gamer the,most important thing though is that you,have a samsung phone because it gives,you some of those continuity features,that apple users have been using for,years all those baked in samsung,applications which theres tons on this,laptop give you that flexibility to,quickly share a file or use your inputs,on this device to control your galaxy,phone tapping the display to to share a,movie a lot of those little things and,if youve always wanted those little,things between your phone and your,laptop this guys gonna do it this is a,productivity machine a machine thats,light and easy to carry and i think this,is a good option for a student or for,someone in the office whos crunching a,lot of office work i hope that sums it,up if you have any more questions let me,know in the comment section down below,like the video if you liked it subscribe,if you havent already and ill see you,guys in the next one,[Music],you

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro Hands-On Review – I WANT ONE!

hey guys im tunnel techchap and i am in,beautiful barcelona where samsung are,showing off the new galaxy book 2 pro,and book 2 pro 360 with the latter,giving you that spinny tablet,touchscreen experience and surprisingly,for samsung who usually take things out,of the box this s pen actually comes,bundled with it,the problem is though there are so many,great ultra thin and light premium,laptops these galaxy books have their,work cut out if theyre gonna stand out,from the dell xps 13 plus or the acer,swifts or sue zenbooks or of course the,macbook air which is to a refresh soon,so what do these offer well building on,the terrific galaxy books from last year,we once again have an incredibly thin,and light design i mean seriously im,holding the 15-inch one here one-handed,just flinging about were talking lg,gram levels of lightweightness yet,somehow without feeling as flimsy or,cheap also the stunning amoled display,makes a return although this time it is,now 33 brighter and certified display,hdr 500.,although that 500 nits brightness is,only when playing hdr content normally,itll peak at 400 nits which is still,very good but because the screen is,quite reflective sometimes if you have,bright lights around you or you are,using this outside which you may well do,as these are all about portability then,it can still be a little bit tricky to,see sometimes but it is certainly a step,up from last year,however what has remained the same is,this 16 by 9 aspect ratio with a,relatively chunky chin at the bottom now,i know not everyone agrees but i much,prefer a slightly taller 16 by 10 screen,and also it is just 60 hertz there is no,extra smooth 120 hertz like we get on,say the surface pro 8. now on the inside,were getting new processors in the form,of intels 12th gen p series which,samsung say will actually give us a 75,boost in multi-core performance versus,last year of course im gonna have to,test this myself back in the studio but,these are the same chips used in the new,dell xps 13 plus and also according to,some early benchmarks that were seeing,these new p series chips can actually,outperform apples m1 which is great,until you realize the m1 has been out,for you know the best part of two years,now and were about to get a refreshed,m2 and also thats sort of a 10 15 watt,chip versus the 28 watt p series from,intel so great news that intel is sort,of finally catching up and maybe even,going beyond the m1 but in the scheme of,things i think apple is still well ahead,but for a windows laptop,good stuff and thats paired with faster,ddr5 ram up to 32 gigs of the stuff and,also up to a terabyte of storage we also,now get punchier speakers thanks to a,new smart amp as well as an upgraded,1080p webcam with a wider field of view,now 87 degrees up from 77 as well as,auto framing to keep you centered the,new galaxy box also get thunderbolt 4,wi-fi 6e upgraded security features fast,65 watt charging which will also quick,charge your galaxy phone and tablet and,of course if you do have say a tab s8,then you can use that as a second screen,in a very similar way to apples sidecar,with ipads and macbooks,ill tell you who else has been busy,here at mwc though tcl who are very,kindly sponsoring this video theyve,been showing off an absolute ton of new,tech including the new tcl 30 series,phones with the top of the range tcl 35g,costing just 249 euros with this,fiberglass material on the back which,gives it quite a classy look and also it,doesnt pick up smudges or fingerprints,in fact the whole 30 series lineup pack,in huge batteries and also except for,the tcl 306 they all have dual or triple,50 megapixel cameras this also caught my,eye its the new tcl next paper 10 s and,it uses an lcd backlit screen but with,multiple layers on top giving it a matte,papery e-ink aesthetic which also,reduces blue light it minimizes,reflections its a really unique tablet,but its tcls concepts that im really,excited about these are a pair of their,new wireless ar holographic glasses i,also got to try these the tcl next wear,air which give you a huge 140 inch,immersive screen right in front of your,eyes and finally these guys tcl are,showing off every kind of flipping,folding and even rolling devices this is,the very aptly named fold and roll which,ive never seen before but the screen,folds and it can roll out tcl are also,working on a new foldable concept so,stay tuned to hear more about that but,for now click the link in the,description below to check out all their,latest tech,now samsung claimed up to 21 hours of,video playback on the galaxy box which,is about the same as last year theres,no real battery upgrade there although,the efficiency improvements with the new,intel chips may have an impact thats,something ill have to test myself but,either way last years galaxy books,easily lasted me a full day so im not,worried it is worth bearing in mind,though that both the book 2 pro and the,360 come in 13 and 15 inch sizes,although the specs are a little bit,different for example on the book 2 pro,only the 15 inch model has a 5g option,samsung told me that adding 5g to the 13,inch book 2 pro would have added to its,weight and thickness which they didnt,want to do however more importantly only,the 15 inch book 2 pro comes with the,option for dedicated graphics in the,form of intels new arc gpu on the,higher end models plus the 15 manages to,squeeze in a full size hdmi port and,also a numpad beside the keyboard and i,think on paper at least its the 15 inch,book 2 pro that is the most interesting,im really keen to see what the arc,graphics can do and also how much faster,it is over the standard intel iris xc,graphics that we get on the other models,this could end up being a really nice,balance between performance and,portability which of course is the holy,grail of thin and light laptops so,theres a lot to like here but i do have,a few thoughts firstly the lack of a,quad hd or 4k option for the screens,particularly on the larger 15 inch which,is a bit of a shame although im told,the decision was made to stick to full,hd as battery life is a big priority,which is understandable and of course,you can always output to a higher res,monitor but maybe a 1440p option would,have been nice,i also really do love the look of these,galaxy books particularly this white,color although it does come in a more,businessy graphite if you need to keep,things a bit more toned down but next to,something like the new dell xps 13 plus,that well level hate it looks like a,properly futuristic next-gen laptop i,wouldnt have minded a bit of a refresh,here but i guess the real magic is just,how lightweight this is,im also really keen to check out the,standard galaxy book the non-pro model,which samsung wasnt really that keen to,show off but it has been refreshed and,actually if its anything like last,years galaxy book it ended up being,probably my favorite laptop just for the,sheer value for money however the,combination of a 500 nit amoled screen,so were getting that incredible,contrast and deep inky blacks the,ridiculously thin and light chassis i,mean the 13-inch weighs just 870 grams,and its 11 millimeters thick with the,15 still only 1.11 kilograms and 11.7,mil although the intel arc graphics,option does add a little bit to the size,then were the 12th gen chips the super,fast ram a great webcam top-notch,connectivity and security and if youre,in the samsung ecosystem some nice,multi-device features the book 2 pro and,the book 2 pro 360 are looking pretty,exciting actually i cant wait to get,home and test it and review it properly,and of course also the standard galaxy,book which i havent had hands-on with,just yet and the best bit is if you do,fancy one theyre actually coming out to,even more regions more countries,according to samsung this year which is,great news but what do you reckon would,you be tempted to buy one of them let me,know in the comments below and also,dont forget to check out the latest tcl,tech as well

The BEST laptop display I have ever seen!!! – Samsung Galaxy Book Pro

-您想看一部令人惊艳的电视吗?,它将是OLED。,就像 您现在正在观看,的手机一样,,它可能也是OLED,看起来令人吃惊,,但无论出于什么原因,在笔记本电脑上,OLED屏幕都很烂。,无论出于什么原因, 当我看着它们时,,它们都会让我感到非常头疼 ,,就像白色背景和文字一样,不好。,三星虽然认为他们已经解决了这一问题。,因此,这个人显然拥有与 S21,相同的OLED屏幕 。,等等,是S21吗?,-[Jono]我想是S21 Ultra。,-S21 Ultra。,好吧,这不是同一张屏幕,,而是使用相同的技术。,-[Jono]哦。,(都笑了),-哇,这是 我一段时间以来收到,的最工程学的示例笔记本电脑 之一。,通常,他们至少喜欢尝试一半,,就把它扔在一个盒子里,看看那个。,出色的包装工作人员,我们去了。,等等,这看起来不对。,我要求使用13英寸的机型。,我想我们已经有了15。,现在,在我们打开它之前,让我们快速浏览一下。,首先,这东西非常小,,特别是考虑到它具有全尺寸HDMI,以及两个雷电四音。,另一方面,我们有全尺寸的USB Type A,和看起来像小的SD卡读卡器。,像戴尔一样,您在做什么?,为什么其他人都说,“噢,我们不能拥有完整的A型全尺寸USB”,,却比其他人的笔记本电脑还要薄呢?,建造质量感觉还不错。,这里的底部是非常非常塑料的。,整体看起来很普通,只是蓝色。,但是它确实具有真正的高级外观。,那样的东西,我不明白。,就像三星生产这些外观精美的手机,以及许多其他不错的东西一样,但是直到现在,,他们的笔记本电脑还远远落后于其他所有产品。,但是让我们打开她。,我还没有计划马上开始,但是,天哪。,(咯咯笑)所以我对底盘的最初印象,并不是最伟大的。,这里有一个很大的挤压区。,是的,这是很大的偏差,,我并没有很用力。,-[Jono]因为在垫子上而弯曲了吗?,-乔诺问,是因为它在垫子上,不是,,这是100%的笔记本电脑。 (咯咯笑),另外,哦,三星,,我问他们一个带触摸屏的显示器,,因为那里总是有问题。,因此,您必须喜欢实际的屏幕,,然后是覆盖其上方的触摸屏层。,一些没有触摸屏的OLED 在笔记本电脑,上 看起来要比笔记本电脑更好,这是,因为其顶部有点像网格,,并不是为OLED屏幕设计的。,好吧,Windows说我们快要准备好了,,这意味着,噢,哇,我们来了,,就像我们要和赞助商PIA争吵一样。,专用Internet访问是一种VPN,可让您,像在其他国家一样,访问服务和网站 。,它会加密您的所有互联网流量,,并使用安全的受保护IP。,一次最多可将10个设备与,Windows,Mac iOS,Android,iOS和Linux的,客户端连接 。 使用视频说明中的链接,购买39.95的一年期计划 。,我想先检查一下键盘,,只是因为它感觉很活泼。,(键盘键入),该键盘有些令人失望,,因为执行这些开关的人都做得非常出色。,他们感觉很好,他们超级敏捷,,您甚至可能会听到这样的声音。,(键盘输入),很棒。,再次不幸的是,底盘太灵活了。,因此,要获得真正良好,一致的按键感觉非常困难,,在这里, 每次击打时都会产生大约,一毫米 的偏转。,无论如何,为什么我们真正在这里是显示器。,因此,让我们打开它。,显然,它的显示通过了HDR 500认证。,是的,那看起来。,戴夫,我们可以关掉后面的灯吗?,-[David]否,-显示效果非常好。 (咯咯笑),哇,好吧,我们走了。,因此,如果您正要在 刚刚发现的,明亮环境中使用此产品 ,那就不要买它,那太糟糕了。,我从没注意到 做笔记本电脑,之前有盏灯在后面 。,在这里的顶部,我的手在显示屏上反射,,就像镜子一样。,就是说,如果您打算在黑暗的房间里使用它,,这看起来很特别,看起来也很不错。,我不感到惊讶,它像一个愚蠢的东西,,例如百万分之一的对比度,,它是OLED显示器。,但同时,该死。,实际上,我们的充电器在哪里?,我刚把Jono插上了东西,,因为 当您要显示完整的白色显示器时,,亮度似乎下降 了。,因此,就像现在一样,它显然不能给我,500尼特的亮度,而 当我们在显示器上有很多较暗的东西时,,它的弹出声会更多 。,-[Jono]播放一些“ Crab Rave”,我想看看。,-不,等一下,我们去Jono的“ Crab Rave”。,只需一秒钟,我就需要再讨论,一下这个屏幕。,(都笑了),因此,尽管您可能会,觉得在全白色显示器上 有点沮丧,,但是 您并没有获得让,您眼球sea肿 的全部亮度,。 我之所以喜欢它,是因为在过去,,当您的背景为白色时 ,,某些OLED显示器太亮 了,,这可能会让您头疼。,因此,将其浸入其中是很好的,,但与此同时,切勿在室外使用它。,均匀度看起来不错。,这是我以前,在笔记本电脑上的OLED显示屏上,遇到的另一个问题 。 就像您 在整个事情上,看起来像粒状 一样。,当您使用一种颜色时,这看起来确实不错。,我想您可以说它有点奇怪, 但是 还算,不错,让我们来看看。,好吧,乔诺,我帮你做“螃蟹狂欢”。,我们将同时做发言人。,因此,这只是1920 x 1080P的显示屏。,因此,这就是我有点不高兴的事情之一。,我希望它是16 x 10而不是16 x 9,,但是像这个小组一样很棒。 (咯咯笑),(欢乐的音乐),哦,天哪,黑电平,看看那个。 (咯咯笑),演讲者虽然没什么,好玩的 。 ( 快节奏的,音乐) 好的,扬声器对此还不错,,但是我实际上是在这里,买 XPS的, 因为它的显示效果非常好。,IPS与OLED,,我相信它们也都是500尼特。,(欢乐的音乐),(柔和的音乐),是的,IPS上的饱和度更高。,我也会在这里给您做一个快速的小扬声器测试。,(欢乐的音乐),这是三星。,这甚至不是比赛。,对于显示,这是一个困难的过程。,我真的很惊讶,我,发现您在OLED上的黑电平要好得多,,但是Dell在这里拥有的IPS看起来很出色。,我觉得一般的显示调整,将是,其中一种看起来更好,的区别 。 但是我,对三星OLED实际发生的事情 非常好奇 ,,因此它看起来不会像垃圾一样。,笔记本电脑上的其他OLED看起来并不好。,这看起来很特别。,让我们看一下,好吗?,以及它如何使书呆子浪费时间。,因此,抓住了我们的一台新显微镜,,它比我们的旧 显微镜 好得多,,而且该软件还是2005年以来的热门垃圾,,所以我们将看看情况如何。,因此,首先,我们将看一下,具有IPS显示屏 的XPS ,对吗?,放大90倍,,这就是头发聚焦的原因。,哦,天哪,你这绝对是垃圾。,是的,我们看到的是大约1.6 FPS。,不论谁制造此软件,AmScope。,您好,请修复它。,但这基本上就是它的样子。,现在,我想看看我的 具有OLED显示屏的,手机 。,而且我认为它使用了一种有点颤抖的方法。,哦,不,这不是杂乱无章的内容。,在像OLED之类的老式玩具上, 他们,会这样做, 以使蓝色子像素,大于红色和绿色 子像素 ,,因为它需要更多的能量来产生蓝光。,因为像波长一样,垃圾。,您烧尽蓝色像素的速度,比红色和绿色 像素快,。 因此,,您希望它们更大一些 是有道理的 ,,但在您的视线中可能真的很难,,尤其是如果 其中之一 带有轻微的侮辱,感时。,但是正如您所看到的,红色,绿色,和蓝色像素都是相同的。,也许您看不到,,因为这件事很麻烦。,好的,这和我们要解决的问题一样好。,但是,您得到了图片,还有很多小点。,他们都非常统一。,这就是我们在三星产品上寻找,的原因,因为如果它具有类似的像素排列,,这意味着它们不会欺骗这一代产品,,我很高兴能找到答案。,哇,这太奇怪了。,什么(哔)。,(都咯咯笑),哦,这是 我见过 的最奇怪的亚像素排列,之一。,我觉得他们有点,像4K显示器的像素大小。,是的,所以您获得相同数量,的红色,绿色和蓝色像素,,但是它太奇怪了,因为蓝色更大,,并且它们也连续排列。,因此,您会得到交替的红色,绿色,红色,绿色,,红色,绿色,红色,绿色,然后有成排的蓝色,,因此它们可以更大,并且亮度可能更低。,过去,这让我感到很恐怖,,就像让我头疼。,但是无论出于什么原因,它都不是这个原因。,一定是因为它是1080P分辨率,,是4K,我不知道。,但是我喜欢这一点,从亚像素来看,,我不应该这样,(咯咯笑)等待。,什么? (笑),那么您还记得我是如何抱怨,底盘刚度的吗?,您可以通过按下底部来单击触控板。,哦,(笑)三星,来吧。,-[乔诺]男人。,-但是,好消息是,三星的显示器,可以应用到所有方面,就像 目前市场上笔记本电脑中的,每个OLED屏幕一样 ,,三星也能做到。,就在这里,尽管我真的不想,推荐这款笔记本电脑,但这并不可怕。,很轻,乔诺,价格是多少?,-[Jono]还有什么规格?,-这是这里的,让我们看看。,哦,瞧,我将触摸板 握在手中时,无法单击 它,,因为它已经被单击了。 (咯咯笑),-[Jono] 只需按下身体就,可以单击触摸板 吗?,-是的,我只要按一下 这里就 可以点击触摸板,。 (咯咯笑),-我没有价格。,-因此,我们没有这个价格。,是的,如果我们有价格,那就在这里。,如果不是那么昂贵,,那我肯定会去买。,哦,太令人沮丧了。,好吧,让我们聊一下,三星。,这台笔记本电脑,真是太气了,因为您做对了很多。,这个触控板,尺寸很大。,感觉很棒,真的很棒。,设计此触控板的人请给他们加薪。,和键盘一样,这个键盘很棒。,点击的感觉, 除了它是法国的之外 ,总体,来说 非常出色 。 该显示器,是我在笔记本电脑中见过,的最好的显示器之一 。,这个机箱,(笔记本电脑机箱弯曲),很糟糕。,我没想到它会发出声音,,但确实(咯咯笑)它确实带回了家。,只需,像购买一个优质的冲压铝制机箱一样进行 投资 ,,我会每天驾驶这款笔记本电脑,,因为否则,它的确很棒。,从许多方面来说,这是 我很长时间以来一直在,研究的最好的笔记本电脑之一 。,太轻了,这个显示很棒。,我会每天开车,但不会。,按住触控板时,您不能使用它,,因为它被单击了。,那就是他们的所在。,我不知道我是否超过了规格,,它有一个i7、16 GB的RAM。,哦,这里的这个实际上有5G,,实在太棒了。,还有一件事,你做得很好。,哦,乔诺刚刚告诉我,电池电量为68瓦时。,有了这个处理器,,它将给您带来更多的电池寿命,,大概需要12个小时以上。,再说一次,这是OLED显示屏,,但是我不知道它是1080P OLED显示屏。,有很多不同的东西,,但是您会拥有很好的电池寿命。,三星,您已经接近,打造市场上最好的笔记本电脑了。,有了这个东西,,就好像LG gram应该 减去,LG gram 的良好感觉一样。 (笑),我希望你喜欢这个。,我想进一步 拆解 显微镜,,AmScope,如果您看到了这一点,请修理您的网络摄像头,,我将一直使用它。,是的,就是这样,过得很愉快,,订阅了这么长时间。 (咯咯笑)

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