1. Galaxy Buds LIVE Honest Review after 1 Month of Use!
  2. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Review | One Fatal Flaw
  3. Galaxy Buds Live review: Finally, something different
  4. Galaxy Buds Live vs Apple AirPods Showdown
  5. Samsung Galaxy Buds LIVE | Everything You Need To Know!
  6. Galaxy Buds Live Review: Why it’s BETTER than AirPods!
  7. Galaxy Buds Live review: good beans, no compromises

Galaxy Buds LIVE Honest Review after 1 Month of Use!

its been about a month since i got my,galaxy buds live and when i popped them,in,and listened to them for the first time,i was blown away,they seemed to be the perfect blend,between the previous galaxy buds,and the air pods and i was certain that,they would cause me to ditch my earpods,pro,but after using them daily for a couple,of weeks before starting to switch back,and forth,i realized that i was wrong in this,review im going to cover all of the,positives and also all of the negative,things about these buds,and explain not only why i was wrong but,also why you should buy the galaxy buds,plus instead before we jump in if you,love what we do and you want to support,the channel go ahead and check out our,max tech shirts as well as the rest of,the merch,like our new premium zip up hoodie or,our masks down in the merch shelf below,the most unique thing about these buds,are definitely the bean,shape i was pretty surprised with the,design and happy that samsung chose to,go a new direction with these butts,instead of doing what,pretty much everybody else is they look,and feel amazing with a nice premium,glossy finish,and i love the gold color that they call,bronze i think,they sit flush in your ear making it,really easy to change your shirt or even,put on a helmet with them on,whereas with the ear pods its very,difficult or even impossible,to do now unlike the buds plus these,dont have an,in-ear seal design which will be pretty,important and come into play,later in this review in terms of comfort,these are,very comfortable they fit perfectly in,my ear and theyre super easy,to put in and take out they also stay in,very well and they dont fall out,even if i shake my head take a look,theyre not going anywhere,theyre definitely more comfortable than,the buds plus and thats partially due,to them not having that seal in design,the buds plus create pressure in your,ear because of that seal,which can make them a little,uncomfortable after a while,now the airpod pros also have that,seal-in design but they are extremely,comfortable because of a little valve,apple installed,which relieves that pressure the galaxy,buds live doesnt have that,issue now lets talk about the case the,buds live case has a new square design,so its not as long as a previous buds,case,but it is a little wider and thicker the,case size is pretty convenient but i,think that the old case design,might be a little more comfortable in,your pocket especially for people that,have smaller pockets,getting into charging and battery life,the case itself uses wireless charging,or usb,type c to charge now without active,noise cancellation they have a total run,time of 28 hours which is great,and for comparison the butts plus was,rated at 22.,now the actual buds themselves are rated,between six to eight hours depending on,the setting,instead of an advertised 11 hours for,the buds plus,when i first got these that seemed to be,quite a big drop in battery life,but thats actually because the buds,plus default to their normal mode which,is fairly quiet,i like to use those in the dynamic mode,which drops the battery life to about,eight to nine hours because they get,louder and they sound a lot better there,with these lives they actually sound,perfect and fantastic,in the normal mode so the real world,battery life was about,5 to 6 hours throughout all the time,that i used them i never felt limited by,the battery life,and on top of that they charge really,quickly just 5 minutes will give you,over half hour of listening now getting,more into sound quality the lives,blew me away they are very loud which i,love,because it really helps with the,unsealed design,and if youre listening to quieter,podcasts or videos its great to have,the extra room to boost the volume,the bass is deeper and richer sounding,than the previous buds,likely because of the large 12,millimeter drivers,the highs are very crisp and they sound,great,now sound quality is obviously,subjective but to me,these are the best sounding earbuds that,ive ever tried,even beating out the airpod pros and,those really nice sony wf-100 or 1000,xm3s thats way too long of a name now,for some people the base and the highs,might be,a little bit too much but you can of,course tune that using the settings,in the app not only that but they work,very well with my,iphone they pair quickly and,consistently every single time,and theyre actually a little bit louder,using the iphone,than using my note 20. onto microphone,quality,in samsungs keynote they said that they,have greatly improved the microphone,quality since the buds plus and i could,say that that is definitely,true my wife had no issue hearing me,when she actually did complain about the,previous buds,but the airpods are still ahead take a,listen for yourself,this is the microphone quality with the,galaxy buds live,and this is the microphone quality with,apples airpods pro,the difference is noticeable but it,isnt huge so,for most people the buzz life will do a,good enough,job and that wont be a complaint now,lets get into the drawback of these,buds,that made me change my mind about them,as i mentioned earlier the buds alive,have an open ear design,unlike the previous buds plus which have,that seal in,because of that there is a shocking,amount of sound,leakage quite a bit more than even the,original earpods due to all the,vents and it doesnt help that they get,so loud,with that if you dont want people to,hear your music,you have to turn them down so much so,that the outside noises,start creeping in and are very apparent,pretty much,like open back headphones if youve ever,used those,now if you dont like sharing your music,with everybody else,i would say these are not for you its,very interesting that these buds live,are the first open earbuds in samsungs,line,because theyre also the first to,include active noise cancellation,now that doesnt make much sense because,you cant seal out,noise so how would the active noise,cancellation even work well,that was my biggest concern when i first,read the specs with these,and thats the thing after using these i,could definitely say,that it doesnt work well at all it only,removes some lower frequency,sounds leaving all the mid and high,frequency noises,when i was using these buds they did a,pretty good job of getting rid of the,low frequency sound from the always-on,furnace next door to us but at the same,time i started to notice the higher,pitch sounds,from the air flowing through the vents,above and that was,even more annoying so i turned the,active noise cancellation off,i was still optimistic though and,thought that they would work better for,other environments,but as soon as i took them home and,tried using them while mowing the lawn i,was,disappointed the active noise,cancellation didnt do,anything there was absolutely zero,difference,and i struggled to hear the podcast,while mowing my lawn,and the whole time i was really wishing,that i had taken my buds plus,or even the airpods pro with me i then,tested while vacuuming and the active,noise cancellation,barely changed the sound so going,forward i found myself having to switch,between using my buds live,for listening to music and my earpod,pros,anytime i needed noise cancellation now,obviously,that is not convenient and on top of,that most people cant,and wont buy two sets thats the thing,a good set of wireless earbuds need to,meet,a wide range of needs and even though,the buds,live have really great sound quality,they have good battery life and they,have improved microphones and they look,great the fact that the advertised,active noise cancellation is so terrible,really makes it a deal breaker for me,the butts plus didnt have,active noise cancellation but the seal,design meant that they were passive,and that worked really well so with that,i really wish that samsung made the,lives a sealed design as well,but retaining this shape the active,noise cancellation would work great and,the sound quality in mics would still be,just

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Review | One Fatal Flaw

hello there im chris from texpert and,in the interest of youtube science ive,had samsungs latest pair of true,wireless earbuds stuffed inside of my,baldy head for the better part of a week,the samsung galaxy buds live will cost,you 179 quid if you purchase them here,in the uk,so not quite as bad as the likes of the,beats but theyre definitely getting up,there more expensive than the likes of,the jabra elite 75 ts,but these bean-shaped buds are among the,most compact youll find in 2020 they,pack lots of audio smarts like active,noise,cancellation and the sound quality is,pretty bloody,good so heres my full samsung galaxy,buds live review and from all the latest,greatest tech please do put subscribe,and ding that notifications bell,cheers so first up like the fresh new,galaxy note 20 ultra smartphone you can,pick up the buds,in a trio of colors these are the mystic,bronze but you can also grab them in the,slightly more so that mystic,black or white and let me tell you,mystique bronze is definitely shaping up,to be this years,marmite color some people really like it,and some people think it looks like puke,i happen to quite like mystic bronze to,be perfectly honest it actually gives it,more of a kidney bean,aesthetic and the whole bud does,actually slip into your ear orifice,quite comfortably as well as you can see,once theyre in very little,of the buds actually protrude out of,your lug hole theres no droopy bits,seeping out of each ear like you get,with those god-awful airpods if youre,squinting really close at the galaxy,buds live as well youll see that youve,got a rubbery wingtip which just helps,to hold them in place youve actually,got a second size that as well just in,case you dont find the fit,is entirely comfortable but theres no,actual rubbery tip that goes,into your ear canal this bit that,actually pumps out the sound it just,rests outside your ear canal so theres,actually zero penetration of your inner,ear and despite mostly being a hard,shell i found that the samsung galaxy,buds live,actually really comfortable to stick in,there and just leave in your head all,day long,theyre super light theyre super smooth,theres no annoying janky bits that are,cutting into your flesh or anything like,that yeah,really really nice unfortunately you,cant quite get away with uh sticking,them in and then lying on your side,in bed because youll find theres just,enough protrusion from to actually get,sort of forced back into your skull put,a bit of extra pressure on there so,thats not too comfortable but thats,basically with all,true wireless earbuds thats for the,actual connectivity no problems there,whatsoever either the first time you get,them just pop open that lid,youll see on your smartphone a little,message will pop up if youve got an,android and itll say do you want to,pair with your galaxy buds,bish bush bash job done even if that,doesnt pop up just go into your,bluetooth menu and theyll pop up in,there,the connectors in seconds and that,connection stays strong,as well its very stable in the,bluetooth five of course you can wander,a fair distance away,and youll still get a nice strong,signal i literally had to go from one,end of my house to the other,with my phone left behind before i,started to get any kind of judder,or break up of course back in the day i,used to do a pressure test with my,earbuds as well,take them to like london bridge station,and see how they cook theyve been,absolutely fine on a busy high street uh,but i cant see any more beyond that,now samsungs incorporated the usual,auto pause feature uh it doesnt work if,you only pulled one of the buds out you,have to pull both of the buds live out,of your locals,and then it will auto pause your podcast,or music or whatever youre listening to,but to be honest because,there isnt any rubbery tip actually,sticking into your ears i found that i,could leave them in and quite,comfortably have a conversation,with anyone all you got to do is just,pause whatever youre listening to with,a quick tap,job done as well as the tap to pause and,then resume,uh whatever youre listening to youve,also got a double tap in order to skip a,track and a triple tap,in order to go back a track and you know,what i found that all works in absolute,charm its very intuitive i didnt have,to sit there for ages sort of trying,different taps different speed of taps,to see what really worked,occasionally of course if you do just,have a bit of a fiddle with one of the,buds youll accidentally trigger those,touch controls thats pretty much,standard,samsungs galaxy wearable app is the one,that youll want to grab but its freely,available via the usual app store,shenanigans,ive got to say its one of the better,ones that ive played around with as far,as true wireless earbuds go so far as,you can quickly check the remaining,battery life of your buds youve got a,little,equalizer that you can play around with,there youve got to find my earbuds,feature which works just fine and if you,jump in the touch controls youve got a,little bit of configuration you can do,in there as you can see there you cant,actually piddle about with what happens,when you tap each of the buds but what,you can do is see what happens when you,touch and hold them so ive got active,noise cancelling,uh designated to the left one and the,right one launches up a bit of bigsby,however im going to change that up so,it actually does volume up and volume,down instead because i personally find,that more useful and if you find the,touch controls a bit cack then no,worries you can actually deactivate them,entirely in there but of course that,really slick design and all the,brilliant audio features wouldnt amount,to a barrel of pish,if the galaxy buds life sounded like,arse and the good news there is they,most definitely do not,those 12 mil drivers handle absolutely,everything,with ease im telling you rocket and,metal music sounds really punchy really,weird its got some incredible bass,on it but it doesnt drown out the rest,of the sound some of those finer details,you can really pick up on especially on,the more uh,calm more sedate the ambient tracks,classical music comes through as clear,and as crisp as you like dance music has,a real punch to itll get you bouncing,about the room like a hyperactive badger,and i was really impressed by podcasts,and audio books as well those vocals,come through,so so cleanly they sound really natural,its almost like youve got people,whispering,right into your ear and i was worried,that the sort of open ear design,as it were would kind of affect the,audio quality but no worries there you,can hear things,nicely and loudly and plainly no problem,at all but,what unfortunately it does mean is that,also ambient noise environmental sounds,going on all around you,do also seep in so while its nice and,that you can have a conversation quite,happily with someone with the bud still,and then youre not on the constantly,yank them out and shove them back,in again it also means that other people,all around you having conversations and,stuff thats all,getting right in there and really,distracting you so especially if youre,listening to a podcast or an audiobook,youre gonna have to really crank that,volume to actually be able to clearly,hear,what is going on and yes samsung has,added active noise cancellation to the,galaxy buzz live as well,but like other true wireless earbuds,that dont have a proper rubbery tip,like the huawei free buds,it just doesnt really work i was,literally walking down the road,turn it on turn it off seeing if i could,really pick up any kind of difference,with the rumble of the traffic but you,know what,its very very debatable whether it,makes any impact at all and its a real,shame because i really wanted to love,the galaxy buzz light everything else,about it is superb but frankly,the fact that it doesnt filter out all,of the crap going on around you means,that its kind of hard to recommend them,perfect for home use not so good when,you go

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Galaxy Buds Live review: Finally, something different

these are the samsung galaxy buds live,also known as the beans and they might,just be the most,innovative new true wireless earbuds of,2020 at least in terms of their kidney,shape design,lets get right into whats great about,them and also a few things you should,know before you buy them,[Music],they come in three color options mystic,white black and the bronze i have here,that looks pretty sharp and i gotta say,its a little bit flashy,they cost 170 or slightly more than the,standard apple air pods,and theyre like the air pods and if,they have an open design,you dont have an ear tip that you jam,into your ear and theyre really,comfortable to wear theyre also really,discreet and basically sit flush with,your ear without a little white pipe,sticking out from them,now samsung says you should stick these,in your ears in a very particular way,its kind of with the speaker facing,down into your ear at a 45 degree angle,however when i stick them in it was not,quite,exactly how samsung says it was a little,bit more horizontal,and in some shots it says this is not,how you should do it but it did work for,me,and the speaker is in my ear so i think,you just kind of have to go,with what works for you and this did fit,me very securely like this,i have some trouble keeping these,standard air pods in my ears,with these i had no trouble they fit me,really well i was able to run and bike,with them,and while they only have ipx 2 water,resistant that means theyre splash,resistant from certain,angles they are sweat resistant and you,can work out in them,[Music],i really like the galaxy buds plus which,have a noise isolating design,they fit me well too and i thought they,sounded really good for the money,i figured that when samsung did noise,canceling earbuds,it would make something very similar to,the buds plus and add noise canceling,and call them the buds pro,or something like that but instead its,these buds live earbuds that have the,noise canceling,samsung calls it anc for opentype i,cant say its all that effective,there have been a few earbuds that have,an open or semi-open design,that have noise cancelling but ive,always found that you need a really,tight seal to have noise cancelling,really work these are supposed to reduce,some noise in the lower frequencies and,samsung talks about them blocking sound,while youre riding on a train,or a bus but i just didnt feel they,made a huge impact on reducing ambient,noise,it is pretty mild they do seem to help,slightly when youre listening to music,or making voice calls and noisy,environments,but the airpods pro and sony wf-1000x,mark iii have much better noise,canceling,so dont buy these for the noise,canceling or you may be disappointed,on the flip side if youre someone whos,sensitive to the active noise canceling,these shouldnt bother you like the,galaxy buzz plus i did like how these,sounded,no surprise they do sound open thats,where the live name comes from,their open airy sound doesnt feel like,its stuck in your head theyve got,12 millimeter drivers and a big base,port,the base is plump yet punchy which is,how i like it and theres nice detail,in the mids and highs theyre certainly,lively sounding,dynamic is the word i usually use,sound wise these just arent quite there,with the best sounding true wireless,earbuds like sennheisers momentum true,wireless ii,the sonys wf 1000x mark iii theyre,just not as refined as those headphones,but theyre really solid and pleasant to,listen to and you can make some sound,tweaks in the galaxy buds companion app,for ios,and android i did notice that the bass,rolls off a little bit at higher volumes,and things dont sound quite as well,defined when you push the volume all the,way up,especially if youre listening to a,track with a lot of instruments playing,at once,but that tends to be par for the course,for bluetooth earbuds,still because these are open i had a,tendency to push the volume,as for extra features galaxy device,owners do get a few options not,available to apple,and regular android users thats not,surprising,since airpods partially exist to help,sell more iphones so it shouldnt shock,anyone that samsung would have some,special features for,its users first theres a low latency,gaming mode in the lab section of the,app thats designed to reduce latency,issues while gaming,that was also available for the buds,plus but whats totally new is a,hands-free bixby voice assistant option,similar to the hands-free option for,siri for airpods,that allows you to activate bixby,without using the earbuds touch controls,which do work well and are responsive if,you use hands-free bixby you do lose a,little bit of battery life these are,rated up to eight hours with noise,cancelling off and,six hours with it on it drops to 5.5,with noise canceling on,and bixby always there waiting for you,to wake it up the compact charging case,has wireless charging or it also charges,via usbc,it gives you about two and a half extra,charges its a little unclear whether,these have,true multi-point bluetooth pairing it,does seem to work with galaxy devices,you compare them with multiple galaxy,devices and they automatically switch,between,those devices is pretty seamless with,ios and android users thats regular,android users,its a little bit more complicated you,have to,manually switch between them they dont,seem to be paired simultaneously to two,devices at once,you can also pair these to windows,computers using microsoft swift pair,the galaxy buds plus did a good job of,reducing background noise when youre,making voice calls and these do too,there are two microphones on the outside,of each butt and one on the inside and,while they dont completely muffle sound,around you,they do a good job of tamping down,ambient noise and also picking up your,voice,people i spoke with said they could hear,me well even when i had street noise,playing pretty loudly in the background,[Music],i spent a lot of time talking about the,sound and the features of these earbuds,but its really their design,thats the standout feature i get a lot,of these types of earbuds in for you and,this is the first one in a while that i,thought was really innovative,and different theyre pretty unique,looking discreet and not only do they,fit securely,but theyre comfortable to wear for long,periods alas the noise cancelling isnt,what i hoped it would be,but it is a challenge to do with open,earbuds like these,even so theyre easily among the best,earbuds of 2020.,im david carney for cnet thanks for,watching and let me know what you think,in the comment section

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Galaxy Buds Live vs Apple AirPods Showdown

all right its a new player in the,fully wireless headphone space was,alongside the,launch of the new note stuff from,samsung people were paying attention to,the leak because these things they look,like little beans,buds live what whats the live,referring to are they alive is it better,for live music,but these ones are cool because the,shape is different think i might even,have this,cool new color mystic bronze so it,doesnt tell me the color on the side so,im going to compare these as well,i should mention i have regular air pods,which are kind of in this,same price category however these dont,have any noise canceling,around 150 for these 169 for those but,these ones do add,noise cancellation theyre saying its,active noise cancellation ergonomic fit,6 to 21 hours of play time akg,sound also apparently theres a big,focus with these on,base performance so if youre into bass,heavy music,a little bit of paperwork over here by,the looks of it its a quick start guide,is that the mystic bronze i think so,yeah its got that little,that nice little hue to it very,condensed efficient packaging,likely some ear tips no,yes yes the shape of these things,is its a new one for me so well see,how uh,well see how these things fit type c to,usb type a,no power brick you definitely have a,smartphone if youre buying these,headphones,right matte finish in the color to match,your possibly your galaxy note and you,pop it open,and theres your buds now the whole,thing has a really,lightweight feel to it these are very,reflective,and theyre tiny little bean like things,im gonna,pull them out and if i want to put this,piece on where do i even do i just i,dont even know how this things gonna,fit into my ear,how do i oh,the ear tip is actually hooking onto the,cartilage portion of your ear,and the whole thing sits on the outside,of your ear,maybe this is the best point of these,they fit so perfectly into the ear at,least for me,it fits in there in a subtle fashion and,in the mystic bronze it really blends in,for me,and you kind of forget that youre,wearing it now we got to hear the sound,obviously see how that goes now there is,an app that goes along with these things,the galaxy ware app where you manage all,your various galaxy devices now,this explains to me how to wear them you,slide the front portion in first and,then,as i mentioned the rubber piece thats,on there which can be replaced with,these ones,is hooking into the cartilage section of,the ear,creating that that tight fit like for me,its not,theyre not going anywhere lets turn on,the active noise cancellation see how,that works,okay its doing something,test i mean i hear you jack part of the,frequency of your voice,has been filtered and heres where i,think the limitation,of active noise cancelling exists on,earbuds like this,because theres not much of a seal,inside the ear canal,im still im going to hear things you,know what i mean the airpods pro,you pull that out that sits deep in the,ear canal,it seals it off so then when you put the,active noise cancelling on it only has,to do the rest of the job,the seal does the initial portion its,much better than say the,standard air pods but its still not on,the level,of some real active noise canceling that,sits inside the ear or goes all the way,around the ear it has touch controls,you tap for play pause you double tap,for the next track or to answer a phone,call you triple tap for the previous,track,and you touch and hold users choice you,can change this this can do it this,could be anything,find my earbuds is kind of nice how does,that work your earbuds will start,beeping,when you tap start oh thats pretty cool,so lets go ahead and listen to these,i dont even know what im in for,hmm there is bass yes,theres definitely bass,[Music],look for an earbud thats not deep in,the ear,thats theres some bass there,i would say this has a dynamic type of,performance particularly in the bass,boost setting,where you got like tremendous amount of,punch and low end,and then im hearing a lot of highs as,well to go with it,i dont think this is going to be a,substitute for an in-ear style headphone,like something like the airpods pro,theres just they just have such an,advantage,by sitting so much further in the air,and sealing you off from your,surroundings,if youre putting this up against the,standard airpods then,the conversation gets a bit more,interesting because i,think the sound is its its a tight,match over there and,obviously this has this is a preferable,kind of form factor,its not a lot of external stuff its,just its fit right in there assuming,that it fits you well,these are for electronic music these,headphones are,theyre for electronic music,[Music],i dont know how this is gonna fit,people it fits me well,it fits me good and and you dont have,that same kind of,like nastiness when you have an ear tip,on there i think this is the comparison,the standard airpods now let me just,verify,regular airpods are 159 159 versus 169,so really these are up against each,other here,this is what i should be testing out let,me pair these up real quick and do it,and do an a b,test theres no noise cancellation at,all on regular airpods here im i hear,everything so let me go ahead to the,same track and just do a sound,comparison real quick,im gonna say theyre comparable,obviously the uh,noise cancellation helps a little bit on,this,but they sound wise its hard to,place one very high above the other the,regular airpods might sound a little bit,better,if i had to be honest you know you,probably want to just spend a few more,bucks because youre pretty close,price wise go up to the airpods pro,and you get the best of both you have,portability you have,convenience and youre getting a sound,performance improvement over,actually either of these options over,here that kind of maps it out for you,oh and dont forget if you want to save,some cash oneplus has you covered and,you can go check out this video,to uh to find out my feelings on this,its definitely cheaper,the construction is cheaper the the,sound is not on par,but from a convenience standpoint its,equivalent,i mean its just as its just as,convenient as any of these it goes in,the pocket its fully wireless,it actually kind of makes you wonder if,you shouldnt just go with this if,youre on a budget,and then go all the way to this if you,want to spend a little more,theres so many options in this in this,space its exploded,and options are a good thing probably my,favorite thing about these guys is how,tiny they are,and the way they fit in the ear it feels,futuristic but they will,match your note series very nicely,in mystic bronze this episode has been,sponsored by,lg x boom go the,pl2 to start it off thats the most,portable of the bunch,pl 5 the larger pl7 which is probably,going to have the most boom,of the bunch now these little guys,remind me jack you compare how many of,these,you can pair two together you can get a,stereo setup if youre working with the,pl2,but if you have the pl5 or the pl7 you,can pair together,up to 100 100 units,this one is 24 hours of battery life,10 hours 18 hour theyre all ipx5,water resistance there is an app that,goes with this by the way its available,on ios and android oh this has a little,bit of weight but i think this might,boom,i dont know jack it might boom so you,have a little flex there because i think,these are,these woofers are about to woof the,multi button,the dual button the lighting button usb,type c an auxiliary port and a usb type,a port,and pair up wonderful water,setting forest or my style in which i,can go in there and configure,any color setup i want,[Music],the lighting is dynamic so when you have,it in party mode,its actually moving along to the music,i mean that kind of that kind of says it,all,its almost like a its almost like a,mini dvla,lets do this now i can crack them both,im going to do the dual mode so its,actually going to give me a stereo pair,out of it,man that was thats easy that was that,was s

Samsung Galaxy Buds LIVE | Everything You Need To Know!

[Music],[Applause],[Music],hey whats up guys,jq back with that creation where i use,technology for recreation,so i got with me here the samsung galaxy,buzz live,so i think i made a total of about like,four videos in the past year,highlighting why i think thats the,samsung galaxy buds,the original ones and the plus were,pretty much the best all-around truly,wireless earbuds,for several reasons because i think they,excelled in most of the,categories that the average person is,looking for and the only thing that it,was missing was some,of the smart advanced features now as we,fast forward to the present those smart,features have been added and,specifically what im talking about is,active noise cancelling but before i,even get into that lets start as usual,beginning with,the case itself so holding in the hand,you have like this glossy finish to it,it definitely at times does feel like it,wants to slip out of your hand if youre,not careful,aside from the simple samsung branding,in the center youve got your usbc port,on the back along with a tiny battery,led indicator up front,and of course for those who arent,familiar by now you have qi wireless,charging,built into the case as well now i am a,little disappointed in the new shape of,the case it kind of looks like they was,going for more like an apple look but i,personally dont think there was,anything wrong with the original pill,shape design,because of how easy it slid into that,small pocket in your jeans it no longer,slides in as easy you kind of have to,like force it in there and i always take,little things like that into account,especially when were talking about user,experience especially for use on a daily,basis,so thats just something to keep in mind,now opening the lid youre presented,with these,fancy looking earbuds and although this,is the black model the earbuds,themselves are actually more like a dark,and gray ceramic kind of like a space,gray which i think looks,really really dope by the way but,despite how nice they look,keep in mind these will easily fall out,your hand as well i can almost guarantee,that you will spill the beans,[Music],now opening the case for the first time,youre next to your galaxy device you,get this cool animation,and i think samsung has caught up to,apple as far as presentation goes which,i like and the initial connection was,pretty quick and straightforward now i,think we gotta give credit to samsung,for thinking outside the box and trying,to differentiate themselves,from the competition with this open type,earbud design that weve pretty much,never seen before now if youre like me,and youve only seen the back of these,in all of the ads and commercials then,once you remove them from the case and,turn them around youd be surprised to,know just how different these are,as you notice these dont utilize the,standard uh silicone ear tips that were,all used to seeing with,the other truly wireless earbuds and,thats both disappointing and impressive,at the very same time,so because without the silicone tips you,arent going to get that,natural suction that provides passive,noise isolation that pretty much every,other pair of earbuds offer and thats,because samsung wants you to experience,these earbuds uh,wants you to experience the music on,these earbuds together with the,naturally occurring ambient noise from,the outside being piped through,kind of like a concert experience hence,the galaxy buds live now taking a closer,look its similar,to the engineering of the airpods pro,where it uses an,air vent speaker system to help,alleviate any pressure in your ear that,may be caused from the ear tips from the,other truly wireless earbuds therefore,ambient noise will pretty much always be,present,no matter how youre listening to these,now on the outside you have your base,duct,that helps deliver deep bass to where if,you actually were to cover it with your,finger while wearing it youll hear how,the bass goes away,you can try it for yourself to hear,exactly what im talking about and then,the lower inner portion that goes in,your ear theres a 12 millimeter akg,speaker that sits just behind those two,air vents and thats how you get your,sound,in between you have your touch sensitive,sensor so it knows when its in your ear,and just above that you have your,charging contacts and flipping it back,around you have two tiny microphones,outside of each earbud,plus a third inner microphone thats,hidden behind the air vent along with a,voice pickup unit on the inside which,all work together,to help focus on crystal clear voice and,lastly you have your touch sensitive,area which is pretty much,the smore circumference of the upper,microphone now at first i wasnt,sure if i was really wearing these,properly but the animation during the,setup process really helped with that,it may feel wrong at first but youll,know its incorrectly,once you hear the chime you get two wing,tips out the box to help them i guess,sitting your ear better which are very,easy to install by the way just make,sure you pay attention to the left and,right indicators on each,i installed the larger ones just because,and i gotta say these are officially the,most comfortable,truly wireless earbuds that ive ever,worn i mean one hell of a design they,really just feel weightless in my ear i,can see myself doing anything with these,well not anything because these are only,rated for ipx2 which is the same as the,galaxy buds plus so you dont exactly,want to expose these to,all of the elements but these are,certified for light sweat and a little,bit of drizzle,so if youre a little concerned about,that and youre more of a heavy sportsy,kind of person then i would look,elsewhere maybe like the powerbeats pro,now as far as the sound quality is,concerned,this is the part earlier when i was,talking about where i was both impressed,and disappointed im impressed by the,amount of bass that these put out,without the need for ear tips those akg,drivers certainly deliver that bassy,type music that i like hits nicely you,know hip-hop r,b jazz etc all sounds great the volume,is decent too its loud enough for me at,least,great for everyday listening however if,im being critical the mids,could use a little bit more clarity i,think the galaxy buzz plus performed,better in that regard which ill give,points to samsung for honesty by,advertising,clear highs and low notes which is both,true but honestly speaking remember im,coming from the perspective of,listening to the sony the sennheiser you,know the airpods pro,like some really good sounding truly,wireless earbuds so when i listen to,these thats what im comparing them in,my head to,but i think for the average person i,think they would be just fine,listening to these on an everyday basis,but personally if im trying to really,help you out,i think the guys see buds plus offer,better overall,sound in terms of the highs the mids and,the lows and,for 40 dollars cheaper currently at 130,bucks,versus 170 dollars for the galaxy buzz,live,at the time of this video so active,noise canceling,im impressed by how well active noise,cancelling works for being an open type,design and not needing ear tips,but at the same time i am underwhelmed,by the performance,of active noise cancelling i guess i,just set my hopes a little higher,simply put sennheiser the airpods pro,and sony,all have superior active noise,cancelling compared to the galaxy but,its live,i just want to put that out there i,think if these actually had ear tips,it would be just as effective as the,other brands i just mentioned you simply,just cant reach,true active noise cancelling without any,kind of passive seal so in the real,world while active noise cancelling,sounds like the best way i could,describe it is with these,uh when active noise cancelling is,enabled its pretty much just like,adding a,light noise filter things like the,rumbling of an air conditioner the,rumbling of a car,so any low end noises like,those noises would get silenced out but,everythi

Galaxy Buds Live Review: Why it’s BETTER than AirPods!

the galaxy beans really grew on me i,mean not,literally because its a bean but yeah,if you watched my videos in the past,youll know,i was really excited for this design,because it might finally fit better than,a more common airpods design and if you,know me,my left ear cant hold these earbuds,very well and im happy to say,that this design really works and im,100,sure now that the sound quality is the,best,that you can get but theres still a lot,of stuff you need to know before you go,out and buy one whether its the amc,and why i think its just a nice edit,feature the controls the microphone and,latency,well go through all that in this video,and im gonna be comparing this to the,airpods second gen,a lot too so without further ado lets,get started,[Music],good morning everyone kenneth here and,welcome to my galaxy,butts live review as per usual a quick,disclaimer this earbud is bought by,myself and no one is paying me,anything for this video but you can help,me support the channel by using the,affiliate links down description,just use the links to go to lazada,shoppie amazon,and then you can buy anything that you,need it doesnt have to be true,earbuds this way i can get a small,commission at every purchase,at no extra cost to you thank you so,much and lets get started with,first and the most important part the,sound quality now ill just straight up,tell you that this,is the best sound quality that you can,get for an airpods design,or what i usually say half in ear no,other half in ear is capable of,pushing this much bass while still,keeping a good balance sound good,clarity and instrument separation,this is finally what i can say a,complete,full body sound and it stands in the top,right now beating even the airpods,second gen not the airpods is hard to,beat in the first place but this is,finally time where i dont have to make,a,sound quality compromise to get the,benefits,of a half-in-ear design that is an,achievement in the half-in-ear world,because generally,sound quality dont level up the same,way we see in the,in-ear earbuds at a budget of 20 to 30,bucks you can get some really decent,sounding in ears but,four half in ears theyre okay,but never great things like qcy t7 or,onyx ace,always struggle when you start listening,to more complicated tracks,like rock and the most noticeable step,up is the real me but,air neo especially on the base it is on,par,with the air pods but it still struggles,in instrument separation,and sound stage like when you compare,them you can really feel,that it gets crowded and constrained,in the middle and none of that is,present in the airpods or,the galaxy buts life and ive said this,but ill say it again,the base here is just awesome its not,overpowering in enter sandman by,metallica its not,jaw dropping like the apollo bowl or,something but it really completes the,music,and make it whole and i want to talk,about my first impression,if you watch my unboxing video there i,said i like how the airpod sounds on the,intro but then,i preferred the butts life towards the,end,now this really depends on you the,airpods pushes the mids which is the,vocals and the main instruments,more forward and make them the main,focus,it has good clarity on the treble and,bass,is just enough to not make you complain,about it,and when i say this compared to other,half in ears sometimes earbuds like me,air 2,sound so lacking on a bass when compared,to the airpods even,but this exact airpod still pales in,comparison to the galaxy buts life,which is a whole,other beast now the butts life dont,push the vocals,as much but its still pretty nicely put,in the center,instruments still have room to breathe,and overall it strikes just the right,balance,and because its capable of pumping that,much bass,sometimes i just miss the sound quality,here when i use,other half in ears talking about eq,presets real quick inside the app this,time i found that the default eq to be,the best but,try them all give them a shot at the,first time you get this,see if you like any one of those presets,for me default is the best,having said that i think no matter what,phone you have if you want,the best balance and full bodied sound,you can get from a half in ear,this is the way to go now sound quality,only tells you one part of the story,what about the build quality and fit,this,is just as important because theres no,point in,using a good sounding earbuds if it just,falls,all the time and im gonna talk straight,about the kidney bean design here,because its what makes this thing,unique,now because my ear is on the bigger side,i found that the larger wing tip fits me,much better,because this is very useful it slightly,touches or kind of goes behind the upper,part of my ear here,and it makes the earbud stay put really,well without exerting,much pressure to any part of your ear,and just like the head shake test that i,did in my unboxing i,never once had a problem with the fit,never once i felt like the earbuds are,about to fall,and if im taking off my shirt,accidentally hit my ears or,things of that nature the earbuds will,stay put,and because of that i grew to love this,design,so much now yes it does feel weird at,first especially at the upper,wingtip side because usually nothing is,there and now theres the wingtip you,know just,on top of it sitting but youll get used,to it and whats more important is as i,see a lot of people seem to give it one,star review because,it hurts when you are wearing it well,note,this you dont shove it into your ear,you put the earbuds,just barely at the entrance of your ear,canal and thats,it there shouldnt be any pressure to,hold this earbuds in place,and it shouldnt hurt even when used for,hours,trust me i did i used this like,essentially the whole day and never,had a single comfort issue theres never,a moment where i feel like i need to,take it off because its not sealing,anything i can still talk to other,people just fine i can still hear,everything just fine basically it,doesnt make me feel like a,shut in nerd if you know what i mean now,the build quality of both the earbuds,and the case,is top notch i wont go too crazy about,it you can get a silicone case if you,want,but i go without it and not a single,scratch i can find here,after months of throwing this in my bag,and my pants pocket theyre pretty,scratch resistant just like the galaxy,butts plus they have,all the features like wireless charging,battery indicator,and because the earbuds battery is not,as monstrous here the case can give the,earbuds more than one extra charge,id say itll last you about a week of,use but in reality i just,pop it on a wireless charger every now,and then and i kept the whole thing,topped up all the time so,thats great i love it now its time to,talk about the experience in which ill,discuss about the battery life,anc controls and the other stuff that,you can change,inside the app first touching battery,life real quick i found it to perform,just as claimed around 6 hours with anc,on and 8 hours with anc off,thats when you listen at 50 volume,which is actually a bit,high for indoor listening i usually put,it on 30 40 if im going to listen to,music for hours and hours,overall battery life wont be an issue,here now lets talk,about this anc and you know what this,is not why you should consider buying,the galaxy but,life it just cuts out low rumbles,engine sounds background machine hum and,for the most part,the sound of people talking or music,playing they will be,just the same so ill say its about,30 to 50 reduced noise depending on how,much hum,that is in your environment and if you,want a anc that can separate you from,your world,this wont be it but it gives you a,slightly nicer music,listening experience while still being,able to interact and hear,whats around you and just like how a,good anc should be there is no,annoying hiss or any sound change at all,which is interesting because at first,i thought that the bass got a huge bump,when anc is,on but it really depend

Galaxy Buds Live review: good beans, no compromises

– So when I told a few buds that I was reviewing the beans,,they were really excited for me because if you know me,,you know that I love the word bean,and I love the word buds and well buds,,these are beans.,- Roll that beautiful bean footage.,(upbeat music),- Nice pot of pinto beans in the crock pot.,(upbeat music continues),- Could everybody please leave so I can eat my beans?,(upbeat music continues),- Its rare in tech,to get such a fresh form factor these days.,Most phones are skinny rectangles,,earbuds are stemmed or theyre circles,and laptops are well laptops.,So when I opened up the poorly named Galaxy Buds Live,,it was a total breath of fresh air.,And with any first gen form factor,,I was excited for the new experience,,but I was definitely expecting some compromises.,Like maybe the audio quality was going to be a bit off or,the build quality would be weird,or the mic would be scratchy.,But these beat, buds, these buds,,they managed to be something completely new,without compromises.,Lets get into it.,(upbeat music),Buds come in mystic bronze, mystic white, or mystic black,,but Samsung gave me the bronze to test out.,And to be honest, I dont think this bronze,is doing these buds any favors,in that these are not beans, these are buds department.,This is almost the exact color of a kidney bean.,Oka, besides my love of this hardware,,there was one feature I was shocked to hear,these $169 buds had,,and that was active noise cancellation or ANC.,So I knew one place I was definitely going to test them out.,So were on our way to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade,because it is a beautiful location to film,,especially at sunset. Oh, here she is.,But it also has one fatal flaw that makes it perfect,for testing this active noise cancellation.,The promenade is located directly above,a double-decker highway.,So although beautiful, it is not quiet.,(highway noise),The Buds Live have what Samsung is calling,open type active noise cancellation,and open it definitely is.,The Buds Live were able to cancel the lowest level hum,out of the city but Im sad to report,that they did very little in canceling,pretty much any other background noise,,especially the saxophone that was being played,a few benches down.,The Galaxy Buds Plus do more in canceling out,background noise simply by their in-ear design.,And then the AirPod Pros take that a step further,with their in-ear design and true active noise cancellation.,So if youre looking to really block out,the world around you in a bud, well,,dont look to the Buds Live.,(upbeat music),The Buds themselves are glossy on the outside,and matte on the part that sits inside your ear.,They sit in a clamshell case,and when I saw the renderings of the case,,I thought for sure it would be huge,much like the clamshell case of the Powerbeats Pro.,But now this is surprisingly small,and its easily pocket-able.,Its about one and a half times wider than the AirPods case,and its a little bit lighter than the Pixel Buds case.,Now the hinge on the case is stiff,and thats probably a good thing because the buds,,while they do have a bit of a cradle, its not very deep.,And yes, there are magnets that hold them in,,but theyre not the strongest magnets in the world.,(Becca gasps),Dropping buds is a very scary experience.,Case charges wirelessly or via USB-C port round back,and it holds 21 hours of music playback,while each bud can last for around six hours,with ANC audio turned on.,For context, the AirPod Pros with ANC turned on,last about 4.5 hours.,A five minute quick charge in the case,,will get you an hour of listening time back though.,In case you missed the Samsung Unpacked event last week,,which was so beautiful in its own way,,there was this moment.,(dramatic sound),- Wow. There it is. The Galaxy Note 20.,- Okay, that has nothing to do with this video,,but I just love that so much.,But then there was also this moment.,- We compared Buds Live with the pair of wireless earphones,from another company.,- Can you hear me?,Can you hear me?,- Wait, did Samsung just do a mic test?,You love to see it.,But also you hate to see that,they dont tell you who the competitors were.,So lets get to the kitchen.,So going head to head today are the AirPods, the Pixel Buds,,the Galaxy Buds Plus, and the Galaxy Buds Live.,So the Pixel Buds, I love having the Google assistant,always listening and ready because in my home,I use it all the time.,But I must admit the dropouts are real.,And moving on, we have the Galaxy Buds Plus,and in the second generation of these buds,,the microphone got so much better.,And here are the AirPods with that nice long stem,and typically very good mic quality.,Here are the Galaxy Bud Live and Im going to run the water,,but Im going to save the water this time,because Im actually in the most Brooklyn way,,watching all of my friends plants at the moment.,Water time!,Oh man, Im going to fill up,so many pitchers of water I just realized.,Im going to the top of this pitcher.,I only have so many pitchers in this house.,Okay, I truly underestimated how much water,I was going to be using.,Wow.,Okay.,Can you hear me? How does this sound?,Oh my god, the Chemex, well fill the Chemex.,There we go.,All right.,So the Galaxy Bud Live. How does these sound?,Is it all right?,Okay, that was actually super interesting,because although the Galaxy Buds Live sound,a little bit more mechanic or robotic,,when there wasnt background noise.,When there was background noise,,it like completely canceled it out.,Like that last clip, the water was running,and you couldnt hear it at all.,Whereas in the AirPod sound maybe a little bit more natural,and they kept a little bit of the water sound in.,It didnt, it didnt mean that you couldnt hear me,,but you could hear the water running,,but that might just be our closest competition yet.,Please sound off down below.,Which one do you think was the best?,So audio quality on these buds, its really good dudes.,I most closely compared them to the AirPods,cause they have that same open ear design,and it was hard to tell a difference.,The buds themselves have 12 millimeter drivers,and overall its just a really full sound.,Now the bass isnt bumping, but in the wearable apps,,I always go in there and I turn on bass boost,,which actually helps a lot.,Past Bec is going to tell you about hardware,while I go dance a little bit more.,The shape is weird,and its definitely the most exciting part about them.,In my ears it fits really well with the small wingtip on,,and theres also a large size tip included in the box.,The lack of an AirPod-like stem,allows me to wear these buds without them getting caught,on like my bike helmet strap,,or while taking off a sweatshirt.,And you almost cant even see them sitting in my ears,when you look at me head on.,The Bluetooth connection on these buds,is also really strong.,I almost always leave my S10 up here on a wireless charger,and I could move freely throughout my house,without losing connection.,And within my week of testing,and using it mostly with my S10 and my MacBook Pro,,I only lost connection once while I was on a call.,I also tested it with an iPhone 11 Pro and a Pixel 4A,and it worked well with those two.,Theres no noticeable lag when playing games,or watching YouTube.,And theres one more feature thats new to these buds,,which is a hand-free Bixby option.,It works. Yeah, it listens. It hears me. It responds.,How well it responds, well.,Bixby is Bixby.,So it responds as well as Bixby can respond.,(upbeat music),So the Galaxy Buds Live.,Theyre $169 beans with great audio quality, a solid mic,,all packed into a surprisingly functional small form factor.,But I love when tech gets new and fresh,and like exciting again and low key weird.,Like Ill never forget being in Barcelona for MWC 2019,and filming this shot of Huaweis Mate X.,We were in the basement of some random hotel,and they brought out the Mate X and they unfolded it.,And, oh my gosh, the excitement in that room.,And sadly in tech,

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