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Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Review! Only $159 – But Is It Worth It?

whats going on guys my name is wade,with tech daily and in this video,we are checking out the new samsung,galaxy tab,a7 lite now this little guy is a brand,new,budget-friendly tablet even though it,shares the name of its bigger brother,the 10.4 inch tab a7 which,has been out for almost a year at this,point so a bit of a strange,release cycle but nonetheless this is a,new super affordable option for those of,you looking to get maybe a bigger,secondary device for web browsing movie,watching,school work even a bit of gaming and,given its price,around 160 bucks it seems pretty,enticing but there are some limitations,and things to consider,with this new tab a7 lite and ill be,sure to go over those things and,everything else you need to know about,this device ive been using it a lot,over the last couple of days,so this will be my full review but,before we jump into all that,i want to take just a second to show you,the unboxing experience,and explain whats included and whats,not included,inside the package obviously the first,thing we get here is the tablet itself,it comes in two color options this white,and silver combination,as well as a kind of black and gray,color combo also included is a simple,little quick start guide with some basic,setup information and for,charging you do get a usb a to usbc,cable,and the older slower samsung usb wall,plug,and while its nice these are included,at least this sort of hints,at the first limitation of the a7 light,it supports just,15 watt charging speeds which i think is,a little slow,on a larger tablet like this with such a,big battery inside,theres also a sim and sd card tray,removal tool tucked away at the very,bottom of the box but thats it,nothing else inside the package and i,stress that only because,in a lot of product pictures online the,a7 lite is maybe shown with like a flip,cover case,but you have to buy that separately so,keep that in mind with all that stuff,out of the way,here is the a7 light once again and,right off the bat,i want to break down the pricing and,different models and configuration,options with this tablet,because while the a7 light does start at,160 bucks,you can spend a little more and gain,some extra features if you want,the base model the one i have here for,160 bucks gets you,32 gigabytes of storage and three gigs,of ram,its also the wi-fi only model for,closer to 200,you can double the storage 64 gigs and,also bump up to 4 gigs of ram,if you want a wi-fi and cellular capable,a7 light,that does exist its also about 200 but,while you gain cellular support it is,still,32 gig storage 3 gigs of ram and i,havent seen a listing,for an a7 lite yet with all the top,specs but either way you go,this is one of the least expensive,tablets i think samsung has ever put out,and if youre interested in shopping,around,ill leave some links down below in the,video description to where you can get,the a7 lite at its cheapest current,price,so for that 160 dollar price tag you get,a pretty good sized 8.7 inch tablet,up front the display is framed by very,obvious borders,all around and while we might usually,want as high of a screen to body ratio,as possible and minimal bezels with,tablets i really dont mind having a,little extra to grab onto and hold you,can keep your fingers off the screen no,matter what orientation youre utilizing,and really this design is still better,than the likes,of an ipad mini or ipad air for example,so i cant complain too much,at this size its not quite small enough,to be a one-handed device,and while i can wrap my fingers all the,way around it i cant imagine most,people would find this grip,comfortable so relatively compact form,factor aside,this is still going to be used with two,hands and a pretty firm hold,with the build samsung actually took an,interesting approach here and covered,the rear of the a7 light in metal,the aluminum frame is honestly kind of,nice and even with some plastic accents,on the top and bottom the premium,materials and sturdy build,are not only something i appreciate but,also an aspect that samsung sort of,advertises,as a selling point for this device which,sounds a little weird,but compare this budget tablet to an,amazon fire tablet for example which is,all plastic and something people do,complain about and you can kind of see,why the higher end build,on this is worth mentioning overall i,like the look and feel of the a7 light,it doesnt feel cheap and theres,nothing really that stands out with the,design thats negative,taking a closer look at everything else,on the left side is where youll find,the sim and sd card tray of course i,have the wi-fi only model like i said so,the sim card area is blocked out but,cellular models,of course will have the ability to pop,in a carrier sim card for use on a,network on the right theres the volume,and power buttons on opposite sides of,the tablet either the top,and bottom or left and right depending,on how you hold it youll find a dual,speaker setup which ill demo in just a,second theres also a headphone jack,and a usbc charge port there as well on,the front theres a selfie camera,and the second dot should just be an,ambient light sensor i believe and,around back there is a rear camera as,well which ill talk about in a bit,so now that weve covered the basics,lets get into the,important stuff and to start off i want,to talk about the 8.7 inch display,because,i think this is the first important,element to this tablet the screen,on the a7 lite is sort of a strange,resolution 1340 by 800,pixels per inch and a 5×3 aspect ratio,its also a tft panel,sort of samsungs version of lcd and i,think with a budget tablet,coming in at this low of a price point,thats about all you can expect with the,display,its good enough for casual viewing but,you can pick out those pixels given its,lower resolution and larger size,things arent always as crisp as id,like them on the other hand,the tablet does get super bright given,the fact that its lcd so,thats something that stood out and,surprised me a little bit and is,definitely a plus,i think the most noticeable thing here,though is that glare,i found it to be a bit of an issue at,times though the more i used the tablet,the less i cared altogether the viewing,experience on the a7 lite,is good enough for video and movie,watching perfectly fine for reading,its brighter than expected moderately,colorful,there is a bit of off-axis dimming again,just a product of lcd,its still just a budget display on a,budget tablet all in all the thing is,though,you can get a 10 inch 1080p hd screen,on the new amazon fire hd tablet for,example for,cheaper so while id like to maybe say,the setup here,is a product of it being in the budget,category i still think there was,more that could have been done to make,it a bit more competitive and offer a,better viewing experience,for the out loud listing experience the,dual speaker setup here on the a7 lite,is,actually quite a bit better than i,expected its very loud its,pretty crisp and the speaker placement,is good too i dont ever find myself,accidentally covering them up with my,hands this is a tablet i definitely,enjoy watching content on,with the external speakers at full blast,and heres an audio sample so you can,get an idea,[Music],as far as the specs and performance this,i think is really going to depend,on your needs your workflow what you,want,out of the a7 light theres really quite,a few things to consider here,now inside the a7 light got the mediatek,helio,p22t chipset kind of an older lower,level processor and i already mentioned,the 32 gigs of storage and three gigs of,ram,so collectively were definitely working,with budget specs but at the same time,the a7 light sort of surprised me with,what all it can handle,and i think theres a lot of potential,here for this little guy to fit nicely,in most peoples,average day-to-day tasks now right away,i think youre definitely going to want,to throw in,an sd card because after installing,probably five or six of my usu

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Review: A New Affordable Samsung Tablet

hey guys this is shane and im back with,another video,to share my full review of the galaxy,tab a7,lite this is another budget oriented,tablet from samsung it is on sale on,samsungs official website ill have,some links,down in the description if you want to,check it out for yourself the price,is 160 it comes in colors,silver and this dark gray color here and,has 32 gigabytes of storage,and three gigabytes of ram but there is,another version for,40 to 50 dollars more which has 64,gigabytes of storage,and 4 gigabytes of ram and there are,also some versions that have lte,connectivity so you can basically use,this as a really big phone,with all that out of the way though im,super excited to share,my full review with you guys on this,little tablet,so just put this back in the box for,show show you guys what you get,in our top pamphlet here we have a quick,start guide we have,an ejection tool to get out the micro sd,card slot,and that sim slot if you buy that,version,and on this side we have a type c to,type a charging cable and,we have a seven and a half watt charger,unfortunately this charger is very slow,and inside of here we are greeted to the,tab,a7 lite starting off right away with the,form factor and build quality,just because this is a cheaper tablet,does not mean that samsung skipped out,on the build materials we have a really,nice,aluminum frame here aluminum backing,here we do have some plastic,on the top and bottom i guess thats for,some of the connectivity things,but it does kind of make for a nice,two-tone finish here,just a slightly darker gray to my eye on,those,ends than on the backing on the back we,also have the,single camera well take a look at that,later in the video on the right side we,have our power button,our volume rockers and a mic on the left,side here we have a little tray which,youre going to be able to put your,micro sd card into up to one terabyte of,additional storage,and on the bottom we have a headphone,jack a type c,port a mic and a speaker which also by,the way,theres another speaker on the top we,have a dual speaker setup on this tablet,and then,pair with that really nice hardware we,also have an 8.7 inch display,this is a 1340 by 800 resolution display,there are a couple of ways to get into,this tablet,one is the facial recognition which,works okay,you just have to keep in mind that it is,pretty slow it does work you just have,to be patient with it,and if thats not fast enough for you,you can always just,do your pattern or pin or a password to,get into the tablet jumping deeper into,that 8.7 inch display,i have thoroughly enjoyed using and,interacting with this screen in the last,week of my personal usage,my favorite thing about it is just the,size itself the 8.7 inch size,this is a much smaller tablet compared,to some of the other tablets weve been,covering on the channel,like the galaxy tab a7 this is a tablet,that we covered about seven or eight,months ago,so tab a7 on the right tab a7,lite on the left you can see a very,large size difference theres also a,pretty good,difference in size in terms of those,bezels there so theres less bezel,action going on here a little bit here,with the tab a7 light but,this size difference having this smaller,size it actually allows you to use this,in a one,handed format so im able to grab this,with one hand,it almost just feels like a really big,phone but thats what i love about it,is that when youre at home im always,on my phone im always looking at,youtube videos on my smaller six inch,display,but now with this tab a7 lite you can,just easily pick this up,and just throw on a video get that into,full screen,and look at that that is just way larger,than,any smartphone youre gonna use but it,also just has that compact feel to it,that it just makes it,a really nice and enjoyable device to,use,overall and then to go along with that,good viewing,experience we have excellent speakers on,this tablet again we have that one on,the top,and one on the bottom and i am super,impressed with these speakers,considering the price of this tablet,its not quite the quad speaker setup,that we have on the bigger brother tab,a7,but just being so accustomed to a lot of,smartphones these days having just the,single bottom firing speaker having that,dual speaker setup,again just makes it so enjoyable to use,on a daily basis,now in terms of the performance of this,tablet you can probably expect that its,not going to be,one of samsungs faster devices its,definitely a bit,on the slower side of things that,doesnt mean its a bad experience,though,scrolling through youtube for example,isnt really all that bad you can see,there is just a little bit of stuttering,here of course pop-ups thatll happen on,any device,but you can see here that really,scrolling through it isnt really that,bad at all,i know its youtube that probably isnt,as intensive as some other tasks,lets jump over to the internet browser,lets go to samsung.com,and honestly samsungs website has a lot,of stuff going on with it that actually,loaded,a lot faster than in just my everyday,usage so,this tablet is still surprising me as,im making this,video so that is not to say this guy is,a speed demon or anything,you are going to experience some hiccups,here and there but for the people that,are going to be buying this tablet that,doesnt really matter thats not really,a big factor,but you can see here that just quickly,switching through tabs and,doing different scrolling and stuff its,really a fine experience,if youre looking on the gaming side of,things if youre looking to play like,call of duty mobile,or asphalt 9 it might be a little more,difficult to play those types of games,but some more lighter games and maybe,more relaxing games like old school,runescape or,one of my personal favorites stardew,valley,these games actually run pretty well on,this tablet,so this game can be kind of hit or miss,depending on if im using an ipad or a,samsung tablet,but this has honestly been a fine,experience for me you can see that,when youre walking sometimes theres,just a little bit of a jitter,and a little bit of lag zooming in and,out like this,you can see here that just going around,the map doing,just general tasks and activities it,actually works,quite well and the thing i like about,again 8.7 inch display is that with a,game like this where you need to be,reaching into the middle sometimes or,all over the display it is very doable,with this tablet you can see that my,thumbs pretty much reach,the whole entire display here so even,though this is a,smaller tablet there is definitely a use,case for this that i just never even,realized before getting my hands on this,tab a7 light but again for just doing,some light gaming or just doing some,light things around the house with this,tablet this is just a great option in my,opinion,taking a look now at the battery life of,this tab a7 light took a closer look at,my battery consumption for the last,almost,two entire days so two full days of not,charging it at all and having six and a,half hours of screen time were left,with about,nine percent battery so granted half of,that usage was watching youtube almost,exactly,50 here after watching three and a half,hours of youtube,playing nearly an hour and a half of,that stardew valley game took about 18,shopping on amazon for amazon prime day,for close to an hour took about nine,percent and,if youre going to be using the camera,that can take a lot of battery just it,really depends what youre gonna be,doing with this tablet but i would,realistically,expect anywhere from five to seven,hours of battery life depending on what,tasks youre doing taking a look at the,charging speeds of this guy,it does have 15 watt charging i was able,to fully charge this guy in about two,hours time but it is worth keeping in,mind,that the charger that comes with this,tablet is not that fast charger this is,a seven and a half watt charger so its,going to take,twice the time youre going to need to,get a

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Samsung Galaxy A7 Lite “TABLET NYAMAN & RINGKAS” Review Indonesia | Serbaid

halo,[Musik],halo kembali lagi dengan review produk,kali ini depan saya sudah ada Galaxy tab,A7 like jadi video ini akan kita bagi,ketiga video yang pertama video ini,yaitu nanti review produk ini dan,kemudian yang kedua adalah kita dapatkan,book cover nanti kita akan bikin review,product offering ikan ini wafernya,original dengan tidak video ketiga,karena memang Galaxy tab A7 like ini,punya irisan dengan Galaxy tab A7,Thailand ini yang tahun lalu ya keluar,belum saya juga sempat beli dan juga,nanti kita bandingkan juga dengan Galaxy,tab a,with S pen karena memang dia ukurannya,diantara kedua tablet ini kita coba,anboxing ya kita lihat dulu,eh nih ya bagus ya tulisannya udah makin,semacam samar gitu ya keren sih Luxio,sekilas mewah ya Mirip iPad Mini five,disini juga ada,Grey Chrome 32 Giga RAM 3 GB kemudian,disini dapat nomor XL Katanya sih nomor,satu dipakai untuk paket data di,handphone tapi nanti kita lihat ya kita,buka dulu tablet ini saya beli di JD ID,ya dengan harga 2400000 Rp99.000 sudah,include dengan er cover original ya tadi,dan juga pakai internet ini ini ada kata,Excel kita besar dulu ya,Nah ternyata genset,ada lembaran emailnya ya kemudian kita,lihat ini ada tabletnya ya bungkus pakai,semacam kayak gitu ya kita geser dulu,sebentar sini terlihat dulu isi boxnya,di sini ada dua kotak yang pertama,adalah toko ini adalah Fighters gaib Hai,kalau sekarang udah gabung dengan servis,ya Misalnya jadi,kita biasa aja nah ini udah kartu,garansi juga kemudian ada SIM ejector,kemudian juga ada charger,Katanya sih support for charging ini,chargernya kita lihat dia,7,8 What Jadi mungkin harus kelompok,fast charging harus pakai charger yang,lebih tinggi ini sudah kau masih dia,saya CB itu Teya,terlihat Oke negara lagi ya Coba buka,produknya,benar-benar memang ini mirip sekali,dengan ini ya A8 2019,quotes fun l yang terdekat sudah Spain,yang tadi saya tunjukin di awal cuman,Emangnya dimensi sedikit lebih gede nah,disini ukuran layarnya 8,7 yg jadi,diantara TP yang white Stadion 8ins,maupun yang tab A7 dan ukurannya 10,7,Insya Allah tidak salah cara berat dia,30 171 gram lumayan ringan kemudian kita,lihat ini layar simpan 2 megapiksel yang,belakang ini 8 megapiksel kemudian,disisi sebelah kanan ini ada volume up,and down ada mic rophone ya ini tombol,button of di bagian atas ada speaker,satu jadi speakernya ada ada di atas,sebelah atas ini atas dan bawah gitu ya,kemudian di bagian bawah di USB ice,cream Grover dan juga ada ojek ini masih,penting di jaman sekarang,kemudian ada ejector,ya,lihat ya,ya jadi ternyata dia support 1 sd card,dan 1 simcard Ya lumayanlah jadi bisa,dipakai buat the ruler coba Nyalakan ni,Hai,tadi display layarnya dia masih TST,kemudian prosesor yang dipakai adalah,CPU 2,3 GHz typenya Mas octacore dari CC,RAM ram-nya 3 giga ya Jadi ada,sarada 3 dan 4 giga variasinya cuman di,Indonesia 3 giga secara warnanya saya,beli yang Grey depan milik depannya,besoknya break kalau yang satunya lagi,dia yang silver depannya itu putih,romnya se-32 jadi memori internalnya 32,GB kemudian bisa dikreasi tadi Abdul 1,terabyte agak ada sedikit tile ya oke,kemudian dia tidak belum ada NFC udah,ada accelerometer geomagnetik sensor,resensor baterainya ini 5100 salah Jadi,ini dia demikian kita lanjut ke video,berikutnya ya,hai oke masih di video maune Galaxy Tab,A Seven Nights video kedua ini fokus,buat ngebahas mengenai book cover Galaxy,Tab A Seven like original Samsung yang,kebetulan saya dapatkan ketika membeli,tabletnya jadi ini adalah bandingnya dan,ini gratis input nanti bisa-bisa dulu,sekilas search Emang kalau original ya,ini ya bagus ya hahaha jadinya nih,dibuat di Cina dia ada dua model kalau,disini modern agak tegak sama agar bahan,sedikit kita coba ya,oke,ah,[Musik],warnanya greya kalau sesuk Ayah warna,grey ini karena dia mewah ini ada,beberapa kertas,kita di dua mode,kita masuki aja Wah ada busanya untuk,melapis in medical recordnya tapi,palmetto Nih kenapa nih kita cabut,Nikita geser dulu nah ini ada,transfernya kita mulai dari bagian depan,ya di sini ada,logo Samsung ya Nih ada kereta nih,Samsung,kemudian bahannya semi-semi Dove gitu,kemudian sini ada garis ini ada,pembukaan untuk kamera,Hai munian kalau kita buka sini ada dua,garis ya Kelihatan ya,Nah tadi dua mode tadi,Hai pengirimannya tapi disini saya,ininya bahannya plastik ya ini,dan bisa dilupakan begitu ada magnetnya,Oke jadi dari sisi,samping dia sepertinya kebuka aneh bahwa,kebuka samping kebuka atas kubuka Coba,ya,Hah Ya gampang sebenarnya,melihat,ini memang menambah tebal tapi memang,ini lumayan enak ya nyaman banget gitu,pegang kalau saya nanti kita ada bahas,di video ketiga mengenai komparasi,dengan Galaxy Tablet yang lain yaitu a,Seven dan A8 yang bagus 16 fans untuk,sini ukuran yang paling pas karena kalau,A8 itu agar lebih kecil 8inci yang A7,itu 10inci gitu Nah kalau Nose ini,Paling Nyaman ya karena mirip juga ya,dengan Aan Iya iPad Mini five ya,Hai Nah kita lihat kalau Apakah dia,ketika kubuka,kita tutup otomatis,jawabannya tidak Ya tentu saja karena,tidak ada fitur itu disini nah Lidya,tetap nyala,gitu aja untuk detail komparasi dengan,tablet yang lain kita lagi di video tiga,ya,oke kali ini video ketiga jadi di video,pertama kita udah,review mengenai anaknya juga meninggal,SWT pasal Moonlight ini nah di video,kali Yang kedua kita fokus tentu review,covernya yang original dari Samsung dan,type C ini kita akan compare dengan 2,tablet Samsung juga yang juga ponsel,pernah pakai yaitu Samsung Tab a,ini adalah yang aku tespen ya nih,kemudian ada yang Sefa Seven,Hai ini yang lebih gede kita mulai dari,yang pertama dimensi jadi Tab Advan like,ini adalah 8,7 inch ukurannya sedangkan,Galaxy tab ini adalah 8inci setelah,tabletnya udah dipakai sama teman saya,pernah kalian Galaxy Tab Advan ini,ukurannya,10,7 X ya ya Jadi ini ukurannya 10,7,match jadi Lumayan,lumayan gede ya Nah ini Kemudian dari,sisi kram sama sama-sama 3 GB semuanya,jadi ini 3 GB yang lebih baik dan juga,baik dari sisi memori internal,sepertinya semuanya sama-sama 32 GB juga,dan semuanya sama-sama expert Kemudian,dari WIFI access semuanya bisa seluler,akses juga semuanya bisa KL mirip tapi,yang berbeda mungkin lebih ke,prosesornya juga dan juga ini ukuran,layarnya sebenarnya jadi Man yang lebih,nyaman buat kebutuhan kamu aja sih kalau,menurut saya untuk Hai atau belajar,online ini cukup,ini lumayanlah lumayan luas sepertinya,ini masih bisa tapi kalau yang ini si,kecil jadi ini Mungkin lebih ke kayak,Kinder gitu ya untuk versi yang lebih,kecilnya Kemudian untuk main game,sepertinya ini nyaman ini masih nyaman,tapi mungkin ini terlalu besar ya dari,sisi Entertainment rasanya yang mana aja,bisa enak kalau kamu HPnya udah gede,mungkin yang ini terlalu nanggung,sehingga pengennya agak gede tapi kombor,saya bergantunglah selera kalau untuk,youtube-an net-picks and tips nih,Kemudian untuk baca-baca buku Kalo saya,sih lebih prefer yang ini nanti,sepertinya karena ukurannya enak di,tangan karena pegangnya gede dan mungkin,mobilnya agak terbatas Nah itu mungkin,Sisi berikutnya mobilitas jadi semuanya,mungkin mobilitas yang paling nyaman ini,Eva yang beres pen yang lain game ini,masih bisa kan ada buka filenya yang,original dan masih bisa di enak di,tengah-tengah gede aja sob Hai dari sisi,stylus ini juga menjadi pertimbangan,hanya yang t-pain yang bisa merusak,aspek yang lain ini tidak usah Apakah,bisa dengan menggunakan stylus dari luar,saya bongkar coba secara umum kalau saya,boleh simpulkan sebenarnya ketiganya ini,tablet yang baik TP ini cocok untuk,orang yang sering nyatat catatan pribadi,mobilitasnya tinggi dan sering bawa baca,TV juga mungkin pemain sering ini cocok,sedangkan kalau yang gedenya ini tepak,Seven ini cocok untuk yang kuliah online,atau Baja online nuklirnya gede dan juga,dia sebetulnya tempat dan ada yang,flashing nya langsung jadi cocok banget,lah buat kuliah online ataupun belajar,online sedangkan mungkin grafis abstrak,Seven ini diantaranya mungkin nyadar,Sisi mobilitas dia lebih bisa dibeli,handle

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DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!! iPad Mini 6 vs Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

– هل يستطيع Tab A7 Plus منافسة,جهاز iPad Mini 6 الأغلى ثمناً,أم أنك تهدر المال فقط؟,بعبارة أخرى ، كنت تتوقع أن يأتي iPad إلى الأمام ،,ولكن هل هو قريب بما يكفي حيث يمكنك توفير 300 دولار,مع الاستمرار في الحصول على معظم ما تحتاجه؟,بالنسبة للحجم ، فإن هذين الجهازين متشابهان تمامًا.,يعد A7 Lite أطول وأضيق قليلاً,من iPad Mini 6 ،,لكن كلاهما صغير وخفيف ومريح للغاية,للحمل والاستخدام واللعب.,فيما يتعلق بقابلية النقل ،,فهي قريبة بدرجة كافية من حيث لا يمكنني إعطاء أحدهما,أفضلية نهائية على الآخر.,لكن قبل أن أصل إلى الشاشة ،,دعنا نتحدث عن التصميم.,لذا فإن جهاز iPad Mini 6 له زوايا مستديرة ، ومربع من الحواف ،,وحتى حواف على طول الطريق.,يتميز Tab A7 Lite بزوايا,مستديرة وحافة مستديرة في الخلف.,يحتوي على حواف أرق على الجانب,ثم أكبر في الجزء العلوي والسفلي ،,تمامًا مثل iPad Mini 5 أو iPad 9.,ولكن بالنظر حول الحواف ،,فإن iPad Mini 6 لديه أدوات تحكم في الطاقة ورفع مستوى الصوت وخفضه ،,ثم منفذ USB-C للشحن والملحقات.,يحتوي Tab A7 Lite على عناصر التحكم على اليمين.,يحتوي على منفذ USB-C في الأسفل.,ثم لدينا مقبس سماعة رأس مقاس 3.5 ملم,وفتحة بطاقة micro SD يمكن استخدامها,لتوسيع التخزين الداخلي بما يصل إلى واحد تيرابايت.,الشيء الوحيد الذي يزعجني بشأن Tab A7 Lite,هو أن مقبس سماعة الرأس ومنافذ USB-C,لا تتمركز عموديًا على جانب الجهاز اللوحي.,الآن ، أنا متأكد من أنه مقصود ،,لكن يبدو أنه شيء قد يكون,نتيجة لعيب في التصنيع.,سأصل إلى مكبرات الصوت والصوت لاحقًا.,ولكن فيما يتعلق بالتصميم ،,يتمتع iPad Mini 6 بمظهر ومظهر أكثر تميزًا ،,بينما يتمتع Tab A7 Lite بالميزة,إذا كنت تبحث عن توسيع مساحة التخزين الداخلية,أو استخدام سماعات الرأس التقليدية بدون محول.,وفيما يتعلق بالمصادقة البيومترية ،,يحتوي iPad Mini 6 على Touch ID,مدمج في زر الطاقة ،,بينما يحتوي Tab A7 Lite على خاصية التعرف على الوجه,باستخدام الكاميرا الأمامية.,لقد نجح كلاهما جيدًا بالنسبة لي ،,لذا في النهاية سيتعلق الأمر,بكيفية استخدامك للجهاز اللوحي وما تفضله.,وعندما ننظر إلى الشاشات ،,نبدأ في رؤية بعض الاختلافات المهمة.,لذا اسمحوا لي أن أتحدث عن المواصفات,ثم أشرح سبب أهميتها.,يحتوي Tab A7 Lite على شاشة مقاس 8.7 بوصة,بدقة 1340 × 800 ،,ونسبة عرض إلى ارتفاع تبلغ 5: 3 ، وكثافة بكسل تبلغ 179 نقطة في البوصة.,يحتوي iPad Mini 6 على شاشة مقاس 8.3 بوصة,بدقة أعلى بكثير تبلغ 2266 × 1488 ،,ونسبة عرض إلى ارتفاع تبلغ 3: 2 ،,وكثافة بكسل أعلى بكثير تبلغ 327.,الآن ، الدقة العالية لجهاز iPad Mini 6,تعني أنه يمكننا شاهد المزيد من المحتوى دون الحاجة إلى التمرير.,وهي مناسبة بشكل أفضل لتعدد المهام,مع فتح تطبيقين جنبًا إلى جنب. تعني,نسبة العرض إلى الارتفاع في Tab A7 Lite,إلى جانب التصميم الأطول,أنك تحصل على صورة أكبر قليلاً,عندما تشاهد مقاطع فيديو مثل هذه ،,بينما توفر كثافة البكسل الأعلى بشكل كبير,لجهاز iPad Mini 6 صورة أكثر وضوحًا.,وفيما يتعلق بدقة الألوان ،,سأقوم أيضًا بإعطاء الحافة,لشاشة iPad Mini 6 P3.,نحصل أيضًا على شاشة أكثر سطوعًا عند 500 شمعة,مقابل 360 على جهاز Tab A7 Lite ،,لذلك يعمل iPad Mini 6 بشكل أفضل في ظروف أكثر إشراقًا.,الآن ، كلاهما جيد جدًا لمشاهدة المحتوى ،,ولكن إذا كان لديكهما جنبًا إلى جنب,وكنت تشاهد نفس الشيء ،,فإن صورة iPad Mini 6 تبدو أفضل.,هناك شيء آخر لاحظته على الفور,وهو أنه على عكس iPad Mini 6 ، فإن Tab A7 Lite,لا يحتوي على طبقة مقاومة لبصمات الأصابع ،,لذا فهو بحاجة إلى التنظيف على الفور.,الآن ، كلتا الشاشتين عبارة عن شاشتين 60 هرتز ،,لذلك لا يوجد فرق هناك.,ولكن بالطرق التي تهمني حقًا ،,فإن شاشة iPad Mini 6 هي الفائز الواضح.,بالانتقال إلى أنظمة الكاميرا ،,يحتوي Tab A7 Lite على كاميرا خلفية بدقة 8 ميجابكسل,مقابل 12 ميجابكسل على iPad Mini 6 ،,والتي يمكنها أيضًا تسجيل الفيديو بدقة,أعلى ومعدل إطار أعلى للحركة البطيئة.,الآن ، بالنظر إلى الكاميرا الأمامية ،,فإن جهاز iPad Mini 6 ، مرة أخرى ، يحتوي على كاميرا بدقة 12 ميجابكسل ،,مقابل كاميرا 2 ميجابكسل مخيفة للغاية,على Tab A7 Lite.,الآن ، يحتوي iPad Mini 6 أيضًا على ميزة,تسمى Center Stage تستخدم الكاميرا فائقة الاتساع,لتتبع الهدف أثناء تحركه عبر الإطار ،,ثم تكبيره وتصغيره لجعله يبدو,كما لو كان يتبعه.,في حين أن الدقة العالية ليست كل شيء,عندما يتعلق الأمر بالتصوير الفوتوغرافي والفيديو ،,فإن كاميرات iPad هي ببساطة أفضل.,لديهم نطاق ديناميكي أفضل ،,وهم أكثر حدة ، وأكثر دقة في الألوان.,الآن ، شخصيًا ، نادرًا ما أستخدم الكاميرات الموجودة على أجهزتي اللوحية,لأن الكاميرات الموجودة على هاتفي عادة ما تكون أفضل ،,ولكن إذا كنت تخطط لاستخدام الكاميرات الموجودة على جهازك اللوحي ،,فإن جهاز iPad Mini 6 يفوز بهذا بمسافة ميل.,وعندما يتعلق الأمر بالصوت ،,فإن جهاز iPad Mini 6 يحتوي على أربع مكبرات صوت,مقابل اثنين في Tab A7 Lite ،,لكن كلا الجهازين يحتويان على مكبرين فقط ، واحد على كل جانب.,بالنسبة لحجمهما ، يبدو كلاهما جيدًا حقًا ،,لكنني سأعطي ميزة طفيفة لجهاز iPad Mini 6,الذي يتمتع بصوت أكثر كثافة قليلًا,مع جودة أقل من تلك,التي تحصل عليها أحيانًا من الأجهزة الأصغر.,من ناحية أخرى ،,يحتوي Tab A7 Lite على مقبس سماعة رأس ،,والذي يعمل جيدًا لسماعات الرأس,أو لسماعة الألعاب ،,والتي سأصل إليها في قسم الألعاب.,الآن ، فيما يتعلق بلوحات المفاتيح ،,كلا الجهازين أصغر من أن يكون لهما غطاء لوحة مفاتيح,مريح للكتابة عليه ،,لذلك سأختار لوحة مفاتيح Bluetooth,إذا كنت مهتمًا بتجربة كتابة أفضل.,بقدر ما هو القلم ، فإن iPad Mini 6,متوافق مع الجيل الثاني من Apple Pencil ،,في حين أن Tab A7 Lite غير متوافق,مع Samsung S Pen.,لذا ، إذا كنت تريد تدوين ملاحظات مكتوبة بخط اليد ، أو إذا كنت تريد الرسم ، أو,إذا كنت تريد تسجيل المستندات وترميزها ،,أو استخدام القلم في أي شيء آخر ،,فإن iPad Mini 6 هو السبيل للذهاب.,الآن ، دعنا نتحدث عن الأداء ،,حيث توقعت أن يأتي iPad Mini 6 في المقدمة.,للحصول على أداء أحادي النواة,، فإننا ننظر إلى 1594 مقابل 158 على Tab A7 Lite.,وبالنسبة للأداء متعدد النواة ،,فإننا ننظر إلى 4604 مقابل 861.,الآن ، في بعض الأحيان ، عندما أقارن بين الأجهزة ، تكون الدلتا ،,أو الاختلاف في الأداء ،,صغيرًا بما يكفي إلى حيث تتحول المحادثة,إلى ما إذا كنت بحاجة إلى هذا الأداء الإضافي,، لاحظ الفرق؟,الآن ، في كثير من الأحيان يكون الجواب لا.,ونتائج الاختبارات المعيارية,لا تعكس حقًا اختلافًا ذا مغزى ،,ولكنك ستلاحظ اختلافًا,في كل ما تفعله تقريبًا من فتح التطبيقات ،,واستخدام علامات تبويب المتصفح المتعددة,، ثم التبديل ذهابًا وإيابًا ،,وتغيير الإعدادات ، والتنقل فقط. واجهة المستخدم.,إن جهاز Mediatek MT8768 الموجود على Tab A7 Lite,غير مدعوم بما يحتاجه معظم المستخدمين اليوم.,وإذا كنت قادمًا حتى من هاتف لائق,، فستلاحظ التأخر.,هذا مجال,يجعلك تدفع أكثر بكثير مقابل iPad Mini 6 في الواقع أكثر بكثير ،,مثل فتح التطبيقات بشكل أسرع ، والتبديل بين التطبيقات سريع الاستجابة ،,والاستيقاظ من النوم فوريًا ،,ثم تشغيل تطبيقات متعددة في نفس الوقت,. ر على الفور إبطاء جهازك.,الآن ، بالنظر إلى ذاكرة الوصول العشوائي ، يأتي Tab A7 Lite بسعة 3 جيجا بايت إذا حصلت,على 32 جيجا بايت من التخزين الداخلي ،,أو 4 جيجا بايت إذا حصلت على 64 جيجا كما فعلت.,وبغض النظر عما إذا كنت تحصل على 64 أو 256 جيجا بايت من,التخزين الداخلي على iPad Mini 6 ،,فإنك تحصل على 4 جيجابايت من ذاكرة الوصول العشوائي.,الآن ، تحدثت قليلاً عن تعدد المهام,خلال الفيديو.,لذا ، في حين أن أياً من هذين الخيارين لن يكون خياري الأول,بسبب صغر حجمهما ،,فإن iPad Mini 6 هو الخيار الأفضل,بدقة أعلى,وقوة معالجة إضافية.,يمكنني أيضًا استخدامه كشاشة إضافية لجهاز MacBook أو,Mac Mini أو iMac مع Sidecar ،,مما يعني أنه يمكنني الحصول على إعداد شاشة مزدوجة. تحتوي,بعض أجهزة Samsung اللوحية المتطورة ،,مثل Tab S7 و S7 Plus و S7 FE ، على سبيل المثال لا الحصر ،,على ميزة مشابهة تسمى Second Screen ،,لكنني لم أتمكن من العثور على هذه الميزة على جهاز Tab A7 Lite.,الآن ، فيما يتعلق بعمر البطارية ،,يتمتع كلا الجهازين بعمر بطارية لائق,حيث يمكنني قضاء يوم كامل,دون الحاجة إلى الشحن.,الآن ، بالطبع ، إذا جلست,وبدأت في اللعب لساعات من “PUBG”,فلن يدوم أي منهما وسيحتاج,كلاهما إلى شحن ،,ولكن إذا كنت أتصفح الويب فقط ، وأشاهد بعض مقاطع الفيديو ،,ثم عند الانتقال إلى بعض مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي ،,سيعمل كلاهما بشكل جيد.,الآن ، سأبدأ اللعب في دقيقة واحدة فقط ،,لكنني أعتقد أنه من المهم حقًا,إلقاء نظرة على التطبيقات المتاحة,ودعم نظام التشغيل.,يحتوي متجر Google Play Store و Apple App Store,على الكثير من الخيارات ،,لذلك يجب أن تكون قادرًا على العثور على التطبيقات,التي تعمل مع كلاهما لكل,ما تحتاجه إلى حد كبير.,لكن ضع في اعتبارك أن جهاز iPad Mini 6,أقوى بكثير.,لذلك إذا كنت تخطط للقيام بمزيد من المهام كثيفة الموارد ،,فهذا هو الخيار الأفضل ،,أو يمكنك اختيار جهاز لوحي أكثر قوة من Samsung,إذا كنت على ما يرام مع عامل الشكل الأكبر.,الآن ، تتوفر بعض التطبيقات الإبداعية مثل Affinity Photo,و Procreate و LumaFusion لأجهزة iPad فقط ،,على الأقل في الوقت الحالي ،,لذلك إذا كانت

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite – 6 Months Later Review – Budget Tablet

yo everyone im rich welcome back to the,channel ive been using the samsung,galaxy tab a7 lite for about six months,now i thought this would be a great time,to give you guys an update on how this,device is doing this is a very,budget-friendly tablet aimed at those,that want a small tablet thats good,enough to browse the web watch some,videos on the side and maybe play a few,games here and there so after six months,of use the a7 lite still remains one of,the best cheapest tablets you can get on,the market for 159 dollars i think this,is as low as you can get i can see this,tablet being in the hands of like a,five-year-old you know someone that,might not need the intense speeds that,that are found on todays flagship,tablets or to someone thats just,generally interested in getting a super,cheap tablet for around 150 well in this,video were going to take a deeper dive,into its design the performance what it,does great at and what it doesnt do,great at so id appreciate if you hit,that subscribe button we talk all sorts,of great tech content here in the,channel youre gonna be here for a great,time and go down to the comment section,do you have this tablet are you looking,at owning one do you have any questions,you want to ask me just tell me more,with all that being said lets get on,with the review,so starting off with this design the,size is perfect for casual users with a,variety of different hand shapes as i,could hold this tablet with just one,hand i like to think this is like a,bigger phone sometime now that tab a7,light is rocking this metal back and has,a satin finish that feels nice actually,it does a pretty great job minimizing,fingerprints and grease on the tablet i,dont necessarily feel dirty while using,this over time the shell feels very,sturdy and clean all the buttons like,the power and volume rockers are located,on the right side and the press is very,firm i dont think they feel bulky if,anything its very lightweight the a7,light weighs in on 371 grams so as you,can see they can be enjoyed for very,long periods of time without it,burdening our arms the tablet comes with,the usb-c charging point which is great,it allows for fast universal charging,the speakers mic perform relatively well,giving us a good enough sound once you,cross that 50 you know speaker volume,mark i think tablets mids and highs you,know start to creak and screech a little,bit you know dont expect really great,speakers coming out of this device its,gonna work well if youre gonna watch,some videos here inside or just need,something to play with sound if you go,to the max volume it starts to get a,little like screechy other than that the,a7 lite 8.7 inch display is rocking a,1340 by 800p screen which looks fine in,most situations thats technically not,1080p so when you get really close to it,you can see the pixels and this is,coming from someone whos used to living,in high resolution you know im used to,seeing 4k monitors ill smooth 120 hertz,screens the tab a7 light isnt going to,have any of that and i understand then,again thats not what this tablet was,made for one of the things i will say is,that the colors are very vibrant on this,device you know watching movies and,videos on something say like netflix or,youtube really shines on the a7 light,the higher contrast on the screen,definitely does make up for a low res,screen so i will say if you are,scrolling across social media maybe you,see some nice pictures theyre gonna,look a lot more lively if youre someone,that wants a better display i consider,upgrading to the samsung galaxy tab a8,because of that nicer and bigger 10.5,inch 1080p screen,i think the difference is very,noticeable the colors and vibrancy are,richer on the a8 the display is much,sharper your games movies and shows look,much better in general but lets get,back to the a7 light anyways with the,max brightness of 315 nits i found,myself staring at my reflection more,often than i liked especially on a day,when the weather is really bright,outside so how is that low powered eight,core mediatek cpu doing well i can see,that its doing all right powering this,laptop from shutdown takes a little bit,around a minute at most and logging onto,apps can take a few extra milliseconds,the animations shown as you scroll,across in user interface isnt always,smoothest i found that it actually,usually stutters or is slow at getting,around the menu it feels kind of choppy,i would stick to web browsing media,playback such as netflix and youtube at,the most getting on those apps first and,foremost can take a few extra seconds my,old galaxy s7 phone from 2016 actually,performs faster than this tablet so if,youre someone that already owns a,smartphone you know from any price point,maybe a thousand dollars to maybe a 300,smartphone um it is going to be faster,than this the a7 like struggles here a,little bit more be prepared for a few,hitches and slowdowns when it comes to,games as long as he sticks to simple,games like cut the rope temple run or,any of those nice ones itll run just,fine but when i try to play call of duty,warzone on here asphalt 9 it started to,get um very hard visually to play,because of that choppier frame rate the,graphics dont look nearly as nice as,you know another device but lets talk,about the camera real quick samsung only,provides very few details about the,cameras of the a7 light because theyre,not the tablets flagship all right the,selfie camera has a resolution of 2,megapixels in the main camera with 8,megapixels you know both camera core,videos at the maximum of 1920 by 1080p,at 30 frames per second,unfortunately uh the a7 light is no,exception you cant expect great photo,and video quality from this tablet,pictures taken with the selfie camera,are blurry noisy and lack contrast the,main camera delivers a better picture,quality you know it shoots relatively,sharper pictures and better lighting,conditions however the photos show very,few details and its particularly,noticeable in zoom shots and generally,dark picture areas theyre often,overexposed or underexposed and lack,almost any dynamics due to its flat,colors in low light conditions the,camera finally surrenders and can only,capture blurry outlines if anything i,found the camera to be most useful if i,needed to use it for an emergency backup,for web calling you know over zoom or,skype but other than that i wouldnt use,it at all id rather just stick to my,smartphone but one of the few areas a7,lite does pretty well in its its battery,life it actually has a pretty long,battery due to the low power usage,coming from the cpu i can leave it out,for a few days without having to charge,it and more specifically the battery can,last up to an average of 9 to 12 hours,through my test and actually this is one,of the few samsung devices out there,that definitely meets its advertised,battery life you know all these,manufacturers nowadays are talking about,how their devices get up to like 15 or,20 whopping some hours and you know we,we know thats not always true most of,them always fall short between two to,six hours of what they say and that also,includes other samsung products as well,so im not just saying that samsungs,great but just this tablet in general it,does beat its advertised battery life,but of course if you game more often or,use this a lot for media consumption the,battery life is going to drain much,faster i did a combination of playing,some games checking social media i used,it for ways for map directions when im,driving a little bit so the a7 lights,still bring it should hold the battery,life pretty well all in all the samsung,galaxy tab a7 lite is still gonna be,your most basic tablet yet samsung gives,us the best android tablet experience,they can do priced at the 159 dollar,budget i like the design a lot i mean it,looks more premium than actually should,sometimes thats great using this,without a case feels super premium feels,light the weight is evenly distributed,across the entire machine

10 Reasons To Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite!

whats up tech gang stefan here from,tech right today im going to be giving,you 10 reasons to pick up the new galaxy,tab,a7 lite stay tuned,all right everyone hopefully you guys,are having a good day hopefully everyone,is safe out there we have the galaxy tab,a7,lite right here uh this is getting to be,one of my favorite budget tablets,honestly of this year so,super excited about this were gonna go,into 10 reasons why i think you guys,should go ahead and pick it up all right,everyone so we have 10 reasons lined up,right here,the first reason has to be that this is,a lightweight,tablet now ive been using this at night,time after i get my work done,and honestly its been a joy to hold in,the hand,it hasnt really been too heavy at all i,know that with a bunch of other tablets,this is really embarrassing but i,would drop the tablet on my face when i,be looking at it because itd be so,heavy but this,you guys can hold this with one hand,its very light to use its very,nice feeling in the hand and its not,going to feel like a chore to hold this,getting into the second reason why i,think you guys should pick up this,device is that it has,an amazing build now this is a really,good build for the price,um this is an all aluminum and glass,build so you guys arent going to have a,cheap feeling tablet,at all i know a bunch of other companies,that have released tablets in the past,especially at this price point have felt,extremely cheap,but this is all metal right here so its,going to be a nice feeling tablet its,going to feel expensive,and your friends arent even going to,think that it is a budget tablet,not that you should be hiding that from,anybody i dont think anybody should,feel bad about having a budget phone or,anything because i,rock everything budget but in my opinion,it is a,nice build and it also has some really,good edges and designs i just think the,form factor is really sexy as you guys,can see we still get the,metal or aluminum power button and,volume up and down rocker as well so it,looks,really nice third reason has to be this,huge 8.7 inch display,we have a fairly big display on this,device and,you know with other devices from apple,and from,you know other tablet companies we dont,really get,that small of bezels that we get on here,so these are fairly small bezels,on this a7 light and ive been liking,how its been looking as well,so really big display on here you guys,arent going to get lost in the sauce,when you,are watching movies and things like that,its not going to cut off your vision,from seeing certain things so the aspect,ratio,and the screen is just another reason,why i love this tablet,another reason definitely has to be that,we have android 11.0 on this tablet and,were actually rocking ui,3.1 so its nice to see that samsung,gave us 3.1 and android 11,on this budget tablet and everythings,been working so great so far its been,really smooth,um obviously you have those few hiccups,when you first beat up the device but uh,when you start using this device,its going to run very smoothly going to,run very fluid,so uh really liking that we have that,operating system on here,fifth reason has to be that this has a,huge battery not only does this have a,huge battery at 5100 milliamps,but we also have 15 watt fast charging,on this device as well,so you know this device charges up very,very quickly,um i have to say it really surprised me,how quick this actually charged up,and so if you guys are power users if,you guys are gaming on your tablet,this is going to be a great tablet for,you especially since we have a big,battery,and a big charger with some good wattage,on it to go ahead and charge you up very,quickly,to get you back straight into your game,sixth reason has to be,the speakers on this device now were,gonna go and test out the speakers right,here just to show you,obviously this isnt going to do it,justice you guys are gonna have to take,a look at this tablet in real life but,this tablet has some really really good,speakers we actually have a speaker,at the top right here and we have a,speaker at the bottom so we have dual,speakers on this budget tablet right,here,and this is really getting to be one of,the best budget tablets,of 2021 if not the best and ill go,ahead and reveal that in my full review,but first lets go and take a look at,the sound,so lets go ahead and play this loud,lets go and turn this all the way up,man this has some really loud speakers,so very loud speakers not just loud very,clear,as well ive really been enjoying my,experience with this tablet and i really,think you guys are going to enjoy these,speakers as well,number seven and were getting on to,something that really matters,is the price of this device so i,actually picked up this device for 149,but this device you can actually pick up,on amazon right now for 129,now i know the holidays are coming very,close december is gonna come up very,very quickly so,i think you guys uh i think you guys,have your gift for your kid or for,someone that you love right here,at 129 and if you guys want to go ahead,and pick up this device i will leave an,affiliate link in the description,down below as well as the top comment,and that always helps out the channel,when you shop from those links but for,129,you guys are just getting so much inside,of this tablet i just,its its its insane honestly number,eight has to be,that this is a great tablet for light,usage,like gaming and netflix we are gonna do,our full gaming review on this tablet,but im pretty sure that its capable of,pub g mobile,and games like call of duty mobile as,well were going to go ahead and test,that out in another video,if i get that done before this video,ill leave that in the link in the,description down below but uh,you know very very great tablet for,light usage,my favorite tablet this year number nine,were gonna be getting into the display,finally,very very bright display and this really,surprised me but it has a very,great display great saturation that you,know can only be replicated by samsung,so really love the colors in this device,and i think you guys are going to very,much,enjoy them as well so in sunlight you,guys are going to be able to use this,as well as at night when those colors,just come alive and they pop so,really really do like this and were,just going to go ahead and play,a video really quick just to show you,how good this actually looks,so just really quick guys as far as,youtube goes you can actually watch,videos up to 1080p,at 60 frames per second so were gonna,go ahead and turn that on,and i think you guys are gonna like what,you see,so here we go big beautiful display,awesome colors right here,this is definitely going to be one of,the best media tablets of the year,i feel like one of the best tablets of,the year as far as the budget,goes but uh amazing screen on this,very very beautiful screen the price tag,is very very key in this beautiful,screen,for that 129 dollar price tag now the,10th reason is going to be a little bit,of a weird reason,uh or just a reason that i dont think,you guys would think of,but the 10th reason has to be that this,has a very responsive keyboard,and its very easy to use it honestly,just feels like a phone to be quite,honest so lets just go ahead and type,in something right here,the cow jumped,over the moon,and very responsive we didnt miss,anything right there,but definitely like the feedback from,this tablet and the responsiveness,one of the best ive seen on a budget,tablet samsung you guys are doing,amazing things with these tablets,and you know just taking a look back at,you know like the nexus 7 tablet,uh one of my first tablets,this is a big step you know when that,tablet came out it was it was,a little bit more than this as you guys,know and uh just,tablets coming out 129 right now this is,uh,right here id say this is the best,budget tablet of the year to be quite,honest,yeah guys those are my 10 reasons to,pick up the new galaxy tab a7 lite,literally my favorit

Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Review – DO NOT BUY Before Watching This

okay so here we are with the full review,of the all-new samsung galaxy,tab a7 light here ive been using it,since the unboxing video a little bit,over a week ago and ive gotten the,opportunity to test it out even more,when i went to texas,last week for like four or five days so,lets go ahead and see,what i found out,[Music],so im going to start off the same way,as of the shooting of this video the,samsung galaxy tab,s7 fe still has not hit the us,so im getting a little frustrated but,what can i do im just going to have to,wait anyway lets get back to this guy,here,quick recap so just like i mentioned,last time and if you go on the website,this guys going to cost you about 160,bucks,for the base wi-fi variant which is what,i have here,and you also have this tablet available,in an unlocked,or international version that you can,order from amazon and it will,run you roughly 230 bucks for the base,4g lte variant so for people looking to,use this,as a phone you can go ahead and just,grab the lte variant the tab a7 lite as,we know it,is just a variation of the regular,galaxy tab a7 that came out last year,you may be,familiar with that end before you ask,yes,there is a market for this tablet here,now lets start off with the design here,you may have noticed the form factor,right thats the most,obvious thing about it it is indeed a,small tablet standing,at only 8.7 inches with a smooth finish,on the back here,and that same unibody frame and look we,get with new samsung tablets,it actually feels pretty dense and it,makes it,have that very premium built to it so it,feels really good,in the hands on the back here you have,an eight megapixel,camera thats the same one you find on,the galaxy tab,a7 the camera on the front here is a two,megapixel one,the display is tft just like the galaxy,tab a7,but this one has thinner bezels and the,screen to body ratio stands at 81.1,and heres a fun fact this is not a full,hd display the resolution here is,actually,800 by 1340 and with this form factor or,with this size picture quality is not,too terrible,and its pretty bright also overall its,not a particularly,bad looking tablet i personally dont,hate it you know i think its a pretty,nice look to it plus it comes with a,bunch of features you know you have,things like,face unlock a nice dual speaker setup a,micro sd card slot,a usb type-c port and also a headphone,jack and these are pretty nice features,to have on the tablet so,so far so good now lets go ahead and,cover specs and,how those translate into real life here,the,unit that i have here is a 32 gigs of,internal source so the base storage is,32 gigs,it comes with three gigs of ram if you,were to go for the 64 gigs,that would afford you four gigs of ram,it is running a mediatek helio p22t,so as you can see it is not said to be a,productivity machine right and in my,case i can tell you that i could see,that reflected,on the performance already by the way if,this is your first time visiting well,welcome to the channel of course if you,do like the content so far,i truly appreciate that please do me a,huge favor hit both the like,and the subscribe button if you havent,done so already again thats a,major major push to the channel and,thats the best way for me to show,youtube that the youtube algo rather,that people actually do like,this type of video alright so lets go,ahead and get back to this guy here,if you did watch my hands-on video on,this tablet you may have seen that it,was lagging a little during the setup,its gotten slightly better for sure but,i still get a little bit more lag than i,would like when trying to,navigate or move too fast its also been,my experience that some of the native,apps are working a little bit more,smoothly if i can say,that way compared to third-party apps,they seem to be fairly optimized on here,but as i mentioned,again when trying to do more than a few,things and too fast at the same time,its going to offer you kind of a,sluggish,performance you know again when youre,navigating the internet doing things and,just kind of jumping from one thing to,the other,you are definitely going to notice that,lag and its,consistent so its not something i can,say when i was doing this its,if youre doing a little bit too much,its gonna and before i actually keep,going,i gotta make something clear you know i,know in the comments section,a lot of people are gonna go why would,you buy this tablet,you know when you could just go with the,regular tab a7 which has slightly better,performance,now you have to keep in mind that its,not necessarily people who buy this are,not necessarily going for performance,you know its that form factor right so,you have to keep that in mind its not,that,people are just trying to buy the best,tablet and found themself,buying this guy just like the different,other levels of tablets that samsung,builds,this one is very specific to a segment,of the market its the same reason,apple has like the ipad mini and im not,saying that this is comparable,to the apple mini but you get what im,saying you know this is not for people,who are trying to develop,full-blown projects this is more for,people who may want to,get a tablet you know or something,thats going to give them kind of that,tablet experience but that they can,still,use as a phone you know if for people,who want to go buy this,the unlocked version of this tablet here,so just keep that in mind i certainly,would have loved it if performance was,better than what it offers right now but,it is what it is,if youre looking for a top performance,tablet then this is definitely,not targeted at you it will handle light,to some medium games without any issues,but heavy games,obviously that would be a different,story battery life is pretty decent im,consistently getting six,hours out of that 50 i believe its 50,100 milliamp hour but thats gonna,depend on your type of usage right so,depending on what you use it for how,often you use your tablet,it may last a day or may not even see,half a day you have to keep that in mind,it is,fast charge capable up to 15 what,i believe but the charger that comes,with it is just half of that i believe,is 7.5,why so you would have to buy a fast,charger if you want to,take advantage of the fast charge,support that it has the speakers are,actually,pretty decent also not because theyre,particularly loud,but because during entertainment you,have them you know firing from each side,of the tablet so when youre holding it,this way you get to really enjoy,the sound coming out of you know movie,or video whatever youre watching,on your tablet and heres one thing i,want to make sure that i dont forget to,bring up a few people ask me in the,comments section if i could,check this and see if it works the micro,sd,card the issue we were having with the,galaxy tab a7 where you can move your,apps,to you know from the internal storage to,your micro sd card,that issue unfortunately is apparent,here also,i tested it out you cannot move your,apps,from your internal storage to your micro,sd card and what it tells me is that,samsung is pretty much pushing you to go,for t1 for the next,the next tier right the one with more,room,more storage space so to those people,and just anyone watching this video you,cannot move your apps,from your internal storage to the micro,sd card that you would have,and now if you can please let us know in,the comment section unless im doing it,wrong i,actually tested it out and i took the,top,s6 light that i have here somewhere and,i tried that only i was thinking well i,wonder if its just because its been,updated to the newest,no it works perfectly fine on the tab s6,lite,and on the tab s7 and the s7 plus all of,those,it you could definitely move your stuff,to the sd card but you just cannot,do that on the cheaper ones here now,going back to the camera there,its its not great right the,tablet itself is 160 bucks so for,something,in that price range dont expect it to,be,amazing dont get me wrong its,definitely

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