1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Review: A New Affordable Samsung Tablet
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Review | One Month Later!
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Review: Great Value Or Disappointment?
  4. A good iPad alternative? (Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 review!)
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Review: Good Enough?
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Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Review: A New Affordable Samsung Tablet

hey guys this is shane im back with,another video to share my full review of,the samsung galaxy tab a8 this is a new,affordable budget oriented tablet from,samsung it is on sale on their official,website with a discount at the time of,this recording so ill leave some links,down in the description the price is 200,it comes in colors silver pink gold and,this gray color here it has 32 gigabytes,of storage and three gigabytes of ram,but also comes in different,configurations up to 128 gigabytes of,storage and four gigabytes of ram lets,see what we get here for 200,ive been using this on and off for the,past few months just put it back in the,box for show to see what you get we have,inside here a seven and a half watt,charger,we also have a type a to type c charging,cable,then on this side we just have a tool,for the micro sd card slot,now taking a look at the tablet itself,again this is the gray color here we,have as usual from samsung a very sturdy,aluminum finish here for great,durability and peace of mind on the,right we have our volume rocker and,power button on the bottom we have two,of our four speakers a type c port,capable of 15 watt charging and a,headphone jack off to the far left on,the left side we have a micro sd card,slot which lets you add up to one,terabyte of additional storage and there,is a respectable 80,screen to body ratio on this tablet with,nice symmetrical bezels while also,having enough room to rest your fingers,on the edges to avoid any accidental,touches but taking a closer look at the,1920×12,resolution display ive really enjoyed,the screen overall as it has pretty good,colors and media consumption is an,absolute joy on this tablet which for me,mainly consists of watching youtube and,being able to watch videos on the,1080p60 setting alongside having that,quad speaker setup means you have a,great little tablet for watching content,and a portable speaker if youre just,looking to blast some music but overall,the screen size itself strikes a good,balance for me between handheld use for,media consumption and gaming and,tabletop use for more productive tasks,to be more specific as far as the,everyday regular user experience goes,ive thoroughly enjoyed using this,tablet on a day-to-day basis with again,its nice screen size good battery life,and decent performance ive played a,good amount of old school runescape,without any major problems and my,emulated games like super mario strikers,actually run on this tablet which,shocked me battery consumption while,gaming also has been pretty acceptable,more on that later but overall light,gaming is definitely a win here ive,also been doing a lot of productivity,tasks here on the tab a8 again to my,surprise samsungs same multitasking,features found on their other tablets,are also here on the tab a8 i found that,the 10 and a half inch screen size was,just large enough for using it on a,tabletop with two applications open side,by side while also being compact enough,for enjoyable handheld use with one of,my favorite aspects being that,two-handed typing is comfortable when,holding the tablet vertically and,overall its this amount of versatility,that i wasnt initially expecting to get,out of this tablet that has surprised me,and impressed me so much about it you,are making a few compromises compared to,samsungs other tablets but at a,significantly lower cost general,navigation of the tablet is definitely,on the slower side but once i would get,myself into whatever it is im doing i,would rarely run into issues so its,more so minor hiccups here and there,that the average person buying this,tablet might not even notice or care,about the cameras on the tab a8 are a,bit of a mixed bag the rear camera is,serviceable at best really with a lot of,my photos taken being just fine and more,times than not looking blurry and i find,myself having to retake photos a lot the,front-facing camera though on the other,hand is pretty good positioned on the,side of the tablet for your video calls,heres a sample of what to expect this,is a test of the front-facing camera for,the galaxy tab a8 this is filming in,1080p resolution at 30 frames per second,its a great resolution for your video,calls and conferences people will be,able to see you clearly but i would,recommend being in a well-lit room,because when youre in a room thats a,little darker or doesnt have any lights,on or anything the resolution is just,looks very blurry and not nearly as good,so as long as you have some light you,have a great front-facing camera here to,use for your video calls on the tav8,battery life has been very good on this,tablet for me in my personal use with,the 7040 milliamp hour battery capacity,ive been able to get up to eight hours,of screen on time while using the tablet,at around fifty to a hundred percent,brightness and if im doing more,intensive tasks like gaming and,productivity i am able to still get,around six hours of screen on time which,has been more than enough for me on any,given day a couple other examples i have,seven hours and 47 minutes of screen on,time with a mix of watching youtube and,some productivity and then another use,case of six hours and 41 minutes so im,consistently able to get six to eight,hours of screen on time regardless of,what it is im doing and again overall,im very impressed with the battery life,on this tablet now the charging speeds,arent as impressive but in my testing i,charged from zero to one hundred percent,in around two hours and 45 minutes and,mind you this is with a 15 watt charger,not the seven and a half watt charger,found in the box which takes well over,four hours to do the same task but with,all those things considered can i,recommend this tablet the way i look at,it is that if someone like myself who is,a little more tech savvy can do nearly,all the tasks i normally do on this,device alone with the help of a couple,accessories then this tablet is going to,be great for anyone out there looking,for an affordable tablet to do really,whatever it is they have in mind to do,on it it is lacking s pen functionality,which i know is a big factor for a lot,of people out there but i find myself,often reaching for my regular,touchscreen stylus i use with many of my,other devices to help out in a pinch for,scrolling through webpages or jotting a,couple notes down samsung has a lot of,tablet options out there but with most,of them costing anywhere from fifty,percent to three hundred fifty percent,more than this tablet the tab a8 brings,you a ton of value in my opinion for the,price and at its current two hundred,dollar price i can highly recommend it,if you dont need the official s pen and,can live with a couple compromises like,slower navigation and slower charging,speeds then look no further than this,guy right here this has been my full,review of the samsung galaxy tab a8 make,sure to leave a thumbs up on your way,out and subscribe if you havent already

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Review | One Month Later!

welcome back everyone yet again ive,taken my sweet time with the new samsung,galaxy tablet and today im ready to,give you my full review on the new,affordable 2022 samsung galaxy tab a8,well cover everything from the 10 and a,half inch display to its battery life,performance and everyday tasks package,contents will even get into what the,tech enthusiasts want to hear like,benchmarks of course throughout this,video youll find the conclusion as to,who i recommend this to i only upload,videos when i truly have a contribution,and opinion worth sharing now i put this,tablet through its paces over the course,of a month lets start with the samsung,galaxy tab a8 basics this tablet has the,micro sd card slot face registered,unlock feature an octa-core processor,and a beautiful design with great build,materials its mostly aluminum except,for the buttons and a thin band of,plastic along the top those buttons when,clicked are nicely audible and tactile,the tablet charges through usbc and,thankfully we still have the headphone,jack too as for package contents the tab,a8 has all the basics covered like the,usb c cable standard wall adapter sim,tool and the paperwork the one simple,thing samsung could have done to exceed,expectations would be to include a fast,charger we only have the standard wall,adapter which is fine but this tablet,does support 15 watt charging i buy,these devices with my own money to make,a real review for you if i were to have,gotten the tab a8 as a gift i would have,certainly expected it to cost more than,it does and while the included,accessories did not impress me the build,materials the quad speakers and the,battery life did the battery is 7 040,milliamp hours not a lot of capacity on,paper but here you get to see the full,battery readout the samsung galaxy tab,a8 comfortably lasts me through a full,day of my use and i play games watch a,lot of youtube videos and i take calls,well video calls with a lot of my,friends and colleagues some sacrifices,have been made to make the tablets,battery life last this long and well,dive into that deeper in just a bit but,for now lets enjoy the revised,aesthetics and this beautiful design,the previous model tab a7 had a very,similar design and i gave samsung credit,for using premium materials on that too,the camera lens is now circular the,edges of the tablet have been made more,flat and the new tab a8 is slightly,heavier protecting the display we have,cornings gorilla glass currently this,tablet is running android 11 but the,android 12 update is confirmed and its,going to be coming any week now by the,way for those of you curious my samsung,galaxy a52 smartphone already got the,android 12 update with one ui4 and a,side note im also testing out the,galaxy a13 so expect a video on the,channel and stay tuned for that theres,a few models of the tab a8 the,connectivity options are wi-fi only like,the one i have and lte back when i,bought the tablet i just took the only,model that was available three gigs of,ram and only 32 gigabytes of storage,yikes now theres a new 128 gigabyte,storage capacity model added in addition,to the 64 gigabyte version it sure is,nice to see another storage model added,for the people who really want to use a,lot of different apps speaking of apps i,know a lot of you are curious if you can,move applications onto the microsd card,with the tab a8 well i have some very,good news for you yes that is possible,and its actually very easy to do open,up the settings menu click on apps and,lets move asphalt 9 for example this is,one big game file so here the storage,option can be changed to the micro sd,card and im using the 128 gigabyte,sandisk extreme pro micro sd in case you,were wondering the reason i recommend,people to go for the 64 gigabyte version,of tab a8 is because the micro sd card,speeds are not as fast as the emmc 5.1,which is the internal speeds of the tap,a8 so basically any micro sd card you,can get is not as fast as the internal,speeds if youre still watching leave a,like on the video and if you actually,enjoy the way i make these reviews let,me know in the comments,getting back to the different models of,the tab a8 well theres also a four,gigabyte ram variant and like i said i,do not have that one but my experiences,with only 3 gigabytes of ram should tell,you something about just how good these,budget tablets have gotten at managing,multitasking ram is an area where i,thought that it may be lacking after all,samsungs edge panel feature makes it,really enticing to drag two apps into,view at once and i mean this edge panel,feature used to be annoying to me but,now after using this tablet for over a,month ive grown really accustomed to,having it there i found the experience,to be pleasant here and i have nothing,negative to say about the fact that it,only has three gigs of ram this is all,relative to the price and for the amount,of money i paid im happy the 12,nanometer unisoc tiger processor inside,the tab a8 is paired with the mali g52,for graphics now lets talk about the,overall daily performance of this tablet,how my experiences have been like in the,past month and also were going to talk,about gaming the tab a8 really shined in,pubg and asphalt 9. in pubg for instance,i was able to play hd settings at high,frame rates and there wasnt a single,frame drop or stutter i won every single,pubg match that i played interestingly,the same cannot be said about call of,duty mobile a game that im actually,good at in cod mobile even after,downloading the hd resolution game files,i was limited to low resolution not only,low res but medium frame rates which is,enough to make me frustrated since the,tab a7 could do much higher resolution,and higher frame rates in this,particular game i tried a lot of,different games on this tablet and,theres no issues with overheating in my,experience but i do have this one,particular complaint about this game the,geekbench test showed that the tab a8 is,no stunner in terms of benchmarks i used,to put a lot of merit in these numbers,but over time i learned that it is not,the best telltale as to how well a,chipset can perform over time so dont,be discouraged based on these numbers,when i got this tablet the initial setup,process was painful i had a lot of app,crashes caused by the google play store,downloading and installing apps now once,that was out of the way and fully,installed the app crashing ceased and,the only real problem i had day to day,with the speed and the input was,changing of the vertical and horizontal,orientation not a deal breaker one,adjustment that i do make to these,budget to mid-range devices before i,really take my full analysis on the,device is to go into developer options i,manually scale down the window and,transition animation scale to a 0.5 as i,usually do on phones but i really,recommend you do it here you can enable,the developer options menu by tapping,the build number a bunch of times in the,settings this helps tremendously with,how fast the tablet feels by the way the,developer options menu is also a good,place to see your device ram usage since,the device care menu inside of settings,is not always fully accurate i have good,news about the lack of bloatware on this,device those pre-installed apps are,optional in most regions and in places,where the device already comes with some,bloatware installed they are removable,on a whole other note since the tablet,uses the usbc port for charging you can,also use that connection for peripherals,like a usbc hub a flash drive or even an,ssd but just like all the other cool,features i mentioned about the tab a8,this has its limitations as we cannot,connect an external monitor for unlock,methods there is the face registered,unlock which is my favorite because its,quite fast on this device and basically,all other samsung devices after recent,updates but we also have the pin pattern,or passcode options so if you dont want,to scan your face into your device you,dont have to the front

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Review: Great Value Or Disappointment?

the samsung galaxy tab a8 will be among,the most popular tablets this year,because thats always the case with the,affordable galaxy type a series,this year we get a bit larger screen,android 11 and a new unisock processor,but is it a good choice im nj from,mynextable.com and thats what youll,learn in this galaxy tab a8 review,[Music],before we start dont forget to,subscribe to this channel im reviewing,almost every tablet that gets released,and among those is every tablet from,samsung including the a8 and the s8,series coming up lets start with the,display of the galaxy tab a8 because,this is one of the most important,aspects of a tablet,and sadly this year samsung is giving us,a bit of a downgrade compared to its,predecessor,with 10.5 inches the galaxy tab a8 is a,tiny bit larger than the a7 it has a,resolution of,1920×1200 pixels so that everything,looks sharp enough,viewing angles contrast and colors are,decent as well nothing special but as,you would expect from a lower end tablet,so wheres the downgrade well compared,to the galaxy type a7 the screen of the,a8 is a bit darker not by much but in a,direct comparison thats clearly visible,on a positive note the a8 has a better,white the display is fully laminated and,it has a white van level of a1 that,means you can watch netflix and other,streaming services with hd resolution,sounds normal but its not the nokia t20,is a direct competitor and supports sd,quality only on its sides the galaxy tab,a8 has forced biggers in total and you,can hear a real stereo separation for,its price the speakers are very good and,better than on many similar price,tablets they are quite loud however they,are much worse than on an ipad pro or,galaxy tab s7 of course especially when,turning up the volume all the way the,sound can be a bit scratchy and the bass,is weak but again very good for its,price by the way the galaxy tab a8 does,not support the aspen that samsung is,shipping with some other devices and yes,i did try them they dont work you can,use pens made for capacitive,touchscreens which are okay for small,children to paint with but if you want,something 400 notes or precise drawings,better stay away from this tablet so the,screen of the a8 did not improve,compared to the s7 but it did get faster,on the inside samsung is shipping the,tablet with a unisoc tiger t618,processor that is supported by three,gigabyte of four gigabyte of ram and 32,gigabyte up to 128 gigabyte internal,storage you can get it with lte but,theres no 5g option i have the cheapest,one with 3 gigabyte ram and 32 gigabyte,internal storage you can see in the,geekbench 5 benchmark that especially,its graphics performance is quite a lot,stronger than on the a7 and its also,faster than the similarly priced and,also new nokia t20 tablet higher end,devices remain faster of course and,thats especially the case for the ipad,9. you can see the same in this 3dmark,wildlife test the a8 is faster than the,a7 but much much slower than the,cheapest apple tablet many say that,benchmarks dont represent real life and,while thats true sometimes it often,directly reflects my gaming test in pubg,mobile for instance you can set the,graphics to hd which is much lower than,on the ipad 9 but higher than on the,galaxy tab a7 which supports balance,settings only and it does run well with,hd graphics,world of tanks runs great with hd,settings as well and i just enjoyed,playing it on the a8 other games like,race run with ultra graphic settings,while others like call of duty support,the lowest only that varies by game of,course depending on how demanding it is,i have this 3 gigabyte ram version so,with the one with 4 gigabyte might run,some games better so while the galaxy,tab a8 cant run every game with the,highest graphics settings it does,support almost every game if youre,looking for something very affordable it,can be a decent gaming tablet however i,suggest you get at least 64 gigabyte of,storage because 32 gigabyte is a bit too,small when installing many games,and while it does have a micro sd card,slot you cant mount the microsd as,internal storage,and store data on it only and not a full,game or app the operating system common,apps like chrome and youtube do run,smoothly for the most part as well a,good amount of multitasking is possible,too with that being said dont compare,to a mid-range phone or higher-end,tablet you will encounter some minor,legs here and there but nothing major,and similar to other devices in this,price range the samsung galaxy tab a8,looks very similar to its predecessor,with some small design changes only we,still get a mostly metal body with a,small plastic cover at the top for the,antennas the transition from the body to,the screen is not as elegant as on a,galaxy type s7 but overall the a8 does,feel surprisingly high end for its price,with 508 gram it got a little bit,heavier and is just 6.9 millimeters thin,on the top we get a power button and,volume controls i like that it still,features a standard 3.5 millimeter,headphone jack,sadly we get a usb-c 2.0 port only which,means while you can connect tons of,accessories external monitors are not,among them,it has a microsd card slot too but as i,mentioned earlier you cant mount the,card as internal storage,the tablet sadly has no fingerprint,scanner but the front-facing camera does,support visual recognition its not as,secure but should be fine for most,selfies look good with that 5 megapixel,webcam and the 8 megapixel main camera,on the back takes decent photos and,videos too,as usual nothing outstanding but,certainly fine for video chats the,samsung galaxy tab a8 ships with android,11 and samsungs one ui interface,actually one of the highlights of this,tablet is the software not because of,android itself but because samsung,usually is much better than most brands,regarding updates,the galaxy tab a series usually gets two,or three big android updates while other,cheap tablets often dont get any at all,besides that the software is fine its,standard android with one ui that gives,you a different look tons of samsung,apps and the ones from google and,microsoft are pre-installed too i like,the samsung note app in particular,because i think its one of the best,note-taking apps for android yes even,without the stylus we get a couple of,other unique features like an edge panel,which is a kind of app dock and works,quite nicely samsung built in tons of,software features which sometimes are,just a gimmick and sometimes are nice to,have i like that you can open apps in a,pop-up with view for instance which is a,free floating window that can be useful,when using the tablet with the keyboard,and mouse,the samsung dex desktop mode is not,supported by the way in my battery test,the galaxy tab a8 got a runtime of 6.25,hours for this im always looping an hd,youtube video at maximum brightness,so should you get the samsung galaxy tab,a8 well as usual that depends on what,youre looking for i think its a nice,tablet if youre looking for something,affordable with a good value it cant,compete with an ipad but for its price,the performance is good i like the,mostly metal body the screen is fine and,the software is up to date and should,stay up to date for years to come,i think the galaxy tab a8 can be a good,tablet if you want something cheap to,watch netflix with to play a couple of,games or to just surf the web and watch,some youtube i cant recommend it as a,high-end performing gaming tablet of,course because well the performance is,not good enough and its not meant to be,worked with either as its missing a,keyboard cover and active pen support,youve seen that it almost did not,improve compared to the galaxy tab a7,esc performance is a bit better but the,screen is a bit worse the price is,staying the same though i was a bit,wondering why and it might be due to,inflation i do have the feeling of,getting a bit less overall value than,was the case last year lets check out,the alternatives if youre willing to,s

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A good iPad alternative? (Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 review!)

the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 compared to,the more expensive iPads is this good,enough even when you feel low you can,still go even when you feel slow you can,still go even when theres no hope you,can still go I never answered and no man,I still go go go hi everyone this is JD,welcome to gadget rev now Samsung Tab A8,is the more affordable lineup of Samsung,that over time became a more popular,choice for consumers because of the,price as the year passed by it became,better and better and everything on it,became more and more likely S Series so,today well quickly unbox this review it,and test it in gaming and entertainment,lets go to work,so today well do a lot of things we,will quickly unbox this review it do a,mobile Legends in pubg gaming we will,check the highest resolution of YouTube,and Netflix do a side-by-side speed,comparison of this tablet and iPad,Knight generation and do a camera,comparison of this tablet versus Samsung,Galaxy s22 lets quickly unbox this to,see what we get for 379 Canadian dollars,so I think we have the case similar to,the color of the tablet,underneath it is a tablet wrapped in,cloth light cover,we have the manual one sheet of paper,the charger which is not a fast charger,just a regular 5 volts and a USB 8 to,USBC cable,we also have the same ejector tool,because we get the LTE version of this,tablet,and I think thats it for a quick,unboxing I think we got a really good,deal with this considering we have,everything plus a case,okay lets fire this up and do a quick,review,so theres a little bit of bezel on the,four corners but it is symmetrical I,think its better on landscape because,the selfie camera is on top,brightness is very good visible in,bright conditions,lets check the Android version its,running on Android 11 and we check the,software updates yes Samsung is,supporting this tablet with security,patches,looking at the storage capacity it has,64 gigs but the system and pre-installed,apps already ate 25 percent but you can,expand it through SD card up to 128 gigs,it also has 4 gigs of RAM,thats our quick review lets download,some apps and games and check the speed,in the screen resolution of the videos,the brightness and the colors are pretty,good and I think the max level of the,speaker is good enough you can watch,this without using a headphone,so if youve seen videos and use this,for Netflix Prime Disney Plus or YouTube,the video resolution can go as high as,1080P or full HD,the pixels are sufficient for a 10.5,inch screen not the best but considering,the price this is good enough,now lets check how this tablet performs,on medium to heavy games,so in Mobile Legends this can go as high,as medium settings lets quickly test,this in PC team fights,[Music],explain,another Solutions on defeating your,enemies,you took them down great work lets take,a look at the rewards,congratulations lets quickly compare,this with the newest iPad 9th generation,starting with the brightness,I think tab A8 and iPad 9th generation,has the same brightness now lets check,the loudness of the speakers,foreign,camera comparison video of two pixel,phones this is pixel 4A versus pixel 6.,[Music],[Applause],they got another awesome camera,comparison video of two pixel phones,this is pixel 4A versus pixel 6.,[Applause],[Music],now lets do a speed test,[Music],thank you,[Music],the speed of this tablet is pretty good,can go to Toe with iPad 9th generation,this is in the ballpark of a mid-range,phone,lets check the camera and compare it,with the flagship Samsung Galaxy s22,this is the selfie video recording of,Samsung Galaxy s22 and this is the,selfie video recording of Samsung Galaxy,Tab A8,now were testing the rear camera video,recording starting with Samsung Galaxy,s22,and this is Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 in,full hd30fps by the way the Samsung s22,is using 4K at 30 FPS,Im not expecting that this will be on,an s22 level but for a video call or,casual shoot this will be sufficient,[Music],so why does gadget driven off the,verdict Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 a good,tablet in 2022. well it is its not the,best for sure for 379 Canadian dollars,this will give you so much value,I like the symmetrical bezels the,premium looking design in terms of speed,you saw that in some cases this tablet,one against iPad 9th generation and the,camera is good for casual shooting,if youre looking for a great value,tablet Samsung Tab A8 is a good iPad,alternative,and there you go hope you enjoyed this,video thank you guys for watching and,Ill see you,in the next one,[Music],[Music]

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Review: Good Enough?

hey whats up guys hope youre doing,well so today i am going to review the,latest mid-range tablet from samsung the,galaxy tab e8 it is the successor to,last years galaxy tab a7 which if you,recall was one of the go-to budget,tablets of 2021. however a lot has,changed since then you see the demand,for tablets especially the affordable,ones has skyrocketed globally as,educational institutions were forced to,go online amidst the ongoing pandemic,google even recently reported that there,were nearly a hundred million new,android tablet activations in 2021 which,is a whopping 20 year on year growth,this means that samsung has a lot more,competition in the budget tablet market,right now compared to how things were a,couple of years ago just take the number,of android tablet releases for instance,in 2021. we have tablets from brands,like xiaomi realme and nokia while oppo,oneplus and vivo are soon to follow suit,as well,anyways before i start the review of,this tablet weve got to pay our office,bills with this quick shout out to the,sponsor of todays video onsite go the,fear of dropping your tablet is directly,proportional to its cost but i have a,solution for you guys onsite goes spills,and drop slash damage protection plan,this plan gives me freedom from boring,silicon covers as even if i drop my,tablet and it breaks onsite go will,either repair it or replace it,altogether no questions asked and if you,want to use your tablet for two to three,years as it is generally the case then,you should also buy on-site gos,extended warranty plan so that you have,complete peace of mind i have put all,the links in the description below and,also dont forget to use code gb20 for,20 discount,okay first off lets talk about the,design of the tap a8 here as you can see,it has a typical design for a tablet in,this price range,its body is metallic for the most part,except this portion on the right which,is plastic made im guessing thats for,the wi-fi carrier signals and other,radio waves to pass through but overall,the galaxy tab a8 feels strong and it,feels durable while weighing about 508,grams my review unit has this matte,black finish and samsung offers this,tablet in grey and pink color options,too over on the front you get a big 10.5,inches display with a 16-10 aspect ratio,this screen real estate is plenty enough,to view different types of documents,including pdfs and presentations,to make things simpler the company ships,it with microsoft office pre-installed,as well samsung notes is another helpful,app here were using which you can take,notes add annotations and such still i,believe samsung should have provided a,better ips screen instead of this tft,panel i wouldnt say its downright this,small but,given the growing competition samsung,should be doing better in this,department although expecting an oled,display in this price bracket is absurd,we have seen better lcd screens in much,cheaper offerings like realme pad as you,can see videos look better on the real,me pad thanks to its better colors and,vibrancy that being said you wont face,any problem watching videos on youtube,on the tab a8 you can even stream hd,content on netflix thanks to the white,one l1 certification here adding to the,multimedia experience is the quad stereo,speaker setup here that supports dolby,atmos audio having tested these two,tablets to binge movies and listen to,music i would say that real me pats,soundstage is comparatively narrower,heres a quick demo,[Music],[Music],now lets talk about its performance,interestingly samsung does not,explicitly mention the exact chipset,used in the galaxy tab a8 but we can,confirm that its powered by unisoft,tiger t618 um qualcomms decision to go,all in on 5g even in the budget category,has created opportunities for mediatek,and unisock to grow in the 40 market in,fact 2021 was unisocs most successful,year by far in recent times it even,marched past samsung to become the third,biggest chipmaker globally according to,a report by counterpoint and the t618,has been instrumental for unisock in,this achievement first announced in 2019,this chip is now more popular than ever,especially in the chinese market in,terms of raw cpu power it is not that,different than the snapdragon 662 on,last years galaxy tab e7 or the helio,g80 on the realme pad that being said we,found the t618 performing better on gpu,benchmarks such as 3dmark wildlife and,that reflects on the gaming side of,things as well the tap a8 can handle,pubg mobile at hd graphics which was not,possible on its predecessor although i,found smooth graphics and ultra frame,rates to be the optimal settings here,similarly i had no trouble playing,injustice 2 at its default settings,in terms of day-to-day usage the base,3gb ram variant that i have with me,feels rather slow apps take some time to,load and multitasking is not that smooth,either likewise with around 10 gb of,storage already occupied by the system,out of 32gb you wont have much space,for your apps and other files so i will,strongly suggest you get the 464 gb,variant by pushing your budget a little,moving on the one aspect that this,tablet has an upper hand over the real,me pad or any other android tablet for,that matter is the software given,samsungs experience in making tablets,and now foldables one ui for larger,screen devices has gotten significantly,better over the years the best that new,players can do is stick with vanilla,android or make the smallest bit of,customization to their existing android,skin to fit a bigger display as things,stand samsungs software superiority is,quite evident even when doing simple,tasks such as browsing through the,settings i have talked enough of the,edge panel and the galaxy ecosystem in,my previous samsung tablet review but,something new on the galaxy tab a8 is,samsung flow and kids mode while it does,not support decks samsung flow is a,close substitute with this you can,connect the tablet to your pc over both,wireless and wired mediums allowing you,to share messages share clipboards and,files between the two similarly you can,even cast your tablet to the pc to enjoy,android apps on a bigger screen on the,other hand the aforementioned kids mode,is samsungs answer to google kidspace,that you can find in many android,tablets including the realme pad it is,full of fun and kid-friendly content,moreover users can set parental control,to determine what their children can do,inside this bubble including the screen,time allowed apps and more in addition,you can also expect better software,support from samsung this time while the,company has not explicitly mentioned it,anywhere the tab a8 should get at least,two android updates which is much better,than realme who recently confirmed no,android 12 update for its debut tablet,moving on the tab a8 is obviously not,going to wow you with its cameras its 8,megapixel rear camera can handle things,like scanning documents and notes while,the 5 megapixel front-facing camera will,get you through your online classes just,fine as for the battery i was able to,get up to 7 hours of screen on time on a,full charge here i mostly used it for,attending online classes streaming,multimedia and even gaming every once in,a while with a relatively less demanding,workload it will easily last you for two,days,but charging this thing is a bit of a,hassle although the tap a8 can take in,up to 15 watt of power samsung only,ships a 7.75 watt charger inside the box,i used the 15 watt power brick that i,had with me and it fills up the 7040,milliamp hour battery from zero to 100,in a little over three hours,[Music],all in all the samsung galaxy tab a8 is,a good iterative upgrade over the galaxy,tab a7 but is good good enough for 2022,i dont think so and thats because of,how good the competition has become yes,samsung still has an upper hand when it,comes to software um brand recognition,and global availability but other,android tablet makers have started to,catch up so yeah samsung needs to bring,some

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Review: Good for the Basics

whats going on youtube my name is zach,with android digest and today im going,to be reviewing a samsung tablet and,that is the samsung galaxy tab a8 and,this samsung tablet is very interesting,because it comes in at 229,that is the retail price at least im,sure it will go on sale over time and,its a very budget friendly tablet and,when you look at the tablet landscape,out there the tab s8 is about to release,the tab s8 plus and the tab s8 ultra a,lot of us are excited for those devices,and i am too im going to be covering,them on my channel so please stay tuned,to my channel but a lot of you dont,have that type of money and if were,honest most of us dont have that type,of money a lot of people are putting,those things on credit theyre buying,things they cant afford and some people,out there have some smarts and they want,to buy things that they can actually,afford and they want to buy budget,friendly tablets so im excited to cover,this tablet for you today and let you,know what i think about it and let you,know if it is worth the price that its,selling for so first i do want to look,at the design of this tablet so if we,look at the bottom of this tablet youll,see one thing that is amazing and that,is that it comes with an sd card slot,and by the way it even comes with a,headphone jack as well so the base model,of this tablet the bad news it does only,come with 32 gigabytes of storage and by,the way it only comes with three,gigabytes of ram that is not very good,and thats not a lot of storage i admit,whenever i filled up my tablet i,actually had a backup from my phone and,i backed up all the apps on my phone,brought it over to this tablet and i had,like 30 gigs of storage filled by the,end of it so thats not really really,good okay a lot of you out there if you,have a lot of apps lets say you have,several games remember that a game,itself could take one two or even three,gigabytes of storage and when you factor,in that the system is going to take the,operating system that is its going to,take about 10 gigs of storage well,youre not going to have a lot of,storage left for apps or other things so,if you are someone out there who does,have a lot of things you put on your,tablet a lot of apps you might want to,upgrade your storage now if you dont,have a lot of apps i wouldnt stress 32,gigs is still a decent amount of storage,the good news is that sd card slot,though that means you could put movies,you could put music on it whenever you,go to something like netflix or other,apps out there a lot of those apps will,allow you to save some things to the sd,card so if you do look on the other,sides of the tablet youre gonna see,right here two speakers on this side you,also have two speakers on this side with,the headphone jack and your usbc port so,theres a lot to like on this tablet and,even on the top of the tablet you have,your power button up and down on your,volume and this back right here is going,to be made of a nice aluminum so i,really do like this design and again,compared to that tab a7 i said this in,my first impressions video it does feel,a little more boxy you could say its a,little more squared rather than rounded,as far as the design but i really really,do like that and you are gonna see of,course youre gonna have these bezels,here id say thats very very normal for,a budget tablet to have bezels on each,side and honestly bezels are not that,big of a deal on tablets because it is,good to have something to hold on to,whenever youre gaming and things like,that so this design is pretty darn good,and one reason why again is that,headphone jack and sd card slot and i,really do like the materials its made,out of it feels very premium especially,for a budget tablet now if we look at,the display youre going to see a,different story so i want to take a,closer look with you and i actually want,to show you what the display looks like,and i want to talk through it as you,actually see the device for yourself so,right in front of us here we do have the,display of the tab a8 and honestly im,pretty impressed for the price if we,take a look at it and watch a little bit,of a video here i do have it here on,1080p and if we watch it you will see,that the display it does look fairly,color accurate and pretty good for the,price now no this is not the display of,a 800 dollar tablet this is not the s8,ultra display or anything like that its,a 10.5 inch screen with a 1920 by 1200,resolution now that resolution is,slightly lower than last years model,which was 2000 by 1200 and you might,think oh that means the display must be,worse but in my testing im actually,liking this display a little more than i,was on last years tab a7 i do feel like,the colors are a little more accurate,and if you do compare this to other,tablets on the market you may look at,something like the lenovo tab p11 for,example i do feel like this tablet,itself it does have a better screen than,a lot of other tablets and id say its,pretty equivalent to that lenovo tab p11,so overall when i look at this display i,do think its fairly good for the price,and for what youre paying again you,just have to make sure to keep your,expectations in check if you are,expecting a 90 hertz or 120 hertz screen,at this price that is not what i would,expect that is not very typical of,tablets especially at this price range,but it does look good it is actually,full hd and then some so i do think the,resolution is good the colors seem,fairly good and as far as the brightness,if you do look at something like the,brightness its not the brightest in the,world there are some brighter tablets,out there but i do think that this,tablet has sufficient brightness again,for the price now if we go beyond the,display and we actually move on to,performance you may wonder what it,actually looks like to see this device,in use and i do feel like its very,important first off not to fill up your,tablet with storage if you fill this up,and you fill all the storage up it is,gonna slow down your tablet a little bit,but if you do make sure to free up some,storage you actually have a little bit,of storage free youre gonna see that,this tablet isnt too bad its actually,pretty decent for,the price now you are gonna have to wait,for some things to load and if youve,had a smartphone thats very very,expensive maybe youre not used to,waiting like that i know that might be a,little bit of a bummer if you are used,to those more high-end smartphones but,this tablet itself of course its not,the high end but it still does work very,very well for basic usage so if i just,scroll around if i open up something,like best buy it opens up pretty quickly,it looks like it was in the history,there if i try to use gestures here i,can go back and forth and go to the,google news and i can go right here and,boom i actually had this up here this,does come with android 11 so that is one,thing i did want to show you so its not,android 12 but android 12 has been a,little bit buggy in the past a lot of,issues with other devices they had to,pull their updates so im okay with this,releasing with android 11 and im sure,well get android 12 a little bit down,the line but i would not expect the same,updates if you keep in mind this and,youre comparing it to something like,the tab s8 or even the s6 lite they do,give a little bit more updates to those,mid-range models and they do give better,updates to those compared to something,like the a lineup so youre not going to,get quite as many updates and i dont,have a guarantee of how many updates you,will get but i would expect at least one,if not two operating system updates and,if you actually look at the performance,overall i am actually going to pull up,the benchmarks here i did actually take,a screenshot and youre going to see,that well it doesnt perform quite as,well as i would have hoped if you,compare these benchmark scores and,compare them to something like the tab,a7 a lot of people thought this tablet,would actually perform be

Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2022 EDITION) vs. Tab A8 – Which to Buy?

so in this video were comparing the new,galaxy tab essex light 2022 edition,versus the galaxy tab a8 both are pretty,affordable tablets from samsung but,which one is better well the price for,the tab a8 starts at 230 bucks in the,united states the tab s6 lite starts at,349 but ive already seen this go on,sale even though it was just released,for 2022 so pricing is going to be,closer than you would think on these two,tablets some of the categories havent,really changed much compared to the,previous tab s6 lite but ill still go,through them just in case you missed,that video now ive got a bit of a,problem with the new tab s6 light might,be hard to tell in the video but theres,some screen bleed or light bleed down,towards the bottom so i returned to the,first one i bought bad thing is the new,one looks almost as bad and ive got a,feeling this could be a bad sign for,people buying the new version of the tab,s6 lite hopefully yours doesnt have,that issue as far as the screens go you,get a 10.5 inch on the new galaxy tab a8,10.4 inch on the s6 light 1080p,resolution on both tablets on the s6,lite you can go up to 2160p resolution,when watching videos on youtube only,1080p resolution on the galaxy tab a8,screen brightness is going to be about,the same on both as well the colors tend,to be a little bit warmer on the essex,light but overall screen quality looks,really good on both and when you put,these next to each other i dont feel,like one looks a lot better than the,other theyve got about the same viewing,angles its really so close whether,youre watching movies playing games,just browsing online i dont think you,can go wrong with either tablet,considering these are more affordable,tablets theres going to be very minor,differences in the dimensions and weight,of these two tablets the tab a8 is,slightly taller and slightly wider than,the tab s6 light but when you put them,next to each other you can see theyre,pretty much the same size tablet the tab,a8 is slightly heavier than the s6 light,but again its so close i dont think,most people are even gonna notice you,got a 7040 milliamp hour battery on both,tablets but a little bit different,battery life in my testing on the new,galaxy tab s6 lite it actually got,better battery life than the previous,one it lasted about seven and a half,hours instead of six and the galaxy tab,a8 lasted seven hours in that same test,so pretty close comparison here keep in,mind thats at full screen brightness,and you shouldnt have any problems,getting through the whole day with,normal usage even a couple days if you,turn the screen brightness down,obviously battery life is going to be,pretty subjective depending on how,youre going to be using the tablet so,you cant really go wrong with either,one but if you want the tablet with,slightly better battery life youll want,to go with the s6 light and then you get,fast charging on both tablets as well,performance is one area the s6 light has,been upgraded to the snapdragon 720 g,processor instead of exynos the tab a8,has a uniso t618 processor so slightly,different processor and power but are,still going to be somewhat similar in,performance depending on which version,you have theres going to be a three,gigabytes of ram 32 gigabytes of storage,for the galaxy tab a8 four gigabytes of,ram 64 gigabytes of storage for both,tablets and then you can go up to 128,gigabytes of both versions with four,gigabytes of ram as well good thing is,you can use a micro sd card up to one,terabyte on both tablets so pretty good,storage options on both geekbench scores,are going to be a little bit better on,the s6 lite though and thats in single,core multi-core and compute scores as,well and yeah youre gonna notice a,difference just moving around the,software the tab s6 light is gonna feel,a little bit faster and its just gonna,load apps a little faster youll be able,to do split screen multitasking just a,little bit easier on the tab s6 light,over the galaxy tab a8 not really a huge,surprise here considering the s6 light,is a newer tablet now when it comes to,gaming most games are going to load,faster on the s6 light and youre going,to get better quality for the graphics,but you are going to notice a huge,difference between the two in my opinion,most people are going to enjoy gaming on,either so you cant really go wrong with,either but yeah the tab s6 lite is gonna,be the better option for gaming well,unless you want to play asphalt 9. which,again both versions that i bought have,issues with that game it wont even get,past the startup screen for some reason,now when it comes to software youre,going to get a very similar experience,the tab s6 lite comes with android 12,the tab a8 comes with android 11 and,itll probably be updated to android 12,later this year and even though i,havent seen official word from samsung,on software updates for the tab s6 lite,im going to guess these are going to be,very similar maybe slightly longer on,the updates for the s6 lite since it was,just released you will also get samsung,dex on the tab s6 lite where,unfortunately you dont get that on the,a8 another pretty big difference between,the two is gonna be the s pen even if,you dont draw take notes or stuff like,that sometimes its just nice to use the,s pen to navigate the tablet i mean if,youre on a computer all day like me,its just really nice to give your hand,a break from swiping but if youre in a,drawing theres really only one choice,between these two and thats going to be,the tab s6 lite the tab s6 lite came,with android 10 but has been updated to,android 11 and then the newer tablet is,also on android 11 but just keep in mind,youre going to get longer updates with,the newer tab a8 and then youre only,going to get samsung dex on the s6 lite,i mean you can still connect a keyboard,and mouse to either tablet then you can,use split screen to get stuff done a,little bit better to do some,multitasking on each tablet but i feel,like youre going to be more productive,on the tab s6 lite because the essex,light is going to be just a little bit,closer to being more like a regular,laptop so thats just something to keep,in mind when deciding between these two,tablets nice thing is you get a,headphone jack on both tablets as well,which is nice youre definitely seeing,less and less of that these days and i,imagine youre not going to see those on,the tablets in the near future now when,it comes to the speakers on these two,you get four speakers with dolby atmos,on the tab a8 only two speakers on the,s6 light but it has dolby atmos too and,is tuned by akg they both sound nice and,loud i feel like the quality of the,sound may be a little better on the s6,light but the tab a8 is louder and i,think most people are going to want that,over the essex light but overall both,tablets sound really good especially,considering the price really the good,thing is these two are some of the best,tablets in this price range when it,comes to speakers so i think most people,will be happy with either one,[Music],then when it comes to cameras the s6,light hasnt really changed from the,previous version at least from what ive,seen you got an eight megapixel rear,facing camera on both tablets five,megapixel front-facing camera i dont,think either of these tablets are that,good for photos but if youre going to,be using this for zoom meetings or video,conferencing i would probably go with,the s6 lite they both sort of struggle,in low light situations and the,resolution could definitely be higher on,both good thing is though you get 1080p,resolution for video on the front and,rear facing cameras but overall i feel,like the s6 light is a little bit better,ill let you decide which you think is,better from these samples of photos and,video,[Music],[Music],so as you can see theres a couple,things that might sway you one way or,the other not a bad option to go with,either as long as you dont have the,issues that i have on the essex light,but i think its obvious which o

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