1. Samsung Galaxy J3 Achieve Full Review (Boost Mobile) HD
  2. Samsung Galaxy J3 ACHIEVE 2018 Boost Mobile
  3. Samsung Galaxy J3 Achieve Review!!!!
  4. Samsung Galaxy J3 Achieve Full Gaming Review (HD)
  5. Samsung Galaxy J3 Achieve 2018 Unboxing For BoostMobile/Sprint/AT&T
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  7. Samsung Galaxy J3 Achieve Detailed Unboxing and First Boot Up (Boost Mobile) HD

Samsung Galaxy J3 Achieve Full Review (Boost Mobile) HD

[Music],[Applause],hey guys moving back to Oakland for,video so today were doing the review of,the new Samsung Galaxy j-3 achieved so,this is the new model that Samsung,released under the J Series this is,technically the 2018 version of it so,you know theyve done a 2016 2017 and,2018 version the previous version that,released under Boost Mobile was the,Samsung Galaxy j-3 emerged and a lot of,people are comparing it to this film so,lets go ahead and take a look if this,ones a lot better is it worth it so,yeah lets get into it guys so first of,all Im gonna tell you a little bit of,specs of this phone and yeah well go,from there so this phone is has a 5-inch,touchscreen display in the back it has,whopping 2,600 milliamp battery and,well get into that Ill show you in,just a little bit talktime is about 19,hours in the back you do have eight,megapixel rear facing camera with a,flash so let me actually show you the,back first that were talking about the,battery and yes it is removable so back,is removable I like that a lot and the,battery is removable unless well so as,you can see heres the battery guys so,it is made in China and you can see its,a 2600 milliamp battery there you go so,it does focus pretty well I did put a 16,gigabyte microSD card in here just,because the phone does have 16 gigs of,internal storage and for this review I,downloaded a lot of games so so yeah,guys I kind of needed a space for videos,and all that stuff I mainly use it so I,can have take more videos and stuff so,yeah let me turn this back off,in the front you do have your 5,megapixel front facing camera enough,front-facing flash at all as you can see,wow you cant really see my fingerprints,here so it is a pretty big fingerprint,magnet at least in the front,the screen so like I said in the back,you do have your 8 megapixel rear-facing,camera with flash I do like how the,camera looks especially what the case,Ill show you that in just a little bit,I just think its better its more flush,it just looks a lot better on the back,of the phone compared to the emerg,having that kind of t sheep so like I,said previously it does have 16 gigs of,ROM Ill show you that in just a little,bit you get about nine point five gigs,of user the rest of course the citizen,uses you have two gigabytes of RAM so,this phone does have two gigabytes of,RAM compared to the emerg that had 1.5,which I think honestly if you dont have,minimum – now its its kind of a,struggle things to gaming and multitask,you know and all that stuff Ill show,you let me clean two phones so lets,take a print Maggie so it does have,another cool thing about this phone is,it does run 8.0 Oreo out of the box,thats very nice its a 4G LTE LTE plus,so its pretty good if you go to LTE,Plus areas like big cities your speeds,are gonna be crazy fast,its twenty by twenty carry aggression,aggregation I believe it is or CA h pu e,it does have a 1.3 get hurt octa-core,processor I do love that guys most these,budget devices most of these budget,devices have about quad-core so its,nice to see its its a low and you know,it is only one point three but,nevertheless it is an octa-core and two,gigabytes of RAM so thats enough of the,specs guys lets take a look at it real,quick so like I said in the front you do,have front facing five megapixel front,facing camera the nice Samsung logo your,earpiece on the top you have a mic whoop,there you go on the bottom you do have,your 3.5 millimeter headphone jack which,I like a lot so you know Im still one,of the headphone guys it does have a,micro,micro charger so its not a type seus,Im micro you have a mic and little guys,for this kind of phones I mean oh yes I,do wish it had my air,type see but everybody still uses micro,especially bunch of devices and I dont,mind at all I still have a lot cable so,on the right side you do this is really,cool a lot of people are gonna ask me in,my previous video wheres the speaker,its not in the back guys the speaker on,this phone is right above the power,button so you do have your power button,and then you have your speaker which I,like a lot on this phone especially if,youre watching videos or playing video,games,see how I hold my my phone like this,boom right there if youre not covering,the speaker at all so most people put,the speaker right here on the bottom,its not covering it or in the back then,it does get distorted if you put the,phone down I really like samsungs,placement of the speaker in this phone a,lot like a focus back so yes guys the,speakers on the right side on the left,side you do have your volume rocker so,you have the volume up and volume down,of course and then in the back you just,have your eight megapixel front facing,every hed make a pixel camera with a,flash and a Samsung logo so theres no,Boost Mobile stamp like other,carriers have thats pretty cool the,long time youll see it is on the screen,so lets go ahead and turn this puppy on,and lets get to the to the review so as,you can see does say sprint on top but,thats just because Ivan activated just,yet,tell us unlock it and lets get into it,so right out the gate guys it has a,really nice screen but the screen does,get a lot more brighter so lets get,into the drop down menu so you can have,drop down many you do have your Wi-Fi,sound Bluetooth auto rotate airplane,mode flashlight so thats what I like,about it it does have a nice pretty,bright flashlight power saving mode of,course mobile hotspot secure folder,location Smart View Do Not Disturb and,then,you have your sink mobile data in dont,be Atmos which guys this actually sound,so very very nice I was listening to the,new Drake album with this of course you,have to have headphones on so thats why,its not letting you activate right now,or at least bluetooth as you can see,heres the brightness level guys I dont,you can do the outdoors mode which makes,scream brighter from outdoor viewing at,15 minutes after more durable outdoor,mode will turn off unless youre still,using the screen shut controls on top so,as you can see its only halfway,brightness guys and I do that so you can,kind of see it through the video but it,does get very very bright another thing,that this phone reminds me of guys is of,course my samsung galaxy s 9 plus and,thats thanks to 8.0 or you of course,and just check it out the way you swipe,this done on galaxy s 8 & 9 you just,swipe up and boom thats how you get to,all your apps I like that a lot it just,reminds me of my old phone guys and you,know I just like how snaps it keeps,everything together so calling and I did,erase all these numbers so you gonna,show you so here we go when you get to,calling calling is crisp its nice of,course this will depend on your area so,you have good bars like I do right here,calls are gonna be Chris Ive never had,to drop a call or anything here so I,said this just depends on your area so,calling is nice its five by five,so even gonna try to make it to call,here we go you cant add a call extra,volume if youre having a hard time,hearing it so it does make it a lot,brighter as you can hear it yeah add,your Bluetooth your keypad your mute and,your speaker you can honest well block,numbers right out the gate so I said,this reminds me so much of – 9 guys I,like it its just so simple of course,you have your voicemail and then you can,hide your keyboard you can go to,contacts and all that stuff so there we,go guys,so from there we get two messages so,this is the default Samsung one and of,course I use the Android one out but,this is default one so conversations,let me show you a couple cool things I,found about this so lets just put a,random number it doesnt matter and then,here we go,so first thing everybodys gonna ask me,is this phone have it mode use and yes,it does so right out the gate here are,the mode jeez guys so I said these are,the same ones youre gonna find on,higher-end phones,so like that they even have some some,new ones,so yes I like them a lot how they look I,said all the new ones that you can f

Samsung Galaxy J3 ACHIEVE 2018 Boost Mobile

hola amigos quiero hacer este nuevo,tutorial hablando de este celular que,acaba de salir 2018 samsung galaxy 43,aquí y a la misma vez quiero adelantarme,para decirles que si ustedes están por,adquirir un nuevo celular,déjenme el modelo en la descripción del,vídeo que le haré un tutorial para que,estén seguro de los que van a adquirir,antes de comprarlo cualquier modelo de,celular que ustedes quieren que yo le,haga un pequeño with you dejémoslo,saber que ese lugar es sede de este,pequeño vídeo y puedan ver la gran,diferencia entre el bota 3 2018 así el,bota trade que salió anteriormente en el,2017 una diferencia de verdad muy grande,ya que este celular tiene una semejanza,al samsung galaxy s 7 hecha en la falta,de atrás también la parte de delante,como lo pueden ver tiene una pantalla,muy,justificado una pantalla que podemos ver,que parece hecha a la misma vez y una,gran calidad en la resolución este,celular la primera vez que yo quedé,enamorado de él es un celular que tiene,un precio competitivo en el precio que,no es muy caro de obtenerlo este celular,tiene una pantalla de 5 pulgadas una,pantalla un tamaño normal diría yo,también tiene un procesador de 1.3 tal,conocerte celular también uno puede,jugar para el deposita en él y sé que le,basta bajar a la perfección,tiene 16 gigas de almacenamiento,compatible con una memoria microsd y le,podemos expandir el espacio interno a,este celular,este celular tiene 8 megapíxeles la,cámara de atrás como la puedo ver acá y,5 media prince en la cámara frontal pero,le aseguro que los 8 megapíxeles tienen,la cámara trasera y como si fuera de 13,porque fotos salen perfecta tiene una,gran resolución y por eso que quise,aprovechar hacer el videíto para que,también puedan ver con adelantamiento si,van a adquirir este teléfono en alguna,tienda telefónica y a por lo menos saben,que el teléfono de un teléfono bueno,buena calidad procesador cámara y todo,eso samsung galaxy j 3 2018 este celular,también tiene una batería duradera lo,cual éste dice que dura 19 horas,para hablar o sea quiere decir que es un,ejemplo de celular tocando música o,hablando de una batería muy duradera lo,cual de algo que requerimos al momento,de adquirir un nuevo celular pero la,resolución del celular está hermosa la,parte de atrás también que como he hecho,está el mundo es un teléfono único la,falta de atrás es de plástico no es de,vidrio,también es algo que nos conviene porque,al momento de que por error se caiga,pues nada le pasará también el momento,de apagarlo como ustedes pueden ver acá,el menú es sumamente diferente a otros,celulares algo que hicieron muchas cosas,que sí valen la pena en este celular,principalmente la resolución que algo,que a mí me encanta un celular que se,vea bien la pantalla y tiene una foto,también muy clara así que lo pueden,adquirir el teléfono ahora mismo,pertenece a la compañía de tus móvil,pero sé que otra compañía también lo,tiene disponible samsung galaxy otra de,2018 espero que le gusta el vídeo,compartan los suscriban se y nos,mantenemos hasta la

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Samsung Galaxy J3 Achieve Review!!!!

hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to my,very first episode right here on the,hive cash Media Group my name is Brandon,and today we are going to be talking,about a cool little phone that I found,for about 80 bucks from the boost mobile,service and that is going to be the,Samsung Galaxy j-3 achieve give me one,second here Ill pull it over and boom,here it is so this is the little beauty,Ive been talking about and Ive been,told in the past this phone is actually,pretty good its actually a beautiful,little phone for how small it is for the,price I mean I dont know if I would say,80 bucks worth but thats why this,review is here today so were gonna look,at it a little more in-depth today and,maybe change peoples minds on getting,this phone because its actually a,pretty nice phone it does have a few,drawbacks but were going to talk about,it right here so to get started the,Galaxy j-3 is still a relatively new,phone its been around for eight nine,months still has some of the best value,Ive ever seen from like a value like,prepaid phone so thats pretty good,honestly like Ive owned a lot of phones,like prepaid phones wise and this is,probably one of the better ones Ive,actually had so we can get this back in,focus there it goes cool this has been,one of the better phones that Ive,actually used I had a style of three I,had the HTC six to six and I had the,zone three which I had another review,but people werent too thrilled about,that one,because I really just told my honest,opinion about it so this phone here is,actually one of the best ones that Ive,seen and if youre trying to get like,yourself like a temporary phone or,something or youre trying to get like,what your kids or something like a new,phone this is probably the smartest way,to do it in my own opinion just for the,price alone its obviously like 500,hours its not $200 its about 80 bucks,when I bought this one to go through a,couple of the specs that it has in this,phone it does actually is for about 70,bucks I take that back it does have a 5,inch HD TFT Gorilla Glass display it,does have a 2600 milliamp battery its,good for about 29 hours of talktime I,havent seen that personally I know a,couple other viewers probably have but,the misconception is thats talktime,that is not social media or YouTube time,or surfing the web or anything like that,usually when I do that it lasted about 6,hours at the most,maybe 7 hours thats you know if youre,doing it that way if youre using the,phone like hard,core has about two gigs of RAM 16,gigabytes of on store or onboard memory,it can support a 400 gigabit micro SD,card which is pretty good obviously it,runs in the latest Android 8.0 Oreo and,it has a 1.3 gigahertz octa-core,processor obviously it has the normal,features like blue to your Bluetooth USB,2.0 and a couple of things that most,phones dont have including you guessed,it a headphone jack this phone has a,headphone jack and youre still not,paying a lot of money for it so thats,great at the same time you know to most,people that are looking for like a bunch,of phone this is probably one of the,better ways to go that I have personally,seen if its under $100,obviously youre not breaking the bank,youre not paying a whole lot of money,and it actually looks really nice I did,have it booted up here double you guys,can see it too hopefully it shows pretty,well on the screen I did load up a,couple apps it is really responsive too,you know its its pretty quick on its,toes and it does actually sound pretty,decent it does actually have a side,firing speaker which is actually right,over here obviously got the buttons down,here its not like your normal your,normal like galaxy phone where its all,done on the screens these days it,actually has the old-school button and,has a little bio right here and its you,know its pretty cool and obviously go,over here and you know you can use your,internet you got all this stuff down,here its pretty snappy like if I open,up YouTube right now its a its,actually pretty snappy and Im on pretty,quick internet so you know you can just,scroll through this pretty quickly and,the screen is incredibly responsive for,what it is Im actually really impressed,by this phone obviously Im one of my,other channels right now so I mean it,just kind of Scrolls through really,quickly and its you know its really,responsive even the button in the front,here is really quick you cant do a,double tap though like some phones to,get the screen up that is actually the,side button right over here on the,bottom if its not gonna focus there is,actually a little button you could,actually you can see it right here,theres a touch screen one heres a back,button and theres the App Open button,so all in all its actually pretty good,the camera is actually fairly decent on,this phone its an 8 megapixel camera,and the four earth there and the front,one who knows a little bit less its I,think its about five megapixel yeah,its five megapixel on the front it does,actually work fairly well Im not gonna,lie so if youre looking for like a,budget smartphone this is probably the,best way to go,my personal opinion but I do have some,very minor issues with this phone its,you know the battery thing that Ive,posed is most the time I just want to,say it like right now this is a,disclaimer that these are my issues that,Ive had with the phone that doesnt,mean youre going to have the same,issues that I did but you know using the,phone the way I did you cant experience,some of these issues number one of them,is you know the battery does pose quite,a problem if youre like surfing the,internet watching videos or hanging out,social media it does not last long but,if youre not doing that obviously its,not that big of a deal,honestly also I advise putting a case on,this phone and its Ive had a drop on,it already and it kind of just gave it a,look a little corner scratch down here,but other than that I didnt have a,whole lot but obviously itll still,crack it chip the plastic on the phone,and to be fair who likes that so in the,end is a wertha buy I say yes this phone,gets my full seal of approval,for being about 70 to 80 dollars I know,this one is through Boost Mobile I know,theres other variations of this phone,in the market that are basically the,same phone with different names through,different carriers it just depends on,who you have but in this case yes if,youre looking to spend less than,hundred dollars for a great phone and,still have a samsung phone in the galaxy,line even though its not a you know,technical full galaxy yes it is a galaxy,nonetheless this phone is great for,anybody kids teens adults like you know,and the screen does look like I said,amazing and this is definitely a phone,that I would recommend for you so thank,you guys so much for watching go ahead,and hit that like button down below if,you like this video let me know if,theres any other phones you want me to,review in the future I know Im gonna be,doing a review of my personal Galaxy s8,soon my long-term update with it and,some of the problems Ive been having,with it and a lot of the good features,aside with the same thing Im also be,doing a laptop review soon for calendar,students and high school students so if,you like those kind of things let me,know in the comments below thank you,guys so much for watching and I will see,you next time bye

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Samsung Galaxy J3 Achieve Full Gaming Review (HD)

[Music],[Applause],alright guys so now lets get to the fun,part which is gaming so lets go ahead,and try some games out real quick as you,can see,remember Ive tried modern combat I use,this as a stable because its pretty,intense graphing and some homes cant,even handle it like the gap the what was,a de moto G 6 plate kind Im comparing,that phone a lot but that phone if you,remember my review and Ill put in a,description below,it was lagging quite a bit when action,started so lets see how well this phone,does whoa so here we go let alone real,quick so extracting files no time to,continue so here we go,Ill show you this is where that and,even if you put your finger here and,never covers that guy so dont be scared,of Oh imma put it and cover it yeah so,here we go so let me show you just some,quick play guys recent mission alright,so here we go remember this part of,where it would like up and stuff so,lets see how well this does alright so,there we go let me just zoom out a,little bit when I say this so now,theres not crazy amounts of lagging,thing it does only have two gigs around,with a 1.3 gigahertz,octa-core processor so I mean Im,guessing that off the course really,kicking in and helping out a lot but,another phones guys this is a point,where it will just light up I mean right,there thats that shooting part it was,just starter and stuff and then once the,fight was over thats when the phone,went back to normal,so check it out pretty good and,intensive graphic game here we go so,lets get more to shooting parts so you,can see theres no stutter at all the,battle goes on man better goes on look,at,yeah so there we go guys pretty good,I am Sun doing really really good so far,so no draw frame from what Ive seen I,said its just high intense action all,the way I finished one more dude alive,maybe oh yeah ah there we go,you this is the last part of the,recorder on here just because its gonna,be fast paced action here looks and look,at all this action going on guys and the,phones not even stuttering its not,getting hot or anything so its,definitely handling good you know Oh God,sky so right here boom look at that,water splash pecs,smoke fire new not slowing down so,thats pretty good guys and then just,exit that lets do another one just so,we can kind of go through these so pub G,is probably one of the most requested,ones I have always makes everybody loves,pubs you you know were waiting for,tonight but theyre just I mean I dont,know you know its available on iOS but,not on Android Jess yet so there we go,so everybodys loading people are in,here already so lets see if theres any,stuttering or anything like that,cuz everybody wants to play pub gee you,know with no problems so so far so good,guys Im not seeing any real big,stutters of course art but its loading,right now so its like okay people are,loading you see that guy I mean half his,body freakin loaded but I mean the game,doesnt look bad you know it doesnt,look like ps1 graphics or anything,so lets see how it looks once we,actually load into the game and,everybody start flying,all right there yeah,so lets see look at that so then,theyll stutter whatsoever nice nice,nice I said most likely Im probably you,see a couple stutter here and there just,because you know its all the people are,gonna be jumping and stuff off the plane,at least if of course you never want to,land just yeah but lets lets land,somewhere like around here I guess so,lets jump see how well that does so,look at that so let me know guys Im not,seen a star at all of course Maps,loading and all that stuff but I mean,thats thats normal and so youre not,probably play the game like ultra HD or,anything like that settings at least you,know so you see this I mean that does,look blocking stuff just because the,stuffs loading but there we go so long,shouldnt play this pain in this game,fine I mean well well be golden,with them so there we go lets see if,theres any stud or anything no nothing,at all really thats major lets pick up,some guns and stuff like that so,everythings going fine and you know,everybody wants our pug G now so I like,thats smooth I mean Ive played other I,played this game on other devices I mean,it just its like fast its its just it,cant handle it he gets too hot,yes his games gonna drain your battery,just because its you know pretty,intensive and stuff so lets reload the,gun but overall check it out guys Im,not lying or anything,so definitely definitely its it to go,for me with this game hey check it oh,lets see if we can get a killer to,put chicken theres no lag whatsoever,and I like that this this game I mean,this phone is five five inches its just,so easy to hold on your hand you know,when you have a really big phone its,just lets do a little bit of shooting,very nice I said just if you have a,really big phone sometimes I mean it,hurts your hands it because its so big,that its like oh you got a shirt on you,got a shirt on there here we go check it,out I mean guys I mean these matches,last about 30 minutes or so so when I,get a complete whole match or anything,you know thats gonna be basically my,whole recording time that I have with,you guys I just want to show you that,yes this game runs perfectly yes but I,know nobody in there,so exams gonna take out my little pistol,Im just gonna show you a couple things,yeah works perfectly fine Im just,trying to beat some people to come near,me you know except well show you a,little bit of Pokemon not too much guys,Im gonna make a separate video for just,gaming its like I said this gaming,portion takes up quite a bit of time and,I dont want to max out all the,resources or anything like that,so I guess another high intensive,graphic game,[Music],come on Im kind of battle yeah so here,we go this you can see schemes running,reached me with on it Ive already,played a match or two so I can tell you,yes its gonna run fine here we go so,here goes my little ships loading,- lets use likable gum battles,theres somebody coming all right,hey we got a hit Oh son get out of here,man get out of here trying to kill my,squat oh damn dude right there,whoo and I sent torpedoes,howd you get out of torpedo,the angles that are teen damage so lets,let you in front of him,its reloading reload stereo gotta kill,man what is good you can see I mean this,games Moos man there we go reloading,Im taking damage oh I know,take your damage ah kind of fun not,anything about it,come on reloading there we get are let,me fix my ship so there you go fixing my,ship guys pretty good pretty good,alright what is this alright so but you,get the gist of it you know its its,fine I said I dont want to make it too,long,one more game I want to do one seven be,doing portions of this is something like,darkness rises guys is a newer game this,is a really intensive graphic game so,Im going to see how well this does I,mean I said youll see in just a little,bit home I mean look at that Jesus its,a newer game too so were seeing if you,can handle new games this game just came,out so lets see how well it can handle,and like said newer games,all right so lets get into it so there,we go some wizard right now,so lets get into it,this problem my last game Im reviewing,guys just because success lets make,this video way too long but you can see,its I mean its its graphic intensive,except for something that just has a one,point three Giga her give her yet off,the court processor and two gigs of RAM,I mean Im surprised I can even run this,thing yeah yeah yeah yeah lets get to,the battle Jesus Christ uncle long man,no I couldve skipped it wolf alright so,here we go so look at smooth man oh look,at that,I mean look nice graphics,whoo we get a boss battle,Oh,[Applause],let me hit you with that power son hello,mana these kind of games alright so we,going for the kill,look at this whoa Wow,so we got some spear so lets chug these,Spears at them Jesus Christ it was big,dude sure no she did homie she did Wow,look at these cutscenes man so look how,smooth there

Samsung Galaxy J3 Achieve 2018 Unboxing For BoostMobile/Sprint/AT&T

hello welcome everyone in YouTube right,stick and we back again for another,video today Im gonna do the unboxing,for the Samsung Galaxy g3 achieved for,Boost Mobile and Sprint this phone also,available as unlock it will be called,Samsung Galaxy j-3 2018 and this phone,also available through AT&T so without,any further ado lets find out more,about the j-3 achieve,[Music],you should always make sure to win a,purchase device this phone will fit your,need the Samsung Galaxy j-3 achieved I,would say this is about your device,I spend $79 plus tax when I purchased,the phone total of 86 dollars the phone,should be available through a sprint as,well and I check the price is a hundred,and ninety dollars Im not sure if,Sprint they have better deal than the,price I have seen online or not so lets,go ahead just move on the box itself,this is how the phone is going to look I,like this color a picture the Boost,Mobile logo here on the top theres very,nice packaging and there is the main,aspect on the device five inch,high-definition TFT display with 16,gigabyte of the internal memory and two,gigabyte of RAM 1.3 octa-core processor,main feature in the device lets go,ahead and flip the box to see if we can,get more specifications for the phone,yes we got that this Barry it should be,removable and the size it will be 2600,milliamp hour battery 8 megapixel for,the camera which is the main one and,five for the front camera it doesnt,give us any information if we have,wide-angle camera or not for the front,well find out more in this video so the,Android operating system there should be,audiio operating system eight point zero,point zero and the the phones capable,with CDMA of course boost or Sprint,network one point three octa-core,processor Ill find out more about the,process of only later on in the video,now lets crack this box open and the,phone still sealed,I just love unboxing phones actually but,this phone its its not something I,like the way it opens theres no like,scotch tape or anything like that,here we got so much paper over here but,finally we got to open the phone there,we go oh I love this package over here,beautiful beautiful over here that blue,color j-3 achieve lets go ahead and try,to open this and that has actually very,much scotch tape so let me just bring,knife and we will cut it open and just,like sit see its very good actually,then we have also tape from the other,side let me see it sir alright so,finally we have open first thing first,youll see the phone there we go here is,the phone still wrapped in the plastic,and we have the terms and conditions we,have the safety guide the cell phone,information and we have the 2600,milliamp hour battery its fully charged,battery before calling your provider and,to activate the phone so make sure to,charge your battery before you call the,provider to activate the phone here the,charger and we have of course meaning,USB to charger we dont have USB see,very much thats everything you get in,the Box there is no headphone anything,comes with the phone theres gonna be,only the the charge of the cable and the,Barry before right now we need just very,much the Barry and the phone it so,so lets go ahead and also have the lock,on the device itself Wow,the phone looks so good actually even,for like a budget device the glass on,the front so nice that built,construction of course it will be,plastic matte black over here the one so,light because the berry not inside and I,like that the this time the cover of the,flash and the camera all together 8,megapixel since your camera it has a,curved which is make the phone easy to,carry around and the mini or speed,microphone the headphone jack theyre,gonna be in the bottom the power key,its gonna be from the bottom as well so,now let me go ahead and open the speaker,should be over here this is the speaker,thats not the tab where you open the,back here we go we open the back and the,SIM card is pre-installed on the device,itself were gonna put the berry and,were gonna just skip the activation,screen and all that stuff and we,absolutely gonna come back with you with,my first impression now after spending a,little bit of time playing in this phone,let me just tell you about the main,features in the software first of all,the one has the Bigsby that because the,phone also comes with the Android Noga,as I mentioned before and if you guys,want me to go ahead and confirm that for,you so lets just go ahead about the,phone and then lets go to software,information and its gonna be eight,point zero point zero and you will see,the oriole logo over here which is kind,of neat now one of the things that Id,never expected to be in the budget,device like this the phone has the Smart,View means you can stream from your,phone to your Smart TV so whatever comes,in this screen it will be on your TV so,its kind of something really cool to,have that feature even in the budget,device like the Samsung Galaxy j-3,achieved also one of the things I want,to confirm to you its about,the horror of the phone so lets go,ahead just go to cpu-z,just to confirm some information for you,so the processor it will be excellent 78,85 and surprisely the that processor,performance is so good like I was,playing in the phone down learning a few,things the phone doesnt even lag or,give me any problem whatsoever and when,I downloaded geek pinch it give me the,score of 820 for the single core and 26,for T so very much the single core in,this device even better score than the,LG style of for if you guys in my video,on that phone over there so this is,something really impressing me over here,that phone like this that kind of price,I did not expect anything from phone in,this range to have like more speed than,some other mid-range your devices also,lets go ahead and talk about the camera,and the phone by just going to the,application and its good to mention,that the camera is 8 megapixel there is,a flush included the background does a,great job but there is no any option,here now there is some options but,theres no hole a lot of things no,filters no stickers a lot of things,youre not going to see it in this,device so you will have fit screen,button to change the the camera and some,settings now the video resolution full,high-definition you can take with the,rear camera which is something pretty,good also just by going to the settings,youll be able to adjust the resolution,and the megapixel not even more than,that but lets go ahead and move on some,samples I have taken and talked about,these pictures so Ive taken a few,pictures some of them inside some of,them are outside basically but just by,going to the rear camera camera its so,good I mean resolution real colors very,contrast very vivid I mean also the,display because its high definition,with a small phone also it provides good,pictures absolutely Im going outside,with the selfie youre not gonna see any,good result because the whole background,is washed out I mean the white balance,is so bad here in this camera,going for less light it will be a little,bit improvement but still we have the,same issue on the background theres,another Archaea picture taken on the,back camera back camera its so good but,the front camera in my opinion not too,good over here this is also taken by the,back camera and selfie no filters no,beauties mode or anything like that,doesnt help to provide the best picture,so if you want to buy this form for,selfie pictures i dont even recommend,something like this now overall speaking,about the the phone for the amount of,money youre going to spend on this,phone in my opinion is not a bad phone,for too many things I mean you can do,screen mirroring from your phone to your,TV also a big speed vision is available,for you,Bixby assistance available for you,Google assistance also available for you,decent back camera lets say it,megapixel takes really good pictures,outdoors maybe the front is very,disappointing the size of the phone is,very compact fits your your poc

Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 Review – The Best Samsung Budget Smartphone Yet?

hey this is lioness whats up usually,once we talk about Samsung devices we,talk about the most expensive phones,like that Samsung Galaxy s8 right but,the company also produces some budget,phones for example that Samsung Galaxy,g3 2017 edition this phone has decent,looks decent specs but as always it has,a few caveats to consider before buying,teaching for the full review just before,we start make sure to check out the,video description for all the links and,show notes when it comes to the design I,would say it is kind of unusual to,Samsung Im used to seeing a metal and a,glass sandwich construction but this,time around we have a combination of a,metal backplate and plastic trim that,goes all around the device this is,actually equality plastic and it almost,feels like metal to me I like the,placement of the buttons and overall,this is a well-constructed device and it,feels nice in the hand also I love that,the g3 is compact Dutys 5 inch 720p,Super AMOLED display despite its lower,resolution it is pretty good for both,indoor and outdoor use what is,frustrating however is that the phone,lacks some essential features like,backlit capacitive keys notification LED,light and a fingerprint sensor in order,to compensate that samsung added a,front-facing LED flash or a 5-megapixel,selfie shooter that Galaxy g3 is a,budget phone but it still has decent,specs that included quad core Exynos,75-70 chip two gigabytes of RAM and 16,gigabytes of storage that can be further,expanded via the microSD card slot,surprisingly the 3d gaming performance,is pretty good considering this is a,cheap phone naturally you should expect,quite a few skipped frames and stutter,if you play games like assault 8 on the,highest graphics but playing the same,game on the medium graphics the,performance is great,if you have used any Samsung phone,before you will feel right at home since,the j-3 ships with the Samsung,experience 8.1 UI which is built on top,of Android 7.0 as usual Samsung added,quite a few features and customization,options just a name a few you can,customize the phone by choosing from a,collection of themes icon packs or,wallpapers we can also adjust some,display settings or choose from quite a,few advanced features my favorite,Cincotti split screen mode one-hand,operation mode that can be triggered by,pressing a home button three times or,camera quick launch features in general,the phone is quite fast on the daily,basis however you may see some stutter,if you keep a lot of apps running in the,background but I cant really complain,about that when it comes to optics the,Samsung Galaxy j-3 ships with a 13,megapixel main camera that has he bright,at 1.9 aperture lens and its coupled,with a single LED flash the front camera,uses a PI megapixel sensor the daylight,image quality is really good for a,budget phone but obviously there are,some shortcomings the camera tends to,overexpose the scenes and the dynamic,range is kind of poor but you can fix,that by turning on the HDR mode manually,the close-up shots look quite good too,but if you take pictures in lower lit,environment some pictures may look a,little bit soft also the focusing,distance could be better,speaking of the low-light camera,performance the pictures usually look,quite bad like at all phones in this,price range,however the Galaxy g3 can take some,decent nice shots but the camera is,inconsistent the Southeast look pretty,good as they are quite detailed also the,front firing LED flash is powerful,enough to take usable Psaltis in,pitch-black situations the panoramic,pictures look quite good as there is,decent amount of detail and stitching,this done well,currently Im shooting a video with a,Samsung g3 2017 edition and todays the,pretty cloudy yet deployed it right when,it comes to the 1080p video it is,actually one of the best you can get on,any budget phone the footage is detailed,sharpen the continuous autofocus feature,works fine so Kelly I am testing out the,front firing camera of the Samsung,Galaxy j-3 2017 edition this a budget,phone Im not sure about the price point,Ill leave a link down below this video,the 1080p selfie video also looks great,and the sound recording quality is,decent not everyone likes the placement,of the loudspeaker on the side of the,device but I think that is really,convenient because you dont cover it up,once you hold the phone in the landscape,mode the quality of sound is just great,and its easily one of the best in this,price range,[Music],[Applause],[Music],the sound quality via the headset jack,is good too no distortions and balance,out my Samsung Galaxy g3 is a dual SIM,card model that can take two sims and a,microSD card at the same time which is,just awesome most of the phones have,hybrid dual SIM card slots the call,quality and signal reception have been,excellent Wi-Fi range and speed are good,and TPS is very accurate however the,phone blacks gyroscope sensor meaning,that you will not be able to enjoy,three-sixty content a twenty four,hundred million hour Valerie performs,really well I could easily use the phone,for a couple of days and that translates,to over seven hours of screen on time it,is very impressive result finally it,takes about one and a half hours to,fully charge the device so in conclusion,I just wanted to cover all the pros and,cons what I think about the device and,is it worth the price so first of all I,love the design the display is pretty,sharp even though that resolution may,not be the highest also it has the good,overall performance whether you just,swipe through the menus use certain apps,or even play some 3d games another cool,feature is that the loudspeaker is one,of the best on any budget phone when it,comes to connectivity is just excellent,the call quality all you know the basic,stuff this phone just nails it and,finally the battery life is just,impressive even though it may look that,this phone has the small battery but it,needs to power only five inch 720p,display so the battery life is great,obviously this phone like any other,budget phone has a few shortcomings or I,would take trade-offs to consider,because the phone likes the LED,notification light also the buttons are,not backlit there is no fingerprint,scanner no gyroscope sensor so you wont,be able to use this phone for 360,contents finally if you want me to be,really picky,which the spoon had at least three,gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigs of internal,storage but the great thing is that it,has a dedicated micro SD card stopper,storage expansion not that the hybrid,dual SIM card tray where you need to,choose to put either one sim and the,micro SD or T SIM cards so in a,conclusion the Samsung Galaxy g3 2017,edition definitely has a few caveats you,know like any other budget phone but in,general I think its a very solid device,I can easily recommend this despite,those shortcomings and if you have any,questions just leave me a comment down,below like the video if you liked it and,please subscribe if youre new to the,channel and finally if you want to get,all the latest updates please follow,defining you see on social media like a,Facebook Twitter or Instagram see you,soon

Samsung Galaxy J3 Achieve Detailed Unboxing and First Boot Up (Boost Mobile) HD

[Music],hey guys some went back to another point,form video so today were looking at the,new Samsung Galaxy j-3 achievement so,here it is I finally just got it in,today just came back from work and,finally picked it up so I did order this,on booze most website guys so lets go,ahead and unbox this nice beautiful,phone so you can see in the top I like,how it looks it looks pretty cool who,says booze mole unlimited data talk text,so of course they add data first now,Spanish and everything as well so whats,the lake plans and same thing Spanish so,here you go Samsung Galaxy j-3 achieve,5-inch touchscreen display talktime up,to 19 hours 16 gigabytes of ROM 2,gigabytes of RAM 1.3 give her octa-core,processor and sorry guys if I sound a,little weird like robot its just Im a,little bit sick so on the right side you,just have some legal stuff warnings on,the left it says no service contract so,as you can see that its pretty cool and,then of course was mo long in the bottom,some bar codes,lets check out the back so here we go,guys Samsung Galaxy j-3 achieve 5-inch,touchscreen display five point six or,2600 milliamp battery talktime up to,nineteen hours eight megapixel main,camera with a five megapixel,front-facing camera 16 gigabytes of ROM,with 2 gigabytes of RAM so youre gonna,have 16 gigs of internal storage with 2,gigabytes of RAM which is its nice for,this budget device actually picked it up,for $80 so its nothing thats not bad,sorry Wow Android OS which it is 8.0 4G,LTE LTE LTE Plus with 2 times 20 CA + h,pu e 1.3 get hurt octa-core processor,and then here just tells you pick a plan,how to basically activate so big plant,activate online or in-store and then,make a payment so either make a payment,in store or you know add add some money,so lets go ahead and pop this baby open,and lets see what it has to,for guys so I hate how old this new,packaging I mean I have my handy dandy,knife but I just oh my god,I dont they make us so people dont,steal these phones or what but I mean is,that okay Im cut myself Jesus,well there you go so you can see I mean,its pretty bad so lets see ooh blue,what see what it looks like ours whoa,check that Wow look at that blue box guy,that looks freakin amazing so here you,check it out you know some no material,right here yeah check it out,very very cool guys look at that box he,just looks nice I like that a lot so,lets put this away and lets look at,the main box,look I just love how booze moles,patching their stuff guys theyre,killing them with the Motorola phone so,I mean theyre doing fine so the guy cj3,achieve nice Samsung Galaxy j-3 to you,of course on the side or on the left,side its pretty cool so lets see the,bottom theres nothing the top theres,nothing so theres nothing in the back,you do have a little bit more,information so it does say its a 16,gigabyte variant so its pretty nice,though it says Samsung Galaxy g3 achieve,a packaging contains Samsung Galaxy a3,achieve wall / USB charger terms and,conditions,so yeah Im Bluetooth and on so lets go,ahead and pop it open let me get my,little dagger you know kitchen knife I,said I think it and I know Ive heard,people say dont cut torch you cut away,from you so there we go,I do not want to get all bloodied up in,this in this video so lets check it out,guys,but and drumroll drumroll tuna whoa look,what I said boos moans keep killing it,with the packaging thats as far as I,can go with this look whoa it is like I,can tell you right now its a anything,so did you include the terms and,conditions health and safety information,you can read that but nobody does so,they just put that aside of course you,get your battery right here very nice,and should tell us in the back I mean,once I once I open it theyll tell us,the my lamps and all that stuff but,there it is a Samsung logo everythings,made in China of course there it is 2600,milliamp battery charge voltage is 4.3,for cool normal whole tidge so maybe it,does have and Ill see you ask quick,charge or anything like that but well,test that out,of course you get your charger and it is,micro so no type-c as you can see it is,micro guys so a lot of guys asking is,this gonna be a type seat no its not,and come on guys budget device but I,mean its 2018 as well so you would,expect something heres a Samsung,charging brick see there it is its not,quick charge or anything but I will test,it out with the Samsung quick chart from,my Galaxy S at nine plus and see if it,charges any quicker so here we go,theres a couple things right there so,the battery and all that stuff so lets,actually look at the phone itself so,there it is guys took off the little,plastic wrapping off of it so lets see,how the phone looks I mean it looks,pretty nice I like how the Samsung logo,is in the back but guys this feels I,mean it definitely is plastics not glass,or anything its plastic the even the,screen feels kind of plastic key guys,its not no it doesnt feel really glass,like but I mean I could be a good thing,too you dont want to have a real class,kind of screen that we attract a lot,easier,just you hear it I mean sound holiest,battles on in there but pardon that Ill,do more reviews on it but quick little,things so power button is right here on,the right side as well as your speaker I,do like that a lot so power button,speaker and then on the top you do have,your Samsung logo from facing camera,your 5mm pixel front facing camera so,its pretty cool on the bottom you do,have your physical button so for,everybody that loves that physical,button it is back is pretty cool your,back button and then your multitasking,button here we go is your volume your,volume up volume down at from the gym,Im then to take out the back so its,pretty cool the speakers not on the,back or anything you do have your eight,megapixel rear facing camera so there it,is with a flash I do like how it looks,guys it looks pretty cool I like just,the design of it so theres a Samsung,logo so lets go ahead and pop this baby,open and do you count the first goog up,a little bit alright all that stuff free,creeps you can see thats where your,microSD card goes so you cant put a,microSD card so lets go ahead and power,this up and kind of do the first,impression so alright guys I will skip,some of it that way it doesnt make this,video too long but just kind of get luck,initial boot up and setup of this phone,on the top on the top you do have a mic,on the bottom as well you do have,another one and then your charging port,and your 3.5 millimeter headphone jack,so thats always nice to have lets go,ahead and power it up well theres,Samsung actually k3 achieve secured by,Knox thats pretty cool,so Android powered by Android as well so,lets go ahead and see how that looks,nice nice,and this camera does not do it justice,guys like this phone actually looks,pretty nice in person like Im looking,at it through the viewfinder and it,looks kind of grainy blurred out its,just because the bright screen but I,mean hey to me it looks nice look that,so I have about 22 percent battery so it,says hi there,so start its pretty cool of course,Android 8.0 and then we can just sign in,to our Wi-Fi so lets go ahead and do,that but the pattern in there,so there we go now that the passwords in,there should connect there we go click,Next I mean guys this is this phone I,mean it it feels it feels really light,like Ill be scared be holding this,thing and then definitely want to get a,case for it its just so light I mean,that could be a good thing but I mean,slippery Tuesday oh no I dont want to,register it or anything lets just skip,all these options now see Ill do a lot,of battery tests and stuff dice camera,test as well so we can see how that does,but Im just gonna skip this for now so,heres the protector phone so pattern,pin password so no fingerprint scan or,anything like that in case some of you,asking its not a fingerprint scanner,guys thats oh there we go falling it,only took about 45 seconds for you to go,through that finishing process

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