1. Samsung S95B OLED TV Review | The Good. The Bad. Should You Buy?
  2. Samsung S95B QD OLED Full Review | Is it Worthy of the Hype?
  3. Samsung S95B (QD OLED) Vs Samsung QN90B (Neo QLED) – Which Premium TV Should YOU Buy?
  4. Most HYPED TV in 2022! Samsung S95B OLED TV Review
  5. Samsung S95B QD-OLED | 6 Months Later Was The Hype Real?
  6. Samsung S95B OLED TV Review – The Best OLED on the market?
  7. Samsung S95B Review – Stunning QD-OLED TV Debut!

Samsung S95B OLED TV Review | The Good. The Bad. Should You Buy?

well i finally went and bought one just,because i couldnt stand to wait any,longer lets talk about why the samsung,s95b is one of the best tvs you can buy,in 2022 and whether you should,[Music],welcome back everyone im caleb denison,and im very excited to bring you my,review of the samsung s95b qd oled tv a,tv around which there has been a great,deal of buzz and anticipation which,makes sense because its the first tv of,its kind that you can buy and naturally,there are a lot of questions about,whether this is one of those times when,its smart or safe to buy first,generation tech i have some thoughts on,that so were going to dig into what,this tv does extremely well where it,could stand some improvement and most,importantly whether i think you should,buy one now ill go into this a little,deeper in a future video but typically,tv manufacturers send me tvs to evaluate,review and compare then i pack them up,and send them back so those same units,can then be sent out to other reviewers,and the cycle continues this year has,been well a little different and the,sort version is that the s95b along with,a few other models just couldnt be sent,out anytime soon and while i would have,had a shot at evaluating it in a couple,of weeks i just couldnt wait that long,so i purchased this tv just like you,might and ive spent a considerable,amount of time with it now ive got,opinions for those who dont already,know this tv is available in 55 and 65,inches only at roughly 2 200 and 3 000,respectively although as i record this,they are both already on sale for less,than that so if you strike at the right,time you can probably save a couple,hundred bucks as usual we have shopping,links down in the description so you can,get the best price and while youre down,there drop me a comment so we can talk,about this tv maybe like and subscribe,this video if you enjoyed it and found,it useful by the way i want to say,thanks to lorex for sponsoring this,video more on that in just a moment all,right lets get into this thing shall we,[Music],now as i record this samsung has just,deployed a firmware update for this tv,which changes the way the filmmaker mode,picture preset behaves in simple terms,this tv tracked brighter than it should,according to the brightness instructions,it was getting from the content it plays,and it still does if you choose any of,the other picture presets the tv will,boost the brightness a bit now this is,something samsung tvs have done for a,long time and i presume its because,samsung feels that kind of look is what,most people like and i suspect thats,true however when it comes to providing,an accurate picture one that aligns with,what content creators want a tv to do,this tv was not abiding that is until,vincent t.o over hdtv test called this,issue out and samsung replied with a,firmware update that makes filmmaker,mode track brightness accurately and i,think thats great so now you have an,option you can pick filmmaker mode for a,more accurate picture or you can pick,another picture preset for one that you,might find a little more exciting your,preference is your business so if you,get this tv play content you like and,switch among the different picture modes,and pick what you enjoy the most for,this review i primarily use filmmaker,mode as it is right out of the box,measured its performance and evaluated,it as most folks would by just watching,the tv uncalibrated because most folks,are not going to get a professional,calibration then i went ahead and did a,very basic calibration of the tvs white,balance and measured again and ill be,publishing those results in my written,article at digitaltrends.com now if you,wanted to pay for a professional,calibration on this tv just know that,you can get the s95bs color accuracy,so dialed in it does not produce any,color errors that are perceivable to the,human eye so if youre a stickler for,dead on balls accuracy thats an,industry term you can get it from this,tv but you dont need to because right,out of the box this tv is,fire let me count the ways first off it,gets brighter than nearly any other oled,tv on the market and not just pure white,brightness which can tip the meter at,nearly 1200 nits in hdr or about 500,nits in sdr both very impressive numbers,but its the color brightness that,really sets this tv apart because the qd,oled technology in this tv doesnt use a,white sub pixel like most competing oled,tvs its able to get much higher pure,color brightness than competing oled tvs,and that my friends is what really grabs,you when you watch this tv just as i,experienced with the sony a95k a few,months ago which by the way is the only,competing qd oled tv coming to market in,2022 and substantially more expensive as,well the color is just so vivid and,enjoyable,you dont have to know your knits from,your knuckles to see just how gorgeous a,tv this is the reds and yellows,especially are unlike anything ive seen,in a tv before and thats not just,because of the color brightness thats,also because this is oled based emissive,technology and along with all that,brightness are pure blacks ive said,this before the reason why oled based,tvs have better contrast even though,they dont get as bright as led lcd tvs,is because they can turn pixels,completely off and that pure black gives,you the foundation for eye popping,contrast so from a brightness contrast,and color perspective this tv is one of,the best you can buy now lets look at,other elements of picture quality by and,large i was thrilled with this tvs,performance from 4k blu-rays to 4k,streams on netflix disney plus and hbo,max sdr or hdr the tv look terrific one,of the areas however that id like to,see some improvement is in low bit depth,content playback when you stream a,youtube video for example that doesnt,have as much color information in the,stream the s95b doesnt do as strong a,job cleaning up that picture as many,competing tvs do you get a fair amount,of banding and noise and im not sure,why that is because thats not a,complaint ive had with other premium,samsung tvs in the recent past now this,could be a slight annoyance for some,folks watching sdr content on cable or,satellite not because the image looks,especially poor on its own merit but,when you jump from a high quality disney,plus or netflix stream or especially,from a blu-ray disc down to cable or,satellite content and sdr the difference,in quality is jolting and thats one of,my few picture quality complaints for,watching tv and movie content anyway,otherwise the s95b produces an enticing,engrossing image for which i think most,folks are going to be head over heels i,want to take a quick moment to thank our,sponsor lorex for sending along its 2k,pan tilt outdoor wi-fi security camera i,installed this camera at my home because,i was frustrated by having blind spots,with my existing security camera system,the 2k pan tilt outdoor camera,eliminates blind spots thanks to its,wide field of view paired with its,motorized lens which lets you aim the,camera remotely so you can see just,about every square inch of your property,through the lorex home app installation,is a snap thanks to an included mounting,bracket just drill a few screws plug it,into power then connect it to your wi-fi,where you can manually control the,camera and access your recordings from,virtually anywhere the 2k pantel outdoor,cameras 4 megapixel sensor gives you,sharp video twice the resolution of,1080p plus it has color night vision up,to 33 feet for deep detail even in the,dark the system comes with a 32 gigabyte,sd card for storage expandable up to 256,gigs and to amp up security the 2k pan,tilt outdoor camera includes motion,activated warning lights and a remote,triggered siren plus you can talk to,anyone on your property with the,built-in mic and speaker youll find a,link to buy the lorax 2k pantel outdoor,wi-fi security camera at an exclusive,discount down below thanks again to,lorex for sponsoring this video one of,the other picture

Samsung S95B QD OLED Full Review | Is it Worthy of the Hype?

so this is my full review of the qd oled,from samsung the s95b,now this is dividing a lot opinion from,people and its not perfect right out of,the box im going to say that ive,bought this tv so this is a completely,100 unbiased review dont forget to hit,the red button to subscribe and give,this video a thumbs up and click the,notification bell to get my next video,first,now in my opinion although its not,perfect ill go on to the reasons why,it is pretty close its absolutely,fantastic ive had it for over a month,now and i really wanted to run it in,properly before i made a final decision,i do have to say i can definitely,recommend you buy one but well go on to,the reasons why its not perfect but,first of all if you havent seen my,unboxing setup video then make sure you,click the link in the description or,follow the banner above to watch that as,i mentioned in that review this does,have two remotes but this by far is my,favorite it does everything that you,need it to do sometimes the functions,are a little bit fiddly to get to,exactly where you want but id rather,have this than the other one because the,other one is just terrible connections,on the back well im not going to dwell,on that there are four hdmi 2.1 all,supporting 120 hertz refresh rate,now there has been some commentary about,the build quality of this tv sure its a,little bit plasticky in places but im,happy with mine theres certainly no,flexibility in the screen ive got the,55-inch version maybe if you go 65 and,above there might be some issues this,has got a super thin oled panel with,obviously that back bit for all the,workings out but the panel itself is,very very thin in fact its less than 10,millimeters i measured it at around 9.42,millimeters,now i did find that smudges and,fingerprints for some reason were a lot,harder to get rid of on this tv im not,sure what the coating is but i,definitely had to use my product that i,use and that then worked really well but,just a normal cloth really struggled to,get rid of them,where some people have said that this tv,the build quality is a bit plasticky,its mainly referring to the back of the,tv you do have great cable management,though and that is really good you dont,get that on the equivalent lg models and,you just feed it through and then youve,got a cover which will go over the top,but the whole of that back panel does,feel very plasticky but then youre not,really going to see that so i dont,really have much of an issue with that,all of the hdmi ports as i mentioned,were 2.1 and once youve got them all in,there you can put another cover over the,top if you wish but i dont tend to,bother,now this is how it looks at the back,once youve got that cover on so all of,the wires go down the middle and,certainly from the front you dont see,any sign of them i think it looks really,neat and tidy i love that central stand,now dont be fooled by the appearance of,that stand though because it is made of,plastic but it looks like metal and,providing you dont scratch it i dont,think theres going to be any problems,with it theres a very discreet samsung,sign in the bottom right hand corner and,youll notice that all of the bezels are,pretty narrow there is almost like a,silver edge around the screen which,again doesnt really show but it is,there so if you wanted a completely,black one then maybe go for something,different,this tv i think looks great i dont,think theres any problems with the,aesthetics of it it is comparable to all,of the leading manufacturers and in fact,with that central stand i think its,probably up there with amongst the best,what do you guys think the tv sits very,stable on that stand which measures,around 36 centimeters 14 inches on the,55 inch model there is a three inch or,seven and a half centimeter gap so you,can get a sound bar underneath but you,will need to double check that its not,one of the larger ones because that,might struggle the tv is running the,latest version of samsungs tizen,software which for the most part is,pretty good its definitely a software,system that ive enjoyed in the past,however there are issues with this one,it is in places a little bit sticky and,what i mean by that is when youre,scrolling across sometimes with the,remote most of the time its fine but,occasionally like now when i come back,it just sticks and then it will jump,forward a couple now its not enough to,really wind me up but if it got any,worse than this then definitely it would,be an issue and im hoping that in the,future software update that can be fixed,now speaking of software updates this tv,has had numerous software updates since,its release im currently supporting the,latest 1303 software which actually has,fixed a number of issues but you only,need to go onto the forums to read about,all of the problems that theres been in,previous versions certainly for the best,part for the last couple of days ive,been running the newer version and,thats been fine one thing thats,greatly improved is the brightness there,was definitely almost like a bricking,effect with the last version which i,believe is 1302 and that really was a,problem but so far so good with the,latest version one of the reasons for,sometimes the stickiness or the slowness,of the response may be just due to how,much stuff is on here because it is,absolutely packed jam full it is,incredible what you can go into now for,me personally i find it too much i would,much prefer just to have my app list and,maybe a few other bits i dont want all,of the advertising and all of the other,rubbish i just think it slows down my,system it certainly makes me harder to,find things,and it just is annoying i really wish,samsung arent the only ones i would,really wish these tv manufacturers would,stick to what they do best create the tv,put the apps on it and then forget the,rest what do you guys think,there is also an ambient mode which,again seems very popular amongst the tv,manufacturers nowadays and theres a,whole host of different screen savers,backgrounds and things which again ill,never use but i dont know do any of you,use any of these things yes it looks,good and its interesting to show people,but uh yeah just not for me i dont,think there is a very impressive game,section and here you can go into the,gaming side of things connect to,different apps and also use apps like,strada and so therefore you can play,games without actually having to buy the,game you can do it all by streaming you,do need to use a separate controller if,youre going to be doing this though,another feature that i will use and i do,like is the multi view now this is where,you can use two sources you can use a,connected source so one from the hdmi,section and also then a streaming source,so for instance you cant have two hdmi,inputs you cant have your satellite tv,for instance and your ps5 but you can,have your satellite tv and youtube for,instance or your ps5 and youtube and,this way you can choose to have them,either side by side or you can have them,in one of the corners this worked,brilliantly certainly far better than,the issue that i had with the lg c2,which im still not sure if its fixed,one area where i really do like the,tizen software is in changing the,settings and the picture modes you have,your standard picture modes like,standard dynamic movie and filmmaker,mode i found that standard was probably,the most accurate although i did have to,pump up the reds and certainly in,filmmaker mode i had to do the same now,i am going to be doing a separate video,about the settings on this tv because,out of the box they are not very good at,all you definitely need to go in and,change things now i did start to do that,within this video but it was just going,on too long so the easiest thing for me,to do if youre interested im going to,do a separate video into the settings,and how close i got it to the calibrated,settings after changing and making the,changes so that would be purely for,guest people that are buying this tv

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Samsung S95B (QD OLED) Vs Samsung QN90B (Neo QLED) – Which Premium TV Should YOU Buy?

hey guys whats up in todays video,well be comparing two of the top shelf,TVs from Samsung to find out which one,is the best to buy the s95b QD OLED and,the qn 90b Neo qled our Ultra Premium,TVs that deliver top tier picture,quality and an array of Av and gaming,related extras despite their many,similarities there are a lot of,differences including two very different,display technologies that you ought to,familiarize yourself with so can the,Samsung qn 90b stand up to the s95b,which one should you purchase well lets,find out for more information and,updated prices check the links in the,description box below price the fact,that these two models are still brand,new at the time of recording this video,youre not guaranteed to see these two,TVs on sale for a significant amount,anytime soon as for size options the,Samsung s95b QD OLED is only available,in two sizes the 55 inch and 65 inch,option which each listed at one thousand,one hundred ninety nine dollars and one,thousand eight hundred fifty nine,dollars respectively so if youre,looking for a Samsung cutie Ola in,smaller or larger size options youll,have to wait for future releases on the,other hand the Samsung qn 90b Neo qled,as you covered if youre in the market,for a TV under 55 inches or above 65,inches not only is it available in five,more size options than the QD OLED made,its also priced considerably lost per,inch the 55-inch model is about 300 less,than 55 inch s95b and the 65-inch model,about 400 less the q190bs additional,size option along with its lower price,make this category an easy win for the,Neo qlet design from a design,perspective Samsung tends to dress even,its entry-level TVs to the nines so its,no surprise that these two models are,sporting Sleek premium designs too,regardless of which model you you go,with youll be landing a head-turning,living room centerpiece due to the,nature of the qn 90bs display Hardware,its panel isnt saddled with a bulky,midsection and its among the narrowest,youll see in its class it features a,heavy metallic stand that props the TV,up from its Center it stands flat shape,provides ample room for a sound bar but,its worth noting that the TVs height,only allows for around two and a half,inches of Soundbar clearance so if a,narrow panel is what youre after the,s95b is the way to go its razor thin,OLED panel is slimmer than most,smartphones and easily one of the,slimmest its so thin in fact that,youll need to be quite careful when,picking the TV up so its liable to Ben,the s95b stand design is similar to that,of the qn90b a rounded metallic slab,that sits flat on its surface allowing,about two and a half inches of sound bar,clearance theres plenty to love about,the qn 90bs look and feel but the s95b,goes beyond good looking TV and settles,right into tube close to Perfection,territory which makes it a win for s95b,features and smart platform,unsurprisingly these two top shelf,Samsung TVs are quite similar from a,hardware and software perspective both,TVs offer an array of hardware and,software related enhancements that ought,to satisfy Gamers and AV enthusiasts,alike lets start with the gaming,benefits Gamers will love that both sets,support 4K gaming at 120 hertz across,all four of the respective HDMI 2.1,ports with vrr allm and freesync,available right out of the box in,addition both come equipped with Samsung,gamepark a dedicated gaming setting menu,that relays frame rate information,offers genre specific picture,adjustments and gives folks easy access,to each TVs vrr settings if that wasnt,good enough both the qn 90b and the s95b,come with Samsung gaming Hub a software,package that offers a number of cloud,gaming services and including Nvidia,GeForce now Google stadia and Xbox cloud,gaming essentially gaming Hub lets you,stream video games right to your TV no,console required additionally both TVs,can pass a Dolby Atmos signal from,onboard app via Dolby Digital plus over,Arc although both the qn90b and the s95b,can decode Dolby Atmos natively neither,TV supports DDS audio which is worth,keeping in mind if you own Blu-rays with,DTS soundtracks as in any case with all,Samsung TVs neither the qn90b nor the,s95b support Dolby Vision instead of,Dolby Vision the two models support HDR,10 plus a royalty-free version of Dolby,Vision in that it optimizes the picture,using metadata in largely the same,manner in addition in terms of their,smart platform both TVs deliver a near,identical smart platform experience they,also support the newest version of tizen,os the biggest issue with the version of,tizen is how slow the software can be,and how many clicks it takes to get to,very basic menu options therefore for,those who are considering one of these,two TVs you ought to consider,designating an HDMI port for an external,streaming device hence no matter how you,cut it the qn 90b and the s95b are,similar competitors from a features,perspective while to offer a top shelf,gaming experience both lag Dolby vision,and both house the same smart platform,making it a tie performance and display,now lets look at their performance the,qn 90b and the s95b are two of the best,4K TVs Samsung has to offer whichever,one you buy will look fantastic across,all content types however these TVs are,completely different panel types which,means they excel in very different areas,of performance it all comes down to a,personal preference the s95b being a QD,OLED TV doesnt rely on backlight like,traditional LCD LED TVs it has,self-illuminating pixels which are able,to shut off independently producing,perfect black levels this has cascading,positive impacts on several other areas,of performance including color Clarity,and off angle viewing as a cutie OLED,the s95b is one of the first TVs of its,type and OLED TV that also features,Quantum dots which are microscopic Nano,crystals that emit red or green light,when struck with blue light the quantum,dots help TVs produce a brighter more,colorful picture but until now theyve,only been utilized on LED TVs LED TVs,with Quantum dots AKA qled TVs can get,brighter than OLED TVs but lack the many,other advantages OLED provides the s95b,attempts to blend best of both,Technologies the qn 90b on the other,hand features a blended display,technology that Samsung has dubbed Neo,qled mini LED backlighting with Quantum,dots its mini LED display isnt capable,of delivering perfect black levels like,the s95b but it features one huge,advantage over the s95bs QD OLED,technology it has a high octane,brightness and is also capable of,rendering spectacular highlights smaller,intensified areas of brightness with,more intensity than just about every,other TV its full picture brightness is,also higher than the s95b by an order of,magnitude which means the qn 90b will,hold up better in a bright room that,said while the qn 90bs bright display,creates some dazzling color it cant,hold a candle to the s95bs color,particularly during HDR content while,the qn 90b covers about 91 percent of,the wide HDR color gamut DCI P3 the s95b,sits at around 98 this means the s95b,displays colors that are more true to,life and while the qn 90b offers an,intensely bright picture with,show-stopping highlights the s95b and,its perfect black levels produce an,image with Incredible depth in Superior,Color determining which of these is,right for you may come down to the state,of your living room and your viewing,habits the s95b will hold up to sunlight,better than most OLED TVs but nowhere,near the qn 90bs neo-q LED display,which is arguably the best bright room,TV on the market right now nevertheless,the s95b wins by a descent margin its,contrasting color Productions puts it,over the top conclusion so which TV,should you go for this one is a tough,battle depending on your needs a strong,argument can be made for both TVs if all,you care about is landing the best,performance the s95b is the way to go,its QD OLED display expertly Blends the,incredible contrast of self-lit pixels,with the rich Ultra s

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Most HYPED TV in 2022! Samsung S95B OLED TV Review

the Samsung s95b is one of the most,hyped TVs of 2022 but is it the best,OLED TV you can buy lets find out,[Music],the s95b is Samsungs first consumer,OLED and its not just any OLED it is a,QD OLED meaning it has a quantum dot,layer which is Tech typically found on,LED based displays the presence of the,quantum dot layer allows Samsung to push,the brightness boundaries of OLED,technology higher than what youre going,to find with the competition but were,going to get into that in just a moment,heres what you need to know about this,TVs specs its a native 4K display it,utilizes Samsungs neural Quantum,processor 4K has support for Dolby Atmos,but not Dolby Vision fans of HDR content,arent we all can still enjoy HDR 10,plus adaptive HDR 10 plus gaming HDR 10,plus and nhlg content you get four HDMI,inputs all of them are HDMI 2.1 spec,which is bound to please next-gen,content fans and Gamers speaking of,gaming there is a native refresh rate of,120 hertz and it has a host of gaming,Centric features like Alm vrr and more,the s95b uses Samsungs own Smart TV Hub,giving viewers access to streaming apps,like Netflix HBO Max Apple TV and more,right out of the box you have support,for Alexa Google assistant and more,existing Samsung soundbar owners can,connect to the s95b wirelessly and enjoy,Dolby Atmos content as well as Samsungs,own Q Symphony without needing to,connect an additional HDMI cable to the,display for a complete breakdown of all,of the specs and features please check,out our links below now the design,doesnt appear too different from other,oleds its minimal and ungodly thin,thankfully in a bit of a departure for,Samsung the s95b doesnt feature the,Brands one connect box meaning all of,the displays input and output options,are located on the back of the TV to me,this is a far better solution as far as,oleds go nothing about the build quality,or design stood out to me as being,particularly noteworthy good or bad,because the s95b is only available in 55,and 65 inch sizes we did not install it,on our main wall thats just for the big,boys now be careful because the included,stand Mount is a little bit trickier,than others and its definitely trickier,to install on an ultra thin TV like this,one but once we got it on and set on our,credenza I paired the s990b sound bar we,just reviewed in order to test the,wireless connection with the s95b the TV,automatically detected the presence of,the bar and added all of its features to,the television menus the included TV,remote then took control of both the TV,and the bar without needing well to pull,out my phone which is another bonus the,s95b when paired with a compatible,Samsung soundbar like the q990b hascu,Symphony support and this allows both,the TV and the Soundbar speakers to work,as one I experienced zero problems with,the wireless connection and Q Symphony,and its one of my favorite features of,Samsung TVs because they really make,setup with their TVs and Sound Bars,idiot proof getting to what youre,really here for the picture the Samsung,is two things it is bright and it is,wildly inaccurate,one of the first things I noticed is,just how blue this TV is out of the box,its clear Samsung is leaning heavily,Into the Blue OLED light source in order,to get the maximum brightness for both,SD and HDR content additionally and this,is important as you adjust the TVs,Dynamic brightness and or contrast,settings you will be affecting the,grayscale and color balance the more you,turn them up the more blue the image is,going to appear so if you want maximum,brightness from the s95b know that a,full professional calibration is,required for accurate picture and color,I measured the four main picture,profiles out of the box and none could,be considered calibrated from the,factory Dynamic and standard were the,worst with a Delta e or margin of error,of 17 and 16 respectively keep in mind,anything below three is considered,calibrated so neither of these profiles,are going to fit the bill plus both,skewed heavily towards blue movie and,filmmaker mode were closer to ride with,a Delta e of 9 and were less blue though,they traded blue for green and Im not,sure that was better thankfully the s95b,can be calibrated and actually,calibrates quite nicely using the movie,profile as my starting point I was able,to rain the Samsung in and achieve a,Delta e for both grayscale and color of,0.5 which is almost as good as what I,was able to achieve with our LG C2 OLED,yeah we still have it but and this is a,big but calibrating the Samsung to,Perfection cuts the light output,considerably to around 180 nits with SD,content and about 210 to 220 nits with,HDR content again Im talking about true,edge to edge brightness here of course,if you want to do small window,brightness runs to see the Samsungs,Peak brightness you can and our sample,easily hit a thousand nits with HDR,content making it nearly as bright as,our Sony x95 K which is a mini LED,backlit display while Peak brightness is,all well and good and the Samsung is,very impressive in this regard dont,expect a thousand nits of brightness,edge to edge not with this or any OLED,because youre not going to get it,regardless as far as oleds go the s95 is,technically the brightest one weve seen,so far I suspect one of the main reasons,people are considering the Samsung over,the LG is because of its brightness and,in order to get there certain,concessions with respect to accuracy,sometimes need to be made whether I,manually do the calibration or I use,Samsungs own smart calibration feature,which totally works by the way in order,for the display to maintain a brighter,than average image both blacks and,highlights they get crushed resulting in,detail in both light and dark scenes,being lost this was most evident when,watching Netflix the school for good and,evil properly calibrated I could see,into the darkest parts of the films,many Gothic sets and easily see detail,in the evil schools darker wardrobe but,Im not gonna lie the image lacked punch,and looked dim as hell when I adjusted,my settings to go for brightness above,absolute accuracy the image just leapt,off the screen but doing this sacrifices,some of the finer details which got lost,I could get past it and even enjoy the,presentation but it is frustrating that,a better balance between sheer light,output and absolute color Fidelity,couldnt be struck 100 of the time Im,confident many of you flat out wont,even care given how particularly Punchy,and saturated the image is just know,that its not technically right all of,the time or with all content now,obviously things like local dimming and,blooming are moot after all this is an,OLED but one thing I dont normally,spend a lot of time on is scaling or,processing its most TVs nowadays,theyre pretty great but I have to say,watching 720p broadcast and even HD,content scaled to the Samsung native 4K,resolution solution it didnt look great,indirect comparison to our Sony x95k,which admittedly is a much larger 85,inch model I expected the Samsung to,look better cleaner and sharper but it,didnt I honestly do not like how the,scaled imagery looks on this particular,Samsung which is weird because their 8K,display the qn900b had some of the best,scaling Ive ever seen while motion was,smooth when watching Sports Broadcast,lower thirds and wide crowd shots they,looked soft even out of focus on the,Samsung when scaling from 720p or 1080p,to 4K which was shocking I also felt as,if Samsungs own OS was lagging in the,speed Department compared to the qn900b,we tested earlier this year,but on a more positive note gaming on,the s95b was pretty great I played the,new Modern Warfare 2 as well as,OverWatch 2 on our PS5 and was,completely immersed the gaming picture,profile its plenty bright and its not,too dissimilar from the dynamic or,standard profiles honestly but it does,add functionality like vrr and allm both,of which according to the TV were,functioning properly and I say this,because Im not a 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Samsung S95B QD-OLED | 6 Months Later Was The Hype Real?

YouTube Welcome Back to the channel Im,your host tkk and we are back with,another video guys I just got in the,house not too long ago tidied up the,living space where weve got the alpha,95 cane but today I actually wanted to,talk about the s95b a little bit just a,little bit because we got a review,coming uh next week Im going to aim for,my own personal review of the TV I still,have not reviewed the a95 king nor have,I done the C2,um if you guys been following the,channel and you looked at the backlog it,took me a while to review the C1 for me,personally I purchased my TVs not to,pump out reviews so I dont buy them and,try to get a quick turnaround on review,and then return them I actually buy and,use my stuff and then I feel like the,best way for me to be able to offer,realistic review is going to be for you,to you know hear over time like you know,how well the TV really held up for me,um and it helps me to not have to take,feedback from others like literally I,can go without watching like almost any,YouTuber With No Malice in that mention,but you know Im like hands on with my, you know so with that being said,Black Friday is over cyber Mondays over,and so you know a lot of the deals have,come some have gone and some are,probably still lasting with all,different types of pieces of Technology,but in the TV space of things Im just,curious to know what you guys got,in the comments section if you happen to,see this let me know what you picked up,was it a new monitor was it a new TV,what motto what are you thinking about,it,um I did think about making content like,some of my other fellow TV content,creators where speaking about deals and,things like that but honestly its just,not my thing you know my TVs my monitors,they just have to hit a certain level of,quality for me to be interested in them,maybe next year Ill dive into doing,more generic reviews where I could just,talk more about other panels because,Ive really been around a lot more stuff,than Ive shared on the channel but,my whole point of making the content the,way that I do is that its more organic,its more real you are you are hearing a,person its a man talking about these,panels because hes really owning them,hes really using them in real time you,know what I mean if you guys go without,seeing me put a panel on the channel is,because he aint in rotation right now,or Ill probably damned it and gave him,away but Id digress after I roll my,intro were going to talk about the s95b,[Music],thank you,all right guys as I said welcome back to,the channel,um listen man Im real comfortable we,got the house away we wanted and listen,it wasnt but long ago that this was,just a full arcade so obviously I made,some more changes I got my garage set up,so man its like my garage is going to,be used for some other different things,so I got more content to come its gonna,put me in a good space where I can,really try to review TVs and panels and,things like that and I can have the,space without having to modify like my,living Arrangement but in here Ive got,two big blue cabinets theyre not the uh,purpose of this video but in between I,do have the s95b in a second Im going,to power it on and were going to be,able to talk about this thing but,again I want to know what you guys,purchased and what your thoughts were,were still leading into that Christmas,time and some of you might be waiting,hopefully maybe thinking that you know,youll get a better deal during,Christmas and this video is not about,deals Im not here to talk to you guys,about deals Im here to really open you,guys up about this TV just so that we,can really see what are you thinking,about this TV now thats what I want to,know were past the honeymoon phase we,are past the hype weve seen uh the G2,weve seen the the shootouts weve seen,the comparisons from the professionals,youve seen countless YouTubers probably,like myself talking about the s95 being,other options that they like more what,do you guys think like legitimately Im,Im seeing comments and theres a,reasoning that Im making this video,because Ive seen some people tell me,they got it some people said they love,this some people said they regret it I,want to know what you guys think like in,the comments let me know but Im gonna,get this thing powered up and well be,right back all right guys so let me just,open up and be extremely clear with you,guys I have no distaste with the Samsung,on s95b however this TV never for me was,ever ever ever ever ever meant to be,anything but a gaming panel and I think,that they have done an amazing job as to,making it such,um I will go so far as to say that this,is probably the new goat right now Im,gonna give you some context within this,video so theres going to be a little,bit of talking point to this I will say,that this is the new goat because in my,opinion it really does replace what the,C9 was to me that was the prior goat,before this TV I think the C9 was a,prior goat so I have to be able to give,some context into me saying that so you,can choose to go past and ignore my,words and you can hear me out and then,you can give me an intelligent rebuttal,based on your opinion for me Ive always,bought these oleds Ive shared this with,you guys and at this point Im pretty,sure you know that Im not,around with them,the point that Im making is the LGs,were always like the more Stellar for,the movies when the C9 was introduced,phenomenal just was great to me it was,like LG was literally listening to what,we needed when I say we I mean the mass,gamer,Im gaming on a PC we do have a console,in here PlayStation and Xbox just like I,do on the other quantum dot the Sony,Alpha 95 King but I dont personally,play on those my son plays on those to,be honest with you my seven Euro plays,on this right now hes playing sonic,Frontier on PlayStation 5.,thats his game right now okay,he is not taking full advantage of this,TV theres no way possible I however,right now I have i7 Im sorry I9 12900k,now let me not show myself short theres,a 99 12900k on this thing with an RTX,4090 Founders Edition Tech has been,featured on the channel a couple of,videos prior check it out I digress this,TV is getting utilized so lets just,look at Spider-Man right when Im,playing I am trying to play with the,absolute highest,settings that I can get with this thing,okay theres some stuff that might not,be turned on right were not going to go,all the way crazy but the ray tracing,and everything else is going to be,turned on and its going to put you in a,position or me in a position where I can,get the most out of this thing so yeah,man so,so I said this TV is the goat right,you know theres a lot of things that,can be said about in my opinion what,makes a TV the greatest of all time,uh for me like I said prior to this TV,probably the C9,now some context to me saying that is,that,LG has been building off of a platform,that has just been masterful,literally masterful I feel like theres,probably some opportunities,in the mix,in a lab for them to be able to get more,brightness out of the TVs but the G2 has,done its damn thing,nothing has come to Dethrone the G2 and,then even this TV Lacks,full overall gaming potential versus it,right,the a95k doesnt give you everything,that it gives you lower input latency,um and the HDMI connectivity,but as I said the C9 put us in a,position where we had,Leaps and Bounds in technology like that,doesnt happen every year every year you,dont get a TV where theres Leaps and,Bounds and its like yo this is really,some next gen type of stuff you know,what I mean uh so much that it was,enough for me to you know not want to,stick with the CX the following year,thats how good the C9 was and I still,have it in the garage so I say the C9,because you know I still have content on,the on the channel,that I shot,um to put us in a position where we were,able to,you know to get the damn TV uh junked,out because there was an issue with it,but this TV just you know I feel like,this is another Leaps

Samsung S95B OLED TV Review – The Best OLED on the market?

hi im nicholas from ratings.com today,well be doing a review of the samsung,s95b oled we will be evaluating it on,our standardized test bench to see how,it performs and if you should buy it,we bought and tested the 65-inch model,and the results are also valid for the,55-inch model,its samsungs first qd oled tv which is,designed to combine the strengths of,both oled and qled lets see if it,matches the expectations to check out,the full review and for more detailed,results,you can also head to our website the,s95b looks like many other high-end,samsung tvs with thin basils and a thin,panel the center mounted stand has a,small footprint and because of the size,of the tv theres a bit of wobble,it lifts the screen about three inches,off the table so most sound bars dont,block the screen all four of its hdmi,ports support hdmi 2.1 bandwidth and the,tvs tuner supports atsc 3.0 allowing you,to watch over-the-air channels in 4k,it supports hdr 10 and hdr 10 plus,formats but not dolby vision,which is a widely used hdr format,it also has er support letting you pass,dolby atmos signals to a compatible,receiver,however it doesnt support dts-x or dts,and since many blu-rays use these audio,formats youll need to connect your,blu-ray player directly to a receiver,for content that uses those audio,signals,the build quality is great which is what,you expect from a high-end tv the,materials feel premium and theres very,little flex to the panel,it also has covers in the back to help,with cable management,the main downside is that the tv wobbles,on the stand,but thats not an issue if you have a,solid table,before we get into the specifics of the,test results,lets first explain how this new qd oled,technology works,this tv uses a blue oled panel behind a,quantum dot layer which is supposed to,deliver brighter highlights and more,colors than traditional oleds,for comparison a regular oled uses a,white panel behind an rgb layer,qd oled is an improvement over,traditional oled in terms of brightness,because it doesnt rely on the white,oled panel to get bright,and instead it combines all its pixels,to produce a bright white light,qd oled is also different from samsungs,qled tvs because those cvs use led,backlighting behind the quantum dot,layer in case youre wondering what qled,is its quantum dot technology that,delivers a wide range of colors on the,other hand an oled display has,self-emissive pixels and doesnt need,backlighting,in short qd oled combines two proven,technologies in oled and qled,and lets see how this affects the,picture quality a high contrast ratio,results in deep dark blacks which is,good if you want to watch movies in a,dark room,like any oled tv it has a near infinite,contrast ratio that displays perfect,blacks,you can see those deep and inky blacks,in a dark room but they look purple in a,bright room,and well explain why later,on the other hand if you want to use the,tv in a bright room a high peak,brightness is important to overcome,glare,the s95b has good sdr peak brightness,which is enough to fight glare in,well-lit rooms,however larger areas of bright colors,are noticeably dimmer due to the,automatic brightness limiter,which is visible when watching some,sports like hockey,as for the heat sharp peak brightness,this is where it really stands out,versus other oleds,as its great and small highlights,really pop,it hits around 1000 nits in hdr enough,to deliver a satisfying hdr performance,since the initial release,samsung released a few firmware updates,that impact the hdr brightness,initially the movie picture mode was the,most accurate and brightest mode,after update 1211,samsung fixed the eotf tracking in the,filmmaker mode which makes it display,images at their correct brightness,its more accurate and better than movie,mode in that regard,movie mode used to get brighter than,filmmaker mode with a peak brightness of,about 1400 nits,but with firmware 1302 it only hits a,peak of about a thousand nits which is,the same as filmmaker mode,simply put if you want the brightest and,most accurate image,use the filmmaker mode,the dynamic picture mode still hits,about fourteen hundred nits in the two,percent window,but it doesnt sustain this brightness,for long and drops down to one thousand,nits,one of the goals of qd oled is to,produce brighter colors than traditional,oleds,the s95b gets much brighter than the lg,c2 and g2 when displaying most colors so,the color volume is also amazing,this means that it displays colors at a,wide range of luminance levels,which helps it deliver a more lifelike,and realistic image compared to other,oleds,especially in bright scenes,also important for a bright room is good,reflection handling,the reflection handling for this tv is,fantastic,it has fewer mirror-like reflections,than the lg g2 and glare from bright,lights isnt too distracting however one,of the bigger downsides to this tv is,how blacks look like in a bright room,the panel doesnt have a polarizing,layer so the screen has a purple tint,when displaying blacks or when its off,this means that blocks dont look,perfect in a room with any ambient,lighting,which is disappointing as lgs oleds,dont have this issue however this can,be subjective,and you might not find it distracting at,all,if you have a wide seating arrangement,or like to watch tv with family and,friends then a good viewing angle is,important so that everyone sees an,accurate image from the sides luckily,the s95b has an incredible viewing angle,that makes the image look the same,whether youre viewing from directly in,front or from the sides an overall,uniform screen brightness and color is,important when watching sports or,playing video games,to avoid the appearance of clouding,known as the dirty screen effect,the overall uniformity of the s95b is,excellent as no parts of the screen are,darker than the rest and theres very,little dirty screen effect in the center,however like any oled it has thin,vertical lines and near dark scenes,which are slightly more noticeable than,the lg g2 a lot of people care that a tv,has good colors,in the case of the s95b it displays even,more colors than other oleds,it has perfect coverage of the dci p3,color space thats used in most hdr,content,and its future proof with excellent rec,2020 coverage,however tone mapping is off with some,colors especially in the rec 2020 color,space,which leads to some over saturated,colors,if you want to use this tv as a pc,monitor good text clarity is important,the s95b has a unique subpixel structure,and because of this the text clarity is,just okay,and its not the best choice to use as a,pc monitor,windows clear type can correct it and,diagonal lines are hard to see,however,there are also ways to work around this,like increasing the scaling so that text,is larger keep in mind that this doesnt,affect the picture quality and its not,something you should worry about for,regular use,due to the sub pixel layout it also has,some color fringing when there are black,bars at the top and bottom of the screen,or when displaying windows,theres a thin green line at the top of,windows and a red line at the bottom,again color fringing is more of an issue,when using it as a pc monitor and not so,much while watching most content also,youll only notice it when sitting up,close,before we move on to some of the gaming,features lets talk about one more part,about oleds traditional oleds have the,risk of permanent burn-in when exposed,to the same static elements over time,but its possible the s95b has less risk,of burning,were working on a new oled burn-in test,so we dont know exactly how much better,this panel is,still you shouldnt worry about burning,if you watch varied content when playing,video games a fast response time is,important for the clearest image without,distracting blur,the s95b has a near instant response,time resulting in clear motion with,almost no blur behind fast moving,objects,a high refresh rate is important for,gaming and variable refresh rat

Samsung S95B Review – Stunning QD-OLED TV Debut!

a firmware update has improved the hdr,picture accuracy on the samsung s95bqd,oled so much that i think that its one,of the best tvs you can buy in terms of,picture quality in 2022,let me explain,after installing firmware update 1211,the samsung,s95bqdolen now tracks the sd2084 pq,standard accurately on different window,sizes smaller than 10 in hdr filmmaker,mode,contributing to more faithful,reproduction of the creative intent,furthermore the firmware update has,added 20 point white balance controls to,filmmaker mode,this is important because like all,samsung tvs the s95b stays on the same,picture preset when you switch from hdr,to sdr and vice versa,now as far as we are concerned filmmaker,mode is the only accurate picture preset,on the samsung s95b for watching hdr,movies,since there is undefeatable dynamic tone,mapping in the cal day,cal knight and movie modes,causing the hdr presentation to look too,bright,the addition of 20 point white balance,controls means that once you switch from,hdr to sdr the sdr filmmaker mode on the,samsung s95bqdo lag can now be,calibrated with increased precision to,achieve more accurate grayscale and,colors,on our 55-inch retail unit we obtain an,average delta error of slightly above 1,with no inaccuracy exceeding the humanly,perceptible threshold of delta error 3,resulting in accurate and cinematic,colors in real world sdr content,qd oled technology doesnt involve the,use of white sub pixels so the samsung,s95b did magnifies near black,chrominance overshoot which affects wrgb,oleds,however when displaying this neo-black,overdrive test pattern developed by,stacys spears of spears and mansell,fame it turned out that the s95b,exhibited more undershoot than overshoot,artifacts in that when switching from,certain dark tones to even darker ones,the pixel response was too slow,resulting in a slightly different kind,of reverse flashing as well as some,smearing or trailing artifacts when the,pattern starts panning around,to make it absolutely clear the black,smearing on the samsung s75b was nowhere,nearly as noticeable or bothersome as,the chrominance overshoot artifacts on,wrgb oled televisions in real world,content,since it was so rare and fleeting that,we couldnt even film it to show you,but if you are seeing some trailing,artifacts when you pan around in very,dark games this luminous undershoot is,the reason and maybe thats why samsung,decided to over brighten its hdr,gamemode so much,more on this later,in my opinion the biggest strengths of,the samsung s95bqt oled are its screen,uniformity and viewing angles,outperforming any wrgb oled tv ive,reviewed today in these two key areas,and the crucial thing to remember is,that these benefits can be enjoyed,across all types of content regardless,of whether its sdr or hdr regardless of,whether its movies sports or games,early on there were some swirly blotches,on our samsung s95b retail unit when,displaying low grade slides,but they cleared up after several,compensation cycles and eventually duct,uniformity was cleaner than any wrgb,oled ive tested so far,bright uniformity was also excellent,with no banding that is screen effect or,color tinting at all on full field grade,slides,not even from an angle unlike recent,deuterium based wrgb oled panels which,manifest an obvious pink tint of axis,next motion,even with all motion settings disabled,in the picture menu the samsung s95b,correctly performed 5-5 pull down to,present slow panning shots in 24p films,accurately without listening each other,however just like most samsung tvs weve,reviewed over the years the 24p motion,processing seemed to work on a,scene-by-scene basis,applying interpolation for one frame,before switching it off for the,remainder of the scene,causing a visible stutter immediately,after certain scene cuts for example in,our own custom ordered interpolation,detection test pattern,dont worry we only saw this 24p motion,hiccup very rarely when watching real,world content but the easiest way to,reproduce it is by pausing your display,and then resuming playback after a while,you should see a small stutter once the,movie starts playing due to oled near,instantaneous pixel response time the,mild starter inherent in 24p material,would be more obvious than on an led lcd,whose increased motion blur would,ironically mask the 24p stutter,if you are sensitive to this issue you,can set the jada reduction control to a,low value to smooth out the stutter,without incurring too much so oprah,effect or soe,although samsungs interpolation,generally manifested a bit more,artifacts than lgs cinematic movement,and sonys motion flow implementations,because samsungs clear motion black,frame insertion or bfi operates at 60hz,it would inevitably introduce telescenic,jada in 24 frames per second movies,for 25 and 50 frames per second content,we normally get in pale regions the,south korean manufacturer has,implemented undefeatable motion,smoothing when bfi is engaged to prevent,framerate conversion jada but this does,mean that youll see the opera effect in,25p films not to mention various,interpolation artifacts in 50hz content,and when you consider that engaging,clear motion would incur some flicker,and dim the picture on screen,even halving peak brightness in hdr with,a corresponding darkening of the pq eotf,tracking,we think most people should just keep,clear motion disabled for the most,pleasant viewing experience,otherwise samsungs motion compensated,frame interpolation could improve motion,resolution from the sampler hole,baseline of 300 lines to 650 lines on,this horizontally scrolling test pattern,but would also introduce some,microstarter in 50hz content from time,to time,especially during hand gestures,immediately following a sim card,the samsung s95b qd oled didnt handle,low bit rate material as well as other,high-end oleds from a-brands for several,reasons,1. theres no dedicated decontouring,filter on the television so in-content,posterization in heavily compressed,material would be fully exposed without,mitigation,even engaging the noise reduction,control under the picture clarity,sub-menu didnt smooth out the,posterization to any noticeable degree,2.,the upscaling on the samsung s95b was,fairly aggressive with some overshoot,and fizziness,while this resulted in a perceptibly,sharper picture especially with what,appeared to be a minor dose of dynamic,sharpening at all times even with,sharpness set to zero,impact compression noise will also,amplify,causing bit staff content to look,harsher than expected,circling back to the smpte rp123 test,card shown earlier note that just like,on all samsung tvs we have tested,overscan cannot be disabled in standard,definition resolution on the s95b,leading to a more zoomed in and slightly,softer standard depth presentation,high definition broadcast and 1080p,blu-rays look impressively sharp which,is helped in part by qd olas insanely,high contrast,although the aforementioned dynamic,sharpening could cause some high bit,rate scenes with plenty of fine detail,to appear a touch over sharpened and,artificial,following firmware update 1211 peak,brightness on our 55-inch samsung s95b,qd oled retail unit measured above 1000,nits on a 10 or smaller window and,slightly more than 200 nits full screen,the s95b featured the most relaxed abl,or automatic brightness limiter,circuitry among any oled tv weve,reviewed today,which together with qd oleds high color,luminance thats not diluted by the,presence of white subpixels,contributed to the most impactful hdr,weve witnessed from a consumer oled tv,so far,as you can deduce from the eotf tracking,shadow detail will be presented in a,slightly darker manner,not to the level of being obviously,crushed,just darker than reference,increasing the shadow detail setting,beyond the default value of 0,unfortunately would also lead to,floating blacks including in the top and,bottom letterbox bars,and so wasnt a viable solution for us,given that most oled manufacture

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