1. Samsung SJ55W UltraWide Monitor | Review and Unboxing
  2. SAMSUNG SJ55W Ultrawide Gaming Monitor review 2022
  3. It’s Overclockable! Ultra WQHD Samsung 34 inch SJ55W Ultrawide Monitor Review – Netcruzer TECH
  4. Samsung Ultrawide WQHD Monitor 34″ SJ55W Review &Setup Dex Muti Device SplitScreen Freesync Fornite????
  5. Edit on wide monitor | Samsung Ultra WQHD S34J55 review
  6. Samsung SJ55W 34 inch Ultrawide WQHD Monitor. Unboxing, setting up and review. LS34J552WQNXZA
  7. Samsung 34J55 SJ55W Monitor Unboxing and Review

Samsung SJ55W UltraWide Monitor | Review and Unboxing

[Music],welcome back everyone my name is rohan,biju,and today were gonna look at another,monitor i know ive been doing a ton of,monitor videos,but i thought itd be cool to explore,all these monitors and most of these are,actually from costco,so if you have a costco membership and,youre watching this youre in luck,so this is an ultraviolet monitor its,34 inches and this is the samsung sj55w,um i wouldnt say this is a gaming,monitor this is sort of in between it,does have some gaming monitor features,like amd freesync,and im here to talk about my opinions,about it im going to do an unboxing,talk about its specs and finally give my,basic opinion of it,i did test it with my xbox and ive done,some testing with,regular like laptops not everything is,bright and sunny there are some,things that might make you not want to,buy it,so im going to talk more about that in,this video so without further ado if you,find this video helpful,uh subscribe like and even comment,whatever you want any questions and,ill try my best to answer them so lets,start the video,and welcome to techno review,[Music],okay so lets start the unboxing this is,the packaging looks amazing samsung,always does,really good packaging uh lets open it,up and we open up and take the items out,you do get an hdmi cable,you also get a displayport cable which,is also cool you dont usually get it,with,other monitors but its really nice that,they added that in and you got the power,cable,and then you get the space of the,monitor and the neck,so eventually we will have to connect it,and its pretty similar to,all the monitors ive reviewed basically,just screw it in,next we actually get the monitor itself,its pretty big,pretty heavy too but it looks really,nice very clean finish,on the right there is a power button and,that also acts like a joystick where you,can customize your settings on your,monitor,so basically its like a toggle switch,so in the back you do get,two hdmi ports you get one display port,you get one,audio jack port and the other port is,for power,uh but this monitor is also mountable,there is um,theres a place to mount it on the back,uh this you cant raise the height which,is,pretty sad and if youre looking for a,more versatile sort of monitor this,ones not for you,okay so now lets move on to specs okay,so first of all this is a 34.1,inch display uh its a v8 display and,its,flat its not curved next uh the,resolution is 3440,by 1440 pixels,and this has an aspect ratio of 21×9,a brightness of this monitor is 300 nits,and the static contrast ratio,is three thousand by one um,and the response time is four,milliseconds and the refresh rate of,this monitor,is 75 hertz but it is overclockable uh,in windows to about 110,to 95. uh this monitor does have amd,freesync and also has a game mode,uh this also has a picture and picture,and a picture and by picture mode which,means that you can have,a picture by picture means you can have,a display on the right and display on,the left thats completely separate,or you can have a picture in picture,mode which means that you have like a,certain display that covers the whole,screen,and a small box in the corner uh with,another display so,lets say uh youre playing a game and,you have some work,you can have that in the small box in,the corner and you can play the game on,the big screen which is pretty cool,and more like about the physical feature,this monitor can be mounted,as i said before and it can also be,tilted which means its versatile,and a lot of people thats one of the,main things they want the monitor to be,versatile,so if you want a more versatile monitor,this ones not for you,but if you want a really versatile,monitor i have a bunch ive reviewed,them,and you can go watch them and there,might like a ton on the market,and you can go check them out so now,lets talk about the price,so obviously i got this from costco but,there are many places where you can get,this monitor from,i can get this from the official samsung,website or amazon,and also from the costco website so in,costco i got this for,300 it may seem expensive and actually,when you see the price in samsung.com,uh its actually 400 and on amazon,its 360 and as you can see theres a,variety of prices,and obviously the best choice is to get,it from costco and if you dont have a,costco membership,there are many places open and i think,the next,sensible choice is to get it from,amazon.com obviously the next cheapest,so thats basically it for the specs and,now lets get into the opinions,so i have done some gameplay on it uh,thats the first thing i checked out,i did play it with my xbox and just to,say there arent any internal speakers,but there is a headphone jack where you,can plug it to an external speaker,um and i enjoyed it but the image just,felt stretched but thats because im,not,used ive not used a lot of ultrawide,monitors so it feels a bit uneasy,for me and if youre switching from the,regular monitor to an ultrawide monitor,there might be like some sort of there,might be some difficulty to adjusting to,it because,its just really wide and everything,feels weird but its pretty cool,i like the wide range it was pretty nice,the wide viewing range is awesome,so thats a huge plus for me and the,color contrast was good there was,amazing i could see amazing colors which,is really nice um but,when we talk about work and when youre,working on this computer there are some,downsides to it it gets really pixelated,for some reason i still cant fix it,and this is sort of like my point this,is sort of like a review from an average,consumer,im not gonna id i didnt test it to,its limits but,from average use it felt pixelated the,quality was a bit,low i dont know why uh my dad used it,to,uh for zoom calls and work it was really,pixelated and uses windows and i used,mac so,we both noticed it so im not really,sure whats that about,and thats a huge down for me um,obviously i,i like computers with a really high,resolution,and thats usually a big factor for me,but obviously,it was a bit pixelated in here so thats,a downside for me and you guys can test,it out yourself,if you buy it and you notice something,different please let me know in the,comments,um im not really sure this is just a,review from an average consumer,so i hope you guys take this in account,when youre buying this monitor,and i hope you found this video really,helpful uh you can,write any comments uh you can you can,comment anything if you have any,questions ill try my best to answer,them and also comment your name and i,will pick a random winner and that,winner will get a shout out in the next,video,and if you found this video helpful,subscribe to my channel,hit the like button and continue,watching my future videos,so thank you guys for watching catch you,in the next one peace

SAMSUNG SJ55W Ultrawide Gaming Monitor review 2022

[Music],this is the samsung sj55w,a 34-inch 21-9 ultrawide monitor,this display is 3840x1440p,it is also the cheapest monitor at the,size and resolution that i could find on,amazon i did find a cheaper display at a,lower resolution of 2560 by 1080p,which had hdr10 support however 34,inches is too large in my opinion for,1080p resolution,and so i opted for the higher res screen,this monitor has two hdmi ports a,display port and a headphone jack it,also supports amd freesync and has a,spectacular refresh rate of 60 hertz,however it defaults to 50 hertz via the,hdmi connection this is especially,awesome as only the hdmi was included in,the box,to get past this you will need to create,a custom resolution and manually set it,to 60hz,if you would like to actually use the,freezing capabilities of this display,then you will need to source a,displayport cable separately as it does,not appear in the box,the stand while majestic and secure is,simplistic and only offers a small,degree of tilt the display however does,feature a phaser compatible mount which,means you can easily mount it to a wall,or a stand if you are so inclined,all things considered the stand is not,by any means a weak point of this,monitor,especially because of its vase mounting,options if you are an eco warrior whos,into energy savings then this is the,screen for you,at just 35 watts while in use it,probably is the most efficient computer,monitor that i own,standby power consumption is just half a,watt,and off mode consumes a mere three point,or 0.3 watts,ill give it an a,since this is the cheapest 34 inch,display on amazon i thought it would be,a good idea to compare the size relative,to a standard 24 inch display a screen,size i would guess that most people who,are buying this product may be upgrading,from,while immediately noticeable that the,samsung monitor was a small bit larger,than the 24 inch monitors,it wasnt until i slapped it onto my,desk that i realized how much bigger,this actually is,its a behemoth,the panel itself is flat non-curved and,not particularly bright it is 300,candelas per meter squared aka 300 nits,however it has decent contrast and deep,blacks as the display uses a va panel,people may think,of a dim display as a con,however for me personally its not dim,enough to cause any problems,it is more than bright enough for mind,purposes and i suspect that with a,brighter display id be dimming it in,the settings anyway,something i thought would bother me more,is its lack of curve,and some of you may be aware curved,ultra whites are relatively popular and,commonplace,however from the limited experience i,have with curved ultraviolets in,electronic stores the difference isnt,significant between a flat display and a,curved one,what is an issue for me is the screen,tearing i experience when scrolling web,pages its absolutely awful,and i wish it was something i was aware,of when i purchased this display,not that it would have really made a,difference in my decision,but i would have wanted to know about it,overall this display is worth its price,tag its a well-polished device with a,decent build quality that reflects its,price bracket,i recommend you order a displayport,cable when purchasing this monitor,however there are no glaring issues that,would deter me from recommending this,this has been oscar healy and i hope you,have enjoyed my review and unboxing of,this samsung sj55w,please like and subscribe and ill see,you in the next one,you

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It’s Overclockable! Ultra WQHD Samsung 34 inch SJ55W Ultrawide Monitor Review – Netcruzer TECH

hello folks welcome the net Cruiser Tech,over late 2019 around that holiday,period of Christmas to New Years I sort,of plan on with a lot of tech stuff and,I was filming a lot of clips as I went,along things like testing out new,monitors and technology parts and I,never really did finish a bunch of those,videos properly I have some partial,review content that was videoing so Im,just gonna throw those in them but it,doesnt really have that kind of same,kind of fluidity to a finish line that,you might be used to is just kind of,information about these products today I,want to talk to you about monitors again,Ive got another ultra wide to try this,time of Samsung so here it is this is a,Samsung ultra wide quad HD monitor 21 by,9 aspect ratio its model number is the S,34 j5 v 2 WQ an and I did get it on open,box discount so this monitor had been,bought once before and then returned by,customer now you know speculation who,knows why but I decided I would pick it,up because it was on super sale over,Christmas this monitor retails for,around $600 but I got it for 280 and,then 10% off so another $28 off I,thought it was pretty good,it is a 34 40 by 1400 VA panel now,typically I dont like VA panels because,they do color shift depending on how you,look at them whats happening here black,levels in contrast are really good but,it does have VA color shift so you see,how when I move directly in front and,all the colors are nice and saturated,but if you turn off access all the,colors get fairly washed out and muted,now I gotta say this panel is actually,performing better than the Acer IPS,panel that I tested so I do really like,it Im just finding that ultra-wide is a,bit of a gimmick where unless youre,really going to sit here and take,advantage of two windows side by side I,dont think its worth it unless youve,got a lot of ultra wide games because,when youre sitting in front of it in,full widescreen mode I dont really,think its all that useful for webpages,most of the time youre going to want to,have two windows open side by side it,turns into the equivalent of having to,monitor sub by side without the bezel in,between I do like using it that way,now lets panel is a native 75 Hertz,8-bit panel but you can overclock it,that is one unique thing about this,Samsung j55 is that you can overclock it,so you can use an application called CR,you custom resolution utility and its,very easy to go in here and you can make,a 95 Hertz profile which is what Ive,done and then once you reset your,graphics driver you can go into that,setting in Windows that I showed before,where if you havent seen this before,this is when you go into display,settings you scroll down to the bottom,of display settings you hit advanced,display settings in here it shows you,what your refresh rate is but you cant,change it here so what you can do is,click on adapter properties and then you,get this really old interface from,Windows you click on monitor and in here,you can add your 75 Hertz so all you do,is you use your custom resolution,utility you add a 75 Hertz profile you,reset your graphics driver and the next,time you go in here you will have the,setting of your Hertz,so now I can run this monitor at 95,Hertz it is a fully stable panel at 95,Hertz Ive had no downside to running it,at 95 if you try and push it to 98 or 1,or 100 it does crash it cant handle,that so 95 is its absolute limit and it,works pretty well at 34 40 by 14 hundred,and ninety-five Hertz thats decent,although it still doesnt get you that,kind of magical smoothness that 144,Hertz does thats one thing I have,noticed is that once you get a hundred,Hertz or above it really becomes a,pretty noticeable smoother experience,everything just feels faster and more,fluid ninety five isnt bad it is,certainly a upgrade over a standard 60,Hertz panel you can feel the difference,here and it is a useful upgrade to run,it at 95 Hertz because VA panels in,particular have a fairly slow white to,black refresh ratio so when you run it,like this you are mitigating that a bit,as for physical design of the display,its pretty good its got a matte border,all the way around it does not look all,that futuristic because of that border,being fairly chunky it doesnt look like,a it does not have a kind of infinity,edge display just looks like a normal,monitor and,actually from this type of ratio it,doesnt even look that ultra wide but it,is the stand is particularly terrible,though it has no tilt no height no,adjustments its pretty bad let me show,you what the back of the units like,heres the back panel on the J 55w,Samsung ultra wide its this kind of a,corrugated style plastic with a heat,vent through the top that can also be,used as a bit of a handle for moving the,monitor around this is your user,interface which is a joystick style,toggle does have a 100 by 100 I believe,visa mount option available but this,stand that it comes with is particularly,terrible its just a little plastic unit,it clicks in it has no height no tilt no,anything its really really unfortunate,actually the whole stand is a little bit,wobbly and its hard to get level,because there is no adjustments in the,stand at all now we have and IO is,fairly basic for a monitor of this size,here we have two HDMI ports I believe,one is a 2.0 one is a 1.4 we have a,display port the audio out and then the,power and the power is this barrel,connector which if you about a 10-foot,cord and it actually just thats the,power supply for the monitor and here,are the stats on it,you,okay so that Samsung monitor was a bit,of an abrupt ending I ended up returning,it because I just decided that I didnt,need one that big that monitor I do have,some regrets letting go of it was a,really good value especially at the 280,to 260 that I paid for it now its up to,550 on sale it was back up up to 650 so,heres the monitor you can get into,Canada computers although stock is,fairly limited it seems to be out of,stock everywhere Im not quite sure why,its not available that much anymore but,anyway this is the monitor that I had,and you just saw but I no longer have it,decided that ultra-wide wasnt really,for me and I decided to go for a high,refresh monitor instead okay guys if you,enjoyed this video hit that like button,if you are on here subscribe if you,wont talk to me leave a comment down,below and as always thanks for watching,[Music],remember you can overclock this to 95,Hertz,[Music]

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Samsung Ultrawide WQHD Monitor 34″ SJ55W Review &Setup Dex Muti Device SplitScreen Freesync Fornite????

whats going on YouTube is JB tech,fanatic and Im back again with another,video as always let me start this video,by thanking each and every one of you,for joining me today if you have not yet,subscribed to my channel I would be so,honored if you would consider doing so,and please if you like this video hit,that thumbs up and if you want to know,when the latest content is available,dont forget to click the notification,icon now this is part 2 on the Samsung,wqhd 21 by 9 ultrawide monitor now I,want to stress that this is part 2,because if you want to know about all,the specs in detail please check out,part 1 the cards you can click on them,here and you can check that out but,basically on that video I covered all,the specs so you know exactly what,youre getting and today were gonna,look at this bad boy in action Im gonna,go through the settings menu on the,monitor itself that way if you decide to,purchase it you can know exactly the,experience I was getting because Ill,show you my settings and then well see,it in action and I will give you my full,opinion on this monitor I want to say,thank you one more time for joining me,Im excited about this product lets get,started alright so real quick plug it,into the wall we have HDMI port one two,and a display port I just want to make,something very clear because I know some,people are having some issues this is a,75 Hertz monitor however if you are,plugged in just one device and you go to,HDMI one you are not able to get the,full 75 Hertz so theres two different,kinds of HDMI is on here so what were,gonna do today is Im gonna run an HDMI,one a samsung decks and I have my,desktop computer plugged into HDMI too,now you can also use a DisplayPort if,you would like it also has that,connection so first off we are in HDMI,to I have my desktop hooked up only,right now now as you can see on the,screen I know its small but were in a,native 34 40 by 1440 and then as,can see were getting the 75 Hertz,refresh rate so if youre a PC gamer and,you want that refresh rate remember HDMI,to is what you want but then again we,got to and well check out volt lets go,to the next step,first off what I like in a image just so,you can kind of get an idea where Im,going with these settings is I like it,to be bright but not washed out bright I,like vivid colors and then the black is,black as I can get and then of course,the fastest hurts that I can get out of,a monitor Im going to use so go ahead,and reach to the back of the monitor on,the right side theres a little button,and it has a little joystick as you can,see you have this little icon these,icons here for now were going to go up,and were going to go to the menu as you,can see we have pitcher P IP on screen,display system and information now these,are gonna be my settings you are more,than welcome to try out you know of,course anything you want now when youre,in your pitcher settings as you can see,it says Samsung magic right now I set,this to custom but they do have regular,settings like you would see on a TV,standard cinema dynamic contrast I like,custom because you get just a better,picture but again you can do whatever,you want but let me show you the custom,settings brightness I like it to be as,bright as possible without starting to,mess with the blacks but for the video I,have it all the way to 100 I find it,really good about 90 to contrast right,at 93 works really well,sharpness at 60 and then the next one we,have color if you click on color you can,see you have your red green and blue and,then color temp and gamma now on this,particular monitor Ive played with this,over and over color tone and normal it,just seems the best for my preference,but if you want that more natural look,like if youre watching movies then of,course you can go to warm too but Im,gonna leave that on normal and then the,gamma to get the darkest color like the,most vivid and not be so washed out mode,3 works the best I dont know if you,could see this on camera but when we,start at mode 1 its really bright,washed out gets a little better and then,boom mode 3 looks the best,to me now well back out Samsung Magic,upscale now I found that this actually,does make a difference this enhance,pitcher detail and vividness so go ahead,and click that and I find that mode 2 is,the best so go ahead and turn on mode 2,I saver mode if youre working late,nights or your own pure dark go ahead,and turn that on that will help reduce,strain game mode now game mode you have,off on are always on now I dont,recommend always-on unless youre going,to be gaming all the time but on is sort,of like a you know auto if you will and,when you put this on youre gonna lose a,lot of the other settings so what were,gonna do real quick is Ill show you,as far as response time it lets you pick,now we have standard faster or fastest I,put it on fastest and then pitcher size,I left on auto now the reason why I did,it on auto is because this is a very,wide monitor so its best to let it pick,especially if youre gonna go between,having two sources and one source but if,youre only gonna stick with one source,you can just put that too wide now when,I go back up game mode is on and as you,can see I now can not mess with any of,the contrast or sharpness but what Im,going to do is Im going to leave that,on and then Im gonna go over here to,system now heres the free sync option,now again right now were running my PC,its a pretty powerful PC its running a,GTX 1080 so lets just say free sync you,have two choices standard engine or,ultimate were gonna go ahead and drop,that down to ultimate and basically what,this does is it just gets rid of flicker,or screen tearing so if youre a gamer,this is just a must so well go ahead,well turn that on the screen will go,black thats completely normal and then,what will happen is itll kick back on,and now its on now remember what I was,saying about the HDMI ports now you can,actually change between one point one,and one point two in this case were,going for the full 75 Hertz Im gonna,leave it on one point to source,detection is nice,thats if you add another device itll,automatically kick over so leave that on,auto and then really all of this is just,up to you if you want the power light,LED on you can change this to whatever,youd like but as far as settings that,is all we have now what were gonna do,now is Im going to show you guys what,the pitcher and pitcher and pitcher by,pitcher is and again Im going to be,using the Samsung decks with the note,inside just to show you what it looks,like and how it works so immediately we,turn this on,as you can see Dex is loading alright so,we have two completely different sources,we have my computer and we have decks,now you can do this with anything that,has an HDMI or DisplayPort and what,happens is if you want to put even an,Xbox X in here you can have a game going,here or you can have your work going,here now when youre in this mode you,can now click over to the right as you,can see it says P iPPV P and now we have,some more options so first option is is,you can pick how you want the size to be,basically 50/50 we can drop it down,where you got it in the little corner,there now everything Ive noticed does,have a little pause but as you can see,now we have a little small box up here,and then we have the rest of the display,there and then if we switch it over to a,little bigger basically you can just,move this around to however you want it,to be as you can see the Samsung X is,loading here get that from being so,blurry I apologize and then you have the,rest of you know your display here and,then you can adjust this so Im gonna go,ahead and Im gonna put this back to,50/50 but as you can see you have four,options so well go 50/50 now when were,in 50/50 we can do other things and what,I mean by that is you can actually one,pick the source and when I say source so,we have HDMI one or two and as you can,see we can also scroll and to,DisplayPort now you can make HDMI one,over here in

Edit on wide monitor | Samsung Ultra WQHD S34J55 review

hello ladies and gentlemen welcome back,to my channel my name is bing im a,photo and video maker,in todays video lets talk about,monitors,so as a photo and video maker a good,computer monitor is very important for,us,you want it to be big for the efficiency,you want to be,color accurate for the professional,project but there are so many on the,market so how to choose one to fit your,need,actually i did my research but its such,a tangled,knowledge system about monitors its,just such a mess,so i delete this academic speech and,this is the second take but i will do,another video all about monitors in,todays video lets keep things simple,alright basically there are four types,of the monitors you can find,on the market so there are just four,types of lcd panels,using different technology the first one,is,tn it has high responding speed it has,high refresh rate but the color,and the viewing angle on it is very poor,they are mainly used,for gaming monitors and theres ips,the color is great the viewing angle is,great and the most,10-bit monitors are using ips panels but,they are a little bit expensive and it,has the worst backlight bleed,problem va panel its a good balance,between tn,and ips it has high contrast which means,the black on it,is pure and deep so its good for,watching,video content on it it has less,backlight bleed issue and the color,performance on it is,better than the tn panel theres a new,member,called the qled or qled theres led,in its name but its still an lcd with,quantum dot technology,it has the best display performance so i,believe its the best choice for the,digital content creators,the only problem is its even more,expensive than the,ips panels so if you dont care about,the size or the resolution,go buy a 1080p ips panel theyre,affordable nowadays and you wont go,wrong with it,since i want an ultra qwhd resolution,i can only find this v8 pen one that is,affordable to me this one is from,samsung size,is 24 inch it has 2440,for resolution it has 3900 to 1,contrast very good for watching video,content on it it has 4 millisecond,responding time its for amd freezing,the max refresh rate up to 75,hertz which makes it a quite good,gaming monitor it has 16.7 million,colors which means,its an 8-bit display panel as a photo,or video maker we all love 10-bit like,my canon camera shoot 14-bit cr-2 files,my bmp 64k shoot 12-bit raw,but when you bring them back to an 8-bit,monitor,however its not that bad as you think,as long as,its color accurate so i recommend you,to get,a monitor calibrator like a spider x pro,or something like this about the color,gamut,i didnt find any information on their,website ill make a test once i got my,monitor calibrator it has picture in,picture and picture by picture function,it allows you to input two video signals,simultaneously it has two hdmi and,one dp input and one 3.5 millimeter,auto jack output it has very thin bezels,which is very nice the tilting angle is,from negative 1.5,to 15 degrees and theres no height,adjustment,such a bummer but it has vessel mounting,point,to allow you to use monitor arms the,build quality is so-so,its too plasticky and the tilting,adjustment is not smooth,at all,overall its a qualified monitor for,content creators,and the price is sweet but should you,get,such a white monitor like this one from,my experience,you should yeah its kind of too wide,you really need to move your head,to look from age to age and even the,viewing angle is great,but theres a lot of reflections on the,far side,due to the big size but when you sit,back and starting watch a movie on it,you feel that all worth it but hey,lets get back to content creation,purpose in davinci resolve you get a max,satisfying experience its wide enough,so you can see more timeline details,at the same time you can have two decent,sized,monitoring windows side by side,come to photo editing its get a little,bit tricky if you can remember all the,hotkeys,then its great if you cant that would,be a little bit annoying because you,have to always look at the toolbar,and the layer sections all the time you,know theyre at the two edges,so theres some sports going on there,beside the video editing the thing i,love the most,is because its wide enough so that i,can put the chrome,next to the onenote so when i write my,script,i can do the research without minimize,any windows,even it has 3440 by 1440 resolution,you wont feel any difference in,sharpness,between the 1080p monitor because it has,almost the same pixel size,and the pixel density its not like you,swapped,from the same size 1080p to same size 4k,monitor which the pixel density got much,higher,okay the summary of this monitor the,build quality is not that good,theres no speaker no usb hub for the,color performance,and the price its a mid-range monitor,but benefit from the size,you get your efficiency improvements for,the content creation,and the great video watching experience,and theres one more thing based on my,experience,you need to power it up with a better,graphic card like,better than the gtx 1060.,okay thats a video for today thanks for,watching if you found its been useful,please hit the like button and consider,subscribing ill update the color,information about this monitor once i,got the spyder x pro,monitor calibrator see you next time bye,you

Samsung SJ55W 34 inch Ultrawide WQHD Monitor. Unboxing, setting up and review. LS34J552WQNXZA

[Music],in this video i will be,unboxing setting up and reviewing the,samsung,sj55w ultra wide,monitor this is a 34 inch monitor,it has 3440 x 1440,resolution and the maximum refresh rate,is 75 hertz this is samsungs,entry-level model for this category of,monitors,it has many features but they skimmed on,some features like,it doesnt have height adjustment no,tilt no swivel it just have like a fixed,stand but it has a very good picture,as youre gonna see and it has some,inputs doesnt have speakers,but it has an audio jack it also has,one display port input two hdmi,inputs and thats basically it,for the inputs and for the ports,it needs an adapter to be powered on,of course adapter is provided as you saw,and these are the cables that come with,the screen,it comes with a display port cable,and also it comes with an hdmi cable,which is very good,this is the user manual and the one in,the information,and this is the neck for the base,its made of plastic and the base also,is made of plastic,so this is a base its well weighted,looks good but its made of plastic so,this is where they cut,so that they can offer this monitor at,an affordable price,you can check out the monitor in the,description if you want i have the link,in the description,if you have to check it out on amazon,so this snack of course will go into the,base,and then into the monitor this is how,you assemble it,it has two screws and a small latch,you just insert it like this like make,sure the latch goes in,and then for the screws first you can,tighten them by your hand a little bit,so that they go in,and then using a flat head screwdriver,tighten them very well,this is what im doing here,and here im gonna show you a close look,at the ports,so we have two hdmi inputs the display,port as i said the audio jack,and the power input which is proprietary,so make sure you dont lose adapter,this is a small cable management which,is very good,and i use that and it really hides the,cables,so the neck just snaps in the monitor,so all you have to do is to tighten it,so this is a rocker switch it is for,powering on and it is for navigation on,the menu,im going to show you a little bit later,the menu,so this is the screen doesnt tilt as,you,see,it looks very good on the desk it really,looks good,its stylish it is simple,and its really big as you saw it took,almost all my desk,now its very important to install the,driver for,this monitor otherwise windows will see,it,as a generic monitor so to do this,just search for samsung support download,and go to samsung download,center,and here all you have to do is to choose,a category,and the monitor model and you will be,taken to a driver,download and the user manual download,so here its wqhd monitors widescreen,and this is the sj55w,and this is a driver just download the,driver its an executable file,and it is self-installed so all you have,to do is double click on it,and it will install the driver by itself,im going to show you how,so once it is downloaded,open the location and double click the,file,and all this is automatic all you have,to do is follow the prompts and it will,be installed automatically the driver,as youll see and here it will ask you,on which graphic card you want to,connect your monitor in case you have,many graphic cards here i have only one,and choose a model of the monitor and,where it is connected on which port here,i am connecting it to hdmi to so i chose,hdmi two,and here im gonna show you im,launching device manager,by typing device manager in the search,box and here you have,under monitor you see that it recognizes,a monitor,now you need to adjust the resolution if,it didnt adjust automatically,depending on your graphic card that you,have in your pc,here i have an intel graphic card so i,opened intel command center,and i went under display,and here it detected my monitor in case,it didnt,just go on custom and put the widths and,the height which is 3440 and 1440,and the maximum refresh rate for this,intel 630 uhd,graphic card on hdmi is 50 hertz only,so it is 50 hertz as you see i put 49 in,the custom,and it will take 50 when you click on ok,the viewing angle of this monitor is,really good,so you dont see blacks on the left or,on the right,it just displays very good its a very,good image,unlike other monitors i tested before,like the acer for instance,this is very good this is not an ips,panel so maybe this is the reason,here im showing you on different angles,you dont see any blacks,and you can see all the monitor even,though its wide,heres a look at the menu so using the,rocker switch,on the back of the monitor just when you,press it you have many selections if you,go up you can,choose the menu and here you have some,options in the menu,you can adjust the brightness and,contrast to your liking,and here as you see you have like the,eye saver mode,i kept it on off because it really dims,the picture,and you have the other settings you can,adjust them to your liking,the picture in picture and picture by,picture im gonna show you afterwards,how to use them,this is on screen setup display i kept,it by default,and for the system here you have free,sync in case you have an amd graphics,card you can put it on on,echo savings i kept it on off,and for me all the inputs will be four,pcs so i kept them on pcs,the display port version its 1.2 i kept,it on 1.2,the source detection i kept it on auto,and the power led i put it on working,always so that i can see,when the monitor is turned on,now this is a shortcut for the menu,if you push the rocker to the left or to,the right,you adjust the volume and up or down,youll adjust,the picture like the brightness and,contrast and the eyesafer mode,now im gonna show you the picture in,picture and picture by picture,and this is really a setting that i,really like,in case you have two pcs you can connect,both pcs,and just activate pip ppb,when it is activated it will detect the,pcs and as you see here,the ppb it divided the screen by itself,directly,in case you want to adjust like put a,picture in picture instead of picture by,picture,just adjust the position and adjust,also here the format of display,so this is im adjusting the format,which is a small,rectangle and the position is on the,upper left corner,and as you see here it adjusts,automatically,and also you can select here,the size and everything of this,for the sound source you can select,which pc you want to get the sound from,so left or right hdmi and even for the,source if you have pcs connected to,displayport,you can here also select it,picture size i will put it on automatic,so that it will adjust for any pc i,connect,and here the last option is if you want,to control,the contrast for each part of the screen,so that was it i hope you enjoyed this,video and found it useful,if you think this video might help,others please share it subscribe to my,channel and give this video a thumbs up,thank you for watching

Samsung 34J55 SJ55W Monitor Unboxing and Review

hey hows it going today were gonna,check out the Samsung ultrawide monitor,34 inch monitor were going to see the,capabilities were gonna try different,applications on it lets see what it can,do for you and you can see just how much,you can fit on the one screen all the,things you love right sure,and you oh yeah sure lets go,[Music],you see before you the rather large box,for the Samsung wqhd you will monitor 34,inch widescreen monitor were gonna,break this box up and see what we got,inside all right so lets break the seal,see what we have in the side here very,large box I must say okay here we are so,first things first power supply which is,a good thing of course next we have the,instructions and its like an HDMI cable,and some other miscellaneous paperwork,here it is looks like a mounting bracket,or maybe an input device some sort this,is the base and finally star the show,here,thats nice,and if you can see all that Ill hold,sideways here very large on the back,side we have the input area here and if,you look closely we have two HDMI looks,like one DisplayPort and Im not sure,what the other two are well go through,and try those out and see what that is,so put the base on its pretty,straightforward we have the major part,of the base here in the stem just slide,the stem in on the other side then,theres some screws go ahead and screw,those in and then this base part slides,into the bottom of the TV here like so,thats it so were gonna get this set up,in the office and well take a look at,so my previous setup with the computer,was using the sony 32 inch TV with the,full HD resolution of 1920 by 1080 I,used the same TV for work for browsing,gaming video editing photography,everything here you can see the new,monitor in front of the old TV and so,its a lot wider a little bit shorter,the resolution is significantly greater,at 34 40 by 1440 so thats a lot more,detail in a wider space so this should,be quite good the monitoring aspect,ratio is 21 9 and it does allow you to,tilt the monitor back a little bit to,enhance your viewing angle this diagram,here kind of shows you the difference in,resolution thats where Im coming from,was the TV with the full HD 1920 by 1080,and now the 34:40 by 1440 ultra wide,screen here are some specs for this,monitor the MSRP for this monitor is for,$29.99,this monitor has two HDMI inputs and one,DisplayPort input for me thats not,nearly enough and Ill show you how to,get around that later but I did try to,use an adapter HDMI to display port,adapter for the DisplayPort input and it,would not work even with DisplayPort 1.1,or 1.2 it still didnt work so I found,that a little strange so what do I begin,with this matter first of all its,beautiful the the colors are rendered,very well its very bright its,basically two screens you know two,separate monitors side-by-side in a way,so it really handles multiple,applications very well,in this case here like youre doing,video editing that kind of thing its,perfect for that where you can have your,results window on one side and your a,work area on the other you can even just,have it playing watch video while youre,doing a spreadsheet etc etc so you get,the idea but basically you have so many,options here if you want to watch,particular video in you know on the side,again while youre working or do,fullscreen its beautiful the video here,of this screen is not you know nearly as,good as it looks in real life its hard,to capture that from a video but trust,me its really really nice looking very,sharp very bright and does does the job,well I was a little naive to think that,the monitor would have speakers but it,did not again coming from the TV world I,wasnt thinking about that when when I,got hold of this I just picked up the,Logitech desktop speakers and plug them,into the headphone jack in the back and,it works very well,[Music],so with a resolution of 34 40 by 1440,you have a lot of room to work with here,so you can get these windows pretty big,very easy to see and you know allow you,to again do one thing on one side just,enjoy some video or TV show whatever the,case may be and do your work on the,other its quite handy youre saving a,lot of space by having just one monitor,here but it can do the job of two okay,so I found that really useful especially,when doing work or a web application,development that kind of thing you want,to have your database windows open on,one side and your your Visual Studio IDE,on the other doing you or add coding,its quite handy you can fight tell from,some of these images how sharp it is it,is a fairly detailed very nice looking,monitor but I dont know how else to,show you more examples of what you can,do at the same time but you can,basically do anything you want as long,as you were a graphics card and computer,can handle it another nice feature of,the monitor is the capability to do a,picture by picture and picture in,picture so here Im going to show you,the picture in picture capability I have,a Roku hooked up to one of the other,inputs so again theres two HDMI is in,the back and then Im running some TV,feed through the second shoot this is,the second input there so so you can see,on the bottom right corner there its TV,live TV going on in the second window so,right now the the audio is coming from,the PC area but youre able to change,the sound source so now there you can,change it to the Roku device the second,HDMI input,and then you can watch your TV program,there always in the corner while youre,doing work which is quite nice so it,handles both of those feet,simultaneously without any problem,without any struggle means and theyre,both worked very very well Im very,impressed with how how well that works,you do so there are different sizes of,the screen that you can do from the,second input source so here were going,to increase the size youll stay in the,bottom right corner as you can see after,the refresh here its about 30% or so,bigger so you have different options for,how big I think thats the biggest when,its not side-by-side that you can have,in one of the corners of the screen so,next Im going to show you how you can,basically change the position of the,second input window so here Im rotating,around I can put it now in the top right,corner as you can see and you have,options for top left and bottom left as,well so you can use any of the four,corners of your monitor for this second,input stream youll notice here the,picture and picture screen has priority,on the of the screen its on top so your,computer or your other source will be,underneath it so you just have to work,around that area so we looked at the,picture and picture capabilities here,for this monitor now were going to show,you the picture by picture which is a,side by side display of your two HDMI or,DisplayPort in port so on one side you,have in my case and one side I have HDMI,one displaying my computer and on the,right side is HDMI to using my live TV,stream and again you have the capability,to switch the input the sound input,between the two so you can list the,sound from one or the other but you have,the entire desktop on the left,everything all the windows on one screen,and then the TV running on the other,side so a lot of people will find this,very useful I think to do their work on,its so called normal size screen on the,left and then,have the TV going on the right or if you,prefer you can overlay picture and,picture as we displayed before having it,just sitting in the corner of your,entire display so the matter comes with,two HDMI inputs and in my opinion with,all the gadgets here thats not enough,so I was concerned about that but I came,up with the solution and I just have a,simple HDMI switch box so here I can,switch from my Roku to your favorite,video game system in this case its the,PlayStation 4 and then youre able to,play the PlayStation in the picture and,picture window there on the side and the,results are stunning it really is,I picked this game here wipeout which is,very ric

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