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SAR 9 Compact

hitchcock 45 here with a sar 9 compact,you ever heard of that,well a lot of people have i had not,really shot one didnt know much about,it its the sar 9c as you can see made,in turkey,and its only appropriate that a,big turkey would try it out right,and smoke a little pot with it,oh man,yeah do some bowling shoot a paper,target,all right pretty nice sights,uh how about another 2-liter,that ammo,thats okay,yeah the sar 9 compact,uh many of you are very familiar with,them probably the bigger ones and,this one and they have a lot of,different models and firearms i wasnt,that familiar with them to tell you the,truth,and uh,saw some of the people at,the nra meeting exhibits that everybody,had a sar usa bag i think they gave away,about a thousand bags to carry things in,and i never did get through the booth,but i did uh run into some of their uh,representatives you know breakfast and,different times around the nice folks,but uh i admit i wasnt familiar with,them and wed get by the booth i never,did but i got to look around buds,website,and they had a lot of them a lot of the,models and i could tell they were,popular and a lot of people knew about,them just not this big dummy really,and i think ive heard of them and uh so,anyway im gonna get one and try it out,uh i dont want to be a gun snob all,right i know i kind of am i make fun of,high points and,and that sort of thing but thats all in,fun uh,almost all experienced shooters do that,okay im sorry but we do,uh its not because theyre cheap or,anything like that its just because,theyre so big and clunky,uh this gun is reasonably priced,uh,nsrp around 450,i dont know what you could get it for,maybe 400,and its not big and clunky its,more or less the size of a glock 19.,yeah it just is its a little heavier,its almost 27 ounces and a uh glock 19,is 24 rounds in that vicinity so so its,a little heavier and i did some,measuring on it the slides the same,thickness i couldnt get it because i,could tell it was a little heavier,but it turns out uh through my,measurements and my scientific,experiments the slides a little uh,higher taller okay you know what im,saying it is thicker but from top to,bottom okay but as far as the width its,the same so you got a little more weight,and of course that makes it very,pleasant to shoot its almost like,well you tell me uh its uh,more like shooting a what would be about,a glock 30,but uh but you know whether the heavier,slides on a heavier glock you know in a,nine millimeter so,uh so its very pleasant to shoot okay,so and of course we appreciate buds gun,shots where i got this thing really big,help and the federal premium look at,that federal premium got some ammo shoot,through it and test it out here just,have two mags so,i always limit it and that way it comes,with two 15 round magazines okay,and then of course we appreciate sonoran,desert institute,sdi.edu might have seen you there at,their booth at the nra meeting okay uh,good to meet you,but uh,sdi.edu get yourself some distance,learning get on the road to becoming a,gunsmith might be just what the doctor,ordered for you we need more of you,and uh so yeah lets shoot this thing,you want to,got another magazine here,and then well talk a little bit about,it,all right im shooting 124 grain you,know federal,uh,premium ammo lets shoot some of that,all right,if we have any left lets put them on,the gong,[Music],feels pretty good,pretty good,its a lot of bad shooter i tell you,that when i first took it out of the box,i dont know i it felt uh,something about it i dont know its a,little heavy,not not not ridiculously heavy or,anything,and,i dont know,it didnt strike me it didnt impress me,as much uh the first day i had it,as it has since then ive headed out uh,two three times shooting it,and i will say every time i shoot it,i i like a little more i think maybe the,triggers breaking in slide whatever the,magazines are kind of tricky to get that,first round in,uh seems to be a firearm that after some,use,breaking in you know serves it well,serves me well,but uh,interesting interesting firearm i uh,for me to not really be familiar with,them at all its,not bad uh so far no math functions,and it seems to shoot where you aim,its been reliable so far it might mess,up today,on camera,so thats what it does but uh i dont,know it seems right this company sorry,its kind of short for oh gosh here we,go,theyre a turkish company theyre in,turkey i think against an instant,istanbul istanbul,i get it out in a minute,and theyve been making guns since 1880,as i understand,uh one of the biggest farms,manufacturers in the world we all know,that there are a lot of,really large gun manufacturers in in,turkey,so they they compete with kanik of,course and i guess others,but uh,yeah it was uh lets see yeah its on,the gun,this is the company is so safe,sarge le mans sars lama something like,that but you know sars for short so sar,the tsar nine uh the zr9 compact and,their other other versions they make so,something you might wanna uh take a look,at you know if youre shopping for a,firearm and you see one of these or its,a rental gun,to try out because you would save some,cash on a firearm like this,and as i understand the highly respected,company and firearms,they make these for the militaries uh,around the world and and theyre highly,tested i read that uh this gun or the,tsar nines in general had 150 000 rounds,of test firing and that you know,turkish guns,i have a pretty good reputation,[Music],not bad seems to listen up more and more,now,you can see the uh the slide is its,kind of glockish and at the tr the,sights look just like block sights that,front side i think they attach the same,way,everything,uh,i know the the grip feels more like an,hk a uh i dont know,eight uh p30 or i dont know vp9 maybe,and youve got these uh different grid,panels and even side panels hows that,that doesnt happen very often does it,so you can,form the grip however you want with the,legos they provide i guess,and it breaks down a lot like some of,those other firearms if i can do it its,a little stiff,you have to pull the trigger,okay even after you pulled the trigger,or does this one have no it doesnt have,the internal leg but you pull the,trigger,yeah im confusing it with my uh m p,thats right it doesnt have the little,thingy uh which is fine with me you know,if you,cant pull the trigger safely before,breaking down a firearm maybe you should,not have a firearm uh,so,you know whats that look like whats,that barrel look like to you,yeah its like a barrel isnt it so,were still stripping the gun which,everybody does in order to clean it,right,right,this is how you clean a firearm you must,keep it clean,uh field strip it in order for it to be,safely fired,correct yes everybody knows that,hopefully even the people in california,that run the big tech companies right so,well put that together,and uh,yeah,thats so far,im uh fairly well impressed my my,biggest negative would be what well some,of your negatives would be its not very,ambi,right because theres uh,this uh the mag release looks like its,probably reversible i think it it is uh,theres no slide lock on on the right,side or anything like that,but uh,you know sights are ambi you know uh no,problem there,and there was something else about it i,was gonna lie about forgot what it was,lets check the trigger trigger is not,bad it uh,ive read and ive seen people say it,has a nice wall i dont it has a stop,and but then it kind of rolls through,its not necessarily much of a wall for,me,it does stop and then,you get harder but it kind of rolls,through its fine for shooting,which is what the guns for,but now the resets nice i think uh,as im all the way back now yeah short,reset and uh you can you can feel it you,can hear it,that little red arrow there let you know,whether its uh cocked or not right,see dont see it now,were about to get rained on so maybe,youll see how it does in the rain,lets shoot a couple more times,all right im not shot

SAR-USA Sar 9 Range Review – TheFirearmGuy

hey there friends thanks for checking in,at the range now and today we are,revisiting,the tsar usa sar 9,full-size handgun ive had it for a,couple years now i really enjoy it,lets go ahead and take a few shots and,then well talk,more about,there it is the sar9,imported by sar usa this,is what i consider a cross between,an hk lower and a glock upper you can,see its squared off much like a glock,it does have,front serrations there comes with two,magazines,17 round mags 4.4,inch barrel and check out that grip,doesnt that remind you of the p30,series with hk,it does come with three additional back,straps and grip panels,to custom fit the hand size of the,shooter a little bit of a beveled,mag well there and i already mentioned,17 round,magazines a very nice gun and many,people take one look at that and they,say well thats a,you know a mating session between glock,and hk,and i could not agree more it shoots,outstanding,very happy with it since day one and,this has been,tested and used throughout militaries,in europe and its a turkish-made gun,and its a very nice gun ive had it for,a while as i mentioned,now the trigger is a one-piece trigger,it does have a trigger bar safety in,there,im measuring it at five and a half,pounds and then there is,the reset it has this red piece right in,there,hope that can pick up and then when that,is no longer visible,is right when it breaks three dot sights,and a pick rail right there disassemble,similar to glax you know and so many,others these days,just like that you can see it has a dual,recoil spring and of course the polymer,lower sire usa,i you know they they actually make some,impressive,models i set my spinners back up those,are actually very small targets five,inches wide,but the sar 9 has an msrp of 422,on average mid 300s is what you can pick,this up for,and prior to all this knots thats going,on in the gun world,in the mid 200s is what this was selling,for that is,a steal for such a nice pistol,with a great reputation by the way,especially,overseas lets try some one-handed here,and see,[Applause],yeah if i take my time instead of,rushing through the shots,i do much better with those spinners,i spent about a half hour on the phone,today with a rep from,sar usa and we spoke about the sar 9x,it is a an updated version of this it is,cerakoted and platinum,it has lightning cuts on the slide,it it comes with a light its a,beautiful looking handgun,a 17 and 19 round magazine,and it very much models this but its,updated and it offers more capacity and,it comes with a light and,some other things that im not,mentioning but,i really want to get that one in my,hands i think that would be something,very interesting so if it has an msrp of,555,chances are right in the mid 400s is,what it would sell for and i,would love to review that but there is,the sar 9. a beautiful,shooting handgun very smooth its a nato,gun,primarily 124 grain 9 millimeter is what,its suited for,the sar 9x comes with a holster a mag,holster,a light and is optic ready its set to,cut an rmr,the sar9 here has a loaded weight just,under 35 ounces,and unloaded just under 28 ounces,lets take a few shots that you can,check out the lack of,recoil,lets check out the tsarnaev reliability,with a lipress test,nice it passed,so there it is the tsar usa sar9,its an impressive gun especially in,that budget price range i needed to get,it back out to the range and check it,out its been a little while,and i leave today as impressed,as i was when i received it and all the,other times that ive taken it,to the range its its a nice gun very,happy with it,and i really want to get that sar 9x in,my hands because,i think they have a real winner if you,like videos like this please subscribe,and share i always appreciate thumbs up,button,thanks for watching and you guys be safe

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Best Budget Pistol? SAR USA SAR9 Review

foreign,[Applause],[Music],hey everybody whats going on thanks for,swinging by i sure do appreciate it this,is your first time with the channel my,name is mark welcome to fit and fire,lets get into this video this time,were going to be talking about the sar,usa,sar 9 and this is the cheapest pistol,that i have ever purchased,in my life and were going to be talking,about all of that coming up here in just,a second but before we get into that i,wanted to take a second to talk about a,company that i fully support and put,my name to and thats going to be,uscca i am a card-carrying member of,uscca i pay my dues every single month i,am in their elite tier and there are a,number of different tiers that you could,get into if youre looking for a company,that,will protect you before during and after,a personal defense encounter now im not,getting paid to say anything good bad or,indifferent about uscca this is not an,ad read i do have a link down in the,description below if you guys are,interested in checking them out just go,ahead and click that link and itll send,you right over to sign up should you,decide to do so,i do not get any type of affiliation,kickbacks or anything like that from,uscca it is just a link to get you over,where you need to be and let them know,that i sent you thats it but at the end,of the day i firmly believe in,everything that theyre trying to do and,wanted to talk about them to you guys,let you know that they are there to,protect you while you are protecting,your family so check them out and,naturally use the link so they know that,i sent you all right lets get into this,pistol this man,this is kind of a crazy pistol for a,couple different reasons number one it,is extremely affordable for pretty much,anybody thats looking for a pistol are,there,less,inexpensive,pistols is that a word,if is there cheaper pistols out there,yes there is thats what im trying to,say,but i found that this pistol,is checking a lot of blocks that i,really really do like but there are some,concerns that i have with it so,naturally im going to talk about the,good with the bad and then give my,opinions at the end of the video as i,normally do and kind of give you the so,what as to,should you purchase one of these should,you carry one of these,is this better for concealed carry home,defense or whatever talk about all of,that at the end all right so naturally,full disclosure im not getting paid to,say anything good bad or indifferent,about this pistol i purchased this,pistol on my own and am doing a review,sar usa has no idea that i am even,reviewing this pistol so we are going to,talk about the good were going to talk,about the bad and go from there with,that being said this is the love child,of a glock and an hk,and it is extremely apparent in the,slide and the trigger,assembly for this pistol that is going,to be almost identical to that of a,glock 17. you can see it not only in the,barrel lugs but also the,double captive recoil spring,you can see it in the components on the,slide itself and then in the trigger,assembly as well now when i had this,transferred to me after i purchased it,i had my ffl jim from flying monkey gun,works he took a look at it and hes also,a glock armorer and he said yes these,are in fact very very similar in design,not exact but very very similar so you,should be getting the same reliability,that you would expect from a glock in,this pistol now the,other side of it is going to be,the,very similar design in the frame to that,of the hk vp9 or the p30,youre going to notice that in not only,the texture here on the pistol grip but,also the fact that youre going to get,three back straps and three side panels,to fit this pistol to your hand,perfectly so again youre giving you,about 27 different combinations just,like you would find on a vp9 so,heres the,so what about all of that i just said,seemingly youre going to get the,reliability of a glock 17 with the,ergonomics,of a vp9 that is,something that really caught my eye when,i first started looking at these here,recently lets talk about some of the,things that youve got going on with it,naturally youre going to have 17 round,magazines these seem to be,very similar in design to a vp9 magazine,but i have not been able to,get my hands on a vp9 magazine to find,out whether or not these are compatible,i will look into that as we move forward,but for this video i had not been able,to,confirm that as of yet the magazine,release here with all the ergos on this,pistol are really really nice exactly,where you would expect them and it is,reversible to the other side just like,you would expect on a glock the,internals for that is again almost,identical to a glock as well so thats,really nice you can also tell that on,the cutouts here on the magazine they,have cutouts on either side which is a,indication that it is reversible,takedown on this is going to be exactly,like you would expect from a glock,pistol as well and then it does have an,ambidextrous manual safety now,im not a fan of manual safeties,for one,specific reason and that is if you dont,use this safety,and it inadvertently gets turned on,as you draw youre trying to pull the,trigger nothings happening youre going,to tap rack,nothings happening,so if you do purchase this pistol,in your draw stroke you need to practice,turning that safety off or putting it on,fire every time you,draw your pistol,its in a really good place so your,thumb naturally,kind of gravitates to it and it can be,used as a rest so if you are drawing,just go ahead and turn that off,swipe that safety every single time,you draw this pistol so thats one of,the things that youll need to keep an,eye out for,standard three dot sights on this and,the interesting thing is if you put a,light to these white three dot sights,they will glow they are luminescent,something i didnt pick up on until i,started to put it away in the safe,thought i saw something glowing charged,them up and they do glow,not very bright but its better than,nothing i guess,and,the rear sight looks to be a novak style,dovetail,driftable rear sight so if you need to,move it left or right for windage or,kind of zeroing your pistol,with the ammunition that youre using,you can do that which is a pretty nice,feature so,theres that,trigger on this go ahead and clear it to,make sure were good to go,is very similar to that of a glock,pistol so youre going to have some take,up theres going to be some creep and,mush in that trigger,and then its going to break over heres,your reset,right there not too bad um very similar,to a glock once again and then heres,your trigger pull again little creep,and then it breaks over,now i will say that when i first got,this out of the box there was a very,gritty trigger with this but after 250,rounds,it has really kind of smoothed itself,out and it feels pretty decent coming in,right around that six to six and a half,pound mark on the trigger pull weight,gauge whatever you want to call it,and,so not too bad i thought its doing,pretty decent,for this type of pistol and the money,that youre paying for it so the first,250 rounds has been all 115 grain nine,millimeter and ive used three different,types of ammunition wolf steel case ive,used new production,blazer brass,and then ive used some riemann stuff,that i had left over as well and it used,all of that just fine a lot of people,said that,you should start off with 124 grains and,kind of work the springs in a little bit,but i started off with 115 and 250,rounds later not a single issue so that,is very promising,with that being said overall experience,very good so far but were going to go,ahead and continue to put rounds through,this to see how well it does,moving forward but thats not to say,that everything with this pistol has,been good ive got three major concerns,when it comes to this pistol,some may be a little nitpicky,but for me there,could be,no goes when it comes to deciding,whether or not i would carry this pistol,or,modify it or upda

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SARS 9mm vs. Walther PDP Review

[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],okay,sir 1911 here today and were gonna do a,video what do you think surprise,no anyway before we get started make,sure guys,go click out sgt 1911.com sgt1911.com,check out my battle buddies i do,appreciate the subscriptions that ive,got out there all you subscribers,booyah i love it i appreciate it if you,have not subscribed,you may be missing out you need to go,check it out click the little ringy,thingy over there and make sure you get,a notification,okay lets go were going to check out a,little pistol today,but im going to do it a little bit,differently im going to do the typical,thing but im gonna,check out a sar nine millimeter,now if you can get a look at that that,says sar usa the reason they say usa is,because this thing come from turkey,this is as im gonna say it wrong but,im gonna do my redneck version,salsimar nine millimeter,now they make about three or four,versions of this thing and theyre they,all,differ so slightly maybe ones a quarter,inch longer ones a quarter inch shorter,man theyre all basically the same thing,and that brings up something else were,going to talk about this gun company,established in 1880 they say,theyre making guns over in turkey they,make them for the turkish military and,turkish government and thats all good,and,everybody most people are familiar that,we got good guns coming out turkey for,several years now,we got a lot of nice shotguns good,turkish walnut we got some pretty nice,stuff out there thats relatively,inexpensive,thats another reason we want to look at,your hand guys but what were gonna do,weve got another black plastic box,lots of them out there right black,plastic box im gonna open it up,unboxing things sometimes just dont,turn me on you feel me but,im gonna do it for a reason today i got,my paperwork worked there,sorry usa,my bicycle lock,i got a cleaning rod,a couple tools which you guys know i,kind of like the tools better than i do,the,magazine things if my phones not strong,enough,to load a magazine maybe i dont need to,be trying to load one,ive got one magazine this looks like,this would be 17 round magazine,ive got one,two ive got multiple pieces to adjust,the back straps with i mean multiple,pieces it looks like ive got,two four i got six different variations,one on there i got about eight different,ways i can adjust the backstrap of this,pistol,and looks like ive got a tool for,takedown,im assuming thats what it is for,takedown thats interesting most people,dont,dont give you any tools put this back,in here,im gonna pick this pistol up now i want,you guys to,look at it just for a second,take a look at it im not gonna im not,gonna go much farther until i count to,maybe five in my little mine,and now well start to look at the,pistol what we got is a nine millimeter,got some white sights on it,i got serrations front and back theyre,not,extremely aggressive but they,are more aggressive than a glock you,know ive got,looks like a nice pistol grip,magazine release 17 plus,one trigger guard,look at the shape of the trigger guard,look how its textured out there,okay now look i got a rail underneath,here nice nice,fit handgun fits my hand well,external extractor,got that safety trigger in there,i dont see anything super special about,it and thats my point now i do have,a safety on it it appears ive got an,ambidextrous safety not overly large,take a look close at that i got it on,this side,im going to turn the pistol around and,ive got it on this side,not anything unusual,um nice texture,and like i said it is adjustable with,three additional so a total of four sets,there,[Music],like its just a single action gun,trigger on it not too bad im gonna try,to do a trigger gauge on it you know but,im not think that it might not pull off,too good its not,extremely good trigger but its not uh,extremely bad trigger the angle which it,is,is not gonna let me do it and thats the,trouble sometimes with a,now i got a good bad angle im you know,im gonna say,this is a pretty decent little handgun,one thing that you guys might be,guessing about,is turkish made um like i said theres,about six models five six models the,nine millimeter the only difference in,any of them is maybe a,quarter inch longer one extra round,the width on it is within an eighth of,an inch of,all of them theyre all really really,close to each other,but thats not room what im talking,about and i wanted you to take a few,minutes there and just a few seconds and,look at it real closely were going to,go out and see if we can make it go bang,but as i went through this box i want to,think about something,im gonna go through another box over to,the side let me just bring it over here,its a black basket box,im gonna lay it this way for a reason i,got a bicycle lock,got a bicycle off ive got adjustable,pieces remember we had adjustable pieces,i got an extra magazine we had an extra,magazine,this one has something to help you load,it,so your thumb dont get so tired,the sars had a couple tools,all right now lets get to the eye candy,here youre all going to be familiar,with it and boy it is,really really caught a lot of attention,i want you look what we got,we have the walter pdp this thing,has really set the pistol world on fire,people really love it theyre all,excited about it,you go back and check out my review with,it im extremely happy,with this pistol the trigger on,everything is just,amazing its for a polymer pistol its,cool,lets put them side by side,the difference between these two,handguns,is so minimal,[Music],both got white dot size,theyre within an eighth of an inch or,less of being the same length,im going to say the biggest difference,between these two pistols,is probably the serrations on the slide,and the trigger itself now now these,sierra lane serration is good,theyre good these are extremely rough,you know people will go so far one in,the spectrum and complain about,serrations that theyre not rough enough,and then you got other people,say then well cut in your finger and,hurt your finger,these are quite aggressive here on the,corner,im gonna try to roll the pistol im,gonna roll it so you can see them on the,side,and as i roll around i dont know if,youll be able to see or not youll see,that they get deeper you can see how,deep they are maybe,so theyre extremely deep now when i,switch over to the sarge pistol,im gonna do the same thing im gonna,roll it around,and youll see theyre not deep but,theyre there,theyre a little bit closer to glocks,aerations but theyre a little bit,deeper and more pronounced in the grom,clock you know,i dont think that theres that much,differences,in the two pistols i just dont think,that there are,obviously the magazines will not,interchange,but you know theyre so close and so,similar i didnt weigh them,if theres difference in weight maybe,the sars is,a little heavier but it cant be,much um that should be,just enough to help you with recoil that,would be,it the trigger on them or,the walther is good the sars,not bad i mean you know theyre both,single action triggers you know the big,differences in them that i see,a little bit on the trigger bell look at,the trigger right here,and look at the one on the walter right,here now the one on the,sars will actually let my hand get up a,little bit higher behind the trigger,so my web of my hand is closer to the,access of the barrel,which should help me control it just a,little bit more,the water is not quite so high i cant,get as high on it,but man theyre so close so i mean sarge,and heres what the real difference is,when it boils down to it we have so many,nine millimeter polymer pistols out,there that the markets just,flooded with them and theres tough,tough competition,enough that that sars turkish made,handgun,is just about half the price of the,walther pdp,now i dont know you guys but half the,price if i can get,two of these for what i can just about,get one of these,that trigger i can stand to give a,little bit on a trigg

SAR 9 Review (Sarsilmaz USA SAR 9 Review)

[Music],[Applause],welcome to firearms of america today im,back here at shooters in fort myers,florida about to do the review,of another turkish firearm and this time,its a handgun,it is sar 9,a very very popular handgun,for a few reasons well uh 4.4 inch,barrel pretty good chambered in nine,millimeter obviously star,nine and where is the magazine,17 capacity magazine yes,very very impressive specifications,so far so,lets do some shooting and uh well see,what it can do,now um while im putting on,putting in these rounds into the,magazine,[Applause],now sort it out make it uh,start with five unlucky number five,so while im putting this uh rounds in,the magazine,i wanted to invite you to consider uh,checking out my patreon there is really,much on patreon,but if you have heard uh youtube,recently decided to uh demonetize my,whole channel,uh yes because apparently most of my,content is harmful,to you my dear viewers this stuff is,harmful right here,um unfortunately sorry about that sorry,for making the harmful content,uh but but uh please consider supporting,me through patreon,because that definitely helps me bring,more quality content,to this channel so i got five rounds in,the magazine and let me tell you guys,very easy to load surprisingly very nice,spring,this is practically a brand new gun well,it was brand new,before i started shooting it today ive,shot it already quite a lot,today uh very nice spring for,for a brand new magazine and you already,noticed that it is,nicely numbered in the back,double side magazine so lets uh,get it in and see what it can do,and i will start with the middle yellow,circle right there because,it looks so nice and clean and why not,the middle circle that is white all,right,[Music],and i got it yes lets see if i can do,[Music],all right so its a good group over,there,so one thing you probably noticed um,the firearm did not lock back,on the last round which uh,most likely is because it is brand new,so it didnt break in very well um,it needs to be lubricated a little bit,and also the,testing ammo that i use is a lower grain,ammo so that can be the case,but not a huge deal lets start talking,about the features and then well do,some more shooting and well see if we,it locks backs on the next round of,shooting the rounds next round of,shooting the rounds,all right so my favorite probably my,favorite part one of my favorite parts,on this gun is the grip look at that you,know what i think i do miss,after shooting this gun i think i do,miss uh the finger grooves on the grip,on the glocks i wish they didnt get rid,of them in the generation five i always,say that,that doesnt really matter but i think i,do miss them because that feels good,it feels really really good very,ergonomic very pleasant,perfect shape i would say really nice,grip look at that,now the stippling that you can see,on the grip is not very aggressive so i,kind of do wish that there was a little,bit more aggression this is this is not,aggressive at all it does look,aggressive,but trust me its not uh very aggressive,whenever youre actually holding it in,your hand,one big thing that i do like about the,magazine,ejector i mean this the magazine just,flies out of it and i do like it because,it makes it easier to,replace if youre doing the speed reload,definitely helps with that you know its,just it just flies out of there very,good,now the mag release itself is a very,kind of a small,thin button probably could use a little,bit more area not a huge big deal and,there is a little bit of,a stippling going on on it now it is not,ambidextrous,kind of looks like it is reversible very,similar to a glock im pretty sure it is,reversible so i guess if youre,left-handed,uh you can do that and accommodate,yourself,for that specific reason you probably,noticed some serrations on the front of,the trigger guard as well,helpful if you are you know this type of,gripper,i sometimes i do that especially on,compact guns definitely helps to use,their finger on the trigger guard,the accessory rail you probably notice,that as well,if you are into flashlights or lights,in fact there is actually whats the,word,pimped out version of sr9,uh with extended magazine with some,lights with some uh,ports on the slide looks pretty cool,check it out hopefully one day ill be,able to get it to,uh do the review on it but lets put,some five more rounds and then we will,get into,talking about the slide and the trigger,now overall,the i mean 4.4 inch barrel i think,thats,perfect for a nine millimeter round the,recoil,uh is very easy to manage recoil on this,gun,plus the slide itself is uh,i wouldnt say its necessarily a tough,slide to wreck but you can definitely,feel,that spring it is a pretty tight spring,so it does a good job overall at,handling the recoil,so got five more rounds,siri dont uh dont try to uh,mess with me and this time ill try to,hit the,yellow little circle on the very top,see if i can do that,and i i can do that yes,yes,and uh,didnt lag back on the last round,yet again so definitely gonna need some,lubrication definitely gonna need,some higher grain ammo on this,and uh probably one of the reasons is,because the spring is tighter like i,said on this gun,thats one of the things because it just,does not have,enough on the last round it doesnt have,enough of the recoil,to get the slide,all the way back to lock it in place,which honestly is not that huge of a,deal,the big problem is that you know that it,doesnt have enough,of that recoil to kick the slide all the,way back,i would worry about the misfits or,the cartridge not ejecting properly and,getting stuck in there because that,happens because of,not enough recoil to kick it back not,not not enough of recoil,but not enough of that travel distance,of the slide hopefully it makes sense,all right so uh lets talk about the um,fight and lets talk about the trigger,starting with the trigger,so the trigger here is probably my,least favorite things about this gun uh,it has that,similar to a glock safe action type of,system where theres this little,pre-trigger,which if you dont press youre not,going to be able to,press uh the trigger all right so we got,that,we got about,probably about two millimeters of uh,maybe two and a half millimeters of safe,familiar travel,and then,i have very very unfamiliar travel god,knows how much probably four millimeters,and then about,one and a half millimeter of very very,unfamiliar travel,and then a crisp break so,its a little bit too much stuff going,on you know,and again i heard arguments from people,and no big deal whenever youre shooting,youre just gonna smash the trigger,okay thats not how it works you dont,just smash the trigger right,please dont say it smash the trigger,dont smash the trick,so you you have a little bit too much,and,it takes away from the accuracy um it,takes away,it takes time to it get adjusted to this,trigger and most of the times with,triggers like this you cant really 100,get adjusted to it be like okay thats,it this is where i need to be this is,where,is the breaking point of the trigger,this is this is how i can be the most,accurate,um not a big deal not a big deal believe,it or not,considering the price of this gun so,everything all the value that youre,getting in this gun,when you do your research and find out,the price you will be like okay,i can deal with a trigger like that all,right so,lets move on to the sides you have your,standard three dot sides,which work very very well i love these,size very standard very easy to get used,to,i mean theres really no getting used to,in this gun theres really no getting,used to it its,very very intuitive um you probably,noticed,there is a manual safety on this gun,check this out so lets see how it works,lets wreck the slide,and uh lets engage the safety,and uh the safety is engaged so,now you cant press the trigger can you,wreck the slide,yes you can still wreck the slide with,the safety,engaged but you cannot press the trigger,disengage the saf

SAR 9 Review (5 minutes!)

welcome to american trailhead my name is,michael reader its time to start your,journey and todays journey is over the,sar 9. were going to talk about the,contents of the box and a brief overview,of the pistol itself so lets roll,okay,first we have,owners manual right there on the top in,its protective,case,we also comes with a pistol lock,two magazines 17 rounds each,two cleaning rods,[Music],two back straps small and large,also comes with,two palm panels small and large as well,also the back strap releasing tool,on the pistol itself from the,manufacturer it comes with the medium,back strap and palm panels lets do a,safety inspection first,do a visual do a physical and now the,firearm is safe lets go ahead and take,that quality control tag off it did pass,starting at the top,we have our,sights thats your standard three dot,sights non-luminous it the rear sight is,adjustable with the set screw in the,back,also just as a full disclosure,we did have a chance to take this out to,the range today,we shot a 124 grain hyperion ammo,through it,both of them performed flawlessly if you,want to check out more information about,the hyperion ammo check us out on a link,that will actually add to this video,next we have the firearm itself again it,performed flawlessly our first,impressions out of the box it just it,was a fantastic performer,the sights were great it does allow for,adjustment as we were saying earlier,also if you notice on the right side of,the firearm it does have an external,safety it is also ambidextrous will,transition to the left side of the,pistol,here we have the left side of the of the,safety of your of our external safety,rather,both in the off position and in the up,position,uh release and,engagement are nice,the levers do act,give for positive,engagement on that,we also have as a striker fire dingle,safety on the trigger,also with the in red indicator showing,that the pistol is cocked,well also go ahead at this time pull,the slide back,well do it do another visual and,physical inspection,the slide release,its very pronounced it does have a,large platform for a positive engagement,we went ahead and did that safety check,one more time because were gonna go do,a slide take down,right here is the slide takedown you,have to depress the trigger first,which is why we did our safety,inspection,pull down on the,slide engagement,and then you saw it pop forward well,just go ahead move forward,just that simple,standard double caption spring barrel,nice easy breakdown of all the,components for cleaning it,when you get home,assembly,is just as easy,just very nice you just,put the slide in go ahead and pull the,slide back,re-engaging the trigger,moving to the magazine release,magazine release standard position right,there by the thumb,well go ahead oops,go ahead and engage the magazine,the the frame does come with uh stripper,uh cutouts on it,but the mag release works very well,um,if the mag doesnt it,its got the stripper on the on the,bottom of the mag,that concludes our overview of the tsar9,thanks for watching,dont forget to like and subscribe down,below,also in the comment section wed like to,hear about your first experience as a,new gun owner,check us out on our website at,americantrailhead.com,see you on our next journey

Reviewing the Affordable SAR9X for Concealed Carry

chase on the range withguns.com here,today to talk to you about the sar 9x or,as i like to call it my little turkish,delight,basically this is a striker-fired,polymer frame pistol out of turkey,with a lot of interesting features lets,get into it,[Music],this is a polymer framed striker fired,pistol overall pretty general fare for,what we come to expect in the us market,for that category of pistol,uh its made by uh sars,sarlam masari i cant pronounce your,name,this is a solid pistol and the company,actually has a decent pedigree,when it comes to making combat pistols,theyre actually one of the exclusive,manufacturers or,the exclusive manufacturer i should say,for the turkish government for,their combat pistol so you know if,youre considering this for everyday,carry or potentially staking your life,on the gun,it does have that pedigree of,reliability behind it lets get into the,packaging and what this pistol actually,comes with,it comes with the obligatory owners,manual and lock,it also comes with a level 1 or level 2,excuse me retention holster,it does come with its own punch which is,a nice feature for takedown and,maintenance of the weapon,standard cleaning tools a double mag,pouch,uh it does only come with two mags so,the double mag pouch would mean you,dont have a mag and a gun if youre,running both a magazine loader,two different size back straps and a,neat addition a lot of pistols dont,have,is actually side grip panels to fill out,the grip for those bigger hands,it also comes with a very interesting,light we wont cover this light in the,review if you want to use it its up to,you,but well leave that in the special,category,[Music],alright so lets dig into the details of,the sar9x,starting up here at the front it does,have a crowned barrel its a nice,addition you dont see that a lot in,pistols of this price point it does have,a polymer guide rod with a dual recoil,spring which is very nice,and youll notice that the recoil is,noticeably softer than what you might,see in,other polymer frame striker 5 pistols of,this weight by the way the weight is,27.8 ounces unloaded,moving back the barrel is listed as a,forged steel,alloy barrel um and like i said its in,great accuracy,and it looks like it has a nitride,coating and weve seen nothing but,completely standard wear over the few,hundred rounds weve put through it,during our review process,the barrel length is 4.4 inches with an,overall length of 7.5 inches for the,pistol,the pistol has a total height of 5.5,inches,and a width of 1.4 inches it does have,a 3 dot white dot set up on this gun,it has has these slide cuts up front if,you want to do,your sliding manipulations off the front,of the gun like i do,and adds a nice aesthetic as well moving,back you can see that it is,an optics ready pistol it doesnt have,an optics mounting plate like most guns,were seeing in that category,it does just have two screws with some,aftermarket plates available for,mounting directly on top of the slide,if you want to run a red dot it has the,slide,stop and release however you define that,on the left side and,an ambidextrous safety now a note on,this safety its not as ergonomic,as what were used to on like 1911 style,guns or 2011 style guns,its not stiff by any means its easily,manipulated but its much smaller,and the angle is a little bit different,so if you are going to use this for a,defensive pistol make sure youre,getting good reps in,on your practice to ensure that you know,the deactivation of safety is going to,occur during your draw stroke and youre,not ever caught with the safety on when,you need to use the gun to protect,yourself,mag release is on the left side it has,very,positive ejection of the magazines note,on the magazines that comes with 2 1 17,round and 1 19 round,so total capacity of the gun when loaded,is going to be 18,or 20. another thing i wanted to touch,on on the lower of the sar 9x,is the finger grooves and molding so,this is actually very reminiscent of the,vp9 which is a nice thing to see at a,pistol of this price point,it fits well within the hand it does aid,a little bit with recoil control,especially with this little lip thats,down here at the bottom you can really,dig your pinky into that,and get a good wrist lock to get into,control recoil very well,now details are great price is important,but,how does the gun work for you how does,it shoot ill be honest i came in a,little skeptical,weve seen differing levels of quality,come out of turkey but i can say they,they did a really good job with this,pistol its got,fairly low height over board so it sits,pretty low in the hands,that aids in recoil control its got a,good suite of aftermarket accessories,its got good magazine capacity its,plenty accurate and like i said even,during rapid strings of fire were able,to control it at all reasonable handgun,distances,im pretty impressed overall its got,great color good aesthetics,and the accessory rail doesnt hurt if,you want to put a light on it which i,would recommend for all defensive pistol,use,at the end of the day what matters is,you get a gun that works for you,and you train with it no matter how cool,the gun is or what you have,if you cannot employ it effectively its,no good to anyone,thanks so much for watching guys if,youd like to check out this r9,head on over to guns.com we always seem,to have some in stock,[Music],you

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