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  2. Sardar Ka Grandson Movie Review & Analysis | Arjun Kapoor, Neena Gupta, Rakul Preet Singh
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Sardar Ka Grandson | Not A Movie Review by Sucharita Tyagi | Neena Gupta, Arjun Kapoor

We’re all trying to do the best we can right now, na?,So, is this the best the team behind this film could manage?,Hey guys, my name is Sucharita, this is Film Companion, youre watching Not A Movie Review,and right now Im not going to be reviewing Sardar Ka Grandson.,Amreek is a fully grown man-child, living in Los Angeles,,only for the Amreek from Amreeka pun to be used in the film about 10 times, there is no other reason.,He couldve been living in Mumbai, Versova and it would not have mattered to the story one bit.,He bungles up his love life and job as a mover and packer,,both places where he’s clearly attempting to punch above his weight and failing.,His daadi, who everyone just calls Sardar, is falling ill.,Shes in Amritsar, and about to name the heir to her cycle company,,so Amreek from Amreeka has gone back to see Rupinder Kaur from Lahore,to give her pun-making opportunities and take her meds on time.,Upon reaching, he finds out ki Daadi ki dying wish is to go Lahore,,to see her pre-partition home one last time when she was Aditi Rao Hydari married to John Abraham.,The rest of the film is pretty much all in the trailer, which you can watch on the Netflix YouTube channel.,Sardar Ka Grandson is neither entertaining nor moving enough,to be recommended as a movie to spend your time on.,Despite Neena Gupta’s valiant efforts, and boy is she a hard-working actor,,the film just does not have a beating heart.,You know, we’ve all seen ads, and videos of people connecting with their long lost family heritage in Pakistan,,and vice versa, from India and Pakistan,,and even if you don’t have a connection to India’s 1947 partition past,,the premise itself is so ready for catharsis, for emotion,,ki aap agar sahi sur pakad lo, toh kaam apneaap bann jaata hai.,Its on the storyteller then which lens they’d like to see these stories through -,closure, anger, justice denied, forgiveness, romanticism,,perhaps even comedy if you can manage it, why not.,Sardar Ka Grandson entirely fails to make up its mind,about what it wants it audience to feel, to take away from the movie.,Arjun Kapoor, unable to rise to the challenge of slapstick comedy,generated by running into and falling off of things,,relies on the editor to put shots together, so that his facial expressions might create comprehension.,Youre supposed to laugh at this bumbling idiot Amreek, who has set out to achieve an an impossible task,,but the film’s insistence on continuing to keep him in the centre as a hero figure and not an underdog,,leaves him a weird place, where you don’t feel anything.,Aur yeh lamba chauda naujawan, kaam nikalwaane ke liye, nakli royega bhi,,aur agle scene mein 3 gundo ki furiously pitaayi bhi kar dega, toh audience se ummeed kya hai aapko?,Iske liye sahaanubhooti ho yaa taaliyaan bajaayein, before he’s had the chance to achieve anything?,Daadi has banned herself going to Lahore kyunki ek baar kisi cricket match mein,she’d smashed a bottle over the head of a Pakistani man,,not realizing that this dude, sitting in the common person enclosure without any security detail,is the Mayor Of Lahore, who now has it in for her.,Matlab, its not even a low level bureacrat, who is stopping her VISA application from going through,,thus exposing India and Pakistan’s shared problems of babu-culture,,but it is the mayor,,who has nothing better to do than personally make sure one old dying lady doesn’t get her last wish.,Why?,Sardar Ka Grandson is fake and vapid.,People turn up at locations multiple times by co-incidence, just as major things are about to happen.,Take Rakul Preet Singh, who is Radha the owner of the movers and packers firm in LA.,She just lands up in Lahore, surprising ex boyfriend Amreek.,Shes armed with not just Pakistani work permits, but also enough knowledge about Pakistani law,,which stops the actual Pakistani police from doing their jobs.,This world is as nakli as lazy as the set this movie is shot in.,Ek baar ko insaan disbelief suspend bhi kar de ki chalo movie hai,,lets get lost in this parallel dimension the director has created,,but Kaashvie Nair, the director of the film, never quite manages to convince you to do anything of the sort.,As Sardar finally manages to see her old home she had run away from during the partition riots,,clutching her infant son, she chooses to share that moment, feeling and emotion,and well, screen time, with Arjun Kapoor, the hero of the movie,,instead of Kanwaljeet Singh, who is the now grown up then infant son,jiski jaan bachaane ke liye she had fled on a bicycle,,her first home where her first child was born.,Jitni gehri emotions, utni utthli yeh film.,I suspect the documentary which inspired director Kaashvie Nair to make this film, is a better watch.,So, on a scale of 1 to 10, Sardar Ka Grandson is…,…7 credited, big name producers are attached to this movie,,which just goes to show how many forces must come together to make a feature film.,I ask again, is this the best that couldve been done?,Subscribe to Film Companion.

Sardar Ka Grandson Movie Review & Analysis | Arjun Kapoor, Neena Gupta, Rakul Preet Singh

[Music],im here to be entertained,i have absolutely no intention to,purposely hate a product or someone so,without any preconceived notions i went,into watching sardarka,grandson hopefully to get a great laugh,and possibly a carefree viewing,experience,the film directed by kashvi nair focuses,on amrit singh played by arjun kapoor,who visits his family in amritsar as his,grandmother sardar played by nina gupta,is unwell,her last wish is to go to her home in,lahore that she built with her own hands,with her husband,umrik devises a plan that involves,structural relocation of the,establishment,basically to transport the house from,lahore to amritsar for sardar,seems like a pretty straightforward,story right you would assume that this,is going to be a fun ride,i mean it has nina gupta in it who,doesnt love her well why dont i just,get to talking about the film then,heres me telling you the good and bad,aspects of sardarka grandson so that you,guys can ultimately decide whether it is,worth your time on netflix,or not the good nina gupta and aditi rao,hydri,if there is anything that will motivate,or influence you to take the decision of,watching this film it is hands down nina,gupta,sardar there is no doubt about the fact,that she is the hero of this film,she is a legend in her own right the,more i read up about nina gupta and her,journey,it makes me respect her as an artist,even more working in the 80s especially,for women who had a keen eye for,compelling content wasnt easy in any,way,while actors like shabana asme and,smitha patil gained national prominence,nina gupta never really got her due,despite her impressive work,to see her actively working in the,business post badayo,really does make my heart happy to see,that the hindi film industry is actively,creating stories for that age bracket,and creating a platform that can,showcase a talent like gupta,nina gupta sardar is one of the most,interesting aspects of the film if not,the only,she is always on the edge is constantly,referencing her will,if ill-treated is a child from within,and calls out the bs when she sees it,as most grandmothers do nina gupta is,such an effortless actor that i,definitely saw several moments of my own,grandmother pop up whenever she goes on,a rant of wanting to go to lahore,if you are loyalists and huge fans of,nina gupta then it would make sense to,watch this film,even though she comes in and out of it,rather than what we would have wanted,for her to be the protagonist okay,now the bias will slowly creep in,because im going to be briefly talking,about aditya rao hyder,every time i see her in a film a voice,haunts me,youre a sim okay moving on she has,formed a niche of portraying the young,version of aged characters in bollywood,movies,she is so sweet in this film and despite,what creeps in which is what bollywood,thinks what punjabis talk like,which may irk many people her chemistry,withdrawn,and just her infectious smile and,exuberance really makes my heart melt,it would be lovely to see her and lead,roles in films ahead because she has the,ability to leave an impression with her,smallest appearances,the underwhelming aspects the trailer i,have such an issue with the films,trailer,what do i have left to see you gave me,the reason why arjun kapoor comes back,to amritsar,you told me the want of sardar to go to,lahore you told me the planned device to,meet sardars need,or structural relocation you gave me a,glimpse of the punjabi household the,trailer leaves absolutely nothing to the,imagination of the audience,i mean we all know theres going to be a,happy ending the purpose of a films,trailer is to pique,interest rather than providing a summary,of all the beats of the film,i am of the firm believe that the,trailer actually did a disservice to the,movie,as the hype around it resulted in,something extremely lukewarm because,there is already an expectation of how,it will start,carry on and conclude the music the,music director of sardarka grandson,is tanish bhakti where i can give the,man credit in the album that he has,designed for the film is the song,dillaheetorna which appears in the,introduction of the film a song,beautifully performed by zara khan and,tanish bhakti but dude the rest of the,album is just remakes,as is usually the case when it comes to,tanish bhakti soundtracks,i dont think this trend is going,anywhere until they have completely,exhausted the discography of our history,the dance number in the film genie karda,is a remake of the song door by manaki,that released in 2008 mehtiri hogai,another romantic track of the song is a,remake of the song that released in 2017,with the same title,thankfully credited here another year,another album of remakes,it isnt stopping anytime soon punjabi,dialogue delivery and stereotypes,sardarka grandson is the perfect example,of the punjabification of bollywood that,audiences are getting tired,of in one of my videos of unpopular,opinions one of the top comments was,talking about how the portrayal of,punjabi families and love story is,getting exhausting in commercial,bollywood movies,but i think with this film it really,tests the patience of the audience and,will definitely irk punjabis themselves,the saddest case of sardarka grandson is,that it is not funny,something that should have probably been,its biggest crowd puller one of the main,reasons for this is because the writing,of this film is extremely,rudimentary in nature youve got kiddish,dialogues like gentle naam hai or sabhi,mental,or my favorite banda youve got gags,with the same intellectual capacity of,the three stooges or home alone,i mean if catching a fish mid-air with,your mouth is comedy then i dont think,im on the same wavelength of what is,considered to be funny before i get to,the dialogue delivery the movie,perpetuates the same probes of punjabis,constantly at loggerheads with each,other,are fans of harmajin singh and wanting a,peg every second,every time there is presumably a comedy,scene a dole plays in the background,why are punjabi yeah,thats the perception every time i heard,the characters in this film,buzzwords are utilized to communicate,authenticity,if by saying,i can get a stamp of approval by,punjabis then the bar is really low on,the effort that is made to represent a,community,if you want to see an accurate,representation of the punjabi community,its not actors saying,its the performances in films like meal,patha and kissa,if me a non-punjabi speaker was cringing,at some of the dialogues then i cant,even imagine what punjabis were feeling,while listening to the dialogues,delivered in this film,arjun kapoor and his range arjun kapoor,before i talk about his performance,i have to tell you that i want the dude,to do well if he is working on something,i really connected with his stoic and,overbearing physical presence in a film,like sandeep or pinkie farrar but ive,realized that i cant keep on fighting,this,arjun as an artist just doesnt possess,range,his expressions other than smiling,doesnt change one bit,so whether its disappointment anger,wonder,it all looks the same there are moments,where he breaks down in this film and,its shockingly unconvincing,you know even commercial actors like,akshay kumar or,cephali khan have this cheekiness and,comic timing,which makes even an average comedy seem,like gold arjun just doesnt possess the,charm,or the weight required for a film like,this more than that,anything that requires arjuna to cross,borders i know it isnt going to turn,out well,i mean if you want to see arjun kapoors,rendition of wrecking ball maybe this,will interest you,its sad because this is a story which,could have been a potential carefree,entertainer but its execution is so,sloppy that in comparison,i even found average films like chalang,and suraj be mangalbari more,entertaining,if you have a deep love for nina gupta,then maybe,maybe thats the only reason why you,would be motivated to watch this movie,otherwise honestly i would recommend you,t

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Sardar Ka Grandson | Bollywood Movie Review by Anupama Chopra | Arjun Kapoor, Neena Gupta

In 2013, Amit Sharma, who went on to direct the  stellar Badhaai Ho, made an ad film for Google  ,called Google Search Reunion.,In it, childhood friends, who were separated during Partition,,find each other thanks to an enterprising granddaughter and the internet.,In three minutes and thirty-two seconds, Amit captures  the ache, nostalgia and yearning for a lost life,,and the eventual get-together.,Each time I watch the commercial, I get teary.,Sardar Ka Grandson had the potential to pull off something similar.,The film tells the story of Amreek, a doting grandson who decides to fulfil his 90-year-old grandmother’s last wish,– to once again see her house in Lahore.,When the grandmom, Sardar, is denied a visa, Amreek does the next best thing.,With the help of his partner, Radha, he brings the home back to Punjab,so Sardar can once again relive those moments of love and loss.,And yet, over two hours and nineteen minutes,,debutant director Kaashvie Nair is unable to conjure,a fraction of the emotion that the Google commercial does.,Sardar Ka Grandson plays neither as a coming-of-age saga of a man who learns to face challenges,and deliver on his commitments,nor as a cross-border comedy nor as a moving family drama.,The soft spot, as usual, is the writing.,The film has been co-written by Kaashvie and Anuja Chauhan, with dialogue by Amitosh Nagpal.,The film has been inspired by an Al Jazeera documentary called,Going Back to Pakistan: 70 years after Partition,,which chronicles the story of an elderly Indian man who is trying to go back to Pakistan.,Kaashvie, along with Nikkhil Advani,  who has co-produced this film,,earlier co-directed the television series POW: Bandi Yuddh Ke.,So this is terrain that she is familiar with.,But here Kaashvie makes the odd choice to ramp up the comedy quotient.,The film begins in Los Angeles, with the perpetually clumsy Amreek,destroying most of the belongings of a family who has hired him.,Amreek and Radha run a packers and movers company called Gently Gently.,But Amreek is disastrous both as a mover and as a fiancé.,This capacity for destruction is set up as funny, but it’s not.,The film then shifts to Punjab, where Amreek must find a solution for his ailing granny.,His own heartbreak enables him to understand the vacuum in her heart.,While the story of moving a home from one country to another is unique,,the characters are written as flat stereotypes.,Sardar is the typical cantankerous Punjabi  matriarch who can swill whiskey from a bottle.,Her name inspires a few Sholay jokes.,You remember that Gabbar Singh’s daakus also called him Sardar.,Apart from his bumbling manner, Amreek has little that sets him apart.,His parents, aunt, uncle and cousin are also colourless and generic,,with names like Lovely.,And Radha has little to distinguish her apart from some really nice clothes,– especially a lovely pink coat, the styling is on point.,On the other side of the border,,we get Kumud Mishra playing the disgruntled Lahore mayor who becomes a thorn in Amreek’s side.,The film features a slew of talented actors,– apart from Kumud, there’s Kanwaljit Singh, Soni Razdan and Aditi Rao Hydari,– but the script doesn’t give them much to do.,The unkindest cut is that the wonderful Neena Gupta is also saddled with scenes that are too tame to have impact.,And why does her name appear in the credits after Arjun Kapoor’s?,Surely she should have got top billing?,The plot, already wildly implausible,,becomes even more juvenile with a string of sequences,in which problems are set up in Lahore and then solved within minutes.,Amreek starts trending on the internet and becomes a de facto ambassador between India and Pakistan.,It’s refreshing to see a film that advocates friendship and co-operation,but Sardar Ka Grandson’s portrayal of geopolitics is painfully amateurish.,As are the scenes of Partition.,Co-producer John Abraham does a cameo as Sardar’s loving husband,and of course he gets an action sequence in which he single-handedly defeats weapon-wielding rioters,and saves his family.,Even more incredulous is that Sardar then, on a bicycle,,somehow makes it from Lahore to Punjab.,This is the most sanitised, PG-13 portrayal of Partition that I’ve ever seen.,Sardar also manages to set up a major cycles manufacturing company,– we aren’t told how this happens,but I suspect that story might be more interesting than the one we see.,Im happy to suspend disbelief if the plot is engaging enough,but Sardar Ka Grandson has stretches of eye-glazing tedium.,Arjun Kapoor as Amreek also seems only marginally interested.,His expressions – whether hes going through a break-up or trying to stop a wrecking ball,or pleading for a visa – don’t fluctuate much.,It got to the point where I started thinking about how Amreek comes from America to India,and then goes from India to Pakistan carrying only a large knapsack.,How does he travel so light?,That’s a life-skill I want to learn.,Kaashvie has some interesting ideas,– she cross-cuts between Sardar’s journey from Lahore to Punjab,with her grandson’s journey back to the country;,she emphasises on the co-operation between people and the one-upmanship between politicians;,in the climax, she gives Sardar the space to really soak in her home and emotion.,But none of this is fleshed out enough to sustain the film.,And did we really need a  chaiwallah in Lahore telling Amreek:,Aapke desh mein chaiwallon ko bohot underestimate karte hain?,You can see Sardar Ka Grandson on Netflix India.

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SARDAR KA GRANDSON – Movie Review | Arjun Kapoor | Neena Gupta | Rakul Preet Singh

مرحباً يا أصدقاء ، أنا عزيز شيخ ، أنت تشاهد,القناة الحوارية السينمائية التي أحتاج اليوم,للتحدث إلى الإصدار كانت فيلم أرجون كابور سردار حفيد,قصة الفيلم التي سأراجعها Netflix ليس فقط,لأنه يعمل. القصة الكاملة للفيلم حرفيًا ،,يمكننا أن نرى ذلك في المقطع الدعائي نفسه,، أن ما تبقى هو النهاية المتوقعة للفيلم ،,والتي يجب أن تكون قد خمنت ما إذا كان المنزل قد وصل إلى أمريتسار أم,لا. لتعرف الشيء نفسه ، أنت يجب أيضًا أن تمنح,وقتك الثمين لهذا الفيلم العائلي أم لا ، فلنتحدث عن التفاصيل. ولكن,قبل المتابعة ، هناك طلب صغير لإبداء,الإعجاب بمقاطع الفيديو التي تم الاشتراك فيها ومشاركتها على,هذه القناة . أيها الأصدقاء ، لا يخفى على أحد أن الفيلم,ليس مميزًا جدًا ، ولكن ليس من المنطقي التحدث بشكل سيء عن الفيلم,ولكن لا يزال الناس يفعلون ذلك ، وإذا,أخبرتكم عن هذا الفيلم ، فهو صدق تمامًا. لذلك أنا,سبق أن قلت قبل المقابلة أن هذا فيلم عائلي ، إذا,شاهدته مع عائلتك بأكملها ، فعندما يبدأ الفيلم,وينتهي ، فلن تعرفه على الإطلاق لأن,كبار السن من العائلة أو يقولون إن والديك,يُفضل الفيلم في مكان ما أو إذا,كنت ترغب فقط في محاولة الجلوس قليلاً بين,عائلته ، فإن رد فعله منك سيحصل على هذه الطريقة في المرة الأولى التي يفعل فيها ذلك لأن مسلسل,المنزل يرى ما إذا كان هذا الفيلم هو المسلسل أم,لا. أفضل مليون مرة لأن هذا الفيلم ، مثل المسلسلات ،,ليس طويلًا جدًا ولكن في غضون ساعتين وعشرين دقيقة ، يخرج,تمامًا عن طريق حزمته ، لذلك في وقت الأسرة ،,لا يتعين عليك فتح فمك على الإطلاق وإلا سيحدث مرة أخرى بعض من نفس الأساليب,ستكون صامتة وإذا كنت قد فعلت هذا الفيلم إذا كنت تجرؤ على,مشاهدة الموز ، فأنت تجرؤ على أن تكون Dadini ، يا بني ، واو ،,لأنك جالسًا بمفردك ، لا يمكنك تحمل تكلفة هذا الفيلم على الإطلاق,، وإذا تحدثت لشرح ذلك ، فإن الفيلم يتدفق مليئًا,بالعديد من الأشياء كما لو كان قصة الفيلم ،,بعد مشاهدته رد فعلك سيكون بنفس الطريقة ، ماذا تريد أن تقول,وسترى هذا الشيء في الفيلم بأكمله الذي,إذا تحدثت عن تمثيل أرجون كابور ، ثم بمشاهدة,تمثيلك ستكون الحالة غير سعيدة تمامًا والآن,ستقولون ارفعوها ، أعطوني إياها ، لأن اسم تعبير وجه,أرجون كابور لا يأتي في هذا الفيلم وحالة,التمثيل هي نفسها وكذلك نينا. غوبتا,أيضا لا يحصل على أي إذن من باكستان بدون أي رأس,وبعد ذلك تبدأ رحلة نقل المنزل بشكل,جيد ولكن النهاية سيئة للغاية وبقية,أداء راكولبريت ليس شيئًا مميزًا في الفيلم,ولاحقًا دخوله هو الاستقرار. باكستان بطريقة تبدو كما,لو كان في لاهور. لقد زاد لأنهم يعرفون شيئًا,عن الخسارة هناك ثم قصة حب أرجون كابور وراكول بريت,تذهب أيضًا بدون أي رأس وقصة حب جون أبراهام,وأديتي راو جيدة أي قصة الفلاش باك,تتحدث عن نقطة جيدة من الفيلم ، بالإضافة إلى هذا ،,أداء جون أبراهام أديتي راو جيد أيضًا ونعم,، حتى في نينا غوبتا وفي اللمسة العاطفية ، هذا الفيلم,جيد في جزء ما وليس في أي شخص آخر ، رؤية ما,ستقوله. هو بهاي المرح والحديث الآن عن الإدارة الفنية الأخرى,من الفيلم، والاتجاه على ما يرام،,ويحدث الشيء نفسه مع BGM من الفيلم، ونعم، والتحرير هو بالضبط نفس,الوضع أن الفريق قد رأى في حين يجعل من,ولديه صنع تحفة وبعد إطلاقه,سيحصل على المال ، ولكن حدث العكس,لأن ذلك السيد الوحيد قال إن مشاهدة هذا الفيلم لن,يسامح الجمهور ولكن كما أخبرتك أن تشاهد هذا الفيلم مع العائلة.,كما هو الحال ولكن ليس في كل ذلك ، لذا ضع ذلك,في الاعتبار مباشرة إلى تصنيفات هذا الفيلم ،,إذا تحدثت عن الحركة والكوميديا ​​للفيلم ، فإن تصنيفي,في كلتا الفئتين سيكون نصف النجوم الخمسة فقط,وبالنسبة للدراما سأمنح هذا الفيلم تصنيفًا من خمسة إلى نجمتين,بالنسبة لبقية التشويق ، الرعب الفعلي ، هذا الفيلم لا,يستحق الصفر والتحدث إلى جمهور الأساتذة,، فهو فيلم لمرة واحدة في أعين جمهور الأساتذة ، بسبب,تصنيف هذا الفيلم من وجهة نظرهم ، إذا تتحدث عن B ناقص,في نظر النقاد هذا الفيلم فيلم رديء,أي سيصبح تصنيف D ويتحدث معي ثم سأمنح هذا الفيلم,تصنيف C مما يجعل هذا الفيلم فيلمًا عدوانيًا للغاية ،,الذي ستراه ، أي العائلة ، إذا لم تشاهد هذا الفيديو ،,وإلا إذا شاهدت هذا الفيديو ، فما هو رأيك,، إذا لم يعجبك هذا الفيلم ،,سأعلق بالتأكيد بالتعليق عليه ، إذا لقد أحببت العمل الشاق ،,فبالتأكيد ستحب الفيديو . حتى أتمكن من,الترفيه عنك من خلال إنشاء هذا النوع من المحتوى ،,فلننتهي الآن هذا هو الفيديو الذي,أشاهده عزيز شيخ ، كنت تشاهد,قناة عرض الأفلام ، إذا لم تكن قد اشتركت بعد ،,فقم بالاشتراك واضغط على الكل مع أيقونة الجرس بجانب,الإشعار والآن سألتقي بك قريبًا,أثناء الحديث إليكم في فيديو آخر على فيلم آخر أو أي,سلسلة مواضيع أخرى ، حتى ذلك الحين تستمتعون بباقي مقاطع الفيديو الخاصة,بي في قناتي حتى تتوقف أخي توقف عن الضحك في العراء

Sardar ka Grandson Movie Review In Hindi | Vnc | 2021

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Sardar Ka Grandson REVIEW | Arjun Kapoor, Rakul Preet Singh | Just Binge Reviews | SpotboyE

[Music],it is said that everything is fair in,love and war,but sagratha grandson only talks about,pure love,a love between a grandmother and a,grandson whos ready to go to any,lengths,to fulfill his grandmothers last wish,hi guys this is anita britto and today,im going to review,netflix new film the data grants are,starring arjun kapoor rapul preeth and,meena gupta,[Music],that grandson theres a story of amrit,singh played by arjun kapoor,who lives in america and runs a movers,and packers company called gently gently,he runs his company along with his,fiancee radha,played by rakul preet singh so amrit is,known to be clumsy,careless and also someone who has no,emotions,angered by this behavior of comrade,radha,breaks up with him and leaves him alone,deeply saddened by his recent heartbreak,amrit decides to visit his alien,grandmother,in amritsar sardar played is a 90 year,old feisty woman,whose last wish is to visit her home,which you build with a loving husband,is also willing to sign off her entire,property to anyone,who is ready to fulfill her last wish,amrit,being her favorite grandson takes the,responsibility,and is ready to go to any lens to,fulfill his grandmothers last question,will amrit be able to fulfill her wish,will he be able to complete his promise,the tale unfolds in a moment,[Music],its a very good ship from the general,mainstream bollywood museum,the grandson is a movie we all can,relate to,also kashmi naya had a very interesting,storyline,however she could have done it better,well there are some scenes,that will touch your heart but there are,also something,like an indo-pakistan politics which are,overly dramatic,who could have been easily a woman,please give a permission to,sardar a name woman who falls prey to,the partition,renewal she shines as tada,while arjun kapoor portrays the idol,grandson,perfectly rakul fruit singh does justice,to her character as the love interest of,coming,john abraham and aditi rao hydro may the,young goshen singh,and rupandra are a lovely addition to,the store,overall sardarka grandson is a one-time,watch,for its well attempted team and for the,very talented,movie starring and its totally binge,one,please watch it,boys

Sardar Ka Grandson Review by Atika Farooqui

[Music],well directed by kashvi nair this movie,is based,loosely on a documentary made by al,jazeera,where a man an indian man takes a,journey back to pakistan 70 years after,partition,why just to revisit his home,left during the time of partition,here they tweaked it as a grandson who,desperately wanted to fulfill his,grandmothers wish,lovingly called sardar of seeing her,ancestral house in lahore before she,breeds her last,what a delicious subject isnt it on,paper it would have been a screenplay to,jump at its imaginative idealistic,romantic and makes one enjoy the ideas,of love peace and care for your,neighbor some of the scenes between nina,gupta and arjuna are heartwarming,especially the climax,if ninaji could have been given no,prosthetics at all,she would be more convincing as ageing,sardar,arjun kapoors role is that of a failed,and an irresponsible lover,but a doting grandson at his job as a,mover and packers company in america he,failed but in real life,at his zest for getting the 70 year old,tattered house in lahore to be lifted,transported to amritsar,he succeeds the people of pakistan are,shown as warm,welcoming and very cooperative and to,balance it a few in the administration,as always are shown as shrewd holding,grudges,rakul is well cast as a smart,professional who flies from los,angeles to be with amrik in lahore just,at the right time,but the entire unpreparedness of the,creative team,in building up the whole research and,process of doing a mammoth job such as,this,in coordination with the authorities,clearly showed through,it looked childish and half baked my,heart goes out to director kashvinaya,for attempting such a subject,without using the crutches of flaring,egos and tempers,and revenge stories she has a right mind,and a mature outlook like that,in the documentary yet the craft of,emotion satellite and nuances that was,needed for this,to be something as evocative as,bhajrangi bhaijan was amiss,but i think the team deserves an,applause for attempting this subject,and the sweetness of the treatment so,what is good,if you can overlook the nuances required,for an impactful filmmaking and you can,just go with the flow and enjoy a,creative story a different story,then you might be happy what is wrong is,the ability of the movie to bring you to,that moment you want to laugh or,cry out loud at but for lack of,intensity go back to being a stoic,viewer,sadaka grandson is for die hard nina,gupta fans

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