1. Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 Full Review | Affordable Marathon Racing Shoe 2021?
  2. Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 Review: 2021s Best All-rounder?
  4. Endorphin Speed 2 – After 100 Miles
  6. SAUCONY ENDORPHIN SPEED 2: full review after 100+ miles
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Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 Full Review | Affordable Marathon Racing Shoe 2021?

[Music],lets go lets go,come on now endorphin speed 2 50 mile,full review all right there it is on,your screen,we nailed it and we nailed it yesterday,but remember yesterday got a little,crazy out here in the studio with the,last showing of the house so thank you,for your patience out here,uh we did it though and its hot and,this is another reason why were moving,oh i just need to i need a an official,somebody was saying on discord the other,day,a studio tutio im thinking studio 2.0,is going to be the name of the next,but hopefully its not in an actual shed,but well still call it the studio,because it is hot out here right now so,im going to take this is our last uh,pellegrino from the staging of the house,so im gonna im working on finishing,these off hold on one sec,oh thats nice oh thats nice,okay so lets dive in oh it just says,oh its been a crazy 36 hours but were,were getting this 50 mile review in for,all of you here we go,eight millimeter drop from heel to toe,by the way i will answer the,question in the title of the vlog is,this a good marathon racing shoe option,for 2021. well get to that,in a minute okay so eight millimeter,eight millimeter drop from heel to toe,35 and a half in the heel 27,and a half in the forefoot for a higher,stack height 100,and of course there is a nylon plate,inside that midsole,womens size eight men size nine on your,screen lets just confirm i believe,were looking at,seven point six ounces at least thats,thats what i was getting,um i have a couple different scales i,have one inside but im getting 7.6,out here in the studio and i cant,resist theres the pro 2,first impression of the endorphin so,this is the so for those that dont know,the speed 2,is there what i would put closer to the,tweeter category ill come back to that,in a minute where you can train in it,and race in it this is the pro 2 which,would definitely be considered,sauconys top of the line marathon road,racing shoe,or or half marathon racing shoe so lets,put this on the scale i think were,looking at about set,yeah seven ounces on the nose so were,looking at about a half an,ounce difference between the pro there,they are on your screen between the pro,2,and the speed 2 okay moving on to that,oh yeah and theres the score 7.75 out,of 10,engineered mesh on the upper lets do,the heel counter test okay,a little bit not much but a little bit,stronger in 2021 compared to 2020,and actually wow thats crazy okay so,remember i did take apart the speed one,i wanted to see so ive taken apart,quite a few,carbon fiber plate midsoles but in 2020,i wanted to see what is,what is a nylon plate what is going on,inside the midsole so thats what i did,last year,again in case you missed that vlog,pretty exciting upper right hand corner,if you want to go check it out so im,going to say 100,the heel counter gained a little bit of,strength from 2020 to 2021,which did bump up the score for the,lockdown there it is on your screen just,a little better lockdown specifically,im gonna say through the heel pocket,not necessarily over the top of the foot,all right about the same really feel,over the top,so if you like the lockdown from 2020,and the speed one youre going to like,it in the speed 2.,now i gotta say and people were,commenting on strava about this i was,posting pictures,of me uh with bright socks,in the shoe and people could see the,bright socks,through the toe box which means high,breathability and i felt it and guess,what,its going to be 93 degrees in denver,today so the heat is on,its getting hot all across the united,states and i think the breathability,through the toe box for those you know,middle distance and long run,long runs in the summer months for some,of you that you know cant run it,well maybe youre working at four or,five a.m and you have to,squeeze in a five or six mile run in the,middle of the day and its just hot out,so anyway,i think breathability through the toe,box it did increase,from 2020 to 2021 and im very very,excited about that semi-gusseted tongue,i mean overall im just im very pleased,lockdown overall score,its a great great upper good job there,saka knee,moving on to the midsole okay that power,run pv,uh midsole material p backs polymer,based foam,its these compressed beads and i,explained the same,as in the pro two if i had to describe,it it looks like um,a throwaway or a disposable styrofoam,uh cup or like a styrofoam uh cooler,that you buy from like a seven,it just looks like that to the naked eye,so anyway and it feels a bit,like it too okay lets do the durometer,bouncy,so bouncy and theres my ryden energy,return score,solid score 8.25 out of 10,and ill just say this shoe did not,feel good underfoot at,easy day paces okay so for me eight,minutes a mile eight fifteen a mile,and i dont know if its the nylon plate,lets do this,so you okay so its like you can,feel the plates but its nothing like,the meta speed sky,like its like carbon fiber depending on,the company,versus nylon plate and again thats why,i tore this shoe apart just to see,what that nylon plate looks like and,looks like it felt like in 2020,overall im gonna say this and this will,as far as how i will use this shoe,i will come back to that in a minute so,overall uh very pleased with the ride in,energy return,but not at slower paces it just felt,a little clunky is the best way to put,it overall score seven point seven five,out of ten,its a its a special just like in 2020,its a special special,midsole xt900 on the outsole okay,just the right amount not much more,needs to be said,its just spot on great job there fit uh,so,it fits im gonna say like a racer,its a for me a little more of a snug,fit which i prefer,for faster speeds if you have a really,wide forefoot,be aware of that uh yeah just be aware,that it,for me it feels as im lacing up and,putting my foot inside,it feels a little bit like a racing shoe,rather than,a training shoe no issues through the,midfoot again great lockdown through the,heel pocket,i think you know in part because they,did increase the strength,just ever so slightly for that heel,counter um,yeah so im not gonna say definitely not,a wide toe box,by any means uh so theres the score,eight out of ten,comfort seven and a half out of ten its,not a plush upper,its not meant to be a plush rod like a,plush upper,and again like that midsole even though,it is a softer durometer,i think it is that nylon plate in there,it doesnt feel,my ankle flexion and my,um im gonna say like nothing like the,rebel v2,nothing like it as far as the me its,like the rebel v2 is butter,this is a stick of butter thats been in,the refrigerator for,all day the rebel v2 the butters been,out and its about to melt under your,feet,everybody oh speaking of butter there we,go a little butter my bread in here okay,moving on to the positives and drawbacks,positives has to be,not much has changed from the speed one,okay i mean thats my positive,so good good job saucony like you know,you always get a little concerned,i think sauconys listening not just to,me,but to all of you to other running,youtube,reviewers im trying like very very few,people,were disappointed with the speed one in,2020,so dont fix it if it aint broke okay,so thats my positive,drawback has to be that ever so slightly,picked up a little like its a its,barely its basically the same but ever,so slightly picked up a little bit of,weight,and you know so who knows maybe in 2020,two,maybe they could i dont know what they,could do its probably something with,the heel counter,yeah anyway you never want to go in the,wrong direction with respect to the,weight of the,shoe durability prediction 400 okay i,wanted to go higher,but im im i think i think 400 and,i dont think thats gonna i dont think,thats too generous i think you will get,about 400 miles,for that full benefit from the ride and,energy return of the plate,nylon plate inside that p backs based,midsole okay how will i use this shoe,whos the best for now,i think its not a tweener i think

Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 Review: 2021s Best All-rounder?

hey there tom here from the rincesters,in this video,all four of the run testers are going to,be reviewing the saucony endorphin,speed 2. lets see what we thought of it,[Music],[Applause],so before we start lets have a look at,those all-important stats,the price is going to cost you 155,pounds in the uk or 160 dollars,in the us it weighed in for me at 232,grams or 8.2,ounces in a size 8 for men and the drop,is 8 millimeters,[Music],the speed 2 has been one of the most,popular and talked about shoes over the,past,year because its a very versatile,option,that people have been picking up because,you can run fast in it but also it works,really well for,daily training miles and comfort as well,the shoe sits as part of the,endorphin line at the top end of that,line youve got the,endorphin pro and the endorphin prone to,thats just been released,which are the the super shoes um,designed for racing and at the bottom,you have the endorphin shift which is,more a kind of,workhorse daily trainer the speed sits,in the middle of those twos is the sort,of,balance between daily training and,running at faster paces,the speed 2 hasnt really seen many,updates from,its predecessor which for most people,would probably be quite a good thing,because,that shoe was so popular for what it did,you dont want them changing a lot of,features about it,um the main difference with the speed 2,is that theres been some modifications,to the upper,but other than that theres not really,any changes that made to that and youre,getting essentially the same shoe that,youre getting with the,original speed theres a full length,nylon plate,not a carbon plate that runs all the way,across the shoe the midsole is made from,succulents,power and pb peeper foam which is sort,of lightweight bouncy foam designed for,speed and,responsiveness the upper is made from a,mesh material which is,quite lightweight and designed to be,breathable if youre wearing the shoe,and youve got a colorful sock on you,can see it quite noticeably through the,top of the shoe so,its very thin and noticeably breathable,upper theres a carbon rubber outsole as,well which is,covers a large proportion of the shoe,but theres quite a lot exposed so,thats there designed to give a little,bit more protection durability and help,with sort of grip,on trickier surfaces,[Music],the endorphin speed 2 fit true to size,just like the first one did um,i found it really comfortable shoes wear,kind of all the time only thing i would,say on the first one is over time i kind,of end up,cinching the kind of midfoot tighter and,tighter to get a good lockdown fit but,it was never hard to do that it didnt,feel uncomfortable so yeah,i was fine with it true to size on fit i,had no problems with this i ran true to,size uk and a half that is what i would,normally run in,and it was nice it was snug good lock,down nice kind of heel hold,plenty of room in the toe box wiggle,room lots of flexibility and,breathability yeah fit for me was,absolutely perfect,true to size so in terms of fit um,generally it felt,kind of supportive and comfortable in,the right places one thing i kind of,noticed in kind of the first early few,runs,um was it definitely felt nicer kind of,wearing thinner socks,uh in this shoe almost maybe you know,this is an eight,i run in an eight um it wasnt,necessarily a tight fitting shoe with,those kind of thicker socks but i just,felt it,made it was a little bit more,comfortable and kind of wearing the kind,of thinnest socks of the shoe and with,this,upper in terms of being a spacious upper,um generally its fine i do think it is,a quite,a narrow shoe i have quite a narrow foot,anyway,um but generally the toe box was fine i,think there was one run that i did,where i had a little bit a little bit of,tightness on the kind of,left side of my um of my foot on my toes,where maybe it was a little bit of,pressing and but generally that wasnt,an issue but,something i think you know worth,highlighting but,in general it was fine for me these kind,of anti-slip laces its not something,that i really you know,saw a massive benefit of in my running,to be honest so,um yeah fit wise fine um as i said,you know for me personally i had to go,with um thinner socks i think to get a,nicer fit,in this um upper but yeah comfortable,breathable,and supportive in the right places so,yeah generally all good on the fit,the fit for me has been largely fine im,a size eight this is a size eight it,fits me perfectly but i did have one,issue when i started wearing it where,i found it was um pushing on the left,hand side of my foot,a little bit and what that meant was,that when i got to,about 5k on the first two runs it just,felt very uncomfortable on that left,hand side of the foot,um i kind of rearranged it a bit,loosened the laces a bit its completely,fine now ive got,any issues with it since then but i do,think its a little bit of a narrow,shoe and i dont have particularly wide,feet and so i very rarely find an issue,with narrow shoes but i do think thats,something to be wary of,with these,in terms of running performance so ive,done over 50k in these now and thats,kind of being a mix of kind of 5k,10k runs kind of tempo stuff ive done,track sessions in these ive done a,couple of longer,kind of um steadier runs in them,as well no races this time and generally,i think even that first time i laced,them up now obviously i havent run in,the,um or had experience running in the,first speed so i didnt really know,what to expect uh when i laced them up,for the first time,me personally i was worried that maybe,it might be a bit of a chunky shoe for,me i,um just in terms of what im used to but,once it got going i kind of hit my,rhythm,they felt great to run in and,i think the kind of midsole cushioning i,think its soft um,i think um its you know youve got a,little bit of bouncer but its not too,aggressive,uh that whole kind of the speed roll,kind of profile and that kind of,concept in this shoe is something i,really notice its you know quite,aggressive you know really kind of,pushing you up on your toes,i think even when i was kind of out and,not running in these shoes and just kind,of walking around and you always feel,you feel that sensation there as well so,definitely kind of in those faster,runs that i did it felt like a really,nice shoe to run in and,i wouldnt say the same about when i,kind of had to you know when i slowed,things down,i it just didnt work from that,perspective i just think this shoe is,about,keeping you quite consistent with your,your pace but at a kind of,quicker pace as well and thats why i,think it is definitely a nice fit for,kind of tempo runs from that perspective,um in terms of kind of things like the,outsole,um you could say quite muddy now or,quite dirty,um it was fine traction-wise i mean it,was generally running on roads,um a little bit off-road but not a huge,amount but generally kind of dry flat,roads i did do one,run where it was a little bit wet and it,i did maybe,feel like i wanted a little bit more in,terms of the traction and thats,in those conditions but generally kind,of road running,um on the track as well no kind of real,issues in terms of in terms of grip so,for me uh running performance wise i,really enjoyed it,um i definitely enjoyed running quick in,it um,my kind of hesitations about it being a,little bit heavy,i think i still would prefer something a,little bit lighter,but once you get going i definitely,think when you get into your rhythm,of running a little bit quicker in this,shoe thats where it really kind of,performs well,so yeah for me a really enjoyable,experience um,overall running in the speed too on the,run really impressed with the speed 2.,i think this is an absolutely fantastic,shoe i put them through a range of,different kind of paces and different,distances,everythings just awesome from fast kind,of 5ks,right up through intervals right up,through to a half marathon and beyond,and i think these are one of the most,versatile shoe

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[Music],good morning welcome back to another,video today im going to be taking the,saucony endorphin speeds on their first,run im just doing my rolling and,stretching routine i like to do every,morning um shout out to my flatmate,charlie um for his foam roll of mine,recently broke so hes lent me his for,the time being but yeah weve got the,soccer knee endorphin speeds today its,the first time ive ever run in a,saucony shoe i have taken them out on,one run already um which was the 5k park,run at the weekend in ipswich um and,they held up pretty well but today im,going to take them on a little bit of a,longer run,around 16k or the 10 mile mark maybe a,little bit longer maybe a little bit,shorter depending on how my hip is,feeling um so at the weekend i raced the,uh biliricky 10k got the first place,result so thank you for everyone whos,commented and sent them there,congratulations for that video it was a,really good one,and i won a hundred pound cash prize,which is wicked my first ever cash prize,from a running race um but yeah my hit,came up a little bit sore from the,weekend a week prior to that race i,actually took a tumble on my,long run it was in the evening and i,tripped on a tree root and landed quite,heavily on my knee and obviously my hip,as well because ive had a little bit of,hip pain for yeah the last two weeks now,so i decided to take three days off,running just to let it sort of,calm down a little bit because i was,sort of every time i was running i was,sort of aggravating it again so im,hoping today its its um recovered,after three or four days but yeah,todays video is all about the saucony,endorphin speed that was kindly sent to,me for the purpose of review,so today im going to go over my first,impressions my likes and dislikes and,how im going to be using the shoe,moving forward as well as who the shoe,is best suited for,[Music],so im back from my 15 kilometer run,this morning in the saucony endorphin,speed twos um i averaged 422 per,kilometer for that run,and the first four of 13k i sort of went,at my easy pace so around that 430 mark,and then the last few kilometers i,picked up the pace a little bit,just to test the shoe at sort of,different speeds so am i easy my steady,and more of a tempo effort towards the,end i think the last kilometer i ran,around three minutes 40 per kilometer,that was actually my second run in the,soccer endorphin speeds i did a park run,at the weekend in ipswich on an all um,grass and sort of trails park run and,the shoe held up pretty well over over,that distance as well so i did the 5k in,17 minutes and 45 seconds and for a,grassy hilly course that was pretty good,all my training you can view on,strava you can follow me,ben felton on strava and i post all of,my training runs um and you can sort of,see what shoes ive been running in,throughout the week so lets start with,some specifications of this shoe in my,uk size 8 it weighs 219 grams so its a,fairly lightweight,shoe,it has a nylon plate in this one not a,carbon a full length nylon plate and we,have the power run pb midsole its,almost made of these like little tiny,balls um the best way to describe it is,it looks like polystyrene thats sort of,been compressed down and you can see,there on on the um outsole here this,exposed midsole here you can really see,these little the little balls have been,compressed down to make up this midsole,we have an eight millimeter drop so this,shoe has a 35.5 millimeter stack height,in the heel dropping to 27 and a half,millimeters in the toe box so yeah sort,of,a medium stack height shoe its not,quite at the height of the 40,millimeters of say the carbon racing,shoes but its definitely not a low stat,kite shoe id say middle to high,um other features to mention is we have,a semi-gusted tongue and a nice sort of,padded and secure heel tab here which,provides nice support um when running in,this shoe moving on to my first,impressions of this shoe so when i put,it on foot to start with um i noticed,there was a little bit of room in my,sort of toe area,so i thought maybe you want to go half,the size down but having now run in this,shoe a couple of times i probably,wouldnt advise going half a size down,it just feels just about right when you,get moving and your toes start moving,around um so theres plenty of room,there in the toe box for me but i do,have quite a narrow foot so maybe thats,why in terms of the ride first,impressions are its a nice bouncy ride,um its a definite,sort of balance between being a soft,shoe and a firm shoe its right in the,middle there the sweet spot its not,soft like the sort of rebel v2 from new,balance and its not as firm as some,other shoes such as the um nike zoom fly,4 that i recently tried out its sort of,a nice balance between being soft but,also firm and responsive yeah nice,bouncy feel for this midsole and i was,really impressed with uh sockiness,midsole having never run in a saucony,shoe before and the other first,impressions were it was a nice stable,ride so um some of these higher stat,kite shoes such as the saucony endorphin,speed here can be a little bit unstable,but i didnt have any instability,problems at all,i reckon thats down to,the nylon plate in there just helping,the shoe,um,with a bit of structure and as i was,running in i could really feel that the,shoe felt nice and stable moving on to,my likes and dislikes we start with the,likes and theres plenty of them i can,already tell this shoe is going to be a,contender for my 2021 shoe of the year,its just a really versatile shoe it,felt comfortable at my easy my steady,and my tempo efforts and so im going to,be able to use this shoe for a lot of,runs moving forward so yeah my likes,were it was a very lightweight trainer,only 219 grams which for me is yeah,pretty pretty light its one of the,lighter daily trainers that ive got i,also enjoyed the ride as i was saying,its sort of a snappy ride a nice,balance between being soft but also firm,and yeah it seemed to have a pretty good,energy return across the runs ive done,in it so far i also like the build,quality of this one um i can tell its,going to last a long time sort of got,these rubberized bits here on the side,which is giving going to give the shoe a,nice durability sometimes these um,the meshes here on the uppers of shoes,can rip so its nice to see theyve been,reinforced here on the saucony and yeah,nice amount of rubber on the bottom um i,would say for me this area here of,exposed midsole is a little bit of,concern maybe um the durability wont be,as high as as say if this area was maybe,covered with a few strips of this this,harder rubber but only time will tell,and i would i will give you a full,review after ive put some proper miles,in this shoe the shoe comes in at 155,pounds which i think is a pretty,reasonable shoe especially for one that,i can do my easy runs my long runs my,tempo work,id even consider racing sort of the,five and 10k distance in this shoe um it,seems nice and responsive and stable,as well as being very comfortable so,yeah i would even consider racing an,issue so i think that 155 pound price,point is pretty good moving on to some,of my dislikes and this morning on my,run the roads were a little bit wet,and i noticed the shoe wasnt quite,gripping to the pavement as well as some,other shoes so maybe it could look at,being a little bit better in the in the,wet im a bit of a mid-foot mid foot to,sort of heel striker so im sort of,landing on this area here um which,doesnt have any any rubber on so it was,a little bit slippery for me um i dont,know if anyone else has found that with,the saucony shoes but i,i noticed i wasnt quite gripping the,pavement as well as i would have liked,the only other dislike is maybe that the,nylon plate wasnt giving me quite as,much um,bounce forward as say a carbon plate,would but it then it wasnt as rigid,which was which was a nice feeling you,dont want that sort of rigid carbon,plate for your daily miles um which can,can cause you

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Endorphin Speed 2 – After 100 Miles

at first glance the endorphin speed 2,felt like it was exactly the same as the,endorphin speed one,but,after 100 miles in this shoot i started,to notice some subtle,its time to lace up the endorphin speed,2 and talk about it after,100 miles,[Music],so,[Music],10 miles at marathon effort for todays,long run and a total of 19.3 miles on,the day rounding out my time with the,endorphin speed 2. now before i give my,thoughts on this shoe after 100 miles i,do want to go over some disclosures,saucony sent me these shoes to review so,i didnt have to pay for them but,theyre not paying me to make this video,or to use the shoe and theyre not going,to get a chance to preview any of my,footage or my thoughts before you guys,get a chance to see this video on,youtube so with that disclosure out of,the way lets talk about the saucony,endorphin speed,2 after 100 miles now the way that ive,been using this shoe which has sauconys,power run pb foam their highest end,racing foam and a nylon plate is to use,it kind of how i would use a lot of,carbon plated shoes i use this for my,faster days for those runs where i want,to be working a little bit harder so not,necessarily a shoe that i would reach,for for my easy days but for any of,those days where i want to make sure i,got a good nights sleep beforehand this,is a good shoe to bring out with you,pretty much no matter what that workout,is going to be but to be a little bit,more specific the types of workouts that,ive really enjoyed with this shoe and,the thing that i found myself doing the,most with it is long runs like today,where i was gonna be allotting a lot of,miles total but also running a bunch of,miles at my marathon race effort thats,where ive been enjoying the endorphin,speed 2,the most now i have done threshold,repeats in this shoe and i even done,some uh shorter efforts at 5k pace but i,generally have found that the way this,shoe is set up because i have a carbon,fiber plate its got the nylon plate in,it i do find that like marathon pace for,me and this shoe is the sweet spot that,power on pb material is like the,predominant thing that im feeling when,im running in the shoe and it is a very,responsive material when your foot hits,the ground youre really feeling that,foam bounce back as youre going into,that next stride and it does definitely,have kind of that premium race day type,of feel but the thing that i found about,power mpb is that for my preferences,its a little bit on the firmer side the,racing companion to this shoe the,endorphin pro 2. thats a shoe that i,dont necessarily think about when im,talking about marathon racing but its a,shoe that i love for a half marathon,racing because it does feel a little bit,speedier but because of that firmness,im not sure that i always want to take,it for the marathon distance now the,endorphin speed 2 i think is a little,bit more mellow its a little bit easier,to live with for longer distances like,the 19 miles i was out there for,for today but its still a firmer foam,than some of the other super foams that,are out there now that being said even,though i find it to be a little bit firm,for kind of like everyday use my easier,paces,a lot of you guys are using it as that,everyday trainer that can do kind of,everything im not quite there where you,guys are,im not saying that its the wrong way,to use it i think that for people who,might be a little bit taller or bigger,than me or might be hitting the ground a,little bit harder than i am those people,are not going to have the same kind of,like its too firm sensation coming from,this midsole foam and for those easy,days this shoe might be just right for,you but for me personally i like it once,i can get to that marathon effort range,and all the way up to kind of like that,threshold effort which is kind of in,between my half marathon race pace and,my 10k race pace thats where i feel,like this shoe is really singing to me,and i just love running in it now lets,talk about how this shoe has been,holding up over the last hundred miles,now when were talking about speed shoes,like this endorphin speed too or if,youre talking about like a racing shoe,like a carbon plated eraser i feel like,kind of the things that happen to the,foam are like the opposite of what,happens to like a daily trainer now with,daily trainers the more you run in them,they go from like nice and cushioned,ready to handle all the miles from all,the weeks of running,and then they get very very firm and,they feel like theyre kind of dead race,day shoes start out firm and then when,they start to kind of lose their life,they get really muddled and squishy and,a little bit kind of like soggy in the,feel and its just,ironic to me that its kind of like the,opposite things are happening to these,foams but if you think about it it makes,a little bit more sense because these,are two very different types of running,that youre talking about here and now,with this shoe the endorphin speed 2 and,its power on pb i think that this shoot,has still maintained that kind of like,right out of the box race day feel in,fact i was kind of hoping that it would,mellow out just a little bit because i,do think that this is slightly firmer,than the endorphin speed one and its,still maintaining that even 100 miles in,now in terms of the wear on the midsole,foam in terms of the exposed areas,really all im seeing is just some,discoloration which is pretty typical,with this type of material uh its just,gonna get dirty and theres no real way,of cleaning it not that i really clean,my shoes ever as far as visible signs of,wear and tear theres not really any on,the shoe even the paint thats coloring,certain portions of that midsole foam,still holding up really well and i feel,like thats holding up better than my,endorphin speed one is holding up in,terms of the wear and tear on the,outsole,i feel like its the exact same outsole,pattern as last year even the same,colors as far as i understand but this,year it seems like theres just a lot,less wear on the shoe now i dont know,if thats me or something different that,theyve done to the rubber maybe theyve,tweaked the formula there but im seeing,almost nowhere at any point in the,rubber outsole of the shoe except for,just this spot over here theres just a,little bit of wear thats happening,there and its really the only sign in,the rubber part of the outsole that,theres any miles on the shoe now of,course you can see that the foam itself,is a little bit discolored the upper is,in pristine shape even for a white,running shoe i think its holding up,really well it certainly can get very,dirty my last year endorphin pro and,speed got very muddy running right,around this time of year and that,transition from winter to spring i think,maybe ive just gotten a little bit,luckier and not getting as much mud on,the shoes but regardless of whether its,clean or dirty in terms of the way its,performing it still is one of the best,running shoe uppers that is out there,today,really comfortable without pinching or,binding the foot in any sort of,uncomfortable way i think saucony makes,some of the best uppers in running shoes,right now so i think that at 160,full price for this shoe one part of me,thinks that its a lot of money to pay,for a shoe and theres kind of no way,around that but on the other hand i do,feel like its a really good value in,this space because not only can you do a,lot of your training and your workouts,in them but you could also race in this,shoe as well and thats something that,ive seen both in version one and,version two that a lot of people are,choosing to race in this shoe so uh if,youre not wanting to get into the,carbon plated racers or if you dont,think that youre ready for that yet i,think this is a really great way to kind,of like test the waters in terms of,having that higher end ratio or workout,shoe and i think that its really going,to provide you with a lot of fun running,miles so those are my thoughts on the,endorphin speed 2 afte


like a running version of keanu reeves,im back with the footwear favorite,people loved the first version of the,saucony endorphin speed when it released,back in 2020 but will the speed 2 hit,the ground running with the same favor,lets find out an initial review of the,saucony endorphin speed 2.,[Music],hey cats ed midsole bud here if you are,new here or youre a regular viewer make,sure you hit that subscribe button and,also click the bell below for,notifications of when i roll out those,new videos for you which is,almost every day it helps the channel,out a lot too as well if you give this,video a thumbs up like and also share,the video with your running buddies,danke i picked up the sophomores speed 2,for old times sake to see how this,midsole setup holds up in 2021 it took,the world by storm when it released last,year and i do have some fond memories,actually of the first run after my son,had been born it was the soccer,endorphin speed that was the shoe i,reached for when i had that wonderful,feeling of becoming a dad though new,foams are all around us and the cushion,grows has this affected our perception,of the power run pb foam in the socket,endorphin speed 2. just a quick,disclaimer i spent my own earth credits,on this one i waited till another,colorway dropped because i didnt like,those two initial colorways this one,really hits the spot like a freshly,ground coffee and a piece of australian,crunch from the yogurt college,restaurant this ones in a size 11 uk or,us-12 it comes in at 260 grams,which is like three grams or so lighter,than the speed so im not sure where the,saving is because ive added a load of,stuff true to size in length this one,though more on the fit of the shoe in a,moment,155 big ones,sadly it doesnt quite live up to the,version one well start with the upper,first so i got about 17 miles into the,shoe on my initial runs i gotta be,honest i found the fit of the upper a,little bit flabby its less focused and,a bit fussy its a bit like one of those,people that gets to an airport and sort,of messes around and doesnt go straight,to the check-in desk they sort of fool,around a bit thats what this is like,cant stand it when people do that the,heel or pull tab and the one on the,tongue are just pointless additions you,dont need,pull tabs to put this shoe on you just,loosen the laces up put your foot into,it and then tighten them again its that,simple you dont need this stuff on,there that said i had to cinch the laces,extremely tight to get a really good fit,in the speed 2. not the case in the,speed one so i think theyve used a,different last here which seems a lot,taller wider perhaps but for my foot,which is a normal size foot i just feel,like ive got to cinch those laces up,too much and you want good lock down,with this shoe on top of that midsole,material so you can really get the best,from it going with a slightly thicker,adidas sock did remedy the situation a,little bit but i granted me a bit less,toe room other than that it was a,reasonable length i couldnt go a half,size up that would just be too much and,probably make the upper even bigger,going a half size down not enough toe,room so im stuck between a rock and a,hard place maybe that updated last just,isnt compatible with the ed bud foot,its still nice and breathable in the,toe box i mean in the uk breathability,is cool you have to look out for it in,the summer but the rest of the time we,just want a shoe that isnt going to be,too cold i suppose the mesh is,comfortable on foot but again like the,pro 2 this one feels a little bit,deconstructed i dont think the quality,is quite there that we had in the first,versions of the shoes its a little bit,off a little bit like an off-white nike,release thats what it feels like to me,part the heel count is exposed with this,cyberman style piece here if youre used,to running in the pro youll find this,quite prominent guys the pros just as,flexible as morph,in a heat wave or a cornetto on the,beach i suppose didnt feel quite as,comfortable as the speed did,certainly around that heel area just,feels a little bit exposed and clunky i,think id pr i think i prefer the setup,that was in the speed original doesnt,feel anywhere near as kind of,restrictive back here laces are okay in,length and of course youve got this,cool little elastic piece here that you,can place them under to stop them,flapping around like some sort of,halibut just feels like the changes in,the upper here are changes for changes,sake none of them are really all that,beneficial just feels like a bit of a,step backwards rather than a step,forwards here and i actually found the,pro 2 upper changes far more comfortable,and necessary in fact to improve the,lockdown here theyve kind of gone the,other way so yeah got some reservations,about it ill give it a 2.4 out of 3,after my initial runs for the upper,midsole,so no apparent changes here it does seem,to be exactly the same midsole setup as,we saw in the initial version of the,shoot almost controlling of your foot,strike in some ways at least for around,about 10 miles then it really started to,sink although i do feel that the speed,kind of wants you to utilize the full,length of the midsole and outsole rather,than perhaps land on a mid to forefoot,strike maybe thats something to do with,the speed roll technology im not sure,ill tell you what id really like a bit,of swiss roll right now jam one thatll,be lovely and its ten past eight in the,evening though so i think its probably,uh out of the question as the miles,clocked up i did feel the midsole start,to give a little bit not quite as rigid,sensation as you get in the pro or the,pro 2. i dont remember or at least,looking through my notes from last year,having the same issue with the original,version of the shoe that one seemed,pretty good straight out the box with,this one i had to break it in a little,bit and once i did i really got the best,out of it have they changed the formula,perhaps here in the midsole material or,is it the upper playing tricks on me,maybe slightly changing the way the foot,is applied to the top of the mittel and,affecting the transition a little bit,maybe either way i didnt find it,anywhere near as forgiving or engaging,at lower speeds like above eight minutes,per mile for example i didnt have those,sweet memories that i had of running,pretty much any pace in the original,speed it didnt feel quite the same is,it due to my feet experiencing other,propulsive midsole phones over the last,year theres been loads of nice,combinations ive tested out of recent,time thinking the rocket x maybe the,tempo next percent from nike and the,rebel too not forgetting the nitro,lineup from puma as well an,embarrassment of britches obviously the,underfoot foam in the speed 2 is a,little bit denser while still forgiving,but it doesnt quite have that same pop,as you experience in the rocket x and it,felt like i had to pull up the sides of,the upper to really engage my foot with,the midsole material i think perhaps the,plate isnt quite as noticeable in the,speed 2 as it is in something like the,rocket x certainly at a higher pace,perspective anyway not once i felt,unstable running in the speed 2 so far,in fact all the endorphin line are,really stable for me can run at most,paces in the pro and the endorphin trail,was a real winner even on some very,uneven terrain it was serviceable at,five minutes per kilometer pace or eight,minutes per mile but so uh lots of other,cheaper options that have come out over,the last few months something like the,under armour flow velocity wind for,example but at around seven minutes per,mile pace the shoe really starts to come,alive a bit and i started to feel some,of that magic that i felt in the,original version the zest was there,of a thousand lemons the stack,comfortable and it certainly promotes a,faster cadence and stride lengthening,feel very much an endorphin speed to,here rather than a daily shoe not sure,id want to run at slower p

SAUCONY ENDORPHIN SPEED 2: full review after 100+ miles

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[ĐAM MÊ] Saucony endorphin speed 2 chưa rõ nhưng Running saucony speed thì khá đỉnh

ừ ừ,[âm nhạc],em,[âm nhạc],[âm nhạc],chẳng bạn đây là,socola mi Indo Phi,Speed cho bạn ấy thì cái dòng sản phẩm,này thì mình vừa trải nghiệm và một số,bài Số buổi tập một số mày test thì mình,thấy nó cũng khá là ổn,a đối với các dòng Speed này thì cơ bản,như thì nó cũng khá là nhẹ giờ đấy và,căn bản là được chọn đấy nó sẽ là,đối thủ đáng bật Prime 3,á Đối với trải nghiệm của mình nó còn,nếu mà chạy của nó Lan mà,ở tốc độ cao cũng như là chạy đường dài,thì nó cũng là một trong những cái hợp,lý để gọi chạy đấy là mình trải nghiệm,thực tế chụp Còn nếu mà để bày tốc độ ấy,thì chúng ta cũng có thể chạy được cái,tốc độ tầm khoảng là anh nói chung tùy,từng xứ của tục người thì,thì có bạn có bung hết sức hay không,thôi thì nhận nhưng mà mình thấy chạy,thì,bộ đôi này mà chạy ở tốc độ trong khoảng,20 20,5 km h Khi mà mình đóng ở 2 km mà,face,2.55 ấy thì nó chạy nó cũng khá là ổn,không ạ nó không nó không có,vấn đề gì cả nhưng mà có một cái vấn đề,đó chính là khi mặc các bạn qua quanh,anh ấy thì 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