1. Saucony Guide 15 Full Review
  2. Saucony Guide 15 Review – Best Stability Running Shoe 2022
  3. Saucony Guide 15 Review – Best Stability Running Shoe 2022
  4. Saucony Ride 15 Review After 500km – Is This My Winter Daily Trainer
  5. Saucony Ride 15 Review: Multi-tester review of the new softer daily trainer
  6. Hoka Mach 5 Vs Saucony Ride 15: Which daily shoe should you go for?
  7. Saucony Guide 15 – First Run Review

Saucony Guide 15 Full Review

no no no if you cant afford the shoe,thats okay go to a running shoe store,and just put the shoe on just to,experience what the upper feels like and,just be forthright with the sail rep on,this on the floor and just say hey i,heard this guy on youtube tell me i,gotta put the socket,[Music],[Music],[Music],guide me home saucony,guide me home to the studio shoe studio,uh oh whats right over there you see,that right,saucony kinvara 13 which is now,available you better believe it its,available down below in the description,sauconys nailing it any shoe over here,in this shelf means it scored above an,eight with our scoring system and yes,indeed saucony guide 15 is making a hard,run at that eights all right everyone,lets dive in a stability,road running shoe okay you know me,stability is not my preference i prefer,neutral but it got a great score for a,stability shoe here in the studio lets,dive into it i believe we took it heres,the mileage of g you know just a little,bit over 50 miles which qualifies any,shoe for testing within dgr for that,full review score here we go 35 in the,heel 27 in the four foot all right for,you know fairly high stack height all,right 35 and,27. womens size 8 mens size nine i,forgot to turn the scale on hold on hold,on lets turn this on real quick just to,confirm for all of you i think were,looking at just under nine ounces oh,this the scales saying nine on the nose,okay so eight point nine or nine ounces,and theres my score solid score,but room for improvement okay i saw i,should say solid weight but room for,improvement i believe the vongo oh,thats coming to mind as another,stability option from new balance that,might be a little bit lighter than,this guy but pretty good for you know,stability shoes way more than,neutral shoes okay here we go breathable,mesh with minimized layers for a sleeker,fit and lets just confirm,one second,fully gusseted,its the highlight the lockdown is the,highlight again oh what was the shoe i,also just tested by saucony hold on one,second and time in the axon two the,socket all these shoes are available or,theyre about to become available below,the axe into a hundred dollar running,shoe from saucony its just and the lock,down their their name i dont know what,to tell you um is it a hoka mock for,lockdown,not quite but over the top of the foot,that material and i dont know if,theyre mature theyre oh,im just telling you i would buy this,shoe just or go no no no no,if you cant afford the shoe thats okay,go to a running shoe store and just put,the shoe on just to experience what the,upper feels like and just be forthright,with the sail rep on this on the floor,and just say hey i heard this guy on,youtube tell me i gotta put the saucony,guide 15 on my feet and i think youre,just going to notice immediately a,little switch from other running shoes,that are out there right now its just,the the feel of the material is soft to,the touch soft to the top of the foot,especially this guide 15 even more so,than the axon 2. just wanted to clarify,that and get that out there for all of,you here we go moving on to the overall,score its just butter 8 out of 10,for there power run midsole okay lets,just confirm with the durometer tester,here okay i think were looking at about,a 45 is what i was getting a minute ago,hold on hold on okay im just going to,get a few tests here thats in 53 okay,hold on thats not the right see its,hard you gotta thats why,its its idea theres the 45 so i was,getting 45 in a couple different spots,not bad but i you know,im learning the durometer scale system,uh the durometer scoring system and,im learning that anything between like,38 and 42,is really nice so 45 just a little too,high lets do the thumb test as well um,on the lateral side but theres theres,that guide technology there in this,power oh yeah see the the medial side,sorry,medial side inside lateral side oh,thats nice on the on the outside there,so not bad but again i would prefer just,but i realize its a stability shoe so,they need to build a little more,strength into that midsole,material okay so overall score eight out,of ten hollow tech guidance system,through that outsole guide your stride,without the bulk okay,and,less than less rubber on the outsole,than,the accent two,love it love it love it which is again,why its breaking into the eights okay,fit oh so good no complaints comfort a,little lower because of that midsole,again dropping that durometer down to,about a 41 or 40 and i think we would be,in some serious serious business uh i,dont know how actually if theres a,saucony person out there watching this,how could you achieve a stability,you know to protect the,protect the runners out there from,overpronating too much how could you,achieve that on the medial side,while still reducing the durometers,dropping the durometer score just a,little bit thatd be interesting to hear,your thoughts saucony engineers out,there moving on to that positive of,course its the upper draw back the,durometer and that durability prediction,600 plus lets just double check,yep,yep,yep,and yep all right i mean its just its,gonna go and go,and go,uh ill be shocked if this even this,upper oh my just to the touch it feels,solid like well built just like im just,running my fingers over it you know how,you put your finger on a a piece of,cloth and you can tell like,even like what im wearing this from new,balance you just like know its gonna,like this is gonna last a decade i i can,sense this is going to just this is just,going to go and go and go as always info,at themoreglobalrunning.com,if you take this shoe past 500 or 600,miles id appreciate seeing those,pictures okay how will i use this shoe,daily trainer just a classic daily,trainer if youre a stability runner and,price point standard 140 all right im,im very pleased with that i think it,could have been a little higher even,dont tell sake no 140 is spot on for a,stability shoe other shoes to buy,theres that vongo the brooks adrenaline,21 and the puma eternity,nitro ooh that nitro,um,out of all those on the screen right now,id probably go personally with the,eternity from puma i love that shoe but,then this is this guy 15 would probably,come in,second soak it in those shoe quick specs,for the saucony guide 15 one more time,all right power run midsole again its,not the power run pb,i was hoping um,man im sure its coming yeah i wouldnt,be shocked if 2023 if we see that power,on pb in that midsole okay eight,millimeter drop there you have it all,right full review score coming in at,7.72 ah for a stability shoe to all you,know almost get into the eights that is,saying something all right sockety great,work in 2020,three or so 20 22 as we kick off the,stability,lineup from all you here we go listen to,this so this is being pulled from this,is a great comment of the day,uh this is being pulled from,my top three stability shoes of 2021 all,right ill do my best to link to it down,below,in the description,eric peterson big,big time uh watcher of the vlog viewer,the vlog so eric here you go says i was,a severe overpronator when i started,high school cross country in 1984.,my coach noticed this and immediately,said i needed the brooks chariot,ive never heard of that shoe who raced,or sorry who trained in the brooks,chariot,and that most likely would also correct,my form and as my body grew the,pronation may go away my family couldnt,afford the shoes so my coach also a,teacher paid for half and i paid half,with my part-time job,money i wore the chariot all four years,of high school eventually running a 15,45 3 mile 422 mile and 155 880 880 yards,you are definitely a runner from the 80s,also i have after high school i no,longer needed stability shoes thanks,coach mcgee,theres hope,theres hope in the world when you read,a comment of the day like that theres,so many great teachers and coaches out,there,guiding young people to greener pastures,and opportunities on this earth,obviously eric with coach mcgee you,

Saucony Guide 15 Review – Best Stability Running Shoe 2022

welcome everybody to foodie runs hq how,are we all doing people are you a,stability shoe where if you are,get ready to get excited because i think,we could have the best ability show,of 2022,[Music],so saucony guy 15 is here and this is a,first impressions video people weve,done just over 20 miles in it and i want,to let you know my initial thoughts,of the shoe we will come back and do a,performance review of the shoe,as normal but i want to let you know uh,about you because im kind of excited,and i know i get excited on this channel,about running shoes i appreciate that,but we could have here,as i said at the start a real challenger,for stability shoe of the year and i,think straight away we need to give,saucony some love in terms of how this,shoe looks as a stability shoe i dont,know if thats going to zoom on that,focus on the camera um yeah there we go,because i tell you what i know about you,but i think this is one of the best,looking stability shoes weve seen for a,long time let me know in the comments,out of 10,what would you give this shoe in terms,of looks for a stability shoe i think,theyve done an incredible job so the,shoe is 130 pounds uh weve got an eight,mil drop weve got the new power run um,midsole on the uh shoe which is like,that softer,uh more responsive feeling midsole weve,got a brand new upper weve also got the,hollow frame um again lets try and get,that focused in on the camera but weve,got the hollow frame here uh which is,where its adding the support on the,medial side weve got the flared midsole,as well which is again creating that,stable platform for which we can run on,theyve changed up the geometry of the,shoe so to help the heel to toe,transition on the outsole its very much,a shift i would say in terms of,the fit and the feel of the outsole,its very much gone down,the route of the,shift and i think thats probably about,it did i mention the price 130 pounds,lets weigh it,from memory its over 10 ounces yeah,10.3 ounces which is what 290 something,grams 292. i was on the money so the,shoe fit is true to size um,im a uk nine and a half as youd expect,ive got no problems in terms of width,or anything like that and the upper,it just fits lovely uh theres loads of,foam and comfort around the shoe which,is perfect youd expect it to be,comfortable this is built around the,the ride,series which im a big fan of,now the ride series were that a little,bit firmer in terms of the midsole but,with this new power midsole they put on,the shoe its definitely softened it up,so if youre a big fan of the ride and,you need a stability shoe youre gonna,love the guide now i looked at the ride,and i thought actually no i need the,guide this year so thats why ive got,the guide instead of the ride that make,any sense so ive been out to do a bit,of everything in this shoe so far which,is what i want from a daily trainer um,the idea of this shoe is that its its,that or stability alternative to your,daily shoes out there um,i think what theyve created here is is,a really nice blend of,lightness and um,whats the best way to describe it just,freedom now that might sound a really,really random word but freedom with the,shoe because it gives you the ability to,do everything,pretty well,it gives you the options to do recovery,runs in here long runs in here a bit of,speed working its not particularly,over heavy,yeah theres light shoes out there but,stability shoes traditionally are heavy,shoes people the stability on the inside,with the hollow frame thing whatever you,call it um,its doing the job so you can feel that,but its its not an intrusive stability,shoe some of these stability shoes,really do feel built up and,and quite heavy in terms of the,stability this this guide 15 doesnt,feel like that in in any shape or form,it really is a subtle,subtle um,[Music],stability shoe and as it gives you that,freedom to be able to do everything that,you want with a stability shoe and,thats thats the important thing i,think the only slight negative is that,it is a slightly firmer ride than maybe,you would get in a a neutral new balance,1080 version 12 but,you know youre going if youre going,for a stability shoe actually a firmer,ride probably not the worst thing in the,world you dont want anything overly,soft because its going to make that,pronation,worse um,im very excited about the shoe ill be,honest i think the the fact that the,tempest tempus is coming which is their,sort of,up-tempo daily trainer um stability shoe,if its built around this platform i im,even more excited because,what theyve created here apart from the,fact that they made something look,semi-decent for a stability shoe which,first is just,awesome because all the stability shoes,out there just i think look terrible,but the fact that theyve created,something here that,that could be a real good platform in,which you can then build the other shoes,off of for stability shoe wearers is,very very exciting we know with the,outsole on the shift that is fine,theres no problems in terms of,durability so thats absolutely fine,the the new upper on it is breathable it,does exactly what you want the sock in,the uppers at the moment are fantastic,and just say just the overall fit and,feel of the shoe it just hits the spot,so initial verdict is if youre looking,for a um multi-moderate stability daily,trainer in 2022 i think you really do,need to look at the guide,15 its well priced at 130 pounds its,not 165 pounds like you know some basic,shoes out there,they they really really,really hit the mark here with this shoe,so let me get some more miles in it,and yeah well just we will report back,in terms of how weve been getting on it,ill probably take it i dont know uh 50,60 miles and then report back um,so yeah so lets lets do that and then,ill say ill film it while im out,there on a long run with it um and then,well um,yeah,i dont know this ones caught me off,guard people i wasnt expecting this,really to to do what its done so thats,why im kind of like im in an r because,its kind of taken me a little bit,sideways and maybe i should have prepped,the video a little bit better,in terms of it but yeah i just,its just a great running shoe

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Saucony Guide 15 Review – Best Stability Running Shoe 2022

in this video we are doing a performance,review of these the succulent guide 15.,[Music],what is up everybody and welcome to 4d,runs and,stability shoe hq yeah were back,talking stability shoes,in this video now i wanted to come back,report back,on this awesome shoe i know i get,excited about shoes but this one is an,absolute winner,so weve done over 50 miles in the shoe,now and i wanted to come back report let,you know how ive been getting on with,it um this is gonna be one of the best,stability shoes of 2022. i cant see,much beating it,the tempest from soccer is also a,contender um both very very good shoes,but there is something about this shoe,that i really really like,okay first lets do a couple of stats,130 quid uh eight mil drop new upper on,it uh weve got these like tabby things,here that help with the mid-foot lock,down weve got the hollow tech here on,the medial side which stops you falling,in power around midsole not power on pb,like weve got on the tempest but power,around midsole which is,firm but its not overly firm versus,previous versions got a good audacity,tongue it weighs uk nine and a half is,true to size by the way uh,10.3 ounces,uh oh yeah and a reasonable outsole the,thing for soccer shoes at the moment,thats probably their biggest downfall,at the moment is their outsoles arent,very good but its okay on this one,this shoe could be the best stability,shoe of 2022 im sorry if im in an iron,between this and the tempest because,they do sort of different things,but whats great about this shoe is you,can literally do everything in it and,its a quick shoe uh over those sort of,speedier sessions that you may be doing,you can do your recovery miles in it you,can do your whole weeks rotation in,this shoe it literally can,do everything and do everything pretty,well,it is a slightly firmer ride than what,you might be used to but i dont mind,that necessarily in a stability shoe im,looking for something that is a stable,platform underneath my feet,on my foot i dont want anything too,mushy,and this is great youve got the hollow,frame which you know does help you in,terms of steering you from collapsing in,breathable upper fits great,theres nothing too much around,the foot theres theres not a lot of,like plastic or junk thrown in the shoe,its pretty basic in terms of,what its trying to do for the stability,side of things but it does give you,plenty of feedback when youre out there,on your runs,overall at 130 pounds and you can get,this cheaper now,i do think youre going to struggle to,find a better stability shoe um for a,sort of,short to medium distance here uh the,tempest i think will take over if youre,on those longer runs but as a daily,trainer for stability shoe wearers this,has been an absolute yeah its been an,absolute winner the only downside ive,said before is that is the outsole on,these shoes is not particularly great in,greasy situations if you run a lot on,roads its absolutely fine down the,canal tow paths but on those roads where,its a little bit wet a little bit damp,the outsoles arent great and its the,same for most soccer issues including,the endorphin line um,but thats probably the only sort of,downside i can see of the shoe other,than that sort of slight,firmness versus other shoes out there,but this is better than arahi this is,better than avongo,this is much better than a kayano its,just it just feels more alive i think it,looks better for starters let me know in,the comments if you agree i think it,looks much better than any of the other,stability shoes out there at the moment,i know beautys in the eye the beholder,but,its built well its held up well,yeah its got some discoloring on it and,the the phones all creasing up whatever,yeah its its absolutely fine its,doing brilliantly uh brilliantly in my,rotation im loving this shoe im,grabbing it more and more for those,shorter miles if ive again ive got a,day a day where im double running coach,session in the evening im putting this,on for one of those sessions whether it,be the morning or afternoon run,whichever way,were doing it so yeah i cant i cant,compliment the shoe enough i think if,you are looking for a stability shoe in,2022,check out the guide 15.,[Music],you

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Saucony Ride 15 Review After 500km – Is This My Winter Daily Trainer

I got about 500 kilometers on the uh,suck me right 15s and uh,its about minus seven Celsius right now,not sure what the Fahrenheit is but,man these shoes get pretty firm now,how has the ride 15 held up after 500,kilometers and will this be my shoe,through the winter months today I hope,to answer that question this is my 500,kilometer review of the Saucony ride 15.,hi everybody and welcome to todays,video and on todays video I want to,talk to you about the Saucony ride 15.,now if you follow my channel youve,probably seen that Ive done a couple of,reviews on this shoe so far I did an,initial review I actually even did a,little bit of an update once I reached,200 miles the other day loaded my run to,strive I didnt realize Ive crept over,the 500 kilometer Mark in this shoe now,I think theres a lot of good solid,kilometers left in this shoe and if its,any indication spoiler alert this shoe,has been working out really really well,for me thats why Ive been able to put,in so many miles and I also know that a,lot of shoe reviewers just have so many,shoes to get to so they dont have the,opportunity to take something quite this,far so were going to go over a couple,of different things Ill briefly talk,about uh some of the specs on this shoe,then were just going to go over exactly,how the shoe is held up to the 500,kilometers so far and then lastly how am,I going to use this going forward,because seasons have changed up here and,that has changed how I feel about this,shoe and what Im Im going to use it,for by up here I live in Eastern Canada,so we get lots of snow lots of ice lots,of cold weather and that really does,change how this shoe performs for me,first of all lets jump into just,looking at a couple of the specs of this,shoe well go over this very very,briefly before we get into how the shoes,held up now the Saucony ride 15 does,come in at 8.8 ounces or 249 grams,thats in a U.S mens size nine it has,an eight millimeter offset an eight,millimeter drop thats 35 millimeters in,the heel and 27 millimeters in the,forefoot it is made up of sauconys,power run midsole so no power on Plus or,power ram PB in this just sucking these,regular power run midsole and it has a,lightweight breathable mesh upper all,right so lets get into talking about,how this shoe is held up to the 500,kilometers starting with taking a look,at this upper and Ive got to be honest,with you this upper still looks really,really good nowhere and tear issues with,it at all I dont have the same hole,developing that I had in the Saucony,Triumph 19s I did a review of the,Triumph 19 at around 300 miles and it,had developed a hole even though the,rest of the issue was fine so no,problems there with the ride 15 and one,of the spots where I tend to see a,little bit more wear in some of my shoes,for better or worse is back here around,the heel collar but nothing at all it,looks really really good tongue still is,in great shape still protecting my feet,from those laces so overall the upper is,held up really really well if we move on,down to that midsole you will see some,creasing but really honestly nothing too,severe now this is as I mentioned before,just sauconys power run midsole so its,not the power on PB or not even the,power M plus so it doesnt have the,greatest amount of energy return to,begin with but I havent felt a whole,lot of difference from when I first got,the shoe in terms of the energy return,still has a little bit of softness to it,again its never been the size soft,issue in the world but it hasnt changed,that much over time it actually actually,softened up from when I first ran on the,shoe now I will say that has changed a,little bit since weve gotten into the,Colder Weather but were going to talk,about that in a couple minutes and when,I talk about how Im going to use this,shoe moving forward if we look at the,outsole of this shoe thats where we,probably see the most wear like you,would expect in most running shoes at,500 kilometers or more and there is kind,of smooth out here at the toe off where,I normally tow off in my shoe thats to,be expected it still feels fine traction,wise when Im out there in the roads are,in good shape its not wet or icy or,anything like that so Im still getting,lots of traction out of this shoe when,you move on down through that outsole,theres still a lot of rubber still a,lot of life in this shoe you will see,that Ive chewed away at the midsole,right in the middle here a little bit,but thats mostly because the midsole,came up to the same level as the outsole,rubber when when you bought the shoe new,so the fact that thats worn out a,little little bit in the midsole exposed,midsole is not a surprise to me at all,now if we go to the back of the shoe and,look at the rubber or the outsole on the,back of this shoe there is still tons of,rubber left back there protecting that,midsole so overall outsole still in,great shape midsole still holding up,well upper is holding up like a chip,its almost like a brand new shoe when,were just looking at the upper hi guys,if youre liking this video so far,please consider subscribing to my,channel and hit that thumbs up button,and also comment in the comment section,down below what is your go-to shoe,through those winter months,now we get to talk about how Im going,to use this shoe moving forward keep in,mind as I mentioned before I live up,here in Eastern Canada so the next,number of months were going to get lots,of snow slush ice cold weather all sorts,of things thrown at us and Im gonna try,to spend as little time on the dread,Mill as possible this winter so what I,have on my feet is pretty important in,terms of just how comfortable its going,to be out there on my run and they its,the Saucony ride 15 has a couple of,things going for it and a couple of,things just just might not make it work,for me but if first if we talk about the,upper of the shoe one of the things I,didnt complain about during the summer,months but it doesnt its not the most,breathable upper now its breathable,enough where it was still comfortable it,wasnt hot but its certainly not as,breathable as something like the,Endorphin speed that I have back there,on the Shelf somewheres I tilt the,Endorphin speed out for a temple run the,other night and it was about minus 10,degrees Celsius Ill put the fahrenheit,up here on the screen but the wind was,blowing through that shoe and it got,really really cold I havent had that,same issue with the ride 15 its been,fairly warm warm pair of socks and its,okay during those winter months one,thing I am concerned about and it was,something that I mentioned in one of my,other reviews of this shoe was that this,upper does take on a decent amount of,water or at least it did for me which,made the shoe feel a little bit clunky,a little bit worried about that because,as we run through some of the slush and,winter months just right about that,feeling feeling of clunkiness as if,theyre running in the winter in the,snow and the slush uh the midsole the,midsole is one of the big concerns I,have with this shoe because this power,run midsole just the material that is,made out of really firms up in the cold,and as Ive mentioned as a lot of people,have mentioned the ride 15 is already on,the firm side when it comes to a daily,trainer and it really kind of turns into,a little bit of a block so if Ive got,clear roads and Im hitting the pavement,directly not traveling over some of that,snow that we get here which kind of,makes it kind of soft when youre,running but if Im hitting that hard,pavement or that hard Concrete in the,cold weather and Im running with the,Saucony ride 15 with the power and,midsole its gonna feel pretty hard so,its probably going to be limited to,fairly short runs for that reason now if,we look at the outsole of this shoe,honestly its done better than I,expected when it comes to Winter running,the outsole has gripped fairly well of,course in the toe off this being,smoothed out really kind of affects how,its going t

Saucony Ride 15 Review: Multi-tester review of the new softer daily trainer

hey people welcome to the run testers,its kieran here and in this video were,going to be giving this shoe the,multi-tester treatment this is the,saucony ride 15. now some of us were,quite big fans of the 14 and the 13 but,soccer has made some quite big changes,to this shoe are they all for the better,or some of them for the bin for the,worse were going to tell you in this,review and tell you whether or not you,should be buying the saucony ride 15 to,add to your rotation,[Music],lets have a quick look at whats new in,the key details then well price wise the,soccery ride 15 are going to come in 130,pounds or 140 they have an 8 mil drop,and they weigh 249 grams or 8.8 ounces,in the mens and 221 grams or 7.8 ounces,in the womens now the ride series are,designed to be used as a versatile daily,trainer but there are some noticeable,changes to what weve seen before in the,previous generation for a start theres,a new midsole geometry that includes,more but lighter and softer power run,midsole foam theres more flexibility in,the forefoot too and theres also a more,cushioned power run plus sockliner to,add extra cushioning and protection,despite having more foam overall the,shoe still shaves off around 30 grams,compared to the ride 14 so its lighter,there are also higher side walls so the,foot sits deeper in the shoe no,sidewalls come up to provide a more,secure fit not unlike hocus bucket seat,feel up top there are thin breathable,form fit mesh uppers a good level of,cushioning in the heel collars and,tongue meanwhile on the outsole theres,more rubber in a bid to improve grip and,durability,so on the fit the ride 15 to me does,seem a little bit longer than the right,14 but it was still all good true to,size for me good amount of room in the,toe box nice hold around the midfoot and,heel fit for me then well i ran true to,size had no problems at all i ran true,to size in the older generations this,one feels the same for me and i would go,true to size so fit for me and the ride,15 was pretty much spot on in my uk size,eight and i didnt have any real issues,throughout my kind of testing and what i,will say is that its definitely a,little bit more spacious and a bit more,accommodating i would say for kind of,wider feet uh compared to the 13 and 14.,i quite like the 13 and 14. i quite like,the narrow foot ive got quite a narrow,feet so it kind of worked nicely for me,but i definitely think yeah this is a,bit more accommodating in terms of what,you get here particularly up front and,on the kind of sides and kind of further,up on the shoe um any other thing you,know a nice amount of padding pretty,similar to what weve got on the,previous versions uh the laces i prefer,the spongier laces on the previous ones,i just think from a comfort point of,view,but youve got a nice kind of soft kind,of liner in here which is definitely,noticeably different to the what you get,in a 13-14 so it makes it a little bit,more comfortable um but yeah generally,size for me fit for me was pretty much,spot on in the ride 15.,the fit for me in the ride 15 is true to,size i found it very comfortable from,the first time i wore it its quite a,nice supportive fit but its not too,narrow or tight for me so true to size,[Music],so ive run around 40 miles in the,socket ride 15 and ive done my usual,kind of mix of rope,so ive run around 40 miles in the,saucony ride 14. ive got my usual mix,of kind of paved roads pavements and,also kind of compacted kind of river,paths ive done a mix of paces too so,lots of low and slow kind of sub 130,heart rate around kind of nine to 10,minute miles and ive also ticked that,up to kind of the lake had a six minute,mile so like 650s 630 640s those kind of,things just to check out how it runs at,a faster pace,now i was a big fan of the ride 13 and,14. i thought they were a really sort of,good versatile shoe albeit one that ran,a little firmer than some other people,like,the big changes here with that bigger,stack of midsole foam softer lighter,and although this shoe is a lighter shoe,overall and those changes are think,there to answer some of the criticisms,that some people had about the sake ride,15 riding too firm,i actually think that whats happened,here is that saucony have made this shoe,a little bit too soft and for me that,moves it from something i thought was,quite good at moving through sort of,paces you know it was i used it a lot,for kind of easy runs but i thought it,was actually quite capable when you kind,of clipped up the pace and i would sort,of use it potentially have progression,runs where you might be doing so very,easy kind of slow pace moving up to,faster paces in a longer run or interval,runs where id have some marathon paced,work with lots of sort of sections of,slower recovery runs right 14 i thought,was good for that this one i dont think,white has that range doesnt quite feel,so good at those kind of top paces and i,think what saucony has done here is,maybe answered some of those criticisms,but for me overall made a slightly,weaker shoe that shifts it from being,that really sort of versatile daily,trainer into a shoe that i just put it a,little bit more in the market with like,a an encloud monster or a nike infinity,react those kind of shoes that i would,only really pick up and use for easy,runs having said that this is a super,comfortable shoe on the foot its not,that i dislike it ive actually liked,those easy miles in it and i think its,kind of perfectly fine im really happy,to run in it i think its got a good,balance of cushioning i think the uppers,are kind of nice and comfy flexible,theyre less dense actually and thick,than on the ride 14. i think thats a,bit of an improvement theyre a bit more,airy and a bit more light to wear,and you know yes that kind of bigger,stack of midsole cushioning i think some,people are going to like that if your,big criticism with the ride 14 was that,they are too firm and you wanted,something like that this one might now,actually fit your bill better than it,does mine im going the other way i,liked it kind of firm and i sort of i,dont really want it to become one of,those sort of bigger softer shoes,so in the past i might have put the ride,14 in the same sort of bracket as a puma,velocity nitro one which i think had,really good range at different paces and,then represented quite a good value for,money,now when you look at whats come out,youve got the velocity nitro 2 which i,think is an even better shoe has even,more range and then you put this one up,against it i dont think its a really,good comparison now i think actually the,ride 15 might have gone back a little,bit of a step in at least in my,estimation anyway so yeah this is still,very much a comfy shooter running i,think you know that big stack of canal,power run foam and the extra kind of,padding in the sock liner though i think,just makes it feel a little bit less,direct than i would like,in this shoe makes it a really kind of,good comfy easy mile shoe but i think,less good when youre kind of moving up,through the paces but youre also not,getting some of the kind of springy,response that you might expect from a,higher stack shoe at the same time ive,done a couple of training runs in the,ride 15 so far and theyre around 10 to,12 k but i also used it for a 10 mile,race on uh yesterday and the race i was,running in was,meant to be a road race but there was a,fair bit of trail in it as well which i,probably wouldnt have worn this shoe,for if id have done that but what i,actually found when i ran in that race,is that it was pretty good its a pretty,versatile shoe i wasnt running at my,race pace ive been injured recently so,im running a little bit slower and i,wanted a shoe that i could wear that,maybe held me back a little bit maybe,was a little bit more supportive i,didnt want to have a carbon plate in it,for racing at the moment because i dont,want to cause any more problems for my,injury so i went for the ride 15 because,i previously done a lot of te

Hoka Mach 5 Vs Saucony Ride 15: Which daily shoe should you go for?

hello Tommy from the Run testers with,another running shoe versus video in,this video Im going to look at two,daily shoes which you might want to pick,up for your daily training if you want,something a little bit more versatile so,Im going to be looking at the hokka,Mark 5 and the Saucony ride 15. lets,take a look,[Music],on Mach 5 costs 130 pounds or 140 it,weighs in at 212 grams or 7.5 ounces for,men in a size 8 and the drop is five,millimeters soccer knee ride 15 costs,130 pounds or 140 dollars weighs in at,249 grams or 8.8 ounces for men in a,size 8 and the drop is eight millimeters,the Hawker Mach 5 is the long,anticipated successor to the hugely,popular Mach 4 and its slightly firmer,sibling than Max Supersonic in the most,recent version theres an updated profly,plus midsole that offers a slightly,softer ride for daily training runs and,leaner upper to keep the weight down,including a redesigned lay flat tongue,and longer laces than those supplied,with the max supersonic its a shoe,thats designed for versatility allowing,you to go from comfortable daily miles,all the way up to race day offering an,excellent balance of responsiveness and,cushioning that balance is the result of,a dual density midsole that combines a,softer layer with the firmer rubberized,outer layer ocase is a shoe that has a,little more lump behind it both in,performance and ride,the zocony Ry 15 is a daily training,shoe thats designed to feel lightweight,and lean like its predecessors it skews,towards a modest level of cushioning,allowing it to be more versatile for,faster efforts,the updates in the 15 include a lighter,power on the midsole foam but more,cushioned power and plus sockliner and a,noticeable drop in weight from the,previous versions the upper is made from,a thin breathable mesh to improve,breathability and has a good level of,padding around the ankle collar as well,as the tongue on the outsole theres,also a sprinkling of rubber to improve,durability,[Music],foreign,both of these shoes is true to size I,definitely wouldnt size up or down in,either of these shoes theyre both very,comfortable nice lockdown fit but what I,would say is the Hoka Mach 5 uh its a,hooker so theyre generally a little bit,more narrow than um other shoes so if,you have got wide V take that in,consideration with the Mach 5 because it,might be a little bit too narrow for you,but other than that due to size in both,shoes,I picked these two shoes because they,are both options that are likely to crop,up if you are looking for a daily,training shoe that can do lots of,different type of runs and you dont,really want to just go for a heavily,cushioned shoe you dont want to go for,a ratio you want something that can tick,a lot of boxes either if its your only,shoe that youre going to run in or,because you want a daily shoe as part of,a rotation so both of these shoes are,theyre designed so that you can pick,them up and go even do anything from a,5k all the way up to half marathon and,further,um and change the pace that youre doing,on those so say if youre doing interval,training or something you could use,these shoes for that or you could go for,a slower one if you wanted to and you,already want you to do that so I picked,these shoes because I these are two,shoes that I like Ive Ive used quite a,lot um over the past few months,um and they do have a lot of similar,similarities but I think theres certain,reasons why you buy one over the other,one now the hockey Mach 5 is a fantastic,shoe absolutely love this shoe also love,the hooker Mac 4. it really its,probably the best shoe that hoe can make,at the moment,um it is a shoe that is designed for,daily training miles its lightweight it,just feels very fast when youre running,an air it feels very Nimble but also it,feels very comfortable the Hawker mag 5,is a shoe that skews more towards the,faster side of training so if youre,looking for daily training shoes that,youre going to run in a faster Pace a,lot the Hawker Mark 5 really does the,job for that you can train Tempo,interval you could race in the shoe and,it would be absolutely fantastic to do,that in but also you can go the other,side as well so if you wanted to do,slower miles in it if you wanted to just,enjoy yourself and do a longer run,theres enough cushioning in this shoe,its got a dual density midsole foam so,two different types of foam that sit in,the midsole and it really works well for,comfortable runs it skews more towards,the faster runs so I definitely wouldnt,say this is comparable with any cushion,shoes out there at the moment if youre,if youre looking for a shoe that,predominantly covers you for lots of,slow comfortable or long runs and you,just want something that really deadens,that impact and youre not really,bothered about speed the huckle mic 5,probably isnt for you because it it,its a shoe that ultimately delivers,when you want to run fast,um but if you sort of sit in the middle,and you want something that does both,then the market value is quite good for,that you can run slower paste in it if,you want to I wouldnt do loads of slow,paced training in this and but Ive been,doing a lot of marathon training,recently which means that Im doing a,lot of interval sessions Im doing a lot,of sessions where Im doing a kilometer,on and a kilometer off and this shoe,works great for it because you can pick,up the pace and for those fast intervals,and when you slow down still feels nice,because your feet you dont feel like,its too lightweight or its too firm,um and that midsole foam is surprisingly,soft uh to The Landing when youre,running in it theres a nice turnover in,it it feels comfortable and I think you,could probably do pretty much anything,in this,um if you wanted to its a fantastic,shoe but as I say if you want something,thats really various towards cushioning,its probably not the thing it is best,at,um which brings me to the Saucony ride,15.,now the ride line is a line that,sockneys had for a very long time and,um it has had numerous changes over its,development,um and The Sovereign is probably one of,the biggest of those,um the ride 14 was a fantastic shoe it,was one of kierans favorite shoes he he,really liked that because hes not a big,fan of cushion shoes,um so the ride 14 offered a sort of,semi-cushioned ride,um but it was a little bit firmer in,comparison some of the Christian shoes,out there so its almost a shoe that,Kiera was used for his cushioned runs,his easy runs instead of using a heavily,cushioned shoe and thats where the ride,really fits in its a daily shoe which,can go faster you can run faster efforts,in it and train harder in it but unlike,the Mach 5 which skews towards the,faster runs the ride 15 really skews a,bit more towards the slower comfortable,side of running thats not to say it,cant still do all of those things but,its really designed for a nice level of,comfort and cushioning if you want,something that will go faster than a,cushion shoe so I would say that if you,looked at your running plan and or the,type of runs you do and you wanted a,daily trainer and really 95 of the runs,are slower runs the way you want Comfort,but then maybe five to ten percent of it,you want to run a bit faster the ride 15,is fantastic option for that the midsole,foam is quite nice and cushion its got,this power and midsole foam in it which,um isnt the softest phone out there,its a little bit firmer than youll,find in quite a lot of shoes daily daily,training shoes but its softer than the,previous versions and I really like,cushion soft shoes so when I picked the,right 15 I preferred it to the previous,version it just feels a little bit nicer,for me,um especially over those those slower um,easy runs so for me I think the ride 15,is a great shoe its got a lovely,turnover it feels very nice to run in,you can definitely pick it up for any,run Ive done a lot of different types,of runs in this shoe from shorter,interval sessions all the way up to half,marathon training runs and it d

Saucony Guide 15 – First Run Review

hey runners im laura and today ive,been testing the silconi guide 15.,[Music],[Applause],so i am the resident stability shoe fan,i hadnt however till today ever run in,the saucony guide any of the previous,incarnations ive run in the ride not,the guide,the ride,not the same shoe,we know that uh so the guide ive been,running in today usually when i go out,for,a first shoe test i dont go very far,its like three or four miles just in,case uh,just in case anything terrible is,happening with a shoe and i can just,stop quite quite soon,but today i didnt that didnt happen i,went out i had uh,two miles to park room did the park run,two miles home so,seven miles of running uh,quite a risk for me and a new shoe but i,did it and a spoiler nothing nothing bad,happened to my feet it was all okay,so i set off um,and and,immediately,uh,it its noticeable that the urinary,stability shoe it is there its kind of,guiding guiding your feet um how many,times am i going to say guide in this in,this review lets see so it is guiding,your feet you can feel it,i noticed it particularly around the,heel,uh it was,controlling my foot a little bit as i,was running along which,took it took about a mile to get used to,that feeling,its quite um quite snug round your,round you feel right around your heel,around the sides of the heel on my left,foot it was particularly snug in that,first mile and i did think oh have i,made an error here in jumping in for,seven miles uh and i thought oh am i,gonna am i gonna get blisters i didnt,it was fine,but it was noticeably around my foot,now saucony say that their new 360,degree fit means that the sidewalls are,a little higher and youre supposed to,sit in the shoe rather than on top of it,and and i guess thats what i was,feeling a bit i was feeling like my,heels were being were being cupped as i,was running along,i,dont have wide feet i have more narrow,feet so im was a bit unsure how would,somebody with wider feet take this would,it adapt to them but for me,it was noticeable but not in a not in a,bad way,now there is a wider fit option so if,you are,unsure go wider id say if you kind of,are on the edge of that because of that,of that uh around the heel id say go a,little bit wider,now the heel on the outside on the sole,you can see theres theres quite quite,a a corner there um that,the,weve got the foam the white thats nice,and kind of soft thats nice,the rubber in the purple this is harder,obviously and then the white here this,bit of plastic,that is hard now this is all if you are,somebody who wears down the inside of,your heel here,this is going to help you this is going,to be all right,because that,thats quite tough that is going to take,a lot of pounding to to wear that down,so koni say this is what theyre going,for they have put more,more durability theyre promising by,adding this extra,amount of rubber there so the upper uh,nice lightweight breathable,no rubbing no random seams for no reason,that yeah its a good lightweight,breathable upper,so that angular bit of the of the heel,combined with the kind of the cupping of,it,adds to that feeling when i was running,along of my foot being controlled at the,back there so if youre somebody that,doesnt like that feeling,then,maybe its not for you but im guessing,that if you are one in a stability shoe,you you do want a little bit of that so,you know that you get in it basically,when youre running along you can feel,that happening,so for all this stability,going on and for all the the foam here,this the you know its its not a small,sole,is surprisingly light when i picked it,out of the box that first time i was,a little bit surprised that it wasnt,heavier,its got a nice,heel to toe feel when youre running,that was nice you wouldnt necessarily,expect that from the,now its controlling the the lateral,movement that the heel to toe would be,quite smooth it is it is now the park,run that i did nice and flat but there,is a bridge they have to go over thats,a bit of a lump um so its,its fairly short but it is steep so mai,was interested in you go over this twice,i was interested in uh,how it would feel going,down the lump,but because of the heel because of,feeling the heel was a little was a,little bit uh,potentially blocky on the outside,i thought oh hows that hows the,downhill gonna go,um as i heel strike my way down this,hill and it was okay,not actually nothing to report that it,was it was surprisingly fine,now my plan had been uh for the park run,to take it nice and casual,uh often doesnt go that way,when,went quite casual,obviously with that 0.1 mile to go most,of us pick up the pace so how did the,shoe cope with that,it went it went it was all right,when i did go to do my little bit of,sprint finish and overtaking the shoe,went with me,it was it was responsive with the nice,heel to toe action helped and it did,help me pick up the pace,now when i crossed that finish line,interestingly,a voice popped up behind me and said oh,how did you find those shoes and,i said around there was a guy wearing,the same shoes as me and i said oh oh,its my first time wearing them today,but i think theyre all right how how,are you and he said oh ive been wearing,them a bit yeah he said theyre a bit,funny to walk in but i quite like him,running and we had a good chat hed pre,he usually runs in a i should have taken,his name yes,he usually runs in a,brooks ghost had moved over to these and,he said oh ive taken two minutes off of,my park run time these past few weeks,now we dont know that its because of,these shoes however the shoe definitely,hasnt held him back yeah,he likes them hes a fan i said how do,you find the the heel the theyre a bit,tight around the heel are they on you he,said well i quite like that i quite like,that feel,so there you go from me and from a,random man um at the park run,he said its fine i said it was fine but,it might not be a feel for everyone,so if you want to buy this shoe its,going to cost you 130 pounds womens,shoe sizes comes in sizes 5 to 12 and,mens comes in 7 to 15.,the womens shoe is 233 grams and the,mens is 271 grams and youve got an,eight millimeter drop,so in summary,its,a good stability shoe for stability shoe,fans so if you,like that control then youre gonna like,this if you dont,like that feeling um,of your shoe doing a job of controlling,your foot a little bit then probably not,for you its going to be good for longer,distances its its,you know it does go with you for those,faster that fast a bit at the end of the,park when it did go with me,um,im not going to be racing a park run uh,pb attempt in it,but its good for long distances i think,itd be a good,um general training shoe over longer,distances if youre training for a,marathon and you are someone that wants,that bit of extra support stability then,its a good option and 130 pounds not,bad

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