1. Savage Axis 6.5 creedmoor | 100 yard group test and review
  2. Savage Axis 6.5 Creedmoor Review and Range Test!
  3. Ruger American Vs Savage Axis | Which is Better and WHY?
  4. Savage Axis 6.5 Creedmoor Review
  5. Savage Axis XP 6.5 Creedmoor – Better Than a Mosin? First Impressions
  6. Savage Axis 6.5 Creedmoor Review
  7. 1,000 Yards CHEAP! Savage Axis II XP 6.5 Creedmoor

Savage Axis 6.5 creedmoor | 100 yard group test and review

[Music],hey everybody how you doing this is,about to be a really fun video you guys,have been asking to see videos on the,savage axis rifles weve been trying to,do quite a few here recently but today,65 creedmoor savage axis this one does,have the accu trigger there you can see,on the sticker so,this baby is brand spanking new,just put this uh little budget friendly,three by nine by 40,bushnell on here and im going to sight,it in,and see what we think about this savage,axis,in six five creedmoor ammo i brought out,for us today ive been sitting on this,for a while,some american whitetail from hornady and,how heavy is this,you guys read that 129 grain,hornady,interlocks,anyways um and let me show you if youre,not familiar with the 65 creedmoor,it might look a little funky to you but,theres a lot of people that absolutely,love 65 creedmoor its a real flat round,ive taken mine out to a thousand yards,real easy light recoil flat shooting,round,yeah its kind of hard not to like it,but,lets get over to the bench here,get this thing boar sighted at 10 yards,then well sign it in at 100,and,if it doesnt like this hornady at all,ill see if i can find some more ammo,and see what happens but,lets go think well see what we think,about this,savage axis and six five creedmoor i,know a lot of you guys love your axes,and a lot of you guys love your 65,creedmoor so lets see what we can do,with this and this one has the accu,trigger,all right like i said,this scope brand new just slapped on,this,savage axis here so,if you guys watch the videos you know,how i do it but i like to just get them,four-sided and then close at 10 yards so,i took the bolt out look down it and,kind of align the scope to what i,thought would be close but,at 10 yards i normally like it to be,like two inches low then when we go back,to 100,its normally pretty close at 100 so,im just going to take one shot here,got one of those hornets,and lets just see where shes going to,hit at 10 yards we might make a couple,small adjustments then well take it,back to 100,and see what we can do with it but,heres the 10 yard shot here,and,actually not too bad from the boar,sighting,um,lets go down just to shade,three clicks down and looks like its a,hair to the right so,we need to go to the left,two clicks down lets go back to 100,yards and see were at where were at at,100 sign it in then well do a little,group test,and see how we can,get this savage to group out here all,right so,like i said,this scope is just slapped on here so we,got a cider in,drop the mag,out grab some of that [ __ ] natty,three i think three shots,we can get her side of them what about,you,i think we can do it i have faith,look we can get the mag to go in,there we go,now,see what we can do with it hopefully,were on the plate here,huh,well you got to put the mag in all the,way hopefully were on the plate at 100,yards here were about to find out,oh we got to give her all the zooms,at nine power zooms,[Applause],see what happens,youve got to be kidding me,that little circle is a penny,and going from 10 yards to 100 yards,we literally hit the bullseye with the,first shot you guys saw it here in some,live action im almost afraid to touch,that tell you what im going to go ahead,and do a,another shot real quick because i could,have uh flinched and made it look like a,good shot lets take another one and see,what happens,i wasnt expecting the trigger to be,that good tell you the truth,shot number two here,so,that one i trust a lot more so,im gonna make an adjustment we need to,go uh,down or no up,we need to go up four clicks,lets go up five clicks,and,left two clicks,now lets see where this third one hits,hopefully closer to that,bullseye trying to save my brass here,the brass fell in the grass,third shot hopefully this is uh close to,the bulls-eye again,oh yeah,im gonna go ahead and trust that one so,that first shot was just a fluke,and im gonna go,left one click and then were not going,to touch it,so now lets go to a clean plate,and well do a three shot group,of both this hornady,and this norma ammo over here so im,gonna grab three of the hornady here,and well see what kind of group we can,get,i cant believe that first shot even,though it was a fluke i still hit the,bulls eye,savage axis i tell you what uh they make,some more affordable models than this,this ones still not expensive,but that accu trigger,thats a game changer especially if,youre using it for hunting man,id spend another hundred dollars just,to have that accu trigger that really is,a game changer,compared to the ones that have,triggers that are,not a nike trigger,oh,what happened there,lets go to a clean plate and see what,happens three shot group with the,hornady,and remember we got uh nine zoomies on,this scope,a little bit left to the bulls eye,there,second shot see where it hits,[Applause],a little bit up,now lets see where the third one hits,[Applause],pretty close to the first one so,i wouldnt call that a terrible group,but i also wouldnt call it a fantastic,group either,now im going to get the normal white,tail out here,see if it likes this normal whitetail,any better,gotta have a knife to open these boxes,and,these are a little bit heavier at 140,grain those one of these were,uh 129.,maybe this one likes a heavier bullet i,dont know but were fixing to find out,three of the normals here,all right lets go to a clean plate,see what happens here,[Applause],theres shot number one,[Music],[Applause],not too bad not too bad remember its,not sighted in with this one so were,just looking at the group not bulls,eyes shot number three here,[Applause],and a little bit,more left to that other one so lets go,down there and look at our groups real,quick,definitely love the accu trigger in this,but i dont think im,too crazy impressed with the groups yet,and both of those are pretty good ammo,walking up to our target,heres where we sighted it in,this is our three shot group,with the,hornady,thats maybe a inch and a quarter group,theres my thumb there,maybe just over an inch for that group,there,and then theres the normal white tail,kind of a string right to left,theres my thumb again thats probably,uh,inch and a quarter to inch and a half,group there too so,the hornady and the norma,pretty similar results,not terrible at 100 yards but,definitely not the best group weve ever,seen,but,there you have it guys a real quick,video sighting in,this savage axis,and 65 creedmoor,these a lot of times come in a combo,pack with this scope,but,very budget friendly,deer hunting rifle,those groups werent terrible like i,said we did that,normal whitetail and the hornady both,like i said the groups werent terrible,but,none of those hits were touching,and that kind of makes me a little bit,sad at least like to get a couple of,them close to touching at 100 yards uh,but,those only two types of ammo i had to,test in this baby here today uh,this one might like a different ammo,better than those two you guys know how,it is a particular rifle will love a,particular weight,uh and loading a bullet than others but,that would definitely take a deer,um definitely,good enough for a a whole lot of fun out,at the range,and in the deer woods but let me know,what you think about the savage axis let,me know what you think about six five,creedmoor lots of people love it,appreciate yall comment down below,ideas for future videos,dont forget to check out all the links,down below subscribe to our friends at,heavy metal well see on the next one,[Music],[Applause],[Music],if you like flinging the less than,theres,[Music]

Savage Axis 6.5 Creedmoor Review and Range Test!

hello there and welcome back to poultry,bucks hope youre enjoying the channel,thus far today were going to be going,over the savage axis now this is not a,savage access to alright so I did throw,this optic on myself just headl hanging,around dont recommend it but it is a,Bushnell dusted on three to nine by,forty not bad if you noticed right there,I did have a little bit of catch picking,up that round but I believe it was just,because I sort stroked the bolt,I am definitely used to short actions,and this is a long action,okay lets see what happened here ah I,did have a failure to extract after just,saying on camera that I did not have one,earlier and I didnt on the cider shot,or the first shot three shot group by,now it was raining really hard and this,ammunition did get a little wet so maybe,thats why but I did have a failure to,extract right there not sure why,hopefully that doesnt happen again,hmmm that could not be more dead center,wow this things a shooter for for what,it is the barrel is getting kind of hot,and its not free flow to Foley its got,a little bit of contact there like I,said earlier pretty common in rifles in,this price category hold that one or,something happen there it is extracting,correctly so thats a plus that could,have been me kind of doubt it but this,ammunition is very cheap so it could,just be an inconsistency in the,ammunition but I think that one layered,on the first one so that second shot was,probably just me kind of ruined that,group but so yes the stock is all,polymer and of course it has a plastic,trigger guard right here all the way,polymer down the four end and it is,pillar bedded with metal pillar bedding,now I will pop the stock off here in a,few minutes and well look at the inside,of this stock alright well get more,into that of course in has a single,stage trigger and well talk more about,that in a second alright so as far as,the magazine right here we have the,magazine and it is polymer on the bottom,with what looks like stamped metal or,sheet metal for the sides and then it,has a plastic follower here on the top,that pushes the rounds or the cartridges,up into the action area I actually kind,of like this magazine now the only,downfall is when,you put it in if you just click it and,youre not paying attention or youre in,a hurry and you dont you dont use your,whole hand and you kind of just force it,up near the clip here the release lever,the back will not seat as you can see,here its sticking out and to seat that,you actually have to take it back out,which is kind of a pain if its seated,wrong and then youll kind of go in more,evenly and it clicks in really easily,overall for this being a budget gun I,doesnt really bother me and I used out,in the field didnt really have those,problems so much out in the field,the magazine does hold four rounds so,its a four plus one rifle then moving,around here we have the option of course,and the bolt so this receiver actually,is pretty high quality for being a sub,three hundred dollar rifle on this side,we have a milled area of shed weight,which is really surprising on a rifle of,this price class and surprisingly the,bolt is incredibly smooth when ran back,and forth in the action I mean watch,its really smooth this bolt feels,expensive the street when it ran Trini,run the bolt action feels like an,expensive rifle kind of me not quite but,it kind of does I dont want to say its,its nowhere even close to as nice as a,tikka which is of course in a toilet for,its class but man it is smooth and it,does remind me a little bit of the tikka,as far as if running back and forth in,the action which is really great I dont,I have not the only other rifles in this,category are pretty much the TC compass,and the Mossberg Patriot and maybe the,Remington 770 or 783 and none of those,have an action that runs as smooth and,feels is nice is this action in my,opinion anyway so the bolt lift does,have a little bit I dont want to say,its an issue its really typical with a,savage action but you lift it up its,really easy and then you get kind of a,shiras pretty stiff I imagine that will,work out a little bit more use but you,kind of have to give it a little extra,yank their top and that can make you,know move you a little bit off target if,you were trying to really quickly rack,it while youre on target,so yeah manipulating the bolt it has,kind of a big catch but not too bad,also the lift is 90 degrees as are a lot,of rifles however the way this the,savages are designed and the way the,bolt handle is designed it is very close,to the scope body here the objective,lens,excuse me the ocular lens housing and,the magnification ring and so you do,kind of rub against that and this is not,a bulky scope so if you had a bulky,scope you probably have to have mount it,higher,to clear this handle so thats kind of a,downside if you plan cleaning a monster,scope on this not too big a worry is,with most normal scopes though then,well go here and look at the butt pad,okay so the recoil pad has a little bit,of empty areas right here its really,stiff but not so stiff that its not,doing anything,Id say its adequate its nothing,special but it works alright so now,lets take the bolt out now to take the,bolt out youre actually going to weve,already made sure its empty so were,going to use the rear tank safety by the,way guys right here,thats just rear tank safety it feels,really cheap but it works fine and its,quiet when you manipulate it slowly its,kind of loud when you dont but there is,a red tab here showing that or a red,circle that shows that youre no longer,unsafe so thats nice if youre not used,to working a rifle safety suppress the,trigger or excuse me,suppress the trigger and push down the,bolt release at the same time let go of,the trigger and the bolt will come off,or come how it excuse me of the receiver,so getting down to the bolt you know,its actually a really nice bowl for,this price category like a set way nicer,than the competition it runs smoother,feels better and is built you know this,has got some weight to it it feels like,a nice quality,oh thats well-built and durable,compared to the other rifles in this but,price class it has a floating bolt head,which savages nose work other companies,do it as well but that savage is known,for having that flowing bowl head so,that if your your barrel and your,receiver isnt perfectly lined up this,kind of is able to make up the,difference in the recesses for the boat,lugs because this is a two lug bolt and,it allows it to be like one,one-thousandth basically more surface,contact against the lugs and the for the,lugs on the bowl excuse me and so that,can allow it to be slightly more,accurate without actually having to,trouve the action basically but anyhow,so thats a nice feature going in,looking into the face the bolt a nice,hefty well made looking extractor right,here probably better than the ones,youll see in Remington Im not a fan of,the Remington extractors and of course,you have your ejector right here all,savage access rifles are long actions,which isnt a bad thing it just saves,them money so theyre able to produce,these rifles extremely affordable but,the only downside of that is maybe you,have a a longer way to travel to,manipulate and load the next cartridge,to run the bolt and if you were in maybe,certain situations that might be a,negative its kind of my new and not,really a big deal for most people the,other one is is you know they do have a,spacer basically but that doesnt really,take up all the travel so just let me,know youre gonna have to run the bolt,on a short action if you buy it in short,action cartridge lengths youre gonna,have to run the ball a little bit longer,than you would on a true short action um,then coming down here the way they do,that is they use a different stock okay,so it saves money and when they make it,a short long action or short action,cartridge length they just change the,size sizing of the stock and the in,letting their in

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Ruger American Vs Savage Axis | Which is Better and WHY?

hello there and welcome back to,bulgebucks,my name is steven bresnaugh and today,were going to do,savage access versus ruger american,which one is better lets find out,so 200 yards,beautiful,at the rear so the recoil pad on the,savage access,ah its stiff,its got holes or venting in it um,its stiff its not too firm,but its not too smushy either its kind,of in between,now lets go to the ruger american i,real smushy real smushy,um you know i just like the feel and the,softness,of the ruger american better and having,shot both which we will show,here in a little bit on this video,in the field i feel like this one the,ruger americans reduces recoil a bit,more,moving forward you have a polymer stock,feels hollow here in the back lets try,and see,now i do have a cheek rest on this one,but theres a tie there as far as the,polymer involved,i dont feel one polymer is better than,the other with these they both,are very very close and very similar in,that way,um both just cheap polymer stocks,moving forward to the trigger guard um,it is plastic and it is a separate piece,from the stock on the savage,so i guess if it broke you could replace,just the uh,trigger guard possibly on the savage,which might be better,um yeah on the ruger its just,plastic built into one piece into the,stock but both are plastic,so pretty much the same thing there now,moving forward to the magazine,lets go back to the savage access,now this has a polymer bottom,but stamped metal sides on the savage,axis,it has like a push button release design,here its,pretty robust but it is plastic um and,it looks like it has a plastic follower,um you know having used it it works fine,its its a,staggered stacking but and its not,rotary,its not bad and it works so,nothing really bad to say there lets,see how it goes in and out,okay so it takes a little bit of,like thought to put this in its like,its its pretty intuitive its pretty,easy,um but its not quite,probably as easy as a ruger lets check,it out here in a second,it does lock firmly in place and it,doesnt have a lot of wiggle on it,it looks nice now lets go to the ruger,american,alright so this ones a little bit more,flush,it does stick out just a little bit on,the rear looks like,it is a rotary very small compact,magazine,now one thing that i like is this one,holds four and this ruger or excuse me,in this savage only holds,three so this is actually 270,and the savage is a 65 creedmoor and,this,ruger american actually holds one more,round in the mag,the downside is too this tab is really,chintzy and flimsy,im not sure how that would hold up in,the long run but it seems to work fine,so far in testing,it has all plastic components except for,looks like metal springs,so um i would like to see more metal in,this but at the same time it works,beautifully i havent had any issues yet,so,it does seem to go into place just a,touch easier its,its a little harder to get your finger,on the tab to release it,so i would say putting it in places is,just it feels so natural it feels so,good its so easy,to put this in it just it just seems to,want to go in,its crazy um probably because the,rotary design and how its,curved to just slide right in place,getting it out,maybe just a touch harder than the,savage but i i,i gotta say overall i actually do like,the the design,and the fact that it can hold four,rounds um better than,the uh savage design on the axis,now lets take a look at the forend of,these stocks here,i mean theyre so similar um,theyre both free-floated,quite a bit of wiggle though if you put,any kind of pressure on the forend of,this stock,it makes contact with the barrel lets,see,i dont have a bipod on this so its a,little harder,okay so i would say its a little bit,slightly more rigid on the ruger,american not a lot but i would say the,foreign slightly more rigid than on the,savage axis,now lets go ahead and take a look at,the,safety both have a tang safety right,here at the rear um this one,feels really cheap it doesnt really,stick out its,its easy to use it has a red dot to,indicate that its on fire at the rear,but its just kind of i dont know if,you can hear that,if theres a lot of slop in it,and lets go back to the ruger american,now this safety is raised here so you,can catch it with your finger a lot,easier,and not slip off of it has a red f at,the,back to say that its on,it has a red f here to indicate that,its on fire,unsafe it has a black s stamped into the,metal here,um it does seem like it has metal,underneath the button itself is plastic,but,theres no wiggle theres no slop in it,its a little bit louder but you can,manipulate it slow,definitely feel like the safety um,itself as far as the button,you can call it uh is,is better so the tank safety on the,ruger american just seems to have a,higher quality than on the savage axis,um one thing youll note here is on the,savage access which ive already made,sure this is empty multiple times,as there when this metal piece is out,its indicating that the firing pin is,is ready to go its loaded its cocked,when you release the trigger,that goes forward so it has a [ __ ],indicator built into the rear of the,bolt,double check and make sure that ones,empty one more time,here,on the savage there is a piece of metal,that sticks out directly,out of the back of the bolt and so you,can use that as a [ __ ] indicator but,its a little bit harder to see,especially in low light,coming forward to the receiver,um the receiver is milled flat on the,side,of the or at least on this side of the,receivers to shed weight which is nice,its held in with a barrel nut so its,easy to change out the barrels,it has a lot of machining marks on the,outside of it,but lets see here and compare it to the,ruger american,um you know this one has machining marks,too,i just feel like when you look at it you,just,if it feels and looks like this it feels,it looks like the one that,is on the savage is like a piece of bar,stock that was machined whereas this,ones,forged it just has better lines to it,and seems a little bit,thicker and more robust its like a more,robust looking receiver,looks a little bit higher quality but,really i would say,you know they both function just fine,now lets take a look at the actual bolt,to release the bolt on the,uh savage you have to depress a little,tab here,on the side of the stock and the bolt,and excuse me and depress the trigger,and then the bolt comes out,just like that on the ruger american,it has a bolt release on this side of,the receiver,let me see if i can show you it better,right here,you depress that,and the bolt comes right out the,bolt release on the ruger american just,has the feel of being higher quality,its less complicated you dont have to,press the trigger and this bolt release,tab down,and it just its just better okay lets,just say it,in my opinion is is far better um in in,simpler and better design,than the savage axis now lets take a,look at the,bolt on the savage axis,um it is two lug design,has a extractor and plunger ejector,um the extractor is built into the lug,on the bolt,and it has a free-floating bolt head,which can,can contribute to a rifle being more,accurate,coming it is a 90 degree bolt throw by,the way on the savage,coming to the ruger wow i mean look at,the size difference,and this is a 270. so the ruger american,bolt is just a massive hunk of badass i,mean this thing is heavy duty,its rugged it doesnt look like it,would ever break,it does have an extractor built into the,recoil lug but it has three,excuse me into the bolt log,it has three lugs and those three logs,allow this bolt to only need,70 degrees of lift to be manipulated so,you only have to manipulate this 70,degrees,and the savage is 90. so if you have a,very low mounted scope,or if you want to just have a little bit,tiny easier,manipulation of the bolt or maybe a,little bit faster this one should,inherently do that for you,it has less bolt lift required to,operate the bolt,um like i said the biggest advantage is

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Savage Axis 6.5 Creedmoor Review

[Music],all right guys welcome back to another,jack does all gun review today were,going to be shooting my 65 creedmoor,chambered savage axis,this is a pretty awesome gun it is very,accurate um you know 200 300 yards as,far as ive shot it i put a,three and a half to 10 power leopold,optic on there leopold makes wonderful,optics i do have that in the link down,below in case you guys are looking for,an optic for your rifle it does come,from factory with a three to nine but i,like that three and a half to ten power,leopold just a little bit better picture,there so were going to be shooting that,today at about 100 yards and showing you,how that performs,[Music],[Music],[Music],same thing on the other side,all right just swapping this,we got a flip up bipod here,moving that from one gun to the next,normally when i take this thing,hunting ill be blind and just,dont typically run with one of those,but since were gonna be at the range,today were gonna be using one of these,little bipods,all right,were going to be trying these,winchester super x 6.5 creedmoor,these are 129 grain these ones are,hunting rounds for deer antelope and,wild boar really i mean you could use,these for most medium sized game,but they do have their little soft,hollow point in the front so go ahead,and give them a try,now i do have two rounds left from the,last time,two rounds,now,this does have a i believe four round,magazine plus you can have one in the,chamber for a total of,five rounds at a time with this gun with,a standard magazine you only get one,magazine out of the box when you buy it,but for the price that you can pick up,this rifle thats not bad,one thing about,this bolt this is one of the few things,that i do have a problem with with this,gun and its just that savage bolt,at this point and you gotta kind of pop,it up with a little bit of force there,so um,that takes some getting used to for sure,man when you really get down to it you,can,try to focus you can see your heart beat,down scope,you see the small movements of it,and were only shooting 100 yards here,imagine like a 600 yard shot its how,much more difficult that would be,[Music],oh look at that didnt eject,didnt fully eject,get that sucker out of there,[Music],i dont felt good,lets do two more,you know,the 65 really doesnt kick too much but,it is a noticeable difference from the,five,i pulled that to the right for sure,i felt i pulled that shot to the right,were gonna go ahead and stop there and,see how its going,oh yeah,so i put four shots,were uh,not sub moa were at 100 yards and were,looking at i told you i pulled one to,the right i felt that i was like that,one went to the right now to be fair,that bipod i put on there its not,perfectly level,so,um i know this rifle was sighted in last,time i took it hunting successfully i,got two deer back to back at 80 yards,perfect heart shot and then one through,the neck on the other one,you know obviously the gun is sighted in,as the shots are all getting within an,moa of each other minus the one that i,knew i pulled as soon as i as soon as i,shot that round i knew it i looked and i,said i pulled that shot to the right,[Music],okay,felt good,felt good not on my shoulder but not for,the target,oh people laugh when i say i got this,too dearly harvey oswald style back to,back bolt action shots i mean it was 80,yards dude i mean they were almost as,far as that and i [ __ ] took my time,with the first the eight point,waited yeah that ones to the right too,i can see it waited waited,got the perfect heart shot see that guy,took two steps and died and then the,second one [ __ ],looked back down the scope saw him at 80,yards and bang out what during the spine,this gun is actually for a 350 rifle i,think i paid 350 for it they gave me the,first responder 10 off during july at,academy when i bought it i paid for the,taxes at least,this thing is absolutely worth it like i,said its worth putting a better optic,on it were about to find out with the,ar how good the factory,three to nine scope is,always,wear glasses,when youre shooting,yeah,yeah those are a lot better,that was due to me pulling old dudes,coming out of his house has to wear his,ear pros see it,dude coming out just going on a walk,hes got away,[Laughter],you imagine your house just sound like a,[ __ ] war zone all the time,all right so we put a good amount of,rounds down range with the 65 creedmoor,today that savage axis again for the,price is pretty awesome,other than a few small things like you,know that,that savage bolt just kind of be a,little sticky at the top there,the gun shoots sub moa every time,and its a real smooth shot very,lightweight gun i have done,um hunting trips where ive had to hike,miles with that gun and with a sling on,there and it does come with sling,attachment swivels swinging attachments,already from factory you know it was it,was easy to haul that thing around,lighter than any of my other rifles ars,anything like that,its a very simple design and you have a,four,round magazine plus with one in the,chamber,you know if youre,trying to drop a big game and by the,fifth round you havent done it,maybe spend a little bit more time at,the range but ive used that to hunt um,hogs successfully multiple occasions,ive shot different whitetail bucks with,that thing and ive actually shot a,desert painted ram with it as well that,same rifle has gotten me three,uh big game species and each time its,done the trick ive never hit anything,and had it run more than you know one or,two feet,so i would highly recommend it for the,price point its a great you know budget,friendly uh hunting rifle you can shoot,with that 65 creedmoor anything from,you know hogs and rams and deer all the,way up to including elk if you have good,shot placement it does not kick very,much and you know at the end of the day,would i recommend it absolutely changes,that i would think are a,important thing to do if youre gonna,you know get a budget gun like that is,to get a better scope invest in a better,optic,and,again i have my leopold three and a half,to ten linked down in the description,below in case you want that exact one,but theres a lot of great ones out,there,invest in a better optic that rifle will,shoot um sub moa once its sighted in uh,you know 300 yards and within,i dont see any need to spend a lot more,money on a hunting rifle if you dont,want to so the end of the day absolutely,recommend the gun and stay tuned for,another jack does all gun review video,coming soon

Savage Axis XP 6.5 Creedmoor – Better Than a Mosin? First Impressions

if you buy a gun price less than a rusty,mosin nagant will it also shoot worse,than the moza nagon in this video were,unboxing and getting our first,impressions with the cheapest centerfire,bolt action rifle ive purchased the,cabelas exclusive savage axis xp lets,roll,[Music],so,[Music],whats up everybody welcome squad squad,and welcome to slav guns im glad to,have you here a few weeks ago i was,browsing my local cabelas and a saunder,flyer front and center this a savage,access sp complete with a weaver three,to nine by forty rifle scope for just,259 bucks after a fifty dollar mail in,rebate i immediately decided that this,would be an ideal gun for a challenge,can we get this gun to actually shoot a,thousand yards but before we go out and,take it out to extended ranges we need,to make sure its sighted in and do a,proper barrel break-in and since this is,my very first experience with a savage,access itll also be a great opportunity,for some first impressions i have not,played with this gun before and it is,exactly as i took it out of the store it,is still sealed in the original,tamper-proof cabelas tape and this will,be my first impressions if youre,looking for a complete review of this,gun and youre watching this in the,future youll be able to find it linked,above but for now lets dig in,[Music],[Music],this is a savage access xp in 6.5,creedmoor a good deal of accuracy comes,from the selected cartridge so i decided,to give us the best chance possible and,why we have six five creedmoor a modern,cartridge with great ballistics and,tighter tolerances while the savage,access is available in a camo finish and,a mounted three to nine weaver scope,this gun is in a true timber strata,finish which i prefer myself by far,this is definitely designed to be an,entry level hunting stock and as such in,a traditional stock although,interestingly the grip here feels more,upright than even on the higher end,precision focused 110 tactical which,ive previously reviewed and you can,find linked above,the stock has a fairly nice recoil pad,and does have two swivel studs which you,can use for shoulder strap or a bipod,which is what we will be doing exactly,with this gun in a few seconds the,action looks fairly similar to a savage,110 and we do have a,one piece handle with a bolt knob,and i would look to replace it the,barrel is 22 inches long and a fairly,light contour meant for honey the barrel,is not threaded either so you cannot,easily mount a muzzle brake or,suppressor this is a feature reserved,for more expensive models and oh yeah,this gun does come with a scope and some,rings this is a three to nine power,weaver rifle scope and i dont expect,itll be good for anything besides a set,and forget it shooting environment in,either case this gun is supposed to be,factory bore sighted so well see about,that and of course the trigger this,trigger is a simple single flat blade,trigger and not like the accu trigger on,the 110s which has a trigger blade,also some of the higher end savage,models do have the accu trigger as well,okay lets get some shots down range and,ill cut out the in between where im,cleaning the gun for those interested,im going to clean the barrel now before,shooting and then ill run a few patches,through after every shot for the first,five then after every five shots for the,next 15 or 20.,heavy heavy trigger,all right,[Music],go to,the 140 grain and i will single feed,this stuff,okay i dont see it,but wow theres more recoil than i,anticipated and thats because theres,no break and this is a,lightweight gun,all right so were supposed to be bore,sighted it definitely is not um,okay it looks like its just,the reticle needs to come up,i mean semi kind of in the ballpark but,no,its not,all right this should be closer in the,ballpark now,we got the first five rounds in were,gonna continue our breaking but were,gonna get some shots down range were,using hornady d65 preedmore 140 grain,elv mack ammo,all right i got to start testing this,with the extraction because,it doesnt seem to be,extracting it that well,okay,oh,and hes a little hot i mean were,getting,three,okay were getting a respectable three,shot group,all right so these were the targets that,i put up and this was finally the group,were able to put together,we had the first shot here,then we had,i believe is one two three and then this,is the final fifth shot,so obviously were still breaking the,gun in but,we do have a roughly one inch,looks just under one inch um,three shot group but the five shot group,as a whole is like three inches so,um,i do think possibly the scope moved at,this point so well have to double check,on that uh but definitely was not,factory boresighted we did have to,adjust it and well go from there,so while the barrel is cooling down,lets talk some first impressions,number one the recoil so this is,definitely a lightweight stock,lightweight configuration meant for,hunting,this is not meant for extended range,sessions and even with 65 creedmoor,you do feel the recoil its not horrible,but you definitely do feel it with no,muzzle break and having a light gun,the trigger,um not as horrible as i thought it would,be so the trigger here once again its,not the accu trigger it definitely is,heavy what i do appreciate is that there,is no trigger blade,uh which just tends to get in the way um,and do that so im going to take a look,at a way of lighting the trigger or,better yet ill probably look at if,theres a way to just replace it with an,aftermarket trigger i believe chimney,makes one this scope was definitely not,boresighted because i had to,adjust it and one thing im noticing,right now im gonna have to take a look,at the earlier footage i see these marks,from the top of the rings,im fairly positive,that this scope moved,from recoil so take that for what its,worth um the scope itself its not great,its a typical,cross uh,reticle,and uh its made for hunting like its,its second focal plane yeah,image quality wise its not horrible for,a three by nine um especially since its,pretty good conditions right now but if,you got darker yeah you definitely want,to replace something like that uh clicks,arent horrible,so take it for what its worth but,yeah its not the best scope use your,money and upgrade the scope unless this,is going to be a hunting rifle but the,very least we got to double check to,make sure that the scope did not move on,us one of the things that i definitely,am not a fan of,so even though the action is,fairly smooth there is a bit of play,there is,this half [ __ ] position,when youre trying to open it,and its very much pronounced because,its a lighter weight gun,but im not a fan of it you also have a,one piece handle here with the bolt knob,and i definitely dont like it i would,do something a little bit different,and i think theres an aftermarket,solution from anarchy outdoors and well,just cut well look at that,removing the bolt is a pain,because this is very stiff so you have,to depress the trigger press that down,and then you can take the bolt out uh,same thing as on the savage 110 however,here it just feels a lot heavier partly,because of the trigger getting it in and,out,otherwise i am kind of glad that we did,uh,do a proper break-in on this so far for,the first 20 rounds,one of the things that i definitely,think is happening,is even though this is supposed to be,free-floated you can see that there is,very little gap in here and the stock is,very,flimsy i mean i can actually bend it,with my hands and if the stock touches,the barrel at any point during the,firing process it would change the,barrel harmonics and it wouldnt be,consistent so well take a look at that,finally actually the one thing i would,say is you do have a tang mounted safety,which is cool but this thing is plastic,and it just feels so flimsy not crazy,about that i do wonder if there are,aftermarket replacements available if,not someone probably should make this,overall for hunting i think this is not,bad at all and

Savage Axis 6.5 Creedmoor Review

this time on bulletproof tactical were,going to go ahead and take a look at the,savage axis this one is chambered in 6.5,creedmoor i know a lot of viewers have,been requesting me to do a bit more,rifle videos so i went ahead and left a,comment saying which one you guys would,like me to review and i was surprised,how many people wanted to see the 6.5,creedmoor,so i got this one i picked it up were,gonna go ahead and do a full review on,it,and,continue watching,[Applause],[Music],all right so lets go ahead and get,started with todays video,a lot of people were requesting the,savage access chambered in 6.5 creedmoor,so i went ahead and purchased one just,for this review for the sake of this,review,i know a lot of people wanted to get,into hunting and they wanted something,very affordable so this is a very good,starting point this is what i would call,a beginner rifle you know theyre not,too expensive lets go ahead and start,with a price,i paid a total of 300,with a bipod and the scope,okay so do expect to pay anywhere within,250 to 300,if its used and if its new do expect,to pay anywhere within 350 to 400 right,now,at least in my area it could vary a,little so lets go ahead and start by,saying uh once again its chambered in,6.5 creedmoor lets do a safety check,for those of you who are familiar with,6.5 creedmoor you guys know its not a,heavy recoil round but then again its,really fast really flat shooting round,great for hunting,and i would say its also good for,beginners you know you have your little,legs here that can extend,adjustable,you get your scope,as far as the overall length of this,firearm goes it does,go to 43 inches a little more than that,its 43.875,inches to be more specific you do get,mounting points in case you want to put,a sling on the rifle so thats pretty,handy you do get a four round detachable,magazine its hilarious really small,magazine pretty cool,fits four rounds in there you can carry,five if you want to carry this loaded,good capacity for hunting once again you,dont need a crazy amount of ammo,all right and another thing we can say,the overall weight of this firearm,without the bipod and without the scope,it does weigh six pounds five ounces so,its not on the heavy side savage claims,that they did a slick modern look,obviously this is due to the polymer,frame,and stock you know its really,lightweight unlike a traditional rifle,that you get nothing but wooden,furniture and makes it much heavier so i,think its its pretty good the overall,look looks pretty nice i like the the,sniper look black on black with a scope,and the bipod looks pretty nice for,beginners i dont think this is,expensive at all you know,300,youre not going to break the bank if,you realize it wasnt for you you can,just sell it and get your money back so,not a really big deal,and i know a lot of people like to do,the trigger pull were going to go ahead,and weigh how much the trigger how heavy,the trigger is,well go ahead and take it down to the,range im gonna have to zero this scope,in i didnt get it zeroed in so were,gonna have to uh you know adjust it at,the range so continue watching,all right so lets go ahead and do a,trigger pull,all right once again,for those of you internet mommies lets,go ahead and do the safety check,all right its a clear firearm,lets go ahead and do the first trigger,pull,two pounds 4.4 ounces,were gonna do three trigger pulls,that way you guys can get a good idea of,how,heavy it is,okay here we go,two pounds 1.8 ounces,okay,and,last but not least,okay,one pound,14.5 ounces okay,so we get an average of two pounds,1.6 ounces,so,not bad,i wouldnt say its an excellent trigger,but then again,its gonna be precise enough for what,you need it,okay,so now lets go ahead and take this down,to the range were gonna go ahead and,shoot it were gonna have to zero in the,scope once again,im gonna run 20 rounds,of 6.5 creedmoor,and well hit go ahead and come back and,tell you guys what i thought about this,rifle continue watching,all right so bulletproof tactical tell,us your experience down at the range,ill be honest with you guys i had never,shot 6.5 creedmoor i had heard a lot of,rumors that it was a really good round,and ill be honest i was really,satisfied shooting this firearm the,stock is really comfortable its really,spongy,kind of feels like theres air trapped,in between this rubber stock,so it made recoil,really unnoticeable i didnt feel any,pain in my shoulder after 20 rounds,not the heaviest recoil either coming,out of a 6.5 creedmoor anyway,so you know not a lot of muzzle flip you,know the bolt action rifle,it makes you feel like a total sniper of,course,black on black really nice look as far,as the price goes i dont think this is,a bad price at all you know once again,you can always sell it and get your,money back if you were not satisfied im,pretty sure another beginner will go,ahead and buy it up like nothing or,maybe someone thats experienced and,doesnt want to break the bank right,as far as getting the bipod and the,scope included if you can get one with,this setup and pay under three hundred,dollars id say you got a good deal,and uh what else can i tell you four,round detachable mag i thought that was,absolutely awesome,the little magazine made it really cool,i dont know if they sell extended,versions maybe with 10 rounds thatd be,interesting,i dont think so though no one really,needs 10 rounds when it comes to these,type of jobs but you know it does it,does give it that really nice look you,know i was actually pretty satisfied,with the price the quality doesnt seem,to be too bad,so please leave me a comment let me know,what you guys think about this rifle,would you guys consider buying it if you,guys have any questions please reach out,ill go ahead and answer as soon as,possible,and uh go ahead and like the video,subscribe to my channel ill have more,videos more rifle videos especially,coming soon,and uh go ahead and uh smash the like,button once again well see you on the,next one,you

1,000 Yards CHEAP! Savage Axis II XP 6.5 Creedmoor

hey guys welcome back and thanks for,tuning in youre joining me today at the,end of a afternoon of long range,blinking I shot three different guns,today my Stagg 10s and 308 my long range,rifle from Thompson Center Performance,Center in 65 Creedmoor and lastly the,savage access to XP Ive done a little,bit of a paint job to it as you can see,there from classic firearms calm,would you believe of those three guns,only one of them made it to a thousand,yards today and would you believe that,gun is this $350 package that Im,holding in my hands its true,Im going to show you some of the,footage and tell you all about it here,in a second stick around,[Music],all right so first let me apologize for,the sound if wind kicks up theres not,really anything I can do about it my,external microphone ran out of batteries,all Ive got is the onboard mic for this,camera here so bear with a little bit of,wind hopefully it doesnt get too,terrible but I really got to tell this,story its pretty interesting,so I set this range up I dont know a,couple months ago I came out here to the,desert did some driving around did some,Google mapping and all that stuff to try,to figure out you know let me find,myself a thousand-yard range because I I,just got this long-range rifle the T CPC,and in 65 Creedmoor and Im like Ive,got the bug again I want to do some long,range you know and Ive also got that,stag 10s and 308 I think that can do a,thousand yards I got the buck I want to,try this again now and its been years,since Ive done any long-range shooting,I dont know why I just got busy with,other stuff but again I got the bug and,so I decided to scope out a little range,where I could do it all found myself a,safe little strip of desert road that I,can come out to sort of you have to take,my word for it that this area is safe,out here and shoot from a hill up down,on that side over there and basically,mark out you know 700 yards thousand,yards which is where we are right here,and further out you might see a little,speck out in the distance thats my,brand new action target gong 18-inch,gong from action target I set that one,up at 1,300 yards yeah I was very,optimistic I think Ill bring those,targets in a little closer next time I,come out but anyway so scoped it out,found this little range where I could do,some blinking and I decided to come out,here for an afternoon of it and what I,discovered was shooting my my lrr I,lets see I nailed the 700 yard target,fairly easily and thats the also,another action target Gong thats the,coyote shape Tom love that thing its,holding up very very well by the way,Ive put many many hundreds of rounds of,308,six-five cream or 2 2 3 etc on that,thing,and as well as some 357 through my 1873,so its taken,and lots of lead and its holding up,very very well I would say that the the,actual rubber rubber handles on hangers,on it,are beginning to maybe get chewed up and,in a little while Ill probably replace,some of them but as far as a system,overall you know the plate is still,looking perfect its got a few little,dings little pock marks in it but its,gonna last for thousands and thousands,of rounds no doubt about it and so,thats one reason I was happy to get,another one from action target the 18,inch circle Gong but Ill show you that,in the future also one last side note,this guy right here this silhouette was,made by my friend snow Lobo 95 many many,years ago good friend of mine from a,long time ago havent seen him in quite,a while but still use his target all the,time so its no Lobo youre still with,me of a man and this is the one that I,set up here at a thousand yards so I,guess I was a little optimistic and,thinking Id be able to reach out to,1300 but you know decided to try it took,the LLR hour lrr and got it to seven,hundred yards pretty easily then I,started pushing it to a thousand for,whatever reason it probably had to do,with the wind and the ammo and the ammo,Im using on the lrr is American gunner,Hornady which is 140 grain its fairly,easy to come by fairly inexpensive gets,about 7/8 inch group and 100 yards for,me and you know if Id use some better,nicer ammo definitely hand loads it,would Im sure it would do much much,tighter than that but 7/8 is okay I,guess in any case at a thousand yards I,had a really hard time getting on this,target I dont know what the deal was,again a lot of West desert wind that,just kind of kicks up and changes,direction frequently so you think youve,got your dope and then you dont and,then also the ammo is probably not the,best I think its a really good rifle,its got that 5r rifling on it which Im,excited about but for whatever reason I,wasnt able to get the results that I,was hoping again with that rifle then of,course moved to the stag 10 a stag 10s,308 now the ammo that Im using with,that gun is probably a mismatch Im,using 168 grain through that 18 inch,barrel,I believe its a one-in-ten twist but,whatever the case its it doesnt,absolutely love that ammo so I need to,find something better for it the the,groups that Ive gotten with that thing,at 100 yards are nearly three MOA so you,know between two and a half three MOA is,just not shooting that great so I need,to find a better match for as far as,animal is concerned and Ill work on,that,but I was able to hit occasionally at,700 yards at the coyote um however I,could not make it out to a thousand at,least not reliably I think I made my,adjustments and I started sort of,hitting all around this target seeing,dust fly up in the back beyond it next,to it and so forth,but never heard that gong never saw that,splash couldnt quite figure out why but,anyway spent a good good number of,rounds on that finally got tired of it,then lastly since I had it I brought,this guy out now this one is using,shooting this round right here American,Eagle 65 Creedmoor 140 grain open tip,match which is a fairly inexpensive,round when you can find it 140 grain,Ive been seeing a lot of the what is,120 120 something grain its seen a lot,of that but I havent seen too much 140,grain lately so I need to keep an eye,out for it and grab some more of it,whatever the case that animal seems to,be a fantastic match for this gun,because we got on target at 700 yards,without much difficulty I think there,are a few times we kind of danced around,it one of the things thats a real,limitation of this gun package right,here is the scope and I may just break,down and replace it now I wanted to,shoot this gun exactly as it was for as,long as possible but I think I maybe is,you know I may have done as much as I,can do with this thing so I probably,will swap out this scope at some point,now the scope is Nikons absolute base,model like the the cheapest possible one,they make and I dont think it even has,a model name but its the one that they,kind of put on inexpensive rifles in,order to give you a complete package in,quotations with the expectation that,guys are gonna swap him out but since,Ive had it Ive been using it exactly,as it is and again did this today with,this scope so talking about the scope,really quickly and kind of the the,reticle and how I got on this target I,use an app called ice tree lock which is,great way to sort of enter all your data,for your gun your velocity or grain,weights even your reticle and all that,kind of stuff your your scope over bore,height and all that stuff,lock basically everything and let the,app do the calculation for you so it did,that work for me it told me where I,needed to be in that reticle without,making any actual adjustments but where,I needed to hold within that reticle in,order to get on at seven hundred yards,and so what I did was I basically just,made an educated guess based on the drop,of 6-5 cream on what I think it would do,and held much much further up I actually,put my reticle one of the bottom sort of,bubbles that are on that reticle put,that all the way out on my thirteen,hundred yard target and then just held,off to the right a little bit to,compensate for wind

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