1. Savage Axis II XP Review: Possibly one of the best budget bolt actions
  2. Savage Axis XP 308 REVIEW: Best Hunting Rifle for the Money?
  3. “Savage Axis: $300 Hunter” by Nutnfancy
  4. Savage AXIS 2 XP – First Shots and Sighting In [300 Blackout]
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  7. Savage Axis XP Review

Savage Axis II XP Review: Possibly one of the best budget bolt actions

and welcome back to affordable optics,and rifle reviews today were going to,be reviewing the savage axis 2 xp,so the savage axis has actually been out,for quite a while originally under the,name the savage edge then renamed the,axis then rename the axis 2 and now the,axis 2xp well the xp really just means,it comes with an optic typically so,normally it comes with a bushnell banner,and some really cheapy crappy scope,rings so this rifle in canada retails,for 450 on special or 600 dollars in the,u.s its between 350 and 400 u.s,it weighs about 6.8 pounds it comes,either in the 6.5 creedmoor 223 243 2506,270 30.6 308 350 legends or 7 millimeter,await so what do you get for the most or,one of the most cheapest bolt action,rifles out there and is this the one you,should buy because there are a few other,rifles at a very similar prices for,example the remington 783 the mossberg,patriot the mossberg 4×4,oh you know what for some reason i cant,name the other ones so lets start off,with probably the most important part is,accuracy,oh wow,thats a hell of a group,that is i want to say about half them,well you cant have it all the time,right,didnt quite it,we didnt quite eject that round so this,is gonna be four rounds,that is a beautiful group,savage is a company that really knocks,it out of the park in terms of accuracy,even their most basic their most budget,rifles are always really really accurate,its something ive said ive said in,the past and ill say it again even,their cheapest guns are going to be,accurate and thats exactly as you guys,saw,that but that was with match ammunition,so hunters often make the kind of,assumption its a cheap gun im just,going to put cheap ammunition through,well you wont get good groups with,crappy ammunition if you put the,cheapest ammunition you can expect,anywhere between a two and a half inch,group to like a four inch group at 100,meters or yards so dont set your,expectations particularly high if youre,using cheap stuff,if you want good groups if you want to,really make sure you get that buck you,may have to spend that extra money and,get some horny precision hunter ammo and,thats exactly what we did we bought,match ammunition and this rifle was able,to deliver us the groups that we wanted,so for accuracy this rifle is amazing,its got a 22 inch carbon steel button,rifled barrel,and it works wonders next lets talk,about this action so savage i mean,theyve had like this action for a while,and,in my opinion in my personal opinion,its not the greatest,action in terms of fit and finish and,feel it really is not very smooth so if,you compare this to the competition the,remington 783,its really not the smoothest they call,it they say its smooth but its really,not that smooth also also,also the bolt lift is,not very smooth either so,it leaves something to be desired but,where it really counts for accuracy it,absolutely does have it and we didnt,have any really issues with feedings or,too many malfunctions with this which is,something you can kind of expect on the,most budget rifles on the market,so quality control well,at about you know 450 dollars,its just not going to be the same as on,the thousand dollar gun typically on a,thousand dollar gun i expect everything,to be pretty darn smooth and to be zero,malfunctions but you should probably,expect some at this price we were quite,lucky that there werent any though,also uh this action does come with a,two-piece scope ring so,uh while the savage access to precision,had a one-piece picatinny rail this has,a two-piece weaver which is adequate you,may also want to torque them down if you,have a torque wrench just because ive,seen it so often these things are going,to come loose ive seen it so often on,budget rifles even expensive rifles,these just came loose immediately also,you guys are going to note that we did,not use the factory scope rings nor did,we use the factory scope or even the,stock so i wanted to do everything i,could to see just how accurate this,barreled action specifically can be the,savage axis 2 is its barreled action,and everything else can negatively,impact its accuracy which is why we went,with the boyds agility stock and were,going to discuss that a little bit more,later when we talk about the stock next,lets talk about the traeger so savage,has a accu trigger on their savage axis,twos which this one is adjustable,between three pounds and six pounds and,it has a plus or minus breakage weight,of about a quarter pound so if youre at,three pounds it could be three and a,quarter,three and an eighth three pounds it,floats anywhere in between then which is,actually quite good like actually really,good for the price ive seen some that,go up and down by a pound and im like,wow that is a lot but they did a really,good job here and the creep which,you absolutely should expect a lot of,creep on a rifle at this price there,wasnt that much creep so there really,isnt too much creep on this specific,savage axis 2. i do recall on my other,savage access to precision which is like,the prs model,it did have a little bit more creep to,it than this one did so just keep that,in mind theres going to be some,variants from one rifle to another also,for the trigger there are other options,available for the aftermarket support,you can get a mecabo trigger spring,which is like 20 bucks and it can bring,your weight down to like 2.5 or you can,go with the chimney option which is like,a hundred and fifty dollars itll bring,your trigger weight from 1.5 to four,pounds adjustable so thats maybe,something you might want to do but then,again itll bring your whole rifle into,a whole other price point so just keep,that in mind sometimes its not worth,buying the cheapest rifle and upgrading,everything over just buying lets say a,savage 110,which is inherently better,so just keep that in mind before you buy,this maybe youre better off waiting a,little bit and buying the savage 110,over this one next lets talk about the,stock well this stock here is,free-floated well by the skin of its,teeth,which is exactly why we upgraded it to,the,boyds,agility stock so that one is all wood,its completely free-floated it has,aluminum pillar bedding so boyds,hardwood stocks are a engineer of,hardwood laminate which is far far more,stable and rigid than any plastic stock,or even solid wood stock could be due to,the fact that laminate stock is made of,37 to 41 very thin,high quality hardwood laminations that,are fused together with a proprietary,adhesive that permeates the very fibers,of the hardwood to create a bond that is,stronger more solid more rigid than any,other material on the market today so,the construction industry actually uses,this very same,kind of technique when theyre building,houses so its actually something thats,very strong avoids hardwood laminate,stock because of its stability and,rigidity will produce you tighter groups,because the stock will not flex like a,plastic stock does,so,so thats why we went with the void,stocks and actually for all our rifle,reviews so were actually buying,every budget bolt action rifle and,boyds has agreed to send us stocks for,each and every one so we can see,how accurate they are but with good,stocks not just with the cheap plastic,ones so savage actually did a good job,with this factory stock while its,plastic you know they do have to,keep the price down that way they,actually have some i believe some steel,pillar beds which is good but still the,rest of the stock is plastic which is,prone to flex so they did a good job,they did a great job for a really cheap,budget stock in terms of ergonomics this,topic is this stock is also really,really nice and comfortable you do have,an adjustable length of pull with this,big spacer here which is obviously not,easily adjustable like our boys was with,by the simple press of a button you can,lengthen it or shorten it so in the,winter you just bring that all the way,down so you can have your big thick,jacket on in the summer you le

Savage Axis XP 308 REVIEW: Best Hunting Rifle for the Money?

hey guys its nico from outdoors,anonymous in todays video were going,to talk about my main hunting rifle this,is my savage axis xp its chambered in,308 its the rifle that i use mainly for,hunting i call it my bush gun and were,also going to talk about what is the,best distance to zero your hunting rifle,or at least ill show you guys what i,have mine zeroed in for and ill explain,to you why i have it zeroed in at that,particular distance,[Music],so first were gonna take a quick look,at the gun over here ive owned this gun,for,just a little over two years now and,ive taken it on a few hunts already,ive gotten two deer over the past two,years with this thing uh and one bear,over the past two years with this thing,so its safe to say that this rifle so,far has served me pretty well now when i,first bought this thing two years ago i,made a video showing my initial thoughts,and my initial review of this rifle and,that video has been one of if not the,most viewed video on my channel thus far,so i figured hey were pretty overdue,for a two-year ownership review of this,rifle first ill show you guys a closer,look at this thing so when i bought this,thing i bought it new at cabelas and it,came as a ready to hunt package meaning,it came with the scope rings and it came,with this lets say,just a weaver,weaver scope right there,so the scope that it came with is a,three to nine its pretty basic low end,type of scope it doesnt have any hash,marks on the reticles or anything like,that its just straight cross hairs and,thats it as a basic hunting rifle it it,works its uh it doesnt have to be,anything fancy for the scope its,chambered in 308,and uh yeah its the true timber strata,camo on this thing the sling it didnt,come with it i bought the sling,separately,um,and yeah thats uh,thats about it so out of the box it,comes with the scope the scope rings,and,the gun so its a pretty much ready to,hunt package all i did was i put the,sling on it,its just a basic cabelas leather sling,because it is a hunting rifle so i like,to have it slung over my back like that,when im walking through the bush,and uh yeah its a pretty good gun,in my in my last video in my last review,video that i did of this uh there was i,was saying something about the bolt,being hard to run,and um later on i learned that thats,just because as a savage,what actually happens is when you flip,the bolt up like that that [ __ ] the,firing pin so,thats why its a little bit tight when,youre putting it up like that now the,firing pin is cocked,you run your boat,and youre ready to go once i broke the,rifle in though,and uh you know clean,gave it a good cleaning put some,lubricant on there,it runs just fine and i have no issues,with that any longer now just to show,you guys something real quick here in,case youre wondering how to remove the,bolt on the savage axis you do have to,pull the trigger in order to do that so,you have to have it on fire its not,going to come out if its unsafe so you,set it on fire you make sure its empty,make sure you take your magazine out,make sure thats empty,try a couple times just to double triple,check right there and theres this,little button over here that you have to,press along with the trigger before you,can take the bolt out so you keep your,thumb down on this,press,you pull back on the trigger,and,the bolt just slides right out,and to put that bolt back in,same thing you got to press the trigger,and press this little button,right up here as well so you press,trigger press that button and,the bolt slides back in once you release,that the bolt,gets locked in there and it doesnt,slide back out so as i was saying ive,taken this gun out on a few different,hunts now um and im actually gonna link,the videos to those hunts,in the description of this video below,so make sure you guys check that out uh,the buck that i shot last year with this,thing it was a pretty crazy shot uh the,buck was coming in from 200 yards and he,was running in and he was coming in hot,and he was running fast and i see him,coming in from 200 yards from the bush,line and he was trying to run across the,open field,pulled it out had my monopod on me i put,a good lead in front of him a little bit,of a holdover and then bam,running shot and he dropped right on the,spot make sure you guys check that video,out after you watch this one and im,going to link that and im going to link,that video in the description below so,you make sure you check that video out,after so lets talk about what distance,i have this rifle zeroed in for,initially i did have it zeroed for 100,yards but i actually switched that over,and im now zero to 200 yards or,sometimes its called the 50,200 yard zero the farthest animal that,ive ever shot so far was like,268 yards or something like that and,that wasnt even with this rifle that,was with my remington 765 creedmoor so,im a lot more confident shooting longer,range with that rifle i can take a ive,taken that rifle out to about 800 yards,but thats like more of a precision,rifle this is mainly a hunting rifle so,on that point,you dont really have to shoot a dime,every single time so the reason why i,have a zero for 200 yards is because i,found 200 yards gives me the best,maximum point blank range,for the distances that i usually hunt,which it which like i said is usually,within that 200 yards now when i say,point blank range i dont mean like,right there right in front of the rifle,what that means when you say point blank,range is,any distance where you can basically,point and shoot,and,given your ballistics its going to hit,within a certain margin of error so for,example,if im hunting within 200 yards and im,hunting uh,say like deer or whatever right usually,its deer um a deers vitals is about,eight to ten,inches so its about something like this,its about the size of a pie plate right,so,if youre if youre zeroed in at 100,yards yeah youre going to be shooting,flat out to 100 yards and then that,bullet is gonna start dropping and,dropping and dropping and by the time,youre at like 200 yards or whatever,just for example say say youre holding,over by like nine inches you dont want,to be doing that so,i want to be able to just point,line up the crosshair right in the,middle of the target and then shoot and,then its going to hit anywhere within,that pie plate so im actually going to,pull out the ballistics here and im,going to show you guys in the video,somewhere over here what that looks like,okay so taking a look at the ballistic,chart over here you punch in your,information,right there right so its its 308 150,grain the muzzle velocity 28 54 fps now,thats just the muzzle velocity that it,said on the box and im shooting a,federal fusion 150 grain you punch in,your,ballistic coefficient again thats on,the box here you can find that online,site height two inches now usually for a,hunting rifle your site height is going,to be 1.9 or 2 inches around there make,sure you get that correctly if youre,shooting an ar usually the site height,is about 2.7 inches sometimes three,then you punch in your zero range so i,have punched in 200 yards over here so,taking a look at the chart,so if im zeroed in at 200 yards,if you take a look at uh,a hundred yards right there hundred,yards,says youre going to be shooting about,an inch and a half high so say a deer,pops out at 100 yards can you line your,crosshairs directly at the vitals of,that deer and hit it in the vitals for a,kill shot,if its 1.5 inches higher than where,youre aiming thats still a kill shot,because if a deers vitals is about 8 to,10 inches like this and you aim right in,the middle well its still gonna hit,right there and thats still a kill shot,so youve got basically room if a deers,vitals say is eight inches then youve,got four inches of room going high and,youve got four inches of room going low,where that is basically your maximum,point blank range you can just aim,directly right there in the middle and,youre gonna hit within that pi plate of,eight

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“Savage Axis: $300 Hunter” by Nutnfancy


hit,savage axe is 450 yards,tough shot,well from a customers perspective and,end user perspective,i guess ill go along with half of what,theyre saying here,im in the 2012 savage catalog,where their mission statement is boldly,printed on the inside cover stating the,following,accuracy is the journey and,the destination,i like that last part the destination i,agree,as your customer i want to buy a savage,rifle,take it out of box,use some good ammunition careful,shooting and achieve one moa or better,thats my destination my interpretation,of destination and i want to add,reliability too i dont want to have any,problems any parts breakages its just,got to work and im shooting one moa and,i dont want a picky gun i dont want to,have to do this,take a journey,as a customer of savage or any other,manufacturer for that matter,thats the part i disagree with from,that perspective and end user,perspective i dont have to work up hand,loads go and buy lots and lots of,expensive ammunition to find out what,shoots well,in the gun i dont want a journey i just,want to arrive at the destination my,money being well spent,well the question is this does the,savage axis live up to the savage,reputation for accuracy and frankly that,mission statement,im going to answer that question and,you have clicked on and unfortunately,found,the nut and fancy tabletop review on the,savage axis welcome,hovering above it by the way is a gun,currently in the net and fancy project,inventory the ruger american,just reviewed,and a lot of tn peers want me to review,as quick as i can the access here it is,dudes,coming at you theres a lot of other not,a lot but there are a few other great,budget rifles out there,if you want to call it that,low cost shooters like the marlin x guns,the x7 currently they change the,nomenclature here and there mossberg atr,remington 770 the discontinued stevens,200,remington 700 adl more expensive than,these guns these arent the only games,in town and i have an inkling that,marlin would shoot very well knowing,marlon rifles,but were going to concentrate on the,axis right here in this tabletop review,first though i got to go back to the,catalog to show you,the excellent variety that savage has on,the access it actually,meets or exceeds their competitors this,is the access page in the catalog well,laid out i love that model right there,go figure,axis sr,its in short calibers only comes with a,scope threaded muzzle if you want to,suppress it or put a flash hider on it i,like options,two versions of stainless steel,axis models there one has a scope one,doesnt,cam mode model,thats cool for you hunters,and then the one youre looking at on,the table right there is the savage xp,this one right here,the three by nine scope which i want to,tell you right now is pretty much,walmart quality,same with the rings,it will totally do the job it will but i,dont like them very cheap,yeah,i mean the scopes nowadays are so much,better than they used to be it will work,but if youre going to long range it,i dont know if id want it if you have,a left-handed version two lefties,rejoice american doesnt ruger american,and then also a youth model well done,savage,thatll take us to a very very brief,discussion on philosophy of use if,youre new to the nut and fancy project,i believe you should put some thought in,how youre going to apply your system,and when youre talking about a gun like,this,how do you intend to use it what do you,expect it to do for you is it going to,be worth the money i use philosophy,because that entails thought and im,just going to say the following on,savage axis it is first and foremost a,low-cost economical hunting rifle,next a survival rifle,option and then an alaskan rifle,may be recreational if you want want,more details,go to the ruger american review and i,have a discussion there watch the first,few minutes and that will answer all,your questions and thats it we are,complete with philosophy of use hope you,liked it,innovation design materials quality blah,blah blah all that stuff im going to go,fast on the savage axis,first,these two guns look very similar dont,they,said that in the ruger american review,theyre so similar in fact,if it werent for the scope differences,and the fact that i left the stickers on,the ruger american i i couldnt tell,them apart,at first glance or from a distance the,triggers are different yes,theyre very similar rumor has it that,the same dude,that designed this design that,i dont know if its true or not,its mostly a good thing but both of,these rifles are pretty squared away in,their feature sets starting with a stock,for instance,nice recoil pad soaks it up and i found,it to be pretty soft shooting,no problems at all we electrical tape,ours here in tmp so it doesnt grab,clothing we shot this extensively in the,desert and also the range,the savage axis same for the american,youve seen that footage already right,no raised cheek piece just like the,american its just straight,so get your scope height right oh wait,it comes with scope so you just have to,deal with it hope it works for you,and then we come to an attempt to,provide you with some traction both on,the pistol grip and on the fore end with,some molded in,something something,and it pretty much sucks just like the,american to me i find it provides no,traction its a very slick stock if you,want to give attraction,how about a little thing called,checkering,reference to fn slp shotgun if you want,to see how molded in checkering should,be executed,just outstanding but if i were to keep,the rifle as a customer i would totally,wrap it with something,give it some more traction if that was,important to me,trigger guard a little bit bigger than,that of the ruger american,accommodating gloved hands a little bit,better let me see the ruger american,back there i forgot to mention that,integral,its plastic i dont care i dont need a,steel trigger guard i dont need a pop,metal trigger guard,plastics fine itll wear just fine how,about that trigger,well as you can see its not,the savage accu trigger and thats,mostly a bad thing because the accu,trigger is,pretty much awesome,except for a little thing i called sfl,and that is my own acronym that stands,for side force lockout talking accu,trigger so you [ __ ] the gun push the,side of the trigger,and it just disengages,you have to recock the bolt to make it,go you dont have that problem with the,savage access but you also dont have,real precision and adjustability,with that trigger as well this one out,of box pulls just over five pounds,i think the early edge rifles and axis,rifles edge was this predecessor they,changed the name because there are some,trademark issues,they pulled around seven,this one pulls a lot better they have,improved it,and theres a really easy way as an end,user to improve it more here comes a,picture,when you take the trigger out of the,stock youll see a spring at the rear,there you can do a couple things if,youre willing to do a little bit of,minor gunsmithing you can cut off a coil,reducing it by i dont know two pounds,or so just one coil dont cut too much,or you could just get a smaller spring,and experiment,and then in the front portion you could,actually do some polishing on the,engagement surfaces,i would just use a maybe a dremel with a,little cotton buffing wheel maybe some,flits,and you can probably come out with a,trigger around three pounds no sweat,and void your warranty,so if you find i did not do that with,this gun i tested it as it came from the,box its breaking at five pounds all the,shots with access,five pounds thank you very much,its not a great trigger there is a,little bit of take up it breaks okay,i wasnt digging it when compared to the,ruger american the ruger american has a,much better trigger it is adjustable we,spun that sucker down to an easy three,pounds and its got the trigger blade in,it so it makes it kind of like the accu,trigger kind of,i prefer the rugers on on this point uh,the x7 by marli

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Savage AXIS 2 XP – First Shots and Sighting In [300 Blackout]

foreign,[Music],hey everybody how you doing this is,about to be a really fun video thats,the range today with heavy metal I have,been waiting to film this video for a,very very long time Ive been looking,for one of these four four ever finally,found one if yall watch the videos you,would know what this is right here but,this is a Savage Axis II 16 inch barrel,in 300 Blackout this is some kind of uh,special edition True Timber that they,only got at Bass Pro,I had to drive all the way to Nashville,to get this baby stood in line for three,hours to get it thats how bad I wanted,to get it but,got a really good deal on this like I,said been looking for a bolt action 300,Blackout for a long time for the purpose,of,being an awesome,suppressor host,for chasing whitetails and being real,quiet about it but should be pretty,pretty cool,the only thing that I changed to this so,I got this from Bass Pro with the little,package with this Bushnell,uh Dusk and Dawn optic budget friendly,Bushnell Banner optic uh three to nine,by forty,but the only thing I changed was the,Rings it had some,five dollar uh rings that I just did not,trust with the one bolt and as much as,the boot Lots cost these days,I swapped out the ranks if anybody wants,to know I put these uh,wheeler,medium sporters on there so if you got,one of these the medium Rings will work,with the three three by nine to 40 like,that but,Savage Axis 2 XP I believe is what this,is got my silencer Central banished 30,gold on the end I put that thing on,everything,that itll work on,and all the stuff were flinging in this,video I got some of this Remington,220 grain I forgot to bring my,chronograph out here today but,they should be close to subsonic out of,this 16 inch barrel well find out here,in a second uh,but yeah should be a whole lot of fun,first Im going to bore sight it were,going to get it on paper were going to,hit some steel then were going to go,back to 100 yards quick and see what,this Savage thinks about,this Remington 220 grain slowed down a,little bit group tested then stay tuned,for some more videos Im going to group,Test 300 Blackout Supersonic and,subsonics out of this thing to see what,it likes best see what we need to be,chasing the Whitetail with but first,lets go back to the bench get it on,paper should be pretty cool check it out,like I said Im excited also let me know,about this audio,I got me one of these Fancy Pants,microphones right here and I really,dont know if Im using it right so,maybe you cant even hear me I dont,know but lets go over to the bench put,it in the Vise well get it on paper,here real quick,all right so what I figured out doing,this a bazillion times for me the,easiest way,is Ive got,this laser on the end of the barrel here,at 10 yards I get the dot on paper and,then about two inches high is where I,want that to aim so Im going to aim at,the top dot there on the plate there at,10 yards then I want to hit about two,inches low so Ive got those two dots,out there,so now,Im going to take this off,and once you have your laser on there,you adjust your scope on there if you,want to see a full slow detailed video,on how to use one of these to get bore,sided Ive got that up on the channel,but what Im going to do now is,get this can back on here,and then,were just going to make sure that were,in the ballpark here at 10 yards,and if were on there,then well be good to go back at 100. if,I could get this thing on here,there we go,for whatever reason I couldnt get this,started on from behind that button,like I said we should be good here at 10,yards Im gonna go ahead and send one,make sure were real close in the,ballpark then were going to get on some,steel here first,and then well go back to 100 and just,slow down and do some groups with this,thing but like I said Ive been trying,to find one of these 300 Blackout bolts,for a long time,super super excited to get out to the,range,lets see how my board side was,then well go have some fun on the steel,then well see what kind of groups we,get out of that Remington 220.,and we hit just to the right of it but a,couple things to notice first time,having this out,trigger not that bad especially not for,what I paid for and I gave 349 beans,with the scope,also,that thing was quiet did you hear that,lets play it back quick,quiet and then,we hit just to the right,of that dot so Im going to go ahead and,click it some to the left,which way is left this weighs to the,left,[Applause],and we should be uh real close,at 100 now,but,before we go back to the bench at 100,yards,lets go ahead and have some fun on the,steel out here while were out here,all right I loaded two in there,so I got one more,I got a a yellow piece of Steel,at 50 yards,lets see if I can hit that steel at 50,yards I should be able to huh,here we go 50 yards hit all the ding,real good especially with that,suppressor,[Music],oh man,loaded a couple more lets go to some,smaller steel up there let me move this,target camera,all right now we got a little bit,smaller,silhouette up there,Lets uh hit it real quick,lets go ahead and give it all the zooms,nine Zoomies,it looks like at 50 were hitting a,little bit low,we should be good at a hunter though,pretty close,Ive got a small circle piece of Steel,this is going to be a 55 Yard see if I,can get it Im gonna aim right at about,the bolt,foreign,its on and that thing is quiet,I know I say I got a lot of favorites,but this is this might be in the top,three now its probably going to depend,on how good this thing groups but lets,go back to the bench,at a hundred just slow down a little bit,and,see how good it groups this stuff like I,said were going to do some more videos,testing out some other subs and some,supers out of this rig so stay tuned for,that make sure your subscribed got,notifications on,but lets go see how good it groups,these Remington 220s,at 100 yards I just from the sound of it,alone I dont have ears in these are,definitely subsonic out of the 16 inch,barrel so if you were running these in a,you know semi or what have you itd,still be quiet like that out of a normal,length 16 inch barrel but lets go back,to 100,see what we can do with this thing I,absolutely love it,all right here we go now,I got recorded on my microphone remember,I told you I dont know what Im doing,with this fancy,recording stuff but here we go 100 yards,got some rain coming in we got a little,bit of wind but,shouldnt be enough to fool with us,and remember we got nine power Zoomies,on this scoop so,uh Im gonna do my absolute best here,but first we got to get excited in,and well do some groups and see what we,can do with it,here we go see where were at on paper,at 100 now,ought to be pretty close,its like we hit about six inches low,and,four or five to the right,take these caps off and move it to that,hole here,and its right so we need to crank it,left,all right this ought to get us,a lot closer to that bullseye,lets see if I clicked them the right,way here,all right so that was just about a,perfect adjustment there,were going to leave it right there,go ahead and load a few more up and,well start doing a couple three shot,groups here,try to beat this rain but so far man,this thing is ridiculous quiet,you can hear it hit the dirt back there,behind the paper,lets do a three-shot group here and see,how we do,hit a little left,foreign,[Music],just about the same hole there,lets send another one well make an,adjustment after this,that one I jumped,one dont count,let me make adjustment to the right here,that way is,[Music],foreign,how hot are we,that Barrels not even hot yet pretty,heavy barrel on this thing,well based on that our up and down,average is about middle but now were to,the right some so let me bring it back,two clicks to the left and well do one,more,foreign,there Id call it Im gonna give it one,click up,but lets go grab the calipers and,take a measurement on these groups here,see what we think about it,all right guys Im gonna keep the engine,short here bu

Savage Axis XP w/ scope for $259 unboxing, review, barrel break in, accuracy test n like & dislike.

welcome back boys and girls and today,video is for the beginners now my buddy,nick he recently got into shooting and,he has two af platforms so hes got,plenty of ammunition and he asked me he,wanted to get into bold action and i,told him its a good idea and he asked,me what i thought about savage access xp,so i told him you wouldnt be my choice,of gun but for a beginner is accurate,and theres a ton of great reviews and,in the past access wasnt such a pudding,but recently they upgraded to really,good looking rifles and i thought you,should get in 6.5 frame or 308 but he,told me he doesnt hunt he just want to,get into shooting and he was afraid to,buy the ammunition for six point five,three more or 308 so he told me hes,gonna go with 223 and i turned thats,fine and here it is,so,believe it or not regular price on this,was 359 and on the sale he only paid 309,and then i believe there was a 50 rebate,as well so in reality he only paid 259,for this,with a scope power 3-9 and mig also gave,me 40 rounds of ammunition to breaking,the barrel and checked the accuracy so,mick thank you so lets start with the,review and hit the range now he did tell,me that he opened this header just to,make sure everything was there,okay lets see what we got,like i said it is a good looking rifle,and it comes with a chip lock,okay we have four round detachable,magazine,came with the lock earmuff and the,manual,and we have both,and heres the key for the chip plastic,lock,well thats everything,you can see the little pointy part here,fitted to that hole and then you could,unlock this lock,now i would usually trash this but since,this is not my life im gonna give it,back to him,okay im actually very surprised at the,boat,it is pretty smooth,and its 90 degree bolt lift but theres,not a whole lot of space between the,scope and the boat so,it is doable,now i actually had to remove the scope,cover to work the action because this,was getting cut,now thats the magazine release but with,savage its a little tricky you got to,press that down and pull the trigger and,that way release the ball for me thats,very now let me show it to you,you gotta push that down you gotta pull,the trigger,okay yeah thats a little pin in the ass,and then this will come out so again,thats a pain in the ass,and and to put it back in you got to,pull the trigger and then push it in,there we go,okay again for the price the looks and,the quality looks very exceptional over,length and this rifle is 42.5 inches,long and the barrel is 22 inches long,and the twist is one to nine and its,got a 90 degree lift bolt action and the,scope is power 329 weaver scope now,honestly vivoscope is not my choice of a,scope,but for 223 you should be fine,and the recoil pad is actually very nice,for 223 thats not even really necessary,and thats the safety button right here,thats two-stage safety,now thats the magazine its a metal and,then plastic at the bottom now lets,take the trigger,okay now savage is known for really nice,trigger but this being a very basic,rifle it doesnt have adjustable trigger,trigger has a little bit of a pretty,travel but not too bad i would say it,feels like about maybe four and a half,to five pounds well lets check it,is four pounds and 12 ounce which is not,great but actually not too bad okay,lets try the magazine,okay you went in fine a little bit stiff,lets read the rifle with the scope and,the magazine,is seven pounds eight point six ounce so,its actually not bad at all really as,expected its a very basic scope again,power from three to nine and for kind of,shooting that hes gonna do he should be,fine,im gonna make sure the scopes are nice,and tight if i hit the range,for the base im gonna go with 30 pounds,yeah that should be good okay one thing,that im disappointed is that this rifle,did not come with the alignment for the,skull rings okay im actually trying,different elements and see if i could,touch them a little bit and then im,gonna clean the barrel and then hit the,range,do,its not easy as a ar platform,im trying to start the barrel breaking,procedure so im gonna start with one,shot and,okay this scope is both sided from the,factory sound,how close it gets 120 yards,okay the single fitting was really easy,okay the sugar is little heavy and the,scope is actually pretty good,as expected recoil is minimum,now the ball section is not bad but,it could be smooth,now ive done a couple of series of,barrel breaking simple procedures and,you can find it in my channel i dont,want to bore you with the whole process,okay im done breaking the barrel with,turning around so im gonna be sliding,in from now on at 100 yards okay this is,100 yards and i got to tell you i got,lucky because i got a brand new target,out there so this really helps a lot,when youre setting your scope for the,first time because you know where youre,hitting and one more thing the ball,setting from the factory was way off i,had a hard time getting close to the,clay pigeon all right lets take a shot,at the center target on a brand new,target,all right this is three oclock so im,hitting at the edge of the paper at,three oclock,whoa,its right over 12.,so im gonna go for the right target and,go for the bridge apple yeah the bear is,still hot so we have to wait here,on the right target for the shot,cap low okay im gonna make an,adjustment im just gonna go for three,shotgun see what kind of mission we get,the voice actually is quite smooth,right nice shot,okay obviously i have about a one inch,screw which is great for the first timer,and im sure as more he shoots it this,is going to get much tighter so im very,happy with it but right now its pooping,a little low so,im gonna do one click up and take a one,shot and see where it is,okay,thats in the bullseye so he should be,good,nick im sure youll be happy with it,okay i was always very curious about the,savage axis for the money i dont think,you could build it for 20-59 dollars,with a school,definitely shooting something away,on the first day so,cant complain,okay this is my first shot second shot,and third shot and thats after the,adjustment so its about five eighths of,an inch so thats really good okay now,probably two clay pigeon at 120 yards,and im gonna put in four rounds,and see how fast i can knock those two,out im sure hitting it is not a problem,its just a matter of how fast like it,should,okay on top of two theres two clay,pigeons,one,bingo,i got both of them okay i got both of,them but you can see theyre broken up,and im going to go ahead and finish it,up again i still got two rounds left,bingo,okay theres one more thing that i want,to point out i bought this sticker from,amazon one of my buddy told me i should,get it and this is four inches thicker,target,and it comes in a row like that for 200,stickers its about 21 bucks so,push stick is about 10 cents im very,happy with it and when youre shooting,100 yards its very visible well youve,seen it for the money you really cant,beat service access xp now things that i,like about the service xp right off the,bat its the accuracy i was really,surprised even with this cheap scope i,was in under one moa on a first day so,im sure as he shoots it more this can,get a lot more accurate and with a,better scope i think achieving a half,inch group shouldnt be any problem and,the second thing is a price with the,rebate he only paid 259 with a scope so,you really cant beat that the third i,really like the way it looks the camera,looks really nice it doesnt look like a,cheap gun now things i didnt like about,this gun again im not even gonna talk,about the score because scope doesnt,really count the first thing that i,really dont like about this gun is the,bolt release its a real pain in the ass,to get the ball out because you have to,pull the ball,pull the trigger and press the bolt,release button and pull the trigger and,then this will drop off so you need both,hands to press the buttons and the ball,just has to drop off by itself,and that i dont like,and

Savage Axis XP 308 Budget Rifle Test And Review (HD)

welcome back everybody today were going,over this savage access rifle here in,308 this is the one that comes as a,package deal with the optic everything,but the bipod I added that on there its,a cheap bipod just to go along with a,cheap rifle I say cheap because it is,inexpensive for sure some of it is sort,of unrefined which well get into here a,little bit in detail but more,importantly does it perform you know I,mean this is a rifle that I bought just,because I wanted a rifle that was,relatively cheap,if it could get good groups thatd be,great and fire major caliber and if I,was you know walking through the woods,with it I wouldnt worry about dinging,it wouldnt worry about it being out in,the rain that kind of stuff so I think,its its designed as an entry-level gun,for the hunter who wants to be able to,hipa shooting that but doesnt want to,spend a thousand dollars to do it so for,that were going to check it out and see,what it does and see what kind of,accuracy we get out of it after that,were going to check out some of the,details of the rifle so without further,ado lets see how this sucker shoots,time to test the accuracy this rifle we,got it loaded up with some on guerilla,ammo this stuff heres using 175 grain,sierra matchking bullet so its an,extremely accurate round theres no,getting around it if we start missing,its going to either be me or the gun so,we got target downrange at 100 yards and,factory scope factory everything else on,there no trigger work no nothing so,lets see how we can do,Ill go top-left,bring some steel,feels all is more fun lets check those,groups out the group we just shot that,makes you wonder why you buy an,expensive through a trifle obviously,its a very very respectable group,taking a look at it with the ruler here,were getting right around just under,three quarters of an inch randomly this,is a group I shot earlier in the day,when I was getting my zero that one,theres right at an inch that was with,the guerrilla ammo as well so certainly,seems to be pretty good consistency,there and relatively accurate especially,considering the cost of the rifle,starting out at the rear of the rifle we,do have a rubber butt pad back here to,absorb some recoil thats pretty well,its pretty good design certainly,nothing to complain about there at all,we have the sling swivel back here whose,enough to fit a grip we have some light,texturing here to give you a good grip,and honestly I have no no qualms at all,about the grip here to me it feels very,comfortable in my hand out rest,naturally there the safety is a two,position safety in the rearward position,its on safe push it forward and put it,on fire other bread indicates that,youre on fire put it back put it on,safe run the bolt you cant run the bolt,when its on safe and the safety does,not lock the bowl you just saw there,speaking of the bolt lets talk about,that it hit unlocks with more force than,I would expect youd need for this kind,of rifle so a little bit rough and the,unlocking portion especially when you,get right up here on the top you really,do have to sort of muscles a little bit,and that will take you off target if,youre trying to run the bolt fast,however the rearward and forward motion,of it very good cant complain about,that at all so just one little rough,spot there as its unlocking other than,that its relatively smooth compared to,other rifles in its category to remove,the bolt you just need to put the rifle,on fire pull the bolt back push down,this little tab right here pull the,trigger and your boat will come out,simple to lug savage bolt that were,used to seeing on a lot of different,savage rifles out there and thats,really all you need to break it down to,for field level maintenance and cleaning,to pop the magazine up youre going to,want to hit this latch down here pull,forward and pull down now this magazine,has actually gone over and been used on,a lot of different sabot rifles out,there it started out I believe in the,access or edged weapon line but theyre,using it for a lot of things it seems,kind of chancy I guess the first time,you use it but I havent had any issues,with it does lock into place on without,it shoots a four round magazine you can,probe one in the chamber for total of,five rounds certainly more than most,folks youre going to need for a hunting,scenario out there particularly 308 but,not really a lot to go up wrong with it,it works just fine cant complain about,that the trigger on the rifle definitely,leaves something to be desired,take-up is pretty I guess,inconsistent if you go,and the brake is inconsistent as well so,theres not really a to really stage it,very well start pulling back theres a,little bit of slop in there and then as,soon as you hit that wall it generally,breaks but like I said its somewhat,unpredictable you can see here oh its,actually moving and the resistance take,that required edge required I should say,to overcome is right out about four and,a half pounds so you can see sort of,flexing there again not the best and,certainly the a key trigger would be a,great improvement but then why would you,buy the more expensive rifle right they,just give you t on this one but its,certainly workable as you guys saw when,I shoot not there you can get decent,groups with it and our folks out there,that have tutorials on YouTube on how to,modify it just when youre straight as,it comes from the factory its,serviceable but certainly nothing right,a little both on the rear of the bolt,there is a cocking indicator so that way,you know your rifle is ready to fire you,pull the trigger goes forward and when,you run the action it gets back out the,bush mount scope on the rifle is three,by nine by forty millimeter objective,its certainly not a great scope by any,means but it is serviceable mediocore my,adjustments here underneath the cat,turrets and the adjustments,theyre pretty positive you mean you,cant really complain about that um one,thing I do recommend if you guys are,going to get this is that you absolutely,remove the scope and locked hit,everything down it was not our title,when we got it in and while it did hold,zero I took it out there just to see if,it would inhale zero but I wouldnt,really trust it the scope though does,come bore cited to the rifle and this,one here was only two inches off at a,hundred yards so from the factory so you,cant complain about that itll get you,on paper quick so thats certainly a,good thing theres a duplex reticle in,there nothing fancy no parallax,adjustments so if you get out of,distance you got to make sure your heads,in the right position or else youre,going to start having some serious,parallax issue but the scope is,serviceable like I said you guys saw the,goose earlier for what it is it works,and does its job just fine,the barrel is a 22 inch carbon steel,barrel its Ive got a one-in-ten twist,on there so those of you familiar,through it will know that it will,stabilize a wide variety of different a,mute came out theyre different weights,and thats a good thing,I folks who are buying budget rifles,arent necessarily going to be buying,the top high-end ammo to run through it,often so anything from 150 grains on up,so far my shooting its stabilized just,fine and got decent accuracy accuracy,with one thing that we want to point out,here is the way to stock interfaces with,it it is free fluid,but the goo and using a bipod you dont,want to load that bipod up too much and,heres why you can kind of flex the,barrel down and it makes contact very,quickly with the stock here so that,obviously will cause some accuracy if,you see if you do that so just fine use,the bipod like weve done here but dont,really you dont want to put a lot of,pressure on it and really load your,bipod because you cant have some,accuracy issues with that flex in the,barrel and scomp I think I hit all the,important points there obviously the,budget is going to be the main driver,for this gun for a lot of folks as you,guys saw it,oops just fi

Savage Axis XP Review

hey its angel the hunting gear guy i,want to show you guys this savage axis,ive done uh a written review of this,thing a while back but um,im starting to do more youtube videos,so i wanted to do this one especially,because uh given right now its um,september 2014 people thinking about,getting a hunting rifle or maybe even a,backup hunting rifle and the axis is uh,is a really inexpensive rifle this is,the xp version which means it comes with,uh with a scope on it,it is the axis one which means that it,doesnt have the accu trigger on it,the axis 2 is does come with that accu,trigger so if you,see it and you think like hey you want a,half decent trigger uh definitely grab,that uh that accu trigger version of it,um overall this is an inexpensive rifle,and,thats not a bad thing you know a lot of,people need an inexpensive rifle whether,theyre just getting into the sport or,whether they they need like a backup,rifle or something like that and,having an,option like this thats just a little,bit over 300,isnt a bad thing thats putting,more accurate rifles out there,um a lot of guys who couldnt afford,these kinds of rifles would go ahead and,get like a military surplus rifle as,their first hunting rifle,and this is far far better than a,military surplus rifle like a mosin,nagant or an infield or or even an old,mouser,its accurate,its chambered in cartridges that are,easy to find,it comes equipped with a scope and it is,easy to scope all by itself a lot of,those mill serps arent,the scope that it comes with isnt,anything fantastic like i wouldnt write,home about the the quality of this scope,but its uh its usable,and for someone whos just getting into,hunting and needs to you know do it on a,budget why not,just keeping the the budget conversation,going,this is the the magazine that savage,debuted on the axis its got a kind of,like a spring clip plastic thing here at,the front,its got a metal body the single stack,feed towards the the top that feeds,through the center but doubles towards,the bottom and a plastic bottom,theyve actually opted to go with this,style of magazine on more of their,rifles now,i dont have a problem with the plastic,on it um you know the plastic spine i do,have a little bit of a problem about how,it fits into the mag well because it,does need to be kind of rocked and,locked from the rear forward,and if you dont do that if you just,kind of jam it in there it can sometimes,leave a little bit of a gap at the at,the rear,and i mean you might say well thats the,only a stupid person would do that but,yeah you know you never know what will,happen when youre kind of rushed and,trying to make that shot or trying to,reload or or you are,putting your magazine into your rifle,without looking into it so,that kind of stuff can happen,the bolt by itself great very easy to to,run,very slick,no complaints there,uh the stock is a little bit,i dont know ugly i guess this this,ones got this pad on here and it makes,it a little bit better and its a better,cheek piece on it the finger grooves,take your take and relieve them theres,some scallops here and there theyre a,little bit hokey this plastic trigger,like this is all plastic over here this,trigger dried all that kind of stuff,um,whatever you know if the rifles built,for a price point youre not going to,find like fine mahoganys or anything,like that on this thing,it does have a really thin uh,forend and it can contact the barrel,under pressure so,watch out putting a bipod on this thing,and then really loading up on it because,if you press,down really hard on the rifle you will,get contact with the barrel and that can,affect accuracy,this particular rifle is,chambered in 270 but theyve got access,in in pretty much most of your common,hunting cartridges which theyll all do,the job for,deer and in most of your small game so,nothing wrong with it there,to release the bolt were gonna,pull it back,pull on the trigger and kind of push,down on this sear release here and just,kind of wiggle it out,theres the pretty standard savage bolt,with floating bolt head again its its,built for,making it inexpensive and making a,really accurate rifle this particular,rifle um just using factory ammunition,were getting right around,0.75 inches at 100 yards so definitely,less than one moa and i found that all,of these savage rifles have been capable,of less than one moa at 100 yards,and and heres heres the big difference,between this and say like a remington,783 the remington 783 i found the,quality on the bolts to be definitely,hit and miss like and when the the,misses were big misses whereas on the,axes,the bullets have,all been great and theyve all,functioned 100 on me so thats something,that theyve definitely got over the uh,the 783,and weve weve got a a thin sporter,profile barrel here,and weve got a simple two position,safety yeah you know a three position,that would lock the bolts um,would be fantastic but you know who,cares this is this is again a simple,rifle built built to a certain price,point and its needing a segment of the,market that that,hadnt really been,served by this this quality of rifle,before,again those guys were just buying mule,serps and and or they were hunting with,a borrowed rifle that wasnt really,sighted in or it was in some nasty old,cartridge that you cant you cant buy,over the counter getting 270 you know no,problem so,um would i recommend this rifle,definitely you know for for someone,whos a new hunter or someone who,uh needs that secondary rifle on their,important hunt why pay 500 or 700 on a,rifle,um that that wont be shot if its a,secondary rifle,and you just need it just just in case,or if its your first rifle you know and,maybe youre going to school,and your choices between you know,feeling comfortable about paying rent or,um getting an expensive rifle feel,comfortable get get a cheap rifle like,the savage access its not going to do,any wrong its going to punch,really tight groups at 100 yards and,theres not really a lot you can go,wrong with it again built to a price,point this does not compete with uh,high-end brownings or remingtons or or,anything at the the upper end of the,rifle spectrum this is,just to get in the game and theres,nothing wrong with that

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