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  2. Scream – Movie Review
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Scream (2022) – Movie Review

[Music],scream not scream,but scream,this ones called scream the original,one was called scream,scream five as im going to call it,because thats what it is is directed by,the people who made ready or not which,was a lot of fun and this film stars,some of the original cast and a bunch of,new people too 25 years after the,original series of murders in woodsboro,a new killer emerges and sydney prescott,must return to uncover the truth but,before we get into the review i do want,to give a special thank you to the,sponsor for this video hellofresh my,wife and i have been getting hello fresh,meals for many months and we love it the,average trip to the grocery store takes,about 40 minutes with hellofresh you can,skip those trips and get everything you,need to make chef curated meals,delivered right to your door hellofresh,can help with 50 weekly menu and market,items to choose from so you can think,less about whats for dinner and more,about achieving your goals with calorie,smart and carb smart recipes you can,indulge in delicious meals without the,worries they have vegetarian calorie,smart and gourmet options with tons of,variety in each one my wife introduced,me to hello fresh because she loved it,and i now love it too we cook with it,all the time since we have two kids we,cant always plan meals very well and,its really helpful to be able to have,something delivered to your door with,extremely easy to follow and simple,instructions and they are always,extremely delicious so use my link or go,to hellofresh.com and use the code pog,dash,for up to 16 free meals plus three,surprise gifts across six hello fresh,boxes plus free shipping the gifts,include free appetizers free desserts,and free premium recipes check out that,link in the description below thank you,so much to hellofresh for sponsoring,this video lets keep talking about,scream five im a huge fan of the screen,movies the original scream was one of,the earliest slashers i ever saw there,was an influx of slashers in the 90s,thanks to kevin williamson who wrote,scream as well as i know you did last,summer and the faculty and some other,films as well,and that was kind of my introduction to,the genre yes i saw psycho when i was,pretty young but i didnt really view,that film as a slasher so scream is very,integral to my development as a horror,fan and i enjoy too there are aspects of,three i like as well as scream four all,of which were directed by wes craven who,has sadly passed away and so this is the,first film to not have any involvement,from him naturally i was very curious to,see how that would go as well as worried,how that would go while screen 5 is by,no means my favorite of the franchise i,dont think its a bad film i think that,it has a few issues but for the most,part is extremely economical is mostly,fast-paced theres a few pacing issues,ill discuss but it also pulls off,something pretty difficult to do and,that is introduce new characters into a,world in which youre more interested in,the legacy characters played by nev,campbell courtney cox and david arquette,than you are of the new people,immediately you you come to this movie,because you want to see sydney prescott,you dont come to this movie for new,characters this film is very aware of,that fact just like every scream movie,its very self-referential it talks,about the way hollywood has its reboot,quotes as i like to call them where they,have legacy characters come in to guide,new characters into some new potential,path for the franchise weve seen that,in force awakens and they reference that,just like all the other movies do one of,the best things about the scream,franchise is that it is incredibly,self-aware it knows exactly what its,place is,even though its still doing all the,things that its kind of poking fun at,so,you dont really take screen movies that,seriously theyre meant to be fun times,for horror fans and scream 5 is mostly,that although i do have a few things,about the film that bug me but first the,positives these directors are not trying,to do anything,to outshine wes craven or to be better,than wes craven they are,very comfortable following in his,footsteps and sort of revering him as,they should despite what craven thought,of himself and his position as a horror,god,he was one even though he didnt like to,think of himself that way i recommend,reading the book wes craven the man and,his nightmares youll learn a lot about,him and how he viewed himself as a,horror filmmaker something he often,wanted to break out of and occasionally,did with a handful of movies that,werent horror and this film is wise to,not try to best him or one up him in a,way you could watch this movie and it,feels as if wes craven made it it has,that kind of,economical studio-based feel although,theres about 15 to 20 minutes during,the second act that felt like it slowed,down and thats something that never,happened in a wes craven movie yeah sure,there were a few movies that he made,that werent amazing but theres one,thing you could always say about a wes,craven movie and that is that it was,incredibly well paced i mean look at red,eye that movie is like 80 minutes long,or something and it feels like its an,hour or people under the stairs like,from the very beginning that movie is,happening,he had no fat in his movies he was so so,economical when it came to pacing scream,five is not as well paced as the other,four,theres moments where it drags a bit,theres times where characters show up,and it feels like theyre there because,we love them and theyre great and i,want to see those characters in the,movie but what are they really doing in,this movie besides being the legacy,characters the one person this movie i,cant say that about is david arquette,as dewey i thought he was [ __ ] great,he has a lot to do and he joins the,characters on the journey fairly early,on hes one of the first people to be,like yeah ill help you out because i,feel like i can it takes gayle weathers,and sydney prescott a little bit longer,to get involved as is common with the,scream movies people have very familiar,last names when it comes to,horror directors and writers that we,know and love like for instance in the,first screen billy loomis is obviously,named after,loomis from the halloween franchise,theres somebody with the last name,carpenter in this movie i wonder who,theyre attributing there but melissa,barrera and jenny ortega are phenomenal,theyre in a way the two main leads and,definitely the heart and soul of the,movie they have the most,characterization you understand them the,best the most time was given to those,characters they give excellent,performances in the film every one of,the scream movies usually has an expert,come in and break down the rules of,horror for the audience and also for all,of the potential victims and or whoever,the killer is in the film their friend,group this movie does that as well but,since theres been so much time since,scream 4 2011 now they can talk about,elevated horror they can talk about the,witch hereditary and movies like the,babadook and they can reference all of,those films and kind of talk about how,horror has changed and,yeah theyre obviously saying hey a lot,of movies do that also were doing that,too wink,and,you can kind of get away with things,when you present that to the audience,but all the screen movies do that so it,didnt bother me in fact it would be,weird if this movie didnt do that i,would say my biggest issue with scream 5,is that its just not quite fun enough,hollywood lately has become very afraid,of horror comedies you dont see too,many of them the scream movies you,wouldnt exactly,say there were horror comedy like say,something like tucker and dale versus,evil but they kind of are theyre like,horror satires and,this movie isnt quite as funny as the,others,its a little more serious and i would,have liked to have seen the characters,that are making so many self-referential,jokes about horror movies addressed that,addres

Scream – Movie Review

all right getting this to you a little,later today than i actually intended i,helped my mom build a shed yesterday and,it kind of wiped me out so i slept for,about 16 hours,so now im getting this to you im gonna,get you tomorrows video a little,earlier so be sure to check it out,look for it uh click the bell ive been,getting a lot of reports of people like,youtubes not letting me know that you,released a video yes youtube being,stupid but now let the horror movie,marathon begin,scream so scream came out in 1996,directed by wes craven,and it i feel like im starting out on,top cause scream,the scream movies are my yearly,tradition,october hits i watch all the scream,movies people have their horror movie,traditions,scream is mine because scream is a,horror movie but its also a,celebration of horror movies and plus i,lets face it i was randy from scream,when i was in high school so,movie just kind of clicked with me see,for a while horror movies slasher movies,they became supernatural michael myers,started out as,just a crazy guy with a knife thats who,he was then halloween two on i mean,the moment he takes a couple slugs to,the eyeballs in halloween too i was like,youre now supernatural you just kind of,lived through that jason vary is,supernatural freddy supernatural,ghostface,wasnt ghostface its clear this is just,somebody with a mask whos stalking,people and stabbing them takes it back,to the original halloween but cherry on,top,its also a mystery from the get-go the,movie lets you know that youre supposed,to,figure out who this killer is and if you,dont get it by then theres this scene,where sydney prescott all our friends,theyre all sitting around,and theyre talking about like ooh maybe,you did are you saying that i killed her,and thats what kept me engaged with,scream from the get-go and when the,sequels were coming out i was always,looking forward to the fact,like whos it gonna be this time after,scream its like,other movies wanted to be screamed,instead of these supernatural killers,you still had movies like that,but there was this whole sub genre of,movies like,urban legend i know what you did last,summer all these movies where it was,like no its a real,person in a costume but youre supposed,to guess who it is though i know what,you did last summer kind of went a,different way with it,upon its execution but still and i,remember talking with one of my friends,girlfriends and she was like yeah scream,scared the hell out of me,because i know jason isnt real i know,freddy krueger isnt real,but scream was just thats a thats a,crazy person in your high school killing,people that [ __ ] could happen,it was this crazy world of antitrust and,realism its not the only thing that,brought scream down to the level of,believability it being the celebration,of horror movies they talk about horror,movies in this movie,they watch halloween when theyre all,hanging out at their party,which scream totally became the 90s high,school hangout party movie,absolutely but the fact that these,horror movies exist,in this movie makes it feel more real,also it makes it feel like it doesnt,take place in this other world this,fictional movie world it takes place in,your world the real world where they,watch and enjoy horror movies,these horror movies that you know exist,theyre not these fake ass made up,horror movies that they just throw out,there for the sake of trying to avoid,copyright now they talk about and,reference halloween texas chainsaw,massacre,the howling just made it feel more real,but the fact that it has so much energy,and has so much,fun with its premise thats what keeps,me coming back there are a lot of,mysteries that are great movies but once,you,know the answer once you get to the end,once you know,the answer to the mystery youre like,all right well that was kind of the,thing it was all riding on and now i,know and now i dont,really feel like i have to see the movie,a hundred times scream is so much,90s movie fun ive watched the movie of,all the movies im,probably going to review in the course,of this month,scream is the one i have seen the most,hands down its a blast its fun its,gory its creepy in parts we gotta talk,about nev campbell nev campbell,is the lead in scream and when i think,of,charismatic actors that completely carry,a horror movie or a horror movie,franchise,nev campbell is she is the standard,jamie lee curtis was the scream queen,back in the day but nev campbell,was the scream queen quite literally,of the 90s shes clever witty vulnerable,fights back,which i mean fighting back against ghost,face,ghost face and scream is dope a bit of a,clod lets,face it always slashing at people and,the person moves and like nope still,going hit the door running after someone,when they reach for the fridge,its not like ghost face was like hey,let me duck under the freezer door,thats clearly gonna hit me in the face,dont you would swear ghostface doesnt,actually want to kill,somebody in such a common way as a knife,maybe ghostface is just waiting for,tatum to crawl through,the garage door so we can like hey,thats way more interesting than a knife,thank goodness i let her dodge my swings,and took all those hits because,otherwise she would have died in a very,stupid fashion this mainly if i have a,gripe about scream its that,ghost face is just a bit of an idiot no,matter who ghost face is its like,ghost face doesnt know how to fight,actually and also i gotta say,scream has bar none,some of the best pacing i have seen,in a horror movie period scream is,almost two hours long feels like an,hour and a half max it has excellent,pacing superb energy it keeps that,momentum going,all the way to the end of the movie if,you havent seen scream by now ive,im baffled its a horror movie with,comedy but its comedy,because of some of the cynicism of,characters,some of the ironic things some,characters say but it feels like,real interaction and thats the best,kind of comedy in a movie like this its,comedy that doesnt make,the movie a comedy but its a certain,energy thats interjected into it that,makes it just a little more fun a little,more enjoyable,its a must for horror movie fans this,movie was made,for horror movie fans scream absolutely,is,awesome tacular,so scream the original scream have you,seen it what did you think about it or,whats your,favorite halloween tradition you know,that movie where youre like,october gotta watch this movie whatever,it is whatever you think comment below,let me know and as always if you like,what youve seen here and you want to,see more click right here to see more,you

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The Art of SCREAM: Horror Logic Done Right

so this month we have covered ambiguity,in Halloween and random violence in,strangers but I said that this week we,look at a film where thats called,Frankenstein unexplained demeanor that,was exhibited by those killers was,totally lost to a much more generic,humanized betrayal of a psychotic killer,and many of you have guests and I have,been said way more personal messages,than I care to imagine so yeah of course,why wouldnt we talk about scream scream,is the horror movies horror movie its,one of those films that works on its own,is a conventional high quality slasher,flick but its the heavy use of satire,towards cliches common throat to John,Roth at makes it infinitely better Id,be lying if I said I entirely got it the,first time around it took a very long,time to grow me as the more,knowledgeable you are in terms of horror,movies the more subtle and surprising,the meta production becomes like Drew,Barrymore getting the marry on Korean,treatment or having Jamie Kennedy shout,look behind you Jamie at Jamie Lee,Curtis when there is a killer literally,behind him as well,in the 90s the influx of direct-to-video,releases and over reliance on,established franchises began to wear and,tear the horror genre as most of them,practically did the same bloody thing so,naturally screen became the resurgence,desperately needed to bring the slasher,genre back to some essence of,credibility before the Blair Witch,Project qiyam and refined the entire,hard Jon were three years later but for,very different reasons you can watch my,video on that yet there was no denying,its impact as it was effectively one of,the pioneering films to call it the,problem with every horror movie in,existence while also adding its own meta,twist on the whodunit mystery thriller,frankly scream became a prime example of,pure horror satire there is a,misconception that star equals comedy,which isnt entirely true a satire,critiques a subject matter by employing,methods of irony sarcasm comparison Bart,askew and a little bit of caricature to,make fun or ridicule the topic or idea,in question that was actually the,problem getting many big-name directors,like Robert,Regas danny boyle George Romero or Sam,Raimi to sign up to the project they all,thought it was a comedy but what makes,it funny is two things characters that,are contextually funny and not they are,just naturally funny people and then,theres the films overt self-awareness,that stops it from simply being a mimic,of other horror movies thats what a,spoof does no and instead takes immense,if indeed derivative influence from many,iconic films to prove its point about,the structure and functions of horror,movies Randy the films movie buff,virgin comic relief lets go with that,represents the mind of the film he makes,a point lead into the movie about the,formula stating that basically,everything the audience sees can be,interpreted using horror movies to,deduce whats going to happen Kevin,Williamson wrote the screenplay as a,response to his fears of being attacked,by an intruder after watching a series,of what the Gainesville Ripper Donny,Ruolin who murdered several college,students at the turn of the 90s,originally titled scary movie not that,scary movie,it became a love letter to the slasher,genre that fundamentally understood,horror conventions and the importance of,a charismatic cast of lovable and,despicable characters who were fleshed,out complex and motivated in believable,ways that when a qiyam to the whodunit,trope its genuinely unpredictable at,the same time notably familiar there is,a lot I want to savage screams so,basically Im gonna break this video,into three parts motivation,representation and temporal logic and,that last ones a bit weird but trust me,itll make sense once we get to it the,motivation angle for the killers is,interesting because while it is,undoubtedly simple having studied minor,psychology and still being high on my,mine hunter FIAs the reasoning makes a,very truthful and valid point avoid many,serial killers the twisted idea behind,it is that there isnt a direct,correlation given as to why they chose,to be killers Billy technically blames,it on his mothers abandonment caused by,Sidneys mothers affair with his father,and Stu well,peer pressure Im far too sensitive,dont get me wrong,Billys motivation makes absolute sense,although contextually they both come off,as rather shallow and unjustified but,their sudden eagerness to commit murder,isnt far off a lot of real psychopathic,killers it falls close to a thing in,psychology called base rate fallacy,which is quantitative data that is used,by criminal profilers to construct an,image of the suspect but really what it,becomes is just random guesswork it,could be as ignorant ly simple as Oh,someone commits murder because they have,family issues or you know us someone,stabbed somebody multiple times because,they have clear anger issues really what,it becomes its just a way of justifying,why people go nuts got them it the,reality with Billy is that hes just a,default psychopath and nothing more and,this becomes visually evident than play,gradually reduces his cold demeanor to,pure lunacy by the end stood on the,other hand who for me is probably the,most interesting of the two is just an,idiot it actually calls back to the,Gainesville Ripper this son of a [ __ ],twisted motive was to become a celebrity,serial killer like Ted Bundy but thats,sort of the same angle that Billy and,Stu youre kind of going for they want,to be recognized as survivors who,tragically vote triumphantly over qiyam,the killer in their own sensationalist,way which is ironic in the sequels not,that theyre technically famous but for,very different reasons,the Krissy point away Ron D is that he,bluntly points to the site the,characters are in a world that,acknowledges the existence of horror,movies and the killers are basing their,logic entirely on it,hence consequences dont become a factor,to them theyre merely living their own,twisted fantasy killers in movies rarely,consider consequences you havent,thought of the smell you [ __ ],so when they stop each other they dont,seem to account for the fact that they,arent invincible like Michael Myers or,Jason or Freddy Krueger just to get a,wes craven reference in there,the logic or indeed the importance of,motive is summed up I ran the as its,the Millennium motives are incidental,well he basically highlights his the,crap Ive been saying for the last two,videos,the problem with motives is that if you,get too complex you lose your audience,hence the film itself doesnt dwell in,attempting to justify its own psychology,and yet you still go along with it,because it never indulges in its logic,to the point that it becomes obvious but,there is more to billions choose logic,as killers which brings us to,representation the film makes a point to,highlight them as having fundamentally,contrasting behaviors which makes,guessing which killer is under the mask,in each scene more interesting for,example when attacking Sidney hes very,clumsy so its shoe but when Kia is,killed its clearly Billy because hes,much more in control of the situation,however this is very debatable given the,plot information but Im not gonna get,into a frigging who shot first argument,over it serial killers play a game of,dominance with their victims something,which Wes Craven distinctly explores in,a nightmare and Elm Street and you can,see her both Billy and Stu youre in,total opposites Billy is driven by a,frustrated motive whereas Stus,immorality is summed up in his,hilariously genuine peer pressure excuse,hes really just a minion to Billy who,has a greater sense of a relative,rationale and his decision-making,whereas who just acts instinctively,without ever really thinking about it,unlike Halloween and Friday the 13th the,killers are childish and immature and,have Krueger like fun taunting their,victims and in turn it truly humanizes,them by making them not comedic ly dumb,buts overeager and

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Scream Review

ah hello world web im dr shadow united,personality with worst audio but never,mind that for now its time to finally,tackle scream the 4k uhd blu-ray,steelbook has been released and after,some odd delivery delays coupled with,folks all over ebay selling copies that,uh fell off the back of a truck i,finally got mine in the mail and the,classic slasher from 1996 can finally be,seen in as many pixels as possible and,hdr but my editing software is still a,bit iffy as to exactly how it handles,that but never mind any of that that has,nothing to do with what scream itself is,actually about a product of wes craven,scream was set up as a sort of swan song,for the slasher movie genre he helped,pioneer scripted under the working title,scary movie,yes seriously scream was a,semi-self-aware slasher set in the,modern world of the mid-90s where,slasher movies are just movies until a,small town is terrorized by a string of,grisly murders that just so happen to,look like something straight out of a,slasher flick so gather round 30 year,old teenagers youve gotta reference all,the horror movies you can and study the,slasher flick tv tropes page hard if you,want to survive this ordeal and it ended,up doing so well and actually,revitalized to slash a movie genre,making the 90s far more tolerable and,leading to a whole bunch of sequels one,coming out pretty soon so uh lets take,a look at scream and see if it stands,the test of time the movie opens with,our helpless victim all alone and,unaware of the horror that is about to,ensue,casey played by drew barrymore shes,trying to wind down for the night,watching some scary movies but this,weird guy keeps calling her up no this,is 1996 cell phones are rare and caller,id is even less common still shes bored,enough to make polite conversation with,a guy talking about their favorite scary,movies such as a nightmare on elm street,by wes craven i like that movie it was,scary wow well the first one was but the,rest suck its kind of hard to explain,sequels set in a specific area like that,anyway i mean if elm street is haunted,and brings up a supernatural killer that,will just murder you your friends your,family everyone you know and love maybe,just move avoid elm street altogether,how hard could that possibly be to do,crap,however once the voice played by roger,jackson says hed like to know her name,so he knows who hes looking at that,cluezer and that maybe creepy random,stalker man on the phone with an,unhealthy obsession for teenager,evisceration isnt the best guy to make,small talk with and moves to lock all,the doors,no idea why they were all unlocked in,the first place but the calls keep,calming,listen [ __ ] no you listen you little,[ __ ] you hang up on me again ill cut,you like a fish understand of course i,have to know this was set in california,if it were set in texas you just hang up,the phone and go walk over the big rack,of 12 gauges to pick one out she does,threaten to call the police but wouldnt,you know it theyre out in the sticks,and the voice knows the police response,time is about as fast as rockstar games,loading screens besides hes got a fun,little game set up just for her he got,her boyfriend steve right here played by,kevin patrick walls and you know he,could kill the [ __ ] out of him right,here and now but lets be a sport about,it horror movie trivia caseys not,wanting to play though keeps crying so,he gives her a warm-up question who was,the killer in her favorite horror movie,halloween,michael,michael,yeah baby,im not sure im ever going to tire of,that comparison but that was just a,practice swing she needs to answer who,was the killer in friday the 13th so,angrily and defiantly she shouts jason,it was chasing,only his slight problem it was jason i,saw that movie 20 goddamn time then you,should know jasons mother mrs boris was,the original killer jason didnt show up,until the sequel what cut her some slack,jasons mother didnt show up until the,end of act three only slightly before,jason himself so trick question or not,no matter too bad so sad steve is,disemboweled,so this game thing has gotta run its,course only time for one more question,what,door am i at,what,there are two main doors to your house,the front door and the patio doors okay,got it so if youre at one of the doors,and i just gotta climb out of a [ __ ],window and run but this gives us our,spooky spooky stalky scene where a,helpless victim runs and hides from the,psychotic killer now appearing before,her who we all know as ghost face,i gotta say while scary movie might make,me laugh watching the scene again i do,appreciate how well it sets things up,the burning popcorn creating a haze,while it makes sense that she wouldnt,bother to take care of that in the,middle of some strange psycho trying to,kill her and of course the well-framed,cinematography seeing her parents coming,down the road though she runs for it but,before she can reach them ghostface,grabs her and stabs away,and in a bit of a change of pace for a,lot of slasher kills this isnt over and,done with all fast and clean and,forgettably we see her suffer see her,parents horror as they hear her dying on,the other end of the phone,and of course who can forget their,reaction to finding out what happened,well,the hell the way to set the mood,so lets just move right along the,protagonist sydney played by nev,campbell shes all alone but a spooky,noise alerts her that billy her,boyfriend played by skeet ulrich is,barging into her bedroom and her screams,alert her father played by lawrence,hecht oh well while hes here he may as,well give an exposition dump my flight,leaves first thing in the morning now,the expo runs all weekend so i wont be,back till sunday,theres cash on the table and im,staying at the help out at the airport,just try and remember this character,hes important,really important just,is not gonna be really seeing him much,for a while stealth check pass now to,find out what the hell billy is doing,here the exorcist was on,it got me thinking of you,you did yeah,it was edited for tv you know all the,good stuff was cut out if you think,thats bad try watching demolition man,edited for tv they cut out all nudity,all profanity all,visuals or even mentions of death its,sylvester stallone has a bad day at work,gets frozen wakes up nothing makes sense,and then he walks off into the horizon,roll credits the point billy is trying,to make is that while he and sydney hit,it off pretty well ever since the,incident one year ago she just hasnt,been intimate what so [ __ ] ever she,realizes this but still needs more time,so here you go billy a two second flash,hope thatll tidy you over for six,months but it seems there was another,incident in this small town where it is,spreading of the opening scene and how,gruesome it was sydneys best friend,tatum played by rose mcgowan breaks the,news as tactfully as possible,she sits next to me in english,not anymore good news everyone we get to,make new friends,as a result of the recently disassembled,students the police are saying [ __ ] it,lets question literally everyone in,school might turn up something its not,as hard of a task as it sounds small,town remember sydneys not a,troublemaker but she recognizes sheriff,burke played by joseph whip and david,arquette who plays dewey tatums brother,ah thats deputy riley today said who,absolutely no one in this town takes,seriously in uniform its really hard to,enforce the law when after you knock on,the door they think youre,trick-or-treating principal hembree,played by henry winkler is there to make,sure sydneys rights are respected,and be weirdly touchy feely about it and,we dont see the interrogation so i can,only assume he was never important in,the first place weve got better things,to focus on like tatums boyfriend the,zany stuart played by matthew lilliard,you know stevo shaggy dennis rafkin i,dont care who this man plays hes a,blast to watch seems that randy is the,horror movie nerd played by jamie,ke

Honest Trailers | Scream (2022) ft Ghostface!!

the following trailer is rated as for,spoilers,[Music],in a world where ipe can rip for long,Wes Cravens signature franchise will go,on without him for a scarily honest look,at the state of the slasher genre they,are really out of ideas by now Ive seen,this movie before you might actually be,them five at screen 22 or uh just scream,again that works I guess ghost face is,back in Woodsboro because where else can,you kill people in broad daylight and,get away with it,watch is a high schoolers attack kicks,off a high school reunion for that film,you watched in high school and ends up,being the best scream since the first,one because it basically is the first,one slightly updated for a modern,audience,one sec,hello hello Mr plinkett uh wrong number,its the Honest Trailer guy hmm I guess,youll have to do do you like meta,movies I mean sure if theyre done well,what about metamovie promotional tie-ins,yeah not interested all your favorite,characters are back but they only had,the budget to de-age one of them theres,ex-cob Dewey whos a broken man after a,lifetime of carrying this town sorry ass,police force on his back,watching my sister,the tag team of Sydney and Gail two,queens who are so used to this gaping,stomach wounds are no big deal anymore,thank you both for everything and of,course the iconic horror villain ghost,face,oh man I thought I put that on silent do,you mind Im trying to record here hang,up on me again and Ill cut you like an,elk dont you mean like a fish fish,would have been too predictable its,called subverting expectations all right,look it Im a little bit busy right now,too busy to mention how Scream is,available to watch now on Apple TV and,other digital retailers of course its,available that movie came out in 96. not,oh scream new scream Oh you mean five,cream,at what passes for a joke around here we,usually save all the dumb puns for the,end still,I Cinema sends had the decency to call,it,quit yeah theyre still going on too,what come on look youve had five movies,and three seasons to deconstruct a genre,that wasnt even complex to begin with,okay so dont let your ass about hanging,around too long Sydney please do the,honors Im bored,watch these somehow still living legends,hand the franchise off to gen Z which is,cruel since their greatest fears having,to actually talk on the phone,foreign,that understands the only thing scarier,than one film door chasing you with a,knife is five film dorks subjecting you,to their movie opinions no connection,with the other movies no Legacy,characters at all if you ask me this,whole franchise goes off the rails,original is their favorite thing in the,world and God help anyone whos slightly,because nobody takes the true fans,seriously they just laugh at us and why,you know its like a camera but with,complex emotional and thematic,underpinnings its not just some slacky,cheese oh make it stop like this guy Wes,whos super knowledgeable about horror,movie cliches oh I see what you did,there Tara who tells you she doesnt,watch horror without telling you she,doesnt watch horror whats your,favorite scary movie uh The babadook,Mindy is basically the new Randy as a,recall which is not quite a reboot not,quite a sequel her twin Chad who is well,also the new Randy Im not like entirely,sure that youre not the killer actually,most of these new characters are ready,pepper spray check taser check,girlfriend or Pilot check,you know that pardon horror movies where,you want to yell at the characters to be,smart and get the [ __ ] out this is that,part Richie,Liv shes there you said I was too,boring to be the killer new heroine Sam,who inherited her dads Killer Instinct,but not his spatial awareness,youre in Stu mockers house where your,dad and still killed everyone and I,didnt even realize that Dad was,standing right behind me and Amber and,Richie one is the main characters,boyfriend the other is a kook who lives,in Stus house so you do the math oh my,gosh these things are so predictable who,put a landline in here,hello like I dont know who it is I told,you not to hang up trailer boy now Im,gonna have to kill you okay look Mr and,or Miss face youre a legend and all but,with all due respect youve been getting,your ass kicked by teenagers since the,90s okay not exactly shaking him a robe,lucky shot,wow the floor was wet,I had sweat in my eye holes,okay that one was pretty embarrassing,you know most of these arent even me,right Im a different person in every,film we just all use the same spooky,voice modulator okay what you do is a,fight to an invalid in this one twice,Im not one of those brute strength,slashers anyway Im more into clever,misdirection let me guess youre gonna,lure me out of this booth by putting my,friends in danger then pop out and stab,me haha jokes on you I dont have any,friends well thats depressing yeah,youre telling me I just sit at home and,get worked up over these big movies,hoping theyll be good enough to make me,forget how alone I feel but they always,fall short and everybody else seems to,love them for some reason so fine go,ahead cut me open already hey I get,where youre coming from the whole,murder thing is just my way of inspiring,better content out of Hollywood you know,yeah I do Were Not So Different you and,I youre cute with knives and I kill,with the semi occasional decent joke,should we team up for the outro bro hell,yeah brother third act twist so now that,every big sequel or reboot is a,self-referential circle jerk of fan,service return to the original franchise,to do just that because I love screen,you love scream we all scream for fried,crane we just become best friends uh yep,yep,story,never better the morning show do we or,do not there is no Troy hes just a,skeeter boy the starting girl in the,Frights the boys friends the girl who,repeatedly Played with Fire the Jamie,Kennedy descendant and how come nobody,wants to talk about my actual favorite,genre young adult book adaptations,theres more than one way to kill a,teenager you know Ghost Face Jam a new,Legacy available now on digital April,5th on Blu-ray,you know who really sucks Sam and Taras,mom both your daughters get attacked,multiple times and you cant come home,from a work conference yeah whos the,real monster here yes do you,you know Im something of an epic voice,guy myself how do you like them apples,weve been trying to reach you about,your cars extended warranty,thanks for the nightmares

Scream (2022) – Movie Review

did you all know david arquette is a,licensed bob ross painting instructor he,teaches people how to paint like bob,ross its,kind of unrelated but i thought it was,awesome thought you should know,so scream is actually scream five but,its just called scream which movies do,nowadays which is probably why they did,it because it screams super self-aware,allegory as to movies and fandoms so,its yeah its probably why they did it,they even make a joke in this movie,about that concept point is as someone,who has to title this video is very,annoying and for my own sanity im just,going to go ahead and call this movie,scream 5 as im talking about it right,now because scream is scream 5. its,been 10 years since its been 10 years,since the end of the scream trilogy now,we have new victims which means new,suspects because thats how scream works,ghostface is back there is an intriguing,story based element as to who ghostface,is killing and why now with the passing,of the late great west craven this is,not directed by wes craven it is,directed by the directing duo of ready,or not which completely works because,ready or not was pretty awesome also if,i had to pick directors for another,screen movie it would be the directors,of ready or not also kevin williamson,didnt write this scream movie but he,has a producer on it so hes still,involved right out the gate gonna give,you what you want to know the ghostface,murders how are they savage ghostface is,just one of the coolest greatest killers,in the annals of horror movies its not,just the killings its the playful,banter ghostface has the phone calls,thats where i suspended my disbelief in,this movie of all of it the biggest,suspension of disbelief i was like the,girl at the beginning has a landline,very 90s of you i mean granted you look,at my retro game room youd be like,thats very 90s of you but in practical,application for the movies sake it did,a lot for a scene where shes talking to,ghostface but also texting someone i,thought that was a lot of fun but man,the savage [ __ ] talk the suspense and,the killings top tier ghost face in this,movie i really dug the ghostface,killings great build up great payoff,ghostface is a dick a complete,[ __ ] thats why we love,ghostface and not only does this movie,have a whole new group of friends this,whole crew of friends that it revolves,around the main victim slash protagonist,is completely new as well which was the,case in screen four but not to this,degree i mentioned this because the,marketing looks like sydney prescott,comes like all right sweet lets put him,in the ground not really how this movie,plays out i mean shes in it obviously,and they do use her but not until the,latter part of the movie chess metaphor,right weve all seen the queens gambit,were all down with our chess metaphors,fantastic in the original scream i felt,like nev campbell was the queen on the,chessboard the badass the focal point,the opposing sides going we take the,queen out and its game over essentially,who are we getting scream four nev,campbell was more like the king not,always in on the action but still,definitely a focal point the story still,felt like it was revolving around her,scream five i felt like sydney prescott,was,that rook you know the rook that you,keep there until the end game in which,you might have to castle then you use,the rook right thats thats kind of,what sydney felt like in here of the,surviving scream alums david arquette,dewey hes actually in it for a sizeable,amount which wed love to see that he is,a legend but on a personal level i did,feel the absence of nev campbell for the,majority of this movie because,personally for me she is my scream queen,nev campbell as sydney prescott is quite,simply perfect every year i re-watch,scream every year is another year where,im like she is so [ __ ] good in these,movies which is also a very tough act to,follow its like alright anyone who,wants to pick up the mantle of being the,main character in a scream movie good,luck i will say among the new lead there,is a strong family dynamic if youre,going to have sydney sitting on the,benches for most of the film have a,strong family dynamic as for the new,crew of friends and suspects there are a,couple standouts but they didnt stand,out to me as much as the crew and other,screen movies ive seen they do have fun,with the banter and the finger pointing,though sometimes it got a little,heavy-handed for me i get it though in a,world of self-aware meta horror movie,references scream was a trailblazer for,that but it almost feels like so many,movies do that very self-aware thing,that if this movie did it to the degree,the original screen movies did it,wouldnt stand out anymore so if you,want a scream movie to stand out it has,to be crazy over the top i get it but i,felt like rocket raccoon all like its a,bit much regardless i can appreciate,having fun with the horror movie tropes,there was actually a great scene thats,kind of a scene within a scene within a,scene that i thought was one of the,coolest scenes in the movie so you know,there is give and take there some of the,characters though i was like dude the,finger pointing the finger pointing got,a bit much for me because friends in a,situation like this probably wouldnt,finger point it worked in the original,scream movie where theyre all sitting,around and theyre finger pointing like,oh you saying that i killed her was that,before or after he sliced and diced it,worked as a high school conversation,that high school friends in the 90s,would have in the sense that theyre,only kind of half serious but it works,to let the audience know that the,audience is supposed to think like that,youre supposed to suspect everyone you,look at the screen movies after that the,finger pointing among the characters in,the movie was pulled back because the,audience knew its like yeah were going,to do a scream movie and we know were,supposed to suspect people so the fact,that these characters are all suspecting,each other and finger-pointing i was,like you all shouldnt be friends if you,actually think this granted is woodsboro,its a place where douchebags slash,people up when theyre your friends in,the end by the end by and large i,enjoyed scream five not my favorite,since the original or anything as i,stand here its not even better than,scream four its probably because i felt,scream four,had more of a purpose like beyond the,whole oh its been 10 years and movies,and phantom are different so lets do it,in a world where in scream 3 the ghost,face killings were essentially pg-13,killings also screams always had comedy,in it they were horror movies with,comedy scream 3 i would classify as a,comedy first i felt like stream 4,existed to bring ghostface and the,scream franchise back on chorus story,kills horror movie allegory good horror,with comedy in it but to give the horror,first and foremost that extra flavor so,screen 4 felt like a return to form for,scream and it had that purpose this is,scream five because im sure we can make,it work but in the end by and large they,do make it work and i had fun with,scream five and the nitpicks i have with,some of the self-aware elements that,screams always had but in screen five,its a bit on the nose some of the,support characters is feeling like,theyre there to die theyre not,standing out some others are a bit,unbelievable like theyre caricatures of,scream characters but in the end its,the brutal ghostface killings that makes,me go i can look past those other things,if youre here looking for some fun,bloody gory savage kills with some great,payoff i think thats how scream five is,going to grab you well say the movie,was a fun time no alcohol required or so,screen5 have you seen it what did you,think about it or how do you rank the,screen movies whats your ranking i feel,like ive asked you that in other screen,reviews ive done but hey spend some,time lets revisit it lists change,thats how they go but whatever you,think comment bel

Scream 2 – Movie Review

foreign,just want to sit here and wait and see,who drops next Im not interrupting,welcome back to the 10th Annual,Halloween special tonight were talking,about Scream 2 once again directed by,Wes Craven and written by Kevin,Williamson and this year is its 25th,anniversary I actually got to see this,movie in theaters tonight after the,extreme success of the 1996 original,just one year later we got its Sequel,and this film once again features Sydney,Dewey Gale and a bunch of new characters,who are facing off against a copycat,murderer dressing up as the original,Ghost Face seeing this film in theaters,tonight was a really crazy experience,Ive always had a fondness for the movie,Ive always liked Scream 2 not as much,as the original but seeing it tonight,with a theater filled with teenagers,actually was really cool because they,were all giggling and laughing and,getting into all the scares when they,were romantic Parts they were sort of,like snickering and it wasnt like they,were making fun of it like they were,really into it and I loved seeing a,movie from my generation really impact,people of today and actually get them,into it and it felt like they were on,the ride too and all of this reminds me,just how much I miss Wes Craven I really,do I wish that I could look forward to,new Wes Craven movies he was gone way,too soon seeing the film tonight in the,theater made me like this movie a lot,more than I used to and like I said Ive,always enjoyed Scream 2 but now I,actually kind of love it like it had a,lot of great parts that played really,well to a crowd and Ive never,experienced that with this movie before,because Ive watched it so often first,on VHS then DVD then Blu-ray and Ive,never really had that experience but,seeing it with a crowd you can see how,it was manufactured for that experience,to really play to an audience gratefully,my audience is nothing like the audience,in the beginning of this movie that Jada,Pinkett Smith and Omar Epps experience,because thats got to be the worst,goddamn theater audience Ive ever seen,in my life including Smiths character,and I think Williamson was trying to,make us not care as much that shes,eventually going to become a victim of,Ghostface by making her be one of the,worst audience members in the theater,leader ever just like with the original,scream this movie has a lot of moments,where the characters talk about movies,especially sequels this time around,theres film school students who debate,what sequels are the best and worst and,theres people who talk about the rules,of sequels and all of these come into,play in the actual film but I actually,think this film does a slightly better,job than the first of balancing The Meta,commentary with the actual scares and,separating them so that its not too,over the top in the first film theres,tons of discussions almost throughout,the whole movie about what a horror,movie is supposed to be in the tropes,and the cliches of the genre in this,film it feels spread out more evenly but,speaking of those sequel debates theres,an aspect of this movie thats always,really bothered me and its the film,nerd side of me that reacts strongly to,it but early in the film the characters,are at school and theyre debating what,the best sequel of all time is and,people mention various things like,aliens even though I actually think,Ridley Scotts alien is much better,before Timothy oliphants character says,that Godfather 2 is the best sequel ever,made and everyone in class seems to,agree later on in that film that same,character tells his buddy that The,Empire Strikes Back is actually the best,sequel of all time and his friend is,like no it doesnt count its part of a,Trilogy it was planned,what this part of the film has always,really bothered me for a few specific,reasons number one just because a film,is part of a series doesnt mean that,the entries in said series arent,sequels like what does that even mean,and second and more importantly The,Godfather 2 which everyone agreed was,the best sequel of all time is also part,of a Trilogy so the films logic in this,film nerd debate caves in within itself,and thats my big rant on the Scream 2,film nerd sequel debate stuff that I,hate I love this movie but every single,time Im reminded of the strange,inconsistencies of this debate within,the film Im bothered by it whats also,really fun about this movie is the,mystery of who the Killer is Ive seen,the movie a lot but I remember the first,time I saw it when I was younger I had,no [ __ ] idea who it was going to be,and I think it would be pretty tough to,predict the eventual outcome and in case,youve never seen the movie I just wont,spoil it for you but I do think that,its fun the way Kevin Williamson weaved,his twists and turns in throughout the,end as well as a location that the final,showdown takes place in and all the fun,effects and things they can do there as,usual Nev Campbell is fantastic as,Sydney shes one of my favorite horror,characters and Im saddened that shes,not going to be in the new screen movie,for whatever reason it might be Im not,going to get into all the reports that,were out about money and stuff but it,just kind of sucks that being said,theres only so many times Sydney,Prescott can run away from Ghostface I,understand this Series has to eventually,evolve beyond that but its going to be,strange to watch a Scream movie without,Sidney Prescott I also really love what,they do with the relationship between,Dewey and Gail its honestly kind of,adorable and it does not drag down the,movie at all and clearly they had great,chemistry in real life as well and so,that really works for these characters,its also fun that in the exact same,year this came out I Know What You Did,Last Summer came out as well which was,also scripted by Williamson and both of,these movies star Sarah Michelle Geller,albeit in this one shes in a much,smaller role but I love her sequence in,this movie talking to Ghostface on the,phone theres also a fantastic suspense,sequence in this movie where Sydney and,her friend have to crawl on top of,Ghostface to get out of a police car,after a wreck I could tell there were a,lot of people in the theater who had,never seen this movie before because,there were tons of little giggles and,shrieks during this moment of people,just waiting for him to eventually pop,up and stab them its really well done,they also do a really good job with,cotton weary storyline played by leave,Schreiber who was falsely accused of,murder By Sydney Prescott previously and,theres all this drama as a result so of,course he seems like a suspect as well,Scream 2 sometimes gets a bad rap from,fans and Ive never really understood,why I think its a really well made,sequel I think it does a lot of things,new and fresh and some things that you,expect are what you expect it to be but,thats okay I have a lot of fun watching,this film especially in theaters and,honestly my my appreciation for it is,heightened since that experience guys,thank you so much as always for,continuing to watch the 10th Annual,Halloween special I hope youre enjoying,it so far look forward to more videos,very soon and if you like this you can,click right here and get stuckmanized,[Music]

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