1. Sea-Doo Switch Review And Test Drive
  2. 2022 Sea-Doo SWITCH Lineup Review: The Watercraft Journal, EP. 98
  3. SeaDoo Switch | Most In-Depth On Water Review on the Web
  5. Sea-Doo Switch Deep Dive Review with Peter McKinnon
  6. 2022 SeaDoo Sea DooSwitch Cruise Walk around 18ft with 100hp
  7. New 2022 SEA-DOO SWITCH SPORT 16ft, ” Water Test Drive”

Sea-Doo Switch Review And Test Drive

all right were on board a cd switch,thanks to late normal power sports uh we,are piloting it right now were in,neutral to go forward everythings done,on the right side of the handbar to go,in reverse or break its on the left,side,just tap the,trigger once you go forward,tap the left trigger go back to neutral,hold the left trigger in you go in,reverse,let go of it you go back in neutral,you tap out once and get get a gas start,taking off and thats,the basics of how to drive a cd switch,so you have storage under each seat,which is definitely nice,your seats are also super easy to move,around so if i wanted to move a seat,grab that single tab out,the whole seat just,comes right out,then put it back in,lock back down and any of the points,that you see with the little circle,pieces in the middle thats where you,can attach seats so you can literally,attach your seats wherever you want on,the boat,make a custom design yeah you also have,front storage,about as big as uh,so yeah yeah gti gtx yeah but you can,actually use it all,which is definitely nice,um your rear seats since they are,movable you can move them all throughout,the boat as well and these ones fold,down as well,and then they have just a point to where,they will lock back up or fold back down,and then obviously youll have padding,up front for your people sitting up here,they can still nice padded area,i just cant get over how quiet this,thing is yeah,and everything except the captains,chair and steering column is movable so,your corner tables everything,[Music],nice big bimini very easy to put up,[Music],this one has this fun platform,on the back,with the link system connectors swim,ladder back there pulls out just like,another boat,i mean its pretty,pretty roomy yep captains chair swivels,with the bullseye speaker point on the,bottom,all right nice one but tab on the bottom,to actually swivel that around oh your,standard navigation lower,lights you also got the idf different,drive modes,you get sport eco,and touring mode,theres your sport mode there,ski mode,setting for the uh,adjusted how the quickly takes off,and also and that comes standard on the,sports its an option for the cruises as,well,also a standard option on both the,cruise and the sport maybe your garmin,gps unit you can get a uh,echo sounder and turn it into a depth,finder as well or fish finder,thats neat you got a little storage,here too,[Music],thats nice and a smartphone holder its,a couple taps in the back to be able to,actually mount it in there,they come here with that two-speaker,audio system all your audio controls are,right there on the gauge as well or by,the cage i got storage in all up here,gas fill inside beautiful beautiful,[Music],so the railing you can get attachments,to where you can put on cup holders,storage bags wakeboard racks and attach,it just directly to the railing so that,way it doesnt take up your space on the,actual,thats neat,you got more link systems connectors and,all that too,links down,here gas tanks and all the accessories,you want gas tanks storage bags coolers,[Music],gotta have your coolers thats the big,thing,and we got anchor system up here in the,front,very neat very spacious,[Music],get your car compartment off,ill see you switch ill go put the,cover back on,thats pretty good sound happening,one thing i want to point out since,were in a jet drive d2 switch is that,you can be in neutral,and turn the handlebars,and still steer the craft,needs a lot more,moving over bitly around the docks,a lot more control compared to other,boats,and the steerings very tight too its,not like other boats we get to,turn really quickly,this is nice easy and gentle very,predictable very very predictable,all right so you do switch we,are in eco mode right now 230 horsepower,and were gonna see how that goes,we are in a break-in mode so the power,is limited but its still plenty of,power,very predictable,stop a lot quicker,and its so cool i just cant get over,how quite this thing is yeah even under,like heavy acceleration you can still,talk to the person next to you yeah,amazing thats crazy,they did a really good job with the,damping,all right so we got the cedar switch,i just want to point out the bimmy top,its quite big im six foot tall,and i could fit under it just fine its,actually in this part right here and it,covers a good bit,pretty much everyone here in the back of,the switch,is already covered depending where the,sun is in the location,were going to try the cu switch,in the ski mode first pulling tubes and,wake borders so we press the mode once,we go in the schema because we were,already in sport mode and we choose the,ramp setting we want,one through,five detects how quickly its going to,take off so were gonna do one okay im,gonna set the speed lets do,a nice 15 press,okay over here ski is ready,so we hold the throttle in,again nice easy take off,i got on the,throttle and puts us back in ski ready,mode so,when the person is ready to go again all,we gotta do is hold the throttle in,again,and you get the same predictable take,off,[Music],there we go,and thats how you use ski mode on the,cd switch,again thank you to lego power sports um,let me come right here and test drive,this switch do a video on it,link will be down in the description,below to their website and their phone,number im just waiting for him to bring,the,trailer back,i just cant get over how quiet this,thing is and how how predictable it is,in the water,and the handlebars doesnt make you feel,like its a cu jet ski,but its so predictable,especially with steering because of the,weight its much slower than a jet ski,when youre going forward or when you,hit the reverse,when you turn the,panel bars,its a lot more predictable and easier,going,than a jet ski,its like its,its like its reading to my your mind,how easy it is,and were right above the engine,compartment,and its so,quiet back on,our own way to board,now the thing with a um,jet drive is the steerings a little bit,different from a normal boat so when i,go into reverse theres a lot right now,im,neutral i still have to steer control,but going forward turn the handlebars to,the right the nose goes right turn to,the left and then as we go left,but as soon as i get in reverse,you turn the handlebars to the right,nose goes right,turn to the left,and reverse and then those,guys left thats usually uh one pretty,much the biggest learning curve that new,riders have for jet powered uh,propulsion,but,since i have a jet drive,i can still steer in neutral so i have a,whole lot more control over this boat,than someone out there in a,similar pontoon boat,so i can,go up and creep up to it the trick is to,go dock is,you know just tap back and forth on the,triggers,so you tap once,you go forward,get your momentum up and just tap that,one puts you in neutral you go too fast,just squeeze it in for reverse to kill,the momentum,very easy thats just the trick with jet,drive is that you go nice and easy nice,and slow no need to overthink it and,with this boat particular its so much,more predictable,that its really easy i think its,easier than driving a jet ski its its,really interesting,i have a lot more confidence with this,than i did with a jet ski,but here comes a trailer so were going,board on to the trailer,got the new sea-doo switch just gonna do,a quick walk around,just got done with a test drive,you see how the matting is done,throughout the boat the bimmy top super,easy to put up take down literally just,two points on each side one there one up,there collapses down forwards forward in,the garage,nice and easy this is the 230 horsepower,one,plenty of power,this one comes with this one platform,still having the accessories put on to,it too so were not completely done,putting it together,flush port for the,deck uh itself you have a flush port,back here,the trim tabs and vts variable trim,system,makes tool pulling tubes or if its,really,choppy out,back door access through here,and,pop the seats anywhere you

2022 Sea-Doo SWITCH Lineup Review: The Watercraft Journal, EP. 98

[Music],im kevin shaw and youre watching the,watercraft journal,[Music],[Applause],well before covet lockdowns encouraged,tens of thousands of people to explore,local lakes and waterways recreational,boat sales were already steadily,climbing and of those sales pontoon,boats equated for an overwhelming,majority,those with access to calmer waters,gravitated towards pontoons and sportier,tritunes over the past decade,particularly as the quality of materials,accessories and ease of use all,progressed,within a decade pontoons calculated for,a massive segment of the recreational,boating community and power sports,manufacturers all took notice,yet it was one key element that stood,out to the product planners and,engineers at brp,that was that as amenities and,performance options for pontoon boats,all increased the pricing multiplied to,the point that entry and mid-level,buyers were pushed out of the market,wanting to address this segment square,on the chin cedu applied some of its,spark mojo into developing a whole new,segment of tritunes,the sea do switch series,employing its popular powertrains and,polytech materials these jet-driven,tri-hall pontoons are poised to shake up,the pontoon industry,being the worlds most popular personal,watercraft magazine the watercraft,journal was invited to fly out to lake,minnetonka minnesota to test drive a,handful of switch models since there are,three different length platforms those,being 13 16 and 19 feet the latter two,being able to be fitted with a two foot,swim deck increasing the overall length,to 18 and 21 feet when equipped,the longer of these two different length,platforms can be equipped with specially,equipped package groups namely sport and,crews as well as a wide variety of,optional sub packages but more on those,in a minute,brp began by developing a configurable,chassis that allowed for quick assembly,despite the desired vessel length or,trim package,cast from seados proprietary polytech,polypropylene material the center hull,sits four inches deeper in the water,than the modular outriggers keeping the,jet pump engaged for continual thrust,the hull itself is progressive with a,mild dead rise featuring prominent shelf,shines for the utmost stability at speed,the different length halls come to plane,a little differently but all allow for a,gentle inside lean when throttled into,the corner,the hull literally sits inside of the,deck fastened together at what might be,considered the bond line in a personal,watercraft the center hull contains the,29 gallon fuel cell and 1630 ace,powertrain all switch models are,configurable with one of either three,engine options the 100 horsepower 1638,the 170 horsepower variant and the,supercharged and intercooled 230,horsepower 16 38 three cylinder four,stroke,and to remain compliant with the,strictest emission laws sidoo has,engineered a high-flow catalytic,converter equipped exhaust system that,also manages to reduce engine noise and,drone,the outriggers are less like traditional,pontoons as they are not watertight but,rather a paneled polytech framework that,have been tightly packed with high,density foam and feature a unique,serrated surface to break up drag much,in the same vein as the shark gills on,the revised t3r hull beneath the current,rxp x300 the result is a smooth,predictable ride that traverses mild,lake chop firmly and predictably while,the modular framework did flex and,chatter a little in rougher water it,never bounced or jostled erratically,delivering a very enjoyable and in the,case of the 13-footer thrilling ride,while all this is very cool in its own,right its the ultra-configurable deck,which allows the customized seating and,accessory integration that is the real,star here,cedus team demonstrated how the deck,can be fitted with a variety of benches,tables and every link accessory,imaginable and all available through a,collection of packages or individually,through the catalog,each item securing firmly to the deck,using the new 16-inch modular link tiles,this feature permits anyone to literally,design and construct their own custom,configuration truly making every switch,pontoon unique each chair has a small,storage cubby beneath its removable seat,the chair itself can be released from,its perch by pulling on the neon handle,and relocate it to any spot with the,corresponding receptacles,the same goes for the deck level lounge,backrest simply pull the handle and move,it over to a new location,the padded lounge deck panels have small,plastic teeth at all four corners that,snap into place with a tiny bit of,pressure,on higher tier packages corner tables,either with integrated bluetooth,speakers or extra storage and cup,holders are also available in several,trim levels a folding rear bench seat,comes standard,as to storage each switch regardless of,length or trim contains a spacious,105.9 gallon cargo area thats,accessible by wide removable panels,inside can accommodate multiple life,vests and inflatable tube and tow rope,dry bags and much more at the bow is a,standard feature on all models a,full-size marine grade anchor and,hundred foot line,this way youre not having to drag a,muddy anchor onto your switchs deck but,tuck it away in its own compartment,we were particularly fond of the new,link dock bumpers that snap onto the,fence railings or can dangle on short,ropes to deflect impact at lower height,docks,while the features will increase with,each tier of the trim level scale every,cd switch comes with a retractable swim,ladder that tucks neatly into the rear,and every captains console includes a,sea-doo watercraft style handlebar,instead of a traditional helm,although some bristled at the idea the,watercraft handlebars worked very,intuitively and of course included cdus,intelligent brake and reverse system,making the switch the only pontoon boat,with brakes,equally every switch comes with idf the,intelligent debris free system debuted,only a year previous,and the cost of every switch includes a,trailer to tow it with,the base switch starts with an entry,msrp of 17999,and can be ordered at either 13 16 or 19,feet in length two engine options are,also available the 100 or 170 horsepower,1630 ace,capable of seating between five and nine,passengers depending on length of course,the base switch is only available in,caribbean blue,the switch sport with a base msrp of 23,999 dollars comes in at either 13 18 or,21 feet in length seats the same as the,base model and can be optioned with,either 170 or 230 horsepower,each sport comes equipped with a quick,attach inflatable holder for tube,storage a review mirror and seados,exclusive ski mode and is available in,either caribbean blue neon yellow or,coral blast,the highest tier switch group is the,cruise which promises to take the party,up several notches with included,additions like the collapsible bimini,top swim platform sound system garmin,gps navigation and more seating and,tables,the cruise begins with an msrp of twenty,six thousand nine hundred and ninety,nine dollars and is available in either,18 or 21 feet lengths,as well as a choice of powertrains 100,horsepower at 18 feet 170 horsepower 18,and 21 feet and 230 horsepower 21 feet,although we seriously recommend the two,high outputs the 100 horse option is,just not enough to get your party moving,additionally there are three cruise,accessory packages the family water,sports and fun and comfort that all plus,your switch accordingly all models are,available in caribbean blue neon yellow,and coral blast,when it came to on the water speeds sea,doo had provided us with some rough,estimates namely 26 to 28 miles per hour,for boats equipped with 100 horsepower,ace motor,34 to 44 miles per hour with those,running the 170 horse ace engine and,upwards to 44 to 46 miles per hour with,those pushing 230 horsepower,obviously those ranges depended upon the,length of the hull and how heavily it,was equipped for our testing the 100,horse 16 footer never saw above 18 miles,p

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SeaDoo Switch | Most In-Depth On Water Review on the Web

Hey folks.,Will Owen here with JetBoatPilot.com.,Today were coming to you from beautiful northwest Florida, Panama,City, out near Tyndall Air Force Base.,We got beautiful blue skies.,The jets are flying.,Gonna hear a lot of it going overhead here.,Let Freedom Ring baby.,Were gonna show you today something brand new.,Weve been wanting to do this for a long time and finally had the time to do this.,Were gonna review Seadoos all new Switch.,Now they have three different sizes.,We bought the 2022.,This is the 18 switch cruise.,170 horsepower.,This is kind of their midsize.,They make a 13, an 18, and a 21.,Were gonna go over the boat today, give you some of our thoughts,,first impressions, and we wanna also point our fact out that we have,,we own this boat, we bought it.,We have six, seven hours on it.,Weve had a chance to experience.,All the things that we wanted to kinda experience and things we think,are, are valuable to share with you.,So lets jump in and talk about some of our first observations.,So one of the first things youll notice about the switch, there are no points of,entry with the exception of the front.,And that can be a good thing and that can be a bad thing.,For us, because were in a saltwater environment, the,docks tend to be pretty high.,This is not like going to the average lake.,So getting on and off the boat from a high.,Can be a little bit of a challenge.,They give you an entryway in the front here to get in.,Its a very large, wide door.,And Im gonna step on real quick here, but a little bit of a step down there.,A lot of boats weve seen have high gunnels on the sides, and you can step,to the gunnel from the dock, making it a little easier for high docks.,But you can do that with some of these rails, but.,The chief entry point is right here in the front.,Thats what they intend.,This door has a hinge as well as a locking feature.,We can simply lift the door, slide it completely shut, and then drop,it down so its not gonna fly around while youre in operation.,So it is easy on and easy off when the dock is low, if youre in a high dock,,when the tide is low like it is right now.,Again, a little bit of a challenge.,But I do like the fact that its very wide.,If you had somebody getting on with mobility issues, possibly,somebody that has a ramp and a wheelchair, you could even do that.,So I do like that part in the front.,While were talking about things in the front, it does have a nice,built-in anchor locker so that you can tie off your anchor and road.,And when you get ready to deploy the anchor, it simply pulls out.,You throw it out in the water, get it set, and then all your excess line goes,right back inside this compartment here.,Our boat has marine mat equipped.,It will not come with that standard from the factory, but thats,something that Jet Boat Pilot makes to give you additional traction.,Get this back shut here.,Weve also upgraded something that you wont see from the factory weve,upgraded to SeaDoos sound system.,Its a JL audio powered subwoofer and kind of upgraded speakers,has a great sound and well talk about that in a later video.,How to pair your phone to it and how to get that sound.,But definitely a big improvement over the two little tiny speakers that,come with this boat from the factory.,The two speakers that come with this boat from the factory.,You can hardly hear them when youre underway.,So youre definitely gonna wanna upgrade your sound system,,whether it be this system or some other system pretty quickly.,And this is awesome.,It actually is really great.,Its even got some cool features, like a little USB jack here.,So you can plug your phone in.,Its got cup holders and storage underneath.,Dont try to do this it yourself.,This is a professional.,To install this, we tried this.,We were gonna do a video to show you how to install.,Honestly, its a professional install.,Let the professionals do this install.,One of the things that SeaDoo really chose the switch name for is the fact,that you can switch the configuration of the seats very easily and,quickly, according to your familys taste and what you have need of.,I wanna show you real quickly how they, how to do that.,You suddenly pick up and pull out on the yellow latch and the seat,is able to detach from the floor.,If you look on the bottom there is.,A little receptacle here.,Notice how when I turn it that twists, lets look at the floor.,See the floor here?,It has these four little receptacles and all of the tiles.,In the front, all around the boat, all of those tiles have that same receptacle.,If I take off the factory non-skid pads, youll notice each of,those tiles has the receptacle.,So if we want to relocate any of these seat cushions to any location,around the boat, its really kind of infinitely configurable.,So thats a really cool feature.,We really like that a lot To reinstall, simply orient back,over top of that recept.,Press and make sure the tab is down and now the seat is locked, its,pulled down, its cinched down.,You can do that with all of these.,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.,Another really cool feature about the SeaDoo switch and the catalog,,they have a dock tile configuration that you can secure your dock.,So when you wanna have kind of a dock party or if youre kind of hanging out,and you wanna get some of these seating cushions off of, You can secure them to,those tiles on the dock and actually sit on the dock and chill and hang out, relax,,and use those cushions in another way.,So I think thats really innovative.,Very cool idea.,Standard.,What weve seen with our boat, this boat comes with a table and a table leg.,It stows away in the floor neatly when youre not using it, and we discovered,theres five different locations that you can mount this table leg, so it gives,you a lot of configuration there as well.,The bottom, you have a little thread here, and that thread is,able to go into the floor receptacle if you get the camera in tight.,Okay.,See the threads there on the.,Even with these non-skid flooring panels in place, Ill just take the,threads, align them over the top.,Ill twist it until it engages all the way down and youll feel it engage.,Once its tight, just give it a little snug, and then youll take your table,,align the receptacle with the top,,and then once weve got this in place, you can spin it.,It even has a little arm on the side here, little latch.,We can adjust the height so it goes down nearly to the height of the chair all,the way up to standard table height.,Really cool.,And again, we got five locations, so we can do that here.,We can put it here.,Well, we can put it here.,We could put it here if we.,Or you can put it all the way in the back.,Sit back here.,Enjoy some drinks with your family.,Little lunch.,One thing Ive also noted that these threaded fasteners do not,appear to be stainless steel.,So if youre gonna be in a salt water environment like me, I would highly,recommend that you put some spray lubricant on those threads regularly.,Otherwise theyre gonna corrode,accessing storage in the floor.,This is about Midship.,Well twist this latch twist.,This latch latches are facing towards the aft.,Move this over out of the way.,Notice it has nice sound insulation on the underside.,Thats very helpful.,Your table and your leg will stow nicely inside this compartment,,we have these rubber straps here.,Disconnect, put the table leg in place.,Once its in place, well simply pull the straps back up and lock it out so its not,rattling around as we cruise while were in this compartment, you also notice you,have a navigation light here, stowed away.,And if this is not in here, we have a little spot here.,For, Looks like a battery box or some other type of storage here.,If we wanted to add a second battery is what it looks like.,Its got plus and minus on the molding there.,Lots of storage, lots of volume.,Lock it out.,You simply twist.,The handles are gonna face one another.,While were down here, well go ahead and show you the

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hows everybody doing im back today,with a beautiful over under for you is,that what were calling this today,well lets take it again all right its,so up i dont even know what,were talking about i guess,um its a team talk and its brought to,you by the sea doo switch thats right,people we are talking about the brand,new 2022 sea doo switch brought to you,by brp and your family of rotax motors,all right so the models here are the,switch the switch sport and the switch,why they call it a switch,switch cruise,so,what are they in the background hey you,guys are in the damn,youre in the damn video move over,yeah,so,were talking about the switch the,switch sport and the cruise theyre all,switchies theyre all badass,no theyre not,the whole material is a polytec you can,see how much i enjoy this people the,polytech like the jet ski so its got,the same material as the river fleet or,as the pond bouncer it has the same,material as that so youre getting the,badass is this considered a pontoon,it is its the pond its labeled pontoon,okay try to pull this one try to hull,design made by jet ski okay so youre,getting this bad tri-tune hull design,made by jet ski people thats its,ive seen it ive not touched it it came,out and i went there it is they did it,thats great they,yeah,all right,im just going to start with the switch,entry level just the entry level so,youre getting,the 13 foot thats right you heard me,right,the 13 foot expanded,jet ski,pontoon,starting at eighteen thousand bucks,seventeen nine nine nine nine,but wait theres more so you get the,entry level with one piece of lego clink,right here and you get your drivers,seat i believe so but the lego moves,around when i say lego its a lego so,everybody had legos as a kid everybody,did they loved them so if you go home,tonight grab your kids lego grab the,square pad theres your switch okay got,my switch,i want to put johnnys seat here clink,no i think we should move it up here,clink thats what you do you literally,click click click click like snap,together,uh if i dont know its not good you can,get the ultimate one,[Music],and this is all done by packages people,so their their big floyd uh whatever is,17 18 000 bucks you can get in the,entry-level,sink,the sink,the sink okay its a sink in your house,made out of the same material to sink in,your house,so the entry level is coming in at 18,grand,and its all done by add-ons so you can,get the ultimate one which kind of gets,your hat,turned so youre not like,the not cool dad so now youre kind of,getting cool dad ultimate 13 footer at,34.5 so weve completely gone into the,30 thousand dollar range with some of,our extra legos that we got,now we go ultimate,head,banging hat twisted pimped out,pink polo blue shorts yellow socks black,shoes and the bros are in at the,ultimate 19-footer at 45 grand and you,know why because the goddamn big one you,can put nine people in it is 170,horsepower,especially,19 foot of fun,nine dudes all blowing out,doing it up 170 horsepower its 45 grand,of fun might as well make it 46 by the,time you get everything,one color option in this brand blue,right blue like bro blue right,kinda like what you got on today similar,thats cool,um,but yeah your standard options in this,machine,is your switch modular deck with,link,quick attached,tiles,its lego,so you get the kick lego portion so its,like,yeah its like a link process its the,lego link process thats what it is its,the modular lego link,floor its so cool its plastic you get,the ibr which is the intelligent break,and reverse you gotta brake pedal like,hit the brake pump the brakes,no no its oh its on the handlebar,you got that going on you got the three,drive models of the eco sport and cruise,control you got cruise control lock it,in and let her eat,clean dream,right down the crick i love it this is,really an awesome,just awesome bullet its really good,so let me give you a quick run about it,back on this this this model we got more,models we got more pages so this gets,even better all right so we got the,entry level switch started at 18 000,bucks but if you want to be cool with,your hat turned around,you got to get up to the 19 footer which,is a 46 grand so we went from 18 grand,to 46 grand you get your standard,options uh,on the 1940 for 45 grand i get cool,options though right i get some badass,options or am i just getting im not am,i,im not im just getting these standard,options do i get does the pimp radio,come in or the bad radio come in i do,get the badass radio if i get the 50,grand,you get the audio system so i get i,basically get the,i get the brp audio system for 45 grand,and i get the garmin 7 touch screen for,45 grand,okay so i get it now so we got three,standard options we had two more for 45,grand,im on it now so about the audio system,its pretty bad okay so so for the 50k,youre getting the three standard and we,just clarified this you get the audio,system a cooler,some extra seats a fire extinguisher and,the garmin boom you got it all so you,can literally have like you got cool,side stuff too and you can so you can,have like your playhouse in there,snap-on playhouse oh im getting to the,bimini dont worry the parachute comes,later were gonna get to the parachute,at the end,its got a bad spinny top too the,pitcher is, stellar i mean,you guys see this this is my bimini,its raining its raining no its gonna,be awesome all right so lets just jump,into the better one shall we lets get,to the sport model its starting out at,23 grand 23 999 24 grand,um,the 13 foot ultimate so the,the ultimate roach bomb is 40 500 and,the bad 21 footer with all your bros,in there with your beatboxing going on,at 5205.1 52,000,same accessories dont even need to get,into them but im going to tell you them,anyway why not this is such a great,video switch mode modular link,lego link tiles that go everywhere you,get your damn break and your reverse on,your,killer dealy thing you get the four,drive models eco sport and cruise,control so you can turn your hat around,uh you get the bad ass bumping the,stereo system that chad approves of and,you got the seven inch monitor that chad,just bought for his pontoon,and you get ski mode so you can put,skiers behind this one tubers no i can,say tubers its just skiers you can pull,skiers behind this one if you want to um,its pretty cool its really good all,right im done with that one the sports,out i think if im gonna buy one im,gonna go big im gonna get the cruise,im gonna get the tom cruise the whole,deal were going were going aviator,glasses bad jackets making ourselves,look cool switch crews im going to get,in it im going to zip my aviator jacket,up im going to put my sunglasses on and,im going to turn the music on,thats what were going to do write down,the,critics thats what were gonna do right,down the river in our kick,switch tom cruise were gonna put that,were starting at twenty seven thousand,twenty six why do they 9.99 just round,the damn thing up 27 000 bucks the 18,footers 43.5 and the 21 foot bromaster,with nine dudes,and,im not even gonna get into it uh 21,footer is 53 000. 53 grand for that bad,one so,the cruise starts at an 18 footer they,dont even decide to make a 13 footer,that model you can get seven dudes in,that one uh,thats the 100 horse you can get the 170,horse,18 footer and the 170 horse 21 footer,both 170 horsepower 97 people 33 000,then you get to the 21 footer where you,get the bad 230 horsepower with nine,bros in it and thats what you get for,the switch crews roll this baby over to,standard options are you ready for this,you can pull skiers,youve got the lego link attached system,youve got the intelligent brake in,reverse youve got the eco sport cruise,control in case you get too intoxicated,you can push crews is that going to make,the video being drunk thats not going,to make the video um you get the badass,brp audio system approved by chad you,get the garmin eco map uhd 72s what the,hell is all this why dont they just say,garmin,the garmin

Sea-Doo Switch Deep Dive Review with Peter McKinnon

whats up im peter mckinnon and this is,the cd switch,[Music],you might be asking what is a switch i,know what sea-doo is but ive never,heard of the switch thats the new,pontoon boat that were sitting on right,now and i will tell you it,is awesome the best part is this is,entirely modular,you can remove or add anything that you,dont want to configure it whatever way,you want you dont want a table here,you get rid of the table storage is one,of those things for me as a filmmaker,that is always a problem theres never,enough room thats changed on this thing,because check out these seats every,single one of these seats has storage,underneath it were talking towels,vests gear,snacks maybe even some coffee but you,can literally put things under every,seat and if thats not enough and you,need more storage well come right down,to this little secret compartment here,twist these things and youve got even,more storage oh,super pumped on the flooring okay these,tiles next level youve got these harder,plastic tiles here with all of the,cutouts that are pre-ready for the link,system so,stuff like this this is a cooler and it,is locked down so when youre mobbing in,sport mode on your new pontoon,this things not going anywhere which is,great and these tiles are super cushy so,they feel great on your feet and if they,get dirty like everything just peels up,and you can wash them like oh there you,go thats done lets not have tiles here,lets have them here its like lego for,adults you can do whatever you want you,can move all the seats as well to,configure them however you want this,little yellow tab down here,pull that out,you just remove the seat,what,oh you want to put it back because you,did like the way you had it,fancy little cup holder here comes off,so easy oh did you want it back you,wanted it back on bam that oh you wanted,it off all back on,you get the point nice little comfy,seating for two in the back or,easy access convertible bench seating,for the swim platform,so you get a two foot swim platform back,here which is great to uh just sit off,of or hang your feet youve got steps,down into the water which then go down,into a,telescoping ladder to get back up for,re-boarding which is super nice then on,the back youve got all these link spots,you pull them up one,two,and that,just slides right into hole number one,goes down on number two,youve got storage on the back for even,more things all of the things now,probably the best feature,of this entire new craft,is the cockpit this handles and rides,exactly the same as the situ its the,exact same setup which means,it has brakes thats the first pontoon,that has yeah ever had brakes so if,youre scared to dock or its weird,coming into a marina to fill up gone are,the days this thing has ivr and works,exactly the same as a tiny small sea-doo,youve got your navigation youve got,your display theres a place for your,phone audio controls two cup holders,the sea doo handles that we all know and,love,lights,horn,rear view mirror,everything at your fingertips and if you,need a better view when youre docking,to make it even easier than it already,is,you flip up this bolster here and now,youve got an elevated view,and i think what i really really love,about this entire new experience is,exactly that the experience because its,kind of grown up with me i started on,the sea dues ripping around single and,now i have a family and kids and a place,to take them and now i can take that,experience that ive loved and share it,with them,in a whole new way and not just them but,more people and friends and family and i,think that is something that entices me,so much more at this stage in my life,and i think its going to do the same,for a lot of other people,[Music],guess that means now,im a pontoon guy,thanks for watching,you

2022 SeaDoo Sea DooSwitch Cruise Walk around 18ft with 100hp

[Music],[Applause],[Music],my size,this is a,bumper we have made,style hose department,well get this done,hi guys this is adam again with,adrenaline cycles coming at you with a,new product today that weve just gotten,in its our very first one and that is,the cd switch pontoon,this one here is a cruise pontoon it is,18 foot,and its got some really cool features,and i just want to go over an in-depth,video here with you guys,on all the features you know this um,pontoon slash you know,you know a jet ski its a hybrid of a,couple things here but its really cool,um like i said before and some older,videos josh will have a link somewhere,where we did go get to drive these i,mean the owner did and like i said this,is our first one here at the shop that,we got hands on and we can show you guys,in depth uh some of the cool features,this thing has to offer,first off hes sitting here youll,notice that its not a steering wheel,obviously these are handlebars,indicative of you know the jet drive the,jet ski the jet engine in it,brp went you know with this set up so,basically if you have a sea-doo right,now the controls are the same you got,your gas over here you got your neutral,and then you hold it in for reverse on,this side,um you know it turns really easy its a,short lock to lock i mean thats as far,as its gonna go to make this thing turn,on a dime i mean its,you know its very very little movement,to get it to turn you know all the way,one way all the way the other,um some other features here at the,consoles,youll see we do have a depth finder,slash gps here this is a garmin seven,inch,theyre really nice to have,you will get like a little code here so,you can punch it in ill take the cover,off here,and this is just a screen protector but,like i said it says the free maps,included which is really cool um this is,also touch screen plus button backup,it will do,fish finder but you have to buy the,transducer separate that goes through,the hole but it is set up for you to be,able to navigate the waterways in the us,and canada,and do all you need to you know not get,lost in the water so thats a really,cool feature thats really nice to have,theyve got it all nicely integrated,here so it looks really good works,really good back to the controls here it,does have the variable trim up and down,which is a nice feature to have,and,it does also have,the idf that was new last year with the,seadoos and i think they did have a,little bit of a hiccup with the first,models out,but theyve worked on it all year and,put it in the switch pontoons and,havent heard any complaints havent,seen any issues yet with that on the,pontoon setup so thats really really,cool,another feature is this does have,bluetooth speakers in it and um its got,two speakers 50 watts and heres your,bluetooth set up here so you can you,know turn your radio or your music you,can turn it up and down pause it nice,little spot here to set your phone,a little rubber to help you know kind of,give it some grip and then youll see,the dash in behind it there,which is the typical four and a half,inch dash youll see on,some of the other sea doos that they,have,out there,and it shows you your,your trim over here you know your fuel,and then it also when youre running and,stuff itll do rpm mile per hour and,then also um im trying to think what,that one says i cant remember i think,that tells you forward reverse or,neutral,but uh really you know straightforward,nothing you know extravagant that you,need in this is still you know to me,fuel,and uh basically you know thats all i,need to know when im on the water i,dont care how fast im going im gonna,go as fast as this thing let me go,ive been talking on that this one is,100 horsepower,and uh per the book its going to be mid,to upper 30s depending on weight uh,seven passengers what its designed for,but uh you know obviously there,you do whatever you want but it says,seven passengers this thing is really,roomy,um thats one thing we found out when we,was out at the demo day was how much,room this thing did actually have,the awning here the canopy that you see,that comes standard on this model it,will be on all the switch crews and,switch sports,youll get this nice you know canopy and,its really simple to take down ill,show you guys here at the end,how simple it is to fold up and fold,down some cool features about it i mean,this thing is robust guys it is not like,your standard um pontoon you know one,inch square tubing i mean this things,you know probably three inches wide by a,little better than probably one and,uh probably close to one and a quarter,maybe one in a half inch thick so i mean,its got some you know substantial meat,to it to help hold it up um and and keep,the sun off of you especially while,youre down you know here enjoying the,day another cool feature i like is the,handles here that you know um coming,from like a normal pontoon,or a bass boat even this gives you,something you know if you want to pull,up and get up you know these are metal,bolted really strong stuff people people,kill me and its a bad habit theyll,always grab a windshield you know but,brp you know theyve come to see,somebody needs something to grab a hold,of you know this is all anchored in good,so if youre walking in the water,swaying you have a good hand hold to get,all the way from the back to the front,so i thought that was really really cool,ill let josh come in here and show you,some of the switch,switches underneath the handlebars that,you can get to,all right guys here looking at the,switches theyre nicely you know placed,under the handlebars here so theyre,kind of out of the way but theyre easy,to access when youre driving you got,over here you got your courtesy lights,which will turn on some lighting around,on the inside here,then you also have,your horn butt you know because you got,to have that for a coast guard,you got your driving and navigation,lights here you can flick it one way or,the other to get one on or both on this,here is for your fan down in the the,village area to to,push out the fumes from the exhaust or,from the gas tank and everything down,below,you just turn it on maybe a few minutes,to help eliminate some of that,you know gas fumes in there and then,heres your village pump so if you did,get any water in the boat from rain or,whatever you can turn the village pump,on and use that,they are set up to have more switches,installed if you need that say you want,to go and add maybe an um i dont know,a bigger audio system or you want to add,just anything like a usb charger here,or something like that,below you do have a glove box area here,um we got just some papers shoved in it,but,youll also notice down here it does,have a dual port usb charger,i dont know if anybodys really pointed,that out its in there,and it is a good spot to have especially,like a phone if you just you know your,phones getting low or whatever you can,just plug it in drop your phone in there,and close it up,and it can stay charging and do all it,wants to,so thats really good feature to have,and its like i said its tucked out of,the way,it closes up when i get the paper out of,the way,um so and then theres one speaker here,and theres one located in the front,of this so you get the sound there so,thats really really cool and thats,enough time at the console,the majority of the time i would think,would be out here because you know,youre going to get tied up do your,thing,so this model does come with the table,because it is a cruise and not a sport,so thats really nice you got that table,here you can sit in and enjoy,weve got plenty of room put your drinks,in,you got cup holders over here on these,corner tables so this whole back lounge,area comes standard on this model,so you get the full you know lounge area,here on this model which is really nice,i mean these chairs can be moved around,guys its very versatile,in being able to choose what you want to,do and how you want to set things up,the seats,if josh

New 2022 SEA-DOO SWITCH SPORT 16ft, ” Water Test Drive”

[Music],the sun platform uh with two lounge,chairs i just have one out just for show,purposes right now,itll come with the bimini with the tow,mirror and also with the garmin on it as,well,youll have that ski mode like we have,on our wake pro models so youll be able,to set your ramp and what mo or what,speed you want,[Music],plus your luggage boat you have your,bilge pump here you have your blower,here you also have your navigation and,anchor lights and you also have your,horn right there courtesy lights you,have one in the rear you also have one,on the front of the console,you have variable trim system on these,as well so youll be able to trim the,boat just like a regular one,yep yep right on the right on the,handlebars here uh every boat will have,our new idf so the intelligent debris,here the rear um and just hit that,button right there and show you how to,run through all that,we have our different modes so we have,slow mode here um and that you can just,adjust by the,arrows on your right hand side,our new cruise you dont have to hold,the throttle anymore you can actually,set it,and adjust the mile per hour just with,using these arrows on the right hand,side of the uh handlebars here,we have our different modes so we have,sport mode we have ski mode um and then,we have eco mode depending on what,youre doing for that time you know you,can set it into those different modes,just like our regular pwcs we have our,brake here that also puts us in reverse,by holding it apply throttle well put,it to,maneuver in reverse,and then we have our regular throttle,here on the right hand side,[Music],you can put them anywhere you want the,boat just by clapping them down just,like that,and take it back here,our main storage is gonna be right,underneath here,you dont have a spot for a deep cycle,battery right in there so if you want to,run a stereo system or your lights you,can hook that cycle battery up,it makes it really easy to connect,our anchor light is going to be stored,here,same with our paddle the ink the pedal,will be an accessory and the ink,electrical,so including the lounge chair everything,will be able to be moved just by pulling,that green lever out,and then once you pull that out you can,just put the chair out put it wherever,you like in the deck and that way you,can rearrange it however youd like,to put it back in all you got to do is,make sure thats out once you find the,spot just push it back in and youre,good to go,all right theres storage underneath,every single one of the seats as well so,every single one of the seats have a,storage system underneath,[Music],you

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