1. The Secretlab 2022 Chair is AMAZING! But DONT Buy it.
  3. I Secretly LOVE This Chair!!! – Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series
  4. Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Review – Is the gaming chair any good one year later?
  5. Is The Secret Lab Titan Evo 2022 Overrated?
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The Secretlab 2022 Chair is AMAZING! But DONT Buy it.

[Music],todays video is going to be a brutally,honest review of the new secret lab,titan evo 2022 gaming chair which i have,been sitting in for nearly four months,now a lot of the reviews on this chair,are from people who had only been,sitting in this chair for maybe 30 days,and while its been tempting to rush out,a video i knew i needed to get this,review right based on some of the early,critiques i was seeing online now a few,months ago secret lab reached out to see,if i wanted to test out the 2022 model,and considering i had some concerns,about the model i agreed to have them,send it my way now i do want to be very,very clear and very upfront about this,video secret lab did send this chair to,me at no cost but there are no strings,attached there was no promise of me,making a video on this they are not,paying me to say anything its not,sponsored i can say whatever i want,because nothing was agreed on and during,these last couple years ive tested out,other more budget-friendly gaming chairs,and i will link to those down in the,description for those who simply cant,justify paying the higher price tag for,secret lab chairs now i can confidently,tell you this from my different chair,testing there is a difference between a,four to five hundred dollar secret lab,chair and your typical two to three,hundred dollar gaming chair so lets go,through some of the concerns that others,have had and what my experience with,this chair has been first lets talk,about back pain this is a big topic here,this is a critique you will hear a lot,about gaming chairs they are not good,for your back theyre built for style,not for comfort and for the most part i,a hundred percent agree with those,critics your typical gaming chair has,two options when it comes to back,support an uncomfortable lumbar pillow,that forces you to sit pretty awkwardly,or just take it off and you dont really,get any support at all the massive,selling point of the titan series from,secret lab is the built-in lumbar,support this means its not all or,nothing like most gaming chairs are you,can adjust the support to be just the,right amount for your back and with the,2022 model they took it to a new level,by adding a second knob that lets you,adjust the height of your lumbar support,as well this is obviously an improvement,over the previous year but i wouldnt,say its made enough of a difference in,my experience to justify you know,current titan owners to rush out and,upgrade their chair another complaint,and im gonna go ahead and just lump,this in with back pain,its that secret lab chairs are too firm,and that the 2022 chair is no different,and i agree with that secret lab chairs,are much more firm when you first sit in,them compared to other gaming chairs i,would argue however that you dont want,a chair to be super soft on day one,because soft does not equal support,imagine what that chair is gonna feel,like on month four and one year that,softness is gonna be broken down even,more heres what it all comes down to i,had pretty consistent lower back pain,before moving to a secret lab chair and,that was probably because i was sitting,in a cheap office chair from staples for,12 hours a day but since moving to,secret lab my back pain has been,virtually gone with the exception of,when i do something stupid outside for,others however its been the opposite,where theyve experienced pain because,of a secret lab chair it really comes,down to body type and thats very,difficult to predict is a herman miller,chair going to be better for your back,support it better be because those,chairs are literally three times the,price of a secret lab chair secret lab,is a unique breed because what theyre,trying to do is make a hybrid of a,stylish gaming chair and a ergonomic,chair and thats what youre paying for,i wouldnt say this is the chair thats,gonna solve your back pain but i will,say that out of all the gaming chairs,ive tried this is going to be one of,the best solutions if you were really,wanting a gaming chair two new additions,to the 2022 model was magnetic armrests,and making the memory foam pillow,magnetic the complaints the magnetic arm,rests rattle really easy and the,magnetic pillow doesnt stay on very,well now lets back up for a second,gaming chairs in general tend to have a,lot of flexibility in how you can adjust,the armrests and secret lab is no,different there its not just the height,like a standard office chair but also,how close do you want them to the desk,how close do you want them to your body,what angle do you want so,to expect a rock-solid arm isnt super,realistic with all the different,mechanics involved in these arm rests,having said that the very loose armrests,in the 2022 model is absolutely real my,other gaming chairs even my other secret,lab gaming chairs theyve got a little,bit of a wiggle when you wiggle that arm,rest but the 2022 model takes that,wiggle to a whole new level most are,assuming its because the cushions on,these chairs are now removable but,thats not why when you remove the,magnetic cover you can see that its,still loose and that the four magnetic,points are all on top so the mechanics,underneath should be the same as,previous years and have nothing to do,with the magnetic functionality so,something happened with easier with this,years chair where the execution was,just not great its not enough for me to,notice when im actually using the chair,but it is something to note in my,opinion the magnetic armrests are a very,gimmicky addition im guessing the point,of this is to make it easy if you need,to swap out arm rests for new ones in,the future once these are worn out but,based on how durable and solid my other,secret lab armrests are and how these,ones are panning out so far,i dont ever see a need for that and by,the time they would get that worn down i,imagine the whole chair will be worn,down and itll just be time for a new,chair as for the pillow i personally,havent had any issues with this model,its just as soft and supportive as,other years but they have added four,magnets in the pillow and then,presumably have a metal plate in the top,back side of the chair i could see this,being an issue if you bought a model,that is just too tall for you,at some point the metal plate does end,and the pillow will have nothing to,stick on so perhaps thats whats,causing some sliding issues ive only,seen i can only recall one youtuber that,had sliding issues but its not a common,issue so i imagine maybe he got a chair,that was a little bit too tall for him,and thats what was causing the sliding,and as a reminder i am six foot three,and this is the regular model that im,sitting in and i would say its been the,perfect size for me secret lab does have,their own sizing chart on their website,but in the video description ill give,you a real simple to understand chart,because theirs can kind of be confusing,depending on where you fall with your,height and weight now one thing i like,to pay attention to that many other,reviews dont tend to cover is the,height of the chair when measuring from,the floor to the top of the seat the,2022 model at its max height is an inch,and a half shorter and it sits an inch,lower at the lowest height whether,thats a pro or con,really depends on you and your desk,situation and your height another change,secret lab made this year is supposedly,the pu leather and soft weave fabric is,stronger on the new model and while i,havent had a chance to test out the new,pu leather i can say that the soft weave,which is what i own on the 2022 model is,definitely a stronger more durable,material not that the 20 20 soft weave,was weak but its noticeably softer to,the touch than the 2022 model is if you,have pets or youre worried of tearing,the softwave somehow then the 2022 model,is definitely a positive upgrade,otherwise i still think i prefer that,subtle softness that the older model,gives but,at the end of the day you know its not,a big difference with your clothes on,but for those


[Applause],[Music],[Applause],are you thinking of buying a secret lab,titan evo 2022 gaming chair but youre,kind of worried about the long-term,lifespan maybe youve had a gaming chair,before that fell apart after a couple of,months or maybe youve read some not so,positive things online somewhere,whatever it is today were going to take,a one year look at my titan evo 2022,talk about my experience the issues that,have popped up and give my overall,opinion to help you make that purchasing,decision,now i did do an eight-month follow-up a,few months ago but a few things have,changed since then so its important,that we address those things as none of,us want to spend half a thousand dollars,on a chair that well have to replace,within a year two things first this,video is not sponsored by secret lab,however if you end up finding this video,helpful and are going to purchase id,super appreciate you using my link in,the description below which really helps,to support my channel so i can afford to,buy new things to review second because,im not sure how long itll take secret,lab to address and resolve the issues,im having im breaking this video up,into two separate videos todays which,will discuss the problems and give my,thoughts on the chair and a follow-up,video to discuss what secret lab did to,fix my issues and how long it took them,to resolve them now once thats uploaded,ill leave an end screen at the end of,this video to take you there,so being that i use this chair on,average of six or so hours a day and,this is the arctic white soft weave,which is no doubt going to be harder to,keep clean and i am an extra oily person,whose skin comes into daily contact with,my chair its no wonder i started to see,some signs of yellowing now luckily for,me my oils dont seem to be the direct,cause as the first thing i noticed is,the light water stain on the seat which,i intentionally caused in my soft weave,versus leatherette video i did about 10,months ago i splashed a small amount of,water on the seat to show off its,absorbing properties and hadnt really,noticed all this time as my room is dark,but it appears to have left behind a,light brown water stain you can also see,this yellowing along the top border of,the chair which appears to be more,prominent along the back side than the,front and im not really sure how this,happened as i dont come into contact,with this and dont really ever touch,this part of the chair but after,reaching out to secret lab theyre going,to send me some of their soft weave,fabric wipes so i can try it out and see,if that restores the chair back to its,new condition this is a perfect scenario,to see how well these products work so,stay tuned for that,another big issue when i first got the,chair and one that was shared by many,was the seat and backrest noise the,chair put out which definitely caused,some negative reactions secret lab,remedied this by giving you instructions,on how you could move the lumbar support,up and down and in and out several times,until the creaking went away and by,releasing the barrier kit which was,placed along the sides of the seat and,made a huge difference in fact it,completely nullified the seat noise for,me and while my chair has been quiet,about a month ago out of nowhere noises,came back and this time its louder than,ever before in two specific spots first,lets address the backrest noise,[Music],[Music],i reached out and was advised to try the,same method as before and just in case,youre not familiar with what that is,let me show you exactly what i did,okay so the first thing youre going to,want to do is to make sure that your,lumbar is set to its lowest position and,its as flat as it can possibly be so,once you do that then youll want to go,ahead and adjust your lumbar so it,sticks out as far as possible,once its out as far as possible then,youll want to raise it to its max,height,now that its at its max height you want,to lower it back down while its still,sticking out as far as possible,this allows the lumbar to be raised and,lowered all the way to its max settings,while the lumbar support is sticking out,as far as they can possibly go and once,its back to the lowest setting youll,want to twist it so that the lumbar goes,flat again,just like that,it might take you more than one try for,me it really only took just the one,but now you can kind of adjust it to,taste and it should be quiet now,this seems to have resolved the problem,for now well see if it comes back but,the other loud spot and the bigger,problem is that as of about six weeks,ago the piston now lets out a loud,creaking noise whenever i move but,especially when i turn,okay so right in here where this this,piece meets this piece and the piston,this is where all the noise is coming,out of right here,as you can imagine trying to shoot a,youtube video and record audio it can be,very distracting support was notified,august 4th and since im only one year,in i should be covered under the,warranty if im able to take care of the,stains and eliminate the piston noise my,chair will be the same condition as it,was on day one if youve made it this,far into the video and youre finding,this helpful consider hitting that,subscribe button and notification bell,to help my small channel grow so in the,year that ive owned it and have used it,as my daily driver those were the only,issues ive developed so ive got,nothing else negative to report with,that said there are a few areas where,this chair and brand really shine that i,feel should be mentioned so number one,look lets be honest theres a lot of,gaming chair brands out there with more,popping up as time goes on and theres a,reason secret lamp continues to dominate,the gaming chair market if you look,through my channel youll see a fair,amount of different gaming chair reviews,and no matter how many other brands get,sent my way i always come back to my,titan evo even with gaming chairs,costing twice the price build quality,still remains the best as where other,chairs ive tried have a plastic and,cheap feel customizability is king with,the crazy amount of designs to match,whatever aesthetic youve got going on,and the warranty is probably the best in,the industry you add in accessories like,these plush cell memory foam armrests,and let me tell you if youve got a soft,weave that matches these are absolutely,a must buy i highly recommend them the,soft feel on your forearms with the soft,weave material at your back is just a,perfect pairing now look im not a,secret lab salesman i dont work for the,company in fact every single secret lab,chair that i featured and reviewed on my,channel was paid for out of my pocket so,i could do these reviews i just stand by,certain brands that have proven,themselves to be reliable and in my,experience secret lab is one of them the,only thing id really like to see is,more customizability with their magnus,desk which is pretty much black on black,now they did just release the assassins,creed magpad and chair which are mostly,white and are super dope in my opinion,but i feel like if theyve released more,color combinations maybe an all-white,magpad red blue or carbon fiber to fit,more home setups it would make the desk,even more attractive but secret lab if,youre watching i really think you would,kill the market if you released magpads,that simulated wood surfaces like bamboo,american oak different shades of grays,charcoal you get the picture but by,having so many color combinations you,not only capture the gaming chair market,but probably take over the desk market,in general with so many looks those are,just my thoughts do with it what you,will thats going to wrap it up for,today you can trust that im probably,going to do a 2 year maybe even a 3 year,review maybe even 8 my titan evo is,finally dead video should that day ever,come because i know itll help you out,and youll want to know just how long,the chair lasted now if you have any,comments questions or concerns drop that,in the comment

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I Secretly LOVE This Chair!!! – Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series

– 调整。,哦,(男人笑),- 我想你可能让我的姿势变坏了,,但我喜欢它。,(Jono 和男人笑),- 你好,欢迎来到另一个 ShortCircuit 拆箱。,今天,我们将看看,Secretlab 的 Titan Evo 2022 系列,,普通尺寸的游戏椅。,这东西其实很恶心,我上气不接下气了。,我真的很高兴打开这个,,因为我个人从未使用过 Secretlab 的椅子。,在这个视频之前,我 认为我什至从未真正坐在其中,,所以我很兴奋。,让我们深入了解一下。,我们什么时候能拿到 LTT 商店刀?,是的,我们走吧。凉爽的。,2022 系列,零妥协。,每把 Secretlab 椅子都经过,一系列严格的测试和国际认证,,所以您知道它真正 经久耐用 。,五尺七到六尺二。,所以完全免责声明,我只有五英尺六英寸。,所以,我对这把椅子有点矮,,但没关系。,高达 220 磅,我们都很好。,我和莱纳斯一样高。,嗯是的。 – [Jono] 真的吗?,Linus 和你一样矮吗?,- 是的,他甚至可能比我矮一点。,这取决于袜子和凉鞋,我不知道。,你知道,他们做了五英尺跌落测试。,哇,他们应该为此得到 Linus。我们可以这样做吗?,Titan Evo 2022 系列和 bam,,背面有说明。,直接查看装配视频的二维码,完美。,我们要遵循这个吗?也许我们会。,有朋友帮忙,可以使组装过程更加容易。,好吧,开他们的玩笑。我没有朋友。,哦,秘密实验室访问。,- [Jono] 这很酷。,- 那真是太棒了。它是什么?,它就像一个,它的匹配就像一张机票。,用户手册。,这就是我们获得 Secretlab 访问权限的人,,我们所有人,每个人都在观看,Secretlab 访问权限。,它太酷了。,他们实际上会告诉您如何处理,室内装潢选项。,所以,他们有他们的那种软织物,,他们有纳帕皮革和超细纤维皮革,,我还不知道,,但我认为我们有人造革。,所以,这是扶手的顶部,,它们有可热插拔的扶手,,你可以用它来获得这个非常酷的东西。,一旦它真正建成,我们将更深入地研究它。,这有点灾难性,我把所有东西都撕掉了。,所以,(塑料噼啪声),拉动把手,轻轻地向后滑出。,他们说要我做什么?我就是要去,你知道吗,这是 ShortCircuit。,(塑料噼啪声),不,我的椅子。,嘿,如果他们能把它放下五英尺,,那就没问题了。好的?,- [Jono] 他们把箱子放下五英尺。,哦,对了,所以我们得到了答案。,所以,这是 这款游戏椅,的混合人造革版本 。,抓住磁头枕,这很酷。,所以,唯一的事情是,我真的不经常使用头枕,,但也许这一切都改变了我的想法。,对于一个宽大的男孩来说,这是一个宽阔的座位。,我不需要帮助,乔诺。,它说,朋友。,我忘记 拆箱这些不同的椅子,的事情的数量 ,这很有趣。,好的,我们很好。,当你在建造任何东西时,重要的,是保持你的工作区域干净,保持干净整洁。,保持井井有条。,在牢固安装靠背之前,,请勿取下肩带 。,真想删,规则是用来打破的。,所以,让我们先把脚轮放在这里。,好的。,将轴距右侧朝上,并插入液压活塞。,你在做什么,乔诺?,- 你是一个活塞。,- 不要叫我活塞。这很好玩。,这是个好时机。,好吧,爽。所以,我们要滑动这个。,- 进入您的 DM,滑入位于此处的 DM。,好的,我有一个。,你能不能再倾斜一点?,我会打破椅子吗?,始终先拧紧顶部螺钉。,所以,当你安装这个时,,先做这个,然后再做这个。,不要从那里开始,因为那样你将无法,让它正确倾斜。,观众就像,“我已经知道了,好吗?”,- 我已经跳过了五分钟。,(男人笑),- 朋友最好的事情就是让他们去做。,下一步,取下斜倚陷阱。完毕。,看,我们已经领先了。,我喜欢使用提供的工具,,因为它们通常非常糟糕。,老实说,这个工具一点也不差。,就像磁铁质量很高一样。,不要丢弃斜倚的安全标签,和螺丝,因为它们可以重新安装以确保儿童安全。,原来是这样,谢谢你照顾我。,提起椅子,,然后轻轻向下。,美好而温柔。,这是什么人?,Secretlab 新混合人造革。毛绒和柔软。,是的,这就是它的方式,太棒了。,所以,现在我们可能把它搞砸了,我猜。,我捏自己,使用这个工具。,但这不是椅子的错。,实际上,他们 在此处和图表上,写下倾斜锁定 和高度 真的很有帮助 ,,因此您可以完全匹配。,而不是不得不猜测,因为你不知道,也不能正确定位自己。,插入。,不,我不需要任何朋友。,你在我心里有个朋友,好吧。,最后,最后的作品。,很容易放下,,但当他真的试图把它拉下来时,,你肯定需要一点力量来做到这一点。,难怪上面写着“警告:强磁铁”。,三二一。,(男人笑),现在,按照椅子的传统。,最后要做的是在,我们的赞助商 Genshin Impact 说完一句话后 坐在椅子上 。,Genshin Impact 是一款免费的开放世界动作角色扮演游戏。,可在 PC、移动设备、PlayStation 4 和 5 上,使用,最多可与四名玩家合作游戏。,如果您想要,使用 Genshin Impact 获得最佳视觉效果和性能,,那么在 PC 上玩游戏是您的不二之选。,更新 2.0,包括,与电子元素相关联 的新地图闪电,。 在这个最新区域 探索和发现新的奥秘、任务 和故事。,在闪电中可以找到可爱、惊人的生物。,旅行者在探索新区域时会遇到它们。,与他们互动,发现更多惊喜。,此更新还包括一个新角色 Kamisato Ayaka,,一位五星级的人群剑使用者。,新的游戏活动,如,雷霆旅居和机械剧场:奇迹舞台,,让四星角色北斗,与你一起加入战斗。,通过愿望可以获得 新的锻造武器和两个新的五星级武器,。,因此,立即使用下面的链接,在您的设备上获取 Genshin Impact。去这样做。,所以,现在我们要尝试,4 向 L-adapt 腰部系统,这真的很酷。,因此,椅子内部有一堆铰链,,它们会根据旋钮进行调整,以适应您的背部,与脊椎的确切曲率。,所以,这是不同的,,但它,是的,实际上并坚持下去,,我通常会稍微倾斜一点,坚持下去。,而我唯一的事情就是我不知道……,好吧,现在我感觉到了。你在那里做什么?,哦好的。,那真的很管用,因为现在我什么都感觉不到了。,里面没什么感觉。,哦耶。是的,是的。完美的。,那就是,哇,支持我。,在我所有的兴奋中,,我意识到我从来没有谈论过,扶手实际上是如何调整的。,所以,你的扶手,他们向前向后。,他们变得弯曲。,他们并肩而行。,他们上上下下。,我会像一个真正的玩家一样弯曲我的。,所以,这就是椅子的一些特点。,现在,我们要让其他一些人在这里,与这个坏男孩真正玩游戏,,我们会了解他们的想法,所以。,好的。首先,我们得到了新人,杰克。,进来测试一下 Secretlab 的 Evo,不管是 2022 年,。这东西叫什么?,- 哦。 – [Jono] 泰坦的秘密。,- 泰坦。,- 现在,我是一个真正的游戏玩家。,我希望我的手臂做尽可能少的工作。,所以,我希望他们尽可能地高。,所以,那样……,你去吧。,- 哦,哇。看看那个表格。,- [Jono] 看起来像个游戏玩家。,- 你能说我是一个主机游戏玩家吗?,(男人笑),- 你在家坐什么?,- 地上。,- 地上。,这比地板舒服吗?,- 仅仅。不,是的,绝对。,- 绝对,绝对。那是好东西。,嘿,检查一下。,试试那个扶手。,你想怎么样,,- 哦。,- 你在干什么?,- 好痛。,- 快点。嗯,不要伤害自己。,它有这样的力量。,那么,您如何看待能够 将扶手,实际更换 为不同的材料?,- 我很喜欢。,其实超级方便。,- 你玩游戏时的姿势是什么?,你真的是这样坐着吗?,- 不,我坐得很直。,- 哇哦,那太好了。,嘿,你想要腰部支撑吗,小伙子?,不知道怎么调整。,哦,(男人笑),- 我想你可能让我的姿势变坏了,,但我喜欢它。,- 好。 – 它在哪里?,- 所以是的,你可以自己调整。,所以,它是你肘部后面的两个旋钮。,- 那很方便。,- 是的,这是我对 这个系统,唯一的抱怨 ,,但是 – 我需要倾斜我的头。,- 哦,我们知道了。,- 哦,这很时髦。,- 你喜欢?,- 我愿意。,好的。是的,你认为他的椅子要多少钱?,所以,我以前从未看过游戏椅,,但是, – 好吧。,- 我会说 500 美元。,- [Jono] 让自己达成协议。,- 哇。,- [乔诺] 449 美元。 – 不错。,- 哇,我们走了。,- 不错,你去吧。,- 是的,这真的很好。,就像,它看起来不错,不太像游戏玩家。,缝线,是真正的意大利皮革,对吧?,- [Jono And The Man] 不。,- 他们骗了我。,(男人笑),- 接下来是 MLG 玩家 Dennis Liao。,你在家坐什么?你有按摩椅吗?,你没拆吗?,- [丹尼斯] 不,我没带。,- 我以为你把它弄坏了。,- [丹尼斯] 不,布兰登拿走了。,我接触的第一件事,这很好。,- 你喜欢? – [丹尼斯] 是的。,- 脱掉它。,把它取下来。,- [丹尼斯] 我可以把它取下来吗?,- 是的,脱掉它。,- [丹尼斯] 不,你不能。,- 丹尼斯,我们在这把椅子上花了一个小时。,你可以,你只需要相信。,它是有磁性的,你只要把它散开。,- [丹尼斯] 哦。,- 就这样,很好。,- [丹尼斯] 为什么你需要把它取下来?,- 因为你可以把它换成不同的上衣。,你说这个不错,这实际上是售后市场。,这不是椅子带来的。,- [丹尼斯] 哦,真的。,- 所以,如果你想要一些更轻松的东西。,有些东西更坚固一些。,- [丹尼斯] 我喜欢这个。,- 是的,那很好。,- [丹尼斯] 但我觉得你真的会留下指纹,,- 是的,我已经看到了,就像有人在上面出汗一样。,这有点恶心。,丹尼斯,你有多高?,- [丹尼斯] 我比你高。,- 哦,是的,你肯定比我高。,所以,实际上你会接近,这把椅子的人口统计数据。,- [丹尼斯] 真的吗?,- 你会接近他们对这把椅子的建议。,- [丹尼斯] 对于矮个子?,- 嘘…,- [丹尼斯] 矮个子的人?,- 你在说我矮。,- [丹尼斯] 更短。 – 你比我高,哇。,我认为这是一种冒犯。难以置信的。,- [丹尼斯] 背部有点硬。,- 是的,是的。只是坚定吗?,哦,是的,在这里。我们可以调整它。,那可能是腰部支撑。,我想我以前工作过。,我不知道它往哪个方向发展。,- [丹尼斯] 我不喜欢你站在我身后。,- 没关系,没问题。,哦,这样更好。,但是你可以调整腰部支撑,所以。,- [丹尼斯] 这不是皮革,对吧?,- 哇,这里是二对二。,是的,你刚刚闻到了吗?,- [丹尼斯] 那是皮革。,(男人笑),- 这是假皮革,但事实上它欺骗了你,,我的意思是,它正在发挥作用,所以,,- [丹尼斯] 就像,它有点像这样,对吧?,它不是平坦的,或者就像,,- 是的,倾斜调整是我相信在这里,然后你可以有点,,然后你得到了一个火箭,你应该能够,,实际上,你去。你说对了。,- [丹尼斯] 我喜欢这个,更喜欢这种方式。,- 可能需要坐一些,嗯,,- [丹尼斯] 哦,其实很不错,很舒服。,- 你愿意为它付多少钱丹尼斯?,- [丹尼斯] 888 美元。,- 888 美元。,- [Jono] 450 美元。,- [丹尼斯] 哦什么?真的吗?,- 啊什么?决不。,- [丹尼斯] 你说它是溢价,一定是溢价。,- 是的,但我的意思是,感觉很好。,这就是这家公司的全部价值主张,,伙计。,- [丹尼斯] 什么?,好吧,这很划算。 – 研发。,好吧,好吧,我的意思是,,老实说,这样就结束了。,这东西质量上乘,感觉真的很高档。,在视频中很难传达,,但如果您在市场上购买游戏椅,,我强烈推荐它。,至少做你自己的研究,并检查这些事情之一。,如果可以的话,至少去一家商店并坐在一个商店里。,我不知道他们是否会这样做,但是是的,,这是一把好椅子。,您可以通过下面的链接获取所有详细信息,,就像我们在 ShortCircuit 上所做的任何其他事情一样。,非常感谢您的观看。,如果您喜欢,请确保喜欢该视频。,发表评论。,查看我们的其他一些椅子拆箱,,我们下一个再见。,再见。,- 哇。

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Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Review – Is the gaming chair any good one year later?

you are looking at my one year old 2022,secret lab of titan evo gaming chair and,in todays video were going to talk,about how this chair has performed over,the last year of full-time use so,without further ado lets kick off the,full video review,gday guys my name is ben and welcome to,the channel and today were reviewing,this the secret lab titan evo gaming,chair,and as you just saw ive had this for,more than one year give or take and,thought id put together an updated,video review from my earlier review from,a year ago to talk about how this chair,has gone over the last year of full-time,work from home use now if youve just,come across from my previous video where,i compared my other secret lab gaming,chair that i have in the house the 2020,titan this review is going to be more,about just the titan evo chair but i,will give you a little update on how,that chair is going at almost two and a,half years old at the end of this video,too so to kick this one off i thought,id talk a little bit more about why i,chose the secret lab titan evo and,really for me thats because i already,had a secret lab titan at home and to be,honest my 2020 titan has gone absolutely,amazingly and before the secret lab,titan evo came out it was my primary,chip thats now been handed down to my,partner for her to use,but overall i was absolutely sold that,the secret lab titan was a fantastic,chair and in the year that i owned that,it was absolutely flawless if youre,interested to know more there are other,links to that video review on my channel,too but really when i saw the titan evo,had come out it was kind of a no-brainer,to add a second chair into the household,because we needed that for working from,home and thats why i chose the titan,evo so if youre pressed for time let me,just wrap up my overall thoughts on this,chair and that is this has to be out of,my two secret lap titan chairs the most,comfortable one that i own,the new features that this chair brings,seem to be getting better and better,over time which includes like the cloud,swap armrest system here as well as the,magnetic headrest has grown on me a lot,over the last year or so as well and,without a doubt their new lumbar support,system in this chair provides so much,more support than their previous,generation now if youre watching this,video and you havent sat in a secret,lab chair before perhaps youre thinking,about upgrading the chair that youre on,now maybe something that you bought,straight from a retail store like best,buy or office works down here in,australia,well to be up front youre going to find,that this is a significant upgrade,compared to probably what youre sitting,on now the secret lab chairs are just,overall built like a tank is the best,way that i would describe them they are,considerably more sturdy heavier and,overall support you much better than,those chairs and if you arent liking,this video please think about liking and,subscribing to the channel as well it is,greatly appreciated and make sure you,jump into that written description,because theres plenty more information,in there including links to my other,secret lab videos a link to this product,of course and some extra written,information as well that i might have,forgotten while i was recording this,video,alright so lets go and talk about the,key features of the titan evo chair and,i thought id start with the software,material now this material is called the,software plus which is a completely,different material compared to the,previous generation which is on my 2020,titan chair,this material to be honest is a lot more,sturdy it seems to be more stain,resistant and as you can see here,theres not a mark on this chair i i,honestly cant find anything wrong with,it and it all looks as it did from the,first day that i bought it overall this,material is stronger and sturdier it,does feel a little bit rougher compared,to the previous chair but if youre not,comparing them side by side you wont,notice a difference,it is very comfortable on your skin it,doesnt leave any marks or anything like,that on you and overall with the,breathability that the software material,offers ive just found it to be a much,nicer experience to previous chairs that,ive had which have a pu leather,material on them,the great thing about the soft weave is,its breathable its good in winter its,good in summer you dont sweat and it,just seems to keep your body temperature,in check much better than a pu leather,chair now if youre actually in the,market for one of their pu leather,materials for their chairs thats,totally okay too,now what secretly offer here is a pu,leather thats about 12 times stronger,than a lot of the more basic retail,chairs out there and ill have to say,coming from those retail chairs ive,been through the drama of having a low,quality pu leather chair effectively at,some point in their life that material,will start to wear and break down and,then it will just constantly flake every,time you sit on it and its not,something that you want that was one of,the reasons why i went for a software,material to avoid that problem but once,again secret lab are doing their best to,make sure that their pu leather chairs,are as durable as possible especially in,this generation,all right so next up im going to talk,about secret labs cloud swap armrest,system which is unique and only for the,titan evo generation and its actually a,really great feature thats grown on me,over the last year or so have a look,here,this is secret labs new plush cell,armrest they only just released it a,little while ago and i was one of the,early adopters for this and ill have to,say,this arm rest makes such a difference,when youre using it ill have to say,that the extra padding that this armrest,offers the smooth material and all that,really does make the chair feel a lot,more comfortable particularly in the,middle of winter which we are in right,now down here in australia now outside,of the customization that secret life,offer with their new swappable armrest,system the great thing here is by,disconnecting the top of the armrest,from the rest of the mechanical unit,here this has really made the whole,process to exchange or upgrade or,replace these armrests much more,sustainable,now on my previous secret lab titan,chair the 2020 version to replace an,armrest you need to replace this entire,unit which i actually had to go through,there because my armrest was damaged a,little bit out of the box,and what secret lab had to actually do,was send this entire unit just to,replace something on the top,so by disconnecting these pieces if you,do have a warranty issue in particular,for your arm rest its much more,economical and sustainable for secret,lab to send you the cover rather than,the entire unit and for you it means,its a split second change when you do,receive that replacement part so its a,better user experience too and of course,down the line lets just say you are out,of that warranty period or maybe you,accidentally damage these armrests,yourself,its no longer as expensive to replace,or repair these arm,besides that though the rest of the arm,rest is basically the same as the,previous generation of chair youve,still got all that different,customization you can move the armrest,side to side you can move it up and down,and you can move it in and out so you,can really sync your armrest to be,exactly what you need them to do,for me i have these armrests set so,theyre flush to the edge of this desk,here so when im using my keyboard and,mouse my entire arm is supported while i,type and that for me feels like the most,ergonomic position that i can get from,these armrests,so i think this is one of the main,features that i was a little bit iffy,about on the titan evo chair and thats,this magnetic pillow that i have here,to be honest coming from their previous,chair the titan which had a strap to,connect this onto the chair i dont know,something about the way i got in and out,of this chair and moved abou

Is The Secret Lab Titan Evo 2022 Overrated?

is the secret lab titan evo 2022 the,best chair in the world or the most,overrated chair weve ever seen,okay its not quite that dramatic but,this chair does have a ton of hype,following it it is probably the most,commented about chair on our gaming,chairs versus office chair videos with,quite a few people on both sides of the,fence either really really liking it or,didnt like it so much that they,returned it so weve had a ton of,requests to bring this in and the day,has finally come for us to do a full,review on the evo 2022 so im just gonna,go through the whole chair from head to,toe including some policies just give,you my opinions on how i think it stacks,up to other chairs in the gaming chair,industry as well as the office furniture,industries so well just start with the,manufacture of the chair the chair is,made by secret lab secret lab was,started in around 2014 by a couple,gamers theyre based in singapore and,the chairs are made in their factory in,china now the titan has a starting price,of around 449,but it can get as expensive as 999,depending on how you spec it out if you,get the extra large size with the full,leather addition it will get upwards of,that thousand dollar mark but we chose,the regular size on our chair here with,the standard upholstery which was 449,next up were gonna talk about some of,the policies that you get with the titan,evo 2022 first being the return policy,secret lab gives you up to 49 days to,try the chair if you do not like it,disassemble it put it back in the,original packaging ship it back to,secret lab and they will give you a full,refund now you will be responsible for,those return shipping charges but 49,days is quite a long time to try a chair,and getting a full refund on the back,end is nice so overall i do think this,is a pretty good return policy next up,were going to talk about the warranty,which is going to be three years on the,entire chair standard you can extend,this to five years by registering the,product and then sharing the chair a,picture of the chair on social media,which will give you that extra two years,now in my opinion it would be nice if,they just gave you the full five years,without requiring you to share it on,social media but that is the route that,theyve chosen to go next up were going,to talk about the installation the,installation on this chair was actually,pretty straightforward the parts went,together smoothly the instructions were,very easy to read but it did take a,little bit of time because there were,quite a few parts that needed to be,assembled if you want to see the video,check out the link in the description we,did do an assembly video on that id say,itll take most people 15 to 30 minutes,depending on your skill level the final,thing that were going to talk about is,the shipping of the chair this chair did,arrive to us via fedex ground in a,fairly medium sized box id say its not,overly large but its not small so you,might need someone to help you move it,just because it is a little bit heavy,but overall i will say that the,packaging was pristine very well,packaged everything had its own,individual box or bag or something so,our chair did arrive in very good,condition and i would expect that to be,the case with most secret lab chairs,next up were going to talk about the,build quality on the titan evo 2022 and,i will say that this is probably one of,the nicest gaming chairs that ive seen,when just looking at the overall build,of the chair now this isnt going to be,a super high priced chair in the whole,world of office chairs so if we were,going to compare this in the world of,officers its probably more of a,mid-tier type chair but in the world of,gaming chairs this is going to be a very,high-end chair it feels solid you do,have quite a few decent quality parts on,the chair like the casters the cylinder,the base those are definitely going to,be good quality parts that look like,they are built to last you also have,some nice adjustability on the titan,which we dont see on a lot of gaming,chairs things like four-way adjustable,arms and then the integrated lumbar,support with height and depth adjustment,is a really nice touch from secret lab,separating it from almost every gaming,chair on the market,now there are a few things that im not,a huge fan of in terms of build quality,which is why i would consider this to be,more of a mid-tier chair in the overall,world of office chairs and that is just,due to the mechanism on the chair and,then just kind of the way that the chair,feels as a whole and kind of the noises,and the creakiness that come from the,chair so the mechanism is not going to,be a very high-end mechanism youre,getting a knee tilt mechanism its kind,of just a basic knee tilt mechanism its,not going to have that synchro tilt,action that we see on a lot of good,ergonomic office chairs even some lower,end office chairs have syncro tilt,mechanisms but that is one of the way,that the ways that they saved money on,this chair was going with a lower grade,mechanism and then just the overall kind,of noisiness and creakiness of the chair,is something that was a bit of a turn,off for me i actually received an email,from secret lab shortly after purchasing,this chair addressing some of the noise,concerns that theyve had from their,customers two of the issues that they,pointed to were the lumbar making some,creaking noises when you initially get,it and needing to kind of use it for an,extended period of time to get those,creaks out and then just the leather,itself making quite a few creaky noises,that the previous version did not make,now i have not experienced those noises,in this chair but ive experienced,noises in the plastics on the side and,these are very noticeable noises and,its basically any time that you ever,move or wiggle in the chair and so for,me it became a pretty big nuisance and,this would definitely be a deal breaker,for me now i didnt reach out to secret,lab to see if theyd be willing to,replace these parts or to see its as if,this is a defect but based on the email,that i received already addressing some,concerns with noise i suspect that this,is a fairly common issue so overall just,to kind of sum things up again in the,world of gaming chairs this is a very,high-end product a very good quality,product if you want one of the best,gaming chairs from a build standpoint,this is probably going to be it in the,world of office chairs its probably,more of a mid-tier type chair next up,weve got the seat comfort on the titan,evo 2022,now i will say that from a design,perspective this seat feels quite a bit,different than most racing style gaming,chairs that ive sat in because theyve,gone away a little bit from the bucket,seat design now i know that it looks,like it has a bucket seat but the side,bolsters are actually soft they do not,have a hard metal frame in there like,most gaming chairs do which can really,be uncomfortable if you lean up against,them and it really kind of inhibits your,movement and makes you stay basically in,the center of the chair and it doesnt,really allow you to move outside that,what secret lab has done is theyve,built up these side bolsters but theyre,not nearly as tall and pronounced and,theyre just foam so if you lean up,against them or sit on top of them or,move against them it is still soft and,it does not feel hard and uncomfortable,so a great design change in my opinion,from secret lab when it comes to the,titan just by giving you more room and,more comfort in the seat overall the,seat is going to be a large design so it,is spacious for most people,and the seat is much softer than the,previous model i think that was probably,the biggest complaint from the previous,version of the secret lab chairs i know,that the initial secret level mega that,we bought i think it had probably the,hardest padded seat weve ever tested i,mean,its not going to be as hard as a,plastic seat but when were looking at,foam it was definitely the hardest seat,that w

Gaming vs. Office Chairs: What I Learned After Selling 1000’s

ive sold office chairs and gaming,chairs for years i have a ton of,experience with both so i think i have a,unique perspective on gaming chairs,versus office chairs and why you might,buy one over the other the multi-colored,bucket seat design is what has made,gaming chairs so popular this is not,something we see on the office chair,market it gives the chair a unique look,but it is also the thing that keeps,almost every gaming chair from being,ergonomic the concept is cool you mimic,a car seat to make it feel more,immersive and pair it with cool color,combinations fancy stitching and a,popular team logo an office chair cannot,match this look but this is not very,useful from a pure functional standpoint,racing seats are not meant to be,comfortable they are designed to be safe,while ripping around corners on a race,track a racing seat is far less,comfortable than the seat in your,average sedan or suv but gaming chairs,are modeled after the less comfortable,racing style seat with pronounced hard,side bolsters that are meant to protect,you which is not necessary in your home,or office they just make the chair more,limited because you do not want to come,into contact with the side bolsters it,limits things like sitting in the chair,cross-legged the only exception to this,rule that i have found is the secret lab,titan evo 2022 secret lab did something,really smart and made the side bolsters,on the seat just padding more like a,typical car seat this makes them soft,and usable for the entire area of the,seat there is a huge price range in both,gaming chairs and office chairs but,there are a couple things to consider,the first is that when comparing equally,priced gaming and office shares office,chairs will typically have more,functionality simply because a portion,of the build on a gaming chair needs to,go into that custom look of the chair,the fancy stitching multi-colored design,and logos cost money and sacrifices need,to be made in other areas to sell an,equally priced product the second rule,to consider is that the cap on office,chairs is much much higher than gaming,chairs i would consider the secret lab,titan evo 2022 to be the best gaming,chair ive seen and it currently sells,for 549 dollars in the standard,upholstery option 549 dollars will get,you a mid-tier office chair like a,eurotech vera hayward soji steel case,series one the office chair category,gives you the option to get into,products that are much higher quality,and in a completely different ballpark,than the titan evo chairs like the,hayworth fern steel case gesture hermann,miller and body are all much more,expensive but offer features and comfort,you simply cannot get in a gaming chair,being able to change the angle of the,backrest to be almost completely flat is,one feature that office chairs cant,compete with and is often touted as the,most coveted feature on a gaming chair,this is an adjustment that i dont find,to be practical simply because i cant,watch my screen once i get past a,certain point anyway and i would argue,that most ergonomic office chairs will,get you to that point if youre using it,as a tool to lay down and take a little,nap then fair game i can see that but,otherwise i think people may be,overvaluing this adjustment a bit just,because i dont see a ton of use for it,especially if your chair is in a home,office environment where youre,typically going to have a bed or a couch,within a few steps from your workstation,one fundamental difference between,gaming and office chairs is the way that,they recline almost all ergonomic chairs,will use a synchro tilt mechanism which,means that the back reclines a bit,further than the seat does as you go,back in the chair this puts you in a,better ergonomic position through the,entire recline range as compared to,keeping the angle of the seat and the,back the same like a bucket seat gaming,chair does due to the limitations of the,bucket seat design almost all gaming,chairs have a basic center tilt,mechanism this system makes it very,difficult to recline the range is,limited and your knees will come up as,you go back i really hate this type of,functionality it is almost like you,dont have a recline function if you go,with a higher end gaming chair like,either of the secret lab models we have,here you can get a knee tilt mechanism,which has a smoother easier to use,motion and it doesnt bring your legs up,as drastically as the center tilt but,this is still not as well designed as a,synchro tilt mechanism for proper,ergonomics and really long sitting,sessions along with a better recline,mechanism office chairs tend to be more,adjustable overall when compared to,similarly priced gaming chairs if we,look at in my opinion the best gaming,chair which weve talked about quite a,bit already the titan evo it still,doesnt have some of the functions you,will find in a chair in the same price,range like a hayworth soji the ranges on,the adjustments it does have are also,going to be smaller a good example would,be the arms they both have four-way,adjustment but the ranges on the soji,are much more generous as compared to,the titan some adjustments we see on,office chairs you simply will not see on,gaming chairs are things like forward,seat tilt back height adjustment seat,depth adjustment and adjustable,headrests while gaming chairs have high,back designs with a pillow the headrests,are not adjustable other than being able,to move the pillow a bit but the strap,design is pretty terrible for holding,the pillow in place and they usually go,flat after about 30 minutes office,chairs will offer more options to choose,from whether it is a built-in design or,an adjustable option there are solid,options in each price range with a good,example being the clitina millette this,is a 200 chair with one of the best,headrests ive ever seen its padded,adjustable and super comfortable,especially for the price,the final adjustment that is really the,biggest glaring weakness of the gaming,chair design is going to be seat depth,adjustment because of the bucket seat,model you cannot slide the seat back and,forth which really limits your ability,to ensure that the chair fits you,properly as you can see in the two,chairs here the gt racing chair and the,titan evo one model is a little too,short for me and one model is a little,too long theres really nothing i can do,about it because i cannot adjust this,like i would be able to do on a lot of,ergonomic office chairs,i think the backrest is hindered the,most by the typical racing chair design,there are two issues that are prevalent,on almost every single gaming chair the,first is the completely flat backrest,with some type of pillow system for,lumbar support the pillow is simply not,enough to provide good support they hold,their position poorly and they go flat,this is much different than the curved,backrest we see on almost all ergonomic,chairs no matter the price the curved,backrest helps to properly support the,natural curve in your back and many,ergonomic chairs will have additional,lumbar support systems that are,adjustable one way to get around the,pillow problem with gaming chairs is to,go with one of the high-end gaming,options like the evo 2022 the evo has a,built-in lumbar support system that,allows you to control the height as well,as how pronounced it is if youre,getting a gaming chair i would highly,recommend going with something that,offers this type of functionality its,as close to an ergonomic office chair as,youre going to find on the gaming chair,market the second major issue with,backrest on gaming chairs is that you,have a really limited range of motion,due to the side bolsters and hard metal,frame this is one of the biggest,differences from ergonomic chairs most,ergonomic chair designs are moving,toward a more open back with flexible,frames the side bolsters will oftentimes,push your shoulders forward and you have,almost no range of movement as compared,to an ergonomic chair this is probably,the number o

Secretlab Titan Review – 9 Months Later…

many of us will have been working at,home now for the past couple of months,and youve probably realized that the,office chair that you had at home is in,fact breaking your back well Ive been,using the secret labs Titan now for,quite some time and Im here to recap my,thoughts from my original review with,you Ill be addressing some of the,concerns from the comments in my last,video Ill also be tearing down the,warranty to find out if the company,really is as reliable as they say they,are and lastly Ill be showing you this,chair in more detail now after several,months of use to give you an idea of how,long-lasting these chairs will be,welcome back to another episode of,Steves reviews before I go any further,I know a few of you will be going down,to the comments already about to tell me,that this is a paid and endorsed review,this is not paid or endorsed at all in,any way shape or form so much so that in,fact Im not even going to use an,affiliate link at all in this review nor,in fact am I going to put any link at,all to any secret labs chair so that you,know this review is completely,unendorsed unspun surd unrelated to,secret labs in fact this review is so,far from being sponsored that my,original review was quite critical and I,recently posted a tweet on Twitter,asking for peoples opinions on their,secret labs chair after several months,of use so that I could include some of,those experiences in this review secret,labs saw that emailed me and said I,would like to check and see how your,current Titan is doing and any feedback,will be great I also noticed that you,may be looking at doing an update review,on your Titan via your tweet so please,let us know if theres anything at all,that we can help with so they obviously,have seen my existing review and seen,some of the critical things that I said,about the Titan back then and theyve,obviously seen this tweet and got in,touch to kind of try and ascertain,whether or not this particular video is,going to either give them a really,negative review or give them a positive,review so naturally I replied with this,my Titan is doing rather well,but for a full country youll need to,wait for my update episode winky face I,dont want to tell them what Im gonna,say and in fact youre probably watching,right now secret lab and Im glad you,are because Ive got a lot to say about,this chair for those that dont want to,go back and watch my entire original,review on the secret labs Titan Ill do,a really quick montage recap just so,that you remember what my conclusion was,I want to take you on a journey lets,get rid of this chair I tell you what,Im gonna need a sit down it is much,firmer than I anticipated,youre getting people to basically free,advertise for you come on guys how much,uncomfortable someone was giving it a 7,I probably give it a 5 or 6 although it,hasnt met my expectations I do feel,like its done me the world of good my,back would be in pieces,it isnt in this chair and this bending,pillow is rather than nice since making,that video Ive come to realize that,chair preference is apparently extremely,tribal because the amount of varying,comments that I got on that video now,the one big comment that kept on coming,up over and over and over again was that,I shouldnt have spent 400 pounds on,this chair and in fact I should have,bought something like the Herman Miller,a rom for whatever reason this kept on,popping up over and over again so lets,have a quick look at that chair Herman,and Miller,a room a room I spent $100 as Im loved,okay here we go one this is 1099 pounds,for that this looks like its made from,grandmas knitted tights and it looks,tiny why is that 1099 pounds called me,tight fisted but I will not be paying,over a thousand pounds for something,that looks like it should be worn by my,grandparents mmm my question is at the,end of the day why are these people,watching my review of the secret labs,tightened chair if theyve already got a,1099 pound Herman and Miller a Ron chair,it says almost as if Herman and Miller,are possibly paying these people to,comment on other chair videos if you do,scroll down to the comment section after,watching this video and you see someone,down there trying to peddle and promote,the Herman Miller a Ron chair please,publicly lambast them dislike their,comment because its ridiculous,there are even a couple of people,suggesting that I should buy a second,hand Herman and Miller a Ron chair,rather than buying a secret elapsed time,no Qingwei am i buying a secondhand,office chair that has some sweaty ass,crack,satting it farting in it for five days a,week eight hours a day not a chance,there Im all for buying secondhand,stuff all for up cycling but there are,limits to what Ill accept buying used,pants and buying a used office chair no,that is something I wont do and thats,enough of that rant,one other comment I kept on getting was,about my criticism of the warranty now,as standard the warranty that comes with,the secret labs Titan is three years,which is fine in itself but you can,extend that to five years but heres the,stipulation you have to share a picture,of your secret labs Titan on social,media and now I dont like this Ive,just,its tricky on all the subjects of,warranty heres a little bit of a,spoiler for the last bit of the review I,havent had to use the warranty at all I,havent had to contact the support but I,wanted to find out how easy it was to,claim on the warranty if he did have an,issue so I went into the forums and did,a lot of searching on a lot of different,things specifically for things like,common problems now one of the big,problems with the PU version which I,didnt go for me I went for the soft,wave and this is one of the reasons I,went for the soft wave was that the PU,leather is supposed to crack now Ive,seen this happened before in my old IKEA,chair that was PU leather and that did,cracked over time but apparently the,secret lab Titan chairs do it as well so,I did a mate googling but supposedly,that only has happened commonly in,places like Singapore and Malaysia this,is where all the complaints were coming,from so much so did actually secret lab,extended their warranty to cover peeling,in their peel protection plan I think,thats what its called but this,basically covers people in those regions,specifically for peeling and cracking at,this moment in time I dont think thats,available for people in the UK but at,the end of the day secret labs say that,its not supposed to happen in,environments such as that in the UK in,the u.s. its more the environments in,places like Singapore Malaysia that can,cause the leather to peel and cracked,not only that but these issues seem to,be generally related to the earlier,models of the Titan recently they,updated their material to what they,called prime 2.0 which is supposedly,much harder wearing than the previous,version and Ive yet to discover anyone,on any forum with the newer material,with cracking or peeling problems so,this issue could have indeed disappeared,altogether I did find a couple of people,close to home who have had some issues,and have had dealings with the warranty,in the company itself one of those is,Mads tech reviews another youtuber and,in his video of the secret labs Titan he,goes on tests playing some of the issues,hes had one of those was the foam in,the bottom part of the seat coming out,of play and another was problems with,piston it sounds to me like after a few,back-and-forth they were a little bit,shy about supporting him and sending him,up you pass but in the end they did okay,that seems pretty good the only other,person I know of is this chap Chris from,CCIE although his problem potentially,was caused by himself it doesnt matter,Ive got him here to tell you exactly,how the warranty team dealt with his,request,[Music],issues so I have two of the secret lab,gaming chairs Game of Thrones special,edition the heist Targaryen one is,holding up really well not any signs of,sort of wear and tear whereas th

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