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The Smallest Pistol Seecamp 32 ACP

the lwc camp 32 lets check it out,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],the C camp 32 and 380 acp pistols are,the smallest semi-automatics being,currently made they are very tiny but,yet they are precision made this is,great for deep cover its very,comfortable to carry and its just one,of those guys that when you have on you,you forget it until you need it,ludwig Vilhelm c camp a long name for a,little bitty pistol now you guys know I,love pocket pistols and mouse guns,theyre just so easy to pack away,theyre a lot of fun typically theyre,fairly inexpensive especially a lot of,the ones that were imported into the,country before the 1968 Gun Control Act,but one pistol that I get more requests,than any other is the C camp and,specifically the C camp 32 C camp is a,very fine finished pistol in fact its,what I would consider the rolls-royce of,the pocket pistols because its just so,small it is the smallest current,production semi-automatic pistol,definitely the smallest 32 acp they do,make it in a 380 acp that is the exact,same dimensions as the 32 originally in,1981 they started out with the 25 acp,which was discontinued in 1985 but the,32 has been extremely popular mainly,because of the lack of recoil that the,380 really produces so the first thing,Im gonna do is make sure the gun is,unloaded we need to remove the magazine,now there is a magazine disconnect so I,have to disengage the magazine,disconnect right here to be able to,check the chamber and the gun is empty,obviously it does have the heel type mag,release which right down here at the,bottom which is from European styling,but honestly for this pistol you need,the mag release right here up here would,actually add to the dimensions of the,pistol see Camp was started by Ludwig,Vilhelm,C camp which was from he was from,Germany in fact even served in World War,two with the mountain troops on the,Eastern Front this is a double-action,pistol only and that means that when you,pull the trigger it brings the hammer,he was really big on double-action,pistols because during the war he was,actually shot at close range in the face,has it had a lifelong scar down the side,of his cheek some teeth were missing,from a Russian that had shot him but he,what saved his life was his p38 Walther,and because it was double action he said,that is one of the things that saved his,life Ludwick Vilhelm C camp moved into,the United States in 1973 and began the,company this gun is based very heavily,on the cz 36 or cz 45 25 acp,double-action pistols and you know,thats no secret,definitely with the hammer being brought,back I mean it makes a very positive,action the slide very smooth everything,is fit to perfection,weve got lwc camp company right on the,slide the serrations easy to grip and,then right here at the top of the barrel,32 acp l WS for ludwig Vilhelm c camp,Southwick massachusetts you know its,kind of funny theres a lot of firearms,that are still made in those areas that,are really attacking the Second,Amendment its really kind of a shame,one of the things are going to notice,though immediately about this personal,and something I just want to go ahead,and bring out is there are no sights on,the C camp this is a deep-cover,point-and-shoot pistol it is made for up,close and personal and thats where most,of your self-defense situations happen,now when I say this gun is small I have,medium-sized hands and this thing just,hides behind this my hand I mean its,just so tiny to give you a comparison,lets bring out the Ruger LCP one of the,smallest little production pistols in,fact what I used to call the micro,pistol the C camp is incredibly smaller,but to give you more of a comparison for,caliber we have the beretta tomcat in 32,definitely smaller in a lot of different,dimensions and then of course another,favorite is your J frame,than wesson 38 and definitely again,incredibly smaller in fact on the CCAP,website there is a comparison chart with,all the small pistols and all the,dimensions and theres a lot of services,on the see cant website I mean theyre,very proud of their heritage but the,grips a nice fiber reinforced grip with,checkering all down the side smooth back,straps smooth front strap it is all,stainless steel which really adds to,just the beauty of this pistol its a,nice polish not super polished just a,little bit of a matte but it has a,really nice finish to it,ample trigger guard to be able to get,your finger in and of course theres no,safeties external safeties on this model,because it is double action just like on,your smith and wesson j-frame revolver,you dont need a safety but now in,California and Massachusetts compliant,pistols they have a small external,safety right here right at the top,youll see a little slit between the,barrel and the slide and this is your,loaded chamber indicator at the rear of,the slide you see the hammer you can see,how well everything is fit I mean this,gun is just incredibly precision fit in,every aspect you have your small,extractor it is though a blowback design,and that means the recoil of the round,actually forces the slide back and then,forces another round into the chamber,now not having sights when this was,introduced it was a big hoopla in the,gun world I mean people were going crazy,but one of the things about this is,because the slide is so thin and the,pistol is so thin its less than three,quarters of an inch,its point seven to five of an inch,which is really thin and this actually,makes a nice sight just the slide itself,so bringing that in just lining up the,slide youre able to get on target,especially distance is that this pistol,was meant to engage in,now with 21 feet 7 yards of course no,sites we had a pretty long gated group,but it was definitely in the kill zone,so I like that and no snag and this is,again a point and shoot this is not a,precision target pistol easy to see,targets and for the accuracy we were,shooting the 60 grain 32 acp Winchester,Silvertips unloaded the pistol weighs,eleven point five ounces loaded thirteen,point two five ounces now this is an all,stainless steel pistol its not an alloy,frame so thats going to add a little,bit to the weight but to be honest with,you shooting thirty-two ACP you really,want just a little bit of weight with,this pistol its four and a quarter,inches in length its three and a,quarter inches in height and again its,0.75 inches in width at the grip its,point eight six inches very concealable,very easy and very comfortable to carry,now were going to safety check the,pistol and it is unloaded I want to,check the trigger it is a double action,trigger only that means that when I pull,the trigger the hammer comes back,theres no way to grab the hammer for,single action its double action only,but its long but its really smooth and,just smooth consistent and then you have,a good snap we are going to check though,the trigger weight were going to use,our Lyman trigger gauge,nine point eight five ounces nine point,eight ounces so its really consistent,and you know thats not bad really when,youre firing it at the range youre not,really thinking about the trigger pool,now see camp has a list of recommended,self-defense loads that go with this,pistol that have proven themselves to be,reliable one is the spirit gold dot and,jacketed hollow-point an excellent round,for sure the winchester silver tips,theyre also one that C camp recommends,and which I dont have is some federal,Hydra shocks in 32 acp now while I was,there and I found some other self,defense loads I thought I would try them,out and of course with korban their,standard jacketed hollow points and with,their DPX and then also with the Hornet,II and this is their xtp jacketed hollow,points and were going to try these out,at a later date for right now were,going to just do all of our testing with,these I do have a couple of extra boxes,of this to be able to test through were,going to be doing some more with this,because I really am excited about this,small little pistol and I

Seecamp LWS32- The Mouse That Barks

foreign,welcome back to Tinker talks guns,in 1908 a piper introduced,this gun the piper Bayard 7.65,millimeter pistol this is,a five-shot magazine 32 ACP pistol,and for the next 66 years it was the,smallest 32 ACP semi-auto,that had been made,then around 1984,Ludwig Wilhelm seacamp,brought out this,the c-camp lws 32,as you can see its quite a lot smaller,its a straight blowback with a six,round magazine and a double action only,trigger mechanism,and the double action is,quite smooth breaks at eight pounds,and uh very interesting little gun,originally these came out in,1981 I believe in 25 ACP,and um you know there was a need for a,quality pocket backup pistol,and he thought that filled the need and,it was kind of a natural for him because,uh Ludwig had aside from being a,designer for Mossberg,had developed a reputation as a gunsmith,doing double action conversions for,1911s,and did a number of uh improvements to,small pistol design and then came out,with the lws-25 and 1981. so its,reduced until 1985 or so it was uh,largely supplanted,partly because the lws-32 is the same,size and weight,and 32 was becoming somewhat more,available than 25 acps and then its,also more powerful,how much more powerful,25 ACP from a two inch barrel,fires in firing a 50 grain bullet makes,about 800 feet per second,and uh 71 foot-pounds of energy,in 32 ACP from the two inch barrel,with a 60 grain bullet,10 Braves more,makes about,800 feet per second,and thats good for a total of 85,foot-pounds of energy remember between,71 and 85 may not seem like much but,when youre at such low numbers,its a significant upgrade,uh the pistol has a number of,interesting features and some frankly,fairly odd ones,um so lets take it to the tabletop and,have a look at it okay first things,first we unload and show clear and this,is actually loaded so that I can show,you that because its not like other,guns other guns you would drop the,magazine,and rack the slide well in the c-camp,you cant,what ccamp says is to,pop,the magazine loose so that it comes out,just a little and then rack the slide to,dump the empty,and that seems to work,and the reason you need to do that is,because not only does the trigger safety,disable the trigger you cant even pull,the slide back more than far enough to,check the chamber and this is a safety,feature,they want this gun to be saved whenever,its not in use and to do that they have,the magazine disconnect safety,that keeps the slide from being opened,the theory is pardon me the theory is,that whenever you leave the gun,pull the magazine and the gun is,completely safe the trigger cannot be,pulled the cartridge cannot be ejected,from the chamber and thus possibly form,a choking hazard for children or risk,other Shenanigans,and so,thats it its not a flaw its a feature,a safety,now with the magazine inserted,you can pull the trigger,and it eight pound trigger nice and,smooth,long reset but then its just like a,double action revolver by Design,there are as you can see not even the,tiniest Vestige of sights this doesnt,mean you cant aim you can point this,thing pretty effectively,by lining up the slide and the trigger,pull is good enough that its pretty,easy to keep it on target,now the way you disassemble this gun,is,we dont on this video,because I tried yesterday and while I,was eventually able to do it,it might be comedy gold but I dont you,know,I dont really want you guys watching me,struggle with it for five minutes in,theory its simple,you,pull the slide back,insert a cartridge to block it in,position,and then,using a three thirty seconds inch punch,you go into this little hole here,push in,the retention plunger and then lift the,slide off the gun,and it does work eventually but,its a big pain in the ass disassembly,is very easy I will make some notes on,the interior one of them is dont pull,the trigger if the slide is off,because the trigger will detach from the,action bar and it will be annoying to,put back in place its not hard its,just annoying,now there is a recoil spring underneath,here,which does not have a guide rod and it,doesnt really need one because theres,nowhere for it to go it is a double,recoil spring,however with a larger spring permanently,attached to a smaller interior spring,to manage The Recoil,and it needs some managing so that works,out pretty well,anyway,we got this as you can see is quite well,made this is a modern example apparently,made last year from what I can tell,and it has the,new style or possibly aftermarket grips,from CCAP,which provide really good texture its,very easy to hang on to the gun despite,having a one-finger grip,there is a magazine with a base pad,available and you can I can force both,of my fingers onto it using that but it,doesnt work so I thought I would show,it in this video,anyway,beautifully made little gun,very reliable in practice,although ammunition,is very specific,because when youre making a gun this,small youre going to have to make,compromises,one of the compromises is no external,safety hold open disassembly lever or,any of that,another one is ammunition the gun was,originally made in 25 ACP and the,magazine is the right length,425 ACP,and actually insert that which is,eight hair shorter than Factory 32 ACB,so Factory 32 ACD ball will not fit in,the magazine in 1984 or so,they specified Winchester silver tips,not because they were hollow points,because they wont expand from this,Barrel anyway,but because they fit in the magazine,now if you shoot anything that is not on,their list of recommended cartridges,um it voids the warranty,this guns foreign he is already voided,because the original owner called him up,and confessed to shooting something that,was not,on the list so they voided his warranty,so what I have are reloads that are,loaded,just a hair short and downloaded,slightly to compensate,thats it in the magazine,anyway,great little gun really like them very,easy to keep in your pocket 11.5 ounces,I mean its,really not bad to carry in a pants,pocket and of course you should always,use a pocket holster of which there are,several available for these guns theyve,been around since the mid 80s,anyway,lets see camp lws 32.,odd quirky tiny but good,c-camp set out to make,a basic No-Frills very easy to use very,safe,pocket pistol for backup or,extreme discrete carry and they,succeeded,the fact that they are in production,still regrets again Im not sure in both,32 and 380,is a testament to that and while Mouse,guns on the whole have waned in,popularity since the dawn of the 21st,Century,um,they keep making them and apparently,people keep buying them,now,these are available in 32 or 380 as,stated for 500 to 600 dollars pretty,typically there is a coated black,version and there is even a California,compliant version which has a small,push-up safety,located right here which of course,defeats the purpose of the pistol,California,what can you say,anyway,for ultimate discretion and,non-permissive environments as a backup,as it just live in your pocket every day,never forget it gun,hard to do better and if you accept the,mission you accept the gun,please click like And subscribe it helps,YouTube realize that Im out here,if you want to support me in a more,material fashion I would strongly,encourage you to support me on patreon,the link is in the description below all,of this costs money ammo guns everything,and uh your help is deeply appreciated,anyway I hope this finds you well stay,safe take care and well talk to you,again real soon

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Top 5 Best Pocket Pistols Review 2022

أهلا بالجميع! مرحبا بكم في قناتي التقنية في نهاية المطاف.,سنناقش اليوم أفضل 5 مسدسات جيب للحمل المخفي,قد تتساءل لماذا يجب أن تفكر في مسدسات الحمل المخفية أو مسدس حمل الجيب على,أنواع أخرى من المسدسات. حسنًا ، إذا كنت مثل معظم الأشخاص الذين يبحثون ببساطة عن الدفاع عن النفس ،,فسيكون من السهل الوصول إلى مسدس الجيب خفيف الوزن ولا يزال يحزم لكمة.,تقدم أفضل مسدسات الجيب العديد من المزايا مقارنة بأنواع الأسلحة النارية الأخرى.,إنها صغيرة بما يكفي بحيث يمكنك بسهولة إخفاء أحدها في جيوب بنطالك أو,سترتك أو صدريتك أو محفظتك – ولكنها تتمتع أيضًا بالقدرة على إيقاف متسلل أو مهاجم!,لا تحتاج حتى إلى حافظة الجيب لتخزين أو إخفاء مسدس حمل الجيب,(لكن الحافظة الجيب ستمنع المسدس من السقوط من على شخصك).,علاوة على ذلك ، سيحب مالكو الأسلحة لأول مرة حقيقة أن بعض أفضل مسدسات الجيب,ميسورة التكلفة نسبيًا ، مما يجعلها خيارًا رائعًا لأي شخص بميزانية محدودة.,إذا كنت مهتمًا بمعرفة المزيد عن أفضل مسدسات الجيب للحمل المخفي,والدفاع عن النفس ، فاستمر في المشاهدة! سيحلل هذا الدليل لأفضل مسدس جيب لاحتياجاتك الفردية,كل ما تحتاج لمعرفته حول هذه الأسلحة النارية المفيدة ولماذا يجب أن تمتلك واحدة.,1. LW Seecamp Model 32 اشتهرت,هذه الأسلحة الصغيرة في عالم مسدس الجيب منذ,طرحها لأول مرة في حوالي عام 1985. خلال ذروة شعبية مسدسات الجيب في الولايات المتحدة ،,تم استيراد معظم الطرز من أوروبا ، وكان معظمها شديدًا رخيص.,هذا النمط من البندقية هو ما صاغ عبارة “ليلة السبت الخاصة” ،,وتم حظر استيرادها بعد قانون مراقبة الأسلحة لعام 1968.,ساهم هذا القانون بالتأكيد في تراجع شعبية مسدسات الجيب في العقود التالية ،,لكن Seecamp حاول إحياء المفهوم من خلال إنتاج وجهة نظرهم الخاصة محليًا.,النموذج الأكثر شعبية ، آنذاك والآن ، هو طرازهم 32. حجرة لـ .32 ACP. هذه,المسدسات ذات عمل مزدوج فقط ، وذات رد فعل متأخر ولها سعة مجلة من ست جولات.,تزن أقل من 12 أونصة فارغة ، ويبلغ طولها الإجمالي 4.25 بوصة وعرضها,أقل من 1 بوصة في أكثر نقطة سُمكًا. كانت مسدسات Seecamp مسدسات احتياطية شائعة للغاية,مع تطبيق القانون منذ تقديمها ، ويجد معظم الذين يمتلكونها أنها موثوقة للغاية,مع النوع المناسب من الذخيرة. في حين أن معظم الموديلات الأقدم من مسدسات الجيب ستحتاج إلى البحث عنها,في السوق المستعملة ، إلا أنه لا يزال من الممكن شراء هؤلاء الرجال جديدًا والحصول على MSRP بقيمة 510 دولارات.,2. المسدسات الصغيرة NAA,غالبًا ما تكون موثوقيتها من أضعف نقاط مسدسات الجيب. نظرًا لكون معظم التصميمات,آلية ، فهناك الكثير من الأجزاء المتحركة التي يجب أن تتناسب مع مساحة صغيرة جدًا.,في حين أن بعض مسدسات الجيب الأوتوماتيكية يمكن أن تكون موثوقة للغاية ، لا يزال العديد من الرماة يثقون في البندقية ذات,العجلات. هنا يأتي دور North American Arms مع عدد كبير من تصاميم,المسدس الصغير المختلفة . هذه البنادق متوفرة في .22 Short و .22 LR و .22 Magnum ، ولديهم خيارات,لطي قبضة المسدس وحافظات مشبك الحزام. يحتوي الإصدار القياسي .22 LR على أسطوانة 5 طلقات,وطول 4 بوصات ووزن 4.6 أونصة فارغة. في حين أن هذه ليست مدافع يدوية بالضبط ،,إلا أنها بالتأكيد قاتلة وتمكن أصحابها من إخفاء,أداة موثوقة للدفاع عن النفس بشكل مريح. علاوة على كل ذلك ، فهي ميسورة التكلفة ومتاحة أيضًا ،,لأنها لا تزال قيد الإنتاج ولديها MSRP بقيمة 239 دولارًا للطراز الأساسي.,3.,يدور تصميم Ruger LCP II للأسلحة النارية حول التسوية ، ويعتمد اختيار النموذج المناسب لك على,السمات التي تقدرها أكثر من غيرها. في حين أن Ruger LCP II أكبر قليلاً مما يعتقده الكثيرون,عندما يسمعون “مسدس الجيب” ، إلا أنه يعوض عن حجمه,في مناطق أخرى. طوله الإجمالي البالغ 5.17 بوصة يجعله أطول بحوالي بوصة واحدة من Seecamp ،,ولكن لا يزال من الممكن وضعه في الجيب وإطار البوليمر الخاص به يساعد في إبقائه خفيفًا.,باعتبارها واحدة من أحدث البنادق في القائمة ، فإن LCP II ملتزمة بمعايير,الموثوقية المعاصرة ، ومن المحتمل أن يساعد حجمها الأكبر قليلاً على تسهيل هذه الجودة أيضًا.,في حين أنها تتمتع بنفس سعة المجلة المكونة من 6 جولات مثل Seecamp ، فإن ما يميز LCP II عن,الباقي في هذه القائمة هو حقيقة أنها غرفة لـ 0.380 ACP. تعني الجولة الأكثر قوة,ارتدادًا أكبر ، ولكن من الواضح أنها توفر نتائج أفضل على الهدف أيضًا.,لا تزال هذه البنادق قيد الإنتاج ، والنموذج القياسي لديه MSRP بقيمة 419 دولارًا.,4. بيريتا 3032,صنعت Tomcat Beretta مسدسات الجيب لفترة طويلة ، ولا يزال لديها عدد قليل من الموديلات,في الإنتاج. واحد من هؤلاء هو 3032 Tomcat ، مسدس .32 ACP DA / SA يتغذى من,مجلة من 7 جولات. هذا يمنحه سعة أعلى من .32 Seecamp المماثل ، ولكنه أيضًا,أكبر قليلاً وأثقل نتيجة لذلك. إذا لم يكن الاكتناز هو أولويتك الأولى في مسدس الجيب ،,فإن Tomcat لديه بعض الميزات التي تجعله قيد التشغيل كخيار مثير للاهتمام.,أولاً ، كمسدس مطرقة DA / SA مع أمان يدوي للإبهام ،,فإن دليل الأسلحة يشبه إلى حد بعيد المسدسات ذات الحجم الكامل الشائعة من معظم مسدسات الجيب الأخرى.,تتميز Tomcats أيضًا بتصميم أسطواني يمكّنهم من أن تكون حجرة دون أن,تقوم بتركيب الشريحة يدويًا. لا تزال هذه متوفرة جديدة ولديهم MSRP بقيمة 539 دولارًا أمريكيًا,5. Zastava M70,الموضع الأخير في هذه القائمة محجوز لاختيار غريب الأطوار ، لأنني لا أستطيع مقاومة,تضمين مسدس Combloc فائض واحد على الأقل. Zastava M70 هو مسدس الجيب الوحيد المعروض هنا والذي,لا يتوفر جديدًا ، ولكن تم إنتاج واستيراد ما يكفي بحيث لا يزال متاحًا,وبأسعار معقولة في السوق الأمريكية. أكبر سحب لا يزال في العام الحالي هو,نقطة سعرها ، حيث لا يزال من الممكن العثور عليها بشكل شائع بحوالي 200 دولار. M70 ليس أصغر,مسدس جيب أو أخف أو أكثر راحة يمكنك الحصول عليه ، ولكن إذا كنت تبحث فقط عن نسخة احتياطية رخيصة,.32 التي لا يزال من الممكن حملها بشكل مريح في بنطالك ، فسيكون من الصعب عليك العثور عليها,خيار أفضل. هذه بنادق ذات حركة واحدة فقط تنحدر من عائلة توكاريف ،,والنسب واضح عند النظر إلى أحدها. في حين أن M70 عبارة عن لبنة قابلة للتصديق بالمقارنة ،,بسعر مشابه فإنها توفر قوة نيران أكثر بكثير من NAA Mini Revolver في 0.22 LR. تتميز مسدسات الارتداد هذه,بقدرات مجلة من 8 جولات ، مما يساعد على تعويض ثقلها وحجمها.,بينما ستلاحظ بالتأكيد أحد هذه الخيارات في جيبك أكثر من,الخيارات الأخرى في هذه القائمة ، فهي على الأقل رخيصة وموثوقة ولا تزال مضغوطة نسبيًا.

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Seecamp LWS32 – Smallest “In Production” Handgun – TheFirearmGuy

[Applause],hey there friends thanks for checking it,today were looking at AC camp LW s 32,chambered in 32 ACP,check that out this is the smallest,semi-auto handgun in production today,this is it right here,it weighs 13 ounces loaded with seven,rounds it does have a six round magazine,that does have the heel release so you,have to hit that thing and pull it out,but a small little magazine small little,handgun but I love this thing an,incredible backup handgun in 32 ACP,check out that width 0.72 inches wide,and 13 ounces loaded it is a hammer,fired gun it does have a magazine,disconnect so without the magazine in,there the the trigger locks up the slide,locks up but with the magazine in there,youre looking at an eleven and a half,pound trigger pull its heavy and it has,no sights all right its a get off me,gun its a the belly gun but its a very,small gun and and I got attracted to,this many years ago my I was at my,friends house he had a buddy that came,over he had this thing and I was like,that thing could be one of the coolest,little semi autos that I have ever seen,and he was very fond of it I eventually,got my hands on one and I really do dig,it for backup carry now it does have,polymer grips all right a little bit of,texturing on there a stainless steel,slide and frame and I already mentioned,its a hammer fired gun that breaks at,11 and a half pounds now that sounds,like a lot but for pocket carry you know,its really not that bad Im only about,eight yards away and I shot one-handed,and was able to hit all those targets,without,any issue now see camp with certain,ammos that work best with this gun this,is 60 green pmc bronze hollow-point,alright just standard jacketed,hollow-point loads they are not too,expensive 32 is is pretty pricey you,know its not a a real popular round,there for the price is a bit elevated,but if you think about it this is not a,a range gun this is not the kind of gun,youre going to go you dont fire 100,rounds at the range you know just to,have a blast,its more about you know you do a,function test you carry it with,confidence its very well built,extremely well built and since Ive,owned it Im yet to have a failure I,primarily ran these PMC loads through it,mostly because thats what I could get,my hands on some of those 32 loads are,very hard to get a hold of but it is,extremely small and extremely,lightweight now the MSRP on this is 510,but Ive seen them right around 450 and,even a little bit less and those who,have them will verify that its worth,every penny and thats because its so,easy for deep concealment you can stick,this thing anywhere and so if you if you,shoot it well even without sights then,you know even eight yards away tis a,long shot but here I am one-handed,feeling very confident with that alright,and that was it so you know the C camp,LW s 32 let me go ahead and load it up,well back it up some more Ill shoot,two-handed and give a better look at,this model back with the LW s 32 C camp,also makes this in 380 acp and 25 acp,and of course 32 its a delayed blowback,system 2-inch barrel I backed up to 12,yards,lets see how I do no sites completely,snag free lets see yeah I had five,rounds loaded up so I think I hit all,five and the camera might not be able to,pick that up but I hit about two inches,lo of center so its the smallest in,production I know some of those older,25s the Bauer comes to mind people say,those are so small those are so white,well so is this but this one is still in,production and those who have these love,them and Im just very fond of it I,think its cool you can you can throw it,in the pocket you can throw it an ankle,you can throw it anywhere its just so,small and lightweight and its an all,steel frame that makes me enjoy the see,camp l WS 32 even more I want the 380,model one day I will have the C camp l,WS 380 because I think these are very,cool and very concealable little,handguns if you like videos like this,please subscribe and share,I always appreciate thumbs up button,thanks for watching and you guys be safe

Seecamp LWS-32 – .32 ACP Bench top review

well welcome back folks hopefully this,is your,a return to the hillbilly musings,channel if it is your first time here,check out some of my other videos dont,forget to take the time to like this,video comment on it subscribe to it all,that fancy stuff that helps us youtubers,out,uh fledgling youtubers like me uh you,know every little bit you do like that,really does help us out you know i i say,it in jest but uh in reality,it does help us out a lot when those,videos are out there and getting seen,uh it helps us encourage us to do more,content like this so today,were looking at a,c camp,and im sure you probably guessed that,if you clicked on this video title,but,what were looking at today is a 32 acp,c camp this one is a later one and by,that i assume its probably manufactured,in the last,i dont know several years four or five,years but the c camp has an interesting,history,uh the the founders name was ludwig,uh but he went by lewis but ludwig,wilhelm sea camp he was born in 1901,passed away in 1989,but uh from the story and im just going,to give you the short story here,about it and it actually has the history,in the manual which is a very nice a,very nice tie-in for a company like that,but in pre-world war ii he was a master,gunsmith that was trained in the,technical academy system whatever that,means of pre-world war ii,germany,but uh that tells me he was probably,trained in some,oh being a master gunsmith probably high,areas of quality control machining all,that good stuff and everything so,you can see that,in the c camp today actually when you,look at the quality of this which were,going to get to here in a minute but you,can see this is actually,i mean it is kind of a wow factor when,you get a chance to actually you really,have to hold it in your hands to,appreciate it you know im not going to,lie to you and tell you youre going to,im going to be able to show it to you,video here but well do some nice,close-ups and take a look at it but,yeah basically he started the c camp,company in 73 and they used to do some,conversions that would convert 1911s to,double action uh have some double action,capabilities i dont know anything about,those but,i do know that i remember pair ordinance,used to do that back in the day if i,remember right they were the first ones,to bring out some double action,capability,pistols on the 1911 system,but we all know that um,in 1968 the gun control act,limited the importation of nice guns,such as this little baby browning you,know after 1968 we could no longer,import a lot of those small pocketable,guns uh concealable guns uh from,overseas and so that kind of left,americans in um a mess for a while,uh really i guess the first guy to,really jump into it was the uh jennings,um i cant remember his first name the,guy that founded raven arms,he was one of the ones that really jump,into it and start making these small,pocket pistols,and it wasnt really until 1981,that um,lewis c camp came out with the 25 acp c,camp which is the same size as the 32,and the 380 thats an interesting fact,about the c camps theyre theyre,available in three calibers current,being currently being manufactured in,two calibers 32 and 380,but they are all the same physical size,and it really just kind of blows my mind,to have a 380 this small,if if someone goes to it i i know i sure,wouldnt want to shoot it wouldnt be a,very fun one but yeah they made the 25,acp,and then i think it was along about uh,im wanting to say it was 1983,i believe or 85 i think it was 85,actually they discontinued the 25 and,started making the 32s and thats what,we have here today,so,were going to talk more about this is,going to but let me just start doing,some slow pans of this and this is i,think is maybe a dealer label,i dont know if thats on all of them,but you can another thing you can tell,this is a fairly new one is some of the,southwick,address,they have some of the older c camps,which a lot of the collectors do like to,collect that was made at the previous,address and gosh i cant remember if you,go to c camp forums theyre always,talking about those,a nice little box you can see mine has,been open quite a few times and so its,starting to tear up a little bit here,but,well open up once again,now this is interesting if you guys,dont know this the 32 acpc camp,and the 380,acpc camps have recommended ammos,and let me tell you it is actually,pretty important,mainly because when uh when mr c camp,designed this firearm for the 32,he designed it around the,silver tip the winchester silver tip 32,acp ammunition so this gun is so,precision made,the ammo has cant be above a certain,length,for it to function properly,yeah crazy right but uh,im digging around to see if i can find,you this little gadget on my workbench,here,but i,but they actually,recommend i think its 0.91 thousandths,of an inch or shorter for the uh,for the ammo section,so,this little gadget is something i got on,ebay,that is actually cut to 91 thousandths,and you can put your ammo through it to,make sure,it passes underneath it and this is a,spear gold dot 32 acp,so,today,winchester silver tip 32 acps are just,about unobtainium,uh you can buy some still on gunbroker,and stuff like that but ive seen them,going for like 150 a box and were,talking a box of like 50 rounds probably,but,you can still get theres three,ammunition thats still being made that,you can actually get for these one of,them is the spear gold 32 acp the second,one is the federal hydra shocks 32 acp,and you can go to the c camp website and,theyll give you the the latest list,the last one is uh the one that a lot of,people,typed like to use and now be darned if i,can remember the name of it its not,fiocchi um,pmc,the 32,32 acp pmc ammunition in the jacketed,hollow point is the one that seems to be,popping up i think theyre doing some,actual runs of it nowadays and you can,go to ammo cause some of those other,places and find it but yeah again it is,critical to use the recommended ammo and,theres been guys that shoot other ammos,through it and they work fine but i tend,to i do know that it can be ammo picky,now i wish i could tell you firsthand,experience,how picky this one is but i have never,fired this one,another note,applying even the size pressure of the,trigger blah blah blah basically what,this is telling you is when you take out,the magazine you want to make sure you,have your fingers off the trigger,because running inside of the grip,theres a little spring and it used to,be in the day when larry c camp was in,charge which larry was lewiss son,they would always include an extra,spring and i dont think i dont think i,have an extra spring in this one but,yeah you have to be real careful about,that now if you do screw up the spring,by messing with the trigger with the,magazine out and then you try to put a,magazine in it bends the spring its not,too hard to replace it you just have to,pull the grip panel and then you just,pop another little spring in there its,not too big of a deal a lot of guys will,just bend them back again but lets take,another,look at some of the paperwork in here,weve got the,limited warranty card,i probably should have sent that in,weve got the manual,and this is actually a nice,um a nice quality manual,it tells a good um,a good story the the good story of c,camp you know why mr c camp developed,this,uh it tells a story i believe how he was,injured in the war in world war ii um,got shot in the face,lost a couple of teeth and it was a p-38,he claims it saved him the double-action,capability of the p-38 you know it has,good steps on how to do the field,stripping,so this is one of those ones where i do,definitely recommend,read the manual folks because youll,pick up some valuable information in,there,and weve got a nice little foam insert,and then we have where the gun is,supposed to be,and nothing underneath it but a black,zip tie that was around it from the,beginning,so i actually have the firearm out and,i wanted to show y

Seecamp 32 Tabletop Review – Episode 202001


welcome today were going to be looking,at the C camp 32 sometimes called the l,WS 32 l WS actually stands for a Ludwig,William C camp the C camper company is,located in Southwick Massachusetts,Ludwig William C camp was born in 1901,passed away in 1989 and it probably is,good to just comment a little bit about,this fella he was a very prominent,gunsmith who influenced the development,of the double-action 1911 45 as well as,a telescoping recall system that is the,predominant spring system used in modern,short slide short recoil our low,autoloaders today interesting history,behind this particular a little pistol,as well in that the 32 was introduced,about 1985 it replaced the older 25,caliber pistol that dated back 1981 so,not that old of a production line here,the C camp 32 was so popular wooden they,first came out that it could cost you as,much as $1000 that get your hands on one,and the weight could be as much as three,years a 380 version was introduced in,about 2003 and this this pistol is all,that this company makes in the in the,different calibers the packaging is,relatively simple its just a cardboard,box comes with the basic paperwork they,would expect thats about it its a good,manual though a little bit of foam in,there for the pistol and thats thats,about all you get in the box did,purchase the extra magazine and and I,did purchase a holster the pistol comes,with the magazine with the extension on,it the extension alone if you just buy,that was I think around $45 might even,been more than that so that was a bit,pricey the holster for the magazine and,the holster for the pistol I wanted to,get a good quality holster and I and I,was able to find one,on there on the c-came website at again,not chief but good quality really,excellent and I was looking for a wallet,holster prior to the C camp I actually,always carrying a a another pistol and,its one its very popular and,well-known its the Ruger LCP and its,probably a good idea to just do a little,comparison here between these two its a,its a remarkable difference in size the,Ruger which I had carried for many many,years in a pocket holster it was,relatively comfortable carry in my front,pocket and wasnt too bad wasnt a lot,of tracing to it but there were just a,lot of times when it wasnt really all,that comfortable,I might just found that I didnt carry,it as often as I probably should have it,just wasnt as much of a habit I guess,that I have it on me,and there were times that it was just,awkward because it filled up my right,pocket so it meant things like car keys,and as such were a bit in the way and if,I was wearing a suit it seemed to show a,little bit more than if I was wearing,blue chains and so forth but lets just,take a look at the difference in the,size here so theres the LPC which by,the way the LCP when I bought this I,remember thinking this is probably about,the smallest concealed carry pistol that,was practical but as you can see here,the LPC is considerably larger and about,all respects,so I was really surprised to find a,pistol that met my criteria was I needed,something that was a little more,substantial than a 22 or 25 32 was the,not the smallest caliber that I would be,comfortable carrying and a hollow-point,I thought that that was a fairly,effective round used properly the C camp,32 is first of all extremely small two,inch barrel,six rounds including one that can be,loaded into the chamber thats solid,stainless steel in construction it is a,delayed blowback design which means that,it has a cushioned or recoil I find on,shooting this that it actually isnt,unpleasant,it isnt snappy as a lot of small,pistols are I have quite a few small,pistols and thats usually the problem,with them but this only weighs 13 ounces,about eleven and a half ounce trigger,pull theres a double action only its a,long trigger pull as youll see here so,lets just demonstrate very nice I like,a long turtle pull on a concealed carry,I find that thats actually safer for,carry Im a lot more comfortable with it,theres not much of a chance that thats,going to go off by accident leather I,have pull on a trigger means its not,going to go off you know when youre,fiddling around in a in a good holster,thats not likely anyhow so it works,well if its right in the back pocket I,can very very quickly draw that out of,the back pocket very nice feel to it if,its nice in the hand I will say that I,generally do carry it with the extension,on the the magazine,[Music],it just fits a little bit better in my,hand well there are no sights on this,pistol strictly close-up point-and-shoot,weapon built around the Winchester,silver tip at the time that this was,built it was the only bullet of the,hollow tip form that was available in a,32 and these are not cheap theyre about,a buck apiece sometimes hard to find,today they do have the recommendation,that the gold dot the Hydra Shok the,Hornady hollow tip standard hollow tips,are okay I tend to just use the,Winchester so tips the heel magazine I,think release is a little odd and again,the fact that it doesnt eject without a,round in the chamber very you know very,easily you get a I got a pull out I,think thats a bit of a a cond for this,this pistol the other is that you can,trap back the slide without the mag and,hit it has a slight disconnect a bit non,to non-traditional especially for the,process of unloading I should have,mentioned that I already had unloaded,this obviously before we began this but,it when it comes to the to the the,weapon itself and its ease of use its,it is a simple construction parts are,available it would be easy to repair,wouldnt have to wouldnt require a,gunsmith to do any repairs for you can,go to their website all the parts you,would need are actually there available,and and not expensive at least from what,I could see the cost was only five,hundred dollars which I thought was a,reasonable he you might be able to find,one of these used in a gun show or,something but I wasnt able to I looked,and looked and looked and finally just,gave up and bought a new one and I,thought that five hundred dollars was,for it the size of the pistol and the,caliber was maybe a little on the high,side until I,we picked one up and and just looked it,all over and it was just a just an,absolutely beautiful,pistol just beautiful construction well,made and it was convinced that yeah what,probably was worth especially from the,reviews okay well lets just just take a,minute and disassemble the see camp 32,this disassembly is a its a little,different it isnt intuitive but its,not all that difficult to do the first,thing I need to do is to insert a what,they say as a bullet or a casing here in,the slide Im going to Im going to use,one of my one-way dummy loads okay so,Ive got that inserted then I have to,use that theres a little hole right,here I need to depress a spring-loaded,pin press down on that bring it up a,little bit,ok-ran back and then Ford and thats it,basically comes apart like that now you,can take out the magazine and as you can,see it is just it is such a quality,construction so well finished and its,it just feels like a quality piece it,really does as you can see here its got,a little spring thats about the only,part that you know for field-stripping,this is this is all there is to it you,cant take off the grips obviously these,are nice grips by the way their nylon,black you know with good you know good,texture on them you can take these off,and access a few the moving parts but,actually the construction is relatively,simple,I found think the disassembly just takes,a little bit of practice to do it get it,downward you you know youre comfortable,at taking it apart about bumping around,too much that does take a little bit of,practice to reassemble it you have to,get the magazine back up there enough,that you can pull the trigger remember,without the magazine in the theres a,disconnect to the slide so you have to,get that magazine a little bit get it,back far enough for the

.32 ACP Penetration Test with a Seecamp LWS .32 – TheFireArmGuy

[Applause],hey there friends thanks for checking in,here we have the seat camp in 32 ACP and,were gonna do some range test today,were gonna see how powerful the 32 ACP,is now what were using is pmc bronze 60,grain jacketed hollow points its on the,list for the types of ammo that this gun,will feed fire and eject fine as you saw,right there it was no problem this is,such a nice little pistol and I think,that does it so here we go 32 ACP lets,check it out weve got some different,structures were going to fire the pmc,60 grand jacketed hollow points at well,start out with some wood then well get,this some cement board shoot it in some,water and see if or see how well the 32,HCP expands really looking forward to,this one so lets get going were gonna,start out with some particle board its,a half-inch thick,pretty strong stuff Ive got two pieces,set up right there leading up against,that target stand and if the penetrates,both pieces well put a third piece in,to see how well it does Ill be shocked,if it could do it but Ive seen things,penetrate that I never thought I would,to begin with I actually I wouldnt be,surprised but lets see how it does,lets sink two rounds into this here we,are about five yards away alright lets,take a look one of the things with the C,camp that I like is that I use this,little pocket holster here and you put,it in there its got a little additional,padding there to protect the trigger,guard you put it right in the pocket and,its like nothing at all lets see how,it did with that wood right there,alright so here are the two entrance,holes one there and one right here we,turn over this and we see that it did,not penetrate actually theres a bullet,right here,and it didnt really expand on the,particle board well take a look at this,side over here yep and here is another,one that did not expand at all but it,did make it through one not to put a,nice indentation there so were done,with the wood lets break out the cement,board here we have the cement board you,can see that it is a half inch thick now,this is heavy stuff you can take a look,at you know what its made out of I,imagined partially cement but it is,heavy stuff I dont think itll,penetrate because it did not penetrate,that wood but we had it here now so,lets shoot it and see what happens,were all set with the cement board and,here we have little C camp you guys can,you believe how small this thing is I,mean it is tiny well weve got five rods,in here lets unload it on the cement,board all right lets see what effect it,had all right so here we have the five,shots right there and take a look at,this you can see right through it so it,did penetrate the cement board I cant,explain it you know this this must be,and its its heavier and it feels,thicker well theyre both a half-inch,but it must be something about that,would that particle board that is extra,strong because I thought if one of these,words do not penetrate it would be this,but it but it did penetrate now I did,look for some of the rounds theyre,buried into the dirt so not only did it,penetrate but it penetrated very well so,now what I want to see is how well is,that 32 ACP going to expand Ive got,some water over here lets shoot the,water and see if we can get some of,those rounds fully expanded alright so,here we have a garbage can filled up,with water a little interior garbage,candles about foot and a half thick,filled with water you guys think these,range tests are easy try filling this up,with water and transporting it to the,range in your truck you make a mess with,that but Im,to do it anyways and every time I do,this I get soaked Im gonna do it,anyways you know why because I dig it,you guys want to see the 32 expanded and,Im going to deliver it because I love,you,so lets go alright so here we go guys I,got to see camp of my point straight,down like this let me just say water is,an amazing substance it just disperses,once a tent and slows down the round,incredibly in a short period of time,most rounds wont penetrate through,three feet of water,we got a foot and a half here so lets,see how it does,I see some in there so lets see how it,did,so heres looking at what I hit pretty,much Center a couple off to the side,broke the bucket and I recovered three I,think I shot for there I recovered three,and they did not expand at all not even,a little bit one I recovered from the,wood thats this one here and its a,little bit deformed but they did not,spit expand and Im a little bit,surprised thats not on the gun thats,on the ammo that PMC 60 grand jacketed,hollow point and you know if its not,going to expand in wood and its not,going to expand Im not sure if it,expanded in the cement board but its,not going to expand in water chances are,its not going to expand in a,self-defense situation so I may try this,again with some different ammo and Ill,take your suggestions as to what you,think would work but I was really hoping,to see what this would look like Id,done it with you know 40 45 9 and even,380 even 50 action Express I did that as,well and they all expanded the 32 did,not so maybe well try it again with a,different round if you like videos like,this please subscribe and share,I always appreciate thumbs up button,thanks for watching and you guys be safe

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