1. PROS and CONS | SEINT BEAUTY review | 12 months later | Beauty over 40
  2. In Depth SEINT Makeup Review NOT From a Seller / I really want to be obsessed BUT…is it worth it?
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PROS and CONS | SEINT BEAUTY review | 12 months later | Beauty over 40

hey friends welcome back to my channel i,hope you all are having an amazing day,an amazing holiday season and but maybe,today we would just sit down do a little,chit chat lets lets talk about this,thing right here um this is my palette,from mascara beauty and its now called,saint,i,posted a video back in april,i had purchased the product at the,beginning of the year in january shot,that video and then posted it its,gotten a good handful of views and a lot,of questions quite frankly and so i kind,of wanted to revisit it not only to,answer those questions but also because,ive been using this stuff for quite,some time and i feel like i can give you,even,more information if youre thinking of,trying it,give me a hot second here,im still getting over a cold,they had a few weeks ago so i will be,sipping my tea,and try to get through this um but,anyways,lets just jump into it so like i said i,ordered it i tried it i felt like um it,was a really great product,uh spoiler alert i still think its a,really great product um theres certain,elements of it that i love theres some,other things that maybe i think um dont,necessarily work for me,personally um,but anyways just thought you know id,kind of give you some insight i dont,know do a quick little follow-up,okay,all right were going to put that down,for a second,i like to talk with my hands so i want,to be free to to do that and to,demonstrate so first things first um how,to apply it so in that first video i was,kind of struggling through how to apply,the makeup i think i do a much better,job now than i did back then actually,doing the 3d foundation system which if,you dont know what that is so,traditionally you put on your foundation,then you layer you know your blush where,you want your blush your contour your,highlight your whatever its sort of,like a layering type of process that we,all go through right,with their 3d foundation system or their,3d says i dont know if like thats the,official word um that they use but you,essentially you put the makeup where you,want it to be,in its end state so you wouldnt put,foundation all over and then put your,blush here you would just put your blush,here if that makes sense so,i have gotten much better with that,application process it did take me some,time and i think part of it though is i,have one contour color that im still,struggling with its more so the,formulation around the color but all the,other ones were totally fine i dont,know if i just either got a funky batch,or,or what what the deal is but anyways it,took me probably about a month to feel,more confident with that application,process,that being said,when i use this product i still kind of,like dont use that process like old,habits die hard right like i just still,do it the old way that i did it before,with the exception of i think in the,summer time i definitely was using a,much lighter hand and maybe i was a,little bit closer to doing like their 3d,foundation technique but day in day out,i still,still do my makeup the way that i always,would which is a little bit more of a,layering type of situation,how this makeup holds up i think that,this stuff holds up,just as well as another cream foundation,that you might use i definitely think,though that it holds up much better than,my other kind of like ride or die,foundation that i have used over the,years which is my it cosmetics,cc cream the other one i have,this one the um the bye bye foundation,these are amazing but i do feel like,these slip around on my skin a little,bit more whereas this one kind of sticks,where i put it and i like that i also,want to mention i especially like that,this particular and i dont even have,one in here,there we go,i have a bunch of these i have ordered,more products,but,i wanted to mention that with a cream,foundation there is typically more,pigmentation in the product itself which,i think is great especially if you have,hyperpigmentation or discoloration on,your skin i struggle with melasma i,especially struggle with it in the,summertime and so i loved that this,product covered it well and it like,dried down really nice and it stayed,where i put it whereas when i use my it,cosmetics foundation or like the cc the,im like mixing up my words here when i,use the cc cream or the bye bye,foundation it tends to slip around a,little bit more like by five oclock in,the evening if ive applied it in the,morning um with the it cosmetics stuff i,feel like,i need to reapply or its just not as,its not as how i applied it first thing,in the morning whereas the saint stuff,definitely looks like it holds up a heck,of a lot better each tin itself so if,youre more interested in like what this,system is i would recommend maybe going,back and watching my first video ill,put a link below post something in the,cards up here so you can find that one i,go through more in depth of like how you,order the product how you make sure you,get a good color match what to expect,one of the things that i talk about also,is these particular tins that are sent,to you this is the product itself not,this little guy here ill get to that in,a second but these three are the tins um,of the product that would be sent to you,this one right here is my main highlight,color thats amber and,that one lasted me probably about six,months and then i repurchased a new tin,um,i have to say that the formulation and,the color from tin from when i ordered,it at the beginning of the year to when,i did a repurchase of it,its very consistent which i like and i,feel like is a necessity for a cosmetics,company well for pretty much like any,company right like you want to have,consistency with your products um so i,was pleasantly i wouldnt say pleasantly,surprised but i was just really glad,that when i got that product that tin um,it was the exact same color it was the,exact same formulation they hadnt,changed anything it still works for me i,love it,im gonna run through a quick list here,of pros that i put together about this,product,so pros sorry i have to,i i feel like in a lot of these videos i,bring my computer up but honestly its,because i take notes notes and i want to,make sure that im like,telling you the things that i took notes,on like that im not forgetting,something so,pros i have here staying power,it lasts all day and i dont use a,setting spray either so i really really,like the staying power i appreciate it,i also wear this product like,some days im just doing office work,other days im shuttling kids around,other days im working out im going to,soccer im doing horseback riding im,going to the gym i do take my makeup off,a little bit sometimes maybe when i go,to the gym but other times i dont and,the stuff holds up i dont break out,its not irritating for me and i do have,i would say fairly sensitive skin its,gotten less sensitive over the years um,but,it doesnt irritate me at all which,you know thats like a must-have for any,product that you use um the pigmentation,so like i mentioned very pigmented,really great for covering up,discoloration melasma,products are multi-purpose multi-use and,so what i mean by that is the contour,you can use the contour where you,typically would contour i also use it in,this crease for an eyeshadow to add a,little bit of depth also the lip and the,cheek colors can be used just on your,cheeks just on your lips or both which i,think is really nice i like a product,that can be used in a lot of different,ways especially if youre putting it,into that compact and youre trying to,keep like your total amount of products,or total amount of things that might,maybe you might be like lugging around,with you,to a minimum,so thats really helpful,piggybacking on the multi-purpose type,of use i like that and this is something,that i dont think i knew until i,started using this product but i like,that by having some of these products,being multi-purpose or multifunctional,um it kind of helps me pull the look,together so for instance,in the past maybe i would want to

In Depth SEINT Makeup Review NOT From a Seller / I really want to be obsessed BUT…is it worth it?

one of the top things Ive learned as a,bridal makeup artist is that the less,volume of product you can put on the,skin the more skin like and flattering,it looks and the better the makeup holds,up throughout the day Saint claims,basically those two things and many more,welcome my name is Kaylee thank you for,watching so the Way Saint makeup works,is you can get color matched through a,wrap or buy a kit online or your,individual colors they come in little,tins with lids you take them out put,them in a little magnetic compact now,the whole concept behind Saint is not,revolutionary professional makeup,artists oftentimes use this technique,especially those who are working on film,magazine fashion HDTV they know that the,less makeup you can put on somebodys,skin the better it generally looks on,film and camera and under those heavy HD,lights so with that being said a lot of,times they will just take their,foundations and they will custom mix up,you know their different shades and,theyll apply them onto bare skin in one,layer essentially and theyre building,up those Shadows those Contours those,highlights from the beginning on bare,skin so the way my rep Built My palette,essentially for me is she did my under,eye brightening concealer shade and then,my T-Zone and jawline shade Contour,slash bronzer shade my blush and lip,shade typically people might replace one,of these highlight shades with a,highlight that we say outside of the,saint World they call it an Illuminator,they also have their own brushes theyre,all dual sided anyways the way youre,supposed to use it go in right here to,your all over Foundation shade,hes just for Contour I usually use my,It Cosmetics brush,the artists will oftentimes use that,Ive seen they will use the same brush,for both and they dont mind mixing the,colors,so were going to apply this all over,Foundation shade only in the areas that,we want to be a little bit brighter,nothing is on the skin,and Im just applying it right here,along the jawline as you see and down,the center of my face now Im going to,stop right here these compacts get so,dirty as you can see I mean I have the,product all down here and then also when,I go in with the brushes oftentimes I,will accidentally get into the other,Shades so so while I can pinch my,brushes and make it work its a little,bit messy its a little bit sloppy,thats my preferred method however most,people will tell you to take your,product on your fingers and I feel like,this is the viral,kind of Click baby,method right here lets do the lighter,one and go under the eyes,and then take the Contour,and apply it with our fingers,the reason people are doing this is,because its cleaner for the compact,however for the product itself you need,to have Clean Hands obviously so youre,not getting,who knows what in your product,and also,they can be more precise with where they,put their product,and lastly they warm up the products by,rubbing their fingers into it and,putting it on their face these creams,one of the cons are very concentrated,compact kind of sticky they do have,beeswax in them which can be a pros,uricon and artists will say you just,need to warm it up with your fingers and,then put it on your skin and itll be so,much better to blend,everywhere that I want to Contour slash,add a little bit of sun a little bit of,color life to the skin Im going to,apply the product right there,a little bit out here,I want to show you how well it conceals,the blue under eyes oh and then blush I,do know the blush is called black cherry,its a very,glossy formula,its glowy its kind of sheer,I think its a gorgeous color and yes,you do put it on your lips as well,this product,and then hopping over to do a photo,shoot Family Photos going to the office,where youre gonna have air conditioning,which Ill get into I think is really,pretty if you use too much you will know,because its going to look very heavy,and Cakey and bunch up on the skin right,from the get-go if you find this is,really ugly on my skin and I applied it,10 minutes ago its probably because you,use too much I still have some of my,acne scarring and sun spots peeking,through right here I have a breakout,right here,so I already put,a decent amount of product on right,there art can you even take me seriously,right now I just saw myself in the,viewfinder I look like a clown this is,what they call like the cheetah method,or cheetah spots or something like that,what was I even talking about oh my gosh,I wish I would have been educated on,their Dummy Line because I am a huge fan,of color correcting and essentially,thats what the entire Dummy Line is is,just a color correcting line where you,pick different shades for different,areas on your face so for me Im a huge,fan of using pinks and Salmons and,sometimes orange tones underneath my,eyes to color correct the blue tones I,wish I I would have been able to buy,that but I just didnt know about it at,the time I dont feel like its being,pushed as much I think its just because,its more of an advance,technique versus just slapping on a ton,of product to get your coverage my under,eye Im just gonna tap this is the,lighter shade,see I just,I dont love it underneath the eye,you have to use a lot of product to,conceal,and under that eye area it just looks,heavy its okay though were rolling,with it what if these highlight pans,from what I hear,usually lasts people on average about,three ish months to me thats kind of a,con because,I mean my Foundation Shades usually last,me longer than three months,okay you see how were going in with,just the little pixie peachy concealer,right here I mean come on,I like that method better I dont know,if its even picking up on camera I,dont have anything on this eye I just,went in with my usual,the little pinky pixie concealer right I,have a mirror right here Im looking at,right on the inner Corners where my blue,is,I just think that looks so much prettier,more natural up close I mean this is,like yeah shes wearing concealer under,eyes it looks like makeup this sides,like oh like that looks nice you know,but it doesnt,scream makeup under here if I feel like,I need a little bit more coverage I will,just tap in the teeniest amount with,that brightening shade,kind of scared that might even been too,much and I just go right in here,right on the very inner corner,and then a little bit out here where I,didnt put any product whatsoever,but Im talking I mean the teeniest,amount do you see the difference I dont,know in person,looks so much better okay lets do oh,dropping things the nose Oh So speaking,of the Contour Shades one of my most,favorite things about this line is that,they do Contour Shades really well,especially for fair skin fellow people,out there I feel like its so difficult,to find bronzers and Contours that dont,pull Orange,right this one that I got I believe was,Astoria is technically a tone tour,product I like it kind of is a mixture,of both on me though especially where I,diffuse it out a little bit hopefully on,camera its not pulling super orange,this product is an MLM technically any,saint artists if you are watching this,please correct me from the impression,that I got from having to do quite a bit,of digging from what I gather my,Impressions theyre really not making,your time and money back unless,youre pushing to recruit a whole team,and having that team under you but if,you just want to do affiliate and not,have a team just have people buy through,your link youre really supposedly its,not worth your time like its really,difficult to do that its really,difficult to make any money from it so,whether or not thats totally accurate,or not I dont know no I still have a,little bit of redness peeking through on,my chin I used that same shirt I used,all over the face I do love that it has,that yellow undertone,see take a little bit of that,brightening shade and put it on my brow,bone right here,oh thats gonna be pretty oh yeah,yeah I actually havent done that before,so one of the

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buckle up buttercups were getting into,it today Im gonna be talking about,Saint makeup,I feel like since I started YouTube I,have had over a hundred people easily,reach out to me asking me what I think,about Saint makeup what I would,recommend from Saint makeup have I tried,Saint makeup and I have a long long time,ago when it was mascara because it did,launch in 2013 as mascara and I did not,like it I remember I bought one eye,shadow and I liked the eyeshadow but I,did not like the actual cream products I,didnt think much about it after that,and thats kind of how I responded to,everybody that reached out to me and,then in 2020 they changed over to Saint,makeup and I believe it was then that,they turned into a multi-level marketing,company now I am going to preface this,by saying,I am not here to argue that point there,are a lot of things I do not agree with,Saint makeup specifically but I have not,been asked about their business,practices I have been asked about their,makeup,so Im gonna let yall do it you will,with the other aspect Im here to talk,about the quality of the makeup itself I,might touch on a couple of things that,bother me in the other aspect as I go,along but the majority of this is a,review of the products now even though,it is a multi-level marketing company,you are able to go to the website and,purchase straight from the website you,do not have to go through an artist Im,going to go ahead and say one of those,things that irritates me so badly,is the fact that they are called makeup,artists just for signing up to sell some,makeup as someone who went to school and,has worked in the actual industry of,makeup artistry for nine years which,means I get paid to actually perform a,service I dont get just paid to sell a,product to so flippantly call yourself a,makeup artist rubs me a little the wrong,way,but again thats just my personal,opinion so what I did because I had so,many people asking about it because I,honestly cant even go to my explore,page on Instagram without being,inundated with tutorials using scent,makeup I purchased a full face and were,going to talk about the products I spent,241 dollars,and 49 cents on everything that you see,in this palette I did not pay for the,palette apparently I hit some kind of,threshold where I didnt have to but I,do have,all of the face products that Im gonna,need and a few shadows and setting,powder now if you are not familiar with,Saint makeup it is cream products for,the face now they have cream eyeshadows,but they also have powder eyeshadows but,their main focus is cream makeup now Im,going to go ahead and say that yes the,makeup artist annoys me my biggest,pet peeve like it gets under my skin so,badly is when I see,pretty much everybody that I have seen,on social media selling this makeup say,over 40 this is why you shouldnt use,liquid or powder foundations,no no and no I have said four years and,will continue to say there is absolutely,no age limit to any kind of makeup,period if you like it and it works for,you then use it but to make people feel,like if theyre over 40 and use a powder,foundation or a liquid foundation and,love it to make them feel like theyre,doing something wrong and it in order to,do something right they have to buy what,youre selling really bothers me okay I,love powder foundation I love liquid,foundation and I have a few creams that,I love I am 42. so I fall in that over,40 crowd I dont like people telling me,that Im doing something wrong,can you tell so that is my biggest pet,peeve if you like what you like and it,works for you dont listen to someone,telling you you cant use a certain,product lets get into the makeup shall,we,the first thing Im going to do on the,face is color correct now they do have I,think fairly new within maybe the last,year what they call Demi products and,these smaller pans right here are their,Demi products it is a line of correctors,they are twenty dollars each and they,have 43 Shades which is quite a bit you,can use them for obviously color,correcting Ive seen people use the dark,dark colors for eyeliner cream shadow,blush lots and lots and lots of ways you,can use them but they do come in very,small pans whenever you do purchase them,they come in this little metal sleeve,just like that and then you just slide,it out this is in the shade zero three,now what they say is that this should be,applied very sparingly with a brush I,get absolutely no coverage with this,with a brush thats just me Ive seen,other people use a brush and its great,I dont so I have to use my finger now,as far as ingredients were going to,talk about the those,as I apply these products this is a,cruelty free gluten-free,and paraben free company however they,are not vegan because there is some,beeswax in a couple of their products,this specific Demi corrector has,lots and lots of ingredients and some of,them may contain bismuth oxychloride,which is not something thats bad for,you but it is something that I feel like,a lot of people have,some reactions to in the form of itching,or redness it is the one thing in the,Bare Minerals loose,Foundation that some people cannot,tolerate and it is in some of these Demi,correctors there is also Carmine in some,of them which is also a,an ingredient that can irritate a lot of,people especially if its used around,the eyes do you see what Im saying okay,it doesnt warm up as easily on,my finger as some of the other cream,products do and I just feel like its,not doing the most its on my finger Im,not not getting any product on there,and no it does not work any better with,a brush for me this is two grams of,product,and they are twenty dollars each,and its just not doing it for me Ive,seen a couple of people use these and,say theyll last you a year they may be,tiny,but you need such a small amount Im,like Ive gone back into this pan six,times I dont know what youre talking,about but my under eyes need way more,than a tiny amount,I will say though it does wear well,throughout the day I dont have any,issues with it creasing or caking I do,however apply a concealer on top and set,it with a powder now to put it in a,little bit of perspective I pulled out,another cream corrector that I have in,my collection which is the Charlotte,Tilbury,and this only has 2.5 grams so its 0.5,grams more,but its also more than 20 bucks so just,keep that in mind it does look tiny but,I just think its the packaging that it,comes in it makes it look even smaller,than the two grams that it is lets go,on to this Foundation First I want to,show you this palette so I have the Im,backwards the foundation I got a bronzer,a blush and a highlight they have,smaller palettes where you can put all,four of them and they touch each other,I would absolutely not like that because,as you can see no matter what brush I,use in the foundation and the bronzer,that stuff gets everywhere theyre very,thin pallets,so if I had them touching each other and,used even a small brush theres no way,they would not end up mixing now I do,have some dual into brushes from when,they were mascara and I tried them years,ago I do think these are pretty much the,same as what they have now they look,different but the shapes are pretty much,the same,I dont think you need these okay this,is basically a little Kabuki brush and,then this is a pointed brush to use like,under your eyes and if you want more,detail,application I also dont love dual into,brushes as a rule because they are,harder to store I have actually been,using the BK Beauty this is the travel,but its the 101 brush and I like that,now I got this shade Amber in the,foundation I did not ask an artist to,color match me I figured it out on my,own I just didnt want to go down that,rabbit hole this comes in 18 Shades and,it retails for 16 now there is four,grams in this product I have heard so,many people say its so so cost,effective its so good I agree 16 is not,that much money and I you know tried to,find some creams that were favorites of,mine and t

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A Non Consultants Review of Makeup Brand Seen on A Lot on Social Media – Seint Beauty

in todays video I am going to revisit,Saint beauty makeup and talk about just,a couple of other products and how I get,my cream makeup to last all day hey,everyone this is Lisa welcome to my,YouTube channel at least many Beauty we,cover all things beauty and lifestyle,for the over 50 woman so I am not a,saint consultant I am just a customer,um I see them all the time on Instagram,all the time or I see Consultants all,the time on Instagram my favorite to,follow is Karen lean Leon from 50 is a,new 50 blog and um I would follow on,Instagram even if youre not interested,in saying makeup though shell probably,make you interested in it uh just,because she is so delightful to watch,and she does other makeup tips besides,just how to apply her makeup I did,purchase the makeup or several things,from the brand uh when it was mascara,Beauty and like all my brushes are the,old style from mascara Beauty but they,did Rebrand as Saint Beauty,actually shortly after I made my first,purchase and so I have some that might,have the mascara Beauty logo and some,that say Saint Beauty but it is the same,product same people sell it and Im not,sure if youve heard of,a saint Beauty but,heres a typical face palette their,premise its all cream makeup really,lovely for mature skin and their premise,is,my palette looks kind of yucky but their,premise is that you apply your highlight,which is also your main Foundation shade,your bronzer and your actual highlighter,in separately on your skin and then you,blend it all together so youre not,layering cream makeup on top of cream,makeup you have each individual,you have each adhering to your skin,directly and then you kind of just dab,it and blend it all together and you get,that dimensional look on your face,without having a lot of makeup,and it does work okay Ill say that it,works its beautiful its very natural,its fast when my first video came out I,had my one of my best best friends from,college asked you know Lisa should I,really buy it and she did and shes used,it all up and,um and then I had a local friend here,also asked me about it she also,purchased it so it was it was a product,that I would recommend to my close,friends and I still would recommend it,but,um cream makeup does require just a,little bit more working with to get it,to last longer so were going to talk,just a little bit about that okay so,cream makeup especially on my skin I,have normal normal to dry skin but I,touch my face a lot and I really have to,watch not touching my face when Im,wearing cream makeup because it can slip,and slide a little bit more so you do,want to prep your skin,so what I normally do is I will put a,primer a gripping primer Im using the,elf power grip now Saint Beauty sells,all this stuff now when I first started,I dont think they had like the primers,the setting sprays,um you know it was just basically the,actual makeup on the face but they have,a lot of other products now but Ive,never tried them so I cant talk about,them all right so the makeup or the,primer has settled and set,and now Im going to take the cream,makeup this is mango and this is my you,buy all your pans separate you get color,matched from a consultant so this is,mango Indigo which is my Foundation,shade Indigo which is my bronzer,candlelit which is my highlight and,icon I think is my dark summer shade,that I can mix,um for my Foundation,and so Im just going to use their brush,because I always just use a brush when I,use their makeup but Im going to use,this round,foundation brush so you might already,own a round foundation brush,and I am going,to not apply it like they do just in,dots I am just going to double tap,small amount,and apply on my face,now I am somewhat,ignoring the area where I know Im going,to put the Contour,so you dont need to dig it in these,pans these pans are really little heres,the little one so you can kind of see,how tiny the pans are but its a lot of,makeup because Im not digging in Im,just tapping,uh tapping the product on the brush and,then just kind of stippling it pressing,it,into the face instead of like swishing,it back and forth so you can see,that this is a really beautiful finish,I mean cream foundation,a really yummy on,mature skin so this is a medium coverage,light light leaning light medium I mean,I still see some of my darker,hyperpigmentation,you can cover up the hyperpigmentation,with the,foundation in fact I think this is where,I learned to put a slightly darker shade,to cover your hyperpigmentation before,you this ones too dark,and then cover it with your regular,shade,kind of using it like a color corrector,okay so now that Ive got my foundation,on I am still going to press off or,press it into the skin,using my stands out Beauty sponge you,know working it you want to make sure,you dont have too much in your,uh,where your fine lines and wrinkles are,so you really want to make sure you,press it in really well in those areas,okay so now that Ive got it pressed in,Im going to do my,typical spray with a setting spray,and then Im going to lock in,the foundation with the setting spray,paying attention to this area which is,what I tend to touch my face so that is,my step one,then Im going to go back Im going to,take their little Contour brush I love,the shape of this Contour brush its got,a concealer brush on one end and the,Contour on the other Im going to tap,into the Contour,tap it on my hand first because you can,get dark,Im going to,apply my Contour shade,and Im just going to do a little,stippling motions and kind of lifting,flicking high on the cheekbones then Im,going to take my foundation brush Im,not going to put any more makeup on it,but I am going to just kind of stipple,over it,and see how easy that was to blend,and if I have a little area that I think,is too dark Ill just touch it up with,my finger okay now were going to do the,cheek color so these are the lip to,cheek colors I have this one is black,cherry this is my favorite then I have,Ruby which is a really pretty pink,Tropicana which is a little Coral light,kind of baby pink and this one is I,think called Sunshine State its kind of,a duochrome I dont even know if they,still have this shade but its a gloss,so it doesnt give a lot of colors,um but it is a gloss yeah I think its,really pretty so Im going to take the,big,blush brush which is on the other side,of the foundation and Im going to kind,of squeeze it,and tap it in,to this black cherry,see how bright it is,same thing tap off my arm,and then Im going to tap it up on my,cheekbone,under my eyes a little bit,and flip it same thing,Im gonna wipe Im gonna wipe the,foundation brush just a little bit,because now it has the bronzer on it and,Im going to just still stifle it,stipple it to blend in that blush,so you can see that the black cherry,even though its such a dark color here,its really pretty on the cheeks,another setting spray layer this is how,I get my,cream makeup to last all right now some,of my favorite products from Saint,Beauty are their eyeshadows they are,soft and creamy and very very pigmented,so I have a couple,um originally I bought these more,neutral Shades kind of in that you know,mauvy Plum tones that I love and then,later I added on these bright Shades,just to play around with but well go to,my favorite uh palette so this,shade right here is called basic because,it is a basic color that is just real,pretty,as a transition shade or a base and,because I use it on my eyes because I,had the cream makeup there so I want to,just make sure that the,eye shadow is not going to stick,anywhere so I want this all over my lid,and into the transition,then Im going to take this shade next,to it its called lullaby,and I am going to put it on the outer,corner,you know what Im just going to use the,big side,foreign,there is a lot of Fallout,on these Shadows,down use my finger and use this I dont,remember what this color is called Peppa,which is kind of my rose frosted rose,pink color and Im going to put that on,the i

Seint Review: Mature Skin, 1 Mo Update

have you seen this look all over social,media maybe even here on youtube i can,tell you this is nonsense this is not,pretty it does not blend well maybe for,women under 40 they can pull this off,maybe women a little over 40. they like,to do this this is fun for them im not,here to tell them not to im here to,tell you that you can get this beautiful,mature skin look,without doing this nonsense this is my,saint mature makeup one month review you,do not want to miss this especially if,youve been color matched by another,artist and it didnt work stay tuned,hi welcome back to my channel i am,michelle spieler i am the creator of,mature makeup master class which i,believe im launching and publishing in,the next week or two but ill keep you,posted here ill do a quick youtube on,it,but,i wanted to talk today because it now,has been about a month since i did my,saint makeup review for mature skin and,so many of you have reached out to me i,almost cant keep up,i love it though i love you sharing your,stories your photos your vulner,vulnerability,im getting about 10 to 20 women a day,color matching so im doing the best i,can to keep up with everyone but be,patient um im always getting back to,someone within 48 hours though i dont,know if you even know what im talking,about saint makeup is,those women,those women that have all their makeup,in one compact,and they you know line it and dot it and,all over their face and they take a big,brush and blend it and ive never once,been tempted to try it i never thought,it looked good i always thought oh,thats younger skin makeup,oh its not,blended anyway you can always go back,and watch my original videos im not,going to revisit that but what i want to,address is in the month that ive really,been using it more and more every day,im coming to find out that its so much,prettier than nars and this is a,beautiful foundation,its so much prettier than the cosis,this is their brand new revealer,foundation with skincare in it its,pretty i picked a color thats too light,but its very pretty,its prettier than something like a bb,cream and it has more coverage and i get,to decide how much coverage i want where,um,i got these new bosma sticks they sent,them to me i didnt buy these theyre,kind of a celebrity favorite in the the,makeup category uh they went viral on,tick-tock theyre okay,theyre okay theyre nice,um,i love this loreal balm very pretty,very very little coverage but very,pretty,not a great shade range though not,really a great shade range so,more and more im just so,convinced that this st makeup is about,the prettiest thing ive ever used and,when i get feedback from you or i get,before and after photos,and i see the confidence,in you it just it really excites me to,keep going now i want to do today um,something very different than i did the,last time ive come up with a new system,for myself and i think its going to,help a lot of you also i keep getting,emails from women,saying help i have saint i bought it,from a young artist and i think i have,wrong colors or i just i dont know how,to put it on i dont like how they put,it on or i put it on like them and i,look muddy and not blended so im here,to help you im your mature friend im,your mature cheerleader im a 25-year,pro still took me,many many attempts to figure this out so,im going to try to save you,the trouble now we never ever ever,put 3d around our eyes,3d are the highlights which is aka,foundation,contours bronzer never,around the eyes its too thick and,creamy itll crease itll make a mess,we are going to do demi around the eyes,but this is not even a demi video this,is how to use saint and use it,in a pretty way for mature skin,now many people are two colors and,myself i am,let me see,i am candlelit right here,but see june it has more yellow in it i,like the more yellow,in areas where im more red,but today im going to be simple im,just going to do candle lit,and then im going to do bronzer i might,do a little contour for some of you who,like to learn contour but im going to,show you how easy this is now i have,nothing on my face except primer i do,recommend every woman get a primer i,dont care what it is if youve never,used a primer then just go to the,drugstore and get revlon they make a,smoothing primer which smooths out pores,they make,i think like a,oil control type primer they make three,okay just go get revlon,its in a lot of professional makeup,kits i have a revlon in my makeup kit,but my favorite primer is,for really oily skin milk hydro grip,however i dont know how that works,under this i havent tried it i love rms,beauty radiant locking primer thats,what i have on right now i love tatcha,silk canvas,i love um,pore saver by dermablend i use on my,mature clients in my chair with larger,pores and oily skin and ive just,recently become,familiar with smash smashbox oil control,now smashbox is one of the original,people of primers laura mercier coined,it first and then smashbox really,knocked it out of the park with all the,different colors and different formulas,and they do make one called oil control,primer by smashbox and it really does,help control oil especially for women,who are just,shiny shiny by lunch okay,so lets get started im gonna show you,how i do this on mature skin because im,54,and,if you were in my chair,this is how i would do it on you,i want you to have a damp blender sponge,my saint one is gray its upstairs so i,have this beauty blender there they feel,the same to me see how spongy you want,real spongy dont get real techniques i,dont like their version,okay so heres what i do,im gonna take,candle lit because,im neutral warm you can see some yellow,in my neck i have blue-green veins,but once i get bronzer and everything on,i really have been liking this candlelit,okay,and im going to look,in my close-up mirror,actually now im not going to look at my,close-up mirror okay i like to start in,the center of the face because then as,we blend out we dont need as much,coverage we dont need as much coverage,out here if we have sun spots thats,demi around the eyes demi but were just,going to start with the foundation,which is called a highlight and im,going to start,on the nose,i love this brush i highly recommend,everyone get the 3d brush,it is unique because its this really,great dome shape,do you see that,works great i do one area at a time now,im going to kind of blend and pat that,into the skin,see pretty sheen pretty texture,not too light,it is going to be too light in the,summer though now im going to go into,my chin,i could use june here because see,i could use june,now im really textured here and down,here my whole marionette lines okay im,real textured so i dont put it in those,areas,i do not,put foundation,in my really textured areas,i dont like a lot on my upper lip,because i dont know about you but i,have a lot of pores on my upper lip and,theyre getting larger as i get older so,i just take whatevers on i dont re-dip,the brush just whatevers on it,okay so right now i have it just down,the center of the face,and its very pretty and very skin like,do you see that you can still see a,little red and purple peeking through,thats okay thats what demis for,if im just doing demi then i do demi,first obviously but when im doing demi,mixed with the 3d,then i do the 3d first because its,silly to do demi because this is gonna,rub it all back off again,okay,now i go into the cheek area but i do do,you see this,i dont go higher than here do you see,how im not near the eye,do not put 3d near the eye,im going to take it back to my,cheekbone and then whats left on the,brush im dragging down,to my jawline most of us have nice skin,on our jawline do you know how i know,because ive probably color matched a,hundred of you in a month and,everyone has pretty good skin and you,all apologize for how you look and im,looking at you going,i would love to look like you okay,so im gonna show you a picture of me in,the end bare face i want you to really,see a picture not


okay hi im trying to figure out where,to look so im filming on my phone right,now,should i go turn the fan off hang on,lets just shut the door,okay just kidding hi um i am filming on,my phone right now and i dont know,where to look is it there is it,i dont know im not gonna like double,check it whatever but hi coming to you,live from my bathroom um,i,have,first of all ive never done anything,like this im filming on my phone im in,my bathroom in front of a window um,because i have a sleeping infant in the,other room so this is what we are,gonna work with today but i just had an,epiphany,and i feel like i saw someone on youtube,one time,put up something called an emergency,review,and i feel like i was,i had this epiphany and im like oh my,god,emergency review time like is it that,is it that serious no but um,i just had an epiphany a few minutes ago,while i was putting on my makeup and i,feel like,oh my gosh i probably need to share this,ive never seen anyone talk about this,explicitly ive seen people say,um and this whole video is with regard,to saint beauty by the way um this is i,had i like did a first impressions kind,of video for saint,um beauty saint makeup whatever um im,not a consultant,um,yeah so ill just preface with that,theres a whole heap of people on,youtube that are consultants that can,color match you and all that jazz and,i recommend,getting a color match you have to order,it through a consultant so theres that,but i actually the more i think about,this i think that was a pretty,genius,way to set up this company,um because originally when it was,mascara beauty i think it was not an mlm,and now that its been rebranded to,saint it is an mlm and,for a long time i was like man why did,they do it that way like because,everyone has a sour taste in their mouth,about mlm,but the more i think about it,the more im like that was actually,genius from a like corporate perspective,because they have saint beauty has all,these foot soldiers on the ground,that are like preaching,um,how much they love saint beauty and if,it were like,just,some more like regular makeup whatever,that was comparable to like something,you could go buy it like ulta or sephora,or cvs or whatever that would be one,thing,but its it really is,different,and um im gonna talk about that today,obviously its the point of todays,video but um these women that get into,doing the consulting its like not even,for,its theyre not trying to like take a,take a new career or anything by selling,makeup i think they just genuinely love,the product im not gonna lie i have,zero bandwidth,for,any additional projects and im even,like man should i like be a saint,consultant because like a discount would,be nice i love this stuff,i would love to talk about it to like,people,but at the same time like i have a,career,doing you know technology i work in the,technology field and i,i like i dont have any interest in,selling this for like making money right,um,but i just am really into it so anyway,the point of todays video and this my,emergency review is that,i have seen people on youtube and like,ig stories whatever they talk about how,when they start using saint beauty their,skin,improves their skin condition improves,and,i never really like painted any mind i,thought honestly i just thought it was,like some lip service for people being,like you know oh you know and i tried,this new makeup and my skin improved,like kind of one of these like snake oil,things that theyll just say it to sell,it,um,but,today,i was putting my makeup on my saint,makeup which i have on my face which,ill just like get close for you but um,this is like the,view that she wanted but my face it,doesnt look,cakey whatsoever like okay go easy on me,because my skin is not perfect but,i think the thing that youll notice is,that,my skin looks like skin,which is cool now im gonna have to like,get this all re,configured okay,so i was thinking to myself like man,my skin actually like,it is looking,better,not that,i have you know terrible skin i dont,really have like problem skin i have,hyperpigmentation and signs of aging,because you know obviously im aging im,36 ill be 37 this year,dont really care if people know my age,um,and,my like primary skin thing,is just kind of like managing the aging,process and i like obviously i want to,do it as gracefully as possible,but i was thinking,man obviously i know my skin looks nice,when im wearing the makeup,and like side note we went to a ball,game last night and i was like literally,sweating like i had a sweat stash,like i had like my whole like bra was,soaked like underneath my like bra line,or whatever you know,where you sweat um and my makeup i like,popped into the bathroom a couple of,times to you know obviously use the,facilities and checked in,the maybe the one mirror in the entire,ballpark um,but my makeup looked good after many,hours of like,you know conditions like sweating and,stuff i i did set like,the t-zone or whatever in my under eyes,with a little bit of powder but,i really didnt set my face i was kind,of like you know wow like that was the,first time id really put it to any like,tests of like you know conditions other,than being in my air-conditioned house,um and i gotta say i was like,wow this is its holding up,way better than i expected for being a,cream product on a hot day anyway im,really digressing but i had thought to,myself putting on my makeup today,my skin really is,doing okay its like looking good and,but ive changed up my skin care,recently ive gotten like way serious,about skin care but,i remember hearing someone say oh yeah,my skin improved when i started using,saint beauty,and i thought to myself its cream,product,i wonder if its,petrolatum based,so for any of my ladies that might be,watching that know,you know that are skincare junkies which,im sure some of you are,um if you know anything about this its,one of the skin care techniques thats,kind of like trendy right now is its,been around for a long time but its,like trending right now in particular um,its called slugging,and slugging is basically youre using,an occlusive over your um skincare,products primarily your actives,to,obviously provide additional hydration,to the skin but also lock those active,ingredients in so that they dont,um,rub off your skin or like dissipate off,your skin and primarily people do it,overnight while theyre sleeping well,im a,slugger right i,do periodically if im going to use like,a,an active or something on my skin that i,want to like really work overnight,because,and i should have clarified,slugging or the use of an occlusive,product on your skin it locks in your,skin care and essentially makes it,more intensified or effective,so you obviously would want to be,careful using that with things like you,know acids or you know aha bha etc but,for things like vitamin c hyaluronic,acid um,you know any of your azoleic acid any of,your like active products,it can make them way more effective so,and the other thing of note here is that,i almost always do my makeup,um right after skin care ill give it,like a few minutes,to kind of sink in or maybe like an hour,to sink in go get my coffee and stuff,like that and then but i i do try,because im a new mom and im at home on,maternity leave im not a new mom sorry,i have a new baby im a mom of three um,but i,am home on maternity leave right now and,in order to just not let myself get away,from myself um and keep my self-esteem,up and all that good stuff um,i just i want to continue to feel like,put together and i dont want to like,turn into like a frumpy dump so um i,just made that up just now frump it up,anyway um,i try to do my makeup every day and so,in particular ive been doing my makeup,with this saint stuff because i invested,in a lot of saint products um,at full price ps,so,i noticed and im gonna get,i was like im just gonna,check the ingredients on the back of one,of these,and i mean im gonna check the,ingredients in the back of one of these,i


[Music],hey guys welcome back to my channel and,if youre new,welcome thank you for tuning in,so i dont think ive been this excited,to film a video,in a really long time ive seen this,makeup on instagram and in reels,and ive been wanting to try it for like,a month and i finally decided to order,it,mostly because,they do 30 day returns and 30 day shade,swaps for free,so you can if a color doesnt work for,you you can,exchange it,which is amazing so after that i learned,that i was like okay,thats my sign im doing it,so i have my package here,theres a lot,okay,so i got some brushes,and,the tins,really excited so for those who dont,know,saint is,a makeup company geared for basically,ease of use,um,its individual,tins like this,that you can use to customize your own,magnetic palettes that they sell,um,so that you have your,foundation your concealer your blush,your bronzer your contour all in one,place,and they all,have coverage so,the idea is to have one layer of makeup,instead of having to do,one layer of foundation then concealer,blah blah blah for a quicker,application,and also,it is all cream based they do have some,powders but,the makeup is cream based which,they say is good even for oily skin and,mature skin,so when you go on the website when you,click on makeup youll just see,highlight and then contour and lip and,cheek at the beginning so they call,highlight,um thats your concealer or your,foundation shade because theyre all,interchangeable someones concealer,shade,my son just,theres a cloud sorry someones,concealer shade maybe someone elses,foundation shade so thats why they,dont differentiate its just all called,highlight,what it is highlight is a cream,foundation that brightens and smooth,your skin tone to give your face a,luminous glow,why cream is better cream foundation can,be a very sheer coverage or a buildable,full coverage giving you the flexibility,to cover what you want without hiding,the things you love,liquid and powder makeups tend to set,creating a dull lifeless appearance,creams act as a second skin their silky,application and flexible wear create a,buttery velvet finish,im excited,so there are different collections you,can get color matched by someone who,represents the company or you can try,and color match yourself,um,i chose to get color matched so i got,matched number six i decided,i didnt just want the basic collection,i wanted to get a few other things,so that included this,magnetic palette so it has actually two,levels,so eight fit in here with this one its,just the four,so lets first off try these shades to,make sure that this,foundation and concealer are the right,ones for me i did buy like one lighter,and one darker just in case i know i can,return them,so thats why i was like lets just,be extra sure,okay so i was shade matched with goddess,which is this one how cute are these,theyre all themed and you just pop it,out and its actual tin so you can just,throw that in your bag if you only buy,one they have lip glosses too,that looks like it might be a good match,for me,this is goddess and then i also got,mango,so,yeah this is goddess this is mango so,im gonna swatch,[Music],both lets just zoom in here,they dont smell like anything which is,awesome,okay,thats mango,that looks pretty good,well maybe a little light i dont know,okay this ones goddess,oh i think goddess actually,yeah i think,[Music],i think the one well the one that like,disappears which is that one so,i got shade matched correctly yay,so exciting okay im gonna wipe this off,so since that was correct thats amazing,my highlight so my concealer um in that,kit was wheat,so were gonna try,that,so this is weak that is supposed to be,my highlight so im gonna go ahead and,put them in here ill start with wheat,cute wow that really sticks thats good,okay and then my,main highlight which is now goddess,and then it says that my,contour should be indigo which is this,one,looks a little scary but ive seen,women,use this,as a contour that are a lot lighter than,me so,i know its not going to be as scary,on,and then the blush that comes with that,kit that is,recommended for my skin tone is,sandstone so were gonna put that in,there too,[Music],and there we go,okay,um so that number four kit also comes,with a brush,the 3d foundation,brush,lets lets just,oh thats nice,oh,thats really soft and these are really,dense which is perfect for cream,foundation,um if you have other brushes you already,own thats great but they need to be,this they need to be quite dense like,this in order to,buff out cream,brushes like this,um,the duo fiber brushes these are better,for either really liquidy,foundations or a light wash of powder so,just keep that in mind,but if you do decide to get that kit it,will come with a palette and a brush so,which is,discounted from buying them all,separately so,i think thats a great place to start,its really good that they offer that,theres another,like add-on collection to go with,your,number four main collection,its the bronzer collection,a brush and a bronzer,for the same price as just the brush so,i got the shade bella for bronzer im,really excited to draw that too,so actually im gonna just pop that into,the second layer,of,this kit,and i did get,hollywood,lip and cheek,oh my gosh,so its like pink with some gold,how much you want to bed this is going,to be a dupe for nars orgasm,should i swatch it i should swatch it,alright so im gonna do that and i also,got a gloss because you can,choose for the lip and cheek theyre,obviously,interchangeable same with the bronzers,and the contour ive seen people use,them as lip liners and like eyeshadow,so i got a gloss i got the georgia,gloss cute,oh no that is an illuminator,thats pretty,oh here it is huh,okay i found it its boardwalk lip and,cheek because i forgot that theyre all,lip and cheek like i bought it just as a,gloss like for my lips but theyre all,interchangeable for your cheeks so its,called boardwalk,and then theres nude,thats nice,but like,theyre not sticky,even the um,like the creams theyre not sticky at,all,they also do they do have a,setting powder a pressed setting powder,called vanilla dust,so,yeah its,just its really soft,soft powder so im gonna put that,in my palette because i need,a setting powder,you dont have to buy the setting powder,that comes with it i just,wanted it for the convenience of having,it in my palette,okay palette is,wow,thats my whole face,in one palette,thats crazy so i got three brushes,one of them comes with the number four,kit,which is the,foundation brush,this one,but i got,the buff,design for airbrushed application the,buff brush,for applying my concealer and my,contour,and then theres the bronzer brush that,comes with that bronzer collection,so lets open that up so this is a duo,blush and bronzer,now it said that this one is designed,for a lighter,more,airbrushed application of blush like,its not as dense,thats definitely,nice and soft for blush,and then the bronzer is a bit,denser although you could use this side,to apply and then this side to buff it,out,so what they do its like a paint by,numbers kind of thing,ill put the graphic right here beside,me,so im gonna start with my contour,okay here we go,this is my first time putting this stuff,on my face you guys,ah okay im gonna use a smaller side for,my contour,oh,you gotta okay,it is quite concentrated to this stuff,ready,now in order to find your cheekbone its,literally,where you get a natural shadow,on the forehead,so for contour you always want to blend,up,to make sure you dont get it,too low and miss that,hollow point of your cheek,okay and then im gonna take some on my,finger,rub them together,and do this,for my nose contour,now youre supposed to kind of fill in,the blanks with your mane,so im going to use the other side,of the buff brush for my mane,okay,and this is a really um,great sized,mirror on this palette,so,so i am used to,a fuller coverage which is why i keep,kind of going back in,because it is buildable so i c

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