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Shekar Movie Review By Hriday Ranjan | Jeevitha Rajasekhar | Rajasekhar | Shivani Rajasekhar

[Music],for reviews interviews and your daily,film picks click the bell icon and,subscribe to film companion south now,hello and welcome to film companion,south youre watching our tour review my,name is rita ranjan this weeks release,is shaker directed by jeevitha rajshekar,starring dr raj shekhar shivani,rajashekar and abhinav rajshik i mean,gomatam the film is a remake of the,malayalam movie joseph the film is both,an investigative who done it and also,character study of a man,who is a ghost of himself,and he has nothing to live for even the,original is actually not an exciting,thriller but rather a slow brooding slow,burner sheker is the latest adaptation,from malayalam cinema of late we are,getting to see telugu remakes of,malayalam films every few months and not,even great malayalam movies even,mediocre ones its like we assume that,everything malayalam cinema makes is a,masterpiece by itself,give me scripture yeah im,have,the telugu adaptation is quite faithful,we meet dr rajekar who plays an ex-cop,who is retired but spends his time,investigating cases he gets paid for his,investigations and the police officers,get the credit and the promotions it is,an arrangement that he is content with,unlike the loud angry police officers,that we usually see in movies this is a,man who barely speaks it is not the,exuberance of youth here but the world,weariness of a man who has lost,everything off the bat it is refreshing,to see a leading man playing his own age,with gray hair and a beard we see dr,rajshiker as a tired man but the newness,of this characterization is punctured by,all the songs in the movie the songs bog,down the pace of the movie and the,makers resort to a song whenever they,need to extract an emotion out of you,there are also too many flashback shots,of shaker and his family combined with,the songs the flashback scenes bring the,plot to a screeching halt there is no,sense of urgency in the characters,or in their lines,and what could have been a dramatic,scene or an insightful scene becomes,mediocre thanks to all the slow motion,scenes,[Music],[Music],wow,joseph the original film was shot in a,realistic manner but the makers of,shaker opt for a glossy glamorous,template take for example the,investigation itself shaker uses a,friend in the police played by abhinav,gomatam to trace the calls and find the,call details whenever it is convenient,for the plot we are thrown words like,tower location sim to explain the,missing details there isnt too much,investigation here and even in the,original it wasnt really about the,investigation but it was about the,brooding protagonist unfortunately,shaker seems longer than its run time,thanks to all the songs and the slow,motion shots despite an interesting,background score by anu provence and a,story that doesnt play to the galleries,shaker is a film that,is not really as smart as it pretends to,be i could predict the ending from afar,and by the end of the film i began to,feel restless while dr raj sheker as the,brooding ex-cop looks the part one gets,the distinct feeling that the film,takes a grounded personal story and,tries to make it a sellable product this,results in the film being neither here,nor there shaker has its moments,especially in the scenes where raj,shaker decides to take action it might,be an earnest attempt but shaker doesnt,shake you thank you for watching our,review of the movie shaker please,remember to press the bell icon and,subscribe to our youtube channel for,more videos interviews and reviews,[Music]

NAAI SEKAR RETURNS Review – Vadivelu – Tamil Talkies

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Anukokunda Oka Roju (2005) – Movie Review | Chandra Sekhar Yeleti | Telugu Comedy Mystery Thriller

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#Fidaa Full Movie Review | Varun Tej | Sai Pallavi | Sekhar Kammula | Dil Raju | Mobiletalkies

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Interesting Facts about Sekhar Kammula Anand Movie | Tollywood Insider


Decent Aana Aalu – Lyric Video | Naai Sekar Returns | Vadivelu | Suraaj | Santhosh Narayanan | Lyca

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Godavari (2006) – Telugu Movie Review | Sekhar Kammula |Sumanth | Kamalini Mukharjee

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