1. i watched selling tampa… *a QUICK dip of mess*
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  3. Netflixs Selling Tampa Season 1 Review | Umm…They Supposed to Sell Homes Right?
  4. Selling Tampa Netflix Review
  5. Selling Tampa | Netflix | Season 1 Ep 1-2 #REVIEW
  6. (Review) Selling Tampa : Season 1 #Netflix #SellingTampa #docuseries #realestate
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i watched selling tampa… *a QUICK dip of mess*

youre a grown [ __ ] woman and that,[ __ ] dont make no kind of sense,hello everybody welcome back to my,channel my name is amanda this is your,first time here,welcome to my beauty entertainment,channel absolutely so,if you would like to follow me on,twitter on social media heres my,twitter and my instagram got fun and,then while youre here you can check out,some of my recent videos before this i,posted the third part to my sims lets,play series third third third third and,then before that i posted a video,talking about the sex life of college,girls and then before that i posted a,lets talk new releases so today were,talking about another television show,today im talking about the brand new,netflix reality show selling tampa,so i think the trailer for this came out,like two months ago or something and,its about a group of like,a bunch of realtors in tampa florida,which i didnt know had houses like this,i didnt i think i didnt know i dont,know much about florida,but i didnt know tampa had houses like,that but show,about reality,about reality about real realtors they,sell houses theres drama thats to just,um,lots of black women on the show,you know,fun,so im gonna share my thoughts on so,theres only one season the season was,really short which im going to talk,about in a second it was like eight,episodes long so i dont know how long,this video is gonna be i dont think,its gonna be very long at all but im,just gonna go through each person and,share my thoughts um there only is one,season so this is me,judging,off one season like eight episodes like,not even that much time so like calm,down but im gonna share so the first,person that i would like to start off,with is carla,i have no thoughts because carla didnt,really do much of anything,she dont know houses,she dont sell no houses,she dont have no clients,i dont know what im supposed to like,share about her however i will say,i think carlas the smarter one of the,two,not i think that was very very clearly,proven shes the smartest one of the two,because she at least had the sense to,use like other peoples connections to,save her ass like at the arturo open,house thing,like,a bunch of people she made she got it,together she was like okay im gonna,bring clients for sure,um which is her job anyways,but,she was able to use the fact that other,people brought clients to make that open,house success so she was she knows at a,point you know we cant keep just,floundering oh around and around and not,doing our job and talking about how much,people talk about us for some reason she,doesnt do that so i would say shes,smarter of the two but,i have nothing else much to say on her,hasnt really done anything i think um,alexis getting booted might have been a,wake-up call for her but heres my thing,alexis had to get fired for you to like,be like whoa because i dont know i took,sherelle seriously when she told them i,will fire you if you do not produce the,way youre supposed to but i guess carla,did not but it seems like carla had been,ha at some point in time was producing,and the pandemic kind of [ __ ] with,that so maybe thats why maybe shes,just shes just having having an off,time but because she does seem smarter,than the other one,so ill give her that okay next person,i would like to discuss is to neil,i,like to neil i think shes funny,is she you know mean sometimes yeah sure,but shes here to make money and sell,houses and to be a realtor,not really any of this other sort of,sort of,shes not trying to play messy games,with the girls but has no problem saying,it like it is,which i respect i do have to just one,little,why you demanding commission from people,when you,dont give permission to people if they,help you with your house sales thats no,you dont have to dont make me defend,alexis dont dont do that dont do that,thats thats not good,what she also she,her,between her and joanna have something,out for colony i dont know what thats,about but you guys should work on that,because they both be calling colony out,of her name and im like lets back off,lets back off but thats my own thats,really personally my only issue with,tinny is not even really an issue its,just like wow she called her like a gold,digger and [ __ ] like she says a lot of,[ __ ] however,to neil only [ __ ] in the house i,respected at a point when it came to,alexis she was the only person who you,know,spoke to her,and about her in terms of like,being a real estate agent is your job,with enough serious seriousness for me,the only person who was like what the,[ __ ] is she still doing here and that to,me was the only appropriate reaction to,her egregious error,egregious error,so even when even in my opinion in my,opinion even when sherelle like was like,um,punishing her i guess or like like,talking to her i thought she was still,you know treating her with kid gloves a,little bit a little bit so i was really,confused about alexis in a second when,alexis was like she gave up on me,doesnt sound like it but,i think tanil really is like im here to,sell the house,and i,would have been,i think tamiya could have been even,angrier at alexis [ __ ] up her um,clients like showing like that because,how lets just talk about her next,person alexis um simply not a serious,individual,sorry to say it simple not sorry to say,it simply not a serious individual i,dont know what she thinks is in the job,description for a real estate agent,its not this,its not this the first thing i would,like to address,is the um constant bringing up of how,people are like obsessed with her and,are always making false,assumptions about her,and my question is who is doing that,nobody gives a [ __ ],who who,who,can you guys point me to a scene where,they were talking like [ __ ] about her,not about how shes bad at her job but,like talking mess about her talking,about her be i dont think anybody cares,that youre a housewife,i dont i dont think anybody really,cares,um i dont think anyone places that she,kept bringing it up and i was like,waiting i was like oh do they talk [ __ ],about no they dont they dont,and,alexis lets discuss the error because,um,not only it was not only did she [ __ ] up,the number of bedrooms versus bathrooms,in the house which is just crazy thats,the first girl can you not read a,website thats not even the craziest,part the craziest part is when he asked,about taxes and on an 11 million dollar,house i think it was and she said like 6,000,alexis,a 14 year old,who watches hgtv could have told you,that the taxes on an 11 million dollar,house are not four thousand dollars,someone whos been watching hgtv for,more than five years could have told you,that,someone who,um,used to go on zillow for fun as a child,could have told you that thats not the,case anyone,notice how im naming a [ __ ] on people,who dont have their real estate license,yeah thats terrible,thats terrible and thats why i say to,neil had the only appropriate reaction,in my opinion,to that error because that was crazy,that was crazy and it was it was very,clear to me at least alexis seemed to be,winging it and im like when she said i,was just having a bad day and i was like,okay but have we seen what a really good,day looks like for you,i didnt see so i dont have nothing to,compare it to,were you winging it sister,cause like what did she do,it was eight episodes long what did she,do,the only thing we got to see,was her be bad at her job,thats not a good thats not a good look,thats not a good look if it was a bad,day dont you think we would have seen,good days,i guess not i guess not and she also,this is what,its not even the fact that she like i,dont really like,the reason i particular im not a fan is,not because she made a mistake its,because shes not a serious individual,she didnt even want to like really own,up to the mistake and i know what youre,gonna shes,admitting to it,and like owning the mistake and,acknowledging that you did something,wrong and like youre gonna fix it are,two different things she was

7 Differences Between Selling Tampa And Selling Sunset

hello ladies selling tampa is the new,spin-off show to the hit netflix show,selling sunset but just how do the two,shows set in these two very different,locations compare i can give you my,recipe and you still wont make the,sauce like i make it diversity the real,estate agents and brokers are what truly,makes the show right away you can tell,that selling tampa focuses on diverse,women allure realty the focus business,of the new show is composed of an,all-female all-black cast not only is,featuring minority women on screen rare,but to have them be successful and on a,hit reality show has never really been,seen before were gonna get there and,were gonna get there by any means,necessary meanwhile selling sunset lacks,this diversity component as its first,season featured an all-white cast and,only adds in amanza who is mixed race,and vanessa who is mexican in the latter,seasons this means selling tampa would,focus more on challenges faced by women,of color such as getting into the luxury,market and having to previously stand,out in predominantly white workplaces,but were good,there are also gender dynamics that play,more into selling sunset with jason,oppenheim being the male boss to an,all-female cast of employees meanwhile,the broker at selling tampa is shirelle,rosada and is more able to relate to her,employees personal and professional,problems theres no other group of,ladies that i would want to share this,journey with,than the ladies of allure,age all the women age like fine wine but,the selling sunset cast does skew,towards an older age group with most of,the women being in their early 40s,however many of their conversations lean,toward whether or not to have children,like mary and crochet or having to find,work-life balance while raising a family,like with maya and amanza in selling,tampa theres a wide age range but many,of the women are in their early 30s,surprisingly many of the tampa natives,already had kids when they were really,young while the ones who dont like,colony and ann sophie are ready to,mingle perhaps even with their clients,if i can get a buyer and a husband at,the same time i mean,how it started allure realty was,actually scouted via instagram its,broker shirelle rosado was the one to,reach out to adam develo selling,sunsets creator on instagram after,looking up his hit show she put herself,in front of him and showed extra,interest by liking a bunch of his photos,thats one way to get someones,attention point blank period meanwhile,recruiting for the oppenheim group was,more old-fashioned develops saw their ad,in a magazine where it was the two,brothers and about six of their female,employees they were the number one,realtors in the west hollywood and,sunset strip area at the time and had an,attractive group already so it was a,no-brainer despite turning down other,networks in the past after an initial,meeting with develop the oppenheim group,decided to move forward and the rest is,history location selling sunset takes,place in the expensive los angeles area,with many clientele being famous,hollywood stars although the people are,known to be more uptight you cannot deny,the beautiful architecture thats,prominent in the la market on the other,coast tampa gives a more family-oriented,vibe where clients enjoy a more,laid-back lifestyle and can appreciate,the hot weather all year round they do,have some celebrities in the area with,professional sports league stars and,their listings comprising of many,waterfront homes on the coast the office,area is known to be an economic hub so,its the perfect mixture of luxury and,entertainment lifestyles,experience level the oppenheim group has,been in business for over a century its,now at its fifth generation of ownership,according to their website they have,done more than one billion dollars in,sales and have 300 million dollars in,active listings with jason the broker,being recognized as the number one real,estate agent in 2020 and 2021 by the,international property awards its safe,to say they have a ton of experience,under their belts meanwhile allure,realty was started in 2019 although its,founder shirelle rosado has grown to,become one of floridas top producing,real estate agents they give more of a,startup vibe this means they face,problems like their pay being docked in,commission splits and the employees,approaching the boss about feeling,undervalued thats hurtful to me this,can be seen as a more relatable,situation to most viewers compared to,selling sunset where the agents talk,about making six to seven figure,commissions,villain in selling sense that there is,one obvious enemy thats been consistent,in all seasons and that is christine,shes had her disagreements with just,about everyone but some fans argue that,without her stirring up drama the show,would be quite dull meanwhile selling,tampa has a mix of people who stir the,pot so its not just mainly one person,carrying the show we need everyone to,perform closing deals one of the main,complaints viewers had about selling,tampa in comparison to the original,series is its lack of closing deals,shirelle and joanna may think that were,just here to hang out and have a good,time but were really looking for,potential deals here in selling sunset,youre more satisfied as a viewer when a,listing is introduced and that it has an,ending to how its sold audiences also,get to learn about real estate along the,way too one twitter user wrote three,episodes in of selling tampa and i aint,seen one person sell a house yet however,there are others who dont mind that the,new show focuses on dramatic storylines,like calculating loyalties divorces and,stealing clients it looks like both,shows although starting out with a,similar premise have very different,appeals do you prefer selling sunset or,selling tampa let us know in the,comments below be sure to like this,video and subscribe to our channel if,you want to stay up to date on the,latest reality tv news and well see you,next time on the things reality

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Netflixs Selling Tampa Season 1 Review | Umm…They Supposed to Sell Homes Right?

hey patreon fam so this is my video for,reviewing selling tampa im reviewing,the entire season as a whole not episode,by episode i mean it was pretty short so,i can pretty much just wrap it up easily,and just let yall know my thoughts on,the show i mean ive been hearing it so,much and yall been in my dm so here it,is and before i get into the review i,just want to say like the day after,christmas like the 26th until like the,31st its just such a weird little limbo,like the days just bleed into each other,and its been a light week on my videos,for youtube because,let me tell you the blessing in disguise,for me was bravo giving us a break on,porsche show in salt lake city until,next week so all i had to do was,insecure and then i could catch up on a,lot of shows like uh i finished hawkeye,i finished uh selling tampa,uh i finished harlem which was so good i,might do a separate video like a season,review of that,oh such a good show like i just finished,it i saw it just like that,its i hate that name i really do they,could have just kept it sex in the city,but um i finished in just like that im,caught up with that oh miranda,miranda oof ciao,um what else do i need to watch i think,i might also watch the original um,selling sunset franchise im gonna try,to look at succession ive been hearing,a lot of good things about that i know a,lot of yall have been telling me about,loving marriage huntsville um,thats just not my ministry you know,like i have no idea what its about i,have been watching loving hip-hop family,reunion it i just been watching because,its like a hot mess and its just a,show full of clowns like just so many,clowns in one show that,i cant look away from it like its,actually pretty entertaining other than,that im trying to figure out a new show,to do for youtube because you know yall,always gonna have the content here on,the patreon dont worry so keep,subscribing month to month please,but yeah im gonna think of some new,shows to do yall be in my dm so i read,everything just like yall know that um,i also heard today that um monique is,now on love and marriage im guessing dc,like theyre gonna do a whole new,franchise on that ive got maybe like,seven dms today about that so i will,check that out but anywho lets get into,the reason i made this video selling,tampa,so i heard about this show from yall,like i heard that a lot of people watch,selling sunset and he did like an all,black female version of it selling tampa,i dont know i just it was just one of,those shows where ill get to it when i,get to it so i turned it on im not sure,if i was high or not i probably was and,you know,like my short review for it is i,actually enjoyed it but you know before,i get into the whole breakdown im just,trying to like,figure out what the hype was about like,its okay but i cant see myself gushing,about it like oh chris you have to,review this now if yall loved it i,loved that it was okay i enjoyed it i,wouldnt mind a second season definitely,keep it at eight episodes it was just an,easy watch now harlem that is something,that deserves word of mouth like i,really really enjoyed that,but anyway now what do i like about,sewing tampa i do have my notes and,i did like that it was just an easy,watch not that much thinking involved,like i can edit and still pay attention,to it the women are beautiful,um i love the nice nasty shade like its,like professional shade its not,outright ratchet and it almost went to a,fight but it didnt it calmed down but,its more so like shade that you would,find in like an email like per my last,email so its a luxury brokerage firm,only operated by a black woman im not,sure if you call it like a brokerage,firm or a real estate company so im,just going to call it a firm going,forward its owned by sherelle and she,hired all women of color as her agents,theyre in a nice office they do their,little meetings there im not sure if,its a stage place but it just looks,like not a lot of work goes on there but,im getting ahead of myself what else i,like about the show is each episode is,30 to 40 minutes they really dont drag,on per se like i really wasnt bored,like its just something easy i could,watch in the background as im doing,something else like frying catfish you,know like sometimes it gets a little bit,more interesting but its something,great to look at while youre frying,catfish also selling tampa is basically,like basketball wives with real estate,because you know basketball wives,considering the title theres no wives,on the show and were selling tampa,theres really no one selling anything,so thats why it reminds me of,basketball wives so much and then the,ladies dressed like basketball wives,themselves now what i didnt like about,it um selling tampa im gonna need them,to sell a house like i was four episodes,and i was like,none of these chicks sold a house yet,and this is the first reality show,involving real estate like with the,all-black female cast and i want to see,them succeed at selling houses you know,and being bad while doing it and,giving us the drama but so far i feel,like technically they only sold,one house one property and we dont even,know if they closed the deal or not or,who got the commission and other than,that we see these luxury houses and we,see the commissions but we dont see,nobody getting the commissions thats,the thing thats what i was confused,about with this show selling tampa im,gonna need you to sell something and,lastly what i didnt like about it is it,just felt a little bit scripted and,highly produced especially like the,activities and parties that they did,but lets talk about each person on the,show so im gonna start with cherelle,like thats the hbic,um when she says goes she is the shawnee,oneill of the show and also with her,being the shawnee oneill of the show,there was a lot of like conflict of,interest or whatever or the ladies cant,really get buck with cherelle or else,theyll be out of a job you know thank,you for your services sharal i did like,her she does seem like she can be,a mean girl she definitely can be a,regina george when shes talking,about her employees to her other,employees thats what i thought was a,little unprofessional,um she looks like a cross between lisa,nicole cloud,and nia long shes pretty but thats,what immediately she reminded me of she,definitely likes to be in control and,she likes to manipulate we love that,shes perfect you know for reality tv i,like her for that she didnt bother me,though she wasnt a villain but you know,she was a know-it-all and she was very,shawnee oneill shes also dating chad,ocho cinco who is evelyns ex i mean,okay no judgments there but he lives in,miami and she lives in tampa and she,just goes back and forth she has,two kids or three kids,or two kids and a baby on the way her,pregnancy kind of threw me off though,because now it seems like her business,is in limbo like you know is she just,gonna stay home and be a housewife now,like you know im not sure if chad is,working or not or got paper like that,but does she just want to be a baby mama,and move to miami or shes going to,attend to her business in tampa from,miami it seemed like once she found out,she was pregnant she was like okay im,moving to miami see yall peace im set,i dont need these commissions i dont,know what yall gonna do so yeah it was,just really weird,and shes definitely an opportunist so,next is her right-hand man i mean,right-hand woman joanna shes beautiful,and she definitely reminds me of a,jennifer williams type she was,definitely jennifer williams and,sherelle was like her evelyn she did her,bidding she was like her minion,literally i was wondering about her role,like is she an agent is she an assistant,is she just cherelles friend that she,just brought on as an assistant and it,seems like the other ladies dont really,care for her and,that shes also a brown noser too,but i still liked her and then the,divorce storyline it definitely softened,her a little bit and just like jennife

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Selling Tampa Netflix Review

selling tampa is uh got the girls,talking,and its on netflix and its a short,season they could have had more episodes,because it was it was really great plot,lines and i want to point out just a few,that i thought were very interesting and,that we could have a further,conversation about,so first off uh selling tampa is on,netflix its it chronicles allure realty,and allure realty is a brokerage that,services high,end,uh luxury homes,right,um and so theres eight women they are,biracial,latina,fully black,the whole gamut okay,um first off shirelle rosado who who,owns the brokerage,uh,she is pregnant by ocho cinco,yo,he has,seven kids by six,women,so he has seven kids by six different,women so shes signing up,to be baby mama number seven,like can somebody pass her the summer,walker album please,like,and and,word on the curb and what she explains,in the uh,netflix is that she dmd him,she dmd a ma a syria babe a serial baby,mama maker,and you could tell she she has cognitive,cognitive dissonance because,how am i going to manage how im going,to manage the uh the tampa office and be,in miami with him so we could be a,family and its like girl are you,kidding me,i gotta juggle i gotta juggle both and,you know shes thinking they really,about to be,something,so im hoping,he wipes her but given his track record,thats not going to be the case,and she better hold on to that tampa,office,she better she aint getting no you know,she could know he could cliff huxtable,but the way she talked about it you know,you know how am i going to handle with,the baby i have a lot of i have a lot of,uh decisions to make on whether i move,or whether i stay like girl,and i didnt realize that sherelle is,only 33 i thought she was much older,because she has teenage children,but she must have had children,you know,when she was,in high school or just out of high,school,she went into the military and now shes,in private work,right shes working for herself,so that was the like the bummer like sit,like,something is wrong with us yall,something is really really wrong with us,and as smart as shirelle is she probably,planned it so i the way im thinking is,she got a a netflix deal,and she wants to be on netflix again so,you know reality shows depend on,storylines and so a pregnant woman,you know people love pregnant women you,know,especially,a complicated,relationship they love that stuff so im,hoping she didnt plot this,on him,to keep the storyline so there so there,could be a second season,uh what another thing i wanted to talk,about is none of them seem loyal,none of them seem loyal to anyone but,themselves and and thats just the name,of the game,thats how it is in business and in real,estate i mean rina is trying to get her,own brokerage and rena is such a classic,beauty,to me shes just a natural,just a natural beautiful naturally,beautiful,woman,i didnt i didnt get all the details on,whether or not she was,mixed or,uh latina or,just a light-skinned black woman she,comes across as just a regular,light-skinned black woman but shes just,a classic but she she has our own,brokerage license and so shes kind of,flaunting it that you know i can go if i,want to go,and then ann says yes you can,but then here comes colony talking about,how could you say something like that,and then rat her out to sherelle so it,seems to be a lot,of um,there seems to be a lack of loyalty you,know theres a a lack you know everybody,is kind of out there,out there doing joanna is a snake in the,grass,you know,cherelle is upping her brokerage fee,she goes from,what did she go from 95 5 to 80,20. thats a thats a big difference and,then when rina brought it up its just,like you know no one is obligated to,stay here like what,and for what i understood rina was,bringing in a lot of clients she was,closing deals she was a strong performer,and so when one of your strongest,performers is saying thats thats a big,difference from 95.5,to 80 20. thats a 15 difference,you know,shes looking at the dollars in the,cents and say ho,ho ho ho hold up,you know and rinas like one of the,older women right shes one of the older,women at luxury and she has her own,brokerage license and all that stuff,but its you know,its ish is interesting the back and,forth you know what im saying,um and the last thing i,so so whatever business you youre in,understand it is just business its just,professional people want their own,dollars and cents,theyre looking out for them and them,alone,you know i thought i thought colony,really represented us dark and it was it,was many generations of generation x,which i think was rina,and then,uh millennials were was the uh sherelle,and some of the other ones in their 30s,and you know,and then gen z was,uh the apple headed girl,i dont know why its her name i think,her name was amy,she had a a big apple head and no neck,and and colony they were under 30. so,its a its a great mix of women the,last thing i want to talk about was,alexis,that girl you can tell she was at listen,alexis was at the brokerage for two,years and didnt do one deal now those,of you who are in real estate,if you you you work generally completely,commission based so if you dont make no,sales,youre not bringing any money into your,own pockets let alone your brokerages,pocket,but for two years she had not done a,deal,and then when sherrell said you know,what,you know because she she kept making,excuses saying shes a mom shes busy at,home assist,after two years you should have a system,with your real estate business,you should have a rhythm,and you know she goes out to the listing,she doesnt know how many beds and how,many bathrooms she doesnt know anything,about the house she doesnt know about,the material in the house this woman you,could tell has gotten over because of,her looks,you can tell she has she has gotten over,because she she has had,she has been able to make excuse after,excuse because shes pretty,um but one thing about women as opposed,to men,women are less,charmed by a pretty woman,you know what im saying a man will say,okay hell hell,but a pretty woman doesnt work as well,on other women,as it does with men,especially when those other women are,also pretty,okay,so she pulls out the tears she she keeps,making excuses she you know,you know you abandoned me,you know shes talking about sherelle,she abandoned me she uh,all this stuff and like sis she gave you,two years to perform to learn to grow,and you still havent youre still at,the baby level,like she was shadowing another woman she,was shadowing let me go here a,dark-skinned woman,so a dark-skinned woman was only there,for a year and was outperforming this,light-skinned woman,and the light-skinned woman is upset,that shes getting cut,you know so those of you who are,pretty,or you know how to glamming up,you know,eventually,you know that rock on dry up,so either you gonna be a stay-at-home,mom and realize that,you know,you not really able to cut it with the,big boys,with the big girls,or you gonna work your business,okay,because the older you get and,you see with allura realty,all of her leadership was other women,and um like i said another woman is not,going to be as charmed by a pretty woman,as a man will,there is pretty privilege around among,women but eventually you know sherelle,and alexis were equally pretty women,and sharia had to say you know what get,your home life in order you know and,when youre ready to come back,and hit the ground running and handle,your business,were well gladly welcome you back but,im just like,for two years she was coming to the,office what the fuck was she doing,she was just trying to get out the house,like i dont understand like like if she,didnt do one deal in two years she she,wasnt getting paid,so she was just she was just at this,office,just to look cute,just to just to get away from her,husband and her kids,you know just to have something to do in,the middle of the day like,like what have you been doing,you know and the other women are doing,severa

Selling Tampa | Netflix | Season 1 Ep 1-2 #REVIEW

well hey,welcome back to my channel honey listen,we have to talk about this new show on,netflix called selling tampa girl it is,good its featuring chad oh cinco i,guess shes now his fiancee and her,realty company okay along with her agent,so we definitely gotta talk about it so,lets go ahead and get into it,all right yall i will be reviewing real,quick for yall episodes yeah,so lets go ahead and get into it so,were introduced to,um a group of ladies and at the time,when you first watched the show i wasnt,really sure who was who but as you,continue to watch they gonna let you,know throughout the first episode and,how all of these ladies pretty much came,together and why they are together okay,so theyre trying to sell a very large,inexpensive home and this is technically,what they do in their realty uh industry,okay they focus on the very high-end,luxury,properties okay im talking about one,point some meal and up thats their,focal point okay now theyre planning to,do like i guess you can say an open,house for um and its going to be like a,big nice event,for one of their clients one of the,properties or whatnot in hopes of,getting it sold all right so theyre,going to be inviting a few of their,realty friends together and you know,what im saying see see what can happen,okay now there are a group of ladies,that are all a part of a company called,allure realty and this company is owned,by sherelle rosado okay now she started,her own brokerage company um a few years,ago i think she said it was like two,years ago or something like that so it,was a little confusing right so in her,confessional she said she started it two,years ago whereas at a different time um,when its filming theyre saying that,her company would not have lasted for,like what six months but when she did,the whole open house she ended up saying,its now been a year so i guess they did,the confessional way after they ended up,doing shooting the actual show so,theres that because thats something,thats going to be revisited for me at a,later time but well talk about it so,colony,colony,this thats my bra okay colony is the,third girl up here shes the third lady,up here in this image um i likes her,baby girl is cute baby girl comes off as,though she is across her business okay,or shes about her business so we ended,up seeing colony she meets with a client,when she meets with this client shes,showing him a 6.5 million dollar home,her clients name is cho but we dont,really know what it is that yall do but,let me say your cho look good and i was,like cho and miss colony they look good,saw galdo okay so she tells us that she,used to be a teacher she hated being a,teacher she ended up quitting um and,talked to her dad about it her dad was,like well i think you should probably go,into real estate and she did just that,and she hasnt looked back since so,shes being very successful right now,while shes showing her client show this,property one of her other good girls,named ann and sophie whos next to her,in the down you know on the image or,whatever like that in the black dress,sophie comes over,checks out the property ends up meeting,the client named cho now mind you when,cho was there with old girl um,colony that was over there kind of,flirting to me and i was like oh i like,the vibes honey i like the vibes yall,look good together well ann comes over,what we learned is that cho is from,cameroon,whereas ann is from haiti so they,started speaking in like spanish or,french or whatever the language is that,they speak so they was over there,speaking in it and you got a colony over,there like okay thats what we do we,okay right so she paying attention,seeing what they do so when um cho ends,up,leaving and finds that hes very,attractive right but it seems like miss,colony was trying to put him off on her,like girl he may be your type i know you,out here looking for somebody or,whatever so you may want to see what it,is he talking about right,i thought that was interesting because,we learned that cho and a colony,actually went out for lunch but she was,over here putting him off on her good,girlfriend number one you may want to,snag that up for yourself or did the,lunch date not go as great as you,thought that it was going to go girl let,the people know because we are wondering,right so theres thats right um next we,get sherelle sherelle joanna and to neil,okay now tanil is the second to last,person up here in the photos of course,sherelle is the first and the young lady,in the light blue next to sherelle that,is joanna sherrell and joanna are really,like this okay theyre probably the,closest out of all of the ladies all,right now even though sherelle has known,whats that lady named rina rina is the,last lady on the um or the images shes,the very last lady in the dark blue,theyve known each other i think longer,than a lot of these ladies but thats,that but anyway shirelle and joanna are,very close and they go to hang out with,tanil sherelle and tanil speak on their,relationships because theyre both in,long distance relationships and it was,in this moment that i realized that,sherelle is actually dating ochocinco i,never put it together that this was her,the woman thats dating ocho cinco and,im like okay gotcha theyve been in a,relationship for some time okay i,actually think that they are engaged now,i also saw on on the promo cover it,looks like she may be pregnant so im,believing that shes probably pregnant,by you know ocho cinco so theres that,now whats funny is that tanil keeps,calling joanna hr i said well why are,you kidding me not quite talking to lady,hr what is that about and what we,learned she said is because joanna being,everybody mother business thats why her,name hr but i find it to be so funny,considering the fact that at a later,time well see that joanna is a very,secretive secretive person but what i,really appreciated from joanna is her,actually being open as to why she was,withholding information from the ladies,and i felt like i could um i could,relate right i could relate to that so i,appreciated that so anywho what i,learned about sunil and something that i,like about sunil tanil is a straight,shooter shes not going to really play,no game she may be funny she may be,sarcastic but its a whole lot of,honesty behind that sarcasm for the most,part okay um sherelle speaks on how her,and chad are like three hours away from,each other and sometimes she may not see,him until like what every three days or,something is when shell get a chance to,like go and spend some actual time with,him right,well to neil feels like no maam you see,us every three days so if anything your,business,us agents were the ones thats actually,in a long distance relationship with you,maam okay dont get it twisted your,heart so thats according to,to neil right so tanil speaks on her,relationship and how long theyve been,together but when asked about whether,she is ready for him to propose she,tells them that she hope not,but it was interesting my girl why would,you say you hope not but yall been,together for over five years,but tanil also enjoys having that long,distance relationship as well now um,im wondering because she said something,like if the if the proposal is all grand,then of course shell say yes but if,its not all green she dont know and,she also dont want her ring to come,from walmart and im like so are you,saying that your man aint got no money,are you saying he tied up financially,i guess honey im all right then lets,keep going joanna joanna has a 22 year,old,oh,joanna has a 22 year old son she and her,husband has been married for some time,okay they got married like a year after,dating the thing for me,your son 22 years old when bit i thought,you was in your 20s any mother way,how old is you joanna how old are you,girl cause let me tell you this girl,look good i thought she was in her,twenties with a 22 year old son and a,grandchild,okay lets keep going all right now we,meet renee,oh rena,ren i think i dont kn

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yall,i have sat here and watched,this evelyn lozado paula patton look,alike,and cherelle baby i just got one thing,to say,are you in charge of the girl,[Music],whats going on family is this thing oh,are we popping is we are we glowing is,the melanin just you know what we,radiated what are we giving what we,giving whats the assignment am i giving,am i doing did i finish the assignment,is the question honey,look im on here today because i just,finished watching this amazing well you,know what,before i begin excuse me where are my,manners how you doing,hello,if youre new to this channel never you,know,first time just clicked on and was like,whats going on what is this girl doing,i just welcome you my name is carla this,is the pretty girl jay channel i give,great reviews the energy is always on,100 and if thats what you like to see,and you like you know you like to laugh,you like the key key you dont take this, seriously,hit that like button,dont forget to hit the subscribe and,hit the bell notification booth okay,trust me its entertainment i go to,sleep at night ill take your with,me if you always been rocking with me,and youre my family member hey boo,yall ready,whats going on how you doing boo whats,going on i just wanted to say that,anywho i hope all of you are doing well,i love each and every last one of you,thank you,so very much,for,asking about my family,and myself and our health that were,doing,god and brought me through i told yall,he was like hold up wait,[Music],but were here i feel,man im back,thats all im gonna say okay but,lets talk about this new netflix series,called,selling tampa i aint gonna lie,its better than a white fish that that,still is some said baby its better than,that okay and we we have some amazing,women of color,my you know that are on here making,money,okay off of million,million million dollar deals do you hear,me its great now granted,we still got our drama we still got,office politics and things like that,that will occur that have occurred,in these eight episodes but i,loved the show and i think,that they should do a second season,thats what i think okay,so let me tell you about these ladies,let me tell you im gonna drop there im,gonna drop their photos you know,and im gonna tell you about them im,gonna tell you what i like what i dont,like,cherelle, either you like playing with fire,or roaches,why are you pregnant with chad ocho,cinco head busting ass,bait why are you pregnant by him,girl,did you not learn your lesson with,evelyn i know your ass watch basketball,wise you cant tell me you did honey you,cannot tell me you didnt,are you kidding me yall,she said the most foolish,ridiculous ass,yeah i have ever heard okay,this girl said,weve been together for nine months, you pregnant after nine months,from this man but youve been on and off,for two years,yall explain that to me yeah drop down,in the comment section and tell me,does that make any damn sense to yall,lady you only had have had a strong,pr,a partially strong relationship for nine,months they dont even live in the same,city he lives in miami she lives in,tampa,yall see each other every three days,anyway,you mean to tell me you aint got,pregnant off this man because he inhaled,a phone call and text messages and took,a couple pictures with yall in nine,months,sherelle,rosado, imma need you to learn about devil,pervera,um nexa,exoplan uh the birth patrol pill,im gonna need for you to learn about a,plan b pill im gonna need for you to,learn how to protect yourself you missed,that class you missed health day didnt,you yo has had to,are you kidding me and then on top of,that people she has three kids already a,15 year old a 13 year old and a damn,five-year-old,and she says and chad has seven i said,why the,are yall having more kids yall both he,should have had a vasectomy a long long,time ago,im gonna say this kudos,to evelyn, you missed you missed,you you you missed a bullet you know,yeah you got popped in your damn head,but you missed a you dodged a damn,bullet with this because seven kids,seven kids,a team right there dont have a team,anywho,im just gonna move on this lady,she looks like evelyn lozado like i told,yall but she has a mixture of paula,patton without the heavy voice because,paula pan got a heavy ass voice,sometimes id be like damn are we still,are you still asleep power are are you,still sleepy,probably be like i dont know,i dont know,i had a great time,paula,paula,you need to throw losses,you need some high tea,just do this,just clear your i tore down a little bit,but i will say this i am happy to see,her,you know she started a minority,brokerage firm,shes shes about her money but shes,about that damn mess too,she is a boss that lets the happen,she likes she likes the messiness she,allows it to happen in front of her and,she doesnt stop it,which lets me know you have the time you,in the midst of the mess,and you okay with it because a lot of,the conversations and arguments that,happened on this show,she was sitting right there co-signing,the and she could have stopped it,and said oh no no no no this is my firm,im setting the tone,were not doing this up in here if,you want to teddy cuss each other out,dont do it around me because ive hired,every last woman in here i hired and,dont this this is not a good,representation on netflix or the world,for a lower realty,point period this is becoming a mess,but she didnt she be right in the,middle of the but um,move on to her sidekick joanna man,aka hr they call her hr because she,stays,in everyones business,heres the kicker about the,joanna is a damn liar,joanna,old ass,has a 21 year old who just had a baby so,she grandma,proud of it,joanna and the reason why i said joanna,is a liar is because joanna is actually,going through a divorce and in she,actually ends up divorcing the man on,what episode seven six or seven she,actually finalizes her divorce but yes,she coming around these every,day at work wearing her wedding ring,like like she she in the home with this,man they aint even together aint been,together and if yall know like i know,yall know damn well a divorce takes a,long time to happen you dont get a no,damn divorce in a week,this aint prison,it takes a while to happen so,joanna i dont like her she she she runs,behind sherelle to the point where i,dont know where sherrell start in it,and her ass in because you wanna be,right there with that bad ass,weave she got in her hair with them oh,let me get off let me get off,and and let me say this juwan i thought,you i know you thought you was killing,it i know you thought you was killing it,in that floral brocade dress but that,was a hot ass mess okay,i need you to get that back to a toddler,for their birthday,i need you to stop doing that like,that was ugly and you got to know to be,in peoples business and you learn about,being married,no,no,no rena reno,rena is my girl rina is smart,and about her business,and,rina is you know what i will say this,im going to say this about rena,although she is smart she kind of back,pedal a little and popped a little,bit um,and talking to cheryl about her being a,broker now,um,yeah she yeah,im gonna get on,im gonna tell you more about reina and,why i said she,she,shes strong and i love her shes one of,my favorites on the show,um,but at the same time when it,yeah ill tell you about that later yeah,um who else we got we got um colony,colony um,here heres heres the thing with colony,colony,beautiful smart,however shes too damn loyal for her own,good her loyalty dont make no damn,sense because in the end she gets, on and then when she gets, on shes so hurt,and,she cant believe somebody on,her because she felt like she bringing,in the money and i said this is how,sherell is showing you colony she dont,res she,she respects you as long as you bring in,her money,you,everything else she dont want to deal,with her hear about in the in and why i,say this because um towards the end of,the season,colony comes forth to sherelle becaus

Selling Tampa Season 1 Episode 3 & 4 Review

lord please,if you ran out of man just say that just,say that,god has definitely run out of men,because if the rich girlies are,struggling and the poor girlies are,struggling then clearly theres a,problem with the pool of men to pick,from hello everybody and welcome back to,taste of reality my name is queen e for,those who dont know me and were,reviewing selling sunset episodes three,and four before i get into it please,make sure to like this video subscribe,to the channel hit that notification,bell and lets get into it so we have,shirelle and joanna debriefing the,get-together with all the girls at the,beach,and um,these girls are so petty,theyre so patty,to nail okay,with her chanel shades on the chain okay,im gonna spit this out this colony with,her hat on i aint got the hat uh-huh,the,why they cant be friends,pettiness aside joanna is still,grappling with idea of whether or not to,share that she is essentially single at,this point because she doesnt want,people at the office to think that shes,incapable of doing work she doesnt want,pity from her clients she just doesnt,want to deal with,all the hoopla that comes with you know,announcing a divorce so we completely,understand moving on to the nieces they,meet up at a bar and apparently they,have been on a date youre 33 and then,how old are you 26. a baby yeah,baby youre 26. im 27.,colony said shes not interested in this,man because how are you gonna be talking,about im interested in you im,interested in you and you dont cover,the bill,i would be mad as well im a boss,a b,a boss a b,and if you think,that a girl balling like me is not going,to expect my man to be ballin like me,and you wont even be about you aint,even got to be ballin to cover the bill,but at least show me that youre,intentional about me like you know i got,it,but i want to know if you got me,he dropped the ball on that and is still,looking to,push peter up from a 3 million offer to,a 4 million offer which eventually she,did,get him to do,but theres some chaos that came with,that so well talk about that in a,second we finally get to meet alexis,and i dont mean to be rude i know shes,talking about oh people only see me as a,basketball live football,as an nfl wife whatever sports wife but,this shes dense um,for trying to sell homes,shes a little dense lets be honest,anyways for personal reasons she hasnt,been able to really you know pull her,weight at the team as well because you,know her husband is transitioning to,being retired and she decided to be a,wife instead of a working woman so now,that shes trying to get back in the,field sherelle paired her up with teneal,and they are selling a five bedroom six,bathroom,ten thousand square foot 11.1,million dollar home at this point i,should just stop being shocked because,damn,i am living in poverty,oh my gosh,now again i have to say if someone,hasnt been pulling in their numbers,why give them a big,profile why give them a large client,like,11.1 million and you want to secure it,with,alexis,anyways alexis has had issues with,steele in the past because she feels,like um tanil makes her work her clients,and then doesnt give her a cut of the,commission so like uh tanil will be away,or tanil will be busy so its up to,um,its up to alexis to seal the deal,however,actually okay let me put in the clip and,then ill talk about it you remember me,telling you about tanil you remember all,of our issues,thats the girl who you showed like four,or four hours yeah since i felt like she,was using me and collecting all the,money thats like not professional you,know me if im doing work for somebody,baby its gonna charge im charging you,full price its gonna cost you some,money,its very hard for me to believe that,alexis is actually putting in work,because later on in the episode,theres a situation where shes showing,to neils client a different house and,honestly if it wasnt for the,relationship that tenille has with this,person,he would have pulled out this girl did,not know the number of rooms she did not,know the tax,whatever she did not know the name of,the damn tree even though she made it a,point to point out the tree and how,important it was to the home this girl,didnt know nothing alexis is not,closing any deals shes just not shes,not shes not shes not the way that she,the way that tanil was saying,alexis was talking about the house was,so accurate im sorry shes dense when,it comes to home selling maybe being a,housewife is more of her lane i know she,wants to be a working woman but maybe,real estate is not it because this,was not cute,i mean theres a lot of history whats,the name of it,tree of,of life all right theres ten bedrooms,eight baths oh no,sorry theres eight bedrooms ten baths,do you know what the property taxes are,i believe,they were,six thousand im not a hundred percent,for sure ill check into that because i,totally made up six thousand,okay okay,moving on to shirelle and rina they,finally have a sit down to talk about,the situation with the commission split,and sharrell breaks the news to rita,that she found out from outside sources,that rina got her brokerage license and,although sherelle is upset shes,understanding that is she understanding,i dont know shes really understanding,but,basically theyre going back and forth,with how much information am i supposed,to give you because if this is my,business i can do what i want with it,and as well with rena her brokerage,license is her business and she can do,what she wants with it i said oh lets,be clear i didnt get mad that you got,your broker license i got mad because to,have somebody else come tell me it just,it didnt look right and it didnt sit,right and i thought we were better than,that i dont feel like i need to tell,you or the other agents everything that,im doing im gonna find out anyway rena,i know so you would find out after i got,it,on the side of reno i would say dont,ask for transparency from me if youre,not willing to give transparency,sharrell was never willing to explain to,them hey this is the breakdown of why we,need a commission split do you guys,think that its worth the da da da,granted those are not her executives so,she doesnt owe them that conversation,but if youre gonna say,i need to know when you get a brokerage,license or it would be nice to know,because were friends and whatever okay,if youre gonna if youre gonna do some,cut on my money itd be nice to know as,well,these two i dont know how theyve been,friends as long as they have or maybe it,was just the whole like youre somebody,that i know and im around you a lot but,when it comes to true friendship i dont,know,if were really that um rina shared that,she was starting to resent,um sherelle for a while now because she,sees that shes very close with joanna,instead of her even though she was one,of the first people in the higher,profile,houses the higher um whatever goes to,other clients like shes been feeling,away for a while and this has been,bubbling bubbling bubbling,and rena has had it rina does have a,listing and it is a six-bedroom 4.5,bathroom five thousand square foot and a,1.6 million dollars im not gonna lie so,far this seems like the most practical,household like i know people with big,profiles people with you know big,numbers theyre in a big tax bracket,they love these extravagant homes and,stuff but if a house is going to be in,the millions,this is the house that makes sense for,me to purchase the rest of them are just,gaudy for no reason but the main reason,why um they show this scene is because,she brings colony and ann along to,basically talk about um leaving allure,now reena,its one thing to branch off on your own,its another thing to poach your bosss,agents,thats messy and i dont know why you,thought this was a good idea so,just wait a minute so youre thinking,about opening up your own brokerage to,compete with cherelle and recruit two of,her best agents,i mean well if i were gonna leave,wouldnt i recruit her two best agents,but that is just,what

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