1. Dr. Richard Walker Discusses Sermorelin Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone
  2. Sermorelin Review; Does it Increase Growth Hormone?
  3. SERMORELIN PEPTIDE / Explain This with Robin Riddle, NP-C
  4. Is Sermorelin Worth Taking? | The Power of Peptides | Dr. Matt Chalmers | Joey Thurman
  5. What Are Growth Hormone Releasing Secretagogues? Dr. Rand McClain
  6. The Benefits Of Sermorelin
  7. Sermorelin Acetate Review

Dr. Richard Walker Discusses Sermorelin Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone

[Music],okay in 1970s and 1980s there was a,major shift in the focus of,neuroendocrinology to understand how the,brain control the pituitary and there,were two major players in that effort,one of them was Roche geuman and the,other one was Andrew shaly,they were quite competitive and there,was a big race to find out who would get,the Nobel Prize basically and it was,contingent upon finding this mysterious,peptide that was they were having great,trouble doing because of its rarity that,hormone was a growth hormone releasing,hormone now let me give you a brief,background on that geuman who was,working at that time in San Diego in the,University of California there used a,traditional approach of taking animals,and extracting tissues but dont forget,I told you already that growth hormone,and its releasing factors are species,specific so you had to have human tissue,and to get enough tissue from the brain,of even from cadavers was impossible to,get enough to sequence the molecule to,identify what it exa T actually was so,that we can reproduce it so that we can,make it now to give you some example of,the size the molecules the growth,hormone molecule itself thats produced,in the pituitary is a hundred and,eighty-one amino acids which may not,mean too much but thats a pretty big,molecule its folded all up its its,compact the molecules in the brain that,control that are very small relatively,small one of them the one that gimen was,looking for and shaly were looking for,first the growth hormone releasing,hormone,turned out to be 44 amino acids but they,couldnt get it out of people and yet,they couldnt take it from animals,because animals growth hormone releasing,hormones are not species specific for,humans so fortuitously there was a,situation in the Midwest where a,colleague of mine Larry Froman had a,patient who was an achromatic,acromegalic patient which means he was a,giant he was getting stimulated by,excessive amounts of growth hormone and,he also had a pancreatic tumor he had,pancreatic cancer so there was a,question about why is he growing so big,and what happened was that this guy,Froman and his colleagues took some of,that tissue and they sent it to geuman,in in San Diego and also distributed to,other people and that the reason the,patient with pancreatic cancer was a,giant is because that tissue was,producing growth hormone releasing,hormone which normally is only produced,in the brain but this tissue was making,that now subsequently its been known,that there are cancers that produce some,of these hormones and that was,fortunately one of them because now they,had a source of big enough source to,identify the 44 amino acid sequence that,constituted G H or H one of demons,postdocs by the name of Bill Warren berg,actually was charged with the with the,job of trying to figure out how much of,that big molecule well 44 amino acid,molecule was that big not his biggest,growth from how much of that molecule,was necessary to stimulate growth,hormone and it turned out that that,molecule only had to be 29 amino acids,long the first sequence the first 29,amino acids of that 44 amino acid,sequence was the active ingredient at,that point it was patented by UC San,Diego and then bought on by Santos,another pharmaceutical company and made,into a product called jf JRF was then,used to diagnose growth hormone,deficiency in kids that came needing,growth hormone you had to do it you had,to do a diagnostic before you could,prescribe the growth Romi,so this stuff was then called jf but,its its generic name was Sir Marella,so what happened was Santos was putting,out both jf and also its own growth,hormone,now growth hormone when you administered,two growth hormone deficiency fast and,when you give them the stimulator of,their own own growth room when they grow,slower so patients the parents of these,children wanted faster results so they,bought more the sizin or the growth,hormone,than they did the cemre Ellen and so,this the product was dropped by Santos,and became open market and nowadays its,available to everyone through your,physician to be used for stimulating the,pituitary gland producing your own,growth hormone rather than injecting,growth hormone in closing Im going to,tell you about another approach that was,being taken at the same time it was a,chemical approach used by a associate of,shally,by the way shally and Gaiman both got a,Nobel Prize they split it for,discovering structure of G H Rho sir,what became simmer Ellen Shelleys,associate whose name was sy Bowers Cyril,Bowers who was a chemist he wasnt,wasnt a physician but he had some ideas,that if he take very small molecules of,the brain he would work backwards and,try to synthesize growth hormone,releasing hormone by modifying the,structure of a small molecule called,Medan kefflin its an its a natural,molecule in the brain,he made some twists and turns on that,molecule and ultimately came up with a,product that not a product with a,molecule that in vitro in a dish in a,petri dish stimulated pituitary cells,but it was not very strong not very,potent he made several different,variants of that molecule and then they,were they were good but they were not as,good as g h rh but when he put them,inside of a human being then potency,would increased tremendously and became,very confused why did it work why does,it work so good in the body but not in,the potato in the pituitary gland i mean,an petri dish which is basically,dissected pituitary glands and the,answer to that question is a second,growth hormone releasing product that,ill talk about next,[Music],you,[Music]

Sermorelin Review; Does it Increase Growth Hormone?

hey greetings everyone roger bowman here,and in this video im going to discuss,sarah marlin um you know what it is its,intended functions and how it may assist,in optimizing your levels of growth,hormone,otherwise known as hgh or,gh uh in short ceremony its a peptide,and or its like a specific chain of,amino acids and its bonded together and,this stimulates the bodys endogenous or,natural production of growth hormone,from the pituitary gland up here in the,brain,so once hgh growth hormone production is,elevated after taking the ceremony it is,then converted within the liver,its an insulin growth like factor,otherwise known as igf-1,so by using sarmon to maximize your,output of hgh and therefore igf-1 is,then known to stimulate the growth of,tissue such as tendons ligaments skin,and muscle,and,before i continue diving in here i,should state that im not a licensed,doctor and this is not intended to be,taken as medical advice or its a,diagnosed treat or prevent any health,problems um and you know also this,should definitely not replace the advice,of any physician or your family doctor,so,moving on uh so many may ask you know,who can benefit from from sir moreland,and before going there for starters,sarah moreland was initially approved,for medical use to increase hormone,levels in children for deficient hormone,production its use with adults however,is legally prescribed off-label to help,improve hormonal deficiencies such as,what were discussing here which is you,know growth hormone and igf-1,i will say ceremony is its also a,really popular choice for those banged,up in accidents or with injuries that,want to speed up the recovery time and,this is due to the growth repairing,properties that having elevated levels,of growth hormone are known for with,tissue healing,and really overall i would say the,biggest take-home message as to what,growth hormone in igf-1 helps with is,keeping all connective tissues in the,body strong and when needing helping the,body with repairing those that are,broken down or injured,um,all this may help in it may also help in,stimulating the immune system and other,rejuvenating pathways in the body along,with optimizing metabolic pathways that,involve breaking down fat for energy,which ill say you know,this alone tends to be an attractive,selling point and purpose for many users,in and of itself,and,another common question here you know,that a lot of people ask is you know,what are the symptoms of having low,levels of growth hormone,and,aside from a strong telling number on,igf-1 numbers on lab testing or lab,results,there can be many symptoms of growth,hormone deficiency noticed in adults,um you know a lot of symptoms of growth,hormone deficiencies they could be,things such as your muscle muscle,astrophere shrinkage,loss of strength poor quality of sleep,like the constant feeling of just like,being you know fatigued and run down,exhaustion um decreasing bone density,um like weaker and more brittle uh hair,and nails,and another complaint probably more so,with women is increases in fat are on,the hips and the belly,again these are all kind of id say,typical signs,for adults that use properly prescribed,seromorlin the benefits tend to be,things like improved quality of sleep,better gonadotropin secretion which is,like you know,secreting like hormonal production from,the brain um but it like another one,muscle and strength restoration but note,that muscle and strength happens best,when coupled with,with resistance and weight training guys,um,optimized levels of growth hormone may,also support cardiac or heart,performance and vascular health immune,system,glucose metabolism i think i mentioned,that which again this supports fat loss,efforts,um,it also supports healthy skin muscle,hair and again as i already mentioned,essentially all connective tissues,um,the the last question i ill cover here,and then i hear or get often is you know,how is ceremony dosed and how is it used,sarah merlin is administered similar to,how growth hormone is which is with a,simple subcutaneous shot in your belly,fat typically with a small 31 gauge,needle its its essentially like what a,diabetic would use for injecting insulin,um you know for those that you know for,those new to this or with needles this,type of injection its really so small,that we put it in most never feel it,going in its pretty easy with this one,and its not like a 21 gauge like i call,jokingly say a harpoon needle you know,that goes in intramuscular big,difference,with regards to timing of the shot,ceremony should be taken at night before,bed as this will support the bodys best,natural time of endogenous again,internal,endogenous hgh production,and this is during sleep so its,also really really important that no,food especially carbohydrates are,consumed within 45 to 60 minutes of of,taking your dose taking your shot,and the reason being is that eating what,causes a an insulin release from the,pancreas and if you did this around the,same time of your ceremonial injection,the circulating insulin would then,compete with igf-1 again insulin,growth-like factor which is structurally,similar to,insulin,i mean it would do this compete for the,uptake in the body and we really dont,want that guys we want a a free and,clear pathway if you will for the,ceremon to to stimulate pituitary and,just kind of do its job from there out,dosing ranges they typically go from,like two to four hundred micrograms,depending on your prescription from your,doctor,and this would all,would commonly refer to is like 20 to 40,units and thats just referencing to the,sidewall on a syringe its like labeled,personally,ive ive used sarah marlon many times,or last five years hit or miss,and ive used it alone,ive also used it in combination with,whats called ghrp6 which is also a,growth hormone releasing peptide ghrp6,its just a stronger pulse and shorter,lived in comparison to ceramorland,but you know when using the ghr v6 i i,literally wanted to eat everything in my,fridge within about 15 minutes after,taking a shot,i just found that and really,uncomfortable to have that ferocious of,an appetite,although i will say it did significantly,increase my igf-1 levels uh but you know,for me injecting ceremony alone its,its just been the more preferred thing,and i do take it uh with a couple grams,of rg and ornithine orally uh pills,uh in a short i take the arginine to,minimize some metastatins action which,thats another topic of discussion but,doing this in short supports the,intentions of sarah marlin and its,actions from within id say the the very,short and easy explanation of what,somatostatin is and why i incorporate,arginine here,is that somatostatin is like the police,regulators of growth hormone release up,here in the brain and arginine helps to,distract and suppress their regulatory,effectiveness uh so again this is just,an elementary or an easy analogy to keep,things short and simple here without,going to another conversation on on,arginine some other set and all that,um but for me,between the ages of 39 to 44 years of,age or last five years uh ive typical,typically hovered around like 120 150,nanograms per milliliter on the igf-1,lab test,and without the help of anything and not,using ceremony or any gh booster,but,after introducing,300 micrograms of seromarlin thats what,i was have always been prescribed and i,take this at night and then after,retesting at the six week mark,ive repeatedly come back between 220 to,280,range,so for me i would say thats a pretty,significant improvement on paper and my,body does seem to respond pretty well,uh i will note here that my numbers are,always a little bit higher on the,retesting when i have incorporated,arginine into the regimen,so there is a slight difference there,that ive seen with arginine,incorporation,um your better sleep and improvements,and recovery time after my workouts is,what i probably personally know is to be,the most significant you know however,benefits can vary y

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SERMORELIN PEPTIDE / Explain This with Robin Riddle, NP-C

[Music],whats up everybody welcome to another,episode of explain this you name it we,explain it im with the star of the show,robin riddle and shes going to explain,for you guys today sir moreland now i,have to say,youve been dubbed the peptide queen,from dr rogers,so this is this is your type of episode,it is it is i love all peptides all,peptides but todays show is about some,moreland todays about smoreline so,ive briefly mentioned this one before,but i want to dive into it more um,because it is a great kind of baseline,peptide when somebody comes to me and,says like what are these peptide things,what can they do for me what should i,try simorlans the one i like to start,out with so its like that that first,peptide say someone wants to get into,peptides start here great one to start,with okay um it is a slightly older one,so there you know theres newer ones,that are a little bit stronger than,smoreland but this is a great way to,start,kind of work and see what benefits,youre going to get from it and go from,there so to back up ive explained this,in other videos but what is a peptide,because everybody always looks at me,like im crazy whenever i say its,peptide um so a peptide is just a chain,of amino acids amino acids are the,building blocks of your body so in all,the peptides that were using they are,synthetically created to mimic your,bodys natural,branch chain amino acids okay so,samoralin specifically is a 29 chain,um,we talked about bp is that does that,number matter the 29 chain or is that,just like just molecularly some of them,are 15 some of them are 45 it just its,just whatever how many chains there are,so okay thats what this one is um,samoran is a growth hormone releasing,hormone,got it so the way that it works is its,stimulating the pituitary to release,more growth hormone okay so different,peptides work differently hit different,spots samoralan is hitting the pituitary,telling it to release more growth,hormone growth hormone is important,because thats your anti-aging thats,all good things in the body come from,having growth hormone so is this like an,alternative to actually getting growth,hormone yes okay so of course hgh human,growth hormone is going to be the most,potent thing out there,cant legally prescribe that for most,situations you have to have a documented,adult growth hormone deficiency which is,very very rare,so,most people who are using hgh are using,it kind of off the streets right off,label,but the downside to actual hgh is it,stops your bodys natural production,because youre pushing,actual growth hormone in so you get that,negative get that negative feedback so,youre turning your bodys production,off with samoralin or peptides in,general were not affecting the bodys,ability to produce its own growth,hormone were just creating an extra,surge got it so from age like 25 on your,natural production of growth hormone,starts to decrease thats why we start,to lose elasticity in the skin thats,why hair starts to change the skin,starts to change,you dont bounce back as quickly after,workouts its harder to lose weight you,dont sleep as well all those things,start to happen as growth hormone,decreases so using a peptide like,samoralin to increase your release of,growth hormone helps to reverse some of,that,so it sounds like its good for almost,everything like what,thats why i love peptides so so what,would you know who is this a perfect,candidate for um anybody who wants to,stay looking and feeling young okay so,basically everybody oh,really the only people that would not be,a candidate is somebody with a known,tumor cancer or something like that,growth hormone your natural growth,hormone in your body grows everything,so if you have a tumor and we are making,growth hormone higher were going to,grow things like that faster so thats,the one downside we you know we want to,make sure you dont have cancer,so anybody else great something great,thing for them to use so like i said,its really good anti-aging,improves hair skin nails skin looks,brighter hairs healthier grows faster,nails grow faster,increases muscle mass so youre getting,better results from your workouts,you also recover a lot faster which is,one of the things for me that i love,with peptides i can really push it in,the gym and im not nearly as sore,afterwards and thats one of the biggest,complaints people have as they get older,yeah is theyre sore for longer after a,workout they dont quite bounce back as,quickly as they did when they were in,college so this kind of this reverses,that this really helps with that yeah um,so,like i said soreness recovery fat loss,increased energy better sleep the sleep,benefits most people notice within the,first week of being on this wow and,theres times that ill order some oral,and purely for the sleep aspect and,everything else is just an added bonus,brain health heart health bone health so,it can help prevent osteoporosis,improved immune function like theres,theres just so many things so so how do,people take it and how long should they,stay on it um so a couple of different,dosing routes the most potent dosing,route for any medication is going to be,injection,because then your bodys not having to,break it down any other way its getting,directly into the bloodstream,so if taken in injectable form its a,subcutaneous injection five nights a,week,you have to it has to be at least two,hours after your last meal of the day so,like you eat dinner and then you have,nothing but water after that um so that,can be a little difficult for some,people you cant have a glass of wine in,the evenings or anything any sort of,sugar in your system is going to disrupt,the ability for the peptide to be able,to work correctly interesting so two,hours of fasting,do the injection and you cant have,anything to eat or drink besides water,for at least 30 minutes afterwards okay,so typically i advise people nothing,after dinner do your injection before,bed and just go on to bed the injection,stimulates an immediate release of,growth hormone,and then once you go to sleep thats,when you naturally have another release,of growth hormone so were getting kind,of a double dose in that way,for people who dont love injections,another route is whats called a troche,or we can even make it even smaller into,a trit which is this teeny teeny tiny,little thing that dissolves underneath,your tongue,so again two hours of no food water only,pop it under your tongue before bed and,just go to bed,so same directions five nights a week,five nights on two nights off but just,maybe not quite as potent not yeah just,not quite as potent so typically we,increase the dose a little bit in the,trip form,going sublingual it is dissolving and,getting into the bloodstream um not,quite as well as an injection would be,but its much easier than an injection,would be sir moreland the answer to,almost everything yes exactly i love it,guys this has been explain this with,robin riddle we appreciate you hanging,out you na you name it we explain it as,always well be with you guys next time,dont go away,[Music]

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Is Sermorelin Worth Taking? | The Power of Peptides | Dr. Matt Chalmers | Joey Thurman

sermoral and peptide oh if you want to,increase your growth hormone you want to,lose body fat add muscle tissue look,better feel better maybe you should be,taking this how much should you take,should you not take it side effects all,of that and so much more with my,conversation today with dr matt chalmers,lets dive in,[Music],peptides very very popular nowadays they,got peptides they have sarms we have,steroids we have pro hormones we have,all these different things why should,somebody consider taking peptides,so the cool thing about peptides is that,we can use them to,just like we can use them as hormones so,basically theyre chemical messengers we,can get them to tell the body to do,specific things so we can actually get,the bite to produce more stuff so for,instance we can get the body to produce,naturally more growth hormone or more,testosterone more estrogens things like,that so we can get the body to kind of,move where we want it to without using,chemicals that were either afraid of or,too expensive okay and a lot of these,dont have a ton of side effects or am i,wrong,uh youre correct so they dont have a,ton of side effects but remember,anything thats strong enough to do good,is strong enough to do that so we need,to when we do these things just like,when we do testosterone or anything else,like that we know the parameters of,whats going on so if youre working,with a doctor who knows how to deal with,this we can make this very very safe and,say hey are you watching for your,glucose are you watching for your h are,you is your blood getting too thick,whats going on with your body we can,watch that make sure that youre going,to be safe throughout this whole process,okay and so you go somebody wants to go,in and they want to get on a peptide or,whatever theyre not just calling you up,like i want some testosterone i want,some some moral and a testimonial and,whatever it is like you say okay we,gotta do x y and z blood work sleep,study everything like that before youre,just,writing a prescription,absolutely so like when we do stuff here,because this is more of a wellness we i,try to look 10 or 20 years in the future,and figure out whats going to create a,problem not just whats broken today so,oftentimes for guys who are doing all,and womens were doing these things,well do an echocardiogram well do a,calcium ct well do sleep study so we,make sure well do a lot of blood work,so okay heres where we are today heres,what we got to worry about heres what,were trying to fix and then we can move,forward and so we made we know that,everybody can do this in a very very,safe manner right okay uh so lets talk,about a specific peptide which is um,getting really popular some moreland and,triggering like a growth hormone,response so what is this,so somorlin is going to basically tell,the pituitary to make more growth,hormone its a growth hormone releasing,peptide and so your body will then go oh,it wakes up the pituitary and it creates,more growth hormone naturally your own,natural growth hormone so your body can,use that to do all sorts of things from,build bigger muscles to repair your,heart to make your sleep better make,your cognitive function better burn fat,all sorts of great things okay cool and,um,so they go in they see a reputable,doctor i say that so dont just take,this crap or order like theres a lot of,things online like everybody like,theres a lot of crap online you can,google and like,what is it research based stuff so,scary uh now somebody goes in assuming,theyre theyre with a reputable doctor,such as yourself,whats the process here is there like a,dosage and you know kind of what can,they expect,so theres no recommended dosage on,samora because its not fda approved,before you can get your hey you should,take this much,to be fda approved so,you know this varies from person to,person um but generally theyre looking,at the you know the in the,point four per body weight type of thing,so you know well hit people in the,eight to ten you know six to ten you,know,mixed cycles so it just depends on the,person and the goals and what theyre,needing then we can kind of tailor your,dot container this for you okay um now,if youre if youre taking something,thats going to stimulate growth hormone,and im assuming like like,youve said this before somethings,grows everythings growing right um not,just your pecs like cells all this sort,of [ __ ] right so youre taking something,like that now obviously if youre going,to be hyper caloric youre probably,gonna add a bunch more muscle tissue yes,yes okay and,is it advantageous you work out a lot um,so is it advantageous to lift,heavier during when youre taking,something like this all right so this,gets into my whole philosophy of lifting,the goal for lifting weights is to,maintain a perfect full range of motion,and then restrict that range of motion,so i dont like people to lift heavy i,like them to lift light and slow if we,lift heavy were going to damage,ligament tendon joints and the muscle if,you lift slow with perfect form youre,going to damage the muscle your muscles,are going to grow a lot faster,so i dont like people to start lifting,heavier especially using stuff like this,because what happens people come there,oh im taking all this stuff im,spending all this money you know i gotta,get the most out of somebody to look,really heavy and then they end up,injuring themselves and this whole thing,just doesnt waste okay all right that,makes sense so um and like full range of,motion active range of motion not past,which is a big difference right so,somebodys looking at this bicep curl,im not extending all the way past you,know where that that joint lockout like,that active range of motion where were,still triggering that tissue to,get some sort of response now,what if you are um hypocaloric right,youre trying to,lose well lets say fat everybody you,should change change your semantics here,when you say lose weight you should say,i want to lose fat um if youre trying,to lose fat,could you still,hypothetically add more muscle tissue,while taking something like this,absolutely you can so thats one of,those bigger things is that,your body is going to repair itself with,fuel from the body so if youre still,taking your so remember this is i break,this down we eat for calories we,supplement for nutrition so as long as,your your macronutrients your,supplementation is still high even if,your caloric function is lower your body,will be like cool im going to burn this,fat for that energy im going to take,that uh that leucine and go make more,muscle out of it so you can,burn fat and put on muscle at the same,time its just a little bit slower,without the excess calories okay so this,would be good for somebody whether they,wanted to,you know get as lean as possible if you,will lose fat um and or,bulk up,absolutely yeah this is this is a great,this goes both ways for your cut and,your bowl okay great now is is there any,anybody that should not be taking um,some moreland or specific peptides,so,what weve started to see with a bunch,of different peptides who that do this,is birth defects so if youre pregnant,dont take this i also tell people,because of that issue lets not,breastfeed over on this the problem is,we dont have you know,50 000 research studies on you know,breast milk and peptides yet so,lets just hold off on that until were,done breastfeeding until while were,pregnant and then well be fine um the,other thing is if you if youre battling,type 2 diabetes these things have been,shown to kind of push you more in that,direction doesnt mean you cannot do it,just make sure that youre monitoring,your blood a lot closer okay so but then,interesting though because as you add,more muscle tissue muscle tissue is,metabolically active not as much as,people think it is right but it also,helps with your insulin,response and your sensitivity so isnt,that almost counterintuitive,well,okay so,this is why we still want to do it all,right so we bui

What Are Growth Hormone Releasing Secretagogues? Dr. Rand McClain

hey welcome back to mind pump tv youre,about to see a clip of dr rand,answering questions revolving around,hormones and testosterone,and health if you want to see if youre,a candidate for this whether youre male,or,female head over to mphormones.com,fill out their questionnaire see if,hormone therapy is right for you,all right enjoy this video hi this is dr,rand mclean im a doctor of,regenerative and sports medicine ive,been asked to talk to you about some of,the,growth hormone releasing secretogs right,now,and the in the landscape is changing so,by the time this comes to you it may,have changed already but right now we,have certain peptides and one,peptidomimetic which is a fancy way of,saying like peptide,available to help your body,produce more of its own growth hormone,um,one of my favorites is something called,ibutamorin also known as mk677,which is a one of the peptidomimetics,its actually the only one we have,available,the beauty of ibutamorin is that it,helps the body,produce more of its own growth hormone,to those levels that we were,likely producing when we were in our 20s,and all these gh secretogs typically do,that,but ibutamorin works,by elevating something called ghrelin,its a different mechanism than some of,the others that will,act like growth hormone releasing,hormones or,combinations that act through both,mechanisms but the beauty of ibutamorin,i think is that not only does it work as,well as the others,but it is something you can take orally,its not something that you have to,mix then refrigerate and then nightly,inject is something,you can leave by your bedside and when,you remember after turning off the,television oh,i have to do my gh secretary you can,leave it there and by the way not have,to explain to anybody what it is because,it looks like just a regular supplement,and with a glass of water take your pill,right before falling asleep,and get the same benefit as some of the,other injectable peptides,the other beauty is because its a,peptidometic its not going to,be damaged by overheating the denaturing,effect of heat on any protein or peptide,that breaks apart the bonds and makes it,useless its easy to carry that,therefore so you can travel with it more,easily and of course you can always use,a combination and say well,my favorite is another growth hormone,releasing hormone analog such as,samoralan or testomolin,um you can leave that one at home uh,and and travel with ib to more and so,ibum and i would argue is my favorite,they all by the way are similarly priced,at least uh in the pharmacies that ive,seen,uh and uh some of the others,are epamorlan which is,similar in sound but is a peptide that,must be mixed,and refrigerated and then injected,nightly these injections by the way are,all subcutaneous,injections meaning just underneath the,skin typically into a little patch of,fat if anyone has any by their abdomen,or really anywhere on the body,and epamorlan works similarly,in that it uh raises gh levels,endogenously,but without one of the side effects i,didnt mention about ibuta morning some,people,by working through the ghrelin pathway,which epa moreland does also,you can have side effects of hunger its,actually the same pathway for those of,you that are,marijuana smokers or eaters or whatever,that gives,people the munchies that same feeling of,hunger so one of the things thats,required in all,uh the usage of any of these these,peptides or peptidometrics that work,through the ghrelin pathway,is take them right before bed not,okay im going to take these and see,whats on television before i fall,asleep,half hour hints because in about 30,minutes youre going to wake up and sort,of defeat the purpose of taking a growth,homeless credit hog,because youre going to hit the kitchen,and its going to look like a bomb went,off in there because,youre going to youre going to eat like,you have the munchies if you take it,right before bed,youll sleep through any hunger and,not defeat the purpose of of of the ga,secretage,we have others that are called cjc12985,for example which work through different,mechanisms i mentioned samoralin,these are intestimal and these are those,peptides that work through,uh the original mechanism if you will,the growth hormone releasing hormone,mechanism and then you can use,combinations,of cjc1295 and epomorlan for example,that work through both pathways,and presumably get you know double,benefit in my experience,im not going to say those are fluff to,combine them but,typically one mechanism or the other is,is just as good,as a combination but everyones a little,different and some people may,work better with one mechanism of action,versus the other a combination,so thats uh g8 secretags in a nutshell,hey i hope you enjoyed that video,if you want to see if your candidate,dont forget you can head over to,mphormones.com,answer some questions and see if hormone,replacement therapy,is right for you,you

The Benefits Of Sermorelin

curious to your thoughts on you know on,peptides you know it so right now,theres a huge surge in the number of,people that are interested in peptides,because it sounds not as uh,perhaps scary to them as it does hormone,augmentation again and i hi guys tony,here from the enhanced man today were,going to be looking at some moreland,just seeing if its the ideal peptide,for the entrepreneurial stack uh andrew,huberman later goes on to talk about,heptarchy you know the use in hollywood,just really exploding and i think thats,going to happen in the uk i first heard,about samoan on the joe rogan podcast,and the way i see it whats good enough,to joe is good enough for the enhanced,man just keep in mind im going to be,watching a new story and its going to,be a 1.25 speed so they havent taken,too much smalling hey in todays segment,sponsored by skin envy is it possible to,reverse the biological signs and the,physical symptoms of aging looking to,turn back that clock well you can with,the help of something called sermoralin,skin ambient surgical weight loss center,offers this and wants to tell you more,about how it works take a listen skin mv,non-surgical weight loss centers is,offering european advancements for a,better body and mind dr robert davison,personally uses a product to improve his,quality of life and it could help you,imagine a uk news outlet reporting this,kind of biased way the regulators would,have a field day some of the,positive benefits of,growth hormone which is boosted by,cermorilyn the first one is increased,muscle mass and decreased,fat content in the body i had heard when,they talked about sir moreland that you,would have increased muscle mass and i,am not a bodybuilder but im not sure,about this uh porn eye music although,its kind of more soft core than,hardcore felt like my arms were getting,weaker the older i was getting well,back in the spring i was helping my,parents clean out their basement because,they were flooded and i was lifting and,carrying things up the stairs that i,would not have been able to do,months years ago because i felt like i,was stronger what really interests me,about sorelyn was the fact that,the skin tone,and the bone density were the two,biggest things that really stuck out for,me,bone density issues run very high in my,family you may have heard of the terms,osteopenia and osteoporosis,these refer to thinning bones osteopenia,and osteoporosis is the more severe form,which certainly can lead to hip,fractures in both men and women so those,of you who may have a family history of,osteoporosis,or personal history,certainly could benefit,this [ __ ] doctor i mean maybe not the,most trustworthy i mean imagine the nhs,giving him a job and you come in with a,hip fracture and ill take some some,moreline,from that one of the things that the,semoran does is really helps with bone,density and the the worries about,osteoporosis,they can go away because youre feeling,stronger and youre feeling like youre,not going to shrink up and have broken,bones and have problems like that it,really helps with that too another,important benefit of cermalin is,improvement in mood and well-being the,homeostasis of your body studies have,shown that people who are deficient in,growth hormone,clearly have increased risk,and rates of depression,i know a lot of us,have a family history of that or,personal history of depression my mood,seemed to be,[Music],i dont know if i want to say happier or,more joyful or it was just that i didnt,let stress get to me as much i didnt,feel like i needed to go hide away,during,you know the long winter and seasonal,depression i didnt have any of that i,really felt like,yeah theyre certainly selling it well,with regards to depression and mood,obviously theres many aspects to that,for me uh it does help in the regard,like i can just switch off from work so,when ive done a long day then i can,just literally unwind instantly so it,definitely has some benefits i really,felt like i could get through my long,long days and the little things that,used to really bother me even driving on,the road and road rage i really felt,like you know i can just kind of brush,them off i just felt like overall,[Music],maybe happier the next benefit of sir,moreland is memory and learning studies,have clearly shown that those deficient,in growth hormone have trouble with,memory and learning skills as a,physician this one is very important to,me and i feel that it keeps me on top of,my game one thing i was very pleasantly,surprised about smoreland it was,boasted to help your memory and im an,entrepreneur i own the largest antique,mall in the state of michigan and i have,400 people that rent boost from me and,theres constant changes constant things,going on constant things to memorize and,remember and over time my staff actually,complimented me on how much better i was,getting at my own job of interacting,with the dealers remaining remembering,their names remembering it was kind of a,subconscious subliminal thing that was,going on with me over the course of a,year or two but my memory has definitely,improved yeah it certainly gives you a,competitive edge being an entrepreneur,better businessman all together,cermorlin,which causes the increase in growth,hormone naturally,improves,the quality of your skin,so it naturally decreases,wrinkles my skin tone was tighter i feel,like i look younger than maybe i did,even a few years ago its almost as if,it reversed something i dont know how,it all works but it reversed something,hormonally or within my,glands or whatever it is that it does,but it kind of almost reversed,getting older the wrinkles started,almost going away and it felt like my,skin tone was even more elastic and just,tighter and that just made a huge,difference i think in people wondering,how old i was the other thing that,really intrigued me about seborlan like,i said was the skin tone and yes im a,habitual tanner and i was always worried,about losing that skin tone,and,samoran has actually super increased my,skin tone although i can and taken way,too much salt,i have no skin issues at all in fact so,many people have commented to me wow you,have the most amazing skin for any boy,that ive ever known it also helps with,sleep allowing you to sleep,much more soundly also boosts the immune,system,which is very very important,to,fend off disease colds the flu things,like that ive been a radio personality,in west michigan for oh my goodness like,i think thats enough now you get the,picture i mean obviously you need to,take these things with a pinch of salt,but uh yeah there are clear benefits to,it obviously theres always a catch i,mean uh you know youre boosting a,growth hormone which uh if you have too,much of it im sure you know theres,side effects to that you know,i dont know growing limbs and stuff,like that you know giantism but,when youre taking these peptides if you,overdo it then your body just down,regulates and you just um you wont,produce as much of it anyway and,the only thing ive taken into account,is just monitoring your blood sugar,level and doing things like um having a,12-hour fast,so you before bed you have about three,hours just to kind of clear all the food,out of your system,and,otherwise because your,liver,is producing igf-1 insulin growth factor,and so you need to,have a you know your liver needs to be,clear of doing that process when you,take the samora lens you do it just,before bed i personally i take 0.3,milligrams and i do this five days a,week so three days on and have a day off,and then two days and in those days in,between you still get lasting benefits,looking through that video see all these,kind of other advantages you get so its,not just the gym,and these advantages all help with being,an entrepreneur and earning a good money,ill see you in the next video much love,and peace out

Sermorelin Acetate Review

this is trevor benko ceo of tgb,supplements,and tonight im doing a video on some,oral and acetate uh were going to be,reconstituting,a vial of samorland uh samoylin acetate,is something thats available by,prescription only,uh i do have a prescription ive been,using it and trying it out,uh in hopes of helping heal an injured,shoulder,uh so were gonna be uh showing you guys,how to reconstitute it,uh with backwater heres the back water,here,heres my prescription of samoralan,when you get the semoran from the,pharmacy it comes in a,vowel similar to what you would get,testosterone in,except theres no liquid its just like,a its a disc,almost like a disc in pieces so you need,to add your water,slowly and slowly swirl it around,to dissolve the smore line into the,back water,once you do that youre able to go ahead,and proceed with your injection,so to do that were going to need a few,things we need our,vial of samoran we need our back water,were going to need a large syringe,uh usually a 10 milliliter,to draw the water out and mix it into,the vial,and were going to need alcohol swabs,were also going to need,in this case im going to be using a 30,gauge half inch,insulin needle to do the injection,now the samora that i have is 15,milligrams per,container were going to be mixing that,with six milliliters of back water,when i do my injection well be doing 40,units,which would be one milligram so ill get,15,injections from this one vial now one,milligram,per injection is the maximum recommended,dose,uh i started out at 500 micrograms i was,doing,20 units,in the same dosing pattern so thats,with six milliliters of back water per,15 milligrams,20 units would equal 500 micrograms,i ended up bumping it up after about,four weeks kind of wanted to give it a,try,see what this what some more link could,really do,somorlin is a growth hormone secretary,so it actually,causes your pituitary to increase,natural production,so far i mean i seem to really like it,its definitely helped with my sleep,i have more restful sleep deeper sleep,im dreaming,uh where before i didnt dream even if i,only sleep three hours i feel like i,slept,six hours uh eventually that stuff,catches up to you,but it definitely makes a difference and,has an impact on the restfulness,and the rejuvenation feeling you get,from sleeping,okay here we go getting that one alcohol,swab ready,were gonna pop the top off of or some,moreland,like so,and were gonna swab the top of the,valve,were also going to swap the top of the,valve of the back water,okay there we go now before we,insert the needle into either vial we,need to make sure that the alcohol dries,completely,open up the syringe like i said we got a,10 milliliter syringe here,and were going to be taking six,milliliters of water,out of the vial to put into the vitals,moreland,to reconstitute to some oil okay so i i,got six milliliters of air,and the reason you want to do that is to,help,maintain stable pressure and makes it,easier to draw,out of the vial usually so whatever,youre taking out thats,the air you want to put it,all right here we go,so were gonna push the air into the,valve,now the water should almost pull itself,into the syringe because of the pressure,inside of the vial,from the water that i im sorry from the,air that i added in the vial,its almost doing it itself,okay we got a little over six,milliliters,i usually do a little bit over just,because uh each injection sometimes its,not perfect,you better have a little bit extra just,in case,all right now were gonna put the cap,back on,you have to be very careful when,recapping syringes thats uh usually,when people stick themselves,uh or have issues okay,now were going to inject this water,the back water into the vial of some oil,and acetate now when you do this you,want to,insert the syringe at,a little bit of an angle you want it to,be at an,angle going through the stopper and you,want the water to actually run,off the inside of the valve before it,hits,the the samoran tablet at the bottom,and the reason for that is you dont,want to damage the smoreland,its a very very sensitive,compound so you want to be very gentle,with it,all right so ill show you guys how to,do that,okay like i said were gonna start,insert it at an angle,i dont know if you can see that you see,the angle that we have there and were,slowly going to push the water in,to the valve,now after we reconstitute the samoriland,it needs to be kept in a refrigerator,um like i said its its a very,sensitive compound,its almost like human growth hormone or,any other peptide,all right were almost there,now different doctors recommend,different amounts of back water per,your samoran so some people do 7.5,milliliters,for 15 milligrams of semoran some people,do three milliliters of water,my doctor originally,told me to use three milliliters but i,found that,it was a little bit more painful after,the injection,not necessarily painful but id get a,little bit of redness,okay were almost done here now when we,finish,pushing all this water in youll notice,the syringe is actually going to go,up because its going to pull air out of,the valve,to stabilize the pressure inside of the,vial does this automatically just,because of the,the amount of pressure i just put into,the valve by putting six milliliters of,water into it,here we go as you can see it kind of,goes on its own,im gonna pull it back to the six,milliliter mark,just because thats how much we put into,the bar,all right there we go and pull the,syringe out of the valve,okay now were gonna recap the syringe,for the last time be very careful like i,said,and how this this is going in the,sharps container and its done okay,were done with the back water well put,that off to the side,so now we have our samorelin which has,been reconstituted,with six milliliters of back water im,gonna slowly,swirl it like this to make sure,everythings dissolved,and then were going to prepare for our,injection,it should be clear i dont know if you,could see it,but it just looks like water,okay now were gonna prepare for our,injection,im gonna take another fresh alcohol,swab,just out of habit i mean its probably,its probably clean,uh being that i just opened it and ive,already swabbed it once,but just to be safe you can never be too,safe,so were going to swab it one more time,all right and were going to let it dry,once again,okay and were going to prepare our 30,gauge half inch insulin,syringe,now were going to be taking out 40,units so im going to pull back,the plunger to the 40 unit mark,and were going to push that air into,the valve prior to,drawing out the 40 units,okay the alcohol should be dry here we,go,all right were going to slowly pierce,the top of the valve,all right push,the air into the vial and were going to,pull out our 40 units,[Music],hello,im going to pull the syringe out of the,vine,were going to recap the needle,like i said be very careful recapping,as you can see i got 40 units,now we got to prepare the injection site,uh before i do that i just want to,remind you guys this is not medical,advice,im just showing you how i use my,medication uh this is,my opinion on semoran,if you guys are interested in semoran,im gonna be writing an article,uh providing some more information uh,this video will will be attached to the,article,if you wanna contact me further uh i,will provide my email,you can email us at info,tgbsupplements.com,or youll be able to call us ill leave,the store number in the link below,i know personally i think some orland,has,plenty of benefits maybe not so much for,younger guys if youre under 30 unless,you have issues with sleep if you dont,sleep very well,in my case i do have sleep apnea i,usually sleep with a bipap,and it because of that it messes up my,sleep,so i dont have very restful sleep to,begin with so you know my growth hormone,levels were actually on the lower side,uh naturally and thats another reason,why i wanted to give this a try,but anybody thats uh you know middle,age or

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