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Netflix India serving me with these films- Love Today, Qala and Ariyippu | Ashmita Reviews

[Music],thank you,hello everyone and welcome to my channel,guys and I hope all of you are fit and,fine recently Ive been watching a lot,of Netflix because surprisingly they are,providing me with really good content,not just their own production but the,movies that theyre picking up to,distribute I will be talking about three,such movies in this video which you,absolutely cannot miss,boy oh boy if you want to experience,what a roller coaster right feels like,without actually having to sit inside,that ride then watch this movie for sure,because it is going to give you that,exact same feeling as the title of the,film suggests it is exactly that love,that happens between two people today,where one is first in a relationship,with their smartphones and then their,respective Partners I mean the,smartphones today are as good as our,lifelines now when the movie starts we,are introduced to this very loving and,cute couple pradeep and Nikita played,respectively by pradeep ranganathan and,Ivana pradeep ranganathan is also the,writer director of this film and he,makes us invested in the relationship,and we spend a good amount of time in,the beginning with the couple and see,how much they trust each other and while,I was watching I was thinking oh okay,what else is the movie going to offer me,are we going to get the typical parents,opposing the couple conflict because the,father of the female lead is portrayed,as extremely and I mean extremely strict,but,I couldnt have guessed at all what was,in the store for me next the real drama,starts when the leads are forced to swap,their smartphones with each other for a,couple of days by the father to prove,their loyalty to one another that is,truly when the film shifts its gears and,their real fun begins as the movie,progresses we get to know more and more,about the actual personalities of both,the people their writing is so smartly,than that in certain places I was,thinking that okay where they would go,from this point because I think this is,the limit and suddenly a Twist would,happen which I would not have,anticipated at all one thing that really,stood out for me in the story is that,the events that transpire in the film,may or may not connect with your own,moral compass because personally I,thought that there were a lot of things,that the lead couple did which was,questionable and honestly a deal breaker,for me like principally I would have had,a very difficult time to overlook these,things if I was in a similar,relationship but one cannot deny the,fact that the things which are actually,shown in the film are also part of,reality for probably a lot of people out,there let me know if while watching you,actually felt that or not that yes this,would happen but no this is a deal,breaker for me like I cannot morally,accept it please let me know in the,comments now getting back to the,narration the storytelling is not just,with the dialogues but there is also a,lot of visual storytelling the way the,entire social media interaction is,Portrait on screen is exceptional a very,small example is that the WhatsApp chats,are not shown out displayed as chats but,they are acted out with dialogues and,that makes the viewing for us as an,audience 10 times more fun the dialogues,are also really well written obviously,there are certain dialogues which you,might find cringe because I did but most,of the times the dialogues and the jokes,they landed so well and I was laughing,throughout now the basic theme that the,story revolves around is trust and you,might or might not agree to the,decisions of the characters but,thankfully the movie doesnt get preachy,about anything like the movie is very,clear in showing that these are flawed,characters like theres nothing white,and black about them its all in that,gray area so yes at the end of the day,we know that the things that they have,done are questionable but the bottom,line is that how far you are willing to,take or put that trust in your partner,theres a lot that would be actually,discussed about this story but when it,comes to the entertainment Factor this,movie delivers a solid hundred percent,the cinematography is excellent and as I,said that theres a lot of visual,storytelling which happens in the movie,and in fact it happens from the get-go,the opening sequence of the movie where,the entire focus is on the smartphone,really establishes the importance of it,in the story the visual effects put in,are incredible but it is the editing,youll just know while watching the film,that the way the scenes have been shot,and sequenced theres a lot of thought,that has been put into it the editing,really carried this film for me and it,just makes the entire viewing so much,fun in addition to that you have yuvan,Shankar rajas music which is like,cherry on top the performances by all,the actors are superb I enjoyed,everybodys acting but the show stealer,for,who plays the father of the heroine the,way the fathers character was written,there was a good chance of it ending up,being a little bit caricatures but,satara is really really served so if you,have missed out on watching this film in,the theater do not miss this out on,Netflix go and watch it,okay be ready to ball your eyes out with,this film I mean where to even start the,dialogues the art Direction the costume,design the lighting color grading,performance and last but not the least,the music all of it oozed Charisma and,elegance and nowadays just to say that,for a Hindi film had become so freaking,rare so believe me when Im saying that,this movie excels in literally every,Department its just genuinely making me,just so happy to say it the movie,follows the Journey of color who wants,nothing but the love and validation of,her mother by pursuing music and making,a name for herself she is blessed with a,beautiful voice she trains ours day in,and day out to perfect it but she,doesnt get the required stamp of,approval from her mother on the other,hand her mother goes out of her way to,support a budding male singer named,jagan who is just as talented as color,but an orphan the mother obviously,considers him as her own son but what,color sees is just another competition,what follows is a wonderfully crafted,story which shows the struggle of an,individual with validation mental trauma,the difficulty of self-acceptance and,finally repentance of her own actions,the heavyweight emotions that I felt,while watching this film honestly has,still not left me the movie is,exceptionally sad from start to finish,and while watching it you would feel,that theres this heavy weight which is,completely pulling you down as the movie,is progressing for me every frame of,this film was just so beautifully,directed you know acted out very well,short but it was the final ending climax,that just tore me completely one thing,that is definitely going to stand out,are the songs and this is easily like at,least for me this is easily one of the,best Hindi film albums of 2022 because,when I say the songs are exceptional,they really really are performances are,also absolutely brilliant starting with,swastika Mukherjee oh my God she was the,epitome of Elegance for me and in the,entire spell you would feel that is this,dark Aura surrounding her shes a very,popular actor from the Bengali film,industry and its nice to see that shes,exploring the Hindi film industry with,really good meaty roles this movie also,introduced me to Babel Khan who is the,son of the late legendary actor Irfan,Khan and I have to say I was quite,impressed he just fit the character,description of jagan so well and jagan,has a character he had this innocent,Aura around him and babil just did,Justice to that but it was Thrifty dimri,who was just Exceptional from start to,finish the last I witnessed her acting,was in Bulbul which was also a Netflix,release and I had loved her in that but,compared this to Bulbul and you can just,see the amount of progress that her,acting has had and this entire character,of color its

Philippines Street Food!! ???????? 5 EXTREME FOODS You Have to Try in Cebu – Best Filipino Food!!

hey everyone hope youre having an,amazing day its Mark Wiens its another,beautiful day in Cebu the Philippines,one of the food capitals theres so many,delicious things they have an amazing,street food culture today I am hanging,out with my friends Ben and Yuri and we,are going to take you on an ultimate,Cebu street food tour all right cheers,we are going to eat a dish called,babakua for breakfast and then were,gonna go around were gonna eat some of,the local favorites its gonna be,another day of an extremely delicious,food were gonna meet some amazing,people and see some of the processes of,the cooking all of the action is coming,up youre not going to want to miss any,of the food so sit back and relax and,lets get started eating our way through,Cebu,foreign,[Music],good morning Ben good morning Mark how,are you today Im good all right yeah,what are we eating first today,so first time to eat the babakua right,it is the place the best uh one of the,best here in Cebu and were actually a,little bit south of Cebu the city right,were in is it called yeah,this is where were gonna start were,going to see some of the process of the,cooking the giant bones and from what,Ben has told me this is one of his,favorite dishes yes theres an oxtail,theres a big skin Oh joint of them,excellent yeah are you all cooking oh,this is the number five,theres already uh some soup number five,which is the the male organ soup male,organs from the beef yes and then we,also have some like yes,so they not only have Barbacoa but they,have many other dishes but were,especially gonna focus and see the,babacoa preparation,that goat caldereta is ready that smells,so good thats a goat stew theres I,think tomatoes and carrots and uh,potatoes in there yeah this is the skin,of the beef yeah then these the joints,Im not sure if theres an oxtail inside,here,is this for the bubble culture yes its,time to get started on the Barbacoa and,this is the main dish that we came to,eat here uh and it includes all sorts of,beef parts and beef skin beef joints all,that tendon uh the Bones have already,been boiled for six hours overnight so,those are ready but now theyre getting,ready to fry it all up and make the soup,and make that uh like thick soup that,its gonna come so theres also,preparing some of the vegetables onions,and garlic uh red peppers and green,peppers are going to go in,[Music],oh,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],pineapple juice yeah,oh yeah,[Music],[Music],and thats the crop,such a unique and complicated recipe and,just rapid fire he adds in I mean,theres peanut butter theres black,beans theres pineapple juice all of the,the cow Parts which have been boiled,overnight uh theres all the fresh,ingredients the green chilies the red,chilies the spring onions so many,different things going on and thats,just like a sloshing around pot of beef,parts its a unique and its a delicate,dish here in Cebu yeah,its really nice to see in front,so it actually doesnt take that long to,cook because theyve already pre-cooked,all of the bones and those are already,fall apart melt in your mouth tender so,once they just combine all of the,seasonings bring it to a boil its,pretty much done so were pretty much,good to go hes gonna scoop it into the,serving pot and then were gonna head,over to start eating,thank you,so you can tell how wobbly and how,tender all of those beef parts are gonna,be oh man even the sound of that kind of,sloshing around oh I cant wait to try,it,[Music],uh bubble coat typically be eaten for,breakfast or any time of the day any,time of the day okay yeah they have also,barbecue here the subba its a pork,Grill yeah and so this place is called,Derbys carinderia just like mini,carinderias they cook in the morning and,so I mean you can come throughout the,day they do serve throughout the day,however if you get here early in the,morning its the best time because,thats when all the food is cooked fresh,and hot,foreign,[Music],so huge,yes Mark finally,[Music],and it is thick thick and you can see,all that collagen has come out oh its,so wobbly whoa thats like the whole,ankle should we just bite yeah Ill just,bite these on oh hot and fresh,wobbly look at the Jiggles the Jiggles,cheers,oh the pineapple juice yes Jason acidity,of the pineapple juice unbelievably soft,and tender melt in your mouth all the,joint material,oh,you even taste the saltiness from those,black beans oh like so much going on,oh so much flavor on this dish yeah it,is so another thing you can do is take,some of the soup onto the mice,and again you could you could choose,rice or mice but in Cebu mice seems to,be the very popular popular option right,yes correct,[Music],it absorbs it all,so creamy so good wow you can just feel,that on your lips the stickiness the,gooeyness the wobbliness it really melts,in the mouth so then you can just break,into that skin and that that collagen,the tendon in there,so wobbly,look at this,oh the splatter yeah,and then finally we have this season,this is uh anchovies fermented anchovies,yeah and is that to be eaten along with,the bubbles okay,the chili the chili okay then theres a,lemon here okay yeah,grabbed up one but this one is quite,salty okay yeah,oh thank you okay,then we add some anchovies,yeah and then again we bite it yeah,foreign,yeah that is fishy and salty but with,that that uh lemon tomato to kind of,break the saltiness that is powerful the,bones are just sliding out,[Music],okay with the jelly,oh man,my hands my fingers are actually stuck,together yeah adhesive,is the goat called that I thought goat,stew one of the dishes I love to eat in,the Philippines as well tomato potato,carrots carrots in here tenderness,oh pick it up thats a better idea yeah,the drumstick,oh wow that is melt in your mouth,so tender,final dish we have soup number five,all of the the bowl organs are in here,the Bull male organs are in here chopped,up into bite-sized pieces oh thats a,wobbly bit oh and theres black beans in,here as well all right,oh oh that one is amazing too it is so,tender the the bowl male organ just kind,of melts in your mouth with jigglyness,you barely need to chew hmm oh and you,taste some ginger in there too yes,because ginger in there,[Applause],thats it right there,everyones favorite for the guys and,theres yeah its especially good for,for men right for men oh the soup number,five is actually fantastic,it is everything here actually,[Music],thank you very much,nice meeting you this was amazing thank,you for your hospitality Ben that was,absolutely fantastic and we want to say,a big thank you to gerbs hes so humble,he refused to accept payment hes such a,nice guy so when youre in Cebu highly,recommended come to Jervis carinderia,for the babakua and all the dishes and,lets move on to eat more food right yes,the whole day we go to ginabot in Pardo,that you have to eat when youre in Cebu,yes lets go hello hi Marquis,[Music],yeah were here in pardonabutan the,famous,um its right here yeah awesome Mark,yeah,hello,nice to meet you,and so we are here on the corner its a,busy neighborhood and this is just full,deep frying action he has intestines he,has some a variety of organs that they,deep-fried theyre legendary uh Ben and,Yuri have made a video here and hes,just such a friendly man but theyre,most famous for their ginabot which are,intestines it almost looks like a like a,fortune cookie or like a pastry straight,flower intestines,foreign,oh this is so crispy Mark yeah yeah so,thats the ruffle fact some part of the,pig intestine and it really does look,like a flower because they kind of like,it looks like a blooming flower with all,the Ruffles the ruffle fat its one of,the prized street foods of Cebu,[Music],[Music],and youre telling me whats the whats,the word for just kind of like taking a,squat on the side of the road,okay yeah and thats where this type of,street food stall is known as okay were,gonna glove up for this,gloves,that sauce looks amazing with the onions,and the peppers and the

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NVIDIAs RTX 4080 Problem: Theyre Not Selling & MSRP Doesnt Exist

[Music],the RTX 4080 is actually the most,expensive 80 class silicon that Nvidia,has sold in four generations now and it,has a 4080 problem dont worry theres a,trash can down there it went exactly,where its supposed to go so today were,going to talk about the problem with the,4080 and how Nvidia cant seem to sell,them this chart shows both the original,MSRP and the inflation-adjusted launch,price for flagships dating back to the,GTX 480. it was stable until recently,and then it skyrocketed with the 40,series but we know what some people are,thinking which is that choosing to plot,80 series cards isnt fair if Nvidia,chooses the names anyway and has decided,that the 80 series is no longer,flagships because theres 40 90s now but,theres always been a card like that,there were Titans before that one was a,little closer it did make it in though,there were Titans before them and,theyve shifted the naming yes but the,the idea of the pricing at a functional,Flagship level thats still the same,problem and even so heres our response,to that this line plots the die area for,each of those cards although Nvidia,tends to fluctuate up and down a bit the,area for the 4080 shot downwards while,the price skyrocketed 50 percent over,the inflation-adjusted 3080s price and,people arent buying them this time at,least not so much that theyre out of,stock just look at this Market footage,we took recently today were talking,about how the 4080s have been left,abandoned on shelves at least compared,to the last few generations and even,compared to the 4090 and thats shelves,from the USA all the way over to Taiwan,where we just were lets get started,before that this video is brought to you,by fractal and the pop air cases the,fraxel pop did well in our recent review,performing admirably thermally while,also offering unique color variations,for the chassis body the fractal pop air,is around relatively compact mid Tower,while still offering ease of,installation features and it even has,optional five and a quarter inch mounts,for those who still use front panel,Hardware like Optical drives learn more,at the link in the description below the,4080s havent sold out yet theyve been,available since launch day and they,still are they never globally sold out,unlike the 4090 for example and this is,a point that evj CEO brought up when we,interviewed him in an upcoming video,where he talks about a judgment day for,GPU prices in the future and he noted,that the 4080s are still in stock and,have been in stock and thats because,reality is beginning to kick in for,NVIDIA and a reality check for the,prices just like what happened with the,20 series is on its way this is history,repeating itself the 2080 TI for example,launched at twelve hundred dollars at,the time and the 2080 was the card that,everyone reviewed and said just if you,buy any of them,although you should get the 1080 TI at,that time when RTX didnt even have any,games then get the 2080 and not the 2080,TI and then with the 30 series they Swan,it back they corrected the prices and,everyone was happy except for the stock,problem that came a couple weeks after,launch and persisted but now were back,in that 20 series dilemma a smaller die,area means reduced cost to manufacture,compared to the larger dies at least at,the simplest level although the process,node also improved this price hike is,more than inflation as our chart and,well bring it back shows and its more,than manufacturing costs too in fact AMD,recently showed manufacturing cost,increases in its own chart something,Nvidia should be doing if it wants to,defend its price hikes better and AMD,tried to build an argument for cost,increases but we cant get past the fact,that the 4080 is now a smaller die with,a 50 price increase inflation adjusted,it looks even worse if you dont adjust,the 4080 is a classic up upsell to the,40 90. disguised by launching after the,flagship skew this time instead of,alongside it and also disguised by the,fervor around dumping old inventory our,review demonstrated that the 4080 is an,example of product stagnation where it,was less than one percent uplift for one,percent more money at best and that was,effectively running in place again at,best were losing ground at worst,regardless of the many other variables,like Logistics that go into GPU,manufacturing the simple fact is that,larger dies cost more we dont know what,the real cost is for NVIDIA they dont,share that but we can create a ratio,factoring in the cost of the cards,before Ram is considered in the scenario,now the table were about to show isnt,some masterful Metric that no one else,could ever achieve we were just putting,some numbers into a spreadsheet and we,thought we saw an interesting Trend so,dont read too far into the numbers,were about to show uh because some,parts of it are potentially arguable as,arbitrary but even still this table is,its here to provide some Concepts to,play around with for GPU pricing we have,the cards name GPU die and size the,percentage of the Cuda cores it has,versus a full die MSRP and the,calculation we just mentioned that,calculation is for the dye area versus,the cost the 490s die is called ad-102,with a large area of 608 millimeters,squared the 4090s MSRP is sixteen,hundred dollars so with our definitely,not industry standard but still,interesting and useful metric the MSRP,per millimeter squared comes out to 2.63,and thats without factoring the higher,memory capacity of the 4090 at 24,gigabytes versus 16 gigabytes which is,unaccounted for in this table into the,consideration versus a 4080. doing the,same calculation on the 4080 with its,much smaller 8103 die gives us 3 dollars,and 17 cents per millimeter squared 21,higher cost per area than the 40 90. the,4090 has a sixty percent larger die and,fifty percent more memory for only 33,more MSRP even if better performance per,dollar sits with the 4090 Nvidia knows,not everyone can afford that level of,card so they have a more profitable,safety net for NVIDIA at least,underneath it in the form of the 4080,and we wont get started on AMD in this,one thatll be maybe for a different,topic with the 7900 XT where Nvidia is,not quite playing the same game where,amds XT looks like a decoy product or,something that they put out there to,push you explicitly towards the next one,up because Nvidia although they are,trying to upsell to a 4090 recognizes,that the 400 Gap is more than a decoy,product can fix so weve all seen the,internet comments about what people,think about the 4080 lets see what some,Merchants out in the world think from,our recent Taiwan trip so we were,wondering like how how the 4080 does in,Taiwan like still in Balance uh yeah I,know I know yeah,[Music],I have many people bought their 4080s,because the prices a little bit hard and,then everyone thinks it doesnt have the,price so hard that it does not have what,it cost,so thats what most of the people just,only five thats five of them 39 days,right right back to the Chart whats,more interesting is comparing the 4080,to previous generations the 30 series,saw the larger ga-102 die used in at,least five cards with msrps ranging from,two thousand dollars for the 39 TI all,the way down to the original 10 gigabyte,version of the 3080 for 700 the 3090 TI,comes out to the same MSRP per,millimeter squared as the 4080 and the,30 80 10 gigabyte calculates to be the,lowest on the table but that was,launched at the start of all this and,was actually an impressive value and if,you were around for those reviews at the,time that was before anyone knew about,the impending GPU shortage the sentiment,was pretty much shared across most,reviews which was this was a massive,change in direction for NVIDIA from the,20 series and it was sort of like their,1080 TI moment happening all over again,or value genuinely looked good we were,excited about it and thats kind of been,rare for the last couple years the GB,launches for another comparison on the,chart the 28 ATI had an absol

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Kitchen Rush Review – Serving Up a Good Time

hold on to your hasbergs everyone,because today were looking at the new,edition of,beige traders oh hold on a second thats,embarrassing,hello hey tom this is bad oh did the,designer of beige traders tweet,something racist again,no i mean not what im aware of no this,is a,ive got a pretty serious looking letter,from the government and as far as i can,tell,i think the general just is were going,to stop reviewing euro games for a,little bit,youre telling me its fun month,thats right folks its fun month a,month,where we review games that have nearly,an inch of boring or beige contained,within them economy engine,these words dont exist for us in the,month that is fun month and you should,feel ashamed of yourself for suggesting,they do so join me viewer as we enter,the fun zone,[Music],its so fun in here to kick off fun,month were going to be talking about,kitchen rush a cooperative board game,for between two,and four players where you will be,collectively managing a restaurant,taking orders cooking food and serving,it to waiting,customers every customer you serve will,make your restaurant,some money and if you make enough money,then youve won and are allowed into,heaven,easy no well yes but im saying no to,talk about the twist,see kitchen rush is a real time game you,use,this sand timer to take your action,slapping it down where you want to go,and only being able to take it off and,use it for another action,when the sand has completely,run out and then the real wrinkle is,that youve got,not one but two of these sand timers,meaning that the game is a frantic,balancing act where you have to be,at the right place at the right time,while not being at the wrong place at,someone elses right time while youre,having a right time a right place,someplace else so what kitchen rush,really is is a total panic simulator as,each of the players,chucks these sound timers around,everywhere trying their best to perform,the same,core loop go here to take more customers,orders and a plate to get started,cooking,go to the cupboards to get time little,ingredients to put on those plates and,go to the stove to cook it all in the,right amount of time so that you,get paid do it all in real time without,being annoying and without messing up,in under four minutes and that is,basically the entire game of kitchen,rush when you get it out the box a game,that,almost teaches itself and thats all,helped along by a theme that is,unbelievably immediate and presentation,that is,dare i say a little bit popping look at,these,lovely little breadlets oh a tiny weeny,little carrot for sir,what kind of micro mouse eats such tiny,cheese,this game drew my family in like a vat,of component stew three parts bits and,bobs,two parts presentation and just a lovely,dash,of concept and the game itself,well lets take a peek,having two timers means that youre,bound to annoy someone wherever youre,standing blocking the entrance to a,cupboard,using all the stoves at once like a,four-dish monstrosity,or merely pondering the concept of doing,the dishes,but your fellow players are bound to get,their accidental unwanted revenge,youve spent so long bringing in new,customers that now theyve yoinked all,of the,kidneys despite you saying that you,needed them a minute ago,but did you actually say that to anyone,or were you too busy gathering other,ingredients and,cooking your linguini maybe you did and,maybe youre the worst teammate ever,and an absolute waste of space,but oh this all sounds a little bit easy,maybe it will go,as stale as a digestive biscuit left out,in the sun and to you,i say if you want something new if you,want,if you want spice well ive got the,thing,for you right here,its because its its because its the,spice bag i probably could have,communicated that,probably could have communicated that,sooner kitchen rush has got you,covered in spice because youll be,playing the first dozen games of it,as a sort of tutorial campaign with each,level asking you to flip a section of,the board,and introduce a nasty new twist from now,on youve got to take drinks orders,remembering to smash away a quid for,every customer you seat,or tips if you serve customers a little,early and salaries that need to be paid,to offset,all this newfound cash now youve got a,dry store to keep food in,splitting up your ingredients even,further and causing plenty more chaos,as supplies get scarcer and more time,consuming to source,and on top of that youve now got to go,shopping midway through service to,restock things that are missing,when other players need them then,eventually critics come to town and you,start working for not just money,but prestige pursuing only the finest,orders,and receiving larger penalties for,messing it up or breakages and spillages,that pour bricks into your already,crunching,engine my favorite one of these,additions actually happens quite early,on and its the aforementioned,spice bag which before i talk about the,actual spices inside and,how they work i first want to talk about,how this bag,is actually one of the most annoying,bags ever to be put in a game ever,and that kind of makes it perfect its,somewhere between the moneybags bags and,the clasp of what can only be described,as,crusty velvet from sheriff of nottingham,in fact i think this bag is so bad and,so good at the same time,that it warrants being sent off to the,lab for analysis,ah the kitchen rush spice bag a modern,baxter piece the perfect mix of deeper,narrow means its impossible to give,what you want quickly,and the way it crumples in on itself,means its also kinda hard to see,exactly whats inside,at a glance so youre always rooting,around with your big hands getting in,the way of your clumsy eyes which is,especially bad if youre trying to find,something thats very,small under pressure and the spices,themselves,well theyre an ingredient you can add,to your meal,at any time so often players will fall,into the trap of putting them on,last knowing theres no rush to get them,sorted,only to find that the bag is,bare are you a real scientist ive got a,doctorate in bag science,yeah no sure but are you real,oh no,and all these little additions mean that,kitchen rush becomes more rewarding to,beat as layers are piled on top of each,other,over and over they give ever more,opportunities for collaboration and,success,but also irritation and frustration,like sand thats got up inside your,board game putting it simply these twist,turn kitchen rush from a game that you,play on your own cooking little meals,in your own little corner to a true team,game where you run a,restaurant together so that is all of,that,surely kitchen rush is an excellent,board game that all of you,should go out and spend your money on,like many of the games that shut up sit,down covers,its a great time and you should buy it,immediately,not really no actually i think that,kitchen rush has,quite a few problems and to talk about,those,were going to have to have a bit of a,mid review turn around,[Music],its not its not actually a mid review,turnaround because i i still think the,game is,quite good i just wanted to do the joke,where i turn around on a,on a chair there are a bunch of things,that hold kitchen rush back from being a,great game and slide it back into the,fine,and okay game territory the first and,most obvious of those being the,production which,whilst lovely in the little nice wooden,bits area,falls apart in other places most notably,this sheet of punch board that came with,my copy where it has,loads of things that cant be punched,out which is really annoying and,also the string on what i previously,called a modern baxter piece,fell out in our second game demoting it,purely,to the status of just bag,also this rule book is not good at all,for a light family focused thing having,the rules laid out like they are in here,is,so frustrating thats especially true of,the setup where the game often takes,longer to,reset and rearrange than it does to play,especially,during the campaign whe

Is the new MW2 RAID any good? (Brutally Honest Review)

Call of Duty now has its first ever raid,which is a weird sentence to say because,its kind of had raids for over a decade,just in the form of Easter eggs in the,Call of Duty Zombies mode if we cycle,the clock back to 2010 2011 you have,these Easter eggs appearing which were,hidden quests that you werent handheld,through and the most people didnt even,know that were there you get a team,together you cycle through a series of,steps and as the years progressed that,turned into a series of steps with many,bosses and damage checks and boss fights,weve had movement puzzles weve had,logic puzzles weve had ciphers weve,had all sorts of Secrets and in some,cases weve even had kind of raid,rewards in the form of some of the,Easter egg rewards that weve had but,this has all been bad news as far as,Activision is concerned I say that,somewhat facetiously but bear with me,here you see back in the day it was all,lovely youd play an Easter egg on a new,map that you had just purchased in a new,map pack but that business model has,gone now its disappeared where gamers,are service battle pass focused and the,zombies maps see Cold War and Vanguard,as recent examples of this are just part,of the ongoing content model for the,game you buy the game and you get access,to all this stuff as it rolls out over,the years so Activision by doing this,have lost a really big driver of income,that they used to just earn through,selling map packs with zombies maps in,them but maybe theyve just replaced it,with micro transactions right thats,meant to be how the games of service,live service model Works gobblegum was,certainly popular in Black Ops 3 like,definitely very much so and they were,really integral to playing the Zombies,mode for a lot of people but again as,times gone by Black Ops 4 people didnt,really interact with that system elixirs,who the hell used those and nowadays,there isnt really anything that is,specific to the Zombies mode driving,purchases of microtransactions sure you,might want to buy a weapon bundle or,something because you like the camo but,chances are youre buying that because,you want to use it in Warzone and the,group of people that are only buying it,zombies are very very small compared to,the other rest of the player base,playing the other modes so that,monetization model has also kind of,taken a back seat for zombies,interesting okay so what does that leave,us with theres the hope that by playing,zombies you might funnel people into,other modes of the game where they will,be more incentivized to spend their,money because the things are dangling,right in front of them as they do so but,other than that funnel there isnt,really a lot going on and so zombies,isnt really a driver of monetization in,the way that it once was zombies,Chronicles perfect example came out for,Black Ops 3 8 classic maps that were,just remastered for that game and it was,at the time the highest selling DLC on,the PlayStation store ever that made,Activision a lot of money but they cant,do that now because that content would,just be free enter Modern Warfare 2 a,game with no Zombies mode but an answer,to zombies a PVE mode that isnt just,another spec ops mission which puts you,through similar challenges steps boss,fights Etc like a zombies map Easter egg,might do except this time were fighting,Rush Russian soldiers as opposed to kind,of infected mutated corpses its a step,to kind of try and bridge that Gap I,think you had zombies over here right,and the people that played zombies loved,zombies and you had MP in war zone and,that stuff over here and they love that,stuff but in the middle theres this,sort of void and to actually get people,to cross that boundary its been pretty,difficult outbreak was a really good,attempt at doing so and I think that it,was really successful but by taking the,zombies out of the Zombies mode and just,replacing them with stuff that is much,more familiar to all the people on this,side of the fence that just play Warzone,and MP means that that sort of central,No Mans Land Experience is a little bit,easier to understand a little bit easier,to go okay I already shoot bots in,multiplayer yeah thats you youre the,boss so just doing this here makes total,sense to me and oh Im being given kind,of quest steps to do now well fair,enough I guess again it sort of makes,sense because it feels like a spec ops,mission rather than feeling like some,kind of insane Satanic ritual to summon,a demon and take over the universe like,it does in zombies and if these raids,are popular it wouldnt surprise me at,all if a lot of development resources,and developers specifically who have,worked on zombies in the past end up,getting put onto the raids team to flesh,that out as much as they can I mean,there are folks that worked on infinite,Warfare zombies that are now working,directly on this raid and on future,raids as well and thatll only keep,happening if theyre well received and,if it seems to be kind of serving that,purpose that Activision is looking for,the question is though is atom grad this,first raid that weve just received,actually any good and I think that that,sort of splits into a few different,branches that question is it good enough,to actually match zombies easter eggs is,it good enough to entertain multiplayer,and Warzone players and is it good,enough to justify the five raid model,that Cod has doubled down on and said,that theyre gonna do four Modern,Warfare 2. to explore that question let,me walk you through the flow of the,experience jumping into a raid for the,first time in Call of Duty thats where,well begin our tale today if you are an,unaware player who just jumps onto the,game once a week twice a week whatever,with your friends youre not on Twitter,youre not watching the Call of Duty,YouTube channel you just hop on play a,couple games with your mates and log off,you probably dont even know that the,raid exists this is floor number one,with this raid rollout its right at the,bottom of the menu in the spec ops Tab,and that makes sense because its a spec,ops mission but the problem is that you,aint gonna be scrolling down there if,you just want to jump on Warzone why,would you search at the bottom and go oh,whats this thing thats locked and I,cant even do it no youre not gonna get,that far youre gonna see that shipment,is in the game now youre gonna jump on,that start grinding out your honey,badger and never look back so from the,offset I think that theres an issue,here with the way that the game funnels,players towards this particular activity,so thats the unaware player what about,the people that are aware theyre on,Twitter theyre subscribed to Mr off,waffles just like you are,right,right those sorts of players jumped in,and knew that they needed to get a raid,key there are three published ways of,getting those one was x-filling from a,game of DMZ in the final chopper with 30,grand which would take about half an,hour so if you were trying to get in,there quickly you didnt really want to,do that another was getting top 20 in,war zone which was a bit of a gamble so,you might not want to do that so I opted,for the third option which was to,complete a daily challenge which grants,you your raid assignment now again this,is where player flow and The Funnel of,getting people into the raid becomes a,problem once again I had my final bonus,challenge my bonus mission available in,my daily challenges and I did that on,purpose because I was saving it so that,I could do that and get my RAID,assignment from it it was just a,complete low profile and get three stars,so I did that stepped out of the,activity and I had no raid assignment,similarly there were people in my stream,who were jumping in trying to do daily,challenges they were doing all sorts of,challenges in multiplayer and in Spec,Ops and every time they would get back,to the main menu and go wait a minute I,didnt get anything so I just assumed oh,maybe its bogged or whatever and I,jumped into Warzone to get top 20

Willow – Its A Total Disaster

truly the good lord giveth and he,seeketh away no sooner is Andor come out,and raise the tantalizing possibility,that lucasfilmer actually still capable,of making decent stuff when the right,creatives are involved then they go,ahead and release Willow and its pretty,much business as usual again honestly,its tough to think of a show that,manages to condense so many of the tired,predictable tropes of modern writing,into one project from the gratingly,awful cringe inducing dialogue to the,smug insufferable characters the laundry,list of diversity and inclusion tick,boxes taking the place of actual,personalities the Finley field contempt,for the source material and the,brain-destroying attempts at snarky,comedy Willow was basically the,congealed filth encrusted manifestation,of every single thing wrong with modern,entertainments and its not like people,were even crying out for a TV sequel to,A Goofy 1980s fantasy movie about,dwarves and talking goats that was at,best a marginal box office success,despite being critically pans I mean I,guess this is what happens when youve,annihilated basically every other Legacy,property youre inherited from the far,more talented Minds that built your,studio in the first place eventually,youre gonna have to scrape the bottom,of the barrel and so here we find,ourselves staring into the diarrhea,splattered toilet bowl of modern,entertainment for the last time in 2022,once again questioning the terrible Life,Choices that led us here anyway lets,get this [ __ ] over with so I can go and,suffer through Avatar 2 insteads foreign,if you can even call it that picks up,about 20 years after the events of the,movie following the defeat of bav morta,yeah thats the name all right her,daughter Sasha has become Queen and,married mad Martin whos suspiciously,absent from the show because I guess,having a strong heroic male character is,to Lucas film what given real honest,opinions of Disney movies is to Kevin,Smith keep on crying Kev maybe one day,youll get that directing gig that you,traded in your balls for anyway they had,two kids before mad mardigan vanished,one is a skinny effeminate woman either,but he vanishes in the first episode so,we wont worry about him for now the,more important character here is,obviously his sister kids what would you,like to hear what the hell was that no,not that cute although considering how,little sense this show makes I wouldnt,be entirely surprised if a talking car,from the 1980s suddenly burst onto the,set and started fighting people kit is,whatever passes for a main character in,Willow I know right imagine lucasfilm,sequel to a legacy IP that crowbars,another generically strong female,character into the main role and so from,this point onward were gonna color,exactly what she is strong female,character so strong female character,fancies herself as an adventurer and a,warrior and she spends most of her days,sparring and swapping long admiring,glances a ginger plank of woods and,dont worry were gonna talk more about,her later believe that anyway in case,you missed the not so subtle hints that,the show hammers you over the head,within literally the first five minutes,strong female character and ginger plank,of wood are super gay for each other,because this show has to reflect the,world we live in today anyway whatever,the point is that strong female,character is angry because Ginger plank,of wood is planning to leave and start,training to become a knight,yes sure yeah okay and so this drives a,rift between the two characters,complicating things even further is the,fact that strong female character is due,to be married to the son of an important,nobleman to help cement the future of,their Kingdom place your bets Now ladies,and gentlemen do you think this guy will,turn out to be strong capable assertive,and masculine or a weak cowardly timid,looking beta male that uses safety,scissors to open his bags of crisps you,know its weird but I feel like I can,almost smell the writers room for the,show so strong female characters busy,humiliating him and generally acting,like a total [ __ ] on their wedding,night but oh no then the castle comes,under attack by some monster things,called the gaels and her Idiot brother,gets kidnapped in the fighting oh no,what a terrible loss I really liked him,but clearly something must be done do,you think the queen will send the full,might of her military to crush the,threat and get her son back or will she,send her only remaining child along with,a bunch of random [ __ ] that are,completely ill-equipped for a mission,like this Ill give you one fungus so,strong female character Ginger plank of,wood and a group of talentless diversity,hires head out to defeat the bad guys,rescue the helpless Prince and save the,day yeah see what you did there,lucasfilm how very Progressive of you oh,yeah and theyre also accompanied by a,young serving girl who seems,suspiciously outspoken and confident for,someone of such low standing I wonder if,she might turn out to be far more,important than she seems you are a Laura,Dannon lost God of chimeria huge Empress,High Priestess Central sources of the,nine Realms and it was last best hope,against the evil coming to destroy us,all thank you Warwick Davis so the,serving girl is actually a Laura Zen the,baby from the first movie thats quite,literally the girl whos the key to,everything I mean Im pretty sure she,had red here in that film but whatever I,guess having two redheads in one,production might create some kind of,Ginger Singularity that could destroy,the entire universe so yeah once again,she becomes their only hope of,destroying the bad guys and saving the,worlds how why I dont know shes magic,or something and thats as much as were,supposed to think about it oh yeah and,Willow finally shows up after about an,hour of screen time in a show which is,literally called Willow aha,I mean where the hell do I even begin,with this utter disaster of a show when,basically every single aspect of it,makes me want to gouge my eyes out like,I just had a two-week self-catering,holiday on the Event Horizon I mean I,guess the thing that immediately left,out at me about Willow was the dialogue,in that it makes Rings the power seem,like [ __ ] Dostoyevsky pretty much,every single character talks and acts,like they just walked off the street in,downtown L.A the script is filled with,dialogue jokes and expressions that came,straight out of 2022 and its more,jarring than taking a Ferrari up to 100,miles an hour and throwing it into,reverse attempts to work in the kind of,snarky humor you normally see in the MCU,are almost physically painful to watch,God I hate Marvel I hate what its done,to cinema no I know the original movie,wasnt exactly Lord of the Rings in,terms of its emotional tone but it at,least knew when to ease off the humor,and work in some actual serious moments,to make us feel like something was at,stake but here it even gets in the way,of actual exposition that would be,genuinely useful for World building and,it feels more like the show is trying to,act like some cool self-aware comedian,ironically mocking his own Persona I,mean when a show literally takes the,piss out of itself it leaves me,wondering what the hell Im supposed to,do the scripts also filled with,absolutely nonsensical decisions and,contrived events vitally important,characters are allowed to wander alone,in unguardian and hostile territory,because everyone just kind of forgot,about them and when they get kidnapped,the rest of the group take off in,Pursuit with a heavy overburdened wagon,that needs constant repair and gets,bogged down in rough terrain because,nothing says urgent high-stakes Pursuit,like a nice leisurely John on a [ __ ],horse and car,the group splits up for no particular,reason at one point further dividing,their limited resources only to,conveniently reunite at exactly the,correct moments so that the rest of the,plot can happen the acting on the other,hand is so bad that

✅Top 10 Best Serving Carts in 2022 Reviews

hey guys in this video were going to be,checking out the top 10 best serving,carts,through extensive research and testing,ive put together a list of options that,will meet the needs of different types,of buyers so whether its price,performance or its particular use weve,got you covered for more information on,the products ive included links in the,description box down below which are,updated for the best prices like the,video comment and dont forget to,subscribe now lets get started starting,at number 10 we have the best choice,products outdoor patio wicker serving,bar cart,if youre looking for old school look,this one made from wicker is the perfect,option it consists of four wheels in,order to easily move around since it is,made from the wicker you can be sure,that it will be able to handle the,weight as well that is why it is perfect,for outdoor usage as well also it can,last for a longer period of time that is,why,this is highly durable as well it,consists of four different tires and is,pretty easy to move around which is an,added advantage,moving on at number nine we have the,acme furniture acme caitlin rustic oak,and black serving cart,if youre looking for a serving cart,with a subtle design you can go with,this one it is perfect for keeping wine,bottles as well as glasses in addition,to that the metal frame ensures that it,is highly durable as well it is made,from oak material the metal frame,ensures that it will be able to last for,a longer period of time quite easily,there are handles all over the serving,cart as well which ensures that you are,able to move it around quite easily the,wheels are entirely smooth which aids,the movement of the serving cart,at number eight we have the nathan james,chapter 45001 carter bar and serving,cart,if youre looking for a serving cart,with a modern and subtle design this one,is the perfect option for you the metal,construction ensures that it is highly,durable as well moreover it is,presentable which ensures that you will,be able to use it in the living room as,well as the dining room quite easily,there is plenty of space for the wine,bottles as well moreover the metal,handle ensures that you are able to move,it around quite easily the assembling is,pretty easy as well which ensures that,you do not have to spend a significant,amount of time in assembling the cart,moreover it is highly versatile which,ensures that you will be able to use it,in the kitchen as well the shells are,made from mdf wood hence they can easily,hold weights of up to 55 pounds which is,an added advantage,at number seven we have the chrome metal,bar wine tea serving cart,with a sleek design you can be sure that,it is perfect for serving food stuffs as,well as drinks moreover there are bottle,holders which are incorporated as well,the chrome finish just adds to the look,of the cart moreover there is tempered,glass at the top and at the base this,gives a more modern look to the serving,cart in addition to that the caster,wheels ensure that you are able to move,around the serving cart quite easily as,well all of these features combined make,it a modern variant of the serving cart,at number six we have the coaster,traditional wheeled serving cart,with clear glass space on top this one,looks much different as compared to the,others moreover the larger wheels in the,back provide a more old-school look,which just adds to the elegance of the,cart moreover it has three different,tires as well which ensures that there,is plenty of space in the cart the,assembling is pretty easy the glass,which is used as tempered glass which,ensures that the strength of the card is,on the higher side thus if youre,looking for a serving cart with a unique,design you should go with this one,at number five we have the crayata,serving and bus cart,if youre simply looking for a serving,cart which can provide you with the,maximum amount of space you should,choose this one it is a heavy duty,serving cart it can hold beverages as,well as glasses and even food items,quite easily it is perfect for,commercial establishments as well,moreover the shelves are made from,polypropylene which ensures that it is,highly durable as well the wheels are of,good quality as well which make it much,easier for you to move around the,serving cart as well thus if your solo,aim is to go for a heavy duty serving,cart you should definitely consider this,option,at number four we have the song mikes,vintage serving cart,with two different design variants,available you can choose the one which,you want in addition to that the three,tires ensure that there is plenty of,space as well the total holding capacity,is around 350 pounds which is an added,advantage also you will be able to move,around the serving cart quite easily it,is pretty versatile and can work as a,table as well since it does not consist,of any borders on the upper shell also,as it is made from waterproof particle,board you can be sure that it can last,for a longer period of time and is quite,sturdy as well,[Music],at number three we have the costco,indoor outdoor serving cart,the serving cart can be easily used,indoors as well as outdoors this is one,of the main advantages of this,particular cart moreover it is folding,which ensures that when youre not using,it you can store it in a small amount of,space as well there are eight different,designs available which also means that,you will be able to pick the design,which suits the interior of your home,quite easily it consists of two,different tires combined they can handle,the weight of 75 lbs which is an added,advantage there are two locking wheels,as well which ensures that you are able,to keep the cart in its place without,any problems at all,at number two we have the acme furniture,98 190 lakeland serving cart,if youre looking for a more elegant,design then the circular serving card is,a good option for you the shelves are,made from clear glass also the metal,frame comes in three different colors,which ensure that you are able to choose,the one which fits in the decor of your,home quite easily in addition to that in,order to create the shelf tempered glass,is used which increases the strength of,the serving cart with the metal frame,and handles you can be sure that it is,highly versatile and durable,and finally at number one we have the,bennett multi-brown wicker serving bar,cart this wicker serving card is highly,durable and offers you a couple of,shelves it is perfect for indoor as well,as outdoor usage moreover it comes in,brown color which is neutral there is,another color option available as well,moreover the flat top surface ensures,that it is suitable for preparing as,well as serving foodstuffs this is an,added advantage the construction quality,is also superior which ensures that it,will last for a longer period of time,all of these features combined make it a,good choice when youre looking for a,serving cart,thanks for watching and thats all for,now i hope to see you guys in the next,video till next time

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