1. Sex Education Season 3 Netflix Review
  2. Is Otis the Villain of SEX EDUCATION Season 3? | Explained
  3. Lets Talk About Sex Education (Season 3) *bc what was that??*
  4. Sex Education | Behind-The-Scenes Season 3 Set Tour With The Cast!
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  6. Sex Education Season 3 Review & Analysis | Netflix
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Sex Education Season 3 Netflix Review

i mean the titles always been brilliant,but i think this season actually gives,us the most sex and the most education,of any of the seasons,and thats a good thing what is up,netflix fans welcome back to my channel,sex education season three its almost,on netflix i want to say thank you to,netflix for providing me screeners for,this season one of my absolute favorite,shows but i was you know im always,hesitant right is this season going to,live up to the hype is it as good as,ever lets talk about it spoiler free in,this video if you guys want me to talk,spoilers let me know so season three,picks up in a new school year months,after the events of the last season,unlikely couple eric and his bully turn,boyfriend adam are going strong jean is,pregnant otis and maeve theyre still,a little bit on that will they wont,they up and down relationship at this,point but this time around otis he finds,someone else and i will not get into you,know what relationships form in this,season uh but that is also technically a,will they wont be on and off type of,relationship but very unexpected,especially to those around him right but,i love this cast and these characters in,their entirety eric and adam their,relationship what we were kind of,exploring here whether it be opening up,to each other opening up to those around,them uh this show,really does hit on things that other,shows they just wont do but its,because we know these characters so,intimately maybe not as intimately as,they know each other but we know them,very intimately at this point and i say,that you know we open up in episode one,with this huge sex-filled sex-fueled,montage and at this point you know,exactly what youre getting from this,show so you will not be surprised when,you see that montage but we get even,more of that this time around but we,have,someone new at the school thats making,some changes but i like the fact that,this character she wasnt this ominous,bad or good for our students but its,not one that is this full-on villainous,turn which i really appreciate every,character here has an arc or an aspect,of their humanity that may not be hit,upon throughout the entire series but,its hit upon just enough asa,butterfield as otis uh of course jillian,anderson oh my god shes incredible but,otis is,just one of those characters i believe,its an episode three or four someone,tells him youre an old man in a young,mans body you have all of this advice,this wisdom,and often we see throughout the show,that sometimes,otis is going through something otis is,faced with a decision a confrontation to,where maybe he needs a little advice and,theres one thing in particular that,happens in this season when someone says,something to him and immediately he,checks out doesnt know what to say so,hes faced with um confrontation this,time around good or bad right but that,weve never seen him faced with before,and its also you know in a new,relationship but still the past the,character of maeve shes lingering in,the background but shes going through,things of her own and of course we had,uh these big moments that happened in,the last season and were wondering right,will things be cleared up for her will,things be cleared up for our characters,in general and while this season maybe,doesnt tackle them in a way that youre,going to expect it definitely tackles,those things so,just looking at the central relationship,here the one that i think fans really,want to see play out otis and maeve its,not going to play out in the way that,you expect,and at this point i will fully admit,that their relationship it hasnt run,its course absolutely not but,it is kind of ongoing and at this point,im really like okay guys are we gonna,do something and we do get something but,is that something going to make all of,the fans happy um i believe there are so,many positives that come from that,something its really hard to do a,spoiler free review and talking about a,show like this but it works extremely,well other characters like jackson and,amy ruby a huge player this time around,and she does an incredible job but its,always you know,they show up at school they have their,banter their back and forth i i think,honestly eric and otis relationship this,season is better than,ever i loved it they share a moment in,the hallway where theyre both excited,about something thats happening with,eric and theyre just celebrating and,dancing and then its just its such a,fun moment because you love these two,together its their friendship and uh,but theyre each in relationships of,their own and going off on their own,path and as is every single character,what maeve is having to go through what,gene is having to go through and jakob,and just,you know the idea that yes kids can,struggle finding themselves their,identity and,discovering you know obviously all of,the sexual things that theyre,discovering but also being educated in,themselves but the adults they can go,through the same thing too right i mean,gene she is a therapist but even she is,having to go to therapy this time around,and trying to make this relationship,work but,obviously a new element to her story,which i really respected and appreciated,and things are not as easy as they see,right we see a couple i wont say who,that is that you know theyre having sex,constantly in this show and then we,realize that a lot of this comes from,grief confiding into someone um through,sex and sexual experiences because of,grief and i love how the show can just,effortlessly balance so many characters,and story lines i mean were in season,three we know everyone so we dont have,to get a lot of backstory right we can,just continue on with the story but it,keeps building and theyre making big,changes here changes to,kind of the reason why sex education,started but now were on an entirely,different path with these characters and,let me tell you guys sex all of this to,say sex education season three,may be the best season,it may just be the best season it is,top tier entertainment because you know,these characters again the on and off,will they want their relationship,between otis and may that may rub some,people the wrong way but i was locked in,every episode and yes its dirty yes,its over the top at times but we are,getting exactly what the show promises,us and uh,my goodness guys i,love this season of sex education,hilarious the humor lands its just the,ultimate coming-of-age story in tv form,theyre even throwing us a ferris,bueller song and im like thats coming,of age its full circle oh another song,that we get you know the song um,sucking um you know the f the pain i i,cant even say it just feel weird saying,it we get a cover of that from the band,if you dont know what im talking about,dont google it before i give you guys,my score let me know would you like a,spoiler review just to talk about the,ending of this season because my,goodness fans oh boy,you dont know whats coming let me tell,you season three is entertainment in its,purest form uh it is raw unafraid and,brilliant with how it handles its,characters if you guys like this review,let me know drop your thumbs up down,below im going a 90,with my score sex education season three,it just keeps getting better and if you,dont think this season is better well,its at least consistent how many shows,show this type of consistency from,season one to season three,i need to shut up i can talk about it,all day and maybe we will in another,video you guys are the best let me know,how did you feel sorry about the change,of scenery but im getting ready to,travel and were cleaning over there i,like to clean thank you guys so much for,watching come back more netflix reviews,to come ill see you soon

Is Otis the Villain of SEX EDUCATION Season 3? | Explained

spoilers for sex education season three,so this video is gonna be a lot,different from the ones that i usually,make for one uh im not gonna weave,through the seasons to like link things,together because i dont find that its,like that kind of show two im really,tired and traveling for what is uh,technically uh works soon so i dont,really want to go through things like,step by step and three the main reason,why im making this is to address a,specific thought that ive seen swirling,online uh thats particularly linked to,this one article that pissed off asa,butterfields star of sex education,enough that he tweeted about it and the,article is titled its time to accept,that otis milburn is the villain of sex,education no offense to asa butterfield,but otis is a despicable friend,boyfriend and son holy [ __ ] just before,we go any further dont go [ __ ] on the,author of this article or anything its,really not that serious i think you can,rag on the article without going at the,person i just felt like this was an,interesting jumping off point for the,discussion okay yes otis has done some,pretty shitty things and yes i realize,that this is intended to be some kind of,like light-hearted comedic rant to drive,clicks one of the points about him being,a bad son is literally just linked to,disrespecting jillian anderson not gene,character literally jillian anderson and,it refers to him as otis mill [ __ ],instead of mill burn im sure its,coming from a place of some level of,honesty but its absolutely amped up for,clicks i get the game im a youtuber but,it definitely reflects some thoughts,ive seen swirling on social media so i,want to address it also i dont know,this dude maybe this is all very serious,to him but i figured id also take some,time to address some other issues i have,with this particular season but then,also highlight the things that i like,because i do still think it was a good,season or at least i enjoyed watching it,so i assure you this is unbiased and,speaking frankly out of the central,three characters otis would be my least,favorite so there isnt some kind of,like loyalty defense going on here uh,that would be for maeve before we fully,dive in i gotta talk about todays,sponsor raycon now when i was in high,school 50 years ago i loved listening to,music while i was in class but i had to,implement a series of concealment,tactics to make sure my teachers didnt,see my earbuds and it didnt always work,but with raycon that wouldnt have been,an issue with a sleek and comfortable,design eight hours of playtime a 32-hour,battery life built-in microphone and,seamless bluetooth integration rayon are,my go-to for listening to books movies,and music while running errands,exercising and just generally trying to,keep my life together the new everyday,earbuds feature a variety of colors,multiple butt sizes and an improved,rubber oil look and feel so you can,always find your perfect pair and noise,isolating fit whether youre at home,work commuting or at school raycon has,you covered they started about half the,price of other premium wireless earbuds,on the market and if for some reason,youre not completely satisfied raycon,offer a 45 day free return policy,because co-founder ray j cares about,your audio experience so if you want to,try recon out for yourself head on over,to buy raycon.com jedi or click the link,in the description down below to save 15,off of your purchase so to start off,what is sex education well its good,its very good im a huge fan of coming,of age stories and season one of sex,education is amongst the best,coming-of-age comedies ive ever seen,and it weaves through the life of otis,son of renowned sex therapist played by,gillian anderson and while he struggles,in those areas himself being surrounded,by manuals books and his mother has,given him some unique insights that he,starts sharing with his fellow,classmates and with the help of maeve,resident bad girl they turned the whole,thing into an underground sex therapy,clinic for their classmates which is,where he ultimately realizes he likely,needs some therapy himself each episode,seems to start with like a different,couple and their individual like,relationship issues that get dealt with,in the show while the general conflict,of the main characters is playing out,around it it also has an amazing,bromance between otis and his friend,eric a wide range of representation from,sexualities to gender identities and the,will they wont be for the ages between,otis and maeve its great and while,season two wasnt as good i do still,feel like the general ideas and plot,points brought up transferred over well,but season three definitely felt like a,drop-off for a handful of reasons but i,can assure you that i dont feel that,any of those reasons are otis being a,villain its still good but it started,running into issues that a lot of other,television shows face when writers think,that every character that people online,like or that theyve put care into needs,more screen time which undoubtedly,splits the strength of the show and then,pulls away the focus from the central,cast see the progression of the last few,seasons of dexters to see one of the,most egregious examples of that,happening because this season isnt,focusing on the central cast to the,slightly extended central cast of like,otis maeve eric amy and adam its like,10 other people and then 10 other,secondary characters and a goat,the goat can stay this is sex education,not degrassi where were supposed to be,weaving through 30 characters lives at,whatever it takes cant wait till next,season when we build out naked running,boy from game of thrones backstory a lot,of the side characters on this show are,interesting and resonated with a lot of,people so i get it but when this show is,working with eight episodes and not the,cw 21 to 24 you just dont have the,luxury to flesh out that many characters,to the degree this show is trying to,maybe even if they had 10 episodes they,could flesh out some of those ideas a,little bit better but as it stands a lot,essential characters just make the same,mistakes theyve made before or theyre,just chilling in some weird limbo,rehashing the same arcs until their time,to shine on screen pops up i think the,storyline of whats happening with the,school and the students in the school is,important and handled pretty well but,there somehow ended up being episodes,that felt like they were wasted this,season which shouldnt be possible with,eight episodes and that many characters,theres a poo sock episode pusak i,realized that pusak was a way to create,a conflict to get like adam and rahim,talking in a certain way but like still,unrelated in this episode did anybody,think that viv was gonna accidentally,sext hope anyways its not like there,werent enough conflicts for them to be,dealing with we have oda still casually,sleeping with ruby who honestly treats,him like [ __ ] until they go public but,then shes still trying to change the,way he dresses walks and acts gene is,pregnant and still hasnt told jacob may,being into isaac and things being weird,with otis because isaac deleted the,voicemail he left so she never heard it,maeve then dealing with isaac doing that,maeve dealing with her sister and her,mom again maeve having an opportunity to,study abroad in america amys still,dealing with what happened to her on the,bus and how its affecting her,relationships eric and adam trying to,make things work as a couple adam trying,to just be a better person overall ola,and lily are just like not working in,sync because lilys so obsessed with,aliens and not paying attention to what,ola is feeling michael dealing with his,[ __ ] brother in the separation but,still not fixing things with adam the,new headmistress whos trying to get the,school in order but largely being,horrendous jackson being in dekalb whos,non-binary and not knowing what that,means for him viv sucking up to the new,headmistress even though she knows shes,completely wron

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Lets Talk About Sex Education (Season 3) *bc what was that??*

this video is sponsored by squarespace,well you know i,took some time off to rest and now its,game time hey guys whats up its,emergency and welcome or welcome back to,my channel today we need to catch up,because netflix just recently dropped,banger after banger after banger and i,honestly to be quite frank have not had,the time to catch up on everything the,videos talking about some of these shows,will be out soon right now the show that,i really really really want to talk,about,is sex education season three and this,time around i kind of want to switch,things up and have this be less of a,show review since by now if were,talking about season three im assuming,that youve seen season one and two this,videos gonna be more of a popular,opinion slash just some of my thoughts,sort of video just recapping the season,really debriefing because so much so,much happened and so many people this,season really pissed me off,made my heart melt and just genuinely,made my experience watching season 3,very very enjoyable before we getting,all that lets hear a quick word from,this video sponsor squarespace,squarespace is an online web service,that allows you to host your own,professional website or domain they come,with tons of customizable templates that,allow you to make your website your own,and really help you get started making,your own online portfolio online store,or really anything else that you can,really think of ive been using,squarespace a lot recently as im a,rising senior in college looking for,some jobs and squarespace has been the,perfect place for me to start my online,portfolio where i can really just go,over some of my past experiences and,fashion projects that ive been working,on to show some possible employers if,you head over to squarespace.com you can,start your free trial and when youre,ready to hit publish on your website go,to squarespace.com emergency or use code,emergency at checkout for 10 off your,first website or domain thank you so,much squarespace for sponsoring this,video lets start talking about sex,education okay so sex ed season three,honestly a roller coaster i do not know,how else to describe it it was through,in through a roller coaster like this,time around we got some new characters,introduced we got a lot of development,for some old characters and honestly,some of the problems i mentioned in my,first success video did get resolved,this time around so i can say that i was,thoroughly happy about that but lets,really get into it shall we i would dare,to say that this season of sex said was,my favorite and the best season out of,the show simply because it took the,things that we already loved about the,show and really developed them more and,made it feel more like its own show if,that makes sense because season one they,were really trying to figure out what,they were doing like we were still,trying to get used to the characters and,the characters themselves really just,did not know what they were doing season,two was kind of like a middle ground,where we sort of figured out how things,worked but there was just like a lot of,drama basically season three felt the,most like sex ed that sex ed has ever,felt,if that makes sense and that first,starts off with some of the characters,so like i said they brought back all of,the main casts were used to basically,otis maeve eric and jean milburn but,this season really did like a giant flip,where the focus of this season wasnt,necessarily on those main four of course,the main story elements were on them but,this season gave so much so so so much,juicy and well deserved character,development to the characters around,them im talking about amy ruby,adam even raheem to a certain extent,diaka to lily brick and jackson cal and,viv like all the traditional side,characters really stepped up this season,and got their own development in their,own way and i really really really love,that and since i mentioned their name,one of the new characters on the show,cal can we really just show some,appreciation for cal they really brought,energy to the show that was really,missing like theyre the one like,american in the show and you can really,tell by the way that they just interact,with like authority,and just other people like theyre just,not here for like the politeness and a,lot of the bs that sort of happens and i,really love that for them,they also gave us some non-binary,representation this season which i think,is really cool because i said this in,the first,season of sex ed but sex ed really does,break down a lot of boundaries with,things that we dont really,traditionally see on typical media like,we literally got to see someone whos,non-binary and someone with disability,be main love interests to some of the,more prominent characters in the show of,course both these relationships end up,flopping but it was nice to see,dedicated love stories happen on screen,for both these people jumping back on,the whole character development train i,really feel i saw this in a tweet but,this season,the people that got the most character,development and people that tried to,change the most for the better this,season ended up the most unhappy and,done the most dirty here im really just,talking about ruby,and adam because as we know from,previous seasons these two havent been,the greatest people to our main cast,ruby being the typical mean girl and,adam being the bully to eric but at the,end of season two eric and adam end up,getting together which i still to this,day do not support even now especially,at the end of the season i really do not,support and honestly just frustrates me,which ill get into but we really get to,see this season eric really try to get,more in touch with himself be more,comfortable with himself now that he is,out and gay um or kind of out and gay we,really get to see him push himself to be,a better man,for eric and its really really really,sad because you see how difficult it is,for him to move past all the trauma that,he learned from his parents and,upbringing and just,life in general and just seeing him try,to fight all that for this one guy that,he really likes and only for that one,guy to end up cheating on him and be,like you know what,this isnt going to work out it was just,so,traumatic like he really didnt deserve,that like he was putting in all the work,that he needed to,he just got played and same thing for,ruby like ruby was big and mean girl she,never really let anyone in she was never,vulnerable but otis came along they,start hooking up i feel like otis is one,of those people that like really,needs,deep connection with people even if he,doesnt want to pursue something really,deep with that person like he just,really needs to have genuine deep,connections with everyone that he meets,and thats especially toxic,for people that arent used to that and,take that immediately for love or deep,affection and thats what happened with,ruby like no ones ever showed her that,kind of affection in general care for,her so she fell deep she fell hard,honestly i support the ruby and otis,relationship at the very end where she,stopped being all controlling yeah otis,was still caught up over me and had the,nerve had the nerve to kiss another girl,to kiss maeve in front of ruby after,they broke up but they were obviously,trying to fix things together like he,spent a whole episode trying to get ruby,back and then mape shows up and hes,like oh wait never mind ruby didnt,deserve that ruby really didnt deserve,that and the fact that ruby still,continues to support otis throughout the,rest of the season this is just so,heartbreaking because you know that she,still has a love for him when he clearly,does not feel the same way that,on the phone where rubys like i love,you itis and otis is like,i,thats nice really otis whatd megan say,man aint nobody come to see you otis,yeah i fully blame otis and eric for,being very sick and twisted individuals,honestly saying the main blow he may,have been going through it th

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Sex Education | Behind-The-Scenes Season 3 Set Tour With The Cast!

Oh. Hang on.,On. There we go.,She doesnt like penis and vagina graffiti.,Dont know why Im so shocked,that none of the dresses fit.,Action.,Its…,Hi.,Hello. Welcome to Moordale for our set tour,,a special pulling back of the curtain.,Im gonna to be presenting and directing,the entire endeavor.,Youre supposed to yell “cut”.,Cut. Cut. Cut.,Cut it!,There flies the flag,over the iconic Moordale building.,The school values.,Urgh, dont worry about those.,So this used to be a university gym,,but we have made it our own little bit of Hollywood.,These are all interior sets,so thats the outside of Jeans house.,And Otiss house.,-Al? -Yeah?,-Hello. -Hello.,-Well, hello. -Hi. Fancy seeing you here.,Tell me where we are now.,We are in Moordales most iconic,,most fa-moos corridor.,Well, its not that iconic this year,because all of the graffiti has gone.,Whys it been painted?,Weve got a new monarch, as you know.,Who, pray tell, is that?,Its Hope Haddon.,Whos she? Whos she played by?,-Jemima Kirke. -Shes the new head person?,Shes the new head person.,And she doesnt like penis and vagina graffiti.,Lets be a team player.,Done lots of scenes in this corridor?,Lots.,Theres a bit of post masturbation crumpet,-up in here. -Like in all night.,Ive had two packets of crumpets…,-Think my clit may drop off. -Ring any bells?,Two packets? One?,-I do a double here… -Yes.,-…at some point. -The iconic…,That is huge.,-Ready? -And action.,Cut.,Do you think that the writers,are now writing for you both,because you have such a lovely relationship,in the real of life?,Thats a good question. Probably. I hope so.,I do think a lot of our real life…,-Idiosyncrasies. -…yes…,-Theyve made it. -…have blended into the,-Maeve and Aimee tapestry. -The Maemee.,Cause you seem to finish each others sentences,,which makes me feel warm and gooey inside.,Think on a good day it might be really sweet,,and then sometimes, it doesnt stop.,I think were quite annoying.,-You know… -I know…,I got scared, Mr Groff.,Cand we see your locker?,-Of course you can. -Is that 122?,If you could choose any number on the planet,,-what would it be? -Number one.,-Thats my girl. -Of course.,A Kilo sale advert,which probably makes a lot of sense,,vintage clothing,,which is very important to Aimee.,Her notebook is 70s…,Look, a cake sale.,Aimees made some vulva cupcakes this year.,Right off you go.,-Bye. Bye. -I hope to be back–,Hope to welcome you back soon.,Great!,So, Im now standing outside the iconic old part,of Moordale,,which has made up of very old brick,and it has windows.,Look at that maintenance.,-Were over here! -Ah, great.,We have Mimi and Sami,who obviously play Raheem and Ruby.,Two burgeoning iconic characters of the show.,Mimi, you are considered queen of the untouchables.,But Im a lot nicer.,Yes. A lot nicer in real life.,But its fun to be a bitch.,Is it really?,-Yeah. -Might have to try that.,You take that into real life or not at all?,-Never. No. -Never.,Sami, you look like you might.,I do and its not a secret. I dont care.,Also very famous,for having your own personal untouchable bench.,Ill show you.,If you wanted to join the untouchables,and become a part of this bench existence,,how would I do that, for example?,Dont think you can.,is there a scene youve filmed on this bench,that we might hear?,Ive walked away from the bench.,In a huff.,Its…,-Oh, so… -Thats it.,-All done with a look? -Its standing up,,-so its… -Standing up, then…,-like a… -Yeah.,-Oh! -OT!,-Bag. -Its quite intimidating.,Actually broke up with me on this bench…,-Oh, right? -…so its quite…,So this represents trauma for you.,Yeah.,He can hold your hand,,but not sure he can catch you.,If you wanna cry, you really… Its okay.,I moved on. Its okay.,Whats so great about the position of this bench,in relation to the school?,Is it because you see everything happening,-or… -So everyone can see you.,Oh, right. About people seeing you,,not you seeing everyone else.,-Exactly. -Yeah.,Thank you for having me, us, to witness your, yes, bench.,Youre amazing.,Can we just keep walking away,from those people please?,Thats the bike rack.,Thats where Eric and Otis parked their bikes.,Bikes.,Costume. Lets see whos in here.,Obviously this is a formal costume fitting.,What you dont know is that Connor Swindles,,who plays my son, Adam,,is shows costume designer, Ameritas,,and George Robinson here who obviously plays Isaac.,Connor, youre giving us a nice tour of your jacket,,which is very much Adams signature look.,Obviously,,playing in the Costume Department,is quite fun.,Anything else caught your eye?,Green is very much your colour.,Did you choose that,because it makes your eyes pop?,-Yes. -Yes.,Rosa is obviously the costume designer.,I remember when I first started talking,about the show,,I assumed everyone would be in a school uniform.,Thats very much not the case.,If you have a lot to do with,your own sort of costume styles, the pair of you?,I liked the jacket with Adam,because it had that sort of hard shell,,-soft interior. -For Isaac.,One of them was full on velour tracksuit.,Why was that vetoed? It sounds wonderful.,At the day, I think thats what we all strive for,,is to be taken seriously as artists.,And I thought velour tracksuit,,kinda take away from that.,And does it help being taken seriously,if you have a cock and balls on your head?,Usually. Yeah.,I remember Robert De Niro,,I had some of the costumes he used in Raging Bull.,It was called Raging Balls,and then they changed it to Raging Bull.,Connor, do you have anything else to show us?,Leave me be,,keep asking George questions.,You copped quite a lot of online grief.,How was that living through?,They thought I was convincing enough,as a sarcastic bell-end.,-Yeah, so… -So typecast again.,-Youre not… -No.,Dont know why Im so shocked,that none of the dresses fit.,Im now fully naked.,-Where are we now, Connor? -The English classroom.,Whats Adam like at school? Is he a good pupil?,-I think hes quite shit… -Is he?,…as a student,And what was Connor like at school?,-Quite shit as a student. -Really?,I was all right at school.,Youre a very good artist, we know.,The cast are very lucky and the crew are very lucky,to have one of your magnificent posters.,People think that Im more of an expressionists,,but I was actually,trying to make them photo realistic.,So, you describe your work as impressionistic,,wannabe photo realistic, a bit shit.,But thats part of the charm.,George, what you reckon? Gonna reach the window?,I reckon, Im saying third row.,-First row. -Good.,Back outside the modern section,of Moordale, there is our emblem,,very proud of that, and the bleachers,,which overlook our extensive sporting–,-Hey, Al! -Hello, Patricia.,Were going to Sixth Form common room,,-you want to come? -Id love to, yeah.,Great. Okay.,-This is the common room? -Yes!,Who spends most of their time in here?,Me and Kedar.,Were always playing ping pong, I guess.,-You and Kedar… -And were very good.,There is a scene that Ncuti and Asa shot,,where they were sat by the window,and I walk past.,-Thats right. -Asa is like…,No…,-Chine, youre head girl. -I am.,How did that come about?,Hope being head girl,,and I always try and think,what would Michelle Obama do…,-Really? -…when Im acting.,-So, hopefully… -Shes your inspiration.,…shes my inspiration.,Just in terms of your characters,,howve they sort of morphed and moved on from season 2?,I guess were gay now.,Yeah. And I think this year,weve been discovering,what our characters are really like,in a relationship.,And does it– Asa get in here!,Hey!,What were you doing? Walking around on set?,I was bored,and so, I went to just wonder around.,If you werent doing this what would you be doing?,In your trailer? Would you be doing a scene?,Nothing. -Many things.,-Many possible things? -Really? Like what?,What does Asa Butterfield do when hes not on set?,I might be in my trailer.,Yeah.,I might be throwing some Frisbee around.,Weve a little

Sex Education Season Three Is A Pandering Monstrosity

by the end of each season of sex,education every character has played a,wacky game of love interest switcheroo,as they all rotate around each others,boyfriends and girlfriends otis can only,have a relationship for half a season,apparently cant keep the beast caged,for too long the relationship must end,now because the story demands some more,drama the way they write maeve out of,her relationship with isaac is so,uninspired she cheats on him and hes,like goodbye [ __ ] something happened,between you guys on the trip then,yeah,im taking my heart off the table none,of the relationships mean anything,because you know its only in service of,the cynical netflix formula and the [ __ ],bait and it needs to be said although,these people may look like theyre in,the mid-20s they are supposed to be 16,to 17 year olds and the relationships,you have at that age for the most part,dont mean [ __ ] all but the otis and,maeve storyline is treated like its,casablanca is looking at you kid teenage,relationships arent everything cant,there just be one relationship thats,always there nice and understated you,know every now and then someone asks,them oh hey how are you and thingy,getting along and they just respond with,yes all right in previous seasons there,was at least a 50 50 split between the,natural slice of life the authentic,character development and the netflix,pandering the contrived writing habits,the soulless political messages season 3,was almost entirely dominated by these,latter aspects however which is why its,easily the worst season theres hardly,any substance to chew on i watched it,based off of the goodwill of the,characters from the first two seasons,the breadcrumbs of authenticity that the,actors had just barely managed to elbow,past the corporate template its,starting again in it and it feels like,my heads about to explode if it doesnt,stop i just need it to start the,breadcrumbs that im not entirely sure,are even there again the show is at its,best when it isnt trying to force any,deeply profound or ultra-dramatic,moments the best and perhaps only good,moment of season 3 is easily the bowling,alley double date scene all four of the,characters in this scene are able to,slip free of their one-dimensional,brands theres no [ __ ] conflict,going on no shoddy attempts at social,commentary just teenagers hanging out,[Music],maybe thats the key all the best,coming-of-age teenage movies are just,about people hanging out going about,their days with the realistic,aimlessness that accentuates that period,of your life loose frameworks laid back,fairly whimsical and yeah there are,bowling alley so they play big lebowski,music very,[Music],subtle the old [ __ ] aint big,lebowski you dont get too carried away,this scene isnt [ __ ] this is england,or anything but it was such a breath of,fresh air for me speaking of this is,england thats a decent comparison to go,off for this show i mean i havent seen,skins so its gotta be this one not,strictly talking about season three just,as a whole when this show is at its very,dramatic best it just edges into,something that almost slightly resembles,the quality of a poor mans this is,england there are some decent,performances in here and moments where,the show is at least close to evoking a,genuine emotional reaction maeves story,is the most reminiscent to a this is,england type character arc maeves whole,demeanor and struggle feels very,authentic to the life of a british youth,sex education opts to have a tone more,congruent with an upbeat american high,school comedy but maeve is emblematic of,the gritty english youth culture that is,much more realistic hence she is easily,one of the strongest characters of the,whole show hanging on in quiet,desperation is the english way maeve,being forced to be entirely,self-dependent and the manner in which,the show conveys that strikes me as much,more genuine compared to all the other,stuff honestly its jarring to think,that all of this occurs in the same show,as this,for the fatal lies of these two foes,you say youre not gonna take her,but youre lying peppa grinder,luke rothman i will never forgive you,never,for mommy,[Music],the subplot with maeve her mother and,younger sister is far above everything,else in the show when it comes to having,a weighty emotional resonance perhaps,one more of the very few good scenes in,season three was maven isaac smooching,it was just about those two in that,scene two of the stronger performers in,the show it seemed like they were left,to their own devices maeve didnt stop,mouthing off about how society doesnt,cater to the physically disabled enough,and then make a change.org petition to,get more wheelchair ramps installed in,all the mcdonalds in england the,dialogue and the way the scene,progressed felt natural again im not,saying its as good as this is england,its probably not even close but it just,feels like that when youre watching it,because the rest of the show is made up,of all of this quirky melodramatic,[ __ ] and that brings me to another,prominent floor with the show as a whole,a grievance i imagine a lot of people,may have with it its tone deaf it jumps,back and forth from being serious with,intense subject matter and then having,scenes of wacky sexual hijinks almost,every episode has these out of place and,unfunny moments where a particular music,beat plays over some quirky goofy antics,that fall so flat,no ive got to go see the docks myself,actually ive got a bit of a weird sort,of chafing thing going on with my ball,sack i think its my motorbike but its,its really uh,you didnt need to know that youre,going for a wank room,[Music],oh goofy sex stuff they for the most,part always completely butcher the flow,of the episode i get having this stuff,early on in the season but when the,season progresses and gets into the more,quote deep and serious stuff it should,start to subside youll have maeve,finding her moms secret heroine stash,and bursting into tears and then in the,same episode thered be otis giving,[ __ ] tutorials in season 1 theres an,episode where eric gets punched in the,face by a homophobic strawman while,stotis is off on some scooby-doo,whodunit bollocks trying to figure out,who leaked rubys nudes its one thing,to have shy comedic relief but then for,the comedy to completely undercut the,quote emotional weight of the episode is,a storytelling disaster speaking of,rubys nudes for my next point i want to,go a little bit more in depth on the,appeal of otis on the show as a whole so,a lot of this show is geared towards,playing off a particular emotion thats,very common among young teenage lads and,a lot of young males in general first,and foremost we have otis who is our,vessel for experiencing all of these,emotions this is nothing new audience,vessels have been a thing since the dawn,of storytelling osis is a manifestation,of the innocent shy boy archetype thats,embodied by a vast amount of young males,in todays society socially awkward,young lads who love being fed these,stories of a shy jovial teen who through,a series of convenient circumstances is,given the opportunity to hang out with,and get to know the hot jaded girl its,a fantasy that so many shy young men can,relate to you get your chance to talk to,that intimidating steely-eyed attractive,girl you never had the balls to speak to,in real life shes had her fill of,tyrannical rough men in her life but,youre here to change that youre,different youre shy humble sensitive,you can provide her with a caring,support system because youre honorable,and kind no other boy in existence has,ever asked her how shes feeling or what,her life at homes like youre the first,ever boy to do that how considerate of,you you dont just fancy her because,shes fit you fancy her because shes,poetic and artistic and [ __ ] no other,boy appreciates that side to her and she,falls for you because of how thoughtful,you are this is quite a [ __ ] message,to promote to teenagers but [ __ ] thats,a whole othe

Sex Education Season 3 Review & Analysis | Netflix

I apologize for being late to the party,but I had some personal family stuff to,deal with but hey were here talking,about probably one of my favorite shows,from Netflix sex education has created,quite a fan following and its not,because of the provocative content but,the beautiful way in which it has,developed Keen interest among viewers in,the relationships and its characters,while everyone would want to debate,about what is the best teen show on the,internet swaying between skins or,Euphoria I think sex education is right,up there in contention to be termed as,one of the best teen shows of all time,so where Did We End season two Otiss,mother Gene finds out that she is,pregnant Maeve and her troubled,relationship with her mother continues,as she gets to know that she is using,drugs again Adam confesses his love for,Eric and this wheelchair sitting prick,pardon my French deleted the heartfelt,voice message that Otis sent to Maeve we,start season three after the Summer,where Otis and Ruby are hanging out with,one another Maeve has got new Banks,which are rather sus Amy is still,dealing with the psychological effects,of being sexually assaulted wave is in,full sucker mode as she has aspirations,to get into University Adam is still,struggling to express himself as he owns,this new relationship with Eric Jean,deals with her pregnancy and the process,of co-parenting with the father of the,child with the introduction of a new,Headmaster hope who really wants to,change the public image of mordale we,see drastic alterations made which seem,necessary initially but become rather,authoritarian what would transpire this,season with the characters individually,and the dynamic that they share over the,course of two seasons will mortise,finally happen is Isaac still a piece of, will model lose its identity all of,this is basically explored in season,three before I even get to talking about,it without hearing my piece just tell me,in the comments below your favorite,characters this season who did you think,had the best character Arc and finally,what was the relationship or dynamic,that irked you from a writing standpoint,and the one that resonated with you the,most heres me telling you the good and,bad aspects of the show so that you guys,can ultimately decide whether to watch,it on Netflix or not the underwhelming,aspects uninteresting subplots this is,only going to be a personal preference I,know the characters from the show have,their own separate fan bases so I dont,want to offend anyone but there were,certain subplots which for me personally,didnt interest me or that I felt from a,screenplay perspective just seemed a bit,lethargic while the relationship between,Lily and Ola is eccentric to say the,least the obsession with crop circles,role play of aliens and simply the,existence of extraterrestrial beings,didnt interest me that much I think the,casting of a character like Lily is,Pitch Perfect and there is a brilliant,origin story that is showcased in the,latter half of the season but somehow I,just did not connect with that subplot,while the trip to France is quite the,hilarious episode I got a tad bit,uncomfortable when there are long shots,and zoom ins of human excrement so for,all of you who have seen it the comedy,of errors that takes place on the trip,is no doubt hilarious but long sequences,of human feces being on the screen just,makes you look look away rather than,being invested in the bizarre events,wasted opportunities a non-binary,character by the name of Cal is,introduced in this season and I felt,that the writing of the character was,more to educate the viewers rather than,a naturally assimilating with the,storyline a lot of the dialogues that,Cal has are about the specificity that,goes into queer relationships and the,terminologies that exists with the,individuals that identify as non-binary,it in many moments seemed like a crash,course of the marginalized section of,society rather than a natural flow in,the conversation I think a wasted,opportunity with this character was that,the creators could have provided us a,picture of Cals family Dynamic hence,making it a little clearer of how Cals,personality shaped the way it did,without exactly saying what happens I,really fell in love with Ruby this,season her tough exterior that finally,broke down because of Otis provided us a,glimpse into a beautiful and sensitive,character but the creators almost forget,about her in the latter half of the,Season which seemed kind of Ruthless,from an editing perspective I also felt,that while everyone was waiting for that,final mortise moment because weve been,begging for it for so long a lot of the,sequences of Otis and may have seemed,Rush how is it that I resonated more,with the Otis Ruby Dynamic than the Otis,in may 1. let me know whether you felt,the same way as well there are several,character choices especially by Maeve,which didnt sit right with me,especially when you think about Isaac in,the picture as well I cant reveal too,much because this is a non-spoiler,review but let me know whether you felt,a similar way as well the good,production design and costumes for,anyone who is a fan of the show you will,be pretty certain of experiencing an 80s,vibe from the visual experience from the,costume design as well as the sets its,actually reflective of the inspiration,of the show which is John Hughes teen,movies from the 80s so if youve seen,movies like 16 Candles Pretty in Pink,Ferris Buellers Day Off the costumes,are actually inspired from that era Im,actually a huge fan of this aesthetic,while Otiss jacket has created quite,the Buzz for everyone to seek for,knockoff in the market the costume,design of the series has definitely led,to people doing makeovers of their own,personal closets soundtrack Im,absolutely baffled by how people are not,raving about the amazing choice of songs,utilized in season three the songs are,not only reflective of the mood of the,scene perfectly enhancing the emotion,that rides along but never really takes,Center Stage an essential component that,often people forget about with,soundtracks then she kissed me by hello,in episode 1 saving a Prayer by Duran,Duran nails hair hips Heels by Todrick,Hall as Eric gets ready for a date when,I live my dream by David Bowie I can go,on and on about this soundtrack my,favorite however has to be the dance,hall tracks which are reflective of,Erics Nigerian roots that tracks joro,by whiskey and attention by Tiba Savage,are all artists and tracks you should,definitely revisit if you havent,already relationships and character,rocks if there is one character whose,Arc is beautifully crafted in season 3,it is Adam played by Connor swindles,this man went from being absolute,douchebag to a character who the viewers,know now is broken from within having,deep roots to the way he has been,brought up it is a combination of the,brilliant writing and a heartfelt,performance by the actor that really,make you empathize with his journey his,want to be better to be vulnerable with,his loved ones there are several moments,which will honestly make you very,emotional we also get a deeper look at,Ruby and her personal life and my heart,goes out for this character in season,three she is a person who was conscious,of keeping her heart on her sleeve she,always had a tough exterior and the,moment she finally let go of all those,barriers its really heartbreaking to,say the least I have to say that Isaac,is still an in my eyes there is,no deep repentance that he feels for,what he did and it kind of irked me so,screw his Redemption Arc because I did,not resonate with that at all I further,love to see vulnerable scenes between,Gene and Otis theres one shared in the,latter half of the Season that will,honestly make you wish for an open and,beautiful relationship just like this,the writing what needs to be understood,is that the criticism that shows like,this get is teen shows,but quite on the contrary sex education,has to be one

sex education is the best teen show in existence (+ a costume review)

Hello my beautiful doves!,Welcome back to my channel!,My name is Mina.,And today Im actually a little nervous because  we know how YouTube likes to censor content,and today I am going to be talking about the show…,I thought itd be a good  opportunity to revisit the show,,because I literally just revisited it while binging the Third Season!,There will be some spoilers,,nothing too crazy, just some general things.,Ill be abbreviating the show name to “SE”.,On occasion, Ill also be abbreviating using the word “snacks” instead of “sex”,,for some of what Im saying,,because Im just trying to navigate around censorship issues,,which is ironic!,Given the topic of todays video.,So, lets get into the show review,,AKA, listen to me try to convince yall to watch the show if you havent already.,The show was created by Laurie Nunn.,It mainly centers around the teenage boy Otis,and a single sex therapist mom,,played by the beautiful, lovely, amazing, spectacular, Gillian Anderson,,who I love very much, as a former X-Files fan.,It takes place in the UK,,but Laurie has talked about  how she wanted the school,to feel like a fusion between  British and American schools,,but Ill get to that in a little bit,,In the First Season,,Otis and his friend Maeve,decide to run an informal sex clinic for students  who need help navigating that area of their lives,,but are too afraid to get professional help from adults.,Otis takes a lot of notes from his moms work and,,honestly, the way that he talks to some of the students is kind of camp, because…,I dont know!,I just didnt know any high school boys,,when I was that age,,who were emotionally mature enough to talk about these topics.,- Before you talk to Steve, you should probably figure out…,What works for you and your body.,- So youre prescribing a wank.,But for the purposes of the plot and for the purposes of the messaging,,we will allow it,,we will just assume that Jean is just that good of a mom.,- If youre going to do drugs tonight, remember to buddy up.,- Mum! – And look after one another.,- Let me get you some condoms. – No! Thanks, mum.,My favorite part about the show is that,,even though there are a  clear set of main characters,,all the side characters get amazing  well fleshed out story lines.,All the villains also get background stories to,explain why theyve ended up being  the kinds of people that they are.,And in that regard,,I think the show is just a really sympathetic show.,It doesnt just go:,”Oh, this teacher is a bad father”.,No, we get:,”This teacher is mean to his son, because his father was a bully,”and hes just passing down that trauma,”because he wasnt ever taught how to deal with it appropriately”.,I love that so much of this show is just about,pushing for people to go to therapy,,or, you know, at least talking about their problems and opening up and…,Getting involved in self-healing practices.,And so even the villainous characters,,theyre not treated as just like these one-dimensional villains,,theyre treated as people who just genuinely need help.,At the beginning of the show,,I hated this character, Adam,,for being homophobic and being a bully.,And then they showed his home life, they showed him struggling.,- You wont be laughing when you throw yourself off a motorway bridge at the age of 35,because of the failure you have become!,And it started to make a lot of sense,why he was the way that he was.,And, by the end of the First Season, I found myself rooting for Adam.,I wanted him to succeed in life.,I was super invested in his journey.,This show teaches empathy.,It teaches you that like, just because someone is a dick,,doesnt mean theyre a dick for no reason and,,of course like, if you were partially victimized by anyone,,you have every right to forgive or to not forgive that person.,But as a third party watching,,all these different dramatic scenes like, unfold in front of me…,It really got me to thinking about my own privilege.,And when I say “privilege”,,I dont mean just financially.,I mean the fact that I had amazing parents,,loving parents.,Growing up the fact that I,have always been able to make friends  in every place that Ive ever lived in,,the fact that I grew up in a blue state, in a very liberal community.,And of course I dont always  get things right every time,,Im still learning,,but its just the fact that all these  privileges have afforded me a foundation,that has made it easier for me to learn  and grow and listen to other people.,Theres just a lot that goes into it.,A lot of things that we dont think about when were pointing fingers at other people.,And this is getting kind of deep,,so Im gonna cut it short in a little bit, but…,I dont know!,I feel like watching this show its kind  of aided me along in this personal journey,to become more open-minded and to be non-judgmental,towards people who are just plain ignorant.,As long as like we dont have like our own personal stake in it,,I think its a lot easier to take on this responsibility,to be more nurturing and more understanding,,because I think that ends up helping to grow  and develop a better community in the long run.,But this is getting really deep by the side, so…,I just wanted to share how I feel like  this show made a personal impact on me,,based on how it treats its characters.,I also feel like, when shows dont flesh out their side characters very well,,it can lead to issues like tokenism,,which SE doesnt do, despite being a very diverse show.,The cast includes dark-skinned black characters,,brown characters,,disabled characters,,immigrants,,non-binary characters,,fat characters,,a biracial character,,gay, lesbian, bi and pan characters,,lower income characters,,foster families,,a mom battling drug addiction,,etc., etc.,Theres a full spectrum of people, which is great!,But, you know like, Im always,skeptical,about representation for the sake of optics,,so just because a show is diverse doesnt mean its completely in the clear for me.,I will admit that when I was getting into the first episode,,I was really concerned when they introduced Eric,,Otis gay black best friend.,I was thinking immediately like, “oh, my God I HOPE,”he doesnt end up just being a token character!”,Like, I hope hes not just there to throw in some like, sassy lines,or to show that Otis is not a bigot by being friends with him.,And, in the end, I was pleasantly surprised!,Everything about him felt so real and authentic and natural.,The writers werent just shoving in like  queer slang in places that didnt make sense.,And none of the characters make a spectacle of him either.,Theres a lot of queer characters in the show,and they all act differently from one another to,make sure that there are no  stereotypes being pushed in.,The writers also go into Erics backstory, with his relationship with his parents,,and we really follow along his journey in coming to terms with,who he is and who he wants to be.,In the Third Season we even follow him to Nigeria,,where his mom is originally from,,for his cousins wedding.,I also love how they normalize queerness,,like, obviously some characters are more comfortable in their identity than others,,but thats fine because thats realistic.,But I like how, for instance, its not sensationalized that this kid has two moms,or that this person is a bottom,,or that these girls are just hooking up on campus.,I think its really helpful to show aspects of queerness,as just aspects,,and not something weird or different.,The other thing I really like about the show is just the essence of what it is:,Its about teaching responsible Sex Ed. to teenagers!,And I talked about this in “my the problem with teen dramas” video,,but long story short:,I am very uncomfortable by teen “snack” scenes, because…,I just feel like theyre not handled responsibly.,Theyre very over glamorized and shot in a very “pronographic” way, so…,Yeah! I just dont– I dont vibe with it.,And dont get me wrong!,This show is really graphic!,You see full “v

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