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Shadow Warrior 3 Review

shadow warrior 3 doesnt beat around the,bush in an era where games feel like,they keep trying to be bigger this one,is happy not to draw itself out with,exposition filled cutscenes instead it,throws you into the action right away,and rarely lets a moment of ease set in,from there and while that focus on fun,is refreshing shadow warrior 3 is almost,completely unremarkable in its execution,being about as straightforward as an fps,can get it might not offer many new,ideas and its protagonists may be,unbearable to listen to but sometimes,solid movement and satisfying weapons is,all you really need,[Music],picking up a good while after shadow,warrior 2 a massive dragon is wreaking,havoc across earth and its up to our,returning hero lo wang to destroy the,lizard for shadow warrior stakes like,these arent anything new but it didnt,take long for that story to wear thin,all the same its generally a rushed,load of nonsense but you dont play,shadow warrior for the story you play it,to shoot demons and theres certainly,plenty of shooting to do,shadow warrior 3 takes the same exciting,approach as games like doom eternal and,titanfall 2 before it emphasizing speed,and maneuverability above all else low,wang moves lightning fast able to double,jump high above the heads of enemies or,quickly dash away from their attacks,every arena you fight in is built around,these movement mechanics turning battles,into wonderfully frantic flurries of,gunshots and katana swipes,in between killing demons shadow warrior,3 generally only gives you one thing to,do run to the next arena full of demons,the platforming sections that separate,each fight never last very long or get,too complicated and exploration during,those stretches isnt really a thing you,can occasionally go off the beaten trail,to find upgrades that improve low wangs,weapons and abilities lightly with,things like increased ammo but outside,of those few instances youre only ever,fighting or making your way toward,another fight,shadow warrior threes linear campaign,is simple but effective in this way it,gets to the point and as a result the,roughly four and a half hours it can,take to reach the credits feels,respectful of your time the flip side of,that of course is that it isnt a very,complex or robust fps in the end either,but sometimes straightforward can still,be fun whats an absolute shame is that,shadow warrior 3 spends so much time,pushing you ahead that it doesnt give,you a chance to go back without an,option to revisit levels any upgrades,you might have missed along the way are,simply gone thankfully these,collectibles arent hard to spot and,youll get enough of them without,exploring to easily finish the campaign,but its still too bad that missing one,means youll have to wait until a second,playthrough if you want to completely,kit out low wangs arsenal,when it comes to actually killing hordes,of demons shadow warrior 3 isnt doing,anything too unique in fact it follows,the standard fps playbook in pretty much,every way you can imagine when enemies,are shot chunks of them blow off in,gruesome fashion something thats been,normalized in first person shooters,since 2016s doom did it so well,you can zoom around combat arenas,without a problem but mixing platforming,into the regular shoot em up fair isnt,a new idea either its not that shadow,warrior 3 is doing any of this poorly,its just not nearly as exciting when,all of its tricks are borrowed,each of the six weapons are satisfying,to use from the starting six shooter,pistol to options youll eventually,unlock like a single fire railgun and,the shuriken launcher,each one feels punchy though with such a,small arsenal some start feeling stale,just a couple hours in upgrades do,remedy that a bit changing how some,weapons behave but none of them are,overhauled entirely instead weapon,upgrades hand out extra ammo capacity or,some smaller tweaks like making time,slow down whenever you fire the railgun,to keep weapons from getting old too,quickly shadow warrior 3 often restricts,ammo to force you to switch around your,strategy while ammo can be found on the,ground in most arenas those stockpiles,will eventually run dry during a fight,and after that the only way to get more,is to kill enemies with your katana,running low on health incentivizes the,opposite encouraging you to gun down,enemies in a bid for health pickups,holding resources hostage like this is,somewhat heavy-handed but it ends up,being a fun way to keep you on your toes,gore weapons can mix up the system,further but only a bit after performing,a finisher on an enemy loan will rip a,new weapon or buff out of them flying,shogun heads that shoot lasers for,example can be ripped apart and turned,into a grenade that shoots lasers they,arent tremendously useful but gore,weapons are still a welcome quirk within,shadow warrior 3s otherwise fairly,vanilla gunplay,shadow warrior 3s pace is what keeps it,exciting the campaign hands out new,weapons just as others get tiring and it,wraps up levels as soon as theyre about,to overstay their welcome in fact the,only part of shadow warrior 3 that,should have come to a stop was how much,low wang talked,yeah my metal detector says yo,[ __ ],worth nothing,shadow warrior has a reputation for,stupid humor and this one continues that,attitude in earnest almost as if its,proud to wear the our characters name,is still a penis joke badge hearing lo,wang quip away after killing demons,eventually gets tiring two hours in he,seems to run out of jokes and puns,making them that much more grating when,they start to repeat shadow warrior 3,does such a great job at keeping,needless dialogue out of the picture but,couldnt seem to do the same for the,jokes that fly out of its main,characters mouth,shadow warrior 3 provides some good,old-fashioned fps action even if it,isnt doing anything particularly,special within the genre its forgettable,story gets almost entirely out of the,way of its blistering fast combat chock,full of enemies that are fun to shoot up,through largely familiar methods,shadow warrior 3 doesnt take many risks,to help it stand out but its quick,campaign is still a gory and enjoyable,gauntlet while it lasts for more check,out our reviews of crossfire x or eldon,ring and for everything else keep it,right here on ign,oh god,yeah no,i dont appreciate what you did but,no naked hugging,[Music],im glad youre here buddy

Shadow Warrior 3 Review “God of Wang”

this week flying wild hog is bringing us,shadow warrior three the first person,shooter is here shortly for all,platforms plus day one for playstation,now wang the main characters about one,fourth jack burton two-fifths bruce lee,and if that math doesnt make sense,dont worry not much in shadow warrior 3,does and thats fine the game starts out,with wang having a nervous breakdown,talking to himself standing around in,his mysteriously stained whitey tighties,and then he leaps into a massive god of,war level with him running along a,dragons back and thats like in the,first minute if you like videos if you,like reviews and previews subscribe to,the channel upcoming youre going to see,an elden ring walk in the walk as well,as a couple more reviews looking at this,game just graphically the presentation,style is built a little bit like old,martial arts movies you have these,colorful movie marquees that flash up on,the screen announcing any new type of,monster and the game has almost seamless,transitions between wang kicking in a,door and then the cutscene starts with,that giving everything this unique,moving forward flow to it i love the,graphics color effects its all very,much in your face though maybe a little,too much because the game can get,downright hectic and it does like its,screen effects which can make it a,little bit difficult to read when youre,running and gunning through a giant mob,of enemies each game out there thats,first person in particular tries to show,a very particular and unique feel to it,and i actually think that holistic,frenzy fits shadow warrior three,perfectly but i can see some people,finding that a little bit distracting,but try not to get too distracted even,when youre tearing off and out the body,parts of enemies to perform specials and,you can use those body parts against,other people one of the best is an enemy,where you punch through his face you,grab the turning motor inside and shoot,everybody with it one second leaping off,a cliff swinging around indiana jones,style to enter the same battle you just,left but from the other side following a,thieving trash panda through sparkling,blue caves as it leads you into ambush,after ambush,shadow warrior 3 is anything if not,eclectic in its offerings and in its,speed speed kills sometimes thats a,warning other times its just a,description of whats going to happen in,the game areas close off and its your,time enemies warp in sling slide pop and,float into existence around you it is,easily unreal 1999 fast maybe more like,unreal 1999 with a speed modifier set to,about 150 so thats perfect for me also,i love the creature designs theyre just,so weird its not all asian mythology,but some of it is along with that it,mixes in all kind of different cyborgish,stuff as well as some really,off-the-wall enemy designs at one point,jack-in-the-boxes leave their boxes at,home and slink downstairs into the,battle with you and taking them out,tears them in half its just so,satisfying and tearing apart off an,enemy and beating somebody else to death,with it is awesome i also thought that,the actual weapon effects were pretty,good as well they dont necessarily go,completely off the rail when it comes to,the weapon design handguns machine gun,shotguns rail guns and an assorted bevy,of different items that you can use as,well as your sword which not only comes,in handy its actually quite good here,speaking of quite good the action and,the pace performance on this game is,exceptional 90 to 100 fps native 4k with,a 3080 and going above multiple times,even from there while a 1080 can easily,hit about 60 most of the time with those,effects actually cranked up but if,youre looking on killing cooked with a,side of high temperature fps and you,want something even more you can do dlss,and fsr theyre in there dlsss quality,mode nets you about 30 fps more above,the native rendering where fsr gave me,anywhere from 10 to 15. amds cass is,also included if you want to try that,and its good that the game can keep up,because you are always keeping up it is,super fast to explain that this game is,speedy is such an understatement however,it does have a couple stutters these are,where youre gonna notice especially not,when youre shooting enemies but when,youre jumping into a new cutscene you,may get that start as its loading in,the level in the background and then,showing the movie on top of that and i,certainly did notice some stutter in,those while i like the look of the game,sadly chromatic arboration is tied into,the picture settings for the effect,slider for post processing so dropping,that down does lose you some other,effects and if theres two things i,would say here graphically thats one of,them that i wasnt happy with i like a,lot of the guns but a few of them dont,really have a great deal of recoil its,just not that much you can get a couple,guns but they feel a little bit like,lasers or some kind of beam weapon dont,get me wrong they kick but mostly are,just sort of slightly shaking the wrist,and when youre shooting a gun that,people would normally have to secure,grip on the best of days it can look a,little bit deceiving or a little bit odd,luckily with the actual frantic pace of,this game you probably wont be noticing,it too much its enjoyable it is up to,its gills with enemies and presentation,through the roof,the sound is actually pretty good here,you can hear some of the surround its,working well though there isnt much,height value on the right and left its,good for 2.1 or headphone systems some,guns have ricochet sounds if you hit the,walls versus the characters themselves,though you really cant use that because,its so fast by the time youve missed,or by the time you realize youre,hitting the wall,somebodys probably behind you shooting,you enemies all have distinct sounds,that warn you early if theyre coming,like some serious sam style of enemies,with explosives already lit and just,suicide bombing their way into your,fastest clip a lot of games like this,im always really interested in how the,music holds up does it hold up in the,battles and the exploration i would say,here the track has a number of good,tracks overall some of those are sort of,clicking together the way they should,but admittedly when you really listen to,it its a bit all over the place with,dipped in native flavored sampled,instruments and then heavy techno beats,sometime beneath that hit and miss track,factory while none of them were,excellent i probably wont be listening,to any of this outside of the actual,game,voices voices are important especially,when you have a protagonist like this,whether its duke nukem or some other,character these characters have to,breathe a life in to make really the,world and their reactions to it sing to,make it make sense he sounds creepy but,seriously i enjoy wang his jokes hit and,miss at more hit than miss accuracy but,not everyone is actually going to like,some of the stuff he says like bj or,sirius sam but much more talkative,explaining whats happening dropping,one-liners as it kills enemies and other,times pretending to sell various items,on late night tv show programs he is at,his best though in the first half where,some of whats going on and what he says,is just so audacious and out there its,laugh out loud funny this leans out,towards the end of the game and that is,some kind of repeated pattern youre,going to notice throughout this review,and a review has got to cover gameplay,so lets do it so the game starts out,with weighing in his bedroom clothes,stained and floppy hes thrown a fit,because everything is done in the past,games really havent worked out and,instead of ridding the world of evil he,set lusas celestial dragon and thinks,everyone in the world is dead so why,help enter in a friend of his or two to,describe how they may help destroy this,dragon and wayne quickly picks up his,weapons and says lets do this and the,game opens up to an awesome tutorial,teaching you the basic ropes in

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Shadow Warrior 3 Review

Hallo Hallo hier ist der Timm und heute ist ein  guter Tag, denn heute spielen wir Shadow Warrior  ,3. Das ist der dritte Teil der Neuinterpretation  des 3D Realms Klassikers Shadow Warrior 1 das  ,damals auf der gleichen Engine wie Duke Nukem  rausgekommen ist, aber der neuste Teil spielt  ,sich, wie auch seine beiden Vorgänger,  mal wieder vollkommen anders mensch diese  ,Einleitungen schreiben sich ja wie von selbst. Ich muss zugeben, ich hatte eigentlich gar kein  ,Interesse an einem neuen Shadow Warrior.  Als ich gesehen hab “Ah, da kommt ein neues  ,Shadow Warrior”, war meine Reaktion simple  Gleichgültigkeit. Man macht schon wieder  ,etwas nach was ein anderer Shooter gemacht hat  statt seine eigene Identität zu finden, was ja  ,mittlerweile mehr oder weniger die Identität der  Reihe zu sein scheint. Bestimmt nicht schlecht,  ,aber aktuell einfach gar kein Interesse dran. Und dann sah ich den Metascore von 71%. Nicht  ,schlecht, aber niedriger als erwartet. Der User  Score aber liegt bei 6.2, GameStar beschreibt es  ,als irres Shooter-Spektakel mit einem großen  Problem, PC Games nennt es Doom und Dümmer,  ,PC Games Hardware bezeichnet den Protagonisten  sogar als einen unterbelichteten Kämpfer und die  ,ausgeglichenen Steamreviews gibts noch obendrauf. Jetzt hatte ich interesse. Einfach weil  ,ich wissen wollte was hier bitte  schiefgelaufen ist und was die Leute  ,denn so sehr stört. Also hab ich es gestreamt. Nun bin ich schon kein sonderlich großer Fan  ,der Vorgänger gewesen, auch wenn ich den Grund  in meiner Review damals nur recht umständlich  ,artikulieren konnte. Teil 1 war im Grunde die  Painkiller-Formel auf ein Asia-Setting gestülpt  ,mit einigen wunderschönen Orten, gefühlt einer  unendlichen Spielzeit mit viel zu vielen Leveln,  ,einer großen Anzahl an Gegnern und Waffen, und  einem Schwert das alles andere obsolet machte. ,WW-Linksklick zum angreifen, DD-Rechtsklick zum  selbst heilen, und sobald du auch noch gelevelt  ,hast dass dich jeder Schlag heilt hast du’s  geschafft, kannst auf keinem Schwierigkeitsgrad  ,mehr sterben und musst nichts anderes mehr machen. Du bekommst nie ein Gefühl dafür was Gegner können  ,oder wie viel sie aushalten oder  wieso sie plötzlich rot leuchten,  ,aber es ist auch alles egal, weil WW-Linksklick. Natürlich könntest du auch Schusswaffen nehmen  ,wenn du unbedingt den unbefriedigensten Kampf  aller Zeiten erleben möchtest aber mit immer  ,und immer wieder derselben Schwertanimation  bist du schneller. Und das nun für irgendwie  ,20 Stunden oder so, keine Ahnung, ich  habs bis heute nie durchhalten können. ,Teil 2 schlug eine völlig neue Richtung ein  mit einem Gameplay das nun voll in Richtung  ,Coop-Lootshooter ging. So richtig mit Hubwelten  und Questgebern und der einen Frau am oberen  ,Bildschirmrand die mit dir redet und Levelups  und Waffenstats und HP-Balken und aufploppenden  ,Schadenszahlen und noch viel mehr Kämpfen die  sich so anfühlen als ob man dich einfach nur  ,random mit irgendwelchen Gegnern zuwirft,  vermutlich weil es genau so ist. Was zum  ,Teufel ist bitte dieses Spiel geworden? Und sorry, das mag alles seine Zielgruppe  ,haben und so, außerdem sind die Orte  weiterhin hübsch und das Maintheme  ,des Spiels einfach mal ein Meisterwerk aber wenn ich unbedingt ein Borderlands  ,in richtig anstrengend-unlustig erleben  wollen würde, würde ich Borderlands spielen. ,Immerhin das Trefferfeedback ist nicht mehr  ganz so schrecklich weil man dir nun drei mal  ,einblendet dass du in der Tat getroffen hast. Und Teil 3 schlägt nun erneut eine völlig neue  ,Richtung ein. Es ist jetzt… Doom. Modernes Doom.  Aber mit son bisschen Shadow Warrior. Du hast  ,immer noch dein Schwert das aber mittlerweile  auf die Rechte Maustaste für einen schnellen  ,Nahkampfschlag reduziert wurde. Du hast deine  verschiedenen Waffen die einem tatsächlich seeehr  ,schnell hinterhergeworfen werden. Du hast wieder  mal einen viel zu großen Fokus auf Skillpunkten  ,damit die Waffen überhaupt erst so funktionieren  wie sie sollen. Und so schnetzelst du dich  ,blitzschnell mit Dashes, Doppelsprungen, und  Grapplinghook durch blutige Arenen, bist ständig  ,in Bewegung, wechselst ständig zwischen den Waffen  hin und her und hast sogar deine Glorykill-Moves  ,mit viel zu langen Animationen die teilweise auch  schon mal zwei Toilettenpausen zulassen würden. ,Zwischendrin hast du diese Plattforming-Abschnitte  die sich zwar nicht sonderlich großartig anfühlen  ,und auch niemand anspruchsvoll finden  sollte, zum aufbrechen der Monotonie  ,aber hundertmal besser ist als einfach nur  langsam zu gehen wie in den Actionspielen  ,die einen Preis für Atmosphäre haben wollen.  Und dann gehts weiter in die nächste Arena. ,Das ist nun nicht sooo weit weg von der Shadow  Warrior Formel da Lo Wang schon zwischen Horden  ,von Gegnern umherhedasht ist, da war der Doom  Slayer noch als Guy bekannt, aber auch abseits  ,davon muss man Eternal nicht mal gespielt haben um  die Inspirationen ständig durchsickern zu sehen. ,Eine Story obendruff gibts  natürlich uch, also *räusper* ,da ist son Drache. Und Lo Wang, der Protagonist,  will den Drachen stoppen. Aber das klappt nicht.  ,Weshalb er nun sein Mojo verlorn hat. Also  will er nun den Drachen stoppen. Und stoppt  ,den Drachen. Rated M for Mature. Viel mehr passiert wirklich nicht,  ,was aber niemanden davon abhalten konnte das  Spiel nicht trotzdem randvoll mit Dialogen  ,vollzustopfen. Und zwar mit meiner aller liebsten  Art an Dialog: Irgendein Videospielwriter hat mal  ,von “Keine Zeile soll verschwendet sein” gehört  und nun ist jeder Satz irgendein dummer Spruch  ,oder eine Punchline aus Angst dass einem  vorgeworfen werden könnte seinen Figuren  ,hätten zu wenig Persönlichkeit. Das wird dann  wieder auf dieses Level getrieben bei dem keine  ,einzige Figur die eigentliche Geschichte oder die  aktuelle Bedrohung ernstnimmt, was mich dann immer  ,wieder vollständig rausreißt sobald sie für zwei  Minuten doch mal versuchen ein ernstes Drama zu  ,erzählen… dicht gefolgt vom Poop- und Fartjoke. [Witz aus dem Spiel der nicht lustig ist] ,Sehr lustig Besonders großer Fan bin ich immer von  ,diesen Sprüchen bei denen der Protagonist selbst  sagt dass er nicht zündete weil das impliziert  ,dass der Rest gold war, und irgendwann… also… [Clip bei dem ich den Sound ausmache  ,weil Lo Wang eeeecht duftet] Jaaa, es dauerte wirklich nicht  ,lang bis ich eigentlich schon genug  gesehen und vor allem GEHÖRT hatte. ,Irgendwann während meines Streams kam dann die  Frage aus dem Chat auf was für mich denn einen  ,guten Shooter ausmachen würde. Und… das ist so ‘ne  Frage die echt seeeehr groß ist, da es ein viel zu  ,vielseitiges Genre ist, dass man das sowieso nicht  auf wenige Sätze runterbrechen könnte und sich je  ,nach Spiel ständig selbst widersprechen würde. Worauf ich im Falle von Spielen wie Shadow  ,Warrior 3 antworten konnte war: Ich mag es wenn  du Waffen hast, Gegner hast, Arenen hast, aber  ,es nicht egal ist was für Waffen gegen was für  Gegner du nutzt und wie dabei die Arena aussieht. ,Dass du ein gewisses Design dahinter  erkennst, ein Weg den du gehen kannst,  ,Wege die eben nicht so gut sind, und vor allem dass du dich  ,darin stets verbesserst. Man kanns damit auch übertreiben,  ,wenn du irgendeinen Button in ein Spiel einbaust  der nur für eine Sache existiert die wiederum nur  ,existiert um dem Button eine Daseinsberechtigung  zu geben brauchste halt den Button nicht. Aber  ,ich würde zumindest schon gern das Gefühl haben  dass die Encounter nicht dem Zufallsgenerator  ,überlassen wurden. Shadow Warrior 3 hat  Waffen und Gegner die ihre Rolle erfüllen ,es legt einen großen Fokus  auf ressourcenmanagement ,und es hat Buttons die mehr oder weniger nur eine  Funktion erfüllen… sobald du sie gelevelt hast. ,Dann aber auch irgendwie nicht. Zum Beispiel herrscht durchgehend ein  ,massiver Munitionsmangel, es fliegen aber auch  ständig diese generischen Munitionspakete auf  ,dich

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Shadow Warrior 3 Is Ridiculous

[Music],hey guys this video is sponsored by,steel series so make sure to stick,around after the end to find out how you,can get a discount on your next order,shadow warrior 3 is not only one of the,best fps campaigns thats going to come,out in 2022 but its also one of the,best fps campaigns weve had in i think,recent memory listen i know your,experience probably different than mine,but i am having a blast its a sequel to,shadow warrior 2 which is in turn also a,sequel to 2013 shadow warrior reboot but,dont worry if you havent played either,of those other two games or even the,original from way back in 1997 because,shadow warrior 3 is again taking things,in an entirely different direction gone,are all the weapons stats the procedural,generation and loot drops instead what,weve got here is a really tight,story-driven shooter focusing on making,the player feel like a wisecracking,force in nature,taking a lot of influence from doom,eternal,and i dont mean that in a bad way,either it really feels like its had its,own way of reworking these similar,features and mechanics to make it feel a,bit more unique,i think i just peed a little now if you,want to buy any of the games in the,series including this one make sure to,use my gog affiliate link in fact there,might even be a discount there on top of,its original price theres never a bad,time to get some wang and i guess,speaking of lets get into it and check,this thing out im in you son of a [ __ ],now ill admit that im a little bit,foggy when it comes to my knowledge of,whats happening in this universe,anymore youre just too old to get it,even though ive played both of the,previous games they may as well have,been entirely different franchises,because i can remember bugger all,connecting them together outside of some,of these kick characters anyway as far,as i can tell shadow warrior 3 starts,off at some point in the future after,some kind of apocalyptic event or,something with low wang being one of the,few remaining humans as this giant,world-eating dragon flies around the,remains of the now desolated planet,if you can remember back to the ending,for the second game well then this all,might seem a bit familiar but whether or,not thats supposed to be the same,dragon ive got no idea and wang looks,completely different to how we did in,the second game anyway so your guess is,as good as mine what else you up with me,huh,what do you want,by the way drew in a really cool,prologue where youre running on the,back of this dragon in the midst of a,thunderstorm its then shown that wang,screwed up his one chance to stop it and,now he kind of blames himself on the,outcome seemingly giving up on life,along with basic personal hygiene he now,lives in the remnants of the wang cave,until old mate zilla shows up to get his,help one last time in a final attempt to,stop this dragon once and for all what,else do you have to lose their plan is,to use the mask of hoji wangs deceased,demon buddy from the first game as some,kind of power source or something and,their first stop is to find a witch,named motoko who can pull some kind of,ritual off,[Music],countless invasions and attacks well,thank you thank you but i cant take all,the credit this time zillas being,voiced by seung-won cho and if you dont,know who this guy is well then your,youtube recommended fee definitely does,ive had this guys video suggested to,me for like a year now and its actually,kind of surreal finally hearing him in,something im actually playing but the,biggest change is that flying wildhog,also replaced the original low wang,voice actor from the previous two games,with someone entirely new,now i dont know what the reason was,behind that and i dont really want to,poke that beehive anyway because im,kind of worried that it might have a,hashtag attached to it but ive got to,be honest if someone hadnt have told me,that it was a new voice actor i dont,think i would have even noticed all the,demons are dead and their gates are,still standing ill be honest right ive,found the writing in the last couple of,games before this just to be really,cringe are you serious,and it was really over relying on things,like toilet humor and dick jokes thats,deeply stupid so i didnt really go into,this with the highest expectations now i,know that my writing and my jokes arent,exactly the pinnacle of highbrow comedy,and im still the kind of guy who thinks,that putting fart sound effects into my,videos is funny it is by the way,but some of the jokes in the previous,games were just bad,i very much doubt that thankfully though,that really seems like its been toned,down here and let me tell you thats a,good change you are welcome its like,running into an old mate that you went,to high school with and then finding,that hes finally grown out of,shotgunning beers until he blacks out,and what also kind of shocked me more,than that is that low wang isnt,anywhere near as obnoxious as i thought,he was gonna be and his new voice actor,mike moe seems to really fit into the,character what the [ __ ] did she just,summon a trash panda,hey hey,come back here you little [ __ ] he still,talks a lot of [ __ ] during cinematics,and he almost never shuts up during,gameplay pretty much what youd expect,for a guy thats basically a dollar,store deadpool feel free to jump in and,help anytime but there are still some,pretty funny moments in the game which,actually caught me off guard,stop this top jewelry this might be our,only hope to defeat the dragon that,furry little ball sack stole my mask,what if it loses it what if it eats it,you cant trust that rack also too this,cast of side characters are all really,likable its kind of cool to see zilla,brought back and not just as a one-sided,villain hes come a long way since he,first sent his regards to lo wang in the,form of an angry ninja in a pixelated,dojo,sends his regards going its almost kind,of got this weird guardians of the,galaxy vibe to it with this ragtag group,of people coming together in a,last-ditch effort to save the world i,mean theyve even got their own raccoon,and everything,at this point ive pretty much given up,expecting there to be anything linking,this to the original games outside of,the characters like wang and zilla but i,mean if this is the direction theyre,gonna take the series from this point,well it could be worse you are welcome,plus you cant deny that this thing,differentiates itself from the past two,entries to the point that it really does,look like an entirely different,franchise theres some dope music here,and there too and the size of the,environments is humongous giving the,whole thing a great sense of scale so it,really seems to set itself apart from,those two other games how is any of this,my fault but its really the gameplay,that matters the most right the story,doesnt mean jack [ __ ] if the combat,aint there to back it up now i really,just felt like shadow warrior 2 was a,bit of an unbalanced disaster it focused,way too much on rng and had a heavy,emphasis on things like gear and,upgrades it was more just about having,the right gear for the right situation,dealing with this abundance of enemies,who all had different elemental,weaknesses and resistances not to,mention you could pretty much get,through 90 of the game by just spamming,that one stab and attack,plus it also had this open map design,that just made everything feel so,unfocused and these side missions that,just went on forever just kind of made,me realize that open world shooters are,a bit of a hard formula to master and,flying wild hog sure didnt master [ __ ],thankfully this time thats not the case,and all that garbage has been done away,with thank [ __ ] god shadow warrior 3,is a much tighter and more refined,shooting experience the arenas are much,more smaller and they really feel,handcrafted and more importantly enemy,spawns dont feel completely random or,as if theyve just been left up to some,kind of invisible number cruncher arenas,allow for lots of m

Shadow Warrior 3: The Best FPS Since DOOM Eternal

[Music],ive been looking forward to shadow,warrior 3 ever since i saw a trailer for,it about a year ago i was attracted to,the beautiful colors the fun enemy,design the interactable combat arenas it,looked like theyd been influenced,heavily by doom eternal a game ive,talked about a lot on this channel and,im happy to report thats definitely,the case its impossible not to talk,about doom eternal when talking about,shadow warrior 3 because doom eternal is,an important game for the fps genre ive,been waiting 2 years for someone to take,what eternal established and make it,their own and here theyve finally done,it many have taken the wrong lessons,from doom eternal success they think air,dashing meat hooking glory killing and,weapon swapping is why it developed such,a dedicated fan base its not its the,underlying philosophy that supports,those mechanics and without it the,mechanics wouldnt be as satisfying as,they are before we get into shadow,warriors excellent gameplay and,mechanics lets look at the rest of the,game i should tell you that im coming,into shadow warrior 3 as a rookie i,didnt play the original the remake or,the sequel im just a guy who thought,this game looked awesome and i played it,as someone new to the series i found the,story to be quite strange kind of,confusing and hard to pay attention to,ultimately i guess it doesnt matter,because this game is definitely all,about gameplay but they definitely put a,lot of work into the cutscenes so im,gonna assume that people who care about,the shadow warrior story and characters,will be happy to see that the story,isnt filled with shocking twists or,important character moments at least i,didnt find any and unfortunately your,sidekick speaks with a voice that sounds,like the most irritating impression of a,bruce mccola character ive ever heard,oh yeah like youre not a complete,egomaniac,pretending to be some kind of hero when,all you ever do is make things worse oh,yeah the government wanted me to tell,you,that in the store theres this animal,thats killing everything and nothing,can stop it and the only thing that can,even slow it down is really expensive,perfume,oh sorry my emotions are making me testy,listen,i just dont want to be alone tonight,although i do want to be alone when i,wake up if you know what im saying,i think the voice acting overall is fine,but the voices dont seem to match the,mouth movements on the characters,theres a lot of humor in the game a lot,of it is very pun based referential or a,low brow i was amused it didnt really,make me laugh but i smirked a few times,and theres one line near the end of the,game that had me laughing so hard i had,to pause the game theres plenty of lore,pages to read through but thats not,really story thats lore the actual,story whats happening in the game just,kind of feels like whatever to me gotta,get from one place to the next and kill,the giant dragon okay got it lets go,have some fun,as you may have noticed by now the art,style is gorgeous in my experience,shadow warrior 3 has been the most,visually impressive game put out in a,while you may say lol horizon zero to,the horizon or whatever but i didnt,play that i played this and usually i,dont stop what im doing to just look,around i did hear the vibrant colors and,hypnotic glow of the world constantly,cause me to just stare at the landscapes,and its not just the world that,impresses me many of the enemies are,incredibly imaginative and colorful and,more importantly instantly recognizable,in the chaos of combat gore effects are,fun execution moves are detailed and,disgusting though they sometimes lack a,certain impact weapon models are all,unique so you know instantly what you,have in your hands the most incredible,visual in the game is the particle,effects and glowing powers anything with,lasers or magic is just so stunning i,was torn between looking away due to the,overwhelming brightness and staring with,my eyes wide open because i was,hypnotized it can be too much i wont,lie sometimes theres so much happening,on screen that i had no idea who i was,attacking or if i was even hitting,someone but theres something about the,flow of combat and the incredible,visuals that made me not care about,moments when things got out of control i,just laughed and shot my weapons like a,madman screaming die [ __ ] as i,tried to push my way out to a better,vantage point the weapons are punchy and,satisfying every weapon plays a very,clear role in your arsenal nothing feels,redundant the grenade launcher explodes,the shure can launch your stuns the,oozies shred and all of your upgrades,are done in a very similar doom fashion,youve got unlockable upgrades for your,character like health elemental damage,for your sword faster recharging qi,power theres challenges to complete,that give you more upgrade points and,for each gun theres three upgrades like,increasing ammo capacity adding,elemental damage to oozy bullets adding,a freeze effect to the basilisk which is,amazingly good and,oh,my god no lie i think this is one of the,best shotguns of all time it just feels,amazing to shoot and soon i slipped into,my old playstyle of quick switching,weapon combos followed by full auto kill,its glorious,in a very smart decision theyve made,all the important items stand out in,very bright solid colors that clearly,communicate what they are and where this,is where we gotta start really getting,into doom eternal when do maternal was,in development they realized that since,the game has the potential to get so,fast and chaotic items in the stage need,to be super obvious much like how they,were in the late 90s arena shooters like,quake 3 and unreal tournament director,hugo martin often says that if youre,driving at 100 miles an hour around a,racetrack if you want to tell the driver,something it needs to be in a big bright,obvious sign if youre going to say,something to the driver you cant,whisper it you got to scream it this led,some people to criticize the game for,its bright colorful items because they,stick out when youre looking at the,game but actually playing the game,youll be very grateful for the bright,clearly communicated item locations,because youre moving so fast and,managing so many things you cant think,shadow warrior 3 learns that lesson from,doom eternal red items are health blue,items are ammo yellow items are power,orbs green objects are environmental,interaction like grapple points or wall,run spots it couldnt be any clearer,youre never gonna pick something up or,shoot it and not know what youre gonna,get,so lets get into the gameplay aside,from the obvious inspirations like the,air dash grapple hook finishers which,are kind of like glory kills shadow,warrior 3 has doom eternals resource,management and motivation for quick,swapping even with ammo capacity,upgrades on your first playthrough on an,appropriate difficulty itll be hard to,just ride one weapon even on multiple,playthroughs with a good understanding,of the mechanics i frequently run out of,ammo for guns i tend to overuse so i was,always switching to something i tended,not to use as much just to survive on my,way to get more ammo swapping weapons,skips recovery animations leading to,very fun improvisational combos across,your arsenal instead of shooting the,basilisk and waiting for the next round,to load you can skip straight to the,grenade launcher and fire and then,return to the basilisk and its ready to,go youre going to want to experiment,with quick swaps like this to raise your,damage output as the fights get more,challenging the enemies are all deadly,in their own ways the hattori is,defensive and will block your bullets,but if you hit him with the basilisk he,opens up and then you could stun him,with the shurikens and empty out your,shotgun on him the slinky jakku is super,mobile very hard to lock down and he,drops hazards all over the arena the,onihanma is like your hell knight,constantly charging in to push you,around very tanky and dangerous

Shadow Warrior 3 Review – The Final Verdict

[Music],just get here would you please,welcome to gamingbolt today were taking,a look at shadow warrior 3. shadow,warrior 3 is a smorgasbord of shooting,and slashing topped with wall running,grappling executions and other relevant,action game tropes it retains the,grindhouse level gore of its predecessor,while presenting a more focused linear,narrative sometimes to a fault with,above average levels of craziness this,may not be the most epic single-player,shooter campaign of 2022 but its a fun,time for as long as you can save for it,the story takes place shortly after the,events of shadow warrior 2 which saw,kamiko transform into a massive dragon,to seal the gateway between the human,world and the shadow world so youd be,forgiven for not seeing a single mention,of kamiko at all or how luang survived,being eaten instead the dragon has been,wreaking havoc on the world and lo wing,is focused on killing it teaming with,his old nemesis orochi zilla and the,cranky witch motoko somehow hojis mask,holds the answer but can this team of,angry misfits hold it together long,enough to coexist,shadow warrior 3s campaign mostly,succeeds with its pacing quickly moving,along without much delay despite,misgivings about comico seemingly being,retconned the setup starts off,interestingly even if it does quickly,veer away from the interesting friends,turned enemies dynamic of wang and zilla,modoko is also barely featured and,seemingly exists just for one plot point,and for wang to poke fun at,wangs immature yet faithful attitude is,captured well in a good amount of,dialogue but sometimes the writing goes,a little too far the innuendo and the,crass humor it comes across as unfunny,at best and lame at worst,character development also feels off,like the cast suddenly banding together,rather than seeing any real growth with,perhaps one exception because its time,to wind down the story,i know better than to expect,consistently amazing writing in a shadow,warrior campaign youre in it for the,fast-paced action and gratuitous,violence which is gloriously gratuitous,here but given how squarely focused on,the narrative the game is,these can become annoyances more often,than not,despite the uneven quality of the,dialogue the cast does a great job,voicing each character mike moe is,perfect as lo wang effortlessly swinging,between despair at losing his mojo to,joy when slaughtering dozens of youkai,he even suddenly talks about the,importance of mental health sounding,honest without making it seem like some,sort of punchline,nevertheless you should get used to,wangs battle dialogue it repeats fairly,often though hearing i cant even tell,whose blood this is somehow never got,tiring make of that what you will,for as long as theyre present andromeda,dunker and sangwon cho do well as motoko,and zilla respectively the latter comes,across convincingly as a gruff old timer,fallen from grace who wants to better,himself but isnt above pursuing any,method to defeat the dragon his attempt,to cheer on low wayne during the climax,is genuinely pretty funny,its the combat in level design that,will ultimately draw you into shadow,warrior 3 shenanigans forget about,randomized loot of different rarities,character stats and a huge arsenal the,weapon selection boils down to a few,guns and wanks katana each with three,upgrades weighing also has a few,upgrades like passive health regen more,explosive barrel damage and so on all of,the guns are incredibly satisfying from,the riot guns devastation to the,revolvers headshots and the basilisk,kick and really reinforce wang as a,force to be reckoned with,of course there are other things to,replace the previous games lunar,shooter elements environments are laden,with traps usually of the massive,buzzsaw variety which can be activated,by shooting switches of course you could,also just push enemies into the wall of,spikes off the map with a chi blast,weighing also has increased mobility via,wall running in addition to double,jumping and dashing the grappling hook,can be used to latch onto some enemies,and drag explosive barrels across an,arena and the new gore weapons obtained,on execution,basically when you execute an enemy you,take a weaponized piece out of them this,ranges from ice bombs and giant mallets,to a floating eye that automatically,attacks foes and a grenade that turns to,mini disco balls of lasers depending on,how strong an enemy and their gore,weapon is you may need more than one bar,of execution meter thus it becomes a,case of using a single bar on a smaller,enemy to obtain health buffs and freeze,crowds are saving two bars for the big,guns,aside from the gore weapons they confer,the enemy variety also warrants a,mention shogai are your regular moocs,that keep the execution meter health and,ammo coming but theres also crazy foes,like the hatori which has four arms and,wields three blades firing blindly,results in it deflecting many of your,bullets but its susceptible to stuns,with the chi blast especially when it,begins spinning the megora twins with,their tendency to burrow underground and,pop out to throw projectiles also,require some timing to take down or a,good freeze to stop their movement,entirely theres no strict requirement,for using certain weapons on certain,enemies but youll be alternating plenty,between shooting and slicing since range,kills confer health while melee hits and,kills provide ammo,compared to the randomly generated,sections of shadow warrior 2 level,design is much more guided and cohesive,or at least as cohesive as a world can,be with a massive dragon warping its,gravity and weather on a whim,youll venture through old structures on,cliffsides subterranean caves with a,hefty amount of vegetation and even a,collapsing dam the game does a good job,at mixing up its combat arenas and,traversal sections while the,environments sport a surprising amount,of gorgeous details,however levels as a whole are incredibly,linear with little to nothing by the way,of secrets or extras outside of the,challenges menu weapon and character,upgrade points are almost always in your,main path even if you were curious to,see what lies on the beaten path theres,ultimately nothing of node,at least the controls excel in almost,all circumstances switching between,melee and range combat grappling while,running and movement are all very fluid,executions are also generally smooth but,there will be an instance or two where,the response feels kinda off also for as,good as the katana can be especially,when upgraded to shoot fireballs summon,thunder or more its swings can sometimes,feel like they lack a little bit of heft,impact,your mileage may vary though,with a run time of less than 5 hours on,medium difficulty shadow warrior 3,almost insists on not overstaying its,welcome,even when contrived the campaign is,definitely a complete experience its,just that youll be hungering for more,even when its over,you could attempt hard mode which makes,enemies hit harder along with completing,the checklist of challenges for upgrade,points,there are no challenge levels or modes,like an endless arena though you dont,even have options like new game plus or,a chapter select for revisiting,completed levels,one could argue that it doesnt need,these things but with how fun the,gameplay is,having something else besides the,campaign to cut loose thatd be nice,shadow warrior 3 is more than just a,step up from its predecessor its,ultimately a different direction that,still maintains the serious pension for,humor and bloodshed,if an action-packed no-frills,first-person shooter that doesnt take,itself too seriously sounds like a good,time then this may be worth a look if,nothing else its a fun pit stop and a,year packed with massive experiences,you

Review – Shadow Warrior 3

hello and welcome to another video,review this is Shadow Warrior 3 for PC,Xbox one and PlayStation 4. what youre,seeing here is the PC version this is a,first person shooter developed by flying,wild hog and published by devolver,digital in March of this year it is of,course the sequel to Shadow Warrior 2,which itself was the sequel to the 2013,reboot of the Shadow Warrior franchise,upon its original release Shadow Warrior,3 got a bit of a mixed reception overall,namely for things like the very short,campaign and the Very Hit or Miss humor,depending on who was reviewing the game,at any given point and with it having,clearly taken some influence from the,2016 reboot of Doom as well as Doom,Eternal people were frequently saying,things along the lines of this is,basically what happens when you say we,have do maternal at home and between the,comparisons to do maternal and the fact,that Shadow Warrior 2 just wasnt a very,good game I was actually pretty,concerned going into Shadow Warrior 3,that I was really going to hate it so,what ended up happening with Shadow,Warrior 3. well lets just go ahead and,start delving right into it and find out,and like always well go ahead and start,with the presentation which runs on,Unreal Engine 4 and generally looks very,good its got good modeling good,textures good animations and more,particle effects and blood and gore than,you can shake a stick at and its all,rendered with a bright colorful stylized,aesthetic that fits the game very well,this also includes weapon designs that,just plain look cool and enemy designs,that are wonderfully demented so you,take great pleasure in sending them back,to the nether realm from whence they,came and this is all accompanied by a,clean easy to read interface that is,still nonetheless very fitting with the,style as well as very solid feedback,when youre running around fighting,things there are really only two major,problems with the visuals the first of,them is the aforementioned particle,effects those often also include a lot,of very bright flashing lights that are,pretty grating on someone who doesnt,have photo sensitivity issues let alone,someone who does so be warned if you,have issues with photosensitivity you,probably dont want to play Shadow,Warrior 3. Ive tried to include as few,clips of the bright flashing lights as I,can throughout this video thankfully,its only a major problem in certain,parts of the game but it is still an,issue that is worth mentioning the other,issue with the visuals is with regards,to the cut scenes which are not very,well animated and which are all,pre-rendered cut scenes that are,apparently in corrupted video file,encoding or something because the frame,rate on them is very choppy and the lip,syncing doesnt actually sync up to,anything resulting in the cutscenes just,looking kind of awful I dont know what,they did to achieve that but thats,something that they definitely should,have fixed over the past several months,and they just havent so,not sure what the hell is going on there,but apart from those two glaring issues,the rest of the visuals look quite good,and the performance is also quite solid,I didnt really run into any major frame,rate dips throughout the entire,experience and it was usually going well,over a hundred frames per second most of,the time and when the frame rate did,start to drop it was in places and times,when it made sense like a lot of things,going on on screen at once or in very,wide open areas with lots of enemies,there and things like that even then it,still never really went below 80 frames,per second so theyve definitely done a,pretty good job of optimizing it,although obviously your mileage is going,to vary depending on what Hardware,youre running but then you move over,into sound design and thats where,things become a more of a mixed bag on,the one hand you have the soundtrack,which is an interesting mix of basically,like if you tried to take ancient,Chinese martial arts themed films and,such and tried to turn that into the,backing tracks for hip-hop songs as well,as some electronic stuff off and a bit,of,semi-industrial that as Im describing,it probably sounds pretty awful but it,actually works pretty well throughout,the game you dont really notice it all,that much but when it does really start,to kick in it can actually be really,catchy then we move over into voice,acting and Things become a bit rougher,on the one hand The Voice casts,themselves do a pretty decent job with,what theyre given but there are two,potential issues with this the first of,them is that they completely changed out,the voice cast compared to the previous,games some people who were especially,fond of the cast from the previous games,might be rather bothered by this but,frankly I dont think it matters all,that much the new casts do a pretty good,job and in the case of low Wang in,particular youd frankly be hard-pressed,to tell the difference between the voice,actor from The Shadow Warrior reboot and,Shadow Warrior 2 and the voice of low,Wang in this particular game they are,very very close unfortunately despite,the cast giving pretty decent,performances the lines there actually,given to say usually arent all that,great theyll get the job done in terms,of pushing the story along but in terms,of the jokes most of them fall pretty,flat now granted thats not really,surprising if youve played either of,the two previous rebooted Shadow Warrior,games but if you are familiar with those,two games you can tell they at least,tried to improve the humor in Shadow,Warrior 3 and it just doesnt really,work all that well and I think the best,way to describe this may sound a bit odd,at first glance but just bear with me,here imagine if you took the fairly,recent Deadpool movies with Ryan,Reynolds and removed nearly all of the,fourth wall breaking and all of the,self-aware parody elements you would end,up with something along the lines of,what they tried to do with the humor in,Shadow Warrior 3. a lot of what makes,the Deadpool movies enjoyable is the,fact that they are fully self-aware,basically parodies of superhero films,instead of just being straight superhero,films and if you were to reduce or,outright remove that angle then they,frankly just wouldnt work the Shadow,Warrior reboot series suffers from a,similar issue as to what Im describing,Shadow Warrior 3 in particular is set up,in such a way to where if they went the,extra step and made it more of a,straight up parody of action games then,it would actually work a lot better,instead most of the humor is centered,around how basically all the principal,characters are just complete [ __ ],and while you might get a chuckle out of,that at first it very quickly becomes,tiresome and the humor just ends up,falling flat throughout the vast,majority of the game I mean sure theres,the occasional moment where it becomes,more self-aware like when you get access,to the grappling hook and it pokes fun,at the fact that grappling hooks are,becoming something of a staple in modern,games but things like that are very few,and far between in favor of,constant reminders of haha look at how,much of a [ __ ] up an [ __ ] low Wang is,and haha look at Zilla he used to have,everything and he has nothing by the way,did I mention hes an [ __ ] and as I,said that just gets extremely tiresome,so what else is there in the audio,presentation well theres perhaps the,most disappointing element of it which,is the sound effects themselves the,general sound effects for moving around,and such like that are fine and the,sounds of enemies getting blown apart or,chomped apart into meaty chunks and,those chunks flying around such are,fairly good but then there or the gun,and explosion sounds which are very much,on the weaker side there are a couple of,weapons that do actually sound,relatively beefy like the Basilisk,railgun for example but most of the,weapons in this really are quite low,impact and that can be to their severe,detriment especially in the

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